Lnsasac: just created, subbed you (you'll prolly get an e-mail)00:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269188 in firefox "Extreme slowness, "Firefox is already running" error for >3 users launching Firefox in LTSP environment" [Undecided,New]00:04
Lnsasac: how do you triage this bug ? I have a bugzilla bug open for firefox as well.00:06
Lnssorry if it's OT00:07
Lnsasac: bah, nm :)00:07
Lnswow filing bugs is FUN! =)00:08
LnsI feel all productive and stuff.00:08
asacfound the "upstream" feature?00:11
Lnsyep =) I was looking for "triage"00:11
asacah ;)00:11
Lnsasac: do you think it'd be worth it to file a bug for firefox regarding multi-user fixes (such as the fact that every single user downloads anti-phishing/malware files from google.com ) ?00:53
LnsIt seems so badly coded to NOT have an alternative when > 1 user is on a single machine. ~20mb files per user/profile, bandwidth hogging, all that...00:53
Lnsnight, all00:58
asacbug 26776111:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267761 in linux "Wireless on Atheros 5212/5213 drops often, is slow, and ath5k_pci consumes large amounts of CPU" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26776111:24
asacfta: Jazzva: ok. now that abrowser is in, we should review all those extensions/plugins that have a depends on firefox11:51
asacthose need firefox | abrowser11:51
Volansasac: I don't have follow your work... but abrowser what is?11:59
gnomefreaki was thinking midbrowser but i dont think that anymore12:03
gnomefreaki here working on shit so if i fail to answer that is why12:04
gnomefreakblacklist prism54??? unless p54pci is used instead?12:05
asacVolans: try. apt-get install abrowser12:06
gnomefreakdidnt think prism needed pci for anything12:06
asacVolans: it pulls in abrowser-3.0-branding12:06
asacand removes firefox-3.0-branding12:06
asacVolans: so: its a package that allows you to use firefox, but with a free branding12:07
gnomefreakits not in intrepid12:07
Volanssame as debian in practice12:07
asacgnomefreak: it is12:07
asacgnomefreak: maybe it takes a few more our12:07
asacVolans: no12:07
gnomefreakgnomefreak@Development:~$ show abrowser12:07
gnomefreakW: Unable to locate package abrowser12:07
asacVolans: in practice its different12:07
asacVolans: we provide branding packages12:07
asacVolans: and by default still have default12:07
asacgnomefreak: it was binary NEWed 30 minutes ago or so12:08
Volansyes of course, with abrowser firefox seems the same of debian I would mean ;)12:08
asacnext publisher run it should be there12:08
gnomefreakoh ok i look later than thanks12:08
gnomefreaknow to find my glasses12:08
asacVolans: well. abrowser explicitly doesnt try to introduce new marks12:08
asacVolans: so we dont use "iceweasel"12:08
asacthe marks just read "Web Browser"12:08
Volansok, clear!12:09
Volansso we have to put firefox | abrowser in debian/control12:09
Volansfor every extension or theme?12:09
* Volans away for lunch... see you later, I leave open due to iwl3945 kernel module bug, I can't suspend :)12:13
pmatulisasac: now online for any testing...12:28
asacpmatulis: ok. when you boot. what does cat /proc/locks give you?12:30
asacpmatulis: also ... plese show me what "mount" shows you for the home partition12:30
pmatulisasac: broken state for /proc/locks?12:31
pmatulisasac: mount -> <IP>:<share> on <mnt pt> type nfs (rw,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14,intr,addr=<IP>)12:33
asacpmatulis: he?12:36
asaccat /proc/locks12:36
asacdo you get an error?12:36
pmatulisno error12:36
asacpmatulis: what do you get?12:36
pmatulisi want to know if you want it when ff is busted12:37
pmatulisor no difference?12:37
pmatulisanyways, for the record, ff is broken now12:37
pmatulisPOSIX ADVISORY WRITE 5961 <time> 0 EOF12:38
pmatulis3 other lines like that12:38
asacpmatulis: 5961 is the pid12:38
asaccheck if all pids listed have a process12:38
asacor if there is alock without a process12:39
pmatulis2nd line is FLOCK instead of POSIX (sorry, no irc on this laptop)12:39
pmatulisno, all lines have a PID12:39
asacpmatulis: its better to past to  paste.ubuntu.com12:39
asacpmatulis: the questin is not if all lines have a process12:39
asacthe question is if all those pids are actually running ;)12:39
asacpmatulis: please paste ;)12:40
asacpmatulis: <time> is not time12:40
asacits an inode12:40
asace.g. it identifies the locked file12:40
pmatulisconfirm that FLOCK line PID is not running12:41
asacok. check whether that file is on the nfs parition12:41
asacpmatulis: PASTE ;)12:41
asacpmatulis: the number is xx:xx:xxxxxx12:41
asacthe first two xx are "major" and "minor" partition12:42
pmatulisasac: 00:11:1454712:42
asacpmatulis: what kernel is the server running?12:42
pmatulisasac: 2.6.24-1912:42
asacpmatulis: is :11: the minor device id of your nfs partition?12:43
pmatulisasac: ah the server, wait12:43
pmatulisasac: 2.6.24-19-server12:44
* Volans back12:45
asacpmatulis: ls -l on the .parentlock and on the .lock please12:45
asacerr lock12:45
asac(in the moz profile)12:45
pmatulisasac: lock ->
asacpmatulis: is that process running? e.g. 6708?12:47
