^paradox^i cant find sound juicer in my menus00:01
TheSheepit's not installed by default00:01
Odd-rationaleit is in ubuntu...00:02
TheSheepOdd-rationale: apparently this is xubuntu00:02
Odd-rationaleTheSheep: yes, but he had ubuntu then installed xubuntu-desktop ontop...00:02
TheSheepOdd-rationale: also, in ubuntu you won't get 'location not found' with totem, because you have full gnome-vfs support00:02
Odd-rationalei see...00:03
TheSheepI suppose this is a xubuntu bug00:04
^paradox^the message i get now is totem coulnt play the file. the specified movie could not be found00:04
TheSheep^paradox^: it's audio cd, vcd or dvd?00:04
^paradox^audio cd with downloaded songs00:05
TheSheep^paradox^: it's audio cd or data cd with mp3 files on it?00:05
^paradox^it was burned as an audio cd00:05
TheSheep^paradox^: well, I guess you could install sound-juicer or some other player, like audacious00:06
TheSheep^paradox^: totem is not too good for playing music anyways00:06
Odd-rationalevlc should be able to play audio cd as well00:06
pist0l-fishhi all. I just recently installed Xubuntu and it came with Totem. For some reason, Totem displays a black screen when I attempt to view movies but still plays audio. When I take a screenshot, it still works (so SOMETHING is being decoded :P)00:07
TheSheep!codecs | pist0l-fish00:07
ubottupist0l-fish: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:07
Odd-rationalepist0l-fish: what do you mean by taking a screen shot still works?00:07
^paradox^ok but with vlc im not sure how to play the cd since in gnome it just starts automatically00:08
pist0l-fishTotem has a feature that allows you to take a screenshot of the video currently playing00:08
pist0l-fishso it's able to decode the video.... it just doesn't display it >_<00:08
Odd-rationalepist0l-fish: oh ok. so that does not give you black screen?00:08
pist0l-fishOdd-rationale: yes00:08
pist0l-fish(it does not)00:08
Odd-rationalepist0l-fish: how about vlc?00:09
pist0l-fishhaven't tried00:09
Odd-rationale(my favorite media player ... :P)00:09
pist0l-fishwait, I think I have actually; brb00:09
ddelonyWhat's the problem?00:10
pist0l-fishOdd-rationale: yes it works in VLC00:11
ddelonyWhat about mplayer?00:12
pist0l-fishddelony: lol, cmon now. The point is that I have the decoder, but Totem doesn't want to use it... I'm sure it will work in mplayer00:13
pist0l-fishunless totem and mplayer use some kind of similar library00:13
^paradox^it seems when i try to select cdrom and open it in any player nothing shows up00:13
Odd-rationalepist0l-fish: no. totem uses gstreamer by default...00:13
pist0l-fishand vlc has all its own decoding algorithms in the binary, right?00:14
ddelonypist0l-fish: Are you trying to play DVDs?00:14
pist0l-fishnope, mkvs, mpegs, avis...00:14
pist0l-fishoh well. I guess I'll just erase totem and use VLC00:15
ddelonyOne problem with AVIs at least is that they're just wrappers around other codecs.00:15
ddelonyYou really have no idea what's inside them.00:15
pist0l-fishddelony: didn't know that; you learn something new everyday00:15
^paradox^oh damn lol00:16
ddelonyWikipedia says vlc comes with a bunch of its own codex.00:16
^paradox^got it to work vlc00:16
pist0l-fishyeah it's all in the binary00:16
^paradox^seems i wasnt selecting track number00:16
ddelonyI tend to like vlc over xine anyway.00:16
pist0l-fishor wait. No it isn't. I might have lied there.00:16
pist0l-fishthanks for your help, adios00:17
^paradox^ok im a little confused with vlc00:20
^paradox^i can select any single track, but shipping to next seems to have no effect00:23
Odd-rationalei gtg eat... see you all later!00:23
^paradox^see ya later thanks00:24
^paradox^actually im gonna go put on a cup of instant coffee. ill be back in a few minutes00:25
^paradox^kk im back00:45
Odd-rationaleme too00:45
^paradox^now i just need some help with vlc00:46
^paradox^i still havent been able to figure it out00:47
Odd-rationale^paradox^: you went to file --> open disc --> audio cd ?00:47
Odd-rationalewhat's in fo device?00:47
^paradox^i can select a track number to play, but skipping to next seems to do nothing00:48
Odd-rationale^paradox^: can you set Track to 0 ?00:48
^paradox^well i can try00:48
^paradox^its aldready set to track 0 when i go thru the steps u listed above00:49
^paradox^then it plays track 100:49
xindoi just switched out of x to a terminal with crtl-alt-f3, i switched back to the x term with crtl-alt-f7, it made me log in again, closed all my apps, is this normal?00:50
Odd-rationalecan you switch to track 2?00:50
Odd-rationale^paradox^: ?00:50
^paradox^i can yeh im here00:50
Odd-rationalexindo: nvidia?00:50
Odd-rationalexindo: it's a known bug... you'll have to live with it.. :|00:51
xindok, thank you00:51
xindoOdd-rationale: xubuntu only, or ubuntu also?00:51
Odd-rationalexindo: the nvidia xorg drivers...00:52
Odd-rationalexindo: will effect all buntus...00:52
xindoi see, thanks again00:52
^paradox^ok see this is weird when i go to open disc > file > file system > cdrom nothing shows up00:55
^paradox^yet when i select a track thru other method it plays00:56
^paradox^thats where im confused00:58
^paradox^i hardly ever play CDs in this machine, but id like to know whats going on00:59
Josh_LPWIare there any gui tools to easily send/receive over bluetooth on xubuntu?01:02
