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RaspberryHow do I configure X to recognize my tablet stylus and my scroll by holding  3rd button on my mouse?02:31
RaspberryI can edit the xorg.conf, but I thought you're not uspposed to do that anymore02:31
Raspberryanybody else have the problem of screenbalnking on their laptop ... when the screen goes blank and is supposed to trigger the screensaver... it fades to black and never comes back02:33
Raspberryyou have to power cycle the machine to get it back02:33
Raspberrynot even SysReq key combos respond.02:33
pendo anyone got firefox 3.1 alpha 2 running?03:15
clarkkent4351Folks, I'm going insane trying to get an xorg.conf set up that will get me beyond 800x600. Tried the usual tricks; most just wipe and replace the file, but no better. Clue: System->Prefs->ScreenResolution always shows "0Hz" refresh as the only option. Help?03:26
clarkkent4351Res up to 1280x1024 work in U8.04.03:27
jumpkic1Is there an recommended easy way to upgrade from Hardy to Intrepid like via a GUI?  or does one need to edit sources.list and apt-get dist-upgrade?03:27
RAOFjumpkic1: Yes; see the release notes.03:28
RAOFclarkkent4351: You'll need to pastebin your Xorg.0.log before anyone will be able to help you.03:29
clarkkent4351Here's my Xorg.0.log: http://pastebin.com/d2c82aefc03:32
clarkkent4351... and my xorg.conf, conveniently scrogged by nvidia-xconfig to remove all the Modelines... :)  http://pastebin.com/m512f205503:33
jumpkic1RAOF: hahaha,,,  next month eh03:35
RAOFjumpkic1: No; any of the alpha's release notes will contain instructions & caveats.03:36
jumpkic1RAOF: oh, okay03:37
jumpkic1I'll have a look03:37
RAOFclarkkent4351: Hm.  That doesn't make sense; you're using VESA in the log.  As a first blush, I'd guess that your nvidia kernel module is not properly built.03:38
RAOFclarkkent4351: I'd suggest that you try "sudo aptitude reinstall nvidia-177-kernel-source", to try and get dkms to rebuild the module for you.03:38
clarkkent4351@RAOF: awesome; I was looking for that tidbit. Will try it now.03:39
clarkkent4351reinstalled nvidia 177 drivers; confirmed loaded (system->admin->hardware drivers), reran nvidia-xconfig; no change. Both xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log at http://pastebin.com/mdb54bfe . ANy other ideas?03:48
RAOFclarkkent4351: Do you actually have the nvidia-glx-177 package installed?03:50
clarkkent4351RAOF: yes, ver 177.70-0ubuntu103:52
clarkkent4351and my card (6150 LE) is listed as supported03:53
RAOFThen I'm unable to tell you why X doesn't appear to even be _trying_ to load the nvidia driver.03:54
RAOFAlthough your X is outdated; 1.5 should be available now.03:55
jumpkic1RAOF: thanks, the bit about "sudo update-manager -d" was what I was looking for03:56
clarkkent4351:( thanks for trying. I can try updating X (although it's not coming through Update Manager); would appreciate a clue on how.03:56
RAOFclarkkent4351: Just to be sure, can you pastebin 'ls /usr/lib/xorg/modules'?03:56
RAOFSorry; /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers03:56
clarkkent4351RAOF: http://pastebin.com/d2861a04803:58
RAOFI'm stumped.  X doesn't even seem to be _trying_ to load the nvidia driver, and the nvidia driver seems to be in the right place.04:01
Solarionhey all04:02
Solarionanyone know what's causing dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.04:02
clarkkent4351Solarion: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/5564104:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 55641 in dpkg "dpkg - process_queue: Assertion 'dependtry <=4' failed. error (dup-of: 46530)" [Undecided,Fix released]04:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 46530 in dpkg "process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed." [Medium,Fix released]04:03
clarkkent4351RAOF: roger; seems like that's what xorg.conf should be doing for me. Bug?04:04
DanaGArgh, failsafe X is a pain in the $BODY_PART.04:06
Solarionclarkkent4351: those are very old04:06
RAOFFailsafe X doesn't trigger for me; I'm not entirely sure why, but I'm not displeased.04:06
DanaGIt starts failsafe, so I go to terminal to rebuild nvidia (because dkms didn't work!  multiple versions!)... and then sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop.04:06
DanaG........... doesn't work.04:06
DanaGI killall Xorg, and then end up with TWO x servers.... one failsafe, and one normal one with a crashing greeter.04:07
DanaG... and then I have to killall -9 gdm and Xorg.......... and then end up with an entirely blank black screen, thanks to nvidia.04:07
Solarionhmm, seems to be python-tk and/or scribus (deps on python-tk)04:08
jumpkic1does anyone know if the situation with alsa and the kernel alsa being different versions is fixed in intrepid?04:09
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SolarionDanaG: :(04:11
DanaGugh, stupid vboxgtk.... won't show my VMs, but won't let me register them because they already exist.04:12
SolarionDanaG: Getting the nvidia driver going was extremely tricky for me too04:12
Solarionstupid nvidia04:12
DanaGIt's not hard... but the failsafe-X gets in the way repeatedly and persistently.04:12
DanaGFailsafe X.... is evil.04:12
RAOFjumpkic1: What issue?04:12
DanaGWe need a better way to disable it without editing gdm.conf, because such edits get lost when I have to accept new versions of gdm.conf.04:13
SolarionDanaG: it was for me.  Things kept randomly wanting to hork my xorg so that I only got 800x600 or even 640x480!04:13
DanaGSolarion: take a look at this:04:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 257809 in kde-guidance "guidance-backends overwrites xorg.conf without confirmation or notification, if video card has changed since last boot" [Undecided,New]04:13
SolarionDanaG: ouch04:14
SolarionI, for one, welcome or xorg.conf-less overlords of the near future.  However, the present is a painful transition04:14
DanaGHere's a Windowblinds theme called Solarion, just for random amusement: http://stardockdesign.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?skinid=6287&libid=104:14
DanaGYeah, same reaction from me.04:15
Solarionwindows is pretty irrelevant to me04:15
DanaGShow me how to play HL2 with surround sound in Linux.... and I can ditch Windows.04:15
DanaGThat's essentially my last link to needing Windows.  Office stuff? Openoffice or Wine.04:15
SolarionDanaG: they develop where the money is.04:16
SolarionIf you give them money for a Windows version of HL2, then they will keep giving you Windows versions of HL2.04:16
SolarionSince it's a game, I personally don't see a need to give them money to make me use Windows.04:16
Solarionof course, hardcore gamers deride me, but that's my take on it.04:16
* Solarion moves on04:17
DanaGEeh, I won't mock you -- hey, it's personal preference, and I'm not one of those 'bashers'.04:18
Reed_Solomonits more of a wine question than an ubuntu question04:18
Reed_SolomonI suppose it might be possible under codega?04:19
DanaGNot with surround sound; that's the bummer.04:19
jumpkic1RAOF: its hard to explain, but basically drivers that compile against alsa headers don't work because the kernel and the alsa-dev packages are based on different releases of alsa04:20
jumpkic1sort of talks about it04:20
