seiflotfyhey guys01:00
seiflotfycan some1 help me with bzr brachnes and ppas01:00
seiflotfyhow can i create a ppa package out of a bzr branch01:01
RAOFseiflotfy: There's currently no special integration of bzr with the PPA system.01:03
RAOFseiflotfy: So, you create a tarball from your bzr branch and package as normal.  bzr-builddeb can help with this, though.01:04
seiflotfyi am trying to create a package out of mayanna01:04
seiflotfycan any1 help me with that01:08
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports01:09
RAOFThat's a good first start.01:09
Hobbseepeople, launchpad is getting /.'d.01:38
RAOFGreat.  Why?01:39
lifelessfirefox branding01:39
lifelessHobbsee: is it notixably slow?01:40
wgrantYeah. Oops.01:40
wgrantIt is being fairly slow, but not as slow as I would expect.01:40
RAOFSo we now have a huge bug with a hojilion OMG! responses?01:40
wgrantAnd a huge forum thread. And a nasty Mozilla. A bad combination.01:40
wgrantlifeless: It's not Firefox branding. It's Firefox's EULA.01:41
Hobbseelifeless: well, it always is very slow for me, but it doesn't seem to be slower than usual, at the moment.01:41
lifelesswgrant: uhm, the EULA is tied to having the binary branded with the upstream branding01:42
lifelesswgrant: If you're trying to be pedantic, FAIL. If you're saying I'm wrong, you haven't read enough about the issue :)01:42
wgrantlifeless: It seems that the only useful clause is unrelated to the branding.01:42
wgrantBut the main complaint is about the EULA.01:42
wgrantThe EULA may be tied to the branding, but the branding isn't what is having hate thrown at.01:43
lifelesswell, there's lots of hate to throw around01:43
wgrantThere is.01:44
wgrantI guess there are benefits to /. readers not RTFA.01:48
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jetoleevening all, is there launchpad op who can address post https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/269656/comments/144 in regards to post https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/269656/comments/139 on bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/26965603:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269656 in firefox-3.0 "AN IRRELEVANT LICENSE IS PRESENTED TO YOU FREE-OF-CHARGE ON STARTUP" [High,Confirmed]03:32
wgrantI didn't want my bug to disintegrate into such a thing :(03:36
wgrantjetole: You could file a ticket at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad03:36
wgrantI can't see any ~admins around now.03:36
jetolewgrant: thanks03:37
pcI have an account on Launchpad, but seem to be unable to log in (reset password, clicked on link, changed password...still can't log in) any suggestions?03:39
wgrantGrrr, and now my other bug has people commenting simply "lol fail"03:41
thumperpc: what is your lp id?03:50
pcthumper: ThinkOpenly03:52
thumperpc: I have to nip out and collect the girls from school, but back soon (and possibly help)03:54
pcthumper: actually, I got it to work just now from a different (non-Ubuntu) system03:55
pcnot sure if it's a FF3 issue or what03:55
thumperpc: could be a cookie issue04:12
pcthumper: that's my guess as well, not sure how to correct04:13
pcet voila!  launchpad.net was blocked.04:14
pcnext question: is there any way to reopen an "invalid" bug, if it is not mine?04:15
RAOFpc: Yes.  Set its status to something not 'invalid.04:17
pcRAOF: thanks.  didn't think I had the authority to do that, and didn't see the pulldown arrow.  done!04:20
goursome of my team-members are interested about copyright/license issues for blueprints at LP. which license applies to them?06:27
spivgour: you've seen https://help.launchpad.net/TermsofUse ?06:29
spivgour: also, note that launchpad doesn't host the blueprints, it just keeps track of blueprints.06:30
spivgour: so I don't see any way that using Launchpad could affect the copyright of your blueprints.  (IANAL, etc)06:31
gouryes, i've seen the above URL, but some members are cautious because of translation-BSD issue while the project is GPL06:32
gouris there any plan to enhance search for Blueprints, like filter by some attribute etc. ?06:54
jameshgour: the issue with translations is that Launchpad provides a way to use translations entered for one project as suggestions for another.06:54
jameshthis means your project benefits from work done on other projects if there are similar strings06:54
jameshif all the translations entered on LP for your project were GPL licensed, then they couldn't be used as suggestions for GPL-incompatible projects (e.g. MPL, etc)06:55
gourjamesh: i understand and have no objection if other projects use my translation. however some devs do not like mixing two licenses in the same project06:56
gourjamesh: but if LP is used for translating, than they must be BSD?06:56
jameshgour: given that the requirements of the BSD license are essentially a subset of the GPL requirements, there isn't anything wrong with licensing your project as a whole under the GPL06:57
ajaksugour: GPL has no problem with GPL06:57
ajaksuoops, with BSD06:57
jameshthe only real effect of the translation licensing is that translations entered for your project may end up being used for other projects06:57