Josh_LPWII installed a bunch of bluetooth apps using add/remove but nothing showed up in the applications menu01:03
^paradox^ok cool cause a guy in another channel acted like he lost me01:03
^paradox^lol wrong channel01:04
^paradox^Odd-rationale: can u see my messages? i thought irc might have quit on me for a minute01:06
Odd-rationale^paradox^: yeah i'm here.01:06
^paradox^it acted like it wanted to boot me01:06
favafroJosh_LPWI: do they show up in applications-accessories-appfinder?01:07
=== favafro is now known as favro
Josh_LPWIdidn't look there, is that for anything that got installed but didnt' make it automatically to the menu?01:10
^paradox^im copying a cd to make sure there no problems with cd burning01:11
^paradox^u know i gotta tell ya speed wise i luv xubuntu :D01:13
Odd-rationaleyeah. i like xfce, too01:13
^paradox^cosmetics arent the only thing that matter01:14
Odd-rationalexfce doesn't look too bad...01:15
^paradox^it does take a little getting used to01:15
* cody-somerville jaunts around the room.01:17
^paradox^one feature id like to see is being able to single left click to open things everywhere01:17
Odd-rationale^paradox^: thunar can do this? no?01:18
^paradox^yes but not on the desktop01:18
^paradox^its not a big deal. its a good trade off for better speed01:19
^paradox^and if such a feature would slow down xfce then id be against it01:20
^paradox^i guess im still a little spoiled to some of my old windows ways ;)01:22
ChetyreI'm having a problem connecting to a wireless network.  Is anyone around who can help?01:42
^paradox^if i only have xubuntu-desktop not the os will i get updates for it as well?01:43
KleinerHaiHi, can you see your carte in system?01:43
ChetyreYeah, I installed the drivers for it with ndiswrapper01:43
KleinerHai^paradox^: Sure °°01:43
KleinerHaiNow it does not work?01:43
ChetyreBut for some reason, I can't connect to a network that uses a WEP key01:43
KleinerHaiAh! Okay!01:44
^paradox^well cool. cause i like it alot01:44
KleinerHaiChetyre: Look here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=27839801:45
KleinerHaiHere you should finde your solution.01:45
KleinerHaiNo problem. But you should also read anything about wpa supplicant.01:46
KleinerHaiIt's advanced, but very usefull!01:46
^paradox^i guess i had it easy. as soon as i hooked my machine up to the network it was already setup01:46
KleinerHaiBy the way: Use WPA instead.01:46
ChetyreI would, except it's not my router01:46
ChetyreI'll ask him to switch it though01:46
KleinerHaiAh okay.01:47
shaeffer_i just switched from kubuntu 6.06 to heron, but then quickly installed xfce becuase kde4 doesn't play nice with my old machine.  Is Adept an ok package manager to use for xfce?  Not sure on the protocol here, if package managers are supposed to be specific to distro (it mentions a lot of KDE stuff in there)01:50
shaeffer_Adept was working, now it warns me I need root access to do anything... loads up but I can't make any changes01:50
shaeffer_this happens when starting through the menu01:50
KleinerHaiFor me it works great.01:51
KleinerHaiHe asks every time when you want to change the sytem. It's normal.01:51
shaeffer_but it doesn't even allow me to enter in password01:52
shaeffer_i.e. i can't install anything01:53
shaeffer_how do i ensure I can use adept properly through the menu?01:53
KleinerHaisudo adept?01:53
shaeffer_through the menu01:53
shaeffer_not the command line01:53
Odd-rationaleshaeffer_: no, adept is probably not a good chioce to use on xfce. use synaptics01:55
KleinerHaiI think it's possible to change the menu entry for adept into root.01:55
KleinerHaiwhy isn't it?01:55
Odd-rationalewell, it uses qt, not gtk. so it will have to load all the qt/kde libs when it starts making it slower to start. Synaptic on the other hand, uses gtk, which xfce also uses. so those libs are usually already loaded and it start faster01:57
Odd-rationalethe other reason is Synaptic is simply better... :P01:57
KleinerHaiAh. Okay.01:58
shaeffer_yeah i guess i like the interface better anyway02:00
shaeffer_ah good, this one is now in the menu, and asks for password02:02
shaeffer_thanks.. and another question02:06
shaeffer_ktorrent is installed and runs, but no user interface02:07
shaeffer_i just noticed too it uses qt02:07
shaeffer_any alternate recommendations?02:07
Odd-rationaleshaeffer_: yeah. a good gtk one would be transmission02:07
shaeffer_okey dokey... *runs off and installs*02:07
Odd-rationaleor deluge, which interface is similar to ktorrent02:07
Odd-rationalebut transmission is lighter :P02:08
^paradox^well i guess off for the nite. thanks all02:10
Odd-rationale^paradox^: see ya!02:10
xindoanyone recommend a cad program?02:23
trevorcan someone help me get sound working?02:58
cody-somerville!sound | trevor02:58
ubottutrevor: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:58
trevordone all that03:00
trevorguess ill switch to oss03:02
shaeffer_i actually had useful advice, but not quick enough03:14
ozkughhow can i use dd to copy everything on my old drive to a newer bigger drive and be able to use the new hd to boot off of? im running xubuntu off it04:13
asxxhello? anyone out there? or all sleeping04:55
asxxI need a bit of help~~04:56
The-KernelI don't get it, whenever I start buring a disc, no matter what program, it locks up pidgin05:35