pmatulisasac: yes, it's ff12:49
asacpmatulis: but ffox isnt running?12:49
pmatulisasac: sorry, /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.1/firefox12:49
pmatulisasac: yes, it's running, broken12:49
asacpmatulis: hmm. ok, but you forced the start right?12:49
asacpmatulis: lets get to the initial state where firefox doesnt start at all12:50
pmatulisasac: i didn't remove the profile locks this time (usually i do need to)12:50
asacmaybe that was luck. next time it doesnt start12:50
asaclets check whether that process id is in use12:50
pmatuliscold boot now?12:51
asacpmatulis: no. we can look later at that12:51
asacpmatulis: so if you stop firefox do you still have the FLOCK without the process running?12:51
pmatulisasac: yes12:52
asacpmatulis: ok12:57
asacpmatulis: do this please:12:57
asacls -i on the lock .parentlock and places.sqlite and its -journal12:57
asacplease paste ;)12:57
=== charlie_ is now known as pmatulis_test
asachi pmatulis12:58
pmatulis_test1990816 .parentlock12:59
ftaJazzva, the solar theme files were created with Adobe illustrator :P12:59
pmatulis_test1990834 places.sqlite12:59
pmatulis_test1990880 places.sqlite-journal13:00
asacpmatulis: ok and plesae paste the complete output of cat /proc/locks13:00
asacpmatulis: please use http://paste.ubuntu.com13:00
pmatulis_testbut ff is broken13:01
asacpmatulis: use some other browser13:02
asacpmatulis: midri13:02
asacmidori ;)13:02
asacits tiny and based on webkit13:02
pmatuliswhy not here in irc13:02
asacpmatulis: because pasting in irc is bad and harder to read13:02
asacand harder to link in case we want to make a bug13:02
asacand so on13:02
asacand i can keep pastes open in browser, while here it scrolls away and i have to look back ;)13:03
pmatulisk, installing midori now...13:03
asacthats bad13:06
asacthat numbers above dont match any there13:06
asacpmatulis: lets check whether ther FLOCK thing (without running process) is from nfs partition13:06
asacpmatulis: can you go to your home in a console and run:13:07
asactouch testlock; flock testlock bash13:07
asacthat should bring you to a bash prompt13:08
asacthere please do:13:08
asacls -i testlock13:08
asaccat /proc/locks13:08
asacpmatulis: what do you get?13:09
asacpmatulis: which pid didnt have a process running?13:11
pmatulisasac: 572313:11
asacpmatulis: ok but the 5710 has?13:12
asacpmatulis: run a find / -inum 1454713:12
asacpmatulis: run a sudo find / -inum 1454713:12
asacthat will take some time13:12
pmatulisasac: yes, 5710 does13:12
asacbut it will allow us to search for the file with that inum13:12
asacand see if thats a red herring13:12
pmatulisthat's /var/run/cron.pid13:13
pmatulisthat's /var/run/crond.pid13:14
asacpmatulis: fwiw, is the places -journal empty?13:14
asacso its a red herring13:14
pmatulisno, not empty13:14
asacso moving places.sqlite away and back helps right?13:14
asachow about removing the -journal?13:15
asacinstead of moving back and forward13:15
pmatulishuh, which one you want me to try?13:15
asacpmatulis: you confirmed multiple times that places.sqlite was enough to move away13:15
asacso i suggest to remove places journal13:15
asacunlikely thats a different file when moving places back and forth helps13:16
pmatulisnope, no good13:17
asacpmatulis: can you try use a firefox downloaded from mozilla?13:18
asacand see if they have the same issue?13:18
asac(you proably need to start with a fresh profile=13:18
asacto eliminate any side-effects13:18
asacpmatulis: i ask that because they might have a slightly different sqlite version13:18
asacpmatulis: and because we could verify that there is no lock ... its defintly something wierd in sqlite13:19
asac(which appears to repair itself when it gets moved back and forth)13:19
asacpmatulis: or do you loose any bookmarks or such when doing the cure?13:20
pmatulisno loss of bookmarks13:20
asacpmatulis: try mozilla firefox binary then please13:23
asacif that doesnt help, ill need to setup nfs here and talk to upstream places developers13:24
Jazzvafta, meaning? :)13:24
ftamade by non-free tools13:25
pmatulisasac: downloads in this midori tries to display it in a page, copying link and using wget gets me the windows version (?)13:27
Jazzvafta, they're still nice :)... Is there some license restriction?13:30
ftadonno, i just think it's too bad13:31
asacpmatulis: feel free to cure13:31
asacpmatulis: with mozilla build we need to start with fresh profile anyway13:31
Jazzvafta, to make a wallpaper for free software with non-free tools?13:32
pmatulisasac: right13:32
asacJazzva: the tools arent the biggest problem. its important what format is used13:32
asacif thats a proprietary source format then its in theory not even suitable for ubuntu13:32
* asac has no context ;)13:33
ftaError: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIINIParserFactory.createINIParser]"  nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)"  location: "JS frame :: file:///usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.1b1pre/components/nsUpdateService.js :: getLocale :: line 508"  data: no]13:40
