tjaaltonbryce_: pong207:09
bryce_tjaalton: Could you take a look at bug 267682?07:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267682 in ubuntu "Hotkeys no longer working in Intrepid (evdev?)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26768207:14
bryce_seems I had another question for you... hm07:14
bryce_eh can't think of it07:15
tjaaltonI looked at that yesterday, and I think g-p-m should catch those07:16
tjaaltonregardless of the driver X uses. but that's easy to test too07:16
bryce_today I decided to go downstairs and only take broken test hardware with me.  It's been a good challenge, just staying online ;-)07:16
bryce_I've fleshed out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Quirks a good bit more07:17
tjaaltonhehe, I bet07:17
tjaalton^^ that was for the previous comment ;)07:17
tjaaltonI'll test my laptop once it reboots (damn dpms)07:18
tjaaltonlenovo X61, those hotkeys07:18
bryce_are you seeing freezes when the screensaver comes on too?07:22
tjaaltonit's when the display is put to sleep07:23
tjaaltonnormal screensavers work07:23
tjaaltonI'm waiting for the new kernel..07:23
bryce_hmm, I had a couple systems that were locking up (or blanking at least) when either the screensaver or power savings came on07:30
bryce_I switched off screensaver, and the lockups/blanks went away07:30
tjaaltonI just disabled the power-off07:30
bryce_however maybe disabling the screensaver also affected the dpms settings; not sure07:31
tjaaltonin power settings there's the slider "set the monitor in power save mode" or something like that07:31
tjaaltonput that in "never"07:31
bryce_yeah I may play around with that more later this week; I've got quite a laundry list of bugs for all this hardware...07:32
tjaaltonhumm, I tried without input-hotplug, and my battery and hibernate hotkeys started working07:36
bryce_huh... Jaunty Jackalope08:03
bryce_well g'nite08:03
tjaaltonseb128: about the nvidia-glx-173, update-manager is trying to install it here as well08:18
seb128tjaalton: ahah!08:18
tjaaltonsomething really is broken08:18
seb128tjaalton: does apt-get dist-upgrade do that too?08:18
tjaaltonlet's see08:18
seb128grab mvo when he is around08:18
tjaaltonyes it does08:19
seb128good ;-)08:19
tjaaltonok I won't upgrade before he shows up :)08:19
seb128__tjaalton: mvo is here ;-)08:46
tjaaltonseb128__: yeah!08:46
tjaaltonmvo: so, somehow we get nvidia-glx-173 installed, which breaks if you have intel, for instance08:47
tjaaltonum, breaks 3D08:47
tjaaltonmvo: same thing with update-manager and apt-get08:47
mvowhat is the bugnumber?08:48
seb128__mvo: what is the apt magic to have the reason of why packages are installed displayed?08:48
mvo-o debug::pkgDepCache::AutoInstall=true08:48
seb128__mvo: no bug number, just apt-get dist-upgrade on intrepid and note it in the list08:48
seb128__tjaalton: sudo apt-get -o debug::pkgDepCache::AutoInstall=true dist-upgrade and look in the log then I guess08:49
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mvotjaalton: there is also -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=true if the autoinst doesn't give a hint08:53
tjaaltonmvo: I think I found the problem already.. nvidia-kernel-common Recommends nvidia-kernel-source, which pulls in nvidia-173-kernel-source, which pulls in nvidia-glx-173..08:56
tjaaltonand I did the upload :)08:56
tjaaltonbut I'm not sure if that Recommends was added there, will check08:56
seb128tjaalton: why is nvidia-kernel-common installed?08:57
tjaaltonseb128: l-r-m08:58
tjaaltonand yes, that Recommends was added in the latest version08:58
tjaaltonbut not mentioned on the changelog08:59
tjaaltonI tend to use aptitude to find out why a package is installed09:00
seb128mvo: where are those debug options listed again? I tried the apt-get and apt.conf man but only the resolver option was listed there09:02
mvoseb128: its not well documented, it should probably be added to the man-page (or to a new apt.debug page). its in /usr/share/doc/apt/examples/configuration-index09:02
seb128mvo: ah, I looked at the apt.conf example but not this one, thanks09:03
tjaaltonI'm surprised that there are no bugs reported about this.. it basically breaks 3D for everyone09:07
tjaaltonand the change was made in Debian, so tseliot is not to blame09:07
tjaaltonuh no09:08
