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EruditeHermithi, is it known which theme will be the default for intrepid?02:29
carciofogood morning world10:05
aantnmorning carciofo10:06
carciofojust about trying screencast10:09
carciofowhat do the ubuntu artwork?10:12
carciofowhat kind of artworks?10:12
carciofosuch as digital artwort i guess :- )10:24
Cimikwwii, firefox patch15:23
kwwiiCimi: he15:34
kwwiiCimi: not sure I understand what you mena15:34
kwwiiand I definitely cannot type today15:35
Cimikwwii, you asked me to remember you to ping a developer to ask if he would have patched firefox in order to add rounded entry15:36
kwwiiahhh, right...I'll bug asac now15:36
kwwiijolt my memory here...there is a patch available and we need to get the firefox maintainer to apply it?15:37
Cimithe patch landed in 3.1 trunk, but I guess it should work for 3.015:37
kwwiiahh, right15:38
Cimithere's the patch15:38
Cimikwwii, the reason why I have changed "style" to "profile" is that I want to be able to add a real "style" option in the future: for example to manage a totally new style15:39
Cimi(in murrine's code)15:40
Cimithe actual *styles*, renamed to *profile = ...* are based to the murrine rendering code, they pass some gradients and options to the murrine code. they are not a real new style15:41
kwwiiCimi: sounds like a very good idea15:43
_MMA_kwwii: You're needed in -devel.15:44
kwwiiCimi: do you have a link to the whole bug and not just the patch?15:44
Cimikwwii, so to make your theme compatible with the latest subversion just remove the "style = MURRINE" from your gtkrc15:46
Cimi_MMA_, too15:46
ubottuMozilla bug 405421 in Widget: Gtk "Ensure our widget painting is transparent for themes that support it" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]15:46
kwwiiCimi: erm, this will effect a lot of themes I guess15:47
Cimikwwii, no15:47
Cimikwwii, just your theme15:47
Cimistyle = MURRINE was introduced in the SVN, so there should be only your theme that needs to be fixed15:48
dilomohey guys15:48
kwwiiCimi: hehe, cool15:49
kwwiiCimi: I'll remove that when I update the theme in a day or two15:50
dilomoanybody knows how to overlap images in metacity theme?15:50
dilomolike that : http://img150.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=89997_Jonined_122_801lo.jpg15:50
Cimidilomo, metacity should not use pixmaps15:50
dilomowho said that?15:51
dilomoif it is easier to do15:51
dilomowhy not use images?15:51
Cimibecause, and even benzea said to you, they *sucks*15:52
Cimiand for example, given the bugged compiz+nvidia15:52
Cimiyou'll lose window borders and fail under a lor of artifacts15:52
Cimijust try pixmap themes with compiz15:53
dilomowell I'm using pixmaps only for the buttons15:53
Cimioh then it should be ok15:53
Cimiyou can't overlap15:54
dilomoso back to the question: how can I overlap button images?15:54
dilomothat sucks15:54
Cimioverlapping is not necessary15:55
Cimimaybe it should be more useful to manage the different layouts15:55
Cimiso you can have different images when you have only minimaze and close15:55
Cimiand different images with all the buttons15:56
Cimiyou'll achieve what you want without overlapping15:56
Cimithat means a better code15:56
dilomobut is how is that possible? explain15:56
Cimii don't think it is possible15:56
dilomohow do I do these layouts?15:57
CimiI've just said it should be better if metacity would support layourts rather than overlapping15:57
CimiI'm not sure but maybe you can do this too15:58
Cimitry to read frames15:59
Cimiin the metacity.xml15:59
Cimiyou can manage different layout for utility ......15:59
dilomois there a way to detect if only close button will appear because16:00
dilomoonly then I need different image for the button16:00
CimiI can't help you, I'm busy till october16:01
dilomono I will need more checks to do that16:01
Cimibut *maybe*16:01
Cimiif you run metacity-theme-viewer16:02
Cimiyou can see how *dialogs* have no minimize button16:02
Cimiso you can play with it16:02
