kgoetzwhy do we sudenly have 2 people intalling the same ircd? within 30 minutes of each other?00:10
slangasekbecause they're talking about the same ircd installation?00:11
kgoetzwonder whos put 'yay instlal this' on thier website - i cant think of any other requests for that irc that i've seen in here00:11
slangaseker, does the fact that they're connected from the same IP tell you anything?00:12
* kgoetz looks - its a it early in the day for trickery like that00:13
BaryonDo you always talk about people online like they're not there?00:16
BaryonMaybe you could get an answer if you talked TO me, not ABOUT me?00:17
lukehasnonamecaught in a lie00:20
slangasekBaryon: as I already answered Quark_, you're not likely to find much ircd expertise here; this channel is for the Ubuntu Server flavor, and hybrid-ircd is not a supported part of that00:34
Quark_slangasek: Thanks.00:39
Quark_Is there a supported IRC server w/ Ubuntu v7.10?00:42
slangasekthere are no IRC servers in the security-supported set, no00:43
slangasekI think most of the servers you'll find people running around here are file, database, mail, web, and directory servers00:44
Quark_This a web server, but one of the teachers needs to run her office-hour online.00:45
Quark_We have been using an old IRCD server on an old Slackware mahine that is failing.00:46
Quark_ircd-hybrid seemed a resonable alternative, if I can just get it to notice port 666700:48
kgoetz:/ *finds the certificates-and-security page quite confusing* :/02:06
kgoetzoh well. meeting. afk02:06
|erirb|hello, all.02:21
|erirb|I'm looking for some good ubuntu server advocacy. So far I found https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VersusRedHat02:21
|erirb|does anyone has other good source?02:22
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uvirtbot`New bug: #269251 in bacula (universe) "package bacula 2.4.2-1ubuntu4~hardy1 failed to install/upgrade: Abhängigkeitsprobleme - lasse es unkonfiguriert" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26925104:16
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remotei'm seeing weird processes like this one: root      1773 99.9  0.1   3388  1712 ?        R    Sep11 809:01 ?ii?��ÿ??�?޷I????����2޷?06:36
remotewhich seems to be sshd: /proc/1773/exe: symbolic link to `/usr/sbin/sshd'06:36
remotei'm also seeing the init script fail06:39
remoteroot@softlayer2:~# /etc/init.d/ssh restart06:39
remotesshd:  SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.7p1  on i686-pc-linux-gnu06:39
remoteUnknown option -t06:39
kgoetzremote: runing 8.04?06:39
remotei'm used to look at /etc/debian_version06:40
remotewhere is the ubuntu version/06:40
kgoetzlsb_release -sc will do06:41
kgoetz`lsb_release -sc`06:41
kgoetzok. what do you get for $(md5sum `which ssd`) ?06:41
remotei tried to google it but no match :-\06:42
kgoetzmines different.06:42
remotei have checked for updates, none were installed related to ssh, i think i have the current package06:42
kgoetzdo you have -security enabled?06:43
remotei don't think so, how can i verify?06:43
kgoetz`grep security /etc/apt/sources.list`06:44
remoteoh yes that i do06:44
remotethat's the openssh banner06:44
remotei'm thinking it should have a unbuntu string but i'm not sure, can you confirm?06:45
kgoetzhm. do have the openssh-blacklist package?06:45
kgoetzlet me check06:45
kgoetzSSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.7p1 Debian-8ubuntu1.206:46
remotei have openssh-blacklist installed06:46
remoteok i'm puzzled as to how that happen but it's not my server, i will have to verify with the owner06:46
kgoetzhow recently did you get access to it?06:46
remotesee even netstat reports sshd with weird characters06:47
remote��ÿ��      0      0 :::22                   :::*                    LISTEN      4916/ii06:47
kgoetzi'm wondering if 'last' has any connections in it06:48
remotewtmp begins Wed Sep 10 14:44:04 200806:48
remotelast connection on sep 1006:48
kgoetzand for my sake, does /var/log/wtmp.1 exist, rotated on that day?06:50
remote-rw-rw-r-- 1 root utmp 11520 Aug 11 21:19 /var/log/wtmp.106:50
kgoetzwelll..... i'd start to worry about the host being compromised.06:51
kgoetzis it posable to offline it while you do checks?06:51
remotethat's already happening ;-)06:51
remotenot really06:51
kgoetzshame. not really surei can offer helpful advice at this point (well, other then things you can already think of yourself ;))06:53
