etfbDoes anyone have any experience using kvpnc to connect to a Windows network?  I'm beginning to think the software itself is broken.00:00
patrikXial, sadly, if I cant get this mobile stuff to work, I'll have to switch back.  =/ It seemed so easy in the tutorials ;)00:00
danbh_intrepid!tab > diegodiaz please use my whole name.  It helps me poor eyes00:00
ubottudiegodiaz, please see my private message00:00
DasEimilostrife : have problems with identifying partitions ? > sudo fdisk-l00:00
Scunizimilostrife: there's lots of new things that you'll be learning with linux and ubuntu.. grub is one of the necessary evils you get use to and can learn to like00:00
danbh_intrepiddiegodiaz: which command?00:00
Razerusing a liveCD what do I do to increase the size of my linux partition?00:00
puffHm, my thinkpad (running ubuntu) isn't getting a dhcp response from the router/access point.00:01
danbh_intrepid!GParted > Razer one option00:01
ubottuRazer, please see my private message00:01
jribjescis: poke me if you can't find them, and I'll search too.  I know I've seen them there though00:01
keepsakeIsn't the LiveCD size limited to your RAM size?00:01
koshariRazer make sure you back up before using any partition utilities00:01
Razerdanbh_intrepid: how do I resize my ntfs partition though?00:02
diegodiazdanbh_intrepid: the sudo update-mime-database command from that post..00:02
Xialpatrik: i do have to admit, though, I'm also curious as to why the current howto for evdo cards didn't help.00:02
puffAlso, not that I can do anything about it right now, but anybody know about kernel versions?  Ever since I upgraded to hardy, suspend-to-ram has stopped working.  Suspend-to-disk (aka hibernate) sorta works, but every second or third time I have to force a reboot.00:02
milostrifeScunizi, have problems with identifying partitions ? > sudo fdisk-l would that work or not? yeah my friend that introduced me to it said the same00:02
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Scunizimilostrife: the grub link I think specifically shows you how to recover after installing window as a secondary OS00:02
danbh_intrepiddiegodiaz: what arguments is it looking for?00:02
Scunizimilostrife: sudo fdisk -l (there's a space there between k & -l) will identify partitions..00:02
milostrifeScunizi,  yeah it's a how to but my problem is still gettin windows to install through bios as i have legit copied cd of my windows disk but it keeps crashing on autoload in ubuntu?00:03
Scunizimilostrife: it only identifies them with that command. When installing windows on the secondary drive, if you have a choice for the filesystem choose NTFS not Fat3200:04
diegodiazdanbh_intrepid: looks like [-hvV] MIME-DIR00:04
Scunizimilostrife: you can't load ubuntu then from there put the disk in and install windows.. you have to put the disk in and reboot.00:04
danbh_intrepiddiegodiaz: can you pastebin the results of your commands?00:04
RazerI can't resize my ntfs partition with gparted00:04
danbh_intrepidRazer: is this hardy?00:05
diegodiazsure.. right here, or private to you?00:05
danbh_intrepid!paste > diegodiaz00:05
ubottudiegodiaz, please see my private message00:05
Razerdanbh_intrepid: yes00:05
koshariRazer you need to install a package for ntfs resize to appear in gparted00:05
milostrifeScunizi,  ok well i tried that but it wouldn't let me format on ntfs it just came up with a message saying if you with to install windows on this dirve please select a partition when it's just saying raw unpartitioned space00:05
Razerkoshari: I'm running off a liveCD00:05
koshariRazer otherwise it will be greyed out, i cant remember the package name00:06
Scunizimilostrife: ok.. then use partition editor to create a partition and see if it will format it using ntfs00:06
patrikagain, My e220 connects and receives an IP, but can't seem to connect to the DNS. Trying for some reason to connect to suse.de. Any ideas?00:06
danbh_intrepidRazer: you are right, gparted doesnt support it00:06
koshariRazer you can still install packaged in a live session if your connected00:06
diegodiazdanbh_intrepid: i was also thinking I might be able to restore it from the HH live disk..00:07
keepsakeWhy not like00:07
keepsakechoose to install00:07
diegodiazI posted it by the way.00:07
keepsakeuse the installation to partition the drive00:07
keepsakeand then exit the installation?00:07
danbh_intrepiddiegodiaz: if you have a separate /home, that usually the easiest fix00:07
danbh_intrepiddiegodiaz: link?00:07
koshariRazer ntfsprogs is the package, however i generally use the gparted live cd for such actions00:07
milostrifeScunizi,  the gpartitioner you give install line for? if it is then it only comes up with ecxt2,3 fat16,32 linux-swap, reiserfs and unformatted00:08
koshariRazer remember to BACKUP....00:08
Razerkoshari: I am running ther gparted liveCd00:08
keepsakekoshari: isn't it possible to just use the Setup to format the disk and then exit setup before it's completed?00:08
Scunizimilostrife: didn't realize there was an unformatted option.. use that one.00:08
keepsakekoshari: i.e. before it starts installing Ubuntu files00:08
diegodiazdanbh_intrepid: oops.. first timer here.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/47019/00:08
kosharikeepsake possable bu ti havnt done it, i still think you cannot resize a ntfs partition without ntfsprogs00:09
danbh_intrepiddiegodiaz: thats the wrong command00:09
milostrifeScunizi,  ok what do i create as primary or extended partions logical isn't an option?00:09
keepsakekoshari: I'm pretty sure the 8.04 setup supports NTFS drives =S I might be wrong though00:09
Scunizimilostrife: primary00:09
Scunizimilostrife: how large is the drive?00:09
keepsakekoshari: but that's how I recovered one of my laptop's drives that I accidentally deleted using aefdisk in Windows00:09
danbh_intrepiddiegodiaz: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=2952926&postcount=4 are you looking at this page?00:09
kosharikeepsake it does support creating ntfs partitions but not resizing00:10
milostrifeScunizi,  only 40gig operation is pending now00:10
Razerkoshari: It says I already have ntfsprogs00:10
mercutio22Hello, my session just suddenly restarted, how can I diagnose whats wrong looking into log files? Can someone help me with the basics?00:10
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koshariRazer there must be another reason it wont let you resize, its not mounted is it?00:10
Razerkoshari: I don't know00:10
danbh_intrepiddiegodiaz: see how the command you ran is not the command suggested, which is: sudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime00:10
keepsakeRazer: Try this bootcd: http://sysresccd.org/Main_Page00:10
Scunizimilostrife: pretty small but large enough.. if it was larger I'd suggest making as small a portion of a partition that windows will need and use the remaining portion for extra Ubuntu storage.00:10
keepsakeRazer: It's supposed to have qtparted which does support NTFS00:11
koshariyou cannot edit partitions while thay are mounted00:11
gboltewell I seem to have got one of the problems sorted00:11
gbolteI now have audio00:11
milostrifeScunizi,  yeah was thinking that but just brought an external 500gib for ubuntu storage00:11
diegodiazdanbh_intrepid: Yeah, you're absolutely right..00:11
gboltebut I do not have spdif audio00:11
the_darkside_986Is it possible to set a page quota per day in Ubuntu Hardy for a USB printer? I tried editing the cups config file and restarting cups but it didn't work--I was still able to exceed the quota without a complaint from cupsd...00:11
danbh_intrepiddiegodiaz: ok, good, im glad you see.  Give it another try, let me know if it works00:11
gbolteso if anyone has any ideas to make my spdif out work please let me know00:11
Scunizimilostrife: sounds like me.. I have a 500 external and 3 internals.. 80 gig/120 gig/ 250gig00:12
milostrifeScunizi,  i was hopeing to get a terrabiyte but wasn't in the sale and didn't really have the spare cash for it as it was £135 :(00:13
gbolteit looks like its making a connection when I check and uncheck the iec958 box in gnome volume thingy the receiver looks like it notices00:13
gboltebut again still no audio00:13
milostrifeScunizi,  it's found it now file systems unknown partition name is sdb100:13
Scunizimilostrife: ouch.. that apx. $250.. they're on sale out here for around $150 or apx 7000:13
keepsakeRazer: btw, if you do use that LiveCD, people have suggested that you defrag NTFS first00:13
gboltewhich is a problem since I would like to watch movies in surround sound on this box00:14
keepsakeRazer: and to back up the NTFS partition in case things go wrong (though it shouldn't)00:14
diegodiazdanbh_intrepid:  thanks, wish me luck..00:14
Scunizimilostrife: yee ha. (that's an American term)  now you can install windows00:14
keepsakeoh lmao he left XD00:14
milostrifeScunizi, lol mite have to buy one and get my cousin to mail me XD it's got an (!) in a yellow and orange triangle does that mean anything?00:14
danbh_intrepiddiegodiaz: good luck!  and let me know!00:14
Scunizimilostrife: is that inside of partition editor?00:15
milostrifeScunizi,  yeah just after the sdb1 before filesystem00:15
Scunizimilostrife: probably just means it's not formatted.00:16
Xialsimple question: I'd like to replace grub with a graphical boot manager. I let other users use this computer, and it's a bit annoying to remind them to choose Windows so they can play their silly poker game. Are there any recommended ones?00:16
milostrifeScunizi,  okies well i'll give windows a try now thanks for help XD00:16
darren_Hi could some one please let me know if you need an antivirus programe or a firewall with ubuntu00:16
kosharidarren_ generally not00:16
darren_koshari, OK THANKS00:17
Scunizimilostrife: http://tinyurl.com/3fs7jp   no problem.. :)00:17
Scunizithat a link to the drive.00:17
keepsakeXial: try gfxboot00:17
keepsakeXial: it simulates the bootscreen in OpenSUSE00:18
keepsakeXial: or, at least, it's possible to simulate it if you download a file for it00:18
Cpudan80darren_: It really depends, what do you intend to do on Ubuntu00:18
darren_Also one last thing when i try autodetect it says invalid argument but when i select an other option like alsa sound works fine is this normal00:18
Cpudan80darren_: in general no av is needed, but firewall you might want00:18
darren_Cpudan80, ok thanks00:18
Xialkeepsake: thanks for that. looking into it now to see if it might meet my needs. :)00:19
keepsakeXial: good luck!00:19
Cpudan80darren_: If you are going to run some bad services on your ubuntu box (most popular one would be VNC) -- you might want to block that (if you are plugged right into the net [no NAT])00:19
darren_Cpudan80, ok thanks for the advice00:20
yetanothernickwhat im about to do is part of a bet..enjoy kicking me out00:21
Cpudan80darren_: services like VNC can be made safe, if you run them over SSH00:21
yetanothernick##########################################################################################################################################################################################################################################################################################################      SOME MORE SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM###########################00:21
Xial... nice.00:21
hugotem alguem do brasil00:21
jrib!br | hugo00:21
ubottuhugo: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt por ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:21
diegodiazdanbh_intrepid: you r a mthr f* riot man, you rock.. thanks for the help.. the issue's resolved.. Many thanks to you and thanks to dr. willis00:21
Cpudan80That was really dumb00:21
danbh_intrepiddiegodiaz: cool, thats great00:21
Flanneldiegodiaz: please watch your language.00:21
XialCpudan80: Most trolls tend to be just that. ;)00:22
diegodiazsure.. woops, a little overenthusiastic there..00:22
Cpudan80Xial: You would think they'd pick up some new tactics00:22
XialCpudan80: New? Learning things? Surely, you jest!00:23
Cpudan80Asking to much?00:23
hporsehi. does anyone here use gedit and the plugin "External Tools"00:25
chris__i'd like to boot the same install of ubuntu from 2 different computers (one being a VM). It all boots fine but i have to reinstall the drivers every time. is there a way to have something like "hardware profiles" for each computer?00:25
starni am unable to find an easy to use MESS erm.. well i cant find a working one.. so.. what are the top emulators for sega cd sega genesis neogeo spectrum atari ngpc pcengine? you can pm the info...00:25
DjDoUblEshello all, I have a bit of a Windows issue I need to ask about, but it arose while downloading ubuntu.00:26
hporseim am using gedit 2.22.3 but i am unable to activate the plugin "external Tools". Did anyone here successfully activate it?00:26
chris__DjDoUblEs: what issue would that be?00:26
DjDoUblEsAnything I download that is more than 10 MB ends up incorrectly downloading or just corrupt.00:27
flybackhow does this freaking UP-YOURS that replaced inittab work if you need to setup a serial console00:27
flybackthis is major fail00:27
kosharichris__ for simple thngs hal shouls sort out the modules however for video driver ect it may be a problem00:28
hporsedoes ANYONE here have gedit. and if yes, which version?00:28
XialNow to get that reboot in that I've put off for an hour. (Thank goodness I don't get poked every eight minutes for it.)00:28
DjDoUblEsI tried downloading ubuntu 8 times already, 4 times just from mirrors, twice for the torrent, and twice through wubi but to no avail.00:28
koshariDjDoUblEs what downlaod app are you using?00:28
DjDoUblEsthen utorrent and wubi00:29
chris__koshari: you have any suggestions where to look for a solution?00:29
formodeI am having Random restarts ever since I updated my Ubuntu with all the updates of the last month. It was not restarting randomly before then! Help, please.00:29
danbh_intrepidformode: was there a new kernel?00:29
DjDoUblEsI check the MD5 against the ISO and it fails everytime00:29
formodeFormode, I have no idea.00:29
falloremy sound isn't working, it was very recently, i have no idea why and didn't change anything. ideas?00:30
=== macabro22 is now known as mercutio22
formodeI know it was an update from within the last 30 days, it is not hardware related, Xorg related, Gnome related.00:30
kosharichris__  so if i understand you will have one instalation but 2 instances of accessing it? how will the vm access it?00:30
jescisjrib, inittab was easier :(00:30
DjDoUblEssamthing happens when I try to download iTunes 8.000:30
formodedanbh_intrepid, I have no idea. I know it was an update from within the last 30 days, it is not hardware related, Xorg related, Gnome related.00:30
chris__koshari: the vm accesses the physical HD. all that works already. the only trouble is the driver issue00:30
danbh_intrepidformode: if you had a new kernel, you would have options to choose at bootup00:30
kosharichris__  could you not have 2 installs and symlink the /~ from one to the second?00:30
bigtimetycoonHey I am having problems connecting to my wireless network can anyone help me ? ?  ?00:31
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:31
formodedanbh_intrepid No I didn't get any options after the updates. and, it has been doing random boots while loading GRUB too.00:31
danbh_intrepidformode: I dont understand what random boots means?00:32
kosharichris__ do you know which drivers are the issue? maybe you could write a script that looks at a tel tale sign for which hardware its booting on and then rmmod the offending drivers and modprobe the needed ones at boot time00:32
formodedanbh_intrepid My computer will randomly restart without warning, hard restart, no dialogues no nothing. Like a power failure, but I know that is not the problem.00:33
danbh_intrepidformode: heat sink failure?00:33
flybackwhat brand power supply00:33
* jescis wishes he never installed ubuntu :<00:33
* flyback does also00:33
flyback6.06 has been fucking shit nothing but trouble for our servers at work00:34
formodedanbh_intrepid, It wouldn't be that, it didn't start until the updates.00:34
flybackprobably going to quit my job after almost 2 yrs over this00:34
formodeflyback, You're aware 6.06 is heavily outdated?00:34
Flannelflyback: please watch your language00:34
Flannelformode: Its not outdated.00:34
chris__koshari: hmm im sort of a linux noob i'm not really sure. mainly video drivers for now. there are several addons that vbox installs too00:34
flybackthat's what vmware server will run on00:34
flybackand that's what I had a pxe boot template and install script for00:34
formodeflannel, it is no longer supported offically by Canocial.00:34
Flannelformode: yes it is.  It's got until april of next year.00:35
limitedwisdomI have an ubuntu hardy server that I just built.00:35
Flannelformode: and on the server, two years after that.00:35
jescisflyback, I'm running 7.1000:35
soundcysti'm using 8.04 and accidentally deleted my entire top bar. i've managed to get a new bar up, but can't seem to get all of the old menus back. is there an easy way to restore this default panel/top bar arrangement?00:35
formodeflannel, Ah, didn't know.00:35
flybackI made a 8.04 install but I can't get this freaking inittab replacement figured ourt00:35
flybackoh support ends next yr?00:35
Flannelflyback: Only on the desktop.00:35
flybackthis is just a server00:35
jescisflyback, I'm with you ;)00:35
flybackfirst of all the arrogant jack off developers00:36
limitedwisdomI can't send/receive email - can anyone help? (postfix appears to be configured correctly - but when I do mail -s subject myother@emailaddress - it never shows up).00:36
flybackdecided that even though 2.6.15 has a bug in nfs00:36
flybackthat results in FAIL00:36
flybackthey wouldn't release an update00:36
flybackso I had to go thru all that hel of trying to compile a new kernel that didn't break ubuntu 6.06 or vmware server00:36
flybackafter 15 yrs in this field00:37
flybackI am not only sick of it00:37
flybackI am sick of being alive00:37
danbh_intrepidflyback: yeah, I think when ubuntu says support, they mean security backports, not bug fixes00:37
flybackyeah they are M$ lite00:37
Flannelflyback: please take non-support elsewhere, thanks.00:38
flybackI was waiting for an answer00:38
DasEisoundcyst:to reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal:  gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel00:38
masta_deathi want to wattch my hotmail e-mail in evolution how can i do this?00:38
jescisFlannel, shut yo mouth00:38
Xcercawhat are the keys i have to press to force a program to close, if it froze -  i remember pressing like Ctrl+ something then clicking the window and it's the same as doing kill and the pid of that window ?00:39
Bynwwhy would my printer stop working? worked fine just the other day ... now it doesnt print.00:39
_panebi just bought WoW and it came with a DVD install disc. now i don't see any Installer.exe which I do see when I am on windows - is there a way to see that file?00:39
sergiohi does anyone knows were I can get a wallpaper where tux shot the windows logo???00:39
gbolteugg this is hopeless00:39
DasEiXcerca: if started from terminal, ctrl&c00:39
masta_deathwho have hotmail e-mail in evolution and can get me help?00:40
formode_paneb, look on the Ubuntu Wiki for instrustions on how to install WOW via Wine.00:40
Flannel_paneb: yes, you have to mount it specially,  see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft00:40
limitedwisdomcan anyone help me with send/rcv email?00:40
DasEiXcerca: otherwise...00:40
XcercaDasEi it's not from terminal ... it's the Add/Remove on the applications menu00:40
_panebah, nice thanks00:40
chris__koshari: well thanks for your suggestions, i guess i will post it in detail on some forum00:40
compengimasta_death, i think hotmail doesn't have smtp nor pop3 ports. not sure if evolution could work it out00:41
pan__how do i get rid of wicd?00:41
pan__wicd 1.5.1?00:41
DasEiXcerca: if you now the name of the app ,  k:sudo killall firefox,  for e.,  or by pid (see top)00:41
koshari chris__: good luck00:41
soundcystthanks DasEi!00:41
DasEi pan__: paketname ?00:42
XcercaDasEi how do i list all programs and thier PID ?00:42
alx54hmm hi there... I am a bit sad... I really love kubuntu but it's so slow! when I move around windows they drag behind, sometimes even the curser drags although I dont do anything on my machine, just listening music....  has anybody good advice on how to accelerate graphics? I use 8.04/kde3.5.9 default settings and the proprietary driver that was recommended during installing, my hardinfo report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/47027/00:42
pan__i installed it using a deb file00:43
alsadican any one tell me why firefox is pushing on debian and ubuntu but not other distros as SUSE and Fefora00:43
DasEiXcerca: top00:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269656 in firefox-3.0 "AN IRRELEVANT LICENSE IS PRESENTED TO YOU FREE-OF-CHARGE ON STARTUP" [High,Confirmed]00:43
alsadiand the ice* stuff00:43
alsadiand http://tech.slashdot.org/firehose.pl?id=1168487&op=view00:43
pan__it wont let me get rid of it in synaptic00:43
jribalsadi: this is offtopic here00:43
pan__E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)00:43
alsadijrib: ?00:43
flybackhow the hell do I run the upstart commands if I can't boot the box cause I need a serial console00:43
chris__Xcerca: have you tried the system monitor? (system > administration)00:44
flybackwhat a great example of YOU FAIL00:44
flybackI can see this on a desktop np but on a server00:44
flybackway to go00:44
flybackYOU FAIL00:44
Flannelalsadi: That'd be best asked in #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu+100:44
jribalsadi: this channel is for ubuntu support00:44
flybackI left linux a few yrs ago cause of developer arrogant00:44
flybackI see nothing has changed00:44
bigtimetycoonHey, !! thanks for the wireless link but i have followed these directions and it cannot connect00:44
