nelleryI'm attempting to upgrade mouseemu from 0.15 to 0.16, but a build error tells me that applying one of the patch's fails00:07
nelleryand it looks like it's because the pathname hasn't been updated00:08
nellerybut simply changing line 10 to 'mouseemu-0.16' doesn't work out00:08
nelleryany ideas?00:08
RAOFThat's not going to be the problem; dpatch will apply that patch with -p1, stripping out the first component.00:08
RAOFI'd check out the rejects of the patch; chances are, that patch no longer applies because 0.16 has the same change in it.00:09
nelleryRAOF, so should deleting it be sufficient?00:10
RAOFI don't know.  You'll need to see why it doesn't apply, and make a decision.00:11
compengicould anyone help me packaging pidgin from source to .deb package?00:11
nelleryRAOF, ah, ok thanks00:11
RAOFIf it doesn't apply because the fix has been applied upstream, drop the patch.00:11
RAOFIf it doesn't apply, but the bug it fixes is still there, you'll need to rework the patch.00:11
nelleryRAOF, ok, thanks a lot!00:11
compengii first ran dh_make -m -c gpl then edited changelog, control, copyright and checked rules. anything else needs to be done?00:15
directhexcompengi, generally, if a package already exists for something, use that source package as a basis for updates - don't reinvent the wheel00:16
directhexcompengi, "uupdate" is a script which tries to update an existing debianised package against a new orig.tar.gz00:16
compengidirecthex, erm.. i'm trying to build it from scratch. because i want to learn how to. that's why i was trying to ask for someone that did it before :)00:18
directhexcompengi, well in theory you've done enough. in practice, pidgin is a difficult package, and diff.gz is over 200k when uncompressed00:20
directhexsplit libs/executables, lots of preinst & postinst cleanup, and so on00:21
directhexanyway, bedtime00:22
compengidirecthex, okay directhex good night. and btw have you done pidgin packaging before?00:24
nellerywhen upgrading packages, do you just submit a debdiff of the old and new version .dsc files?01:11
james_wnellery: hi, submit the new .diff.gz along with a pointer to how to get the new upstream tarball01:13
nelleryjames_w, thanks, so inside that .diff.gz should be the .diff?01:14
james_wnellery: the .diff.gz is one part of the source package01:15
james_wa source package consists of the .dsc, the .diff.gz and the .orig.tar.gz01:15
nxvlnellery: use revu01:15
james_wthe last is the upstream code, the second is the diff that adds debian/* and any other changes, and the first ties it all together01:15
nxvlnellery: revu.ubuntuwire.com01:16
nelleryrevu is used for upgrading a package?01:16
nxvlnellery: so you can upload the whole source package01:16
nxvlnellery: i used to use it01:16
nxvlnellery: and then put the link of the revu package in the LP bug01:17
nellerynxvl, ok thanks a lot01:17
ethana2http://lmedinas.livejournal.com/9117.html  ---I'd like to see the packaging status of this and maybe observe the process closely01:21
ethana2...It would be cool to be able to package stuff a bit i think--  there's another package in repos that has a bad dependency01:22
ethana2--checkinstall seems to be broken on my machine, i'm wondering what you guys usually use01:22
RAOFethana2: checkinstall, the eternal foe :)01:23
ethana2that doesn't sound encouraging01:23
ethana2i think it's unethical to go from source -> installed code, generally speaking ;)01:23
RAOFWe tend to just update the source package.01:24
ethana2if everyone made packages instead, the world would be a better place01:24
ethana2RAOF: how do you mean that?01:24
RAOFethana2: Well, the source package is basically upstream tarball + debian metadata (possibly including patches).  Mostly it's easy to update the metadata and stick it on the new upstream tarball.01:25
ethana2..then an automated system compiles and pushes out the update?01:25
RAOFethana2: Is there a bug filed about that new release?  It looks like it could be worth a FFe, or may even not require one.01:25
ethana2i figure it's a shoe in01:25
ethana2bugfix only01:26
ethana2...and those are some bugs /i/ wouldn't want to run into, and with what i do, it's likely that i would01:26
ethana2..maybe i have; in any case, i'd feel a lot better with 0.8201:26
RAOFI'd file an upgrade bug on launchpad.  Bonus marks if you can list the launchpad bugs which are associated with each of the bugs fixed in the new version.01:27
ethana2oh, so they're automatically closed?01:27
* ethana2 begins01:27
RAOFThat, and so it's obvious that there's a real need to do the update.01:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270315 in brasero "upgrade to new upstream 0.8.2 bugfix only release" [Undecided,New]01:30
ethana2oh wait, those bug numbers are from their trac or whatever01:31
ethana2So those closed bugs aren't good enough, you have to see them reported /by ubuntu users/?01:32
RAOFIdeally, yes.01:32
RAOFYou'd want to browse through https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bugs and work out which ones are fixed by this version.01:33
ethana2yeah i am01:33
ethana2seeing a lot of 'fix committed' ones01:34
RAOFIt looks like all the ones marked 'fix committed' will be fixed, yeah.01:34
ethana2....sounds like those should all warrant the upgrade01:34
RAOFI'd therefore guess that the desktop team will be all over the new release.01:34
ethana2..should I just leave it to them then?01:34
RAOFI think so, yes.  You might want to keep an eye on it, but I'd be confident the desktop team will get to it quickly.01:35
ethana2well, i filed the upgrade bug, so...01:35
ethana2maybe i helped something01:35
RAOFI think we're in alpha 6 freeze, so it'll probably be after that, though.01:37
ethana2four days....01:40
ethana2RAOF: Is intrepid going to use the Dust theme?01:40
* RAOF has exactly as much information on that front as you.01:41
ethana2I see01:43
ethana2by the way, ubuntu netbook is amazing01:45
ethana2i'm using everything but ume-loader on my ubuntu desktop install01:45