ftaSource File: file:///usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9.1b1pre/components/nsUpdateService.js13:40
ftaLine: 50813:40
Jazzvafta, it does sound a little bad...13:40
asacfta: broken langpacks?13:42
asachm 1.9.1 unlikely to be new ;)13:42
asacfta: missing pref file?13:43
asac only get into the Hash provided by get_secrets (not13:43
asaci would bet on pARTNER_BRANCH not being configured in some properties13:44
asacor maybe you miss a _new_ properties file13:44
asacfta: ^^13:44
ftacompare doesn't report anything13:45
ftaasac, ^^13:51
asacfta: yeah. maybe they forgot to commit the default13:52
asacfta: can you check that that property is available?13:52
asacfta: app.partner.13:52
asacfta: find /usr/lib/firefox-* /usr/lib/xulrunner-1* -name \*.properties | xargs grep app.partner13:53
asacif there is no hit13:53
asacthen thats the problem for it13:53
asacfta: err, -name \*.js13:54
Jazzvaasac, PNG... afaik, png is not proprietary...13:54
Jazzvaasac, I found some wallpapers that are suggested for fedora, and mentioned them in a blog post...13:54
Jazzvabecause they're nice :)13:54
asacfta: and only files not in components/13:54
Jazzvaand the source is xcf...13:54
asacJazzva: thats good i think (i assunme its gimp)13:54
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/46203/13:55
asacfta: system-greprefs.js:13:56
asacwhy doesnt that exist?13:56
asacfta: as it seems the pref is missing13:56
ftalrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 36 2008-09-02 21:54 /usr/lib/xulrunner- -> /etc/xulrunner-1.9/system-grepref.js13:57
ftals: cannot access /etc/xulrunner-1.9/system-grepref.js: No such file or directory13:57
asacfta: but that error should be harmless13:57
asacfta: hmm... thats a broken link most likely13:57
ftafta@ix:~ $ find /etc/xulrunner-* -type f -ls13:58
fta24887330    4 -rw-r--r--   1 root     root          111 Apr  1 14:43 /etc/xulrunner-1.9/system-greprefs.js13:58
fta33619997    4 -rw-r--r--   1 root     root          111 May 26 00:11 /etc/xulrunner-1.9.1/system-greprefs.js13:58
fta33850305    4 -rw-r--r--   1 root     root          111 Apr 20 01:59 /etc/xulrunner-2.0/system-greprefs.js13:58
ftasystem-greprefs.js vs system-grepref.js13:58
asacfta: yeah13:58
asacis that a bug in hardy?13:58
ftaintrepid here13:59
ftai can fix that13:59
asacfta: thanks. its also broken in hardy13:59
asacfta: can yo ualso fix 3.0.head? (and open tree)14:00
asacerr 1.9.head ;)14:01
pmatulisasac: no change using mozilla ff3 binary14:04
asacpmatulis: started with a clean profile?14:07
fta 4041 fta       20   0  393m 245m  20m R 9999 12.1   4:22.75 rhythmbox14:07
ftaeeeh, nice cpu14:07
pmatulisasac: yup14:08
pmatulisasac: created new profile, started up, cold boot, start up with same profile, broken14:09
pmatulisasac: yes, i used the new firefox (command line invocation: ~/Data/firefox/firefox -ProfileManager)14:10
asacpmatulis: no plesae dont do ProfileManager14:11
asacremove the complete .mozilla dir14:11
pmatulisasac: k, still no change14:18
Jazzvaasac, a string for firefox 3 restart notification in ubufox says "Firefox have been updated"... shouldn't it say "has been"?14:20
Jazzvaalso, do we need two notifications (one in firefox, one in system tray)... maybe we do, in case the user removed ubufox...14:20
asacpmatulis: ok thanks.14:26
asacpmatulis: i am out of ideas for remote debugging14:27
asacpmatulis: will follow up on the bug as soon as i have reproduced it14:27
pmatulisasac: bug number for this?  i didn't think this one fit existing bug14:27
asacpmatulis: sorry. but i hoped for a simple explanation. but its strange thatthe DB has no lock, but still moving back and forward cures it14:27
asacpmatulis: thought you opened one :)14:27
pmatulisasac: heh, will do14:27
asacpmatulis: if not, please do and explicitly subscribe me14:28
pmatulisasac: ack14:28
asacotherwise i wont see mails regularly14:28
pmatulisasac: policy here is that we open private bug too14:28
asacpmatulis: i dont care about private bugs for these kind of generic issues. if you want to file one feel free to do it for your own record, but you dont need to subscribe me ;)14:30
asacwe can perfectly communicate on the public bug imo14:30
pmatulisasac: i know, like i say: policy14:31
pmatulisasac: you'll just get an extra ping from QA  ;)14:31
asacpmatulis: QA? like heno's QA?14:34
pmatulisasac: non other!14:34
asacok. i dont mind ;)14:34
pmatulisasac: heh, hey!  you'll be seen as doing more work14:35
ftagrr, it's a pain to track all my keyrings everywhere to sync my gpg key for my new u.com email :P14:41
asacfta: commented14:56
ftaJazzva, Jazzva_ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91763214:59
Jazzva_Facebook is evil, just like Flash :P15:00
Jazzva_But, I've seen the same on my friends' computers, when they log in and view someone's profile.15:00
Jazzva_it doesn't matter if it's Linux, Windows or Mac OS X... Those profile pages are so long.15:01
=== Jazzva_ is now known as Jazzva
Jazzvawell, as far as I can test (up to the first page) it's not using too much cpu. But I know it's not a real test...15:03
asacis that a nspluginwrapper issue?15:04
