lukehasnonameare there any mirrors for the alpha 5 x64 alternate ISO? cdimage is still giving me trouble00:26
cjwatsonlukehasnoname: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+cdmirrors is mostly releases.u.c mirrors, but I'm sure there are some in there with cdimage mirrors too00:30
lukehasnonamedamn, they must all be synced to the same server which does NOT have any alphas, apparently00:32
* TheMuso remembers his ISP mirroring alphas, but can't remember if they still do, and thinks that an Australian mirror may not be the closest geographically.00:34
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MattJIs cdimage.ubuntu.com down intentionally?02:39
james_wMattJ: should get you there02:41
MattJjames_w: thank you so much :)02:41
james_wonly some of the servers behind cdimage are down, so going directly to one that isn't works02:41
TheMusoRAOF: If you thought your issue with attempting to switch a stream from hda to your USB speakers was bad, try mine. Pulseaudio completely dies when I either start pulseaudio with my USB sound card connected, or connect my USB sound card while pulseaudio is running.03:01
RAOFTheMuso: Ba baw!03:02
TheMusoRAOF: Damn right.03:02
RAOFI guess that answers the "will 0.9.12 be in Intrepid" question.03:05
TheMusoYay! Go assertions! This is a log I'll need to send upstream.03:13
TheMusoBut I think I need to try alsa 1.0.18rc3 first.03:13
RAOFI'd send you my alsa-source package, but the lappy don't have internets.  And it'll be trivial for you to build one yourself :)03:15
TheMusoRAOF: Yeah.03:20
TheMusogah! Alsa-project.org is down.03:21
RAOFI _could_ throw it up on my webspace; it's not too hard to hunt down internet for my lappy.03:22
TheMusoBut the ftp is still up.03:23
TheMusoRAOF: nvm, the ftp part of alsa-project still appears to fucntion.03:23
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TheMusoRAOF: BTW if you are using alsa-driver 1.0.18rc3, and attempt to change the volume of your hda device, you will get an oops. If you want to be really sure about having this resolved, I've just pulled this patch from one of the alsa dev's git trees, and can make an updated package available if you want it.05:52
TheMusoRAOF: patch to fix it that is.05:53
RAOFTheMuso: Hm..  Let me try that.06:01
RAOFIt doesn't seem to oops here?06:02
TheMusoit may not be for all hda cards.06:02
TheMusobut it did for mine, which sent me hunting for the patch I remember seeing on the alsa dev list. :p06:02
RAOFYeah, I don't think mine does; I'm fairly sure I'm using 1.0.18rc3, and it doesn't oops for me.06:04
RAOFYay crazy hda!06:05
TheMusoTotally agree.06:05
TheMusoRAOF: Ah thats right, the oops only occurs when changing S/PDIF settings.06:10
RAOFHeh.  I'm not so much with the digital out.06:11
TheMusoRAOF: yeah well I was just playing with elements in the mixer when it happened for me. The patch fixes it for me though. and luckily this patch is only for 1.0.18rc3, as in it doesn't affect ubuntu as it stands./06:11
TheMusook even the latest alsa lib and driver doesn't stop pulse from dying.06:13
TheMusoUpstream goes my log.06:13
RAOFYou've upstreamed my underrun logs, right?06:14
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TheMusoRAOF: Will be doing so as well.06:35
sorenI always seem to forget this: Is it necessary to specify a dependency on packages with priority: required?08:14
laptopnenolodlets go with iceweasel08:16
sorenlaptopnenolod: [citation needed]08:19
cody-somervillebryce, When you're around, could you give me a hand with an x.org issue in Intrepid? :]08:19
laptopnenolodsoren, priority: required packages are provided by the base system, and are not necessary08:20
sorenlaptopnenolod: [citation needed] :)08:20
laptopnenolodsoren, the debian policy manual08:20
* cody-somerville notes that laptopnenolod is incorrect.08:20
* soren sighs08:21
* laptopnenolod notes that he is correct, and maintains several critical debian packages (have you enjoyed lilo recently?)08:21
laptopnenolodcody-somerville, priority: required is effectively equivilant to essential: yes08:22
laptopnenolodinfact, i do not know of any packages in priority: required that are not essential: yes08:23
sorenlaptopnenolod: Look... I know that debian policy is the source for this source of information, so just referring to that is not very helpful.08:23
sorenlaptopnenolod: er...08:23
sorens/this source/this kind/08:23
sorenI'm looking for a specific reference to support your claim.08:23
laptopnenolod<cody-somerville> http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-binary.html#s3.508:24
sorenlaptopnenolod: ...which doesn't mention "priority: required" at all.08:24
laptopnenolodassuming that your packages are essential: yes (which they should be if they are in priority: required)08:24
sorenEr... No.08:24
laptopnenoloder, yes08:24
* soren rolls eyes08:25
cody-somervillelaptopnenolod, In which cases would priority be set to required and essential not be set to yes?08:25
sorenforget it.08:25
laptopnenolodPackage: bash08:25
laptopnenolodEssential: yes08:25
laptopnenolodPriority: required08:25
sorenlaptopnenolod: procps08:25
laptopnenolodcody-somerville, exactly! as i said, they are equivilant08:25
laptopnenolodsoren, that is odd.08:25
sorenIt's common.08:25
cody-somervillelaptopnenolod, It isn't a rhetorical question. I'm honestly interested since you seem to be knowledgeable about the essential field.08:26
laptopnenolodcody-somerville, apparently procps, and some others. enough to make them "common"08:26
laptopnenolodcody-somerville, but AFAIK debootstrap and cdebootstrap install all packages Essential: yes, and Priority: required .. so they are functionally equivilant.08:27
cody-somervilleI think the reason we don't depend on Essential is to prevent an unresolvable dependency loop.08:27
RAOFExcept you can probably remove a priority: required package without dpkg having a screaming hissy fit?08:27
laptopnenolodRAOF, yes.08:27
laptopnenolodso if for whatever reason, Essential: yes is not set, then you should depend on it.08:28
laptopnenolodbut if it's priority: required, then it is most likely also Essential: yes08:28
cody-somervilleWell, regardless, I think we've established a distinction.08:28
* StevenK can't think of a package this is Priority: required that isn't part of the essential set08:29
laptopnenolodscanning main, i only see less than 10 packages that are not Essential: yes, but Priority: required08:29
sorenThere are 67 packages that are required, but only 25 that are essential...08:29
sorenSo no, they're not "most likely also essential: yes".08:30
cody-somervilleRegardless, there is a distinction and so although laptopnenolod your answer pragmatically might be correct, it isn't technically correct - and I think soren was looking for the more technical answer.08:30
laptopnenolodi'm not scanning ubuntu. i should clarify that.08:30
sorencody-somerville: Quite so. Thank you.08:31
cody-somervilleBtw, is there a pdf version of the Debian Policy Manual anywhere?08:31
laptopnenolodnot that i know of08:31
mdkecody-somerville: the ubuntu-policy package appears to have a pdf in it08:37
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cjwatsonlaptopnenolod: you're definitely incorrect, sorry. adduser and procps are the usual exceptions09:02
laptopnenolodi believe we settled this already.09:02
cjwatsonit wasn't clear, and I wanted to give soren a clear answer09:02