remotewell, thanks for the assistance06:53
kgoetzif you need stuff to compare against i'm around for an hour06:55
kgoetzso i can give you checksums of files or whatnot if you want to check core utilities. also i think packages.ubuntu.com lists md5sums06:55
kgoetzseems i'm wrong - it only lists files in packages, not their md5sums06:57
kgoetzoh yeah - both my systems are 64bit installs (which will ahve different checksums to 32bit)06:57
remotei'm thinking it might have been compromise on purpose by the owner06:58
remotenot going to spend too much time on it06:58
remotei would if it was my server but i'm going to consult first ;-)06:59
kgoetznod. good luck with it, probably see you again at some poitn :)07:00
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stapelI am trying to connect two windows machines to a ubuntu-server with 2 crossover cables to two NICs on the ubuntu-server, only 1 NIC at a time works though...and not always the same one; after a reboot it might be the other one11:56
Guest86075look that you don't use the same subnet on both nics11:56
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stapelwhy is that?11:58
stapelare you talking about netmask in interfaces?12:00
stiv-sno ... the subnet. eg if you have on one interface and this can work, but you have to see that the two windows machines don't have the same ip (eg. both using different subnets forces you to do it right ;)12:02
stiv-shi guys! I have an webapplication sitting on ubuntu and i am using apt and my own mirror to distribute updates. i made a mistake a few months ago and made my own lighttpd packet just to add a script and change the config file. this is now done in a different manner and i would like to use the original package again, but i can't get aptitude to use the new package because of my versioning error (i appended -1selfbuild1 instead of ~1selfbuild1).12:02
stiv-sproblem is: i use only apt and a metapackage to install the packages i need. if i force the version in the metapackage aptitudes "solution" is removing the metapacket... i just want to force it to "downgrade" lighttpd to the version i specify in the metapacket12:03
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stiv-sany ideas? --- this needs to run automatically, so i can't choose the right solution or "aptitude install lighttpd=RIGHTVERSION"12:03
stapelI use unique static IPs for all interfaces...so then I guess the subnet does not matter12:05
stiv-ssure it does!12:05
stapelnot sure I understand12:05
ivoksif you have on both interfaces, you have a problem12:06
stapelthe IPs for the two NICs on ubuntu is and
ivoksbut if you have and then it should work12:06
stapelby you mean netmask right?12:07
ivoksstiv-s: you can do pining12:07
stapelu mean pinging?12:08
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ivoksstiv-s: you can force lighttpd version; http://jaqque.sbih.org/kplug/apt-pinning.html12:08
ivoksstapel: no, i was talking to stiv-s12:09
stiv-spining? never heard of that12:25
stiv-sgoogling now ;)12:26
stapelis there a dpkg reconfigure for networking?12:27
stiv-s /etc/init.d/networking restart12:30
stiv-swhat do you need!?12:30
stapeldifferent subnets did the trick12:52
stiv-sthanks for the pining tip ... i'm going to look into that :-) enjoy your weekend!13:27
uvirtbot`New bug: #269298 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "/etc/init.d/mysql run without privileges reports wrong status." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26929813:44
Fenix|workGood morning...13:57
Fenix|work... anyone have any documentation on setting up LVM on RAID for 8.04.1?13:57
_rubenthe server guide might explain it .. i find the installer just enough self-explanatory13:59
Koonkirkland: about "service --status-all"...14:19
Koonkirkland: so far it goes through (mostly) all of /etc/init.d/* and calls status14:20
kirklandKoon: right, there are a few notable exceptions14:20
kirklandKoon: see the shell code for those exceptions14:20
Koonkirkland: I think there are some more missing (in the version I've used)14:20
Koonall the one-time actions that are in /etc/init.d14:21
* Koon has a deeper look14:21
kirklandKoon: hmm, example?14:23
Koonkirkland: hotkey-setup14:24
Koonthose are run at boot-time but aren't expected to have a status, right ?14:25
