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Eghiesome (edu)buntu developer here?17:55
EghieI want to help solving the bugs for hanging applications, although I want to know what information is needed to make the logs usefull17:56
Eghiehanging applications, which is the main problem on LTSP at the moment17:57
Eghiefor example, some Gnome applications don't close when the parent is closed17:57
HedgeMageEghie:  it's a Friday, hard to find people on the weekends -- you may have better luck during the week, or using the mailing list17:58
Eghiewell, I tried to send a mail to the edubuntu list, but it seems it was needed to moderate it, but it was never posted on the list17:58
Eghieso that's why i ask here17:59
HedgeMageahh, once the moderators check their queues, I'm sure it will be posted17:59
HedgeMageOtherwise, try here monday :)17:59
Eghiehehe, ok18:00
Eghiewell, I wanted it to be on the list at this very moment, because people could see some debugging tools I posted with, so they could report bugs before wednesday, when there is a bugsquashing day18:01
HedgeMageEghie:  then hang out and keep trying -- someone may yet show up :)18:09
Eghiehehe, I just leave it to the moderators18:10
Eghiebug reporting could always be done, so that shouldn't be a problem18:10
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sbalneavEghie: Which apps are hanging?18:59
Eghiesbalneav: for example gconf18:59
Eghiesbalneav: when gnome-session gets killed19:00
sbalneavYup gconf is one that gets left around.19:01
sbalneavDo any stop your users from logging in again?19:01
sbalneavFor instance, the gconf gets left around, but it doesn't affect a subsequent login by the same user.19:02
Eghiesbalneav: well, I kill them with a script before they login again19:02
sbalneavMany of the ones that get left around don't actually affect anything.19:03
sbalneavThey SHOULD exit, but leaving them is OK19:03
sbalneavI'm more concerned about, say, a paneld that doesn't exit, so that the next time the user logs in, they can't start their panel.19:03
Eghiesbalneav: well I read the edubuntu mailing list, and I saw many of those problems19:03
EghieI do already have some experience with this, so I wanted to help19:04
EghieI saw your comments on it, so, I though, well, lets look what we can do19:04
Eghiesbalneav: hmm, I do remind some panel19:04
sbalneavRight.  People are making an issue of things that don't exit.  While they are a bug, what we want to focus on FIRST is something that actually stops people or affects people from logging back in.19:05
Eghiesbalneav: indeed, gconf did hold up on Ubuntu edgy though19:05
Eghiesbalneav: but, that could be changed now19:05
Eghiesbalneav: gconf had a lock on some files19:05
sbalneavHere at LegalAid, I get gconfd's left around all the time.  I just leave them, because they don't seem to hurt anything.  When, say, a paneld gets hung, that stops a person from logging back in.19:05
sbalneavI want us to target and triage the important ones FIRST.  We'll get to them all eventually, but we need to focus on the ones that actually degrade performance.19:06
Eghiesbalneav: yes I know, it's a matter of priority19:07
sbalneavgvfs is one of the ones that seems to be a current problem.19:09
Eghieyes, I also saw that in the mailinglist, but I do not seem to have that problem for now19:09
sbalneavI've currently got 153 of them running on this box that only supports 4 people :)19:10
Eghiealso a hanging dcopserver19:11
Eghieah, not any more19:11
Eghieseems being killed a little late19:11
EghieI going for a little coffe19:12
Eghiebeing back in 15 minutes i guess19:13
Eghiewill be trying laten on, to simulate some crashes on my server to see if some processes block my relogin process19:14
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sbalneavHmm, well the patch to gvfs that I found and posted on the DebuggingLTSP page seems to have cured some of my gvfs woes20:16
sbalneavbuilt a new package, and now it exits properly on session end.20:17
Eghiesbalneav: can you send me a link to the patches?20:19
Eghiesbalneav: ah, I see already in the bugzilla of gnome20:22
Eghiethe: if (subthread_main_loop != NULL) patch20:23
