sajesPeople are talking about "morons" in #ubuntu-offtopic which offends myself as well as people with a lesser mental ability.00:50
Seeker`lo Myrtti01:08
Myrtti1h sleep done, going to try for few more...01:09
Seeker`good luck01:09
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ubottuIndyGunFreak called the ops in #ubuntu (gandalfcome)02:44
Madpilotjust a flood. bot dealt with it.02:45
TtechI was banned in #ubuntu for a connection failure? :? But, I see only one result for my whowas... And if my connection was really failing, I'd like to know.02:57
FlannelTtech: I'll take a look03:02
FlannelTtech: You were.  Forwarded to ##fix_your_connection03:03
FlannelTtech: you were jumping in and out all over the place, obviously you're not anymore.03:03
FlannelTtech: try now03:04
FlannelTtech: You were failing on the 7th, so about a week ago.03:40
ubottuIn ubottu, linus said: ubuntu is shit05:06
ubottucrdlb called the ops in #ubuntu ()05:21
Madpilotis the floodbot lagged all to hell?05:21
Myrttithanks, 770 isn't that fast05:22
Madpilotno op script for the 770's IRC client like Sev's for XChat?05:23
MyrttiI use irssi on this - but typing with my thumbnails is slow05:24
Myrttier, slower than typing on a real keyboard05:24
Myrttiand my mad typing skills with this  are a bit rusty05:25
Madpilota script would still help - /cs kb troll<TAB> is faster than the alternative05:27
MyrttiI've got my aliases05:29
Myrttihave to review them though05:29
FlannelOh dear, that guy again?05:31
ubottujrgp called the ops in #ubuntu ()06:03
MadpilotFlannel, edu-kick for the chap in #u?06:03
FlannelI didn't do it06:04
Flannelhe left06:04
Flannelbefore I could tell him to use queries, even06:04
Flannelcall ops, then run away in shame, I guess06:04
Madpilotactually, I was suggesting an edu-kick - hadn't noticed that he'd slunk off...06:04
Madpilotheh. call ops, realize that it really does bring actual ops, realize that might not have been clever?06:05
FlannelI guess06:05
FlannelAnyone with -ot awake?06:25
FlannelMadpilot, Myrtti?06:25
FlannelMyrtti: calvalry06:25
FlannelOh, etiher one of you ;)06:26
MadpilotCavalry in -ot?06:26
FlannelMadpilot: yes06:26
ubottuSegFaultAX called the ops in #ubuntu (Eddwin)06:33
FlannelFloodbots are broked06:33
MyrttiMadpilot: a bit harsh06:34
FlannelMadpilot: kb wasn't needed.06:34
Madpilotsorry - twitch.06:34
Madpilotban removed06:34
stdinFlannel: floodbot2 is missing, so it's a permanent emergency mode06:34
FlannelEspecially after I had done something06:34
Flannelstdin: Hmm, can we get annoucements in here or something so we can know about that?06:35
MyrttiLjL: poit?06:35
Flannelstdin: Other channels are excessive06:36
Madpilothave the Floodbot settings been tweaked to lower sensitivity? we've had some long floods they haven't caught this evening06:36
Flannelstdin: as I imagine theres a lot more traffic in there than "we're broken" and "we're fixed"06:36
stdinso you want the floodbots to flood? ;P06:36
Flannelstdin: No, I want the floodbots to have a single "we're not working" in this channel.  So I know to be more aware of things like that.06:37
stdinFlannel: nothing stopping you from joining, doing "status" and parting06:37
Flannelstdin: Except that's stupid.06:37
stdinthere's really not much traffic in there anyway06:38
stdinand the bots would have to join here to send messages anyway06:38
FlannelTheyre already in here06:38
FlannelEr, ubottu relays it06:38
stdinit only relays ops calls06:39
Flannelstdin: Mmm, true.  stdin, I don't *want* to get pinged regarding exploits, for instance, (I will if I'm in -monitor), I just want notification when somethings broken06:40
Flannelstdin: Also, do they actively say "we're in emergency mode"? or am I still going to have to poll them?06:40
FlannelI'll give it a try, at any rate.06:41
Myrttiperhaps put all the bots in notify?06:41
Flannelbut I'm running out of keyboard keys to map channels to.06:41
stdinwell, we can make a channel specific ops factoid for that channel, so it doesn't ping you. and they only say when you poll them06:41
FlannelSo, again, they won't actually say "hey, we're broken"  That seems like a nice feature to have06:42
stdinwell, they do say "<nick> floods, but emergency mode is on" when someone floods and they are in emergency mode06:42
stdinthey aren't "broken", just in emergency mode06:43
FlannelAlright.  I'll give it a shot06:43