Solarionanyhow, if someone wants to know why they're getting that error I mentioned, python-tk and/or scribus is why.04:20
Reed_Solomonlatest compiz is slooooooow04:21
Reed_Solomonin ubuntu04:21
jumpkic1you end up with WARNING: "snd_rawmidi_set_ops" [...] undefined!04:22
jumpkic1when you compile standalone modules04:23
jumpkic1and a whole bunch of other similar alsa function undefines04:23
RAOFWell, that should be working in Intrepid, yes.04:23
RAOFI suppose that very few people test it, which is why no one caught it for Hardy.04:23
RAOFCool.  A hardware mpeg4 (presumably ASP) encoder?04:25
Reed_Solomoni heard about that04:25
jumpkic1RAOF: kind of unfortunate that its in an LTS release04:26
RAOFI'm not sure how _useful_ it'd be; my cpu can certainly encode to mpeg4 asp in substantially better than real-time, but it's still cool.04:26
RAOFjumpkic1: Is there a bug filed?04:26
RAOFjumpkic1: It _might_ be a simple enough fix to make it worth an SRU.04:27
jumpkic1RAOF: yeah I ran across several bugs that I thought were related04:27
DanaGArgh, the older laptop will not unlock the gnome keyring at (auto-)login.04:27
jumpkic1RAOF: given the number of things that depend on Alsa I doubt it would be simple04:28
bsniderDanaG, you can blow the gnome-keyring away04:29
DanaGlibpam-gnome-keyring does not work under auto-login.04:29
DanaGEverything I've tried has either broken login, not unlocked the keyring, or made gdm ask for "password for auto-login" -- even though I have it set PASSWORDLESS!04:30
bsniderthere's a hidden diretory you can delete and hten it will not ask for the password for the keyring but will just use the stored passwords the keying was protecting anyway04:30
* DanaG supresses momentary angry voice04:30
DanaGArgh, Toshiba hotkeys don04:30
DanaGdon't work.04:31
Reed_Solomonthats surprising, considering what a great linux supporter toshiba is04:31
bsnideri believe it's ~/.gnome2/keyrings04:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261318 in xorg "Xorg can't use Toshiba Laptop Support (tlsup) input device; input device does not support 'kbd' input handler" [Undecided,New]04:31
* DanaG edited the name:04:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261318 in xorg "Regression: new Toshiba Laptop Support (tlsup) driver breaks Toshiba hotkeys; input device does not support 'kbd' input handler" [Undecided,New]04:33
LSD|NinjaSo, xorg broke something yet it'll be spun as being Toshibas fault?04:33
DanaGNo, a new kernel driver is what broke it.04:33
DanaGIt's a raw "input" device that doesn't support the "kbd" handler.04:33
DanaGThus... it's not a keyboard, and Xorg can't use it.04:34
DanaG... and the consoles won't use it, either.04:34
KilleroidApparently, today is hug a developer day. anyone know any hot developers i could hug(i am extremely huggable)04:41
DanaGI can't say I know any developers.04:45
DanaGer, I don't know any of the Ubuntu developers personally.04:45
* mneptok does, and can pass along cash bribes ...04:45
Killeroidmneptok: i invested my savings in some nigerian prince's endeavour to get claim him millions from some bank. I will send along some of those cash bribes when the investment pays.04:47
Killeroid*pays off04:47
mneptokKilleroid: Thank you, friend coming from Internets. I am Mister Udwillanohgono Swesimele, late Finance Minister for Gambia. Please to do the needful.04:48
DanaGummm... whatever.04:51
ajmitchmneptok: how much $ do you need sir?04:51
Killeroid"late Finance Minister for Gambia" , damn, nigerian zombies already!!04:52
mneptokajmitch: all of it?04:52
* ajmitch scrounges in his pockets for loose change04:52
Killeroidtalking  of loose change, anyone knows when stop and shop usually closes, i have a bucket of pennies that i need to go chane into bills04:53
mneptokyes, everyone, worldwide, knows when a northeast US grocery chain closes.04:54
Killeroidwell, if you recognize and know what a stop and shop is, that you live in the northeast and know the time it closes04:54
mneptoki live in the northeast. but not US.04:55
Killeroidhah, pardon me then, i meant, northeast US04:56
yuri_annoying problem: the screen goes black randomly. i can call up a virtual terminal but looks like X screws up. I have acer aspire one and alpha 504:57
yuri_did not have this prob in 8.04)04:58
mneptokyuri_: then you should run 8.04 until Intrepid is released ;)04:58
RAOFOr file a bug, of course.04:58
RAOFOr possibly both.04:58
yuri_gah. tired of reinstalling04:59
mneptokyuri_: then don;t run pre-release software ;)05:00
yuri_yea i know, i just never learn my lesson05:00
yuri_especially that "dont put it on a production computer" part05:01
yuri_is glxgears supposed to be broken in 8.10?05:02
literalworks here05:02
RAOFWorks here, too, with any number of drivers ;05:02
RAOFAlso, I don't know why so many people ask those sorts of questions.05:03
RAOF"Is $FOO supposed to be broken".  No.  Of course it isn't!05:03
LSD|Ninjabut it's Linux so deal with it05:03
DanaGI know what I'm getting into when I switch to the development repos.05:04
RAOFyuri_: If you'd like some help determining whether...05:04
penhow's intrepid?05:10
penso far?05:10
bsniderin my subjective opinion, no05:11
danbhfivebsnider: I tried out the ath9k driver in intrepid (if you remember me).  Works great.  Far better than ndiswrapper in Hardy05:17
LSD|NinjaAnything is better than ndiswrapper05:17
danbhfivehehe, well, not madwifi : P05:17
teratomai don't see any difference than hardy yet (besides random freezing)05:18
danbhfiveteratoma: look at the release notes for alpha 5.  I think it covers the major changes05:18
LSD|Ninjadanbhfive: If your Atheros is supported, madwifi is better than ndiswrapper too. Ubuntu are just a little slow on the uptake.05:19
bsniderdanbhfive, what kind of router are you connecting to?05:20
danbhfiveLSD|Ninja: yeah, I really don't know.  I just tried a guide on madwifi, and it didn't work/caused computer lockups.  ndiswrapper works like crap, but at least it works.  And as soon as intrepid is beta, imma upgrading, at which I get native support!!  woo hoo!05:20
danbhfivebsnider: honestly, its some sort of g router, from verizon05:20
bsnideri can't for the life of me get it to connect to the new-ish d-link05:21
bsniderbut i'm glad it works for you05:21
danbhfiveI think thats it05:22
bsniderd-link card, d-link router, and htey can't come to an agreement05:22
LSD|Ninjadanbhfive: you have an ath9k, support for those is kinda flaky05:22
* DanaG likes his dd-wrt router.05:22
danbhfiveLSD|Ninja: I've been getting great results in intrepid.  The only problem is that the bit rate is reported incorrectly, but that practically just a cosmetic issue05:23
RyanPriorHow come wxMaxima hasn't been updated in more than 2 years?05:36
RyanPriorIt hasn't been updated since Feisty.05:36
bsniderbecause nobody cares enough05:37
RAOFRyanPrior: Because no one cares about it, presuably.05:37
pwnguin!info wxmaxima05:37
ubottuwxmaxima (source: wxmaxima): a wxWidgets GUI for the computer algebra system maxima. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.1-1ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 500 kB, installed size 1732 kB05:37
bsniderRyanPrior, no one is stopping you from packaging it yourself05:37