cjwatsonFWIW the main purpose of required these days is to be the first stage of debootstrap, i.e. stuff that's unpacked with ar and tar the first time round09:03
cjwatsonfor example I wanted there to be an answer from somebody else who maintains key Debian packages - I trust you use your password file ;-)09:04
laptopnenolodcjwatson, i mentioned [c]debootstrap already :P09:06
cjwatson(oh and of course libraries must never be Essential: yes even if they're required - Essential is *not* closed under dependency - but they're sort of an edge case since you typically versioned-dep on them)09:06
sorencjwatson: Thanks very much.09:06
laptopnenolodin other news, can you guys replace abrowser with iceweasel. thanks09:06
cjwatsonI think that would be very confusing since our firefox package is not based on Debian's iceweasel package09:06
cjwatsonit would imply some kind of commonality that simply isn't there09:07
laptopnenolodyes :P you should work with Debian wrt packaging and tell mozcorp to go away09:07
cjwatson(right now, at least)09:07
laptopnenolodi haven't even seen the EULA nagbox yet. my intrepid box is at home :(09:10
cjwatsonthe unfortunate part about telling mozcorp to go away is that history demonstrates that that means our upstream bugs will suddenly get a lot less attention :-/09:11
cjwatsonwhich is one reason it isn't a slam-dunk09:11
laptopnenolodi need to upgrade my laptop to either debian lenny proper or intrepid; right now it is running a derivitive which is more of a personal sandbox... but the concepts i am playing with are definitely a lenny+1 if not lenny+2 thing. decisions, decisions :P09:15
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laptopnenolodalso working on a shadowed source package format that says "take package from X and apply these changes to it"... definitely lenny+2 imo there09:17
Adri2000so, no one wants to comment on my email about vsftpd? or is it still too early monday morning? :p09:39
Adri2000err, that was for -server sorry09:39
=== cjwatson changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: buildds down for maintenance for some hours | alpha-5 released | archive: open, feature freeze in place | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not application development on Ubuntu) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper/feisty/gutsy/hardy, #ubuntu+1 for intrepid | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBu
=== cjwatson changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: buildds down for maintenance for some hours | alpha-5 released | archive: open, feature freeze | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not application development on Ubuntu) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper/feisty/gutsy/hardy, #ubuntu+1 for intrepid | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs
cjwatson(actually not all buildds are down; we should still have one per architecture, but the rest are being moved around)09:42
dalewI have the following command "apt-get -b source linux-image-2.6.27-3-generic" which fetches and build the kernel, the issue I'm having is that I need it to build a diffferent version of the source which is modified, any ideas on how to achieve this?09:50
cjwatsonapt-get source (no -b), cd directory-it-gives-you, hack hack hack, debuild -b09:50
dalewapt-get source linux-2.6.2609:52
StevenKIntrepid uses 2.6.2709:52
dalewresults in "E: Unable to find a source package for linux-2.6.26"09:52
cjwatsonthe source package is just 'linux'09:52
dalewI need to use the source I have.09:53
cjwatsonwhy not just build it in the usual upstream way, then?09:53
dalewbecause if I have to answer one question then I'm foo-bared.09:53
cjwatsonyou could copy in the debian directory from the current source, but configs will be out of sync and you will likely have to answer questions09:54
dalewI can't be prompted for any information, it has to build without any user interaction.09:54
cjwatsonI think we need to understand exactly what you're actually trying to achieve here09:54
dalewI want to build a modified source and creaet the .deb pacakges.09:54
cjwatsonbut apparently noninteractively; why?09:55
dalewbecause I want the build to work on all hardware and I don't have time to learn the ububtu way.09:55
cjwatsondalew: you could use make-kpkg from the package 'kernel-package', if you just need to build debs09:55
cjwatsonyou will still need to provide usable configs, though09:55
dalewwith the command used to build intrpid I was asked no questions, exactly how i need it to be.09:56
cjwatsondalew: do you only need to build one specific piece of modified source, or arbitrary modified source?09:56
dalewthe who thing.09:56
cjwatsonwhat does that mean?09:56
dalewbuild it all.09:56
cjwatsonI mean, do you want to be able to build anything from 2.6.ancient through to 2.6.future, or what?09:56
cjwatsonor do you only care about just one version?09:57
cjwatsonbecause you really do have to provide useful configs, which need a certain amount of human attention09:57
dalewI have a modified linux-2.6.26 source based on the rc509:57
cjwatsonit would be much easier if you only had to care about one version09:57
dalewreally,  the following command asked for nothing form me "apt-get -b source linux-image-2.6.27-3-generic"09:58
cjwatsonyes, you said.09:58
dalewthat fetched the source, I already have the source I want to use.09:58
cjwatsonthat doesn't mean we have magic integration to build arbitrary source.09:58
cjwatsondalew: how about you grab the source package from here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/2.6.26-5.17 - that's the last 2.6.26 we released09:59
cjwatsondalew: unpack it with 'dpkg-source -x linux_2.6.26-5.17.dsc', and copy the debian directory into your modified source09:59
dalewbecause it will not contain my changes.09:59
cjwatsondalew: then debuild -b09:59
cjwatsondalew: because you're not listening to me!09:59
dalewah but I see what your getting at.10:00
cjwatsondalew: copy the *debian directory*. not the whole thing.10:00
cjwatsonthat will include configs10:00
dalewdarn, many sources to pick, the first generic is acceptable?10:02
cjwatsonno no, those are binaries10:02
cjwatsonthe three links at the top of that page - .orig.tar.gz, .diff.gz, and .dsc10:03
dalewdownloading all 310:03
cjwatson(you can actually do this with just the .diff.gz, which is less of a download, but the process is more involved because you then have to filter out changes to the kernel source itself)10:03
dalewok got all 3 files.10:06
tkamppeterpitti, hi10:09
dalewditto'd the debian dir.10:10
dalewnext step in this process?10:14
cjwatson09:59 <cjwatson> dalew: then debuild -b10:14
cjwatsonin the directory just above debian/10:15
dalewwhich is the root source directory.10:16
cjwatsonyou're going to have to sync up debian/config/ with your source10:16
dalewhow do I do that?10:16
cjwatsonthe reason our source package builds noninteractively is that that's already been done by the maintainer10:17
cjwatsonyou could try 'debian/rules updateconfigs' to see if it can be done automatically. Make sure that you have a backup of the source though10:18
dalewwhen I run it it keeps deleting the debian directory.10:21
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cjwatsonI don't see anything that would do that and it's hard to believe. debian/ is important to source packages and our code doesn't typically run around deleting it ;-)10:23
