apacheloggerJontheEchidna: wiki page says kubuntu-devel00:00
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: will fix00:00
Riddellseele: poke00:01
seelei'm here i'm here00:08
Riddellseele: #ubuntu-meeting00:08
mhbmmm, a meeting!00:11
mhbI wonder if old /me is welcome00:11
Riddellyou always are00:12
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vorianapachelogger: pong00:37
apacheloggervorian: hey, how is the amd64 going?00:45
voriani should have an iso sometime this weekend at the pace i'm going00:45
mhbah, I just remembered why I left.01:04
nixternalmhb: why's that?01:05
mhbbecause what you're promoting is not in a spirit of free software at all, it's basically vendor lock-in01:06
nixternalI am not...I agreed with you on your idea01:06
mhbmounting is by far older than any KIO slaves there is01:06
nixternalwe have a deadline to reach, and if we can't include a feature in that deadline, it doesn't get included01:07
nixternalbut that doesn't mean we don't want to include it01:07
mhbblindly promoting anything with K in its title will never go too far01:07
nixternalopinion, but OK01:08
goatsocksisn't that why people use kubuntu? ;)01:08
mhbthey do?01:08
* mhb doesn't01:08
mhbwell, I use Ubuntu with pekwm, and some KDE apps, and I call it Kubuntu out of nostalgia.01:08
mhbbut you go and replace unix with Kunix01:10
goatsocksuh, you're not using kubuntu, and you're suggesting that people who want the kde stack avoid "K" lock-in?01:11
mhbmy sister, who does use Kubuntu, and doesn't care a bit about KDE, would like to play some GTK games in there01:12
mhbif you keep doing decisions like this one, it won't be possible01:12
mhbbecause a GTK app wouldn't support the game:/ KIO slave or whatever01:13
goatsocksshe should use regular ubuntu then, if she doesn't care for kde... ubuntu is more integrated than the kde stack at present anyhow01:13
nixternalmhb: in the case of games, there is the gaming zone stuff that both kde and gnome are starting to use01:14
goatsocksi don't see the point in using something and then wanting it to be less of what it is ;)01:14
nixternalthere are still a lot of things that need to be via open standards or freedesktop01:14
mhbbecause of one game, you recommend switching to the other interface. great.01:14
mhbI really see a similarity between what you're doing and racist segregation01:15
mhbor sexism, if you want01:16
goatsockswhoa, hyperbole much?01:16
mhbthis is for the GTK, this is for the KDE, and you dare mix those01:16
mhbjust great01:16
nixternalhow about "this is for the windows" and "this is for the mac"01:16
mhbnixternal: right, like firefox, or Pidgin.01:17
nixternalit is going to happen no matter what, otherwise we don't have competition let alone coopetition01:17
nixternalboth very bad examples as I totally despise them both01:17
mhband you have a logical argument for that, not just your taste, I'm sure.01:18
mhbI like the idea of KIO slaves, I just hate when you push stupid ideas like that one forward.01:18
mhbI'm sure racism worked, too.01:19
nixternalstupid --more-- in irssi01:19
mhbfor some01:19
nixternalit works here, I hate white people01:19
goatsocksmhb: heh, just get it over with and bring in the nazi card too ;)01:19
* goatsocks puts on his brown shirt and marches to the KDE drums01:19
mhbI don't do that.01:20
mhbthe bad guy is me, Don Quixote.01:20
mhbfighting against wrong decisions.01:21
goatsocksbecause bikeshedding is fun ;)01:21
nixternalmhb: wrong decisions would be wrong if there wasn't a correct solution...and in many cases, there is yet a correct solution, or someone with the skill and time to create the correct solution01:22
nixternalsome of your ideas, I wish you would ease up on, sit down, and put it to work, as you have many great ideas01:22
nixternalbut I think complaining about a choice w/o helping the cause helps anyone much01:22
nixternalannoys many, that I do know01:22
mhbI know.01:24
mhbBut don't worry, I'll give up on that and get back to computer science, where there's no corporate decisions and policies.01:24
mhbThat's why I love it.01:24
nixternalwhat do you do when computer science is over and it is back on to corporate decisions and policies?01:25
nixternalwhere I work, we have people that have all of those insanely great ideas as you do, but they take it from an idea and make it a reality...that's what you need to do, a breakout moment if you will01:25
goatsocksnah, he wants an academic career ;)01:26
mhbthinking about it, at least.01:26
mhbI really dislike vendor lock-in. Internet Explorer destroyed innovation on the Web for several years just because it came bundled with Windows, then earned a lot of user share, then stopped evolving and everyone had to optimize just for it.01:27
mhbKIO slaves work like that, too.01:27
mhbAny non-KDE app that is great won't make it to default Kubuntu just because it doesn't support some KDE-centric technology.01:28
goatsocksi think you're missing the nature of the linux ecosystem compared to MS stuff... if your distro sucks, grab another distro, or another, or another... if your desktop environment sucks, try another, or another... many choices with linux01:29
nixternalwe are KDE based, as Ubuntu is Gnome based, and every other distro does the same, except for OpenSUSE and Yast :P01:29
mhbAnd speaking about using what's done - disabling KIO slaves or moving them to background and just prefer mounting and mountconfig is not something that cannot be done.01:29
mhbis something that can be done, for people having trouble with my double negative :o)01:30
mhbI always felt Kubuntu, as a part of the Ubuntu family, should do the most to bring KDE and GNOME technology together, not separate them.01:31
mhbIn a way, decisions like this one undermine my work on unified backends for several Ubuntu apps.01:31
mhbNo wonder I'm agitated.01:32
nixternalthe only gnome technology I want is Tomboy01:33
nixternalminus the c# crap of course01:33
goatsocksi was a gnome user for a few years and i finally just weaned myself off of tomboy and found kjots an agreeable replacement01:34
goatsocksso no mono stack on my system anymore01:34
goatsocksi tried zim, but man that was even buggier than tomboy01:34
mhbwell, sorry to be a bother.01:34
mhbenjoy the rest of the meeting.01:35
goatsocksmhb: you just have novel ideas about kubuntu that don't agree with its actual mission ;)01:35
mhbgoatsocks: I'm sure I must seem to you like a complete stranger that just comes in and complains.01:36
mhband I guess that's what I am.01:36
nixternalcomplete stranger? nah :P01:37
mhbNobody reall cares about what you do.01:37
mhbNot even here.01:37
mhbI can't really justify developing anything that nobody even notices.01:38
mhbUnless it's just for me.01:38
goatsockswhat have you developed that we should notice?01:39
goatsocksperhaps that's why we didn't notice? ;)01:39
mhbI guess you're right.01:40
yuriygoatsocks: he's developed or worked on several kubuntu utilities01:40
mhbWell, I tried, but nobody noticed, so I stopped.01:41
mhbNot even the silly release announcement.01:41
ryanakca13:00UTC on Saturday should be good here...01:41
nixternalworks for me ryanakca and apachelogger01:42
goatsocksmhb: you may be doing it for the wrong reasons then imo... for instance, i'm currently hacking on software-properties-kde not because i'm trying to get noticed or i'm some generous dude, but because the current state of it got under my skin and i decided if i wasn't gonna do something about it nobody would01:42
ryanakcanixternal: okies, see you then. I've never done any marketing, but I'm willing to help out.01:42
JontheEchidnagoatsocks: even after my pykde4 love? :(01:43
JontheEchidnagoatsocks: it would have probably driven you mad before pykde4 :P01:43
goatsocksJontheEchidna: i'm rather pedantic and tend to see inconsistencies in UIs that escape others ;)01:43
nixternalryanakca: you have started with the website, so you are halfway there :)01:43
mhbgoatsocks: I never intended on getting noticed. But getting acknowledged and noticed is something different.01:43
goatsocksmhb: well i do agree with you that simple acknowledgement is always nice01:44
