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derduiHi, does anybody know if theres also a german version of the kde4 desktop?00:06
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de00:07
ofvHow to write the Euro symbol with the us-variant keyboard layout?00:11
biggerfischhow do i get amarok to play mp3 files?00:13
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ErtainHello everyone.  When my system starts up I see many files open (via kio_file).  Is there a way to figure out which programs are using Kio_file?00:37
madooy guys ... hello there+00:37
madocan you please help me? ... i want to unpack some rar-files but i can not do that ... i use kubuntu-8.04-kde400:38
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free00:38
madosorry ... i meant guys and gals00:38
coreymon77shouldnt ark do rar files?00:38
madoDragnslcr, i've already installed unrar-free and unrar00:39
madoe.g. when i right click on the file it doesn't give me the option to unpack it00:39
madoand ark or xarchiver don't work with it00:39
madocan i try the whole thing in the konsole to see if i get an error-message?00:40
DragnslcrI've never used rar, so I can't really help much, other than to suggest using unrar from a shell00:40
[pyro]mando check the link ubottu linked before00:40
madoha ha!00:42
madothe konsole says it has a password in it ... funny ... really funny :)00:43
madohmm *thinking*00:46
madois there a way of breaking the whole thing if one doesn't know the password00:46
madobecause there wasn't anything displayed on the site00:47
madowait guys and gals ... there is a faq00:48
madoso guys and gals ... thing is ... the file can be unpacked with "unrar file.rar" :)00:50
madosorry -> "unrar e file.rar" :)00:50
madobut why would someone protect it with a password?00:50
[pyro]mado: because they wanted only people with the password to access its contents00:51
mado[pyro], you say this as if i was breaking a rule00:54
coreymon77mado: the same reason someone would password protect anything else00:55
madoyeah coreymon77 ... but it's free for everyone to download00:55
coreymon77mado: so the password should be on the site you downloaded it form00:56
madoit is coreymon77 ... it is in the faq-section :)00:57
rg535748I'm trying to install ns2 on my fresh kubuntu install, and the c compiler (gcc) seems to not be able to find /anything/, including stdio.h01:17
rg535748any ideas?01:18
Kubuntojoder mmg01:29
Schuenemannhey, is it true one can compile cedega from source?01:30
ToddCypertI keep getting a "Su returned with an Error" dialog. What the hell does that mean?01:33
favafroSchuenemann: it won't be true as cadegamis a commercial app :)01:46
bdizzleis there a way to completely remove wine and the installed programs with it, then replace it with an earlier version of wine?01:53
[pyro]bdizzle: you can sudo apt-get remove wine01:56
[pyro]then find a .deb package of a previous version from wineHQ and install that by hand01:56
bdizzlebut when I re-install it, that brings back all the old software installed under wine automatically01:56
[pyro]you will have to remove that before you remove wine01:56
[pyro]you should have a .wine dir in your home01:57
[pyro]check in there :)01:57
bdizzleyeah, I did that02:00
bdizzleum, can I just purge it?02:00
[pyro]if you dont want to keep anything in there, i guess02:01
[pyro]i think wine creates that .wine dir when you run it anyways02:01
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bdizzleokay, I had to scan a document using Kooka and need to know where it saves the document, and how to convert it into a .pdf file02:21
bdizzleI'm thinking of saving it as .eps or .jpeg, but insight would be useful if anyone knows how to go about this02:21
Schuenemannyou have to right click the file and choose to save IIRC02:22
bdizzleokay, and then to convert to a .pdf from .jpeg?02:23
Schuenemannhmmm... why is that important anyway?02:24
bdizzleits a re-imbursement form that I have to send and .jpeg isn't really an acceptable format for this02:24
dr_willisI recall some people canging pdf to jpg. so they could read them on theor PSP's :)02:24
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dr_willisIve seen lots of pdf's that are just a collection of jpg's - sort of  missing the main points of pdf i guess... :)02:25
bdizzlebut when I'm trying to scan it in, I don't see an option on Kooka to automatically scan it as a .pdf02:26
[pyro]what options does it give you?02:26
bdizzle.eps was one of the other decent ones. Otherwise .bmp, .pbm, .pcx, .png, .ppm, .rgb, .tga, .xbm, .xpm, .xv, .jp202:28
Schuenemannbdizzle, there is tiff2pdf02:29
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nejodebdizzle: open the .jpeg, .png, etc in Open Office Deaw and then convert it to .pdf02:32
bdizzleah, thank you02:32
dr_willisYou could also use the various 'print to pdf' features ive seen02:32
bdizzlemuch quicker and less steps02:32
SchuenemannOO draw does not open the image correctly02:33
SchuenemannI mean, it inserts the image into a blank page02:33
bdizzlewhich seems to work just fine for me02:33
CoJaBo-EeeWhat do I need to play video/audio files? Any suggestions?02:35
Schuenemann!info libxine-extracodecs02:36
ubottuPackage libxine-extracodecs does not exist in hardy02:36
retj_hi all02:36
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kudari didn't know ubuntu ultimate was with kde02:38
kudarthis is awesome02:38
kudarinstalling now02:38
nejodebdizzle: you can open it in gwenview, then print and select "print to a file (pdf)" from the printer drop-down02:39
bdizzleah, okay02:39
nejodekudar: ubuntu ultimate with KDE???02:39
kudari mean...02:40
kudarthe menu structure looks like gnome02:40
kudarbut it sent me to this chat by default02:40
kudarand it has kopete02:40
kudarand kpdf02:41
kudarwhich i think are kde apps02:41
bdizzleI didn't know there was ubuntu ultimate ...02:41
nejode...but it's still gnome, right?02:41
dr_willisI dont see much point in the ***ultimate :)02:41
bdizzleis there a ubuntu business, ubuntu home basic, ubuntu home premium?02:41
kudarit looks pretty cool02:41
Schuenemannubuntu starter edition02:42
kudari think it mainly just has a bunch of apps02:42
nejodeWell, it's a DVD full of stuff02:42
dr_williskudar,  yep.. bsicially it has tons of stuff preinstalled. which may be good or bad.. depending on your needs.02:42
kudarunbuntu could be considered linux starter edition02:42
retj_kind of02:42
kudarya, im just checking it out..02:42
retj_i love kde402:43
retj_imin love02:43
[pyro]mm i havent played with kde4 yet02:43
kudari installed the kubuntu with kde402:43
kudarand it doesn't look like it supports anything02:43
[pyro]reports ive read is that its too unstable02:43
nejodeKDE will run a lot faster if you build fron the mini-iso up02:44
kudarit looked like it wasn't ready yet02:44
kudarlike... the package manager didn't have firefox even02:44
dr_willisKDE4 is a work in progress02:44
kudari dont know if im just a nub02:44
dr_williskudar,  the package maanger for the kde4 cd. uses the same repos as ubuntu does..02:44
dr_willisso  it may be where you were looking.02:44
nejodeI was trying out Intepid alpha5 with KDE 4.1.1 and it was pretty stable02:45
kudardangit, 'an attempt to configure apt to install additional packages from the CD failed'02:45
dr_williskde4.1.1 - is Much improved over 4.0 i hear.02:45
dr_willisOnly the text-based installer cds can be used as a repo.02:45
retj_im using KDE 4.1.102:46
kudari wasn't using the cd...02:46
retj_in my opinion02:46
kudari installed it02:46
kudarwent to package manager and no firefox02:46
retj_next to gnome is like compring windows xp and mac os leopard02:46
dr_williskudar,  then it has cd set up as a repo  - remove the cd repo02:46
kudarand thunderbird was there but not an option02:46
CoJaBo-EeeKDE 4.0 is prtty buggy, I upgradd to 4.1 and it works ok.02:46
dr_willisYou will want to do a update/ugrade first thing  on a new install anyway.02:46
kudardr willis: what are you referring to?02:47
kudarive said a lot02:47
retj_4.1.1 ir really stable02:47
dr_williskudar,   after a new install, you will want to do a update/upgrade with the package manager tool, then start installing new things.02:47
retj_i just hate the fact that kubuntu is left out next to ubuntu-gnome02:48
kudarya, that was a nub mistake on my part02:48
CoJaBo-EeeI nd to figur out how to play vidos tho02:48
kudarvlc media player?02:48
retj_dragon playr02:48
kudarretj: you like dragon better than vlc?02:49
LinuxReignmplayer rulz02:49
retj_i dont know, i've had a lot of trouble with dvd playback02:49
nejodehow about sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras02:49
CoJaBo-EeeI nd somthing that can play lots of formats, including WMA/WMV.02:49
retj_so both sucked02:49
retj_mplayer does the work and so does vlc02:49
kudarcojabo: i would give vlc a shot02:49
retj_and kaffeine02:50
LinuxReignu can install all of that if u dont mind to have a bulk installation02:50
nejodemplayer and vlc will install almost all the codecs02:50
CoJaBo-EeeI hav usd VLC on Windows bfor, I'll try it.02:50
kudarwow, i wish my liveCD would eject02:50
kudardoes it not let you eject while your running liveCD?02:51
CoJaBo-EeeProbably not02:51
kudaryou have to do it right when you restart?02:51
kudarok, see you guys in a bit02:51
retj_have you tried02:51
coreymon77umm actually, it forces you to eject the cd when you restart02:52
SchuenemannI'm using gutsy right now. Is it worth installing Heady or is it better to wait for the next version?02:52
retj_it depends02:52
retj_need maximun stability02:52
retj_use hardy02:52
retj_like the cutting edge?02:52
retj_wit 'til intrpid02:52
coreymon77Schuenemann: upgrade02:53
coreymon77its worth it02:53
CoJaBo-EeeAny ida why I suddnly cant typ th lttr thats missing in this sntnc? It workd a minut ago, and it works in txt mod.02:53
Schuenemannbut won't the next version come up in october?02:53
coreymon77Schuenemann: its usually much easier (and less buggy) to upgrade one version at a time02:54
retj_yes it wil02:54
retj_october 30 i gues02:54
dr_willisCoJaBo-Eee,  often its a 'language' setting, or  similer issue remapping the keys02:54
dr_willisbye all02:54
coreymon77skipping a version tends to be a little buggy02:54
Schuenemanncoreymon77, I never upgraded. I always format and install the newer version02:54
coreymon77and why would you do that?02:54
SchuenemannI'm a bit paranoid about that (windows' inheritance I think :P)02:55
* coreymon77 slaps Schuenemann across the face02:55
CoJaBo-Eeebrb, going to tyr logging in again.02:55
Schuenemannthat way I erase all the stupid stuff I did with the current version02:55
coreymon77stupid stuff?02:56
coreymon77the only time i ever format and reinstall is when something borks royal02:56
coreymon77last time Xorg borked beyond royal02:57
coreymon77and rather than try to fix it and prob bork it even more02:57
SchuenemannI probably did something stupid with the modules02:57
Schuenemannfollowing tutorials02:57
coreymon77i formatted and started fresh02:57
contrast83Greets, everyone...02:57
coreymon77Schuenemann: well, if everything is working, apparently you didnt02:58
contrast83Anyone know how to change the size of text for Java apps, or if this is even possible?02:58
CoJaBo-EeeWorks fin now, that was odd.02:58
mitosbuenas noches a todos amigos   0/03:00
kudarwhy is there a root folder within root?03:10
kudarit has nothing in it03:10
kudarfresh install03:10
contrast83kudar: /root is where the root user's settings files, etc. are kept. and there is stuff in it, but its read access is restricted to the root user. ;-)03:14
contrast83Anyone know how to change the size of text for Java apps, or if this is even possible?03:15
SchuenemannI don't think it is possible03:16
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contrast83Blah... The downside of doing all your computing on a HTPC. :-\03:17
contrast83Schuenemann: Thanks anyway.03:17
kudaris wireless still slow in kubuntu?03:17
kudari knew it was last year03:17
kudarand it seems slow now03:17
kudardownloading updates at 15kb/s is not fun03:18
contrast83kudar: I've never had that problem, over the course of two years... What card, and are you using the default driver for it?03:18
CoJaBo-EeeWireless is fast for me (when it works)03:19
kudarintel4965 is the card03:19
contrast83kudar: If everything else seems as fast as it should be and it's just your updates that are slow, you might check out Synaptic. It has a feature that lets you find the fastest mirror for the repos based on your location.03:20
kudarintel 4965agn is the card03:20
nickz327i installed ubuntu, then kde over it03:21
nickz327i installed it then removed it using aptitude03:21
nickz327however, my boot and shut down screens are still showing up as kubuntu screens03:21
nickz327any ideas?03:21
contrast83nickz327: sudo apt-get autoremove --purge kubuntu-artwork-usplash03:21
contrast83kudar: What laptop?03:26
mister-teaign0ramus did you get my pm thank you?03:26
rellisHi all. I have a developer in my group who was getting the "man in the middle attack" warning from openssh because the key changed on our server. He has since removed the offending line from ~/.ssh/known_hosts but for some reason Konqueror still reports the problem.. any idea where this comes from?03:28
kudarthinkpad t6103:29
kudarone year old03:29
coreymon77kudar: my wireless is actually quite fast03:29