jribflyback: don't use enter to break up your thoughts as it makes it harder to follow what you are saying00:44
* gbolte tries reinstalling all of alsa to fix his audio problems00:45
alx54hmm hi there... I am a bit sad... I really love kubuntu but it's so slow! when I move around windows they drag behind, sometimes even the curser drags although I dont do anything on my machine, just listening music....  has anybody good advice on how to accelerate graphics? I use 8.04/kde3.5.9 default settings and the proprietary driver that was recommended during installing, my hardinfo report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/47027/  maybe u00:45
alx54know some tricks jrib?00:45
bigtimetycoonWhen I enter in my ESSID and my HEX key it tries to connect but then kicks back a prompt for me to enter in my key again00:45
keepsakeer, what's the opposite of /away00:46
jribkeepsake: /away <reason>00:46
DasEi pan__:  ?00:46
chubs_keepsake are you making the lamest joke in the history of linux?00:47
keepsakejrib: i need to know how to appear as "here" again00:47
keepsakechubs_: no ='(00:47
jribkeepsake: then that's just /away00:47
arcnewuss\join #lfd00:47
jribkeepsake: what client?00:47
keepsakejrib: konversation00:47
keepsakejrib: it just makes me more away =(00:47
Ahadielkeepsake, /back?00:47
Flannelkeepsake: just type `/away` and you shouldcome back00:48
jribkeepsake: ah don't know about konv.  Most clients just do /away00:48
keepsakeit was /unaway00:48
DasEi pan__:  sudo dpkg -r <paketname>, see man dpkg00:48
keepsakewho would've guessed ^__^00:48
limitedwisdomany help with sending and receiving email?00:48
arcnewuss\bot accent00:48
keepsakelimitedwisdom: what are you trying to send/receive with?00:48
bigtimetycoonDoes anyone know why I cannot connect to my wireless router, It works fine via hardwire but wireless i cannot connect00:48
pan__thx dasei00:48
DasEilimitedwisdom:I like thunderbird00:48
chubs_keepsake, oh okay. i figured this was tied into /home00:49
keepsakechubs_: haha, don't worry about it =)00:49
limitedwisdomanything - I don't use the gui and I'm king of a n00b. I know my server isn't receiving email (or processing it properly perhaps), so I tried to send an email to my cell phone and it has never been received.00:49
limitedwisdomso - mail -s test myother@address just never arrives.00:49
DasEilimitedwisdom:I like thunderbird00:49
keepsake!language | flyback00:50
ubottuflyback: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:50
keepsakelimitedwisdom: what DasEi said, try thunderbird00:50
keepsakelimitedwisdom: and see if your email provider gives you options for SMTP and POP00:50
limitedwisdomI"m not using the GUI.00:50
keepsakelimitedwisdom: e.g. Google has fairly good guides for gmail00:50
keepsakelimitedwisdom: you want to use console?00:51
Strife89I can't seem to find a way to change my network Workgroup. Can anyone help?00:51
limitedwisdomit's the server version of ubuntu00:51
Bentleyx_hi all - i was messing around with my package repos and now am confused about what the latest kernel version in Hardy is.  Can someone please tell me? (ie: uname -a)00:51
keepsakelimitedwisdom: ah, then i can't help you there, sorry00:51
limitedwisdomok :) thanks though.00:51
keepsakeBentleyx_: 2.6.24-19-generic00:51
Bentleyx_keepsake, ty00:52
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:52
starnany know of a precompiled mess frontend?00:52
Strife89Does anyone know how to change the Wrokgroup name in Hardy? I can't seem to find the option anymore.00:53
keepsakestarn: what's mess?00:53
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keepsakeStrife89: will "usermod" do the job?00:53
keepsakeStrife89: do a "man usermod"00:54
starnkeepsake: the muti machine emulator in respo's..  kinda like MAME but for consoles....00:54
Strife89keepsake: I mean, the network workgroup.00:54
s73v3rAside from CDs being bad, what are some of the things that would cause segfaults and recursive faults during install?00:55
keepsakeStrife89: in that case, I don't know, sorry00:55
mscottputmanHI!  I'm moving over from Windows to Ubuntu and there's only one thing holding me back.  I used a dual-monitors setup with Windows and cannot get Ubuntu to work properly with it.  It clones easily, but I want it to extend instead.  I have been using "Screens and Graphics" to tweak things, but it hasn't worked.  I'm running on an Intel 845 and the monitor is an HP w17e on Ubuntu Hardy Heron00:55
keepsakestarn: I see a program called kamefu00:55
keepsakestarn: that is a "KDE All Machine Emulator Frontend for Unix"00:55
helltraumAnyone know why I'd be getting a segmentation fault when requesting .php files via apache2 ?00:56
Strife89For example, this computer is in workgroup "WORKGROUP", but two Windows PCs I'm trying to access are in "MSHOME" (and yes, I've done it before; I recently clean-installed).00:56
starnkeepsake: i tried it. it did not work... not only that but i am using gnome...00:56
helltraumI've installed all via ubuntu packages00:56
pan__wicd or network manager?00:56
keepsakeStrife89: /etc/samba/smb.conf00:56
Strife89As root, I assume.00:56
Cpudan80helltraum: apache segfaults or your browser segfaults?00:57
heverHi I try to connect to a pc via XDMCP. It works from another pc but not from this one. At the gdm login screen I choose XDMCP chooser. Then I can choose the PC I want to connect to. After clicking connect I'm after some seconds back in the lokal login. Where can I find log files or infomarions ?00:57
keepsakeStrife89: yeah, gedit that as root00:57
keepsakestarn: from experience, many K apps work on Gnome00:57
heverWhat else than XDMCP can I use if I want sound to be forwarded ?00:58
starnkeepsake: i know. but i prefer gnome based apps and also like i said i have tried it before it dint work right..00:58
Strife89keepsake: Do semicolons make it a comment?00:58
Strife89I'm looking at making Home directories browsable.00:59
keepsakestarn: try looking here http://linux.softpedia.com/downloadTag/MESS+frontend00:59
helltraumCpudan80 - I think it's an error with the php5 mod00:59
helltraumor something00:59
JasonWoofWhen some crappy program starts using too much memory, my system starts swapping and running rediculously slowly (e.g. it takes a long time to launch xterm)00:59
helltraumnot sure .. never had this problem before with php5 and apache200:59
keepsakeStrife89: i think so00:59
JasonWoofif I wait too long, it gets so slow that I can't use my computer at all, and I have to reboot it01:00
keepsakeStrife89: in the worse case senario, use a pound (#)01:00
AaronMTAnyone using Ubuntu on an Dell Inspiron 1501?01:00
starnkeepsake: i tried em.. i cannot compile messyfront... i was hoping some one would know where a precompiled one was01:00
Cpudan80helltraum: yeah - I've got it running (all patched) no segfaults here01:00
JasonWoofthere's gotta be same way to deal with this01:00
JasonWoofthis thing is supposed to multitask01:00
Strife89keepsake: I want to REMOVE the semicolons. ;-)01:00
JasonWoofseems to me when the disk is being used, that there is no multitasking01:00
helltraumthis is what's in my error log01:00
helltraumApache/2.2.8 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.2.4-2ubuntu5.3 with Suhosin-Patch configured -- resuming normal operations01:00
Strife89So I was checking to make sure that I really should.01:00
JasonWoofjust busy-waiting or dead-locking or whatever01:00
helltraum[notice] child pid 32579 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)01:00
helltraumI get that when I try to run a php script via apache01:01
mscottputmandoes anyone know how to run dual monitors with an extended desktop? I'm having tons of trouble with it01:01
Cpudan80helltraum: might try asking #apache01:01
helltraumand I get a 500 response in the access log01:01
helltraumI have already01:01
Cpudan80helltraum: It might be ##apache01:01
helltraumI've installed before on a debian box .. and it worked no trouble01:01
=== RandomCake_____ is now known as RandomCake
helltraumthis is a new install from the packages on Mint01:02
alx54does anybody know good graphic benchmarking software?01:02
helltraumand I'm getting this error01:02
starnkeepsake: with messyfront i get this error in the make process /bin/bash: aclocal-1.10: command not found make: *** [aclocal.m4] Error 12701:02
JasonWoofAmpelbein: I've got inspiron 510001:02
keepsakeStrife89: yup, semicolons and pounds make it a comment01:02
Strife89keepsake: Okay, I appreciate the help. :-)01:02
lapsomeone have a .deb for rubyripper 0.5.3 ?01:03
harryjrhey, i am trying to do a reverse ssh tunnel, which works fine, until i try to connect on the remote>01:03
harryjrssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host01:03
JasonWoofhow do I get multitasking when a process is swapping out like crazy?01:03
J-nstarn i did some additional searching for ya01:03
starnJ-n: cool01:03
macdharryjr, the host key may be pasted in authorized_keys incorrectly01:03
keepsakestarn: you need to install make to use make =P01:04
J-nstarn try this out, seems people are having more success with this... http://advancemame.sourceforge.net/readme.html01:04
starnkeepsake: i have make... that is the prob.. make works on every other program01:04
keepsakestarn: well, try what J-n said then =P01:04
MaarekStelein the 9.06 version, will they fix the modmono from removing modphp?01:05
procyonhello does anyone know about any issues with recent nvidia-glx drivers?01:06
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:07
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:07
procyonI'm having a lot of problems after an update and it seems others are having this problem too01:08
procyonXorg using 100% cpu and hanging the machine01:08
J-nprocyon i'm not having difficulty with Nvidia drivers01:08
procyoni wasnt untill recently01:08
dashnuWhat is worng with this syntax in /etc/sudoers ???  brett   ALL=NOPASSWD:/usr/sbin/firestarter\01:09
dashnuPlease... driving me NUTS!01:09
=== media is now known as gbolte
dashnuthat \ was a typo!01:09
keepsakedashnu: firestarter ends in the wrong slash "\"?01:09
dr_willisdashnu,  i always have to google for sudoers examples to figure it out.. the  manpagges also have examples.. but are a bit complex01:09
didohello.how burn mp3 files with k3b.01:09
gbolteis there a way that I can downgrade the version of alsa that I have01:09
dashnudr_willis: yea man, I googled how to get firestarter running in my gnome session thats how I came up with what i got01:10
gbolteI have a feeling that the drivers that I am using are to blame for my lack of spdif out01:10
HawkInCafellas what is the safest usb wireless card to buy in order to work with WPA and Ubuntu Hardy??01:10
darren__Hi could some one please help i have rtl8187 usb wireless driver installed with ndiswrapper, it shows my wifi and also the strength i can connect to non encrppred but not my router with wep has any one else had the same problem01:10
dashnuStill asks me for a pass at login though01:10
dr_willisdashnu,   I just dont worry about the firewall much. :)01:10
chubs_gbolte, dpkg --force-downgrade -i01:11
chubs_dpkg --force-downgrade -i oldpackage.deb01:11
gboltechubs_, but I have to have the actual deb files for that to work though right?01:11
HawkInCadarren is your wireless WEP or WPA?01:12
dr_willisdashnu,  that line looks wrong. with the ALL=NOPASSWD bit..    i thought that was saying all commands , didentneed a password.. but as i said. I alwyas have to reread the sudoers man pages and guides.  when i mess with it01:12
chubs_gbolte, right, but they shouldn't be tough to find01:12
dashnudr_willis: its a nice front end for iptables... easy enough for the average joe01:12
gboltewonder if there is any chance the old ones are still in the repos01:12
dashnudr_willis: i read over the man again and see what I come up with01:12
darren__HawkInCa, i know my router is wep with the code the wifi adapter i have no idear01:12
HawkInCadarren i had the same problem but its because your wireless is not compatible with WPA.01:13
darren__HawkInCa, the code is right it just wont connect01:13
harryjrmacd: $ http://pastie.org/272413 -- i have work and home boxes. work is behind firewall, thus i am reverse connecting to home, on port 22222. ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub on home is in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ..01:13
HawkInCadarren i had same issue01:13
dr_willisdashnu,  im thinking you are missing some  (   ) also in there.01:14
macdharryjr, yes its pasted into authorized_keys wrong, the whitespace error tells all01:14
macdverify there is none leading or trailing01:15
dashnudr_willis: i think your right... I'll let you know what I come up with01:15
dr_willisdashnu,  i found a web site that had man pages. the  man page in  the browser was a bit easier to read. due to the code/examples and stuff being differnt fonts.01:15
HawkInCahas anyone gotten a wpa wireless to work with Hardy?01:15
darren__HawkInCa, ok if i use the driver from aircrack it connects but does not show signel strength, and if i use the ndiswrapper it shows signel strength but does not connect so i think its compatible01:15
Flanneldr_willis, dashnu: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/01:16
HawkInCadarren yeah i had the exact same issue.  i decided to get new wireless card that is compatible with ubuntu hardy01:16
darren__HawkInCa, ok thanks for the advice i will have to look into it01:16
uzzerbookhello, how to disable autostart of some daemon?01:16
Flannel!bum | uzzerbook01:17
ubottuuzzerbook: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:17
harryjrmacd: i scp01:17
harryjrmacd: i scp'ed it over, so there is no copy-paste. same error.01:17
egroeghey all01:18
ethana2http://lmedinas.livejournal.com/9117.html  --I'm going to check package status01:18
uzzerbookFlannel, thx... but it doesn't work. I'd liket to disable nessusd daemon, which isn't in services or bum list01:18
^Phantom^hi :)01:19
ethana2ok, i have 0.81, going to see if this is on its way into hardy yet01:19
^Phantom^what version of xserver does 7.10 have :D01:19
egroegif alsa will not work is opensound good enough01:20
macdharryjr, pretty odd, does your authorized keys file start with ssh-rsa or dsa, and end with login@computer ? or are you pasting a pgp key that says begin block end01:21
helltraumAnyone know why I'd be getting a seg fault when requesting php files via apache2 ?01:22
harryjrit looks all fine.01:22
helltraumI've installed all the packages from the repositories ..01:22
macdthe logs seem to indicate its parsing something else01:22
macdharryjr, look @ lines 5 and 3501:22
uzzerbookHow to disable nessusd autostart with system?01:23
cilkayhelltraum: Do you have a PHP accelerator/byte-code optimizer on that system?01:23
harryjrmacd: there is only one line, with the given key.01:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sysv01:23
helltraumI don't think so01:24
harryjrbut, why does it think it is rsa1, i suppose it is 2?!01:24
macduzzerbook, sudo update-rc.d -r nessusd01:25
starnJ-n: i ran ./configure and make and make install... did you happen to see how to run this?01:25
helltraumcilkay, any other ideas why I'm getting this or how to fix it01:25
egroeganybody want to take on a no sound problem, after kernel upgrade01:25
danbh_intrepid1egroeg: try alsa01:26
macdharryjr, it looks like its not even parsing the right file, lines 5,36 look like a PGP key, its weird.01:26
JackCSGDoes anyone know if NVidia's 8800GTS will be supported in 8.10?01:26
helltraumThey are saying in apache that the wrong package has been installed ... I don't buy that for a second01:26
uzzerbookmacd, looks like it's gonna remove nessusd completely, isn't it?01:26
helltraumI'm sure other people would've been complaining if that was the case01:26
harryjri have never in my life used pgp01:26
macdJackCSG, the nvidia binary driver supports it01:26
DaLeecheranyone here use Xbox XBMC with Ubuntu? I am having filemanager lag when exploring directories on my samba server from the xbox. ANyone know how to solve this problem?01:26
macduzzerbook, it kills the symlinkes in rc#.d/*01:26
JackCSGMacd, Aye but I'm Sol for Beryl as advanced features won'01:27
uzzerbookmacd, ok I'll try it, thx01:27
egroegalsa's not working01:27
JackCSGt turn on01:27
^Phantom^heh, installing this ubuntu is being harder than it could be since there is no way i can possibly see the next, back, cancel buttons on the install window lol01:27
cilkayhelltraum: No. I attended a presentation on Drupal site optimization where the speaker casually mentioned that he had a cron job that that restarted Apache because the PHP optimizer that he had installed to speed things up would segfault on certain code. It just further reinforced my views on PHP.01:27
danbh_intrepid1JackCSG: yes01:27
macdJackCSG, Im pretty sure hardware accel works I have a 8600GT01:27
dr_willis^Phantom^,  use alt-mouse click to move windows aroundif they are stuck/offscreen perhaps01:28
egroegalsaconf says command not found?01:28
uzzerbookmacd, update-rc.d: error: unknown option01:28
danbh_intrepid1egroeg: use gstreamer-properties01:28
polishpaul_Hey guys, i have a permissions issue -- I have a process running that tries to run another, but in the logs it fails to run killpgrp. The question is, how do i know exactly what user is running it? In the logs it looks like sendsize[pid#]. I can't figure out what permissions i need to set... any pointers would be helpful01:28
^Phantom^heh i have to enable some kind of guest additions system in order to be able to go higher resolution on my ubuntu machine01:28
dr_willis^Phantom^,  vmware/virtualbox ?01:29
JackCSGmacd, I read that the July Nvidia driver started to support the 8600gt for linux,  Would I have to wait on a similar update or should I look at a new graphics card?01:29
J-nstarn there is a guide!! http://advancemame.sourceforge.net/doc-install.html01:29
^Phantom^virtualbox :D01:29
J-nstarn and their forums seem pretty active01:29
egroegdanbh_intrepid1: ALSA - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture: Could not open audio device for playback.01:29
dr_willis^Phantom^,  yep. did that just the other day.. guest addons also add osme other features as well.01:29
davidguesthi i tried nmap an it said port 6777 was closed01:29
danbh_intrepid1JackCSG: intrepid should support  8800GTS01:30
davidguesthow do i open port 677701:30
danbh_intrepid1egroeg: try a different device01:30
davidguestso i can connect my irc client01:30
JackCSGDanbh, I'll check out the newest alpha, thanks01:30
Azazel-A2davidguest, closed incomming out outgoing?01:30
davidguestincoming i guess01:30
davidguestcase i can connect to it locally01:30
pan__how do i disconnect from the network using console01:30
egroegdevice is greyed out01:30
pan__using iwconfig01:30
Azazel-A2maybe your isp blocks it01:31
^Phantom^i am not going to pay ms even a half of a poenny to be able to run another os inside of my xp01:31
danbh_intrepid1davidguest: can you pastebin sudo iptables -L01:31
egroeg find /lib/modules/`uname -r` | grep snd01:31
^Phantom^i totally fucked up the display module in my first ubuntu box01:31
^Phantom^so reinstalling it heh01:31
Azazel-A2davdidguest did you nmap local host and your hostname?01:31
^Phantom^i read the entire wrong guide for going above 800x600 heh01:33
^Phantom^not really, n0u01:33
^Phantom^i mean n3glv01:33
n3glvI'm useing gOS beta3, (hardy)01:33
^Phantom^i want to try and run mac os 9 in vb01:33
n3glvon a toshiba tl62 laptop01:33
egroegalsa project seems down too01:34
J-nI really like how smothly XP seems to run under Vbox and Ubuntu01:34
cilkayI added preseed/file=preseed.cfg after the "--" in the "install" stanza of syslinux.cfg on my USB key. When I boot from the key, it seems to ignore the preseed.cfg file and proceeds to do a normal netinstall. What am I missing?01:34
n3glvI have most of it working, but an issue or two left01:34
^Phantom^dr_willis, can you please help me with the display thing?01:35
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J-nif i ever need to use XP for a class i always use Vbox and load up a copy of XP through that, only for the occasional game i cant play through wine do i load up my XP partition these days. lol01:35
=== SunWuKung|away is now known as SunWuKung|away|a
^Phantom^that is, after I finish installing the thing :D01:35
cilkayI created that preseed file by doing debconf-get-selections --installer > preseed.cfg so that I can use the existing state of a machine to preseed a fresh install.01:36
dr_willis^Phantom^,  all i did was install virtialbox, installed the os.. made vrtalbox  mount the guestos.iso cd. and ran the whateveritwas.run script on the cd.01:36
keepsakeJ-n: do DX games run better in Vbox than on ubuntu itself?01:36
n3glvso, how can I loose the gnome power thing that's in the tray and also load kpowersave (wich works for amd power stepping)01:36
J-nkeepsake depends on the game01:36
egroegshould i try to rebuild the alsa drivers/01:36
cilkayThis is leading to a pxeboot netinstall where I'll use one machine as the template for all the other machines on the network.01:36
keepsakeJ-n: what do you play in VBox?01:36
J-nkeepsake some oldschool games, like Magic the Gathering:shandalar and Navyfield and some other stuff no one's ever heard of lol01:37
keepsakeJ-n: XD can't you just wine those?01:37
keepsakeJ-n: I was thinking more in the lines of CS and stuff01:37
^Phantom^i didn't know that i needed to do the guest additions thing for that01:38
n3glvI'll have to look at vbox, if it can run my DeLorme nav program, and/or my tv tuner, I'll have no more need ot M$01:38
J-nkeepsake sadly, many older, crappy games were written so badly that they barely work on XP let alone through wine lol01:38
^Phantom^i was doing sudos and crap and messed it up to where the os couldn't boot anymore cause of display errors01:38
J-nkeepsake i heard CS works great in wine01:38
keepsakeJ-n: hahahaha okay; do you think games like CS would run better in a vbox?01:38
ehtomn3glv: it sounds like those things need hardware access...01:38