dilomook thanks for the tip16:03
dilomothere is one case when the window has fixed size and cannot be maximized16:14
dilomothat breaks everything I might make16:14
dilomoI found a way to do it.16:23
Elf1991Hi people16:32
Elf1991who is Russia ??16:33
Elf1991gays !!?!!16:34
cody-somervilleNo, the Russia isn't the gays.16:34
* _MMA_ is gay.16:34
Elf1991cody-somerville are from Russia ??16:35
* _MMA_ tries despreatly to think of a "In Soviet Russia..." joke.16:36
Elf1991Áëèí êòî Ðóññêèé çíàåò à ?16:36
_MMA_Elf1991: You asked. Nobody said "yes" SO there's your answer.16:36
_MMA_And the over-use of punctuation will get you nowhere. It's just annoying.16:37
Elf1991Designer I work here and want to help as nebud.16:39
_MMA_Join the mailing list. http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-art Help where you can.16:39
_MMA_Elf1991: Do you have a portfolio? A place that shows your work?16:40
Elf1991Sorry for my bad English16:40
Elf1991I'm 3D modeller16:40
Elf1991I was not portfolio. But I can find elaborating16:41
_MMA_Do you have examples of your work?16:41
_MMA_Link us.16:41
Elf1991I just made the fish (which lasted 2 - 3 hours). I'm game developer. Allrigth now upload16:44
Elf1991http://img129.imageshack.us/img129/6495/finishfishtj9.jpg - this is my work, but 30% my opportunities16:47
Elf1991http://img129.imageshack.us/img129/1315/002vs3.png  - this is one of the machines for the mini-games (not smarter)16:51
Elf1991As you?16:53
_MMA_I don't understand.16:55
Elf1991Do you like my work?16:55
dilomo_MMA_ : he means this is one of the cars16:56
_MMA_It's kind of small and hard to see.16:56
dilomobecause mashina in russian means car16:56
Elf1991yes =)16:57
_MMA_I see.16:57
dilomoso Elf1991 do you have some bigger rendering?16:57
Elf1991I'm have big view but he on work16:57
dilomocan you make 3D cursors?16:57
Elf1991yes sure16:58
Elf1991I'm game developer16:58
Elf1991cursors this is very easy for my16:59
dilomocan you make a preview of pointer that is modern and new16:59
dilomofor the future Ubuntu version?16:59
Elf1991yes I'm designer17:00
dilomobtw I'm Anton nice to meet you17:00
dilomoI'm from Bulgaria17:00
Elf1991My name is Ilya17:02
Elf1991I seldom write to English17:02
dilomoI understand17:02
Elf1991I happen =)17:03
dilomoYou will learn as you type more and more17:03
Elf1991sure I have a little time now, Sun Work, work17:03
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dilomoas _MMA_ said you should join the mailing list17:04
dilomoto have all news and discussions17:05
Elf1991sure I'm register through 2 as the clock come home17:06
Elf1991ÎÎÎ òû ïî ðóññêè ãîâîðèøü =)17:07
dilomoHowever I was trying to say good job17:07
dilomoin Russian17:07
Elf1991Why good? I'm not undestand (((17:09
dilomoGood because when you go home you will register to the mailing list17:10
Elf1991AAAA yes yes. How many members our team ??17:11
dilomowell there are many ppl out there.17:12
dilomoI have a team that has 11 or so members17:12
dilomoat the art-meeting we were around 16017:13
Elf1991xm ... allright17:14
Elf1991Well, all I went home. See you through the clock - two. Before the emergency meeting.17:15
_MMA_dilomo: 160 was just the people in the room. I bet no more that 10 were there interested in the art.17:16
dilomoprobably but how many people are reading the mailing list?17:17
_MMA_dilomo: Hard to tell. So many people drop off. So many just get the digest.17:19
dilomoyeah it's hard to determine17:20
thorwili think i had cases of 70 hits a day on my blog from posting to the list17:21
dilomoI have to go17:24
thorwilpukey things make me shine17:38
* _MMA_ shines his puke.17:39
* kwwii is not feeling well, laying down for a while17:47
_MMA_thorwil: So. Whatcha wanna do around here for Jaunty?17:48
DanaGmmm, gotta love the glitchy windeco on nvidia.  =þ17:54
_MMA_Got a bug number that says it's more than just your crackful system?17:56
DanaGcan't test right now... backlight inverter on the compiz-capable laptop is dead.  =þ17:57
