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ian_brasilpersia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/47069/ if you can have a look at this script it would be great04:51
persiaian_brasil: Perhaps it could take the new image file name as an argument as well?05:11
* persia imagines grow-image ubuntu-mid.img 1000005:11
ian_brasilpersia: ok05:12
persiaian_brasil: Also, it looks like you're coying one image into another.  I think you need to mount -o loop the old image, and copy -arP the contents of the old image into the new image.05:12
persiaOf course, I'm guessing.  If it works, then it works :)05:13
ian_brasilpersia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/47075/05:32
StevenKian_brasil: How much bigger do you want the image?05:33
persiaStevenK: On Friday we were discussing the two use cases of someone who wants to download and play (but doesn't have much bandwidth) vs. someone who wanted to be able to modify an image at their heart's content with ogra's script, and no fear of running our of space.  This script seemed like a good way to address both use cases.05:34
ian_brasilStevenK: i want to run dogtail tests on the ui and this means pulling lots of things in i believe https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/moblin-ui-framework/+bug/15592705:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 155927 in moblin-ui-framework "cannot enable assistive technologies in ubuntu mobile" [Wishlist,Triaged] 05:36
StevenKian_brasil: And I'd rather not increase the dailies to add 100MB or so.05:39
ian_brasilStevenK: yes, persia suggested the script as an easy to maintain way for people to increase the img size 05:40
ian_brasilso you don't have to do this05:41
ian_brasilpersia: actually when i run ogras script on the new increased size image i do not get the chroot just the question whether i want to re-roll it05:53
ian_brasilthe larger image runs in kvm fine however05:59
persiaian_brasil: Odd.06:01
persiaOn the other hand, having it boot is an excellent thing :)06:01
* persia tries06:02
persiaian_brasil: usage notes: 1) it stomps on a local /images directory: you might want to use a tmpdir 2) I'm used to commands in the format command source destination, but this seems to be command destination source.  3) The final result ends up in a subdirectory, which is a little confusing.06:19
persiaLastly, it appears that the result image contains a directory containing the source image.  I think you want `sudo cp -arP images/tmpfs/* images/fobpath/`06:20
persiaian_brasil: After changing images/tmpfs to images/tmpfs/*, edit-image works for me again.06:25
StevenKpersia: You don't, since * will miss the .disk directory on the image06:31
persiaRight.  Then it needs something else.  Perhaps a tar construction?06:35
ian_brasilsudo cp -arP images/tmpfs/*.??* images/fobpath/ 06:55
ian_brasilpersia:  when you say works do you mean you increased the size and then ran ogras script to get the chroot?07:00
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persiaian_brasil: Sorry for the delay.  Yes, tha is precisely what I mean.10:12
crevettehey persia10:20
crevettesorry I didn't had time to look to update bluez-gnome10:20
crevetteI'm Baptiste Mille-Mathias10:20
persiacrevette: No worries.  It's something that needs testing as much as anything else.  What features have you been testing?  input?  comms?  audio?10:26
crevettepersia, my test was weak, I just tested the empty plugin name in the UI10:27
crevetteI didn't look at other stuff10:27
persiacrevette: Heh :)  That seems common.  While it's *excellent* that the display bug is fixed, I'm not sure it's best to update if it breaks other things.10:28
persiaI'd rather have a bad display than have it not work with bluetooth keyboards & mice.10:29
crevetteI didn't tried to do the merge stuff also I didn't what is differnet from a plain update form latest ubuntu10:29
crevettepersia, the package is just bluez-gnome oso id shouldn't impact except the applet and the properties UI10:29
crevettesorry for typo10:29
persiacrevette: "shouldn't": I agree.  Still, needs testing :)10:30
crevettepersia, so https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez-utils/+bug/258738 could be moved to bluez-gnome then ?10:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 258738 in bluez-utils "intrepid regression: bluetooth services without name in tab "Services"" [Undecided,Confirmed] 10:30
crevetteperhaps we can also Marcel to give some hints10:31
persiacrevette: Moving the bug to the right package sounds like a good idea :)10:33
persiaAlso, who is Marcel?10:33
crevetteMarcel Hottman, upstream developper10:34
persiaOh, right.  I think we probably want to actually test what we have before we do that :)10:34
persiaIt's just a matter of getting all the right people to test.10:34
crevettepersia, it is just i'm not sure if it is bluez-gnome or bluez-utils fault as per comment https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez-utils/+bug/258738/comments/510:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 258738 in bluez-utils "intrepid regression: bluetooth services without name in tab "Services"" [Undecided,Confirmed] 10:35
persiacrevette: Right, but you also said that updating bluez-gnome to 0.28 fixed it for you, right?10:35