dalewafter the update debuild -b ran debian/rules clean and it was gone.10:28
dalewstarted fresh extract, copy and updateconfig seems to be building now.10:29
cjwatsonthere's no way that 'debian/rules clean' should remove debian/10:29
cjwatsonbut try just 'debian/rules build && fakeroot debian/rules binary', then10:30
dalewwell I don't know which command did it but I do know it vanished.10:30
dalewdebuild -b seems to be working ATM10:30
dalewhere's the whole session, shwoing thta it starts out there but then fails with it missing.  http://acm.pastebin.com/d3c8d148510:34
NCommandercjwatson: what package setups up autologin on the liveCD?10:35
cjwatsonNCommander: casper10:35
NCommandercjwatson: ok, since autologin broke on the xubuntu livecd10:35
NCommander(not a good thing for the CD to prompt for a username and password)10:35
dalewquery, what are .udeb files?10:36
cjwatsondalew: that session looks like you had previously used make-kpkg or 'make deb' or something on that source tree, and it thought it was cleaning up after that10:37
cjwatsondalew: udebs are micro-debs used by the installer10:37
cjwatsonNCommander: what display manager do you use? has this ever worked for Xubuntu?10:38
NCommandercjwatson: Xubuntu uses GDM. It worked in Hardy since I used an Xubuntu liveCD to install10:38
dalewok, it's from another attempt to follow instructions that didn't give a working install, your instructions seem to be going significantly further10:38
cjwatsonNCommander: check /var/log/casper.log to see if there's anything interesting in there10:39
NCommanderYeah, I will10:39
dalewcjwatsom: thanks10:40
NCommanderTHere is a Critical bug against this on xubuntu-meta, and a New/Unclassified one on casper10:40
cjwatsondalew: no problem10:41
NCommandercjwatson: any good ideas what might be causing this to go boom10:41
cjwatsonNCommander: nothing comes to mind; if it's just gdm then it should be the same as Ubuntu, unless your configuration file location is different or something10:42
NCommandercjwatson: well, I *think* I found the problem10:43
NCommandercjwatson: it looks like someone removed casper from the live seed10:43
NCommandercjwatson: it should be in that seed, right?10:44
cjwatsonoh, no, it doesn't need to be10:45
cjwatsonNCommander: livecd-rootfs already deals with adding it10:45
NCommandercjwatson: that seems to be missing too10:46
cjwatsonyes, of course. livecd-rootfs isn't installed on the live CD, it's what builds the live filesystem10:46
cjwatsonhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/intrepid-desktop-i386.manifest says casper is on your live filesystem10:47
NCommanderjelmer: ping10:49
dalewcjwatson: just "dpkg -i" the image and header files is all that I need to do or should I do all of the .deb files??10:52
cjwatsonimage and header should be fine10:52
dalewit made a lot of .deb files, normal?10:53
dalewok, bootable, thank you for your time.10:55
cjwatsonyep, it's normal that it made lots10:55
dalewI can imagine how longh it takes to build on fast machine, the dual 3ghz quad core Xeon does it in no time but the screen scrolls so quickly that it's hard to read anything.10:56
dalewwhat is the average build time?10:56
dalewor is under 5 minutes considered normal?10:57
Koondoko: the libnss-mdns recommend in openjdk-6 was reintroduced in 6b12~pre1-0ubuntu2, I reopened bug 26184711:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261847 in openjdk-6 "Installing openjdk-6-jre-headless pulls in dbus/avahi" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26184711:08
dalewcjwatson, those would be generic installations meaning any CPU or are they going to be specific to my Xeon's?11:09
cjwatsondalew: they ought to be generic back to i686 (supposed to be i586 but that was a bug in our 2.6.26 configs)11:09
dalewoldest I got is Pentium-D so I should be safe then.11:10
dalewmistake, Celeron-D on a D915G11:10
dalewstill pentium 4 class11:11
dalewsupposrting SSE311:11
NCommanderlamont: are you around?11:14
tjaaltonhm, are the lpia buildd's really i386's?, or can I use DEB_HOST_ARCH to determine that a package is being built on lpia?11:19
kelemengabormvo__: could you fix please bug 270035? it' only one line, but prevents the generation of the pot file11:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270035 in app-install-data-ubuntu "desktopize.sh doesn't work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27003511:20
mvo__kelemengabor: sure11:21
=== mvo__ is now known as mvo
kelemengaborthanks :)11:21
cjwatsontjaalton: they're i386 under the covers, but DEB_HOST_ARCH should work anyway11:27
tjaaltoncjwatson: thanks11:28
cjwatsonMithrandir: could you change https://code.launchpad.net/casper/trunk to point to ~ubuntu-core-dev/casper/trunk, please? (I moved the old branch out of the way due to brokenness.)11:28
TheInfinityhello ... i read about the plan integrating vmware-player into hardy partner sources ... does anybody know something about the plan when this will be done?11:34
dalewcjwatson, you seem very knowledgeable about ubuntu and the builds, is it possible to have a binary with multiple arches, say i386 and ppc that would work in their associated environments?11:42
cjwatsondalew: we don't have any real "fat binary" support that I know of, no11:43
dalewshame, it would be nice to have a single installation that works on PPC or Intel based machines.11:44
dalewoh oh, cleaned up everything, thought I'd make a fresh build in a build location and it generated the header and doc packages but then failed, use the same commands verbatim.11:46
NCommandercjwatson: I thought ELF supported fat binaries11:50
NCommanderdalew: it would be in theory possible to create a universe installation disc for PowerPC and i386/amd64 since OpenFirmware doesn't use El Torro booting11:51
cjwatsonNCommander: in theory I think so, but there's no distro-level support for it11:52
cjwatsonyou would almost certainly run into issues with per-architecture files that aren't ELF objects11:52
broonieIIRC one of the Debian multi-arch install images is i386/amd64/powerpc (but that's essentially just 3 netinst images glued together I believe).11:53
NCommandercjwatson: multilib would help resolve that if Debian ever got around to supporting it11:53
cjwatsonNCommander: I think that's very optimistic, even given the basic ground level of optimism involved in assuming that multiarch will happen any time soon11:53
NCommandercjwatson: Solaris has multiarch (or something similar), so its at least possible11:54
cjwatsonDebian's multiarch proposals is not intended to resolve any more than providing multiple trees of libraries; it doesn't even contemplate addressing multiple-architecture binaries11:54
NCommanderOf course, that multiarch has made it rather difficult to make a nexenta solaris-amd64 port11:54
cjwatsons/ is / are /11:54
cjwatsonand it doesn't even start to address things like providing the completely different sets of hardware support that would be required for i386+powerpc11:55
* NCommander nods11:56
cjwatsonbroonie: right, that just exploits CD layout tricks to make them all boot and then has a giant composite apt archive11:56
NCommanderI was just saying that multiarch would be a step in the right direction11:56
NCommandercjwatson: how much do you know about the acceptance of new ports, I wanted to ask about the possibility of an offical (community supported) Solaris Ubuntu Server port11:56