pwnguinRyanPrior: you might see what the debian maintianer is up to05:38
RyanPriorI will try to package it for Intrepid and get it into Jaunty.05:38
RyanPriorI assume the current Debian maintainer is no longer active, but I'll have to try to get in contact.05:39
RyanPriorI've never done packages, but it's something I constantly feel the need to learn.05:39
pwnguinit should be pretty simple in this case05:40
RAOFIt's pretty easy, mechanically.05:40
bsniderRAOF, dkms was such a good idea, if it didn't exist it would be necessary to invent it. where did it come from?05:41
RyanPriorbsnider: Dell developed dkms.05:42
bsniderfinally, dell is giving something back after taking so, so much05:43
* DanaG likes HP.05:44
RyanPriorUbuntu is often accused of taking a lot while not giving a whole lot back, but the fact is that Ubuntu gets Free Software to far more users, leading to more testing and feedback and eventually more developers. Can the same not be said of Dell?05:44
DanaGAnd HP seems to like kernel.org -- they like giving them lots of new servers.05:44
penhow's intrepid?05:48
pwnguinhp's been involved with debian for a long time it seems05:49
RAOFIt's an Ubuntu development release?  It's got shiny new stuff, and sometimes breaks.05:49
bsniderpen, especially good at browsing high-quality pr0n. no, wait, what RAOF said05:51
penbsnider, good!!! that's what everyone is after for. that's why we need os05:51
bsnideryou said it05:51
penbsnider, so what? you dislike pr0n?05:52
penbsnider, I believe you are a healthy young man?05:53
* DanaG ♥ the broken gtk-window-decorator theme.05:54
bsniderno, i'm a 75-year-old sexual eunuch05:54
DanaGIt'll show all grey, except for a little triangle of orange.05:54
RAOFDanaG: Aaah, sweet nvidia bugs.05:55
DanaGEither that, or it'll show only one button, on an 'inactive' background... for an active window.05:55
penDanaG, ?? broken for intrepid?05:55
RAOFAnd hardy, too.05:56
RAOFIt's an nvidia bug.05:56
DanaGSo, it really is nvidia?  Nice.05:57
DanaGJust another thing to add to my growing list "why I'm getting ATI next time"05:57
bsniderDanaG, you CANNOT be SERIOUS05:58
bsniderDanaG, if you get ati, you will never, ever have direct rendering opengl.06:00
DanaGOh, really?06:01
DanaGWhat do you call, OPEN SPECS?06:01
bsniderno hardware accelerated 3d06:01
DanaGI've had nothing but pain with nvidia, in both Windows and Linux.06:01
bsniderit will never happen06:01
bsnidernvidia's driver is by far the best for linux, it's the only driver for linux as far as i'm concerned06:01
RAOFbsnider: r500 and r600 already run Compiz on mesa git.06:01
crdlbRAOF: r600? :o06:02
RAOFI'm unsure about the status of r700; that's getting a gallium driver, so it gets a bit trickier.06:02
bsniderif you think you've had problems now, go into phoronix's forums and look at all of the ati threads complainging about basic stuff06:02
pwnguinso wait a minute06:02
pwnguinthe r500 drivers aren't "direct rendering openGL?"06:03
RAOFcrdlb: Last I heard, r500 & r600.06:03
* RAOF has direct rendering OpenGL on the nv drivers, incidentally.06:03
bsniderpwnguin, not with hardware acceleration, no06:03
DanaGWell, even if ATI is crap, I'd rather have open-source crap than closed-source crap.06:03
bsniderDanaG, so for you it's an ideological issue06:03
DanaGWell, all other things equal.06:04
bsniderit's not about performance06:04
DanaGThe only Linux 3D thing I use is compiz.06:04
RAOFAlthough ati cards are _also_ faster at the moment.06:04
DanaGFor games, I use Windows.06:04
bsniderRAOF, aren't we using a beta driver at the moment?06:04
Reed_Solomonyeah ATI has gotten a lot better lately06:04
RAOFbsnider: I mean, their hardware + windows drivers are faster than nvidia.06:05
SwedeMikewhat ATI card should I purchase that's available right now if I want a cheap one with working FOSS 2D acceleration?06:05
Reed_Solomonmy thinkpad came with intel or nvidia, had to chose intel cause the drivers are open06:05
bsniderRAOF, ati hardware on windows you mean?06:05
RAOFSwedeMike: Actually, I think _anything_ will give you working FOSS 2D accel.06:05
LSD|NinjaYeah, 2D was never a problem. It was always 3D that gave you grief06:06
RAOFbsnider: Yes.  Since really high-powered 3d tends to get benchmarked on windows.06:06
SwedeMikeRAOF: interesting... because my nvidia experience so far has been really bad, I've had to run the restricted drivers to get anything working06:06
LSD|NinjaRadeon 48x0 kicks the crap out of nVidia on price/performance right now. At lkeast under Windows.06:06
RAOFSwedeMike: You could probably also try the nouveau drivers; they've got (really, really) good 2d accel.  If they work at all.06:06
bsniderRAOF, windows/directx is a better graphics platform.06:06
RAOF[Citation needed]06:07
RAOFbsnider: Also, doesn't really matter; I'm talking about ATI vs nVidia on the same (windows) platform.06:07
DanaGThe laptop I'll be getting will have only a 3650, unfortunately.06:08
RAOFSwedeMike: Oh, I should probably further qualify my praise of the nouveau drivers.  If you've got a nv4x (or probably nv3x) card, they kick arse.  That's Geforce 6,7, or Geforce 506:08
DanaGYeah... nouvea is slower than nv on a geforce4-mx-is-really-a-2 card.06:09
SwedeMikeRAOF: ah, neatness, I have gforce 6, 7 and 8 cards actually, so that sounds fine06:09
RAOFSwedeMike: The geforce 8 won't be well supported, but the 6 & 7 will be.06:10
DanaGthis is the laptop I'll be getting... once I can customize for ATI and WUXGA:   http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF25a/321957-321957-64295-3740645-3329741-3781677.html06:10
RAOFSwedeMike: You can even get totally, utterly unsupported and incomplete 3d acceleration (and XvMC, now) with nv4x!06:11
netdurI have toshiba laptop with 'Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller' Intrepid for some reason installed invidia drivers, it works fine but there no compiz for me, hardy did not have this problem, it would install correct drivers and enable compiz by default06:13
RAOFnetdur: Yeah, that was a packaging bug.  Remove the nvidia drivers and your 3d will unbreak.06:14
LSD|NinjaYou don't need to install any drivers for Intel06:15
lymecaWill 8.10 have KDE4 by default in Kubuntu?06:16
lymecaWill KDE3 be available?06:16
RAOFI don't believe so, no.06:16
RAOFBut I'm less sure about that.06:17
netdurRAOF: is this known bug? I don't need to report it! right?06:19
RAOFnetdur: Right.  It's already been fixed.06:20
gx009_compiz is not ready for 8.10 yet06:20
RAOFBut you'll still have the nvidia driver left over, since we obviously can't remove it :)06:20
SwedeMikeRAOF: well, I don't run any 3d applications, so that's fine. if I can get 1920x1200 DVI working with 2D acceleration I'm happy.06:21
netdurdo you mean xserver-xorg-video-nv?06:21
bsniderRAOF, if nouveau is so great, why isn't it in intrepid?06:22
crdlbnetdur: probably some nvidia-glx-* package06:22
netdurcrdlb: I could remove them easily06:23
RAOFbsnider: Because it requires an unreleased version of libdrm, and I don't particularly feel like maintaining the bottom of the entire free 3d stack.06:23
crdlbnetdur: yes, and you should06:24
RAOFThat's why the PPA is so great.  If people's computers combust, I can just say "whoops!  Well, you knew there could be problems when you signed up".06:24
