mscottputmanHI!  I'm moving over from Windows to Ubuntu and there's only one thing holding me back.  I used a dual-monitors setup with Windows and cannot get Ubuntu to work properly with it.  It clones easily, but I want it to extend instead.  I have been using "Screens and Graphics" to tweak things, but it hasn't worked.  I'm running on an Intel 845 and the monitor is an HP w17e on Ubuntu Hardy Heron00:47
mscottputmanHI!  I'm moving over from Windows to Ubuntu and there's only one thing holding me back.  I used a dual-monitors setup with Windows and cannot get Ubuntu to work properly with it.  It clones easily, but I want it to extend instead.  I have been using "Screens and Graphics" to tweak things, but it hasn't worked.  I'm running on an Intel 845 and the monitor is an HP w17e on Ubuntu Hardy Heron00:55
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huatsmorning everyone !09:10
seb128lut huats09:14
huatshey seb12809:14
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glatzormorning mvo!09:30
glatzormvo, packagekit now supports running a distro upgrade hook in the user's desktop session09:31
glatzormvo, which command would be best? do-release-upgrade -m desktop?09:31
glatzormvo, would be nice to have an import gtk try and error to find the corresponding frontend automatically09:32
mvoglatzor: re upgrade tool: yes, run that for now10:04
mvoglatzor: we should probably add something that shows the initial download with a GUI, but it should be good for now10:05
gicmoseb128: morning10:10
seb128hey hey gicmo!10:10
seb128how are you?10:10
gicmoI think I am catching a cold10:11
gicmoand I am a bit worried about gvfs' state10:11
* seb128 hugs gicmo10:11
* gicmo hugs seb128 back10:12
gicmoI need to fix http, which involves a lot of code change10:12
seb128gicmo: alex seems to be coming back, he said he will try fix this gtk fileselector crasher thing today10:12
gicmonot much tume10:12
gicmoand then we have this stupid gvfsd-trash heisenbug10:13
seb128it's not only gvfsd-trash10:13
seb128but that's the most noticable because that the one everybody is running10:13
gicmoseb128: sigh10:13
seb128did you try to mail alex about it? maybe he has some good idea ;-)10:14
gicmoseb128: that monitor split was a bit ... well10:14
seb128right, my opinion too10:14
gicmoseb128: I will in a few secs, mabe I can convince him to log into IRC even ;-)10:14
seb128and I'm not sure to understand what it brings exactly10:14
* gicmo nods10:15
gicmowell the idea is that basically you only have once process per session doing the HAL foo and the monitoring of /etc/fstab10:15
gicmowhich indeed is a good diea10:15
gicmonot nautilus + the file selector + anybody interested in volume changes10:16
seb128let's say the implementation is not perfect yet then ;-)10:17
gicmoseb128: quite that, yes ;-)10:23
gicmoThis bug has 102 duplicates10:33
seb128hey NCommander10:37
NCommanderseb128: hey seb12810:37
seb128NCommander: any news about gtkmm? ;-)10:38
NCommanderseb128: didn't I give that to you?10:38
seb128gicmo: waouh, alex commited to svn ;-)10:38
* NCommander remembers giving you the debdiff10:38
seb128NCommander: I didn't get it if you did, and that's why using we use bugs for sponsoring ;-)10:39
NCommanderseb128: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/gtkmm2.4-0809112350/gtkmm2.4_2.13.8-0ubuntu1.dsc - I had the brains to save a backup before I wiped my HDD :-)10:39
gicmoseb128: woho!10:40
seb128gicmo: he just commited to trunk though, stupid earlier split for this cdtext thing10:42
gicmotell hadess about that10:43
gicmoI got angry10:43
gicmonobody asked me about that10:43
gicmoredhatters doing what they want10:43
gicmoseb128: I will make sure it gets into stable10:46
seb128gicmo: thanks10:48
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andreasnmpt: hi! do you have a moment to take a peek at a brasero bug?12:17
mptandreasn, sure12:37
andreasnmpt: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55193812:40
ubottuGnome bug 551938 in general "Image burning dialog" [Normal,Unconfirmed]12:40
* mpt realizes that nautilus-cd-burner's equivalent dialog has a useless "Information" header12:42
mptandreasn, +1 to your suggestions12:44
mptI don't have anything else to say :-)12:45
andreasnok, thanks!12:45
seb128hello pedro__13:03
pedro__salut seb128!13:03
pedro__mm why i'm having a double _13:03