cjwatsonwe haven't done it often enough for there to be a real process11:56
cjwatsonby default, it would be a decision for the technical board11:56
NCommandercjwatson: I guess the next question is how is the easiest way I can ask (the port already semi-exists in the form of nexenta, although it needs some clean up before it would meet Ubuntu standards w.r.t to source cleaniness)11:57
cjwatsonthe main problem with new ports is that there *has* to be a really solid more-than-one-person commitment to keeping it going. hppa has been a problem because it lags behind and developers occasionally end up so annoyed by e-mail about it that they invest time to clean it up11:58
cjwatsonI don't think we should be accepting one-man-band ports11:58
NCommanderIt already has a community11:58
NCommandernexenta is based off ubuntu dapper and hardy11:58
NCommandersix developers, and 50+ users11:58
cjwatsonand they must not involve source changes that would be unacceptable in Ubuntu; that seems obvious but is perhaps worth saying11:58
NCommandercjwatson: of course11:59
cjwatsonsure, but that only helps if they would actually be interested in developing for Ubuntu itself and qualified to do so11:59
cjwatsonalso, 50+ users is not worth the immense investment in terms of archive space11:59
NCommandercjwatson: 50+ is the debian minimin for an offical port. Just saying.11:59
cjwatsonsmall user bases like that should be done separately, IMO11:59
cjwatsonNCommander: that doesn't change my opinion11:59
NCommanderI understand.12:00
cjwatsonevery new port adds a significant fraction to the time that the hourly archive run takes, for instance12:00
NCommanderRight now, I'd just ask the technical board if such a port would be acceptable (since its non-Linux), and then proceed from there on moving towards matching up with Ubuntu and then slowly working towards becoming an offical port12:00
cjwatsonthat time is already unacceptably long12:00
NCommandercjwatson: its 40 minutes * arch last time I checked12:01
cjwatsonno it's not12:01
cjwatsonnever has been12:01
NCommanderapt-ftparchive was in that ballpark for me on a clean run ont the archive with no database files12:01
cjwatsoncurrently it takes about an hour for all architectures. But when you consider that the cron job is hourly, that's not to be sneezed at12:02
cjwatsonwe need it to take significantly less than an hour12:02
cjwatsonclean run is not the normal case12:02
* NCommander nods12:02
NCommanderWhat takes an hour in the script to run?12:02
cjwatsonso at the moment I would be inclined to say that the performance problems MUST be fixed before we can add new ports.12:03
cjwatsonerr, all sorts of things. The Soyuz developers are aware of a number of problems and several of them are high-priority12:03
* NCommander had no intention of instantly creating this port out of nowhere, just if Nexenta should be making moves to match Ubuntu so if/when they can be offically accepted its a fairly streamlined process12:03
cjwatsonapt-ftparchive itself takes about 20 minutes12:03
ograanyone familiare with mtools ? "mcopy -i imagefile.img ::file ." would copy file out of imagefile.img into $(pwd) ... is there a way to defne a secont imagefile as target ?12:04
liwogra, I don't know if mtools can do it (it might), but would it not be simpler to loop mount the image?12:04
ograliw, that would require root/sudo :)12:05
ograi'm looking for a userspace way12:05
ograsadly defining a second -i option doesnt do what i expected12:05
wgrantcjwatson: Do you know how much faster NMAFA is that apt-ftparchive?12:05
cjwatsonogra: mmount two images on separate drive letters?12:06
* ogra reads about mmount12:06
cjwatsonwgrant: not in terms of hard numbers, no12:06
Mithrandircjwatson: done12:06
cjwatsonMithrandir: thanks12:06
ogracjwatson, hmm, seems not to work without having a mtoolsrc12:07
cjwatsonogra: you could just copy out and then copy in ...12:08
daleweveryone, thanx for your time, time to head out to work so enjoy.12:09
ogracjwatson, yeah, thats an option12:09
* dalew shakes cjwatson's hand.12:09
cjwatsonogra: you can set MTOOLSRC to a local mtoolsrc file12:11
ograyeah, thats what i thought about first12:11
ograbut i want a single script ...12:11
ograsadly there are no global vars i could just set12:11
cjwatsonexport MTOOLSRC="$(tempfile)"; trap 'rm -f $MTOOLSRC' EXIT HUP INT QUIT TERM; ...12:12
cjwatsoncan still be in a single script :)12:12
cjwatsonactually possibly "rm -f ..." rather than 'rm -f ...' there. but you get the idea.12:13
* ogra hugs cjwatson ... genious12:13
ograliw, the idea is that most .img files we use are vfat anyway ... i want to have a script set for any user to create and modify images without needing root12:15
dalewcjwatson: was just making notes on what I've done tonight, you gave me some alternate build commands which partial was "debian/rules build" but I only copied half the line, was going to try them later and see if it gave a better build., "Konversation" doesn't seem to keep logs.12:15
liwogra, ack, for that loop mounting isn't useful, unless you only run the script on systems where you are willing to set up /etc/fstab to have the loop mount with user option12:15
dalewnevermind, I found the log file.12:16
jelmerNCommander, pong12:53
NCommanderjelmer: I was going to ask what patch system you perfer for samba4, but I found that quilt was already enabled in the build-deps so I used that to fix the build on Ubuntu12:54
lamontNCommander: back home now, generally not online at 4AM.13:02
lamont6AM, OTOH13:02
NCommanderlamont: I was going by your /away status ;-)13:02
lamontheh.  away means I either remembered to set it, or I killed the client13:03
lamontor I'm back and forgot to clear it.13:03
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NCommanderlamont: :-P13:03
NCommanderlamont: my question was what's the easiest way to talk to the TB about the possibility of having a community-supported solaris-* port (essentially merging nexenta's efforts into our own), since an Ubuntu Solaris server would sport powerful features like ZFS13:04
* lamont generally finds email to be a good way to talk to the TB13:05
NCommanderpoint me to your leaders email address ;-)13:05
azeem"The Ubuntu Technical Board can be reached by email at technical-board@lists.ubuntu.com"13:07
mvosoren: do you happen to know what it means when I get "virtio-net header not in first element" ?13:07
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=== azem is now known as azeem
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sorenmvo: Not off the top of my head, no. I have sort of a guess, but it doesn't make much sense, I think. Where are you seeing it?14:05
mvosoren: bug 27049514:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270495 in kvm "-net user -net nic,model=virtio stoped working" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27049514:07
davmor2Is there a reason for the ula in FF3?14:10
sorenmvo: When did this happen? What changed?14:10
cjwatsondavmor2: there's an extensive bug log on the subject14:12
davmor2cjwatson: ah okay ta just noticed it and thought I'd check if there was a reason14:13
mvosoren: it happens shortly after I boot (can't give you details, it exists when the message appears)14:13
sorenmvo: I mean when did it stop working?14:13
wgrantExtensive doesn't quite cover it any more.14:13
