ian_brasilif anyone is still awake ;) 03:00
ian_brasilused to export the the GTK2_RC_FILES environment variables for Gtk+2 widget themes here as follows: 03:01
ian_brasilexport GTK2_RC_FILES=/usr/share/themes/proview/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:/usr/share/themes/proview/gtk-2.0/gtkrc.maemo_af_desktop03:01
ian_brasiloops ...even export GTK2_RC_FILES=/usr/share/themes/mobilebasic/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:/usr/share/themes/mobilebasic/gtk-2.0/gtkrc.maemo_af_desktop03:02
ian_brasilit no longer does this and i wondered why03:02
StevenKian_brasil: On Intrepid?03:02
ian_brasilno hardy03:02
StevenKThe theme is set in gconf03:03
StevenK(For both Hardy and Intrepid03:03
ian_brasilso you do not override in  /usr/share/ume-config-common/ume-gui-start in matchbox /usr/bin/matchbox-window-manager \03:04
ian_brasil    -theme /usr/share/themes/mobilebasic/matchbox/theme.xml \03:04
ian_brasilStevenK: ok thx..i will look at gconf03:05
StevenKian_brasil: It's set in the moblin-applets postinst, for some reason.03:05
crevettehi there 13:54
crevettedoes someone plan to upgrade bluez-gnome to 0.28 ?If not I can try to ask a Feature Exception13:54
persiacrevette: Some of us have thought about it, and we're planning to look at the code again tomorrow.  Is there something specific about 0.28 that you need?14:14
crevetteno appart to stick to the latest bluez-gnome14:14
crevetteI think it should be pretty dsafe as new changes happens in bluez 4 now14:15
crevetteI preparing a pbuilder env to build it14:15
persiacrevette: I've built it.  Builds fine.14:15
crevettedo you have a deb to test it ?14:16
persiaIf you want a local copy, I'd recommend basing of the debian packaging, as that applies without any editing.  If you use the Ubuntu packaging, you'll need to revert some patches (as the Ubuntu upstream tarball is older)14:16
crevetteah I didn't look to debian package :/14:18
cgregandavmor2: ping14:18
davmor2cgregan: pong14:18
cgreganHow's your afternoon going?14:18
davmor2Quite at the moment why (think Chris is sounding ominous)14:19
ograyeah, he has this looong list of tasks for you :P14:19
davmor2see how I knew ;)14:20
* ogra was joking :)14:20
cgregandavmor2: I was cleaning up the UME case area and the installation area needed updating for Intrepid14:20
cgreganI deleted all the MIC/Xephyr stuff14:20
cgreganBut the KVM area needs to be altered so it refers to the correct repos14:21
cgreganSince you put that section together...could you get the info to update it?14:21
cgreganNot too long of a list :-)14:21
davmor2Yes no probs sticking with KVM this round then :)14:22
cgreganYes...the current images already support KNM boot14:22
cgreganSo we might even be able to shorten the process14:22
cgreganLike..install KVM...point to latest image from cdimage and go14:23
davmor2I'll have a play with it this afternoon and see what I come up with then :)14:23
cgreganSweet! Thanks14:24
cgreganNext! now serving.....lool: ping14:24
* davmor2 lool: don't answer it's a trick ;)14:27
cgreganhey...no fair davmor2! :-)14:28
cgreganI have lool's home phone number..so he will have to answer eventually! ;-)14:28
cgreganI also have a man inside his house I bribed with soft cuddly things.....he is still in diapers, but I'm sure he'd back me up.14:30
loolcgregan: Ah I don't see the pings in the form "blah lool: ping"; try "lool: ping" to get my attention  ;)14:43
loolcgregan: How may I help?14:43
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davmor2lool: foolish mortal14:47
loolYup, that's me14:47
davmor2you've fallen for his trick14:47
loolEither that or the guy with the diapers would have taken over my office14:47
davmor2cgregan: just a quick double check the latest images are the ones in mid correct?14:58
cgregandavmor2: correct14:59
* persia updates the /topic14:59
davmor2np's 14:59
persiaOh, I already did that :)14:59
cgreganlool: Do we have a list of what apps are being ripped out or replaced in Intrepid? I do not want to get overzealous with my wiki updates14:59
loolcgregan: We didn't build such a list; I think we might rip down more apps down the road to the release15:00
loolcgregan: We mostly care about functionality such as chat, web browsing, email15:00
cgreganlool: And they are moving to the mozilla stack?15:01
loolcgregan: hmm why is that?15:02
