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pittiseb128: BTW, that compiz startup bug08:43
pittiseb128: ... isn't one, I just haven't restarted my session in ages \o/08:43
pittiit works now08:43
seb128pitti: good ;-)08:43
pitti(just a very small bday present, I know...)08:43
gicmoseb128: yo09:04
seb128gicmo: hey hey09:04
gicmoseb128: just got the crasher again (trash) myself09:04
seb128it's a popular one ;-)09:05
seb128the number of dup was 93 when I looked yesterday09:05
gicmoseb128: I am thinking about adding a piece of code that might fix it09:05
gicmoseb128: I just wish I could reproduce it09:05
seb128gicmo: what piece of code and where?09:06
gicmoseb128: just add g_vfs_get_default () on the main thread09:07
seb128that would fix it? I though the issue was dbus used in threads09:07
gicmocalling that func will cause gio/gvfs to be initialized09:07
gicmoseb128: well, the issue is that we are initilizing gvfs from the second thread09:07
gicmoseb128: look at the stack traces, they all crash with gvfs_daemo_init () or g_vfs_get_default () in the second thread09:08
gicmowhat was the lp bug?09:09
gicmosorry for not remembering that09:09
seb128bug #25217409:09
seb128no problem ;-)09:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 252174 in gvfs "gvfsd-trash crashed with SIGSEGV in g_main_context_dispatch()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25217409:09
gicmoThis bug has 95 duplicates09:11
gicmoW T F09:11
gicmoseb128: since the crash itself is always in the mainloop09:13
seb128gicmo: that's only ubuntu unstable, I say you are lucky gnome-session 2.23 doesn't enable bug-buddy ;-)09:13
gicmoseb128: I am wondering if calling the dbus_integrate_with_main function causes the GSource to get invalid or something09:13
seb128hum, dunno09:14
seb128brb, I just need to restart my session09:14
gicmoseb128: sooo09:18
seb128gicmo: I've no enough clue about that to tell you if that fixes the issue09:19
gicmoI am sorry if am distracting you09:19
seb128oh that doesn't distract me, I've just no good reply ;-)09:19
seb128I can push patches and wait for user feedback or see if bug reports stop though09:20
seb128I'm just not enough of a hacker to have a clue about this issue09:21
gicmoI am not sure the _g_dbus_connection_integrate_with_main () is prepared to handle more then one main integration09:21
seb128did you try to mail alex? maybe he has some clue about that too and could confirm your idea?09:24
gicmoseb128: not yet09:26
gicmoseb128: I am reading the glib dbus bindings right now to confirm my idea whats going on09:26
gicmoseb128: I think I have my finger at the right point now09:26
pochugood morning!09:57
seb128hello pochu09:58
pochuhi seb128. I did a few basic tests with nemiver 0.6.210:00
pochuI think if crevette could test it too, we could sync it10:00
crevettepochu: do yo have a package ?10:26
pochucrevette: yes, let me upload it somewhere10:28
crevettepochu: I'm in contact with the developers, and there shouldn't have a lot of changes10:29
crevetteso it should work :)10:29
pochucrevette: http://emilio.pozuelo.org/~deb/10:39
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seb128mvo_: thanks for sending the gnome-keyboard-properties patch upstream11:35
seb128mvo_: I've assigned bug #268636 to you since it's in your changes11:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268636 in gnome-control-center "gnome-keyboard-properties crashed with SIGSEGV in g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26863611:35
crevettepochu: does setting a breakpoint works for you ?11:46
crevettenemiver doesn't open the source code window11:47
mvo_seb128: thanks, looking12:29
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mvo_seb128: otherwise it looks good bugwise afaics12:31
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pochucrevette: I haven't tried it yet. I can have a look later if you want12:38
pittiseb128: any regression reports about the deskbar SRU? (bug 255998)12:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255998 in deskbar-applet " stable update" [Wishlist,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25599812:41
pittiseb128: at some point we should move that to -updates, but I'd like to see at least one confirmation "yes it works"12:41
seb128pitti: oh, it's still not moved? no, no regression bug12:46
pittino feedback on the bug12:47
seb128pitti: the change is one commit to adapt for a website change12:47
seb128pitti: and is intrepid12:48
seb128and we got no bug since12:48
seb128I don't use this website but deskbar-applet was still working correctly when I tried12:48
pittiok, thanks12:49
pittigood 'nuff12:49
seb128cool, thank you12:49
crevetteI'll try to package latest bluez-gnome for blue 3.x this week end12:51