kudarim going to guess we have different hardware coreymon03:29
kudari actually got rid of linux last year because wireless was so slow03:30
coreymon77wifi on linux for me is faster than windows03:30
kudari mean.. why wouldn't a brand new laptop be supported?03:30
coreymon77its not the laptop03:30
kudarunless it is too new of course03:30
coreymon77its the wifi card03:30
kudari got the best wifi card03:30
kudari could03:30
kudarya, i understand03:31
coreymon77some companies refuse to release open source drivers03:31
coreymon77kudar: what card03:31
kudarit says any kernal 2.6.24 and up will have my drivers03:31
Schuenemanncoreymon77, some? you mean most :p03:31
coreymon77kudar: just because they have them doesnt mean its any good03:31
coreymon77Schuenemann: thats why when my wifi card died for the umpteenth time on my desktop, i decided to do some research into what card i should get to replace it03:32
Schuenemannyeah, I did the same to my video card03:33
coreymon77turns out its the best wifi card ive ever had03:33
coreymon77works ootb03:33
Schuenemannwhat is it?03:33
coreymon77Schuenemann: airlink101 awlh 403003:33
Deniseno good?03:34
contrast83kudar: google for "intel 4965agn slow ubuntu" (no quotes) - it's a known issue with that particular card. There doesn't appear to be a fix yet.03:34
coreymon77Schuenemann: kudar here has an intel 4395agn...oy!03:34
coreymon77Denise: no, my card is perfect03:35
coreymon77Denise: best ive ever owned03:35
Schuenemanndoesn't intel make drivers for linux? I think they do for video cards03:35
coreymon77Schuenemann: i mean 496503:35
coreymon77Schuenemann: they do, but they suck03:35
contrast83coreymon77: is that a cisco card?03:35
kudarcontrast83: great03:35
coreymon77contrast83: nope03:35
coreymon77contrast83: airlink101, its a separate company03:35
coreymon77contrast83: the chip is atheros though03:36
contrast83kudar: Does your laptop have a minipci interface for wireless?03:36
Schuenemannlet me ask a question: if I have 2 GB RAM, how much swap do I need?03:36
coreymon77get this one03:36
contrast83Schuenemann: 1gb should be plenty safe03:36
coreymon77this airlink101 card03:37
coreymon77works ootb with kubuntu03:37
kudarcontrast83: not sure what minipci interface is03:37
coreymon77but with windows03:37
coreymon77it took 6 hours03:37
Schuenemannalright, thanks03:37
coreymon77whats wrong with that picture03:37
contrast83coreymon77: that sounds about right to me.03:37
coreymon77contrast83: with my experience with wifi before this card, it was always the other way around03:38
contrast83out of a dozen or so computers where i was setting up wireless, i've only run into issues once or twice, and they were solved within an hour or two. :-D03:38
coreymon77contrast83: all my cards before this were linksys cards03:39
Deniseor cleaning03:40
contrast83kudar: if your lappy has a minipci slot (it should tell you if it does in its manual), you should be able to get whatever minipci wifi card is known to work well with linux and pop it in... or just get another external one. sorry, but that's all the advice i can give ya'. :-\03:40
contrast83although the firmware on a few laptops is locked down so that they'll only work with a very finite number of wireless cards.03:41
coreymon77contrast83: i had atleast four or 5 of them (each of them died after 4-6 months or so), the last few were rt2500 chips03:41
coreymon77contrast83: but the first 3 or so were broadcom bmcw cards *shudders*03:42
contrast83realteks are a pain, esp. with networkmanager03:42
kudarlinux is killing you guys' cards?03:42
coreymon77contrast83: these were ralink cards03:42
coreymon77kudar: no, it was a physical defect with the cards03:42
coreymon77kudar: antena always ended up falling off03:42
kudari have a physical defect with my card03:42
Deniseis it right now03:42
kudarits slow as ****03:43
kudarim gonna do a speed test real quick03:43
contrast83real quick, he says03:43
kudarwell, not real quick... you know what i mean03:43
contrast83hehe, couldn't resist03:43
coreymon77kudar: what i mean by physical defects is that the actual antenna (including the connector) physically fell off the card03:43
coreymon77dont blame them though, the antennas were huge and heavy03:44
Denisecards are hard to see03:44
coreymon77Denise: im talking about a desktop here03:44
Deniseajax card03:45
coreymon77the worst of them were the first few, the ones with the broadcom chips03:45
kudarwhat version of flash should i get?? rpm, yum, tar.gz?03:45
coreymon77this was back before bcm43xx03:46
contrast83kudar: none of the above03:46
contrast83kudar: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras03:46
coreymon77i was forced to use ndiswrapper, which was even less reliable than it is now03:46
contrast83kudar: that'll get your codecs, flash and java.03:46
coreymon77contrast83: sorry, my mistake, the worst of them was before we got wifi in my house, back before wifi really existed mainstream, we used HPNA03:48
franciscoHi all, I'm trying out KDE4 and loving it, but I can't connect to the internet through knetworkmanager. It just sys I have no active devices. Currently, I have to connect via nm-applet. Any clues as to what might be going on?03:48
Deniseokay for the card03:48
coreymon77sorry bout that03:48
coreymon77x11.app isnt 100% stable, konv sometimes crashes03:49
kudarnothing like downloading packages at 17kb/s03:49
coreymon77you sure its not your connection03:49
kudarso frustrating03:49
kudarwinblows is fast03:50
contrast83coreymon77: it's a known issue with his card.03:50
coreymon77kudar: blame the card03:50
contrast83ndiswrapper doesn't work either.03:50
kudarafter a year... they still haven't found a fix03:50
kudari dont think it will happen03:50
coreymon77contrast83: when DOES ndiswrapper work03:50
coreymon77kudar: its not easy03:50
contrast83coreymon77: it's worked swimmingly the two times i've had to use it.03:50
coreymon77contrast83: last time i had to use it it took me 3 days03:51
kudargot up to 27kb/s03:51
coreymon77this was a few years ago03:51
kudarnow its back to 1303:51
contrast83kudar: have you considered getting a different card?03:52
coreymon77contrast83: my first linksys cards, the ones with the broadcom chips, this was before bcm43xx made everything easier, took me 3 days to get ndis to work with the darn card03:52
kudarcontrast83: no, not really03:53
kudarwhat cards are good for linux?03:53
contrast83i'm lucky. i never really had to deal with a broadcom card til after bcm43xx came out.03:53
coreymon77contrast83: 3 days, and that was after i knew what i was doing03:53
coreymon77contrast83: the first time took longer03:53
contrast83kudar: coreymon77 and i could tell you which ones we're using, but i doubt that'd be as helpful as a google search. :-)03:54
coreymon77contrast83: but thats nothing, before wifi we had hpna here03:54
coreymon77contrast83: that was absolute hell03:54
coreymon77contrast83: took a week03:54
kudarim checking lenovo's site to see if my laptop has mini pci03:54
coreymon77contrast83: a week!03:54
kudari dont want ot use an external03:54
contrast83coreymon77: i'm sorry. lol03:55
coreymon77contrast83: imagine my joy when linksys switched the cards over to the ralink rt2500 chips03:55
contrast83kudar: you'll want to make sure the bios isn't locked to only accept a certain type of card.03:55
coreymon77contrast83: that reduced the setup up to 6-7 hours usually03:55
contrast83!hi | staph03:55
ubottustaph: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!03:55
kudari wouldn't know how to begin to figure that OUT03:55
contrast83kudar: just google your model # and something like "lock firmware wireless" (no quotes).03:56
DeniseI m sick03:56
staphso how are you all03:56
coreymon77contrast83: and then imagine my absolute joy with this card, out of the box, no setup whatsoever at all03:57
contrast83kudar: if it doesn't turn up anything relevant, i'd say you're safe. :-)03:57
staphi loe this operating sysytem03:57
=== staph is now known as staph__
contrast83staph: congrats. :-D03:57
=== staph__ is now known as staph
coreymon77contrast83: and then windows decided to get confused by the different drivers and took 6 hours to fix03:57
staphi think ubuntu wll detect all devices03:58
contrast83*almost* all devices.03:58
* coreymon77 tries to hold in a laugh, but fails miserably03:59
contrast83it'll detect a hell of a lot more than windows, out-of-the-box at least.03:59
staphis this safe i mean shows the ip adresse03:59
coreymon77youre fine, dont worry04:00
Denisevery dangerous04:00
coreymon77Denise: stop it04:00
coreymon77staph: dont worry04:01
Deniseu can be stalked04:01
contrast83as long as you're not running openssh-server and you don't have a weak password, i don't think there's much anyone can do with it.04:01
coreymon77you see, look what you did04:01
coreymon77Denise: well youre in the same situation as staph04:02
coreymon77out of the 4 of us, im the only one who doesnt have their ip showing04:03
Deniseand how u hide it04:03
coreymon77but really, nothings gonna happen unless you are really dumb04:03
coreymon77Denise: magic04:03
coreymon77im special04:03
Deniseah member04:04
Deniseu register04:04
coreymon77registering your nick isnt enough04:04
Denisewhat else04:04
coreymon77once again, im special04:04
Deniseso special04:04
contrast83hahaha... ok, seriously, c'mon. tell us. :-|04:04
coreymon77lol, i just got a cloak04:04
Denisewill check that tomorrow04:06
Deniseis it free?04:08
ubottufreedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing04:09
DeniseGoogle chome04:09
Denise"hide my IP adresse"04:10
Denisehow u know u can trust them?04:10
Denisea router is better no?04:11
DeniseI trust you04:12
Denisethis is silly me04:12
Denisewho is the owner of that company?04:13
coreymon77no clue04:14
kudarcoremon: you think upgrading my bios could help with slow wireless in linux?04:14
coreymon77no clue04:15
Deniseok next steps tomorrow04:15
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contrastkudar: i dunno. did you see that suggested somewherer?04:18
kudarbut i was just reading a thread about the issue04:19
kudarread about 2 pages04:19
kudarran into a post i made LAST YEAR04:19
kudarso frustrating...04:19
kudari saw my name and was like... wtf04:20
Deniseur gonna drive me crazy04:20
smm289im currently using ubuntu as a file/print server, just started messing around with ubuntu.  do you think kubuntu would be better as a file/print server or is it all just cosmetic and personal taste.  I cannot do everything on the CLI I need a GUI.  im a nub04:22
* SkEmO is gone , poof!04:22
Reed_Solomoni doubt upgrading a bios will help with slow wireless04:22
Reed_Solomonim pretty sure wireless isn't even referenced in a bios04:22
Reed_Solomonive never seen it anyways04:23
Deniseno link really between bios and network04:23
Denisereally not04:23
Denisebut vista needs to be updated04:24
smm289Kubuntu or Ubuntu or file/print server? or is it just personal preference ?04:24
DeniseKudar maybe you are better not to read ur posts of last year04:25
kudarno kidding04:25
kudari cant find any new stuff04:25
Deniseit is ur opinion04:26
Denisemaybe u are not a good searcher04:26
Deniseuyou are probably a one track man04:27
kudarok denise04:28
Denisetaking written stuff for real things04:28
Deniseor even worst04:29
=== contrast is now known as contrast83
bill_Hello all04:29
kudar4965 slow linux was a pretty good google search04:30
Deniseif u cant find any new stuff04:31
=== contrast83 is now known as contrast
Deniseit means u never saw anything else than what u already thought04:32
Deniseu are narrow minded04:32
Deniseprobably need an update04:33
Deniseor even an upgrade04:33
kudarok, thanks04:33
Deniseu should consider the fact that ur judgement is biase04:34
kudarall right04:34
Deniseyou saw what you wanted to see04:34
Deniseand influenced the events04:35
Denisenever forget that04:35
kudarmodprobe isn't a command in ubuntu?04:36
coreymon77umm, ya it is04:37
contrastkudar: where are you getting this [patently false] information? :-P04:37
=== contrast is now known as contrast83
Denisehe keeps files04:39
Denisefor years04:39
contrast83detailed files04:39
contrast83i dunno... thought you were quoting t2. :-P04:40
Deniseit works both ways04:40
Deniseu wont make me blush for things u obviously wanted me to do04:40
contrast83umm... -_~04:41
Deniseso which side is the most clean?04:41
* contrast83 laughs awkwardly.04:42
DeniseI would say the one against the hungry wolfes04:42
kudarim trying that04:43
kudari know it wont work04:43
kudarbut whatever04:43
=== contrast83 is now known as contrast
DeniseI think guessing on intelligence is always winner04:43
Denisegood night Mister " i was just reading a thread about the issue"04:46
Deniseyou have small issues04:46
=== coreymon77 is now known as coreymon
=== coreymon is now known as coreymon77
motwhen i plug in my usb stick kde doesn't automatically recognise it04:46
moti can view it if i do fdisk -l04:46
motbut i can't manually mount, it, it says /dev/sdd1 - no such device04:46
motif i open gparted it recognizes it, but if i attempt to format it04:47
motit says mkdosfs - /dev/sdd1 no such file or directory04:47
motany suggestions?04:47
Deniseformat it in windows first04:47
moti know i could always do that04:47
moti don't want to have to04:47
Deniseand come back in ubuntu04:48
moti use kubuntu as my primary distro man, i don't use windows.04:48