sorenmvo: 2.6.27-3, perhaps?14:13
mvosoren: I think it was not working with 2.6.27-2 too, I'm currently trying to figure out if it depends on the guest or not14:14
mvosoren: I will post more information into the bugreport, I was just curious if it is something known :)14:15
sorenmvo: I've not stumbled upon it before, no.14:15
NCommandersiretart: you around?14:22
siretartNCommander: at work.14:35
NCommandersiretart: when you get home, there is a bug I'd like you to review (needs to be run by -release and ScottK wanted me to ask you) cause it required a dependency change14:35
siretartNCommander: what's the number?14:36
NCommandersiretart: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnucash/+bug/27020014:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270200 in gnucash "Change libgoffice dependency from 0.4 to 0.6" [Low,In progress]14:37
siretartNCommander: did you already talk to thomas about this? How about filing this as a bug in debian and add a remote bugwatch on it?14:38
NCommandersiretart: bug is in debian, no response14:38
NCommanderThe original bug had the watch14:39
NCommanderHold on, I'll readd it14:39
siretartNCommander: but I don't see why it needs a confirmation from -release?14:39
NCommandersiretart: I was told that since it required a change in dependencies, it required approval14:40
NCommandersiretart: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=498775 - debian bug14:40
ubottuDebian bug 498775 in gnucash "Please change the dependencies from goffice0.4 to 0.6" [Wishlist,Open]14:40
munckfishcjwatson: hi. Just to let you know I'm sort of back on the PS3 trail again. I have a stable kernel build (awaiting a git pull) so hopefully I can start to follow up some of the other issues on LP soon.14:40
cjwatsonmunckfish: cool, that's good to know14:41
NCommanderLaunchpad won't let me add a remote bug watch14:41
siretartNCommander: I don't have any objections to that if you say you tested it and can confirm that it works okay for you14:42
NCommandersiretart: works for me14:42
NCommandersiretart: would you mind commenting that, and I'll subscribe u-u-s14:42
siretartNCommander: sure, go ahead14:46
calccompanies that serve 2MB pdf's for disaster recovery information to potentially 2mil affected customers are pretty dumb15:19
calci guess they never heard of plain text15:19
calcif all customers downloaded this data which is updated twice a day they would be doing ~ 7.25TB/day transfer15:20
calcneedless to say their site is constantly falling over15:20
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calclovely now all i'm getting is IIS error messages :\15:27
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kwwiiasac: what are the chances of getting this patch applied to firefox for intrepid? https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=33256915:39
tseliotseb128: I have adapted my patches so as to make it easier for upstream to adopt them. If they are accepted we will only need a really small patch to make the xrandr capplet work automagically as planned. Here's the link to the bug which you filed: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54511815:41
ubottuGnome bug 545118 in Screen resolution "should give a clue about why the settings can't be applied sometimes" [Normal,New]15:41
seb128tseliot: thanks15:42
asackwwii: what bug id is that?15:43
tseliotseb128: of course, if they are not accepted, I will write other patches with the non-upstream functions marked with an "ubuntu" prefix. I guess it won't take long to have a reply from upstream since feature freeze is near, right?15:44
seb128tseliot: they are already feature and api frozen, code freeze is today for GNOME15:44
seb128tseliot: let's wait some days for commnents and then distro patch that for intrepid15:45
tseliotseb128: ok, thanks15:45
kwwiiasac:  https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40542115:46
ubottuMozilla bug 405421 in Widget: Gtk "Ensure our widget painting is transparent for themes that support it" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]15:46
NCommanderseb128: so uh, first time I ever uploaded an FTBFS on i386 :-/15:47
seb128NCommander: soyuz bug15:47
NCommanderyay for bugs15:47
mathiazseb128: hi - I've ran into bug 121341 for the python-gobject package.15:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 121341 in python-support "python modules need to work during dist-upgrades" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12134115:48
seb128hey mathiaz15:49
mathiazseb128: one solution could be to switch to python-central15:49
mathiazseb128: what do you think about it ?15:49
seb128mathiaz: I would prefer avoid having to do this15:49
asackwwii: do we have a ubuntu bug for this too? if so, lets milestone that for beta15:50
mathiazseb128: the other option is to fix python-support then15:50
cjwatsonthe word "non-trivial" comes to mind15:50
seb128mathiaz: the situation just sucks, pygobject is almost on sync on debian but changing debian to python-central will not be possible15:51
seb128one of the active pkg-gnome member is the python-support guy and he's against python-central15:51
mathiazseb128: hm..15:51
seb128and I already discussed the issue with him and he says there is no clean way to have things still working during an upgrade and he doesn't want to do that in python-support15:52
mathiazseb128: ok - I'll have to come up with another solution then..15:52
kwwiiasac: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/226139 seems like the right one15:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 226139 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox 3 doesn't display all GTK form widgets correctly" [Undecided,New]15:53
asackwwii: ok thanks. I'll triage it and milestone15:55
kwwiiasac: great, thanks15:57
dholbachmathiaz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GetRidOfPythonCentralAndSupport :)16:02
mathiazdholbach: awesome ! :)16:12
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mathiazdholbach: but that won't make it in intrepid...16:12
dholbachmathiaz: no, unfortunately not16:12
mathiazdholbach: yop - and I'm currently stuck in landscape-client because of this bug... So I'll have to find a workaround this ASAP16:13
* lamont wonders why in the hell libgnome-desktop-dev DEPENDS on dbus16:16
cody-somervillelamont, its the new fad. headers communicate to one another via dbus.16:17
lamontlibgnome-desktop-dev -> libgnome-desktop-2-7 -> libgconf2-4 -> libdbus-1-3 -> dbus16:17
lamontwhich really leads to the question of why libgnome-desktop-dev Depends on libgnome-desktop-2-7, I suppose16:18
lamonteverything past that at least kind of makes sense16:18
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* lamont files a bug16:18
jcristaulamont: having a libfoo.so symlink without the destination would be pretty dumb16:19
seb128lamont: because the actual lib is there?16:19
lamontseb128: let me rephrase that... why can't I have the -dev package installed without having DBUS RUNNING?16:19
jcristauthe libdbus -> dbus dependency, otoh16:19
lamontah, that does make more sense16:20
seb128it's a recommends16:20
seb128not a depends16:20
seb128don't install recommends?16:20
seb128I think it's a fair recommends use16:20
lamont libgnomevfs2-0 depends on dbus (>= 0.90).16:20
seb128right, that's because the gnome-vfs-daemon needs dbus to run16:21
