pooliejml, launchpad just logged me out again00:48
jmlpoolie: !00:48
jmlkiko: ^^00:48
jmlpoolie: edge, right?00:49
pooliei had to log in at about 9:15 and then again now00:49
jmlpoolie: so I'm definitely not getting this problem. how frustrating.00:49
jmlpoolie: I know very little about our session handling.00:50
Gioacchinogood night00:58
wgrantwin 1801:00
* RAOF wins!01:00
poolienow i'm logged out again01:38
wgrantpoolie: Are you quite sure it's not your browser?01:38
wgrantI've not heard others complain.01:38
wgrantAnd lots of people normally do.01:38
poolieit may be01:39
pooliei'm using intrepid's firefox, without anything particularly strange in the way of plugins01:39
poolieno privacy managers or anything01:39
wgrantYou haven't told it to only allow cookies for the session?01:39
wgrantI have most sites set that way, also in Intrepid's Firefox, but not LP. And LP works fine except for when they attack the DB.01:40
poolieand anyhow, this is happening even inside one single session01:40
poolieif launchpad sessions last longer than the halflife of a firefox process something is badly wrong :)01:40
pooliei mean i normally stay logged in to launchpad for weeks at a time, and firefox normally crashes more than once per week01:41
wgrantRight, so I don't see how your previous statement makes sense.01:42
wgrantDo you mean the inverse of it?01:42
poolieyes, i do01:42
pooliei meant less long01:42
wgrantRight, that makes more sense.01:42
poolieoh well, https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/44913 in case anyone cares to answer it01:47
wgrantWatch it carefully; they have a habit of expiring a couple of times before somebody gets to them.01:48
pooliei think the expiry thing is not quite right yet01:50
* jml gets to actual questions fairly quickly.01:50
jmlimport requests are something else :P01:50
wgrantIt seems ridiculous that questions should expire without a response from the people who should be answering them.01:50
pooliei actually answered all the bzr questions yesterday01:50
poolieit seems odd it's automatic01:50
pooliei wouldn't mind a button that says 'i give up'01:50
wgrantOr maybe Launchpad Answers isn't meant to be abused like an RT instance.01:50
jmlwgrant: lots of ridiculous things happen when you have too much to do :)01:51
pooliei currently have a week-to-opening paper diary01:52
pooliewith to do things on the right page01:52
poolieand i think it works pretty well that they expire after a week unless i specifically copy them across01:53
kikojml, sessions getting cleaned? somebody complained about that yesterday...01:53
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jmlkiko-afk: poolie, in fact :)01:53
pooliekiko, https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/4491301:53
pooliebut get out of here01:53
kiko-afkok ok ok01:53
* kiko-afk is late01:53
pooliewgrant, so while i think questions are RT are kind of separate things01:54
poolieat least it's better than mixing the two of them in with bugs01:54
wgrantpoolie: Definitely.01:55
wgrantBut I think Malone makes a better RT than Answers.01:55
__lucio__jml: mwhudson: hi. ive been told you guys could maybe help me. ive been trying to commit a 10 line change into my bzr repo in launchapd (bound branch) and its taking forever. it was working fine, but now ive been waiting for more than 1800 secs (i have de dhss log)07:04
jml__lucio__: can you pastebin the HPSS log?07:06
jml(http://paste.ubuntu.com is a good pastebin)07:06
__lucio__jml: sure07:06
jml__lucio__: I don't have any access to the production server, so the amount of diagnosis I can do is limited.07:07
jmlbut let's see what we can find :)07:07
__lucio__jml: http://paste.ubuntu.com/46074/07:07
jmlspiv: you should take a look at that ^^07:08
mwhudsonah, we love you autopack07:11
spivUgh, autopack.07:11
spiv__lucio__: wait it out, it's an infrequent automatic repo maintenance thing :(07:11
spivWe're working on making that suck less.07:12
__lucio__spiv: what are the chances that i get something like that tomorrow or on saturday?07:14
__lucio__we have a big deadline (pyweek ends on saturday) and if this happens we will be in trouble :)07:15
jml__lucio__: you might want to use a full branch, rather than a bound branch.07:15
__lucio__it wont happend if i do that? ok.07:15
jml__lucio__: it'll only happen when you push07:16
jml__lucio__: and then only sometimes07:16
__lucio__but thats how we share stuff betwen coders...07:16
jmlahh, I see.07:16
jml__lucio__: do you have to share every single commit?07:16
jmlspiv: how often is autopack triggered?07:16
__lucio__not everyone07:16
* jml watches a stretch hummer drive by07:17