seb128tjaalton: the change is recent and it breaks intel for intrepid users who updated since yesterday basically, that's probably not that many09:08
tjaaltonthe Recommends has been there forever in debian, and dropped from our package in 16th Aug 0609:09
tjaaltonso the merge is busted09:09
seb128who did it?09:09
tjaaltonI'll re-merge it09:09
tjaaltonbut I kinda reviewed it :/09:10
tjaaltonah, there's a new debian version that removes the recommends09:11
tjaaltontseliot: hey, the nvidi-kernel-common merge was broken.. it didn't include all our previous changes, most importantly it Recommends nvidia-kernel-source, which basically pulls nvidia-glx-173 for everyone and breaks 3D09:24
tjaaltonbut, I missed that so I'll re-merge it09:24
tseliottjaalton: it wasn't finished. I wanted you to have a look at the merge. I have removed the recommends and completed the merge but I'm still not sure as to whether we still need that package in Ubuntu.09:25
tseliottherefore I'm waiting a bit09:25
tjaaltontseliot: ok, well it _was_ uploaded in saturday..09:26
tseliottjaalton: what???09:26
tjaaltonI'd prefer to review packages that are ready..09:26
tjaaltonI thought it was09:26
tseliotsorry about this09:26
tjaaltonno worries, I'll upload a new one shortly09:27
tseliotnext time I'll ask you explicitly to upload a new package if I wish you to do so09:27
tjaaltonyeah :)09:27
tjaaltonwgrant: I've uploaded a new synaptics to my PPA: http://ppa.launchpad.net/tjaalton/ubuntu/pool/main/x/xfree86-driver-synaptics/11:19
tjaaltonwgrant: please test once it's built11:19
wgranttjaalton: Will do.11:28
wgrantHas 0.15.1 actually been released? I saw that the version in git was bumped.11:28
tjaaltonyes, tarball was available11:29
tjaaltonso I think it's released then :)11:29
wgrantHave you dropped 101_ubuntu.diff?11:29
wgrantSo we should be almost syncable.11:29
wgrantBrb, restarting X.11:29
tjaaltonit also has a couple of patches that should fix appletouch and ALPS11:30
tjaaltonslowness and narrow scrollregions11:30
wgrantEdges are different.11:33
wgrantYep, I suggested that you look at them IIRC.11:33
wgrantBut otherwise this is pretty boring.11:33
wgrantIt all works :(11:33
tjaaltonthe patches were directly from whot11:33
tjaaltonso they are not upstream yet11:34
tjaaltonthey are in rawhide too11:34
wgrantOh, I thought the scrollregions one was.11:34
wgrantI think my right scroll region might be slightly less ridiculously thin than it was with 1.5.11:35
tjaaltonhmm maybe the patches weren't for regions, but edges and some preprobe stuff11:36
tjaaltonanyway, nice that it works11:36
tjaaltoncould you add something to bug 268071?11:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268071 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "Please accept xfree86-driver-synaptics 0.15.1-0ubuntu1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26807111:37
wgrantProps seem to work fine. It's all fine.11:37
tjaaltongreat, thanks11:37
wgranttjaalton: Multi-finger tapping strangeness regression, possible due to the two-finger disentangling patch.12:49
wgrantIt seems to just make the cursor jump occasionally now. And two-finger tapping has ceased.12:49
wgrantI can occasionally get it to work. But not often.12:55
tjaaltonI could depatch that commit12:56
wgrantIt's definitely related to the MaxTapMove default change.12:57
tjaaltonor unpatch, whatever12:57
wgrantAs if I increase that it becomes a bit more likely to work.12:57
wgrantBut still nothing like it used to be.12:57
wgrantI'll work out which commit/patch it was.12:57
tjaaltoncool, thanks12:57
tjaaltonI'll scratch my head with xkb-data again..12:57
tjaaltonfails to build12:58
tjaaltonupdate-po fails12:59
tjaaltonah right, autoreconfig needed13:00
wgranttjaalton: Reverting 9f0da9 (the two-finger scrolling disentanglement commit) fixes it.13:17
tjaaltonwgrant: thanks, I'll add that to the package13:18
wgrantI'm not sure how exactly that patch was going to help anything.13:21
wgrantI do wish that the huge switch in HandleTapProcessing was commented at least slightly.13:22
wgranttjaalton: Which variety of synaptics-driven hardware do you have?13:32
tjaaltonwgrant: none :)13:33
wgrantOh. That is rather unfortunate.13:33
tjaaltontell me about it.. although I could get a lenovo keyboard with a trackpad if I wanted to13:34
