AlexGCgood evening gentlemen00:53
* owh looks around, no, lots of sun around here, no evening anywhere :)00:59
AlexGCtrue its GMT relative01:02
AlexGCI just finished a server install and have two issues, I cant reboot since I need to be a super user. and don't know the password.01:03
AlexGCI was told a comand before, but can't remember01:03
owhAlexGC: So, let me get this straight, you installed ubuntu-server, but you don't know the password?01:03
owhOr are you talking about the "root" password?01:03
AlexGCyeah sorry, root password01:04
owhRiight. That I can help you with.01:04
owhThere is no root password.01:04
owhYou can use sudo to do root things.01:04
owhSo, you can type sudo reboot01:05
owhand it will prompt you for your administrator password.01:05
owhMagic :)01:05
skepor sudo su + passwd01:05
AlexGCand type in mine.01:05
owhWe don't use a root user in ubuntu if we can help it.01:05
owhWell, that's not strictly true :)01:05
AlexGCThanks! it worked01:06
owhskep: A quicker way to do what you suggest is sudo -s01:06
skepwe? one of my first actions after installing (*)ubuntu is to activate the root account and set a password ;)01:06
owhAlexGC: Of course you could just have pressed CTRL-ALT-DELETE :)01:06
owhskep: That is not a ubuntu recommended process.01:06
AlexGCtrue.. lol01:06
skeprecommended or not.. i prefer it this way..so it feels more like debian to me01:09
owhskep: That's a personal preference.01:09
owhAlexGC: Here is why: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:11
AlexGCoh let me give it a read, thanks01:22
guilesshow do I change the home folder of a user?01:37
hadsI'm unsure if there's a utility that handles it. You can `sudo vipw` and change it though.01:39
skepguiless: check out the usermod command01:41
guilesshads: I typed 'sudo vipw' and now I can't figure out how to exit it01:42
hadsAh okay, bad idea then.01:43
guilesshow to exit and not save changes?01:43
hadsWhat skep said is a much more refined way of doing things.01:43
guilessi'll do so when i manage to get out of this screen01:43
hadsPress ESC01:44
guilessnothing happened01:44
hadsThen enter :q!01:44
skepworks for me (:q!)01:44
guilessi tried ctrl+x and ctrl+c as well01:44
guilessmine just beeps at me when i press things01:45
guilessit says recording at the bottom01:45
guilessctrl+z exited for some reason01:45
hadsWell, it didn't it just stopped vim01:45
guilessthat's fine by me lol01:46
hadsYou can type fg to get it back01:46
guilessi like nano01:46
guilessvim scares me01:46
skepguiless: press q one time and then :q! if you see the "recording" line01:46
guilesshow do i edit that same file with nano?01:47
hadsMy fault for leading you astray. Use the usermod command as skep suggested.01:47
hadsBut you should also make sure that vim isn't still editing your passwd01:48
guilessi should do that even though the file i edited has a bunch of random characters typed in the user path for the user i want to edit?01:48
hadsTyping `jobs` will tell you if your vipw command is still running.01:48
guilessmeh, i just rebooted01:49
hadsUse that hammer.01:50
guilessI have vsftpd configured to allow connections from local users01:56
guilessbut when a user connects via nautilus, they aren't sent to their home folder01:57
guilessthey go to /01:57
guilesshow can i restrict that?01:57
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uvirtbot`New bug: #267980 in openssh (main) "scp cannot quoted filenames with "]"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26798003:36
vk5fossis that supprising?03:38
NCommanderScottK, looks like success04:22
NCommanderScottK, building now04:23
NCommanderScottK, mind opening a bug for me?04:23
kirklandnealmcb: thanks for the compliments, dude ;-)04:46
nanderssonHi, how many ppl usually attend a Ubuntu Developer Summit? 300? 500? 700?08:24
sorenOh, no, not that many.08:32
sorenI'd say more like 100 or thereabouts.08:33
kgoetzwow. thats small08:35
sorenThat's what she said :(08:35
nanderssonsoren, Ok, thank you very much :)08:36
sorenI think the UDS at Mountain View last time was larger, though, I think.08:37
nanderssonUDS in december will not be the first time Google hosts a UDS-event right?08:40
sorennandersson: Right. They hosted it two years ago as well.08:40
