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[Neurotic]Sorry to both you guys, but I'm trying to debug a reprodusable kernel panic I'm getting with iwl4965 on hardy, and while I can get the panic happening in the alt+ctrl+f1 console, I can't see the whole thing, as it is longer than my screen.  Is there anything I can do about that so I can submit it a bug report?04:09
[Neurotic]or is there another channel I should be asking in? I tried #ubuntu, but couldn't get a response.04:10
aramorning everyone07:05
davmor2Morning everybody08:12
davmor2is cdimages.u.c down?08:14
cody-somervilleThe server is up but there is some definite lag in the rtt08:16
davmor2I just get failed to connect :(08:19
cody-somervilledavmor2, Apache is down08:23
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cody-somervilledavmor2, back up09:53
aracr3: ping14:36
cr3ara: pong14:57
aracr3: hey! how is the checkbox packaging going?14:57
cr3ara: procrastinatingly good :)14:58
cr3ara: I've been working on installer testing so it fell off the way side. I should be done packaging the installer testing code today, so I won't have a reason to procrastinate anymore :)14:59
aralet me know if you need/want any help15:00
aracr3: ^15:00
cr3I wrote this awesome log checker this weekend which enables me to monitor the syslog in the installer15:00
mathiazcr3: \o/15:06
cr3mathiaz: dude, it's really cool! you can search for a pattern within lines or times, until a timeout, follow by descriptor or by name, etc.15:08
cr3mathiaz: for example, you could search for a pattern for tomorrow regardless of when the log gets rotated: checkbox_log --time-offset="Sep 16 00:00:00" --time-delta=86400 --follow-name pattern /var/log/syslog15:09
davmor2ara: cr3: have you tried running tests on todays images?16:55
aradavmor2: not me16:55
davmor2cr3: how about you?16:56
cr3davmor2: yep, I've gotten results for ubuntu, ubuntu-studio and xubuntu16:56
davmor2cr3: you use alternate right?16:56
cr3davmor2: right16:57
davmor2cr3: so did they fail because of landscpe-client?16:58
davmor2landscape even16:58
cr3davmor2: the installation seems to have run just fine, have you experienced problems?16:58
Arbydavmor2: I experienced landscape related problems with an upgrade test yesterday16:59
davmor2yes on live with Ubuntu and Xubuntu and alt kubuntu failed to install at all.  All because of landscape-client16:59
Arbydavmor2: did your problems resemble bug 270131 at all17:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 270131 in update-manager "kubuntu hardy-kde3 upgrade to intrepid hangs" [Undecided,Invalid]17:01
davmor2Arby: yes for live but alternate it just fails as soon as it gets to it17:02
cr3davmor2: I didn't get results for kubuntu, so it is indeed possible that it failed17:02
cr3davmor2: I'm currently working on a way to report installation failures because "no results" just isn't good enough :)17:03
Arbyhmm, so we need someone who knows about landscape then17:03
Arbygot to go now, I'll drop back later17:04
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Arbyhas anybody come up against bug 270636 in recent testing20:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 270636 in xorg "Kubuntu hardy-kde4 -> intrepid upgrade test X server fails to start after upgrade" [Undecided,New]20:18
jcastrobdmurray: any idea if we're going to switch up the ISO testing for this release or do I get the same ISOs as last time?22:29
bdmurrayjcastro: I've no idea22:30
stgraberjcastro: if you want to switch your subscriptions with someone else, just tell me and I'll update them.22:46
jcastrostgraber: no worries, I was just seeing if I needed to update my rsync script thing22:52
stgraberjcastro: btw, received the mail from the calendar server ? (it should have sent you a .ical or something similar)22:53
jcastroyeah I got it, thanks22:54

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