_serverAlready installed ubuntu server (8.04.1) downloaded from website. Having default text-based login shell, after login, I started 'apt-get install' bunch of pkgs (xserver, fluxbox, finally gnome-desktop) to have finally xdm and gdm in the system. Initially, I need to type '/etc/init.d/gdm start' to enter into GUI. But the next reboot, it already automatically enters into gnome. Can I revert back to default to text-based login shell, instead of auto 14:28
sommer_server: do sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop, then sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove... then if you want a gui you can do startx from the console14:30
_serverThanks! Gonna try it this Monday in Lab =)14:31
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Fenix|workI have an md raid device I can't delete...15:00
Fenix|workhow can I kill the beast?15:00
_rubenFenix|work: make sure it isnt mounted, then sudo mdadm /dev/mdX --stop .. iirc15:31
Fenix|workthanks _ruben15:45
bogey-How can I force apt-get to use a proxy?16:00
_rubenspecify the proxy in /etc/apt/apt.conf16:01
bogey-yeah i just got it16:05
bogey-To set apt-get to use a proxy you edit /etc/apt/apt.conf to include this information at http://pastebin.com/m3831e8b316:06
Quark_Hi - I am having a failure-to-connect problem from an IRC client to ircd-hybrid installed on my Ubuntu server V7.10.  The ircd-hybrid support claims that is is a firewall issue with Ubuntu.  I am trying to move an IRCD service from an old Slackware machine to a new Ubuntu machine for a teacher so that she can support he students online. Any help or referrerals to documentation would be appreciated.16:22
Quark_Note that the failures come from both an Ubuntu IRC client and a Windows IRC client that both work with the Slackware system.16:23
Quark_Alternatively, I would install another IRCD supported on Ubuntu if you have a recommendation.16:24
lukehasnonamemake sure the firewall isn't blocking IRC ports16:46
lukehasnonameor temporarily disable the firewall and check if that works16:47
Quark_lukehasnoname: How do I inspect and  the Ubuntu server's firewall?17:13
Quark_*inspect and edit17:13
Quark_Gibson's ShieldsUp! software says 6667 is closed.  How do I open it?17:20
Quark_lukehasnoname: How do I unbloack port 6667, and any other IRC ports?17:22
LordDicraniuswhat's the most common protocol used when configuring a Linux VPN server?17:48
slicslak_i setup a server and forgot to specify install lamp applications.  where could i find the package list used for that?18:05
Deepstasksel --help18:06
infinityslicslak_: apache2-mpm-worker apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 php5 php5-mysql mysql-server18:06
ScottKOr just run tasksel again and select it.18:06
Deepsor just tasksel on it's own for a curses based interface18:06
infinityslicslak_: That's off the top of my head, mind you.18:06
infinityBrain -> Finger interface is dead.18:07
slicslak_great, tahnks guys18:07
uvirtbot`New bug: #269488 in open-iscsi (main) "iSCSI installation doesn't report initiator ID" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26948818:11
uvirtbot`New bug: #269492 in open-iscsi (main) "iSCSI support (modules and configuration) missing from initramfs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26949218:17
slicslak_where how do i set services to start on boot?18:20
zulkirkland: ive added status stuff to the snmp initscript18:33
kirklandzul: you da man!18:33
Zelutcan anyone tell me if jeOS will work as a domU on a xen host?18:35
zulif you use intrepid..yes18:35
Zelutso 8.04.1 no, 8.10 yes?18:35
zulit should at least18:37
Adri2000anyone in the server team I could talk to about vsftpd?18:38
zuljus ask18:38
ZelutI don't see any builds for 8.10 jeOS on cdimage.ubuntu.com.  Are they hiding elsewhere?18:38
Adri2000zul: I did already 3 or 4 times :)18:38
Adri2000zul: I'd like to know if there is any specific reason for vsftpd not being 2.0.7 in intrepid18:39
zulbecause its synced from debian and its not maintained by the server team18:39
Adri2000I believe it mainly fixes bugs, and in particular, one that prevents it from working with filezilla and ftps18:40
Adri2000(for which I'd like to do an sru for hardy)18:40
zulrequest a backport then18:40
Adri2000no, it's not the point, I'm talking of bugs18:40
zulok well no one is stopping you filing srus then18:41
Adri2000zul: would the server team support my FFe exception request if I was willing to do the necessary work for updating vsftpd to 2.0.7 now?18:41
