Carla1989I completed two passes for this test yesterday, no errors. Didn't complete it fully though.00:00
Carla1989After a long wait of over an hour, it was going to scan the third time ..00:01
atomizerhas anyone had any success installing a Netgear WG111v3 wireless usb adapter?00:02
wesley_is there a way to start network-manger-gnome in kde ?00:02
etfbwesley_: Something about nm_applet, I think.  Google it.00:03
Carla1989LeeJunFan: There should be some channel, providing specialized technical support. :)00:03
LeeJunFanCarla1989: well then it's probably fine. If there's a problem it'll normally find it on the first pass.00:03
wesley_etfb the thing is it seems the gnome one does connect with wifi in 8.10 and the kde not00:04
Carla1989LeeJunFan: So what's the next step for me. I have to send this laptop for servicing and it'll take about 2-3 weeks for it to come back. That is the only reason I had to find out my oldie laptop and get it fixed so that I can not be left in a desert.00:05
etfbwesley_: "the gnome one"?  What do you mean?00:05
wesley_the gnome fronted of network-manager00:05
LeeJunFanCarla1989: I'm not at all convinced it's the hardware.00:06
etfbwesley_: Oh, OK.  So what's not working?  I can use wifi perfectly well with knetworkmanager, although getting VPN to work has been impossible so far.00:06
LeeJunFanCarla1989: gimme a min, I'm booting the install CD in a virtual machine right now to see what options are available to see what's being done when it fails.00:06
Carla1989LeeJunFan: Oh, Is there a way to format my HD while I am on the usable desktop?00:06
Carla1989LeeJunFan: Nice.00:07
wesley_etfb you use kubuntu 8.10 alpha 5 ?00:08
etfbwesley_: Oh, sorry, misread.  No, I'm on Hardy.  So is it stuffing up on Intrepid, is it?  Bugger!00:08
etfbwesley_: The gnome network manage is apparently part of some set of Gnome applets, and I'm pretty sure the command to get it working is nmapplet or nm-applet or something like that.00:10
etfbUsed to have to use it before they fixed the problem with configuring VPNs in KDE.00:10
tim_hello, I have 2 hdds, 1 for kubuntu and I mounted the other as kbackup.  After reinstalling kubuntu and remounting the 2nd hdd, there appears to be no files, eventhough I did not format that drive.  Any ideas?00:10
etfb(Except, of course, that it's not all that fixed, since kvpnc has never worked for me.  Maybe I should go back to the old way...)00:10
atomizerim off now, bye bye00:11
etfbtim_: Can you access the complete backup copies you made of the second drive?00:11
tim_yes, I have an extra backup on an external usb.00:12
wesley_etfb so its not a app that i can run freely in kde400:12
etfbNo, you can - you just have to trigger it via this appletty thing.  Hang on, I'll find the command...00:13
ForgeAusare they going to have a kde4 update on the main ubuntu servers?00:13
ForgeAuseven if its proposed or backports or whatever..00:13
Carla1989LeeJunFan: This time I am trying to install within the usable desktop only. And the other change this time is, I am going with the Guided partitioning of 2 partitions each for Ubuntu 8.04 and Kubuntu 8.0400:14
Carla1989LeeJunFan: Let's see if it can partition the drive00:14
ForgeAusCarla, kubuntu-desktop is the only metapackage you need... it will install all you need of kde00:15
Carla1989ForgeAus, that was too techy for me00:16
LeeJunFanForgeAus: Carla1989 is having a problem even completing installation.00:16
LeeJunFanhe was on a different train of thought.00:16
etfbwesley_: install network-manager-gnome and nm-applet, then run nm-applet to open the manager.  Dunno why it works, but it does.00:16
ForgeAusohhh kay...00:16
ForgeAusliveCD's are easier00:17
Carla1989LeeJunFan: The status bar hasn't moved from 0% for the last few minutes.00:17
etfbwesley_: But this is old news - Edgy or before.  May not still work with the bleeding-edge betas.  Good luck!00:17
ForgeAushehe probably best if you install 2x kubuntu liveCD's then pure gnome/ubuntu-desktop-ize the other :)00:17
Carla1989Oh! Another error! "Resize operation failure. An error occured while writing the changes to the storage devices. The resize operation has been aborted."00:18
ForgeAusCarla is there any data on the partitions you need/want to keep?00:19
Carla1989No doubt, this is the same error failing installation00:19
ForgeAusI don't recommend resizing if you can avoid it00:19
ForgeAusbetter to create whole new partitions00:19
Carla1989I thought I was trying to do the same00:20
ForgeAus(2x ext3 and 1x small swap)00:20
Carla1989by resizing one larger partition into two smaller partitions00:20
sevenseeke1hello, I am trying to set my fqdn but can't figure out how.  I first tried with the network settings gui, then with an alias in /etc/hosts and finally with /etc/hostname but nothing seems to work when I type 'hostname -f'00:23
sevenseeke1do I have to restart network services?00:23
sevenseeke1oh, btw this is kubuntu hardy 8.0400:24
ForgeAusno Carla00:24
ForgeAusyou don't resize you remove them all and create them to the size you want00:25
ForgeAusno need to resize that way00:25
ForgeAusso in your head round down how large your hard drive is (say its 160 gig, round it down to say 150, then make 1 75gig partition, and another 75gig partition and whatevers left over goes into a swap partition00:26
Carla1989Okay, this time I went with the second option of Guided Partitioning for one entire partition. It's has scanned the filesystems, created EXT3.. and now Copying the files over00:27
Carla198927% done.. abd waiting00:27
ForgeAusohh kay00:27
ForgeAusthis means you only have one whole disk00:27
LeeJunFannot going with swap?00:28
ForgeAusno space for the second partition to put the other ubuntu (or kubuntu) on00:28
Carla1989I hardly care.. I just need this laptop to work.00:28
ForgeAusok Carla your the user... you seem to know what you want00:28
ForgeAusbut I must say I do recommend having a swap partition00:29
Carla1989Oh Yes, I forgot to mention it. It did create swap automatically this time.. and yes the other point, It formatted the entire HD before doing anything.00:29
Carla198942% done. :)00:29
ForgeAusCarla its meant to format that installer does that00:29
ForgeAusso that you have a brand clan spankin new Kubuntu install each time00:29
Carla1989Yes, I am happy. When I was trying manual install, it could not even pass formatting stage.00:30
ForgeAusCarla, I think you could, you just needed to understand it a little more...00:30
ForgeAusbut when these things are new I can understand how easy it is to get overwhelmed by them I remember my first foray into linux :)00:30
ForgeAusI lost my windows partition to it...00:31
DarkriftXthats not a bad thing though, thats linux AI trying to save you00:31
ForgeAusof course this was windows95 or 98 at the time...00:31
ForgeAussomething like that00:31
DarkriftXwindows detected!! must save user!! format windows partition and remove all traces of the Microsoft Virus!!00:32
LeeJunFanyeah, doing manual can be tough for newcomers, who forget to do such things as setting a mountpoint for partitions correctly.00:32
ForgeAuslol Darkrift... no it was bad it was a crappy cli partition program that you needed an expert with a law degree in order to tackle understanding how to use it..00:32
goldmetalcan someone help me with vpn? i am using kvpn, i got connected. but soon after 5 seconds i am disconnected. 'route -v' did not show my new route, but ifconfig showed a new ppp0 interface.00:33
ForgeAushehe Lee I've used linux for a while now and even I don't remember to set a root mount point... so I let it complain and tell me :)00:33
Carla1989Under sda, there were two partitions as it showed me first, I edited sda1 (the entire HD) to be root and EXT3 filesystem and the other partition as swap. That's all I did, and I hope I did it right.00:33
Carla198961% done now.00:33
ForgeAusgoldmetal interesting question, I don't know enough about vpn to help you I've never actually used it this way00:33
Carla1989*and I hope I was doing it right.*00:34
ForgeAusCarla you pretty much had to have done it right the installer doesn't let you continue unless you have a valid root partition...00:34
ForgeAusthats all that is defined as "right" in this case...00:35
ForgeAus(it may or may not be what you wanted but thats a whole other question)00:35
Carla1989I agree00:35
LeeJunFannvm that the swap is probably 1/2 of the hd, but that's okay for now. hehe00:35
Carla1989It's a small thingy, some 5 digit size if I remember it right00:36
LeeJunFanugh, my shift/capslock keeps getting lost by switching vt's in vmware.00:36
ForgeAusLee if it is thats a good thing :)00:36
ForgeAusremoving a swap drive is no problem...00:36
ForgeAusremoving remaking you can pretty much do what you want with swapspace, I just recommend that you keep at least SOME00:36
ForgeAuslol Lee :)00:36
ForgeAusI know the feeling00:37
LeeJunFanForgeAus: that happens to you too/00:37
LeeJunFani thought it was just me.00:37
Carla198974% bravo00:37
ForgeAuswell I aren't one to switch VT's often but yes00:37
ForgeAusit has happened to me keyboard concurrency issues with a key being assigned to an unexpected function by a "wrapper" program00:38
ForgeAusbut then I'm an emulation freak from way back00:38
LeeJunFanall my modifier keys seem to not work now, no shift,ctrl,alt. so no way to shift to another vt and back to f7 to see if it cures it.00:38
* ForgeAus remembers discovering RiscOS fondly... 00:38
alx54hmm hi there... I am a bit sad... I really love kubuntu but it's so slow! when I move around windows they drag behind, sometimes even the curser drags although I dont do anything on my machine, just listening music....  has anybody good advice on how to accelerate graphics? I use 8.04/3.5.9 default settings and the proprietary driver that was recommended during installing, my hardinfo report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/47027/00:38
Carla1989Copying files, Creating Locales stage is done! Creating Users is done!00:39
Carla1989Scanning the Mirror now. :)00:39
ForgeAusLee because they're used for other function in the VM00:40
ForgeAusI mean for the VM itself not inside it00:40
ForgeAusie alt probably opens the menu bar00:40
ForgeAusnote this means the virtual machine program your using hasn't been designed very well lol00:40
LeeJunFanForgeAus: it's vmware, running kubuntu installer, i ctrl-alt-shift f1 within vmware to switch vt's. it could be any number of things i suppose. i should check for updates with vmware, as well i'm using kde4 and compiz so who know's what the real culprit is. i haven't use vt's within vmware in a long time - so i can't point to any 1 thing as being the one change.00:42
DreadKnightany way to share files between my kubuntu kde4 boxes? both using the same router...00:42
DreadKnightlan basicaly00:43
LeeJunFanlol - i can't use exclamaiton. brb00:43
DreadKnightscrew samba, don't wanna configure files and such T_T00:43
ForgeAusuh thats because control + shift means something to vmware00:44
ForgeAusyou can set that behaviour I'm sure00:44
ForgeAus(also vt's don't need shift afaik00:44
ForgeAusjust alt+control last I remembered...00:44
etfbAnyone know how to get VPN working in Kubuntu 8.04?  I'm trying to connect to a Windows box at work and it seems to be deeply b0rked.00:44
DreadKnightthat guy left a while ago00:44
ForgeAuswb Lee00:45
LeeJunFanyay, I've got all my keys again. lol. That's annoying.00:45
ForgeAussamba isn't the only way I'm not sure what kpf  (kde public fileserver) uses but theres also nfs00:46
ForgeAusor P2P via websites/ftp/whatever00:46
DreadKnightnfs also hard to configure00:47
ForgeAushehe then samba sounds like a great idea :)00:47
ForgeAusof course theres also physical media, like memory sticks (ie usb keys) and CD's and stuff00:47
DreadKnightsamba also hard to configure :P00:47
DreadKnightwant to share a thing on my home lan00:48
ForgeAusif you have kde3 you can rightclick your kicker (ie taskbar) and add kde public fileserver easy enough00:48
ForgeAusthat probably does lots of the config for you as long as you have whatever protocol it uses installed00:49
DreadKnightnever used that; but i have kde4 on both boxes near me00:49
ForgeAusgmm not sure that kde4 has that available00:49
ForgeAusI may just shut up now...00:50
DreadKnight:D thanks for trying00:50
ForgeAusit comes under the heading of... I guess: ... misdirected efforts to assist...00:50
ForgeAussamba is harder when you have to manually edit the samba.conf file00:50
ForgeAusKDE has at least dialogs to set it all up00:50
DreadKnightwell in kde4 there is "share" tab under properties of a folder; but when i activate the button under it it gives me a "kdesudo error"00:51
ForgeAus(I don't know if gnome has the same...)00:51
* ForgeAus shrugs00:51
ForgeAusKDE4 isn't ready yet really... for some of these kinds of things00:52
ForgeAusdon't get me wrong KDE4 is good its just... not KDE300:52
DreadKnighti know00:52
DreadKnightwell as i recall that doesn't works as well in kde3..00:52
LeeJunFanCarla1989: glad to hear. Thanks to ForgeAus too for helping out while my KB was ticking me off.01:03
* Carla feels refreshed on the new kubuntu!01:04
* Carla1989 asks seriously?01:05
ForgeAusHardy Ha Ha Ha :)01:05
* ForgeAus thinks he's seeing double double01:05
* Carla is no double01:05
* Carla1989 i think i agree with you01:05
mnhow can I make a .iso of / ?01:06
Carla1989Thanks to ForgeAus too . :)01:06
ForgeAusthats why I think I'm seeing double double01:06
ForgeAushey mn, um you just start a program to design a .iso (like k3b) and add / to it!01:07
ForgeAusthat simple01:07
Carlaoh really? I guess its about time to leave you guys at it. There are other needy people to eat you up. :)01:07
ForgeAusonly I 'm not sure why you'd want to01:07
Carla1989Yea Carla, you're right. Let's go and have a chilled beer!01:07
ForgeAusbacking up and restoring is a much better idea usually01:07