Jazzvaasac, I don't know...15:04
JazzvaI can ask on the thread, if you want15:05
asacJazzva: might help. but i think to remember that flash 10 alone was reported to be quite slow for some sites15:13
asacbut please ask15:13
pmatulisasac: just to be sure i confirmed the issue does not occur with FF215:14
pmatulisasac: although i do get a warning popup15:14
asacpmatulis: yeah. points to sqlite then15:14
asac(which wasnt used that heavily in 2)15:14
asacpmatulis: warning?15:14
pmatulisasac: yeah15:14
asacabout what?15:14
asachow does it read to be preceise15:15
pmatulisasac: "Could not initialize the browser's security component.  The most likely cause is problems with files in your browser's profile directory......"15:15
pmatulisasac: will include in bug15:16
pmatulisasac: as screenshot15:16
asacpmatulis: you most likely didnt use a fresh profile?15:16
asacpmatulis:  thanks.15:16
pmatulisasac: yes, i did but i'll retest to be sure15:16
asac(fresh == when switching from ffox 2 to 3)15:16
asacerr the other way ;)15:16
asac3 to 215:16
pmatulisasac: hmm, retest seems to prove your hypothesis.  popup did not occur15:31
pmatulisasac: i'm going to stay with public bug 237970, you want me to subscribe you?15:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 237970 in firefox "firefox-3.0 breaks with NFS home directory" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23797015:33
asacpmatulis: yes. please subscribe before you comment15:33
pmatulisasac: oops15:33
asacin that way i get a more or less complete mailthread ;)15:33
asacpmatulis: dont worry then15:33
asacjust do it now ;)15:33
asacjust a nice-to-have ;)15:34
ftaasac, can i still cherry pick some of my trunk improvements into the 3.0 head branches ? or is it too late for anything other than bug fixes ?16:05
ftai want to add my -g to start within gdb, and the more generic perm fixes16:05
asacfta: in .head you can add things. just not in .hardy16:06
asacfta: of course it should be reasonable risk for use16:06
ftasure, i mean for the next intrepid upload16:06
ftait's safe, i've been using that for a while now (in 3.1)16:07
asacfta: what is it about?16:07
asac-g ?16:07
asacis that broken? or is that a gone feature?16:07
fta  * Add a -d/--debug switch to the launcher script to start firefox inside gdb.16:08
asacor just a missing feature in xulrunner-stub`?16:08
fta    Note that it must be specified first on the command line.16:08
fta    - update debian/firefox.sh.in16:08
asacfta: why do we need something like that? if its officially not supported anymore in the firefox binary then we should get that resolved upstream too16:08
asacfta: i dont question that its handy. i just wonder why it doesnt "just" work (tm)16:09
ftait is still upstream,but not with wul sdk16:09
asacfta: ok. so its missing xulrunner-stub feature?16:09
ftait has always been in a script16:09
asachmm ... ok most lkely ist a missing xulrunner-stub-script ;)16:09
ftai basically cloned that in our own launcher16:10
asacwhich firefox could copy instead of the binary stub16:10
asacfta: and why not -g ?16:10
asacwhich is the firefox option iir16:11
fta+    -g | --debug )16:11
fta+      want_debug=116:11
fta+      shift ;;16:11
ftamy bad, changelog issue16:11
asaci just read the changelog ;)16:11
asacok. commit it. most likely its ok i guess16:11
asacat least i dont see what could break16:12
asacif done properly ;)16:12
asacbut i assume thats the case16:12
asacfta: and what are the prerm fixes about?16:13
ftaa cleaner way to fix perms than the current one introduced recently16:13
ftawe discussed that already 2 or 3 weeks ago16:13
asacah ... perms ... i read "prerm" ;)16:14
asacfta: yeah go ahead16:14
asacits a bug fix not a feature ;)16:14
asacand -g also a regression over ffox 2 ;)16:14
asacand over upstream builds16:15
asacbut somehow i think that maybe we should teach the xul binary to know about -g16:15
asacmight be tricky though16:15
asac(on 3.1 branch of course)16:15
ftawe still have that ugly traceback with xul16:28
ftaObtaining the module object from Python failed.16:28
ftaTraceback (most recent call last):16:28
ftacant import cStringIO16:28
fta<type 'exceptions.ImportError'>: /usr/lib/python2.5/lib-dynload/time.so: undefined symbol: PyExc_ValueError16:28
ftaasac, too bad, seems like cherrypick of dis-joined revs is not supported by bzr16:35
asac_fta: you have to cherry pick one by one ... yes16:39
=== asac_ is now known as asac
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/46290/17:05
asacoh *sigh*17:17
asacnow release team wants me to fix knetworkmanager17:17
asacnot fun17:19
asacmake it suitable for latest 0.7 ;)17:19
asacthats what i was born to do ... for sure ;)17:19
asaci only see all those kde header packages flooding around my system forever17:20
asacwhat a clutterish idea17:20
ftathere was an interesting article about that yesterday17:21
ftahold on, let me check17:21
asacabout knetworkmanger017:23
asacor about cruft cleanup?17:23
asac(i think liw was supposed to provide that this cycle)17:23
asacthe finnish guy from the foundations (previously platform team) ... not sure if you remember him17:23
