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alsadiregarding http://tech.slashdot.org/firehose.pl?id=1168487&op=view00:45
alsadican any one tell me why firefox is pushing on debian and ubuntu but not other distros as SUSE and Fefora00:45
alsadiand the introduction of ice* stuff00:45
darthanubisCannot start the preferences application for your window manager01:02
darthanubisWindow manager "Metacity" has not registered a configuration tool01:03
literaldarthanubis: gconf-editor01:08
darthanubisAn error occurred while loading or saving configuration information for gconf-editor. Some of your configuration settings may not work properly.01:08
RAOFMmm.  That's some messed-up gnome.01:09
darthanubisfresh install01:10
darthanubishoppe I don't haave to reinstall?01:11
RAOFI don't know.  Is there anything strange that you're doing?01:12
RAOFOr, in other words, what triggered this?01:13
darthanubisclean install of intrepid, then updated, and installed compiz and mythtv01:14
darthanubissame think I did 3 days ago with no issue01:14
darthanubisjust trrying to make my windows shade01:15
RAOFMaybe just try a restart?  It seems like your session is a bit crazy.01:19
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donkeyofdarknessfirefox is broke02:08
donkeyofdarknessk bai02:08
bytor4232He's a regular jack... Oh wait.02:16
slimzanyone feel like helping me get my vpn up and running with the new connection manager?02:31
slimzi get an error the vpn service stopped unexpectedly02:31
slimzi couldnt find anything relevant by googling02:31
miloszis vlc 0.9.2 available somehow?02:42
emmaRight now something is a bit off with my display03:40
emmait's like everything is stretched out vertically. Anyone else having that?03:41
intangirim on intrepid. im having the damndest time getting my video settings working..04:09
intangirnvidia-settings seems to give unstartable configs04:09
intangiri ran this one video config program once when X failed to start, in a weak X safe mode, it let me set it up and it actually totally worked04:09
intangirbut i dont know what that program was04:09
intangirand i cant find it again04:09
intangiri tried deleting my xorg confs hoping it would let me run it again, but now its booting some sort of safe config somewhere i dont know where its finding it04:10
intangirand isnt giving me that config dialog again04:10
bsniderit might have been displayconfig-gtk, but that's been removed04:10
intangiroh no..04:10
intangirnow what do i use04:10
intangiroh wait that is it04:10
intangirand its still installed hehehe04:10
bsniderxorg.conf has been deprecated in favour of nothing04:11
intangirhow do i configure nothing/04:11
bsnidervideo is supposed to be automatically configured04:11
DanaGHow do you pass nvidia the interesting options, such as customedid, or ondemandvblankinterrupts?04:11
danbh_intrepidhehe, thats not completely true04:11
danbh_intrepidbut i think that is the ideal04:11
bsnideri pass nvidia options using xorg.conf04:12
intangirhow do i tell it to use nvidia04:12
bsnideruntil they change their control panel04:12
intangirits using nv apparently by auto detection04:12
intangirso it will use a xorg if its there but otherwise just guess>?04:12
intangirthats .. sorta cool04:13
intangirit guessed a usable config04:13
intangirbut it doesnt support the 3d04:13
bsniderit should use the best available option04:13
intangirand gave me a gay resolution04:13
intangiri can do 1280x102404:13
bsniderwhich driver do you want to use?04:14
DanaG1280x960 makes more sense on a CRT than 1280x1024.04:14
DanaGIs it a CRT?04:14
intangirid prefer the extra pixels..04:14
intangirbrb im restarting X04:14
DanaGAnd non-circular circles?04:14
RAOFDanaG: Why do you say that?04:14
intangirthx for telling me about displayconfig-gtk04:14
DanaG1280x960 is 4:3 ratio; 1280x1024 is 5:4 (wtf???)04:14
intangirthats what i was looking for04:14
bsniderno it isn't04:15
bsnider1280x1024 is 4:304:15
DanaGNo, try it in a calculator.04:15
DanaG1280/1024; 1280/960.04:15
LSD|Ninja1280x1024 is 5:404:15
DanaGand then 1024/768.04:15
DanaGThat's one of my pet peeves.... who the heck invented that oddball resolution?04:16
DanaGWhoever did that... should be slapped.04:16
intangirk im back04:16
bsniderblame it on bill gates04:16
intangirya that worked btw04:16
bsnideror monkey boy ballmer04:16
LSD|Ninja1280x1024 is in teh VESA standards iirc04:17