ForgeAus(otherwise symlinks can be a pain among other things)01:07
szakulechi, fish doesn't seem to be working properly- it rejects a valid username (which I confirmed by ssh'ing to the box)- any ideas?01:08
ForgeAuswb mn01:08
Carlabye byez01:09
ForgeAushav fun01:09
ForgeAusuh szakulec, I have no eye deer01:09
mnForeAus: wb?01:09
ForgeAusand without legs its still no eye deer!01:09
ForgeAusshort for welcome back01:09
mno thnx01:10
ForgeAusits the yw's after a thanx that still sometimes get me! I keep forgetting it :)01:10
ForgeAus(stands for Your Welcome)01:10
mnim just not used 2 seein chat speek on irc01:11
ForgeAusmay I ask why exactly you wish to copy / to a CD?01:11
mnso do you how I can make a .iso of / ?01:11
ForgeAusI already answered taht01:11
ForgeAusbut I'm thinking what your asking for is likely not to suit your needs depending on what exactly your trying to do that for01:12
mnWell, I want my custom linux on a cd01:12
ForgeAuscopying / to other media is a hazard mostly for symlinks among other things...01:12
ForgeAusok to create a custom LiveCD theres tutorials on the net (mostly they take ubuntu-minimal and add packages to it I think)... check them out they're more likely to bring about the results your looking for01:13
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.01:13
ForgeAusits not just as simple as copying / to an .iso01:13
ForgeAussymlinks = symbolic links they're files (analogous kinda to shortcuts in windows) that link to another file or directory somewhere else01:14
ForgeAuswhen you copy them they may break depending on the path...01:14
ForgeAusor worse they may remain dynamic and refer to things that aren't there anymore if the other media is removed!01:14
mnwell, i just wanted to use this if I could because ive already customized it with 3rd party and proprietary software01:14
mnlinux uses alot of symlinks doesnt it01:15
ForgeAusMN perhaps your better to say um... back it up and restore it to the CD? would that help?01:15
ForgeAusie back up ur HDD somewhere into a file, then restore that file to the .iso media?01:15
ForgeAusyeah LInux tends to use them, they're handy01:15
dr_willismn symlinks can be very handy. :)01:15
dr_willisexpecially compared to the 'windows shortscuts' :)01:16
ForgeAusI don't know if that .iso will be bootable however...01:16
ForgeAuslol dr_willis ok go dump on windows... I'll just sulk ok?01:16
mnhow does one make symlinks?01:17
ForgeAustheres a program ln01:17
ForgeAusthat you can use to create them01:17
dr_willisForgeAus,  had to explain to a guy the other day why under windows - the program he was using was trying ot load his Document.lnk    - instead of the file it was pointng to. :)01:17
ForgeAus(kinda like creating a directory except your creating a link instead..01:17
dr_willisjust rember kids.. a hard link. is identcal to the original file. :)01:18
ForgeAuslol dr_willis :)01:18
CarlaHey Guys, I am back with a beer. :)01:18
CarlaHow do I get streaming movies on kubuntu?01:18
CarlaFlash/DivX format01:18
dr_willisCarla,  clarify a bit.. You mean Watch some streams? or stream your own?01:18
ForgeAusyou need a plugin01:19
ForgeAusand probably a web browser and/or vlc01:19
ForgeAusnote both of those formats are non-free01:19
CarlaSo which plugin is this exactly.01:19
ForgeAusflash-plugin-nonfree I think does flash video01:19
ForgeAus(say youtube website)01:19
ForgeAusand DivX well I dunno I guess its handled in DVD, etc packages ???01:20
dr_willisI normally install the w32codecs pack, and the kubuntu-restricted-extras package.01:20
CarlaSo I'll just search for it on konquerer.. and install it from there01:20
ferohello, do you read me?01:20
ForgeAusnot konqueror Adept01:20
dr_willisI was thinking divx was handled by the mpeg stuff.. but i forget.. Ive never had issues playing divx.01:20
ForgeAus(adept is the package manager for Kubuntu its where you install/remove program parts (called packages from)01:20
ubottuadept is the Kubuntu package manager. Howto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdeptHowto01:20
Carladr_willis, can you elaborate on the process01:20
Carlaw32codecs, and kubuntu-restricted01:21
dr_willisCarla,  install those 2 packages01:21
dr_willisthat will grab 80% of the stuff you would ever need. :)01:21
dr_willisand i cant imagine what the other 20% would be01:21
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:21
ForgeAus(from the commandline (ie open a terminal window (if you like use the program konsole, same thing) and type sudo apt-get install w32codecs kubuntu-restricted-extras01:21
dr_willisYep. w32codecs come from Medibuntu repos.01:22
ForgeAusit will ask you your password01:22
Carlapackage w32codecs is not available01:24
ForgeAusthats because you don't have the repository in your /etc/apt/sources.list01:24
dr_willisCarla,  its IN the MEDIBUNTU repositories :)01:24
EagleSnyou need to install it from medibuntu packages01:24
ForgeAusbut don't worry using Adept is an easy GUI way to edit that...01:24
CarlaOh, so how do I add it into the other repo. list01:24
ForgeAusif you read above theres a link to read01:24
dr_willismedibuntu homepage has a command you cut/paste also..  is another way01:24
CarlaOkay, I have Adept opened up01:25
ForgeAusoh ok dr_willis01:25
ForgeAushehe Im all backwards today01:25
CarlaI need the address of APT Repo.01:25
ForgeAushelping people out from the wrong end of the stick!01:25
EagleSnAdept -> Manage repositories01:25
Carlaso that I can add the complete command01:25
dr_willisSee http://www.medibuntu.org01:25
ForgeAusCarla yes you need the address of the repository to add it01:26
ForgeAusdr willis is trying to tell you how (of course that webpage may give you commands that don't require adding the address personally)01:26
dr_willisSee http://www.medibuntu.org -----------> sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/hardy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list01:26
dr_willisand it adds them in a nicer way01:27
ForgeAuswhast the -O ?01:27
CarlaThe page does not have the Adept manager command for hardy01:27
Carlasudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/hardy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list01:27
ForgeAus sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/hardy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list01:28
Carlathis is for konsole, right01:28
EagleSnyes, copy and paste that command in konsole01:28
CarlaI need one for adept01:28
EagleSnforget Adept for now01:28
EagleSnclose Adept01:28
Carlaoh, okay. :)01:28
dr_willisYou could of allready had the stuff done from the command line interface in the time it took me to write this statement..01:28
EagleSnrun that command01:28
EagleSnafter that, run this one: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get update01:29
ForgeAusouch I have too many non-standard repos!01:29
Carladilipgarg@CrashingVictory:~$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get update01:30
CarlaE: Type 'sudo' is not known on line 56 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list01:30
EagleSnoh oh, problems01:30
dr_willisHmmm. sounds like som sort of typo happened somewhere01:30
DarkriftXanyone know how to add trackers to a downloading torrent in ktorrent?01:31
CarlaOh, looks like kubuntu isnt that easy to chew01:31
cilkayCarla: sudo -i then enter your password. Copy/paste all that stuff above again this time without the sudo.01:31
ForgeAussure it is01:31
cilkayCarla: Nah... you're just making it harder than it needs to be :)01:31
EagleSnCarla its like you typed bad the command to add repositiry01:31
dr_willisCopy/paste is so handy. :)01:32
EagleSnit seems there is a word "sudo" inside source.list01:32
CarlaOh, whole of the command is in the sources file01:32
ForgeAussometimes a little too handy in this case it seems01:32
Carlathat wget command01:32
ForgeAusno you don't put the command in the sources.list file01:32
ForgeAusyou type it on the command line of konsole01:32
CarlaI didn;t do it.. seriously.01:32
ForgeAusrofl :)01:33
ForgeAusI didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't prove anything :)01:33
ForgeAus(of course that means I'm likely guilty as sin)01:33
morghanphoenixquestion, why would kubuntu have weird stats for my battery charge when fedora on the same system has the right stats. Things like saying my battery is overcharged, and that I have 15 minutes of battery right when I unplug despite the fact that I have a two hour battery life.01:33
CarlaNow how do I get that removed01:34
ForgeAussame way you added it I think01:34
dr_willisim not sure what typo he did to add it..01:34
dr_willissudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/hardy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list01:34
dr_willisdosent even touch the sources.list file01:35
ForgeAusCarla is a he?01:35
Carlaomg! did someone just change my gender??01:35
dr_willisForgeAus,  could be an ALien from alpha-centri also. :)01:35
ForgeAusI think they probably typed it in in adept's manage packages ?01:35
ForgeAusrofl dr_willis :)01:35
dr_williscould be an FBI agent, or a 300lb Garbage collector also...01:35
ForgeAusor Tau_Ceti, even Rigel! :)01:35
CarlaHow do I get that line removed from that sources file01:36
ForgeAusmore likely a Vampire trying to gain our confidence :)01:36
=== atmarte is now known as pop3000
morghanphoenixSpace vampires, eh?01:36
dr_willisCarla,  if its in /etc/apt/sources.lst you edit that file as root.01:37
dr_willisand correct the mistake.01:37
dr_willisE: Type 'sudo' is not known on line 56 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list01:37
dr_willisI would bet theres a 'sudo' at the front of line 56 for some reason01:37
ForgeAusare there any other kind?01:37
morghanphoenixprobably dropped the command into the gui where you only need to add the address.01:38
ForgeAusto edit the file as root you might wish to type kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list in either konsole (a terminal or command prompt)... or by rightclicking the desktop and selecting run command01:39
Carlamorghan, yes - I remember doing that01:39
ForgeAusof course theres always xterm if you'd prefer :)01:40
DarkriftXerm... my ktorrent screen is like 4k pixels high and wont let me resize it. what can i do to fix that01:40
ForgeAusktorrent now theres a great application :)01:40
CarlaUpdating medibuntu packages right now01:40
ForgeAusI've never had it do that01:40
morghanphoenixNothing wrong with xterm, but if you're using kubuntu why not spring for yakuake.01:41
morghanphoenixNot like you're doing much for running light with KDE going anyways,01:41
ForgeAusmorghan first you need to install yakuake01:42
ForgeAusbesides I prefer konsole01:42
morghanphoenixTrying to kill my battery totally, see if that helps anything with this weird battery monitor thing.01:42
Carlaw32codecs and restricted extras are installed.01:42
morghanphoenixMaybe if it dies on it's own once it'll work right again01:42
ForgeAusawesome Carla :) great!01:42
ForgeAussee you can do it, and its not that hard!01:43
morghanphoenixHad to turn the power management off though, kept hibernating me despite the fact my battery was working fine.01:43
=== hal is now known as Hal9000
ForgeAusjust takes a while to adjust to really01:43
morghanphoenixI like yakuake, just hit F12 and get a whoe bank of konsoles pop up out of nowhere01:43
=== Hal9000 is now known as Hal90001
CarlaForgeAus, yes. What's the next step01:43
ForgeAusnext step?01:44
CarlaCan I just start watching DivX movies now01:44
ForgeAusyou should be able to01:44
morghanphoenixWell, at least it's a whole bank on mine.01:44
CarlaHmm, let me try01:44
wesley_sites say i dont have java but i have installed01:44
ForgeAusyou do of course have to have a source of DivX movies to try it with01:44
wesley_i use amd64 8.1001:44
ForgeAuswesley no plugin?01:44
morghanphoenixHmm, -10 min power01:45
ForgeAusfirst of all which java do you have? ecj, sun or what?01:45
morghanphoenixFunny it's still working fine.01:45
morghanphoenixBut the actually power light is blinking01:45
morghanphoenixDoes the OS send a signal to that?01:46
wesley_ForgeAus that what the sites says no plugin ( uh java ? sun ?01:46
ForgeAusoops gcj if I can type it right01:46
ForgeAusdunno morghan01:46
alexander_whats up guys?01:46
morghanphoenixkubuntu-restricted-extras package installed?01:46
morghanphoenixeasiest way I knwo to get most everything01:46
ForgeAuswhich site wes?01:47
ForgeAushey alexander01:47
alexander_how do you guys like ubuntu?01:47
wesley_morghanphoenix yes i installed that package01:47
ForgeAusI don't I love Kubuntu instead :)01:47
morghanphoenixI dodn't care for gnome01:47
wesley_but it still sayes i dont have java01:47
morghanphoenixDon't really like kubuntu that much either, but the premade packages make it worth while.01:48
alexander_i love ubuntu01:48
morghanphoenixI swear it's becoming the third OS01:48
alexander_it is basic but still has a little touchness to it01:48
CarlaNopes, the flash player is "greyed out" and divx player doesn't even show up.01:48
morghanphoenixWindows, MAc or Ubuntu01:48
morghanphoenixIf you use linux you'll have to take apart the deb and figure out why it won't run on debian.01:48
alexander_Windows if for gaming01:48
alexander_thats it01:48
morghanphoenixWindows isn't even for that01:49
alexander_then what is it for lol01:49
morghanphoenixI run games better with wine than with xp01:49
alexander_haha same01:49
alexander_WoW FTW01:49
morghanphoenixHeh, more warnings, wonder if my battery really is about to die01:49
morghanphoenixTHat'd suck01:49
morghanphoenixa few months old and allready down to a 20 min battery time01:49
morghanphoenixI hope it's just some kind of bug01:50
EagleSni love vista01:50
morghanphoenixBatteries aren't covered in my warranty01:50
morghanphoenixheh, my battery time has gone up though01:50
morghanphoenixIt was negative and now it says 3 minuted remain01:50
morghanphoenixHow do you get a negative time on battery life if it dies at zero?01:51