jamesh(which hopefully you're fine with, since the reverse also happens)06:58
jameshnow, there isn't really any analogue of this for blueprints06:58
jameshso there is no similar licensing requirement06:58
gourjamesh: so, blueprints are solely under the project's license?06:59
jameshgour: given that the text is hosted externally, it can be whatever you want.07:00
jameshthere is no set requirement.07:00
gourthank you07:04
* gour hopes someone will take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/270024 today07:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270024 in malone "signed bug report with attachment sent vie email fails as 'unsigned'" [Undecided,New]07:08
\shguys, does anything speak against an update of launchpadlib in intrepid? (0.1<some bzr rev> -> 0.2<some bzr rev>)07:54
jmlI haven't heard anything one way or the other.07:56
\shI'll ask barry...but we need to do it asap...httplib2 is hanging there because of new lplib :)07:57
* buttnutt junk punches everyone08:53
visik7I've some problem using launchpad bug interface: how can I see all the bugs related only to the development branch ?08:59
visik7they are all mixed08:59
* buttnutt spreads for visik709:00
buttnuttbig boi09:01
visik7hu ?09:01
imyojimbohi, i read the user manual for launchpad, but i still couldnt get the workflow of a project part. the hirarchy between seiries, branches, milestones, etc. and also the conventions, like how is it recomanded that i layout my project.09:04
* buttnutt gonna junk punch imyojimbo09:05
* buttnutt bends and speads for imyojimbo...will you be my jimbo??09:05
buttnuttI need some jimbo in my mangina09:06
buttnuttHi spads09:06
buttnuttsuch a nasty little nickname09:06
jameshbuttnutt: Please be civil09:12
imyojimbocan some 1 help me with this09:12
spivimyojimbo: what in particular do you want to do?09:13
buttnuttok @jamesh09:13
spivimyojimbo: generally you can ignore features like milestones until you want to use them.09:14
imyojimboif we can simulate a project development being started. can u describe how will it look like09:14
buttnuttcheck this out fuckers09:14
imyojimboi have one series, called trunk09:14
spivimyojimbo: maybe the simplest thing to do would be to register a project on https://staging.launchpad.net and just experiment with it there.09:15
spivjamesh: setting a ban in case buttnutt comes back might be a good idea?09:15
imyojimboyes, but i dont understand how it should look like09:15
spivimyojimbo: well, how it looks like depends on how you want to manage your project :)09:16
imyojimboi know. but i understand there are conventions, and there are ways ppl use all the time09:16
spivimyojimbo: for simple or new projects, you probably just want to just have a single series.09:16
imyojimbowhy will i want another series?09:16
spivMost projects have a "trunk" which is where active development happens.09:17
spivSome projects will make releases that maintained separately from the trunk.09:17
imyojimboand then merge the changes back?09:17
spivFor instance, there are multiple supported releases of Python09:18
jameshspiv: if he comes back being and is still an arsehole, it'd be worth banning him.  If the warning is enough, I'd prefer to leave it.09:18
imyojimboi see a project that has a trunk series and also a "devel" series, both for development, why09:20
spivMost development activity happens on the trunk, which is where development of Python 2.6 is currently happening.  But there are also maintenance releases of earlier releases, e.g. Python 2.509:20
spivSo if Python used Launchpad, they'd have a 2.5 series (with releases called 2.5, 2.5.1, 2.5.2, etc) and a 2.6 series, and so on.09:20
gourspiv: what about 3.0 series :-)09:21
spivgour: "and so on" :)09:21
spivimyojimbo: you'd have to ask that project09:21
spivimyojimbo: possibly it's just a harmless mistake :)09:21
gourhopefully 3.0 will be adopted prior to html-5 :-D09:22
imyojimbomaybe its for public development and will be merged with the trunk when its ready09:22
imyojimbois that reasonable?09:22
spivimyojimbo: basically, if there's concurrent work on multiple versions of the project, then you probably want to use series to help you track that work.09:22
jameshimyojimbo: a good rule of thumb is to consider whether a release is likely to have more than one direct successor version.  Using Python as an example, both 2.5.1 and 2.6 were derived from 2.509:22
jameshso you have two release series09:22
spivimyojimbo: if you're unsure, especially if it's a new project, I'd recommend just having a single series to start with.  You can always add another one later.09:23
imyojimboso for start, i use the trunk series, and i start defining milestones for each version? and when i have something ready and stable i will create a new series? with the new version as its name09:25
jameshimyojimbo: one way to think about it is this: Lets say that you've released version X of your software and have started work on version X+1.  If someone reports a bug affecting the released version, would you fix it for version X+1, or put out a bug fix only point release branched from the previous release?09:28