persiaSo, it's probably a bug because of different versions of bluez-utils and bluez-gnome.  Given that bluez-gnome is out-of-date, I think bluez-gnome is the place to fix it.10:36
crevetteokay so I move the component to bluez-gnome10:39
persiacrevette: Do you need assistance merging the code, or do you welcome that task?10:51
crevettepersia, I need guidance10:55
persiacrevette: OK.  Have you ever merged Ubuntu changes previously.10:56
crevetteand I don't knwo when I'll be able to do it, because I'm a new father, and my time is limited10:56
persiaYes indeed.  That can limit time :)  Congratulations!10:56
crevettepersia, I did merge but a while back11:02
crevetteat least more than one year11:02
persiacrevette: If you have time in about 20 minutes, I could walk through the merge with you.  If not, I'll chat with slytherin (who has also been working on it), and we'll process the merge.11:02
crevetteI seen there is a doc in the wiki regarding merge11:02
crevetteI won't be available tonight before 21:15 GMT tonight11:03
persiacrevette: OK.  We'll try it in the meantime, and hopefully have something for you to test then.  Have a good day :)11:05
crevetteanyway I'm interested to have a good bluetooth stack in GNOME11:05
crevetteI did some patches on upstream (like gnome-user-share) to improve user experience11:06
crevettebut my free time is shorten now11:06
persiacrevette: Understood.  Any way you can help is appreciated :)11:14
crevettepersia, bluez 4 is planned for intrepid+1 ?11:14
crevetteI seen Fedora 10 wich will be issued in same time than intrepid will have it, but I don't know it it implies a lot of changes in dependents packages11:15
persiaI don't know that anyone is specifically planning BlueZ 4 for jaunty, but I'd be surprised if nobody updated it.11:17
ograian_brasil, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mobile-dev/ubuntu-mobile/mobile-scripts has a grow_image.sh script as well now13:23
ograi wrote it in a way that no root access is needed (uses mtools)13:23
christian_I wonder whether ubuntu mid is meant to be an mobile phone OS14:33
christian_or is it just for netbooks and alike?14:34
persiachristian_: Nope.  It's for little tiny devices.  Like the Nokia N810 or the Sharp Zaurus.  But it doesn't run on those, because they are ARM.14:34
persiaFor netbooks and the like, there's a new flavour being developed: "Ubuntu Mobile", but it will be new for intrepid.14:34
ian_brasilpersia: when i try to run ogras script on the new image i get this error14:35
ian_brasil/tmp/image/casper/filesystem.squashfs: No such file or directory14:35
ian_brasilchroot: cannot run command `mount': No such file or directory14:35
ian_brasilchroot: cannot run command `mount': No such file or directory14:35
ian_brasilchroot: cannot run command `mkdir': No such file or directory14:35
ian_brasilchroot: cannot run command `mount': No such file or directory14:35
ian_brasilcp: cannot create regular file `/tmp/mergemount/etc/': Is a directory14:35
ian_brasilchroot: cannot run command `su': No such file or directory14:35
ian_brasilchroot: cannot run command `rm': No such file or directory14:35
ian_brasilchroot: cannot run command `umount': No such file or directory14:35
ian_brasilchroot: cannot run command `umount': No such file or directory14:35
ian_brasilchroot: cannot run command `umount': No such file or directory14:35
ian_brasilchroot: cannot run command `rm': No such file or directory14:35
persiachristian: I suppose if you've a phone with a high enough resolution, and the right processor, you might be able to run Ubuntu MID, but it doesn't have a dialing app, so it wouldn't be very useful for a phone.14:35
persiaogra: ^^ ?14:35
christian_persia: thanks14:36
ograian_brasil, did you use my new grow_image.sh ? 14:36
ian_brasilah sorry, please ignore...i just saw ogras script14:36
ograi'll add a shrink_image.sh later as well that strips out empty blocks again ... and a wrapper to call the three in a row14:37
ian_brasilthat rocks14:37
ograthe edit_image.sh definately needs error checking and cleanup routines 14:37
ogralease check for stale mounts if it fails14:38
ograbefore running it again14:38
ian_brasilogra: ok, i will be hammering it today so if there is something wrong i imagine it will show up14:38
ograthanks for that :)14:39
ian_brasilogra: i just grew an image and then ran edit_squashfs on it and i get this15:16
ian_brasil/tmp/image/casper/filesystem.squashfs: No such file or directory15:16
ian_brasilchroot: cannot run command `mount': No such file or directory15:16
ian_brasilchroot: cannot run command `mount': No such file or directory15:16
ian_brasiland it offers to re-roll but not the chroot15:16
ogradid you check for stale mounts before ? 15:17
ian_brasilhow can i do that?15:17
ogra(that includes /proc and /sys15:17
ian_brasilha ha15:17
ograthere might be mounts from the failed attempt hanging around 15:17
ograi really need to add more error checking to edit_image15:18
ian_brasilogra: i just rebooted but still do not get a chroot15:36
ogracan you do the steps of the script manualy step by step ? 15:36
ograthat should expose what exactly doesnt work15:36
ian_brasilit is falling over here15:40
ian_brasilsudo mount -o loop -t squashfs /tmp/image/casper/filesystem.squashfs /tmp/squashfs15:40
loolyou have squashfs support?15:40
loolmodprobe squashfs15:40