j00baccawhat are windows managers, like enlightenment?05:51
j00baccahow are they different from xfce desktop?05:51
The_KernelXFCE is a windows manager06:15
The_Kernelenlightenment is just another kind06:15
uathow can i retrive my nick password?06:51
uathere on irc06:51
=== uat is now known as uatever
jarnosWhy Xubuntu 8.10 alpha alternate installs lilo boot manager?07:40
jarnosCan it be installed in XFS partition? (It should not overwrite boot sector of a XFS partititon.)07:42
The_Kernelwhy XFS jarnos?07:43
jarnosThe-Kernel: Why not? I think it is a good fs.07:44
jarnosThe-Kernel: installation program offers it as an alternative.07:45
zoredache_ext3 has been tested far more07:47
The_Kernelhave you looked at the wiki abotu XFS?07:47
=== zoredache_ is now known as zoredache
The_KernelThe disadvantages will kill it07:47
The_KernelYou can't set up certain quotas07:48
The_KernelThere is no undelete utility for XFS07:50
The_KernelAn XFS file system cannot be shrunk07:51
The_KernelCreation and deletion of directory entries is a much slower metadata operation than other file systems.07:51
The_KernelFailure-handling policies can be improved07:51
The_KernelThe use of XFS file systems on LVM2 logical volumes can cause system freezes under Linux based operating systems07:51
jarnosThe-Kernel: I would have appreciated more, if you had told me that before/during the installation process.07:56
The_Kernelwell...um....you didn't ask!07:58
The_KernelI'm off08:02
The_KernelI gotta get up early tomorrow and figure out this weird NFS issue08:03
The_Kernelonce 250 connections are made, both servers crash08:03
The_Kernelkernel panics and the likes08:03
zoredachetry a different nfs server08:04
The_KernelI have08:04
The_Kernelworks fine08:04
The_KernelThe only difference is that the servers that aren't working at RH based08:05
The_Kernelnot debian like I normally set up08:05
nubuntuguys, i installed flock as per instructions on this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingFlock  but i can't seem to get launcher into menu.  if you notice 3/4 down the page there are some instructions on how to refresh gnome panel, and another to refresh kde, but i don't use those in xubuntu, right?08:08
* nubuntu looks longingly at Odd-rationale, the keeper of the Knowledge08:09
R1cochetwondering if i can run beryl on xubuntu?08:10
* jarnos is still wondering why the 8.10 alternate installation cd installs lilo instead of grub; it did not even offer grub as an alternative.08:11
zoredachejarnos: most likely your chose a filesystem or partitioning scheme that grub can't read from08:12
R1cochetcan i run beryl on xubuntu?08:13
zoredacheif you really want grub, make yourself a 50mb /boot partition that is ext308:13
zoredacheR1cochet: I believe so, but don't ask me how08:13
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy08:13
ubottuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz08:13
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion08:13
jarnoszoredache: I thought it is not necessary: http://www.mail-archive.com/bug-grub@gnu.org/msg10770.html Anyway, I think 50mb is not enough with all those expected kernel updates.08:15
zoredachejarnos: kernel updates usually overwrite the existing kernel...  50mb has been fine on my laptop08:16
zoredacheor delete your old kernels...08:17
jarnoszoredache: That is what I had to do in 8.04 for which there has been several kernel updates that have generated several initrd.img*  and other files in /boot08:19
jarnoszoredache: Anyway, I think it is good that you can boot older kernel, if there is some problem with the new one.08:20
zoredacheperhaps, but how many old kernels do you need?  50mb should be fine for 2-308:21
zoredachea know working and the last 3-4 recent...08:21
uateveranyone around that can help me?08:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)08:30
ubottuIt's the middle of the night in the US and Europe, and surrounds.  This means that a lot of people are likely asleep, therefore there are less potential people who can answer your question.  Please be patient, and consider asking at a time when more people will be awake.  This is particularly true in the quieter channels.08:30
uateverroflol ok =P08:33
uateveris raid-0 under ICH9R supported or will i need any drivers?08:34
zoredacheno idea.  Did you try to look on Google?08:34
zoredachedo you have raid-0 setup already?  You could try booting off a livecd and looking08:36
uateveryeah its set08:38
uateverbut im running xubuntu under vmware08:38
uateverbut i guess i could do that08:38
zoredacheYou have a good backup system in place right?  RAID0 is just asking to loose everything08:39
uateveri burn everything08:40
uateverand they are WD disks built for raid's08:40
uateverthey run specially well under raid008:40
uateverbut yeah i know the percs =P08:40
* jarnos wonders why it takes so loong time to run grub-install on a single-drive PC; I have waited 15min already. BTW. ubuntu installation is sloow, too.08:49
* jarnos wonders will grub-install ever finnish.08:52
jarnosIn http://www.mail-archive.com/bug-grub@gnu.org/msg10770.html can you remove "(say)" from the command.08:53
* jarnos wonders if grub-install will ever finish.09:00
* jarnos wonders what happens, if he kills grub-install.09:04