morghanphoenixq minute01:52
morghanphoenixmake that 101:52
CarlaForgeAus, Do I have to install some linux compatible DivX plugin?01:53
Carlaneither flash, nor DivX videos are working01:54
FadingAnyone here able to run the game "The Witcher" in kubuntu?01:55
nitebirdHey, can anyone help me with a Wireless USB issues in Hardy?01:56
nitebirdI've plugged-in the Linksys WUSB54GC which should work out-of-the-box with Hardy01:57
nitebirdI've even tried ndiswrapper01:57
nitebirdBut although I can see the interface in the Network Manager01:57
nitebirdEverytime I enable it, it immediately becomes unenabled01:57
nitebirdThere's an onboard wireless card that isn't agreeing well with Linux01:58
nitebirdSo I thought that there might be an IRQ conflict01:58
nitebirdSo I threw irqpoll as an boot argument for the kernel01:58
nitebirdBut that in no way solved the problem01:58
nitebirdAny ideas?01:58
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=== mad-mule is now known as vorian
waldschattenwell, that's a piss off, really did die on me, this is too new to die in less than a half hour.02:00
waldschattenheh, alt name02:01
=== waldschatten is now known as morghanphoenix
morghanphoenixguess I was still logged in02:02
=== root is now known as Guest62123
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.02:10
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)02:12
Guest62123are you here ?02:15
rkroetchI am trying to run some servers on a machine that is heavily firewalled by IT. Right now I can access port 22 from the internet, but no other ports I've tried. Anyone know an easy way to find what ports can be accessed from the internet?02:16
rkroetchIf the ports don't have a server running on them, they won't show up as open in port scanners, so it seems rather difficult to figure out which ones are open02:16
nitebirdrkroetch, I know that some programs, like utorrent, check to see if your torrent software can use the port you specified or if it might be slower because it's behind a firewall02:21
nitebirdYou might want to try that02:21
sookii'm trying to add windows to my grub list, but it's located on its own second drive, and i'm not sure which hdwhatever,whatever it is, is there a way to find out?02:24
h2ihmm... so i created a user by going into sys settings and users and groups... the user was supposed to have sudo privileges, but i couldn't use sudo... so i restarted X and the problem persists still....02:24
h2iheelp :)02:24
EagleSnh2i a new user different than user who installed the system does not sudo privileges by default02:25
h2ihow do you get sudo privileges?02:26
EagleSni am not sure02:26
h2ii will work around it i suppose02:27
EagleSni know that is editing some in /etc/sudoers02:27
maduserkdesudo $02:27
maduseror in the ternimal sudo02:27
EagleSnuntil you do it, you can use su command to become root in a terminal if you put a root password02:28
madusersu doesn't seem to work02:29
maduserIt only works wehn i do sudo su02:29
EagleSnto use su you need first stablish a root password02:29
EagleSnyou can do it with sudo passwd02:30
maduser in kubuntu there is not root by defult02:30
EagleSnthen Enter the new Unix password (root password)02:30
EagleSnafter that yo ucan use su and also start session as root in a tty terminal02:30
htgfHello. How do I setup wireless access on Kubuntu.02:35
htgfUsing lspci, I got the wireless card name02:36
htgf01:0a.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter (rev 04)02:36
BluesKaj!Wireless | htgf02:39
ubottuhtgf: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:39
htgfBluesKaj, I don't need to setup a wireless network, Just need to acces it. Does this page describe the process?02:40
mnhtgf: will you give us some more details02:44
mni just recently had to connect my linux system to wireless02:44
mnhtgf:  if you cannot connect, get ndiswrapper and install this driver:  w70n501.inf from intel.com02:47
mnand make sure you don't need a firmware upgrade as well02:48
frdtHello. Can people play these DivX videos here ninjavideo.net?03:04
frdtI remember following some instructions last time and able to watch these videos.. but after my new hardy installation, I can not watch these. :(03:05
frdtmn, anyone?03:06
mnlet me see03:08
frdtThere's a video helper you have to click, which somehow lets you watch divx videos03:09
mndo you have a DivX player?03:10
frdtI am using mplayer03:10
Guest62123i want know new kernel ?03:10
frdtI can watch videos at, for e.g. stagehd.com03:10
frdtwww.stagehd.com they also host divx videos03:10
frdtbut ninjavideo requires this video helper thingy.. a bit different than a usual divx video03:11
mnfrdt: hmm, I don't know.  I wish I could help, but I'm not into media and stuff.  Mostly dev and apps03:12
mnGuest62123:  what?  you want to know the newest linux kernel?03:13
frdtOh, then perhaps you can advice me on suitable GUI based developing environments for C++, Java, and lisp on Kubuntu.03:13
frdtDo we have eclipse on kubuntu?03:13
Guest62123i want update03:14
mnfrdt:  I use kdevelop03:14
mnyou want to update your kernel?03:14
frdtmn: let me check out03:14
mnGuest62123:  What kernel are you using?03:15
Guest62123i think so!03:15
mnthat's the lasted preview release03:16
mnthe latest stable release is
frdtmn: what? :O Does one kDevelop work for all languages? :O03:18
Guest62123how do check version kernel?03:18
frdtmn: I have just finished downloading latest kdevelop and it looks awesome!03:18
snyhuname -a03:18
mnfrdt: good!03:19
Guest62123i using 2.6.2403:20
mnguest:  well the latest stable is
snyhwhy you want to update kernel ?03:21
Guest62123oh i want studing03:22
Guest62123i'm a student03:22
snyhme too.03:22
Guest62123that right03:23
snyha Chinese?03:23
Guest62123where are you here03:23
Guest62123oh no03:23
snyhI'm from china.03:24
Guest62123i'm vietnamese03:24
Guest62123we are nextdoor03:24
DarkShinigamiWith kopete, I can't seem to receive files sent to me. This is a side issue from Yahoo's error: Error 1: Name Lookup Has Failed03:29
Guest62123commant for update new kernel?03:30
mnguest62123: why do you want to upgrade your kernel?03:30
Guest62123i want my computer run best03:31
mnit wont affect your computer performance enough to justify the trouble.  2.6.24 is the latest there is in the repositories so it would probably be difficult to upgrade.03:33
mnwhat command do I do to find out the wireless card I have?03:38
frdt!info lspci03:40
ubottuPackage lspci does not exist in hardy03:40
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frdtmn: lspci03:41
mnk, thx03:41
snyhlspci |grep 802.1103:43
=== Guest62123 is now known as huu
snyhand  iwconfig(maybe you don't this command in you system) can configure you wireless card03:45
=== sean is now known as Guest98541
huui want migrating from windows to linux. how?03:51
mnhuu: we need more info03:52
matr1xdownload linux, jump right in03:55
huumy company is using system windows, we want migrating from windows to linux03:55
huuall system03:56
matr1xwell you're using linux already it seems03:56
matr1xwell it really depends on what you want to migrate03:56
matr1xdepends on what your business does03:57
matr1xif it has software that runs only in windows, you should look for linux alternatives or if they can run through wine and/or dosemu03:57
matr1xas you are presumably.. german, i do believe there is a fair amount of linux use in that country in that language.  im sure you could find some testimonials online from various companies that have done the switch03:59
draikhuu: I wish my company would do that. Our systems are sluggish and it's all due to memory hog apps being run by our leads.04:01
draikI think there are books on the migration and how to do it.04:01
draikIt's been a while, but I think I saw a book which helped with the migration. It was a bit of a "this app in Linux replaces the use of this win app...."04:02
draikIIRC, it also helped with installation and everyday use.04:02
huuthank you very much!04:03
draikIt's been about 3 years, but I know I saw it years ago.04:03
huuare you used foswall ?04:05
draikFor anyone using Kopete, do you have issues with file transfers?04:05
huui want configura VPN04:05
huubut i can't04:05
huufoswall as same as ISA of windows04:12
mewmewgotta a question04:51
mewmewdoes a person HAVE to install 64version?04:51
mewmewi know my computer could support the 64 version, however from my understanding a lot programs don't branch to 6404:51
Daisuke_Idomewmew: unless you have 4gb or more of ram, you're fine with 32-bit04:57
mewmew4gb ddr304:58
mewmewhowever the reason i would choose to go 32bit is due to program support04:58
mansesI need help configuring my wireless. my laptop is a Toshiba A205-s580405:31
mansesI believe it has a realtek 8187b wireless card.05:33
matr1xits a realtek something or other card05:34
mansesI need help configuring it05:35
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masterflex19999je suis en live je voudrai savoir si je peux intaller firefox en livecd05:42
masterflex19999car je n'arrive pas acceder a hotmail avec konquerro05:42
masterflex19999du moin a lire le courier05:43
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr05:43
masterflex19999can any one tell me if possible to install firefox in livecd05:43
masterflex19999cause with konquerro i can not read my email on hotmail05:44
mr---t-live cd should include ff05:45
=== ariel_ is now known as R-E-Loko
=== R-E-Loko is now known as A-R-I-E-L
masterflex19999no not at all05:45
masterflex19999only konquero05:46
masterflex19999or if possible to read my email cause with konqueror i can not open it05:47
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins05:48
mansesI need help configuring my Realtek 81287b PCI card FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:48
masterflex19999no i have kubuntu 8.04.105:49
masterflex19999is there any geek in theire05:52
masterflex19999or everyone is sleeping05:52
mr---t-manses:  run sudo lshw05:52
masterflex19999yes fool05:53
masterflex19999make yourself use full05:53
mr---t-masterflex19999:  click the link to install FF05:53
masterflex19999am running in a livecd05:54
masterflex19999of kubuntu05:54
mr---t-manses:  google says thats not card05:56
masterflex19999see ya05:58
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surgyI have a blank DVD but no blank cds06:22
surgyand I want a copy of kubuntu06:22
surgyIf i remember right there used to be a dvd version06:22
surgyor would it be ok to burn the cd iso to a dvd?06:23
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs06:23
surgy!dvd install06:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dvd install06:23
surgycan someone help me please?06:27
dwidmannsurgy:  if you're still around, what do you need?06:39
surgywell i think i found a torrent of the file06:39
surgythe latest stable kubuntu dvd is 8.04 right?06:40
dwidmannsurgy, you can burn the CD ISO to a DVD, and current is 8.04.106:40
surgyand it will boot just fine?06:41
dwidmannsurgy: in K3b you'd go to "Tools -> Burn DVD ISO image", select the ISO image (doesn't matter that it's actually CD size), and yeah, burn it and it'll boot right up.06:41
surgyim in win crap xp right now06:41
surgywill i be able to use the other 2.4 gb of space for other things? opr will it automaticly take up the entire disk?06:42
dwidmannsurgy: I think it'll probably take up the whole disk.06:42
surgyahh ok well thatl be fine06:42
dwidmannsurgy: Not that it should matter that much, price-wise you can get DVDs just as cheap as CDs anymore.06:42
surgyalso are there any problems with the amd64 bit version that I should be aware of?06:43
surgycompatibility problems or anything?06:43
surgyi used to use the x86 version but I have an x2+ cpu now06:43
dwidmannsurgy: Well, that might depend on some laptop hardware ... but for the most part on most hardware things are okay.06:43
surgywell desktop, geforce 8800 gt, 2gb ddr800, 2.8ghz athlon x2 5000+, with realtek 8 channel audio06:44
dwidmannsurgy: all of that should work okay06:45
surgycuz i couldnt get my onboard 8channel audio to even work in windows06:45
dwidmannsurgy: the audio can be hit and miss even with very similar chipsets though06:45
surgyim using a crappy 16 bit 1 channel audigy card....06:45
surgythe defualt driver isnt going to cut it for my onboard sound huh?06:46
dwidmannsurgy: it should06:46
dwidmannsurgy: Some people have had trouble, most people seem to be okay.06:47
dwidmannsurgy: oh, and if it doesn't ... keep in mind that 8.10 should come out in about 5 or 6 weeks06:48
surgythats going to have a stable version of kde 4 right?06:49
dwidmannsurgy: Well, same version that's available to users of 8.04 right now06:49
dwidmannsurgy: they've been pretty good about supplying us with packages as things are released06:50
dwidmannsurgy: It'll probably be released with KDE 4.1.206:50
surgymy first dvd burn on a sata dvd +rw06:51
surgyjust started06:51
surgyat 80%06:51
dwidmannsurgy: I've got a SATA Samsung 20x DVD +-rw ... Fast fast fast fast!!06:52
surgyvery fast06:52
dwidmannsurgy: and yet, I've never had a bad burn even once06:52
surgyyeah gonna go load up kubuntu seeya in comp heaven :)06:53
surgythnx for the info btw06:53
dwidmannno prob, later06:53
chairmanwhat is freespire?07:27
igoshi all07:32
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=== mark64_ is now known as mark64
chopenhi...when i use kubuntu live cd everything is ok but when i install it my cpu fans always work at full speed...what is wrong?08:18
bentob0xis there a problem with Konqueror's text search and accents?08:38
bentob0xI'm on 7.10 with KDE 3.5.808:38
bentob0xwhen I search within Konqueror for 'éfinit' it doesn't find anything, 'finit' does08:39
newbdoes anyone have kooldock?08:59
ocshi. do you know when is it planned a new kubuntu release with kde4 ?09:05
ubottuAlpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!09:07