mhbespecially for the work you do not do for yourself01:44
goatsocksmhb: so for what it's worth, thanks for your contributions ;)01:45
mhbyes, like you know them.01:45
goatsocksi don't, because you haven't told me what they were... yuriy apparently knows01:45
JontheEchidnagoatsocks: I did see some GUI-related low-priority bugs & Wishlists for software-props-kde in LP01:45
JontheEchidnagoatsocks: nitpicky type gui bugs01:45
goatsocksJontheEchidna: yeah the todo list i've compiled has turned out to be rather long01:45
mhbgood night01:46
apacheloggerryanakca, nixternal: roger01:48
apacheloggeremunkki: 13UTC saturday meeting about kubuntu marketing01:48
seeleRiddell: will s-c-p eventually be turned in to a kcm module?01:51
Riddellseele: yes that's the plan, when there's a way to do that with pyKDE401:52
nixternalOK, I am gonna try and get my girlyfriend to go out and eat with me now...if you need anything, hilight or msg me01:52
seeleRiddell: meaning it can't be yet?01:52
seeleor that it's just more work to do that isnt done yet01:52
Riddellseele: no, it's on Sime's todo list I believe01:52
Riddellseele: can't be done yet01:54
seeleNCommander: there is an ubuntu n800 project already but i didnt see porting for hary01:54
NCommanderseele, it targets arm, not armel01:54
NCommanderAnd arm as a port is dead in Debain01:54
seeleRiddell: hum.. another thing we should look at for jaunty is how much config is outside system settings and what can be easily converted to kcm01:54
JontheEchidnaseele: userconfig, jockey, and printer are the ones off the top of my head01:55
Riddellseele: say that in #u-m so I pick it up for the minutes :)01:55
seelei thought you were ending the meeting when irn-bru ran out01:56
RiddellNCommander: so ubiquity port to KDE01:58
RiddellNCommander: should be pretty easy to do, QApplication needs changed to KApplication, see any pykde app for an example of a KApplication01:58
Riddellsome examples are in kde4bindings source01:58
NCommanderoh yay, porting 3,000-ish LoC01:58
JontheEchidnamost of it is changing Q to K01:58
Riddellonly very small bits need ported01:59
Riddellthe icons is the other one01:59
JontheEchidnaand rearranging the arguments01:59
NCommanderso search replace Q with K ;-)?01:59
Riddelluse KIcon instead of the current messy loading01:59
Riddellthe rest should be fine as is01:59
JontheEchidnaNCommander: for example KMessageBox switches title and text arguments01:59
seeleRiddell: are they doing much with ubiquity anymore?  the partitioning ui is still a bit rough01:59
JontheEchidnaKIcon takes icon names rather than absolute paths01:59
RiddellNCommander: you can also see my talk at UbuntuDeveloperWeek for an example, alas nobody took me up on the idea of turning it into a techbase.kde.org tutorial01:59
* NCommander uses the SOURCE :-)02:00
goatsockswhat's the installer on the current intrepid cd?02:00
apacheloggeryou know02:00
apacheloggerthe most awesome feature for ubiquity would be a marble widget02:00
apacheloggerwith zoom02:00
* seele sighs02:00
* NCommander will do the basic port, someone else can add eye candy02:00
Riddellseele: I don't know of any changes during the intrepid cycle, I should talk to evan and find out02:00
seeleapachelogger: we should fix partitioning before that!02:00
apacheloggeraccessibility > usability02:00
seelebut but but it sucks!02:01
apacheloggerI have a couple of visually handicapped firends and they can't use the current map selector02:01
Riddellmarble is a large application apart from anything else, wouldn't fit on the CD02:01
apacheloggerand choosing the time zone in the drop down is a PITA02:01
apacheloggerRiddell: maybe we could strip it02:01
apacheloggermore of a target for jaunty anyway02:01
Riddellapachelogger: I'd volunteer you to do it but I know you won't, it's in python :)02:02
apacheloggerI could port it to C++02:02
JontheEchidnaif KOffice is ready for jaunty, that'd free up some disk space02:02
* apachelogger needs some small project before he can start on khelpcenter :)02:02
RiddellJontheEchidna: oh yes, that's a good point02:02
NCommanderapachelogger, so you'd rewrite d-i ;-)02:02
seeleapachelogger: do you know c++? :)02:03
apacheloggernot as well as ruby02:03
apacheloggerthat is the problem really ;-)02:03
NCommanderRiddell, how fast is your Nokia tablet?02:05
NCommanderoh wow, by join kubuntu-members, I'm going to get regular Ubuntu membership?02:07
JontheEchidna+ a nice IRC cloak02:08
* NCommander is shot02:08
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NCommanderBah, I think I need to install the NVIDIA drivers if I want decent performance out of KDE402:09
coreymon77NCommander: look at me, all i did was become a kubuntu member and i got all of what i have02:10
coreymon77i have used kubuntu and have been a part of the kubuntu community much more than ubuntu02:10
NCommanderthat's a lot of teams02:11
NCommanderI can shove my blog on Planet Ubuntu ;-)02:11
coreymon77whats a lot of teams?02:11
NCommanderUbuntu members, bug control, all the kubuntu teams aside from testers and council02:11
JontheEchidname is part of a bunch of teams too02:11
* NCommander has a long list of teams02:12
NCommanderman, ubiquty's bzr repo is HUGE02:12
* apachelogger has a groupie team :P02:12
apacheloggerwith 3 groupies02:12
NCommanderapachelogger, link?02:12
* apachelogger needs to buy more groopies02:12
* NCommander should see if someone should make a we-love-ncommander team02:13
* NCommander runs02:13
coreymon77NCommander: im actually in a relatively small amount of groups02:13
NCommanderWHat is "Kubuntu's Most Experimental Packages"02:13
JontheEchidnaa place for us to dump pre-alpha software packages02:14
NCommanderShould I apply for that team?02:14
coreymon77how long have you used linux for?02:14
NCommanderSince 2.0 was released02:14
NCommander(kernel 2.0)02:14
coreymon77so you realize how unstable linux experimental things usually are02:15
NCommandercoreymon77, I do the alpha packaging for Xfce ;-)02:15
JontheEchidnacurrently we have firefox-qt mercurial snapshots02:15
* NCommander is an Xunbtu Developer02:15
NCommander*Xubuntu even02:15
JontheEchidnaand mozilla-plugin-plasma02:15
apacheloggershould be updated both IMHO02:16
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: did actually anything change in firefox-qt02:16
coreymon77its true though, even betas when it comes to linux are usually really beta02:16
apacheloggersomeone said the development stopped pretty much02:16
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I haven't been following it. It became harder to follow after it was merged02:16
NCommanderapachelogger, your groupee team needs an icon02:16
* apachelogger is wondering to do about that02:17
NCommanderwow, I've been using Launchpad for over a year02:17
mcasadevallNow that I've installed the NVIDIA garbage, my system feels speeder02:25
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
blizzzerm... how to convert a QString into a python string?02:29
=== NCommande is now known as NCommander
blizzzshouldn't use str as variable name^^02:31
JontheEchidnablizzz: I think it'd be something like str(yourQString.gettext())02:33
blizzzJontheEchidna: it works with str(qstringthing), my mistake was to have a temp variable called str some lines before02:34
blizzzthat explained the irritating error message as well :D02:34
blizzz-ed +s02:34
JontheEchidnawhatcha workin' on?02:35
blizzzJontheEchidna: something like a soccer ticker. i am parsing a website for this02:36
JontheEchidnahopefully python plasmoid bindings will appear soon02:36
blizzzactually there is a working version, but since this was my very beginning with python and qt and pykde. i am rewriting it02:37
JontheEchidnayou could make a plasmoid out of it easy02:37
goatsocksJontheEchidna: there is now, if you count superkaramba ;)02:37
blizzzJontheEchidna: yeah i am desperately waiting for the bindings :)02:37
JontheEchidnahi jjesse02:40
jjessehello JontheEchidna02:40
jjesseso how is the wonderful world of kubutnu today?02:51
JontheEchidnathe meeting went well02:54
jjessebummer that i missed it02:55
JontheEchidnaya, hopefully the Minutes Fairy will get the minutes up soon02:56