james_wbug 27050016:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270500 in dbus "libdbus-1-3 shouldn't recommend dbus, makes up a heavy minimal seed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27050016:21
cjwatsonKeybuk keeps saying that upstart is going to depend on dbus eventually anyway16:22
lamontseb128: so... why can't I have libgnomevfs2-dev installed on a machine that lacks dbus?16:22
lamontcjwatson: I don't need upstart in this chroot16:23
lamontwell, maybe, I suppose16:23
cjwatsonupstart is in the required seed ...16:23
lamontOTOH, if dbus actually _started_ it would kind of help things, I suppose16:23
* lamont mounts /proc :-(*16:24
seb128lamont: because gnome-vfs needs dbus16:25
lamontmeh.  it'd be nice to be able to complile things without dbus pain16:26
lamontamusingly, dbus fails to remove if you do a /etc/init.d/dbus stop first16:26
lamontfor the total policy-violating fail16:26
lamontin any case, it'd be nice if libgnome-vfs split the library out, IMO16:42
seb128lamont: libgnomevfs is deprecated and I doubt it'll get lot of changes16:43
lamontseb128: ah, well, that makes it self-correcting with time.16:44
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cjwatsondendrobates: working on bug 269040, FYI; unfortunately my first solution is slothfully slow because it starts up debconf once per task, so, err ... I'll try not to do that17:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269040 in tasksel "The tasksel task for 'Basic Ubuntu Server'  shows up on server iso" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26904017:17
mterrybryce: If I were trying to start xorg on a different VT without it immediately taking over the screen, do you have advice on how to do that?  (for the known-driver case; like, what code changes I might have to make, is it possible, etc.)17:18
brycemterry: hmm17:21
jcristaumterry: x can't start without ownership of the vt afaik17:21
mterryjcristau: :-/  X can do stuff on a non-foreground VT, so I thought it would be possible.17:23
brycemterry: there is a -keeptty switch but sounds like that makes it reuse the current vt17:23
brycemterry: if you're up for some X hacking, I imagine it might be possible to modify it to add a switch to permit that17:23
mterrybryce: Yeah, the vt related command line arguments aren't useful.  My driver has a -noswitchvt that doesn't do what it sounds like.  Stops switching on shutdown or some such17:24
brycemterry: what exactly are you aiming to do?  maybe there's another way to do it?17:24
mterrybryce: Fair question.  I'm trying to make the bootup a tad smoother.  Start gdm/X on a different VT, keep usplash up, and when GDM is fully up, switch VT17:24
mterrybryce: re: X hacking, I can comment out the obvious VT switching bits in the initialization code, but the driver still seems to draw to the screen (keyboard no longer works w/o the vt switching, so I assume the console didn't switch, but driver still p0wnd my display)17:26
cjwatsonI didn't think that was possible. Surely the driver needs to fiddle with registers before it can know whether it's going to be able to come up.17:26
brycemterry: have you looked into the kernel modesetting stuff?17:26
jcristaumterry: gdm can't be 'fully up' before you've switched vt..17:27
mterrybryce: I haven't.  I'm peripherally aware of the work, but it's not ready for the drivers/codebase I'm looking at (hardy)17:27
brycemterry: keep in mind that that stuff may hit in Jaunty, which may shake up that portion of the boot process17:27
bryceah, if you're basing on hardy, yeah that won't be of use to you17:28
brycemterry: well you might want to contact the driver developers directly17:37
brycemterry: sorry, did you mention which driver you were targeting?  We can suggest a person to contact.17:37
mterrybryce: The intel/psb drivers17:38
brycemterry: -psb?17:40
mterrybryce: -intel and -psb, yeah17:40
bryceok, for -intel the guy to contact is Jesse Barnes at Intel17:41
bryce-psb is a bit of a special case17:42
bryceit's developed by tungsten graphics for intel, but I don't think they provide community support, only contract-based support17:43
bryceso I'd start with Jesse; he's very knowledgeable and hopefully can indicate if it's doable at all17:43
mterrybryce: OK.  Thanks for the help!17:43
bryceif it is, he may also be able to help get you in contact with some -psb folks; if not, let me know and I can give you a name17:44
cjwatsonmterry: the claim is simply that X has hardwired assumptions that screens have been initialised before actually starting to process any X events. We're just warning you that this is a rabbit-hole. :-)17:44
mterrycjwatson: When you say 'screens', you're talking about internal data objects, eh?  Those could be created in the background without actually drawing on the screen, I had thought.  But I agree it's a rabbit hole.  :(17:46
cjwatsonI mean the internal objects, yes17:47
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Chipzz!release | chipzz17:59
ubottuChipzz, please see my private message17:59
dendrobatescjwatson: is it possible for me to blacklist packages in server-ship and not affect the other seeds?  soren believes not.18:07
theclawhow can I prevent a package from being upgraded?18:10
azeemtheclaw: sounds like a #ubuntu question18:12
azeemtheclaw: or do you mean in the archive, not on your system?18:12
theclawazeem: okay18:13
slangasekhas requestsync recently lost its support for an argument specifying whether to subscribe ubuntu-archive directly or to subscribe sponsors?18:23
* ScottK-laptop wonders if perhaps the subscribe sponsors option ought to be the default.18:23
slytherinCan anyone please tell me if gstreamer base plugins have standing freeze exception?18:25
slangasekhmm, and somewhere along the line people started appending 'ubuntuX' to the version numbers of ubuntu-dev-tools18:27
slytherindoes anyone know where can I find slomo?18:36
james_wslangasek: it tries to work it out for you now18:36
slangasekjames_w: which can't possibly work if you're submitting the bugs by email, which is still a supported option18:37
slangasekI've filed a bug and subscribed jpds to it, since he seems to have driven these changes18:37
james_wyeah, I think it does the lookup on http first18:37
james_wthough I haven't managed to get requestsync to actually request anything for quite a while now18:38
slangasekhmm. eew?18:38
=== asac_ is now known as asac
slytherinjames_w: me too. I simply copy it's report and create a bug manually18:39
seb128slytherin: slomo is on holidays I think, why?18:44
seb128slytherin: gst* don't have a standing exception but I do bug fix updates usually18:44
slytherinseb128: There is a bug with DVD playing which is fixed in gst plugins base. I was thinking of I should try backporting the bug if new pre releases are not getting packaged before beta freeze18:45
seb128slytherin: feel free to do the backporting18:45
seb128dunno what schedule they have for the next tarballs18:46
slytherinseb128: The pre release tarballs are available. And slomo usually package pre releases also. Next release is on 22.18:46
seb128slytherin: ok, we will probably do the updates then18:47
seb128slytherin: slomo sent some mail to say he was away, I'm not sure about the details now but he should be back in the next days if I remember correctly18:48
slytherinseb128: My only concern is this bug as it blocks dvd playback completely.18:49