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msseverI'm trying to make my first package, and I'm having difficulty. The details are here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5790152#post5790152    What am I doing wrong? Or is this question off-topic here?02:58
vorianmssever: looks like the package built fine03:01
msseverBut all it installs are directories, not files03:02
vorianyou may need to add a sysres.install file in your debian dir03:03
mssevervorian: Where can I find documentation on that? My trouble is that there's lots of documentation, but I can't seem to be able to figure out how to use it effectively, or know what's relevant to my situation03:05
mssevervorian: Debian packaging seems overcomplicated for handling simple Python programs. But that probably means I'm missing something. I just need to drop files in directories. That's all.03:07
vorianyou may want to check this out first if it's python http://wiki.debian.org/DebianPython/NewPolicy03:07
mssevervorian: Thanks. I'll check that out. That link didn't show up in my Google searches03:08
vorianno problem03:09
vorianas for the .install file, you can see some good examples in kdebase (intrepid)03:09
vorianjust pull the source and look at the .intall files03:09
vorianit's a complex package, but it has many .install files to view03:10
mssevervorian: Thanks. Also, are there some good simple examples in Python (or some other interpreted language that doesn't need to be built)?03:10
voriansure :)03:11
vorianchm2pdf is one of my favorites03:11
vorianalthough i didn't put an install file in it03:11
vorianit didn't need one03:11
mssevervorian: OK. I'll take a look at it.03:12
vorianyou can email/msg me with any questions you have03:12
vorianor ask any of these fine folks03:12
msseverGreat. I'm busy reading now... :)03:14
mssevervorian: apt-get source chm2pdf says it can't find a source package for chm2pdf. What's the source package called (or how can I find that myself)?03:19
vorianare you in hardy or intrepid?03:20
vorianeither should pull it03:20
msseverI can see the binary package, but not the source package03:21
vorianclick on the dsc link, and copy the url03:21
vorianthen you can use 'dget url' to get the source03:21
vorianwhich would be http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/c/chm2pdf/chm2pdf_0.9-0ubuntu1.dsc03:22
msseverwhat's the command to uncompress it like apt-get source does?03:23
StevenKdpkg-source -x03:23
porthosedget -x03:23
StevenKdget will download it and relevant files, dpkg-source is if the source is local.03:24
msseverOK, I have it extracted now, and I'm looking it over. Thanks for all the help03:25
voriandoh, -x03:27
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nelleryanyone have an idea as to why I get this error when attempting to build this package?04:06
TheMusonellery: You need to add packages that your package build depends on to the Build-Depends field in debian/control.04:08
TheMusoSo by the looks of it, there are several packages that the configure script didn't find when attempting to build your package.04:09
nelleryTheMuso, I see, so it's just the ones that appear there?04:09
TheMusonellery: Without knowing what you are trying to build, I can't really help much more than that.04:09
nellerythat's fine, I'll try and figure it out myself04:09
TheMusonellery: There maybe more, you should check the package documentation to find out what is needed to build the package.04:09
TheMusonellery: You're welcome.04:09
\shjames_w: when are you planning to update launchpadlib package to 0.2 from bzr? so we get the httplib2 UVE done, too...(bug #239734)07:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 239734 in python-httplib2 "[Freeze Exception] python-httplib2 should be upgraded to 0.4.0" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23973407:51
james_w\sh: I hadn't decided if I was going to push it. Thanks for working on httplib2 though08:31
\shjames_w: I think we should talk to barry it would be good to have lplib in intrepid in its bzr version now08:35
iulianGood morning.08:44
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huatsmorningh everyone09:10
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zorglu_q. i would like to get vlc 0.9.2 on 8.04. vlc teams doesnt support 8.04 only 8.10. is there a chance to get it backported to 8.04 ?10:33
directhexdoes it build on 8.04 unmodified?10:40
zorglu_directhex: it did not so long ago. vlc was doing a 8.04 build every night on nighly.videolan.org like 1months ago10:55
zorglu_directhex: they dropped support on 8.04 for unknown reason but very unlikely to be incompatible10:55
directhexhave you tried it?10:55
zorglu_directhex: nope. i dont have time10:56
zorglu_directhex: they got 8.10 in nighly support tho10:56
jimqodeHello. I'm trying to follow the fixingbugs1 meeting at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek0809/FixingBugs1 . I want to test the latest package to see if the bug is still there. I tried to use pbuilder build to build a package to install but i couldn't find the package file it made. How do I build and test a dsc file?10:56
zorglu_http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/ <- directhex10:56
directhexwell that's nice & all, but if it's on THEIR server, you need to ask THEM why they're not building it10:57
zorglu_directhex: "8.04 is for losers" is the official reason10:57
zorglu_hence i wondered if ubuntu motu was planning to do the backport10:58
directhexthey won't backport someone else's packages, not officially. if there's a newer version IN UBUNTU, then it can be looked at11:00
zorglu_hmm it is fair to say that vlc 0.9.2 will not reach 8.04 for at least 6months then ?11:02
zorglu_directhex: i got my servers on 8.04 so i look for solutions11:03
directhexservers which need videolan client? O_o11:03
zorglu_directhex: my only current alternative is to run VMs with 8.10 on those boxes and install vlc in the VM. do you see a better one ?11:04
james_wjimqode: if you build using pbuilder then I think the built packages end up in /var/cache/pbuilder11:05
jimqodejames_w, hmmm. thank you11:07