Adri2000sure, but it needs to be in intrepid first18:41
zulAdri2000: it is in debian yet?18:42
Adri2000the changelog is at ftp://vsftpd.beasts.org/users/cevans/untar/vsftpd-2.0.7/Changelog18:43
w8tahim running samba on a file server - and my log is filling with cups trying to connect (there is no printing at all configured and shouldnt be) what do i do?18:44
zulAdri2000: I dont have a problem with it myself18:45
zulAdri2000: but with sru you would be backporting it18:46
Adri2000zul: is there someone else in the server team I should ask about that? or is it directly up to the release team?18:46
Adri2000in the sru I would only backport that bug fix:18:46
zulAdri2000: I would bring it up in the meeting, put it on the agenda18:46
Adri2000- Shutdown the SSL data connections properly. This prevents clients such as18:46
Adri2000recent FileZilla from complaining. Reported by various people.18:46
Adri2000when is the meeting?18:46
zulAdri2000: then why not get the patch that fixes it for intrepid and backport the patch to hardy?18:47
zulAdri2000: its on a tuesday check the wiki18:47
Adri2000because I think it's worth to also get the few other bug fixes there18:48
GoosemooseI keep getting a 'failed with exit code 127' for this presed command: d-i preseed/late_command string wget && chmod +x ./post_install_tasks && ./post_install_tasks returns > /dev/null 2>&118:48
Goosemooseanyone have any ideas? with the wget statement alone it works fine18:48
Goosemooseif i execute the command on a terminal it executes fine18:48
Goosemoosei just added the /dev/null part on the last run to test it18:48
Adri200016 Sep 15:00: Server Team < can't make it :/ at least I won't be able to be online before 16:0018:49
zulor send an email to the ubuntu-server ml18:50
Adri2000zul: ok18:52
w8tahhow do i keep smbd from continually trying to connect to cups???18:58
sommerw8tah: I'd try commenting the [printers] entry in /etc/samba/smb.conf then restarting samba19:04
slangasek'load printers = no', 'printing = bsd'; if that doesn't take care of it, then there's a bug (which, I think, there has been at least in the past)19:16
Quark_Can anyone here help me establish connectivity with port 6667 on my Unbuntu server ?19:30
Gargoyleto what application, Quark_ ?19:31
Quark_Gargoyle: ircd-hybrid is running in background, trying to connect with mIRC.  Even telnet .... 6667 gets a connection refused message19:32
Gargoyleyou ran netstat to check the port is open?19:32
sommerfoolano: is the ebox site down?19:32
foolanosommer: yeah :(, we are working on it :(19:33
sommerfoolano: okay, just making sure it wasn't just me19:33
foolanosommer: i've just exchanged strong words with them19:33
sommerheh, that's cool... I was just taking a look at the new modules19:34
sommerfoolano: is there an easy, or semi-easy, way to install just a local copy from svn?19:35
GargoyleQuark_: If you run "netstat -antp" you should get a list of what programs have listening sockets on what ports19:36
Quark_Gargoyle: what parameters must I give netstat to deliver port 6667 status?19:36
* Gargoyle s ESP is on full power tonight! :P19:36
foolanosommer: all modules have a debian directory so the easiest way is builddng the package. We usually have nightly-buids url where you can pull the latest packages too19:37
Quark_Gargoyle: It says:  tcp 0 0*  LISTEN 5466/ircd-hybrid   off (0.00/0/0)19:37
sommerfoolano: very cool, I'll check into that19:38
foolanosommer: the latest release is available in launchpad though19:38
GargoyleQuark_: That means that it's listening on the loopback interface only.19:38
Quark_Ah Ha!19:38
sommerfoolano: is that the same as the code in svn?19:38
foolanosommer: yep https://launchpad.net/~ebox-unstable/+archive19:39
GargoyleQuark_: Not your network for real. You should be able to change (or localhost) in a config file somewhere. Normally you should be able to use for any local IP address.19:39
foolanosommer: there are packages for both hardy and intrepid19:39
sommerfoolano: awesome... I think I looked at the wrong lp page before, thanks19:40
Gargoylecan I upgrade an existing system to intrepid? Do I just need to replace hardy with intrepid in my source.list?19:40
foolanosommer: np :)19:41
Quark_Gargoyle: I'll search for ircd.conf and see how to mod it.  Thanks19:41
GargoyleQuark_: np19:41
Quark_Gargoyle: Changed ircd.conf from **host = "";** to **host = "my host ip";** and it works!! :^)19:48