ograanother option is that you ran out of loop devices ... 15:41
ian_brasillool: yes15:42
* ogra isnt really a friend of loop mounting ... thats why the grow_image script doesnt mount anything at all15:42
ogradoes /tmp/image/casper/filesystem.squashfs exist ? 15:42
ograand /tmp/squashfs15:42
ian_brasil/tmp/image/casper/filesystem.squashf this does not exist15:44
ograso you have an empty image :/15:44
ograor the image isnt mounted and thats only a subsequent error15:45
ogramount|grep /tmp/image15:46
ograwhat does that return ? 15:46
ian_brasil/home/ian/Dev/modified_images/ubuntu-mid.img on /tmp/image type vfat (rw,loop=/dev/loop0)15:47
ograand /tmp/image/casper exists ? 15:47
ian_brasilogra: no15:47
ian_brasiljust that15:48
ograthats after you used grow_image ? 15:48
ian_brasili assume so15:49
ogradpkg -l mtools15:49
ograogra@osiris:~/Devel/branches/mobile-scripts$ grep Requires image-tools/grow_image.sh 15:50
ogra# Requires: mtools, syslinux15:50
ian_brasil| Status=Not/Installed/Config-f/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/t-aWait/T-pend15:51
ian_brasil|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)15:51
ian_brasil||/ Name           Version        Description15:51
ian_brasilii  mtools         3.9.11-0ubuntu Tools for manipulating MSDOS files15:51
ogrado you have enough diskspace ? 15:55
ian_brasili have 50GB free15:55
ograthe FS you wokr on should have 2x the imagesize plus the amount you grow15:55
ian_brasilnow it is working15:57
tonyespymterry, tremolux, DebbieFoghorn, bfiller: have any of you tried this morning's install?  Looks badly broken to me!  ;(16:30
bfillertonyespy: wrong channel :)16:30
ian_brasilcouple of questions: why does apt-get dist-upgrade in a chroot pull in firefox as well as midbrowser?..also is the preferred way to enter s3 sleep to use the script or pm-suspend?16:32
tonyespybfiller: doh16:32
ograian_brasil, pm-suspend imho ... as it takes care for several extra things ... but opinions here differ a bit ... i think lool isnt a pm-utils fane :)16:37
ograno idea about the dist-upgrade ... might be through a recommends16:37
ian_brasilogra: ok16:39
loologra: Oh I'm not against pm-utils as a concept, but it's reputed slow17:43
ograbecause we call to many useless scripts 17:43
loolWe should aim at having the kernel suspend properly, and that will be increasingly the case with kernel modesettings17:43
ograon a MID you will only need to use a subset17:43
ograyou will always have misbehaving modules needing a special treatment17:44
loologra: You mean restricted modules?17:44
ogralool, no, just modules17:46
ograthe r8169 is a typically misbehaving free module 17:46
ogradue to the fact that new HW comes out and gets added 17:46
ograyou will always have kernel releases where modules wont behave properly and you will need workarounds17:47
loologra: It feels to me it would be a cleaner approach to fix the modules or flag them in kernel rather than in user space17:47
ograor HW that doesnt do the right thing (think IBM)17:47
ograright, an many cases the kernel is the right place to fix 17:47
ograbut if you are in a freeze and the fix is to intrusive a scripted workaround might be better 17:48
ograand somethimes you simply have the case where a fix breaks on one HW while it fixes the other and you have to special case17:49
loolThe problem is that we pile mass of checks which are run for all hardware despite being hardware specifics -- just checking whether you have the hw by poking hal or running scripts which parse xml configs takes ages17:49
loolWhile in the kernel, quirks are at least driver specific17:49
ogramost of the stuff pm-utils does *is* to apply these quirks 17:50
loolNobody really knows how accurate the userspace quirks are these days17:50
ogralike vbetol stuff 17:50
loolFor instance some thinkpad quirks have been applied to some models and removed for others, but the difference is actually the bios version17:50
ograbut tats nothing you can easily solve in kernel17:51
ograif you look at /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/ ... most of the things in there are actually userspace fices17:54
loolit strikes me that it would be more efficient to source the functions once17:56
* ogra lols about the comments in 95led and 05led17:56
ograthey are nearly the same scripts and both of them suggest to merge with the other 17:57
ograyou wont get rid of stuff like 90clock17:57
ograor 10NetworkManager17:57
ogra94cpufreq is definately a time hog17:58
ograbut can be dropped once the module behaves17:59
ogra95anacron even cals the initscript ... thts likely slow as well18:00
* ogra urghs about 98smart-kernel-video18:01
loologra: You will if instead of piling shell foo, you implement it in C and over dbus18:01
ograsmart_kernel_nvidia || smart_kernel_fglrx || smart_kernel_intel ...18:01
loolAnyway, it's in the works18:01
loologra: See :)18:01
ograso on intel it will wait for the return onf the nvidia and fglrx functions before even starting to think18:02
ograthats a waste18:02
ograwow, 99video is a real monster18:05
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ian_brasilfor the time being the script is a nice workaround? ..i am thinking of extending the shutdown applet rbelem wrote with this script..you think it is a good idea? 18:42

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