DanaGawesome expression: ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?04:18
x1250when using build-dep now dependencies are removed afterwards automatically?04:31
RAOFYou can use pbuilder-satisfydepends; that'll work as you wish.04:34
x1250ok RAOF, thanks04:34
e\ectro__I keep getting the error "Maximum number of clients reached" after being in X for about 3-4 hours.04:46
e\ectro__when trying to open new apps04:46
e\ectro__as long as I dont close them I am ok, but I am unable to open new ones04:46
e\ectro__googling the error hasnt pinpointed the exact issue I am faced with...04:46
jlce\ectro__: maybe you should install chkrootkit or rkhunter... :P04:51
e\ectro__jlc: why's that04:52
e\ectro__you think I have a rootkit?04:52
jlci was just joking04:52
e\ectro__I already went down that route anyways ;)04:52
e\ectro__seems like only after I installed kde404:53
jlcdo you use gnome at all?04:53
jlcyou would be able to see if its kde i guess that way04:54
e\ectro__i only use gnome04:56
e\ectro__installed kde4 to check it out04:56
jlcah, so you were just testing out kde404:56
jlci did that too and it seemed buggy04:57
e\ectro__my thoughts exactly04:57
jlcevery time i try kde i just go back04:57
e\ectro__me too04:57
e\ectro__i like my gnome setup ;)04:57
e\ectro__which is funny because I always used kde in the past along with xfce404:57
Sonicadvance1Has anyone else got this? (II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Microsoft X-Box 360 pad" (type: MOUSE)04:58
Sonicadvance1Or any way of stopping it from being configured as a mouse? It seems to have happened when I updated XServer, but it could have come from the other updates as well04:59
intangirhow does that guest login thing work? is there a way to install it on 8.0405:30
DanaGSo, there's a new PulseAudio going up... any ETA on it getting to the repos?05:36
DanaGThe repos meaning archive.ubuntu.org.05:36
RAOFDanaG: You mean, pulse 0.9.12?  Given the regressions, it might not make Intrepid.05:39
timboyanyone on that can help us with my nvidia issues? broken since 7-3 upgrade...05:40
LSD|Ninjatimboy: which nvidia?05:40
DanaGHmm, what regressions?05:40
RAOFDanaG: Buffer underruns, crashing when TheMuso plugs in his USB soundcard.05:40
timboyDanaG, gdm won't start with nvidia drivers installed05:40
DanaGI've had my own regressions in Intrepid with the Toshiba stuff... and not gotten much response to the bug report.  However, there probably are higher-priority issues out there.05:41
LSD|Ninjatimboy: which nvidia card?05:41
DanaGThe "regressions" question was about pulse, not nvidia.05:41
timboyLSD|Ninja, 8800GT's SLI05:41
RAOFDanaG: And given TheMuso is our audio maintainer...  :)05:41
DanaGThis Toshiba has a card that needs the 96 drivers... and they don't work.  Got nv?  Bleargh.05:41
timboyLSD|Ninja, any idea?05:46
timboyif I uninstall nvidia gdm starts fine with vesa05:46
LSD|NinjaNope, I thought you may have had one of the older ones which still don't work yet05:46
timboyoh ok05:47
DanaGIs it the dkms issue?05:47
DanaGMultiple versions of nvidia driver.05:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261816 in linux-restricted-modules-envy-2.6.24 "nvidia: Multiple versions in DKMS" [Medium,In progress]05:48
timboyDanaG, trying those things05:52
timboyDanaG, no I don't think so... Tried all of those steps no dice.05:54
DanaGWhat video card?05:54
DanaGArgh, I wish PulseAudio wouldn't eat all my CPU time when I pause quodlibet.05:55
timboyDanaG, dual 8800GT's in SLI05:59
DanaGAah.  Does the driver just not build, or does it fail to start?05:59
DanaGGood places to look: dmesg, and xorg log.05:59
timboyDanaG, it builds and starts just fine but gdm won't load if nvidia is loaded...06:00
timboy(EE) No devices detected.06:00
timboyFatal server error:no screens found06:01
timboyis what xorg.0.log says06:01
timboyRAOF, you on? I was told before you were the one to talk to for nvidia issues06:03
RAOFI'm not sure why :)06:07
RAOFtimboy: Pastebin your xorg.conf and /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:07
timboyRAOF, http://pastebin.ca/120308406:09
RAOFFirstly, I'd remove the "Disable dri2" bit; that's unnecessary.06:10
RAOFSecondly.  Odd.06:10
RAOFI presume you actually have one of nvidia-glx-{173,177} installed?06:10
timboyYes 17706:11
timboyalso tried 17306:11
RAOFTry running "sudo nvidia-xconfig --twinview" and restart X?06:12
timboywhen I run a gdm restart the screen just flashes a couple of times and gdm fails to start06:14