nubuntuguys, i installed flock as per instructions on this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingFlock  but i can't seem to get launcher into menu.  if you notice 3/4 down the page there are some instructions on how to refresh gnome panel, and another to refresh kde, but i don't use those in xubuntu, right?09:07
* jarnos wonders no more; he kills the bastard (meaning grub-install process. Apology for bad language.)09:16
Myrttijarnos: you know, when I've installed xubuntu from the alternate disk, everytime the first installation of grub fails09:40
Myrttithen when I do it again from the menus it succeeds09:40
jarnosMyrtti: Which menus?09:47
Myrttiin the alternate debinstaller disk09:47
jarnosMyrtti: I haven't heard about a debinstaller disk.09:49
Myrttialternate installer uses debinstaller or whatever it was09:50
Myrttithe blue ncurses based one09:50
jarnosMyrtti: So it is the alternate disk. But don't you use a menu item in the beginning also. I don't see your point.09:55
jamesjefferyhey all. I am using a USB CDROM to install, but during the install I get "No Common CD-ROM device found". Not sure how to solve the issue, any ideas?11:16
acridfusionhmm haven't tried that one yet.11:16
acridfusionhow old is the cdrom?11:16
jamesjefferyit's a medion, laptop is about 2 years old. It don't have a CD Rom drive built in (not sure why) so they gave me a USB Drive11:17
jamesjefferyit asks me to select a module and device by providing a path, but not sure what to use.11:18
jamesjefferywould a USB stick install work you think?11:19
acridfusioni don't think i can help, maybe try in #ubuntu11:19
acridfusioni would asume the usb ports need to be recognized as well11:20
jamesjefferywhen I type dsmeg it says USB Mass Storage support is enabled11:20
acridfusionthat is a tough one..11:20
jamesjefferyusbcore: registered new interface driver libusual11:21
jamesjefferyregistered new interface driver usb-storage11:21
jamesjefferycan you do a network boot on kubuntu ?11:36
jamesjefferyi have PXE on lappy11:36
jamesjefferykubuntu/xubuntu i mean11:37
jarnosMy keyboard and mouse got soft-broken. Mouse cursor followed movement, but I couldn't left-click. Keyboard was wild, too.12:42
jarnosThis is in Hurdy.12:42
jarnosIt was at least 2nd time.12:46
vidddoes anyone have the wl_apsta- (for the b43-fwcutter to make broadcom wifi cards work) The downloads.openwrt.org site appears to be offline13:49
jarnosWhat do you need makeactive for in menu.lst?14:56
TheSheepjarnos: windows can only boot from 'active' partition, or something like that14:57
TheSheepjarnos: I guess they'd know better on ##windows14:58
jarnosTheSheep: I don't need "makeactive" when I chainload lilo or grub from grub.15:02
DarkTanis there any hyperterminal type app i can use with 8.04?15:13
TheSheepDarkTan: like minicom?15:14
whileimhereHowdy there! Can anyone tell me how to change the XFCE4 panel to look like the one in this image link?  http://www.linuxmint.com/pictures/screenshots/daryna/xfce/desktop.png15:14
TheSheepwhileimhere: sure15:14
whileimhereGreat !15:15
TheSheepwhileimhere: right click on the panel, select 'customize panel' and select apropriate size and position15:15
TheSheepwhileimhere: the gradient is set in the gtk theme, you either have to use the same gtk theme as tehy use, or add apropriate image to your gtk theme15:15
whileimhereokay. Can you tell me where I can get GTK themes like that and how to install them?15:16
TheSheepwhileimhere: there are lots of themes at xfce-look.org15:16
whileimhereoh ok15:16
whileimherehow do they get installed?15:16
whileimherei know GNOME is easy to do this but XFCE I dont know how15:17
TheSheepyou just unpack them to your ~/.themes directory15:17
whileimhereohh ok15:17
TheSheepor to /usr/share/themes if you want the m global15:17
TheSheepwhileimhere: I know that Neutronium theme has gradient on the panel, for example15:17
whileimhereoh cool I will look that one up now15:18
TheSheepit's dark, but you can look into the theme fle and see how they did it, then do the same in your own theme15:20
TheSheepit's all text files and images15:20
jarnosAre there 2 screensavers running in 8.10?15:23
TheSheepjarnos: yeah, seems like xscreensaver got included somehow15:34
TheSheepit should just quietly die in a corner :/15:35
tomboy64i have xubuntu 7.10 installed on one of my machines. it's an adapted version for the eeepc. how can i install skype and sunbird on it without automatically installing 8.04 software?15:46
tomboy64using the console would be preferred15:47
skepfor skype you could download the static version from the skype website15:48
Odd-rationaletomboy64: if you have 7.10, the you should already be using the gutsy repos. skype is in the medibuntu repo... so you would nneed to add that first15:48
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org15:48
tomboy64Odd-rationale: i had my gf install the medibuntu repos15:48
Odd-rationaleas for sunbird, i think it is the universe repo.15:49
tomboy64and it broke her firefox when she installed sunbird (don't know from which repo, though). plus apt-get reported that the skype package is broken.15:49
Odd-rationaledid you do the medibuntu repo for hardy or for gutsy?15:50
Odd-rationaleas for sunbird, i'm not too sure why it could have broken her firefox... maybe a xulrunner conflict or something... :|15:51
Odd-rationaletomboy64: was she on gutsy?15:52