slytherinbug #26076518:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260765 in gst-plugins-bad0.10 "DVD playback does not work anymore" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26076518:49
seb128slytherin: it'll be fixed before intrepid if there a patch upstream no worry18:50
slytherinI thought fixing it before beta freeze would be nice. :-D18:50
mathiazseb128: cjwatson: I'm trying to fix bug 268838 - hence my question about python-gobject and python-central.19:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268838 in landscape-client "registrating clients doesn't work when installing the package" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26883819:04
mathiazAnother option could be to use dpkg triggers to run landscape-config after python-support trigger.19:05
mathiazWould this be considered a good option ?19:05
cjwatsondendrobates: soren's right in general, although it does depend on exactly what you're trying to do19:08
cjwatsondendrobates: blacklisting is usually the wrong answer ...19:08
cjwatsonmathiaz: ew. um, I don't know whether triggers are ordered by dependency. In principle they shouldn't need to be.19:09
cjwatsonmathiaz: I don't think that will work reliably, sorry19:09
dendrobatescjwatson: I am just looking for a solution to the jre-headless problem and the fact that minimal now pulls in dbus and X11 libs.19:10
cjwatsondendrobates: if you try to use the blacklist for that, you'll remove dbus and X libraries from the Ubuntu desktop.19:10
mathiazcjwatson: right - another solution would be to use Pre-Depends - but as you've already mentionned on friday it's not the most suitable solution.19:10
dendrobatescjwatson: works for me  :)19:11
cjwatsonif there's no other way round it, a Pre-Depends could work in your case19:11
cjwatsonbut you should file a bug about it saying that the need for it should be fixed19:11
mathiazcjwatson: so if fixing python-support or switching python-gobject to python-central, I'm running out of options.19:11
mathiazcjwatson: python-central *is not possible*19:11
cjwatsonuse a Pre-Depends and swallow the pain, I guess19:14
slytherindoes anyone have any idea why OOo build is failing again in powerpc?19:24
calchmm networkmanager apparently doesn't like wep too much19:25
calcor else my intel wifi doesn't like it :\19:25
slytherincalc: probably latter. I never had problem with nm and wep19:25
johanbrWEP is just broken. There's no way of telling which password/authentication method combination the AP wants.19:28
slangasekcalc: no problems here, iwl3945; what are you seeing?19:29
calci'm using iwl3945 and its been hard to get connected with hex code wep19:30
calcbut it finally came back up i thought i was going to have to install intrepid to get it to work19:30
nxvljames_w: looks cool19:30
calci'm running hardy with all updates19:30
slangasekjames_w: so he NIH'ed FAI, and now wants to replace it? :)19:30
james_wlooks like it :-)19:30
james_wI remember someone looking at it, but can't remember who19:31
slangasekcalc: oh, hardy; that's like, old19:31
james_wserver team I think, so that may have been a better place19:31
nxvli remember to saw that name before, nothing else19:31
* slangasek wonders if the guy understands Debian well enough to even evaluate whether it's a replacement for FAI19:32
calcslangasek: well it supposed to be LTS ;-)19:32
calcso hopefully will work19:32
nxvlslangasek: i won't bet19:32
nxvlrpm and deb based distros are quite different (actually way different) but there is still people thinking it's not19:33
slangasekcalc: yes, but you're an Ubuntu developer, one would think you'd have tested whether the LTS worked on your system before it was released instead of 5 months after ;-P19:34
calcslangasek: well i don't use WEP except when i'm evacuated to davidm's house ;-)19:37
slangasekheh :)19:37
superm1slangasek, could you queue another DVD livefs build log?  the CD ones are finally building again, and we haven't had a functional DVD since the 2nd or so19:40
calci don't think i even have enough diskspace to build OOo on my poor little laptop19:45
calci'll have to free up space to do it19:45
slangaseksuperm1: I'm working on getting right-sized liveCDs first; I can queue a DVD livefs build after19:52
superm1slangasek, okay great thanks19:52
calcis there anything special i need to load to get usb->sata to see partitions19:57
calci hooked my desktop 1tb drive up and it sees it but doesn't show partitions, etc19:58
slangasekyou said "it sees it" - what sees it?20:01
calci'll pastebine20:03
calcit does that then never shows the partitions, etc20:05
torkelnxvl: we are using a bissare mix of kickstart and FAI to install on of our clusters running CentOS. Not anything I would recommend though...20:14
slangasekcalc: hmm, strange; normally the kernel should spit out the partition list right after that, so I don't know what's wrong20:20
slytherinis anyone already working on getting bluez 4.x in intrepid? Fedora 10 is going to have it.20:20
slangaseksomehow it thinks it's a scsi generic device?20:20
calcmaybe the device is too dumb to handle 1tb drive20:23
slytherinsuperm1: I will see if I can create some test packages.20:32
calci know why it doesn't work20:38
calcit sometimes helps to turn on the power20:39
calchmm this power bar doesn't appear to work at all20:39
mathiazkirkland: which component in the installer is responsible for asking the landscape question ?20:39
cjwatsonmathiaz: pkgsel20:40
mathiazcjwatson: great ! thanks.20:41
cjwatsonmathiaz: anything particular about it?20:42
mathiazcjwatson: I was trying to figure out if the landscape-client was installed20:42
cjwatsonelif [ "$RET" = landscape ]; then20:42
cjwatson        echo 'landscape-client landscape-client/register_system boolean true' | \20:42
cjwatson                log-output -t pkgsel chroot /target debconf-set-selections || \20:42
mathiazcjwatson: IIUC only the question is asked and then the debconf entry is set correclty."20:42
cjwatson                true20:42
cjwatson        apt-install landscape-client || true20:42
cjwatsonyou remember incorrectly. :)20:43
mathiazcjwatson: ok.20:43
cjwatsonerr, U => understand20:43
calcthats the first time i've tried a broken power strip20:44
kirklandmathiaz: sorry, cjwatson beat me to it20:45
nxvlseb128: can you point me to a doc or something on how to add something to gnome-session from CLI?20:46
nxvlseb128: or a man page on the topic20:46
seb128nxvl: to gnome-session? what do you mean?20:46
nxvlseb128: i mean, i want to launch a program at session start20:47
seb128nxvl: that's for a package or an user setting?20:47
nxvlseb128: and i want to add it from a script, not from menu->system->admin->session and such20:47
nxvlseb128: user setting20:47
nxvlcan be a package aswell20:47
nxvli din't really mind to package it20:47
seb128nxvl: ls /etc/xdg/autostart20:47
nxvlseb128: thank you!20:48
* nxvl HUGS seb128 20:48
seb128you're welcome20:48
calcnow it works... after adding power20:48
seb128you can have autostart in the user .config directory too20:48
looldoko: Hmm I had python-ctypes installed on a system, presumably pulled by an old package and never forced away, it doesn't get autoremoved as many packages dep on python >= 2.5 | python-ctypes; it seems to break ctypes at the moment as there's a version check between python's ctypes and ctypes'20:55
looldoko: Do you think we should patch the version or let python >= 2.5 break python-ctypes to force its removal?20:55