jameshif you're only planning on doing a linear series of releases, then you can probably go with a single release series.09:29
imyojimboi will fix the bug in the x+1 version, right?09:31
jameshyes.  But are you likely to put out a release containing the bug fix but none of the other features you've been working on for X+1?09:31
imyojimbooh, so, by using a series i capture a snapshot of the branches, when a release is made, and i plan supoorting it. and while i keep development on the trunk and new features, i will fix bugs for the older versio in its series and merge it back to the trunk?09:33
jameshThe idea here is to try and model how you develop your project rather than the other way around.09:34
jameshif you do multiple series of releases in parallel (development + maintenance series), then use multiple series09:34
jameshif you are just doing a single series of releases, then use one series.09:34
spivimyojimbo: pretty much.  Although series don't exactly "capture a snapshot of the branches", it's more they give you a way to say "here's the branch where work on this series happens".09:35
gourimyojimbo: do you use bzr?09:37
imyojimbolaunchpad only works with bzr.. so yes09:37
imyojimboi know i can link it to other repos i think, but i really wanna keep it simple09:38
gourhow does your workflow look like?09:38
gourcentralized, distributed...09:38
gouras jamesh said...if you have clear workflow for developing your project, LP will assist you in it09:39
imyojimboim just about to start development. i pretty much want to define a version milestones (bugs, blueprints), and then work untill i get reach that milestone. and call it a version. then i define the next one09:40
jameshimyojimbo: in general, I'd stick with a single series until you find you are doing parallel releases09:40
jameshyou'll probably know when it is appropriate.09:40
spivimyojimbo: regardless of launchpad, there's extra effort involved in keeping multiple active lines of development rather than just one09:40
gourimyojimbo: start with devloping code and make e.g. 'experimental' branch...milestones and releases will come along the way09:40
spivimyojimbo: so until you have evidence that it's worth it for you, I'd suggest starting with just a single 'trunk' series and making releases directly from that.09:41
imyojimbook, thanks guys09:42
imyojimboill do that09:42
imyojimbobtw , what do u think of bzr comparing to svn for example09:43
spivI find bzr much more helpful than svn.09:43
gourimyojimbo: no need to think of svn when using bzr ;)09:43
spivBut I'm a bzr developer, so maybe that's not surprising :)09:44
* gour even uses bzr-svn to fetch from svn repos09:44
spivMaking and merging branches, and working offline are both much better with bzr IMO.09:44
* gour is not bzr dev, but bzr satisfied customer09:44
imyojimbois there a plugin for VS fo bzr?09:45
gourimyojimbo: before bzr i used darcs cause i was never able to grok cvs/bzr09:45
gourimyojimbo: dunno. there are qbzr and bzr-gtk gui09:47
frk2i had some questions regarding best practices at launchpad09:48
imyojimbook, ill try those09:48
gourimyojimbo: see http://bazaar-vcs.org/TortoiseBzr too. no experience here 'cause i'm on linux09:49
spivfrk2: ask away :)09:49
frk2if I have a project X and two branches - trunk and 0.5.0 release, for example - and I wanted to take the 'workflow with human gatekeeper' approach, do i ask all 'other' developers to register their own branches and have them merge to this one?09:49
spivfrk2: yeah09:50
spivfrk2: if you have the trunk and 0.5.0 branches in Launchpad 'owned' by the gatekeeper, then only that account will be able to commit/push to them.09:51
spivfrk2: and then the other developers can ask that gatekeeper to merge their changes, e.g. by registering merge proposals in Launchpad, or by using "bzr send" to a mailing list, or whatever you like.09:52
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cjwatsonHi, I'm trying to fix the lp:casper branch following bug 246880. I've renamed ~ubuntu-core-dev/casper/trunk to ~ubuntu-core-dev/casper/trunk.old. Could somebody please make sure that the public mirror area for http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/casper/trunk is properly cleared out, so that I can push a new branch there without having to worry about bugs caused by operations on the old broken branch?11:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246880 in bzr "ghost fetch issue: fail when fetching a text referenced by a live revision introduced by a ghost revision" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24688011:23
cjwatsonOK, never mind the above; spiv confirmed to me on #bzr that that isn't necessary11:25
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frk2spiv, sorry i had to run- got your messages. Thats exactly what I thought you are supposed to do.13:00
spivfrk2: cool13:01
frk2spiv, My only question is that say developer X who does not have write access to the TRUNK release where does he maintain his repo on launchpad?13:01
frk2does he push it to a new branch under his name or do i create a new branch for him in my project?13:01