Deniseit will recognize the Ntfs04:48
moti have the ntfs-3g package installed, it could be recognized already04:48
Deniseu have a usb made for windows04:48
moti was explicitly mounting it as that04:48
motthere's no such thing.04:48
mota usb stick is just a small piece of ssd attached to a usb dongle.04:48
Denisethey are preapare to be formatted by windows04:49
motthe format of the filesystem is what matters.04:49
DeniseI have one myself who did that04:49
motthis isn't a new usb stick04:49
Denisedo whatever u want04:49
Deniseto have the dernier mot04:50
Deniseas u cant stand not to have it04:50
motwhat is dernier?04:50
Deniseggoogle it04:51
motfist off, dernier is a french word, not english04:51
Deniseu sure?04:51
motso if you're going to mix english and french, don't tell someone to "google it"04:51
mot[French : dernier, last, latest + cri, cry.]04:51
motsecond, if you're implying what i think you're implying, don't be silly.04:52
Denisecri = amerindians04:52
moti've been using linux for years, i just don't feel like having to boot into windows when a low-level format of this dongle ought to word.04:52
motamerican indians?04:52
Deniseu are a prcious personage04:52
Denisewhy wasting time here?04:53
DeniseI have to sleep04:53
DeniseI am busy "moi"04:54
Denisegood night04:54
kudarwhat is uname command to find kernal version?04:58
kudaruname -r04:59
kudarhow new is that?05:01
motnewer than mine :P05:01
mot(very new - i'm using kubuntu 8.04.1)05:01
kudarthat was weird that we said that at the same time05:01
navetzhow do you completly remove and reinstall firefox 3.05:28
favronavetz: sudo apt-get --purge remove firefox05:37
favrosudo apt-get install firefox05:37
favroand delete ~/.mozilla before installing again05:38
favronavetz: ^^05:38
westyhey what chat prog uses myspace plugin?05:41
wordi'm not sure my f12 key is working..is there a command i can run to see if the key is sending anything to the OS?05:47
Agent_bobopenvt -sfc 12         and press alt+f1   then alt+f12    if it switches to a login prompt and then to the newly opened console it's working     alt+f7 back to your xorg session05:51
frybyeI have a kopete question (nowone responding in #kopete -) with a yahoo messenger ID - masses of unauthorized contacts show up - how to get rid of them/stop them arriving??06:04
wordAgent_bob: Thanks, it works, i guess yakuake shortcuts got messed up in an update or something06:18
Agent_bobword it's configurable06:18
wordyah i went to system settings->keyboard and mouse-> shortcuts -> system settings shortcuts -> yakuake hide/close -> and set it to f12 but it still isn't working right, and normally when you start yakuake it says 'started press f12 to use' but now it just says 'started press to use' so i think it got misconfigured in the package somehow :-/06:20
Agent_bobno in yekuake it's configurable06:20
wordAgent_bob: ah, that did it, got it working. Thanks :D06:22
=== tony403 is now known as kayotic
=== gx009_ is now known as gx009
* mr---t- waves to frybye nite bob06:27
=== C8554838 is now known as chalcedony
Agent_bobtime for lunch.   be back when.06:38
master_What package do I need to install to get kernel headers?06:45
favromaster_: linux-headers-   to match your kernel number - uname -r  to find out that06:49
master_Yep.. just found that.. and also discovered its already installed.  I am trying to instal vmware server which needs kernel headers to make its module work.06:50
[pyro]sudo apt-get install linux-headers-'uname -r'06:50
=== LeeJunFan_ is now known as LeeJunFan
favrojust did the same thing with virtualbox - linux-headers was all it needs06:51
[pyro]master_: have you seen virtualbox ose ?06:51
=== root is now known as Guest45662
Alex2hey guys... I have a little problem... I cant type "ç" when a try to do it I get ć... so can somebody help me out here?06:54
=== Alex2 is now known as rideick
master_[pyro]: Yes.. VMware Workstation is just more mature..   In this case, I am using VMware Server mainly for better network integration.06:55
master_The snapshot trees in VMware Workstation and VirtualBox are tempting, though.. As VMware Server only allows one snapshot at a time.06:56
rideickplease somebody help me... I really need help for this...06:57
=== pieber_ is now known as pieber
[pyro]rideick:  please somebody help me... I really need help for this...07:09
[pyro]and then he didnt say anything..07:09
jumpkickargh kde4 is shit07:11
jumpkicktaskbar crashes as soon as it starts07:11
jumpkickfrustrating as hell to use software this buggy07:12
[pyro]mental note to self, dont migrate to kde4 yet07:12
jumpkick[pyro]: if you are asked to uninstall the obsolete packages going from hardy -> intrepid, don't do it07:16
jumpkickotherwise you'll have no choice07:17
jumpkicklike me07:17
[pyro]surely you can install kde3 again?07:19
LeeJunFanI've been using kde4 for a few days now w/o issue.07:20
LeeJunFan4.1.1 that is07:21
[pyro]LeeJunFan: can you send me a screenshot?07:24
[pyro]curious to see ur desktop :P07:24
[pyro]sure, u got ports open?07:24
LeeJunFanah, probably not. I'm on the wrong router for that. just a sec, I'll upload to a website.07:25
[pyro]im looking forward to kopete one day having upnp port mapping ability for file xfer's07:25
[pyro]makes sense07:26
LeeJunFanThat one's a bit confusing :) Windows and kde sharing a single desktop.07:27
[pyro]yeah right07:27
[pyro]what are you using to do that?07:27
LeeJunFanit's actually vmware running windows with remote desktop and seemlessrdp, then using rdesktop on the linux side to connect to it. With a little registry hack to get explorer only to display the taskbar - not a whole desktop.07:29
[pyro]neat :)07:30
LeeJunFanThat way I can actually run apps from the VM in their own windows on the desktop. So I get Windows with compiz :)07:30
[pyro]yeah thats neat :)07:30
[pyro]ah nice07:32
LeeJunFanThat's what I used to set it up. I also added options to rdesktop -E -r sound:remote -r printer:[printername on linux] to get sound working and printing from the VM.07:33
[pyro]ah awesome07:33
[pyro]does VM boot auto?07:33
LeeJunFannot yet, I was thinking next time I'm bored I'll write a script to use vmware console to auto power on the VM, then ping until it's up - then launch the rdesktop connection.07:34
[pyro]yeah that could work07:35
LeeJunFanAs of now I'm starting the vmware console, powering on the XP machine, then close the console and connect with the rdesktop menu entry I made.07:36
LeeJunFanwriting the script should be able to make it a single click thing, or no click even.07:36
LeeJunFanbut honestly I don't need windows hogging up RAM all the time.07:37
[pyro]yeah run it when you need it07:37
[pyro]does it run as an overlay or are the windows interactive. so I can have a Linux app overlapping a windwos and vice versa07:39
LeeJunFanthe only thing that's odd is that cmd windows won't open. Everything else seems okay but cmd prompts open and show on the windows taskbar but don't open on the linux desktop. No biggie really, not much need for it. Windows shell is useless anyway.07:39
LeeJunFanit's totally interactive.07:39
LeeJunFanbasically every windows window is wrapped in an X window.07:39
LeeJunFanone other small annoyance running it that way is large menus which fill the screen end up partially obstructed under the kde panel and I end up having to keyboard navigate them.07:42
[pyro]ah ok07:42
LeeJunFanreally only the programs menu I've experienced that with so far.07:42
[pyro]yep i understand07:43
[pyro]i currently have my XP setup in virtualbox ose07:43
[pyro]i hardly ever use it07:43
LeeJunFanyeah, if not for some ballistics software I wouldn't need it at all.07:44
[pyro]ah ok07:44
[pyro]aparantly virtbox ose has desktop intergration? didnt know that07:45
LeeJunFanhrm, well. I better get some shut-eye. ttyl.07:50
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
SuperSubHi guys, I need some help with my media player i cant seem to get them to work after I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS08:01
kudarwhat is command to get flash, java, etc08:03
SuperSubdoes anyone have any ideas08:05
kirillПрива! всем! подскажите моно ли как нибудь снести гном?08:14
kirillТут все молчат?08:29
kirillтут есть с кем поговорить?08:30
favro!ru | kirill08:37
ubottukirill: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:37
ActionParsnipyo yo yo08:38
kirillможет кто нибудь подсказать как снести гнома?08:40
ActionParsnip!ru | kirill08:42
ubottukirill: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:42
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=== Guest49357 is now known as valued_customer
valued_customerI'm trying to install libxine1-ffmpeg, but I get unmet dependancies and a broken package error. Any idea how to resolve this?09:03
mattphi, is there a channel for kubuntu intrepid?09:06
deamoonguys who can tell were is mozilla browsers location09:08
valued_customertry "whereis mozilla" (without the quotes)09:09
valued_customermattp, I think so, I'm not sure anyone's responding to questions, though.09:09
deamooni mean installed firefox location09:09
valued_customerAt least, not to MY question. ;-)09:09
valued_customerdeamoon, that should show the install locations (ie: "mozilla /usr/bin/mozilla ..." on my machine).09:11
valued_customerDid I misunderstand the question?09:11
deamoonits ok09:11
valued_customerI should have said "whereis firefox", sorry.09:11
favro!info libxine1-ffmpeg09:13
ubottulibxine1-ffmpeg (source: xine-lib): MPEG-related plugins for libxine1. In component universe, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 388 kB, installed size 844 kB09:13
favrovalued_customer: how did you try to install it?09:14
favro!intrepid | mattp09:14
ubottumattp: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!09:14
valued_customerI'm not sure. I may have use mediaubuntu or some such. vlc works, but amarok doesn't work with mp3s.09:15
valued_customerI've removed mediaubuntu from the repository, and I'm willing to remove the offending app... if I could determine where the issue was.09:15
stdinvalued_customer: make sure libxine1-ffmpeg is installed (or just install kubuntu-restricted-extras) and mp3 should work after restarting amarok09:18
favrovalued_customer: there's a restricted-extras package I'm searching for the name of09:18
favroor see above09:18
valued_customeri *can't* install it. "sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg" gives an unmet dependancy error.09:19
stdinvalued_customer: post it to pastebin and I'll have a look09:19
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)09:20
=== NCommande is now known as NCommander
valued_customerok... Did I do that right?09:21
stdinyou have to post the URL back here09:22
valued_customerah - found it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/46107/09:22
stdinvalued_customer: looks like you have disabled hardy-updates or hardy-security09:24
valued_customerlet me see...09:24
goatquestion: I have installed on my laptop Ubuntu, now Ive installed KDE. Will I have conflicting issue? Should I install Kubuntu directly?09:25
stdingoat: they should both work fine, the only difference is the desktop environment09:26
aeonorisIs there a way to make it so that when I start typing in Dolphin, it searches for the word I'm typing rather than the individual letters?  I seem to recall the live CD had it like that (though I could be confusing it with my other hard drive, which uses Thunar), but it isn't in the actual install...09:26
stdinit should do if you type fast enough09:27
goatthats great to hear. Id hate to have to install this atheros wifi card again.09:27
goatAnother question.. What would be the difference if I had just installed Kubuntu?09:28
aeonorisAh, yeah, it does seem to, but is there a way to change that?  I liked being able to type and backspace and such until it actually found what I wanted09:28
stdingoat: mostly that it wouldn't have gnome09:28
stdinaeonoris: not that I know of, but I've never looked into that09:29
aeonorisgoat, I guess Gnome wouldn't be installed and you'd have the default Kubuntu applications instead of the Gnome ones?09:29
aeonorisErr, KDE applications.09:29
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots09:30
valued_customerYay. The security options were selected, but grey. I assume that meant partially selected. Ran "apt-get dist-upgrade", and all is well. :-)09:30
aeonorisstdin, does it have a name?  It's annoying to look for other people trying to do the same thing if I have to guess how they would word it (when searching using Google)09:31
goatIs there any issues running gnome apps in kde09:31
valued_customerThanks, stdin! That has been bugging the heck out of me for a couple months.09:31
stdingoat: nope09:32
goatsorry for being such a noob but thats what I am09:32
stdinaeonoris: press '/' before typing ;)09:32
stdinthat enables the "filter" search09:33
aeonorisHum.  That seems to never filter out folders09:34
aeonorisOh well, I guess I'll use that until I find something else or install Thunar on this one too.  Thanks.09:34
stdinyeah, that's annoying. but better than nothing09:35
mhallHow can I change what types of stuff appear in the K Menu? Like if I wanted to enable or disable listing the recently executed applications for example.09:42
goatIf I used my Kubutu discs, could I install my Atheros wifi card the same I did in ubuntu? It was a nightmare, had to combine multiple how tos...09:44