mathiazradix: you last patch for bug 268352 is the same as the previous AFAICT.20:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268352 in landscape-client "landscape-sysinfo should have more whitespace in login output" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26835220:57
dokolool: well, we should have a python2.4-ctypes,20:59
looluh how come i saw it with 2.5??21:00
loolPython-Version: 2.421:00
loolI just removed the package some minutes ago as the deps allowed it (only autoremove wouldn't catch it)21:01
* lool wonders whether autoremove should try to remove some group of packages to see whether the deps are still satisfied by other installed ones21:01
loolAnd mvo disconnects muarf21:02
* sebner asks himself if lool gets a lot of highlighting ^^21:05
loolsebner: I do21:11
sebnerlool: doesn't it disturb you?21:11
lunartearanyone having issues with lwresd listening on which breaks control communcation between rndc and bind?21:12
Treenakslunartear: why are you running lwresd AND bind?21:12
lunartearthats what im wondering21:12
* pitti waves21:12
lunarteardoes lwresd come with base or what21:13
sebnerhuhu pitti :D21:14
looldoko: So for some reason, my /usr/lib/python2.5/ctypes/__init__.py had version 1.0.2; now that I have removed and reinstalled python-ctypes, it's 1.0.3 and I don't get version mismatch anymore (it's python2.5's ctypes)21:14
geserHi pitti21:15
sebnerpitti: what person do I have to annoy to get information about upstart 0.5 -> intrepid?21:15
loolI wonder how this could happen, perhaps an intermittent python-cetrnal bug; this system was installed under hardy so no 2.4 -> 2.5 upgrade21:15
pittisebner: upstart is Keybuk's baby, but he is sick ATM21:16
pittihi geser21:16
loolsebner: upstart dev is mostly done by Keybuk I think, and last time I heard about it it wasn't finished for intrepid21:16
loolSo it's jaunty material21:16
sebnerpitti, lool : Thx for the info :D just saw that 0.5 is out since august21:16
radixmathiaz: sorry, missed your message earlier21:28
radixlooking now21:28
radixmathiaz: the last patch puts the wrapper script into debian/ instead of into scripts/21:29
radixso that it doesn't affect non-debian/ directories21:29
loolslangasek: Hey can I grab you for a sec?  pigment-python is depwait on all arches because libpigment0.3-dev was installed into universe instead of main; could you promote libpigment0.3-dev to main?  It was in main in hardy, I don't really know why it was demoted; I think it was a typo when libpigment changed SONAME21:44
alex-weejsabdfl's blog about packaging in bzr... does that mean we can branch, pull changes from Ubuntu, pull remaining changes from upstream AND maintain our own changes?21:50
Treenaksalex-weej: if you know your bzr-fu :)21:50
alex-weeji don't like jhbuild21:51
alex-weeji'd like to have a bleeding edge environment with Ubuntu tools21:51
james_walex-weej: you will be able to eventually, but not in Jaunty.21:52
alex-weejjames_w: what's coming in Jaunty then?21:53
james_walex-weej: for jaunty there will only be Ubuntu history, we will then work on adding the rest later21:53
alex-weeji was thinking it would be sane to just pull from upstream's RCS, forget about packaging history21:53
alex-weejbut if you have some kind of plan to merge the two, rather you than me!21:54
james_walex-weej: yeah, the details of merging them are still a bit hazy, for me at least, but we've got a while before we can implement it21:55
alex-weejok cool21:58
* hardwire does a little dance21:59
LaneyHow does the bzr stuff work for packages we merge from Debian? Surely then we'll only get one monolithic "debian+upstream" change?22:08
LaneyActually I guess you can separate out orig.tar.gz and diff.gz changes22:08
ScottKLaney: There's a long spec on the proposed change.  I suggest search the wiki. (I don't recall the url).22:10
james_wLaney: yeah, when Debian changes are integrated then you will be able to get diff upstream->debian and diff upstream+debian->ubuntu22:10
* Laney has seen it22:10
Laneyjames_w: That's what I wanted to know, nice!22:10
james_wLaney: and obviously any other combination of diff that you want, upstream->ubuntu etc.22:11
_me_j #kernel22:17
Adri2000slangasek: if you've read my email about vsftpd on ubuntu-server@, what is your release manager opinion? I've got no answer from server people on the ml so far, so I'm asking you directly :)22:21
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slangasekAdri2000: I'm not subscribed to ubuntu-server22:41
slangaseklool: libpigment0.3-dev, libpigment0.3-5 promoted22:42
Adri2000slangasek: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-server/2008-September/002231.html22:42
loolslangasek: thanks22:42
calchttp://photos-e.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-snc1/v312/15/64/34406965/n34406965_33948748_6629.jpg <- lovely picture of a power pole22:42
calcno wonder its going to take 4-6 weeks to get power back22:43
loolslangasek: How long til I give back pigment-python?  next hour?22:43
slangaseklool: is it not simply dep-wait?22:44
NCommander DktrKranz BAH22:44
loolOh right, it will figure itself22:44
NCommanderDktrKranz: there you are, I haven't seen you on in ages22:44
loolslangasek: it is yes, nm22:44
loolNCommander: I thought you were typing your password on IRC22:45
NCommanderlool: no, I'll never type iloveftbfs onto IRC :-)22:45
* NCommander runs22:45
NCommanderDktrKranz: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/asis/+bug/26826022:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 268260 in music123 "GNAT 4.2 Transition Tracking Bug" [Undecided,New]22:47
DktrKranzNCommander, indeed! Mostly busy with new boss and working far away from home. I hope to have more time now22:47
NCommanderDktrKranz: I made your work easy in bug form22:47
NCommander(although its not a fun bug)22:47
slangasekAdri2000: it's my opinion that ftps is fairly niche, so a fix for that needs to be balanced against the risk of any other changes included; it doesn't look too bad from 1000 feet up, anyway22:48
DktrKranzNCommander, it's a shame LP is so unfair with stable relase tasks on bugs with several packages affected22:49
NCommanderDktrKranz: well, please upload to proposed :-)22:50
DktrKranzoh... so many packages, weren't only six or seven?22:50
NCommanderI removed the build-dep22:51
NCommanderThere may be some that aren't needed22:51
NCommander(these were all the ones I had and tested)22:51
DktrKranzin https://wiki.ubuntu.org/HardyGnatTransition, I gave a little list of pacakges which could be affected22:51
DktrKranzmost of them don't need to be fixed at a first glance22:52
Adri2000slangasek: ok, I'll try to get server people's opinions (maybe during the meeting tomorrow, though it will be difficult for me to attend), and if they agree, I'll file the FFe request22:52
Adri2000DktrKranz: hi, may I ask you to re-check the ngircd sru please? I had to upload .2 to fix another bug discovered by norsetto22:55
DktrKranzAdri2000, I'm leaving right now, could you please subscribe me to it?22:56
DktrKranzso I can have a look tomorrow22:56
Adri2000DktrKranz: sure, thanks22:56
* DktrKranz moves to bed22:57
jelmerScottK: Thanks for looking into the FTBFS for Samba4 and OpenChange23:10
jelmerScottK, I didn't have a lot of time to dedicate to this in the last few weeks.23:10

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