frk2if the branch doesnt exist on launchpad- i cannot exactly ask for 'changes to be merged' right?13:02
frk2ofcourse I can just use the 'send' approach- but what if i decide on using the selective 'merge' approach - looks cleaner13:03
frk2spiv, just trying to understand the workflow here- if there is a document online explaining this please point me there13:04
spivfrk2: he cann just push it to his own area on Launchpad, yes.13:04
spivfrk2: you can easily get Launchpad to mirror branches hosted elsewhere, btw.13:04
frk2spiv, im hosting it there though13:05
frk2spiv, the 'own' area in +junk doesnt give the option of merging to another branch though13:05
spivfrk2: ah13:05
spivfrk2: +junk is only good for junk :)13:06
spivfrk2: make a real project if you want to do project-managementy things like tracking bugs and merge requests :)13:06
frk2I have a real project :)13:06
frk2but what abount random contributors?13:06
spivOh, you realise that anyone can upload to ~THEIR_USERID/YOUR_PROJECT/* ?13:07
frk2I get it i get it :)13:07
frk2spiv, thanks for clarifying that13:07
spivfrk2: e.g. you could push up a branch to lp:~frk2/bzr/my-branch right now :)  (assuming I've guessed your user id correctly)13:07
frk2spiv, so thats an acceptable practice? its cool to have as many branches as developers i guess13:08
spivWith a distributed VCS, anyone can make a branch.13:08
frk2okay- slightly different from the SVN way, but makes 10x more sense13:08
spivAnd with an open source project, people should be able to make their own branches.13:09
spivRight, it's much nicer than the SVN way, because you don't need to give someone commit rights to your repo for them to be able to use the same tools as the core devs.13:09
frk2spiv, thanks!13:10
spivfrk2: you're welcome13:13
frk2spiv, one more question :)13:20
frk2whats the best way of STARTING a new contributors branch13:21
frk2should i simply propose the main TRUNK branch to HIS branch?13:21
frk2propose for merging13:21
spivfrk2: I'm not sure what you mean by starting13:23
frk2spiv, a new developer comes in and creates his own branch13:23
spivfrk2: If I were a new contributor to your project, I'd start by just doing "bzr branch lp:project"13:23
spivfrk2: when I've done something interesting, then I'd do "bzr push lp:~spiv/project/my-cool-thing"13:24
frk2exactly- and then push the code to your own personal branch13:24
spivfrk2: then let you know about it, e.g. propose it for merging back to lp:project13:24
* gour thinks DVCS rocks13:24
frk2okay. I thought i could avoid that step by simply pushing code directly in his empty branch13:24
spivfrk2: no action required on your part :)13:24
frk2nevermind :)13:25
frk2i'll do it that way13:25
frk2I hope launchpad is 'safe' for hosting your hard work? :) amazing service i must say, plain beautiful and extremely usable13:34
spivfrk2: It hasn't eaten my data yet ;)13:42
spivfrk2: thanks for the kind words!13:42
frk2yeah- we had our own mantis, svn setup which we are taking to launchpad now13:43
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frk2wow. 21 minutes and still 'scanning' :)14:05
frk2is that normal?14:05
beunofrk2, it takes a while sometimes14:06
beunoyou can cheat and see the revisions before, if you really want to14:06
frk2nah i just wanna test the 'propose merge and approve' bit14:06
imyojimboguys, is there any way to change my project short uniqe name?14:06
beunofrk2, you should be able to propose a merge without it being scanned14:07
beunoimyojimbo, as in, rename it?14:07
beunowell, if kiko-zzz or Rinchen happen to be around, they can do it14:08
beunoif not, you can file a question requesting it:  http://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad14:08
imyojimbook, thanks14:08
frk2beuno, yeah but it doesnt show any commit information when you go to approve it. just wanted to test the whole 'review' process. guess i'll wait :)14:09
beunofrk2, ah, right. Well, it usually takes a few minutes, but sometimes it gets backed up a bit, and takes a while longer. What's the URL?14:11
imyojimbois there a way to delete teams?14:15
frk2just got done14:15
frk237 minutes :P14:15
beunoimyojimbo, same process, you need to file a question14:15
frk2its okay i aint complaining- it its normal its normal :)14:15
beunofrk2, see, it felt the pressure14:16
beunoit's not "normal", it usually takes very few minutes14:16
frk2beuno, i wish all software were so considerate about our emotions14:16
beunowell, it's hard to teach emotions to software!  ;)14:16
frk2thats a good thing, trust me :)14:17
frk2you can always trust machines14:17
frk2they are with you till the end, literally :)14:17
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frk2how can i appoint multiple people to be able to commit to my branch?14:22
frk2currently only i can commit, even though multiple people are subscribed14:23
beunofrk2, you create a team14:23
intellectronicafrk2: you can do that if the branch belongs to a team14:23
beunoand upload the branch as the team14:23
beunohi intellectronica  :)14:23
intellectronicahi beuno14:23
frk2doing so14:34