directhexzorglu_, you could have tried debuild in the time you've been asking, you know11:08
zorglu_directhex: nope. im not a packager. so i would have to learn how to do it in the process11:09
zorglu_directhex: in anycase i dont wanna fight. i just want to see if i can get vlc on 8.04. the 8.10 VM is possibility11:09
directhexzorglu_, that's the thing. some apps "just work" if you take the 8.10 source package and build it on 8.04. no changes. that's the kind of thing that can easily be added to ubuntu-backports11:10
zorglu_hmm ok11:11
zorglu_so no plan to backport11:11
directhexif the package cannot "just" build, then there's a problem - it means added developer effort to keep several versions going11:11
zorglu_directhex: is there a way for me to stay uptodate on this matter ?11:12
directhexyou could file a wishlist bug on launchpad11:12
zorglu_directhex: doing a script which check backport repo ?11:12
directhexor subscribe to the source package11:12
zorglu_directhex: ok thanks11:12
zorglu_i will do the 8.10 VM stuff meanwhile11:12
directhexinfact, someone already did. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vlc/+bug/27040411:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270404 in vlc "Please update VLC to 0.9.2" [Undecided,New]11:13
zorglu_cool :)11:15
ma10zorglu_: sorry i just logged in in the middle of the conversation, where is the 8.10 package you're talking about?11:16
zorglu_ma10: videolan nightly. let me find the link11:17
directhexma10, he wants backports. since the videolan team make intrepid nightly debs.11:17
zorglu_http://nightlies.videolan.org/ and http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/intrepid-i386/11:17
directhexzorglu_, but please remember, as i said, those are NOT ubuntu debs. they're not in, made by, or supported by, anyone at ubuntu. the packages may be of suspect quality or vintage. that's why updating in ubuntu isn't trivial - we can't just take their packages11:19
ma10zorglu_: thanks11:19
zorglu_directhex: i understand. on the other hand, the fact videolan team makes them shows that it is not that hard to make :)11:20
directhexno diff.gz? s/may be/are/11:20
directhexzorglu_, any idiot can run "alien" on an rpm. doesn't make it a reliable package11:20
zorglu_directhex: ok11:20
zorglu_ma10: if you are doing the package, you can ask j-b on #videolan he is handling the release11:21
ma10zorglu_: i don't know, if i do there's nowhere to upload it until the jaunty repositories are created. btw, when is that going to happen?11:23
zorglu_ma10: several people will be interested in this i think. where to upload it ? what about ppa ? meanwhile people could get it there and thus people considering putting it into backport or not could use user feedback. how does it sound ?11:25
zorglu_ma10: 811:26
zorglu_ma10: 8.04 is a LTS after all :)11:26
ma10zorglu_: yes that's probably what's going to happen. :) i think several ppa versions will pop up. i'll start working on mine.11:30
zorglu_ma10: cool :)11:30
jimqodeCould somebody please check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/editline/+bug/256179 for anything I might have done wrong? I just uploaded a debdiff and applied for sponsorship. This is my first time.11:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 256179 in editline "libeditline does not support home/end/delete keys" [Undecided,In progress]11:35
james_wdoes anyone have a Debian testing system around?11:43
james_wa chroot would work.11:43
james_wI'd like someone to test something in that environment, as it is claimed a bug is fixed, but I'm not sure11:44
ma10jimqode: i just gave it a quick look. the thing i noticed is that you forgot to update the Maintainer field in debian/control.11:48
liwjames_w, I have a kvm instance, but I need to boot it up... what do you need?11:52
james_wliw: a little bit of ruby please11:53
ubottuDebian bug 487204 in ruby1.8 "ruby1.8: object allocation during garbage collection phase" [Important,Closed]11:53
james_wI'd like to know if the script in http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=487204#25 still fails with libcairo-ruby 1.5.1-1+lenny111:54
james_wrebuilding on Intrepid and testing suggests that it doesn't fix it11:54
liwjames_w, ok, I'll get back to you in a few minutes after my kvm machine is up11:55
james_wliw: thanks a lot11:55
liwjames_w, ok, ysabel is up -- I don't know Ruby at all, which packages should I install?12:11
james_wjust libcairo-ruby I think12:13
liwchanging the hashbang to say ruby1.8 instead of just ruby12:14
liwrunning now, got to 15350012:14
james_wok, I think it's fixed then, thanks12:15
james_wit seems we can't just sync that12:15
liwcan I kill it?12:16
liwinterestingly, it got slower once it got to about 100 to 150 thousand... the first second or two got that far, now it's only gotten to 18180012:17
james_whmm, did you have to fix up the script before you ran it?12:17
james_wno, I'm doing something wrong12:18
liwhm, I killed it with control-c, and it's still dying, and now it said Segmentation fault12:18
liw***************** 181800 *********12:18
liw^C./test.rb:8: Interrupt12:18
liw./test.rb:8: [BUG] Segmentation fault12:18
liwruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 72) [x86_64-linux]12:18
jimqodema10, what should I update it to? My name? This was an ubuntu package to start with.12:21
* james_w smacks his forehead12:23
james_wmake sure you install all the binary packages for the thing you are testing.12:23
NCommandermorning james_w12:23
james_whey NCommander12:23
NCommanderhow goes it?12:24
james_wpretty good thanks, you?12:24
NCommanderjames_w: trying to fix my laptop12:29
NCommanderFIrefox likes to freeze every ten seconds12:30
wgrantNCommander: Maybe it's Firefox Genuine Advantage kicking in its irritants.12:32
directhexbut i already entered my firefox license key!12:33
directhexNCommander, i eagerly await a chromium-based browser for linux, given the 1-process-per-page thing should kill browser slowdown dead12:33
NCommanderwgrant: :-)12:36
jorgenptYeah. (:12:38
jorgenptAnd browser hangs. <312:38