timboyif I try startx I get: (EE) No devices detected. no screens found giving up and then xinit: Connection refused (errno 111)06:16
DanaGHmm.  Pastebin the log and the config file, perhaps?06:17
timboyDanaG, Just did that 8 mins ago want me to do it again?06:18
DanaGlemme look.06:18
DanaGoh, try googling for this:  (!!) More than one possible primary device found06:29
* DanaG goes off to devour his CPU:06:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 221038 in pulseaudio "PulseAudio fails when Gstreamer is paused" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:37
RAOFDanaG: I don't suppose you've tried that with pulse 0.9.12?06:39
DanaGI haven't tried the new PulseAudio.06:39
DanaGIs there a PPA with it somewhere, or something?06:39
DanaGIf all else fails, I can compile it... but I'd rather not have to.06:39
RAOFSorry, ~themuso/+archive06:40
DanaGer, complete address?06:42
DanaGNone of the other PPA repos I use have a tilde or a +archive06:42
RAOFSorry, I was pointing you at the launchpad page.06:43
DanaGI'll go there, then.06:43
timboyDanaG, RAOF, I restored my original nvidia config and getting a different error now: http://pastebin.ca/120310206:49
timboyi guess I should say I restored my original xorg.conf06:50
DanaGFailed to initialize... I don't know what to do there.06:51
DanaGLook in dmesg -- anything with NVRM is nvidia.06:51
timboyDanaG, [   15.243422] NVRM: loading NVIDIA UNIX x86_64 Kernel Module  177.70  Wed Aug 27 12:46:19 PDT 200806:52
DanaGStart at the bottom, actually.06:53
DanaGdmesg | less06:53
DanaGthen hit end.06:53
DanaGOr perhaps it's ctrl-end?  Well, I know pgdn will get you there after a while.06:53
timboyDanaG, i grepped NVRM and that's the only line I got06:54
DanaGOr rather, too normal.06:55
timboywell the module loads fine on startup and everything...06:55
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bobesponjadoes anyone know if vlc 0.9.2 will be in intrepid?07:01
RAOFProbably not if it isn't already would be my guess.07:01
bobesponjaok, too bad, it's real improvement07:02
DanaGUgh, crackling.07:02
bobesponjathey could make an exception as they do with firefox07:02
DanaGOh yeah, and nice new pavucontrol, though.07:03
RAOFbobesponja: Oh, it's entirely possible that it _could_ be updated.07:03
DanaGAnd no more cpu rapeage on pause.07:03
RAOFDanaG: Swings and roundabouts :)07:03
RAOFDanaG: So, you get buffer underruns too?07:03
RAOFbobesponja: It's in multiverse, though, which is a bit of a demotivator for some.07:04
DanaGDroputs, yup.07:05
bobesponjaRAOF: why would it be a demotivator?07:05
RAOFbobesponja: Because multiverse is all non-free in some way.07:05
RAOFIn this case, it's non-free because it's full to the brim with patent-infringing code.07:06
bobesponjacan't it be compiled with the patent stuff out?07:06
DanaGAah, speex-float-1 is better than float-3.07:06
RAOFbobesponja: Well, probably.  But then why would you use vlc over, say, totem?07:06
DanaGI use mplayer, because VLC fails at mkv subtitles.07:07
RAOFYou'd lose all the encoders, for examle.07:07
DanaGTotally ignores font style, font color, text position, and text angle.07:07
DanaGSo, you'll end up with 3 sets of subtitles all overlapping at the bottom center.07:07
RAOFYou anime junky, you :P07:07
bobesponjaI have multiverse and don't see vlc 0.9.2 though :/07:08
DanaGGood for chalkboard gags and such.07:08
RAOFActually, that's probably spelled 'junkie'07:08
DanaGOh yeah, still no device selector in pavumeter!07:08
RAOFbobesponja: Yeah, we've got 0.8.6 in multiverse currently.07:08
bobesponjaok, cause I was asking about 0.9.2 and then you said "it's in multiverse" so I got confused I guess07:09
RAOFI meant that it being in multiverse is a demotivator for updating it to 0.9.2 ;)07:09
bobesponjayeah, that was confusing =)07:10
DanaGomglol?  alsa-util.c: Device hw:1 doesn't support 6 channels, changed to 2.07:11
DanaGIt worked with the previous version, with 6 channels.07:11
RAOFDanaG: Probably worth filing that as a bug against pulseaudio, making it clear that you're using the PPA.07:12
RAOFDanaG: That's what the PPA's there for - to track 0.9.12 improvements/regressions, to determine whether it's worth updating.07:12
DanaGI just did something foolish: pccardctl eject, while using a USB hard drive for /home07:13
DanaGSo, will be back in a minute.07:13
DanaGOdd... after a reboot, it's now giving me 6 channels.07:23
