_anthonycI was only in #winehq #macosx and #java helping yesterday00:00
_anthonycnow there was a stink in ##club-ubuntu , but I hate that channel and I don't have any reason to ever go in there again00:01
Jack_SparrowHE would not have done it without reason..  I can check the logs.00:01
_anthonycbut thats no reason to kick me from #ubuntu00:01
_anthonycyeah what is his reasoning00:01
Jack_SparrowDisruption in one channel can lead to getting banned in several00:01
_anthonycit was disruption against ME, so I left and now no #ubuntu for me00:02
Jack_SparrowMany ops monitor many channels00:02
Jack_SparrowYOu need to wait for Flannel to review it.00:02
_anthonycwell can I only be able to access #ubuntu and not the off-topics then?00:02
Jack_SparrowFlannel  are you available?00:03
Jack_SparrowLEts see if he is around00:03
_anthonycI just PM'd him, he's away00:03
Jack_Sparrowaway for you is not necessarilly away for me.00:03
_anthonycoh ok00:03
Jack_SparrowLets give him some time to review this for/with you..  If unresolved, myself or someone else can step in and look it over.00:05
_anthonycI'd like to help others in #ubuntu too, but if not I guess I'll just stick to the others00:06
nalioth_anthonyc: a little patience goes a long way00:06
_anthonycI'll be around. you can find me in #winehq-social if you need me.00:07
Jack_SparrowBAns seldom are long lasting.. but there are a few exceptions00:07
_anthonycany update on my sit?00:47
jrib<_anthonyc> well put some lube on it and see if that help.01:27
jrib<_anthonyc> ? dammit wrong channel!01:27
jribI'm guessing that's why _anthonyc01:27
_anthonyc? yeah that was like one time01:59
_anthonycand a genuine mistake01:59
_anthonycanyway I've got my hands tied in other support channels02:00
ubottusoundray called the ops in #ubuntu (Django_Newbie)02:03
soundrayAnybody up?02:05
soundrayWe just had Django_Newbie insult someone for asking a legitimate question. Is no one here?02:06
soundrayThis guy is spamming with profanity now02:10
ubottuunop called the ops in #ubuntu (Django_Newbie)02:10
_anthonycthe ops are dead02:11
soundrayNo, action has been taken now, thanks Pici02:11
ubottuIn #ubuntu, compu73rg33k said: !ubottu "link is not ready"02:21
Flanneljussi01: What's up?04:18
Flanneler, Jack... hmm, not here.04:18
FlannelOh.  Ah.04:18
FlannelHow do I invite someone?04:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jaunty04:24
Flannel!jaunty is <reply> Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for the Ubuntu release after Intrepid Ibex, due out in April of 2009.04:26
ubottuI'll remember that, Flannel04:26
Flannel!jaunty =~ s/due out in/scheduled for/04:26
ubottuI'll remember that Flannel04:27
FlannelLove you too, ubot5`04:27
_anthonycFlannel in here?04:49
Flannel_anthonyc: Yep04:50
_anthonycwhat did you want to discuss?04:50
Flannel_anthonyc: Why do you think you're banned from #ubuntu?04:51
_anthonyceither b/c of an argument I didn't start in ##club-ubuntu or an accidental message meant for another channel that contained subject matter probably not appropriate for #ubuntu04:52
Flannel_anthonyc: It has nothing to do with non ubuntu channels.04:53
_anthonycok, then what?04:53
Flannel_anthonyc: so yes, your latter answer was correct.  The whole lube comments.04:53
_anthonycoh. yeah I keep like 15 tabs open in chatzilla, and the lettering on them gets real... well... small04:54
_anthonycand therefore hard to read when carrying on several conversations at one time04:55
FlannelYou should switch to a client that allows you to participate safely in that many channels then.04:55
Flannel_anthonyc: However, you did it a number of times, and in both #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic04:55
_anthonycchatzilla is the only one I know, and I usually don't have that problem04:55
Flannel_anthonyc: and then your apologise contained profanity, twice at that.04:55
FlannelOr, four times rather, that I saw.04:55
FlannelTwo in each channel, and at the same time.04:55
_anthonycyou mean like, "oh sh*t wrong channel"?04:56
_anthonycyeah, the multiple times is because its an ongoing gag in the channel it was meant for, obviously very off-topic and "unrated"04:56
_anthonycbut when I'm not horsing around like that I help people in numerous channels, one of which is #ubuntu04:57