tomboy64sudo echo 'deb http://packages.medibuntu.org/ gutsy free non-free' > /etc/apt/sources.list15:53
Odd-rationalei dont think that works...15:53
Odd-rationalesee this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#Adding%20the%20Repositories15:54
tomboy64Odd-rationale: thanks. i'll try to guide her with that15:59
tomboy64Odd-rationale: it's me again. i found out that skype was broken cause it's dependent on libqt4-core and libqt4-gui (>=4.3.2)16:40
tomboy64what would you suggest?16:40
tomboy64upgrade those? or take a smaller version of skype?16:40
Odd-rationaletomboy64: skype from medibuntu?16:41
tomboy64Odd-rationale: yes. with the gutsy-repo16:41
Odd-rationaletomboy64: well, if it were me, i would update the deps...16:41
tomboy64Odd-rationale: i don't know much about apt16:42
tomboy64would you tell me the simplest command?16:42
tomboy64--reinstall maybe?16:42
Odd-rationaletomboy64: well those packages should be in the gutsy securites updates...16:43
Odd-rationaletomboy64: maybe "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"16:43
tomboy64dist-upgrade won't move it to 8.04?16:43
Odd-rationalethen try "sudo apt-get install skype"16:43
Odd-rationaledist-upgrade won;t bump versions16:43
Odd-rationalesee "man apt-get"16:44
Odd-rationalein any case. i have to head out right now...16:44
Odd-rationaleyou can also get help in #ubuntu as this is not xubuntu specific16:44
Odd-rationalegood luck@16:44
tomboy64thanks :)16:44
viddquestion: anyone have the file wl_apsta- ? (this is the file needed by b43-fwcutter to get broadcom wifi cards to work)16:46
viddthe downloads.openwrt.org that the b43-fwcutter tries to download the file from is gone16:46
uateverhey there, Im installing xubuntu under a RAID0 and im just not sure about one thing, mount options theres several options and I can't really find documentations on what each does and what would be the best option for running a RAID0?17:05
viddwhat is the "quit button" applet called?17:43
viddor is it a component of xfce4-goodies?17:44
TheSheepvidd: I believe it's part of xfce4-panel17:53
stevenwhello all17:55
stevenwi have a minor problem17:55
stevenwmy screen resolution is set WAY low on a new laptop i just did a fresh install17:55
stevenwwhen i do sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg17:55
stevenwis says overwriting possible customization17:56
stevenwand never gives me the option to choose xserver details like monitor and all17:56
TheSheepstevenw: use 'sudo displayconfig-gtk'17:58
stevenwit only lists a low resolution17:59
stevenwand lists my monitor as plug n play17:59
cody-somervillestevenw, change your monitor18:00
TheSheeppossibly it detected your monitor's parameters wrong18:00
cody-somervillestevenw, best solution is to do this: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh18:00
cody-somervilleand then restart the xserver18:00
stevenwwhat should i change monitor to?18:02
stevenwi looked up my laptop's specs18:02
stevenwcan't find default res18:03
stevenwooh that may have worked!18:04
stevenwrestarting xserver...18:05
stevenwwell i at least got 800 x 60018:05
stevenwit gave me message about low resolution warning18:06
stevenwand it showed a blank weird screen with lines at the top18:06
stevenwwrong sync rates?18:06
stevenwi will try to pastebin xserver-xorg18:07
stevenwvamos a ver...18:11
stevenwokay it successfully rebooted into 800 x 6018:13
stevenwoops 60018:13
stevenwi know t can go higher18:13
stevenwshould i try the next highest18:13
TheSheepstevenw: you don't have to reboot, you can restart x by pressing alt+ctrl+backspace18:20
stevenwokay i tried that18:20
stevenwit still only allows me 800x60018:21
stevenwTheSheep: and i know it goes much higher than that18:21
stevenwmy main question....18:21
stevenwwhy when i do sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg18:22
stevenwwill it not allow me to choose the monitor and video card and all?18:22
TheSheepstevenw: because the moved this to displayconfig-gtk18:22
stevenwwell i'm having terrible luck18:23
ddelonyI had the same problem when I installed Debian a couple of years back. I remember running dpkg -reconfigure on X.18:23
stevenwi got everything perfect on my laptop18:23
stevenwnow i'm on my girlfriend's third computer18:23
stevenwand this install is going terribly18:24
stevenwi can only get the monitor to go to 800x60018:24
stevenwwould knowing my laptop model help?18:24
ddelonyMaybe Xubuntu just doesn't like the video card?18:24
stevenwwell i installed the open source driver18:25
stevenwdes that matter?18:25
stevenwit shows up in displayconfig-gtk18:25
stevenwunder graphics card18:25
TheSheepstevenw: what does 'lspci | grep VGA' say?18:27
stevenwvga compatibe controller via technologies unichrome pro IGP18:28
stevenwthanks for all the help, everyone18:28
ddelonyHmmm, it looks like it's using a generic display driver.18:28
stevenwi istalled the openchrome driver18:28
ddelonyDo you know what kind of video chip is in the laptop?18:28
stevenwand it wet perectly18:28
stevenwyeah S3 unichrome pro18:29
stevenwaccording to gateway website18:29
stevenwi have a gateway MX3228 i'm trying this on18:29
stevenwis the system specs18:29
TheSheepI hate S318:30
stevenwyeah me too pparently18:30
TheSheepthey should have stopped at s3 trio :)18:30
ddelonyI looked at the supported hardware wiki page and I don't see anything about S3.18:31