pochuseb128: I've connected an ipod in Intrepid. Nautilus shows it's mounted, but it doesn't open in rhythmbox, and if I double-click it in Nautilus it doesn't open. is this a known issue?12:52
pochuthe ipod plugin is enabled, and it used to work12:54
seb128pochu: no, it works fine for me, it display the "what do you want to do" action which default to starting rhythmbox12:55
seb128pochu: what action is configured in nautilus?12:55
pochuMedia>Music Player>Ask what to do12:55
pochuperhaps it's my profile, I can try with a new user12:55
pochuI have this in .xsession-errors:12:56
pochux-session-manager[2806]: DEBUG(+): GsmXSMPClient: Client '0x9d30d60 [nautilus 1085cb869e1fb01e122114555464300900000028060051]' received SaveYourselfDone(success = True)12:56
pochux-session-manager[2806]: DEBUG(+): GsmXsmpServer: sms_error_handler (0x9d5a210, FALSE, 3, 9, 32771, 0)12:56
pochux-session-manager[2806]: DEBUG(+): GsmXsmpServer: ice_io_error_handler (0x9d595d8)12:56
pochunot sure if that's related to the ipod or it's a different issue12:56
seb128different one12:56
pochuhey pedro_!12:56
pochuseb128: ok, I'm going to try with a new user12:57
pedro_morning pochu!12:57
seb128hello pedro_12:57
pedro_salut seb12812:57
loolpochu: I can't mount USB keys in nautilus anymore12:58
loolpochu: I think you suffer from the same symptoms12:59
seb128mvo_: hum, bug #268636 no13:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268636 in gnome-control-center "gnome-keyboard-properties crashed with SIGSEGV in g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID()" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26863613:00
seb128mvo_: the duplicate is using 1:2.23.90-0ubuntu813:00
pochulool: lool right, just tried an usb stick and the same happens13:00
pochui.e. it shows in Places, but if I try to open it nothing happens13:01
pochueven if I right-click and "open in new window", nothing13:01
seb128anything in /var/log/syslog or /var/log/message about that13:02
lool* Bug fixes: 546971 - rhythmbox crashed when ejecting an ipod device13:05
loolin gvfs 0.99.713:05
pochuseb128: I lost the connection13:08
pochuthat's /var/log/messages13:08
seb128lool: what about it?13:08
loolJust a guess13:08
seb128pochu: nothing special there13:08
loolI had a gvfs update to on the 9th, and now things are borken13:09
seb128lool: that was a ref counting issue, I doubt it breaks mounting13:09
pochuand syslog: http://pastebin.com/f570b328613:09
loolI didn't downgrade, but it's first thing I'd suspect13:09
pochu(the output of "grep -A 10 -B 10 -i usb /var/log/syslog")13:09
seb128lool: and we had the patch in the previous version13:09
pochucould it be a kernel issue?13:18
pochuI can reboot into the new and shiny -3 ;)13:19
seb128hey mvo_13:21
seb128mvo_: did you read what I wrote before?13:21
mvo_seb128: no?13:26
mvo_seb128: sorry, dropped offline, the line is bad today13:26
seb128mvo_:   bug #268636, the duplicate uses 1:2.23.90-0ubuntu8, so you closed it wrongly13:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268636 in gnome-control-center "gnome-keyboard-properties crashed with SIGSEGV in g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID()" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26863613:26
seb128mvo_: and bug #269328 for you to sponsor, typo in the string you added13:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269328 in gnome-control-center "Spelling mistake in Network Proxy preferences" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26932813:27
mvo_thanks seb128, checking13:27
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andreasnseb128: regarding https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidMenusReview, I fixed the xsane icon thing on my own system, but how do I forward these changes to you? diff the desktop file and send a patch?14:37
andreasnseb128: I more or less just changed one line of text14:38
seb128andreasn: what format is used for the icon? diff or attach the new icon to launchpad14:38
seb128andreasn: and subscribe the ubuntu-main-sponsors team too14:38
andreasnseb128: I just changed icon=xsane to icon=scanner14:38
seb128andreasn: ah, easy enough, so yes just the diff on a bug would be nice ;-)14:39
andreasnall right, will do14:39
mvoseb128: just to clarify, gnome-session now uses gnome-wm again and that uses /desktop/gnome/applicatons/window_manager/default again?14:45
seb128mvo: yes14:46
* mvo updates the g-c-c patch14:46
seb128mvo: what is wrong in the patch?14:50
seb128mvo: the code uses /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager, not sure if we should rather change this one and update gnome-wm to use it too14:51
seb128vuntz: ^14:51
vuntzyes, use the upstream key if possible :-)14:56