mhallgoat: Weird. I was able to enable my integrated Quadro and Broadcom on Kubuntu with a dist upgrade to get latest stuff and a couple mouse clicks in the "device manager" app... jockey I think the name is.09:45
mhallgoat: Is your card a madwifi?09:47
=== david is now known as Guest22182
goatyes I had to go through something called madwifi09:50
goatthen i had to do try quite a few different commands in the terminal09:50
mhallgoat: Well what I am reading online says madwifi's included.09:50
mhallgoat: What went wrong when you last tried it?09:51
goatI read that aswell, but aperently it has something to do with it detecting a different card and installs the wring driver09:51
goatwhen I opened the widow that displays the network devices it never showed09:52
goatIts an AR5007 I believe (atheros)09:53
mhallgoat: might be worth checking madwifi page i just pasted09:54
goatI searched and used madwifi how-tos and to no avail09:54
mhalli wonder if maybe your card was real new at the time and not fully supported in ubuntus version of madwifi09:54
mhallthis broadcom card is working awesomely right now09:54
goatwell of my 7 hours of trying to get it to work it seems that Im not the only one having the problem09:55
goatI tried a couple of different how-tos and used the commands they said09:55
goatwhen I came to one that didnt work I tried a command in another and went to another and bock09:56
goatfinally got it to work09:57
mhallgoat: weirdd09:57
goatbut Id realy like to do a fresh install of Kubuntu09:57
mhallgoat: so it's saying here that madwifi is part of the distro since feisty09:57
mhallgoat: what dist version did you use on original install09:57
goatId say. I just hope the rest of my Linux experince doesnt come out this way09:57
goat8.04 Ubuntu. I hope thats what your asking for09:58
aeonorisOh.  That's half of the fun of it, I think.  I sometimes look for problems just because I'm bored...09:58
corjanWell bye everyone09:59
mhallapparently aeonoris decide to make a problem with his internet connection10:00
goatseems like lol10:01
goatmaybe when he gets it fixed he can come over and figure this one out LOL10:02
goatAR5007EG <<< Thats the card10:03
goatYou can search threads mentioning that thing till the internet implodes10:03
goatmhall, what do you think of it?10:07
snikkerhi, how can i input text injapanese, with a standard keyboard?10:09
goatDid you try "system settings" and then "regional and language"?10:10
goatAnyone out there know compiz well?10:12
corinthI just installed Kubuntu through aptitude install kubuntu-desktop, and I have a problem with maxamizing my windows. When I maxamize, the window goes to a maxamized position, but it's not "locked in". I can still grab the edges and resize, you know.10:15
goatInteresting, mine does the same...10:16
corinthMine hasn't always done this, though.10:17
favrocorinth: I think there's a setting for that in kcontrol ...10:17
wizkoderhy everybody10:17
goathey wiz10:18
corinthfavro: Thanks, I found it. "Allow moving and resizing of maximized windows". Thanks!10:18
wizkoderIs there a tool for ubuntu to write the grub anew? A gui?10:18
favrocorinth: :)10:19
wizkoderRight now I have to chroot into my old system and and and. CouldN't that be automated with a tool?10:19
favrowizkoder: sudo update-grub ?10:19
corinthIs there a way to enable compiz-fusion in Kubuntu? I have Ubuntu Hardy installed from the CD, and Kubuntu Hardy installed from aptitude. Lol10:20
wizkoderyes, I know how to do it on the command line. But I think a lot of people have to do it all the time after reinstalling other (not so good) os'es .-)10:20
goatWhen I try to drag a window to the side of a desktop, it would normally goto the next desktop on the cube.10:20
corinth*minus that lol, whoops10:21
goatIt doesnt do that now that I installed KDE10:21
wizkodercorinth: I have it running here. un kde 2.510:21
goathow do i fix it10:21
corinthwizkoder: KDE 2.5, or 3.5?10:21
corinthwizkoder: What do I have to do to enable it?10:22
wizkoderenabled it in system-desktop effekts10:22
wizkoderand i installed the compiz config package to select what effects I want10:22
corinthwizkoder: Ah, I didn't see that there. Thanks!10:23
goatanyone help me?10:23
wizkoderMy colleages here at work would like to have that too. But they have to use windows :-))))) Its so good to be a web programmer ,-)10:23
wizkodergoat: it is like this here on kde 3.510:25
wizkoderI bet your settings are wrong10:25
goatso your saying its a gnome only thing or I screwed something up here in KDE10:25
goatOk duh now I know what your saying, forgivr me Im very slow this morning10:27
wizkoderno gnome here (still think its ugly ;-) ). Maybe the compiz settings have to be changed. Crashed a lot here until I had the right settings.10:27
goatI agree, first time trying KDE on Ubuntu and man what a difference, so clean and well designed. Not to mention the default color of puke in gnome...10:28
goatIve had no crashed or instability. I guess I just assumed it was default in KDE like it was in gnome10:29
Machtinhi guys.10:33
Machtinmy sound isn't working anymore.. and.. I have absolutely no clue why.. how would i start to diagnose?10:33
newbiehhi guys10:34
newbiehwhat happens with the hibernate function?10:34
Machtin(cables are plugged in properly.. and i can see my soundcard in the mixer)10:34
ghostcubenewbieh: just wai a bit until someone can help10:35
ghostcubeirc isnt fast repsonding10:35
newbiehdu no?10:35
wizkoderGuess most kde users do not want that effects. But I love them ;-) And as my machine here at work is a quite fast quad core machine, the effects rock. And I totally love tha faces of them when I change the desktop. Some of them even installed strange tools in windows that do the same more or less. More less than more if you ask me ;-)))10:36
goatIve tried that as well but it was no where near as clean and smooth as compiz10:37
goatAnd even better its all in one location one program to control all of it10:37
goatnewbieh: I cant remember where to check it, but there is a place that has a check box where you can enable and disable audio devices.10:39
newbiehnever asked for that though10:39
goatCould be disabled, this has happened to me. For no reason at all...10:39
newbiehi just asked whatz the hibernate button function10:39
goatSorry that was for Mac10:40
goatyou two posted at the same time and I seen your ID, sorry10:40
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
goathibernate saves everthing from memory onto your HD and then shutsdown10:41
favrosaves it into swap afaik10:42
mrxmikeis it possible to compile the latest version of VLC myself / without messing up my dependies - packages10:42
mrxmikeor can i get a newer release for Hardy somewhere? :((((((((((((10:42
favromost of the popular apps have a .deb soon after a new update10:43
goatresponse came a little late, as always10:43
goatgood bye all10:43
_oggyi'm trying to install kde4.1, i've added the repository, removed all original kde4/qt4 packages, did apt-get update, but am still getting the warning "The following packages cannot be authenticated!"... any ideas?10:46
estanhm. how can i see the changelogs for updated packages from the command line?10:46
estan(like in adept, but from command line instead).10:46
Tm_T_oggy: ignore that warning10:46
estan_oggy: i believe that's normal, it's just a warning. i think you can add a key or something to get rid of it.10:47
Tm_T_oggy: it cannot be fixed10:47
Tm_Testan: there's no key for ppa (:)10:47
estanTm_T: ah. got it.10:47
_oggyTm_T: ok, so no key? ewww... i kind of like having my packages signed, but i guess it will have to do. thanks10:48
Tm_T_oggy: yeah, we too, but no can do10:48
sbucat:) hi10:48
snikkerthere is a characters map in kubuntu?10:52
mrxmikewhere can i find a .deb for the latest VLC? :S10:54
snikkermrxmike: in the repositories (universe) there is a v. 0.8.610:57
mrxmike0.8.6e 1year old10:58
snikkermrxmike: if you want 0.9.1, you must compile from source...11:00
mrxmikesnikker: and break my dependencies!?11:00
snikkermrxmike: why you should break dependencies? just make a deb file for 0.9.111:01
mrxmikesnikker: well, how would i do that?11:02
favromrxmike: http://nightlies.videolan.org/11:04
mrxmikethere is no hardy in nightlies11:04
mrxmikeonly for intrepid which i cant use due to its alpha state11:05
KR-datais it possible to try out kubuntu 8.10 without any big problems?11:05
mrxmikeyes, start virtualbox and load the iso...................11:05
favromrxmike: it'll work on hardy - the debian sid versions work on etch11:05
mrxmikefavro: so you say i can just download the intrepid .deb and use that on hardy11:06
mrxmikewithout breaking my dependency - package system?11:06
KR-datamrxmike, was the answer with virtualbox and the iso for me?11:07
favromrxmike: it "should" be ok - the nightlies aren't supported by vlc themselves - it is developement stuff11:07
mrxmikeKR-data:  its a 'unstable' alpha, you're not gonna enjoy that as a desktop system for daily use11:07
KR-datamrxmike, that bad?11:07
mrxmikemwa... its not named alpha without reason, its certainly not beta11:08
favromrxmike: http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/03/new-face-to-vlc-media-player-090git.html11:08
KR-datamrxmike, well I used alpha-software without problems before ;) but it can't be that unstable, since October is nearby11:09
mrxmikefavro: last time................... HARDY NIGHTLIES @VIDEOLAN SERVER IS DOWN11:09
mrxmikeKR-data: I would wait a month or try it in vbox first11:09
KR-datamrxmike, well apart from the detail that I use vmware :p then I'll try that first then11:10
favromrxmike: I do beleive that is the first time - won't happen again11:12
mu91thello i ve got a tarball   on my pc but i dont know how to install it.... I am using ubuntu11:14
favroyou should be able to  double click the file to open it11:15
[pyro]mu91t: #tar xvfz <filename>11:15
[pyro]then read the README or INSTALL file in the extracted dir11:15
Githzeraimu91t: Install instructions are ususlly in README or INSTALL file within the archive. Have u checked Synaptic/Adept for the program u are looking for ?11:16
mu91tthere is no readme or install file11:16
mu91ti ve downloaded opera browser its not there in synaptic11:16
favromu91t: what is the app?11:16
[pyro]adios, bbl :)11:16
favroopera is in medibuntu11:16
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org11:17
Githzeraimu91t: Opera can be downloaded in .deb packagre from opera.com11:17
Githzeraifavro: opera is in hardy-partner, but old one 9.27. , 9.51 can be downloaded from opera site. ;)11:17
mu91tpyro: i used the command u gave but nothing happened11:18
Githzeraimu91t: http://www.opera.com/download/11:19
favrowell there you go - learn things every day :)11:19
mrxmikeis there something like a packman repost for kubu?11:19
mu91tpyro : wat does the command u just gave do11:20
Githzeraimrxmike: U mean pacman, from Arch Linux? No, but why would it be anyway ?11:20
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mu91tit neither gave any error nor did anything11:22
Githzeraimu91t: what command ?11:23
mu91tgithzeraj: #tar xvfz <filename>11:27
Githzeraimu91t: It's a generic command to extract files from archive: tar -xvfz  /path/to/archive_name_tar.gz  I would strongly recomend you to download and install .deb binary package. It's done with double click, and you don't seem to be, pardon me if I'm wrong, advanced user so u can easily install tarball packages.11:31
jstephanhi @ all11:32
jstephani've got a problem installing ubuntu 8.04 on an notebook, it freezes after some seconds11:33
chairmanis there any other antivirus for kubuntu?11:35
ubottuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2111:36
Tm_Tchairman: klamav?11:36
goatDid you have issues with the laptop before installing Kubuntu?11:40
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chairmanhow do u get that?11:44
mooperwhat happened to /sys/module/processor/parameters/max_cstate11:45
bibsthais there a way to include sent-emails as threads in inbox?11:54
bibsthalike gmail conversation11:54
bibsthai can thread emails alright but they are only incoming emails not outgoing emails11:55
bibsthaim talking about KMail11:55
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xispeI need help removing a raid0, alt cd cant delete the raid says its busy. <--- someone knows how?12:06
xispeactually it doesnt say its busy it says its beeing used or something like that12:06
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favroxispe: the cd might be using the swap on the hard drives12:09
xispeso how can i remove it_12:09
favrofrom the alt cd I wouldn't know12:10
xispeim on a live now12:11
favro!raid | xispe this might have a clue12:11
ubottuxispe this might have a clue: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto12:11
xispei can do it form here12:11
favroxispe: in the live cd open a terminal and type swapoff to let you unmount the swap12:11
favrosudo swapoff maybe12:12
xispewould formating the entire hds solve the problem_12:12
xispeim reading that it might be something called superblocking12:13
xispebut anyway insnt there an easier way?12:15
xispelike formating the complete hds?12:15
favroin gparted you can unmount the swap - what partitioner are you trying with?12:18