jjessei ate way too much at dinner tonight02:56
JontheEchidnaRiddell: so what's going to happen with desktop-effects-kde in Intrepid?02:56
JontheEchidnaLooking at the bugs it seems that it needs a ton of work to be usable at all in Intrepid02:57
apacheloggerRiddell: please remove kicker-compiz from intrepid02:57
jjesseare the bugs in launchpad?02:57
JontheEchidnabut we already have an easy-to-use desktop effects setup thingy, and as a bonus it's in systemsettings02:57
jjessefeisty, gutsy and hardy are the currently supported versions correct?02:58
apacheloggerRiddell: and kicker-taskbar-compiz02:58
voriancould we hack composite toggle to trigger compiz --replace?02:58
JontheEchidnajjesse: dapper is supported for a while too02:59
JontheEchidnauntil next year anway02:59
jjesseah yeah02:59
jjessewhat is the group "almost kubuntu bugs" in launchpad for?03:14
JontheEchidnajjesse: It's going to be kubuntu-bugs once we secure the group name03:18
JontheEchidnaIt will subscribe to all kubuntu-related bugs03:18
JontheEchidnaso you can get all kubuntu bugmail when you join03:18
Lex79hy guys, looks this please http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=plasmoid-cpuload, my first package...03:18
JontheEchidnaLex79: The work on your part looks good to me03:24
JontheEchidnaA few issues though03:24
JontheEchidnaIntrepid reached Feature Freeze the 28th of last month, meaning new packages will have a very hard time getting in03:24
JontheEchidnabut more importantly03:24
JontheEchidnaThe author hasn't licensed his code under the GPL, or any license for that matter03:24
JontheEchidnaThe author needs to add GPL headers to his .cpp and .h files, as well as include the full text of the GPL in the form of a file called COPYING03:25
JontheEchidnaThe packaging looks excellent though. ;-)03:25
goatsocksJontheEchidna: why does it need to be gpl specifically?03:26
JontheEchidnagoatsocks: It doesn't, I suppose03:26
JontheEchidnaany free license debian accepts will do03:26
goatsocksso basically osi approved03:27
JontheEchidnabut currently, it ain't licensed by anything or even copyrighted by the author03:27
Lex79License: GPL03:27
Lex79but there isn't in source03:27
JontheEchidnaLex79: yes, that's basically the problem. In situations like these it's generally best to notify the author by email03:28
Lex79ok JontheEchidna03:28
JontheEchidnabtw, thanks for making the rebuild for plasmoid-wifi03:28
goatsocksi've had that prob with 3 or 4 apps i packaged for other distros and i always got a good response from the authors on licensing03:28
JontheEchidnaya, generally they respond quite well03:29
goatsocksnobody wants their code misappropriated ;)03:30
JontheEchidnaLex79: btw, apachelogger and vorian will usually do revus if you need them. :-) I would, but I'm not an motu yet03:31
Lex79ehehe JontheEchidna :)03:31
Lex79when update automoc4 to 0.9.87? :(03:33
Lex79some plasmoid needs03:33
JontheEchidnaugh, why do people keep posting superkaramba themes in the plasma section?03:36
JontheEchidnaLex79: automoc 0.9.87 is part of KDE 4.203:37
Lex79JontheEchidna: uff :(03:37
JontheEchidnaya :(03:38
JontheEchidnaHeh, looks like Oxygen: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Intrepid/DustTheme?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=ubuntudust.jpg03:40
Lex79is it gnome?03:42
JontheEchidnayeah, a proposed theme for Intrepid03:42
Lex79nice :)03:42
JontheEchidnayou know03:43
JontheEchidnayou could probably make KDE4 look very much like Gnome03:43
Lex79we hope for theme, I don't like gnome and human murrine, I use only kde ehehe :)03:46
jjessewhy do i need a landscape client?03:51
jjessei'm not using landscape03:51
jjesseseems silly03:52
* JontheEchidna just removed that03:54
jjessewhy would it be installed?03:54
JontheEchidnano clue how that got there03:55
Lex79guys, GPL in plasmoid-cpuload is in plasmoid-cpuload-0.1/data_engine/cpu_load.cpp and cpu_load.h04:01
Lex79but not here http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/plasmoid-cpuload-0809112050/plasmoid-cpuload-0.1/plasmoid/04:02
Lex79but there isn't COPYNG file, is the same?04:04
JontheEchidnaThe COPYING file is a copy of the whole license04:05
JontheEchidnathe .cpp and .h files just need the little bit where they say that the source is licensed with the GPL04:05
Lex79ah ok... the COPYNG file is needed for the package then?04:06
JontheEchidnathe author needs to include it in the tarball04:07
Lex79JontheEchidna, ok thanks and sorry for my bad English ehehe :)04:08
JontheEchidnaYou're welcome04:09
* JontheEchidna uploads a pic of his kde4-gnome emulation04:09
vorianoh my04:11
vorianhe's using a vistaclone pannel04:12
JontheEchidnajust a bit of spacing issues on the top panel04:12
JontheEchidnathe applets seem to take all the space they can get04:13
Lex79JontheEchidna: your theme is "how to kill oxygen team" ?04:13
vorianthis is your screenshot JontheEchidna?04:13
JontheEchidnayes, I made this in 10 mins or so04:13
* vorian scrubbs his eyes04:14
vorianwith lava04:14
JontheEchidnaI did keep a backup of my regular, non-Vista/Gnome desktop04:14
voriandid you just you use a screenshot for your desktop?04:14
JontheEchidnaI added 2 panels, got them down to 24 pixels high04:15
JontheEchidnathen threw widgets in them like they would be in Gnome04:15
JontheEchidnaThis, I believe, demonstrates the power of plasma quite well04:15
vorianwhich pannel theme is that?04:15
voriantis crazy04:15
vorianit looks like that vista clone for gnome04:16
JontheEchidnagoal was to emulate this oxygen clone: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Intrepid/DustTheme?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=ubuntudust.jpg04:16
vorianthe bottom pannel give's away the kde-ness of it though04:16
JontheEchidnamaybe slim glow would have been a better choice for the panel theme04:17
vorianthose are mac folders04:17
Lex79this http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/multirows+task+manager?content=83177 for panel is nice04:17
JontheEchidnathose look like Oxygen folders too04:17
JontheEchidnaexcept brown04:17
vorianyeah, more macish imo04:18
JontheEchidnayeah, transparent + the angle04:18
vorianlook at the mac-like buttons on ff04:18
JontheEchidnaI think the windeco really looks like Oxygen04:18
JontheEchidnablended titlebars + the buttons04:18
vorianit's very close04:19
vorianthe top at least04:19
JontheEchidnait was a fun experiment, but this feels too much like Gnome04:20
* JontheEchidna switches back to his old plasma-appletsrc04:20
Lex79JontheEchidna: good night, and thanks :)04:29
JontheEchidnayou're welcome :)04:29
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=== coreymon is now known as coreymon77
yuriyanother kmail bug day on sunday06:25
yuriycould go well with kdepim being one of the big untriaged things for kubuntu06:26
emunkkiapachelogger, hmmkay06:32
emunkkiapachelogger, which chan?06:35
NCommandeRiddell: ping?07:40
NCommandeseele: you around?07:41
=== NCommande is now known as NCommander
NCommanderRiddell: you around?11:03
RiddellNCommander: hi11:03
Riddellapachelo1ger_: I removed kicker-*compiz11:09
Riddelldigikam beta 3 doesn't seem to want to compile11:10
Riddellgcc just gets stuck at 100% cpu usage for ages11:10
NCommanderRiddell: I've made my first stab at modifying Ubiquty to use kde python vs. qt11:12
apacheloggerRiddell: thank you.11:13
* NCommander is waiting for it to finish building on the liveCD for its first trial run11:13
RiddellNCommander: you can just edit the kde_ui.py file in place on the live CD to test11:15
NCommandernow you tell me :-P11:15
Riddellthat's the nice thing about python over c++11:15
NCommanderThat will make testing and coding somewhat easier however :-)11:16
NCommanderRiddell: my inital attempt appears to have been somewhat successful, the GUI at least comes up now ;_)11:20
NCommanderer, nm11:23
NCommanderIt was reading from the cached .pyc11:23
Riddellif you do edit the files in place on the live cd, make sure to copy them to a real disk periodicly11:23
ScottK-laptopapachelogger or Riddell: Any inputs on which modules from kde-guidance need to live on still?11:30