Flannel_anthonyc: Then I suggest you get a client that will allow you to participate in channels with gags like that and ubuntu channels at the same time.04:57
_anthonyclike chatzilla?04:57
_anthonycI just have to be more careful of which channel it is04:57
Flannelsince, randomly changing channels and hoping to get "the right one" is a bad plan.04:57
_anthonycit wasn't randomly changing the channel, it was mistaking one tab for another, especially when I am used to them being in one place, before one gets closed and they "shift"04:58
_anthonychelp on the left, off-topic on the right...04:58
Flannel_anthonyc: Alright, I know that feeling, but do try and be more careful in the future.  If that means getting a client that'll show you more of the channel name, or whatever else.04:59
_anthonycI will if it gets too bad, or even keep 2 WINDOWS open instead of tabs04:59
_anthonycbut I won't be in there to help until wednesday anyway05:00
Flannel_anthonyc: Whatever you have to do.  Anyway, you're unbanned in #ubuntu.  Thanks for having this chat.05:00
_anthonycappreciate it.05:00
Flannel_anthonyc: also, if soemthing like this does happen in the future, try to apologise without the swearing.  No need to compound the disturbance :)05:01
_anthonycalright. duly noted. :)05:02
jussi01la de da...08:35
=== SWAT__ is now known as SWAT
cook63Un Saluto a Tutte Le Anime!11:28
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-ops's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots11:28
jussi01ok then...11:29
ubottukindofabuzz called the ops in #ubuntu (Angelina24)11:55
jussi01well I guess that was answered for us11:56
jussi01[13:55:52] <-- Angelina24 (i=sss@host68.190-137-205.telecom.net.ar) has quit (K-lined)11:56
gnomefreakwho klined angelina24?11:56
jussi01where is .ar anyway?11:56
Myrttiargentina, even11:57
gnomefreakjussi01: its es-ar11:57
gnomefreakanyone have nvidia 173 drivers and can show me thier xorg.conf11:58
gnomefreakshe isnt kilined11:58
gnomefreakor has gotten around it11:58
gnomefreakshe just pm'ed me11:58
jussi01call the staff?11:59
jpdsDid I just /remove the wrong person?11:59
ubottuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)11:59
Myrttijpds: you did11:59
* gnomefreak thought jpds was staff for some reason12:00
jpdsPMed and said sorry to omar.12:00
tomawIt should be gone now.12:01
* jussi01 hugs tomaw12:03
gnomefreakthanks tomaw if you are talking about angelinia(sp)12:08
* gnomefreak found a script to generate a nvidia log file ;)12:08
gnomefreaks/found/told to run it12:09
jussi01*free hugs*12:53
Myrttithere is no such thing as a free hug12:53
Myrttiif I get one free hug from you now, I'll end up helping you with some silly thing :-P12:54
jussi01Myrtti: you will end up helping me with that thing anyway... soo the hug is free...12:55
PiciThats an interesting definition of free12:55
* Myrtti hugs and pinches12:55
jussi01awww. thats not very nice...12:56
* Myrtti grins12:56
* Myrtti yawns again12:56
* jussi01 tickles...12:57
jussi01(I win!)12:57
* jpds needs a host for ubot5.13:25
jussi01uh oh...13:26
jpdsOn the 15th, my current host will go.13:27
pleia2jpds: link to what is required to host one?13:27
pleia2the ubuntu-us-pa linode can probably host it13:28
jussi01err, wasnt he banned?13:28
jussi01[15:26:07] --> bigfuzzyjesus (n=bigfuzzy@unaffiliated/bigfuzzyjesus) has joined #ubuntu13:28
jussi01[15:26:07] <`EJ> \\'elcome ßack bigfuzzyjesus13:28
jpdspleia2: Packages are: supybot, python-tzdata, python-soappy.13:28
jpdsOh, and python-apt.13:29
pleia2jpds: oh, no problem then13:29
jpdsMy SSH key is on LP.13:29
jussi01python-sqlite  also I think13:30
pleia2hm, python-tzdata ?13:30
jpdsThat too.13:30
pleia2jpds: jpds@ubuntupennsylvania.org13:34
jpdspleia2: Is there no rsync on the server? :)13:39
pleia2it's very slimmed down for ease of administration ;) I'll install it13:40
pleia2there you go13:40
jpdspleia2: Perfect. Many thanks!13:43
pleia2jpds: welcome :)13:43
jpdsOnly now we've killed nal.13:49
Picijpds: you're too fast ;)14:11
jpds"14:10:49 < ~seller> any one who want to buy iphone or nokia pm me pls..." - that guy sounds so familiar.14:11
jpdsPici: Don't think, feel.14:11
W1MNKPlease test me14:38
PiciW1MNK: Did you read the entire topic in the channel you were forwarded to?14:39
W1MNKYes. I have changed port to 800114:39
PiciWhat about the part where it says to type    test me   in the channel?14:40