ehtomyou can't run games in any virtualization at the moment01:39
ehtomunless you have some very expensive and unusual hardware01:39
J-nkeepsake but i dont play counterstrike, the problem with most modern games is you need good video support01:39
J-nehtom i play several games in Vbox01:39
ehtomthey must be pre-2000 then01:39
^Phantom^i need to find my win98 install cd01:39
ehtomi.e. no direct3d01:39
n3glvyeah, would have to see if the damn usb gps is supported, most unix it's not. soemone patched the kernel tree a while back to make some UPS work, and that trashed the gps01:39
^Phantom^so i can vb win98 too :D01:39
keepsakeJ-n: okay, thanks01:39
ehtomn3glv: a vm won't have access to your hardware unfortunately01:40
J-nehtom Navyfield is not pre '00 but the graphics are.. other nongraphically intense games can be played as well01:40
sivelanyone know the fix for 8.04 not reporting the correct cpu frequency?01:40
n3glvyeah, I'm dual booting vista...01:40
ehtomn3glv: it may be possible to do some hack, but you'de need to know how to program kernel modules01:40
keepsakesivel: what cpu do you have?01:40
^Phantom^ i have my win98 product key stored with the win98 install cd <_<01:41
sivela quad 660001:41
cilkaysivel: How do you know your CPU isn't slowing down to save energy? Intel's SpeedStep does that.01:41
ehtomn3glv: and if the windows hardware drivers use dma, you're screwed01:41
^Phantom^otherwise i'd just d/l an iso01:41
sivelthey are @ 3.02 G, but ubuntu reports stock 2.4G01:41
keepsakesivel: you might need a 64bit ubuntu to enable the quadcore01:41
^Phantom^<Computer> Processor:[2-Intel] Clock:[1986MHz] Cache:[0KB] Memory:[985/2048MB (48.10%)] <UPP>01:41
keepsakesivel: does it report that you have 4 cores?01:41
sivelyes it does report 4 cores01:41
n3glvthe gps uses a cypress/m8 or something01:42
^Phantom^i upgraded my ram from 1gig to 2gig on friday night :D01:42
keepsakesivel: are they oc'ed or anything?01:42
egroeganybody know a channel devoted to linux sound01:42
sivelare there any commands i can issue to see what they are at?01:42
sivelto 3 gh01:42
keepsakesivel: did you OC in windows?01:42
sookii recently installed a second drive and put windows on it, and got my grub back and all that, and now i'm adding windows to the grub list, but all the ubuntu ones in the list use hd(0,0), how can i tell which one to use for my second windows drive?01:42
^Phantom^ so i now get even better performance than i did with 1gig :D01:42
JasonWoofhow do I stop my system from locking up when a buggy program uses too much memory? (or how do I get it un-locked)01:42
sivelnope, through the bios, and windows reports them correctly01:43
JasonWooflinux multitasking doesn't seem to work when the disk is being used heavily (eg during swapping)01:43
keepsakesivel: the default is "cat /proc/cpuinfo"01:43
kwameHi, in Fedora I had /etc/sysconfig/iptables file where I specified the iptables rules for my box, is there an equivalent in Ubuntu?01:43
sivelok, ill try real quick01:43
tonyyarussoegroeg: if there is one, it would likely involve the word "alsa".01:44
polishpaul_Hey guys, i have a permissions issue -- I have a process running that tries to run another, but in the logs it fails to run killpgrp due to permissions denied. How do i know what user it is that the process is running? This is amanda backups, logs say "sendsize[pid#] running /urs/lib/amanda/killpgrp failed permissions denied". I have group permissions for the backup user set... help..01:44
Azazel-A2kwame, you want to configure the iptables manually?01:44
sivelok, heres a line of interest Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q6600  @ 2.40GHz01:44
cilkaysivel: It looks like you've overclocked it. cpuinfo is probably asking the CPU, "Can you tell me about yourself?" and the CPU just responds with what it was told to say from the factory. If you've overclocked it, that doesn't change the cpuid burned onto the silicon.01:45
^Phantom^can someone please guide me through the guest additions display driver install thingy so i don't totally fuck up ubuntu again?01:45
kwameAzazel-A2: well, yes, I mean, I know how to specify rules in the command line, but want to have a place where I have the rules when I reboot my box01:45
Seeker`!language | ^Phantom^01:45
ubottu^Phantom^: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:45
siveloh, got you01:45
sivelthank you01:45
keepsakesivel: eh?01:45
^Phantom^but let me reboot it pls01:45
keepsakesivel: does it show the right freq?01:45
^Phantom^°·.Seeker`.·° will do :D01:45
cilkayJasonWoof: PATA IDE drive? If so, understandable. IDE isn't a very good interface and will block.01:46
sivelyes it shows the right stock info01:46
chetnickguys, my system crashed yesterday, it looks like some files got corupted. i am getting this errors when i log in GUI.  "The panel could not register with the bonobo-activation server (error code: 3) and will exit." and "Nautilus can't be used now, due to an unexpected error." How can i reinstall or repair gnome?01:46
keepsakesivel: does it show the correct overclocked speeds too?01:46
sivelis there a way to adjust powernowd to be more "aggressive" for lack of a better word?01:47
sivelno, not the oc speed01:47
Azazel-A2kwame, can't help ya.  I run firestarter on my boxes for ubuntu01:47
sivelon another note, all of the sudden every key i hit creates an annoying beep01:47
keepsakesivel: like a system beep?01:48
sivelyup, exactly01:48
sivelfrom out of nowhere01:48
^Phantom^one of the main reasons i'm vbing ubuntu is cause my friend recommended it to me, and cause i read that there are some good open-source video editors for linux :D01:48
spukisputniksh: infobash: not found01:48
keepsakesivel: for powernowd, look at "man powernowd", for the speakers, try "modprobe -r pcspkr"01:48
sivelok, thank you very much01:49
^Phantom^ k now i am booting up linux :D01:49
pan03242anyone know how to disconnect from network from console?01:49
danbh_intrepid1!iptables > kwame01:49
ubottukwame, please see my private message01:49
tonyyarussopan03242: Use ifconfig to disable the interface.01:49
danbh_intrepid1pan03242: look into ifdown01:49
polishpaul_kwane, are you trying to have iptables load on boot with your rules?01:50
DaLeecheranyone here use Xbox XBMC with Ubuntu? I am having filemanager lag when exploring directories on my samba server from the xbox. ANyone know how to solve this problem?01:50
JasonWoofcilkay: Dunno anything about PATA, but I assume my internal HD is plugged in with IDE01:50
JasonWoofcilkay: I've got a dell inspiron 510001:50
Azazel-A2chetnick, any responsed yet?01:50
^Phantom^k how do i find out what version of xserver came with my ubuntu installation?01:50
keepsakesivel: to disable pcspkr at startup, add "blacklist pcspkr" to "/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist"01:50
JasonWoofcilkay: lspci shows an IDE bus01:50
JasonWoofcilkay: lspci does not output PATA01:51
cilkayJasonWoof: How much RAM?01:51
JasonWoofcilkay: 500MB01:51
JasonWoofcilkay: I mostly don't run graphical desktops, so it should be more than enough01:51
danbh_intrepid1^Phantom^: how about apt-cache show xserver-xorg01:51
vitanovushey guys01:51
cilkayJasonWoof: What does top report when your disk is thrashing and the system isn't responsive?01:51
J-n^Phantom^ i fear virtual box may not be a great final solution for you, if you wish to do video editing. :(  I am not sure if you'll be able to get much, if any, preformance from your video card in that department, as the ability for the guest OS to access hardware is very limited :(01:51
tonyyarusso^Phantom^: apt-cache policy xserver-xorg should work01:52
JasonWoofcilkay: can I get around the IDE blocking thing with the kernel CONFIG_PREEMPT=y ?01:52
chetnickAzazel-A2, nobody01:52
sivelactually its only happening in xchat01:52
JasonWoofcilkay: I can't run top, I can't even get an exterm open01:52
Azazel-A2ok..  also wb davidguest01:52
sivelnot in the terminal, or anything else01:52
cilkayJasonWoof: That isn't normal at all.01:52
davidgueststill having bother dont no whats going on01:52
davidguestgrr dam irc01:52
vitanovusis there a way to change the items in my Places menu01:52
kwamedanbh_intrepid1: thanks01:52
JasonWoofcilkay: if I catch it early, while my system is still functional (though unreasonably slow) I see a process with 1GB of virtual memory01:52
^Phantom^also, can I please get some guidance using this "guest additions" thing to get better resolution in ubuntu01:53
JasonWoofor whatever, virtual memory that's going up fast01:53
Azazel-A2ok, what isn't starting?  you try apt-get autoremove offending package && apt-get install offending package01:53
pan03242sudo ifdown ath001:53
pan03242ifdown: interface ath0 not configured01:53
halyconhey everyone I am trying to configure Cairo Dock and I cant figure out how to remove sub docks01:53
Reformer81Am I able to burn the CD image to a blank DVD disc without problems?01:53
pan03242sudo ifdown ath001:53
Reformer81I can't find a DVD iso anywhere.01:53
JasonWoofcilkay: it's generally been my experience with linux01:53
Azazel-A2davidguest did you get my suggestion apt-get install lokkit?01:53
JasonWoofI remember being much happier on my old mac when I turned CONFIG_PREEMPT on01:53
chetnickAzazel-A2, E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:53
tonyyarussopan03242: ifdown is a shortcut that will only work if the interface has an entry in /etc/network/interfaces.  For unconfigured interfaces you can still use 'sudo ifconfig ath0 down'.01:53
davidguestyeah i tried that01:54
Azazel-A2ok try that first01:54
BigBearhow do i change the I/O Scehdular01:54
davidguestrno idea what the heck up at least windows firewal is easy 2 change01:54
cilkayJasonWoof: Not mine. I run 512M virtual machines but you have to stay on top of what you're running on them. The problem looks like you're hitting swap and that disk thrashing isn't the problem. It's the symptom.01:54
JasonWoofcilkay: is thrashing supposed to kill all multitasking?01:54
JasonWoofI think I aught to be able to use my computer anyway01:55
* ^Phantom^ looks at the screen with odd face01:55
dumbdumHi, Google earth doesn;t appear in my package manager! What is the command to install it please?01:55
JasonWoofat least a little, I just want a few cycles to start up an xterm and run killall or something01:55
Azazel-A2chetnick, what happened?01:55
JackCSGyou can download the Tar files off of their website01:55
^Phantom^"W: Unable to locate package xserver-org"01:55
spx2what is portmap used for ? can I kill it without major consequences ?01:55
cilkayJasonWoof: If you've run out of real memory, it sure will kill responsiveness. It's not killing multitasking per se. I'll bet if you could get top going on that, you'd see the load average would be very high and many processes waiting for CPU attention.01:55
cilkayJasonWoof: That makes for a very unpleasant and unresponsive system. Add more RAM.01:56
franki^something went horribly wrong with my graphical display(log in sound but blank screen) now running from a live cd, can i 'repair' somehow, or should i completely reinstall?01:56
Cpudan80dumbdum: download it from google directly01:56
^Phantom^i want the higher resolution first01:56
keepsakespx2: ubuntu package list says: Portmap is a server that converts RPC (Remote Procedure Call) program numbers into DARPA protocol port numbers. It must be running in order to make RPC calls.01:56
JasonWoofcilkay: nope, when I've gotten top open, I see one process hogging memory, and the CPU not doing much01:56
cilkayJasonWoof: What is that process?01:56
Cpudan80dumbdum: the install command is sh <file you downloaded>01:56
aroonii have ubuntu hardy + sound blaset live value card.  i can only hear audio out of my front speakers (and not the rear ones).  on my card there is separate output for front/audio speakers.... everything is turned up in alsa, and i have tried restarting... ideas?01:56
cilkayJasonWoof: and what is the load average?01:56
JasonWoofcilkay: it varies, since I tend not to run such programs again01:56
JasonWoofcilkay: last time it was the thunar-file-manager thing from xfce01:56
tonyyarussospx2: Required for NFS or NIS, among other things.  For normal desktop use though it's not even installed by default, so you could in those cases.01:57
dumbdumBut it downloads as a "bin" and I dont know what to do with it :(01:57
JackCSGdumbdum, go into properties01:57
JasonWoofcilkay: I had a 21600x21600 pixel png in my home folder and it was trying to make an icon from it. apparently by decompressing the entire thing into memory01:57
dumbdumproperties for what?01:57
JasonWoof(which would take about 1.3GB for 3 bytes/pixel)01:57
cilkayJasonWoof: NO WONDER! :)01:57
JackCSGdumbdum, of the bin file01:57
JasonWoofcilkay: so yes, my software screwed up. but I don't think one buggy program running as my normal user should be able to effectively crash my computer by trying to allocate too much ram01:58
Reformer81Am I able to successfully burn the Ubuntu CD image to a DVD disc?01:58
cilkayJasonWoof: You want a refund or something?01:58
keepsakeJasonWoof: why in the world do you have a png that big?01:58
cilkayWhat are you whining to me about? :)01:59
JackCSGdumbdum, then go to permissions, and check 'allow excecuting file as a program'01:59
JasonWoofI think linux is capable of multitasking enough to give a few cycles to my WM and xterm so I can fix it without powercycling01:59
danbh_intrepid1cilkay: please dont troll01:59
Azazel-A2reformer81, what os?01:59
JasonWoofkeepsake: I forget. now I'm afraid to look at it01:59
cilkaydanbh_intrepid1: Huh? I think you have it backwards.01:59
=== vorian is now known as mad-mule
keepsakeJasonWoof: haha, i wouldn't doubt that01:59
=== mad-mule is now known as vorian
JasonWoofseems to be a high-res map01:59
polishpaul_how do i find out what user ran a process?01:59
Azazel-A2ps aux | grep -i 'process name'02:00
dumbdumi get a message that the file is corrupt, so I will download it again, sorry02:00
Reformer81Azazel-A2: Uhm... I mean, if I burn the CD image to a blank DVD disc, can I still boot it normally?02:00
cilkayJasonWoof: My son used a Celeron 366 with 196M of RAM for 3 years. It was slow but usable.02:00
cilkayBut he never attempted to open a 21k x 21k PNG.02:00
^Phantom^k it won't let me install the guest additions thing02:00
JasonWoofcilkay: sure, my last laptop had 128MB of ram. that was enough for most things02:00
cilkayJasonWoof: Anyway, good luck. I'm done. Nothing to see here. I'm moving on.02:01
J-n^phantom^ getting an error message?02:01
Azazel-A2yes, you can boot the cd off the cd-drive as a live eval02:01
^Phantom^"program must be run with administrator privelages"02:01
keepsake^Phantom^: sudo! gksudo!02:02
JasonWoofcilkay: so you don't think there's any way to recover a computer that's started thrashing?02:02
^Phantom^is there any way i can run it as an admin02:02
Azazel-A2reoformer81, my question was wer eyou buring dvd from windows pc, or linux manchine02:02
cilkayJasonWoof: Kill the offending process.02:02
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:02
keepsake^Phantom^: if it's a GUI program, use "gksudo <program>"02:02
keepsake^Phantom^: if it's a console program, use "sudo <program>"02:02
cilkayJasonWoof: And please stop pinging me. There are 1236 other people in the channel too.02:02
hal_v2With the program rarcrack, how do I get the password which has been cracked? The xml file it created doesn't seem to show anything.02:02
macdJasonWoof, magic+sysreq http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/45702:02
cilkay1235 not counting you.02:03
JasonWoofcilkay: thanks for chatting. just curious if you actually had an answer you wanted to slip in at the last minute02:03
^Phantom^it's the virtualbox guest additions thing...02:03
krazy-hHi there02:04
keepsake^Phantom^: you're doing all this because ubuntu can't find the proper monitor resolution?02:04
cilkayJasonWoof: Cheers.02:04
macdkeepsake, its a good idea to install the virtualbox guest additions anyways, mouse integration, flexible display resizing02:05
keepsakemacd: okay, i didn't realise he wanted to change it in virtualbox =P02:05
^Phantom^i'm doing this because I want to be able to match the vbox fullscreen with my 1440x900 display02:05
hal_v2With the program rarcrack, how do I get the password which has been cracked? The xml file it created doesn't seem to show anything.02:05
macd^Phantom^, anyways, Click applications --> file manager (super user mode) --> enter your pass --> run the vbox guest install02:06
J-n^phantom^ at what step are you? Have you mounted the Guest additons ISO into your drive yet? If you do not have premission to run a program that is text based use sudo program.name graphically based program gksudo program.name02:07
^Phantom^there is no file manager (super user mode) thing there...02:07
keepsake^Phantom^: press Alt+F2, then type in "gksudo nautilus"02:08
ubottuLove is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.02:10
dumbdumHi, ive downloaded Google earth.bin from the net, how do I install it?02:10
^Phantom^the additions thing doesn't show up in the new window <_<02:10
Flannel!googleearth | dumbdum02:10
ubottudumbdum: Google Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository02:10
Flanneldumbdum: Use the one in medibuntu02:10
OrangeKyothe scroll bar on my touchpad stopped working, is there a quick way to reset the device instead of rebooting?02:11
locainexhi, is there a channel for playstation ubuntu?02:11
=== ^Phantom^ is now known as dumb_idiot
dumb_idiot<-- that's how I feel right now02:11
dumbdumOk, how do I do that please, (As you can see im very new to Linux!)02:11
helltraumI've just done a sudo apt-get remove php5 -- now when I sudo apt-get install php5 .. it says it's done .. but there's nothing at all in /usr/bin02:11
helltraumAnyone know what I'm doing wrong here ?02:12
IndyGunFreakdumbdum, i'm installing googleearth from medibuntu now... its easy to do, just follow the inst02:12
Flannelhelltraum: You want to install php5-cli02:12
gaintsuraUbuntu host, ubuntu guest via vbox, how do I set it up so that the ubuntu guest can be accessed by the host as a hostname?02:12
=== dumb_idiot is now known as ^Phantom^
keepsakedumb_idiot: go to the folder that contains the Virtual Box program you need to run02:12
helltraumOk .. thanks02:13
keepsake^Phantom^: what i said to dumb_idiot =P02:13
keepsake^Phantom^: figure out the folder name in full, and then the name of the application02:13
keepsake^Phantom^: so you can run the program in console with sudo02:13
keepsake^Phantom^: i mean gksudo02:13
^Phantom^it's mounted as a drive >_>02:14
dumbdumHow do I install Google earth from medibuntu?02:14
keepsake^Phantom^: okay, just open a file browser02:14
keepsake^Phantom^: browse to it02:14
keepsake^Phantom^: and see what it says at the top02:14
keepsake^Phantom^: under location02:14
keepsake^Phantom^: if you don't see location, click the page with the pencil under back02:15
Flanneldumbdum: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu  I suggest the "individual package" method, but either will work fine.02:15
acrouseyi forget this: when burning a downloaded iso, what is the best speed to burn it to a disk at?02:15
^Phantom^OH i get it now02:15
^Phantom^J-n helped me get it02:15
keepsake^Phantom^: haha okay02:15
Flanneldumbdum: also, if you're following the individual package thing, don't go to /pool/ just go here: http://packages.medibuntu.org/  its easier to find that way02:15
acrouseyi know i don't want to go at max speed02:16
acrouseyisn't 16x good or should i go slower?02:16
keepsakeacrousey: what's wrong with max speed?02:16
acrouseykeepsake: I think i remember there being errors going at max02:17
J-n^phantom^ it's how i started using ubuntu as well.. i realized that the drivers that VBOX forces ubuntu to use for video weren't what i wanted to be using. So one day i brokedown and installed ubuntu on a spare partition.. then i re partitioned my drive to give ubuntu more space, and now XP resides on a small, rarely used partition.. and i use Vbox from ubuntu to run XP stuff lol02:17
keepsakeacrousey: oh, then lower it a notch or two02:17
keepsakeacrousey: what kind of disc is it?02:17
acrouseykeepsake: cd-r02:17
J-nacrousey only if you've got a cheap disk.02:17
filsufApple become America's most admired company02:17
filsufMicrosoft is OUT02:18
J-napple? nah.. probally google for most02:18
keepsakeacrousey: what are you burning onto the cd? (music/application/movie/etc?)02:18
filsufand no other tech company in there ... nothing Linux for sure02:18
J-nthough even google isnt always nice02:18
acrouseyfor friends02:18
acrouseylike a live cd02:18
keepsakeacrousey: Burn at top speed, but verify the disk.02:19
acrouseyhow do i verify it?02:19
keepsakeacrousey: There should be an option in your burning software.02:19
filsufubuntu is nice once you are bored being a linux hacker02:19
acrouseykeepsake: i'm using brasero02:19
nabcoreSo... will 8.10 be shipping with the Firefox Eula pop-up or will they switch to IceCat? Such a popup will be a real pain for live cd users02:19
Flanneldumbdum: That page has been updated with the simpler instructions (the wiki page)02:19
acrouseykeepsake: i'll look for it02:19
Flannelnabcore: #ubuntu-offtopic would be the place to talk about that02:19
MeerkatMS will never be out. You may not use it, but many businesses etc rely on it. I am even bound to it professionally.02:19
J-nfilsuf  google is a tech company... at number 4...02:19
filsufgoogle is a new evil02:20
JackCSGfilsuf, agreed02:20
keepsakeacrousey: Tools -> Check Integrity after it's been burned02:20
filsufgoogle's phyton sucks big time02:20
filsufbut people still use it like they use visual-basic02:20
J-nfilsuf and how many people really know much about Canonical or other Open source providers?02:21
Flannelfilsuf, J-n, JackCSG: please take the non-support discussions to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.02:21
orethriusMore than previously.  ;)02:21
JackCSGflannel, sorry02:21
J-nFlannel you are right sorry.02:21