frk2beuno, thanks!14:34
beunofrk2, welcome'14:35
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Rafikhello all.. I'm a new ubuntu member waiting for the @ubuntu.com email address, on the wiki pages it says : "it's will be set up automatically and will be based on your main Launchpad ID" but it's not working14:59
beunoRafik, it takes a few days. How long have you been a member?15:00
Rafikbeuno, since 4 days15:00
Rafikoups.. 6 days.. since September 9th15:01
beunoRafik, ah, quite a while15:01
beunoelmo, ping?15:01
Rafikhere is my LP page : https://launchpad.net/~rafik15:02
HobbseeRafik: how are you testing it?15:04
RafikHobbsee, sending mails to my contact email address on LP15:04
Rafiksorry.. sending mail to rafik@gmail.Com15:05
HobbseeRafik: from your gmail?15:05
Hobbsee(and check your email)15:05
Rafikand checking in the gmail address yes15:05
Rafik(sorry, i'm lost between two conversations..)15:06
stgraberI just sent a test e-mail and it wasn't rejected by Canonical's mail server15:06
Hobbseestgraber: same here.15:06
HobbseeRafik: gmail does weird things when you send mail to yourself.  it's probably marked it as spam.15:06
RafikI just received your two mails15:07
Hobbseethen it's working :)15:08
Rafikit's not in spam.. I checked there15:08
Rafikstrange.. my test mails from this gmail account doe not arrive, from other yes15:10
Hobbsee gmail does weird things when you send mail to yourself.15:11
Rafikyes, seems to be like that.15:11
RafikHobbsee, stgraber thank you15:11
Hobbseeyou're welcome15:11
kiko-phonebarry, ping?15:23
kiko-phonebarry, imyojimbo wants to rename https://edge.launchpad.net/~mb-core-team -- can you chat with him a bit15:23
barrykiko-phone: otp, done in a few minutes15:23
=== kiko-phone is now known as kiko
frk2awesome. we've moved to launchpad completely15:33
frk2how do populate the 'downloads' part of the project? cant seem to find a way to upload/make releases15:33
beunofrk2, you have to create a series15:34
beunoand, a release15:34
beunoyou can upload files to releases15:34
frk2register a release i guess15:34
frk2working on it15:35
frk2thanks for all the help guys!15:43
beunofrk2, welcome to Launchpad  :)15:44
frk2checkout the project you helped register: search for zivios in launchpad. Thanks!15:44
barryimyojimbo: i responded to your pvtmsg15:44
frk2uploading the first release file now15:46
mok0How do I add a new blueprint? Can't find it in the new UI15:54
mok0When I go to the Blueprints tab, I can only see existing ones15:55
mok0It would be logical to also be able to create a new one there15:55
beunomok0, to what project?15:55
beunowhat URL are you looking at?15:55
mok0Just my personal page15:55
beunomok0, right, you add blueprints to projects, so you have to go to the project's page15:55
mok0I see15:56
beunoI agree we could offer you to create one from other places as well15:56
beunoso I'll file a bug for that15:56
mok0Cool, thanks15:56
DnaXanyone can solve this problem? https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/4465616:02
DnaXrequire DB patch16:02
ahasenackhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/smart/+bug/268722 I'm trying to have this bug also affect the "landscape client" project, but I don't get the option of typing anything when I click on it: it is forcibly set to "smart". Do I need to have it affect "smart" first and then something else?16:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268722 in landscape-client "Smart library should be split into a separate package from smart command line tool" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:12
NCommanderkiko: you around?16:15
kikoNCommander, yeah16:17
=== kiko is now known as kiko-phone
kiko-phonehowever.. :)16:17
NCommanderkiko-phone: argh, I need someone who can edit https://edge.launchpad.net/nexenta16:17
gourBjornT: hello, any chance for #270024 to be looked at?16:18
kiko-phonebug 27002416:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270024 in malone "signed bug report with attachment sent vie email fails as 'unsigned'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27002416:20
kiko-phoneNCommander, sure -- is that your distro?16:20
NCommanderkiko-phone: I'm a member of core-dev16:20
NCommanderThe description is dated16:20
NCommanderAnd I'd like the ability to add milestones and annoucements (more on the later than the former)16:20
gourkiko-phone: email interface is crippled - it does not allow one to attach file when submitting new bug-report - it fails as 'not signed'16:21
NCommanderkiko-phone: I also would like a members group created (I'll register the actual group, but none of us can actually edit the distro page to make said changes)16:21
kiko-phoneNCommander, there already is ~nexenta16:22
kiko-phoneNCommander, so I've just changed the registrant16:22
NCommanderDoes that mean I can edit the page?16:22
BjornTgour: sorry, i haven't gotten to it yet. i've been busy with other things today. i've sent a test mail, though, to see if i can reproduce it.16:25
gourBjornT: that's also good16:26
* gour hopes BjornT will soon receive 'failure' :-)16:26