ftano ?17:28
asacno thats ok17:31
asacjust wondered what liw did ;)17:31
sebnerfta: ff 3.1 ist just great. Now I can download every flash content without extension :D18:09
asacsebner: huh?18:33
asacextension == file extension? or firefox extension (addon)18:33
asacso ... any agenda items for tomorrows meeting?18:44
asacfrom me: +abrowser depends transition18:44
Volansasac: the meetig is not on sunday? :)18:44
asacVolans: in the announcement there was saturday18:45
asaci think we moved it one day18:46
asacfor a reason i cannot remember18:46
asacbut there was something18:46
Volanswe have moved of some weeks the next one18:46
Volansfor intrepid release18:46
Volansthe mail said:     Sunday, 14th Semptember, 18:00 UTC18:46
Volansas I can see...18:46
asacVolans: hmm18:52
asacthen why did i get a mail that its in 24h ;)18:53
asac(already yesterday)18:53
asacmost likely we messed something up18:53
ftaThe next Ubuntu Mozilla Team meeting will be held on:18:53
fta    Sunday, 14th Semptember, 18:00 UTC18:53
Volansasac: ... you receive always the pre-email that reminds you that an email will be automatically sent ;)18:54
ftacf topic too18:54
asacoh darn ... gprs connections really suck :)18:55
asac19 seconds ping ;)18:55
asac19 seconds ping ;)thats fun18:55
Volansasac: have you read my previous sentence?18:56
asacVolans: oh :)18:58
asacVolans: makes sense ;)18:58
asacsorry ... high latency18:58
Volansno problem :) ( asac, incidentally I sent you an email, would you mind looking at it when you have a spare moment?)18:58
asac64 bytes from www.vip.ch1.yahoo.com ( icmp_seq=14 ttl=54 time=16160 ms18:58
asac64 bytes from www.vip.ch1.yahoo.com ( icmp_seq=40 ttl=54 time=6619 ms18:58
asac64 bytes from www.vip.ch1.yahoo.com ( icmp_seq=42 ttl=54 time=4620 ms18:58
asac64 bytes from www.vip.ch1.yahoo.com ( icmp_seq=41 ttl=54 time=5630 ms18:58
Volans64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=54 time=79.0 ms18:58
asacobvioly you are not on a train ... in the middle of nowhere ;)18:59
asacnow its a bit better18:59
asac64 bytes from www.vip.ird.yahoo.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=52 time=539 ms18:59
asac64 bytes from www.vip.ird.yahoo.com ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=52 time=677 ms18:59
asacbut still gprs ... not umts :(18:59
Volansobviously :)18:59
sebnerfta asac: firefox addon :)19:00
asacVolans: will sync my mails when i have broadband connectivity ;)19:00
asacwhich can happen any moment ;)19:00
Volansok, thanks :)19:01
Volansfor the email, in theory the one you receive the day before the automatic sent should have a little different layout, specifying that is a reminder... the easy way to not make confusion is to see if is a mail to you or to the Mozilla Team list ;)19:01
asacfta: yeah ... thats a bug19:01
asacfta: commented19:04
asacfta: just a display bug ... not all plugins shown there are in use19:05
asacyay ... 115ms ping ;)19:05
* asac synchs mails19:05
ftaasac, oh, misery... http://paste.ubuntu.com/46336/19:06
asacfta: because of abrowser?19:07
asaclooks reasonable19:07
asacbtw, i think we might want to consider to eliminate all debhelper files19:07
asace.s. .links19:07
asacand such19:07
ftaprobably, just huge19:07
asacand put everything in debian/rules ;)19:08
asacnot sure if that is really something we want to do19:08
asacbut most likely its the case19:08
asacwould help us to make things like easy rebranding even easier19:08
asacthough i am not yet sure about debian/control19:08
asacmost likely together with .desktop that would need to be a template for maximum flexibility19:09
asacfta: can you see if the abrowser merge works? if not, i can take over and fix it ... but i think it should still be quite similar19:10
asacdarn ... some guy thinksi ts good to open the train window in winter19:11
asacmost likiely i will end up with a bad flu ... or ... shout at him19:12
asacok i convinced him ;)19:16
asacVolans: ok branching easymenu19:19
Volansasac: thank you very much19:19
asacok ... have to install build depends i guess19:21
Volansif you don't have yes, is the only one and I'm working to avoid it, but is very useful, I use it only to validate the xml input with few line of code19:22
asacVolans: how do i create a diff.gz?19:23
Volansrun the command I put at point 3 in the email19:23
Volanspython easymenu.py -sod -c s testmenu.xml19:23
asacok -d19:23
Volansthe -d option is the "debian" option19:23
asacVolans: no .. al fine ;)19:25
asacVolans: why do you need to create a build.xml?19:25
asacjust so that people can produce .xpi's on windows?19:25
asacVolans: there are a few things i think should be improved:19:26
asac1. the user should always provide a real name and email19:27
Volansno I put it only in the orig.tar.gz, is not in the "source code", it was generated due to ant iirc19:27
asac2. the user should always decide whether he packages it for debian or ubuntu19:27
asacand then should say if he has a bug id19:27
asacif its ubuntu: ask if the package is ment for universe (default) or main ... and use the proper Maintainer: field19:27
asacfor debian its most likely just the user19:27