jorgenptFirst time I saw 'flash' having it's own process in Chrome's process explorer, and I could just "kill" it and all the flash on the page went away, I almost cried in joy.12:39
ma10jimqode: it was a debian package, you're releasing the first ubuntu version. control should look like:13:13
ma10jimqode: Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>13:13
ma10jimqode: XSBC-Original-Maintainer: Captain Packager <packager@coolness.com>13:13
ma10jimqode: (with the name of the debian maintainer of course)13:14
directhexyay, ubuntu packages. because pushing changes to debian is poopy!13:16
* wgrant shoots directhex.13:17
ma10jimqode: also, update Standards-Version while you're at it, or lintian might complain.13:18
james_wanyone a fan of ruby?13:29
dholbachma10: we don't need to update Standards-Version in packages that we inherit from Debian, it's a string-change that gains us nothing and we need to merge again, also it's something the package maintainer in debian should do (after consulting the debian policy and see if the package really complies with the specified version of d-p)13:32
dholbachI think that cjwatson wrote something about it recently13:32
ma10dholbach: didn't know, thanks13:33
ScottKjames_w: apachelogger is a fan of Ruby, I believe.13:33
iulianjames_w: You might want to try #debian-ruby on oftc.13:34
james_wiulian: I'd love to, but they've already fixed it13:34
dholbach+  * Recommend that Standards-Version not be adjusted for Ubuntu revisions of13:34
dholbach+    this manual, and in general that Standards-Version should not be changed13:34
dholbach+    in Ubuntu for packages originating in Debian.13:34
dholbachma10: anytime13:35
james_wwe need a fix for http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=487204, and I can't find the targeted patch, and I'm not sure whether updating to the new upstream is the right thing to do13:36
ubottuDebian bug 487204 in ruby1.8 "ruby1.8: object allocation during garbage collection phase" [Important,Closed]13:36
jimqodema10, dholbach, thanks for your help. I'll update it now13:36
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dholbachjames_w: lucas filed a sync bug for ruby 1.813:36
james_wdholbach: hmm, odd, the bug isn't against ruby13:37
james_wah, my fault: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=48573813:37
ubottuDebian bug 485738 in ruby1.8 "ruby1.8: object allocation during garbage collection phase" [Important,Closed]13:37
dholbachma10: don't worry - I did the mistake myself when I got started (I looked at my first uploads on hoary-changes a few weeks ago) :-)13:37
dholbachbug 27038913:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270389 in ruby1.8 "Please sync ruby1.8 (main) from Debian unstable (main)." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27038913:38
james_wubottu: you are wrong!13:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about you are wrong!13:38
james_wwell, you are13:38
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sbucathi sorry if i ask here , but i have made a simple video analyzer with ffmpeg and awk can someone build a package ?--------->http://www.cli-apps.org/content/show.php?content=8925913:48
lucasjames_w: dholbach: FWIW, I could convince the debian release team to let the new upstream release migrate to lenny last week13:50
lucasjames_w: dholbach: and ruby-defaults just contains dummy packages that point to ruby1.8's binary packages at the moment. since we also have ruby1.9, all security bugs are usually duplicated for ruby1.8 and ruby1.9.13:50
* apachelogger notes that james_w is quite hard on teh poor bot :S13:50
ScottK-laptopOff the top of my head, if it got into Lenny I'd be really suprised we don't want it for Intrepid.13:51
james_wlucas: yeah, it doesn't look too bad, the mention of perhaps having to update dependent code due to libxml->xml namespace change is a bit worrying13:52
james_wScottK-laptop: I think we definitely want the bug fixed13:52
lucasjames_w: which namespace change is that? (link?)13:54
james_w== 0.8.2 / 2008-07-21 Charlie Savage13:54
james_w* To use LibXML you can either require 'xml' or require 'libxml'.13:54
james_w  The differences is that require 'xml' mixes the LibXML module into13:54
james_w  the global namespace, thereby allowing you to write code such13:54
james_w  as document = XML::Document.new.  Note that this is different13:54
james_w  from 0.8.0 and 0.8.1 and may require updating your code.13:54
sbucatdevfil: hi13:55
devfilhi sbucat13:55
devfilsbucat: what are you doing here? :)13:56
sbucatdevfil: heheh i need of some motu for this :D hahahhttp://www.cli-apps.org/content/show.php?content=8925913:56
lucasjames_w: err, that's not a ruby1.8 change, right? I don't think that we are talking about the same thing here13:56
devfilsbucat: actually Ubuntu is on feature freeze, so for new packages a FFe is needed13:57
james_wlucas: no, I'm talking about the fix for http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=48573813:57
ubottuDebian bug 485738 in ruby1.8 "ruby1.8: object allocation during garbage collection phase" [Important,Closed]13:57
james_wlucas: which was fixed in Debian with the update to the new upstream release13:57
devfilsbucat: for more inf: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess#FeatureFreeze%20for%20new%20packages13:58
broonie 2413:58
lucasjames_w: I don't have an opinion on that one. note that libxml-ruby is a relatively unimportant lib. (most ruby users use rexml)14:00
james_wyeah, I just saw that there are no rdepends14:01
james_wexcept libxslt-ruby, which has none14:01
bddebianHeya gang14:25
james_whi bddebian14:26
bddebianHi james_w14:26
iulianHello bddebian14:27
bddebianHi iulian14:31
james_whttp://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ looks a bit out of date, is this normal?14:42
jimqodehttp://daniel.holba.ch/temp/no_attention is linked on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/TODO/Bugs but it does not work. It spits out the python source for the server side code14:45
dholbachlucas: right... if that's the case the ubuntu-release team should ACK it pretty quickly14:58
