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AliTabuger7Are we doing all of this too? 02:45
AliTabuger7* A global map where you can find other Ubuntu enthusiasts in your area02:45
AliTabuger7* A Ubuntu counter system for users and a downloads approximate for all users to see and feel the pride!02:45
AliTabuger7* Get access to every single Ubuntu related site and resource organized the way YOU want it! (iUbuntu ;)02:45
FlannelAliTabuger7: the second one yes.  First one, doubtful, third one, doubtful (but we will link to other sites, just not the personalized mumbo jumbo)03:02
AliTabuger7I kind of liked the idea of the first one. I think it would be cool if people would want to stop by my dorm for help with ubuntu.03:10
FlannelAliTabuger7: Well, that'd probably be best served through the LoCo teams.  I know ours has a map.03:11
Flannelbut, who knows.03:12
AliTabuger7Flannel, how would i join a loco team, it seems broken?03:12
FlannelAliTabuger7: What?03:12
FlannelAliTabuger7: Where do you live?03:12
FlannelAliTabuger7: there's a chicago loco03:12
FlannelAliTabuger7: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChicagoTeam03:13
AliTabuger7how specific do loco's get?03:13
AliTabuger7like are there loco's for universities?03:13
FlannelMost of the world its country, in the US its by state, except for a few cases03:13
AliTabuger7i should probably take this to the "locoteams" channel, shouldn't i?03:13
Flannelthat'd be far too specific.  We could go to #ubuntu-us03:13
johnc4510-laptophttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue108  New UWN is out!03:26
AliTabuger7So did someone need something done with the logs? I could try.15:27

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