Quark_Gargoyle:  I have been querying IRC channels all day, including ircd-hybrid channels and ubuntu channels, with no luck.19:49
Quark_Gargoyle: You fixed it in two minutes.19:49
GargoyleQuark_: If you are debugging anything network related, always start with the local machine... check that you are actually doing what you think you are (eg, listening on the correct port)19:50
GargoyleQuark_: then move onto access from another node withing the network19:51
GargoyleQuark_: and finally, try from an outside source.19:51
GargoyleFollow those steps, and you'll probably save yourself some time... But like anything, it just takes a while before you have the experience.19:52
GargoyleThere are probably a lot of people setting up systems that have never used netstat. It's just another step on the learning curve!19:53
GargoyleQuark_:  What IRC network are you joining to? or are you just playing?19:53
Quark_Gargoyle: I'm just a newbie - only been doing this for 30 years.19:53
Gargoyleha ha!19:53
Quark_Ooops - 40 years. I hate it when that happens :(19:54
Quark_At some point I skipped reading the documentation.  But not a probolem ,since at some point, the OpenSouce industry stopped providing it.19:55
Quark_I could find not doc on the hybrid install beyon "use apt-get install".19:55
Quark_I stopped using M$'s OS' because they kept changing the file names and their terminolgy, and charging developers $2,000 to tell them the new secrets19:56
Quark_I think it is time to get into a new field, something easy.19:57
GargoyleI think that is where a lot of open source project are at their weakest. It took me the best part of a month to fully install and test a mysql + drbd setup.19:57
Gargoyleprogrammers lover to write new features and improve code all the time - but they hate writing docs!19:58
Quark_I found it easier and quicker to write my own database software than to try to decode the installation and usage documentation for any DB stuff.19:58
GargoyleThe last time I played with IRC was when I was playing Tribes 2 a lot - that must be 6 or so years ago!19:59
Quark_Of course, porting it across new version of the Linux OS's is aproblem, since the API keepos changing19:59
GargoyleI installed dancer to test my own irc bot on.19:59
Gargoylehmmm, this is a fast paced business from whatever angle you look at.20:00
Quark_Rule Number One: Do not ever change the API or GUI.20:01
Quark_ensure thay are backward comaptible.20:01
Quark_Rules number 2 & 3, see rule number 120:01
GargoyleIt still suprises me at how  little take up there has been for Java... What was the tagline, write once, run anywhere!20:02
GargoyleQuark_: There has to be evolutions, but there should be some serious overlap in API versions.20:02
Quark_Gargoyle: M$ purposely sabotaged Java20:03
Quark_Gargoyle: Also trying to sabotage OpenGL20:04
Quark_They do so by not providing a working version in their latest OS's20:04
Gargoylenahh, sun should have open sourced it a long time ago. Also, there were a  few important missing bits... Like using a serial port required a library, but you would be hard pressed to find a library that worked on more than one platform!20:05
GargoyleSo you very quickly tied yourself to a platform, and then forgot about why you chose Java!20:06
Quark_Gargoyle: The solutions is simple. Provide backward compatible API & GUI.20:06
* Gargoyle is installing intrepid20:08
GargoyleAnyway, it's only a matter of time before everyone realises the truth!20:09
Quark_what is interpid?20:09
GargoyleThe next Ubuntu release.20:10
GargoylePoo... install failed!20:12
Quark_ib, they're alphabetical20:14
Gargoyleyeah... and have an animal name... hardy heron, intrepid ibex20:15
* Gargoyle reminds himself to look up what a fookin ibex is!20:15
Quark_Thanks for you help. I have to now reconfigure the all the IRC pages to point to my Ubuntu server (was old Slakware server)20:15
GargoyleQuark_: Have fun! :-)20:15
ScottK-laptopmathiaz: Now that clamav and spamassassin are promoted, I think we can make a real case that we have a supported feature complete mail server stack.  Do you think that's worth a blog post?21:41
ScottK-laptopivoks: How good are you with amavisd-new configs?21:41
ivokswell, i use it :)21:45
ph8How does one do autoresponders? something in exim?21:46
ph8(is exim the default now?)21:46