__lucio__but most of them. things get fast on the last hours of the compo07:17
spivjml: every ten pack files, but the number of pack files that will be autopacked varies considerably (based on the total number).07:18
__lucio__it finished!07:18
jml__lucio__: \o/07:18
spivSo it frequently does little autopacks, occasionally does large autopacks, and very infrequently does huge ones.07:18
__lucio__2283 secs :)07:19
jmlspiv: well, that was ~20mb of data transferred.07:19
spivjml: it's based on pack file count, not bytes, so that doesn't really tell us alot.07:19
spivThe key line of .bzr.log is:07:20
spiv31.880  Auto-packing repository <bzrlib.repofmt.pack_repo.RepositoryPackCollection object at 0x1249ad0>, which has 14 pack files, containing 106 revisions into 7 packs.07:20
jmlspiv: I guess what I meant was, was that one of the huge ones?07:20
jmlwhich is actually a secret code for "what should __lucio__ do given that commit speed matters?" :)07:21
spivThat was one of the big ones I think.07:25
__lucio__well, i have to get to bed, its really late here. thank you guys a lot.07:25
spivThere's now one 9.6MB pack file, and 6 that are all <= 16kB.07:25
spivSo __lucio__ should be fine until about commit 200.07:26
__lucio__spiv: well be watching the commit number in terror :)07:27
jml__lucio__: np. sleep well :)07:27
evandMay I ask that someone locally upgrades ~ubuntu-installer/ubiquity/trunk ?09:36
evandon the DC, that is09:36
poolieif no one answers here please ask a question against launchpad-bazaar09:41
evandwill do09:42
wgrantWhy does Malone doubt its ability to add structural subscriptions for me?09:48
wgrant"You have been successfully subscribed to xserver-xorg-input-synaptics in ubuntu."09:48
wgrantIt seems surprised.09:48
pooliewgrant, :)10:26
frk2guys. bzr 1.8 with the 'lp' protocol refuses to use the http_proxy variable12:08
frk2is this  a known problem?12:11
frk2guess nobody is awake :)12:15
wgrantDoes bzr 1.8 exist?12:15
wgrantIf you've used bzr launchpad-login, the lp protocol won't use HTTP.12:16
wgrantANd this is likely a #bzr question.12:16
frk2i didnt know about #bzr12:19
frk2will join12:19
frk2thank you12:19
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Zicmrevell: hi, can I query you for a platform problem (fiordland.canonical.com)? thanks13:39
mrevellHi Zic. I can help you find the right person to talk to about it. What's the problem? mthaddon, this might be of interest to you.13:39
Zicmrevell: one more time (I don't know if you remember me with my email alias problem :)), I've got somes problem with my @ubuntu.com alias13:40
Zicsince yesterday, I don't receive any mails from my zic@ubuntu.com alias13:41
mrevellZic: Ah, yes, I do remember. What's the problem this time?13:41
Zicif you can verify that is not a DNS propagation problem, I will be happy :)13:41
Zic(I think it's my fault, this time ;-()13:41
ZicI don't have any error msg from fiordland.canonical.com…13:42
mrevellZic: I'm not sure why it would be a DNS propagation problem. It appears that zic@ubuntu.com is your primary email address in your LP account. Your destination address should usually be your primary email address.13:43
Zicmrevell: I have modify somes configuration in my DNS system yesterday13:44
mrevellah I see13:44
ZicI always receive mail from my others alias (not bind with Ubuntu)13:44
Zicbut not for @ubuntu.com13:44
ZicMaybe it's my fault (bad configuration), maybe DNS propagation which is quite long sometime13:45
Zicis there a way for sysadmin to know where the error is located ?13:45
mrevellI think the best thing is to file an support request at answers.launchpad.net/launchpad and then the sysadmins will look at it. I can't really see any more detail than you can, whereas they can investigate if there's a problem at our end.13:45
Zicmrevell: ok, thanks for your help, I will wait a little and continue to investigate13:47
mrevellZic: I hope you resolve the problem soon!13:48
Zic(because I very think it should be a DNS problem because I don't receive any email error from fiordland as last time with my other problem which was solved with your help :))13:48
Ziclast time, I received errors by mail to investigate, but not this time…13:50
Zicmrevell: thanks13:50
Zicmrevell: do you think mthaddon can give me the result of what fiordland.canonical.com have when resolv mail.marsaud.org to IP? or I should ever open an answer on answers Launchpad system?14:02
mrevellZic: It's best to open a ticket in Launchpad Answers, tbh.14:02
mthaddonZic, I couldn't, but you might be able to get help from an SA in #canonical-sysadmin14:02
mthaddonor what he said :)14:03