RAOFHeh.  That's awesome.  gnome-power-manager will only start if my battery is > 25% charged.06:25
LSD|Ninjaheh, I think nouveau exploded on my system. it doesn't particularly matter, I didn't really care about that install anyway not to mention the machine is in a million pieces right now because I needed it's motherboard temporarily for something more importany06:26
gx009_test bed for progress06:26
=== gx009_ is now known as gx009
bsniderRAOF, why are the newer cards unlikely to ever be supported by nouveau?06:31
crdlbbsnider: when did he say that?06:33
RAOFbsnider: Many of them are already supported.  But nv5x is pretty different to what came before, and so it's less well supported.06:34
RAOFAlso, I think it really needs a memory manager before it can be done right; there's some playground work being done in that direction.06:34
RAOFBasically, what I meant was: If you've got an nv0x -> nv4x card, and nouveau doesn't at least bring up X and give you spiffy dual-head support, I'd be surprised.06:35
bsniderpayground work with gem?06:35
RAOFAnd TTM, yes.06:35
RAOF(Rumours of TTM's death have been greatly overstated)06:36
bsniderif they try to use ttm keith packard will cut their throats06:36
bsniderpackard thinks ttm is already out of date06:36
RAOFBoth nouveau and radeon are using both TTM and GEM, if I understand it right.06:36
LSD|Ninjanv5x is what, GeForce FX? Are they even worth bothering to support? :P06:37
AyabaraI'm considering upgrading to Intrepid today. Is it in a happy state at the moment?06:37
RAOFLSD|Ninja: nv5x is Geforce 8/906:37
bsnideri think what happened is dave airlie modified ttm to use gem06:37
bsniderand packard said that was incomprehensible06:37
RAOFGEM is apparently a fairly sparse and driver-neutral interface, and you can use parts of TTM to implement GEM06:37
RAOFSurprisingly enough, an GPU memory manager interface designed for cards with no onboard vram _at all_ doesn't map entirely cleanly onto cards with 2GB of vram on them.06:39
bsniderit will be hashed out when intl buys ati06:40
crdlbyou realize that amd owns ati?06:40
LSD|NinjaIntel can't touch ATi, not unless AMD sell it first06:40
bsniderintel will buy amd06:40
LSD|NinjaThey won't be able to06:40
bsnideramd is already dead on its feet06:40
crdlbyou're crazy if you think the US gov would allow that06:41
LSD|NinjaAntitrust will jump on them like a ton of bricks is Intel try and buy AMD/ATi06:41
bsnidermaybe, maybe not06:41
bsnidera lot of consolidation has taken place, and amd will be facing death either way06:41
crdlbplus intel already dominates the GPU market06:42
bsnidercpu you mean06:43
RAOFNo, GPU.06:43
LSD|Ninjabsnider: no, GPU as well06:43
RAOFIntel sell more gpus than everyone else combined.06:43
LSD|NinjaIntel have had majority market share in graphics for quite some years now06:43
bsniderbut not high-end gpus06:44
LSD|NinjanVidia are catching up slowly, though06:44
bsniderthey'd need ati for that06:44
LSD|Ninjabsnider: high-end isn';t where the money is06:44
RAOFAnd Intel's moving high-end with laribee, anyway.06:44
LSD|NinjaAMD bought ATi to compete in the low- to mid-range IGP market where Intel walk all over everyone else06:44
RAOFAlthough that's not so much as a GPU as it's a hugely parallel vector compute unit disguised as a GPU.06:45
LSD|NinjaIf AMD collapse in in themselves then the best company to buy the remains would probably be Samsung. Intel would probably start packing their dacks if that happened06:46
LSD|NinjaAMD have a bit of time to pull themselves togehter though, Intel don't launch Nehalem on the desktop until next year06:47
bsniderwhy samsung exactly?06:49
LSD|NinjaThey're the biggest chipmaker in the world, iirc. If they were to become a force in x86 CPUs by aquiring AMDs fabs and tech then Intel would sit up and take notice06:53
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DanaGGrr, stupid nvidia geforce*cough*two*cough*07:14
DanaGThey call it a 4, but it's not.07:14
DanaG... yet, because they call it a 4, it gets the 96 drivers -- but for some reason, jockey suggests the 71 drivers.07:15
LSD|NinjaDo the 71 and 96 drivers even work again yet?07:21
DanaGOh yeah, I was better off with the S3 Savage in a different old laptop I have around here.07:25
DanaGAt least Savage did 2D accel.07:26
DanaGAnd it wasn't über-suck on scrolling.07:26
vega--err, at some point intrepid has removed fglrx and installed the nvidia drivers on an ATI machine07:41
vega--no wonder i get the "low graphics mode" crap07:41
ompaulvega--, update and hit launchpad with that one07:43
ronnyanyone knowns how i can keep network manager from disconnecting my other networks when connecting a usb network device (my openmoko frerunner)08:31
* DanaG wonders: how will we be able to pass options to, say, the 'nvidia' xorg module, once everything moves over to autodetection?08:31
ronnyi already configured usb0 in /etc/network/interfaces08:31
ronnydidnt help08:31
Ayabaradoesn't the restricted driver manager work in 8.10?08:32
AyabaraI lost my dual screen config when I installed Intrepid08:32
=== fargiola` is now known as fargiolas|afk
AyabaraI need some help to setup dual screen on my laptop. aticonfig doesn't like the format of xorg.conf anymore...08:49
Ayabaraanyone with an ati card who can help? is there an ati driver out there that works with the new xorg.conf?08:55
Martiinisomeone explain to me why firefox-2 is broken ... firefox-2: Depends: libhunspell-1.1-0 (>=1.1.6-1) but it is not installable09:23
=== fargiolas|afk is now known as fargiolas
atari2600awhat's t hat apt-get arguement to get ubuntu using the 8.10 repositories again?09:50
TheInfinityyou could just edit your sources.list file ;)09:55
atari2600abut that's boring! :P09:56
knittlwas it update-manager -d ?10:01
AyabaraHas anyone got a working dual-screen setup with ati graphics?10:02
Ayabaraor even a working atidriver w/aticonfig10:02
Oli``Why is update manager trying to install all the xserver-xorg-video-* drivers? Is that right?10:27
RAOFYes, that's right.10:30
mickepWhen I tried alpha5 from the live CD I was asked to use keyring for the password for the wlan. When I upgraded my 8.04 to alpha5 this does not happen. How can I enable the keyring method?10:32
AyabaraI finally found out that fglrx on 8.10 doesn't work. How can I get dual screen without it?10:38
RAOFWith the ati driver.10:38
RAOFI believe that System->Preferences->Screen Resolution now has the final piece of xorg.conf magic required to do dual screen without manually touching xorg.conf.10:39
AyabaraRAOF: ahh. it seems that is do :)10:41
LSD|NinjaDoes Sys -> Prefs -> Resolution now work for all of xorg and not just the user that runs it?10:42
RAOFJust the user that runs it10:43
Ayabaragah. after configuring and entering my password, I get: "policygui.py" closed unexpectedly10:43
Ayabaraand "Monitor Resolution Settings" stops responding10:43
LSD|NinjaRAOF: So it's still almost completely useless then10:43
RAOFLSD|Ninja: Why?10:44
LSD|NinjaIf/when the auto detector gets it wrong you should be able to fix it from end to end without touching a config file10:45
Ayabaramaybe I can start "monitor resolution settings" from a shell as root?10:45
RAOFAyabara: I'd file a bug; starting as root is unlikely to make policykit happy :)10:46