* ScottK-laptop is about to make Guidance displayconfig go away.11:30
NCommanderRiddell: as an aside, any idea when your going to add me to members ;-)11:31
apacheloggerNCommander: not before revu is using shiny oxygen icons :P11:31
apacheloggerScottK-laptop: didn't discuss that11:31
apacheloggerbut I think someone suggested to keep displayconfig around11:31
gribelui just upgraded hardy to intrepid.. everything seems to work fine11:32
gribeluexcept kde4 crashes randomly11:32
apacheloggergribelu: are the desktop effects activated?11:33
apacheloggergribelu: did you really start kuser?11:33
gribeluat the time of the last crash they were on but disabled via alt-shift-f12 so i guess we can say they were off :)11:33
gribeluyeah why not?11:33
apacheloggerI hope you didn't add a new user11:34
apacheloggerthat would have broken your system completely11:34
gribelunah i added a group to a user11:34
apacheloggerok, that could have worked11:34
gribeluanyway kuser isn't at fault here.. kde4 crashed a few times today and i didn't use kuser then :)11:34
RiddellNCommander: oh aye, what's your lp id?11:34
gribelugood to know that kuser isn't exactly done yet heh11:35
NCommanderRiddell: sonicmctails11:35
=== akonadi is now known as nihui
RiddellScottK-laptop: should any of them live?11:35
* apachelogger doesn't think so11:36
RiddellScottK-laptop: certainly the kconfig intregration won't work11:36
ScottK-laptopRiddell: Have mountconfig, userconfig, serviceconfig, wineconfig, etc been replaced?11:36
apacheloggerserviceconfig is broken and useless11:36
apacheloggermountconfig is useless11:36
apacheloggeruserconfig is getting replaced11:36
Githzeraigribelu: At this stage I think clean install is far better than upgrade, as there will be some mess with home dir config files. I did a clean install of alpha4 and i have a major problems only with kernel, nothing so buggy with kde.11:36
apacheloggerwineconfig got winecfg11:36
ScottK-laptopDo we have an alternative for mountconfig?11:36
NCommanderRiddell: well, obviously my python-foo sucks since I can't even get a debugger to work in the envrionment11:36
apacheloggerScottK-laptop: mountmanager11:36
apacheloggernot installed by default though11:36
ScottK-laptopProbably ought to fix that.11:37
ScottK-laptopIs it in Main?11:37
apacheloggerand it is not yet ready11:37
gribeluGithzerai: maybe i will try a clean profile.. even though i already deleted the old .kde and .kde411:37
apacheloggerScottK-laptop: we discussed this at the meeting, Riddell is missing a real usecase and we all kind of dislike the current GUI11:37
apacheloggergribelu: no!11:37
apacheloggerno no no!11:37
ScottK-laptopapachelogger: OK.11:38
gribeluno what?11:38
apacheloggergribelu: report _all_ issues you have with the migrated profile11:38
RiddellNCommander: added member, the e-mail will get set up in the next couple of days, you can add your blog to planet now11:38
NCommanderRiddell: sweet :-)11:38
apacheloggergribelu: if you all just reinstall and go with a clean profile we have no chance to fix the issues for those who don't do a clean installation11:38
ScottK-laptopAnd then grubconfig is replaced by kgrubeditor, right?11:38
NCommanderRiddell: anyway, I'm going to pass on porting ubiquity, qemu runs poorly on this machine, and I don't know enough about -qt4/-kde4 to get anywhere11:39
gribeluapachelogger: after the upgrade i couldn't log into kde4 so used a clean .kde folder .. but i still have the old .kde and .kde4 i could try to see what's up with those too11:39
apacheloggerScottK-laptop: we had grubconfig? Though, yeah kgrubeditor replaces it. Fairly good testing reports according to seele.11:39
NCommanderRiddell: I did however commit my first shot at trying to bazaar, but it mostly is just Qt -> KDE API changes, it doesn't appear to work11:39
apacheloggergribelu: please do11:39
ScottK-laptopIn that case it can all go.11:40
* ScottK-laptop gets to work.11:40
gribeluapachelogger: so you have no clue about that crash i just got?11:40
gribelui will try crashing it some more though11:40
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=== mcasadevall is now known as sonicmctails
apacheloggergribelu: turn of desktop effects11:41
apacheloggercheck if that fixes the issue11:41
apacheloggerif so we need to blacklist your chipset11:41
gribeluhmm ok11:41
Riddellsonicmctails: ok, thanks anyway11:41
gribeluused to work fine in hardy11:41
apacheloggergribelu: KDE 4?11:41
apacheloggerwell, maybe the driver is broken11:42
sonicmctailssonicmctails: sorry, I could probably do it if I sat down and learned python-kde, but its probably bet left to someone who knows more about it than I do11:42
gribelui've been using kde4 since the 4.0 beta11:42
sonicmctailser, ^- Riddel11:42
=== sonicmctails is now known as NCommander
NCommanderok, all grouped11:42
gribeluapachelogger: same driver.. but maybe the different xorg/kernel stuff are the problem dunno11:42
gribeluok effects are off.. i'll see if it crashes again11:42
apacheloggerubottu: tell me about bug 19817811:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 198178 in kdewebdev-kde4 "FF: General Exception for KDE 4 packages" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19817811:43
apacheloggerstdin: that is hardy11:44
apacheloggeryou really shouldn't reuse exceptions, they become rancid after some time :P11:44
NCommanderthanks Riddell11:49
NCommanderANyway, about doing the arm port11:49
NCommanderapachelogger: doing an iphone port will have to wait for Linux to be ported to the iphone, XNU/arm is not open source11:52
* apachelogger seels his iphone on ebay :P11:52
apachelogger*sells even11:52
* NCommander actually checked out xnu's source to see if the ARM code was there11:54
apacheloggerScottK is threatening my position in the revu stats11:56
apacheloggeremunkki: in here I guess, we will see.11:57
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=== NCommander_ is now known as mcasadevall_
mcasadevall_Riddell: how fast is your ARM tablet?12:04
Riddellmcasadevall_: dunno, how would I look?12:05
gribeluapachelogger: KDE4 crashed again after we talked (i went to desktop properties...). This is the log http://paste.ubuntu.com/46148/ . Now i can't even login, it crashes http://paste.ubuntu.com/46149/12:05
mcasadevall_Riddell: well, what model is it?12:05
mcasadevall_CPU 400 MHz TI OMAP 242012:06
mcasadevall_Storage capacity 256 MB + 2 GB Flash12:06
mcasadevall_Not bad specs for an ARM box12:06
mcasadevall_We could turn it into a buildd if you don't use it regularly ;-)12:06
apacheloggergribelu: try rebooting, and report a bug against X12:07
mcasadevall_Riddell: http://www.arachnoid.com/linux/nokia/ - heres how you gain root12:08
=== mcasadevall_ is now known as NCommander
gribeluapachelogger: i rebooted .. and "oh" :)12:08
gribeluso it's not a kde issue?12:09
apacheloggergribelu: well, it might be some feature of KDE/Qt that triggers the issue, but it is clearly X itself that goes down12:09
apacheloggerXIO:  fatal IO error 104 (Connection reset by peer) on X server ":0.0"12:09
apachelogger      after 20 requests (8 known processed) with 0 events remaining.12:09
gribelumaybe i should try the nv driver12:13
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: p-ing12:19
gribeluapachelogger: with the nv driver i'm able to login again .. i guess there may be something wrong with nvidia's driver12:22
apacheloggergribelu: I think the driver is betaish12:22
apacheloggerlast I checked the stable driver didn't work with .2712:22
gribelui was using that 177.70 or whatever.. latest one12:23
GithzeraiKernel 2.6.27 has a major problem with DKMS module build, so no nvidia driver can be installed ATM.12:27
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=== akonadi is now known as nihui
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: p-ong13:05
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: bug 25844713:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 258447 in kdebase-kde4 "nspluginviewer in Konqueror (kde4) crashes w./ flash plugin" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25844713:10
apacheloggerwe need to patch :P13:10