TheSheepmaybe you could look at the forums18:31
stevenwyeah i looked18:32
stevenwdidn't see anything18:32
stevenwfound this...18:32
ddelonystevenw: Have you tried editing your xorg,conf?18:32
stevenwyeah i had to do that to get openchrome to work18:33
ddelonyDo you know where the section where all the screen resolutions are?18:33
ddelonyDid you add the display's native resolution?18:34
stevenwit only lists default screen and configured monitor and configured video device18:35
stevenwit doesn't list the resolutions18:36
stevenwany ide-ers?18:36
ddelonyMine does, and I have it open.18:37
ddelonyHey, I found a wiki page that might be helpful: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto18:39
stevenwyeah i tried that18:41
ddelonyYou don't have a "Modes" subsection in the "Screen" section of your xorg.conf?18:42
stevenwno i don't18:42
ddelonyThat's odd. What do you have?18:43
Myrttiand this is Hardy Heron, that was released in April?18:43
TheSheepdpkg -reconfigure  leaves a pretty minimal xorg.conf now18:44
ddelonyWhere else would X get its resolution modes from?18:45
TheSheepddelony: from the card/driver directly18:45
TheSheepddelony: by autodetecting them18:45
TheSheepddelony: you can analyze that process by looking into /var/log/xorg.0.log18:45
stevenwit'svery minimal18:46
ddelonyAh, I guess the autodetection didn't find the card and is using the generic driver.18:46
stevenwthat's what i think18:47
TheSheepddelony: no, vesa is the generic driver18:47
stevenwwell i got openchrome to work18:48
ddelonyI've done some googling, and it looks like the problem is with x.org.18:48
stevenwi got it to 800x60018:48
stevenwhat's all18:49
TheSheepstevenw: look into logs and see why it18:49
TheSheep's rejecting the other resolutions18:49
TheSheepstevenw: I had one problem when the crad used computer's memory for video memory, and you had to set how much to use in BIOS, otherwise you only got crappy resolutions18:50
ddelonyYeah, that might be the case in a laptop.18:51
TheSheepthe problem didn't appear in windows, because the windows driver ignored and ovverode the bios settings18:52
stevenwpastebinning log...18:53
ddelony(II) VESA(0): Not using mode "1024x768" (height too large for virtual size)18:57
ddelonyHmmm, it does seem to be using the VESA driver.18:57
stevenwno no i'm using openchrome as the driver18:58
TheSheepstevenw: the logs says something else18:58
TheSheepstevenw: no, way, it should have a line about it18:58
stevenwdisplayconfig-gtk says it's using openchrome18:59
TheSheep(II) VESA: driver for VESA chipsets: vesa19:00
TheSheepstevenw: it proposes to use it, maybe?19:00
stevenwit says hraphics card openchrome19:01
stevenwdriver none19:01
ddelonyWhat does the "Device" section of your xorg.conf say?19:01
stevenwvideo memory automatic19:01
TheSheepddelony: there is no such section :)19:01
stevenwdevice says conigured video device19:01
ddelonyWhere did you get the openchrome driver from?19:02
TheSheepstevenw: did you try to run the system->restricted hardware  (or how it's called)?19:02
TheSheepstevenw: it detects and downloads drivers...19:02
stevenwthatdoes not list in applications...19:02
stevenwi got openchrome driver from....19:03
stevenwand followed step by step no problems19:03
TheSheepThe openchrome driver can be installed by the command19:04
TheSheep    *19:04
TheSheep       sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-openchrome19:04
TheSheepThis replaces your current via driver with the openchrome one. That driver module is still called via, so via is what you need to select or write into your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file (for details see below).19:04
stevenwalready newest version...19:04
stevenwhow do i add to xorg?19:05
TheSheepstevenw: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/84855/19:05
TheSheepstevenw: or "via" instead of "openchrome"19:05
stevenwit doesn't list driver section...19:07
ddelonyIn that case, you'll have to add it yourself.19:08
stevenwby which means?19:08
stevenwi'm a bit of a n00b19:08
ddelonystevenw: Your favorite text editor. :-)19:09
stevenwokay what should i do?19:09
stevenwadd what thesheep said?19:09
ddelonystevenw: Yeah.19:09
stevenwthat's my xorg19:10
stevenwwhere should i put it?19:10
ddelonyI'd save a backup of it first, then paste it over the section that says "Device"19:11
stevenwi'm on the wacky laptop as "erica"19:12
stevenwi may post as either stevenw o erica so try not to confuse19:12
stevenwLOL sorry19:12
stevenwwhere it says section : device19:15
stevenwconfigured video device19:15
stevenwadd the line driver "openchrome"19:15
stevenwthen end section?19:15
stevenwdo i add under sections screen r monitor19:15
stevenwddelony: add under the sections: device, screen, and monitor?19:17
stevenwshould i add "via" instead of "openchrome" like TheSheep said?19:17
ddelonyEditing the xorg.conf is as delicate as defusing a bomb.19:18
stevenwi don't wanna be stuck LOL19:18
stevenwi know19:18
ddelonyMost people don't do it by hand. I've never really messed with it.19:19
TheSheepstevenw: put it at the end, outside of any sections19:19
stevenwat the end of everything?19:19
TheSheepstevenw: yeah19:19
ddelonyThat's why I suggested you make a backup before editing.19:20
ddelonyThe resolution may be low, but at least it works!19:20
stevenwthat's what it looks like now19:21