RAOFLSD|Ninja: Because, in some circumstances, it can fail it's almost completely useless?10:46
LSD|NinjaOK. The auto detector gets it wrong so you're looking at 1280x1024 when you really want 1024x768. You run the one in prefs and you get your 1024x768 but log out again and gdm is back at 1280x102410:47
RAOFRight.  So, that would be a problem, yes.10:48
RAOFI'm not saying it wouldn't be nice to have a way of doing what you want.  Just that Screen Resolution doesn't _aim_ to do it, and is certainly useful for what it aims to do.10:49
LSD|NinjaThe stupid thing is that Ubuntu actually had a panel that got this somewhat right but it was deprecated going into hardy and now isn't nearly as effective as it should be10:49
AyabaraRAOF: is there a way I can make the changes manually? which file ends up being modified?10:53
RAOFAyabara: /etc/X11/xorg.conf; and the change is the addition of a Virtual line.10:55
RAOF!xrandr | Ayabara10:55
ubottuAyabara: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1210:55
AyabaraRAOF: thanks a lot.10:56
Ayabaraone more thing. how do I know that the ati driver is the one active?10:56
RAOFBy checking out Xorg.0.log10:56
RAOFYay!  nvidia-glx-177's dual head no longer sucks! Wooooo!10:57
minimecHi. I am a little bit confused about the driver I should use for my ATI x1250 in Intrepid. The restricted driver and the 'jockey' application don't work until now. The opensource 'ati' driver doesn't work either. The 'radeonhd' gives me a flickering screen... So I am on vesa until now. Can anyone confirm the 'problems' I have with the 'ati' driver?10:57
AyabaraRAOF: a loadmodule: "ati" has to be a good sign :)10:59
AyabaraRAOF: my "Screen"-section looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/46127/. How can I put a line in there to get a Virtual screen on my external 1600x1200 monitor?11:04
AyabaraRAOF: I'm trying to get a dualscreen setup for a laptop monitor of 1400x1050 with an external screen of 1600x120011:09
MartiiniI feel that linux users are being ignored on every level .. I appreciate all the work Shuttleworth and ubuntu have done .. but ubuntu still doesnt work like its supposed to11:38
MartiiniLaunchpad looks like an adverstisement for ubuntu not bugtracker11:38
gaminggeekMartiini: stop trolling this channel11:42
FlimmIs anyone else having trouble accessing http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/intrepid/alpha-5/ ?11:47
bazhangFlimm, loads fine, just a bit slow11:49
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afiefAnybody else lost his gnome-session executable in a recent upgrade?12:30
miloszhow can i enable autologin?12:34
BUGabundo_workmilosz: administration -> login window12:35
miloszBUGabundo_work, what is the associated executable called? (i don't have such a menu item)12:36
markmuetzHi chaps, upgraded last weekend, today on reboot I had lost my DNS settings (could still ping e.g. but not google.com). Solution was to use download intrepid gnome-network-admin_XXX.deb and install it on my computer, then redo my DNS settings. Why had network-admin disappeared (is this a bug? or is it something to do with a new (v. buggy) network admin?) and should I raise this as a bug?12:36
miloszwhy i'm missing that item is pretty wondrous to begin with12:37
miloszzniavre, thx12:37
BUGabundo_workmilosz: let me ps auxw it12:37
BUGabundo_workmilosz: gdmsetup12:38
miloszok yeah12:39
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qivafter the last upgrade my network does not work anymore ...13:36
qivwhat network pakages did they change today? ;)13:36
qivany ideas what it could be?13:36
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=== GHOST is now known as repete
chronographerhi all. updated today, new kernel didn't update with nvida correctly, could someone help me with this error: http://pastebin.com/m366c62314:00
BUGabundo_workchronographer: I haven't got the nvidia working evershince 2.6.27-114:01
chronographerhmm me neither14:02
chronographeri read this, thought it might help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5670471&postcount=74: but didn't14:02
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laughtearwhere can we talk about advices for developers from users?14:58
laughtearanybody hear?15:00
danbh_intrepidanyone else having net problems with the latest kernel?15:02
IdleOnelaughtear: check out this link http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com15:04
IdleOnedanbh_intrepid: knock on wood!. I am doing nicely with this kernel :)15:05
laughtearokay, anybody wonders about my opinion here? it's an easy thing about trash can15:05
x1250last updates screwed up my touchpad. Clicking on the touchpad seems work only sometimes, rather randomly. Buttons work ok though. Anyone else is having this issue?15:06
danbh_intrepidim having network issues15:07
IdleOnex1250: check the touchpad prefs see if you can't adjust them to your liking15:08
x1250IdleOne, prefs are ok. This happend after upgrading today.15:10
IdleOnex1250: my touchpad is working fine but I disable it. prefer using usb mouse15:12
x1250clicking on the touchpad works only sometimes in here. Sometimes I have to click 3 times, or even 4 to make it work. Today updates upgraded a lot of xorg packages. :/15:13
ronnyagain: hwo the hek do i keep intrepids network manager from disconnectiong my other network connections when i put in a usb network device thats allready preconfigured in /etc/network/interfaces15:15
ronnyit worked just fine on hardy,15:15
danbh_intrepidronny: im having similar issues15:21
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ronnydanbh_intrepid: yeah, and nobody here seems to feel responsible15:21
danbh_intrepidwhy should they?15:22
=== mvo__ is now known as mvo
ronnydanbh_intrepid: well, i was explicitly send over here for intrepid issues15:23
danbh_intrepidronny: yeah,  whether anyone can help you or not,  this is the only place for intrepid issues15:23
Solarionanyone know why my eee 901 locks up whenever the screen is blanked?15:24
Martiinican I ask something and expect to get an honest answer about ubuntu or debian system reliability15:24
Martiiniin this channel here15:24
mickepMartiini: I am new inhere, but I guess: just ask.15:25
Martiinii want to know ubout system updates and how they are managed on developers side... Do linux developers keep track of every change that occurs during system upgrade and are they aware of all changes .. or are there uncontrolled variables. Does system upgrade leave junk files behind? Why do updates break the system sometimes?15:27
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic15:30
Martiininah .. I am being stupid .. linux users are the testbed for linux system reliability .. thats also the role of ubuntu and ubuntuforums.org ..etc .. so it can be assured that debian stable is stable enough for corporate use .. am I right?15:30
MartiiniIm right15:31
danbh_intrepidi think corporate users do their own testing15:31
dooleyhey, i woke up, there were like 78 updates in update-manager, then it downloaded and installed them all, and said i have to restart15:33
dooleythen i restatr15:33
dooleyand now it no work :<15:34
dooleyand /var/log/Xorg.0.conf says couldnt initlize nvidia kernel module or something like that15:34