W1MNKI did that. There was no response.14:41
PiciW1MNK: ah, I see, hold still for a moment, you may see a weird message from me, thats the test.14:41
W1MNKk, thx14:42
PiciW1MNK: Okay, you look like you pass, let me remove the forward.14:42
W1MNKthank you14:42
PiciYou're all set, have a nice day.14:42
W1MNKThx again. U have a nice day as well.14:43
PiciFloodbot1 isnt in the channel :/14:43
Picinor online.14:43
* Myrtti sighs14:49
PiciMyrtti: How are you today?14:50
MyrttiVirtually painfree14:50
PiciThats good14:51
MyrttiJust some stiffness left14:51
MyrttiI was a bit sceptic on those meds but they seem to work14:52
MyrttiAnd they should, before gov compensation over 2 a pop14:53
MyrttiNo, actually slightly less than 214:54
Pici2 what? The symbol isnt coming through here on puTTY14:57
Tm_Tit was borked euro14:59
MyrttiProlly cause of mirggi14:59
MyrttiStupid piece of crud software15:00
Myrtti ill have to poke snuxie again to make me a proper client15:00
Seeker`Myrtti: why are you stiff?15:04
MyrttiStill  same old back aches, Ive had a relapse the past week15:05
MyrttiWas so bad yesterday my leg gave up under me because of the pain15:06
PiciYeah, I think I'll go with that too instead of a wordy reply    :O15:11
Tm_Thmm, I saw nalioth in IRC15:24
MyrttiTm_T: nooooohhh? really????15:24
Seeker`bazhang: how can we help you?15:25
benzssafternoon chaps, any chance i can be unbanned from #ubuntu?15:25
Tm_TMyrtti: yes, really (;)15:25
benzssi think i was banned for swearing but i was kind of drunk and annoyed with flash so y'know...15:25
Tm_Tbenzss: no, being drunk is not an excuse (:)15:25
Seeker`benzss: who banned you?15:25
benzssSeeker`: i don't remember15:25
ubottuThe operation succeeded.15:25
ubottuThe operation succeeded.15:26
benzssit was a few days ago15:26
Seeker`bt wont let me log in15:26
bazhangSeeker`, hi15:26
MyrttiSeeker`: login first15:26
jpdsAre we going to @login, @btlogin flood the channel every time someone comes in?15:26
Myrttithen btlogin15:26
* Myrtti gives jpds a lollipop15:27
Myrtti(I've just reorganized my irssi windows and can't find ubottu anywhere so it's easier and faster to wake him up and hilight me)15:27
Seeker`bazhang: hi15:27
Seeker`bazhang: bad tab complete before15:28
jpdsSeeker`: You mistabbed the wrong person ;-)15:28
bazhangSeeker`, guessing you mis-tab completed :)15:28
benzssoh it was jrib, fwiw15:28
benzssrings a bell anyway but i could be wrong15:28
Picibazhang: soundray?15:46
bazhangPici, martiini/nox/etc15:46
ubottuIn ubottu, Martiini said: Hi! is greeting in english15:51
bazhangthat went well.16:07
PiciDid you talk to him?16:08
bazhangcalled me the leader of post-weimar germany before quitting.16:08
Myrttihow wonderful16:13
Myrttimy coshame extends to estonians, and I feel a compulsive need to apologize his behaviour16:14
bazhangshould have taken action much earlier. my bad.16:14
Myrttioh my dear god ubuntu is sometimes so stupid16:29
MyrttiI decided to add Finnish into my xubuntu languages16:29
Myrttinow this piece of crud installs Openoffice, because it's one of the dependencies of the language packages16:29
* Myrtti huggles everyone19:42
* jussi01 has a job in helsinki lad de da de da de da :D :D :D :D :D :D :D20:16
jussi01Actually, its an entension of my contract. :)20:22
MyrttiI should learn how to be more unfriendly to people20:26
MyrttiI'm way too nice20:26
jussi01no, I like you being nice :)20:27
MyrttiI bet you and all my other cyberstalkers agree20:28
Myrttis/you and//20:28
Tm_Tjussi01: congrats!20:35
Seeker`congrats jussi0120:44
Tm_TI wonder what job I can find for myself to do in side of school and family...20:44
jussi01thanks Seeker` Tm_T20:45
Myrttithe painkillers are wearing out20:47
* Tm_T gives painkilling hug for Myrtti 20:47
ubottustdin called the ops in #ubuntu (tomfratelli)20:49
* Myrtti yawns21:23
* Seeker` prods21:24
* Seeker` looks innocent21:26
jussi01Seeker`: you never look innocent...21:28
Seeker`why not?21:29
Myrttimy homeserver makes a funny noise21:30
jussi01Seeker`: you always look guilty... cause most of the time you are :P21:31
jussi01Seeker`: just playing :P21:32
MyrttiI'd really not want to use money on a new home server >___<21:43
Tm_Tok, now sleep21:58
Tm_Tgood night kids21:58
ubottutopyli called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()23:31

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