james_wjimqode: hi, I don't see that, are you on hardy?14:59
jimqodejames_w, yes I'm on hardy. What difference does it make?15:00
james_wjimqode: my guess is that python-launchpad-bugs is broken on hardy15:03
jimqodejames_w, oops was it meant to run at my computer. *blushes*15:04
jimqodeit thought it was server side code that failed to run15:04
james_wah :-)15:04
jimqodesorry, sorry, sorry :)15:05
dholbachsoren, nixternal, geser: just in case you're wondering: NCommander has the nexenta-ACCEPTED-mails situation under control now :-)15:26
* NCommander whisles15:27
=== superm1 is now known as superm1|away
NCommanderdholbach: I never got those accept emails in my inbox, were they filtered out by the mailserver?15:28
dholbachNCommander: they were in the ubuntu-motu moderation queue15:28
NCommanderdholbach: again, sorry about that :-/15:28
dholbachNCommander: don't worry - it's been just 4 mails right now :)15:29
dholbachwe get much more spam every day that lands in the queue15:29
NCommanderIts probably going to be a few more, the dak server had a pretty large backlog :-P15:29
dholbachNCommander: np, I'll send you the bill15:29
* NCommander will add a redirect of dholbach@ubuntu.com -> *somewhere*15:30
jdonghave people started screaming for VLC yet?15:38
jdongyup bug 27040415:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270404 in vlc "Please update VLC to 0.9.2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27040415:38
jdongwgrant: you last-touched; any thoughts on this big scary update? I'm afraid if we don't do it we won't hear the end of it.15:41
nxvldholbach: can i congratulate NCommander now?15:45
NCommanderon what?15:45
nxvlNCommander: uuc15:45
dholbachnxvl: I think you can - I'll process the application in a sec15:47
nxvlNCommander: congrats15:47
dholbachnxvl: hold your horses - just a (few) minute(s) :-)15:48
* NCommander looks forward to the day he can get MOTU15:51
NCommanderI apply at the end of September :-)15:51
dholbachNCommander: congratulations :-)15:55
dholbachnxvl: now you can :)15:55
dholbachit just took a bit to get all the references to the application from the mailing list, the mail written etc15:56
NCommanderANother icon for Bragging rights15:56
NCommanderAt the rate I'm going, I'm going to need a linebreak :-/15:56
dholbachso that's what it's all about15:56
nxvlNCommander: welcome to the team15:56
* NCommander was already an Ubuntu member, UUC wasn't a huge upgrade15:56
NCommanderAt least my posts to -devel are no longer moderated I think15:56
nxvldholbach: there were a LOT of references to catch on that mail15:57
NCommander16 I think15:57
dholbachnxvl: exactement15:57
NCommanderdholbach: I'm told thats an unusually high number15:58
NCommanderdholbach: don't worry, you get the fun of doing it again for MOTU soon :-)15:59
nxvldholbach: i was checking the 5-a-day code the other day and i started wondering, now it works using only the LP login?16:02
dholbachnxvl:     bzr launchpad-login16:02
dholbachnxvl: to me it didn't seem to make sense to write your lp login to yet another file :)16:03
geserdholbach: re the last mc minutes: I didn't know that nixternal and you count double :)16:09
dholbachgeser: it was 11:18 here and it seems I still didn't have enough coffee16:09
nxvl_sorry i unpluged my laptop and forget i took the battery out16:10
mok0 ogra ping16:11
nxvl_dholbach: agreed on that, just making sure i catch it correctly16:11
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james_wNCommander: then nexenta ACCEPTED mail went to all maintainers, not just MOTU?16:26
NCommanderjames_w: unfortantely16:27
NCommanderThe problem was our mailserver was not sending emails16:27
NCommanderAnd I didn't realize dak was misconfigured16:27
NCommanderThe mail admin just fixed the former and ran the queue -_-;16:27
james_wperhaps a mail to debian-devel explaining the situation would help?16:27
james_wguessing that it was more than just a couple of mails16:28
dholbachMOTU got just 4 up until now16:28
NCommanderWell, the flame mail from DDs is pouring in now16:29
cody-somervilleNCommander, really? :P16:29
NCommanderMan, when I screw up, I screw up big16:29
geserNCommander: you now know which DDs read there mails timely :)16:30
* dholbach bears that in mind for NCommander's MOTU application :-)16:30
NCommanderTHanks dholbach :-P16:30
nxvlNCommander: which DDs mail?16:31
NCommandernxvl: not sure, its going to the changes mailing list which I haven't been subscribed to16:32
nxvlNCommander: ubuntu changes or debian changes?16:32
handschuhhi, when will the next revu-day will be? (just asking)16:38
nxvlhandschuh: in November maybe16:50
nxvlhandschuh: archive are closed for new packages until jaunty16:50
handschuhnxvl: ok thanks16:51
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broonieNCommander: You've definitely been hitting DDs. :)17:01
nxvldholbach: today in the new release of the PC World there are 2 packages about me and motuship, i hope it helps to get more people involved :D17:12
nxvl(the peruvian version of PC World btw)17:12
dholbachnxvl: NICE - do you have an online version of it somewhere?17:12
nxvldholbach: mmm, not sure, let me check, but it's in spanish17:13
dholbachnxvl: nevermind it's in spanish :)17:13
nxvli though so17:13
nxvldholbach: there were some minimal inaccuracies from the reporter, but still get my bits saying that it's easy and that people are invited to participate :D17:16
cody-somervilleNCommander, Isn't there a big fat warning in dak about this? :P17:16
ScottK-laptopApparently neither big, nor fat, enough.17:16
handschuhdholbach: (sry for interruption) thanks for the motu-videos17:17
broonieWith current versions of dak you explicitly need to configure it to mail people.17:17
dholbachhandschuh: I'm glad you find them useful. :-)17:17
nxvldholbach: talking about videos, nellery (my mentee) jumped it after the videos, and he was not bad at all17:18
dholbachnxvl: woah, great :-)17:18
nxvldholbach: so we can start calling them a success17:18
* nxvl give dholbach a big thank you HUG17:19
* dholbach hugs nxvl back :-)))17:19