cgreganWell...we had that discussion of TB15:02
cgreganfigured there might be a move to Firefox as well15:02
* davmor2 download the latest image15:02
persiacgregan: The current images use midbrowser, TB, and pidgin.15:02
persiaFirefox was there, but it's a beast on smaller hardware, and not very UI-efficient.15:03
persia(so we pulled it today)15:03
cgreganpersia: Ok....was wondering 15:03
persiacgregan: Understandably: it's been an effort to get anything even vaguely inspectable, so most of the changes have only been visible on the seeds, which isn't very visible.15:04
persiaPlease try an image: if there's an app you want added or removed, it's worth discussion.15:04
cgreganpersia: Will do15:05
cgreganthanks all15:05
ian_brasili downloaded the current image last night and i can get to the UI in kvm but there X freezes..is this known issue or shall i file a bug?15:08
ografreezes ?15:09
ograhow ? 15:09
persiaian_brasil: It's actually not frozen, it's just not accepting any input.15:09
ograthere is a known bug with X starting before hal15:09
persiaThere's a race condition with starting X.  Switch to a different VT, and run `sudo stop session; sudo start session` to get it working.15:09
persiaThis ought be sorted in the next image.15:10
ian_brasilpersia: cool, thx15:10
ian_brasilimages are created daily right?15:12
persiaian_brasil: There is an automated process to create them daily, and sometimes additional images are created if there is some reason it's worth while.15:17
persiaThere are two images for 20080912 for example, because 20080912 had a build failure, so 20080912.1 was created to test some other things.15:18
ian_brasilpersia: ok cool..there seems to be lots of new goodies to play with in the image anyway :)15:21
persiaian_brasil: You mean that it works?15:22
persiaAlso, which image do you have?  20080911, 20080912, or 20080912.2 ?15:22
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ian_brasili mean that i can see the UI with what looks like lots of new stuff to play but it is not working no..i have 20080912.215:30
ian_brasilif this is current on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mid/intrepid/current/15:30
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ian_brasilusing ogras script i  get this error16:46
ian_brasilcp: writing `/tmp/image/casper/filesystem.squashfs': No space left on device16:46
persiaHow much extra stuff did you add?16:46
ian_brasili just did a dist-upgrade16:47
persiaThere's only about 20G free, minus the preseed files, the kernel, and other miscellaneous bits.16:47
persiaHrm.  That oughtn't make it that much bigger :(16:47
persiaMaybe do an `apt-get clean` afterwards?  It may be that your /var/cache/apt/archives directory contains a bunch of files.16:48
persiaIf that doesn't work, you'll need a bigger VFAT in which to put it.  This can be done, but it's a little trickier.16:50
ograpersia, 20G ?16:52
ograyou mean s/G/M16:52
persiaErm.  20M !16:52
ograwe should make that 100M16:52
* persia probably needs to be a little more diurnal16:52
persiaI was thinking we might hardcode at 510M so we can know we fit on 512M sticks, and then try to have as much space left over as possible.16:53
ograwhere are we at not ? 16:53
ogra480M ?16:53
persia20080912.1 is 570M, but it's too big.16:54
persiaYeah.  Needs more trimming.16:54
ogramy last downloaded one has 419M16:54
ogra2008-08-28 though16:54
persiaI suspect that doesn't have the installer.  Note that we're currently shipping fvwm1, so there's plenty of stuff we neither want nor use to drop.16:55
ografvwm1 o_O16:56
ograwho seelcted that ? 16:56
persiaAlso, it's worth considering if we really want to ship *all* of openoffice.org16:56
persiaI've not tracked it down yet: it's not seeded, but comes from the package relations.  It's surely a bug.16:56
ograah, i thought it was the WM we use 16:56
ian_brasilwhat happened to trebuet ..the open office loader?16:57
ograseems not to be in the archive 16:57
persiaian_brasil: Currently we're shipping both treb and oo.o.16:57
persiaian_brasil: From what I understand, this isn't entirely intentional, but just a side effect of some other changes that happened in intrepid that also affect us.16:58
persiaogra: If you have time, take a look at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mid/intrepid/20080912.1/ubuntu-mid.manifest to see if anything else strikes you as odd.17:00