apacheloggerkonqueror on hardy seems to be using nspluginviewer from kde313:11
Riddellgtk-qt-engine may also cause problems13:20
Riddellwe should try and port the patch we have for the kde 3 version13:20
Riddellapachelogger: I'm pretty sure we don't have nspluginviewer from kde3 in the intrepid archive13:21
apacheloggerRiddell: that's about hardy only13:22
apacheloggerthe plugin directory with nspluginviewer 3 got higher priority than the one with the KDE 4 version13:22
Riddellbzr-buildpackage dudes, how do I get it to sign the changes file?13:25
* Riddell finally uploads an update-manager where the distUpgrade tool has a reasonable chance of working13:26
ScottK-laptopRiddell: Just uploaded guidance-power-manager that uses it's own ixf86misc, so we're done with kde-guidance.  Do you want to unseed it or should I?13:32
ScottK-laptopAnyone know anything about ichthux development?13:32
ScottK-laptopThey've got kde-guidance in their meta-package.13:32
rgreeningRiddell: Looks like Helmut is still working on KNM on a private SVN repo with commit messages being logged here: http://cia.vc/stats/author/hschaa. Too bad it doesn't appear to be public at this point.13:33
ScottK-laptoptxwikinger: Are you invovled in ichthux development (I see you touched their distro packages last).13:36
txwikingerScottK: yes13:36
ScottK-laptoptxwikinger: ichthux is the last kde-guidance user in the archive and I'd like to see it removed entirely.  Can you help with this.13:36
txwikingerok..I can have a look13:37
ScottK-laptoptxwikinger: Thanks.13:37
txwikingerScottK-laptop: pretty likely it is only in there because of it being able to install all of kde13:38
txwikingerbut I will have a closer look13:38
ScottK-laptoptxwikinger: OK, well KDE4 is not using it.13:38
ScottK-laptoptxwikinger: Sooner the better because if there are issues in the KDE4 tools people are using it to work around, the sooner we find out the better.13:39
txwikingerI will have a look this morning and get back to you13:40
rgreeningRiddell: nm... I think it's the KDE one being logged. My brain ain't awake yet.13:40
* seele yawns13:40
seeleNCommander: i am now13:40
ScottK-laptoptxwikinger: Thanks.13:41
txwikingerWill KDE3 still be in ichthux?13:44
apacheloggerin what?13:45
txwikingerwrong question... will KDE3 still be in intrepid ... far too many i's here13:45
apacheloggerkdelibs and selected apps only13:46
txwikingerScottK-laptop: I think it is save to say that ichthux is not using kde-guidance anymore13:47
txwikingerI am currently taking it out13:48
apacheloggerRiddell: debsign *changes13:48
apacheloggerI think13:48
apacheloggerRiddell: I usually go with --merge -e, give the package a final sanity check and then debuild -S (-sa)13:49
ScottK-laptoptxwikinger: Thanks.13:49
ScottK-laptopRiddell: Nevermind, no seed shuffling needed for guidance.13:49
ubottuIchthux (Linux for Christians) is an unofficial Kubuntu derivative. See http://www.ichthux.com/13:49
* apachelogger learned something today \o/13:50
* txwikinger is going back to sending out resumes13:52
RiddellScottK-laptop: is it still seeded?13:52
ScottK-laptopRiddell: It's not.13:52
RiddellScottK-laptop: right13:52
* ScottK-laptop is writing the removal bug now.13:52
Hobbseetxwikinger: good luck!  I should do that, too.13:52
txwikingerThanks Hobbsee13:53
txwikingerGood luck to you too then :D13:53
* txwikinger wonders why 90% of his junk mail comes via ubuntu.com and kubuntu-de.org13:55
Hobbseetxwikinger: they don't seem to filter spam from there.13:58
ScottK-laptopSo if it builds on i386 and amd64, it's a win, right?13:58
apacheloggerI'd like to note that gentoo systems are no good for server use13:59
* apachelogger wanders off, compiling svn13:59
ScottK-laptopapachelogger: Ask \sh about that.14:02
txwikingerapachelogger: Why would it be?14:03
* txwikinger thinks bleeding edge and server is an oxymoron14:03
ScottK-laptoptxwikinger: Well that's kind of why I use Ubuntu Server instead of Debian.  That's my version of server bleeding edge.14:05
txwikingerScottK-laptop: Well.. I am not sure if you can call etch bleeding edge though ;)14:06
* txwikinger misses his compile-server14:06
ScottK-laptopWell that's what i mean.  I use Ubuntu (derived from Sid) instead of Debian stable to be relatively bleeding edge.14:09
txwikingerAh.. now I understand14:09
gribeluany ideas why ctrl-insert and shift-insert don't work under kde4 in intrepid?14:33
gribelui mean they don't copy/paste as they should14:34
gribeluhmm the numpad Insert works but the normal one doesn't14:37
gribeluook i enabled keyboard layouts in System Settings->Regional & Language and now it works .. weird... i could copy paste fine in KDM for example14:38
goatsocksneat, supposedly this will be kde's new power manager in 4.2: http://drfav.wordpress.com/2008/09/12/introducing-the-darkest-power-of-powerdevil/14:40
apacheloggerwe'll see about that14:41
apacheloggerlast time I tried, it turned off my screen14:41
emunkkithat was fucking close14:41
apacheloggeremunkki: hm?14:42
emunkkiapachelogger, had to get a domain for a client TODAY14:42
apacheloggerChecking out KDE/kdepim to /home/apachelogger/bzr/root/svn/kdepim14:42
emunkkiapachelogger, and the office time was to be ending14:42
emunkkiapachelogger, and previous registeration wasn't succesful14:42
* apachelogger is a supporter of 24/7 office times14:42
emunkkiapachelogger, so we had to take a hosting service and register the domain into their service14:43
emunkkiapachelogger, becuase they can register domains in minutes14:43
emunkkiapachelogger, usually it takes 3 days minimum14:43
emunkkiapachelogger, we'll register as a service provider now, though14:43
emunkkiyes, but argh14:44
apacheloggerthat's argv14:44
emunkkii would've died14:44
emunkkior the client would have killed me14:44
emunkkiwell, i still have to set up the site which comes to the domain14:44
emunkkibut deadline is tomorrow morning :P14:44
apacheloggerRiddell: do I get a wiki cookie if I get kdepim into neon until sunday?14:44
emunkkiso no hurrying yet14:44
* apachelogger could use a wiki cookie for the wiki.ubuntu.com wiki14:45
* emunkki could "use" some real world cookies14:45
emunkkichocolate chip ones preferably14:45
apacheloggeremonkey: why would one set a deadline on saturday?14:45
emunkkiapachelogger, she's going to hand out some flyers tomorrow14:46
emunkkiapachelogger, at the very helsinki city centre14:46
* apachelogger note that the only 2 days for deadlines are thursdays and fridays!14:46
emunkkiapachelogger, she wants the domain to have some content as the site name is printed on the flyers14:46
apacheloggermonday is a no go, because one has to do uber little work to recover from the weekend, tuesday is an actual work day and friday is too close to the weekend14:47
apacheloggerleaves wed and thu for deadline days14:47
emunkkiyou just said thu and fri :P14:47
apacheloggermy fault14:48
emunkkiyes, you're faulty14:48
emunkkihow about that tar.gz :P14:48
apacheloggernow if strigi would be working I could search14:49
apacheloggerbut instead I will have to investigate in which of the 278 folders in $HOME I put them14:49
apacheloggerblurry pictures ftw!14:52
apachelogger♥ gwenview14:52
emonkeyapachelogger, emunkki, aiai always this highlighting :P15:12
apacheloggerthere is a bit of a nick clash IMHO :P15:12
emonkeypfft ... btw apropos PFF I'm going to www.pff08.ch \o/15:14
=== Czessi_ is now known as Czessi
\shapachelogger: what?16:06
=== emunkki is now known as knome
\shdamn...I just finished to build all servers....10 dl365 full fledged, 4 dl385...16:07
* \sh 's tired16:07
knomeapachelogger, still a clash?16:08
JontheEchidnaHa, the Plasma Extenders developer uses Kubuntu16:28
* JontheEchidna noticed adept in his screencast in the commit digest16:28
JontheEchidnaRiddell: http://commit-digest.org/issues/2008-09-07/16:37
* goatsocks zooms that page waaaaay out16:38
apacheloggerwe need more branding for intrepid16:39
apacheloggerknome: nope16:39
goatsocksah yes, extenders are what lancelot uses when you drag a part from the menu to the desktop16:40
JontheEchidnagoatsocks: same concept I think, but different code16:40