metty_hi all! just installed kubuntu hardy and wanted to update it.. but when i did the "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu hardy main" command i got an error: "bash: deb : command not found ...09:07
jussi01metty_: thats not a command09:08
favrometty_: that line should go in your source list09:08
jussi01you need to add that line to /etc/apt/sources.list09:08
jussi01so kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list09:09
jussi01then add the line09:09
metty_oh, ok thank you :)09:09
jussi01remember to sudo apt-get update09:09
metty_jussi01: so if i want to update, i first write this key in my sources.list and THEN do the apt-get update right?09:12
metty_thx ;)09:12
jussi01metty_: also, kde4 support is in #kubuntu-kde409:12
newbanybody can help me with kooldock?09:17
[pyro]hmm when i add an additional panel, if i try and "configure" that panel, the options only seem to change my origional panel?09:17
newbi can't link a folder on it, it doesnt let me open the link...09:17
ocshi. is there a way to tell (through a script or a command) the last opened window to move to desktop 2 ?09:28
metty_will i have to install a special package for programming in cpp? i already installed then c++ compiler, but if i want to compile my hello world programm with "gcc -o file file.cpp" it says "undefined reference to std::cout etc10:10
callawayanyone know if you can connect kubuntu and vista together? LAN?10:10
callawayI mean is it possible?10:11
ocshi. is there a way to tell (through a script or a command) the last opened window to move to desktop 2 ?10:11
callawaymetty you are missing the header files10:11
callawaylike stdio.h?10:12
metty_in c++ it is iostream10:12
metty_which i already included..10:12
callawayyes iostream10:12
callawaythere are some issues with iostream and stdio10:13
callawayI think instead of gcc you should try cc or c++10:13
callawaylike c++ -o myprog myprog.c10:14
callawayanyways.......... do anyone know if you can connect kubuntu and vista together? LAN?10:14
callawayor peer to peer or any which way?10:15
metty_but in the manual of g++/gcc is listed, that it can compile c++ code10:15
fran_tengo una duda a ver si alguien me echa una mano10:16
fran_hay alguien?10:16
callawaydepends on which ver of gcc.... yeah use g++ instead ...I am so confused10:16
callawayanyways.......... do anyone know if you can connect kubuntu and vista together? LAN?10:16
callawayno one?10:16
callawaywhat ip address and network mask do you have to assign to your network card?10:17
pakuscallaway: Yes It's possible10:18
pakuscallaway: What type of connection?10:19
callawaypakus you did it?10:19
pakuscallaway: But what do you want? transfer files?10:19
callawayshare printer and folder10:19
callawaymaybe internet in the future10:19
pakusto connect a kubuntu to a vista you need to install sambaclient on linux box10:20
callawaylinux can see windows folder but windows cannot see linux folder?10:20
callawayis samba up to date with vista?10:20
callawaydo i need a server? or can you do peer to peer with the 2 machines?10:21
MrKenniecallaway: if you use dolphin you can share folders by right clicking them and selecting properties then click the share tab10:23
callawaywhat kind of hardware do I need? I have functional nic cards on both machines..... do I need a hub/switch and a server or can I just use a cross cable?10:24
MrKennieyou can connect them directly with a crossover cable or you can use a hub or a switch.10:25
metty_isn't nano able to highlight c++ syntax?10:25
MrKennieyou could even get a router, most of them have a built in switch so you can share the internet connection and share files locally etc.10:25
callawayok I have a crossover cable..... that is the same as a networking cable isn't it?10:26
MrKenniecallaway: yes10:26
callawayit is not communicating10:26
MrKenniecallaway: well, you may need to configure your network on each machine first10:26
callawayvista detects a unknown network.... at least it sees the attached workstation10:27
callawaynow how do you setup the kubuntu side?10:27
MrKenniethen you're most of the way there already10:27
callawayifconfig shows that its up10:27
callawayifup and ifdown works10:27
MrKenniego to K -> System -> Dolphin10:28
MrKennieon the left you should see a Network icon10:28
callawayI dont have dolphin10:28
callawayi am using 6.1010:28
MrKennieah I see10:29
MrKenniekonqueror then10:29
callawayhow about system settings?10:29
callawayok konqueror and then?10:30
MrKenniedo you see network folders or similar?10:30
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:30
callawayyeah network folder10:30
MrKenniehey ActionParsnip10:30
MrKenniecallaway: ok, click that10:30
MrKenniecallaway: you should see Samba Shares10:31
callawayyeah i do10:31
MrKenniecallaway: ok, click on that and give a few seconds10:31
MrKenniecallaway: you should see the name of your workgroup popup10:32
callawayUnable to find any workgroups in your local network. This might be caused by an enabled firewall.10:32
MrKenniehm, ok, do you have sharing enabled on the windows machine?10:32
lokaianyone have experience with skype?10:33
MrKenniecallaway: and is it set to allow locally connected machines?10:33
callawayso does this mean they are actually communicating?10:33
ActionParsnipcallaway: are you trying to access a shared folder on a windows system?10:34
metty_isn't Nano able to highlight c++ syntax? if not, which one is it?10:34
ActionParsnipmetty_: i dont think nano does highlighting10:34
callawayum yeah .....well I am just trying to get them to communicate first AcrionParsnip10:34
ActionParsnipcallaway: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smbmount10:35
callawayum yeah .....well I am just trying to get them to communicate first ActionParsnip10:35
ActionParsnipcallaway: if you can ping the server by name it will communicate10:35
MrKennievi/vim, mcedit and various other editors I can't recall the names of10:35
ActionParsnipvi is very strange to me10:36
callawayActionParsnip what am I supposed to ping?10:36
ActionParsnipcallaway: the other systems name10:36
callawayActionParsnip what am I supposed to ping? I havent addressed the ip addresses yet10:36
ActionParsnipcallaway: the windows system has a name, ping in10:37
callawayActionParsnip what is the system name?10:37
ActionParsnipcallaway: run ipconfig /all on the windows pc10:37
ActionParsnipthe hostname is the pcs name10:37
callawayoh crap it does work........!!!!!!!!!! it pinged10:37
ActionParsnipcallaway: then add the line in the link i gave you to /etc/fstab and it'll mount at bootup10:38
ActionParsnipobviously change the server name / share name and mount point to your liking10:38
callawayso in vista I should try pinging the linux machine?10:38
ActionParsnipcallaway: no need10:38
zorglu_q. i would like to get vlc 0.9.2 on 8.04. vlc teams doesnt support 8.04 only 8.10. is there a chance to get it backported to 8.04 ?10:39
MrKennieis it in hardy-backports?10:39
ActionParsnipzorglu_: sudo apt-get install vlc(tab complete)10:39
callawayok letme see that link.... geeeeeezzzz I was already connected10:40
zorglu_ActionParsnip: it provide vlc 0.9.2 ?10:40
callawaynovell days clouds my brain10:40
ActionParsnipzorglu_: no idea, give it a shot10:40
zorglu_ActionParsnip: ok :)10:40
ActionParsnipzorglu_: tab complete the world ;010:42
zorglu_it only provide 0.8.610:43
ActionParsnipzorglu_: you could compile the source10:43
zorglu_ActionParsnip: in theory :)10:43
ActionParsnipzorglu_:  does 0.8.6 not work on your system/10:43
zorglu_ActionParsnip: nope10:44
zorglu_ActionParsnip: it is ok, i will wait 2-4 weeks. maybe somebody will build the package10:44
MrKenniedoesn't look like it's in backports either10:44
ActionParsnipzorglu_: its not hard to copile stuff10:44
zorglu_ActionParsnip: :)))10:44
zorglu_ActionParsnip: i can tell you never tried to compile vlc :)10:44
ActionParsnipzorglu_: im doing it now with emerge in gentoo ;)10:45
WolvenHi, i just have a slight quiery, when i login my pc establishes a connection to an IP i don't recongise or see any need for it to. It's over the www protocol, should i be worried?10:45
zorglu_ActionParsnip: yep this is a possibility10:45
zorglu_ActionParsnip: i could do a VM with gentoo on it, and run vlc in there10:45
ActionParsnipzorglu_: or use another player like mplayer10:45
zorglu_ActionParsnip: on the other hand i would have to learn and maintain a  gentoo just for that10:45
MrKenniezorglu_: apt-get build-dep vlc ? and then go compile! :)10:46
zorglu_MrKennie: same thing that i said to ActionParsnip :)10:46
ActionParsnipWolven: is the ip an internet ip or a local ip?10:46
zorglu_ok i will wait a month and ask again. thanks :)10:46
ActionParsnipWolven: what setup do you have in the way of networking?10:46
zorglu_on #ubuntu-fr they banned me :)10:46
ActionParsnipzorglu_: id use mplay or totem til then10:47
zorglu_ActionParsnip: mplayer doesnt fit my need. aka converting live stream to http/flv10:47
zorglu_btw you should watch #ubuntu-fr they give ubuntu bad press10:47
MrKenniezorglu_: what about ffmpeg?10:47
WolvenIts an internet IP ( its ) i have a DSL connection via a router.10:48
callawayActionParsnip how come the windows cannot ping the linux machine while linux can ping the windows machine?10:48
zorglu_MrKennie: i think it could do it. but i dunno how to make it10:48
zorglu_MrKennie: ffmpeg doc is sparse to say the least10:48
ActionParsnipcallaway: windows is weird10:48
ActionParsnipcallaway: maybe your firewall is blocking the local traffic10:48
callawayActionParsnip ah yeah that could be it10:48
MrKenniezorglu_: I used it in the past to convert stuff for playback on my psp and I've experimented with flv stuff too.10:49
MrKenniezorglu_: there is a nice guide on it somewhere, one sec10:49
metty_actually, it IS possible to highlight syntax with nano, just configure the nanorc file..10:49
callawayActionParsnip ok samba allows printers on both machines to be shared by eachother?10:49
ActionParsnipcallaway: indeed10:49
zorglu_MrKennie: if you get something to remove my dependancy to vlc, i will be gratefull :)10:49
zorglu_a LOT10:49
callawaywow cool10:50
ActionParsnipcallaway: id just edit /etc/samba/smb.conf. its not hard at all10:50
callawayActionParsnip MrKennie Thanks!!!!!!10:50
MrKenniezorglu_: there's loads of guides on it, I can't find the one I used but you'll soon pick it up10:51
MrKenniegoogle for ffmpeg flv :)10:52
zorglu_MrKennie: ok too bad. i try to remove this vlc dependancy for more than a year now10:52
WolvenI've run RKHunter and everything is normal, i cant find out much useful information if i do a Whois on the IP.... I'm just wondering why it's started all of a sudden..10:52
zorglu_MrKennie: ActionParsnip: thanks for your help10:52
MrKenniezorglu_: only downside is trying to get the right codec support installed but once you got that figured out it works very well.10:52
MrKenniezorglu_: np10:53
zorglu_MrKennie: vlc is the weak link behind my http://player.urfastr.tv/live :)10:53
MrKennieWolven: what is the problem again?10:53
zorglu_ok see ya :) good to see ubuntu people10:54
MrKennieah nice10:54
WolvenWhen i login to my system it connects briefly to an IP i don't rcognise/see any reason for it to, i'm just wondering if i should be worried..10:54
MrKennieWolven: have you done a whois on the ip?10:55
WolvenYea, it doesnt seem to give me anything useful (It's
=== tictric_ is now known as tictric
amerigothere'is no boot?10:57
MrKennieWolven: looks like a hosting provider10:57
Wolven*nods* Thats, whats got me worried.... If i can't see any sercives that would need to connect to it then what the heck is my pc doing..10:58
MrKennieWolven: hm, well it shouldn't connect to anything when you login except if you use something like Kerberos or whatever.10:59
MrKennieWolven: checked ps aux?10:59
WolvenErr.... Any advice on what to look for?11:00
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)11:01
MrKennieWolven: paste it there11:01
MrKennieWolven: you might need to maximise the window to get all of it11:01
MrKennieWolven: do you have any apps startup automatically like amarok etc?11:04
WolvenUh... well Amarok is the only app i leave running when i shut down. Does Compiz-Fusion count?11:05
MrKennieWolven: looks like it's the lyrc script11:06
MrKennieWolven: which is harmless11:06
WolvenAh, ok....I understand....Thanks the help none the less.11:07
MrKennieWolven: panic over :)11:07
WolvenYup, thanks Guys/Girls, laters all....11:09
mohihow can I know the path of my cdrom in /dev/ ?11:30
marcos_i dunno, im new here, i just wanted to look into the channel :[ lol11:31
EagleSnls /dev | grep cd11:31
EagleSnmy is scd011:31
EagleSnthere are also cdrom and cdrw11:32
EagleSnall these are links to scd011:32
mohiah! thanks EagleSn :)11:32
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=== EagleSn is now known as EagleScreen
EagleScreen /msg NickServ identify 71542712:02
emilsedghEagleScreen: change your password12:03
EagleScreenwhy didnt work?12:03
=== EagleScreen is now known as EagleSn
emilsedghEagleSn: you added a space as the first character i think12:06
=== EagleSn is now known as EagleScreen
jussi01EagleScreen: best to do that in the staus window always...12:08
=== sam__ is now known as golchi
EagleScreenhow can I change my password now?12:11
azizhi, my friend lives in Turkey, and his provider apparently uses NAT. I'd like to connect to his server, for example SSH or VNC, but obviously it doesn't work :/12:19
azizis there some way to solve this problem?12:19
jussi01aziz: get him to log into his router and open the correct ports12:21
jussi01aziz: this site can be very helpful: http://portforward.com/12:22
azizjussi01: he doesn't have a router. it's his provider which is in control of this I suppose.12:23
jussi01aziz: hrm, really? or does he have an adsl modem? they often have it in them12:24
azizyea he mentioned an adsl modem12:24
jussi01aziz: likely its in the settings of that.12:24
azizah yes, that might be the case12:25
