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IceflamePhoenixAfternoon. This probably isn't vitally important, but I've noticed a typo on the main website.13:22
emunkkiIceflamePhoenix, spit it out13:25
IceflamePhoenixInstant messaging13:26
IceflamePhoenixPidgin IM is the extremely popular open source messaing tool.13:26
IceflamePhoenixIrony ftw.13:27
emunkkiIceflamePhoenix, ok. i hope somebody will address this issue. thanks.13:38
IceflamePhoenixNo problem, enjoy =)13:38
newz2000got it14:51
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thorwilnewz2000: hi. yesterday you mentioned someone being responsible for branding. not kenneth and not gerry carr?16:24
newz2000correct, her name is Kat Kinnie16:24
newz2000started a year ago16:25
newz2000she mostly works in the world of print, the shop.canonical.com is under her wing16:25
newz2000^but the shop...16:25
thorwilah, guess that explains why i hear of there even being such a position first time :)16:26
thorwilnewz2000: is there a plan for a countdown in the ubuntu.com banner?16:28
newz2000yeah, I'm not 100% certain but I think it will be your column 316:28
thorwilhopefully only for the last few days :)16:29
newz2000why's that?16:29
thorwiloops, that was my lazy twin self ;)16:30
thorwilwell, the aspect is similar enough that it shouldn't be a problem16:32
newz2000remember people won't look at the images side by side16:34
newz2000they only get to see one per day16:34
thorwilnewz2000: sure. if you flip through my images, you will see how the numbers seem to move. they are optimized for each single image, not for the series16:38
thorwilnewz2000: anyway, i greatly appreciate your responsiveness and will wait for specifics for the banner :)16:40
newz2000I'm eager to hear back from them too... and there's no need to thank me, I'm thanking you!16:42
thorwilwell, yw :)16:44
thorwildang, how do i get to old revisions of wiki pages?16:52
newz2000click the info link16:52
* thorwil puts hands back on the wiki17:01
thorwilpoor dholbach, is he subscribed to all pages, or just all i ever edited by coincidence? :)17:02
newz2000I think he subscribed to them all17:02
newz2000hi Volans, had any luck with html2po yet?18:39
Volans Hi newz2000, yes, I have done some work and tests, with some indentation changes in the html it works18:40
VolansI would do some more imporvements before release it18:41
Volansmaybe tomorrow18:41
newz2000I have the details from Gerry and we've decided on the changes to the layout18:41
newz2000there's going to be far less text for one thing18:41
Volansgreat! and you have a mockup or something like that?18:42
newz2000we're going to go with Lizzeh's mockup on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/IntrepidStartPage18:42
Volansonly for the online version or also the offline will be changed?18:42
newz2000Good question18:42
newz2000lets assume this is for the online version for now18:43
Volansok, because the only problem is that for a more safely and automatic use of html2po the starting html and po files should be manually checked/adapted18:45
newz2000so if we don't have an html file yet, should we mockup something to get the strings out of it using html2po or should we just make a po file using a diff tool?18:47
Volansthe po file can be generated also manually or with other tools if we already have all the texts, irrespective of the html structure, but before send the po file to the doc teams I think is always better to check it with the final html18:50
Volansif you want I can also put on LP the po file and some code to generate the html files for the actual version of the start page18:51
newz2000so just discussed it with gerry18:51
newz2000Volans: hold tight18:51
newz2000but be ready18:51
newz2000I'm going to send the email to the list about what we need to do18:51
Volansok :)18:52
newz2000and I'll say that you're leading the technical efforts for the translation infrastructure (if that's ok with you)18:52
Volansdon't mention it...18:52
Volansnewz2000: I have read the email, why "no local search or ubuntu search" ? Perhaps is due to problem/complicated stuff with Google and Mozilla?19:05
newz2000Volans: goal is for fewer options, simpler interface19:23
Volansok, I will reply to the email in a while19:24
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Volansnewz2000: thank you for the reply in list, I agree with most of the things you say22:34
newz2000I'm eager to see this done...22:36
newz2000next we'll I'll move the feature tour forward and it looks to me like we'll complete our 3 major tasks for intrepid release22:36
mdkeI'm still a bit concerned about introducing html2po infrastructure into ubuntu-docs for intrepid22:48
mdkeI'm working to cleanup the packaging to make it less delicate, so maybe it will be possible...22:49
Volansmdke: as you want, if you prefer for Jaunty, no problem22:49
newz2000mdke: there is a build script we use currently, the end result will be just some plain html files22:49
Volansbut if the offline page will change22:49
Volansuntil we have the definitive page, we can't create the po file to be uploaded to launchpad22:50
mdkenewz2000: the thing is, ubuntu-docs currently uses a very precise list of localisations, once we introduce Launchpad into the mix, we're going to be screwed22:50
mdkenewz2000: what I'm trying to sort out is how to remove the "very precise list" bit from ubuntu-docs22:50
Volansmdke: there is a specific reason for that "very precise list"?22:51
newz2000mdke: does that mean you're trying not to get any new translations at the moment?22:51
mdkeVolans: yes, historical22:52
mdkenewz2000: no, new translations are welcome22:52
newz2000mdke: is your concern that some translations that are currently included might get left out?22:53
mdkenewz2000: no, my concern is that if we implement automatic translations for ubuntu-docs something will break22:53
mdkeanyway, as I say, I'm hoping to cleanup the situation - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2008-September/026434.html22:53
Volansmdke: let me explain a little the work I have done22:54
newz2000oh, I see. Well, there's not going to be anything automatic yet22:54
mdkeVolans: sure22:54
VolansI have found the way to make a po file with the strings for the start page22:54
Volansso we can put that file on LP and let the doc teams translate it22:54
Volansafter that a script will automatically generate the translated html files for the start page22:55
VolansNOT the structure made by the ubuntu-doc package22:55
VolansI'm able to reproduce the "source" html files that actually are in the source package ubuntu-doc22:55
mdkeI'm pretty familiar with po file toolchains, we use them for every document in ubuntu-docs EXCEPT the startpage22:55
Volansthe package itself will generate all the delicate stuff, symbolic link etc of the start page in the system22:56
mdkeI know how it all works, and I understand and approve of what you're doing - I'm just saying that until we fix ubuntu-docs, it's difficult to use it22:56
mdkeVolans: send me all the code and I'll try and have a look at it this weekend when I look at trying to fix the problems I've got22:57
Volansok, sure, I can sent to you it tomorrow morning22:57
mdkeVolans: fine, thanks22:58
mdkegtg now, catch you later23:00
Volansnewz2000: the start page is seen also after a release upgrade?23:17
newz2000Volans: I'm not 100% confident but I believe so23:18
newz2000I think its shown after every firefox update23:18
newz2000I've seen it a few times in the last few months23:19
Volansmaybe I can ask asac for that, just to be sure23:19
Volansbecause I was wondering that a new Ubuntu user (fresh installation) have really different needs in respect to a user that have done an upgrade23:19
newz2000I think we're targeting the new user with this23:20
newz2000also there's another user...23:20
newz2000OEM's (like dell) may use this same start page but may not offer quite the same desktop experience23:21
Volansright, so lot of different users, and we can't make a page for each of those23:22

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