persiaI'm sure you'll end up with similar things for -mobile.17:00
ograonce i have images i'll do a huge cleanup17:00
persiaCan you not construct images still?  I know they aren't automated, but what's blocking local creation?17:00
ograthough i want to stick as close o -desktop as i can with -mobile17:01
ograto much other stuff on my todo ... i'll probably build one on the weekend17:01
persiaIn that case, I think you'll want to create a CD image, and use evand's tool to generate USB images.17:01
ograi need to prepare the patches for steven as well17:01
persiaShould be minor: it's just another flavour, and not arch-specific or anything.17:02
ograbut i dont want a CD image 17:02
persiaWell, livecd-rootfs doesn't generate a CD image: it only generates a squashfs.  Wrapping that into a VFAT image is fairly easy (as your scriot demonstrates).17:03
ograbut i want to use the same tool17:03
persiaI suspect it's a 5 line change to livecd-rootfs to allow generation of -mobile images, after which you just need a wrapper.17:03
ograwrapper -> one if or case statement to stevens build script17:04
ograto use a different size for the vfat and the other names17:04
persiaActually, if you're planning to update that script, I'd recommend just appending, or doing a loop, rather than using if or case.17:05
persiaUnless you think you'll have a significant use case for a different frequency of image generation.17:05
ograi dont17:05
ograbut i will need a bigger vfat17:05
persiaIt's currently calculated as squashfs size + constant, so you get that for free as long as nobody decides to take my thoughts about 512M sticks seriously.17:06
ograi'd like to make 800M ones17:07
ograso people can esily modify 17:07
ograi dont expect my squashfs to be bigger than the liveCD one though17:07
persiaI'm tempted by your idea of just increasing the buffer to ~100M or so, rather than using hardcoded sizes.17:08
ograif that works ill enhance my image editor to a synaptics wrapper ;)17:08
persiaProbably good for both images (although downloading 100M of empty space will annoy some people)17:08
ograso you can just call it with --gui and have synaptics spawned inside the squashfs 17:08
persiaAre you really expecting a lot of people to need image modifications?  Why not just install it?17:09
ograwell, its only me toying around ... but synaptic is inside the image anyway, so why not have a point and click option 17:10
ograits tirvial :)17:10
persiaI guess, but I think you're building the best buggy-whip ever with that sort of thing.  Cool, but ultimately not that useful.17:12
StevenKI agree. 100M of empty space is excessive.17:12
StevenK30M *maybe*, but not 100M17:12
persiaEssentially, the only use case I see for modified images is for 1) more aggressive preseeding for factory installs or 2) adding a couple extra bits to get networking post-install.17:12
ograrebranding is another one17:13
ograthere are at least three hackish solutions to modify the live iso in a gui way17:13
persiaogra: One feature I'd like to see in the script is an apt-get clean: it allows users to apt-get update rather than rsyncing a new image.17:13
ograif possible i'd like to prevent that 17:13
ograyeah, apt-get clean should be added ... 17:16
ografeel free to change in the bzr branch :)17:16
persiaPeople keep encouraging me to do stuff instead of pointing stuff out ...17:18
persiaAnd the wiki too?  Is that up-to-date?  Have you set it to automatcially pull from bzr head?17:19
persiaWhere's the code in bzr?17:19
ograimage-tools subdir17:20
ogracan the wiki pull from bzr ? 17:20
* ogra didnt know 17:20
ograi wanted to simlply point to LP to the branch17:20
persiaI believe moin can include an arbitrary URL17:21
ograthough i think lool wanted to have the scripts packaged at some point17:21
persiaMight as well toss that one in ubuntu-dev-tools, no?17:22
ograi think he meant to have a ubuntu-mobile-scripts package once we have a collection in that branch17:23
ograor ubuntu-mobile-dev-scripts17:23
persiaDo you think we'll have enough of them?17:23
ograstevens build wrapper 17:24
ograloic has some casper modifying scripts 17:24
ograi might add some to mine as well 17:24
ograactually i'd like to have various frontend scripts using the current one for different modifications17:25