azizthanks for the tip, gonna guide him on this12:25
etfbVery odd VPN problem: I can connect to my work (Windows) network using a windows PC at home, and _using a Windows virtual machine on my Kubuntu laptop_, but not using the laptop directly.  Anyone know how to set up a VPN in Kubuntu to work _exactly_ like the default in Windows?12:29
etfbAt least I know the hardware and network are 100% ok, so it's Kubuntu's software that I need to sort out.12:30
etfbAny clues?12:30
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tom_how do you connect to a network without using knetworkmanager12:37
EagleScreentom_ using /etc/network/interfaces12:40
tom_is it possible to use nm-tool or something it apears to me that the rest of the NetworkManager stuff is working just not the kde tool to connect12:41
EagleScreenyes, it is possible12:41
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_Angelus_i have a bootable iso9660 image , but i want to add files to it12:51
_Angelus_if i mount the image to a folder, and burn the files in that folder and my file there, would it still be bootable?12:51
darkwizzard_There was a recent update for gtk-qt-engine13:02
darkwizzard_and now it's broken13:02
darkwizzard_gtk apps aren't themed13:03
tom__Angelus_: i dont think so i think a bootable cd needs a flag set to make it bootable that ant be done by just writing data files13:03
=== atcc is now known as eyzee
eyzeehi guys..13:08
eyzeei have a problem..13:08
eyzeei can;'t install my sonny erickson pc suite to ubuntu13:09
eyzeeits a downloaded file fron the internet13:10
tomatehey everyone13:10
tomateanyone here speaks in spanish?13:10
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.13:11
eyzeex3cion: what da yah mean?13:11
tomategracias ubottu13:11
x3cionhyper, hyper13:11
junglemanplz, help me! i've just installed kubuntu 8.04 with kde4. Now, i can't do really basic things, like adding to the panel an application which is not in the launcher list, adding to the desktop an image icon which launchs an application. I only need to know if it's my fault or this kde release still lacks basic things (in which case, i'll downgrage it to 3.5)13:11
x3cionto the suite13:11
eyzeex3cion: nope13:11
x3cionJava App?13:12
eyzeex3cion: do you if i use the free cd i had, it;'ll work with ubuntu?13:12
eyzeex3cion: not java13:13
x3cionNo, I never had a Ericsson13:13
eyzeex3cion: but you have a celfon13:13
eyzeex3cion: like when you buy one, you a free cd for your pc13:13
x3cionWell it depends on the app you try to install13:13
eyzeex3cion: its an .exe file13:14
x3cionuse wine13:14
eyzeex3cion: i use wine in it to open the file13:14
=== root is now known as Guest68819
eyzeex3cion: but it said that sony erickson does not support ubuntu os13:15
eyzeex3cion: what is the brand of your phone you use?13:16
x3cionI dont have an ericsson ...13:16
eyzeex3cion: have you tried installing a pc suite in you pc with ubuntu os?13:17
TiredWolfeyzee: most likely, trying to use the PC Suite in Ubuntu would be futile. use multisync instead. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/SonyEricsson13:19
eyzeex3cion: can it read any cellphone brands?13:19
x3cionbetter ask TiredWolf lol13:21
eyzeetiredwolf: can it read my erickson cellphone?13:21
TiredWolfeyzee, it does say "Sony Ericsson", doesn't it?13:21
eyzeetiredwolf: yup13:21
TiredWolfeyzee: then i would assume so13:21
eyzeetiredwolf: sorry 'bout the spelling..lol13:22
santiago-veeyzee: probably you can mount your phone as a storage drive13:23
santiago-veit should have the option for that13:23
santiago-veand if you want to sync your phone's contacts and so on... try the OpenSync framework (or funanbol if you have a smartphone)13:24
eyzeesantiago-ve: tried it already...no good13:25
eyzeesantiago-ve: i n\have to use my phone as a modem.13:26
santiago-veeyzee: use gnome gnome-ppp or kppp then13:27
santiago-veor wvmdial13:28
santiago-veconect it with the usb cable13:28
santiago-veyour phone should have its device in /dev/ttyACM013:28
zomakI'm using kubuntus latest stable version with KDE4.1 with it. the problem is xv is not working correctly with my radeon mobility 9600 driver. All i get is blue screen in video13:29
zomakAny idea how to solve it ?13:30
eyzeesantiago-ve: thanks i'll try it...13:33
sbucathi anyone can make a package for this http://www.cli-apps.org/content/show.php?content=8925913:41
sbucatit's a video analyzer13:41
=== ocs is now known as jungleman
aotianlongwhat hapend?13:52
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit13:52
ActionParsnipyo yo yo13:53
aotianlongi c13:53
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etfbDoes anyone have any experience getting VPNs to work, connecting to a Windows network?14:09
ActionParsnip!vpn | etfb14:13
ubottuetfb: From more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD14:13
etfbActionParsnip: Thanks, but that looks like it's been vandalised.  Or is a list of context-free dot points with no explanation and not even an expansion of the acronyms really the best I can hope for?14:16
ActionParsnipetfb: theres the forums.... in what context do you mean vpn?14:17
ActionParsnipetfb: connecting to one, or running a vpn server?14:17
etfbActionParsnip: Connecting to a Windows network.  That is, I have a Linux laptop at home and a Windows network at work, and I want to be able to use the laptop to work from home.14:18
etfbActionParsnip: Works OK on the Windows machine at home, and in the Windows VMWare virtual machine running on the laptop, so the hardware and network are fine.14:19
ActionParsnipetfb: so you want to vpn in to work14:19
ActionParsnipfrom home14:19
etfbActionParsnip: Yep.  Got any links to tutorials, trouble-shooting guides, etc?  I can't find anything, after weeks of googling.14:19
etfbActionParsnip: Used to be fine in Kubuntu Gutsy, but no luck since I upgraded to Hardy.14:20
etfbActionParsnip: Ah! Information at last!  Thank you!14:22
LeeJunFanetfb: I've never done it to windows but I remember there being a kvpn or some such tool.14:22
etfbLeeJunFan: Yes, there's kvpnc, but I couldn't get it to behave, and there was some talk on forums and mailing lists about it being untrustworthy.14:23
etfbLeeJunFan: The other method involves installing the Gnome version of networkmanager because of a long-standing bug in the KDE version that prevents you configuring new VPN connections.14:23
etfbI sometimes feel like I should ask KDE14:24
etfbI sometimes feel like I should ask KDE's maintainers what software they personally use every day, and never try to use anything else, because it won't be supported...14:24
artur_i search people, who come from japan14:25
etfbartur_: The English idiom in this context is "I am searching for people...".  If you say "I search people", it's like saying "I examine people", the way a doctor does, although it's very odd.  So: why are you searching for Japanese people in an English-language channel devoted to a version of Linux?14:29
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=== thuanlove_ is now known as thuanlove
thuanlovegood evening evrybody14:50
thuanlovenice to meet u14:50
* genii sips his coffee and waits for the support questions14:51
mrunagican anyone help me figure out why my sd card wont automount?14:51
sandandyhave a Q.. how do I get a window game to work on ubuntu?15:00
sandandyhow do i use wine?15:00
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.15:01
arpanHello friends15:09
arpanI've got a problem with dolphin, I installed kubuntu intrepid alpha 5 few days back. Now dolphin does not mount any of the partitions when clicked on the icon in places bar15:10
arpanIt was working with live cd but doesn't work after installation to HD. any work around?15:11
Bikerbobanyone this morning (here) feel like helping me get an Xorg config going so I can get a desktop up and running?15:19
ghostcubeBikerbob: card ?15:20
ghostcubeand what u wanna do15:20
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BikerbobOLD ATI very old Mach64 and I just want to get it to boot to X.. startx errors out.. no screen with a valid configuration15:21
Bikerbobfailsafe does not work either15:22
Bikerbobtrying to reconfig with the dpkxorg thingy.. (sorry) just gives me a black screen as its asking me for the pci address of the card.. and I cant figure that out from the output of lspci15:23
BikerbobALL I want is to get it up! 800 x 600 is fine.. in vesa is fine.. just a desktop! lol15:24
ghostcubeBikerbob: hmm can u post xorg.conf to nopaste.info15:24
ghostcubeand xorg.0.log its in var/log15:25
Bikerbobmaybe.. but it would take a while, I have to reboot into it.. save those to the none linux partitions.. reboot back to a working OS and then get back on here and post them up15:26
Bikerbobsince I have no gui in linux15:27
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frybyeHi I just inserted a 1GB usb pen drive and KDE1 (Dolphin) is telling me I have to mount it as root... sbdy please tell me how to do this - eh - when I plug in a usb drive I need to access it - not play around with it - but there you are... ;(15:33
=== The_Compiler is now known as The-Compiler
* rocknlnx would anyone be seriously interseted working on a couple of upstart websites pm me if you are15:38
frybyeI read in man mount that I need to use command    mount -t type device dir - but I dont know what type and dir should be .. i take it the /dev/sdb1 that sudo fdisk -l gave me is the right device but???15:41
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noaXesshi all15:44
noaXessi have a new mp3 player.. cross x-touch www.cross-ce-com15:44
noaXessproblem is here.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/47155/15:45
killaccan i use unetbootin with a win xp cd iso to create a functional bootable usb?15:46
frybyeits a bit dissapointing to see 40+ users here and no response on how to manually mount a usb drive.. googling produces complex stuff about complex special cases not the basics ...15:47
killactrue for creating a bootable usb win xp iso as well15:47
killacsorry for the windows questions, but i think ubuntu has wreaked havoc on my cdrom15:48
killacneed to reinstall xp ;(15:48
=== mike is now known as MoLootr
cvwis there a Kubuntu application that assists with the setup and configuration of multiple monitors?15:56
frybyeHi again - I just trued   sudo mount -t dos /dev/sdb1 /media/disk - but it says mount: unknown filesystem type 'dos' shoud it be ntfs ??15:56
reagleBRKLNsince this morning my gtk apps don't share my kde colors anymore.15:56
ghostcube-t usbfs15:56
frybyereagleBRKLN: everybody is   asking - like me too - but NO replys so far.. ;(15:57
frybyethanks ghostcube15:57
Bikerbobghostcube: if I get that output.. you still going to be around?15:57
ghostcubekubuntu isnt the fast responding chan15:57
ghostcubeBikerbob: should if not iam later on again15:57
Bikerbobso those two items will help us pin point whats going wrong with the startup of X eh?15:59
reagleBRKLNfrybye: perhaps it has to do with the package gtk-qt-engine now being used for kde4, perhaps it used to exist for the 3.5.9 users?15:59
frybyereagleBRKLN: i am clueless - pretty much a noob... sorry no idea...16:00
noaXessfrybye: vfat16:00
noaXessanyone anidea about my mp3 player, http://paste.ubuntu.com/47155/16:01
noaXessi can't connect it16:01
frybyesomething went pretty wron withwhat I did just now.. hmmm16:01
frybyethanks noaXess16:01
noaXessfrybye: is it empty?16:01
noaXessdo you see the device name? /dev/sd??16:02
frybyeno it is not...!!!16:02
frybyeyes sdb116:02
noaXesssudo fdisk /dev/sdb and then p16:02
noaXesswhat partition types are there?16:02
frybyeso I need sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /media/disk   or???16:03
noaXessfrybye: normaly vfat.. and it shoudl autorecognize it..16:04
frybyeok - try...16:04
frybyenoaXess: it says wron fs type, bad option, bad superblock on etc etc...16:06
noaXessfrybye: if you fdsik it or what?16:06
frybyeI hve only done sudo fdisk -l on it...16:07
frybyedmesg | tail says that - appart from other stuff.. cant find a valid fat filesystem on...16:08
frybyeI will run gparted ans see what is on there ok???16:08
frybyeit finds a ntfs disk with 976mib on it..16:10
frybyewith a closed lock icon!???16:10
noaXessfrybye: does your usb has any lock function?16:11
frybyeno not that I know but gparted says it is mounted on /media/disk... hmm should be accessable or...?16:11
frybyeok for some reason it is working now - i am happy - let others figure out why it happened.. bye now and thanks a million... -smile-16:12
noaXesswhat kernel option or other apps need an mp3 player..16:18
noaXessi can't connect my new one..16:18
EagleScreennoaXess what kind of MP3 player do u have16:19
noaXesscross x-touch from http://www.cross-ce.com/16:19
noaXessit should be recognized as a normal usb storage16:20
=== llama__ is now known as pgib
noaXessEagleScreen: any idea?16:22
EagleScreen[sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk16:22
noaXessEagleScreen: but i see no device.. also no /dev/sdb16:22
noaXessEagleScreen: have more: scsi_id[31416]: scsi_id: unable to access '/block/sdb'16:23
EagleScreenplease paste full dmesg output16:24
EagleScreenusa dmesg command in place of dmesg | tail16:25
noaXessEagleScreen: all of dmesg?16:27
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pteague_workhow do i remove the google search or at least make it smaller in konqueror?16:30
noaXessEagleScreen: any idea?16:36
EagleScreenhi, i was away a momment16:37
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jofko* hi16:39
jofkoou wrong channel, bye16:40
EagleScreenwhen and where did u obtain error: scsi_id[31416]: scsi_id: unable to access '/block/sdb'16:40
noaXessEagleScreen: in /var/log/syslog and at the end16:42
EagleScreencan u see the icon of the player in file manager?16:42
noaXessEagleScreen: there is nothing, cause it can't be mounted16:46