sorennandersson: That must have been the UDS where we planned for....08:40
sorenfeisty, I think.08:41
sorenYes, it must have been.08:41
nanderssonsoren, :-) Thank you very much. I'm writing for Swedish TechWorld Open Source and I'm putting together a blog post08:41
sorennandersson: Oh, cool.08:41
nanderssonVery interesting with these "weblications"08:42
kgoetzsoren: watch out, anything you say will be used in evidence against you :P08:42
nanderssonNah, I'm just after some background information08:42
sorennandersson: Feel free to ask. I'm happy to help.08:46
kgoetzafk. have a good interview ;)08:57
owhsoren: Is the location for the next UDS known, I mean, the one after the coming one, so the next-next one if you like :)09:48
skepowh: you might ask in #ubuntu-devel-summit , although i doin't think the next ones are known09:57
owhskep: Tah09:57
jussi01hi mehdi :) Try here :)10:25
owhmehdi: Welcome to the Ubuntu-server helpdesk. How may we direct your call today?10:25
mehdii would like use vhost with apache210:26
skepand your problem is?10:26
mehdii make 2 files in etc/apache2/site en10:26
mehdia make link with a2ensite10:27
mehdiwhen a reload apache10:27
mehdii have10:27
mehdi /etc/init.d/apache2 reload10:27
mehdi * Reloading web server config apache2 [warn] _default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 80, the first has precedence10:27
mehdi [warn] NameVirtualHost myip:0 has no VirtualHosts10:27
mehdido you mean it's better if a try  to make my vhost in default file /etc/apache2/site-enabled10:30
owhmehdi: I believe that it's telling you that your two sites have definitions that are the same.10:31
mehdiwhere i can change a definition ?10:31
skepmehdi: first of all..your config files are in /sites-availabe and your symlinks in /site-enabled,,10:32
owhmehdi: Have a read of this: http://www.heavymind.net/2007/07/25/virtualhosts-nightmare-on-suse/10:32
skepdo you have a NameVirtualHost *:80 line in your files10:32
owhmehdi: What skep is saying is correct. The URL I showed you explains why.10:35
sorenowh: I doubt it. Although, there's a tendency to alternate between Europe and North America, so "somewhere in Europe" seems likely.10:35
mehdiok i find some thing in apache2.conf i have now a different message10:36
mehdi* Reloading web server config apache2                                          [Tue Sep 09 11:44:56 2008] [warn] _default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 80, the first has precedence10:37
owhsoren: Tah10:37
mehdii have10:38
skepmehdi: and your default vhost-file (the one that comes with apache2 install) is deactivated?10:39
skepand just to claraify..you have 3 chost files starting with "NameVirtualHost *:80" and <Virtualhost *:80> ..?10:40
mehdii have default and vhost1 and Vhost210:40
mehdii can use 1 files?10:41
skepof course you can also put all vhosts in one file10:42
owhmehdi: The disadvantage of that is you cannot disable them individually, but it will work.10:43
skepwhat happens if you remove the line "NameVirtualHost *:80 from vhost1 and vhost2?10:46
skepmehdi: ok..sorry..was confused..still morning here ;-)  ..go to /etc/apache2/conf.d/ and create a file called: virtual.conf and put this line into it: NameVirtualHost *  ...then delete in your vhost files the first line ("NameVirtualHost *:80") and change the next line just to <VirtualHost *> (without the :80)..in case you don't have one site listen on 44310:51
mehdii try10:52
skepalthough I think you don't need to remove the *:80 part there..10:52
andriijashow do i make a iptables script launch on boot , the easiest way?11:03
mok0andriijas: good question, I want to know myself...11:05
mok0andriijas: look in /etc/uwf11:07
andriijasmok0: i just need to change no to yes in ufw.conf?11:11
mok0  andriijas, well that will start the firewall with the pre-defined rules...11:12
andriijaswhich are the predfined rules? thers lots of files in /etc/ufw11:12
mok0andriijas: Those are the ones, yes. I am no expert on this system though11:13
skepmehdi: did it work?11:14
mok0andriijas: the script to start the whole thing is in /etc/init.d/ufw11:14
mok0andriijas: unless there is a writeup of the ufw, you need to study both the rules, and how they are started to understand how it works11:16