xispeswap is not the porlbem12:20
xispei think12:20
xispeive deleted all the partitions12:20
xispebut when i come back and try to do another raid12:20
xispeit wont let me12:20
xispeand the raid shows right again12:20
favroso your changes aren't being saved/used ?12:22
xispeits something that is written down on the HD12:23
xispesomething about superblocking12:23
xispei think12:23
=== root is now known as Guest55841
favroI don't use raid - maybe someone that does will offer help...12:24
Guest55841server irc.oltreirc.net12:26
istvan_hello, how do I edit services that are executed when a CD or DVD is put in the drive?12:47
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mrxmikecan anyone please backport VLC from Intrepid to Hardy thx13:36
frybyeHi - how to stop ignored contacts showing on the kopete main group of contacts from yahoo-messenger account??13:45
frybye- seem to be no responses on #kopete13:46
Likkii would like to type in japanese...but i dont know how13:46
frybyeyou mean you dont know how to set up kubuntu for japaneese language or...?13:47
Likkii can set up in japanese language13:47
Likkibut i can:t type in japanese13:47
Likkii can:t input japanese characters +)13:47
bazhang!info skim13:48
ubottuskim (source: skim): smart common input method platform for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.5-4ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 1235 kB, installed size 2716 kB13:48
Likkii have read some info about that13:48
frybyesorry I dont have a clue...? what does google say (japanese fonts in kubuntu""  )13:48
Likkii installed scim-anthy13:48
bazhanginstall skim Likki13:48
Likkibut...its not working13:48
Likkiyea i have installed scim-anthy13:48
Likkithat's for japanese input13:48
Likkibut i don't know how to run13:48
Likkii used terminal n typed scim13:49
bazhangneed to set up the global engine Likki13:49
Likkiglobal engine?13:49
bazhangLikki, first add the applet to panel13:49
Likkibazhang: i added that application into the panel already13:51
Likkin then?13:51
Likkii don't know whether i did it right13:51
bazhangthen right click configure13:51
Likkibut i jz add applet, choose application n use scim as the execute command13:52
Likkibut yea, its working n can see a small keyboard taskicon13:52
bazhangLikki, there should be a small keyboard icon there13:52
Likkilet me see13:52
bazhangset to your language13:53
bazhangand configure the hotkeys to start it Likki13:53
Likkifront end --> global setup?13:53
Likkito turn it on13:53
bazhangLikki, what are you typing Japanese in? Firefox or other13:53
Likkiwill it work?13:54
bazhangquick-locale-switcher for ff (a plugin) Likki13:54
Likkii set the hot key to turn on scim already...13:54
Likkishould i restart scim?13:54
bazhanghttps://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1333 Likki13:55
Likkiok i m reading on that now13:55
bazhangLikki, after installing that you need to restart ff, choose language, then restart again13:56
bazhangLikki, if you want to use Japanese in irc, then right click the text box and choose input method.13:57
Likkii can:t13:58
bazhangLikki, cant what13:58
Likkii have set the global hot key13:59
Likkito turn on the scim13:59
Likkii set it to ctrl+alt+j13:59
Likkibut when i do this hot key13:59
Likkinothing happened13:59
Likkii remember there used to be a crown icon14:00
Likkithat allows me to switch to different japanese symbols14:00
bazhangLikki, just left click the icon and set to japanese-anthy14:00
bazhangwhich yes has a crown14:00
bazhangLikki, it is problematic with ff though, so I use the plugin I linked for you.14:02
Likki[15:00] <bazhang> Likki, just left click the icon and set to japanese-anthy14:02
Likkiu mean the keyboard icon?14:02
Likkiright-click n setup?14:02
bazhangLikki, for irc yes; for ff use the addon14:02
Likkibazhang: there is no crown icon yet +)14:03
bazhangLikki, first setup yes.14:03
bazhangthen restart and once it is done you can choose which language for irc, documents etc.14:03
Likkibazhang: sorry, but what else should i setup other than the hotkey?14:06
Likkii already set my hotkey14:06
bazhangLikki, hotkey setup is tricky; be sure you did it right. Took me a few tries :)14:07
Likkilet me try14:07
Likkibazhang: when it works14:07
Likkithe crown icon will pop up right?14:07
bazhangLikki, when it works then you can left click the icon and choose japanese-anthy or use hotkey yes14:08
bazhangI set mine badly, so I am often going into Japanese :)14:08
Likkibazhang: front end-->global setup-->under hotkeys settings14:13
bazhangLikki, yes that is it.14:13
Likkithat's where i need to set right?14:13
Likkii set already14:13
Likkilets see whether it works14:13
bazhangnow restart it14:14
Likkirestart scim?14:14
Likkiok i restart that scim thingy14:15
Likkithe same keyboard icon appeared again14:15
Likkin i tried my hotkey14:15
Likkinot working :(14:15
Likkiwhen i apply my hotkey, nothing happened14:15
bazhangshould be right click restart configuration Likki14:15
Likkireload configuration?14:15
Likkibazhang: it was working after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:17
bazhangLikki, nice work :)14:17
Likkii m using konversation as my irc client14:17
Likkiits not working here, but it works on xchat14:18
Likkithe thing i used to see appeared when i use the hotkey14:18
Likkiso i jz need to find the trick for konversation later14:18
Likkibazhang: i have already installed the ff plugin u gave me14:18
Likkin its showing japanese characters by default now14:18
bazhangLikki, good news14:19
Likkibut how to type in japanese?14:19
bazhangtype desu and it will switch14:19
liarhey can anybody help me? i deleted my Desktop folder and now everything what was in my home folder is on the desktop i tried to create a Desktop folder and restart kdm but there is still the wrong content on the desktop14:20
Likkibazhang: i typed desu, but it didn't switch14:21
Likkiis there any settings i should set for that?14:22
bazhangLikki, let me open firefox and try here14:22
bazhangぃいき;it works with crown set on scim/skim14:23
bazhangerr sorry Likki14:23
Likkibut i can't turn on my scim in ff14:26
bazhangLikki, in ff go to tools quick-locale-switcher and choose japanese; it will apply locales and then ask you to restart. then choose crown icon on panel and type in ff14:28
Likkik bazhang let me try14:30
liarnobody can help me? are there any settings wrong and in wich file?14:31
Likkisorry liar, i m a beginner myself14:32
Likkibazhang: its weird, its only working in xchat so far, i tried in ff, in kopete, in konversation...i can't turn on scim14:37
Likkiis it bcos of the hotkey problem?14:37
bazhangLikki, then hotkeys or global engine were not setup; iirc it is skim for kubuntu not scim14:37
keisergboxhi all14:38
Likkiwhta is the difference between skim n scim?14:38
bazhangLikki, see the 'k' ?14:40
bazhangeg Kopete, Konversation etc14:41
Likkihow do i set for skim then?14:43
bazhangneed to install it first Likki14:43
bazhangcheck in adept; there is more than one package iirc14:44
bazhang!find skim14:45
ubottuFound: libskim-dev, libskim0, skim, skim-scim-pinyin14:45
Likkiok i installed skim already14:46
Likkihow do i set it?14:48
Likkibazhang: i installed skim already, do u know how i can set it?14:52
bazhangLikki, add to panel and setup there; alternately go into kde menu and choose skim setup14:53
Likkii tried to run skim in terminal14:54
Likkinothing happened...no error msg no nothing14:54
bazhangbest to choose from gui menu :)14:54
Likkin i tried to run "skim - KDE inpu method" in the menu under utilities, its not working either14:54
Likkino reaction14:55
bazhangthat is odd14:55
Likkii check whether i still need to install more on skim15:00
Likkii have installed everything on skim15:03
Likkibut i still can't set the settings for skim :(15:04
Likkibazhang: how do u normally do it?15:04
Likkibazhang: for skim?15:04
bazhangLikki, as I said it took me a few tries to get it going; the global setup then reload configuration should do it15:06
bazhangLikki, I would change the hotkeys that you have though.15:06
Likkiok let me try again15:06
visik7hi guys15:16
visik7will kubuntu 8.10 still a kde3 based distro ?15:16
_oggyvisik7: iirc no, it will use kde 4.115:18
visik7so will drop the support of kde3  ?15:18
Likkibazhang: it seems to be working on konversation now15:21
bazhangLikki, nice15:22
Likkibut i thought last time, it used to has a global effect?15:22
Likkionce u switch to japanese15:22
Likkiwhatever u type will be affected in all of ur apps right bazhang?15:23
_oggyvisik7: don't know, sorry15:23
bazhangLikki, should do yes15:23
mrxmikecan i use compiz-box on hardy with kde 4.1.1?15:24
Likkibazhang: あ15:27
Likkilol i can type in konversation15:27
bazhangLikki, good work :)15:28
Likkibut the main prob is still ff15:28
Likkii can't type my email in jap :(15:28
bazhanginstalled that plugin yet?15:28
Likkilol unless i type in kwrite15:28
Likkithen copy paste15:28
bazhangneed to switch languages then restart ff15:29
Likkii switched to jap, n it asks me to restart15:29
bazhangalso make sure all the locales for ff are installed15:29
Likkii restarted...15:29
Likkin it started showing jap as default15:29
Likkitick all of the locales?15:29
bazhangff has its own separate language files15:29
Dragonathmy ipod isn't responding to unmount commands, is there any way I could kill the power to the usb socket it's in to make it think I shut down my pc?15:30
SimmyJhey guys, i'm using kubuntu 7 and the keyboard is messed (the windows key doesn't work)15:32
Likkibazhang: i did what u told me, switch to jap locale in ff, n restarted...but still can't type in jap :(15:32
SimmyJany one know how to fix this?15:32
LikkiSimmyJ: maybe u need to specify what keyboard u r using?15:32
Likkito ur KDE15:32
Likkii had problem like that once15:32
DragonathSimmyJ: it's possibly something to do with your X configuration15:33
SimmyJcan x affect the modifier keys?15:35
SimmyJi should check that out15:35
SimmyJthanks Dragonath15:35
DragonathI distinctly recall the X configuration asking me what keyboard I have15:36
Dragonathso changing it there should probably have an effect15:36
neWbieafter using the hibernate function, at reboot the screen appears in a grey scale and with a grey thick line on the left side... graphic is not good...??? y?15:37
WalexneWbie: thanks for letting us know.15:46
neWbiethank you Walex for letting me know that your grateful for letting you know15:47
neWbienow, do you have a solution?15:47
WalexneWbie: we are sorry, but our psychic advisors are all busy on other astral planes.15:47
neWbiebut i want no others Walex, i want you, don't you have enough skills?15:48
* Walex regrettably is not clairvoyant15:48
neWbiehow unfortunate15:49
SimmyJnow another problem... when i login to kde it doesn't work.. just a blank screen and nothing happens15:49
SimmyJi can use failsafe and then run startkde15:50
SimmyJor kdestart... whatever itis, and that works15:50
SimmyJbut how do i fix it so it'll start up upon login?15:50
WalexSimmyJ: you too seem a bit optimistic about the availability of our psychic advisors.15:51
WalexSimmyJ: what does "login to kde it doesn't work.. just a blank screen" mean?15:51
SimmyJWalex: enter user name, enter password. press enter. (kdm login screen).15:52
SimmyJWalex: nothing happens. just a blue background... for ever.15:52
SimmyJwell, for as long as i can make myself wait15:52
WalexSimmyJ: then perhaps your loging scripts are not quite running right. Check the xsession logs in your home dir.15:53
WalexSimmyJ: for example your login script may be prompting for something and waiting for a reply forever.15:53
kubuntu_undergruond city pada kemana ny rang nya15:56
SimmyJWalex: i'll pastebin what i have... http://pastebin.com/d53a6bf7d15:58
JuJuBeeIm using cssh to control the computers in my room.  How do I update using cli?15:59
WalexSimmyJ: that's very odd but not very informative. Also try to see using 'ps axf' the process tree when the GDM is waiting.16:00
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SimmyJWalex: kdm, not gdm.16:02
SimmyJWalex: does that make any difference?16:02
WalexSimmyJ: should not, but then you seem to be starting GNOME.16:02
SimmyJWalex: that's what i thought!16:02
SimmyJman this system is just messed :(16:02
WalexSimmyJ: check then the process tree to see what's hanging. Also, put 'set -x' in your login/rc scripts so what they do gets written to the xsession log.16:03
SimmyJoh.. that's a new trick16:03
SimmyJwhere exactly do i put set -x ?16:03
WalexSimmyJ: neat the beginning of the script.16:04
SimmyJi'm not sure which script you mean16:05
SimmyJalso.. in kubuntu kcontrol seems to be replaced with settings manager?  how do I disable kmilo?16:05
SimmyJi think it's messing up a few things for me.16:05
SimmyJactually.. you know what.16:06
SimmyJforget it16:06
SimmyJi'm gonna reinstall this machine16:06
SimmyJthere is just too many things that are wrong, leading me to beleive even if i fix what i know is wrong thre will still be more that i do not know that is wrong.16:06
Likkianybody knows16:25
Likkiwhat application can i use16:25
Likkito type in japanese?16:25
Likkii still can't get my ff to type in japanese16:26
Likkiso at least if i can type in another application in japanese, n then jz copy paste the text to the ff16:26
Likkithen i still can reply email in japanese16:26
Likkianybody can help me16:26
