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IntuitiveNippleIs there an ubuntuforums.com web-server administrator about?14:11
jpdsIntuitiveNipple: Forum admin or server admin?14:12
IntuitiveNippleserver admin14:12
jpdsIntuitiveNipple: Try #canonical-sysadmin.14:12
IntuitiveNipplethanks :)14:12
thorwilnewz2000: when should the countdown images go online?18:27
newz2000at the end of the month18:27
thorwilso the release will be late in october18:30
newz2000yes, let me get the release date...18:30
newz2000Oct 30th thorwil18:32
thorwiloh, thanks!18:33
thorwiland here i was worried i would have to get things ready middle of this month :)18:33
newz2000though I'm getting concerned about the feature tour18:33
newz2000I'm going to have to take the reigns on this I think18:34
newz2000(feature tour)18:34
qensehello nand19:12
thorwilemunkki: i just completed my script and now have a svg with 5 columns and 32 rows. 30 days + coming_soon and its_here in 5 series19:37
thorwilemunkki: there's a specifically named rect for each position on a dedicated layer. so you can lock the other layers and select all rects and export all at once19:38
emunkkithorwil, meet apachelogger :)19:39
thorwilhello apachelogger19:39
nandqense: hello!19:39
qenseHow do you do?19:39
nandand hello to the others too!19:39
qenseI saw you were busy with IdeaTorrent lately19:39
emunkkithorwil, he is interested on that :)19:40
qenseAre things going well with that?19:40
thorwilemunkki: you can have the python script, the complete svg with my designs or just the array i used with my content removed19:40
nandqense: yep, the update is going to be real soon (tm)19:40
nandread, one week to three19:40
apacheloggerhey thorwil19:40
nandsaw you set up another meeting19:41
qenseI'm trying to19:41
nandconcerning myself, monday and tuesday 19UTC will do it19:41
thorwilapachelogger: so i was talking to emunkki about batch export from svg in inkscape for countdown images19:41
qenseI'll note that19:41
nandunfortunately, new job keep me late :(19:42
thorwilapachelogger: i just completed a script to edit my svg file and now have a svg with 5 columns and 32 rows. 30 days + coming_soon and its_here in 5 series19:42
thorwilapachelogger: there's a specifically named rect for each position on a dedicated layer. so you can lock the other layers and select all rects and export all at once19:42
thorwilapachelogger: : you can have the python script, the complete svg with my designs or just the array i used with my content removed19:42
apacheloggerthorwil: can you throw everything in a bzr branch?19:43
apacheloggerbtw, I think the exporting should be done daily using a cron job19:43
qenseI just got one response on that mail though. Someone said I should try to get more publicity. :S19:44
thorwilapachelogger: why a bzr branch? i'd rather mail you and you can do as you please :)19:44
thorwilapachelogger: i have to hunt for food, bbl19:44
apacheloggerthorwil: I think such stuff should be pretty free ;-)19:44
apacheloggerbut a mail is ok as well19:44
nandqense: indeed you should!19:52
qenseThere are really too few people working on the project.19:52
qenseAlthough I have to say that you also seem quite lonely at the IdeaStorm project. You've been the only one who recently committed.19:53
nandyou may try another time in the forums, show how it looks like now, how you want to look it like later. Your last post didn't introduce much about ubuntu wanted, it just said "hey, come to my meeting", but it was rather short on what is actually UB19:53
nandqense: I've been the single contributor since the start. A project starts attracting people either because of a strong leader, or/and because of an interesting project19:54
nandthe thing is, don't expect people to magically come and help19:54
qenseI know :)19:55
nandthe beginning will be hard, but once it is beginning to give results, people see that you are serious about it19:55
qensebefore I'm trying to get some more attention again I think I should finish the submission and application page first.19:55
nandyep, good idea19:55
qenseMaybe I should blog more often about new functions I just implemented, like they do with the LP API.19:56
nandyep, that may help19:56
thorwilapachelogger: email address, please. would you like the svg with or without my designs?20:24
apacheloggerthorwil: apachelogger@ubuntu.com I guess with design makes more sense20:31
thorwilapachelogger: send. i just tested batch export and it works, but i noticed slight irregularities in the series and don't know yet where it comes from. otherwise, i only intend to replace the ibex and be done with it :)20:39
apacheloggerthorwil: thank you, I will take a look at it as soon as I finished compiling my new kernel ;-)20:39
newz2000wow, I just popped onto #django and they have over 600 people in there. I wonder if that's because of the 1.0 release20:43
thorwilapachelogger: 14 days in the first column has 2 layered copies which rendered as stronger colors20:45
thorwilgnah. same for the 30 days in first column20:47
* thorwil shuts down for the day21:08
ryanakcanewz2000: ping, who do I poke for bugs in the wiki theme?22:10
newz2000mdke is working on it22:10
newz2000do you mean the new theme he posted to the list or the old theme?22:10
ryanakcanewz2000: old theme on wiki.kubuntu.org ...22:11
newz2000oh, that would probably be me22:11
ryanakcanewz2000: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/kubuntu-website/+bug/25393122:11
ubot3Malone bug 253931 in kubuntu-website "Documentation tab on http://wiki.kubuntu.org/ should be removed" [Undecided,New]22:11
* newz2000 checks22:12
ryanakcanewz2000: Also, could you take care of https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/kubuntu-website/+bug/255390 (should be quick enough of a fix)22:12
ubot3Malone bug 255390 in kubuntu-website "Kubuntu download form accessible separately on www.ubuntu.com" [Medium,Confirmed]22:12
ryanakcaplease :)22:12
newz2000I don't think I can fix that one22:12
newz2000it has to have a url on ubuntu.com or it won't work (since its an iframe)22:12
ryanakcanewz2000: yes, but, noindex :)22:12
newz2000well, I guess we could do the opposite of a frame buster...22:13
ryanakcaI think he was only complaining that it was showing up in Google and it might get people mixed up as to which form they should use to download it...22:13
newz2000oh, I see22:13
newz2000well, I can try the reverse frame buster to force users who happen on it to the kubuntu download page22:13
newz2000or something22:14
newz2000ryanakca: would you email me so I don't forget? I can't do it right this moment. (both bugs)22:14
newz2000then I can just reply when done22:14
ryanakca*nod*, thanks22:14
ryanakcanewz2000: An email per bug or one for two?22:14
newz2000just one email is fine22:14
mdkei was thinking of creating a moin-themes project on Launchpad for hosting theme branches. Does that sound like a bad idea?22:15
newz2000it sounds a little generic, but otherwise a good plan22:15
newz2000we could put it under ubuntu-website22:15
ryanakcaI can't see why it would be... we (or Kubuntu does) has the Drupal ones... I'd prefix ubuntu- or kubuntu- though22:15
ryanakcas/would be/would be a bad idea/g22:16
newz2000ryanakca: don't worry, we'll forgive you since English isn't your native language. ;-)22:16
* newz2000 chuckles22:16
ryanakcanewz2000: thanks :D22:17
mdkeryanakca: where do you put the drupal themes?22:17
ryanakcamdke: lp:~kubuntu-website/kubuntu-website/kubuntu-theme-v222:17
mdkeah. Ok, ubuntu-website it is :)22:18
mdkescrap the moin-themes idea22:18
ryanakcaGah. That line wasn't at all logical. Ignore it :)22:18
newz2000mdke: let me know if you need anything to publish there (like permissions/group memebership)22:19
mdkenewz2000: nope, I'm in the group :p22:20
ryanakcamdke: btw, the link to your Masters thesis on your "About Me" page is broken22:20
mdkeryanakca: hah, you don't want to read that22:21
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