asacVolans: well ... orig.tar.gz _is_ the source dode19:28
Volansthis was one of the point I'm not sure... the xpi don't need it19:28
asacbut i dont mind19:28
asacjust wanted to know why you use ant ;)19:28
asacVolans: right but ther eis no conflict19:29
asacxpi is usually the product != source19:29
asacthere is the special case where there are only .js files in there19:29
asacthen we (mozillateam) use that as source19:29
asacbecause lots of projects dont have sour c19:29
asacdoes that explain it a bit?19:30
VolansI have used the same structure used in Ubuntu-it Menu, at the time of the first packaging of Ubuntu-it Menu I don't have packaging knoledge and the package was made my an italian MOTU19:30
Volans(yes, more clear)19:30
asacVolans: yeah.19:30
Volansif you think is better to do this in a different way, I'm happy to adapt the work to do the right things19:30
asacVolans: from my point of view its all ok19:30
asaconly thing i dont like is that you end up having random bugs in changelog19:31
asacand wrong things in the control file (e.g. maitnainer)19:31
asacVolans: and for later versions there might be a feature to directly setup branches for the package in launchpad19:31
Volansthis is an example input, the user obviously have to change it with the right data19:31
asacalso there might be the need for a "update" mode19:32
asace.g. how to add more menuts in later versions and such19:32
asacbut all that can come in later versions (-> wishlist bugs:))19:32
asacVolans: right. my point was that when you see that the user didnt provide it you could ask him ;)19:32
asaci have the feeling that users will start with an example file19:32
asacand then edit19:32
asacso they might consider some fields "unimportant"19:33
Volansand maybe leave the example things...19:33
Volansyeah, you are surely right19:33
Volansok, so more "checks" in the debian section and interactive questions when the data is not clear19:33
ftadh_install -pfirefox-3.1-branding \19:48
fta                debian/tmp-firefox-3.1-branding/usr/lib/firefox-3.1b1pre/chrome/browser-branding* usr/lib/firefox-3.1b1pre/chrome19:48
ftadh_install: firefox-3.1-branding missing files (debian/tmp-firefox-3.1-branding/usr/lib/firefox-3.1b1pre/chrome/browser-branding*), aborting19:48
ftamake: *** [binary-install/firefox-3.1-branding] Error 119:48
ftadpkg-buildpackage: failure: fakeroot debian/rules binary gave error exit status 219:48
ftaasac, ^^ gasp19:48
fta"debian/tmp-firefox-3.1-branding" did I do that ?19:49
ftayou did19:49
asacVolans: right. interactive isnt required thought. erroring-out with a good error message might be at least as helpful19:50
asacfta: are the branding files in the orig?19:51
asacfta: i think i added support for firefox 3.1 in mozilla-descripts19:51
asacor did i add that to rules?19:51
ftayou expect browser-branding* in there19:53
asacfta: ah yeah19:53
asacfta: thats the patch19:53
asacdidnt that get through?19:53
asacon merge?19:53
asacfta: browser_branding.patch19:54
asacfta: nope ... thats the awesome brandingt patch19:54
asacthe other is the "browser_branding"19:54
ftawhy is it still "awesome-" ?19:54
asacfta: because i didnt want to do a new orig19:54
asacand its nothing that cant be fixed after feature freeze - which was well over anyway19:55
asacfta: but next upload will fix it19:55
ftathe patch is there19:55
asacfta: oh19:55
asacfta: you dont use official branding right?19:55
Volansprobably I was disconnected or timed out... asac I don't have read nothing after: (20:37:04) Volans: thank you for the check19:55
asacfta: we probably need to add the same to the other brandings19:56
Volansif you have tell me something19:56
asace.g. minefield + CODENAME19:56
asac20:50 < asac> Volans: right. interactive isnt required thought. erroring-out with a good error message might be at  least as helpful19:56
asacfta: ?19:57
asacfta: i am quite sure19:57
asacfta: its the jar.mn that needs a similar patch19:57
asacotherwise the branding gets punched into the browser.jar ... and so on19:57
Volansok, I already ask the user for some things if the user don't use the options... :)19:57
asacwhich wouldnt allow us to sort that to a different package19:58
asacVolans: whatever you prefer ;)19:58
asacVolans: consider to use gettext19:58
asacVolans: in that way we can get zillions of translations from launchpad19:58
ftaasac, yep19:58
asacfta: ok. want me to extend that in 3.0 or will you go ahead and let me cherry pick that down?19:58
Volansasac: gettext to manage the changelog section?19:58
asacVolans: no. the questions you are asking19:59
asacyou print a lot of english text19:59
asacand even console programs should be translatable ;)19:59
asacand since you are using launchpad it should be quite easy to do19:59
Volansoh, sure,I plan to create a  po file and use gettext for future release20:00
asacok nice20:00
VolansI have started this project due to some requests from other ubuntu communities to help them to adapt my extension to theys community, so I have decided to generalize the task and easymenu comes up20:02