ScottK-laptopivoks: I think that the defaults we get from Debian aren't very friendly.21:46
ph8i still use postfix :o21:46
ivokshardy's sparc port has some issues with ldaps :/21:46
ScottK-laptopph8: Postfix is our preferred MTA.21:46
ivoksScottK-laptop: right, they aren't ok21:46
ph8ok, so how does one do autoresponders with postfix, would that feature in a complete mail server stack?21:46
ivoksiirc, zip archives are banned by default :)21:47
ph8I have my own script to manage auto responders, majorly tacky though21:47
ScottK-laptopph8: IMO, no.  Autoresponders are really hard to get right.21:47
ScottK-laptopI think it's an area you really have to know what you are doing.21:47
ph8Is that why there's no big open source (a la spamassassin) thing to do it?21:47
ph8I wonder why though? Things like ML headers?21:47
ph8perhaps unicode etc21:47
* ivoks really loves postfix, dovecot, mysql and openldap :)21:47
ph8by that i mean special characters (i've got to lay off the enter key!)21:48
ScottK-laptopThe biggest problem is backscatter.  How do you know you're really sending mail back to someone that asked for it?21:48
ph8i'm with you ivoks, i was a bit courier fan until recently - not a big ldap user though unfortunately - do you use it in a business context?21:48
ph8ScottK-laptop:  Ah, like spam response?21:48
ivoksonly in business21:48
ph8Ideally it would go through a nicely trained spamassassin that would rate it and spam would not be responded to21:48
ScottK-laptopivoks: I'd like to (soon) fixup our config to be more friendly.21:48
ph8pain in the backside though you're right21:48
ph8plus they're bloody aggravating :p21:49
ivoksScottK-laptop: i'll join, but not before the end of the next week (i have two exams next week)21:49
ScottK-laptopNot just that, but addresses are forged all the time.21:49
ivoksi'm really out of anything related to ubuntu right now :(21:49
ScottK-laptopivoks: I was working on this and had an unfortunate incident with my notes.  Any chance you could mail me your configs and I can start on it with that.21:49
ivoksScottK-laptop: i'll do that21:49
ScottK-laptopivoks: Thanks21:50
ph8i'm quite eager to get involved but fairly new to lower level stuff - let me know if anything ever comes up you think i could handle21:50
ph8we never really get taught c(++) these days21:50
ivoksScottK-laptop: i'll do that right now...21:50
ph8it's just a brief submodule at undergrad21:50
ScottK-laptopph8: Most of what we do it packaging, so no C/C++ required.21:50
ph8ah i've toyed with that a bit before21:51
ScottK-laptopph8: If you know a bit of shell and maybe some Python, you know enough to contribute.21:51
ph8packing the latest versions etc?21:51
ph8ah well i'm fine then :p21:51
ph8so should one sync intrepid then go out and actively package new versions of things?21:51
ph8or is there a sort of 'to be packaged' list?21:51
ScottK-laptopNow we are post Feature Freeze for Intrepid, so the focus is on bug fixing stuff.21:51
ph8does intrepid run? I gave it a go at alpha 221:51
ScottK-laptopThere are bugs in Launchpad tagges 'needs-packaging', but that's really for Intrepid +1 now.21:52
lukehasnonameph8: I'm using it as my file server right now21:52
ScottK-laptopph8: Generally, but you have to be ready for sudden breakage.21:52
lukehasnonametwo days since install hasn't broken it21:52
ph8ScottK-laptop:  Jackalope? :)21:52
ivoksScottK-laptop: my changes are inside 20-debian_defaults21:52
ph8lukehasnoname:  Cool, i'll install it on a VM in a bit21:53
ivoksand 15-content_filter_mode21:53
ScottK-laptopivoks: Thanks.21:53
ph8although my development VM is running my phones atm :o21:53
ScottK-laptopivoks: I greylist, so it'll be a bit before i get it.21:53
ScottK-laptopI'll have a look.21:53
ivoksi didn't send it yet :)21:53
ivoksi greylist too :)21:53
ph8I don't suppose anyone's ever converted a debian install to ubuntu-server?21:56
ph8I'm buying a dirt cheap dedi from leaseweb but they'll only install deb (on the cheap range)21:56
ph8at least ubuntu-server's a quality product :p21:56
mathiazScottK-laptop: that would be a great idea - kirkland and Koon already wrote a couple of blog post for the ubuntuserver blog. If you write something up I'll be happy to publish it.21:57
ScottK-laptopph8: It probably wouldn't work unless you did sarge --> dapper --> hardy --> intrepid.21:57
ScottK-laptopmathiaz: OK.  Will do.21:57
ph8and a fingers-crossed reboot? :p21:57