neWbiehello how do i remove gnome completely?16:27
ubuntuhola a todos16:27
Likkioh kedit works16:29
infectohello, i think i`m not first in here16:39
infectoi install intrepid ibex and ...16:39
infectoi need kde3 ;)16:39
infectois there some repo with kde3 for intrepid?16:39
infectocause kde4 is not ready to use in my opinion.16:42
kkathmanI am experiencing an issue with the mplayer plug in I guess in Firefox...getting audio just fine, but no video...any ideas?16:45
apple_There maybe something wrong when you install the mplayer16:46
Darkhoundwhen i type SU my autentication fails?16:53
Darkhoundwhat is the root passowrd or how do i chagne it?16:53
siegieDarkhound, root disabled by default, you can use sudo -i instead16:54
Darkhoundwhy is it disabled by default?16:54
Darkhoundany reason for that?16:54
Darkhoundwhat is sudo -i for?16:54
siegiegives the same result16:54
siegieas su -16:54
Darkhoundi see.. but can you give me a reson for why is su disabled?16:54
Darkhoundand how i can endable it16:55
siegiethe advantages are on the wiki16:56
grendal_primewhy cant i send something TO my laptop FROM my phone with bluetooth.  It works the otherway around?16:57
Darkhoundok also16:57
Darkhoundi am trying to installthe java runtime envrontment16:57
Darkhoundit is a bin file16:57
Darkhoundhow do i install it?16:57
grendal_primesudo -s16:58
siegieDarkhound, java is in the repo's , why do you install with a .bin16:58
grendal_primeput in YOUR password(meaning the loged in users password)16:58
Darkhoundi cant seem to find it16:58
grendal_primethen run your bin..or ya just install with the repo..100 times easyer16:58
Darkhoundhow do i find it in the repos?16:59
grendal_primeanyone any good with bluetooth stuffs?16:59
grendal_primeopen synaptic package manager16:59
grendal_primesearch  java16:59
Darkhoundsynaptic... i just adept whre do i find it17:00
squidya personne?17:00
grendal_primeactually look for sun-java17:01
grendal_primeno habla french17:01
squidnobody speak french?17:02
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr17:02
grendal_primenon je ne parle le français17:04
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snyhhola is Italy's hi?17:13
dr_willisI though Hola was spanish..17:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kino17:19
amerigo! kino17:20
jussi01!info kino17:20
ubottukino (source: kino): Non-linear editor for Digital Video data. In component main, is extra. Version 1.1.1-1ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 4235 kB, installed size 9260 kB17:20
amerigograzie iussi17:20
jussi01!it | amerigo17:20
ubottuamerigo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)17:20
lingshanespañoles q usen kmail en KDE 4.1.1?17:21
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:21
amerigono i don't want to speak italian ... i've just thinked you was Italian17:22
amerigoanybody has information about KINO?17:24
dr_willis!info kino17:29
ubottukino (source: kino): Non-linear editor for Digital Video data. In component main, is extra. Version 1.1.1-1ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 4235 kB, installed size 9260 kB17:29
dr_willisI rember i couldent get it to do what i wanted. :)17:29
mhallMan I tried setting up this laptop to dual boot with the OEM Windows but that Windows was so full of garbage I had to trash it. HP 8510w Mobile Workstation + Kubuntu == Retarded awesome.17:32
mhallThe better Linux gets the more I despise Windows.17:33
mhallMy next programming job is going to be UNIX I hope.17:33
mhallI am getting real tired of my Windows job... to the point where I write all the code on UNIX (thank God it's Java) and then move it to Windows after it's done.17:34
rickestmhall: hear, hear17:35
draikI did a recent upgrade and this is the error message I received...17:37
draikErrors were encountered while processing:17:37
draik mysql-server-5.017:37
draik mysql-server17:37
draikE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)17:37
penlosthi can anyon help with flash player for firefox? I cannot see vids in you tube17:38
mhallThis laptop is a gnarly computer too.17:38
mhallCore 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, 120GB 7200, 1920x1200 screen, and a Quadro17:38
SimmyJooh nice mhall17:39
SimmyJwhat video chipset?17:39
penlostI hav adobe flash installed, it can play the video and i can hear it but not see it ! just a black screen17:41
mhallSimmyJ: FX570M I think17:43
mhallSimmyJ: it's fkn awesome... i think perhaps more responsive than my dual opteron desktop17:43
SimmyJcompiz installed yet? :)17:44
mhallSimmyJ: kwin at the moment17:45
mhallbut funny you mention it17:45
mhallam reading compiz website hahahaha17:45
mhallSimmyJ: what do i need to do to enable it17:46
mhallam used to deban which has nosexy wizards like kubuntu does lol17:46
draikHow can I fix the error from apt?   E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)17:46
xomphi, just installed kubuntu. Is there any good media players for KDE? I used to use Gnome but now my media files won't play (asks me for a program to play them and I don't know what to choose).17:47
Githzeraidraik: depends on error. What was the exact output? I gave a short version ... ;)17:47
mhallxomp: kaffeine, xine, and mplayer17:48
xompmhall, danke :)17:48
Githzeraixomp: amarok for audio files....17:48
mhallxomp: kaffeine has kde look but uses xine backend usually which makes it my first choice for media playing needs17:48
mhallxomp: oh yeah, and Githzerai is right, amarok is the most hardcore music player... evar. lol!17:48
draikGithzerai: Let me use Pastebin17:49
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)17:49
xompmhall, kaffeine good for playing mpg, avi, divx etc?17:49
mhallxomp: yeah anything that works in xine... xine supports damn near everything17:49
mhallxomp: but on those occasions where xine can't do it for some reason, then mplayer comes in very handy17:49
draikGithzerai: http://paste.ubuntu.com/46303/17:49
xompcool thanks :)17:49
mhallxomp: also kaffeine and xine-ui are a lot easier to use than mplayer17:50
xompmhall, oh, that reminds me, does Kaffeine play .flv's?17:51
mhallxomp: hmm i dunno. i know what flv's are but haven't had to play any.17:51
mhallxomp: that sounds like a case where you might need mplayer though17:52
mhallxomp: some real weird proprietary formats don't work in xine17:52
mhallxomp: another good player option is VLC17:52
draikGithzerai: http://paste.ubuntu.com/46308/         Hope this one helps too17:52
mhallxomp: it was created by DVD Jon who cracked the dvd encryption, and a bunch of his friends, as the first really good Linux player17:53
mhallxomp: so it's been around a long time, and DVD Jon doesn't fuck around when it comes to media players.17:53
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eyzeehi every body17:54
Githzeraidraik: Truj sudo dpkg --configure -a17:54
xompyeah I just tested it with an .flv, doesn't seem to support it but thats ok :3 only had 1 flv anyways heh17:54
Githzeraidraik: sorry :) Try sudo dpkg --configure -a ;)17:54
draikGithzerai: It's ok. I deal with typos all day long. I understoodedated.17:55
eyzeedoes anyone know how to open an executable file17:55
draikeyzee: WINE?17:55
Githzeraieyzee: What cind of executable ?17:55
draikGithzerai: No, still the same.17:55
eyzee...like real player17:56
draikeyzee: There is realplayer for Kubuntu17:56
eyzee..yah i know but real player for windows17:56
eyzeeeven wine i can't open after i download17:57
Githzeraidraik: sudo dpkg -i --force-all /var/cache/apt/archives/mysql-*17:57
eyzeeis there a difference between ubuntu and kubuntu?17:58
=== Hondo_Kitsune is now known as HK_Away
draikeyzee: Just the look17:58
eyzeecoz my os is edubuntu17:58
Githzeraieyzee: You don't need the real player just codecs, makes life much easier17:58
mhalldraik: typos are OK... what i worry about is thinkos17:59
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draikGithzerai: http://paste.ubuntu.com/46309/17:59
xompheh I'm on KDE 3.5.8. Guess I got some updating to do eh? :317:59
draikmhall: Thinkos... are they the result of holding in a fart that it then travels up your spine and ends in your brain thus producing a sh*tty idea?18:00
eyzee..i think i read that message from an sms18:00
mhalldraik: that's one interpretation... and a pretty hilarious one at that18:01
eyzeecan codecs open an exec file?18:01
Githzeraidraik: For some reason mysql startup scrip doesn't start. try sudo /etc/init.d/mysqld start and see the output18:01
eyzeegithzerai: can codecs open exec file18:02
draikmhall: The actual quote is "Don't hold in your farts. They travel up your spine and into your brain to give you crappy ideas"18:02
draikGithzerai: sudo: /etc/init.d/mysqld: command not found18:02
eyzeedraik: i liked the first version you've mention18:03
eyzee...sorry guys for bothering yah all coz i cant seem to grasp the system of ubuntu18:04
Githzeraidraik: command is:  sudo /etc/init.d/mysqld start18:06
Githzeraiwith "start"18:06
draikI did18:06
draiksudo /etc/init.d/mysqld start18:06
draiksudo: /etc/init.d/mysqld: command not found18:06
draikI copy/paste commands18:06
EagleScreencd /etc/init.d18:07
EagleScreensudo ./mysql start18:07
EagleScreensudo ./mysqld start18:07
draikEagleScreen: I went to /etc/init.d/ and did "ls". mysqld does not exist18:08
Githzeraidraik: Than we have a mayor problem with package, as startup script is not a part of it....18:09
EagleScreendid u installes it?18:09
draikEagleScreen: I did "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" and that's when I got the issue18:10
EagleScreendraik i have never used mysql, i dont know what to do18:12
draikTo my recollection, neither have I18:13
raven24have you tried to reinstall it? i.e. remove (with --purge) and install again18:14
draikmysqld is not a package18:15
draikI just tried to install it18:15
draikE: Couldn't find package mysqld18:15
Githzeraidraik: no it's a scrip which should be a part of mysql-server package....18:16
raven24no, mysqld is not a package, but mysql-server is18:16
draikShould I reinstall mysql-server?18:17
raven24yes ... but if you have databases already make a backup first!18:17
draikI have none18:19
draikHow do I reinstall?18:19
raven24first remove it18:19
raven24sudo apt-get --purge remove mysql-server18:19
Githzeraidraik: sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server && sudo apt-get install mysql-server18:20
draikI thought I've seen a --reinstall option before, guess I'm wrong.18:20
jerome_le channel français il est ou?18:21
Githzerai!fr | jerome_18:21
ubottujerome_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr18:21
draikGithzerai: raven24: http://paste.ubuntu.com/46317/18:22
Githzeraidraik: Yes u have reinstall option, but it wouldn't remove config files.... This way it will18:22
=== HK_Away is now known as Hondo_Kitsune
Githzeraidraik: Little confusion :) mysql-server is a metapackage which depends on mysql-server-5.0, so above command should be:  sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server-5.0 && sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.018:24
draikOk. Running it now18:25
draikGithzerai: http://paste.ubuntu.com/46320/18:27
Githzeraidraik: It's an obvious package bug, and should be reported....18:28
KDEuserWhy konqueror cant find any webpage? My internet works without any problems, but konqueror just cant find any page (gives An error occurred while loading http://www.google.com: Could not connect to host http://www.google.com/. error), and I have chek'd options, but still it dosent find any page, firefox had same problem, but it fixed when I trun from offine to online mode, so how I can do same with konqueror?18:31
raven24draik: could you try to remove mysql-server-5.0 and then install mysql-server (the meta-package) ... maybe that could work18:34
vassiliKDEuser: i need progrm to change size in the photos. Do you now any?18:37
KDEusergimp maybe?18:37
vassilihmm/ Gimp - editor18:37
vassilii tray18:37
vassili1 moment18:37
kalorinvassili: you could use image magic18:39
kalorinit's a command line batch program that could resize your images18:39
jussi01vassili: gimp will do it fine18:39
vassilii tray18:39
KDEuserSo are I only who have probmlems with konqueror?18:39
jussi01vassili: in gimp, imager -> scale image18:40
raven24seems like it...18:40
jussi01KDEuser: what problems?18:40
KDEuserWhy konqueror cant find any webpage? My internet works without any problems, but konqueror just cant find any page (gives An error occurred while loading http://www.google.com: Could not connect to host http://www.google.com/. error), and I have chek'd options, but still it dosent find any page, firefox had same problem, but it fixed when I trun from offine to online mode, so how I can do same with konqueror?18:40
raven24so, you can browse with firefox, ping, etc. only konqueror won't work18:41
jussi01KDEuser: open konqeror, then put this in the address bar please:
jussi01(that jkust google ip FYI)18:42
KDEuserraven24: yes18:42
KDEuserjussi01: doesent work :\18:42
jussi01oh, you can browse with firefox?18:42
rickestis 'Offline' checked under the File menu?18:42
raven24how do you connect to the internet?18:42
KDEuserbut I dont have that installed at this moment (I have reinstalled kubuntu for some reasons..)18:42
KDEuserrickest: theres no "file" menu18:43
KDEuserraven24: kppp18:43
KDEuserwait o moment ->18:43