mehdisorry many probleme11:29
mehdiapache don't say nothing just OK11:29
mehdibut i have it's work11:29
mehdii loose my main page11:29
mehdiit's possible to copy somewhere my default conf11:30
mehdilike this you can see11:30
skepmehdi http://paste.ubuntu.com/11:33
skepuhm..maybe i'm completely on the wrong track here, but don't the Directory stuff belong *inside* the <Virtualhost>...</Virtualhost>???11:40
skepi haven't seen such a setup (outside) before11:40
skepand the first directive is wrong..it starts with <\..> and ends with <...> ,should be the other way around11:41
skepso to sum up: you should put on (or more) <Directory /path/to/directoy>...</Directory> inside each <Virtualhost *:80>..</VirtualHost> part, depending on your actual setup..and then it should work..11:46
skep*put one11:46
skepsame with the rest (ErrorLog, Alias ect)11:47
mehdihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/44863/ like this11:55
mehdican you give me post exemple please11:56
skepone second11:56
incorrectfirst bit of advise, put each vhost config into separate files, second, everything goes inside the <VirtualHost Entry> third, remove the doc / cgi config  forth,  use ServerName for each vhost,  move NameServer into ports.conf11:59
incorrecti found the server guide for intrepid,  I wanted to review the ldap replication info12:00
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skepmehdi: if you don't know what all the lines inside the directoy directive mean..please read that up on apache.org or other sites...let alone for security reasons12:04
mehdii have a message12:05
mehdi[Tue Sep 09 13:13:35 2008] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts12:06
mehdihttpd (pid 10645) already running12:06
incorrectmehdi, sigh, you didn't create the nameserver entry did you12:06
incorrectby default you get *12:06
incorrecti suggest you create NameVirtualHost *:80, and put it in ports.conf12:07
incorrectnext to the line that says listen 8012:07
kgoetzincorrect: why put it in ports.conf?12:08
incorrectalso you might find  'apache2ctl -t' handy12:08
incorrectkgoetz, well its a fairly sensible place to put it,  its pretty dumb to put it in the vhost config if you have more than one vhost,12:08
incorrectyou will get loads of warnings12:09
skepyou can put in in any file in conf.d afaik12:09
skepi for example have it in virtual.conf (in conf.d)12:09
incorrectListen 80 NameVirtualHost *:80 is sensible12:09
* kgoetz cant remember how his are setup, and isnt bothering to check *g*12:09
incorrectthis way you have one place to check that you remembered to tell apache to listen on that port and you declared the virtual host entry for it12:10
skepin ports.conf i only have my port settings for 80 and 443 and in virtual.conf * (instead of *:80)12:10
incorrectadditional overhead, i am lazy12:11
incorrectyou can even wrap you nameserver entry with your ssl if clauses12:11
skepeveryone as he/she likes :)12:11
incorrecti think its pretty bad that by default its in the default vhost12:12
skepwell..not really bad, but confusing12:12
incorrectconfusing is bad12:12
skepapache 1.3 was really confusing..v2 is much better and cleaner..12:13
incorrectsendmail is really confusing12:13
incorrecti've lost my link to the server docs for intrepid,   can someone point me in the right direction12:15
hadsThe server guide? If so it's the tinyurl in the topic.12:16
hadsMy bad12:16
incorrecti am after the ldap replication info12:16
hadsPast my bed time12:16
skepwell..quiet empty..and edubuntu..12:17
skepso the tinyurl is the best one12:18
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spiekeysoren: you there? :)12:34
spiekeywell,maybe someone else knows....12:38
spiekeyi am failing to build lighttpd: http://pastebin.com/m2a6421c212:38
spiekeyit cant find lua.h for some reason :-/12:38
sorenI need more context. Specifically the 5-10 lines that lead up to "mod_magnet_cache.h:8:17: error: lua.h: No such file or directory"12:40
spiekeybetter? http://pastebin.com/m1909b0d712:42
* soren looks12:43
sorenYes, that's much better.12:43
sorenAs you can see, the gcc commandline does not include a "-I/usr/include/lua5.1/"12:44
sorenI'm not sure why, though.12:44
sorenWhich version of lighty is this?12:44