VolansI would like that if some user that will use easymenu will want to package the relative extension for Ubuntu and/or Debian can done it in an very easy way20:03
Volansand this is why I ask you to check the package stuffs20:04
asaci understood that20:06
asacso far it looks quite good20:06
VolansI know that ubuntuusers and ubuntu-es uses it atm ;)20:06
asacVolans: i wonder if instead of producing individual packages this could be made a "subscription" driven service/extemnsion20:08
asace.g users install volans-super-menu20:08
asacand then can subscribe to "menu provider"20:08
asaclike ubuntu-it20:09
asacwhich would then pull the menu from some webservice20:09
asacVolans: just like what adblock plus does (from the feeling)20:09
Volansinteresting point!20:10
asacVolans: imo this would make this extension more powerful and would also solve the problem that each and every new menu would require to get their own announcements/marketing20:10
asacand such20:10
asacof course such a service also bears some security implications. but i think when carefully designing it there should be many problems20:10
VolansAlso if probably the final users will choose only one or two of those20:10
Volansfor this I have to rewrite all from scratch, but is an interesting point, I will investigate how is complicated20:11
Volansthe other point is that actually the program is not strictly ubuntu-related and cross platform20:12
asacVolans: yeah. not for now. i just think that thats more useful. which doesnt mean that the current thing isnt useful ;)20:12
Volansso every community can create each own menu20:12
asacand people wont need to fight to get things into ubuntu20:12
asaci guess at some point archive admins would go on strike20:12
asacif the 300th menu extension was added ;)20:13
asacsame probably for AMO reviewers20:13
Volansprobably :)20:13
ftaasac, it's browser/base/jar.mn that needs patching20:14
* Volans thinking about the possible way to do that...20:15
asacfta: for minefield?20:15
ftaseems so20:15
asacfta: yeah. and browser/branding/unofficial/content/jar.mn20:15
asacfor alpha branding20:15
ftayou already did that one20:16
asacoh i did?20:16
asacwhat a long-term thinking ;920:16
asacfta: but yeah i remember20:16
ftai'm gonna fix it in 3.0 1st, because 3.1 already diverged for this patch20:17
asacfta: yeah ... makes more sense to merge in that direction. agreed20:19
asacfta: you probably go for abrowser-3.1-branding right?20:23
asacfta: one question: does .head already provide "firefox" and "abrowser" meta packages?20:24
fta3.0.head, yes20:24
asac3.1 ;)20:24
ftano, not 3.1, i dropped them20:24
asacfta: ok good20:25
ftai dropped most of control in fact20:25
asacfta: wouldnt be a problem in the fta ppa. but in case we want to add it to universe we need some mechanism to drop them20:25
asacfta: hmm20:25
asactoo bad ;)20:25
asacits good20:25
asacbut we should have done that on 3.0 and merge that up20:25
asaci think we want to drop the transitional packages in intrepid already20:25
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/46364/20:26
asacmost were in gutsy and during hardy ... so no need to keep them around20:26
asaci think we can also cleanup the suggests20:27
asaclibthai can probably go20:27
asacnot sure why ther is latex-xft-fonts20:27
asacmostlikely outdated as well20:27
ftaprobably, yes20:28
asacotherwise looks like a big relief ;)20:28
asacfinally building ffox might be a joy again ;)20:28
ftaSearching for duplicated docs in dependency firefox-3.0...20:30
fta/bin/zdiff: line 68: /src/bzr/build-area/firefox-3.0-3.0.2+build3+nobinonly/debian/firefox-3.0/usr/share/doc/firefox-3.0/./changelog.Debian.gz: No such file or directory20:30
ftais that new ?20:30
asacbug in zdiff?20:30
asaci dont use that20:30
ftait's in or after dh_gencontrol20:31
ftaasac, what is that amazondotcom.xml patch for ?20:32
ftaasac, should content/browser/license.html stay in browser.jar or move into browser-branding.jar ?20:35
asacfta: referral code?20:36
asacfta: where is that license displayed?20:38
ftaeula stuff i guess20:38
asacthats in eula... i thought20:38
asacfta: about:license20:39
ftaso ?20:39
asaci think we should keep it in firefox-3.020:39
asace.g. in browser.jar20:39
asac(for now)20:39
asacfta: yes. looks sane20:41
asacfta:  we have an issue with the "restart" on upgrade button in ubufox21:04
asacfta: on major version upgrades it doesnt restart the browser21:04
asacbecause it tries to run the $0 command21:04
asacwhich then doesnt exist anymore :(21:04
ftai thought you fixed that last week?21:05
asaci think i fixed something else ;)21:07
asacnot sure what though21:07
asacbut it had to do with the same topic21:07
asaci guess i fixed that the restart button gets displayed at all21:07
asacand didnt finish the other fix21:08
asacbecause it wasnt obvious what the best solution would be21:08
asacmaybe trying to run /usr/bin/`filename $0` ?21:08
asacbut i think that would make abrowser restart with /usr/bin/firefox command21:09
asacright. thats the reason i felt like there must be something better21:09
asacfta: would it work if we put a link to the firefox stup into $pkglibdir21:10