raven24do you start kppp as root (sudo) or with your user18:44
rickestComment #4 /might/ help:  https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=20348318:44
ubottubugzilla.novell.com bug 203483 in KDE "Konqueror Locks into Work Offline Mode" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]18:44
KDEuserraven24: Im not sure, user I quess18:45
KDEuserdamn GPRS18:45
raven24then it may be that kppp is unable to set the routes (dns server, etc.) ... try it with18:45
raven24kdesudo kppp18:45
raven24and re-enter your connection settings and try to connect18:46
KDEuserI cant try that at this moment, 'cause I'm dowloading mp3 support..18:46
raven24oh... then later18:46
KDEuserand because I'm using GPRS, its slow as hell18:46
raven24yeah ... i know it too well18:47
KDEuser6.0kb/s :q18:47
KDEuserone reason why I'm saving some money for new phone..18:47
draikraven24: Removed mysql-server-5.0 and installed mysql-server. Still the same issue.18:48
KDEuserI have downloading it for 2h 52min >:(18:49
raven24draik: that's very bad... try google-ing your output...18:49
draikI have. Not much help.18:49
raven24draik: have you installed AppArmour? I saw it on yout output ... do you need it? maybe thats causing troubles18:50
draikI never recall installing it.18:50
RurouniJonesapparmour is installed by default methinks18:50
RurouniJonesAt least it was on mine18:51
raven24is it the server-version or the desktop?18:51
draikPossibly. I think it was something that came along for the ride of another install if it is installed and I never typed it in.18:51
KDEuserI'll continue playing goldeneye ->18:51
raven24i think then you can remove it ... and try to install mysql again18:52
draikI have uninstalled it18:52
draikI do not know about reinstalling until requested.18:52
raven24you could also try, when mysql is removed, to remove the mysql-folder in /etc, and every other mysql folder you can possibly find18:54
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vbgunz__On Hardy 8.04 using 3.5.9 I lost all of my root icons... the only thing I did right before I noticed this was I deleted the roots kthememanager 'themes' folder. I wanted to symlink my themes folder into it's place... but no matter what I do now, root has no icons :(19:01
vbgunz__when I select new icons in kcontrol for root, they get partially recognized... meaning some of them ever show up leaving the rest of root mode looking broken19:02
raven24you are actually not supposed to login as root ...19:03
vbgunz__raven24: I didn't. I used kdesu to go into konqueror and deleted the themes folder there, then symlinked my folder into its place.19:04
oklinuxthere you are trappist19:04
vbgunz__as for why the icons got botched is beyond me19:05
raven24interesting... you can try to remove the .kde folder in root's homedir and re-login ... it should get created with the default-everything19:06
vbgunz__yeah, that worked but I didn't want to do that... heh, no biggie.19:07
vbgunz__I just won't symlink my themes folder I guess19:08
raven24i think a symlink just isn't good enough ;-)19:08
raven24you could try a hardlink19:09
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vbgunz__hmmm... it just happened again... i didn't symlink this time. I only selected a theme from my home directory... no messing with icons fixes this...19:11
raven24strange ... which icons exactly disappear?19:13
vbgunz__heh. all of them19:14
vbgunz__I have no idea why this theme is doing this...19:14
vbgunz__even if I select a set from the icons in kcontrol, that doesn't help19:14
raven24very weird ...19:15
raven24and with the default theme all icons re-appear ... hopefully?19:15
ahmoshi, does any one know a good programme for converting audio19:17
raven24ahmos: which format?19:18
ahmosflac to mp3 , but if it handles more formats then it will be better raven2419:19
raven24sudo apt-get install audacity19:19
raven24just open the file and export as mp319:19
ahmosi'll try it19:19
ahmosraven24 can i ask you why audacity don't support mixer recording19:21
neerajhow to go in ubuntu chanel19:22
raven24sorry, i don't know ..19:22
ahmosthank you raven2419:22
neerajok thanks everyone19:23
vbgunz__well.. that was very weird... I only wanted the color scheme which is very different from my normal user... anyhow, icons and everything seems back to normal19:24
bobbo85Hi all, I can't seem to open .rar files.  ark will open and say no archive was found...19:40
neerajsis graphics driver is not available ?19:45
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ahau_hola ?19:46
=== ahau_ is now known as ahau
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ArtimusI'm having trouble with audio in Amarok skipping.  Kaffeine and mplayer playback audio just fine.  Any suggestions?  I've tried disabling arts, no luck.19:59
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bobbo85Artimus, I dunno about that - my best guesses would be 1) check which audio engine it's using, 2)maybe the database mysql is really overloaded with your library - sometimes using the full sql thing works better20:01
bobbo85I'm a newb though20:02
Artimusbobbo85: It's using xine with alsa or arts.  And I don't even have a database setup yet, I just copied five tracks or so into a playlist20:03
Artimusbobbo85: But thanks anyway20:03
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xomphow to change Konq from being my default web browser to Firefox?20:14
TimSI've done a Safely Remove on my iPod classic, is that all I need to do before I can disconnect, or do I need to do anything else?20:14
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod20:15
xompn/m sorted it out :)20:16
bobbo85I made a script for amarok to delete the current song, called it delsong.sh and made an "input action" keyboard shortcut to it...  the combo works, and the song gets deleted, but I get an error message that kubuntu could not find the program "delsong.sh" anyway... any ideas?20:19
Danuhi i need some help i can't watch videos in konqueror20:20
Alex135is there any major downside or reason why i shouldn't have a XFS partition mounted as /home ?20:26
Mighty-DAlex135: i cant think of any20:33
SkEmOsweet home oklahomo!20:33
Alex135(had messed up my laptop so i thought i would make it easy next time it happens to have the home partition seperate from the OS20:33
Lokiasehello, does anyone knows a good linux-noob-irc?20:33
Lokiasei don't know which distro to choose :(20:34
Alex135ubuntu is easy to start out with20:34
Alex135its compatable with just about everything20:34
Mighty-DAlex135: it is preferably to use diferent partitions for /home /usr/ var /opt /tmp and /20:34
Lokiaseits for a Pentium 2, i tried ubuntu, kubuntu and knoppix, all to slow20:35
Mighty-DLokiase: if you are new to linux ubuntu/kubuntu is your best bet, then you can try other flavors like gentoo or slackware20:35
Alex135feather linux? :p20:35
lexcan I set up samba in that order that files on my kubuntu box can only be downloaded from and not opened from? i want to make a share folder with some windows computers, and i want them to be able only to download and then open files, and not open them from my hard drive???20:35
Mighty-DLokiase: for legacy hardware i *always* use slackware, i was running an old 100 Mhz 16MB RAM computer this morning20:35
Lokiaseit needs to be a distro with internet and wine...20:35
Lokiaseslackware? is internet and wine possible?20:36
Mighty-DLokiase: sure20:36
Alex135Lokiase: Ubuntu is probably slow because you dont have the video card excelleration installed20:36
lexwine and old hardware is a nono i think. it eats memory and cpu20:36
Mighty-DLokiase: Why do you need wine?20:36
gx009did you look into Xubuntu, Lokiase20:36
lexinternet is possibile on any linux installation20:36
Alex135Mighty-D: probably so, however i can deal with the problems of reinstalling my software, i just need to be able to keep my home directory (as all my settings, email, files, and all other fun junk is stored there)20:37
LokiaseI need wine because i have to run software wich is created for linux...20:37
Lokiasefor windows :)20:37
Alex135well yes, however wine doesn't work well with old hardware, as windows software is not alwase compatable to use in wine20:38
lexLokiase: why not find linux alternatives? what software?20:38
Alex135and old hardware just slows it all down20:38
rickestlex: no, you'll need some kind of CMS for that kind of control20:38
Mighty-DLokiase: im not sure if legacy hardware is good for a start, since there are a *LOT* of tunning options, however you will find your learning curve very interesting20:38
lexrickest: thank   you. i was affraid of that20:38
Lokiasethat software ;)20:39
Lokiaseonly possible in windows, no other option20:39
Mighty-Dwhat does aldfaer do?20:39
Alex135is there a site in english?20:39
kudar_i have hardy.. can i upgrade to 2.6.26?20:39
Alex135kudar_: yes you should be able to20:40
Alex135kudar_: no reason why you shouldn't be able to20:40
Lokiasethe only option is that program, it must be part of my system:)20:40
lexAlex135: how can i upgrade to newest kernel?20:40
TimSOkay, could someone help? In amarok, every time I put music on my iPod it just becomes orphaned tracks, how can I prevent this from happening?20:40
TimSI can't get the damned thing to work :(20:40
TimSIt just fails to write to the iPod database20:40
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages20:40
lexTimS: did you try to write to ipod from konqueror?20:41
TimSIt doesn't write to the database20:42
TimSI can add files fine20:42
TimSThe tracks I've put on just show up as orphaned20:42
Alex135TimS: put linux on the ipod20:42
Alex135TimS: would probably work better20:42
TimSIt wont go on classics20:42
jussi01!ipod | TimS, been through this?20:42
ubottuTimS, been through this?: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod20:43
Lokiasecan someone help me? :$20:43
TimSIt had no information of any use20:43
TimSIt told me what I was going already20:43
TimSPlease don't tell me I have to switch back to windows and use iTunes20:44
kudar_what repository do i need to get the newest kernal?20:45
Daisuke_Idothe NEWEST newest kernel?20:45
Daisuke_Idoyou're going to have to compile it yourself20:45
Daisuke_Idobecause hardy is .2420:45
ubottuAlpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!20:45
Alex135there is no repo... the ones around in the ubuntu repo are the only ones so far supported by ubuntu20:45
Daisuke_Idoyou're going to have to go to the next release, which is still alpha, to get .2620:46
kudar_im trying to see if .26 will help my wireless speed20:46
LokiaseHello all, I have an old Pentium II 266mhz and 512 mb ram... i'm looking for a linux to go on the internet and run one softwareprogram with wine... wich should I choose?20:46
Alex135Lokiase: we know... we told you and you what to do20:47
oklinuxtrappist Im installing ubuntu20:47
LokiaseAlex135: no i don't understand, what?20:47
Alex135Lokiase: linux is a lot of work to start up with old hardware such as you ahve20:48
Daisuke_IdoLokiase: with the specs you just game, your hopes of getting a full-featured distro going (AND having wine available) are slim20:48
darrell_Look here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57545620:48
darrell_The lightest distro with WINE I used was RudyPuppy20:48
Daisuke_Idoso as much as it hurts, if you're mostly concerned with running something through wine, you're better off with windows20:49
Daisuke_Idoand believe me, it hurts to say that.20:49
twylightI broke apt again20:51
twylighthow do I reset it20:51
W9ZEBwhere might I find the power management application in Kubuntu?20:52
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »20:52
W9ZEBit's not under system-settings like I expected it to be.20:52
twylightdatabase area is locked by another process20:53
twylightthere, it's fixed20:55
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jussi01!nickspam > vaduzzz20:59
ubottuvaduzzz, please see my private message20:59
jyosephI am trying to use a USB headset for sound. I can see the headset in KMix and even use the dial to turn the volume up and down. But I cannot hear anything20:59
jyosephcan someone give me some quick advice?20:59
jyosephso my computer recognizes it, but I can't hear anything21:00
jussi01jyoseph: asoundconf list  then asound set-default-card <name of headset>21:00
kkathmanI am having a really annoying problem with mplayer in firefox it sometimes works and sometimes doesnt...but for sure, doesnt show any video, but Opera seems to work fine21:01
jyosephjussi01: awesome, the first command shows Intel and Headset21:01
jyosephthe secont command says command not found21:01
jyosephset-default-card Headset21:01
jussi01you need the asounconf21:02
jyosephSorry I should have warned you I'm a linux noob21:02
jussi01try this one now21:02
jussi01asoundconf set-default-card Headset21:02
jyosephcool, that took... do I need to restart my machine?21:03
jussi01jyoseph: just the app you are using21:03
jyosephah, ok21:03
* jussi01 -> out21:04
jyosephjussi01: awesome!21:04
MetaMorfoziSHi all21:06
MetaMorfoziShow can i check that what is changed between two package version?21:06
MetaMorfoziSFor example what ubuntu messes with sudo now?21:06
twylightwhat in the hell is xincludes21:10
ubottuWhen a program or configure script asks for "X includes", you should probably install the following package: xorg-dev21:10