mvo_seb128: the patch currently writes this location but that does not seem to be sufficient14:57
mvo_I don't mind either way14:57
seb128vuntz: what is the upstream key? the14:58
seb128mvo_: use the required_components one rather then14:59
vuntzseb128: /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager,14:59
seb128ok, what I though, thanks14:59
mvo_will gnome-session run what is found there?14:59
mvo_or will gnome-session run gnome-wm regardless?15:00
seb128mvo_: arg, tricky15:00
seb128mvo_: gnome-session will run what is in /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager15:00
seb128which is gnome-wm in intrepid15:00
seb128if we don't do that we don't have fallback working15:00
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seb128now, not sure if the capplet should change this one15:02
mvo_hm, the fallback is part of the compiz startup script. or does gnome-session get confused when instead of compiz suddently metacity registers itself15:02
seb128or if we should always use gnome-wm and let do it the logic15:02
seb128mvo_: that should not be the case but gnome-wm handles lot of other case, openbox users for example15:03
mvo_ok, cool15:03
seb128"cool"? I'm still not clear what we should do ;-)15:04
mvo_"cool"> that gnome-session does not get confused15:08
mvo_I have a look into the gnome-session source now15:08
mvo_ok, so the current patch in g-c-c writes to the wrong gconf location anyway :)15:10
mvo_that explains the issues I see15:10
mvo_let go with modifiying /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager in the appearance cpaplet15:13
mvo_I think that way users who are looking at the documentation to see where the window manager is set will find the right answer15:13
mvo_instead of having to go via gnome-wm to yet another location15:14
mvo_what do you think?15:14
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mvoseb128: sorry, line dropped *again*15:23
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seb128re mvo15:23
mvoseb128: I hit my router hard with a hammer now, should be better :)15:23
mvo<mvo_> let go with modifiying /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager in the appearance cpaplet15:23
mvo I think that way users who are looking at the documentation to see where the window manager is set will find the right answer15:23
mvo instead of having to go via gnome-wm to yet another location15:23
mvo<mvo_> what do you think?15:23
seb128mvo: works for me15:23
seb128thank *you* for looking at that ;-)15:24
mvoseb128: excellent, seems to work and is commited to bzr now \o/15:28
seb128mvo: good job ;-)15:28
mpttedg, reasons for the status menu to be first: * Usually used more often, by those who use it at all. * Strengthens the connection between the icon in the menu and the icons for the status items. * Switching accounts and lock/shut down/etc are more closely related than changing status and lock/shut down/etc are.15:41
tedgmpt: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ted/fusa-screenie-2008091209.png15:41
tedgmpt: Yeah, I agree.15:42
tedgI think it also means we could go back to indenting the names and having "Switch User" above them -- which I liked better.15:42
mpttedg, reasons for the list of accounts to be first: * Applicable more often (assuming the guest account is on by default). * Strengthens the connection between the name in the menu title and the names of the other accounts. * It's possible that future versions will have more complex status stuff, e.g. a field for you to enter custom status text, or to do twittering, or whatever.15:43
tedgWe need to solve the users with the same real name problem.15:43
mpt(By "applicable more often" I mean "applicable to more people", since not everyone uses IM.)15:44
tedgI don't have numbers, but I'm guessing that more people us IM than FUS.15:44
tedgEspecially on the cases of "Single user laptop"15:45
mpthmm, likely15:45
tedgWe should make that into a term.  SUL.  It's actually a big use case.15:47
tedgmpt: Are you in #ubuntu-devel?  They're discussing jockey terms.15:50
mpttedg, I'm one of "they"15:51
tedgmpt: Sorry, you're a different color in that window :)15:53
mpttedg, report a bug :-)15:55
tedgHeh, perhaps, but I'm trying to cut down on Karma. ;)15:57
glatzormvo__, hi16:02
mpttedg, this is the ideal menu for social climbers. It's all about status and power.16:02
tedgmpt: I think you should propose that for the name -- social climbing menu.16:04
andreasntedg: is this ready for Ibex or the one after it? might be nice to use the same icons as Pidgin if for Ibex.16:08
andreasnto make the graphic connection stronger16:09
tedgandreasn: It's for Intrepid.  I don't know, I kinda want to push towards Empathy ;)16:10