JontheEchidnaor at least, backported code16:41
JontheEchidnaNext April fools we should do a Gnome emulation Plasma theme16:43
JontheEchidnaand colorize the wallpaper blue16:44
goatsocksyou're right, ivan calls their code "parts applet"16:45
goatsocksallowing all plasma apps to take advantage of that ability is a great idea16:46
goatsocksshould make kde4 a very dynamic desktop16:47
goatsocksshould also lead to some funny bug reports when people start dragging and dropping stuff all over the place16:48
* goatsocks tries dragging his panel into another panel16:49
* JontheEchidna drags torrent download to his clock16:49
JontheEchidnahypothetically :P16:49
goatsocksthat should speed up your download16:50
goatsocks(by making the clock move slower of course)16:50
nixternalwhy does System Settings now require a double click in order to open a KCM module? who's window brained idea was this?16:53
jjessegotta problem with it?16:53
nixternaland I have single clicked enabled16:53
jjessewanta fight16:53
nixternalfigures you would have a window brained idea :P16:54
JontheEchidnaactually, single click works for me...16:55
goatsocksstill single click here too16:56
nixternalnot here and I have single clicked installed...this is on hardy by the way, not intrepid16:58
nixternaland the issue is with me and my other kde croney here :p16:58
nixternaldon't make us switch to PCLinuxOS16:59
jjesseupgrade to intrepid then16:59
nixternalor openSUSE because they know how to do KDE right!16:59
goatsockswell, they "do" kde anyhow16:59
nixternalalso, who did a k3b upgrade that doesn't work in hardy too?17:00
nixternalhope you aren't going for UUC, MOTU, or Core-Dev17:00
jjessewow you are angry this morning17:00
nixternaljjesse: you would be too if all you had was this 2nd class citizen of an OS!!!17:00
nixternalmuhahaha, gotcha beeeatches17:00
goatsocksnixternal: nah that kind of decision rockets one straight into management17:00
jjesseyou mean linux?17:00
* jjesse ducks17:00
nixternallinux sux17:00
ubottuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Vista lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, too!17:01
nixternalk3b (1.0.5-1ubuntu4~hardy1) hardy-backports; urgency=low17:01
nixternal  * Automated backport upload; no source changes.17:01
nixternal -- agent 8131 <agent.8131@infotage.net>  Mon, 01 Sep 2008 15:59:09 +010017:01
nixternalsomeone find agent 8131 and take him out!17:01
nixternalhrmm, soname changes in the k3b backport are causing breakage in backports17:03
nixternaleither a) remove the backport, or b) repackage the backport with the proper recommends/replaces17:04
nixternalI would do it, but I have to sit here at work and act like I am working!17:04
nixternalRiddell: when are we expecting the sponshorship emails for UDS? will I get one after denying one the last 3 years? :)17:07
goatsocksnobody seems to know why landscape-client is getting pulled in now17:07
goatsockssomeone made kubuntu-desktop depend on it17:08
Riddellnixternal: sponsorship e-mails?17:22
nixternalgetting sponsored by Canonical for UDS17:23
Riddellnixternal: have you filled in the form thingy?17:23
nixternalwhere is the form?17:24
Riddellwhat?  you don't read jono's blog first thing each morning?17:24
nixternalcan't say that I do17:25
seelenixternal: what do you think we were talking about at the meeting last night?17:39
rgreeningdoes anyone know approximately the last time knetworkmanager worked? was there a snapshot date/time that it worked when both KNM and NM were in early 0.7 release? Just trying to determine a time to do a diff and see if I can work out the changes in NM so I can bring KNM up to date with it17:48
seelergreening: last time i noticed was alpha 417:48
seelebut i wasnt doing daily updates17:49
Riddellthat was 0.617:49
Riddellthe PPA in ~network-manager worked17:49
rgreeningwhich release version?17:49
Riddellwhatever the knetworkmanager version in there is17:49
rgreeningjust checking to see if there are multiple releases in it.. 1 sec17:50
rgreeningI spoke with Helmut... seems he 'has no time' at the moment to work on KNM. So, I asked if he had any pointers. awaiting reply17:51
rgreeningRiddell: I see network-manager - 0.7~~svn20080908t183521+eni0-0ubuntu2~nm1 which is too new I believe...17:52
Riddellwhat's the knetworkmanager in there?17:54
rgreeningknetworkmanager - 1:0.7svn830754-0ubuntu1\17:55
Riddellthat's the one, don't know if it's kept the n-m that works with it though17:55
rgreeningnope. It would need to be older... just not sure how old though.... If I can get an approx date, I can svn co the rev number and diff against a newer one.. look for the changes in the API in NM17:56
rgreeninghmmm... I just looked on my system. I have a download of svn 20080720. Can't remember if that one worked...17:57
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/tags/?rev=20080720&view=rev | svn://websvn.kde.org/tags -r 2008072017:57
rgreeninglol. thnaks17:58
Riddelllook at the date in knetworkmanager's svn logs for r 83075418:00
Riddellor even in the changelog for that18:00
* ScottK cheers the status of Bug 26939318:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269393 in kde-guidance "Please remove kde-guidance source and binaries and guidance-backends binary from Intrepid" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26939318:04
rgreeningdropping off to test old KNM NM from 0720... brb...18:10
ScottK-laptoptxwikinger: kde-guidance has been removed from the archive, so until you do your meta update, it'll be unistallable now.18:29
rgreeningRiddell: well that failed miserably. Downgraded libnm-glib, network-manager and knetworkmanager to the earlier revs 20080720.. dead as a doorknob. Couldn't even get my eth working.18:37
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/tags/?rev=20080720&view=rev | svn://websvn.kde.org/tags -r 2008072018:37
rgreeningmaybe I missed another package needing a downgrade... nm-settings kept segfaulting18:38
rgreeningI agree18:38
rgreeningso, It could mean nm-applet in Intrepid18:39
* rgreening thinks I may need to dl an earlier Alpha ISO and test it out...18:42
rgreeningRiddell: any other low hanging fruit I can work on while I stumble around KNM as well? Something a little less hoaky :P18:44
Riddellrgreening: look at turning off flash from using gtk-qt-engine?  I think it's causing problems18:46
Riddellrgreening: we had a patch in hardy which did that for the qt3 version, but now we have the qt4 version18:46
rgreeningok. point me to the patch. I'll see what I can do to update for Qt418:47
Riddellrgreening: the earlier ISOs have NM 0.6 on it, which is quite old18:47
rgreeningah. oh well...18:47
=== bddebian2 is now known as bddebian
rgreeningno need to waste time then18:48
Riddellgrab hardy version18:48
Riddellpatch is kubuntu_03_xembed_fix_flashplayer.patch I think18:48
* Riddell out canoeing for a bit18:49
jjessesoudns like fun18:49
Riddellit's not fun, it's serious hard athletics18:50
Riddellonly four years until the olympics, got to get in shape18:50
jjessewow seriously?18:50
jjessethat's awesome18:50
* rgreening remembers 4 on the Floor and Mr. Canoe Head18:50
rgreeningDon't get struck by lightening Riddell18:50
Riddellwell, maybe if I drown the rest of the team I'd get in :)18:51
smarterhmm, firefox is b0rken in intrepid right now?18:53
smarterit's displaying some scary popup when I start it and don't want to load some pages18:53
smarter"ASSERT: *** Search: _installLocation: engine has no file!18:54
smarteryou know you've gone too far in removing cli output when you display asserts in popups :P18:54
txwikingerScottK-laptop: I just uploaded the ichthux-meta to my ppa18:56
ScottK-laptoptxwikinger: If you need sponsorship feel free to ping me.18:56
txwikingerScottK-laptop: ok.. the ichthux-setting package might need to be uploaded too if it has not been done so before18:58
ScottK-laptopOK.  Let me know.18:59
txwikingerScottK-laptop: I will18:59
rgreeningRiddell: I think I have the patch. Where should I send it? e-mail you?19:09
rgreeningPatch: (gtk-qt-engine-kde4-xembed_fix_flashplayer.patch) http://rafb.net/p/mR1YO076.html19:19