DanaGI like that pavucontrol now includes a meter.... but it should have one per channel, right?  Just one meter for 6 channel device is lame.07:23
DanaGUgh, it's using like 80% CPU to resample a 44.1KHz file to a 48KHz-only device.07:26
RAOFDanaG: one-per-channel?  Maybe, but that'd take up a lot of space07:28
DanaGAnd CPU time.07:29
DanaGBut then they should instead add a device chooser to pavumeter.07:29
RAOFYou can get them, through paman07:31
RAOFOn the 'sink properties'.  But I aggree.07:31
DanaGOh, I see... the 80% CPU usage is only while pavucontrol is open.07:40
DanaGIt's like it's resampling the output AND resampling the input, or something.07:40
RAOFIt probably is.07:40
DanaGFeature idea: make the volume control bars use a lower-resource version, such as 'trivial' or such.07:41
RAOFMy experience with pulseaudio -vvv suggests that when a pavucontrol client is connected to the daemon it polls the input as well as the output :)07:41
DanaGThere are no Easter Eggs in this program.07:42
DanaGThere really are no Easter Eggs in this program.07:42
DanaGDidn't I already tell you that there are no Easter Eggs in this program?07:42
RAOF(As in, it spends time polling the alsa sinks as well as sources)07:42
DanaG... I'll spare the rest.07:42
RAOFWhere's that from?07:42
DanaGthat's aptitude moo07:42
DanaGaptitude -v moo07:42
DanaGthen add more -v07:42
DanaGcan do -vvv (not need -v -v -v)07:43
DanaGyay  for disable lfe remixing.07:45
DanaGNext feature to add: settable lfe crossover.  =þ07:46
[Neurotic]hey all, I'm trying to update my ubuntu with the alternate cd, but am getting the error ''E:Could not open file /cdrom/dists/intrepid/main/binary-i386/Packages - open (2 No such file or directory (and more).  Is the cdrom update working yet?07:58
[Neurotic]hmnn.. guess everyone is asleep in the US or something :(08:02
RAOFOn the weekend, no less.08:02
DanaGMon Sep 15 00:03:05 PDT 200808:03
[Neurotic]Monday in Australia :D08:04
[Neurotic]sod... really wanted to do an update from cdrom08:04
RAOFdo-release-upgrade doesn't cut it?08:05
[Neurotic]I'm trying to solve a kernel panic problem with the iwl4965 drivers08:05
[Neurotic]so if it panics mid upgrade08:06
[Neurotic]I'm in a bit of trouble08:06
[Neurotic]If I turn off my networking, no panic08:06
RAOFFun.  I don't suppose you've got a wired connection?08:06
[Neurotic]yeah, I may have to resort to that08:07
x1250inkscape doesn't build using build-dep, ./configure complains about "gsl" package.08:07
RAOFx1250: Presumably dpkg-buildpackage works, though?08:09
x1250RAOF, nope, same error08:11
RAOFx1250: This may well be a bug.08:11
RAOFIt was last built about a month ago; it may be that things have changed.08:11
RAOFI'll pull source and build in a chroot.08:12
x1250ok, I'm asking on #inkscape for help too. Thanks.08:14
x1250libgsl0-dev is missing as a dependency, its compiling now08:18
x1250also there is a bug in inkscape, and thats why I'm compiling. In document properties there is a button to select the document background. The problem is that the maximum value por alpha opacity is only 245 and not 255. The spin button can't reach 255, and setting 255 value by hand doesn't work either. #inkscape guys said its fixed on svn, so I'm building a deb package.08:25
elwoodhi guys, how to check if i found a bug?09:03
elwoodi cannot set the framebuffer in the usual way09:04
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Oli``Anyone here successfully using btnx on 8.10?09:25
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Jordan_UWhy is vlc-plugin-pulse in multiverse ?09:39
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malnilionJordan_U, I have no idea, but my best guess is because it's associated with vlc which has to be in multiverse09:45
mattikHello, is medibuntu working in Intrepid?10:20
LSD|Ninjamattik: I doubt it's supported, but it hasn't seemed to have cause me any grief10:22
lecheare there any new about the actual kernel update to 2.6.27-3?10:24
mattikyes, It's not working in me, too10:24
mattikI mean medibuntu10:24
mattikStill I don't have sound support for my laptop10:25
mattikafter kernel update10:25
mattikIn But maybre it's kde wrong10:26
mattikIt allways change sound source in startup of kde10:28
mattikand startup sound stop10:28
mattikIn gnome I don't have system sounds10:28
mattikI think there is so much sound error bugs that I don't report. Some says it's duplicate10:29