Zic"* #canonical-sysadmin :You can't join that many channels" evil freenode :>14:07
Zicsorry, I have to quit #launchpad to /join, have a good day, and thanks for your help14:08
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compengihow do you send a generated key to keyserver.ubuntu.com?14:55
compengigpg key i mean14:56
Hobbseegpg --send-keys --keyserver k.u.c <keyid>?14:58
compengiHobbsee, it says invalid key14:59
compengiHobbsee, i did gpg --fingerprint14:59
compengireceived a key with numbers and letters14:59
compengithen did gpg --send-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <fingerprinted_key>15:00
compengiit says invalid and skipped15:00
Hobbseeno, don't send the fingerprint.15:00
Hobbseesend the key iD>15:00
Hobbseeit's 8 digits, usually15:01
Hobbseepub   1024D/7D2BCE85 2006-08-1615:01
Hobbseeuid                  Sarah Hobbs (Nickname: Hobbsee) <hobbsee@hobbsee.com>15:01
Hobbseewould make it the 7D2BCE8515:01
compenginow paste the finger print in the launchpad account right/15:02
Hobbseei think so.15:03
Hobbseeit's been a while since i've done it15:03
compengibtw after format the key would be lost on the computer how do i restor it15:04
Hobbseeyou don't.15:04
Hobbseeyou do a backup of ~/.gnupg before you format.15:04
beunoand, there is: https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/ImportingYourPGPKey15:04
Hobbseeand you keep it securely, and you don't give it out to anyone, or put it on any untrusted machines.15:05
intellectronicareally? i never thought of saving .gnupg. i always export and import everything15:05
Hobbseeintellectronica: you export your private key, etc, as well?15:06
Hobbseeoh yeah, seahorse probably has an export thing, too...15:06
intellectronicathough backing up .gnupg sounds like an easier solution15:07
Hobbseemuch :)15:07
compengihmm.. i want to sign Code of Conduct i did gpg --clearsign UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.0.1.txt it generated a file called UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.0.1.txt.asc if i try to open it, it askes to choose a file name for the decrypted data. then error appears The file „UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.0.1.txt.asc was not able to decode". No data.15:31
compengiwhat should i go15:33
intellectronicacompengi: i guess it tries to open it with some application. try opening it with "Text Editor"15:34
compengioh i see..15:36
compengithank you intellectronica and Hobbsee :)15:40
intellectronicacompengi: np15:40
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compengibtw if i generated another key accidentally is there a way to remove it?16:15
gesercompengi: remove from the keyservers or from your gnupg keystore?16:16
compengigeser, from the gnupg keystore16:17
gesercompengi: just to be sure: you didn't upload it to the keyservers?16:18
compengigeser, yeah, i didn't. i just generated another when i had one.16:18
gesercompengi: then gpg --delete-secret-and-public-key 0xkeyid16:19
compengigeser, thanks a lot :)16:21
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bdmurrayI'm starting to see two e-mails regarding one bug comment17:51
bdmurrayThe Message-Id in both are different and the comment is only showing up on time in the html view of the bug report17:52
BjornTbdmurray: the web ui hides identical comments17:53
bdmurrayBjornT: Leann is seeing the same thing17:54
BjornTbdmurray: well, everyone that gets notified about that bug should see it. does this happen often?17:54
bdmurrayI've noticed it 2x today17:54
BjornTbdmurray: can you give an example of a bug number, and which comment you saw twice?17:55
bdmurraybug 263542 and comment 617:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263542 in linux "ASUS X55SV Notebook: Muting internal speaker when headphone is plugged in." [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26354217:55
BjornTbdmurray: do you have another one as well?17:57
bdmurrayBjornT: not right at the moment - let me search some17:59
bdmurrayBjornT: bug 268095 perhaps18:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268095 in network-manager "MASTER Network Manager should probe for GSM and CDMA command sets. It doesnt detect 3g modems with serial capability only in hal" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26809518:01
BjornTbdmurray: nm. i've checked in the db, and comment 7 is there, but not displayed in the ui, meaning that it's identical to comment 618:01
bdmurrayBjornT: comment 2 in the last bug I mentioned18:02
bdmurrayLeann added the comment to 263542 and said she didn't use py-lp-b or greasemonkey ...18:02