ph8i'd probably leave it at hardy21:57
ph8three stages mind21:57
ph8sarge -> dapper by just changing the sources?21:57
ScottK-laptopSince Ubuntu switched from sysvinit to upstart in Edgy your odds of doing that conversion in a later release are slim and none.21:57
ph8maybe i'll just use sarge - is it all going to be outdated and naff?21:58
ph8i see21:58
ScottK-laptopSarge is unsupported.21:58
ScottK-laptopEtch is the current stable.21:58
ph8oh sorry, there's my debian knowledge exposed :p21:58
ph8i was always told their packages are inferior to ubuntus mind21:58
ScottK-laptopBut Etch is too new to have any hope of Etch -> Dapper working.21:58
ScottK-laptopIt depends on what you need.21:59
ph8just a playground box tbh, the stuff I do is starting to overload the company servers i was piggybacking off21:59
ScottK-laptopDebian Stable will virtually always have older packages than the current Ubuntu server release.21:59
ScottK-laptopThe thing about Debian Stable is it's REALLY stable.21:59
ScottK-laptopIf you need more current stuff, Ubuntu is handy.21:59
ScottK-laptopHistorically, that's been the difference, but progress is now being made on making things easier to do in Ubuntu Server.22:02
ivoksurgh... this was such a pain...22:03
ivoksi have half of domain in mysql and half in ldap22:03
ivoksand something is wrong with ssl on sparc version of 8.0422:03
w8tahsommer: sorry this is delayed -- i just got back -- all printing stuff in smb.conf is already commented out22:28
w8tahfor some reason - -on my samba file server, the syslog keeps getting messages about rejected attempts by smbd to connect to cups (which is not in use and may not be installed -- unless it got pulled in as a dep) how do i get it to quit filling up my logs22:33
nanderssonwill Intrepid ship with OpenOffice.org 3?22:34
hadsServers don't usually have an office suite.22:34
ScottK-laptopnandersson: #ubuntu+122:35
nanderssonScottK, in Ubuntu 9.04 then? a pity22:36
ScottK-laptopnandersson: You're misunderstanding.  I'm suggesting that's a channel to ask such questions.22:36
* nandersson goes there22:37
ScottK-laptopivoks: Got your mail.  Thanks.22:43
ScottK-laptopivoks: Would you be up for testing an apparmor enabled clamav with your amavisd-new system?22:44
=== lionel_ is now known as lionel
ivoksScottK-laptop: if it's for hardy, yes22:50
ScottK-laptopivoks: That should work.  Do you want a debdiff to build it yourself?22:51
ivoksScottK-laptop: sure22:52
ScottK-laptopivoks: Also, do you want to stay with the clamav version in Hardy or do you want a newer one?22:52
ivokstempting :)22:53
ScottK-laptop0.94 should work fine with amavisd-new22:53
ivokswhy not22:53
ScottK-laptopivoks: OK.  I'll send you a debdiff from the current Intrepid 0.94 package to build on Hardy.22:53
ivoksgood night!22:56
ScottK-laptopivoks: modulo greylisting, you have mail.23:04
ScottK-laptopHave a good night.23:04
lukehasnonameWho would I poke about adding a few lines to the server guide?23:05
ScottK-laptoplukehasnoname: sommer.23:06
lukehasnonamesommer: I was talking to soren a few days ago about what we should do about the "Basic Ubuntu Server" tasksel option. I suggested several things: Rename it to something more accurate, like "Documentation and accessories" or "Helpful tools". Second, for the HTML docs on the server to be more visible to users, perhaps the server default MOTD should mention where the docs are buried. Finally, details of what the 23:11
lukehasnonameSomething along the lines, perhaps, of23:13
lukehasnonameHelpful tools: Installs this server guide, as well as the 'w3m', 'screen', and 'patch' packages.23:13
lukehasnonamein the tasksel area of the server guide.23:14
bytor4232With the desktops, there is a "apt-get install xubuntu-desktop".  Is there an equivelant command for installing ubuntu server?23:31
ScottK-laptopbytor4232: You can run tasksel to pick various varieties of ubuntu-server, but you'll only get the server kernel if you install as a server or manually change it.23:33
bytor4232Okay, I was tasksel has various stuff on it.  Thats acceptable.23:39
bytor4232Just wanted to make sure there wasn't an "official" way, like with ubuntu-desktop, etc.23:40
bytor4232Holy cow23:41
bytor4232ubuntu's mini.iso cli option install is only 701 megs.23:41
ScottKWhen you run it manually you get every tasksel option in Ubuntu.23:41

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