filsufmany windows user also dont know who wrote MS Word or MS Excel02:21
filsufthey'd just say Bill Gates wrote the softwares02:21
orethriusAh, my bad, just trying to catch up with Jenda.  To the off-topic room!02:22
^Phantom^now how can get those cool desktop effects to work?02:22
filsufmany Apple user also wouldnt know who that Woz is02:22
halyconDoes everyone know why I get a "wrong architecture" error message everytime I try to install something from a debian package?02:22
droopsta915when i installed it asked me ifknew the  moitor type and i said no, I got a new monitor now, (Is there a way to pick a monitor type now)?02:22
keepsake^Phantom^: install "Advanced Desktop Effects Settings (ccsm)" in add/remove applications02:22
JackCSGHalycon, Are you using 64 or 32 bit?02:22
J-n^phantom^ you may not be able to get them to work using virtualbox02:23
filsufanybody tried to play 'Muslim Massacre' ?02:23
filsufusing wine maybe02:23
keepsakethen in System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effects to Normal/Extra02:23
halyconJackCSG, it is a 32 bit machine02:23
^Phantom^thank you much keepsake02:23
JackCSGHalycon, What's the architecture of file your are installing?  Make sure they match02:24
=== Nospiests_ is now known as Nospiests
halyconJackCSG, I got the same error messages for Skype, AcetoneISO2 and now for mdic02:24
droopsta915does it matter if ubuntu doesnt know what type of monitor i use?02:24
bnovcis there a repository somewhere with ventrilo server?02:25
JackCSGHalycon, are you using Ubuntu and trying to download the Debian versions of the packages?02:25
IndyGunFreakdroopsta915: probably not, whats it say, Plug N Play or something like that?02:25
halyconJackCSG, yeah some programs only seem to have a debian installer02:26
JackCSGHalycon, what version are you using?02:26
gandalfcomeI have ubuntu running on asus eee pc 901. and I tried to get dual screeen running but it doesnt work. any ideas? Thanks02:26
J-ngandalfcome what video card?02:27
halycon Ubuntu 8.0402:27
halycon                - the Hardy Heron02:27
MertherInstalling Linux on an external drive doesn't put grub on the internal drive right?02:27
droopsta915indygunfreak: i just bought a new monitor, it works fine, i was thinking if i made changes in ubuntu the monitor wuld work to its best02:27
halyconJackCSG, Ubuntu 8.04 - the Hardy Heron02:27
sooki i'm trying to add windows to my grub list, but it's located on its own second drive, and i'm not sure which hdwhatever,whatever it is, is there a way to find out?02:28
gandalfcomeJ-n: I guess the normal eee pc video card02:28
JackCSGHalycon, where are you downloading these from?02:28
halyconJackCSG, it is directly from the software creators website02:28
^Phantom^i think J-n is right02:29
JackCSGhalycon, wish I could help but that's a little out of my expertise at the moment, maybe I can punt this question off to someone else?02:30
^Phantom^won't enable desktop effects02:30
halyconJackCSG, ok thanks for your help02:30
J-ngandalfcome If you can find out what video card you have it will be much eaiser, if it's nvida manufacture it's one way, and if not it's possibly several other...02:30
Guest45955I need help using ufw02:31
J-n^Phantom^ if you've got the HD space i'd just suggest doing a dual boot with ubuntu as one of the options - you'll like it a heck of a lot more i suspect :)  and you'll find those features will work more readily02:32
J-n^Phantom^ then soon you'll have windows that burn away when you close them, and a fancy spinning cubic desktop, and all those other fun features :D02:33
J-n^Phantom^ and video editing software will run better too :)02:34
Guest45955Can somone help me with ufw02:35
Guest45955I want to open a port02:35
pw-man, the channel is dead02:36
ubottuYou have lag, I don't have lag02:36
^Phantom^i forgot to read how to get out of seamless mode <_<02:37
danbh_intrepid1[q] how can I check my powersupply?02:37
hal_v2is there any way to get files back that I deleted through the trash?02:38
J-nhost key +L02:38
^Phantom^thank you so much :D02:39
hal_v2wtf is host key?02:39
gandalfcomeJ-n: I'll try. the funny thing is when I lugged in the xorg.conf in the drivers sections it only said configuredvideodevice. when I used ubutntu you could see which driver it uses that doesnt seem to be the case anymore02:39
J-n^phantom^ was right control L for my default install, probally is same for you02:39
J-nhal_v2 sorry i should have directed that comment at ^phantom^02:40
hal_v2is there any way to get files back that I deleted through the trash, though?02:40
J-ngandalfcome i'm sure there is a way to find out what card you're using, i just dont know how :(02:40
MertherHey, just to be sure, if I install Linux on an external usb hard drive that doesn't install grub to the internal drive right?02:41
=== meoblast is now known as meoblast001
IndyGunFreakMerther: negative.. 99.9% of the time, it does.02:41
gandalfcomeIs anyone using ubuntu  with an Eee pc here?02:42
J-nhal_v2 i dont know02:42
Mertherok how about a pen drive install on an external usb hard drive, would that not install grub on the internal?02:42
^Phantom^now, one last question02:43
dashnu_Merther: you have an option were to put grub...02:43
gandalfcomeAsus Eee PC 90102:43
gandalfcomeNotebook Specifications02:43
gandalfcomeAsus Eee PC 901Notebook: Asus Eee PC 90102:43
gandalfcomeProcessor: Intel Atom Z530 160002:43
gandalfcomeGraphics Adapter: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 95002:43
gandalfcomeDisplay: 8.9 inch, 16:10, 1024x600 pixels02:43
gandalfcomeWeight: 1.1kg02:43
gandalfcomePrice: 500 euro02:44
gandalfcomeLinks: Asus homepage Asus notebook section Eee PC 901 (Model)02:44
gandalfcome 02:44
gandalfcomeAverage Score: 82% - good02:44
gandalfcomeAverage of 15 scores (from 21 reviews)02:44
IndyGunFreakdashnu_: true, but usually with a normal install, it puts grub on the internal drive.. you can rmove it, but thats where it goes.02:44
gandalfcomeprice: 73%, performance: 72%, features: 78%, display: 63%02:44
keepsake!page | gandalfcome02:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about page02:44
gandalfcomemobility: 82%, workmanship: 75%, ergonomy: 58%, emissions: 77%02:44
gandalfcomeReviews for the Asus Eee PC 90102:44
gandalfcomeASUS Eee PC 901 Review02:44
keepsake!paste | gandalfcome02:44
ubottugandalfcome: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:44
IndyGunFreak!ops | gandalfcome02:44
ubottugandalfcome: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, or Flannel!02:44
dashnu_Merther: and if it does just rewrite your mbr for windows02:44
danbh_intrepid1jigga?  what just happened there?02:44
MadpilotIndyGunFreak, clever bots exist for flood control now02:44
MertherI don't  recall seeing that.  Where in the installer is that?02:44
danbh_intrepid1FloodBots got all confused02:45
IndyGunFreakMerther: why don't you just do a normal install?... to your internal drive.02:45
IndyGunFreakMadpilot: well they fell asleep at the wheel on that guy...lol02:45
kapacehello, i have a printer that prints only test pages and stuff from smb02:45
MadpilotIndyGunFreak, most floods don't go so long, true...02:45
MertherI've got it like that for my computer but my friend wants to test with an external drive without modifying his internal drive.  That, and he hasn't backed up the internal.02:45
IndyGunFreakMadpilot: lol, i know, just kiddin..02:45
kapacethe printer takes normal text prints, but quickly stops and says: Flushing Buffer02:45
gandalfcomesorry about that, that was not planned02:45
kitcheIndyGunFreak: maybe he ws lagging or the bots were :)02:46
keepsake!paste | gandalfcome02:46
ubottugandalfcome: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:46
^Phantom^how do i mount my shared folder02:46
IndyGunFreakMerther: so why not give him a live CD?02:46
kapacealso: the print queue just briefly shows the print job02:46
dumbdumHi, i downloaded Google earth 4.3 from medibuntu but cant install (error "dependencies not satisfied")02:46
IndyGunFreakdumbdum: how did you download it from googleearth02:46
gandalfcomeJ-n: Graphics Adapter: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 95002:46
danbh_intrepid1the floodbots unsquelched gandalfcome instead of squelching him  : P02:46
keepsakeit's better02:46
keepsakedumbdum: do you know what the missing dependencies are?02:47
MertherHe's got it, though he would rather be able to bring the hard drive to another computer with a usb bootable bios because he's got more then one computer.02:47
dumbdumVia web with Firefox at http://packages.medibuntu.org/hardy/index.html02:47
IndyGunFreakapt-get should ahve resolved all dependencies for google earth.. i've never had a prob w/ that.. and actually, i just installed Google Earth like 10min ago.02:47
kitchedumbdum: why don't you add the medibuntu.org repos to your apt?02:48
IndyGunFreakdumbdum: well duh.. you're downloading individual packages.. add the medibuntu repository, following the instructions, then run sudo apt-get install googleearth and watch in wonder02:48
IndyGunFreakwhy you'd download packages when there's a repository is a mystery wrapped in a riddle02:48
dumbdumHave you noticed my handle? Its ok for you experts!02:48
J-ngandalfcome it will not be easy, but it can be done, i think http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221174 should help02:49
keepsakedumbdum: are you running 8.04/hardy?02:49
IndyGunFreakdumbdum: has nothing to do with dumb/experience, click repository how to, and follow the instructions02:49
IndyGunFreakit has to do w/ following instructions.02:49
keepsakedumbdum: use "sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/hardy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list"02:50
keepsakedumbdum: copy the command into your console and run it02:50
cheeky hey when i type this in the terminal "sudo iptables -A INPUT -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT"  i get this spat back @ me bad argument  'ssh' ...wat did i do wrong ? do i need to put something where the INPUT was?02:50
keepsakedumbdum: after, do this "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get update"02:50
dumbdumIve followed all instructions all gave and it doesnt work for me. obviously im missing something so Thanks to all!02:50
=== ttwi1 is now known as ttwio
IndyGunFreakdumbdum: you're not doing something right.02:51
=== chetnick is now known as chetnick2
keepsakedumbdum: do this "sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/hardy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list"02:51
J-ndumbdum keepsake is giving you step by step hand holding instructions. i think if you follow exactly what they say you should be all good.02:51
keepsakedumbdum: then this "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get update"02:51
agelwarganyone get sound to work w/ vmware 2.0 on 8.04 ?02:52
dumbdumi just tried the medibuntu keyring thing and it says it cant find it.02:53
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
dumbdumsudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/hardy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list error no known server02:54
javierwhat do i do if my incoming TCP port is closed? Transmissions is running slow02:54
=== javier is now known as Razer
danbh_intrepid1Razer: is it iptables or your router?02:55
moyixhey, trying to use Xen 3.3 on intrepid with an intel graphics chip, and X (2:1.5.0-1ubuntu1) freezes when I launch it (grey screen, unresponsive). I found this bug, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xen-3.2/+bug/225046 , but the solution (upgrade to intrepid) didn't work for me02:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 225046 in xen-3.2 "System freezes with xen kernel after loading DRM" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:55
Razerdanbh_intrepid1, I've no idea02:55
keepsakedumbdum: ah, i see02:55
=== tb11 is now known as physically_fit
keepsakedumbdum: the problem is that medibuntu is down right now02:55
keepsaketry again later02:55
hydroponicIs there any way to fix the problem where nspluginwrapper crashes and a gray box is displayed instead of Flash movies, until Firefox is restarted?02:55
Razerdanbh_intrepid1, it's probably working fine since it was working fine before I reinstalled ubuntu02:55
keepsakedumbdum: when you visit http://www.medibuntu.org and it works02:55
keepsakedumbdum: try it again02:55
danbh_intrepid1Razer: sudo iptables -L      if nothing is listed, then its your router.  If you have a router, then its probably your router02:55
cheekycould some one explain to me .. iptables?02:56
IndyGunFreakkeepsake: i just ran sudo apt-get update, and it hit medibuntu just fine02:56
danbh_intrepid1!iptables > cheeky maybe ubottu can!!!!!!!02:56
ubottucheeky, please see my private message02:56
keepsakeIndyGunFreak: I tried accessing it just now and it didn't work =S02:56
Razerdanbh_intrepid1, something about chain02:57
kapacei have a printer that prints only test pages and stuff from smb... on normal (gedit) prints says on the LCD is "Flushing Buffer"02:57
kapaceand doesn't do anything else02:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about iptable02:57
danbh_intrepid1Razer: if you want me to judge it, use paste.ubuntu.com02:57
cheekydanbh_intrepid1: yeah i am reading that and i cant seem to set it up .. when i type this in the terminal "sudo iptables -A INPUT -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT"  i get this spat back @ me bad argument  'ssh' ...wat did i do wrong ?02:57
gandalfcomeJ-n: Okay I can get it to clone, but the max resoultion it allows me is 860, is there any way to change this?02:57
=== boyz is now known as trii
keepsakeI'm getting a Partial Upgrade message. Can someone tell me how to resolve it/figure out the cause of it?02:58
=== casao_ is now known as casao
Razerdanbh_intrepid1,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/47053/02:58
tarrantHey quick question. I'm in the market to buy a new graphics card for my ubuntu computer. I haven't really followed the area for a very long time but how do nvidia and radeon compare as far as driver support currently?02:58
keepsaketarrant: afaik I think nvidia is better on ubuntu02:58
tarrantthanks that is what I figured.02:59
Cpudan80NVidia is better by many miles02:59
keepsaketarrant: I'm running radeon and it's... poopoo compared to Windows02:59
Cpudan80Take your ATi card and throw it out the window02:59
keepsakebut i have no other card =(02:59
Cpudan80Radeon will work on Ubuntu02:59
J-ngandalfcome i'm gonna guess it's possible02:59
Cpudan80just dont expect it to do anything fancy02:59
keepsakeCpudan80: It does work, but it's just really slow02:59
keepsakeCpudan80: yeah02:59
kapaceCpudan80, i thought ATI was better in open source karma?02:59
Cpudan80kapace: Hell no03:00
tberchhello all, I was recently compromised, and the attacker was in promiscuous mode for quite a while (probably), and I just need a good ubuntu auditing tool, Im looking for a resource that knows anything about host based auditing03:00
J-ngandalfcome check out the xorg.conf file see if it's in there03:00
Cpudan80kapace: ATi is as bad as it gets03:00
keepsakeCpudan80: I'm running fglrx and it's meh to say the most03:00
danbh_intrepid1cheeky: can you paste your iptables?03:00
tarrantthanks all, Nvidia it is.03:00
kapacewhats this i heard that AMD releasing free open driver or specs?03:00
gandalfcomeJ-n: Thanks. ubuntu is really a fantastic operating system but it always had difficulties with dual screen. they should really address this03:00
cheekyits the standard.. nothing on it03:00
Cpudan80kapace: They've been saying that for 100 years03:00
danbh_intrepid1Razer: its empty, you need to configure your router03:00
tarrantamd has released lots of specs for their card03:00
kapacei see03:00
Cpudan80kapace: I'll believe it when I see it03:00
vbman11does anyone know of a good dvd making application03:00
keepsakeCpudan80: you're such a hater =P03:00
Cpudan80kapace: they released some detailed specs -- thats about it03:01
Razerdanbh_intrepid1, but it wasn't a problem with my last ubuntu install03:01
cheekydanbh_intrepid1: could i pase it in a prvt message or here is fine?03:01
kitchekapace Cpudan80 : radeonhd03:01
tarrantvbman11: k3b03:01
J-ngandalfcome if you had an nvidia card it's very simple03:01
kitchekapace Cpudan80 it's part of X.org03:01
Cpudan80keepsake: Yep - I wont ever buy an ATi unless I am forced to03:01
Razerdanbh_intrepid1, which was this morning03:01
keepsakekitche: Radeonhd?03:01
vbman11tarrant: in repo?03:01
J-ngandalfcome i agree though 100% thats an area i'd like to see improved as well03:01
tberchI got dual screen to work, but I had to manually set it every time,03:01
danbh_intrepid1cheeky: either paste.ubuntu.com or a pm03:01
teddy__hey guys. I have a problem probably related to X11. In any sdl game, such as sauerbraten or urban terror, if I use the scroll wheel it makes the mouse go whacky. This doesn't happen when I hold a key while scrolling and it is fixed by pressing keys on the keyboard03:01
tarrantvbman11: yea its technically a kde program though.03:01
kitchekeepsake: it's what the driver is called it works with the Radeon HD cards03:01
vbman11tarrant: ok then, thanks!03:02
IndyGunFreakgandalfcome: i guess thats a matter of opinion... i setup dual screens in about 2min.03:02
keepsakekitche: Really? Can you link me? (I have an HD2400Pro =\)03:02
gandalfcomeIndyGunFreak: Laptop or desktop?03:02
IndyGunFreakgandalfcome: desktop03:02
kitchekeepsake: it's part of X.org03:02
Wickedhello all. im wondering if there is a way i can get all the pictures and videos off my razr cellphone03:02
teddy__i guess im running kubuntu so i should be in #kubuntu but i remember this happening on regular old ubuntu as well03:02
danbh_intrepid1Razer: then I don''t know, sorry03:02
vbman11tarrant: will it make dvd menus?03:03
keepsakekitche: I'm afraid I don't understand, sorry =\03:03
gandalfcomeIndyGunFreak: I guess that works. But laptops I always had problems. On my macbook I just plugin the secondary monitor and it detects it. I think for ubuntu to succeed it needs to have these little things to work.03:03
kitche!info xserver-xorg-video-radeonh | keepsake03:03
ubottukeepsake: Package xserver-xorg-video-radeonh does not exist in hardy03:03
kitche!info xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd | keepsake03:03
ubottukeepsake: xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd (source: xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd): X.Org X server -- AMD/ATI r5xx, r6xx display driver. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.0-1 (hardy), package size 134 kB, installed size 328 kB03:03
kitchehate when I do a copy and paste I miss a letter ....03:03
IndyGunFreakgandalfcome: wel, i guess i'll remember that if i ever decide to lug a monitor around w/ my laptop03:03
sixthcan anyone help me adding windows to grub? i tried to add it but when i click windows it just blinks03:04
keepsakekitche: I see, thanks.03:04
keepsakekitche: Is it better than fglrx/proprietary right now?03:04
teddy__google is your friend sixth :D03:04
kitchekeepsake: no clue I m an nvidia person myself03:04
gandalfcomeIndyGunFreak: A tip for that: gaffa tape works wonders when taping the secondary monitor to the laptop :-)03:04
sixthteddy__: ive saw google.03:04
keepsakekitche: Okay, thanks.03:05
sixthwe arent really friends =[03:05
kitchekeepsake: ati is not that great with the games I play really since both cards do different things03:05
teddy__sixth: im sure there are loads of results on that, because ive searched for the same thing before03:05
crdlbkeepsake: only if you don't like 3d :)03:05
teddy__sixth: i can find you a link if you want03:05
sixthteddy__: but i have a problem, it didnt all went straight, im looking for troubleshooting, not the tutorial03:05
jigphello what is the difference between embedded and liveCD?03:06
keepsakekitche: Haha, okay.03:06
jribHow can I disable the xinerama extension completely (without recompiling)?  xdpyinfo lists XINERAMA despite having << Option "Xinerama" "0" >> in my ServerFlags in xorg.conf.03:06
crdlbjrib: why are you trying to?03:06
vbman11does anyone here use QDVD Author?03:07
vbman11im having problems with it03:08
Realcoolguyvbman11 i tried it so many times!03:08
Realcoolguyand vbman11 ... same for me :(03:08
vbman11Realcoolguy: got it to work?03:08
vbman11dang it03:08
Razerdanbh_intrepid1, how would I configure my router?03:08
Realcoolguyvbman11: not quite the way i wanted it too... eventually i had to settle on not having menus or something03:08
crdlbjrib: the Xinerama protocol (not the largely obsolete X server infrastructure) is used by all implementations of multiscreen (XRandR 1.2 and nvidia's twinview) to tell applications the layout of the physical monitors03:08
vbman11Realcoolguy: i can't even get it to read my video file03:09
danbh_intrepid1Razer: mmmm, run ifconfig, and enter the ip address of your router into firefox.   Log into your router, and poke around the settings03:09
crdlbjrib: historically X has used a one Screen per monitor model, so when Xinerama was introduced, we had a single Screen consisting of two monitors for the first time, so they had to invent something new :)03:10
kitchejrib: did you try using the ubuntu tools to turn it off03:10
kitchecrdlb: I m pretty sure jrid knows all about Xinerama :)03:10
kitchebah jrib03:10
Razerdanbh_intrepid1, I don't think I have a log-in for my router03:10
=== dextone is now known as De[X]tone
danbh_intrepid1Razer: can you get to the login page?03:11
tberchis it linksys?03:11
jribcrdlb: heh, ok.  qlite window manager checks for xinerama using xlib's Display.has_extension().  I don't use it, so it makes a stupid assumption.  I'm assuming has_extension() would not return True for xinerama if I disabled it somehow, but this doesn't seem to happen.  So I was wondering if there was a different way to disable it03:12
tberchrazer, you can hold down the reset button for 10 sec's on your router, and it will reset...03:12
keepsakeRazer: In your browser go to and see if that works.03:12