sorenspiekey: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/16408327/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-amd64.lighttpd_1.4.19-4ubuntu2_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz12:47
sorenspiekey: We pass --with-lua=5.112:48
CrummyGummyHello, Last night I upgraded my server to hardy and now my subjects in postfix are coming through like Subject: =?WINDOWS-1252?B?U1BPVDogQWxhcm0gYWN0aXZhdGVkIG9uIEZsdWZmeSBAIDIwMDgvMDkvMDkgMDE6NDE6NDMgUE0=?= Any idea what could be causing this?12:48
sorenDoes that work for you?12:48
sorenI doubt postfix started rewriting subject lines.12:48
CrummyGummyAgreed. Its seems to be somethign to do with the encoding.12:49
sorenWhat kind of content filtering do you have? spam and/or virus filtering?12:49
sorenDid you by any chance change your e-mail client as well?12:49
CrummyGummyThe client changed nothing. I just ran an upgrade. I have a python filter that manipulates emails coming in, thats where I noticed the problem.12:50
CrummyGummyThe =?WINDOWS-1252? is the encoding being used.12:51
spiekeysoren: nope :-/ http://pastebin.com/m38268fee12:51
CrummyGummyTHis changes with the encoding.12:51
sorenCrummyGummy: yes. And that's the correct way to specify your encoding.12:53
sorenCrummyGummy: Are you entirely positive that this was not the case before? Where are these mails coming from?12:53
CrummyGummyYes, I can see it in my mail logs. Last night subject was readable and then it was unreadable. The mail is comeing from some sort of client app.12:55
CrummyGummyI'm not sure. It works find from kmail.12:55
sorenI think you're barking up the wrong tree with postfix, to be honest.12:55
sorenI'd look elsewhere.12:55
sorenpostfix has never been in the habit of modifying subject lines, as far as I know.12:56
CrummyGummyhmmm, maybe I need to work out how to decode this in python.12:57
CrummyGummyIs there a package with codepages that may not have been installed properly?12:59
soreni can't think of any, no.13:05
soren7win 2113:05
CrummyGummyhmmm, lemme see if the postfix guys ahve a clue.13:07
* CrummyGummy is getting the client to send plain text, no punctuations.13:12
spiekeysoren: any further ideas?13:50
spiekeyargh! i had something in my env variables!! )(/()/(/&/(&$&%§&$%§&13:53
spiekeythanks anyway13:53
_rubenhrm .. i delete a (hardware) raid array and created a larger one, but didnt wipe the disks, so the gpt sig is still there and wrong .. parted crashes when it tries to fix it :/13:54
soren_ruben: Wipe it?14:09
soren_ruben: Not all of the disk, just the parts where the GPT resides (probably the first few kb of the disk should suffice).14:11
_rubensoren: thats what im looking into now .. but i think its at the old end of the 'disk', if i read the errors correctly .. currently rebooting the box .. will doublecheck14:12
_rubenah .. the *backup* gpt table isnt at the end of the disk .. lets wipe the first few bits :)14:15
_rubenyay .. fixed .. wonder if i could've just done mklabel without wiping first .. it was print that was complaining :p14:17
didrocksjdstrand: if you want, I can help you to backport ufw and iptables in hardy (I do not know the procedure yet, but I have currently the time to do it)14:23
jdstrandmok0: re ufw> see 'man ufw' and https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/firewall.html14:28
mok0jdstrand: hey thanks!14:29
jdstranddidrocks: sure, go for it :) Keep in mind, iptables backport will likely not be straightforward14:29
didrocksjdstrand: it will be a good experiment for my first backport :)14:31
didrocksI think this is the good entry point: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports#Backport%20Process ?14:32
* jdstrand nods14:33
jdstrandsommer: your changes to ufw docs look great! :)14:35
sommerjdstrand: party!14:35
incorrecthmm i wrote a detailed setup for bonding,  now i can't find it14:35
nijabaserver community meeting in 10' -> #ubuntu-meeting15:51
mathiazkirkland: hm - update-motd is still in universe.15:54
mathiazkirkland: do you have a MIR for it ?15:54
kirklandmathiaz: yes15:54
mathiazkirkland: has the MIR been approved ?15:54
stapelI want to share a folder with samba to anyone readonly16:28
stapelcan someone help with that please?16:28