BjornTgour: nope :) i managed to file a bug with attachments: https://bugs.staging.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/27029216:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270292 in conduit "Can't configure Tomboy sync" [Undecided,New]16:31
BjornTgour: so that means that it's at least possible. now we just have to figure out why your submissions fail.16:31
gourBjornT: you did it via email interface?16:33
BjornTgour: yes16:34
gourBjornT: to which email you sent to staging?16:43
BjornTgour: new@bugs.staging.launchpad.net16:48
gourBjornT: ok. will try soon. now i'm busy...16:49
gourBjornT: i sent email to staging, but it does not appear in 'gnumed'17:20
BjornTgour: right. that was because the attachment wasn't signed. could you send another one, where you tell gnus to sign the attachment as well?17:24
gourBjornT: hmm, isn't this unreasonable to have requirement to sign attachment?17:25
* BjornT -> out for a walk, back later17:25
BjornTgour: sure, that's unreasonable. i just want to see if we can find a workaround, until the bug is fixed.17:26
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gourBjornT: do you 'eat' my tests 'cause i do not get any 'failure' replies?17:47
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DnaXthere is anyone can patch LP DB?17:55
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BjornTgour: in order not to spam people, staging.launchpad.net doesn't send e-mail to the world. the mail does end up in a mailbox, where i can look at them.18:12
gourBjornT: ahh, i expected that, at least, sender will get reply18:13
gourBjornT: so, you have a small collection there, none passed through18:13
BjornTgour: right. the first two didn't have the attachment signed. the last two did sign the attachments, but there were two signatures; one for the text, and one for the attachment.18:15
BjornTgour: if you get it to sign the whole message (text and attachment) with one single signature, it will work.18:16
gourBjornT: ok, let me try it18:16
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gourBjornT: i sent another two and i'm running out of ideas how to sign in Gnus to make LP happy :-/18:23
BjornTgour: hmm. that one had only the attachment signed, not the text. ever considered switching to a sane e-mail client? ;)18:28
gourBjornT: heh, never encountered such request to sign attachment :-/18:31
gourBjornT: i'm not sure claws will do it correctly18:31
gourBjornT: yes, Gnus has option to send attachment only18:32
* gour thinks it's better to fix that stupid bug than enforcing such req. to end-users18:34
BjornTgour: i find it odd that the whole message doesn't get signed. signing the message is a proof of that you wrote the e-mail. i mean, if you wrote an e-mail saying "here's a picture of me", and doesn't sign the attachment (together with the text), someone could simply replace the picture and re-send the mail.18:34
BjornTgour: i'd suggest filing a bug against gnus (that doesn't mean that we won't fix the bug in LP)18:35
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vadi2Hi, where can I manage subscriptions for a team?19:15
vadi2Because for some strange reason one of the teams I'm in got subscribed to another and members of team A are getting spammed19:16
vadi2actually, launchpad subscribed every team I'm in to the other group. I certainly don't recall doing that myself...19:17
gourBjornT: thank you for readiness to fix the bug. i'll speak with gnus people to see what's wrong or if i do something wrong. in the meantime i sent another email, this time signed with courier's mimepgp from cli19:33
rawlerhey people.. I get an error in uploading to my ppa that I can't understand..19:35
rawlerfor some reason, it rejects my uploads due to failed checksums.. I've verified them manually and they seems correct?19:35
rawleralso relevant may be that I already have the package in question in launchpad ppa for intrepid, now back-porting to hardy, so I needed to change a dep.. but I don't think the .diff.gz-checksum should clash between distributions, should it?19:36
rawlerhas anyone got a clue on what's going on?19:37
geserdid you change the version?19:37
rawlerehm, i'm trying to upload with the same version, but to hardy instead of intrepid.. so maybe? :)19:38
rawlerI'm really new to debian packaging, and constantly confused.. :)19:38
geseryou can only have one version in your ppa19:38
rawlergeser: oh, so I can't have the same version of a package compiled for both hardy and intrepid?19:39
bigjoolsyou can but you need to copy it between distroseries19:40
geserno, you need to slightly modify the revision (e.g. add the distribution name to the revision)19:40
bigjoolsno, don't do that :)19:40
rawlerok, but the _only_ change required is to drop one requirement for hardy? do I still need to fiddle with different revisions and stuff?19:41
geserbigjools: is it really a good idea to copy from interpid to hardy?19:43
bigjoolsselect destination series and go19:43
bigjoolsit's fine as long as you don't copy binaries19:43
bigjoolslet it recompile19:44
geserdoes rebuilding work now?19:44
geserhow is the filename problem solved?19:44