FlannelThey're not functioning, and therefore broken ;)06:43
stdinso they should ping everyone and say "we're broken" if a bot splits or gets restarted?06:43
FlannelPerhaps if it stays that way for an extended period of time, it would be nice to be notified so someone could look into it and we can resume doing manually what theyve been automated to do06:44
stdinwe should probably come up with a contingency for when a bot dies though (probably more bots on stand-by)06:44
FlannelI dont think it should ping everyone, just a message in here would suffice06:44
FlannelBut like I said, I'll give -monitor a shot, I just fear it'll have too much noise to be useful for that purpose.06:46
stdinyou only need to look there when you want to look, and you'd only get a ping when ops is called, which can be fixed in ubottu06:47
stdinunless you hilight on the ops call itself that is06:48
Flannelstdin: having to actively look/poll defeats the purpose06:48
stdinyou'd have to ask L j L to do something about that06:50
FlannelHowdy jussi0107:47
jussi01Heya Flannel07:47
MyrttiPINK EMACS!07:54
MyrttiI finally did it!07:54
Myrttihow nice09:28
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, magnetron said: !smtp is <reply> Ubuntu supports the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and provides mail server software of many kinds. You can install a basic email handling configuration with the "Mail server" task during installation, or with the "tasksel" command. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer and http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/email-services.html10:00
* gnomefreak thought a mail client would support smtp not so much ubuntu10:06
Seeker`gnomefreak: ubuntu is so great it supports everything10:08
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, magnetron said: !serverguide is <reply> The Ubuntu Server Guide can be found at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/index.html10:09
Flannel!smtp =~ /7.10/8.0410:10
ubottuMissing end delimiter10:10
Flannel!smtp =~ /7.10/8.04/10:10
ubottuNothing changed there10:10
ubottuUbuntu supports the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and provides mail server software of many kinds. You can install a basic email handling configuration with the "Mail server" task during installation, or with the "tasksel" command. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer and https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/email-services.html10:10
Flanneloh, duh10:10
Flannel!smtp =~ #/7\.10/#/8.04/#10:11
FlannelI love you too ubot510:11
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, magnetron said: !serverguide is <reply> The Ubuntu Server Guide can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/index.html10:12
* Flannel reminds everyone of manual flood protection, and heads to bed.10:18
Myrttithe daily motivator: http://www.thesimpledollar.com/2008/09/14/review-love-is-the-killer-app/10:45
Tm_Mhi kids13:01
MyrttiTiredWolf: could you hug Floodbot2?13:02
* TiredWolf hugs FloodBot213:03
TiredWolfbut i'm not sure that helps bringing it back13:03
Myrttiis it yours?13:03
TiredWolfno Myrtti13:03
TiredWolfMyrtti: it was nalioth's last time13:04
Myrttioh doodah13:06
Myrttimy cyberstalker has arrived13:07
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elkyheh, 23:33 and i submit the paper. yay.14:34
jribdoes anyone know anything about NICE|BOT?14:37
jribit messaged me before, I removed it and it's back no longer responding to me addressing it14:37
elkyhow did you get it to address you before?14:38
jribwell first it happened when I was talking to yates14:38
jriband I also did !icons > to_someone14:38
elkyi mean, what triggered the blasted thing?14:39
jribI'm not sure14:39
jribit sent me a private message with those two lines.  Me addressing yates and the !icons >14:39
jribthen when I did "NICE|BOT: do not run bots that message people" it echoed it back to me14:40
jrib193.17.253.11: ALEkSeY, NICE|BOT14:40
jribboth left now14:40
elkyah, i see the parts now14:41
elkyurgh, evil google docs killed firefox :(14:44
elkyjrib, care to lend me your eyes for a few mins?14:47
jribelky: sure14:48
elkysee pm in a sec14:48
elkyooh, another potential reviewer14:50
elkyMyrtti, :)14:50
elkyim working on the typos... which involves trying to wrangle oo.o to actually use a spellchecker14:53
elkywhich it seems to have forgotten how to do14:53
