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tgm4883_laptopTazgodX, let me answer that with a question.  What is AT&T U-Verse?01:47
tgm4883_laptopmikal, whats happening?01:48
mikalJust catching up on email now01:49
mikalIts been a busy week01:49
tgm4883_laptopdid you see that patch I sent about the unsubscribed shows?01:49
mikalNo one seems to have mailed me about setting up another Australian mirror?01:49
mikalNot yet, its in the email queue01:49
tgm4883_laptopmikal, I thought you were checking on something about the mirror first?01:49
mikalI did, and then I came back and said "let's do it"01:50
tgm4883_laptopi take it then it wasn't me who responded to that01:51
mikalYeah, I don't remember01:51
mikalIs there someone I should be emailing about it?01:51
tgm4883_laptopwell actually01:51
tgm4883_laptopall you need to do is setup rsync and give me a link01:52
TazgodXtgm4883_laptop AT&T U-Verse is new TV service from AT&T01:52
tgm4883_laptopTazgodX, I gathered that much01:52
tgm4883_laptopdo you have to have a cable box or what?01:52
mikalOh, so do I run a rsync client in a cron job? What are the connection details?01:53
tgm4883_laptopfrink_, ping01:53
tgm4883_laptopmikal, i'll have to look those up01:54
mikalOkie, or I am happy to send email if that's more appropriate01:54
tgm4883_laptopmikal, join #ubuntu-mythtv-dev01:54
TazgodXyeah, you have to have a cable box. its IPTV01:54
tgm4883_laptopTazgodX, well then, it works just like any other cable box solution I would guess01:55
TazgodXyeah but has any one been able to get the irblaster to work with the AT&T box?01:55
TazgodXi couldn't get it to work, last i tried it01:56
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ajhtiredwolf Hey I just got the windows media center remote control. It seems to be working in mythbuntu but was wondering if any of you know how to get it to work in regular ubuntu for other things ?05:21
planeracerhi all05:23
planeracercan anyone help me with channel scaner?05:23
MythbuntuGuest81hi all05:42
MythbuntuGuest81need advice on that pls05:43
superm1MythbuntuGuest81, it looks like you are missing a proprietary driver06:17
superm1ajhtiredwolf, install lirc on ubuntu and pick the windows media center remote06:18
MythbuntuGuest81which one06:18
superm1ajhtiredwolf, you can use irxevent to map it to X keys06:18
superm1MythbuntuGuest81, well that depends on your graphics card06:18
superm1what kind of graphics card do you have?06:18
MythbuntuGuest81I have ATI pro 256 MB AGP graphics card06:18
MythbuntuGuest81the thing is I can play the recorded files well in my VLC player06:19
superm1MythbuntuGuest81, okay so install the ati graphics driver and then enable it's video overlay06:19
MythbuntuGuest81or any other Divx files in VLC06:19
superm1if you already have it installed, you are just missing the video overlay setting06:19
MythbuntuGuest81how do I enable video overlay06:19
superm1MythbuntuGuest81, it's in aticonfig --help, i don't remember how offhand06:19
ajhtiredwolfsuperm1, where could i find irxevent?06:26
superm1its part of the lirc package06:26
ajhtiredwolfirxevent --help doesnt return anything for me06:29
MythbuntuGuest24superml: this is MythbuntuGuest81: pls look at http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/d1645219406:31
superm1you have to put stuff in your lircrc06:31
MythbuntuGuest24it has my xorg.conf & the ati -- help stuff .. pls advice06:31
superm1eg make file ~/.lirc/irxevent and modify ~/.lircrc to include it06:31
superm1MythbuntuGuest24, so run "sudo aticonfig --ovt=Xv"06:32
superm1and then restart X06:32
superm1that should take care of it06:32
MythbuntuGuest24is there a command 'restart X' ?06:34
MythbuntuGuest24command not found06:36
Steven_Mhi all06:36
Steven_Mcan mythubuntu run on xboxes?06:37
MythbuntuGuest81superml: its better but now but video is still choppy after setting the videooverlay on06:40
MythbuntuGuest81superml: any advise on playback settings pls ?06:40
MythbuntuGuest81superml: its still the same status no change in display : http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/m4a9696bf06:52
Steven_MMythbuntuGuest81: have you got the right driver for your graphics card?06:53
MythbuntuGuest81yes I did I have ATI card so I got the driver from http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Hardy_Installation_Guide06:53
Steven_Mgot to go to dinner now sorry06:54
MythbuntuGuest81superml: any advise pls ..06:58
MythbuntuGuest81superml: gtg now .. thanks for ur help .. appreciate it07:07
avlisi guys, some one can give a help!14:23
avlishi guys, some one can give a help!14:23
ZinnHi $nick, how are you?  Something we can help you with today?14:24
avliswhen i start the option liveTV, the image work right unless the sound, the only thing i can listen is a very loud sound!14:26
avlisanyone had same problem???14:27
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MythbuntuGuest36does anyone have any pointers for getting better cover art for dvd's, i just loaded Episode III and also Army of Darkness and both covers looked like they were snapshots of a previously folded up poster19:35