rawlerwell, it doesn't compile without a small change.. (on hardy it must not build-depend on libqt4-opengl-dev, and on intrepid it won't build without that build-dep)19:45
rawlerI get an error while trying to copy..19:45
rawler"The following source cannot be copied: tetzle 1.1.0-0ubuntu5 in intrepid (same version already has published binaries in the destination archive)"19:46
rawler(I have not selected to copy binaries)19:46
rawleris it possible to do some conditional dependencies in the control-file?19:52
rawlerlike "if this package exists, it's required" ?19:52
zachtibanyone know why i'm getting Chrrot problems on packages i upload to my ppa?19:53
rawleror maybe build-depend on a file, if that's possible?19:53
geserrawler: you can only build-depend on packages19:56
geserbut you can OR ('|') build-depends19:56
gourhmm...one report went through...let me try to find which one19:57
rawlergeser: doesn't help me much I'm afraid, since the other alternative is '' (nothing) :)19:57
beunoRinchen, any updates on the OpenID stuff?19:59
rawleroh well, I guess I have to upload with different revisions.. is there any common practice to denominate distribution in the revision?20:00
rawlertetzle_1.1.0-0ubuntu5~hardy   ???20:00
gourBjornT: how do you explain that https://bugs.staging.launchpad.net/gnumed/+bug/270293 went through - here http://rafb.net/p/ONMaxA77.html is raw message ?20:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270293 in gnome-applets "keyboard indicator applet 2.22.2 does not switch kepboard layout" [Low,New]20:00
Rinchenbeuno, if you mean the browser items, no updates. I haven't worked on it since I returned last week. Other stuff ahead of it20:01
gourubottu: take care. this is staging ;)20:01
rawlersorry.. if someone replied to me, please re-reply.. :S (darn pidgin not asking before closing all chats)20:02
nandRinchen: hey! I heard you need some testers for the openid drupal module? I'm willing to test it on Brainstorm, an update is scheduled in a few weeks/months20:02
Rinchennand, great! We have some internal testing a wee bit of polishing before it's ready. We're also going to see about getting it released under a FOSS license and accepted upstream.20:03
BjornTgour: that's odd. i wouldn't have expected it to go through. looks like a bug.20:03
nandRinchen: shall the testing be private? I got devel.ideatorrent.org, which is a live preview of the developement version of Brainstorm20:04
nandmight help to have a broader preview20:04
nanduh, broader testing20:05
Rinchennand, it's not really a public vs private issue. It's just that we finished coding it, want to deploy it on some internal sites first to ensure it actually works! :-)20:06
Rinchennand, how would it look for us to release garbage code. :-)20:06
nandRinchen: eheh :) devel.ideatorrent.org is a testing website, so it is no problem to have buggy things here!20:07
rawlerwell, judging by the success of a well-known redmond-based company, you'd probably get rich.. ;)20:07
gourBjornT: heh. another reason to properly fixed it :-D20:07
gourbtw, what do you think about https://bugs.launchpad.net/blueprint/+bug/195743 our dev just stumbled upon it?20:08
nandRinchen: okay, shall I give you my mail for the practical details?20:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 195743 in blueprint "blueprint tracker lacks an advanced search" [Undecided,New]20:08
BjornTgour: indeed :)20:08
Rinchennand, If you're here usually on this channel, I'll just make a note to ping you.20:08
nandRinchen: okay, I'm usually here during these hours20:09
Rinchennand, I'm not sure what stu m's time table is so I can simply ping you when it's done.20:09
Rinchennand, ok, that works20:09
nandcool, thanks20:09
Rinchenyou betcha20:09
RinchenI have a few plugins that we need to finish up and release.20:09
newz2000Anyone have luck using openid 2.0 authentication against launchpad from a django app?20:10
nanda few more? you mean, extensions to the LP open id module?20:10
Rinchenone of the ideas we have is to modify the ubuntu packages to include these plugins by default so anyone can apt-get drupal, moin, wp, etc. and have the plugins to hook into Launchpad20:10
BjornTgour: that bug is unfortunately not very high priority at the moment. we have more important things to focus on currently.20:10
nandeh, would be neat20:10
Rinchenok, off to a Dr's appt.  bbib.20:11
gourBjornT: ok. this email-interface is higher-priority for us as well20:12
rawleris there a ntp-problem with the ppa-build-hosts ATM?20:25
ephracisHi, I am having problems with my bazaar branch at launchpad. I got the branch on my computer, made a few changes and committed the code. The local copy says it is at revision 5 but when I surf to launchpad.net and check it's still at revision 2.20:30
ephracisI must be doing something wrong here. I am not used to bazaar, mostly used to svn.20:30
yannickhi guys, the PPA is broken:"15 Sep 20:05:10 ntpdate[3259]: no server suitable for synchronization found20:31
yannickRUN: /usr/share/launchpad-buildd/slavebin/remove-build ['remove-build', '717449-1768269']20:31
yannickRemoving build 717449-1768269"20:31
yannickgoing ot bed. gn820:36