EagleScreenyou have a problem if you haven't  /dev/sdb or /dev/sdb116:46
noaXesslsusb shows it a second and then it's gone16:46
noaXesso really16:46
EagleScreencheck the output of "ls /dev | grep sd"16:47
noaXessEagleScreen: nothing..16:48
noaXesstrust me i know what i do.. and it can't be connected.. usb 5-2: USB disconnect, address 2416:49
EagleScreenyour hard disk are /dev/hdax inst?16:49
noaXessno sdb's16:49
EagleScreenwhen you see usb 5-2: USB disconnect, address 22, did you unplugged the MP3 player?16:51
noaXessEagleScreen: no.. it is pluged in.. just tried it on other system, same system and kernel.. same problem16:52
noaXessEagleScreen: i found this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/23207016:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 232070 in linux "Rockchip ROCK MP3" device (071b:3203)" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:52
noaXesscaus in lsusb i see the device id same as in above bug16:53
EagleScreenmmmm one momment16:53
EagleScreennoaXess did you test with Ubuntu (not Kubuntu) or other?16:56
EagleScreennoaXess you also should test with kernel 2.6.27, it is on Intrepid, and if it works, you should mention it on Launchpad16:58
noaXessEagleScreen: but 2.6.27 isn't available for hardy right?16:59
EagleScreennoaXess i am going to check it17:01
noaXessEagleScreen: i don't see it in adept_manager17:02
EagleScreenofcourse, you had to use Intrepid repository17:02
EagleScreeni am going to check if you could install it over hardy17:03
EagleScreenyes, it seems you can install it without problems, but do not remove your current kernel17:04
noaXessEagleScreen: wow.. hm..17:04
noaXessEagleScreen: and where are the repos for intrepid?17:04
noaXessor your information about it?17:04
EagleScreenhttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid main restricted universe multiverse17:05
noaXessbe away for a while.. can you post it private?17:05
noaXessEagleScreen: aha thanks..17:05
EagleScreeninstall the "linux" metapackage17:05
[pyro]so you can install kernel from intrepid in hardy? hmm i wonder if that will fix my wireless problem.17:06
EagleScreenit is possible17:07
EagleScreenyou can try it17:07
[pyro]yeah ill just be sure to keep the current kernel17:07
[pyro]i think ill just grab the deb's and install them by hand17:08
EagleScreenan ubuntu kernel is equipped with multiple .deb packages17:08
EagleScreenthe easiest way is to add intrepid repository, install "linux" metapackage without upgrading anything more, disble intrepid repository and done17:09
[pyro]yep cool17:10
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vbgunzdamn I'd like the new vlc 9.2 but don't want to build it...17:24
vikkui wanted to know what is the speed b/w my computer and Modem/router i have .....and the speed b/w modem router to my ISP .....how can i determine it ?17:25
sodedHi guys, i'm quite new to ubuntu (first time i install Linux) and I need some help.. anyone out there wanna give me a hand?17:41
Frekujust ask  and wait17:42
sodedwell the thing is that i need to connect to the school computers using scp or sftp but i don't know how on Ubuntu.17:42
sodedNeed to copy some files from my catalog in school to my homecomputer but don't know what program to use to connect / copy the files. So if any1 can help me It would be very appreciated17:45
Frekui dont know about scp sftp17:45
Frekubut you try google17:46
Frekusearch on " ubuntu scp"17:46
sodedok thx for the tip17:46
Frekuidd  i found a tutorial about that17:47
Frekuso easy to find17:47
sodeddarn i'm stuck at this point:17:59
=== abjdshfsd is now known as nixbox
soded3. 17:59
sodedHow do I SSH into a remote Ubuntu machine?17:59
soded[Note] 17:59
sodedAssuming that the remote Ubuntu machine has installed SSH Server service. Read How do I install an SSH Server?. Remote Ubuntu machine IP address:
soded   1.17:59
soded      ssh username@
TiredWolfsoded: sudo apt-get install openssh-server18:00
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Tm_Tsoded: you are doing what exactly?18:00
sodedi'm trying to connect to my school computer to download a file from there to my computer18:00
sodedusing scp18:00
Tm_Tis there ssh server?18:00
Tm_Tscp user@remotehost/path/to/file /local/path/18:01
sodedtirewolf: i did install openssh-server18:01
sodedps: i'm totally new to linux / ubuntu so i've got no clue what i'm doing.18:02
TiredWolfthen i don't know why you pasted all that stuff18:02
sodedgoogled a guide on scp18:02
sodedbut that didn't help me so much.18:02
ubottuSCP is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/18:02
sodedanyways they say that i should connect by typinh login-X.student.lth.se (where X stands between number 1-16)18:03
sodedthereafter type in my username / password18:03
Tm_Tsoded: you can provide username while connecting, IIRC18:04
sodedbut how to connect to "login-X.student.lth.se" ?18:04
Tm_Tsoded: as given instructions18:05
Tm_Tscp user@remotehost/path/to/file /local/path/18:05
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Tm_Twhere remotehost is login-X.student.lth.se18:05
sodedok i'll give it a try18:05
soded"cp: cannot stat `dt08sa6@login-3.student.lth.se': No such file or directory"18:08
sodedis there a way to connect to the computer and check the path on which ur standard directory lies? (I've got a a catalog there and i'm not sure the whole path to my catalog)18:11
sodedok i'm in18:13
sodednow let me find a way to copy the file i want.18:13
sodedscp dt08sa6@login-3.student.lth.se\rapportmall.tex ~18:15
sodedInvalid command.18:15
sodedi'm connected to the computer, how do i copy the file i want to my computer?18:15
sodedrsync -v -u -a --delete --rsh=ssh --stats username@ .18:17
sodedsomething i found in the guide18:17
kudarif someone can get the intel4965 to not be slow in linux i'll give you 50 bucks18:21
Black_Monkeyhey, can I install 8.04 on a windows machine using daemon tools? save me a cd18:39
Black_Monkeydvd, rather18:39
MitsuoDeshoDesho"The following packages have been kept back:" how do i install those?18:40
LeeJunFanis there any other way to get amarok to use all my speakers (5.1) other than to use "duplicate front" in the mixer. As it is all mp3's are only stereo and only my front speakers get used.18:40
LeeJunFanI've tried setting amarok/xine to 2.0 stereo but it still just uses the front speakers.18:41
stahlmanzhey shney18:42
ciscoilu bro18:43
stahlmanz LEGENDARY18:43
ciscowhat is legendary?18:43
stahlmanz luls18:44
ciscoyou here dylan?18:44
ciscofuck yes18:44
stahlmanzo u guys18:45
stahlmanz don u need help?18:45
ciscodo you wanna fuck18:45
ciscoi do i do18:45
ciscome me18:45
stahlmanz DON18:45
cisco_im good18:45
stahlmanz DON NEEDS HELP18:45
stahlmanz WITH KUBUNTU18:45
DonneedshelpI think I'm stuck somewhere between Ubuntu and Kubuntu18:45
ciscowatup don18:45
stahlmanz what are u stuck with lil don18:45
goldmetalhttp://rafb.net/p/eCYeJe57.html   < how to change routing table order?18:45
ciscoyou wont find anything here bro18:46
stahlmanzhey goldmetal one at a time18:46
stahlmanz DON WHAT DO U NEEDS18:46
ciscome and stahl are pro18:46
stahlmanz master pros luls18:46
ciscoit is quite simple actually18:46
DonneedshelpI got the Kubuntu login manager(think thats its name) But all my menus are Ubuntustyle18:46
ciscoOH SHI----18:46
ciscowhat you have to do18:46
DonneedshelpI downloaded the Kde-desktop in Ubuntu and got that18:46
goldmetalstahlmanz, add then remove? via the route command?18:46
DragonathDonneedshelp: you have to change it in X configuration, it's easier just to install kubuntu than install ubuntu and then kde18:47
JampiterHow do I change the login manager from kdm to gdm without dpkg-reconfigure gdm? If I try that, it says action "reload" failed and still uses KDM. any help?18:48
Dragonathgoldmetal: this is a router's routing table?18:48
DonneedshelpI didn't really know what I was doing...18:48
goldmetalDragonath, it's linux's 'route -v' command18:48
DonneedshelpWhere do I find X configuration?18:49
DragonathDonneedshelp: look for the xorg.conf file18:51
JampiterHow do I change the login manager from kdm to gdm without dpkg-reconfigure gdm? If I try that, it says action "reload" failed and still uses KDM. any help? Anyone? Please help me! :)18:51
DragonathJampiter: same for you, I'm pretty sure you have to change it in the xorg.conf file18:51
Dragonathhowever I wouldn't mess around with it unless I knew really well what I was doing :)18:51
JampiterOk, thanks18:52
bobbo85Is there a way to bind a keyboard shortcut to "delete the song currently playing, and skip to the next song" in any of the players?  (Amarok, etc)18:52
JampiterYeah, that's how I scewed up my old install18:52
geniiJampiter: You use dpkg-reconfigure <the one you're currently using>       and then choose the one you want to be using18:52
* Jampiter tries that18:52
JampiterGreat! That's gone through. Now to log out :D18:53
sobczykJampiter: /etc/X11/default-display-manager18:53
JampiterI'll try that if it hasn't worked :)18:53
JampiterThanks for your help guys!18:54
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JampiterOh no! It's still using kdm!18:55
JampiterWhat was that thing again? :)18:56
sobczyk /etc/X11/default-display-manager18:57
JampiterOk, thanks :)18:57
sobczykbut check where you have gdm before18:57
sobczyknot to end up whout a login manager18:57
JampiterDo I just put in the gdm directory?18:57
sobczykis the gdm executable18:58
bobbo85Amarok keeps telling me it "Cannot talk to klauncher" - what can I do to make it talk?!18:58
JampiterOk, what file format is that?18:58
sobczykis should be in /usr/bin18:58
sobczyk /usr/bin/gdm probably18:58
JampiterThere's a load of different GDM binaries18:59
JampiterWhich one do I choose?19:00
sobczykgdm should do19:00
JampiterThere's no gdm one19:01
sobczykwhereis gdm19:01
JampiterThere's a load of ones starting with gdm though19:01
sobczykin the console19:01
JampiterHow do I find that out?19:01
sobczyktype "whereis gdm"19:01
sobczykor "whereis -b gdm" for binaries only19:02
Jampiter/usr/sbin/gdm is that it?19:02
JampiterFound it!19:03
JampiterNow how do I set that up with X?19:03
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sobczykjust write the path to binary to the file /etc/X11/default-display-manager19:04
Guest83619Im from BRazil19:04
Guest83619See my web site19:04
JampiterHm... it alrealdy has /usr/sbin/gdm there o_O19:05
pumpkini need some help on kubuntu getting it to recognize a D-Link Wireless card19:05
=== tobi_ is now known as jimmie_bO
pumpkincan anyone point me in the right direction?19:06
JampiterAh well, I'll just leave it with KDM for now19:06
JampiterCan I get the Human greeter theme for KDM?19:06
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sobczykare you sure it was kdm?19:07
jimmie_bOpumpkin, are you sure that one works without m$? :/19:07
JampiterYeah, had the Kubuntu theme19:07
sobczykyou can launch gnome from kdm and kde from gdm19:07
noaXessdoes anybody know, why my mp3 player can't be connected.. i get a syslog entry: scsi_id: unable to access '/block/sdb'19:07
noaXessand the device will be disconnected.19:07
pumpkinactually we just got it to work19:07
sobczykand the splash screen is independent also19:08
pumpkinproblems are always fixed by asking19:08
pumpkinthanks for willing to help19:08
Guest83619POR AI19:08
JampiterI mean it had the login window with kubuntu at the top and the blue background19:08
JampiterNevermind. I'll live with it :p19:10
sobczykJampiter: check out system settings19:10
JampiterI tried that19:10
JampiterNo theme mentioned19:10
sobczykthen system services19:10
sobczykthere should be gdm and kdm19:11
JampiterHow do I open that?19:11
sobczykyou are in kde?19:11
MoRpHeUzhey, does icecc work correctly under kubuntu ? I mean, while using it the machines with kubuntu just start receiving "time out" from the scheduler and then disconnetcs...19:12
sobczykuhh go to /etc/rc2.d19:12
MoRpHeUzand if you try to run using /etc/init.d/icecc start, it doesnt create the log file19:13
sobczykthere is a lot of files with K ans S prefixes; K- don't run, S - run19:13
sobczykrc2.d is for graphical mode in ubuntu19:13
sobczykchange K<number>gdm to S<number>gdm19:14
sobczykand the opposite with kdm19:14
sobczykthe number is the order the system launches the programs, though don't change it19:15
JampiterHmm... both kdm and gdm are S19:17
Jampiterbut kdm launces first19:17
JampiterSo I set kdm to K?19:17
JampiterOk, done that19:17
brothhello i'd like to get ride of konqueror, using dolphin, how do i do that without ruining the kubuntu distro?19:17
JampiterBrb while I try it :D19:17
bobbo85Any time I make a system change, I get stuck with an endless "updating system configuration" that keeps looping to 100% over and over.  How can I fix this?19:18
Lanoxxcan anyone tell me with what parameters i should boot the kubuntu kernel? i choose to install kubuntu without grub19:18
Lanoxxsince i already have a boot loader installed that i didnt want to break19:19
brothhow do i get rid of konqueror?19:20
Lanoxxbroth:  you dont19:20
sobczykbroth: try "sudo apt-get -s remove konqueror" to check what will be removed19:21
JampiterOk, that worked, but gdm's screen resolution was wrong19:21
brothsobczyk: yes but the thing is that konqueror by default makes run a lot of apps19:21
sobczykJampiter: I think it chooses the biggest from xorg.conf19:21
JampiterIs there a way to fix that without touching Xorg.conf? (That's how I broke my old install..)19:21
brothsobczyk: for example i have kooldock installed and it wont let me open the "home" link without konqueror... can u help?19:22
sobczyktheres no setting for default filebrowser in kooldock?19:22
brothsobczyk: i mean i already removed it with that command but i had to re-install it cuz stuff like kooldock wasnt working19:23
brothsobczyk: apparently it seems there is19:23
JampiterMeh, I'll live with kdm19:23
brothsobczyk: i also went on system setting > fill association to put dolphin as a default file manager for everything, but nothing changed19:24