MythbuntuGuest36i have even manually entered the imdb number and it still pulls a random pictures19:40
ZinnHi $nick, how are you?  Something we can help you with today?19:57
superm1sorry MythbuntuGuest36 no suggestions for helping that, other than manually doing it19:57
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ZinnUse ! followed by a topic to get help on the topic (if it exists) example: !logs.  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].  For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi20:01
ZinnSorry I don't know about mythtv20:02
MythbuntuGuest36superml: how do you manually do it?  i would like to learn how20:04
link589How do you connect directv to a mythbox?20:04
superm1link589, you'll need to use svideo or composite generally20:06
superm1and an ir blaster20:06
superm1MythbuntuGuest36, you'll need to go through and download images, and then manually set coverart in mythvideo's manager20:06
ZinnMythTV is a free Unix application which turns a computer with the necessary hardware into a network streaming digital video recorder, a digital multimedia home entertainment system, or Home Theater Personal Computer. It can be considered as a free and open source alternative to Tivo or Windows Media Center.20:07
superm1there we go :)20:07
link589so its possible to use directv with myth then?20:07
superm1yeah it is20:07
MythbuntuGuest36when i am in mythvideos manager i cannot see anywhere to add the photos manually20:08
superm1MythbuntuGuest36, you'll have to hit "m" for the menu i beleive20:09
link589so i have the option of svideo or composite to the back of the tunner card?20:12
superm1link589, that depends on your tuner card20:15
superm1link589, any of the analog haupaugge cards do20:15
link589yeah i have a haupaugge card20:17
link589i also heard firewire is an option?20:17
superm1not with direct tv20:17
link589do they disable the firewire?20:18
MythbuntuGuest36i hit m and i cannot see anywhere to set cover art20:19
superm1link589, i don't know of any direct tv set that has firewire20:24
superm1MythbuntuGuest36, hum, i don't have it in front of me, but i could have sworn there was some setting there20:24
superm1MythbuntuGuest36, if it turns out there isn't, there's always manually prodding the mysql database...20:24
link589do you know if digitalcable (timewarner) works the same way?20:25
foxbuntuMythbuntuGuest36, its the "information" button whatever it is "i" perhaps?20:25
superm1link589, depends on your locale, in some areas you can get a bunch of channels off time warner via firewire20:32
superm1some you can't20:32
superm1where i currently live (texas), you can get a handful of channels (about 5), but that's it20:32
link589hmm I wonder how many NY would get20:35
link589I am trying to figure out my best option. I used to have regular cable through coax. However I moved and regular cable from the provider here is the same as digital cable, which is dumb.20:42
link589same as in price20:42
MythbuntuGuest36superml: it is a little more work to add my own coverart, but at least i can get my own art now20:49
foxbuntulink589, thats because the cost to send it to your house is realitivly static and Cable Co's can charge whatever they want because they usually control their entire market area20:49
link589what do you think my chances of the firewire port on the digital cable box working is?20:50
foxbuntucoin flip20:52
foxbuntuits different everywhere20:52
foxbuntuyou either need to find someone reporting if it works or not, or just try it out20:52
link589i think i will call and ask...although they might not answer my question20:53
foxbuntulink589, the port may work but the video may or may not be encrypted20:54
foxbuntuthats the real issue20:54
foxbuntuwell Im outta here off to other things to do today20:58
freezemanWhat DVB-C card works for Mythbuntu? It's just confusing to read the wiki about this!21:19
link589why does my cable company have to have firewire with 5c enctyprtion21:47
superm1most do :(22:02
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, I think that was a philosophical question22:03
link589:( now im stuck i dont know what to go with22:11
link589directv or digital cable22:12
superm1digital cable has the advantage that you can at least change channels via firewire22:12
link589yeah and local channels i can record through firewire22:15
link589would i be able to do firewire for channel changing and svideo or composite for everything else?22:15
superm1link589, that's what i do myself now22:17
MythbuntuGuest21can you run mythbuntu live disk on a computer that only has wifi wep ?22:18
superm1link589, it's a shame i have to do it that way though since i've only got 4 or 5 digital channels i watch.  only 2 of them come through on firewire though22:18
superm1MythbuntuGuest21, sure22:18
superm1MythbuntuGuest21, as long as it's hardware is supported via the wifi drivers22:18
link589superml thanks22:18
superm1MythbuntuGuest21, if its say a broadcom b43 supported card, you would need firmware though22:18
superm1MythbuntuGuest21, or if its ndiswrapper you'll need the windows driver22:18
superm1no prob link589.22:19