asacand in the /usr/bin/firefox script run $pkglibdir/$0 ?21:10
asacso when we run the /usr/bin/abrowser link21:10
ftais $pkglibdir in the path ?21:10
asacit would run /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.2/abrowser which would link to /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.2/firefox21:11
asacfta: yeah. we do it that way right now?21:11
asace.g. $pkglibdir/firefox21:11
asacof course its not pkglibdir21:11
asacbut most likely templated during build time21:11
asacjust wanted to show the idea21:11
asacwe could of course consider to put the stub into the branding package21:12
asacmaybe the cleaner solution21:12
asacbut riskier21:12
asacfta: oh ... of course $pkglibdir/`basename $0`21:13
asacin the start script21:13
ftashould work21:13
asacok. then we could try to run $prefix/bin/`filename $0` in xulrunner on restart :(21:14
asacand hopefully that works for all other xulrunner apps as well21:15
asacbut i am positive about that ... as long as they use their own stub21:15
asacwould it work for xulrunner itself?21:15
asacmost likely? ... in worst case (e.g. when that path not found) it would still use the current approach21:15
asacjust $021:15
asacso there shouldnt be much regressions21:16
asacfta: did you ever manage to setup pasteit for paste.ubuntu.com?21:19
ftamy patch has been merged a long time ago21:19
asacfta: huh?21:19
asacso it works in intrepid?21:19
asacfta: oh we already have NAME ;)21:20
asacmaybe could eliminate BASENAME21:20
asacor say APPNAME=$NAME for now21:20
asacif we are unsure that we might need to keep the split21:20
ftapastebinit is fine in intrepid21:21
ftatoo bas, tt-rss is not in intrepid/debian21:26
asacfta: do i need to configure somethign?21:36
asace.g. like my name?21:36
asacfor paste.ubuntu.com?21:37
ftafta@ix:~ $ cat ~/.pastebinit.xml21:37
asac$ bzr diff | pastebinit21:41
asacError no arguments specified!21:41
asacpastebinit v0.1021:41
asacRequired arguments: -i <filename> (or pipe the text)21:41
asacOptional arguments: -b <pastebin url:default is 'http://paste.ubuntu.com'> -a <author:default is 'asac'> -f <format of paste:default is 'text'> -r <parent posts ID:defaults to none>21:41
asacOptional arguments supported only by 1t2.us and paste.stgraber.org: -j <jabberid for notifications:default is 'nah'> -m <permatag for all versions of a post:default is blank> -t <title of paste:default is blank> -u <username> -p <password>21:42
asac$ bzr diff > /tmp/out21:43
asacasac@hector:~/ubuntu_bzr/xulrunner-1.9.head$ pastebinit -i /tmp/out21:43
ftaii  pastebinit                           0.11~bzr46-1~fta1                                command-line pastebin client21:43
asacdoes that just fix the pipe?21:43
ftai'm #3821:44
asacJazzva: 26738221:44
asacbug 26738221:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267382 in ubufox "firefox/ubufox not showing extensions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26738221:44
asacfta: maybe ping stgraber?21:45
ftahe told me a while ago it is now maintained by debian21:46
ftahold on21:46
asacfta: bzr diff | pastebinit is still not working21:46
ftai do that a lot21:46
Jazzvaasac, I'll look it in a while... busy now...21:47
asacJazzva: sure. ill subscribe you :-P21:47
ftaasac, Jun 25 15:59:11 <stgraber>      pastebinit is now packaged and maintained in Debian, so I'll see with the Debian maintainer21:47
Jazzvaasac, sure :)21:48
ftaasac, bug 23064921:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 230649 in pastebinit "Fails to read from stdin if the process producing data is slow to start" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23064921:48
ftaso basically, bzr is slow ;)21:49
asacsounds crappy21:49
asacand it doesnt work for me :(21:49
asaceven cat /tmp/out | pastebinit doesnt work21:49
asacbut i have 46 now21:49
asac(your package)21:50
ftayep, it's a bug. i usually do bzr diff | pastebinit -f diff21:54
asac-f diff? what kind of hack is that?21:55
ftaformat as a diff21:55
ftato use colors21:55
ftaby default, format = text21:55
asacfta: ok committed the restart fix21:58
asacmost likely there is something wrong though ;)21:58
asac(fix: toolkit xre part)21:58
asacnot the package links21:58
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ftaasac, you renamed firefox-3.0.desktop into firefox.desktop :(23:56
ftabad for my merge23:56
ftadpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/firefox-3.1-branding_3.1~b1~hg20080912r19186+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~fta1_i386.deb (--unpack):23:56
fta trying to overwrite `/usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop', which is also in package firefox-3.0-branding23:56
ftaand i guess it's also a problem with firefox-2, right?23:56
asacfta: no23:57
asaci didnt rename it23:57
asacafaik it was firefox.desktop for a long time23:57
asacand firefox-2.desktop for ffox 223:57
asacfirefox 3.1 should be firefox-3.1.desktop23:57
asacbut the main thing needs to be firefox.desktop23:57
asac... unfortunately23:57
ftahm, so much for the merge then23:58
asacfta: well23:59

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