* andreasn should try to get these into the base icon set anyway16:10
tedgI used the icon naming spec names, so they'll probably get themed by everyone.16:11
tedgSo I imagine it won't match Pidgin anyway in the end.16:11
andreasnhow sneaky of you ;)16:11
tedgandreasn: Yeah, you know those artists, you have to manipulate them in subtle ways :)16:12
andreasnyou mean like "crap, we want consistency at every cost, crap, might as well change the IM client!"? :)16:13
tedgmpt: What's you're plan?  Should I start something new, or wait for a quick turn around on some menu shuffles?16:29
mpttedg, Mark has been in a meeting for a while so I wouldn't expect a quick turnaround16:32
tedgmpt: 'k, I'll break other things then :)16:33
mptand now it's time for me to find problems with intrepidly exiting16:34
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pochuseb128, lool: usb stick mounts fine now17:11
andreasnseb128: oh, I already sent a patch last year17:12
pochuI didn't have nautilus/gnome-panel/ubuntu-desktop installed17:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 129687 in xsane "xsane menu icon looks ugly" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:12
pochuI've reinstalled them, and it works now17:12
crevettepochu: a I had that too yesterday17:17
crevetteI was quite surprised17:17
pochuI think it's update-manager's fault17:21
pochumvo__: wasn't there an update-manager bug about it removing essential packages with the partial upgrade thing?17:31
pochuah, bug 21944417:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 219444 in update-manager "Partial update removes existing packages without checking/installing replacements" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21944417:33
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mptvuntz, hi, what's your preferred medium for small tweaks to make to the Log Out and Shut Down dialogs? E-mail message? b.g.o bug reports?18:07
mptA single omnibus bug report?18:07
johanbrSpeaking of which, I noticed that pressing the power button now only gives me the option to log out or switch users. That seems a little illogical.18:11
vuntzmpt: probably best to add comments to the upstream bug about this18:13
ubottuGnome bug 507101 in general "New UI for logout/shutdown dialogs" [Minor,New]18:13
tedgmpt: GNOME is in hard code freeze -- so if we want something for Ubuntu, we'll probably have to distro patch it.18:19
bertoldiapitti? Axel here.18:49
pittioh, hey bertoldia!18:49
bertoldiajust got your last email after having sent mine.18:49
bertoldiaI happy to travel to Portland or to to do it over the phone.18:50
bertoldiaWhatever is more convenient for you.18:51
pittibertoldia: sorry, X just crashed (doing some debugging); did you say anything after your mail ack?18:52
bertoldiaI'm happy to travel to Portland or to do it over the phone.18:53
bertoldiaWhatever is more convenient for you.18:53
pittibertoldia: well, meeting in person is always nice, it just sounded like a lot of effort for an hour of talking :)18:53
bertoldiapitti: I'm happy to do it.18:55
bertoldiaI also have friends there to visit.18:55
pittibertoldia: ok, great! see you next Thursday then18:56
bertoldiaPitti: Great! See you then!18:56
pochujohanbr: there's two buttons/dialogs now, you were probably pressing the logout/switch users one ;)19:04
james_wI've just restarted my session and I don't get a functioning desktop back, I get a mouse pointer and the desktop background, but no panel etc.19:04
james_whas anyone seen this?19:04
johanbrpochu: I was pressing the physical power button on my laptop.19:05
pochujames_w: yes, install ubuntu-desktop!19:05
vuntztedg: the patch is not committed upstream, so we don't care about hard code freeze. It's just a patch in a bug19:05
james_wcripes! thanks pochu19:05
pochujames_w: bug 26940919:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269409 in meta-gnome2 "[intrepid] gnome doesn't start any more. (dup-of: 219444)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26940919:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 219444 in update-manager "Partial update removes existing packages without checking/installing replacements" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21944419:06
pochujames_w: thank pedro_ who helped me before :)19:06
james_wthanks pedro_ :-)19:06
tedgvuntz: Ah, okay.  mpt, also.19:07
pedro_you're welcome ;-)19:07
* mvo goes to fix that19:08
* pochu hugs mvo 19:08
mptvuntz, done19:22
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geserdoes libgail-dev got merged into libgtk2.0-dev?20:22
mvopochu: could you put your apt.log file somewhere? I'm curious what might have cause the removal of ubuntu-desktop for you20:40
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