mattikif I try10:30
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Raspberryanybody have any documentation on how to configure mouse and display in 8.1011:30
RaspberryThat works really well for Thinkpads12:15
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clustythere is something funny with firefox (or the flash plugin). if there is any other application using the sound card, it cannot play any sounds (think every other app is using pulse)12:51
clustyany easy enough way to fix this?12:51
`Matircan anyone tell me how I could debug nspluginwrapper crashes?  It's getting annoying to not be able to use anything requiring flash.13:05
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Sonicadvance1oi `Matir, if you are using Firefox 3.0.1, then it's a problem in firefox that has been fixed in upstream. You need to get a nightly of it13:23
`MatirSonicadvance1, ah, I think I have 3.0.2 now... though I've had nspluginwrapper disabled for the last few days.  I'll try re-enabling and see what happens.13:25
`MatirSonicadvance1, thanks.13:25
matt__i have which supports my rtl-8150 card now, i can see my network and the card is on, but can't connect/13:43
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schmidtmwill the new version of vlc be available in the repos?13:58
matt__aswell as that my load avg is 5.42 4.71 4.82  ?13:58
matt__wrapndis_wq < is that process ndiswrapper, i guess so14:02
e\ectro__I keep getting the error "Maximum number of clients reached" after being in X for about 3-4 hours.14:20
arpuanyone an idea how to fix this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/isight-firmware-tools/+bug/256114 ?14:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 256114 in isight-firmware-tools "Unable to load isight firmware  (dup-of: 251838)" [Undecided,New]14:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251838 in mactel-support "[intrepid] isight_firmware module doesn't load isight.fw" [Low,Fix released]14:26
`Matirarpu, did you read the bug it's a duplicate of?14:44
arpuMatri yes i copyed isighn firmeware to /lib/firemware and removed the isighn-extract-tools14:48
arpumabye ist a problem the 64 bit ubuntu version i need a other firmeware ?14:48
darthanubisWindow manager "compiz" has not registered a configuration tool14:49
darthanubisCannot start the preferences application for your window manager14:50
darthanubisBug 26980515:17
darthanubisBug #26980515:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269805 in gnome-control-center "gnome-window-properties gives error about configuration tool not being "registered"" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26980515:17
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clustythere is something funny with firefox (or the flash plugin). if there is any other application using the sound card, it cannot play any sounds (think every other app is using pulse)15:30
clustyany easy enough way to fix this?15:30
jonny_Is there a wiki page or some info about how X is being configured in intrepid.. I have a blank xorg.conf but everything is working nicely. This unnerves me!15:44
unavailablefirefox crashes when going to paypal in intrepid15:46
unavailableevery time15:46
unavailableit will initally load the page, then oops...  crash15:46
unavailablegive me 2 min ill brb15:46
kulightjonny, i have similar thing going on also got a blank xorg.conf and im unable to get the ati drivers to install but all the effects are working only problem i have is that the system is working incredibly slow15:46
unavailableallright had to switch from chatzilla to xchat to do a crash report15:47
jonny_kulight - I just ran displayconfig-gtk and it has writeen me a good xorg.conf, I'm just going to restart X to see if ti _actually is good_ or not :)15:49
unavailableterminal gives me --> Segmentation fault (core dumped)15:49
kulightok ill be waiting for your resauls15:49
unavailablejsconsole gives me error parsing property "filter"15:52
unavailabletwice but it closes too quick to read details15:52
kulightjonny, i dont have dislayconfig-gtk15:53
unavailableand  firefox http://www.paypal.com15:53
unavailable(crashreporter:10703): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_set_sensitive: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed15:53
unavailable(crashreporter:10703): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_set_sensitive: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed15:53