tberchif you cant get in03:12
kitchejrib: you could try using dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:13
crdlbjrib: I'm not sure, but disabling XRandR (or twinview) might do it03:13
jribkitche, crdlb: possibly relevant: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2007-November/002484.html03:13
sixthcan anyone help me adding windows to grub? i tried to add it but when i click windows it just blinks03:13
De[X]tonem0rning guys...03:13
=== De[X]tone is now known as dextone
bobertdossixth: Pastebin your menu.lst please.03:14
Razerkeepsake, it's asking for a username and password and I never knew that03:14
keepsakeRazer: try "admin" as password and nothing in username03:14
J-nRazer who is the manufacturer for your router? also look on the bottom default pw's may be there as well.03:15
RazerJ-n, linksys and I got it to work03:16
sixthbobertdos: http://sixth.pastebin.com/d79b425d103:16
Razerkeepsake, ty03:16
keepsakeRazer: np =P03:16
J-nrazer cool :)03:17
Razerkeepsake, now how do I enable my incoming TCP port?03:17
jribcrdlb: I'll give it a try to see if it gives me some more pointers, thanks03:17
SebNaitsabeshow do I find out how much RAM a computer with Ubuntu on it has?03:17
SebNaitsabesthe command03:17
keepsakeRazer: I'm not too great with port forwarding, you'll have to ask around, sorry03:17
jribSebNaitsabes: free -m03:17
keepsakeRazer: Try going to the "Applications and Gaming" tab if you have it03:17
Razerkeepsake, I'm there, now what?03:18
SebNaitsabesjrib:  thanks, but I am not entirely sure how to make sense of the output03:18
jribSebNaitsabes: the first number on the top left is how much ram it has03:19
SebNaitsabesjrib: toal 24903:19
keepsakeRazer: Figure out the port you need03:19
keepsakeRazer: And put it into the thing03:19
crdlbjrib: so yeah, Xorg always has the Xinerama protocol available (sometimes called "Fakerama") because XRandR can add a monitor at any time03:19
latHow can I find the character 0xfeff in a file?03:19
Razerkeepsake, I need port 51413 open03:19
crdlbjrib: do you have any idea this window manager is testing for xinerama?03:20
crdlbidea why*03:20
keepsakeRazer: Type in an aplication03:20
keepsakeRazer: Put 51413 in both start/end03:20
keepsakeRazer: Check enable03:20
jribcrdlb: hmm, I see.  It's probably better to change the way it tests.  The author uses xinerama so I assume it was never tested otherwise :)  It really just needs to know how many screens I have03:20
keepsakeRazer: You might want to google "port forwarding linksys"03:20
keepsakeRazer: I'm not too good with this03:20
Razerkeepsake, application?03:20
bobertdossixth: First of all, are you certain Windows is on the first partition of the first hard drive? Also, between root and makeactive, it is sometimes useful to add savedefault. Oh, and Windows entries generally go outside the automagic list.03:21
keepsakeRazer: It doesn't really matter03:21
LeefmczQuestion: I am attempting to resetup GRUB on my dual boot, but i am getting an error when following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows (step 4's find command). Can anyone give me any clues on whats wrong? Error: "Error 15: File not found"03:21
keepsakeRazer: It's just so you know what you're opening the port for.03:21
bobertdossixth: but more than anything, we need to be sure you're pointing to the right partition03:21
mnanyone here know how to upgrade a linux kernel in *buntu?03:21
smm289trying to use wine to install a windows application. using wine, but its not working.  Are there any other options for wine03:21
sixthbobertdos: how can i found out on what hdd is my windows?03:21
danbh_intrepid1mn: why isnt the regular upgrade system good enough?03:22
LeefmczFlannel: You awake?03:22
jribmn: you get automatic updates for the kernel through the update-manager if you've installed the proper linux-image-*03:22
shingen1would i need to compile my own kernel to get a specific RAID driver to work under ubuntu?03:22
jrib!appdb | smm28903:22
ubottusmm289: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org03:22
mnjrib: well uname -a is giving me an old kernel03:22
jribmn: what exactly is "old"?03:22
bobertdossixth: Because grub and fdisk's naming schemes parallel each other, if you pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l, it will be possible to tell.03:23
mnthe latest is and I have 2.6.24 ....03:23
keepsakemn: ubuntu doesn't update that quickly03:23
IndyGunFreakwhats that package yo install when you have no sound in flash03:23
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org03:23
keepsakemn: the linux core itself does, but it takes longer to integrate into Ubuntu I think03:23
jribIndyGunFreak: libflashsupport03:23
helltraumHas anyone here managed to get php and apache working in ubuntu03:24
IndyGunFreakjrib: thanks.03:24
jribhelltraum: lots of people probably03:24
mnkeepsake: what do you mean?03:24
jrib!lamp > helltraum03:24
ubottuhelltraum, please see my private message03:24
keepsakemn: The latest version for Ubuntu is the 2.6.24 you have.03:24
jribmn: that's the latest in the repositories.  The kernel team ensures you have security fixes, if that's what you are worried about03:24
r00t__is it possible to recursively change from mp3 to ogg using LAME?03:24
sixthbobertdos: http://sixth.pastebin.com/m1d45d4e303:24
mnjrib: oh, ok03:25
FlynsarmyAre there any good linux telnet clients like zMUD?03:25
v3ctorls /usr/local/bin/03:25
keepsakeFlynsarmy: There's Gnome-MUD03:25
keepsakeFlynsarmy: Otherwise I just use telnet =P03:25
shingen1xrvt & xterm works great too :P03:25
J-nFlynsarmy more than you can shake a stick at03:26
danbh_intrepid1r00t__: maybe so, but it will come out crappy03:26
bobertdossixth: Yup, that should be 0,0...........Okay, so I suggest moving your Windows entry outside the automagic block and putting savedefault between "root" and "makeactive"03:26
FlynsarmyJ-n: I searched for 'telnet' in add/remove programs and only 3 came up. putty and 2 random ones03:26
r00t__any better suggestion? I've got 102 gb and i'm tryinig to lower the size.03:26
shingen1Flynsarmy: search for MUD03:27
r00t__but keep qual.03:27
keepsakeFlynsarmy: Try Gnome-MUD if you're looking to play MUDs03:27
=== orethrius is now known as orethrius|is_eat
danbh_intrepid1r00t__: recompress the mp3 to a lower bitrate?03:27
helltraumHow do you trouble fault segmentation faults in apache2 and the php mod ?03:27
=== orethrius|is_eat is now known as orethrius|food
helltraumI've installed from the repositories ..03:27
helltraumbut I'm having problems getting this to work ..03:27
Soulwarppapaya isn't a bad mud client03:28
Razerkeepsake, not working :(03:28
sixthbobertdos: ?03:28
sixthoh sorry03:28
sixthdidnt see you already msged03:29
LeefmczAnyone know anything about GRUB? I'm lost.. I removed ubuntu, installed windows (i needed to move windows to sd2 or it wouldn't format), and at the moment my boot is on sd1.. but GRUB refuses to do anything. Any ideas?03:29
ale_canal do ubuntu03:29
danbh_intrepid1r00t__: generally, transcoding from one lossy codec to another results in allot of quality loss (ie mp3 -> ogg).  So its better to just reroll the mp3 to a different bitrate03:29
danbh_intrepid1r00t__: but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so ...03:29
LeefmczI've seen the commands "find /boot/grub/stage1" and "find /grub/stage1" and neither is found by GRUB. Any help?03:30
sixthbobertdos: what is the automagic box?03:30
koshar1Leefmcz you would need to replace the windows bootloader if you have removed linux03:31
Leefmczkoshar1: I'm attempting to.. :/03:31
Leefmczkoshar1: By following this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows , I get stuck at "find /boot/grub/stage1"03:32
koshar1Leefmcz so you want whatever the windows command is to replace the mbr03:32
bobertdossixth: I mean, put the Windows entry after the line that says ### END DEBIAN AUTOMAGIC KERNEL LIST03:32
Leefmczkoshar1: Well why not in linux?03:32
mnLeefmcz:  I have the code I used.  Want me to paste bin them?03:32
koshar1Leefmcz why do you want grub if your just booting into windows?03:32
J-nWhat is the diffrence between using synaptic or add/remove programs for installing programs?03:32
Leefmczkoshar1: At the moment i cant even boot into windows because i have a separate boot partition, and it wont work right.03:33
koshar1Leefmcz that guide is to replace grub after installing windows AND retaining ubuntu03:33
v3ctorLeefmcz: http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p18.htm#Windows_XP_Recovery_Console03:33
Mustafa_Kayahi all03:33
Leefmczkoshar1: I am going to install ubuntu again later, i'd do it now but i dont have the time03:33
Mustafa_Kayai couldnt connect to the internet on ubuntu03:33
bobertdossixth: If it helps, mine looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/47059/03:33
Mustafa_Kayawhat can i do*03:33
sixthbobertdos: thanks ill soon reboot to check. i also have a kernel problem, do you have any expirence with those?03:34
koshar1well you will need sonewhere to instyall the grubs stage 2 files03:34
tarrantJ-n: I believe that the difference is that synaptic is fully powered while add/remove program is for your average non-geek.03:34
MTecknologyI have this in auto.master "/media/music    /etc/auto.music --timeout 60" and this in auto.music "music       -rw,soft,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192". If I mount is with "mount /medis/music" it works fine. but if I do that in autofs, it doesn't appear to ever actually mount.03:34
bobertdossixth: not really, ;\03:34
Leefmczv3ctor: I'd rather do it the linux way.. heh. Since thats the main OS.. im just attempting a dual boot here..03:34
sixthbobertdos: i will reboot now to check03:34
J-ntarrant thanks, i was kinda wondering... lol.. kept finding much more intresting programs via synaptic than add/remove03:34
Mustafa_Kayahey mn03:35
v3ctorLeefmcz: you said you don;t have linux installed03:35
Mustafa_Kayamn: hey03:35
Mustafa_Kayado you know how to achieve it?03:35
Leefmczv3ctor: Yet, i'll be installing that soon (probably tomorrow, its late and i need to sleep for work)03:35
[Neurotic]Hi, I'm trying to debug a kernel panic I can reproduce with iwl4965, and I can get it to show in the alt+ctrl+f1 console, but its too big for my screen, so I can't see it all.  Is there anyway I can push it to a file?03:35
Leefmczv3ctor: I had to remove linux to get stupid ass windows to work. It didn't like being the 6th partition.03:35
v3ctorLeefmcz: you need to have it there to get grub to work properly03:36
Leefmczv3ctor: If i install Ubuntu into my ubuntu partition, will it fix the GRUB thing?03:36
jrgpif it overwrites the boot record, yeah03:36
Leefmczjrgp: Well, will it?03:36
jrgpit will install grub, in doing so it will set it up for your newly installed ubuntu and it will alsom most likely detect your windows partition too03:37
jrgpif it is still working03:37
koshar1Leefmcz it will because it will reinstall the grub files in /boot/grub03:37
v3ctorit will fix grub, and if you get lucky it will detect your windows and add that03:37
Leefmczk, thanks. I'll install ubuntu again :)03:37
jrgpyou won't regret it :)03:37
LeefmczI was just trying to avoid the install time03:37
koshar1Leefmcz at the moment the stage one of grub is looking for them and they dont exist03:37
koshar1Leefmcz otherwise your options are to fix the windows bootloader03:38
Leefmczjrgp: No trust me, im not leaving ubuntu. I kept my /home partition. I just wanted 20gig of windows for gaming, thats all03:38
v3ctorLeefmcz: you could learn the grub command line03:38
koshar1 Leefmcz and why do you need 6 partitions?03:38
puffI seem to be having a problem getting wireless working.  It *was* working okay, but now I don't seem to be able to get a response from DHCP servers.  This is the third network I've had the problem with, which would seem to rule out a problem with the router/WAP.03:38
mnwhat command do I do to find out the wireless card I have?03:39
Leefmczkoshar1: I forget how many it was exactly, but there was a boot, os, swap, /home, umm.. and somethin else, iirc03:39
Leefmczkoshar1: Windows wouldn't format, it said there were too many partitions.03:39
Razerkeepsake, :'( port still closed03:39
Leefmczkoshar1: I had to put windows on the 2nd partition03:39
jrgpLeefmcz, if I were you I'd wipe the drive, install windows first, then install ubuntu; that'd probably make your situation easier to get out of03:41
=== crackhead_25 is now known as xjohnthomasx
Leefmczjrgp: Blech, no time. If this works so be it, if not, then i need to copy a ton of data off of my /home03:41
FlannelLeefmcz: What are you doing?03:42
jrgpI'd have that data backed up first, before you do anything03:42
puffCan anybody help me troubleshoot my disappearing wireless?03:42
=== erichammond1 is now known as erichammond
Razerkeepsake, do you see anything wrong with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/47057/ ?03:42
LeefmczFlannel: Making a mess of things, because windows is lame. :)03:42
FlannelLeefmcz: Ah.  Yeah, that happens.03:42
kidd3ckztheres no need for a windows channel to discuss problems03:42
LeefmczFlannel: The story is long, but basically i had a ton of partitions (boot, home, swap, etc), and windows wouldn't install when it was the 6th partition. it said too many. So i removed my os partition, and put windows on that. Well now my GRUB is hosed, so im trying to install ubuntu03:43
LeefmczFlannel: Install ubuntu, to fix GRUB.03:43
FlannelLeefmcz: ah, yeah.  Windows doesn't like being on a non-primary partition03:43
LeefmczFlannel: So sd1 is boot, sd2 is windows, sd3 / is ubuntu.. which im trying to do now.03:44
LeefmczFlannel: I hate windows. :)03:44
FlannelLeefmcz: If that doesn't work plain, you can map windows to think its sda103:45
Scruffy00Help!  I can't get the mail notification sound in Evolution to work.  I have read the forums and researched google but nothing has worked.  I am using version of Evolution on a Dell Inspiron 1420.  I am using Alsa also.  The file is .wav and can be heard using a media player.  Please someone help me.  I don't want to go back to Vista.03:45
LeefmczFlannel: Question, i saved my /home, but im installing ubuntu now. However, im giving the OS partition a mapping of /, do i need to give my home partition a /home mount? I'm afraid of touching that partition, in fear of losing data03:46
dashnu_Scruffy00: rofl all because of a mail sound wow03:46
FlannelLeefmcz: Yeah, In the partitioner you say "use this partition as /home, but don't format it"03:46
jrgp<Leefmcz>, yes you do03:46
filsuf /close03:46
Scruffy00If I am going to switch I would like to have everything working.03:46
palominoScruffy00: can't get enough of that AOL mail notification, eh?03:46
LeefmczFlannel: What about the others? Does boot need /boot, or swap need any mount, etc?03:46
jrgpLeefmcz, no03:47
jrgpthose can stay under the / partition03:47
jrgpnot swap03:47
jrgpthe others yes03:47
Scruffy00Nah, Dr. Who.  I have to have the sound because I am away from my desk and sometimes an important e-mail comes that I will need.03:47
FlannelLeefmcz: Are you going to be using them as separate partitions? or getting rid of them as separate? (moving them under /) andyes, you need swap03:47
LeefmczFlannel: They're already separate partitions, im just asking if they all need mount points. So far the only mount points i have defined are /home and /03:48
FlannelLeefmcz: If you want to use them, yes, you'll specify that during the partition stage.03:48
falloremy sound isn't working, it was very recently, i have no idea why and didn't change anything. ideas?03:49
LeefmczFlannel: Well do i need to specify mounts for a boot and swap partitions? Those are the only others03:49
fLufyzwhat is the antivirus in ubuntu03:49
FlannelLeefmcz: yes.  Well, swap just gets marked as swap, it doesn't really have a mount point.03:49
jrgpfLufyz, ubuntu does not typtically need anti virus03:49
puffHm, dmesg has lines saying:  "ipw2200:  Failed to send SYSTEM_CONFIG: Already sending a command"03:49
Cpudan80fLufyz: you really dont need one03:49
jrgpfLufyz, only windows needs anti virus03:50
fLufyzthanx jrgp & Cpudan8003:50
bobertdosfLufyz: In fact, the one time I did try AV for Ubuntu, it actually corrupted my installation.03:50
kingI has just GTalk in empathy?how can i add msn to it?03:50
LeefmczFlannel: So boot is a mount of /boot then? Also, How do i mount the home partition? It says i have to choose a file system before i can mount, is that fine? (Ie, will choosing a file system format it? Again, i really need to protect the data on my home partition)03:50
torvaldsjrgp: wrong. Linux users are just as vulnerable to virii03:50
LeefmczFlannel: Just dont check format and im fine?03:50
jrgpbot "just as:03:51
Scruffy00So apparently I am on my own?03:51
jrgptorvalds, you wouldn't happen to be......?03:51
torvaldsjrgp: yes.03:51
torvaldsjrgp: how else would I get this nick?03:51
falloretorvalds: luck03:51
R_YoYo_Rwould torvalds really hang out in the ubuntu channel?03:52
FlannelLeefmcz: why are you against formatting /boot?03:52
sixthbobertdos, thanks alot :)03:52
R_YoYo_Ri dont think so03:52
Beckwhat is difference between gnome and xfce?03:52
torvaldsI don't go on IRC often. I'm just here to say hi to the community.03:52
jrgpxfce looks a little different and uses a lot less resources03:52
R_YoYo_RBeck: how the look and feel03:52
jrgpbut is less feature packed03:52
torvaldsBeck: try kde ;)03:53
chubs_torvalds, speak swedish ;)03:53
LeefmczFlannel: Im not, im against formatting /home, but i think i got it worked out. I was asking before i tried it. Seems if you select efi, it doesn't give you control over formatting or mount point. So all is well i think :)03:53
Becktorvalds, is it better?03:53
LeefmczFlannel: Sounds good aye?03:53
bobertdossixth: Everything's working?03:53
mediaalright for the life of me I can not figure out how to make normal audio go through the coax digital out on this computer03:53
FlannelLeefmcz: Just make sure home is marked as used, but not format, yes.03:53
mediait has an nforce chipset03:53
^Phantom^Okay, back03:53
kapacei have a printer that prints only test pages and stuff from smb... on normal (gedit) prints says on the LCD is "Flushing Buffer"03:53
mediaand I do have the iec thing checked in gnome03:53
torvaldschubs_: God kväll03:53
mediabut still nothing03:53
^Phantom^now, my last question03:53
LeefmczFlannel: Well format is NOT checked. Thats for sure, i saw nothing that said "used" or anything. I assigned it to /home, and gave it a type of ext3 (which it already was). Format is not checked. All good?03:54
mediacan someone please help me with this issue03:54
FlannelLeefmcz: That's correct.  Givign it a mountpoint means "use this"03:54
Scruffy00media don't feel bad all I got was mocked when I asked for help.03:54
puffSome of the google hits I'm seeing are related to wpa2, which reminds me that I was trying to get onto a wpa2 network the other night.  Does anybody know how I'd make absolutely sure my wireless isn't trying to go into wpa2 mode?03:54
falloreCan anyone help me troubleshoot my sound? Everything is exactly as it was when it was working recently, except it just doesn't work.03:55
pufffallore: Did you try rebooting?03:55
torvaldsUbuntu är ett shitty Distro för noobs. Ni alla suger din mammas nipplar03:55
LeefmczFlannel: Here goes hehe, afk for a few03:55
fallorepuff: not yet, guess i should lol :X03:55
jrgpfallore, try changing the settings in alsamixer03:55
pufffallore: If it comes back after a reboot, you're having a lock contention issue.03:55
^Phantom^How do I go about mounting my shared folder "C:\ubuntu" in ubuntu?03:55
wng_z3r0Can anyone give me a link on going from windows ->ubuntu? All I've found is very simple guides like this is 'root' etc. I'm looking for something more in depth, thanks =)03:55
devinhi i want to know how to i use the Huawei E220 USB modem for Ubuntu 1003:55
fLufyzfallore : maybe your sound in mute mode03:55
smm289<--XPS1330 running ubuntu 8.04 32bit  any idea if I can run 64bit03:55
pufffallore: you shoulodn't have to reboot in linux :-).  But in this case, a common cause of disappearing sound is sound card resource lock contention.03:56
^Phantom^Through the vbox03:56
devinim in Malaysia and my service provider is Maxis03:56
pufffallore: Though, yeah, you should check alsamixer and make sure your sound isn't muted it.03:56
mnsmm289: what kind of processor does your computer have?03:56
Beck^Phantom^, read vbox manual :P03:56
fallorepuff: it's not muted. what do i do about the sound card resource lock contention?03:56
youknowmeIs this bad? http://pastebin.com/m3600545803:57
smm289mm: Core2Duo T7500 2.203:57
fallorepuff: actually pc speaker was muted but i changed it and nothing happened03:57
Winston_SmithVTWhat's the best way to secure the transmission web UI? It cames standard with the password but of course that's sent plain text, is there and way to secure this connection a bit better?03:57
mediaI am wondering if an update killed my spidif out because it used to work but not anymore03:57
FlannelWinston_SmithVT: Do you have control of both ends?03:57
mediathinking about reinstalling and not updating03:57
mediathen it should work03:57
fLufyzdevin : try to create new dialer instead of using from given one03:57
pufffallore: Are you by any chance using ACPI?03:57
J-ntorvalds the average user needs to get into linux somehow, and sadly most distro's aren't average user friendly. I'd agree though it's more for a person just weening themselves from the M$ teat.03:57
FlannelWinston_SmithVT: Oh "transmission" I see. nevermind.03:57
fallorepuff: i'm not sure, what is it/how do i check?03:57
FlannelJ-n: He's gone.03:58
J-noh well03:58
Winston_SmithVTFlannel: Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I wanna use it from anyplace03:58
wng_z3r0set up vpn03:58
pufffallore: Well, you reboot to see if that's the problem.  If it is, there are solutions, alsa daemon being one of them, but I'm not certain what the current best solution is.03:58
pufffallore: ls /proc/acpi03:58