BjornTbdmurray: right. and as you can see, comment 3 isn't displayed,so that one is identical to 218:03
bdmurrayBjornT: okay, but it seems something is wrong with either comments getting added or e-mail being sent twice18:04
BjornTbdmurray: it's the comment that is added twice. let's see if i can find out why...18:04
BjornTbdmurray: i think i'll have to defer debuggin this until monday, i don't have access to today's log files18:07
bdmurrayBjornT: okay, should I submit a bug18:11
BjornTbdmurray: not necessarily needed, but that would probably help me remember doing this :)18:12
bdmurrayBjornT: okay, I'll submit and assign to you?18:12
BjornTbdmurray: sure18:13
DnaXHow can I remove a vcs-import?18:19
DnaXthere isn't a delete link18:19
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DnaXnobody know?18:29
vagrantcgreetings. is there a URL to see the tags on a bzr branch?18:29
vagrantcfrom launchpad, that is.18:30
kiko-afkvagrantc, hmmm, that's a really good question. brudo you know?18:55
kiko-afkbeuno, I meant :)18:56
kiko-afkDnaX, just tell me the link and I'll delete it for you, I own vcs-imports18:56
vagrantckiko-afk: if there isn't, should i just go ahead and file a bug report?18:56
kiko-afkvagrantc, so yes, though it depends on what exactly you want. beuno can you cover for me?18:57
vagrantcit also doesn't seem to accept negative revision numbers ...18:57
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kiko-phoneI'm about to go on the phone!18:57
kiko-phonevagrantc, oh, it does too18:57
vagrantci.e. i'd like URLs to view the contents of a particular file at the -1 revision ...18:59
kiko-phoneah, I see18:59
vagrantcbut the URLs i've seen so far seem to associate with a particular commit id19:00
vagrantcsuch as: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ltsp-upstream/ltsp/ltsp-trunk/annotate/869?file_id=release.conf-20071129052109-hb354knxni2quxsf-119:00
beunovagrantc, hi19:00
* vagrantc waves19:00
kiko-phonebeuno, I suck at this irc thing19:01
beunovagrantc, we don't have a way of showing tags right now19:01
beunobut there's a bug open for it19:01
vagrantcbeuno: should i file a bug?19:01
beunoand plans to address it19:01
vagrantcoh, ok.19:01
beunokiko-phone, maybe you just have to limit yourself to do 3 or 4 things at a time19:01
DnaXkiko-phone: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/ircp-tray/0.7.219:01
beunovagrantc, bug #24673919:01
vagrantcbeuno: what about getting the contents of the most recent arbitrary file ?19:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246739 in loggerhead "tags are not available" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24673919:01
DnaXI've asked for it in Answers19:02
beunovagrantc, that's in even a better state. There a bugs opened, and a branch to fix it!19:02
beunoI've been working on that this week19:02
vagrantcexcellent :)19:02
beunoshould be able to wrap up the details the next few days19:02
vagrantcbeuno: bug number on that?19:03
beunovagrantc, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/loggerhead/+bug/260363 and https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/loggerhead/+bug/26936519:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260363 in loggerhead "unable to generate a link showing a file changes based on its path" [Medium,Confirmed]19:03
kiko-phoneDnaX, done19:04
kiko-phoneDnaX, where? I want my karma :)19:04
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vagrantcbeuno: thanks. i've subscribed to both bugs.19:04
beunovagrantc, np. Feel free to ping me if there's anything else I can help with19:05
DnaXkiko-phone: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/4499519:05
DnaXyour karma :P19:05
beunonow, I'm going back to that lunch thing I was doing19:05
kiko-phonethat was close!19:05
kiko-phonebeuno, ah, lunch! what a fantastic idea. it's only 15:00 here after all..19:06
beunokiko-phone, yeah. You still have plenty of time before dinner19:06
kiko-phoneI have a 1 hour call starting now19:06
beunoI'm glad it's not with me!19:06
* beuno saves some soup for kiko-phone 19:07
DnaXkiko-phone: thank you ;)19:07
kiko-phonesomebody get me some yakisoba19:07
kiko-phonethanks DnaX19:07
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vagrantcthanks again.19:16
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bigBearwats triaged mean?20:14
kiko-phonebigBear, that somebody in the project team acknowledges the bug report is complete20:15
bigBearhmm i hope the nv problem gets fixed =/20:15
hexmodeis there anyway to use the REST interfact to download translations?20:32
beunohexmode, not at the moment, no20:33
hexmode(I'm looking at you, leonardr...) ;)20:33