stevenwTheSheep: should i save as such?19:21
stevenwerica: checking if XChat is working. LOL chatting with self... everyone can ignore this...19:21
ericastevenw: yes myself it works... ignore this everyone19:22
ddelonyPerhaps you need a kind of help we can't provide. ;-)19:22
stevenwokay restarting X....19:22
stevenwfingers crossed...19:22
stevenwUbuntu is running in low graphics mode...19:23
stevenwLOL i got that far19:23
stevenwi just needed to get higher...19:23
TheSheepstevenw: try the other name for the driver19:24
ddelonystevenw: Can you select higher resolutions?19:26
stevenwokay gdm ogin didn't load19:26
TheSheep"via" or "openchrome"19:26
stevenwit lists as plug n play19:26
stevenwhold on gotta reboot it froze19:26
stevenweither via or openchrome should b listed in the displayconfig-gtk?19:26
stevenwi'm lost....19:27
stevenwokay stll at 800 x 60019:27
stevenwbooted into session19:27
stevenwgraphics card: openchrome19:28
stevenwchange to openchrome?19:28
stevenwTheSheep: should i change driver?19:31
stevenwi changed to openchrome and hit test19:31
stevenwdidn't work display went smalled19:31
stevenwany ideas?19:34
stevenwother than stevenw leave us aone?19:34
ddelonyAt least I know which chipset to avoid. :-p19:35
stevenwAH HA HA HA HA19:36
stevenwgoogle says it's like one of the least friendly laptops for linux19:36
stevenwi usually avoid gateways like the plague19:36
stevenwbut these are hers19:36
stevenwi got her ld gateway working great!19:36
ddelonyDid it look okay when you booted the LiveCd?19:36
stevenwthis is her better one... suposedly19:37
stevenwum i don't do livecds19:37
stevenwi usuall use alternate installers19:37
stevenwi did text based19:37
stevenwso i don't know19:38
stevenwi do know that when i did the old gateway19:38
stevenwthe text based installer was mad fuzzy19:38
stevenwand really hard to read19:38
stevenwbut it cae out fine19:39
stevenwny other thoughts?19:40
stevenwjust keep choosing different lcd panels in displayconfig-gtk?19:41
stevenwtill i get one that works?19:41
stevenwand when i hit test19:41
stevenwhowdo you know if it worked?19:41
ddelonyWhere exactly did you get the openchrome driver?19:41
stevenwif it shows the keep configuration box?19:41
stevenwumm i got driver from...19:41
stevenwsvn checkout http://svn.openchrome.org/svn/trunk openchrome19:42
stevenwi also tyed in sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-openchrome19:43
stevenwor soething19:43
stevenwbut it said it was already newest version19:43
ddelonyThere's an openchrome driver in the Ubuntu repository, Did you try that?19:44
ddelonysudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-openchrome19:44
stevenwyes i did that19:45
stevenwalready newest version19:45
ericai'm frustrato19:48
stevenwi'm lost i guess i can try that bios memory thing19:53
stevenwTheSheep: any ideas? i think you mntioned it before19:53
TheSheepstevenw: well, see if you have such a setting in your bios20:01
TheSheepstevenw: aperture size20:01
TheSheepstevenw: or video memory size20:02
ericaokay.... this is stevenw also by the way20:02
stevenwokay i'm back20:04
stevenwgonna change bios settings.... bye erica....20:06
stevenwsorry TheSheep: again how to change that?20:08
stevenwlogged off20:08
stevenwsorryi logged off accidentally20:10
stevenwanyone catch what he said?20:10
TheSheepstevenw: usually you press del or f2 when the computer boots20:13
Odd-rationalestevenw: usually you press esc, or on of the function keys while the computer is booting20:13
TheSheepstevenw: then you have a menu20:13
Odd-rationalee.g. on my machin it is f1020:13
Odd-rationaleso it depends on your hardware...20:13
stevenwokay i have bios open20:14
stevenwi had that LOL20:14
stevenwframe buffer size?20:15
stevenwwas that it20:15
TheSheepthat may be it20:15
stevenwits set at 64 mb20:15
stevenwwhen i do xserver-xorg20:16
Odd-rationalebut how xan the framebuffer effect X ?20:16
stevenwthat's the first questin it asks me20:16
stevenwif i want to use it20:16
TheSheepOdd-rationale: probably they used word 'frame buffer' for something else than linux frame buffer20:16
TheSheepOdd-rationale: because obviously you cannot control the linux frame buffer from bios20:16
Odd-rationaleTheSheep: ok. i see.... i guess...20:17
stevenwso should i change it?20:17
TheSheepstevenw: try setting it to something larger20:18
stevenwit's at max size20:18
stevenw16, 32, or 6420:18
stevenwi have it at 6420:18
TheSheepok, then leave it20:18
TheSheepanything else?20:18
stevenwdarn it20:18
stevenwwell it booted again.... hello myself!20:21
TheSheepstevenw: you could try asking at #ubuntu, this part is common anyways20:22
steven__and i'm back20:27
Odd-rationalehello, kappabuntu20:30
kappabuntuwhat is the terminal command to launch virtualbox?20:30
Odd-rationalekappabuntu: umm virtualbox?20:30
kappabuntuI'm trying to make a -simple- launcher and finally figured out where ubuntu keeps the icons... now I need to the command to launch it20:30
Odd-rationalekappabuntu: try to find it with tab completion...20:30
Odd-rationalekappabuntu: e.g. v<tab><tab>20:31
Odd-rationaleor it was vbox... i don't remember...20:31
kappabuntuI tried vbox :(20:31
Odd-rationalekappabuntu: is tab helping any?20:31
kappabuntuI found uhh20:32
kappabuntuvbetool           vboxadd-timesync  vboxwebsrv20:32