danbh_intrepidMartiini: the way it works in ubuntu, is that most packages are pulled  upstream  from debian. There  are   some ubuntu specific packages too.  Ubuntu syncs its dev cycle with gnome.  So, there is lots of new code,  thats where the bugs come from I suspect15:34
danbh_intrepiddooley: well, im luckier than you.  Only my networking failed.  Im just using the older kernel15:35
dooleyyou are smart15:35
dooleythats what i will try todo too! thanks15:35
dooleyi wonder why it fail, i think there was an driver update for the new kernel15:36
gx009Ubuntu is a collection of many computer programmes and documents created by thousands of individuals, teams and companies. Each of these works may come under a different license. This license policy describes the process that we follow in determining which software we will ship by default on the Ubuntu Desktop CD.15:36
gx009http://www.ubuntu.com/community/ubuntustory/licensing  <---- from here15:37
dooleyyeah, i know15:38
Martiinido linux systems and linux system updates generate "junk files" that developers are not interested of and are unaccounted for15:40
danbh_intrepidMartiini: yes, I think so, at least the files which hold settings15:41
danbh_intrepidMartiini: which I think of as a feature, rather  than a bug, since I like it when I can do a clean install, and all my settings are saved15:41
danbh_intrepidMartiini: but  thats the same as in windows.  Installers track files  created at the time of install.  They don't track files created during runtime.       But whats the going on?  It sounds like something is bothering you15:43
SolarionMartiini: it depends on the program and what you mean.  All global configuration files, libraries, programs, etc. are known to ubuntu/debian/redhat/whatever, so when you un-install you really un-install.15:44
=== LSD|Ninj3 is now known as LSD|Ninja
SolarionMartiini: However, the program may generate new files such as log files that won't necessarily be known.  Additionally, user settings are in their home directories and are generally not (I don't know of any, but it's not impossible) removed when the program is.15:45
orgthingywow, cool15:48
orgthingyhaii ^_^15:48
Martiinidanbh_intrepid: I became interested how system upgrade works and how much of it is controlled by developers15:51
MartiiniI have been stupid I guess15:53
x1250damn this problem is driving me crazy >:) I think its related to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=677564 but this guy its in gutsy! Anyway, he says clicking on the touchpad works only like 50% of the time.15:55
danbh_intrepidx1250: maybe he should upgrade?15:56
SebNaitsabesso    Intrepid  Ibex is meant to have some fancy new kernel?  I only found this out yesterday,  I was also told that it won't run in Virtualbox?15:56
Martiinihow about threads titled "Cleaning up all those unnecessary junk files" http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=140920  .. is that complete BS15:56
x1250danbh_intrepid, I'm on intrepid and have the same problem :S15:57
x1250starting from today :(15:57
x1250in fact, clicking the touchpad in here work less than 50% of the time :(15:57
x1250and its not a pressure config settings, I can make it work pressing very lightly sometimes. Other times it just doesn't work.15:58
Martiinican u guys say what laptops u use .. I want to buy u fully compatible linux laptop15:59
bazhangMartiini, this is not the channel for that15:59
danbh_intrepidMartiini: all those suggestions use the packagemanager...  so none of those would work for files truly orphaned16:00
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic Martiini16:00
dooleyMartiini: http://www.linux-laptop.net/16:00
dooleyMartiini: http://system76.com/index.php?cPath=2816:01
Martiininot all laptops on compatibility lists work with linux16:01
dooleywell Dell sells laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed, so those works16:02
dooleyalso System76 specializes in Linux laptops16:02
vpelcakhi all16:02
knittli'm fairly happy with linux on dell boxes16:02
vpelcakjust wanted to ask, does II alpha 4 fetch updates from internet during installation?16:03
vpelcakI mean installing from CD16:03
ikoniavpelcak: should install from cd only16:04
dooleyit does not fetch update from internet during install, i think16:04
vpelcakBecause I cannot download any other CD and from alpha 4 I cannot get system working16:04
dooleytry 8.04 stable or wait until 8.10 stable16:04
ikoniavpelcak: why are you trying to use alpha software ?16:05
ikoniavpelcak: what is your goal16:05
ikoniavpelcak: what problems are you having with it16:05
vpelcakmy goal is to help with bugreporting16:05
ikoniavpelcak: well saying "it doesn't work" is not a massive help with bug reporting16:06
vpelcakI reported some bugs, and as none else was complaining about them, I got an idea to reinstall my system if it helps16:06
ikoniawhat sort of issues ?16:07
vpelcakbecause I was worried, that inly I have these bugs and thus might be bugs caused by me16:07
vpelcakproblems with keyboard, missing window decoration, some crashes ...16:08
ikoniahave you used 8.04 before ?16:08
vpelcakI upgraded16:08
ikoniavpelcak: ok - before doing anything I suggest benchmarking 8.0416:08
ikoniavpelcak: eg: what works, what doesn't, what you had to do manually, what failed automaticlly16:09
vpelcakwell, I don't have 8.04 install CD, and for some reason I cannot download and burn it. I'd do it already.16:10
vpelcak"some" doesn't mean problem on Ubuntu side, but my.16:10
ikoniavpelcak: I suggest you resolve that sort of issue16:11
ikoniavpelcak: as debugging from bad media, or a system with inherint issues is not really a worth while approach16:11
vpelcakThat issue is, that it either takes ages or would have to do it at work. None can be resolved.16:12
ikoniawhat takes ages ?16:12
vpelcakdownloadiong at home16:12
Martiinivpelcak:  have u tried unetbootin16:12
ikoniavpelcak: my suggestion is 1.) get an 8.04 stable system - thats key. 2.) don't upgrade, do a clean 8.10-beta-version install on a seperate partition so you always have a stable system to reference.16:13
ikoniavpelcak: upgrading can cause issues, more so in beta software due to dependencies moving/changing16:13
vpelcakI know.16:13
vpelcakI tried it in qemu16:13
vpelcakworked well, so I expected, that it will be OK16:14
vpelcakI'm used to Debian Sid and Ubuntu alphas. I got an idea how to deal with it.16:14
vpelcakI'll install my system with hope that I'll be able to connect to the internet and perform upgrade which, as I hope, will help16:15
ikoniavpelcak: thats not the best way to deal with it16:15
vpelcakproblem is, tha I can temporarily use ethernet connection and then for virtually unlimited tim wifi WPA encripted connection16:16
vpelcakfor that I need working networkmanager16:16
vpelcakany better ideas are welcommed16:16
vpelcakBut I'd really like to help with bugreporting and i am not worriet to use terminal16:16
vpelcak-worriet +worried16:17
ikoniawhat does using the terminal have to do with it ?16:17
vpelcakWell I was able to get Ubuntu alpha working, to some extent.16:18
ikoniaagain what does that have to do with anything ?16:19