tjaaltonit's rather pricey though13:34
wgrantWell, I'm generally available for testing if you need it.13:34
tjaaltonyep, good to know13:37
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tjaaltonhey bryce18:07
tjaaltoncould you confirm bug 268055 and bug 26807118:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268055 in xorg-server "Please accept xorg-server 1.5.0-1ubuntu1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26805518:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268071 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "Please accept xfree86-driver-synaptics 0.15.1-0ubuntu1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26807118:08
bryce_sure, sec18:09
tjaaltonbryce_: I've now nearly finished the keyboard stuff, only gnome-settings-daemon left to be uploaded. it should be done last since otherwise people might have broken layouts for a while18:10
tjaaltonbut in an hour or so18:10
tjaaltonhum, actually it takes a while for the publisher to catch up, so I'll upload it now18:10
bryce_tjaalton: excellent18:11
tjaaltonI skipped the paperwork with xkeyboard-config and didn't create a new tarball for it..18:11
tjaaltonbut for evdev I only pulled one commit, so no support for properties yet18:12
bryce_ok cool18:12
tjaaltonwe don't even have 2.0.4, so having master versioned as 2.0.3 sounds a bit strange ;)18:13
tjaaltonbut there should be 2.1 released this week18:13
bryce_I went through -intel quirks last night and will be pushing a bunch in today.  Thinking about probably merging 2.4.2 too18:13
tjaaltonwe have that already, only the version string is missing from 2.4.218:13
bryce_ahh, ok then; I'll just put my patches in18:14
bryce_just need to test to make sure quirking lvds does what it's supposed to do18:14
bryce_did you get a chance to upload xorg?  If not I could tackle that.18:16
tjaaltonnot before xorg-server is uploaded and all drivers rebuilt18:16
tjaaltonat least it's not usable before that18:17
tjaaltonbecause people couldn't upgrade18:17
tjaaltonI need to head home.. it's dark and wet, so will be a pleasant 10km ride with my bike18:18
bryce_ok cya18:18
crevettehey there21:52
crevettekeyboard layout detection seems to be broken21:53
crevetteAZERTY became QWERTY21:53
tjaaltondid you dist-upgrade?21:53
crevetteI used PackageKit to update 21:54
crevettethe gnome applet reports USA layout21:54
tjaaltonwhat versions do you have of xkb-data, hal, xserver-xorg-input-evdev and gnome-settings-daemon?21:54
crevette1.3-1ubuntu2 - hal_0.5.11-3~ubuntu8_i386.deb - 1:2.0.3-2ubuntu1 - 2.23.92-0ubuntu121:56
tjaaltonhmh, xkb-data should've been updated21:57
tjaaltonalso g-s-d is too old21:58
tjaaltonshould be available at least on a.u.c22:00
crevettetjaalton: I'm upgrading22:00
crevettehoz Xorg detect keyboard layout?22:00
jcristautjaalton: z -> w :)22:01
jcristaucrevette: it doesn't22:01
tjaaltonheh, right22:01
tjaaltoncrevette: see /etc/default/console-setup22:01
crevetteqh okay22:02
tjaaltonand /usr/lib/hal/debian-setup-keyboard22:02
jcristaui guess what happened there is that because of the older xkb-data, xkbcomp fails to create the map, so you get the default us22:02
tjaaltonyeah, I was just writing that :)22:03
crevettelet's restart X22:03
tjaaltonI couldn't decide which package needed to depend on which, so hoped that they'd get published in the correct order22:03
tjaaltonbut since the first xkeyboard-config upload FTBFS'd22:03
jcristaumaybe new evdev Breaks old xkb-data, and new xkb-data Breaks old evdev, would work?22:04
crevetteby which component /usr/lib/hal/debian-setup-keyboard is executed ?22:04
jcristaucrevette: by hal, when it starts22:04
crevetteokaym so I need to restart hal also22:05
tjaaltonno hal should be ok now22:05
tjaaltonthat's what broke it :)22:05
tjaaltonbut running lshal |grep xkb should show you something like xkb.rules = 'evdev'22:06
tjaaltonrestarting hal doesn't hurt though22:06
tjaaltonjcristau: yeah that would probably work. we'll see if I care enough to fix those :)22:08
tjaaltondon't think people would backport these22:09
jcristauif you don't care about partial upgrades it's ok22:09
tjaaltonoh you mean if someone would only pull the new evdev? yeah, that would break22:10

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