ropetinstapel: simply set the file level permissions of the files/folders in question to read only and you're good to go16:33
stapelif I try to connect from XP I get an error message when clicking on the ubuntu server hostname16:35
ropetinHow did you set up the samba share?16:35
stapelI have deleted the smb.conf and started from scratch16:36
stapelonly have two stanzas in there16:36
stapelin global i just set the workgroup - thats all16:36
stapelin [sharename] I just set path and comment16:37
stapelthats it16:37
ropetinOK, and did you set up a samba user to authenticate as?16:38
stapeldon't think so...how can I check?16:38
stapel...not really sure what u mean16:39
stapelis that the smbpasswd thing?16:39
ropetinMy understanding (and I'm just a newbie, so don't blame me if I'm wrong!) is that samba has it's own users16:39
ropetinYes, smbpasswd16:40
stapelso how do I set up a samba user?16:40
ropetinIf I remember rightly;16:41
stapeland will anyone automatically log in as this user then?16:41
ropetinsudo smbpasswd -a username16:41
ropetinsudo smbpasswd -e username16:41
ropetinNo, it won't be automatic16:41
stapelok, let me give that a go quickly16:42
stapelokay, I have done that...so how do i tell samba that i want all users to log on as this user?16:45
stapelany idea how to proceed from there?16:51
themimei want to install mod_proxy into apache.  apache was either installed via apt-get or at install time (same thing i guess right?).  so my understanding is that the best solution is having the module recompiled into apache.  but i don't have the source, and i want to keep the package intact, so im not sure how about going about this.  suggestions?17:47
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themimehad to change locations, did someone answer my question by chance (about mod_proxy).   for now i actually just used a2enmod, but as i understand just "enables" it, it doesn't compile it in18:31
sommerthemime: why do you want to "compile it in"?  the module is already compiled18:35
Goosemooseanyone know what avahi's purpose is since it's preventing my machines from joining an AD domain?18:39
Goosemooseok i actually found another solution: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/avahi/+bug/80900/comments/2618:41
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 80900 in avahi "problems resolving fully qualified domain names in environments where .local is used as a TLD" [Medium,Confirmed]18:41
Goosemoosesuggestion changing the nsswith.conf file18:41
Goosemoosetested and it works18:42
Goosemoosequestion is how do I work that in to a preseed?18:42
NCommanderGoosemoose, what are you trying to do specifically?18:43
Goosemoosemake 500 computers join an AD domain18:45
Goosemoosefrom the preseed.cfg file18:46
Goosemoosewhen they are being imaged using PXE over the network18:46
NCommanderI haven't done much with preseeding18:46
* NCommander checks what package owns nsswitch.conf18:46
themimesommer: its not really compiled in from my understanding, just loaded in?  if it doesn't make a difference i won't mess with it for now, although id like to know how to do it in the future.  but i think ill concentrate on figuring out how directives/configuring the module work first18:47
GoosemooseNCommander, thanks18:47
n-iCe_hello, how can I remove ubuntu-server to ask login in the startup18:47
NCommandern-iCe_, login as in?18:48
themimehaha, fail18:48
NCommanderthemime, I'm really hoping he's not asking what I think he's asking18:48
themimei know, hence the fail18:48
themimelets address it seriously though rather than make fun of him, everyone has to start new sometime in their lives18:49
NCommanderGoosemoose, I've never network deployed Debian or Ubuntu, but I do know preseed can run proper commands, you could do something like cat <<- EOF *contents of nsswtich* > /etc/nsswitch.conf18:49
NCommanderOr something like that18:49
themimen-iCe_: in all seriousness, the login at startup is a security thing, removing it basically negates a large chunk of the security18:49
Goosemoosehmm ok, guess ill need to look at the late command some more, thanks18:49
themimen-iCe_: I'm assuming you mean the login prompt with a monitor/keyboard plugged in, ie the graphical one.  If this is a case there is a way to do it, but then I have to ask, why are you using the server version?18:50