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, you can change channels via cable also with directv22:19
MythbuntuGuest36still cannot set my own cover art for dvd's, can anyone help?22:19
link589superml, are any of those unencrypted local channels in HD?22:19
MythbuntuGuest21thanks will be back in a bit just finshing up dl'in the live cd to test out with my back end :) ...22:20
link589MythbuntuGuest36, my guess is that your imdb script is broken22:20
link589mine was once22:20
tgm4883_laptoplink589, that wouldn't effect setting your own dvd art22:21
link589ahh, you can do that from mythweb22:21
MythbuntuGuest36i get the cover art, i get the synopsis, however some of the covers are really obscure and poor quality.  I have downloaded my own and want to add them22:21
superm1link589, yeah all the local hd's22:21
superm1tgm4883_laptop, via what type of cable?22:22
link589MythbuntuGuest36, put the movie posters you want in the poster directory22:22
link589then in video manager click the video and edit the metadata you can set it from there22:22
superm1tgm4883_laptop, ah this i wasn't aware22:22
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, http://www.patersontech.com/products/usbtvtranslator.aspx22:23
tgm4883_laptopfor instance22:23
tgm4883_laptopthats how I change all of mine, is through a cable22:23
superm1a wii bit pricey22:23
tgm4883_laptopmuch more reliable22:23
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, thats only one example22:23
tgm4883_laptopyou can get them much cheaper, or build your own22:23
MythbuntuGuest36link589: i tried that and it will not change.22:23
link589did you chmod them?22:24
link589I had to do that one i set my own art one time22:24
MythbuntuGuest36when i tried it with mythweb it says one request pending and does not change, but the original is now gone22:25
MythbuntuGuest36i was using the video manager and edit metadata option, there was no place to chmod22:25
darthanubisusing intrepid22:26
link589yeah i usually ssh into the box and chmod from there22:26
link589laptop, how do you record from your directv box? I understand the usb serial cable22:26
darthanubisno matter what I do I can't login into the database22:26
darthanubisQMYSQL3: Unable to connect22:27
link589mysql database?22:27
darthanubisAccess denied for user 'mythtv'@'localhost' (using password: YES)22:27
darthanubisI keep reconfiguiring myth-database22:27
darthanubisthinking everything is good22:27
darthanubisthe backend is recording and everything22:27
darthanubistranscoding is also failing22:28
darthanubismythweb works fine22:28
darthanubisit is able to access the database22:28
darthanubisentries are getting stored22:28
MythbuntuGuest36should i not be able to do what i want from mythweb?22:28
link589i was never able to do it through the web i always did it via terminal22:29
link589do you want to reset your mysql password?22:29
darthanubismight help22:29
MythbuntuGuest36is there a walk through to do that through terminal?22:29
darthanubisI've setup myth at least 50times22:29
darthanubisnever had this issue22:29
link589you were trying to add a frontend?22:30
link589I messed up my database stuff it took me 3hours to fix it i dont remember the exact fix22:30
link589MythbuntuGuest36 i can help you do it through the terminal if you want22:30
MythbuntuGuest36link589: that would be great22:31
link589can you ssh into the box or do you have physical access?22:31
darthanubisAccess denied for user 'mythtv'@'localhost' (using password: YES)22:35
darthanubiswhy would access be denied22:35
darthanubisI'm using the database passwd22:35
darthanubisthe user is part of the mythtv group22:35
darthanubisit also flashes no upnp backends found22:40
link589hmm weird22:41
superm1darthanubis, look in ~/.mythtv/config.xml and ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt22:41
link589are you using mythbuntu22:41
superm1for inconsistencies22:41
darthanubislink589, no22:43
darthanubissuperm1, they are consistent, same username group and password22:43
superm1darthanubis, same as /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt?22:43
superm1darthanubis, and there is a mythweb conf in /etc/mythtv you can compare it against too22:43
darthanubis/etc/mythtv/mysql.txt does not have the password entry22:46
superm1darthanubis, is this not ubuntu either?  that's built when the package is installed22:46
darthanubisits ubuntu22:47
superm1sql is on the same box?22:48
darthanubisat one point i had the frontend running and connected22:48
darthanubisnow I don't know why its not22:48
superm1is the backend failing to start too?22:49
superm1did you enter *anything* into the root password requests when you installed myth?22:49
superm1or just keep defaults?22:50
darthanubisfrontend nor mythtv-setup will get past selecting the language and the second screen because it claims not to be able to login to the database22:50
superm1can you log into the db manually then at least?22:50
darthanubisI entered my root passwd22:50
darthanubisonce I did that once22:50
darthanubisI did not again22:50
superm1gah, that's probably threw things off22:50