brothim getting crazy with that...19:24
JampiterI'll live with KDM. Thanks anyway!19:25
sobczykJampiter: kdmtheme - theme manager for KDM19:25
sobczykit'll integrate with kcontrol19:26
JampiterWhoops, repeated myself :p19:26
Jampiteris that installed by default?19:26
sobczykI had to install it19:26
JampiterOk, I'll look for that19:27
sobczykbroth: http://sathyasays.com/2007/06/18/making-dolphin-the-default-file-manager/19:27
sodedfast question: I'm currently working on a latex report and when i type "latex rapportmall.tex" i get the following question:19:29
soded! Font T1/cmr/m/n/10=ecrm1000 at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not fou19:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:29
soded<to be read again>19:29
soded                   relax19:29
sodedl.100 \fontencoding\encodingdefault\selectfont19:29
soded                                              19:29
sodedanyone know what i should write there?19:29
bobbo85Is there any way to make amarok go faster without doing all the work changing over to the full sql server thing?19:29
sobczykisnt there a tex/latex channel?19:30
sodedno idea actually... i'm new here19:30
Lanoxxsoded: try #tex or #latex maybe19:31
sodedguess there is.19:31
sodedye thx.19:31
Lanoxxsoded: there is ususally a channel for everything19:31
brothsobczyk: thank you now the only prob is when opening a folder link with "kooldock" it won't let me open it because konqueror is not there anymore, that's what it says "KDEInit could not launch '/media/sdb1/archeological remains'." how do i make kooldock open it through dolphin?? (if this is the prob)19:40
numberiiptables, ufw turned off, but azures, utorrent says that ports are closed19:40
jussi01numberi: how about your router, behind a nat?19:40
numberiit's working because in windows all works19:41
jussi01numberi: also, tried ktorrent? excellent torrent client....19:42
numberiyes, i use it19:42
numberikubuntu 8.04 kde 4.1.119:43
FuriousGeorgehey all19:46
FuriousGeorgei want to install kubuntu on a raid array, but im having trouble putting the alternate cd on a pendrive19:46
FuriousGeorgewould i be able to use any linux distro to setup the raid array, then load a module or something so that the regular installer understands it?19:47
FuriousGeorgei had set up an array using LVM, but the kubuntu installer only say sda and sdb19:48
ghostcubenumberi: sure u get the same ip o linux as on windows or is this staticand not dhcp19:48
numberiit's dahcp19:49
talavisanyone succeded in setting up a dev environment with the packages for kde 4.1.1?19:51
talavismy cmake just keeps on saying it cant find kde4-config19:51
KRFtalavis, its build when you compile KDE/kdelibs19:54
numberiiptables, ufw turned off, but azures, utorrent says that ports are closed19:56
numberikubuntu 8.04 kde 4.1.119:56
talavisKRF: i installed the packages for 4.1.1, I have a separate account with trunk that works fine, but I wanted to test developing with my usual account instead19:58
talavisyou don't know anything about how to set it up for those?19:58
hurtlooks like your router is not set up properly19:59
numberihow can i make static ip? not dhcp20:00
hurtjust set up an IP adress on your client.20:00
lizzieWhen I alt-tab, kde cycles through the windows in a constant order.  How can I make it cycle through windows in order by how recently they were used, so I can use it to switch back and forth between two windows easily?20:00
hurtthe easy way, numberi?20:03
hurthmm good question...20:05
zaycouldn't find a gif slide show editor for simple task. any suggestions?20:05
hurtright click on the network button in your system tray20:05
hurt"Manual Configuration"20:06
hurt"Configure Interfaces"20:06
hurtthere you are... but you should also set up your routers IP adress as default gateway.20:07
numberibut when i press manual it ask passwoed and nothing apears20:10
hurtyeah there you should enter your password ;)20:10
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numberii enter and nothing20:11
keldronahello... I got a problem with Firefox. Sometimes when I open it, it can't open and says: Another firefox is running, please restart your sistem. So I press Ctrl+Esc, and I kill firefox, and then, sometimes this trick works, sometimes no. I use Kubuntu20:13
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JampiterHow do I change the login manager from outside Kubuntu? I kind of broke it20:18
JampiterIt now shows a black screen20:18
JampiterI'm using a Kubuntu LiveCD20:19
hurtnumberi: you might want to use ifconfig20:19
icelabhi people20:20
icelabi got a big problem i have deleted all flash plugin in the konqueror configuration area20:21
icelaband the nsplugin20:21
icelabwhat i havce to do for reinstall everything?20:22
sobczykJampiter dpkg-reconfigure kdm20:22
sobczykthough under a livecd I think youll need to chroot to your root directory20:24
icelabhi stefano20:29
stefanoe' la prima volta per me20:29
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)20:31
stefanoall right20:31
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okotukiI have intsalled the latest distribution of kubuntu on dell inspiron 1525 laptop. There is no sound on both speakers and headphones. Can someone help? As newby in linux, please explain to me like anidiot20:39
bobbo85How can I get kubuntu to stop unmounting my drives on reboot?20:39
ign0ramusokotuki: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77651620:41
icelabbabbo 85 sei it?20:42
sobczykbobbo85: go to system settings->advanced20:43
sobczykthere you can find settings for mounting drives20:43
sobczyk"drives & filesystems" something like that20:44
bobbo85sobczyk, i don't see anything like that20:44
ign0ramusbobbo85: its exactly where he said, but it's called "Disk and Filesystems"20:45
bobbo85"Audio cds, autostart, cddb retrieval, digital camera, file associations, input actions, kde resources,kde wallet, nepomuk, service manager, session manager, solid, login manager"20:45
ign0ramusbobbo85: alternately, you can find it in Kcontrol > System Administration20:47
ign0ramusbobbo85: at least running kde3... don't know if it's changed in kde420:47
sobczykbobbo85: system setting is probably on the bottom of your K-menu (in kde3)20:47
bobbo85i don't have a kcontrol, and nothing showed up in the launcher alt+f2...20:48
ign0ramusbobbo85: are you running Ubuntu or Kubuntu?20:48
bobbo85but i just upgraded to 4.1.1... btw that somehow erased all entries in "computer" for the kmenu, and "places" is empty too20:49
okotukiign0ramus: my directory in /lib/modules/ is 2.6.24-19-generic, not 2.6.24-17-generic as I have insalled kubuntu on a new laptop20:49
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ign0ramusokotuki: that's why it references 'uname -r'.  enter your kernel.20:49
ubottuKDE 4.1.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde420:50
numberiiptables, ufw turned off, but azures, utorrent says that ports are closed20:50
numberikubuntu 8.04 kde 4.1.120:50
ign0ramusbobbo85: you may find better help in the kde4 channel20:50
numberihow can i make static ip? not dhcp20:50
bobbo85i wish ign0ramus but nobody is responding in there :-(20:50
heinkel_111I think ubbottu needs updating to 4.1.120:51
ign0ramusnumberi: you need to follow a port-forwarding tutorial20:51
numberiit's not working20:52
numberii used it20:52
ign0ramusnumberi: how do you make what a static ip?  it depends on your isp... are you paying for a static ip?20:53
ign0ramusbobbo85: can you install kcontrol?20:53
gkffjcsreally obscure question, is there a way to get a bash shell on a remote host via irc? Note: i don't mean hacking or anything like that, I have a remote box behind an isp's nat router, so the only thing I can think of us using irc, as a bridge.20:53
numberii talk about router and dhcp20:54
ign0ramusnumberi: ok, but does your isp give you a static ip?  if not, it would be pointless to set your router to static20:54
ign0ramusnumberi: and what does this have to do with allowing ports for bittorrent?20:55
bobbo85ign0ramus, i don't see kcontrol in adept add programs20:55
sobczykgkffjcs: better use ssh -D or ssh -L20:55
numberino,  there are all ports are closed and it's working in windows20:55
numberiStarting Nmap 4.75 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2008-09-15 21:49 Central Europe Daylight Time20:56
numberiAll 1001 scanned ports on are closed20:56
ign0ramusnumberi: http://portforward.com/routers.htm  Please read and follow the instructions.  It doesn't get any more simple.20:57
Engelusгде находятся закладки в Konqueror20:58
Tm_T!ru | Engelus20:58
ubottuEngelus: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke20:58
numberii've already talked to ypu that it's not working!20:59
ign0ramusnumberi: what is your local ip?20:59
gaelbonsoir tout le monde21:00
ign0ramusnumberi: ok, so forward whatever port(s) you want in your router on that ip... that's all there is to it.21:00
numberii said i've done this21:01
ign0ramusnumberi: then you've forwarded those ports...21:01
ign0ramusnumberi: and you've configured your BT client to listen on those ports?21:02
TrijntjeI can only type on my laptop with KDE in failsafe/textonly mode, not on normal desktop. What can i do to figure out whats wrong?21:02
carib909Running Kubuntu 804 with KDE4 USB ports not being recognized with flash drive...21:03
gaelhi did anyone manage to install the new shiretoko (firefox 3.1 beta)?21:05
carib909Can anyone help with USB issues?21:05
numberiit's problem with kubuntu, not router, iptables, ufw turned off21:05
numberinot bt clients, i used azures, ktorrent, utorrent21:06
numberiall was working in mandriva21:06
TrijntjeI just switched form gnome to KDE on my laptop, but now i can only type in failsave mode. Can anyone help?21:08
numberihow can i switch from kde 4 to kde 3.5?21:12
gaeltrijntje working on it21:13
gaeltrijntje .. sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm21:15
carib909Anyone can elp with USB issues?21:15
Trijntjegael: gdm is damaged or not installed, ill try apt-get install21:16
ign0ramuscarib909: you can find better help in #kubuntu-kde421:17
Trijntjegael: the gnome display manager under KDE?21:17
gaelget rid of kde first if not.. you get back into it21:17
gaelcan you??21:18
Trijntjei'm in KDE failsafe now gael. I removed gnome when the keyboard still worked, but i can still type in failsafe21:19
gaeluse synaptic to uninstall all kde composants21:20
gaelhold on hold on21:20
Trijntjegael, than i wont have anything left, i removed all gnome programs21:20
gaelbut you still have your terminal21:21
ign0ramusTrijntje: could this have anything to do with your graphics card?  Are you automatically logged into failsafe mode?21:21
numberinumberi@numberi-laptop:~$ sudo ufw enable21:21
numberiERROR: /etc/default/ufw is world writable!21:21
numberiwhat is it mean?21:21
Bikerbobanyone help me configure X from command line?21:23
Trijntjeign0ramus: no, i did that myself, i can log in normaly but then i cant type. But i can use Ctrl Alt F1 to go to text mode21:23
Trijntje(when i log in normally)21:23
andriijashow do i logout a logged in user in kde via ssh?21:23
gaelu getting back into gnome21:25
Trijntjegael: why go back to gnome? cant i fix it from kubuntu?21:26
sobczykBikerbob: dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg21:26
gaelrc-update add gdm default21:26
gaelin terminal21:26
Bikerbobis there another way sobczyk?21:29
Bikerbobno Xconfig or anything?21:29
Trijntjegael, what will that do? i dont understand what you are trying to do21:30
Bikerbobthe dpkg did not work for me21:30
sobczykBikerbob: why it did not work?21:30
Bikerbobits asking for pci addressing of the video.. I cant figure that out.21:31
Tm_TBikerbob: use what it gives to you21:31
Bikerbobmy lspci gives different output than its looking for..21:31
gaelit will reinstall gnome so that you can boot onto it21:31
BikerbobI end up with black dead screen and a locked up install21:31
gaelafter a reboot21:32
rysiek|plguys, after Hardy installation Restricted Drivers Manager used to pop-up if any such drivers were needed21:32
gaelit has nothing to do with your graphicscard that's for sure21:32
rysiek|plI didn't get one this time, and I can't find it anywhere in the menu21:33
Bikerbobwhat happened to pick your video card.. pick your monitor.. and start?21:33
rysiek|plam I missing anything?21:33
Trijntjegael: i know its not my grapicscard. But i can already boot into kde failsafe, so i should be able to fix it form kde right?21:33
Trijntjethis whatever keybord thing21:33
Tm_Tgael: untrue21:33
ign0ramusTrijntje: this may help http://ph.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?p=509896621:34
Bikerbobno other way to configure X?21:34
sobczykBikerbob: you can try figure out what is wrong by looking at logs21:34
sobczyk /var/log/Xorg.*21:35
ign0ramusrysiek|pl: it's under System > Hardware Drivers Manager21:35
Bikerbobhave done that...21:35
rysiek|plign0ramus: ah, thanks21:35
ign0ramusnp :)21:35
Bikerbobmy logs are posted there21:36
Bikerbobso the dpkg thing is the ONLY WAY TO change an X configuration from cli now?21:37
DabzI don't know a other way :/21:37
Tm_TBikerbob: no, you can always edit xorg.conf directly21:37
ign0ramusBikerbob: you don't have the correct display driver installed?21:38
sobczykwhy is the damn board restricting access to files only for registered users, not everyone wans to register just to see some attachement...21:39
Tm_Tgael: I have no idea what you're trying to do21:39
ign0ramusBikerbob: have you tried the correct driver, or at least using Envy?21:39
Tm_Tsobczyk: won't harm to register (;)21:39
BikerbobI am not even sure if the correct driver is on the machine21:39
Bikerbobwhat is Envy?21:39
Tm_TBikerbob: unsupported script to install newest driver21:39
sobczykI think envy wont handle his card21:39
ign0ramusBikerbob: an automated script to install ATI/Nvidia drivers21:39