sbalneavI've installed some new packages here, I'll let them run for a couple of days, see if that cures the hanging gvfs20:24
sbalneavLooks like they've already updated it in the upstream gnome svn, so long term it should go away20:24
sbalneavApparently gconfd doesn't have proper shutdown code in it, but we may be able to (sanely) get around that one with a gconftool-2 --shutdown in a ldm logout script.20:25
Eghiesbalneav: gconfd stays polling, not detecting anything20:28
sbalneavright, but if we send it an explicit shutdown, that may help20:29
PetarisHi all20:29
Eghiesbalneav: that could help yes20:29
PetarisI just installed edubuntu 8.04 LTSP and I was wondering what the best way to get xfce was20:30
Petarisshould I just go for that package or should I install the kubuntu meta20:30
EghiePetaris: aptitude install xubuntu-desktop should do some tricks :)20:30
EghiePetaris: well xubuntu-desktop contains a full xfce desktop20:31
EghiePetaris: so, if you want that, go for that20:31
Petarisand I did mean xubuntu not kubuntu20:32
Eghiesbalneav: sending a shutdown seems to work20:34
Eghiesbalneav: at least, for me it works, so a logout script doing that could be a workaround for it20:35
PetarisThanks Eghie20:36
EghiePetaris: no problem20:36
Eghiesbalneav: saw this: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gvfs/+bug/235698  ?20:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 235698 in gvfs "gvfs-fuse-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in pthread_mutex_lock()" [Medium,Confirmed]20:38
Eghieit's being tested in Intrepid, but not being backported to Hardy yet, I guess20:39
Eghiesbalneav: I just reported a bug for gconf2: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gconf2/+bug/26954120:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269541 in gconf2 "gconfd-2 becomes orphane when parent process crashes" [Undecided,New]20:44
EghieI couldn't find it on Launchpad20:44
Eghieso maybe by a couple of weeks, it will also be of the past20:44
sbalneavDo you have an orphaned one there right now?20:47
sbalneavcan you (as the user) run a gconftool-2 --shutdown, and see if it exits cleanly?20:47
Eghiesbalneav: I did already and it did exit cleanly yes20:49
EghieI executed the script as the user20:51
Eghieso, it could be usefull in a logout script20:51
sbalneavPerfect.  It's a better solution than the "kill " option20:52
Eghiesbalneav: indeed it is20:52
Eghiei hope gvfs would react on it as well, although I don't think it will20:52
LnsAre we talking about orphaned processes after logging out of a TC session?20:53
EghieLns: yes20:53
sbalneavIf you run into some other ones, put 'em at the end of wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingLTSP20:53
Lnssbalneav: I can give you a bunch as gnome-watchdog syslogs all of the procs it kills after logout20:53
Lnsit seems to be just a few common ones, however20:53
sbalneavYou've posted them on the list, I think, right?20:54
LnsHmmm...not sure if I did. I'll put it on the wiki regardless20:54
sbalneavSo far we have potential (proper) solutions for gconfd and gvfd-fuse-daemon20:54
sbalneavsure, throw 'em on the wiki20:54
Lnsyeah I know those 2 were common20:54
Lnsand bonobo-activation...20:54
EghieLns: it would be nice if you could strace them, the processes20:54
sbalneavbonobo-activation-server seems to be another one for me.20:55
* Lns hates the panel drawer bug20:56
EghieI just putted the gconfd proces on the wiki with the launchpad bug report on it20:57
Lnssbalneav: I have a HUGE file, i guess i'll link to it instead of cluttering up the wiki page20:58
EghieLns: could you host the file and link to it via the wiki?20:59
Eghiethat would be great20:59
EghieI can also host the file if you want20:59
Lnsit's cool..i can see my webserver from my desk. ;)20:59
Eghielol :)20:59
* Lns links http://logicalnetworking.net/other/watchdog.txt to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingLTSP21:04
Lnsi'll post that to the list too21:04
Eghieah, my beer is calling21:12
Eghiesee you later21:12
Lnshaha..priorities! ;) see ya Eghie21:13
Eghieindeed :)21:13
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