sommerthemime: it doesn't make any difference, and to "compile it in" would mean you'd have to recompile apache... and wouldn't really make much sense to me18:51
sommerthemime: the advantage of a module is that you can load and unload it as needed18:51
themimesommer: i know apache would have to be recompiled.  i mean as of right now, i guess I'm set and can start looking into how configuring modules work, but just for my own curiosuity I'd like to know how to compile them in after having apt-get'd it in the first place.  but ill leave that for another day.18:52
NCommanderthemime, you can compile a package from source with apt-get -b source *package*18:53
NCommander(that will grab the source package and generate the debs)18:53
themimeNCommander: well, in this case we're talking about a module for apache.  the only one i saw that was what i wanted was proxy_html, but i need mod_proxy and mod_proxy_http (which i a2enmod'd in anyway, so its not a big deal right now).  now i need to find some good docs for configuring it18:54
NCommanderthemime, grab the module source, then use apxs to install and configure it against Ubuntu's apache18:55
themimeoh, so thats what apxs does18:55
NCommanderthemime, libapache2-mod-proxy-html - Apache2 filter module for HTML links rewriting18:55
NCommanderOr just install the Ubuntu package18:55
themimethats the one i saw, but it looked like a sub package of proxy, not the full deal, but i may be wrong18:56
themimeNCommander: what do you mean "just install the ubuntu package" - just to make sure i understand you correctly, you just mean apt-get install libapache2-modetcetc?18:56
NCommanderthemime, no, apt-get install libapache2-mod-proxy-html18:56
NCommanderwhich will properly add the module to the default config18:57
themimewas too lazy to type it all out.  oh well, for now, i have them loaded, so ill maybe mess with compiling them in later.  thanks for the info18:58
themimeany good links to configuring modules/how directives work?  or should i just use the basic apache docs?18:58
themimen-iCe_: scroll up, we responded19:00
n-iCe_yeah im reading jiji, my grandmother called me19:00
n-iCe_I use it, because I set up some psybnc's eggdrops, etc, but when the power wents off, the pc restarts but can't start again, because asks my login19:01
Goosemoosequestion. with my windows machines i can 'push' new programs out across my domain when I need to using various methods. How would I do this with my ubuntu machines?19:02
Goosemoosefor example push an OO.org update? or a new program19:02
themimedirectives are just placed in the httpd.conf, correct?  (or whatever equivilent is, i use apache 1.3 with centos/rh at work so it may different with apache2.2/ubuntu)19:04
themimeor .htaccess i suppose would be safer19:04
themimein order to utilize mod_proxy, does an underlying script have to be running?  something tells me it just doesn't magically start acting as a forward proxy, the URL you want has to go somewhere, i can't find information on this19:15
themimeim starting to think it does.  there needs to be something to handle the http requests, does thats sound accurate?19:18
Goosemoosefor a script using the late_command, i don't need to use sudo because it's already running as root correct?19:24
ScottKsommer: Any chance you could look into php-clamavlib with clamav 0.94?  In Intrepid it seems to have both a libtool problem and a clamav intregration problem.19:25
sorenGoosemoose: Yes.19:26
Goosemooseok thanks19:26
sommerScottK: ya, briefly took a look at that this weekend... weren't we dropping php-clamavlib for intrepid, since it's dead upstream?19:32
ScottKsommer: We can, but at long as it's working, there's no solid reason to dump it.19:33
sommerwell... isn't it not working?19:33
ScottKsommer: Not at the moment, but if you could fix it again ....19:34
sommerScottK: not sure how much time I'll have to devote to that, especially in for the life of the next release19:35
sommerScottK: I'd really recommend dropping it19:35
ScottKsommer: OK.  Let's give it a bit to see if Debian comes up with anything.19:36
sommerScottK: sounds like a plan :-)19:36
