snaphappihi all, I'm having a problem with my ubuntu 8.04.1 ltsp install.02:07
snaphappihere is a post that describes the problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=563240902:07
snaphappiit's the "ipconfig: eth0: SIOCGIFINDEX: No such device"  bug, with the Marvell/Sky2 eth controller02:08
snaphappiif I put in a 2nd Realtek PCI eth controller, the client boots fine. but I can't get the client to PXEboot from the Realtek02:08
snaphappiany ideas?02:09
snaphappianyone here?02:09
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snaphappiquestion: does anyone here have experience configuring ltsp server?13:37
snaphappihi all, I'm having a problem with my ubuntu 8.04.1 ltsp install. it's the "ipconfig: eth0: SIOCGIFINDEX: No such device"  bug, with the Marvell/Sky2 eth controller.  if I put in a 2nd Realtek PCI eth controller, the client boots fine. but I can't get the client to PXEboot from the Realtek. can anyone here help?13:38
snaphappihi all, I'm having a problem with my ubuntu 8.04.1 ltsp install. it's the "ipconfig: eth0: SIOCGIFINDEX: No such device"  bug, with the Marvell/Sky2 eth controller.  if I put in a 2nd Realtek PCI eth controller, the client boots fine. but I can't get the client to PXEboot from the Realtek. can anyone here help?13:39
ograsnaphappi, might be that the sky2 module is missing from initramfs's netboot code13:41
Nubaesnaphappi: if you want the clients to boot from the other controller, edit /etc/default/dhcp3-server and set it to eth114:19
ografile a bug on initramfs-tools with the exact module name so it gets added to the default set :)14:22
Nubaethink the sk2 driver has known problems in kernel14:24
PetarisHi all14:51
PetarisWhen I login to edubuntu I get a message that he ISD-server could not be started because port 5800 is already in use.  I see a lot of reports of this when I did a google search but no solutions (other then just getting rid of the message box)14:57
stgraberare you using kde ?14:59
Petarisno, xfce14:59
PetarisI just found out that its italc15:00
stgraberok, do you have multiple sessions open at the same time ?15:00
stgraberare you using some session saving feature ? (your programs are restored when you open your session)15:00
PetarisI removed italc and it solved the issue15:01
stgraberthis error message appears when italc is started multiple time, it can only happens in one of these two scenarios15:01
Petariswell it does15:02
stgraberthis problem has been solved in the version we currently have in Intrepid, if you want italc to work in Hardy the same way it does in Intrepid, we have a PPA with the package for Hardy15:02
Petarisits ok, I wasn't planning on using italc anyway15:03
sbalneavmorning all15:06
stgrabermorning sbalneav15:07
Petarishi sbalneav15:07
ubottuHi! I'm #edubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots20:09
sbalneavEghie: Hello20:10
Eghiesbalneav: hello20:10
Eghiehow are you doing?20:10
Eghiesbalneav: do you know a way to measure how much clients a LTSP server can handle?20:22
Eghiewhat I can do is boot the whole office from LTSP to check if it can handle it20:23
Eghiebut better would be a good benchmarking tool, which gives me some numbers, so I directly can see what effect changes have on the server20:24
sbalneavWell, as usual, the answer is always: "It depends"20:25
Eghieyeah, average usage of the clients, network speed, how much downloads, etc20:25
sbalneavIf all you're going to do is log in and open up a telnet window, then lots and logs20:25
Eghieyes I know20:25
sbalneavThe edubuntu handbook has some sever sizing guidelines20:26
ubottuThe Edubuntu Handbook is currently work-in-progress and can be browsed via http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/handbook/C/20:26
Eghieaverage student (primairy school)20:26
Eghienice handbook :)20:27
Eghiewhere do you find the sizing guidelines?20:29
cooliodoes anyone here perhaps use fingerprinting authentication in their labs20:30
Eghiecoolio: no, we do have some fingerprinting plans and also some fingerprinting keyboards from IBM20:31
coolioor maybe has some info on it for ubuntu/debian/etc20:31
Eghiethere was a pam module for fingerprinting20:31
Eghiealthough, It would be nice to use it via the network20:31
Eghiethe pam module reads an USB disk20:32
Eghiethen you need something like USBIP to let it communicatie via the network20:32
coolioEghie: a url link for more info20:32
montesluanyone have a server hanging with "starting gnome display manager" ?20:32
montesluI'm stuck right now20:33
sbalneavEghie: http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/edubuntu/handbook/C/server-hw.html20:33
montesluhave a whole school down20:33
sbalneavmonteslu: What does ps show?20:33
sbalneavHome dirs local or nfs mounted20:33
Eghiesbalneav: where I would expect it, thanks (didn't find it though)20:33
monteslusbalneav, I can't log in20:33
sbalneavmight have a tanked nfs server20:33
monteslui'm using ldap20:33
monteslubut I cant get passed that part20:33
sbalneavcan you ssh in from a full workstation?20:34
monteslui can ping it20:34
monteslubut i can't authenticate20:34
sbalneavLog in on the console?20:34
sbalneavNot even as the local admin user you set up when you installed?20:34
montesluand if i try and go in via safe mode it ignores my requests to go in as root20:34
montesluoh, maybe that one20:34
sbalneavget in?20:35
monteslustill not yet20:40
monteslubefore i moved it over to ldap i think was probably just using /etc/passwd or shadow or whatever20:40
monteslubut I can't remember the account I used20:40
montesluand apparently root is bad to ubuntu or something20:41
montesluI really wish I could see the events firing up like i do in redhat20:42
montesluI'm not 100% certain where its hanging right now20:42