unavailableSegmentation fault (core dumped)15:53
unavailableany ideas15:59
Matir`unavailable, I have no problems visiting paypal on firefox on current (updated) intrepid16:00
unavailablewhat does the above mean then??16:01
unavailable(crashreporter:10703): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_set_sensitive: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed16:01
unavailablemind you i installed intrepid using update-manager -d16:01
Matir`it means the gtk_widget_set_sensitive function is being passed something that is not, in fact, a gtk widget.16:02
unavailableok, so how would this be solved?16:03
Matir`that's all it reports?16:04
arpuhello how can i start ath_pci module on start up `16:07
Matir`arpu, list it in /etc/modules16:08
arputh Matir`16:09
unavailableMatir`:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/47160/16:10
unavailablestill waiting for the actual crash report to process16:10
ghindoDoes anybody know if VLC 0.9.2 will be packaged in time for Intrepid's final release?16:15
Matir`unavailable, do you use any addons other than the defaults?  (ubufox is, IIRC, the only default).  If so, try disabling them and trying it again.16:16
Matir`ghindo, I would doubt it16:18
ghindoMatir`: Darn.  Oh well, thanks16:18
Matir`ghindo, might end up in backports16:18
Matir`ghindo, I don't speak for the Intrepid team though, I just know it's past FeatureFreeze16:19
ghindoMatir`: True.16:19
Matir`ghindo, I'm hoping for OO 3 myself16:20
ghindoMatir`: 00 3?16:20
Matir`openoffice 316:21
ghindoThey're only in like, Beta 2, aren't they?16:22
ghindoMaaayybe it'll be in Intrepid Backports16:22
Matir`yeah, the OO.org team's deadlines keep slipping16:24
Matir`lots of nice features in it though16:24
nanderssonFirst rc of OOo 3 is out there16:26
nanderssonIf Ubuntu 8.04 LTS was able to ship with a FF3-beta Intrepid Ibex should be able to ship with a released OOo 3 :)16:28
unavailableMatir`:  k16:31
unavailableMatir`:  still crashes16:33
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`MatirAnyone ever see wine cause X to segfault?17:00
JontheEchidnausually boils down to the driver causing the crash17:01
`MatirJontheEchidna, ah... lovely17:02
dashnuwhats the deal with cairo-dock ? a wiki on the plans for it and intrepid ?17:06
dashnui dont see cairo-dock-plugins17:06
unavailablei get "expected )")"   "  when updating17:07
unavailablefor cairo dock17:07
unavailabletis not a big issue for me, the dock still works17:08
dashnuunavailable: what do you mean ??17:08
unavailablehold on lemmie update and get the exact message17:09
unavailableanyone know if the new alsa and linux sound kills anything?17:09
unavailablethe reason i say is because the nvidia update killed me for a bit17:10
unavailabletalks about "processing triggers for menu"17:10
unavailableany way to see log files from updates?17:11
dashnuunavailable: i am running fully up to date17:11
unavailableit didnt do it this time.17:11
dashnualsa works for me17:11
dashnuhow did you install the dock?17:12
unavailablein hardy17:12
dashnuoh, then upgraded?17:12
dashnuwonder if could add those repos and install it17:13
unavailabletold me it disabled third party sources so i reenabled them, updated their tag to intrepid, and ran update.  Removed all that failed,17:13
dashnui have been away from desktop linux for a year or two, this compiz stuff is pretty flippen awesome17:14
dashnui am impressed17:14
unavailableunfortunately it was one of those that failed17:14
unavailablethinking of setting it back to hardy, see if it updates.17:15
dashnunot a big deal, i dont think I will like it anyways17:15
dashnua screenlet for the gnome notification area would solve all my look-n-feel issues17:16
unavailablechanged it, no errors, but no updates17:16
unavailableany way to see log files from updates?17:17
dashnudont know, i have been using gentoo for 10 years :p17:18
unavailableProcessing triggers for menu ...17:27
unavailable/usr/share/menu/cairo-dock: 1: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")17:27
unavailableExecution of /usr/share/menu/cairo-dock generated no output or returned an error.17:27
unavailableThats the error from /var/log/apt/term.log17:28
`Matirwhat do you install to get the vboxdrv module?17:35
unavailable`Matir:  i used the non ose version of virtualbox,17:36
dryroti uninstalled old vbox package.  i reinstalled it .  i used non ose17:37