Tm_Tyes, unsupported21:39
Dabzbut this script is very usefull21:40
ign0ramusBikerbob: i would recommend downloading the proper drivers from Nvidia directly, though21:40
Tm_TDabz: to break systems, yes21:40
Tm_Tign0ramus: please don't21:40
ign0ramusTm_T: don't what?21:40
Tm_Tign0ramus: recommend that in here21:40
Tm_TBikerbob: please do following: grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log21:41
Tm_TBikerbob: and paste results to pastebin21:41
Tm_T!paste | Bikerbob21:41
ubottuBikerbob: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)21:41
DabzTm_T: I ve a radeon HD3650n there is no driver for linux :/21:41
ign0ramusTm_T: o_O  is there some licensing issue i'm unaware of getting drivers from the source?21:41
Tm_Tign0ramus: no, but it's unsupported21:41
ign0ramusTm_T: so there is a supported way to install his proper drivers?21:42
Bikerbobdifferent machine totally Tm_T  would take me 15mins to get it to you21:42
Tm_Tign0ramus: we don't know yet what are his proper drivers, do we?21:42
sobczykDabz: drivers from ati.com aren't working?21:42
Bikerbobthat log is at the forum I posted21:42
Dabzfck I can't go on my other hard disk...21:42
Dabzno, they don't worl :/21:43
Tm_TDabz: no cursing21:43
ign0ramusTm_T: he's got a 9600 G340021:43
Dabzklauncher said unknown protocole21:43
Tm_Tign0ramus: mmmm, ati that is?21:43
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icelabkonqueror 3.5 do not work whit youtube what i heve to do?21:43
Tm_T!ati | Bikerbob21:44
ign0ramusTm_T: i just checked his post on the Forums.  Yep, that's what it looks like.21:44
Bikerbobguys we are talking about an ATI mach64 GT card.. like 12 years old21:44
ubottuBikerbob: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto21:44
Tm_TBikerbob: ah, that one21:44
Dabzicelab: Konkoror don't work with deezer too, download Firefox if u want to solve this problem21:45
BikerbobI use a program called BootX to start up the machine.21:45
Bikerbobproblem was I did not install with a desktop.. I installed that after.. so I never did an X config.21:45
Bikerbobnow I cant start X because it is not configured.21:46
icelabi have firefox and netscape installed too, but i want the konqui works21:46
Bikerbobwhen I do the reconfigure.. it asks for the pci address.. but the format it wants it.. is not what my lspci gives out.21:46
sobczykafaik for flash in koqueror nsplugins was needed21:46
Tm_TBikerbob: there's something in there already?21:47
Dabzicelab may u ll find a solution on the forum :/21:47
Bikerbobthe Xorg.conf? because I have tried to run X.. so its made up default configs.. but you will also see it says in the logs that it cannot find the configure file.21:47
icelabi have search the solutin but find nothing easy21:47
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Trijntjeign0ramus: thnx, ik probeer dat nu21:49
ign0ramusBikerbob: have you tried any of the options provided when you try to reconfigure?21:49
Tm_TBikerbob: in dpkg-configure app thingy21:49
ign0ramusTrijntje: i don't speak Dutch.. did it work for you?21:49
Bikerbobyeah.. I use the default values.. but it does not work.. I get black death21:49
Tm_TBikerbob: er?21:49
ign0ramusBikerbob: what graphics options do you get?21:49
Tm_TBikerbob: you have Kubuntu, do you?21:49
carutsuhello everyone, I need to instal KDE trunk, compilling kdebase I got that X11_Xscreensaver_LIB is not set, the problem is I'm not sure what package should I install since I cannot see any xscreensaver-dev or similar21:50
Trijntjeign0ramus: shit, haha, sorry, i'm trying it now21:50
ign0ramusTrijntje: cool.  I'll learn one day... :)21:50
Bikerbobmaybe we are not refering to the same options.. which do you mean Tm_T ?21:50
Tm_TBikerbob: I mean, you don't have X...21:51
Tm_Tag, you didn't have X...21:51
Tm_Tso how did you install Kubuntu?21:51
FirefisheWhere can I find a virgin ubuntu sources.list ?  I'm changing from one distro to another.21:51
Bikerboboh I did an apt-get Kubuntu-desktop21:51
Trijntjeign0ramus: it didnt work :(21:51
Tm_TBikerbob: after what?21:52
ign0ramusFirefishe: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=73911921:52
Bikerbobafter the initial install21:52
ign0ramusTrijntje: hmmm... i don't really know. :/21:52
Firefishethank ign0ramus21:52
Tm_TBikerbob: and that happened how?21:52
=== ign0ramus is now known as ign0ramus|afk
Bikerbobdont understand? you mean how did the desktop install go?21:52
Tm_Tign0ramus|afk: no21:52
Tm_TBikerbob: no, how you did install it initially21:53
Bikerboboh 804 alt install CD21:53
Tm_TI see21:53
Bikerbobfor PPC21:53
gaeltrijntje: nog steeds niks dus? nothing yet?21:53
BikerbobI am not able to use a graphic installer for this machine21:54
Bikerbobbut the install went fine.. the desktop install went fine and checks fine.. I just need to get X configured.21:54
Bikerbobthe driver I need to use I think is ATY21:55
Trijntjegael: no, but i just found out that the 'virtual keyboard' also doesnt work. And i think the window manager is also broken21:55
Bikerbobthe monitor is a good old 19" ctr21:55
Bikerbobso it should not be all that hard..21:55
Bikerbobbut its asking for hardware level details I dont know how to give hwen I run that reconfigure.21:55
Bikerbobthere used to be an X configure that asked for the keyboard, the monitor type.. said I think its this driver? you chose the correct one.. and boom you were in X.. what happened to that?21:56
Bikerbobwell I have to go.. day is done.. I will try again tomorrow.21:58
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qualmeihallo! who can help me with my wireless connection?22:00
qualmeiI'm using KDE 3.522:01
atillahi guys I am having problem with wireless. I installed 8.04.1 then installed the restricted drivers but I cant get any networks any ideas22:02
DabzTry to install ndiswrapper for ur wireless card22:04
atillammm that's a challenge I have never get that working but I will give it a shot again :))22:05
qualmeimy wireless card works, it's detecting my network but I'm not sure how to connect22:05
Dabzu ve to enter the essid22:05
qualmeidid that22:05
Dabzwhat say iwconfig?22:05
qualmeiis essid the same as the broadcast ssid?22:06
qualmeithen yeah22:06
Trijntjeign0ramus, gael: i fixed it with dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg. Even the window decorator functions now. Thnx for the help!22:06
ign0ramus|afkatilla: are you booting into the generic kernel22:06
ign0ramus|afkTrijntje: glad to see it it work22:06
gaelsorry for getting u messed up22:07
ign0ramus|afkatilla: what kind of wireless card are you using?22:08
Trijntjegael: i was already messed up ;) But it works now, so all is well22:08
atillaign0ramus|afk: I did a fresh install today but still the same. I checked my installation media it was ok22:08
=== ign0ramus|afk is now known as ign0ramus
atillaign0ramus|afk: broadcom bcm431822:09
qualmeiso, um, what's the normal routine for connecting to a wep protected wlan connection?22:09
ign0ramusatilla: there have been a lot of people with problems with that card.  you may want to go the Ndiswrapper route...22:09
atillaign0ramus:can  you give me a solid link to get ndiswrapper working. because I never could get it work properly22:10
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Schuenemannhey, does anyone know the name of a package that contains some card games (solitaire, freecell, spider, etc)? I had it installed in gutsy but don't remember the name22:11
ign0ramusatilla: maybe you don't need it after all... see here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76298422:11
icelabschuenemann use add program in kmenu' and search in game option gnome22:21
Schuenemannicelab, there are too many... =(22:22
Schuenemannbut I think it was KDE's.22:22
icelabwait just a moment please22:23
qualmeiwhen i use kwifimanager it lists my router, now how do i connect to it?22:27
icelabclick on games then option gnome near the searc bar click on aisle riot solitarie it's enought22:28
icelabschuenemann, go on kmenu, use add/remove programs,click on games, then choose gnome option near a searc bar the click on aisleriot solitarie, that's enought22:32
Schuenemannicelab, that doesn't seem to be it22:34
icelabsorry i have installed that when i passed to kde to gnome22:35
icelabsorry from gnome22:35
SchuenemannI think I found it, let me test22:36
Schuenemannicelab, yay22:37
Schuenemannit's kpat, which depends on kdegames-card-data22:37
icelabok i'll try22:38
Daisuke_Idopatience :)  aisleriot's gotten a lot better, but patience is still the best22:38
SchuenemannDaisuke_Ido, that one has a lot of other games as I saw... robots and such22:39
andriijaswhats wrong when the sound keeps playing in the laptop speakers even if i connect earphone?22:41
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dummkopf_jenkinsso, I create a shortcut to Konsole on my taskbar? And it seems to want to magically change to a bash shortcut after rebooting, or just randomly.22:48
dummkopf_jenkinsI guess you would call it zee Quicklauncher?22:49
favrodummkopf_jenkins: whay was the command you gave the launcher to use?22:50
dummkopf_jenkinsfavro, I pointed it to Konsole, I run KDE 3/5/8.22:51
dummkopf_jenkinsbut command of application I pointed it too is "konsole"22:51
Vermuxcant connect to the network for some reason, the interface wont be up. Who can help?22:51
dummkopf_jenkinsfavro, it appears that I have 2 konsoles22:52
favrothat should be ok - sometimes full path helps... - try /usr/bin/konsole22:52
dummkopf_jenkinsone is bash when started and the other is konsole when started22:52
dummkopf_jenkinsI removed gnome and went with KDE so maybe it is remenant of gnome?22:52
favroin konsole   which konsole   will tell the one that is used22:53
favro!purekde | dummkopf_jenkins22:53
ubottudummkopf_jenkins: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »22:53
dummkopf_jenkinsI followed the purekde document entirely with no issues22:53
favrok :)22:53
dummkopf_jenkinswhen I click the konsole shortcut I have on my quicklauncher it opens a terminal with "bash" in it, if I go to Help it says stuff about "Konsole help" etc.22:54
dummkopf_jenkinsbut if I choose the other Konsole in my menu it says "Konsole" at the top and when clicking Help it says things about "Konsole" as well22:54
Daisuke_Idodummkopf_jenkins: did you install kde 4 at any point?22:54
Daisuke_Idoeven if you're not using it22:55
dummkopf_jenkinsDaisuke_Ido, yes, and quickly removed it lol22:55
Daisuke_Idocould still have the kde4 konsole22:55
dummkopf_jenkinsis it possible to remove the one I don't like?22:55
favrotry the   which konsole   command and see where the two konsoles are22:56
favroone should be /usr/bin/konsole22:56
dummkopf_jenkinslol both are /usr/bin/konsole22:57
Daisuke_Idotwo entries pointing to the same executable22:57
Daisuke_Idotry which konsole-kde422:58
dummkopf_jenkinsDaisuke_Ido, that returned nothing22:58
Daisuke_Idothen it's just two duplicate entries22:59
dummkopf_jenkinsyeah, it's strange. On the menu under "Utilities" I have a "Terminal", if I go to "System" I have 2 entries for "Konsole" one of which has the console icon and the other has a blank paper icon look too it22:59
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dummkopf_jenkinsif I click the "Terminal" from "Utilities" it does nothing23:00
dummkopf_jenkinsas the command for it is "gnome-terminal"23:00
dummkopf_jenkinsI just deleted that one23:01
dummkopf_jenkinsfound the problem23:01
Daisuke_Idothe blank paper one was probably the kde4 verison, you can remove that one23:01
dummkopf_jenkinsyeah it was, I just deleted it from zee menu :D23:01
favrodummkopf_jenkins: I would do   kdesu konqueor /usr/bin   then click each konsole so it opens - then delete the one you don't want23:01
dummkopf_jenkinsnow if I can make the konsole transparent heh would make things easier as I read websites trying out MySQL queries :D23:02
dummkopf_jenkinsit seems to only be transparent if I have all windows minimized save the konsole/desktop background23:03
favroI use eterm for transparency23:03
dummkopf_jenkinshmm I shall look into that :D23:04
dummkopf_jenkinsdoes compiz-fusion work with kde?23:05
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion23:05
favrodummkopf_jenkins: yep23:06
dummkopf_jenkinsnice, I had it installed when I was using gnome so it's installed already :)23:06
dummkopf_jenkinshmm, I have no "Desktop Effects" in that menu23:07
dummkopf_jenkinsis KDE4 better than 3.5.8? I tried it but it seemed to run at a snails pace and I didn't like the graphical changes (everything was sooooo HUGE!) lol23:11
hixxxhoi, just switched to Konversation client. is there a way to detach chatwindows? or switch to a non-tabbed view at all?23:19
LeeJunFanhixxx: there's a way to switch to non-tabbed but I don't think you can detatch. That would be nice.23:22
olskolirchey guys.  how to i dot my kmix so that I can record from my sound card please23:22
LeeJunFanhixxx: go to settings, and on tabs set placement to left.23:24
LeeJunFanolskolirc: you have to select capture and capture sources like mic.23:24
hixxxLeeJunFan: thank you. (digging into setting :) )23:24
hixxxNot exactly what i looked for. want to open more than just one chan same time :) thank you tho23:27
LeeJunFanhixxx: yeah, for that you'll need another client. maybe xchat can do that? or kvirc if that's still in development.23:28
hixxxYes, back to xchat :)23:29
hixxxnative kde-app wd've been nice23:29
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olskolircok LeeJunFan thanks23:35
pedro__alguem está aqui?23:39
pedro__portugueses nao?23:39
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anom01yanyone know how to get  audacity to record the output of mplayer ?23:47
anom01yno matter what options I select, or volume slides I turn up I can only get audacity to record microphone input23:49
anom01yI guess it would be a kmix thing23:49

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