twylightthank you21:10
Alex135ubottu is a bot21:10
ubottuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.21:10
Alex135... :P21:11
Alex135that was weird21:11
twylightjesus that's a lot of packages21:12
psycholicanyone  know of a good program to open a .iso file?21:22
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.21:22
psycholicthanks stdin21:23
jeanettehi folks21:29
jeanettei'm having som problems with getting hardy installed on a brand new machine21:30
jeanettethe "amd64" kde4 cd doesn't want to do anything sane21:30
jeanetteafter selecting the language and then "Install..." it boots a kernel, whirrs for a few seconds with the normal kubuntu splash'21:31
jeanettethen it dumps me in a busybox prompt21:31
jeanettenormal busybox, nothing running21:31
jeanetteno errors, nothing21:32
jeanetteeverything stops and i can play with my "new kubuntu"21:32
jeanettei did think kde4 would be more fancy than busybox...21:32
jeanetteno other console contains anything of use, nor dmesg in the busybox shell21:33
jeanetteany hints?21:34
jeanettesame as there. no solutions21:35
jeanettesomeone says: "Likely a video conflict. Reboot the LiveCD and choose Safe Graphics (VGA) mode from the F4 option (if I remember correctly)."21:36
jeanetteno go, it does the same21:36
jeanetteseems it can be made to install, but 80% of all boots in the future will end up in a similar busybox shell21:42
kudari share my love equally amongst you all21:42
jeanettesuggest to enter "irqpoll" among the boot options21:46
jeanettenope, shows the splash for a little longer, then it dies21:46
jeanetteduring my 15 years of running linux i've never had this much problems getting an installation even*started*...21:47
kudar15 years of linux21:47
jeanetteand, this channel obviously isn't active, so i'll stop my monologue and go download something else21:47
jeanettewell, 14.5 to be honest21:48
kudaryou trying to install hardy?21:48
jeanettethe first installation was from 50 or so floppies21:48
kudaroh, kde421:48
kudardid you try the liveCD?21:49
jeanetteno, i don't want a live cd21:49
kudarif you want the OS i would try the liveCD21:49
jeanettei want something installed on this brand new machine21:49
kudarliveCd will install it on your machine21:49
jeanettewell, i have the live cd, but i don't want to run the live version21:49
jeanetteyes, i know21:49
jeanetteor, in theory21:50
favrojeanette: you need to find what boot option will make it work - e.g. apci=force or some such21:50
roozbehhi all21:50
roozbehi have a question21:50
jeanettefavro: sure, but i have no idea what to even start to look for21:50
jeanettean installer should just boot21:51
roozbehwhen next version of KDE4 release ?21:51
skinnymg1hey everyone21:53
skinnymg1i have a quick ?21:53
skinnymg1im looking for an app that will allow me to take any sound from my computer and allow me to stream it21:54
osh_I have a dns-question. I've setup a cname record and when I dig it my own domain is appended to it. Is it supposed to do that? Looks like this (bah IN CNAME some.other.domain.), but when I do a dig for bah.my.domain I get bah.some.other.domain.my.domain which can't be right, can it?21:57
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WalzmynI'm about to wipe my drive, re-do some partitions and re-install.... Will I  be good if i copy my /home/user directory over to backup and then copy it back?21:58
osh_Walzmyn: Pretty much yea. Don't forget those pesky .-files and .dirs.21:58
jeanette"noapic", "irqpoll", "apic=off", "apic=force" do not work21:58
jeanettesame results21:59
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jeanettecan't come up with anything else to guess21:59
Walzmynosh_, I was going to go up one level and just drag the entire folder over21:59
favrojeanette: is that your post you linked earlier?21:59
jeanettefavro: no, i googled it21:59
jeanettebut it seems *loads* of people have the same problem22:00
jeanettesome seem to get it installed but then regular boots are botched, some just give up22:00
jeanetteas i am ready to do22:00
kudar__never give up. dont ever give up22:00
kudar__-jimmy v22:00
jeanettekubuntu has always been the hardest to install, always something that goes wrong22:01
jeanetteand i've installed every release since 5.0422:01
kudar__so you have a very vast understanding of the kernals and distributions...yet you cant install kubuntu22:02
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favrojeanette: do you have a pci sata/pata card to connect your hard disks?22:03
jeanettekudar__: vast, no, in the past installations were easy, i'm a developer, not a sysadmin22:04
jeanettefavro: no, regular sata on the motherboard22:05
kudar__developers would have a better understanding....22:05
kudar__what are you talking about22:05
kudar__im upgrading to 8.10, my lappy is going to blow up shortly22:07
jeanettekudar__: why? i don't develop distro installations?22:09
kudar__im just saying.. a sys admin wouldn't know either22:10
kudar__as much as a 'developer' in general22:10
jeanettehuge amounts of threads on the ubuntu forums about this problem22:11
jeanetteand no solutions, just guesswork to try "different parameters"22:11
favrojeanette: it's because the kernels are being built diff  now - I went back to dapper 'cause of it22:13
xomphalp, I set firefox as my default web browser and if I follow a link say, from irc it's like it wants to open 2 processes but still opens the site in a new tab (this only happens when I have firefox open already).22:15
stdinopen two processes?22:16
xompthe little hourglass icon sits and spins in the task bar like it is trying to open another instance of firefox but after churning for about 15 secs it goes away and the link is instead opened in a tab22:16
xompI would prefer it open the link in a new tab if the browser is already open, instead of this churning with bouncing hourglass stuff in the task bar hehe22:17
stdinthat's just the launch feedback, it's not starting a new process22:17
xompoh ok22:17
xompit's strange lol22:17
stdinit's really just there to say "I registered that you wanted to do something, so I'm doing it"22:18
xompbut does it generally go on for 15 seconds to just open a link?22:18
xompI mean the link is already opened and has been for awhile when it does this heh22:18
jeanettefavro: well, i played around with some random settings in the bios and setting "Sata mode" to "ahci" (whatever that is) made it boot22:18
stdinxomp: it waits for the window manager to say "I just saw the app start", which, when firefox is open, never happens. so it times out22:19
favrojeanette: well done :) - gonna post that somewhere?22:19
xompahh ok22:19
stdinfirefox should open the link before the timeout though22:19
xompit does, just threw me off lol22:19
xompstdin, know how I can upgrade to the latest KDE? heh I've asked in #kubuntu-kde4 but it's dead in there :S22:20
stdinxomp: see the topic in there ;)22:20
stdinspecifically the 1st link22:20
xompI run Gutsy, is that going to be a problem with latest KDE?22:21
jyosephI'm confused about what themes to download from kde-look.... I go into kcontrol and try to import them and none of them work22:22
jyosephAm I doing something wrong?22:22
stdinxomp: yeah, only have 4.1.x in hardy and intrepid22:22
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes22:22
jyosephthx stdin22:22
xompstdin, ahh ok, well I can't run Hardy as it's updates break things so bad Kernel panics are plentiful lol. Do you know the latest version of KDE I can run on Gutsy?22:23
jeanettefavro: nah, if i could randomly figure it out so will someone else too22:23
stdinxomp: I think 4.0.0 is in gutsy-backports22:24
xompok thanks :D22:24
jyosephmaybe it's just because I'm not used to kde, I dunno22:24
xompme neither, but I like it22:25
xompI'm no linux master either lol22:25
xompso something as seemingly simple as updating your DE is damn near Rocket Surgery for me22:26
xompand will more than likely take me 2 weeks to figure out lol22:26
Timmmmlol rocket surgery22:32
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tim_after I installed kde4 I get "could not start kstartupconfig4" I've tried everything but can't get kde4 to work22:58
tim_anyone else had this problem?22:58
DreadKnightanyone here using a tablet pc? (perhaps a toshiba portege)22:58
Walzmyn!kde4 | tim_22:59
ubottutim_: KDE 4.1.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde422:59
jussi01tim_: please ask in #kubuntu-kde422:59
Walzmyn^what he said, I was trying to find the channel name22:59
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reagleBRKLNis there a guide for sharing printers? I recently converted my  SO's computer to Kubuntu -- same as my server -- but can't find easy way to connect it?23:09
reagleBRKLNusing hardy23:09
Pete_Rhi everyone!where can i get ksynaptics package? it's not in add/remove programs23:13
ign0ramusPete_R: i don't believe they've ported it to Hardy.  What exactly do you need to do with the touchpad?23:15
kudarwhat is command to get java, flash, etc?23:16
ign0ramusPete_R: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=351058 will show you how to manually fix it23:16
ign0ramusPete_R: OR... you can try gsynaptics, which is still in the repos23:17
Pete_R10x :D23:17
ign0ramuskudar: flash is * sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree *23:17
ign0ramuskudar: but i personally like the Flash 10 RC from Adobe.com23:17
kudarthere is one that gets all of them23:17
ign0ramuskudar: * sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras * ??23:18
kudarthat is it23:18
kudarim running 8.10 and my laptop hasn't exploded yet23:20
ign0ramuskudar: Congrats!23:20
ign0ramuskudar: is it all kde4?23:20
kudari dont think so23:21
kudari upgraded ultimate to 8.1023:21
kudareverything seems the same23:22
kudarfew minor differences23:22
ign0ramuskudar: kernel upgrade?23:22
kudarwell... all i did was run update-manager -d23:23
kudarit showed 8.1023:23
kudarwent through the upgrade steps23:23
ign0ramuskudar: what does * uname -a * output? (just curious)23:23
artur_How do i effectively remove something that was installed using the command 'apt-get install'.  I want to do the same that 'dpkg --purge/-P' does, when something was installed using 'dpkg -i'23:24
kudarLinux ubuntu-kudence 2.6.27-3-generic #1 SMP Wed Sep 10 16:02:00 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux23:24
stdinartur_: apt-get --purge remove <package>23:24
artur_stdin: thank's man!23:25
ign0ramuskudar: wow, that is a new kernel23:25
kudarits the newest one23:25
kudarim trying ot see if my wireless speeds will increase with the upgrade23:25
kudari have the dreaded intel 496523:26
ign0ramuskudar: in Hardy, with all normal repos enabled, i think its .24-2123:26
kudarya, that is true23:26
ign0ramusstdin: how do i grep to see what intel card i have?23:26
stdinign0ramus: graphics card?23:27
ign0ramusstdin: yeah23:27
stdinlspci | grep VGA23:27
ign0ramusoh... VGA23:27
ign0ramusstdin: and for wireless card?23:28
stdin'grep Ethernet' usually shows it, or 'grep Wireless'23:28
kudar18925kbps download with wired connection23:29
kudarlets see how my wireless does23:29
zen_ubuntu > kbuntu23:29
ign0ramuszen_: my opinion > your opinion23:30
ign0ramusexactly :)23:30
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kudar931 kbps download on wireless23:30
kudargod i love my wifi card with linux23:31
ign0ramuskudar: wow... a huge difference23:31
kudarya, its a known issue23:31
kudarim going to mess with some different drivers later23:31
richardbhhi - does anyone know how i can set my pc up to shut down after 30 minutes of inactivity, regardless of whether anyone logs on or not?23:31
kudarbeen spending too much time on this23:31
kudarits friday23:32
ign0ramuskudar: do you have the iwl4965 driver?23:32
kudarit comes preshipped23:32
zen_am just checking out wots going on here. bored.  wish wine start supporting Helgate london soon23:32
kudaryou should know that...23:32
ign0ramuskudar: i don't think i have that wireless card... i didn't know that23:33
kudarya, that driver has been included in releases for about a year now23:33
ign0ramuskudar: * lspci -v | less * 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile PM965/GM965/GL96023:34
ign0ramuskudar: i guess i just never had to worry about it23:34
ign0ramuswait, that's not it23:34
kudarnothing like getting a brand new laptop and it doesn't perform with linux23:34
zen_tried the windows wireless drivers yet? want check it out tommorow23:35
kudarwell, the wireless doesn't23:35
ign0ramuskudar: sorry, i had surgery this morning (sinuses), and am heavily medicated.23:35
ign0ramuskudar: good news: it went fine.  bad news: i'm in pain.  good news: heavy painkillers!  :)23:36
zen_next year you would be able to smell the flowers again hehe. just kidding.23:38
ign0ramuszen_: no, you're exactly right.  *hopefully* ;)23:39
=== ign0ramus is now known as ign0ramus|afk|no
zen_anyone tried out Visual studio on ubuntu/kbuntu yet. i know mono can be used for .net languages but sort of hard to use23:39
zen_atm btw23:39
zen_and lolz ign0ramus23:40
jeanetteheh, now i can't get the intel graphics driver to do anything at all23:47
jeanettetrying to get it to do a bog default 1920x1200 and it bails out with "no screens found"23:48
jeanetteseems the drivers shipped with hardy are just too old23:53

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