elkyyay, i has spellchecking15:03
Tm_Mi has not15:04
Tm_Mor, it das nut vork rait15:04
Tm_Mdet är det, just de15:08
Myrttium, ok.15:20
Myrttiapparently there has been a fire that distroyed a three room apartment in this very building on Saturday.15:20
Tm_Mand you heard it from news today?15:24
Myrttiheard it from the news today by *ACCIDENT*15:25
Tm_Mi need motorcycle15:30
jdongMyrtti: I hate hearing news by accident.15:32
jdong(next cubicle) "No, I didn't hear about that. Really? How bad? NO WAY, right into a wall? That thing is 25 tons! Is that why the 30 controllers had to be RMA'ed?"15:33
Myrttijussi01: http://icanhascheezburger.com/2008/09/15/funny-pictures-hedge-fund/15:36
* Myrtti throws a ball against the wall and catches it19:28
* Myrtti throws a ball against the wall and catches it again19:28
Seeker`ubot5 isn't attached to the bantracker?19:28
Myrtti*boing* *tshuf*19:28
Myrtti*boing* *tshuf*19:29
Seeker`it should be19:29
Myrtti*boing* *tshuf*19:29
Seeker`*boing* *boing* *tshuf*19:30
jussi01la de da...19:40
Myrtti*boing* *boing* *tshuf*19:40
Myrtti*boing* *boing* *tsup* OW19:52
Jack_SparrowMyrtti Please stop bouncing that poor little furball against the wall19:56
MyrttiI reject your implications19:57
Jack_Sparrowfeel free to unban djadmiral if I am not around20:01
ubottuIn #launchpad, gour said: ubottu: take care. this is staging ;)20:01
Jack_Sparrowfeel free to unban djadmiral if I am not around After his pm comments make it 24 hr ban20:04
_MMA_Hey guys. Can someone make me an op in #ubuntu-artwork. kwwii did it but didn't make it persistent. ie: I can op back up.20:04
PriceyThat's an amusing access list.20:06
Myrttiit is20:06
_MMA_Pricey: In #ubuntu-artwork. I can imagine.20:06
Pricey_MMA_, gimme a mo, i'm struggling atm20:08
_MMA_np man. Thanx for the help/20:08
PriceySo many things to do.20:08
* _MMA_ feels Josephs pain.20:09
Priceycan't get a response from nickserv :/ one mo20:09
_MMA_I'm stepping down from Studio, taking over the art team, trying to find a new job, cleaning the house and trying not to neglect my kids. :P20:10
Myrttias I've said before, seeing Pricey sign emails with Joe or Joseph makes me feel funny.20:10
Myrttiit just isn't right.20:11
Tm_Tit isn't20:11
* Myrtti huggles Pricey20:11
MyrttiPricey sounds to me so much more affectionate for some odd reason20:11
Myrtti*boing* *boing* *tshuf*20:16
Pricey_MMA_, sorted20:23
* _MMA_ hugs Pricey. Thanx man.20:24
Myrtti*boing* *boing* *tshuf*20:38
Seeker`lo Myrtti20:39
Myrttilo Seeker`20:40
jussi01ok, enough with the boing bouing stuf...20:42
Myrttijussi01: but I'm bored20:43
Myrttinevermind then20:45
* Myrtti jumpglomps Pici 21:06
MyrttiI've missed you!21:06
PiciHI :)21:06
Jack_SparrowDogpile on the Rabbit...21:06
PiciWell, Hallo.  Its only been like 3 days ;)21:06
MyrttiPici Pici Pici21:08
Myrtticould you blog about Ultamatix?21:08
Jack_SparrowAnother installation script?21:09
Myrttiwell we *cough* need a source to quote at Wikipedia21:10
Myrttiand you happened to be vocal during the original autopsy21:10
PiciI guess I could put something together..21:10
Myrttithere's some stuff on the backlog21:11
MyrttiI'd write it myself, but I've edited the wikipedia article, so I'd be quoting myself21:12
PiciThats illegal, right?21:13
Myrttifaux pas21:13
Seeker`Pici: death penalty21:14
PiciMyrtti: roger21:17
Myrttiit has to be as much technical and facts based as possible21:17
Myrttino bashing or tarnishing21:18
Myrttijust facts.21:18
PiciSo "Ultimatix has cooties" would be a no-no?21:18
Myrtti(fact is that a) it violates dmca b) it violates gpl c) the author 'lies' with the claim he has 'rewritten' it etc...)21:18
Seeker`was it not rewritten?21:19
Myrtti11:23 stdin who said they wanted a diff? ;) http://pastebin.com/d2dd9aac21:20
Myrtti11:24 stdin automatix 2.0.7 vs current ultamatix21:20
Myrttiwell, it surely isn't rewritten.21:21
Myrttirun a diff against automatix and ultamatix and you can see it yourself21:21
Myrttivs. ultamatix -webpage tarball21:22
Myrttimost of the "rewritten" parts were sed -i 's/Automatix/Ultamatix/g' *21:23
Myrttitake care kids21:47
Myrttiyou think -ot will be fine?21:48
* Flannel is heading to class, hasn't been paying attention either.21:48
Myrttiit will be fine.21:49
MyrttiI'm off.21:49
elkyheh, he rewrote it in to about the same level as Microsoft rewrote the tcp ip stack.22:35

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