devinthere is a link here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto/Huawei03:58
chubs_J-n, probably wasn't linus either ;)03:58
Winston_SmithVTwng_z3r0: Can I use a VPN from a public computer? wouln't I need the VPN cleint?03:58
youknowmeMy RAIDed HDD is making a noise, I think it might be failing. But I don't understand this: http://pastebin.com/m3600545803:58
devinbut it says Vodaphone can it be generic to other providers03:59
LeefmczFlannel: Next time i setup an os though, i'm leaving the 2nd and maybe even 3rd partitions empty for another OS. :o03:59
Geoffrey2I use a wireless router to connect to the internet...recently, every time I start the computer, I need to go into Network, unlock, then re-enter the wireless password....03:59
fallorepuff: what should show up? i've got a list of things and some are blue03:59
fallorepuff: i'm going to restart real quick to test the other thing, brb03:59
pufffallore: Main reason I ask is because there might be volume status under /proc somewhere, but I"m using an ibm with acpi, so I don't know.03:59
lymecam trying to install hardy on a Macbook and it succeeded but GRUB won't work!  I'm in the live CD and am trying to finish installing GRUB, what can I do?03:59
pufffallore: less /proc/acpi/ibm/volume03:59
arooniwith 320GB hard drive, 4GB ram... 1) how big should / be?  2) how big should swap be?  3) what order should it be partitioned in?  /, /home, swap?04:00
Leefmczlymeca: Was it a full install? Im on a mac pro with no problems04:00
fallorepuff: no such file or directory. restarting brb04:00
wng_z3r0Winston_SmithVT: It depends on what you want to do. Most popular web browsers can use vpn right out of the box, you just need to set it up04:00
Flannelarooni: How much RAM do you have?04:00
amenadoGeoffrey2-> you can put that as an entry in your /etc/network/interfaces so no need to retype all every reboot04:00
Flannelarooni: Oh04:00
smm289is there a cpu-z for linux04:00
Flannelarooni: Is this a desktop or a laptop?04:00
puffDoes anybody know how I make absolutely certain my wireless isn't trying to use wpa or anything?04:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cpu-z04:00
mediaalright I am off to reinstall04:00
mediabbl maybe04:01
arooniFlannel, desktop04:01
Winston_SmithVTwng_z3r0: The local computer is locked down, can't change settings you can only browse pretty much. I can't even use a USB stick on this computer i'm worried about.04:01
Geoffrey2amenado, I'm just rather confused as to why the Network Settings manager wouldn't save that for me automatically04:01
amenadopuff anything?04:01
Flannelarooni: 4G swap tops (likely less).  Since you've got 320G, you can splurge a little and give yourself like 30G for / and then /home for the rest.  I'd go / /home swap (this also means you can reduce your swap later, and merge some with home)04:01
amenadoGeoffrey2-> command line options is not saved04:01
puffamenado: Hm?04:02
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions04:02
SmoothPorcupineUbuntu is stuck on a very small screen res, and telnet sucks for IRC.04:02
Scruffy00Okay, would anyone be gracious enough to help a guy who is having trouble with the mail notification in Evolution?04:02
amenadopuff you stated anything..what do you mean?04:03
FlannelSmoothPorcupine: why are you using telnet?  Also,04:03
fallorepuff: jrgp: everyone else: sound is working :D thanks04:03
Flannel!fixres | SmoothPorcupine04:03
ubottuSmoothPorcupine: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto04:03
^Phantom^what is a .daa file ?04:03
jrgpScruffy00, ditch eveloution and try thunderbird?04:03
J-nScruffy00 i'd be happy to but i do not use evolution. i'm sorry.04:03
Geoffrey2amenado, I'm not doing this from the command line...this is the wlan0 properties menu, which has entries for the password type, and a place to enter the password....04:03
bobertdosScruffy00, I second jrgp's suggestion :D04:04
aroonithanks Flannel04:04
smm289I have 32bit 8.04 installed and im pretty happy with my settings, would I have to completly start over if I wanted to install the 64bit version04:04
HardDisk^Phantom^, it's a cd/dvd image format04:04
mnIf mustafa_kaya comes back because he already got a driver and still cant get on the internet, have him get the firmware he need from here:  http://ipw2200.sourceforge.net/firmware.php  plzz04:04
danbh_intrepidsmm289: short answer, stick with 32bit04:04
Flannelsmm289: You'd have to reinstall.  That doesn't necessarily mean lose your settings.04:04
Scruffy00I would like to use thunderbird but I like the PDA features with Evolution.  If I use Thunderbird is there a program to handle my calendar and contacts the way Evolution does?04:04
amenadoGeoffrey2-> well as you already knew, it does not keep it permanent, so you must edit the interfaces file04:04
jrgpScruffy00, sunbird04:04
HardDiskScruffy00, yes, check out thunderbird's addons04:04
FlannelLightning, not Sunbird04:05
bobertdosScruffy00: or within thunderbird, you can use the lightning extension04:05
^Phantom^k thx04:05
^Phantom^cause i can't find my win98 cd04:05
OdditieCan anyone help me with my soundcard problem?04:05
puffamenado: Please be helpful or try not to add to the confusion.04:05
deuteriumhi, where can i find these alfresco debs for ubuntu? http://www.cmswire.com/cms/enterprise-cms/canonical-bundles-alfresco-enterprise-cms-and-ubuntu-linux-002977.php04:05
smm289ok, how would I install a fresh version of linux but bring everyting back to the way my system is right now04:05
smm289similiar to an image backup with windows04:05
Scruffy00Will it sync with a Palm Treo 650?  Will the PDA software that comes with Gnome work that way with Thunderbird?04:06
jrgpsmm289, boot to an ubuntu cd, wipe the drive, and reinstall04:06
amenadopuff am not, just make sure your statements are clear..04:06
^Phantom^i can only find a .daa format image in torrent format04:06
OdditieI can get OSS to work, but not ALSA, it cannot find my soundcard now04:06
puffamenado: Given the context, it's quite clear what "anything" means.04:07
smm289wow, hows that going to keep everything the same as I have it right now.  For example, can I make a backup that would allow me to setup ubuntu on a new hard drive but with all of the applications and settings I currently have04:07
argentodid any buddy ever had problems with fast user switch, some times it does not come back to gdm nor the pop up windows asking the password, it goes to terminal...04:07
InHisNameI have problems loading a page into my firefox in ubuntu. Probalby a java thing. I have most loaded right I think.  http://pastebin.com/m38215f53  around line 101 is error   applet not iniitialized.   How do I fix this website to have its applet be initialized.?  http://cbtdirect.skillport.com/skillportfe/login/login.cfm   In the pastebin is copy of all the terminal error and process messages while loading the page.  Also included04:07
Winston_SmithVTWell whoever mentioned SSL, Thanks. It looks like I might be able to use stunnel to run a SSL tunnel.04:07
Flannelsmm289: Well, you can keep your homedir, which has all your user settings.04:07
danbh_intrepid!backup > smm28904:07
ubottusmm289, please see my private message04:07
Flannel!cloning | smm28904:07
ubottusmm289: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate04:07
argentodid any buddy ever had problems with fast user switch, some times it does not come back to gdm nor the pop up windows asking the password, it goes to terminal...???04:08
amenadopuff not to me, since you prefer to argue rather than clarify, am not assisting you04:08
SmoothPorcupine1ACTION seriously hopes the link will help104:08
Geoffrey2curious....the interfaces file already has a wpa-psk line for my wireless device...04:08
kapacewhats the difference between using && and ; to separate commands?04:08
J-n^phantom^ use poweriso to decode, translate, or burn a .daa file04:09
jrgpkapace, && makes sure the first one works before going onto the second04:09
bobertdosScruffy00: Ah, okay, if that's what you're doing, maybe we should try helping you with Evolution :p04:09
puffamenado: It's cool, if you don't know, that's okay.04:09
kapacethanks jrgp04:09
Scruffy00That would be great bobertdos.04:09
puffamenado: But thank you for at least confirming that other people can hear me :-).04:09
pufffallore: Okay, so the basic fix for the problem - which is that the hardware only provides one sound resource lock and the OS can't release it, so the first app to request it has a monopoly on it - is to insert a layer of software between the hardware and everything else.   Used to be this was a package called esd, then IIRC, alsa superceded that.   I think that's still the current solution.04:10
pufffallore: But I'04:10
bobertdosScruffy00: I'm googling and I'm beginning to see that Treo's and Thunderbird haven't been mixing so well.04:10
pufffallore: But I'm on a borrowed laptop, so until I fix my wireless I can't give you more help.04:10
fallorepuff: alright, thanks, i'll look into it04:10
Scruffy00bobertdos:  I noticed that too.  I am dual booting with Vista, but I don't like Outlook and I really am not fond of Vista.  I like Evolution and like Ubuntu, but I need the mail notification to work because I am not always around my laptop and sometimes I need to know when an e-mail arrives.04:11
^Phantom^i want to try vboxing winvista now :D04:12
=== PV_Away is now known as PrivateVoid
feng_can you use wireless in ubuntu ?04:13
pufffeng_: I'm actually looking for help wtih that :-).04:13
^Phantom^would it work in xp?04:13
feng_yes ,04:13
pufffeng_: But generally, yes.04:13
LSD|Ninjafeng_: sure. How easy it is depend on what wifi chip you have though04:13
feng_intel 394504:13
bobertdosScruffy00: Unfortunately, not having used Evolution much, I don't know how much help I can be.04:13
LSD|Ninjafeng_: that should work out of the box04:14
feng_i've tried several times04:14
J-nscruffy00 do you have the plugin enabled?04:14
feng_i'm not sure04:14
Scruffy00bobertdos:  I appreciate the effort though.  I just wish I knew what to do.04:14
LSD|Ninjafeng_: All the drivers and whatnot are present and loaded for those. All you need to do is set up your wifi lan in network manager04:15
feng_all done in ubuntu but wireless chip ,04:15
Scruffy00J-n:  Do you mean by going in to Edit>Plugins>finding Mail Notification and making sure the box is checked?04:15
LSD|Ninjafeng_: what version of Ubuntu?04:15
J-nscruffy00 yeah04:15
Scruffy00J-n: yeah, the box has been checked04:16
feng_what does it mean04:16
LSD|Ninjafeng_: then it should work fine04:16
bobertdosScruffy00: Let me just ask you this, what would be the ideal notification for you?04:16
^Phantom^is it possible to vbox vista on xp?04:17
LeefmcFlannel: You awake?04:17
Scruffy00A sound of somekind.  Currently in Vista I have a sound from Dr. Who.  That way it's distinct.  I work at a radio station so I need something to stand out.04:17
Leefmcjrgp: You awake?04:17
pyraki just copied .mozilla-thunderbird from my old home, now when i start hunderbird it says its already running.  i need to delete a journal file or something, right?04:17
pyrakany help appreciated04:18
Geoffrey2every time I turn on the computer, I need to go into Network Settings, and manually reenter the WPA passkey in the wlan0 properties window, this USED to be handled automatically, now it isn't....the problem seems to have started when I switched from Roaming mode to specifying a specific wireless network to connect to04:18
LSD|NinjaGeoffrey2: isn't there a checkbox to save it?04:18
smm289If I use Home User Backup, and I have to replace a hard-drive, I just install ubuntu on the new drive and then use Home User Restore.  Then will everything be put back to the way it was before the failure.  I dont mean data I mean EVERYTHING04:18
danbh_intrepidGeoffrey2: /etc/network/interfaces is not too hard to setup, maybe you should try that04:19
pyraki just copied .mozilla-thunderbird from my old home, now when i start hunderbird it says its already running.  i think i need to delete a file that thunderbird makes04:19
LSD|Ninjasucks for roaming though04:19
pyrakwhile it's running.  any ideas?04:19
Geoffrey2LSD, I'm getting the impression the problem is that the keyring is not unlocking...when I go into the wlan0 properties menu it shows a password already saved, when I re-enter the password, THEN I get a prompt for the password to unlock the master keyring....04:20
bobertdosScruffy00: That's what I was thinking........Evolution should be able to do sound. Let me see.......04:20
=== vwo765 is now known as ctt755
Geoffrey2danbh_intrepid, actually, interfaces already appears to be set up........04:21
feng_which IDE of C++ you often use in ubuntu?04:21
LSD|NinjaGeoffrey2: you should be ablw to tell it to always allow access to the keyring04:21
LeefmcQuestion: After installing ubuntu and xp everything is fine with GRUB, except when i choose to boot into XP, xp gives an error about hal.dll missing. Google suggests this is a problem with xp's boot.ini, anyone have a good solution?04:22
=== ctt755 is now known as Politics
feng_ which IDE of C++ you often use in ubuntu?04:22
feng_ which IDE of C++ you often use in ubuntu?04:22
pufffeng_: Probably emacs :-).04:22
arquebusfeng- anjuta04:22
pufffeng_: But eclipse is quite popular in the java world and I know it has C++ support as well.04:22
Infinito_emacs, geany.04:22
Infinito_eclipse more and more lately04:22
ender_anjuta some, too04:23
pw-does anyone have experience with ubuntu under tha sony vaio platform?04:23
feng_i'd like code autocomplete ide04:23
louie_pw - no, but what's the problem04:23
FlannelLeefmc: What's up?  Best to just ask.04:23
Cpudan80feng_: Use monodevelop04:24
daklanpw-: i have. installed on a SZ- series04:24
pw-wireless card drivers, louie_, i googled it, seems to be a common problem, drivers don't work properly, some have gotten it to work, no one explains how04:24
Cpudan80feng_: C++ in eclipse sucks because of the way it tries to do compilation (ie every time you save)04:24
pw-daklan, this is the NR series04:24
PDF_qI am trying to run a cron task but for some reason nothing is happening. I used the crontab -e command set the cron task to 15 and 30 minutes, then used /etc/init.d/cron restart to get it to work but nothing is happening04:24
Razerwhy is the standard version of transmission used in Ubuntu so old?04:24
Geoffrey2LSD|Ninja, here's the contents of the interfaces file, minus the password, obviously..... http://pastebin.ca/120304004:24
daklanpw-: might be different hardware. wireless card worked out of the box for me04:24
Cpudan80That may have changed with a newer plugin, but monodevelop is supposed to be the equivalent of Visual C++ feng_04:24
louie_pw - have you tired the new alpha 504:24
feng_i've tried them ,but  seem not so good04:25
LeefmcFlannel: Already did :p04:25
brodyhas anyone had a problem with sound working/ not working with flash such as youtube in ubuntu?04:25
LeefmcQuestion: After installing ubuntu and xp everything is fine with GRUB, except when i choose to boot into XP, xp gives an error about hal.dll missing. Google suggests this is a problem with xp's boot.ini, anyone have a good solution?04:25
pw-louie_, i have not, what is it?04:25
IndyGunFreakpw-: what is the device?04:25
louie_the new version of ubuntu that's comming out oct. 30th04:25
veritosWhen I update a package with apt-get, does it overwrite the files in /etc? If so, does it keep a backup automatically?04:25
FlannelLeefmc: That is entirely an XP thing yes.  You've handed the boot off to windows, and its... doing whatever it does.04:25
pw-IndyGunFreak, let me find out04:26
prog077iwant anet cut program on ubuntu?04:26
LeefmcFlannel: Bummer04:26
LSD|Ninjaprog077: what wifi chip do you have?04:26
LeefmcFlannel: Imma try somethin then, bbl, wish me luck04:26
LSD|Ninjaprog077: ignore that04:26
LSD|Ninjapw-: what wifi chip do you have?04:26
Flannelveritos: It shouldn't overwrite anything, because they'll already be there.  If you make changes, it'll try and merge/ask you about merging said changes (but changes shouldn't matter)04:26
shakahello there04:26
FlamDoes EeeUbuntu work well for the 1000h model of Eee PC?04:26
pw-LSD|Ninja, IndyGunFreak: Atheros (AR5006EG)04:26
IndyGunFreakpw-: is that how lspci identifies it?04:27
feng_i use intel 3945 wifi chip ,but it doesn't work well04:27
physically_fitbrody, $ sudo apt-get install libflashsupport04:27
LSD|NinjaFlam: 1000H has a hard drive, you shouldn't have to bother with cut-down stuff on it04:27
Geoffrey2danbh_intrepid, I pasted my interfaces file, minus the actual passkey, could you look and see if anything looks out of place? http://pastebin.ca/120304004:27
Flannelveritos: er, changes shouldn't be big changes, not changes shouldn't matter.04:27
veritosFlannel: Thanks. Do I need to run anything special to merge them, or does it ask right away?04:27
shakaonly i'm gonna ask you if you know about lhc04:27
J-nScruffy00 this guy says he's got a python script that fixes the sound notification problems in evolution- check it out - http://thpinfo.com/2007/hacks/       i hope it helps.04:27
Flannelveritos: It shouldn't have any changes (except when upgrading from Ubuntu version to Ubuntu version)04:27
pw-IndyGunFreak, i'm not sure, i googled my laptop and got that, to find out through linux i'd have to run the live CD, then boot back into windows04:27
shakaplease check it lhc04:28
LSD|Ninja3945 is fine, problem is likely between keyboard and chair :P04:28
Scruffy00J-n:  I will take a look at it.  Thanks.04:28
prog077I am a junior on ubuntu  and a very slow speed Internet04:28
shakasee you latter alligator04:28
kapacek, all of a sudden, my printer stopped working, unless it has PS 2 filtering, what could cause this?04:28
J-nScruffy00 might be outdated tho, dunno.04:28
IndyGunFreakpw-: it would proably help.. boot to Ubuntu, open a termianl and run "lspci"... no quotes.. and write down exactly how it identifies the device04:28
pw-ok, let me get in here with the desktop PC, and run the liveCD on the laptop04:28
brodyphysically_fit - k thanks man04:29
IndyGunFreakpw-: ok04:29
=== FrozenFire__ is now known as FrozenFire
J-nScruffy00 if it's any consolation, i spent this time setting up evolution so i could see if i could get the sound notification to work, and it seems when i click "Test" as well, i get no sound either.04:29
tehdave_Is there a reason OpenGL would stop working properly after running a "Fix X Server" in Hardy?04:29
FlamLSD|Ninja: I want something that works well out of the box, that's the thing.  If Eeeubuntu is tailored for Eees and comes prepackaged with it's drivers - im happy04:29
Scruffy00J-n:  I am glad that I am not the only one.  How do I use the script or install it....04:30
Flamif it's too cut down i can download stuff after it installs04:30
brodyphysically_fit -yea thanks man it works now04:30
J-nScruffy00 GOK lol04:30
LSD|Ninjapw-: That's one of the later ones that the version of madwifi in Hardy doesn't support. It should be supported come Intrepid though so if you can hold out a few more weeks you should be good04:30
bobertdosScruffy00: You still here?04:30
brodylater all04:30
Scruffy00bobertdos:  I am here04:30
IndyGunFreakLSD|Ninja: i was messing w/ Intrepid today, it doesn't support my atheros chipset yet(Ar242x)04:31
bobertdosScruffy00: took a long time, but I found the settubg04:31
pw--LSD|Ninja, intrepid being 8.10?04:31
LSD|Ninjapw--: yeah04:31
pw--ok thank you, i can hold out =)04:31
Scruffy00bobertdos:  what is that?04:31
IndyGunFreakpw--: you can probalby get it working under hardy if you want to try....04:32
danbh_intrepidGeoffrey2: ok, maybe I dont know about your setup.  I set mine up differently04:32
pw--IndyGunFreak, still loading up the liveCD =)04:32
bobertdosIt's under Edit->Plugins->Mail Notification->Configuration tab04:32
IndyGunFreaklike i said, i messed w/ Intrepid a while today, and couldnt get my wireless going.04:32
FlamNow you made me nervous... should I install regular ubuntu on my eeepc 1000h?04:32
LSD|NinjaIndyGunFreak: you can get the drivers Intrepid will be using backported to Hardy but it's kinda messy04:32
Scruffy00bobertdos:  okay, let me take a look.04:32
pw--this is a left field noob question, if overly stupid please ignore: is it possible to mount an existing NTFS partition to /home04:32
Geoffrey2danbh_intrepid, ok, thanks for trying...04:33
IndyGunFreakLSD|Ninja: well, i was trying to make it work w/ madwifi under Intrepid, the way I did under hardy, and that was no joy.04:33
IndyGunFreakpw--: you can mount it, not sure if you can mount it to /home though04:33
LSD|Ninjapw--: as /home, no. Into /home, sure04:33
pw--ah, hmm04:33
Scruffy00bobertdos:  okay, what am I looking for?04:33
danbh_intrepidGeoffrey2: you are  doing wpa-something for all your directives.  In mine, I do wireless-directive  where directive matches something from iwconfig04:33
bobertdosScruffy00: Well, there should be a checkbox there for playing sound upon message arrival.04:34
danbh_intrepidGeoffrey2: "s/wpa/wireless/g"04:34
danbh_intrepidGeoffrey2: but, I wass looking through the man pages, and I couldnt find clear information04:35
pw--IndyGunFreak, i'm sorry, the log where you told me the command was on another IRC client which i closed, could you please repeat it?04:35
Scruffy00bobertdos:  I see it, and I have had the box checked.  J-n sent me to a web sit with a python script, but I don't know what to do with it.04:35
IndyGunFreakpw--: lspci  and see how it identifies your wireless chipset04:35
Geoffrey2danbh_intrepid, the thing is, I didn't set any of this up, Ubuntu created that file for me.....04:35
pw--thank you04:35
J-nbobertdos if you are at that window yourself, select a soundfile and click test, i tried it out myself and it's not working for me either, dont' need/want it.. but something does seem amiss04:36
danbh_intrepidGeoffrey2: ah, the critical flaw of linux.   documentation!!!!!!04:36
rabiddachshundis there a way to reserve desktop space so that maximized windows don't fill that area?04:36
tehdaveIs there a reason OpenGL would break after running a "Fix X Server" under Hardy?04:36