rgreeningRiddell: see above paste. That should be the appropriate fix/update for the xembed issue (I believe).19:20
rgreeningAnymore low hanging fuit (patches, etc to update for Intrepid) that I can work on?19:31
rgreeninghow can I easily test a patch? Can I use apt to get the source and tell it to add in a patch and then build?19:33
yuriyrgreening: do you know about harvest?19:33
yuriyrgreening: http://daniel.holba.ch/harvest/19:35
ScottKyuriy: I've got another bugday idea for you.19:35
rgreeningyuriy: cool19:35
ScottKyuriy: The kde-guidance package got removed from the archive today.  It has a lot of open bugs, some of which apply to guidance-power-manager.19:35
ScottKyuriy: It might be good to have a triage effort focused on moving those either to wontfix or to guidance-power-manager.19:36
yuriysounds good. I'll see if I can set up somethign for 3.5.10 over the weekend. that's still needed rigth?19:37
ScottKyuriy: Yes.19:37
Riddellrgreening: super19:59
Riddellrgreening: have you tested it?19:59
seeleRiddell: short river?20:00
rgreeningRiddell: I was wondering about the best way to build it? Is there an apt or dpkg command that would allow me to do that and add in the patch?20:00
* seele has tea and -- what else -- zucchini cake20:01
* goatsocks averts his eyes20:01
rgreeningRiddell: failing that, the src uses cmake. what's the correct process to build from src20:02
seelegoatsocks: you have no idea what you're missing!20:02
seelegoatsocks: it *must* be good; i've been eating it for four days now ;)20:02
Riddellrgreening: in intrepid  apt-get source gtk-qt-engine20:02
Riddellcd gtk-<tab>20:02
goatsocksseele: yeah, or you're really strapped for cash ;)20:02
rgreeningk. 1 sec20:02
Riddellmay need to  apt-get source devscripts cdbs build-essential  first20:03
seelegoatsocks: insulting my cooking? them's fightin' words!20:03
Riddellrgreening: and add the patch to debian/patches  before debuild also debian/patches/series20:03
rgreeningRiddell: hmm... Build-dependencies for gtk-qt-engine could not be satisfied.20:12
Riddellrgreening: install them20:12
rgreeningsudo apt-get build-dep gtk-qt-engine20:12
rgreeningthat's what I did, and it failed with above.. strange20:13
Riddellwhat else does it complain about?20:13
Riddellor what if you just apt-get install them ?20:13
rgreeningkdelibs5-dev: Depends: libstreamanalyzer-dev (>= 0.5.7) but it is not going to be installed20:13
rgreeningThe following packages have unmet dependencies:20:14
rgreening  libstreamanalyzer-dev: Depends: libstreamanalyzer0 (= 0.5.11-1) but 0.5.11-1ubuntu0~hardy0~ppa1 is to be installed20:14
rgreening                         Depends: libstreams-dev (= 0.5.11-1) but it is not going to be installed20:14
Riddellyou have a hardy PPA there20:14
rgreeninglol.. some broken packages20:14
rgreeningI'll check20:14
Riddellare you in intrepid?20:14
Riddellgot any PPAs in /etc/apt/sources.list?20:15
rgreeningyep. only one with Hardy ref was winehq. removing for now.20:16
rgreeningtrying again...20:16
rgreeningshould this have been removed by updates? apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades:       "Ubuntu hardy-security";20:17
Riddellrgreening: I still have that20:20
Riddellrgreening: where is that hardy package from?  apt-cache policy libstreamanalyzer020:20
rgreeningk. 1 sec20:20
Riddellryanakca: question for you on https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kubuntu-intrepid-website20:21
rgreeninghttp://archive.ubuntu.com intrepid/main Packages20:21
rgreeningweird huh...20:26
Riddellrgreening: try installing libstreamanalyzer0, see where it actually comes from20:28
rgreeningReinstallation of libstreamanalyzer0 is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.20:30
rgreeningso, it appears that it once existed somewhere, but no longer.20:30
ryanakcaRiddell: thanks20:32
rgreeningRiddell: I dl the deb manually and installed with dpkg.. weird20:34
rgreeningRiddell: now we are rockin. Weird how the system was out of sync...20:37
rgreeningRiddell: debuild running now. So, once I have it build and install it, how can I verify it fixes the xembed issue? A specific symptom/test you want me to try?20:38
rgreeningRiddell: installed the deb for updated GTK engine. I don't see any obvious problems...20:44
Riddellrgreening: flash runs, including right click?20:47
Riddellrgreening: and right click menu is in ugly GTK style not in oxygen style?20:48
stdinapachelogger: ping20:48
* Riddell writes https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Meetings/Minutes/2008-09-1120:48
rgreeningRiddell: yeah. right-click works. flash works (tested on http://www.watchtheguild.com and youtube). and ugly menu to boot.20:51
Riddellrgreening: so, in your sources,  dch -i  and add a changelog (include the patch name and your name and e-mail)20:52
Riddelldebuild -S   for source build20:52
Riddellcd ..; debdiff old.dsc new.dsc20:52
Riddellsend us the debdiff20:52
rgreeninghmmm... shouldn't that add in the patch as well? Maybe I missed a step as I only get the changelog diff (or is that what you intended)21:01
rgreeningRiddell: here's the paste for the diff .. Changelog only? http://rafb.net/p/EWVTYb18.html21:05
rgreeningI assume this is correct for what you want (but prob not)21:06
rgreeningI think I better doc all these fun steps in a little reminder doc for later ref :P haha21:07
txwikinger ScottK-laptop: Bug #26952521:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269525 in ichthux-meta "ichthux-meta depends on kde-guidance" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26952521:10
Riddellrgreening: no it should include the patch too21:11
Riddellrgreening: make a new directory somewhere, apt-get source gtk-qt-engine and run debdiff again with that old.dsc and youe new .dsc21:12
rgreening1 sec21:12
ScottKtxwikinger: Looking21:14
rgreeningRiddell: try this: http://rafb.net/p/iButt873.html21:17
Riddellthat the one rgreening21:20
ScottK-laptoptxwikinger: I'm going to change the distro on 1.0ubuntu6 to UNRELEASED because it was never uploaded.  Other than that, I think it's fine.21:20
Riddellrgreening: except I don't think I can download it in text from that pastebin21:20
Riddellrgreening: could you use paste.ubuntu.com ?21:21
rgreeningRiddell: I was used to using Gentoo ebuilds. This is a bit different.. but once you get the hang... no prob :P21:21
rgreeningsure.. 1 sec21:21
txwikingerScottK-laptop: ok.. thanks21:22
Riddellrgreening: uploaded!21:25
ScottK-laptoptxwikinger: Uploaded.  Thank you for taking care of it.21:27
txwikingerScottK-laptop: Thanks for your help21:27
ScottK-laptoptxwikinger: No problem.  I'm very glad to see kde-guidance in the rear view mirror.21:27
rgreeningRiddell: all in a days work .. haha21:28
* ScottK-laptop bets he's the only person to have done metapackage uploads for both Ichthux and Ubuntu Muslim Edition.21:28
rgreeningRiddell: now that I have the basics down, got another similar in scope? or a couple, so I can work on over the week-end?21:29
Riddellrgreening: no thank you.  to complete it you can send the patch to the upstream author and if debian have it packaged add it to bugs.debian.org21:29
rgreeningsure thing... so, send them just the patch right?21:30
rgreeningnot the entire debdiff for the ubuntu package21:30
Riddellrgreening: yes21:30
Riddellpatch, not the debdiff21:30
Riddellrgreening: something slightly harder but not on the scale of network-manager.  scim-bridge-client-qt4 is the way to get qt 4 talking to scim, but if you install it and start an app without having scim installed it pauses for ages21:31
Riddell(or did in hardy, I havn't checked since then)21:32
rgreeningso it doesn't dep on scim?21:32
Riddellrgreening: so it doesn't have an annoying delay during application startup if you don't have scim installed21:33
Riddellrgreening: possible patch is here http://muse.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/check_scim_binary.patch21:33
RiddellI've no idea if it works21:33
Riddellbeastie is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-kde4-meta/+bug/20333421:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 203334 in scim-bridge "scim-bridge-client-qt4 requires scim" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:34