persiaI think the build wrapper belongs in livecd-rootfs along with the CD build wrapper, although given the timing, I don't mind it not being there for intrepid.17:25
ograwell, not for intrepid anyway17:25
ografor now we have the branch and should go on collecting them there17:25
persiaI think the casper-modifying scripts belong to the set of lore devoted to modifying liveCDs (and live images), rather than being mobile specfic.17:25
ograin jaunty we should review the branch and do a cleanup17:25
persiaWell, I'm not going to complain about revision control and public source :)  Still, I don't think it ought be collected as a package.17:26
ogralets see 17:26
ogranothing we need to decide now :)17:26
persiahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/46294/ look right to you?17:27
ograi would put it into a separate chroot call and line 17:28
ografor better readability 17:28
ograyes, looks good to me 17:29
* ogra saw a - where none is 17:29
ograi should stop for the day 17:29
ograsusie is also starting to look unpleased ... 17:29
ian_brasilI am trying to turn accessibility on in gconf but it is not working17:47
ian_brasilroot@lawrence:/# gconftool-2 --type bool --set /desktop/gnome/accessibility/enable true17:47
ian_brasilroot@lawrence:/# gconftool --get /desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility 17:47
ian_brasilany ideas?17:47
ograian_brasil, do you try that in the chroot ? 17:47
ograthat wont work ... 17:47
ogragconftool expects a running gconfd 17:48
ian_brasili am inside the chroot17:48
ograif you want a system setting use a file in /usr/share/gconf/defaults/17:48
ograecho '/desktop/gnome/accessibility/enable "true"' >/usr/share/gconf/defaults/65-a11y17:49
ograthen run update-gconf-defaults in the chroot17:50
ograahyway, really out now ... susie moans ...17:50
persiaian_brasil: You'll really need to do that in the booted system, rather than in the image.17:52
ian_brasilpersia: why is that?17:52
persiaian_brasil: Because you're not running the daemons in the image, so you don't have the right environment for the tools.  I suppose you could start and stop the daemons manually, or manually adjust the gconf settings DB, but neither of those are at all easy.17:53
ian_brasilpersia: the apt-get clean worked and i have a new image..the apt-get dist-upgrade has also solved the X problem18:16
persiaian_brasil: Excellent news.  I'd tested that locally, but hadn't gone back since it was uploaded.18:16
persiaWhat HW are you using?18:16
ian_brasili am using kvm18:17
persiaOh well.  Usability testing only then.  I've yet to hear of anyone testing the new images on HW other than the Samsung, and was curious how the new Xinput stuff worked for special keys and the like.18:18
persiaI know the X team has been focusing on getting all the special function keys working for laptops, but I've not heard of much effort to set the right keymappings for MID-type function keys (not that there are so many MIDs available: mostly UMPCs and netbooks)18:19
ian_brasilha ha..clicking on the terminal brings up time and date!18:22
persiaFor me it was launching Thunderbird.  There's something funny with the terminal.18:22
persiaOne workaround is to use ctrl-alt-1 and then type "sendkey ctrl-alt-f2" to get a different VT.18:23
persia(or maybe it's ctrl-alt-2 on the host keyboard : I forget exactly, as I usually use -monitor stdio)18:23
ian_brasilpersia: what is  -monitor stdio ?19:57
kadakasWill Ubuntu mobile work for HTC P4350 smartphone?21:47
ian_brasilkadakas: from the FAQ link at the top21:50
ian_brasilUbuntu does not currently provide ARM binaries for any flavour. Although the Ubuntu MID flavour currently has some optimisations for the "lpia" architecture, one of the goals of the MobileTeam is to develop architecture-neutral solutions. Some people and groups have compiled portions of Ubuntu for ARM processors with a fair degree of success, but there is no firm expectation that any Ubuntu flavour will work on an ARM-based devi21:50
ian_brasilce at this time.21:50
kadakasthank you21:51
kadakasill return this subject in a year :p21:51
chuckhas anyone tried running this on the eee pc?22:11
jebbachuck, see #eeepc too22:16
chuckbspencer_ works at intel?!22:34
bspencer_chuck is that you?  the /real/ chuck?  22:35
chuckyes, i'm chuck norris22:35
* bspencer_ quickly runs "Who is"22:35

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