vpelcakwhen I install alpha4, I end in terminal. No X.org working. Therefore I have to upgrade from terminal and hope it helps. You said, that it isn't best way, so I asked which is better and added I'm not worried of terminal.16:21
vpelcakI want working II. That is all. Just ewanted to ask whether or not ubuntu upgrades itself during installation or I have to do it manually.16:22
miloszdamn a bug in Inkscape16:45
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nemoheh.  linux has waaaay too many programs17:03
nemo$ gimv temp.txt17:03
nemoThe program 'gimv' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:17:03
nemosudo apt-get install gimageview17:03
nemo(typo typing gvim)17:03
nemoamusing how many of my typos are actual programs17:03
miloszi shall try to find out using a brute-force search!17:10
BUGabundo_workwhere can I find mpt?17:20
=== mvo__ is now known as mvo
bsniderRAOF_, so how about luke's latest pulse update? did it fix your sound issues?18:13
penbsnider, hi18:18
s0u][ighthi guys18:20
burnerwhat's the package to reconfigure if dkms fails to load my nvidia driver?18:21
void^running dkms build/dkms install seems to work usually18:23
burnerah ha... i gotta remember for next kernel upgrade, thanks bsnider18:24
timboyI updated intrepid to kernel 2.6.27-3 from 2.6.27-2 and had to reinstall the nvidia driver and now gdm doesn't even start... can someone give me a hand?18:25
burnertimboy: sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-177-kernel-source; sudo /etc/init.d/dkms_autoinstaller stop; sudo /etc/init.d/dkms_autoinstaller start18:25
bsniderwhat happens instead?18:26
burnerit should say pass when loading the nvidia driver :)18:26
timboybsnider, it just takes me to cli login18:26
burnercool, just worked here... restarting gdm as we speak18:27
bsniderjust do what buyrner said and you'll be fine18:27
timboyok doing18:28
* burner assumes timboy uses nvidia-glx-177 driver as opposed to 173 or others18:30
timboyburner, no dice...18:32
burnerno?  what happens18:34
burnerdoes dkms say "pass" ?18:34
burnerbrb actually18:34
burneri had to reboot to make it actually fully work18:38
burnerbut I'm back in business... how goes it timboy?18:38
timboyburner, dkms said ok when I ran that command. Then I rebooted and still takes me directly to login18:39
timboythe screen flickers a couple times like it's trying to load gdm but just stays at login18:39
burnertimboy: try "sudo nvidia-xconfig" ?18:39
burnerthat will regenerate an xorg.conf18:39
burnerthen you can restart gdm.  sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart18:40
timboyburner, flickers 4 times and stays at prompt on tty118:41
timboyburner, when it's booting it says starting gnome display manager [ OK ] and keeps goingthen just takes me to tty1 login :(18:45
timboyany other ideas burner ?18:50
bsnidertry startx at the command prompt18:52
bsniderthat might at least spit out an error message about what the problem is18:53
burnertimboy: try deleting your xorg.conf ?18:53
timboystart x gives me: failed to load module "type1" (module does not exist), No devices detected, fatal server error: no screens found giving up. xinit: connection refused(errno 111): unable to connecto to x server18:55
bsniderwhat in the world is that18:57
bsnideryour xorg.conf must be fried18:57
bsniderpastebin your xorg.conf please18:57
burneror just delete it and let the X rescue thing fix it :)18:57
timboyok i'll delete it then what?18:58
burnerthen restart gdm18:58
burnerI have to say the startx makes things a little trickier if by chance X is already started on display :018:59
void^the type1 error isn't fatal, doesn't matter18:59
bsniderhow in hte name of h e double hockey sticks did type1 get in there18:59
timboyfatal server error: no screens found18:59
void^pastebin your xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log19:00
burnertimboy: you have the latest nvidia kernel right?  sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-177 ?19:00
timboyalready newest version19:00
* burner supports pastebin logs 19:00
timboywhat shall I paste?19:00
bsnideri'm really curious about your xorg.conf file19:01
timboybsnider, I removed it before doing startx...19:02
bsniderthere's probably a hidden backup19:02
burnertimboy: did you try a gdm restart after deleting xorg.conf?19:03
burnerworth a shot... i'm not sure that startx uses the fancy wizard thing if an xorg.conf doesn't exist...19:04
bsniderthere are a couple of lines that need to exist in xorg.conf for the nvidia 177.70 driver to work properly19:06
timboyi restored my xorg.conf from sometime earlier today and this is what is in it: http://pastebin.ca/1201202 startx still gives me no screens found19:09
timboybrb 5 mins19:10
void^probably missing nvidia.ko19:13
bsniderrestart the entire system. if it still doesn't work, you probably don't have the module properly built19:15
=== philwyett_ is now known as philwyett
BUGabundo_workguys can any one rsync DVDs from main ?19:29
BUGabundo_work#ubuntu-mirrors is to quite! can't get an answer there19:29
orgthingyBUGabundo_work : ask in #kubuntu #ubuntu #xubuntu then ask in #debian :P19:39
orgthingythats what i usually do19:39
BUGabundo_workno need to spam orgthingy19:40
BUGabundo_workI finally resolved my prob19:40
timboybsnider, ok so it was a little more than 5 mins... :) i've restarted and still takes me to login19:40
orgthingyits not spamming as long as its ubuntu channels :P19:40
BUGabundo_workforgot /cdimage/19:40
BUGabundo_worksince I just copied the http url19:41
bsnidertimboy, i'd say you don't really have the module built19:41
timboyok should I run that command burner gave me again?19:42
timboyI tried to install with the nvidia .run file and it said it doesn't support xen kernel's19:42
bsnideryeah don't use the one from nvida19:45
bsnideruse the previous command19:45
timboybsnider, ran those commands again and it ran the dkms auto installation service and it loaded nvidia 177.70 and gdm start just flickers and startx : module loader present (EE) no devices detected and the no screens found deal19:48
bsniderhs this ever worked?19:48
bsnideri mean did it work with the previous kernel?19:48
timboyyes never had this issue before... I used hardy then in alpha 3 upgraded to intrepid and it's been working ever since and with 2.6.27-2 worked fine19:50
timboybsnider, loaded the old kernel 2.6.27-2 and it started gdm just fine19:52
bsniderwell, there you go. the module is not in the new kernel19:52
timboyok but 177 fails to load in 2.6.27-2 but loads fine in 2.6.27-319:53
bsniderthe one to really talk to about this is RAOF_19:53
timboyso i'm recompiling it now19:53
timboywhy would it tell me it was loading the module and not load the module?19:55
bsnideri don't know19:55
bsniderbut all other things are equal19:55
timboyRAOF_, you on?20:00
timboybsnider, I booted in 27-2 and gave me the whole low graphics mode. I tried to use nvidia-settings and it said I didn't have the drivers installed20:00
bsniderwait, some of your numbers are contradictory20:01
bsnideryou're trying to boot 27-3 and it doesn't work where it does work with 27-2 right?20:02
timboygdm that is20:04
timboynot able to get the driver working in 27-2 again so far20:04
bsnidermake sure you've got linux-headers-2.6.27-3-generic installed20:04
bsniderif you don't have that you can't build anything new into the kernel20:05
