cody-somervillew00t w00t03:59
johnc4510-laptopcody-somerville: hey04:00
dholbachcan somebody create /Issue109? boredandblogging? :)16:05
dholbachor shall I do it and use the template? :)16:06
tychedholbach: Do you know how to do it using the template?16:06
tyche(That's probably a stupid question.  hee hee)16:07
dholbachtyche: is there anything I should bear in mind? can't I just click on the    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue109?action=edit&template=UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/IssueTemplate     link?16:07
tycheI don't know.  That's why I asked YOU.  LOL  I've never done it, myself.  Mainly because I'm not sure the location of the template.  Best I can say is try it.16:09
tycheIf you mess it up, we can always blame johnc451016:09
dholbachhrmmmmm, I just wanted to add something :)16:09
tycheOK, it's up.  I clicked on your link, and it worked.16:11
tycheBrave, aren't I.  Hee hee16:11
dholbachthanks tyche16:13
tycheNP.  In fact, less problem than I thought it would be.16:13
dholbachthanks again guys - keep rocking the news world!16:13
tycheWe try.  Hee hee16:14
dholbachtyche: it seems that some template stuff is missing in there16:17
dholbach(stuff that usually is in there)16:17
dholbachmy fault16:17
tycheWhat stuff?16:18
johnc4510dholbach: sorry i didn't have that done already16:18
johnc4510only 8AM here16:18
johnc4510hee hee16:18
dholbachif it's good enough to click just the "template link", I can do that too the next time ;)16:19
tychedholbach: He's slacking, because he was on vacation.  It'll only take him 2 weeks for every day he was on vacation to catch up.  Hee hee16:19
dholbachjohnc4510: hope you had good vacations16:19
johnc4510dholbach: not bad thx16:20
dholbachok guys - have a great day - see you later16:21
tychekk.  Thanks16:22

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