pingvenoI'm trying to get an Upstart script working. I used a soft link to put the script I made into the /etc/event.d directory but I'm getting an "Unknown job" error from the start command02:41
pingvenoIs there something else I need to do?02:41
pingvenoI'm trying to get an Upstart script working. Do I just need to drop it into /etc/event.d for it to be registered?04:54
sadmac2notting: what does your crash look like?15:32
nottinginit: Unable to set root directory: Resource temporarily unavailable15:34
nottinginit: Caught segmentation fault, cure dumped15:34
nottingKernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!15:34
sadmac2notting: tried with -v ?15:35
notting... where?15:36
sadmac2notting: argument to init15:38
sadmac2notting: in kernel args init=/sbin/init -v15:38
Keybuktry --debug instead ;)15:38
sadmac2Keybuk: theres some guys on fedora devel list threatening to boot F9 in 5 seconds at LPC15:39
Keybukthough those messages are all part of the core dump routine15:39
* sadmac2 really wants to go now15:39
nottingsadmac2: yup, there's a lot of debugging noise. whatcha want? 15:49
nottingrcS-sulogin changed from post-start to running15:50
nottingevent_new: Pending started event15:50
nottingHandling started event15:50
nottingevent_finished: Finished started event15:50
nottingUnable to set root dir... (etc)15:50
sadmac2strange place for that issue15:57
sadmac2notting: did you install over rawhide or F9?18:18
sadmac2notting: is this box at work? I can't reproduce it in my VM18:20
sadmac2notting: are /you/ at work?18:21
sadmac2Keybuk: we're hitting that list issue elsewhere :(20:56
sadmac2Keybuk: I'm going to see if I can just stuff semaphores into NihList20:57
sadmac2treat it like a real concurrency problem20:57

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