montesluin safe mode it hangs on "starting gnome display manager"20:42
montesluin regular mode if I ctl-alt-f1, it's hanginn on  "kinit: no resume image doing normal boot..."20:44
monteslusbalneav, is there a param i can pass in grub to see the boot messages to better debug what's happening?20:44
montesluI'm edubuntu 8.04 btw20:45
sbalneavwhen you see the grub notice, hit esc20:45
sbalneavYou'll want to 'e'dit the kernel boot line, remove the "quiet splash" bit at the end20:46
sbalneavthen 'b'oot that kernel line.20:46
sbalneavdid you just convert to ldap auth?20:47
montesluabout a month ago20:49
montesluthings just went bad on friday20:49
monteslulooks like same problem with starting gnome display manager20:50
monteslubut it also has trouble binding to ldap right after boot20:50
monteslumy ldap server is able to ping the ltsp server without issues, and I was authenticating just fine friday20:51
montesluoh, btw sbalneav. While I've got you here. Why do we need to put users in a group for local devices to work? Can't it just work for everyone?20:51
sbalneavIt can20:57
sbalneavYou just have to modify a udev rule20:57
sbalneavWell, I'd say the problem is the bind to ldap.  What's your ldap server, openldap?20:58
monteslusbalneav, yeah. It'a ancient. FC520:58
montesluWas thinking about moving it to centos 5 or 8.04, but smbldap is dead :(20:59
montesluFunny thing is, These two new servers I have could probably handle the load of seventy thin clients without my moving the users off so I could have 2 ltsp servers21:01
sbalneavok, so you're using libpam-ldap to bind?21:02
sbalneavAny clues in the message logs where the problems are?21:02
montesluI just got kicked. I'm thinking it might be the network now21:02
monteslutwo new gigabit dell switches21:03
monteslubut they've been most working for a month21:03
monteslumaybe I can boot with a sysresccd to view the logs21:03
monteslusbalneav, is there a way to individually launch services? In redhat. I could hit 'I' during boot and it would ask me Y/N to launch each21:04
monteslui know theyre not sequential in ubuntu though21:05
sbalneavThat I'm not sure of21:08
montesluperhaps the "starting gnome..." gets stuck and it has dependant processes.21:09
sbalneavTypically what I do is modify the boot command line to include the -s (single user) and then start the services one by one21:09
sbalneavAre you using libnss-ldap?21:10
Eghiemonteslu: starting gnome... will not say it IS starting gnome21:10
Eghiesometimes it is saying that and using something totally different21:10
sbalneavWhat I do these days is not use libnss-ldap, but rather install liblnss-db, and use the nss-updatedb package21:13
sbalneavI set up a cron job to update the local copies of group and passwd.21:13
sbalneavI've found libnss-ldap to be flaky, and, if you have a situation where you are now, it generally fubars the box21:14
sbalneavbut with the libnss-db, the copy's local21:14
monteslusbalneav, yeah libnss21:15
montesluok, sorry guys. Just found out my ldap server is hosed21:16
monteslufor some reason I thought it was fine21:16
monteslubut I think my database is trashed21:16
monteslunormal recovery steps aren't fixing it either21:16
montesluthis isn't an ubuntu ltsp, or gnome problem21:17
montesluthough not sure why gnome hangs when ldap server is down21:17
sbalneavWell, it's probably trying to look up group info21:18
sbalneavand since libnss- is hoszed21:18
sbalneavit's hanging21:18
sbalneavmonteslu: Got an ldif dump of it you can reload?21:19
montesluI wonder if there's a way to back openldap with mysql instead of berkley21:19
sbalneavI think so21:19
monteslusbalneav, nothing recent :(21:19
montesluwell, I didn't lose home dirs which is good, but I so don't want to rebuild that thing21:19
montesluI have to go to my normal job tomorrow which means I'll be up all night fixing this thing21:20
sbalneavI sent you my nightly slapcat script21:21
sbalneavvia private msg21:21
monteslumy slapd_db_recover seems to be working, but restarting ldap fails...21:37
montesluI'ts gonna be a long night21:37
monteslusbalneav, any suggestions on building a new ldap server for my 2 ltsp servers?21:37
montesluI'm not even worried about the samba part anymore.21:37
monteslui gave up hope on it being my domain controller / linux homes21:38
monteslumy win2003 terminal server will remain standalone for users21:39
sbalneavWe're running an older 6.10 box for ldap21:47
sbalneavit needs to be updated, but I can't see why 8.04 wouldn't be OK for openldp21:48
monteslumy googling tells me that that i can recover everything _but_ dn2id and id2entry bdb files22:12
montesluthis really, really bites22:12
montesluit is so easy to corrupt berkely databases22:13
sbalneavDepending on how many entries you have, I think there's a plaintext backend, isn't there?22:15
sbalneavLittle slower than db, but vi-editable22:15
montesluthe bdb file looks almost plain text22:17
monteslui really wish slapd_db_recover would fix it or tell me if it can't. It just finshes like everything is cool. But then ldap doesn't start because it thinks id2entry.bdb is corrupt22:18
sbalneavmonteslu: Hmm, a "shell" backend22:20
monteslua backend that doesn't try to cache transactions22:24
monteslusomething that just commits changes to whatever its datastore is when it happens22:24
montesluif it crashes, oh well22:24
monteslujust start back up22:24
monteslugoogle slapd_db_load or slapd_db_dump22:47
montesluabsolute joke22:47
monteslunobody beside the author must have any idea what those things do22:47
monteslucompeletely undocumented22:47
montesluwhat's the command to build the /opt/ltsp stuff after a new install ?23:52
monteslusudo ltsp-build-client23:54

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