Geoffrey2danbh_intrepid, it probably doesn't help that I'm having ubuntu auto login instead of giving me a login screen every time I start up04:36
bobertdosScruffy00: Well , see if it works normally for you first. If it doesn't, I wonder if it might be because Evolution has issues with Pulse..........just a guess.04:37
Scruffy00J-n:  I've downloaded the python script that was on the website you sent me to.  How do I install it or get it to where it needs to be?04:37
pw--IndyGunFreak, Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)04:37
IndyGunFreakpw--: that device is pretty easy actually, are you using 32bit or 64bit?04:37
J-nScruffy00 i'm sorry.. i dont really know, reaching the limit of my exp here.04:37
IndyGunFreakpw--: its honestly extremely easy(i'm using it right now)04:37
Scruffy00bobertdos:  It doesn't play a sound for me, I want to try the python script, and if that doesn't work I have got to guess it's broke.04:38
Scruffy00J-n: that's okay, you have helped and I appreciate it.04:38
IndyGunFreakyou need to install a version of madwifi made for it though.. any chance you can hook your laptop up by ethernet cable for about 10min?04:38
pw--IndyGunFreak, i can try, last time i did, though, it did not recognize the hard port either04:39
Geoffrey2back when I first installed this version, the login screen was totally screwed up, as your username and password would appear in something like 100 point text in the login window, so I set ubuntu to automatically log me in, since I'm the only one who uses this computer anyway.....04:39
* pw-- wanders off to look for an ethernet cable04:39
IndyGunFreakpw--: hmm, i see04:39
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
J-nScruffy00 i'm sure there is someone else with a similar prob as us, out there, i'm just too unmotivated for a real google search on the issue.. but its certainly a problem with evolution and probally not with your particular setup.. at least that's my GUESS.04:39
IndyGunFreakLSD|Ninja: how difficult is it to install build-essential on w/o an internet connection?.. i've never had much luck w/ it.04:40
LSD|NinjaIndyGunFreak: no idea, I don't recall ever really using it04:41
=== boyz is now known as trii
LSD|NinjaThe Atheros in my ubuntu P4 is supported OOB by madwifi in Hardy and ath5k in Intrepid so I've never had to bother with it04:42
IndyGunFreakLSD|Ninja: hmm,04:42
IndyGunFreakLSD|Ninja: that 242x one is a pain, only worked on gutsy w/ a patched madwifi... and doesn't work w/ the current version of madwifi04:43
LSD|NinjaIndyGunFreak: You need ath9k for those AR242x things which I was assured will be in Intrepid on I couldn't find it last I looked...04:43
IndyGunFreakLSD|Ninja: yeah, i tried today for a while to get it to work... no joy04:43
ender_Are all signed integer datatypes (char, short int, int, long int, long long int) in linux, **always** stored as 2's complement?04:43
danbh_intrepidLSD|Ninja: Im using ath9k right now04:44
Beckwhat's the equivalent of 'mount -t cifs -o username=name,password=pass // /mnt/a' for fstab, this doesn't work:04:44
Beck//         /mnt/a         cifs           rw,mand,username=name,password=pass        0           004:44
danbh_intrepidIndyGunFreak: you were trying the ath9k drivers?04:44
Guest39607IndyGunFreak, no go with the wired connection04:44
=== Guest39607 is now known as pw-
LSD|Ninjadanbh_intrepid: what's the name of the module? modinfo never returned anything for any permutation of ath9k I tried04:44
IndyGunFreakdanbh_intrepid: i was using madwifi..04:45
LSD|Ninjamadwifi doesn't support AR242x afaik, you need ath9k04:45
danbh_intrepidLSD|Ninja: sorry, I dont know how to use modinfo, or search drivers whatever04:45
pw-ah, another guy with AR242x? poor chap04:45
IndyGunFreakLSD|Ninja: i have a verison of madwifi that does, thats what pw- needs, but he'll need to install build essential, and i can rapidshare the file to him.04:46
IndyGunFreakproblem is, i don't know how to install build-essential, w/o an internet connection04:46
pw-hmm, that is a bit of a problem =\04:46
chubs_IndyGunFreak, just download the deb?04:46
pjotrIndyGunFreak: build-essential dependencies g++ g++-4.2 libstdc++6-4.2-dev04:46
LSD|NinjaIndyGunFreak: I was just going on what I read over at the madwifi site. I only have ath_pci/ath5k cards and don't care one way or the other how well Linux supports the one in my MacBook :P04:47
IndyGunFreakpjotr: then you ahve to tr ty to find the dependencies for everything else04:47
danbh_intrepidLSD|Ninja: http://pastebin.com/f290c50dd04:47
Scruffy00Thanks, for all the help.  I am heading to bed.  I will see if I can get this whole Evolution sound issue taken care of.04:47
chubs_the dependencies for g++ and libstdc are probably satisfied04:47
LSD|Ninjadanbh_intrepid: I'll have to take another look when I get the machine built back up04:48
pw-i'll just wait for 8.10 =)04:49
IndyGunFreakpw-: it shouldn't be that hard to be truthful.04:50
danbh_intrepidLSD|Ninja: btw, that paste was just of modinfo ath9k04:50
pw-aye, but i think the 8.10 release will fit with my installation time, also, between now and the time i decide to install, i need to find a way to back up about 90 GB of stuff04:50
pw-hence my previous question about NTFS04:50
IndyGunFreakpw-: i see.. wel yeah, backing up is good, but like i said earlier... i spent a couple hours trying to get that device working w/ Intrepid today, w/ no joy04:51
boumacan anyone recommend a small ubuntu boot cd with clamav or someother antivirus ??04:51
LSD|NinjaIndyGunFreak: It shouldn't be hard, Atheros are usually good but between the drivers being in a state of transition (both upstream and in ubuntu) and Ubuntu being a little slow to roll out madwifi updates we're in a bit of a rough patch right now04:51
IndyGunFreakLSD|Ninja: i know..04:51
IndyGunFreakLSD|Ninja: madwifi is not the problem, i have the version of madwifi he needs, he needs to install build-essential, and i've just never had luck installing that w/o an internet connection04:52
IndyGunFreakpw-: so you've not actuallly installed Ubuntu yet on the laptop04:53
chubs_IndyGunFreak, http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/build-essential04:53
lymecam trying to install hardy on a Macbook and it succeeded but GRUB won't work!  I'm in the live CD and am trying to finish installing GRUB, what can I do?04:54
jp73107Anyone know where i can find information about making my own init scripts?04:55
jp73107basically want my server to automatically start a command so i don't have to login and do it everytime i start the server04:56
chubs_jp73107, rc.local will do that for you04:56
jp73107yeah but i'm not sure what to put into rc.local heh04:56
jp73107just stick the command in there?04:56
chubs_yeah, depending on what it is. what is it?04:57
=== shingen1 is now known as shingen
orificeis there a way to check the size of an unformatted drive ?04:57
jp73107      /kolab/bin/openpkg rc all start04:57
jp73107is the command04:57
PDF_qmy cron tasks aren't working, I set them with crontab -e and restarted the cron with /etc/init.d/cron restart, does anyone else know what I need to do?04:57
amenadoorifice-> fdisk /dev/sdx  x being the new drive, and then go through the menu04:58
jp73107starts the kolab server application so i'm guessing i just put that command above the exit 0 line?04:58
orificeI guess what I want to do is create partition that spans the whole disk from a script04:58
orificeindependent of drive size04:58
amenadoorifice look into using LVM04:58
chubs_jp73107, try it out04:58
ender_Are all signed integer datatypes (char, short int, int, long int, long long int) in linux, **always** stored as 2's complement?04:59
orificeI have.  This is for an automatic deployment script04:59
jp73107well that was stupid easy04:59
orificeI'd like to stay away from LVMs04:59
jp73107thanks chubs04:59
chubs_jp73107, you might want to make that an if statement though04:59
jp73107i think i'm going to remove it now, looks like it started twice, i guess kolab put the init script into init.d for me05:00
chubs_jp73107, haha. alright05:00
amenadoorifice-> then perhaps NAS ?05:00
jp73107and this is the case.. heh05:00
ender_what's a good irc channel on freenode for asking linux dev questions?05:01
linusHej noobs, hur kan jag installera de skärpta förare?05:01
pw-bah, indy left =(05:01
pw-i was afk05:01
ender_Hej linus.05:01
linusnetwork-manager är en hög med skit!05:01
ender_linus, no kidding.05:01
pw-wtf language uses a mix of cyrillic and latin characters?05:02
chubs_it's the same guy from last time, he's in illinois or something05:02
LSD|Ninjapw-: If you don't mind dual booting for 6-8 weeks you can try Intrepid out now and help get wireless working05:02
pw-i cannot help in any way, LSD|Ninja, i am better at breaking things05:02
linusVPS jag använda för trolling är i Illinois!05:02
daklanorifice: sfdisk has a non-interactive mode05:02
pawanhow to install tv tuner card05:02
ender_what's a good irc channel on freenode for asking linux dev questions?05:02
* ender_ pleads on one knee05:03
linusender_: ##Linux ;)05:03
tehdaveIs there a way to fix OpenGL if it's stopped working properly?05:03
=== Jason__ is now known as jp73107
pawanhow to scan for hardware changes05:03
linuspawan: open the case and look for new hardware05:03
tehdaveIt seems to be working via Compiz-fusion, but when I try to run Wine, it gives an error saying "direct3d needs Opengl"05:04
daklanlinus: best answer i ever heard tonight :)05:04
pawani have pluged in tv tuner card05:04
pawannow how to install it05:04
tehdavepawan: lspci05:04
tehdaveshould show the new card in a line05:04
linuspawan: cd /usr/src/linux/Documentation ya05:04
crdlbtehdave: what video card?05:04
tehdavecrdlb, Nvidia Geforce 880005:05
pawanpixel view05:05
crdlbtehdave: "glxinfo | grep direct" ?05:05
pawanit is not showing05:05
tehdave"Direct Rendering: NO"05:05
tehdavewhere do I go to set the flag it's telling me about?05:06
crdlbtehdave: how about "xvinfo | grep -i xgl" ?05:06
tehdavecrdlib: "Adaptor #0: "Xgl Generic Texture Video"05:07
hacked_kernelhow to know the environment variables of a process?05:08
PDF_qdoes anyone know about cron tasks?05:08
crdlbtehdave: uninstall xserver-xgl; you don't need it. Wine tests for 3d acceleration by checking for direct rendering which Xgl does not provide to apps (wine is broken in this respect, but that's another story)05:08
tehdavecrdlib: ah05:08
crdlbyour next session will not use Xgl05:09
Infinito_PDF_q, we do. What do you wanna know?05:09
tehdavecrdlb, I can just restart X right05:09
crdlbtehdave: yes, but you don't even need to go that far; logging out is enough05:09
tehdavecrdlb, oi, thanks05:09
tehdavecrdlb, i'll let you know if it works (and doesn't mess up Compiz-fusion) XD05:10
PDF_qinf I am trying to start a cron task, I am using crontab -e set the crontask to one minute, then restart the cron with /etc/init.d/cron restart but for some reason it doesnt work05:10
tehdavequit TESTING NAO05:10
PDF_q1 * * * * echo 'test in the next time' > /tmp/test this is the cront05:11
tehdavecrdlb, W00t worked05:11
PDF_qanyone know whats wrong?05:12
Sonicadvance1Has anyone else got this? (II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Microsoft X-Box 360 pad" (type: MOUSE)05:12
Sonicadvance1 Or any way of stopping it from being configured as a mouse? It seems to have happened when I updated XServer, but it could have come from the other updates as well05:12
tehdavecrdlb, thanks!05:13
hacked_kernelhow to know the environment variables of a process?05:16
levanderhacked_kernel: 'env'05:17
levanderWhy is this channel so slow?05:17
=== Torv is now known as Torvalds
Torvaldshej chubs_05:18
Torvaldshow is #unoobtu going05:18
matt_I installed the nvida drivers and it made everything run slow, so I uninstalled it and now my xorg is all jacked up and I can't fix it05:19
chubs_we just finished you in slackware Torvalds give it up05:19
matt_is there a way to reconfigure it like the install05:19
matt_dpkg-reconfigure doesn't work05:19
Sonicadvance1I like how you go every 5 seconds so you don't get flood kicked05:20
LGKeizCan someone deal with that fucktard05:20
levanderLinus, what's happening today?  You kind of bored?05:20
Linushahaha catalyst skills don't affect me05:20
LinusI am a trol++++05:20
LinusSUPER TROLL!05:21
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, or Flannel!05:21
LinusSUPER TROLL!05:21
LinusSUPER TROLL!05:21
Linushahaha catalyst skills don't affect me05:21
Linushahaha catalyst skills don't affect me05:21
Linushahaha catalyst skills don't affect me05:21
Linushahaha catalyst skills don't affect me05:21
levanderLinus: Good trolls usually say something funny.05:21
chubs_missed it guys, sorry05:21
Dominianchubs_: You're like a date on prom night.. you work up to it.. then DENIED!05:22
levanderI've never seen anyone try to troll a room just by coming in and announcing he was a troll.05:22
J2000_cathis is a really silly question but how to you select something when configuring a package with apt-get?05:22
Sonicadvance1That's because he's a Super troll xD05:22
levanderI'm running Gutsy still.  Is that version 7.10 or 8.04?05:27
dignanshuttle worth is really an astronaut05:27
dignanthat's kind of insane05:27
remitaylori've installed a .deb which overwrites a library on my machine (fixes a bug in the library) and it makes apt really angry - apt marks packages that depend on the library as broken and it wants to overwrite my bugfix.  does anyone know howto fix this / keep it from happening?  i haven't gotten a 'hold' or pinning to work.05:29
cgentry72i'm having problems with flash/firefox how can i fix this05:29
Invert314why is there no mesa deb on getdeb.com?05:30
Jordan_UInvert314: Mesa is a library, getdeb only has applications, and it doesn't claim to have all apps either05:32
robim new to kubuntu (linux) and i installed something that keeps asking me for domain name of my server how can i fix this05:32
Invert314ty Jordan_U05:32
Jordan_UInvert314: np05:32
carandraugcgentry72: can you be a bit more specific on your problem?05:33
bringatowelrob, are you trying to run a web or other server type? if not you can probably just put in whatever you like05:34
robi try to get into synaptic and got an error that told me to run dpkg--configure -a to correct the problem i did that and it is asking for a domain name for my server and im not a server i installed something not sure lol05:36
bringatowelrob, what did you install? try putting "localhost"05:37
oliveirawow very big community05:37
robk ill try that05:37
oliveirahow can I be helped and help to?05:38
orificehow can you programatically enter input into an interactive script if it doesn't ahve a command line interface ?05:38
danbh_intrepid!etiquitte > oliveira05:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about etiquitte05:38
danbh_intrepid!etiquette > oliveira05:39
ubottuoliveira, please see my private message05:39
Flanneloliveira: Ask questions, answer questions.  Follow channel guidelines.05:39
Razeranyone know why my transmission client slowed down so much?05:40
robthx that worked everything is good now thx again05:40
Jordan_Urob: Can you pastebin the output of "tail /var/log/dpkg.log"05:41
Razercan forwarding ports make my torrents slow?05:41
orificehow can you programatically enter input into an interactive script if it doesn't ahve a command line interface ?05:41
orificeshit sorry05:41
robdont understand05:41
robrun that in terminal and copy and past results?05:42
boumahas anyone used the antivir linux based rescue cd ??05:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about transmission05:44
kapacewhat is the shell that appears when i press Ctrl+alt+F1 called?05:46
kapaceor how do i change the colors in that shell?05:46
Cpudan80kapace: that's just a bare terminal05:46
kapaceno colors?05:46
Cpudan80kapace: you can't change its colors05:47
kapaceis there a way to make gnome-term fullscreen?05:47
Cpudan80kapace: You can set it so that certain programs (ie. vim) display for "dark backgrounds"05:47
Cpudan80kapace: yes - with the window active hit F1105:47
Cpudan80its not the best fullscreen05:48
Cpudan80but it is fullscreen05:48
Cpudan80you can achieve the same effect by just maximizing the window05:48
kapaceyes, cool enough05:48
kapacei want to impress some friends matrix theme etc :P05:48
R-800: (05:49
kapacealso : cat file (or whatever) | beep -c -f 400 -D 50 -l05:49
oliveiramates, I have a very simple question, is it possible use microphone (not via USB) on virtualbox?05:49
oliveiraUbuntu 8.04 as host and XP as guest05:50
Myrttikapace: try tilda05:50
kapaceMyrtti, ok05:50
izinucsoliveira, ask again on #vbox05:52
yaroHello, I am having an issue with alsamixer...05:52
izinucsnp :)05:53
yarotry to run it from the terminal, I get the following: http://paste.ubuntu.com/47080/05:54
damo( Operating System ) Linux Ubuntu 8.04 - hardy Kernel: 2.6.24-19-generic, GNU/Linux | Xorg: | Desktop: KDE: 3.5.9GNOME 2.22.2 | IRC CLient: X-Chat v.2.8.405:54
marshallhey guys05:54
TopBunny88whats up marshall ?05:55
=== TrustNoOne is now known as Daft_Punk
Daft_Punkwhats up05:55
Agrajag-so if i've got a wired connection and i want to share that wired connection over wireless (so i'd be an access point), does NetworkManager support doing this?05:55
marshallive installed ATI proprietary drivers on my hardy system and id like to go back to the old open source drivers. how do i uninstall the proprietary ones?05:55
kapacedaft punk is here!! wooo!05:55
yaroAny ideas on how I can get alsamixer working? Kinda need it to get my rescording on Audacity.05:55
soltekHello, I'm a newbie and would like to know what are considered to be executable files on a Linux system. I'm trying Ubuntu.05:55
Daft_PunkAgrajag, you need a wireless access point module or wireless hub or router to broadcast the signal, your computer can't do that05:55
Daft_Punksoltek, .deb files are executable, but anything you can and need to install is in the add/remove programs section under applications05:56
damoexacly what i have05:56
Agrajag-Daft_Punk: ah right ok ta05:56
Daft_Punksoltek, some applications may not be installable until you have the correct repositories added05:56
remitaylorremitaylor: in response to my own question (for the log) ... i should re-package the deb with an incremented version number and then apt shouldn't complain anymore (props to #debian for helping out, altho they were very mean to me because i'm using ubuntu, not debian).  apt is auto-upgrading my package because the version number isn't higher than the current one.05:56
Agrajag-what does "Create new wireless network" in networkmanager actually do? I can't seem to find networkmanager documentation05:56
izinucssoltek, in my limited understanding linux is a text based system so a text file could be executable. so can .jar files .. .deb ... .bin..  .sh   etc.. it's not as clear cut as widows when it comes to executibles05:57
Daft_PunkAgrajag, if you can't find your network through broadcasting, (IE your ssid is silent) then you can manually add the wireless network information in (if you know your ssid and key)05:57
Daft_PunkAgrajag, you have to have a wireless router and you have to set up your wireless network (instructions come with the wireless router)05:57
yaroNo one knows what I can do to fix alsamixer?05:57
soltekThanks, I guess that about covers it.05:58
Daft_Punkyaro, sorry...05:59
Daft_Punkyaro, just keep asking your question every couple of minutes (dont screen flood) and someone should be able to help you05:59
delfickhello, does anyone know how I'd go about making a link to a folder using the commandline ?? "ln -s testFolder destinationFolder" makes a link but it say it's broken .....05:59
Agrajag-Daft_Punk: i don't think what you said is correct. if it is, what's the difference between "Connect to other wireless network" and "Create New Wireless Network"?05:59
Daft_PunkAgrajag, I know what I said is correct, a computer can NOT broadcast wireless signals, you must purchase a wireless router06:00
Daft_PunkAgrajag, if you have a wireless network you can broadcast the ssid or keep it hidden. if it is broadcasted you can search for ssid and connect to other wireless network. if your ssid is hidden you must enter in the ssid and key manually hence "create new wireless network"06:01
Cpudan80Hello all06:01
Cpudan80I'm having a problem with rhythmbox06:01
Cpudan80it keeps finding duplicates of all my music06:01
Daft_Punk!ask Cpudan8006:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask cpudan8006:01
Cpudan80Like /home/debrac/music is a symlink over to my external06:01
LSD|Ninjahidden SSIDs aren't secure and they create more problems than they solve so meh06:01
Agrajag-Daft_Punk: that's what the "Connect to other wireless network" option is for. the "Create New Wireless Network" clearly does something else.06:01
Cpudan80It worked fine before..... any ideas why it might have stopped working?06:02
Daft_PunkLSD|Ninja, true... but im just trying to explain to Agrajag that "create new wireless network" under network manager does not mean your computer can turn itself into a router and start broadcasting wireless signals06:02
yaroI ask again: I can't get alsamixer to run. My console output can be found here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/47080/06:02
Daft_PunkAgrajag, I gave you an answer, if you don't want to listen, that's up to you...06:02
Agrajag-Daft_Punk: your answer is incorrect.06:02
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, or Flannel!06:02
Flanneljrgp: yes?06:03
jrgpjust wondering what that command did06:03
jrgpno problems06:03
Madpilotjrgp, was there a good reason for that?06:03
cwgannonaloha.  i've noticed a delay in click response time and tooltip display time now that i've plugged in a second monitor?  any ideas what could be causing this would be appreciated06:03
Daft_Punkhah wow06:03
jrgpsorry for calling it for no reason06:03
MadpilotAh, No,.06:03