unavailablethen find virtualbox in synaptic and highlight it, them package > config17:37
iddocan anyone help with getting standby (suspend to ram) to work with eee pc 901 on intrepid?17:41
lasjsdfsI am having problems in my touchpad, it does not respond to the event click on it when I play18:03
eklofHowdy folks.18:39
eklofHow is ibex doin ?18:40
a4xlHi. I've upgraded my intrepid system, and it's fixed most of the issues I was having. Could I suggest that when X goes into failsafe mode, when given the option to reconfigure the display, the "Cancel" button be renamed to "Continue in Low-graphics mode"? To me at least (maybe it was just me :P), it didn't seem obvious that I could continue in low-graphics mode by clicking it. Otherwise, I was really impressed with the release.18:54
danbh_intrepida4xl: use launchpad18:59
a4xldanbh_intrepid: Okay - I'll add it there. Thanks. :)19:00
danbh_intrepida4xl: I have no idea what will happen when it hits launchpad.  My stuff sometimes gets ignored, but certainly, launchpad is the only place to start.19:01
root__just installed irssi19:02
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dominiqueIs there a fix for getting the new network manager to display networks?  Should I just download the network manager for an earlier kernel?20:20
lore20what do you think about network manager 0.7.0?21:02
lore20it seems worse then hardy version21:03
lore20is there anybody?''21:06
DanaGoh hey, random thing I noticed: the ADI1983 chip on this Optiplex 745 will play to both headphone and rear output at the same time.21:13
PolitikerNEUFor me, network manager is working fine except that if it cannot connect to a network, it displays some hexcode instead of the password21:34
lore20with hardy i can set hostname... searching domain, etc.. with intrepid nothing of this21:34
PolitikerNEUOh - I have only used network manager for (simple wpa) wlan connections so far ..21:35
bsnideranybody here got a directory with lots of movies in it?21:39
bill--22 I have a problem with network manager, it can't save the wep key. Every boot it ask me to rewrite it.21:41
danbh_intrepidbsnider: why?21:41
bsnidernautilus behaves strangly with the icon view larger than 100%21:42
lore20i think is due automatic preview21:42
danbh_intrepidbsnider: whats the problem?21:43
bsnidernautilus grabs all ram and hten crashes21:43
bsnideri would call tat a problem21:43
bsniderif you raise the icon view from 100% to 150 or 200 it will crash21:43
danbh_intrepidmine isnt autopreviewing, so nothing is happening21:43
bsniderit coincides with heavy disk activity21:45
bsnideri assume it's trying to creat large thumbnails21:45
bsnideron the other hand, i turned the thumbnailer off21:45
bill--22have anyone the same problem?21:46
danbh_intrepidbill--22: network stuff is bonkers for me21:47
bsniderbill--22, lots of people21:47
bill--22is there somethink to do? Is it bug?21:49
bsniderit is a bug. look on launchpad to see what the deal is with it21:50
bill--22thanks for the help21:56
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bill--22hi awkorama22:23
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rconanhow can I add the intrepid repos but pin packages to hardy by default?22:56
RAOF"man apt-preferences" I believe is the canonical resource.22:56
RAOFOf course, you're aware that configuration is totally unsupported and is quite likely to break your system, right?22:57
RAOFIt's _not_ the same as Debian testing/unstable/experimental22:57
rconanRAOF, I just need kernel and nvidia modules from intrepid22:57
rconan2.6.24 doesn't support my motherboard storage controller22:57
rconanRAOF, that man page doesn't exist22:58
RAOFAh, because it's apt_preferences :/22:59
rconanRAOF, cheers, I'm thinking I might wait for the beta and install that instead23:02
RAOFProbably a winner.  Mixing repositories isn't generally fun.23:04
rconanif it was my PC I would do it (kernel and nvidia modules would likely not cause problems) but it isn't so I'll wait for the beta23:05
nanderssonAm I the only one that can't see Flash in Intrepid even though the plugin is installed? (i.e ubuntu-restricted-extras)23:21
[Neurotic]Hi, I'm looking for a way for me to install vmware workstation on Ibex.  Does anyone know if it is possible?23:37
miloszHello, how can I enable bootchart on Intrepid?23:49

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