beunoI think it's too resource intensive20:33
hexmodebeuno: ok, thought'd I'd ask20:33
beunoso it's done with a delay20:33
hexmoderight... I don't get that20:33
leonardrhexmode: no, the translation team would have to work on publishing that information, and they haven't made it a priority20:33
hexmodeI mean, I would have figured it was just throw some strings together...20:33
beunohexmode, well, when the DB hits a few dozen gb, nothing really is that simple  :)20:34
hexmodebeuno: I get that.... nothing is as easy as I want it to be ;)20:34
hexmodeis there anyone on the translation team I can hassle?  I'm not sure I really need this,  but it would be useful.20:34
beunohexmode, I think they're all gone for the weekend, but opening a bug seems like a good way to start20:35
splodgeHi, I have an open "launchpad itself question" asking if an admin can create a super-project and do a rename of an existing one for me. There hasn't been any activity in it yet, and as I'd like to get it done and dusted, is there anyone anywhere I can give a gentle nudge, to help me?21:07
beunosplodge, do you have a link handy?21:08
splodgeyep, sure. hold on a sec.21:08
beunosplodge, let's see of we have someone like Rinchen or kiko-phone around to do it21:09
beunoif not, someone will get to it soon-ish21:09
kiko-phonesplodge, I can handle it21:09
splodgeThat would be brilliant. Thanks :)21:10
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Rinchenah I see Kiko has it. sorry for the delay there beuno21:21
beunoRinchen, 2 minute turn-around is actually pretty good service  :)21:22
RinchenI try to monitor #launchpad a lot but often I find myself deep in concentration and it takes a ping to bring me out of it and glance at the channel again.  We'll be making a change (on the 22nd in fact) that will allow us to have someone on this channel expressly to help users21:26
beunoRinchen, about that, does that mean any lp-dev can rename things21:26
beunoor still just you or kiko?21:27
Rinchenbeuno, no. You still have to be an admin for that21:27
Rinchenso that means, me, kiko, stub, or a LOSA21:27
Rinchenbut there are enough of us that it shouldn't be an issue21:27
beunok, good. We should have a "ping X person for X task" list21:27
Rinchenbeuno, we do. :-) it's in the process doc I emailed about yesterday21:27
Rinchennot specifically in that format21:28
beunoah, that may of thrown me off21:28
pkernCould anyone please tell me what nuked the translations of https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/gobby/0.4/+pots/gobby?  I suppose it was one of my "sync with upstream" uploads, but I did not upload empty translations and the po files did have content.21:28
lfaraone|ffmHey, there's a ~name that's in use, but the registrar has not done anything on launchpad.21:29
lfaraone|ffmCan I ursurp the name?21:29
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beunolfaraone|ffm, sometimes you can. You may want to open a questions for that, so it can be looked into in detail21:30
beunopkern, that sounds like something the translations people look into. Can you file a questions for that as well?21:30
beunoI think they're all enjoying their weekend already21:30
beunopkern, although I do see it has translations in intrepid: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/gobby/+pots/gobby21:31
beunomay not be what you wanted though21:31
lfaraone|ffmAny idea how I can change my ubuntu-wiki authentication?21:32
lfaraone|ffmbeuno: (I mean my wiki username, it doesn't update after I change my lp name)21:34
pkernbeuno: "See the same template in: Gobby 0.3. Gobby 0.4.  Ubuntu Hardy."  Hm, and I thought that they are sharing the data so that intrepid's is also nuked.  Ok.21:35
pkernbeuno: What's the relevant project?21:35
beunolfaraone|ffm, I don't really know21:35
beunopkern, https://answers.launchpad.net/rosetta21:36
pkernbeuno: done, thanks21:38
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emezetahello, i need some aid on removing member from a proyect21:59
emezetaok, if i say form a 'project' may be... somebody knows how to doing that?22:04
beunoemezeta, sure, are you the owner of the project?22:04
emezetayes! of course22:04
beunowell, go the members list22:05
beunoand deactivate it22:05
emezetait is done22:05
beunowhat's the problem?22:05
emezetabut now he is deactivates, and reaminds like a former member...22:05
emezetais this ok?22:06
emezetabeuno, tks u!22:06
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dharthey - does anyone know how to retarget a blueprint to a different series?23:48

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