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seb128mvo: hum, bug #26199013:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261990 in evolution "Upgrade dapper -> hardy fails (because of evolution-plugins?!)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26199013:07
mvoseb128: yes, see my "needinfo" there13:07
seb128mvo: I was going to say that 2.6.1-0ubuntu7.4 is not an ubuntu version but that's a security update version so ignore that ;-)13:08
mvoseb128: I suspect local corruption, but it might be something really strange with the upload :)13:08
mvoseb128: aha, ok. my first impuls on the version number was "invalid, not us" but rmadison convinced me otherwise :)13:08
seb128mvo: I'm ready to bet that's another case where the issue is not a package one though ;-)13:10
mvolocal corruption I think13:10
mvoI have seen a lot of this today, strnge, must mean that the normal bugs are almost all gone :P13:11
mvomaybe we need a component "dubios-reports" or so :)13:12
seb128mvo: btw there is something weird going on with gconf, we got several bugs since your uploads13:12
seb128mvo: does gconf create the new directory if you try to write system defaults and it doesn't exist?13:12
mvothe directoy is included in the new gconf13:13
seb128mvo: is it possible that some people tried your new "set system default" button before getting the new gconf which creates the dir using the right permissions?13:13
mvoyes, that makes sense13:13
seb128ok, will ask that on the bug13:13
mvoif the dir is not there, it seems to be created with 0700 permissions13:13
mvoI will update the dependency and add a version13:14
mvoseb128: do you have a bugnumber for me to close?13:29
seb128mvo: no, bug #269215 might be due to it but that's just a guess at the moment I asked on the bug13:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269215 in gconf "There is a problem with the configuration server. (/usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 256)" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26921513:29
mvoI commited a gconf2-common (>= latest-in-ubuntu) dep now13:30
seb128thank you13:31
seb128NCommander: you are being too lazy to describe your changes in the changelog now? ;-)13:53
NCommanderI didn't?13:53
* NCommander explodes from overwork13:53
seb128NCommander: not the shver update and the build requirements update13:54
NCommanderI'll respin it13:54
seb128NCommander: so?14:18
NCommanderseb128: sorry, was respinning a samba4 patch14:18
* NCommander is currently multitasking14:18
seb128NCommander: I'll sponsor the other one don't bother14:19
NCommanderseb128: I'm going to be a little busy this coming week, so I don't think I can handle any more updates for a little big14:19
james_wthanks seb12814:19
seb128james_w: you're welcome, keep up the good work you are doing ;-)14:20
james_wI'll try :-)14:20
pedro_seb128: do you know if the retracers are working?14:57
seb128pedro_: the machine where they are running is moving between datacenters14:57
pedro_seb128: ok!, thanks you14:57
seb128no problem14:57
seb128pedro_: and the 8.04 retracers are still not fixed14:58
seb128the intrepid ones should be back soon though14:58
mvois it just me or do you see bug #269805 with metacity too (in addition to compiz?)15:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269805 in gnome-control-center "gnome-window-properties gives error about configuration tool not being "registered"" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26980515:58
pochumvo: yeah, I see it here with metacity16:00
* mvo nods - thanks16:01
pochumvo: btw, I have metacity's compositing manager enabled, in case that matters16:25
seb128mpt: hi16:46
seb128mpt: the gnome-session alignment issues are icons variant not available in the human theme16:47
seb128mpt: do you think we should use the icons gnome-session was using in hardy?16:47
tedgseb128: I believe that mpt went home with a bad headache.16:59
seb128tedg: ok, no hurry anyway, thanks for letting me know16:59
andreasnseb128: I thought things were just scaled up ()17:03
andreasnseb128: I thought things were just scaled up (badly) if a bigger size was missing17:03
seb128andreasn: they are not, look at the session dialogs17:03
andreasnguess it's just the other way around (scale big one down if small is missing)17:03
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nxvlis there any package with gtk for bash?20:57
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