darthanubisbecause I did not change the root password22:51
superm1when you use pristine packages22:51
superm1the root password thing can mess things up pretty bad22:51
darthanubisthe backend is running though22:51
superm1if you stop it and restart it, does it still run?22:51
superm1if so, then you'll need to check /home/mythtv/.mythtv/mysql.txt and compare it to ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt22:51
superm1if so, then you'll need to check /home/mythtv/.mythtv/config.xml and compare it to ~/.mythtv/config.xml22:52
darthanubisbut transcoding fails, have not look into why as of yet though22:52
darthanubisthis is so strange22:54
darthanubisI knew to check those22:54
darthanubisthats the first thing I do from experience22:54
darthanubisI did not know about /etc/mythtv though22:54
darthanubisthe backend is recording now22:55
superm1well generally /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt should be symlinked all around the system22:55
superm1so you shouldn't need to know about it22:55
darthanubisnow mythweb can't connect to the backend22:55
superm1if you can reproduce the entire use case that caused this to happen in a bug, maybe we can isolate it to solve it22:55
superm1eg run this in a vm with the exact same answers to questions when installed22:56
superm1and record notes so that we can see where it breaks22:56
wolf_Im trying to get my remote to work in lirc with irxevent but cant find the real name of a few keys i want to bind, can i make the terminal record what im pressing and tell me what keys they are?23:10
superm1eg like ircat?23:10
tgm4883_laptopwolf_, irw?23:10
superm1or irw23:10
wolf_tgm4883_laptop, that records the remote keys23:10
superm1it's one of those23:10
superm1i think tgm4883_laptop is right23:10
superm1oh real keys23:11
wolf_that will display a key when i use the remote23:11
tgm4883_laptopirw shows you what remote keys are pressed23:11
wolf_hmm xev seems to display too much information, im not showing the key name23:12
superm1it shows the key name in there though23:13
superm1    state 0x10, keycode 64 (keysym 0xffe9, Alt_L), same_screen YES,23:13
tgm4883_laptopwolf_, are you looking for something like23:13
wolf_trying to find it23:13
tgm4883_laptop000000037ff07bf2 01 Home mceusb23:13
superm1in that case, my keyname was ALT_L23:13
tgm4883_laptopwhere Home is the remote key name23:13
wolf_it does it when i do a reuglar key23:15
wolf_but not when i do the key im wanting23:15
wolf_there is a play button my my keyboard23:15
wolf_that is what im trying to capture23:15
tgm4883_laptopwolf_, looks like that button isn't configured23:15
tgm4883_laptopyou probably need to record it23:15
wolf_it works fine23:16
wolf_in all the programs i have23:16
superm1if you are in gnome, you have to unbind it probably23:16
superm1or record it outside gnome23:16
wolf_tahts what im getting23:17
wolf_i did d first23:17
wolf_that shows up fine23:17
wolf_then the one just below that is the Play button23:17
wolf_any ideas?23:21
tritiumWhat does file size "B" on the mythweb "Recorded Programs" page indicate?23:33
tritiumShows it tried (and failed) to record give me messages similar to this one: "3071_20080912162600.mpg does not exist in any recognized storage group directories for this host." if I try to access them via mythweb.  And, of course, they don't play back on the frontend.23:34
tritiumAre there any logs to view to determine why mythtv is failing to record schedule programs?23:36
ZinnMythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/23:36
tritiumThanks, tgm4883_laptop.23:36
tritiumHmm, no clues in /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log23:38
tgm4883_laptoppastebin it23:39
Zinnwhen pasting more than 5 lines of data please use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you don't flood the channel.  Then please post the link in the channel.23:39
tritiumOK, thanks23:39
tritiumtgm4883_laptop: http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/m4a600b6c23:40
tritiumYes, the Oprah Winfrey show was for my wife.  Hence, the urgency to fix the problem.  ;)23:41
tgm4883_laptopdo other shows record?23:43
tritiumComcast screws around with its customers.  Sometimes the HD ABC channel is available, and sometimes not, so I had her use the *non* default tuner, a DVB card, rather than the HDHomeRun.23:44
tritiumThat's the only main difference from other recordings.23:44
tritiumOh, the DVB card get OTA, while the HDHR is connected to cable.23:45
tritiumBut, I can watch Live TV, including ABC with the dvb card, so I know it's getting that channel.23:45
tgm4883_laptopisn't Oprah on NBC?23:46
tgm4883_laptopI plead the 5th on why I know that23:46
tritiumNo, ABC.23:46
tritiumOh, I see that she successfully recorded Smallville last night using the dvb card.23:47
darthanubishow do you guys get an accurate read on your core temps?23:47
tritiumdarthanubis: I've never checked23:48
tritiumWow what?23:49
MythbuntuGuest36are there any places to find more skins for mythtv?  I was at cedia and there was a linux based media server that had a really cool interface.23:58

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