NCommanderhey ScottK, I posted the debdiff for 3.5.9/3.5.1019:36
NCommanderer, sorry, wrong room19:36
ScottKNCommander: You want join #kubuntu-devel19:37
* delcoyote hi20:11
kirklandwhen running the installer in a kvm window, what's the magic to drop to one of the tty consoles?20:29
nxvljust don't press cntrl20:30
nxvlif you are on a graphical environment then it probably won't work20:30
kirklandnxvl: cool, thanks dude20:31
NCommandernxvl, alt+ctrl+FNUMBER in graphical enviornments20:31
nxvlNCommander: yes, but if you do that in a KVM you will see your machines tty, but the vm one20:32
* NCommander shoots himself in the foot then :-)20:32
NCommandernxvl, I think you can change the key combination so it doesn't conflict between the kvm and the host20:33
nxvlyeah maybe, but a quick solution is that one20:34
=== n-iCe_ is now known as n-iCe
ivoksyou can open kvm's 'terminal' and send any key combination you desire20:42
ScottKivoks: Did you see that new scripts that I got lamont to add to postfix for adding services to master.cf?20:45
ivoksScottK: no, i've been busy with exams last couple of weeks20:45
ScottKivoks: I think we can integrate amavisd-new via that and postconf now.20:45
ScottKSo we could automate it without any policy problem.20:45
ivoksi do recall that lamont never respond on sasl questions :D20:45
ivoksScottK: we should have a conversation about what do we want enabled in amavis by default...20:46
mathiazkirkland: IIRC I had to disable some shortcuts in Gnome in order to be able to use ALT+NUMBER in vnc.20:47
kirklandmathiaz: it works, if i give the kvm window my keyboard/mouse20:48
ScottKivoks: Yes.  Note that clamav and spamassassin are now in Main.20:48
ivoksi've noticed that, good job20:50
Fenix|workGreetings... any ubuntu docs for krb5 config?20:51
ivokstake care guyz20:54
Goosemoose!seen cjwatson21:13
ubottuI have no seen command21:13
fbcI'm used to running Debian as my server. My ISP gave me a choice when upgrading to my new server to go with ubuntu server. QUESTION: Does anyone see any reason why I should stay running with Debian Etch instead of Ubuntu server?21:36
Goosemoosehow can i set the preseed.cfg to ask for the computer name? it's the only thing i actually want it to ask21:39
fbcGoosemoose, I would assume you would just not specify one and it should ask for , right?21:41
Goosemoosethats what i thought21:41
Goosemoosebut instead it tells me the "" is an invalid name21:41
GoosemooseI commented out #d-i netcfg/get_hostname string unassigned-hostname21:41
fbcGoosemoose, remove the entire line... don't just leave it blank.21:42
Goosemooseit's commented out, that's the same as removing it21:42
fbcGoosemoose, otherwise you would specifiying a null name.21:42
fbcGoosemoose, yes, sorry, so even if you comment it out it is still saying "" invalid name?21:42
Goosemooseto be exact21:43
GoosemooseThe name "" is invalid21:43
fbcGoosemoose, hmmm I'm out of my league here, buddy. Maybe there is someone else here with more experience with it.21:43
Goosemoosedoesn't seem to be anyone else alive21:44
Goosemoosethanks though21:44
fbcGoosemoose, welcome :-)21:44
fbcGoosemoose, maybe you cna help me?21:45
fbcGoosemoose, I'm used to running Debian as my server. My ISP gave me a choice when upgrading to my new server to go with ubuntu server. QUESTION: Does anyone see any reason why I should stay running with Debian Etch instead of Ubuntu server?21:45
GoosemooseWhat are you serving?21:45
GoosemooseBasic sites?21:45
fbcGoosemoose, just basic lamp server21:45
GoosemooseStrange to use ubuntu for a lamp server21:45
Goosemooseusually they use CentOS or something21:45
Goosemoosenot going to be a big difference21:45
fbcGoosemoose, I'ma debian guy, not a redhat guy, so centos would be having to learn something else...21:46
Goosemooseubuntu and debian are very similar21:47
Goosemoosefrom my experience21:47
fbcGoosemoose, which is why I thought it would not be a bad idea to switch.. If ubuntu-server gives me more support or something, I would probably consider it..21:48
Goosemooseits usually pretty quiet in here21:48
tristanbob_how to install a standalone .deb package including dependencies (found in repos)22:29

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