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rawleryannick: same problem here..20:56
kikoyannick, rawler: let me just check21:01
atcurtis'karma' for me never notices when I push a new revision into bzr repository. Is this known issue?21:02
elmoyannick: link to the build log?21:03
elmorawler: ^--21:03
psycosehello !21:03
kikoatcurtis, I think that feature will only start working after thursday but abentley may know better21:04
yannickkiko, elmo e.g. this one: https://launchpad.net/~sevmek/+archive/+build/71744921:05
elmoyannick: yeah, found it, thanks21:05
abentleykiko, atcurtis: I know fixes for that kind of karma landed, but I'm not sure whether your issue is the one being addressed.21:05
atcurtiskiko: ok... I'm thinking that maybe it is not recognising my revisions -my revs have <username>@<hostname>.<domain> where my registered email is <username>@<domain>21:06
abentleyatcurtis: Can you claim <username>@<hostname>.<domain>?21:08
atcurtisI don't think an email would get though because hostname is not externally visible21:09
abentleyatcurtis: Ideally, you would use a user ID that is a valid email address.21:10
atcurtisabentley: how would you tell bzr about a userid? is it an env var?21:11
beunoatcurtis, bzr whoami 'You Name <your@email>'21:11
abentleyatcurtis: bzr my-id "Full Name <username@domain>"21:11
abentleyatcurtis: What beuno said.21:12
atcurtisthanks! is it a global setting?21:12
abentley(you can also do non-global settings if you really want)21:13
atcurtisglobal suits me fine.21:13
elmoyannick/rawler: we've backed out the broken buildds; thanks for letting us know21:13
beunoatcurtis, be warned that the commits made up to now, will stick with the old ID21:14
beunoso, you probably won't get karma for that21:14
rawlerelmo: no probs.. thanks.. :)21:17
cgreganHello all, Does anyone know how much of a private bug is seen by the public if it is made to "Also Affects" a public project?21:28
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Ampelbeincgregan: nothing. a private bug is private.21:39
cgregan´╗┐Ampelbein: Thank you21:46
kikocgregan, only direct subscribers can see it, IOW.21:49
cgregankiko: Excellent.....we are moving some bugs over from USG and want to make sure info is not disclosed. Thanks21:50
kikocgregan, cool. note that you want to try getting private bugs reported that have only one subscriber -- for the obvious reason. :)21:51
cgregankiko: I'll see what I can do about that. :-)21:52
cgregankiko: I tried it out and got some very strange results. Not sure what made it through to the public since I am a member of the private team.22:23
cgregankiko: Can you see the comments on this one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/26319622:24
ubottuError: This bug is private22:24
cgreganso then ubottu agrees that somehow a private bug created an also affects private bug.22:24
kikocgregan, that sentence does not compute. :)22:25
kikothe bug you posted is private. I can see it because I am a launchpad admin, but not if I log out.22:25
cgregankiko: Yes...the Belmont project is all private bugs...I wanted to also affects it to Ubuntu but the bug there should be private22:26
cgreganUbuntu bug should be public22:26
kikocgregan, there is only one bug, but it can affect multiple contacts22:26
cgregankiko: ah...so it does not clone22:26
cgregankiko: So I need to create a whole new public bug and paste details in from the private?22:27
kikocgregan, that's the workaround, I think. kinda horrible though22:58
cgregankiko: I agree, but I'm not sure the best way to get a bug with some private information in it, over to a publicly viewable one, without divulging private conversations...and such. Any recommendations?23:23
directhexknow what'd be lovely? if people had to say which version of ubuntu they were running when filing a bug report. it'd make chasing issues much easier23:25
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kikocgregan, we have no real support for that today. you're better off doing what you did right now23:41
kikodirecthex, yeah, it's on the list for 3.023:42
cgregankiko: Ok...thanks23:42
directhexkiko, oh, good. how about support for debian in PPA? distro support is one area the opensuse build service is miles ahead on23:43
wgrantkiko: Oh, doesn't it make things "too complex"?23:43
directhexwgrant, know what's too complex? guessing the version of an app based on bug submission date & prayer23:47
wgrantdirecthex: Of that I'm quite aware, and I have argued this in the past. But IIRC a counter-argument given was that it would be too complex.23:49
directhexwgrant, at least make apport put it in the preamble so you don't need to open a 10 meg file in your browser to search for the version...23:50
* directhex closes another bug23:50
wgrantdirecthex: It's there, isn't it?23:50
wgrantI'm sure i've seen a DistroRelease field.23:50
directhexwgrant, it is, a few thousand lines in23:51
wgrantHuh, I thought it was meant to be in the description.23:51
wgrantThat's probably an apport bug, at any rate.23:51
wgrantSo is more likely to get fixed.23:51

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