henoschwuk: how is work going on the extended result reporting going? Have you been in touch with ogasawara about requirements?14:24
henocr3: can you confirm that the landscape seed change has dislodged the testing problems?16:01
henocr3: I don't see any alternate installs from today16:01
cr3heno: sure, I'll have a look at the machines16:02
heno(this is for the release meeting, now in #ubuntu-meeting)16:02
davmor2heno: there is a new issue with xorg that might screw it now :)16:04
cr3heno: I tell you, I really want install reporting :(16:06
cr3heno: 2008-09-11T14:36:22 ERROR canonical.certify.message Error processing the payload for hardware 200705-8216:08
cr3heno: there seems to be errors in processing messages16:08
henodavmor2: do you have a bug #16:10
davmor2no bug it's on the daily build list http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/intrepid/ubuntu/latest/livecd-20080912-i386.out at the bottom of the page16:12
davmor2heno: ^16:13
davmor2heno: ah it's okay it's onlt on live alt should be okay16:14
cr3heno: ProgrammingError: ERROR:  index row size 6480 exceeds btree maximum, 271216:14
cr3heno: that's kinda good, I was concemplating a couple solutions for that. both solutions can be implemented independently client and server side.16:14
cr3heno: on the client side, I want to implement a console filter to limit the size of messages.16:15
cr3heno: on the server side, I want to use something like the librarian to store test output into files rather than the database16:15
cr3both solutions, including install reporting, could be implemented before Monday16:15
henodavmor2: thanks16:16
cr3I don't think there will be many iso images published before then, so does that sound reasonable?16:16
henocr3: iso images are published daily16:16
cr3heno: so distro not only has 48 hours per day but also 14 days a week? :)16:17
henowe still don't have any test reports that are useful for anyone else16:17
cr3reports can be added later, results will be lost in the meanwhile :(16:18
henowithout reports time to fix is lost16:18
cr3so you want me to work on reports too?16:18
cr3I would recommend parallelizing tasks so that reports and reliable test results are both ready at the same time16:19
cr3right now, the introduction of ltp, lsb and autotest have broken the reliability of storing test results :(16:20
henowe may need to pull those back so we can get more reliable runs16:21
cr3heno: yep, I've pulled lsb for now but these tests have simply uncovered problems that are nonetheless still there16:21
cr3so runs aren't "more reliable" per se, it's just that the other tests don't happen to push the wrong buttons on the server :)16:22
henoschwuk: are you around today? I've looked at the reporting inbox but don't see any updates16:22
henocr3: quite a few tests ran on the 10th and 11th with 2.6.27 - can you dump the database for that period? how big is that compressed?16:24
cr3heno: one of my concerns about being pulled from what I'm doing into reporting is that I have lots of code in the air right now and ideas to address the reliability of the server, context switching to reporting might be expensive but I'm alright doing it if you consider it's more important :)16:24
henocr3: doing a db dump should not take long16:25
cr3heno: 6M16:25
henocr3: please email that to me and ogasawara and we'll dig into it for a bit16:26
schwuk_heno: yes I am, although my irc box seems to have 'issues'. :( I'm currently finishing up and testing the extended reports, then I'll do a bulk generation of reports like I did the other day (although I'll get a fresh db dump first).16:29
henoschwuk: ok, thanks16:30
cr3schwuk_: I've msg'ed you a link to a fresh db dump16:31
schwuk_cr3: Thanks16:31
henocr3: is there a chance of us getting a set of 2.6.27 install tests kicked off today on a large number of machines? Is there a known installable ISO somewhere? - does not have to be latest16:34
henoi'd rather it was short so we can see if it works real time than 6 hour run that will fall over over night16:35
=== asac_ is now known as asac
cr3heno: quite feasible, I'll get that started16:47
henoif that goes well we should look at throwing in some more thorough tests in round 216:49
henoxorg installability is being fixed now, davmor217:27
davmor2cool in time for monday :)17:27
davmor2or will they respin and I can run a test tonight :)17:28
henolikely not respin today17:29
henoI've asked for one now actually, so we'll see17:31
davmor2cool :)17:41
mcasthere is a bug report telling the alternate cd is broken because there is a problem with the cdrom driver18:28
mcasthe bug is about amd64 and i have this with the unofficial ppc version18:28
mcashave you more information about this?18:28
mcasshould i mark this bug as critical in launchpad?18:29

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