gaspadholbach: registered a merge for harverst-data.17:23
dholbachgaspa: I'll take a look at it in a bit17:24
gaspaas you need, don't haste.17:24
* dholbach hugs gaspa :)17:24
* gaspa hugs dholbach back. :)17:25
* nxvl predicts an update of the flash hug at mountainview17:25
nxvlogra: ^^^17:26
nxvldholbach: we aware...17:26
ogranxvl, we could make it a tradition :)17:28
ScottK-laptopnxvl: You could make a historical retrospective without affecting future suprises.17:35
nxvlScottK-laptop: right17:35
ScottK-laptopnxvl: You could also make a Launchpad team, get a mail list, and conspire there.17:35
nxvlwe have an LP team17:36
cody-somervilleScottK-laptop, ping17:42
ScottK-laptopcody-somerville: Pong17:43
* ScottK-laptop notes that hppa is almost caught up building stuff. This is a clear sign people should be uploading more.17:58
jdongScottK-laptop: how does VLC 0.9.1 crack sound?18:02
jdong(kidding. maybe.)18:02
ScottK-laptopjdong: That's some gtk thing, so, whatever.18:03
ScottK-laptopjdong: Actually, given the security history with VLC, I'm thinking we probably do what to ship something they'll be updating, but I'm not sure.18:03
jdongScottK-laptop: it's a QT thing now.18:03
ScottK-laptopIt is?18:03
jdongScottK-laptop: I'll have to look into what the heck needs to change with the packaging18:04
jdongScottK-laptop: the frontend is rewritten in QT418:04
jdongScottK-laptop: otherwise updating it would be a no-brainer18:04
jdongScottK-laptop: but at this point IMO it's still in our best interest to update, just it might be some work involved18:04
ScottK-laptopOK.  I think looking into it is a good plan.18:04
jdongyeah I'm in class right now and have a busy early week, but if I have spare time I'll also look into this18:05
jdongupstream has "nightly builds" that mostly pbuilder okay in Intrepid, might be worth looking at a debdiff of that18:05
jdongi.e. http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/intrepid-i386/latest/18:06
jdongI have no idea the packaging quality but I am betting it's not that useful for us.18:06
ScottK-laptopWithout looking I'd give odds you're right.18:06
jdongScottK-laptop: it looks to be a natively debianized source which worries me.18:07
jdongScottK-laptop: would be nice to work with upstream to share packaging efforts, as their nightly service tends to be popular with media geeks18:08
ScottK-laptopWhat did you expect?18:08
ScottK-laptopjdong: They might be happy to get patches.18:08
jdongScottK-laptop: indeed. Let's proceed with some PPA packages in ~motumedia and proceed from there...18:10
slytherinNCommander: congrats18:23
stdinRainCT: hey, recently I took another look at dgetlp and thought "Hmm, this would probably work better in python". so I rewrote it (again)18:37
stdinwhat do you think: http://pastebin.com/f1a78df6118:37
jdonginteresting... prevu has a built-in more hackish variant :)18:38
=== asac_ is now known as asac
jdonglooks like http://paste.ubuntu.com/47195/18:39
jdongmaybe I'll replace that nastiness with dgetlp if things work out18:40
ScottK-laptopNote that dgetlp is only needed for PPA packages.18:40
ScottK-laptopRegular distro packages have url's that dget can use.18:41
slytherinDoes anyone know for sure if latest gstreamer pre-release will be packaged before beta freeze?18:41
RainCTstdin: Great! (There's a typo ("hostead") in the Usage string and another one ("attatch") in the try/except at the end)18:46
stdinstupid power-cut :|18:50
RainCT>> stdin: Great! (There's a typo ("hostead") in the Usage string and another one ("attatch") in the try/except at the end)18:50
stdinScottK-laptop: about dgetlp, it's not just for PPAs, it was actually written more with +queue in mind attach18:51
stdinRainCT: http://pastebin.com/f10cdcbdd18:52
stdinthat should fix those18:52
ScottK-laptopAh, right.18:52
stdinnow it's in python it should be more robust, actually reading the .dsc instead of trying to guess the names/version of files to get18:54
james_wemgent: hey, were you planning on merging ecl?18:59
james_wstdin, meet python-debian, python-debian meet stdin, I think you two may get on19:00
james_wstdin: it's got a class for parsing .dsc files that may simplify the script even more19:00
stdinjames_w: I only need to get the files out of the .dsc, not sure if I need anything "powerful". but I guess I should look at it ;)19:01
james_wit's got some good stuff in it19:02
james_wand if you write anything that may fit well there then please feel free to submit it for inclusion19:02
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rawlerhey people.. have anyone here got experience of launchpad ppa?19:32
rawlerfor some reason, it rejects my uploads due to failed checksums.. I've verified them manually and they seems correct?19:32
mok0you upload the _source.changes file?19:33
rawleralso relevant that I already have the package in question in launchpad ppa for intrepid, now back-porting to hardy, so I needed to change a dep..19:33
rawleryes, the _source.changes.. :)19:33
mok0rawler: I don't think I can help with that, try asking on #launchpad19:34
rawlerI will, thanks.. :)19:34
slytherinpersia: http://www.hadess.net/2008/09/living-on-edge.html :-(19:38
slytherinwow vlc 0.9 is release finally :-)19:48
nxvljames_w: i told you that you needed to apply for motuship, it looks like it will be a succes19:59
sebnerslytherin: 0.9.2 :P hope to see it in intrepid :D19:59
sebnerjames_w: \o/19:59
slytherinsebner: I use totem :-)20:00
slytherinbut for my friends who use Windows, VLC is heaven20:00
sebnerslytherin: bah, gnome crunch t20:00
LaneyIs anyone working on the VLC update?20:06
sebnerLaney: well, I suppose they maybe want to merge it from Debian *when* Debian has it20:06
ScottKLaney: jdong was discussing it earlier.20:06
Laneysebner: Time is money!20:07
sebnerLaney: do you get paid for merging vlc ASAP? ^^20:07
sebnerhuhu ScottK =)20:07
LaneyI get paid in joy by having a better Intrepid release ;)20:08
sebnerLaney: maybe you can get informations about upstart 0.5 then :P20:08
Laneysebner: I think that's a bit above me :(20:10
sebnerLaney: np :)20:11