Odd-rationalekappabuntu: also try locate. e.g. locate virtual20:32
Odd-rationalekappabuntu: you might want to "sudo updatedb" to update the database20:32
ericathanks all20:34
kappabuntuwill it help if I look inside /usr/share or usr/lib _ /virtualbox ?20:35
Odd-rationalekappabuntu: find anything?20:35
kappabuntuI know linux doesn't work from .exe files but that's the only way I know about making shortcuts20:35
Odd-rationalekappabuntu: yes. i think vbox might not be in /usr/bin20:35
kappabuntuthe only v<tab><tab> that looks close to vbox are vbetool           vboxadd-timesync  vboxwebsrv20:35
kappabuntunone of those launched it20:36
Odd-rationalealso you can try asking in #vbox20:36
kappabuntuI'll try20:36
ddelonyTry typing apropos virtualbox20:36
skepor start vb the normal way and check out ps aux20:37
kappabuntuit was VirtualBox20:38
kappabuntuffs usability issues just to make a simple icon20:38
kappabuntumust be a simpler way to do this20:38
WooWasn't ext3 suppose to be all stable? Now I can't access my drive after a power outtage. I see a ! icon in gparted20:39
Odd-rationaleWoo: might need to run fsck20:40
WooI tried repairing it in gparted but it wouldn't do it20:40
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot20:40
Wooso fsck /dev/sda1?20:41
Odd-rationaleWoo: i beleive so. check "man fsck" for more detials and options...20:42
WooI don't have much time no20:42
Odd-rationaleWoo: yes i beleive fsck /dev/<device> will do if done as root20:43
Woofsck /dev/sda1:20:43
WooThe superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext220:43
Woofilesystem.  If the device is valid and it really contains an ext220:43
Woofilesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock20:43
Woois corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock:20:43
Woo    e2fsck -b 8193 <device>20:43
Woo e2fsck -b 8193 /dev/sda1:20:43
Woosame error.20:43
Woowhat do you reckon?20:44
Odd-rationaleWoo: well. then that issue is a bit over me as i never experienced a broken superblock before. try in #ubuntu20:45
Odd-rationalesorry i couldn't help more...20:45
TheSheepthere is always the possibility of a physical damage to the disk because of that power outage20:45
Woook, because i was just discussing how simple and just working ntfs was with some guy and he said ntfs sucked so much, and he's only had problems with it.20:46
TheSheepWoo: no filesystem will protect you from physical damage20:55
Woono, but ntfs has been great this far20:55
Wooi mean with no corrupt data and all20:55
Myrttias I've said earlier - if you use Linux as your main OS, then use Linux filesystems like ext3 or xfs or whatever. If you use mainly Windows, then use NTFS20:56
Myrttithat way you can try to recover from filesystem errors with native tools20:56
Woowell, i suppose ext3 is best for linux20:56
Wooand i use linux on that box20:57
Woowhat's funny is ntfs works better than etx3 there, less fuss20:57
Myrttiand with fuss you mean the "boot every 30 times brings up fsck to check filesystems"?20:58
Woono mounting fuss, no permission fuss20:58
Wooit just worked20:58
TheSheepyou just have to run defrag, scandisk and disk cleanup every n days20:59
TheSheepanyways, this is comparing apples and oranges20:59
Woonah, no point defragging storage drives21:00
Wooi don't care about scan disc and cleanup, because as an end user it worked and i didn't have to do that21:00
Wooso much pales up after a power outtage21:17
Woonow the mobo stopped booting up properly21:17
Wooand it let my system drive to the bottom of the boot list21:18
Woomeh, better go reset the bios tomorrow21:18
Wooi need a better place to put the noisy server21:18
Woofirst i had some stability problems because people pulled the plug because of the noise (meditation ^^)21:19
Woothen the ironer kills the fuse if all the computers are running21:19
Wooafter moving it elsewhere, that is21:19
Woonow i need to find another spot21:19
Wooit runs ok when it's up and running though :)21:20
Wooi best go to sleep, enough stress for now.21:20
ozo2hola , xubuntu el iso de la web es live?21:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about auido21:34
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP321:35
ozo2hi the iso is live cd ?21:35
djdanoHey all, Im used to ubuntu and I just changed to xubuntu.  Im unable to figure out how to clone my display so I can use my TV as a monitor, anyone able to help me22:06
hvgotcodesit seems with xubuntu i cannot have an encrypted lvm unless i try and use the entire disk?22:18
hvgotcodesMyrtti: for install -- i am trying to setup an encrypted lvm.  but it seems i cant unless i let the installer decide teh partitions and use the entire disk...22:19
Myrttigo to manual partition, you can there make your own choices including how to partition for encryption22:20
hvgotcodesMyrttil -- when will it ask about encryption22:20
Myrttihen you've set partitions to not be ext3 but partitions for lvm/encryption22:21
hvgotcodesso i want to create a boot, a swap, and then a physical volume for encryption22:23
hvgotcodeswhich i can then split into home and /22:23
Myrttithat splitting part I've not tried myself22:24
uateve1im getting some blocking when playing movies in movie player how can i fix it?23:00
kappabuntuis there a key command or hotkey to kill a a frozen window?23:58

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