savvasso we could mix and crossover jazz jackrabbit and an antilope.. in a yellowish colour :P17:58
DanaGMmm, 237 new messages in my gmail, all from the "Firefox shows an EULA!" bug.17:58
savvasthat was bug?17:58
_MMA_So it shoulda read "DanaG: mmm, gotta love *my* glitchy windeco on *my* nvidia card.  =þ"17:58
Cimithe metacity should be improved17:59
savvasi get the window decolourisation on nvidia too :\17:59
DanaGAnd the glitchy buttons....18:09
DanaGand the missing color except for one triangle all the way across.18:09
Cimiwrite a better metacity theme18:11
Cimimaybe your code could be better18:12
DanaGEhh, for now I just live with it.18:13
DanaGAnd with my next laptop, I have ATI... so I'll be able to see whether it's just an nvidia issue after all.18:14
DanaGs/have/will have/18:14
_MMA_DanaG: That's right. Complain and do nothing. :)18:14
Cimibut the metacity remains bugged18:16
thorwil_MMA_: hmm?18:29
thorwil_MMA_: i thought of combining the jackalope with the playboy bunny for an epic! wallpaper18:29
_MMA_Cool. But I was asking on a bit more serious note. I have ideas, but don't wanna just do it all myself without input.18:32
_MMA_Most likely will be what happens, but I wanna give people the chance.18:32
_MMA_Though they'll still bitch later.18:32
thorwil_MMA_: well, currently i wonder if i should try to push my project kyudo shortly after the ibex release18:33
_MMA_thorwil: If you want to push it, I suggest we pull together and start soon. AFAIC, this cycle is over.18:34
thorwil_MMA_: i failed to say no and hene work on an icon for a mud client. but i should get back to kyudo this week. meanwhile, please feel invited to read it and suggest modifications18:36
thorwil_MMA_: https://code.launchpad.net/~t-w-/+junk/kyudo18:36
* _MMA_ clicks.18:36
_MMA_thorwil: From what I see, this is heavily reliant on Canonical's involvement. Correct?18:38
thorwil_MMA_: i just recently tweaked it a bit ... the idea is to run for either 1st or 2nd place. the effort and standards are the same18:40
thorwil_MMA_: in short: be damn good. i canonical lifts us to default, great, otherwise we just offer what we have anyway :)18:41
_MMA_thorwil: I would like to have a Skype chat with you and kwwii. Do you, or can you use it?18:41
thorwil_MMA_: i only used ekiga once18:42
_MMA_If you have no moral objections, please try it. It's no harder than making a Jabber account IMO.18:42
_MMA_You'd be surprised how much it's used around Ubuntuland. :)18:43
thorwilmy spoken english sucks donkey balls, though18:45
_MMA_hahah. It's fine. I heard you on your screencast. :)18:45
_MMA_Trust me, I've dealt with *way* worse. ;)18:46
_MMA_thorwil: Also, a cold beer sayz I have Troy back on the list for Jaunty. :)18:50
thorwilchatting with him is both enjoyable and frustrating ;)18:52
_MMA_Don't I know it. :)18:53
DanaGDoes Skype get along any better with PulseAudio than it used to?19:02
_MMA_I imagine. Since I can play sound with it. Flash and all. It also quite often comes down to your sound card.19:03
_MMA_Damn. How do I clone in Inkscape?19:07
Elf1991Hello =)19:07
_MMA_thorwil: Oh killer. Thanx19:07
thorwiltoo bad there's no pure shape cloning, allowing to change colours19:08
_MMA_thorwil: I got this wallpaper with the same object *duplicated* 1390 times. No wonder it's 25MB. :P19:10
thorwil_MMA_: you know about tiled clones?19:10
_MMA_Heard it. Just havent looked into it yet.19:11
Elf1991I registred =) (probably)19:13
_MMA_Elf1991: You did. I saw.19:13
Elf1991good, but I no log in (((19:14
Elf1991Boys give links Hyde Gnome design for Linux19:18
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andreasnkwwii: ping19:27
thorwilandreasn: about 1:40 ago: * kwwii is not feeling well, laying down for a while19:29
andreasnthorwil: have you tried out that sound theme?19:30
andreasnthat kwwii packaged in his ppa19:30
thorwilandreasn: no. i never use desktop sounds, i enjoy the silence :)19:31
andreasnwell, yeah, I like a silent desktop as well19:31