Riddellrgreening: and if you get that sorted or bored of it, you could try compiling qt jambi on intrepid21:37
Riddelljava bindings for Qt21:37
Riddelland documenting what needs done (e.g. I suspect it needs phonon plugins in the qt plugins directory not kde) so we can package it21:37
rgreeningk. excellent. This is much more my style. Ha. KNM is major ugly.. though It's really eating at me.21:39
Riddellit's an important issue that one, our biggest for intrepid currently21:41
smarterhave anybody looked into http://kims-area.com/?q=node/63 ?21:45
rgreeningRiddell: I have submitted the bug report to debian and the Author. So, time to go home. Will work on the other two items above later tonight. Thanks.21:52
JontheEchidnaRiddell: Currently if you launch Adept without admin powers if recommends to use sudo, which can be quite dangerous. I think we should patch Adept to recommend kdesudo be used to launch it instead of sudo.21:52
JontheEchidnaI would be willing to make such a patch21:53
RiddellJontheEchidna: we don't need to patch it, just talk to mornfall for inclusion in the next version21:54
JontheEchidnaRiddell: if I understand correctly debian doesn't have kdesudo21:55
JontheEchidnaor a recent version of kdesudo rather21:55
Riddellthen a QFile::exists() might be in order21:55
JontheEchidnaThen that would make a lot of sense21:56
* JontheEchidna goes to bugs.kde.org to file a bugreport21:56
ryanakcaRiddell: also, could we have a meeting (for those who were involved in drafting) to discuss KubuntuIntrepidWebsite? Some of the points are rather vague, it says potential changes (was it ever decided which ones we wanted?), etc.21:56
Riddellryanakca: could do, I don't mind who was in the session, probably me, seele, tonio and mhb21:57
RiddellI'm about to get a train though and I'll be away until tuesday nicht21:57
ryanakcaRiddell: okies. I'm busy from Wednesday -> Sunday, but any time the week after should do? I'll poke around to see who was involved...21:59
afiestasRiddell do you know the notify applet? could be nice have it in the next kubuntu since the current knotify popup is not mmm beautiful?22:17
Riddellafiestas: yes, that would be good22:21
afiestasis kubuntu intrepid in a hard freeze?22:30
Riddellfeature freeze, exceptions can be made22:32
stdinis there a general FFe for KDE 4 in intrepid?22:33
* ScottK-laptop notes that 3 of 5 motu-release members (the people that give exceptions for Universe/New packages) are KDE users.22:34
ScottK-laptopstdin: In Universe we delegated to Riddell to decide.  For Main, he'll have to get someone on the ubuntu-release team to agree to it.22:34
ScottK-laptopstdin: Note that he's on the ubuntu-release team.22:34
afiestasso, do you think that this (notify-applet) is a good exception?22:34
Riddellafiestas: if it's bug free :)22:35
Riddellafiestas: want to package it and let us see22:35
nixternalRiddell: it is a rainy crappy weekend here...so I am down to look at some code if need be22:35
afiestasI test it in mandriva 2009, when I was resizing my hdd parittions and looks solid22:36
nixternaljust highlight my name with stuff you want me to look at and I will check it when I get home...I am getting ready to leave now22:36
nixternalleave work that is22:36
afiestasRiddell I never package anything, sorry :/22:36
stdinRiddell: do you think I should file a FFe request for kopete-cryptography ?22:36
Riddellstdin: what does it do?22:37
stdinadds GPG encryption/signing to messages in kopete22:37
afiestasRiddell  http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/playground/base/plasma/applets/notify/ in theory is going to be in trunk in a few days22:37
stdinbug #26862322:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268623 in kdenetwork-kde4 "kopete in kde4 missing plugin for gnupg (dup-of: 176471)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26862322:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 176471 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] kopete-cryptography" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17647122:39
Riddellstdin: if it's a wanted feature, sure22:39
Riddellafiestas: does it work with KDE 4.1?22:39
afiestasmmm maybe the mandriva people backport some stuff but in theory yes I guess22:40
stdinRiddell: please have a look at the package on revu http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=kopete-cryptography (I'm not sure what apachelogger meat by his 2nd point for the previous upload)23:01
stdinI've also filed bug #269600 for the FFe23:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269600 in ubuntu "[FFe] kopete-cryptography" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26960023:01
Riddellstdin: how come this isn't part of kopete itself?23:03
stdinI don't know, it's an extragear app23:04
ScottK-laptopstdin: I think he meant you got the version number of the license wrong in debian/copyright.23:05
stdinScottK-laptop: ooh, yeah :)23:05
Riddellsomeone remind me to get the train to London in a few minutes23:06
ScottK-laptopRiddell: Get the train for London in a few minutes.23:06
Riddellmm, yes, I should do that23:07
ScottK-laptopstdin: Short description should probably mention GPG.  Crytography is pretty broad.23:07
Riddellstdin: well seems fine at a glance, what do you want from me?23:07
Riddelland yes s/2.1/1.2/23:07
ScottK-laptopstdin: Does it really build-dep on kdepim or kdepim-dev?23:08
* ScottK-laptop didn't try to build it.23:08
stdinScottK-laptop: "OpenPGP plugin for Kopete"? and yes, it really does23:08
ScottK-laptopstdin: I think that's much better.23:09
stdinRiddell: review and eventual upload is what I want ;)23:09
ScottK-laptopRiddell: Do you think this one should go in?23:10
RiddellScottK-laptop: I'm all for it23:10
ScottK-laptopSince you get to archive-admin it, you're vote is important.23:10
seele18:06 < Riddell> someone remind me to get the train to London in a few minutes23:11
stdinI've uploaded the changed short description to revu, should show in a few mins23:12
Riddellso should I upload this?23:13
Riddellor should I get my train?23:13
ScottK-laptopRiddell: Get your train.23:13
Riddellenjoy your weekends23:13
* seele waves.23:13
ScottK-laptopstdin: I gave you a first ack on your FFe.  It takes two.23:14
* ScottK-laptop waves back from the next county over.23:14
stdinI've waited since 2007-12-15, I can wait a little more :p23:15
ScottK-laptopIf you see norsetto or sistpoty around on #ubuntu-motu flag them down and ask them to approve it.23:15
ScottK-laptopstdin: You have a build-dep on debhelper 6, but compat is 5.  Compat should match the major version of debhelper required.  Why do you think it needs 6?23:17
stdinScottK-laptop: when I updated the dependencies, I just too them from kdelibs523:17
ScottK-laptopstdin: It almost certainly doesn't need it.  I suspect 5 is just fine.23:18
ScottK-laptopIn any case, they need to match.23:18
ScottK-laptopstdin: Also, since you have to reroll the .bz2 tarball to .tar.gz please either describe the procedure for making your tarball in debian/copyright or add a get-orig-source rule to debian/rules.23:20
ScottK-laptopA watch file would be very good too.23:20
ScottK-laptopstdin: From reading the diff, those are all my comments.23:20
stdinit has a watch file23:21
* ScottK-laptop looks again.23:21
ScottK-laptopstdin: Right.  Sorry about that.23:21
stdindoesn't uupdate take care of the .bz2 -> .gz thing?23:21
ScottK-laptopDoes it?23:22
* ScottK-laptop decides to try it.23:22
stdinI'm not sure, but I thought it did somehow23:22
ScottK-laptopstdin: No.  It doesn't.  You have to unpack it and then make your own tarball.23:25
ScottK-laptopstdin: There's a good get-orig-source how-to in the packaging guide on the wiki.23:26
rgreeningRiddell: hey. Noticed the file bump on gtk-qt-engine. Did I miss something :)23:49
rgreeningRiddell: Oh, and I put the wrong e-mail in the file. It's supposed to be roderick.greening and not rgreening... doh! (my launchpad is~roderick-greening if you can help me correct/merge my blunder)23:51

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