stdinRainCT: "final" version, with spell-checking :) http://pastebin.com/f65c4172c20:15
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superm1is there a way to look at reverse build depends of a package?20:18
azeemsuperm1: some grep-dctrl magic does that; there's no single command I believe20:18
slytherinsuperm1: reverse-build-depends from ubuntu-dev-tools20:19
superm1okay so if i'm working on a virtualbox FFe, and the only thing that uses kbuild is virtualbox, do i need to file an FFe too for that still?20:20
superm1i suppose i will just to be safe20:21
slytherinsuperm1: If it is a release with new features, FFE is a must.20:21
slytherinfor bug fix only release you might be able to convince that FFE is not needed.20:21
superm1they dont really have an upstream changelog, so i'm discerning through trac20:22
superm1ah yeah there are a few features put into it20:22
laga_they do have a changelog? a short one, tho20:22
superm1the changelog in the package was discontinued20:22
superm1and they said to go look at trac instead20:22
laga_http://virtualbox.org/wiki/Changelog - although that's for the closed source version20:23
superm1not virtualbox20:23
laga_oh, sorry20:23
superm1it's only rdepend and rbuild-depend is virtualbox however20:23
slytherinsuperm1: any chance you could bribe someone to approve FF for bluez. It will be really nice to have 4.x in intrepid. :-D20:25
superm1i'm a bit doubtful since we're past UI freeze, and undoubtedly there are UI changes in the 4.x release?20:25
slytherinsuperm1: Sure, but if Fedora 10 is going to ship it then it becomes prestige issue. :-P20:26
slytherinsuperm1: I will see if I can create some test packages.20:32
cr3I'm packaging a project which uses autotools, but I want to generate both a deb and a udeb. the problem is that I only want to install the binary in the udeb, so I have usr/bin/my_binary in the udeb.install file. however, the file is actually built in the deb's directory (debian/my-project) rather than the udeb's directory (debian/my-project-udeb).20:36
cr3I thought that DEB_DH_INSTALL_SOURCEDIR := debian/tmp in the rules file might generate a single directory which could be shared by both the deb and the udeb, but no such luck20:36
cr3so, what would be the right way to package both the deb and the udeb... preferably without having to ./configure && make && make install for each?20:37
james_whey cr320:38
james_w#ubuntu-installer probably has a higher density of people familiar with udebs20:39
cr3james_w: hey dude! hm, I'm usually more annoying in #ubuntu-installer, I thought I would load balance my questions in other channels :)20:39
james_wcr3: if you want it in both then you may need a "cp" call in debian/rules20:41
cr3james_w: ouch! I looked at the netscat source package for inspiration, becaues I know it's available in the installer environment, but turns out it might not have a udeb because there's nothing under debian relating to udebs20:42
* cr3 does more exploration20:42
LaneyGood lord I'm getting a lot of skips and pops in my audio under load20:42
james_wcr3: I just grabbed dhcp3 for the same reason20:42
james_wcr3: but that doesn't use dh_install to install most of it's files20:43
fabrice_spHi. Do I need a FFe for Bug #242572? All the bug and debdiff is previous to Freeze...20:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 242572 in wxsvg "Upgrade wxsvg package to b11" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24257220:43
cr3james_w: evil! :)20:44
james_wcr3: dmraid uses two ./configure steps by the look of it20:45
james_wdifferent options though20:45
james_wsame with cdebconf20:46
cr3james_w: tzsetup seems like a simple package20:46
james_wcr3: you may have to do something a bit ugly, as your case is a bit special20:46
james_wcr3: you always knew you were special though, didn't you?20:47
james_wtzsetup only has a udeb20:47
cr3james_w: yeah, I'm special as in special olympics :(20:47
cr3james_w: good point, that's why the debian files are so simple for tzsetup20:47
james_wcr3: fontconfig20:49
james_wcr3: it's cdbs, but it uses an install file, and uses debian/tmp/ as the source20:50
james_wah, you use cdbs20:50
cr3james_w: cheers! that sounds less special and, yes, I use cdbs20:50
cr3james_w: actually, I'm trying a simple hack in my install file right now. that might be easy as pie20:51
james_wcr3: as well as DEB_DH_INSTALL_SOURCEDIR you may need to use a different DESTDIR20:51
LaserJockScottK: does a FFe only need 1 ack? I don't see it documented on the wiki page (just 2 acks are needed for standing FFes) so I'm assuming it's just 120:54
sebnerDktrKranz: \o/20:55
DktrKranzsebner, \o/20:55
ScottKLaserJock: It's 2.20:55
geserLaserJock: wasn't it 3 for standing FFe and 2 for normal FFe?20:55
LaserJockgeser: no20:55
LaserJockgeser: "Once a standing FFe is approved (2 motu-release acks)..."20:56
ScottKDktrKranz: Would you please ack/approve Bug 26078620:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260786 in ubuntu "please sync openchange" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26078620:56
ScottKDktrKranz: WIth sispoty's earlier +1 it may be OK, but just to be sure ...20:57
LaserJockI can't find any reference to the number of needed acks other than ^^ on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess20:57
ScottKLaserJock: Two is what we've been using.20:57
LaserJockok, cool. That's what I remembered it being but was uncertain because of the wiki page20:58
sebneremgent: is your uploader list script b0rken?20:58
DktrKranzsebner, lists.ubuntu.com is "b0rken"20:58
sebnerLaserJock: huhu :) I hope your studies are going well?20:58
sebnerDktrKranz: so, everything is b0rken? ^^20:58
geserLaserJock: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu/2008-September/004648.html talks about 3 for standing FFe and 2 for normal FFe20:58
LaserJocksebner: yeah, fairly well20:59
sebnerLaserJock: nice to hear :)20:59
LaserJockgeser: someone might want to then reflect that in the actual policy20:59
sebner\o/ geser, our syncing hero :) (well, at least mine) :)20:59