* _MMA_ has tried it and ships a sound theme with Studio.19:32
Elf_WarriorI would be over 20 minutes. And give me please documentation (link) for GNOME Desktope19:32
andreasnthere have been suggestions about using the sound theme upstream, so I wanted opinions if people thought it was good or not19:32
_MMA_Elf_Warrior: It's not that easy.19:32
_MMA_andreasn: Doesn't say "GNOME" to me but I do think it fits Ubuntu very well.19:33
Elf_Warriorxm ... I was on it and hoped. And I am Russian =). Russian is not how much.19:34
andreasnhow would you say GNOME sounds like?19:34
_MMA_andreasn: That's a good question. :)19:34
thorwilgray and blue with a little strawberry19:34
Elf_WarriorAll I went to bathe.19:35
andreasnI have no idea myself, I tried some sounds called "Cleanus" or something a while ago, but it sounded all Super Mario Bros19:35
_MMA_Here's one for ya.19:37
_MMA_I got an SVG.19:37
_MMA_Inkscape svg = 25MB19:37
_MMA_Inkscape svgz = 8MB19:37
_MMA_plain svg = 18MB19:37
_MMA_plain svgz = 2.5MB19:37
andreasn_MMA_: what sound is what?19:40
andreasnwhat is sound1, info?19:40
_MMA_Oh it's been a bit since I looked at it. I'd have to dig them up and I'm working on something atm. I thought they were labeled?19:42
andreasnwell, the startup and shutdown are, but not the others19:42
andreasndon't let me interrupt if you're in the middle of something19:43
andreasnI'll try to figure it out19:43
_MMA_ok. I'll dig 'em up soon.19:43
Elf_WarriorI am here =)19:45
Elf_Warrior_MMA_ You ïøìó me Hyde?19:46
_MMA_Elf_Warrior: I'm sorry. I don't understand what you want.19:47
Elf_Warriordocumentation for disigner for Linux19:48
Elf_Warriorsorry on Linux19:48
_MMA_Elf_Warrior: As I said, it's not that easy. And the language barrier will make it too hard. See if you can get someone to come in here and help.19:49
Elf_WarriorYou know me badly. I am 17 years old are already working art0director. All that easy - I was not smarter.19:51
lucazadehowto for metacity19:51
lucazadelooking for gtk theme howto19:52
Elf_WarriorThank you19:52
lucazadelook at this19:52
lucazadein gtk themes you should find how to build an interface under gnome19:53
Elf_WarriorOOOO!!!! This is CSS style !!!!!!19:54
lucazadelet us know your progress in theming!19:54
_MMA_PLEASE!!!!!  STOP!!!!! ALL!!!! THE!!!! PUNCTUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!19:54
lucazade:D lol19:55
Elf_Warriorlucazade sure =)19:55
Elf_WarriorAAAAAA lol. Creating theme - CSS style !!!!!! This is very easy !!! Very Very !!!!!19:58
_MMA_Elf_Warrior: I'm not kidding. I don't want to kick you out the channel.19:59
Elf_WarriorYou can question? For what?20:00
_MMA_Stop this -> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????? <- To much.20:00
_MMA_People don't speak like this.20:00
Elf_Warrior... sorryþ We are on the other. People like when the text escht emotions20:01
_MMA_Not here.20:02
_MMA_No. Don't do it.20:02
Elf_WarriorWhy write so few people?20:03
thorwilwe are busy20:03
=== _MMA_ changed the topic of #ubuntu-artwork to: Channel for the community artwork team | Wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork | Mailing list: http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-art | Question: Who are we? What do we do? Chime in on the mailing list topics.
_MMA_So someone doesn't get anal...20:28
=== _MMA_ changed the topic of #ubuntu-artwork to: Channel for the community artwork team | Wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork | Mailing list: http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-art | Questions: Who are we? What do we do? Chime in on the mailing list topics.
Elf_WarriorTo some help with painting?20:40
_MMA_Nice: http://www.linux.com/feature/14717320:45
_MMA_I know I got a couple of old PS plugins laying around I'd like to use.20:46
Elf_WarriorAnd I'm not friends with GIMP ((20:49
_MMA_This would have helped many around here as I know I've see this question alot. http://registry.gimp.org/node/903623:13

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