timboybsnider, just rebooted and gdm started in 27-3... weird (checked and headers are installed) ok so what's the best way for me to get this nvidia driver actually working in this. the restriced driver thing hasn't worked in intrepid for me yet20:08
bsnideris it using the nvidia blob or something else?20:08
bsnidertry starting nvidia-settings20:08
bsniderif it doesn't complain then you're using the blob20:09
timboyshould I run the dkms_autoinstaller again first?20:09
bsniderno, i don't see why20:09
timboybecause after I ran it in 27-2 it doesn't load in 27-3 now20:09
bsnideryou said you're in 27-3 and it's working20:10
timboyis working20:10
bsniderright but just check to see which graphics driver you're using20:10
timboyis there a command for that?20:10
bsniderstart nvidia-settings20:11
bsniderdoes it complain?20:11
bsniderok so you're probably using the nv driver, or vesa20:12
bsniderrun the dkms command20:13
timboythen restart gnome or try nvidia-settings again?20:14
bsnidertry nvidia-settings again20:14
timboybsnider, ctrl-alt-bkspc left me with a black screen with blinking cursor. I think i just went in a circle and gdm it's loading again20:15
bigBearis that nv issue fixed?20:16
gx009are you sure you need 177 modules and not 173?20:17
timboygx009, if you're talking to me I have nvidia-glx-177 installed not 17320:18
gx009a lot of Go 61xx cards use restricted driver version 17320:21
timboybsnider, when I try startx i'm getting that "fialed to load module "type1" (module does not exist, 0) again20:21
timboynvidia 8800gt here20:21
Ayabarahey. what's the new theme for Intrepid called. I wanna install it on Hardy.20:21
timboybsnider, http://pastebin.ca/1201255 is xorg.conf20:24
gx009https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-173/173.14.12-0ubuntu5    <--- this page lists cards that work with nvidia driver version 173... i believe your card is listed here20:25
timboygx009, i've been using 177 since it came out with no issues20:26
timboyburner, you have any ideas?20:26
timboybsnider, looks like type1 was put in there by nvidia-xconfig20:28
Ayabaraanyone? what's the name of the default theme in 8.10?20:32
milos_Ayabara, i think Human-Clearlooks20:33
Ayabarathanks a lot20:37
timboyat a crossroads here. gdm won't start getting a weird error with startx tried to get my nvidia 177 driver set up. worked fine with kernel 27-2 but broke in 27-3 here is xorg.conf: http://pastebin.ca/120125520:41
void^did you pastebin your Xorg log?20:43
milos_timboy, i can't open the link, is it just me?20:45
timboyvoid^, http://pastebin.ca/1201269 Xorg.0.log20:46
milos_by the way, I am using 27-3 with nvidia 177 and works fine20:46
timboymilos_, that gives me hope :)20:46
timboymilos_, and yes just you20:46
void^hm.. nvidia driver doing funny things. 'lsmod | grep nvidia' does show the module?20:49
timboyvoid^, yes20:49
milos_timboy, did you reinstalled nvidia-177-kernel-source after booting 27-3 kernel20:50
timboymilos_, several times it seems20:50
milos_and everything went fine?20:50
burneraw man... good luck timboy, hope you get it... like i said, I got mine to work, so I'm sure it's possible20:50
void^might be a driver bug. do you have 2 cards in there, sli or what they call it?20:50
timboyvoid^, yes two cards sli20:51
timboyhonestly i'd be happy getting any driver working or even getting gdm to start20:54
void^just change Driver "nvidia" to "nv"20:54
void^sli support seems a little ..  delicate, still. i have no personal experience with it..20:55
timboywhat about the type 1 deal in xorg.conf startx gives me a fit with it in there20:55
void^that's a font engine, nothing that would stop X from starting20:55
timboyvoid^, changed driver to nv and still no go20:56
timboyway I got it working last time was to boot to 27-2 rebuild nvidia modules for 27-2 then boot into 27-3 and gdm started in vesa i think20:57
vega--these graphic card driver packages seem a bit screwed up still, on my ATI machine at some point fglrx got removed and intrepid installed the nvidia drivers20:57
vega--maybe it was a hint or something..20:58
timboyI tried to install the driver from the nvidia .run file and it told me that it wouldn't work on a xen kernel20:58
void^well, the last bunch of Xorg updates seems to be trouble. using nvidia's driver Xorg crashes as soon as i try to resize a window now.20:58
bsnidertimboy, don't use nvidia-xconfig21:00
timboybsnider, ok too late now what?21:00
timboysudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?21:01
bsniderhold on21:01
bsnidernuke your xorg.conf21:03
bsniderthat's not helping at all. in the future, do not use nvidia-xconfig21:03
bsniderdo you know what flea power means?21:03
gx009you need insect repellant21:04
bsniderok, shut off the system, unplug the power cable and hit the power switch for 30 seconds to drain all power from the board21:04
bsniderthen restart and see if you get a gui21:04
gx009i always try fix xserver option in recovery mode as video troubleshooting step uno21:06
timboybsnider, flickered 4 times and left me at tty1 login21:08
bsniderwhat's the result of the startx command?21:09
timboybsnider, unable to loacte/openconfig file/ open /dev/fb0: no such file or directory/ no devices detected/ no screens found giving up21:11
bsniderwell, i guess sli is the issue here21:12
bsnideri'd recommend filing a bug wiht nvidia and ubuntu and using a previous kernel21:12
timboybsnider, why would it have worked fine before 27-3?21:12
bsniderthere was a large xorg update today so maybe that fried it21:13
bsnideralso, later tonight RAOF_ will be here you can talk to him about it21:13
timboyok cool i'll give it a shot21:13
bsnidereveryting's fine on both of my systems using 2 different nvidia cards21:14
bsnideralso, you could try it wihtout sli enabled21:14
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BigBearwhy dosent ndiswrapper load at boot?21:59
aguitelhow uninstall the last kernel22:05
DanaGgrr..... stupid gnome-panel hung.22:11
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aguitelhow uninstall the last kernel22:21
void^just boot the old kernel22:22
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nanderssonWill Intrepid ship with OpenOffice.org 3?22:37
Stecknandersson, I believe it will be, pending OOo sticks to their own release schedule23:00
nanderssonSteck, Thanks :) I saw OOo 3 is set to release within a couple of days23:01
nanderssonI guess we'll just wait and see23:01
SteckI would believe that nearly a month of testing could produce us a stable version for Intrepid :)23:03
nanderssonYes, definitely23:05
ronnyagain: anyone knows how to keep intrepids network manager from disconneting my other networks if i connect my usb0 thats preconfigured in /etc/network/interfaces23:07
ronny(its also completely wrong set up after plugin it in, it tries dhcp instead of using the ip of the config23:07
tretlewho do you contact for including packages as default for ubuntu23:27
tretlewell obviously 9.04 seeing as there is a feature freeze23:27
tretleits a nautilus thumbnailer coded by jmillikin that I would like to propose, looks for album art in the metadata of .ogg and .mp3 files and uses the album art as a thumbnail23:28
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