DktrKranzsebner, you have to manually download $distro-changes mailbox and hack it to open a file instead of fetching from the web (certificate issue)20:59
sebnerDktrKranz: ah nvm, I'm not that in reading ML. just MC list from time to time (webview)21:00
DktrKranzScottK, done21:00
ScottKDktrKranz: THanks.21:00
jdongLaney: hey you still there?21:00
Laneyjdong: hi21:00
jdongLaney: saw your query on VLC; are you interested in packaging it or just inquiring if it'll be done?21:01
Laneyjdong: I'll have a go if nobody else does21:02
jdongLaney: well I've got a busy afternoon ahead of me but I'll start taking a look at it later this evening to first understand what Ubuntu has changed with the package and then see what needs to be done to accomodate the new frontend21:03
Laneyjdong: OK. I might have an initial look if ghc ever gets done building21:04
jdongLaney: ok, cool. I'll post any status updates on the bug report, if you'd like to do the same that should be good21:05
* Laney nods21:05
ScottKIntresting.  PJ from Groklaw is commenting in the FF EULA bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/269656/comments/15021:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269656 in firefox-3.0 "AN IRRELEVANT LICENSE IS PRESENTED TO YOU FREE-OF-CHARGE ON STARTUP" [High,Confirmed]21:08
sebnerScottK: mozilla is evil :\21:09
NCommandercody-somerville: you'd think there was such a warning21:11
ScottKsebner: Evil is a strong word.21:11
ScottKNCommander: Thanks for Samba4 and congratulations.21:11
sebnerScottK: mozilla is no angel-like ... better?21:12
NCommanderScottK: thanks21:12
ScottKsebner: Sure.21:12
* NCommander feels quite sick to his stomach ATM21:12
ScottKPersonally, I'm very uncomfortable that there are packages in the Main archive that I'm not allowed to change.21:12
sebnerScottK: maybe we'll end like debian with iceweasel xD21:12
laga_mozilla is hilariouis21:13
NCommanderScottK: seconded21:13
NCommanderThey're a joke at this point to me21:13
ScottKOf course anyone that wants a default browser other than Firefox can switch to Kubuntu today.21:13
sebnerScottK: bah, no chance :P21:13
Robb_1im not sure exactly who to send this request to..but i have a way of making things more secure.....i know that the login window has the way of hiding the input for the password screen...is there a way you could do this for gksu and gksudo?  I know sudo itself has it implemented.21:28
Robb_1im not saying that i could actually implement this myself..but if someone could make this happen..it would be a great advancement in security.21:29
laga_that's only more secure if your password consists of asterisks21:29
Robb_1i dont think your getting it, the fact that login window has it and nothing else surprises me......21:30
Robb_1peeking over your shoulder during login is only one part of the issue im seeing...i see a lot of users in my college (i have ubuntu implemented in a class) that have been watching the *su and *sudo window waiting to see just how long the other users passwords are.21:33
netzmeisterbad-boy86, sers :)21:59
bad-boy86hehe abend Meister22:00
laga_"sers"? now who says that? ;)22:00
netzmeisterlaga_, german?22:03
netzmeisterlaga_, "sers" is the small word for "servus" :D22:04
ati9700juten tach22:07
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wgrantjdong: I wouldn't advise it until Debian has done it.22:55
wgrantIt is huge.22:55
wgrantAnd it is late in the cycle.22:55
wgrantOh my god. The bug. Is huge.22:55
jdongwgrant: I know it's a huge update, but I don't think we're in a better position just sitting around until we end up with a VLC support cycle or user backlash crisis on our hands.22:57
wgrantjdong: Debian is going to have 0.8.6i in Lenny.22:58
jdongwgrant: just in the past week, for example, I've talked to two independent users who need MT2S support for viewing their HD camcorder files22:58
wgrantAnd we'd have more user backlash if we left it borked.22:58
jdongand the only solution atm is VLC 0.9.x22:58
wgrantWe have < 1.5 months to get it perfect.22:58
wgrantIf you think it can be done, go ahead.22:58
wgrantBut I don't think it's a particularly good idea.22:58
jdongwgrant: well I certainly want to test it externally in a PPA to see if there's any chance of it working. I understand the concern you have.22:59
LaneyWe should certainly not push it until we're confident it's better than what we have22:59
jdongwhether or not we ship it as the Intrepid version, I'd still like to give Hardy and Intrepid users some reasonably safe way of using this new VLC release23:00
jdongthe demand for it will be high23:01
wgrantIt will.23:01
wgrantSo we get it into Jaunty early and backport it.23:01
wgrantVery little change.23:01
jdongright, that's the alternative plan.23:01
wgrantThey can get it in 1.5 months in RELEASE, or 2 months in BACKPORTS.23:02
jdongor 1 week if I finish my homework early ;-)23:02
jdong(watch that curse my week)23:03
ScottK-laptopwgrant: Wouldn't you rather be dealing with security patches from their current release than an old one?23:06
wgrantScottK-laptop: Perhaps, but Debian will be in the same boat and they're needed for Hardy anyway.23:06
ScottKDebian will be regardless of if it goes into Sid or not because it won't make Lenny.23:07
wgrantThat's my point.23:07
jdongwell... I'd hate to be tracking an old VLC release from a security standpoint anyway.... TBH if something nasty like that does happen down the road I would lean towards just giving everyone 0.9.223:07
jdongit's an end-user app with no revdeps, do as we do with the Mozillas23:08
wgrantSomething nasty like what?23:08
jdongwgrant: a security vulnerability is found in some bundled part of the 0.8.6i+a+b+c+d+whatever release we have now.23:09
wgrantjdong: Oh, that happens literally monthly.23:10
wgrantAnd we have no bundling any more.23:10
jdongwgrant: I hate media players...23:10
jdongwgrant: this is one of those cases where IMO we should just follow upstream's releases. I can't really think of a use case for why backporting patches is a good idea for VLC.23:10
wgrantPackage it up and get it tested, I guess.23:11
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