RealcoolguyAgrajag: there is an adhock mode that may or may not be supported, and is what you should be looking into for making your laptop an access point (you both have to bridge your wired connection and supply your adhock connection)06:03
jrgpapparentkly not06:03
Flanneljrgp: please don't do that.  Try commands out in queries06:03
Oxygenfa1hey guys. I got this really sweet dock theme going on right now for ubuntu. I want to get rid of my top panel (no hide, just get rid of it) but have it so that I can right click. Kind of like flux box06:03
chubs_Oxygenfa1, install fluxbox?06:04
Oxygenfa1I still want the program list etc, I just want to have that come up as if I were using flux box. By right clicking06:04
ubunt2can anyone tell me how to have an audio file (.asx) launch upon login?06:04
Oxygenfa1Well my compiz and dock wont work right ?06:04
Oxygenfa1Cause thats gnome06:04
Daft_PunkOxygenfa1, you can change the program list etc... to a single icon instead of "applications, places, system"06:04
JWIs there a guide that can show me how to setup an Ubuntu ShoutCAST server please?06:05
chubs_Oxygenfa1, you can get docks for flux, compiz not so sure about but i think there is some sort of compositing06:05
Daft_PunkOxygenfa1, and you can have the start menu "icon" mounted as a desklet, just floating on your desk06:05
FlannelJW: icecast is the alternative in the repos06:05
Oxygenfa1How sir ?06:05
chubs_Oxygenfa1, not sure about the right click menu in gnome though06:05
Oxygenfa1thx chubs06:05
Daft_PunkOxygenfa1, did you want to do it that way?06:05
yaroI ask again: I can't get alsamixer to run. My console output can be found here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/47080/06:05
Oxygenfa1Ill try it06:05
phpcurioushi, I have a problem with my ubuntu. I am not sure if it has something to do with the network, coz i can't connect. but I can do chat right here.06:06
Agrajag-Daft_Punk: according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessAccessPoint you are incorrect. my wireless chip does support master mode.06:06
phpcuriousI don't know what to check. or where to check.06:06
ubunt2can anyone tell me how to have an audio file (.asx) launch upon login?06:06
squeeIs it possible to use a windows virtual machine to run my ubuntu partition?06:07
Agrajag-Daft_Punk: please do not give out erroneous information in future. thanks for trying though.06:07
Flannelb200368: Can we help you?06:08
fatjedihi, I have been trying to get ventrilo to work in Hardy, but keep having problems with my microphone. The microphone works in Ubuntu but not in wine and/or ventrilo. Sound works and i currently have it configured to pulse audio.06:08
yaroSquee: there might be a way...06:08
yarosquee: I seem to recall coming across a HOWTO on having a Windows VM share a disk partitio with a real Windows install. Do that, combined with the ext2 IFS driver you might be able to do it.06:09
albech_i wish to install windows xp on another partition after having a windows free computer for years.. i fear windows wont leave my MBA alone.. how to protect windows from overwriting it and preserve grub as bootloader?06:09
b200368i can not chat with yahoo account06:09
evilbugungood > http://www.engadget.com/2008/09/12/hackers-hit-lhc-computer-system-deemed-scary-experience/06:09
Flannelalbech_: You don't, you just recover it afterwards06:09
Flannel!grub | albech_06:09
ubottualbech_: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:09
Flannelalbech_: follow the first link there06:10
yaroalbech_: What lannel said.06:10
ganeshnot able to log in to gnome session..i am in gnome failsafe..06:10
Flannelevilbug: #ubuntu-offtopic not here, thanks.06:10
albech_Flannel: thanks06:10
ubunt2can anyone tell me how to have an audio file (.asx) launch upon login?06:10
evilbugjust thought you'd be interested...06:10
fatjedihi, I have been trying to get ventrilo to work in Hardy, but keep having problems with my microphone. The microphone works in Ubuntu but not in wine and/or ventrilo. Sound works and i currently have it configured to pulse audio.06:10
droopsta915i have a window that has no close, minimize, option, how can i get rid of it?06:10
Myrttib200368: which program are you trying to use?06:10
yaroubunt2: You'll need to convert it to a .WAV and set it in system -> preferences -> Sound06:10
Flannelevilbug: This channel is for support only, #ubuntu-offtopic is the one for general chatter, thanks.06:10
b200368now i am using xchat06:11
ubunt2what if I just want to launch it in movie player06:11
yarodroopsta: rightclick its button on the taskbar.06:11
oliveiraThe dot key of the numerical pad does not work under ubuntu is it normal?06:11
Myrttib200368: xchat is an irc client only. You need to use a client specifically for yahoo chat.06:12
Myrtti!im | b20036806:12
ubottub200368: The Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, and IRC. See also !Kopete06:12
yaroOliveira: Make sure your numlock is ON.06:12
ganeshgnome login problem...not able to log in to gnome session..i am in gnome failsafe..06:12
oliveiraall the other keys work06:12
droopsta915yaro: i cant see the task bar, its full screen?06:12
JWI've installed icecast, where can i find the icon to run it? Or is there a command?06:12
jddso I was following the customization tut here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization , screwed up a bit, and accidentally deleted the directory containing the chroot before unmounting the bound-to-my-dev dev directory, proc, or sys. I was able to unmount the dev and sys, but proc won't unmount (busy) and I'm having odd errors like not being able to open up any more PTYs - any idea what I can do?06:12
ubunt2it's actually a streaming radio station which I want to start upon login06:12
yaroDroofsta: Try Alt+F406:12
fatjedihi, I have been trying to get ventrilo to work in Hardy, but keep having problems with my microphone. The microphone works in Ubuntu but not in wine and/or ventrilo. Sound works and i currently have it configured to pulse audio.06:12
ubunt2any ideas?06:12
RealcoolguyJW: try simply typing icecast into a terminal window, and see if anything happens?06:13
=== TrustNoOne is now known as Cavalry
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P06:13
Cavalrycan't get CSS working in wine... keeps crashing about 10-20 seconds into the game (when i join a server)06:14
smm289can u make the bot spit out the torrent list page06:14
fatjedihi, I have been trying to get ventrilo to work in Hardy, but keep having problems with my microphone. The microphone works in Ubuntu but not in wine and/or ventrilo. Sound works and i currently have it configured to pulse audio.06:14
smm289!torrent download06:14
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:14
yaroI ask again: I can't get alsamixer to run. My console output can be found here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/47080/06:14
droopsta915yaro: cool it closed the windows, do you know why i cant see the window options(minimize, maximize and close)06:14
ganesh ganesh:can any one help me with gnome login problem?/06:15
yarodroopsta: Are you running... Emerald, perhaps?06:15
JWHow do I setup icecast? I used Synaptic to install it but I cannot find the icon for it and when I use the command "icecast" it gives me some error messages about not being able to find a log file?06:15
droopsta915yaro: no, im opening my networking classes web site06:15
fatjedihi, I have been trying to get ventrilo to work in Hardy, but keep having problems with my microphone. The microphone works in Ubuntu but not in wine and/or ventrilo. Sound works and i currently have it configured to pulse audio.06:16
yarodroopsta: So you are running the default window decorator?06:16
RealcoolguyJW: do you get permission errors?06:16
fatjedihi, I have been trying to get ventrilo to work in Hardy, but keep having problems with my microphone. The microphone works in Ubuntu but not in wine and/or ventrilo. Sound works and i currently have it configured to pulse audio.06:16
JWRealcoolguy, no it just cannot find a log file06:16
Cpudan80I've messed up my sound somehow -- is there a way to reset all the settings back to default?06:16
Cpudan80the hardware is not messed up -- just the settings06:16
RealcoolguyJW: http://icecast.imux.net/viewtopic.php?t=7  may not be the same error though06:17
droopsta915yaro: i got compiz, but everything i open has the tool bar, except that web site?06:17
wariskamparhello, i need help on terminal06:17
wariskamparwhen running command, i get this message06:17
wariskamparaznan@aznan-laptop:~$ gedit test06:17
wariskampar/home/aznan/.themes/Murrine Wise/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:95: Murrine configuration option "hilight_ratio" will be deprecated in future releases. Please update this theme to get rid of this warning.06:17
wariskamparGtk-Message: Using Global Menu06:17
Myrtti!paste | wariskampar06:17
ubottuwariskampar: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:17
wariskamparwhat does it mean, and hw do i update my theme06:17
fatjedihi, I have been trying to get ventrilo to work in Hardy, but keep having problems with my microphone. The microphone works in Ubuntu but not in wine and/or ventrilo. Sound works and i currently have it configured to pulse audio.06:17
yarodroopsta: Perhaps you could tell me specifically what program fails to have the window decorations (Toolbar)?06:18
Myrtti!patience | fatjedi06:18
ubottufatjedi: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:18
JWhow can i make a empty file in the terminal?06:18
MyrttiJW: touch <filename>06:18
jddyaro: do you have pulseaudio installed?06:18
chubs_JW, touch can also be used to timestamp an existing program06:18
yaroJDD: Yes, as part of the default Hardy install.06:19
droopsta915jdd: are u trying to record something?06:19
oliveirathe sound recorder is not working properly, it always crash when I press the record button, is there a way to repair it?06:19
ganeshcan any one help me with gnome login problem?06:19
jdddroopsta915: no, I'm trying to unbork my machine.06:19
yaroDroopsta: I'm not familiar with that program...06:19
droopsta915k, thanx ill keep trying06:19
jddyaro: are you 64 bit?06:20
yaroJDD: Yes, I am.06:20
JWI am trying to change the permission of a file does this look right? "su chmod 777 stats.log"06:20
jddyaro: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-plugins/+bug/182731 :(06:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 182731 in alsa-plugins "Provide a lib32asound2-plugins package" [Wishlist,Confirmed]06:20
yaroJDD: That package might fix my problem?06:21
jddyaro: nevermind, I misread the package-name in that, sorry.06:21
wariskamparcan anyone help me with this message in terminal06:21
Loco_Igvangood night people..06:21
yaroWariskampar: Don't worry about it.06:22
maxtor211How do I change the logo by Applications>06:22
jddyaro: actually, nevermind the nevermind. If you read through the messages on that bug report, it looks like that _is_ your problem, and it's probably not fixable right now.06:22
wariskamparyaro: do i need to do anything06:22
yaroWariskampar: It is merely saying in the next version of the Murrine GTK+ engine, that feature will no longer be there and the developers of the theme need to drop it. And no, you just ignore it. :P06:23
yaroWariskampar: You're welcome.06:23
jddyaro: maybe uninstall alsa and install it from source?06:23
Cavalrycan't get CSS working in wine... keeps crashing about 10-20 seconds into the game (when i join a server)06:23
FlannelCavalry: try #winehq06:24
yaroJDD: :X That scares me. Usually whenever I fiddle too much with sound I break it ocmpletely and all Ireally can't do is get recordings working in Audacity and the alsamixer doesn't run.06:24
yaroJDD: I think it might be something *I* did, seeing as my sister has 62-bit hardy with PulseAudio and she can run alsamixer fine.06:25
JWwhats the command to give access of a folder to a user?06:25
JWfolder and supfolder06:25
chubs_yaro, I was going to say those 2 bits might be the issue ;)06:25
Rat409JW: chown06:25
yarojw: You can either chown it to the user or chmod its permissions.06:25
chubs_JW, chown -r06:26
chubs_for recursiveness (subfolders)06:26
jddyaro: I don't know enough about running ubuntu on 64 bit to know if that would even solve your problems. I doubt that your sister being able to run it necessarily means that you can, unless you have the same sound card as her.06:27
yaroJDD: Her computer is basically a souped up version of mine, most our hardware is identical.06:27
dmitriyДарова челы есть кто-нить знающий русский06:27
jddyaro: I'm stumped then.06:27
yaroJDD: No matter. I'm not desperate to record anything. ;)06:27
chubs_dmitriy, english here06:28
RadishRabbit1I use Ubuntu with GNOME06:28
Rat409!ru | dmitriy06:28
ubottudmitriy: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:28
RadishRabbit1and sometimes, sometimes i can't type into textbox06:28
RadishRabbit1but using the mouse "cut" "paste" works06:28
Eddwinhow can i install a Dual monitor using the ATI Radeon card06:29
Eddwini got 5 hours using Linux06:29
chubs_RadishRabbit1, more information may help us out. a specific program for example, and any idea when these sometimes are06:29
jddOh, I think I may have figured out my problem. Anyone know how to regenerate the /dev directory on the fly?06:30
jdd 06:30
Rat409!ati | Eddwin06:30
ubottuEddwin: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:30
RadishRabbit1when i try to save a file06:30
=== ascii_ is now known as ascii__
RadishRabbit1typing has no response06:30
EmmettDoes anyone know how to limit sudo by IP?06:30
RadishRabbit1also matlab06:30
Emmettfor example, 'allow this user to run commands as root, but only from this IP?'06:30
RadishRabbit1but if i start clicking around06:30
RadishRabbit1then back to command window06:30
RadishRabbit1it might work06:30
yaroThere is one annoyance I'd love to clear out. Sometimes when playing videos, either from DVDs or locally from the hard disk, sometimes GNOME completely stops, except for sound, for maybe 10 seconds, then starts up again.06:30
jddEmmett: I don't know if you can or not but it should be in "man sudoers" if you can. You can definately limit it by user.06:31
rubydiamondHow do I see installed fonts in ubuntu?06:31
Eddwingot this  ATI Technologies Inc RV505 [Radeon X1550 64-b06:32
jddEmmett: Could you just make a user for use with that IP?06:32
yarorubydiamond: fonts:// in nautilus... I think.06:32
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer06:32
Eddwin       description: VGA compatible controller06:32
Eddwin       product: RV505 [Radeon X1550 64-bit]06:32
Eddwin       vendor: ATI Technologies Inc06:32
Eddwin       physical id: 006:32
Eddwin       bus info: pci@0000:01:00.006:32
Eddwin       version: 0006:32
Eddwin       width: 64 bits06:32
Eddwin       clock: 33MHz06:33
yaroEddwin: STOP!06:33
Eddwin       capabilities: pm pciexpress msi vga bus_master cap_list06:33
Eddwin       configuration: driver=fglrx_pci latency=0 module=fglrx06:33
Eddwin  *-display:1 UNCLAIMED06:33
Eddwin       description: Display controller06:33
Eddwin       product: ATI Technologies Inc06:33
Eddwin       vendor: ATI Technologies Inc06:33
yaro!paste | eddwin06:33
ubottueddwin: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:33
Eddwin       physical id: 0.106:33
Eddwin       bus info: pci@0000:01:00.106:33
Eddwin       version: 0006:33
Eddwin       width: 64 bits06:33
Eddwin       clock: 33MHz06:33
Eddwin       capabilities: pm pciexpress cap_list06:33
Eddwin       configuration: latency=006:33
Eddwinim new in this stuff06:33
SegFaultAX!ops| Eddwin06:33
ubottuEddwin: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, or Flannel!06:33
yaroEddwin: Please use pastebin!06:34
SegFaultAXsorry ops, but eddwin was spamming the channel06:34
Rat409SegFaultAX: flannel allready was on it,as usual06:35
SegFaultAXRat409: yea, i didnt know if that was necesarily op worthy though06:35
surgyIm trying to install ubuntu cuz i miss it :) and I have one problem, I only have blank DVDs, if i remember right wasnt there a DVD version available? is that still around and if so where can i get it? also a kubuntu dvd image would be nice06:36
Wickedhello all. i cant seem to connect my phone to my computer so i can get things off of it. any ideas?06:37
Cpudan80surgy: via torrent you can get that06:38
spx2how much can one make with google ads,I mean how much per ad ?06:38
Flannelspx2: #ubuntu-offtopic for non-support questions, thanks.06:38
jddbtw, if anyone runs into the same problem i did, "sudo /etc/init.d/udev restart" will regenerate the /dev directory.06:38
surgycpudan do you have a torrent of the latest kubuntu dvd image?06:38
dmitriyздесь есть русские?06:38
yaro!ru | dmitriy06:38
ubottudmitriy: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:38
Cpudan80surgy: http://torrent.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/hardy/release/dvd/06:39
spx2how much can one make with google ads,I mean how much per ad ?06:39
yaro!offtopic | spx206:39
ubottuspx2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:39
Cpudan80surgy: looks like the full on iso is in that dir too... would advise torrent :-)06:40
=== dextone is now known as De[X]tone
yaroEddwin: What was your issue again?06:44
=== De[X]tone is now known as dextone
* dextone soooo sleepy06:44
cojonesanyone here have any experience proxying torrent trackers?06:45
cojones(just the tracker)06:45
Winston_1mithVTI need some help with stunnel, it keeps giving me an error. I've follwed the directions that came with it but it still won't work. the error is inetd mode must define a remote host or an executable the command i'm running is stunnel webui.conf06:45
techwere al i ...  ???06:45
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WIGGMPkdoes Medibuntu have its own channel?06:48
GeekthrasWell Ubuntu (Xubuntu in fact, though that should make no difference) froze up recently and upon startup dropped to a grub shell of some kind. Poking around, I found it referencing /ubuntu/disks/something, so I booted up Windows and checked this mythical C:/ubuntu/disks/whatever when - lo and behold - I found it was corrupted and unreadable. Do I basically get to reinstall ubuntu? Or is there...06:49
Geekthras...any way at all to fix this?06:49
Flannel!cn | parker06:49
ubottuparker: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk06:49
Geekthras(reinstalling ubuntu's not a big issue for me, just the data would be nice)06:50
FlannelGeekthras: You're using wubi?06:52
koshar1Geekthras can you run fsck06:52
afallenhopeanyone know how to sync an iPod touch? I have music synced.. just want vids06:52
koshar1Geekthras sorry i missed the wubi bit06:52
wgatompd has a bunch of features i need disabled and i was told to install the needed dependancies.  how do i find out what ones i need?06:54
FlannelGeekthras: I'm not sure there is any way to fix it, no.  You could try using windows and running checkdisk, or whatever.  See if it can fix it.06:54
Geekthrasbah now I need to figure out how chkdsk works06:54
ensihi, im trying to modprobe ndiswrapper.ko, but modprobe just says that the module is not found but it in fact is located in modules/midsc06:55
ensimodules/misc even06:55
wgatorephrase: mpd listed some options that i need as disabled.  how do i fiure out what dependancies i need to install to enable the options?06:56
ensiany ideas=06:56
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neggehtop is telling me that the CPU is running at 100% but I can't find any process that uses that much. How do I find out?06:59
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ASrockwhere is grub.lst located?07:01
FlannelASrock: /boot/grub/menu.lst07:01
mesh_Hey guys, linux noob here, im trying to configure some plug-ins for azureus and i cannot for the life of me figure out where it is installed. I need to set some paths in a config07:01
WIGGMPkIs there an issue with the medibuntu repository??? I asked in #medibuntu but every is dead me thinks07:01
bobesponjadoes anyone know if vlc 0.9.2 will be in intrepid?07:02
ASrockmesh_: try going to /usr/bin/ and see if you can find it there07:02
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mesh_I'll check it out, thanks07:02
neggebobesponja: probably sooner or later07:02
bobesponjanegge: ok thanks, I take that as a yes =)07:03
ubottuAlpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!07:03
davidi need help installing my video card07:04
bobesponjabringatowel: I'm already in #ubuntu+1 :)07:04
GeekthrasCan't fsck, will try chkdsk07:04
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Guest64438how do i install ati drivers?07:04
Rat409!ati Guest6443807:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ati guest6443807:04
mesh_ASrock, i found a text finle but it does not seem to indicate the path to where it is installed07:04
bringatowelbobesponja, i was trying to remember the channel name for my own use =P07:04
koshar1david you have purchased it yet? is it agp or pciE07:04
Rat409!ati | Guest6443807:04
ubottuGuest64438: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:04
dstrbdfrkcan someone look at this link then give me some dummy directions http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Pidgin+Screenlet+Transparent+Theme+2?content=8769007:05
GeekthrasDeleted corrupted file segment 57556....07:05
mesh_Im trying setup azureus with the swing ui web interface and i need to set some "root" directories where the plugin actually exsist07:05
ASrockmesh_: then other than that i wouldnt know, sorry07:05
mesh_Its all good, i just dont know where this package installed itself07:06
dunasLet's see if I can't corral Ubuntu into behaving proper-like.07:06
dstrbdfrkcan someone look at this link then give me some dummy directions http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Pidgin+Screenlet+Transparent+Theme+2?content=8769007:07
ganeshcan any one help me with gnome session problem? the problem is not able to log in to gnome session..its coming back to login screen..i am in failsafe session now07:07
waanDoes anybody else have display problems with Amaya?07:07
ApersonI'm very intrigues by linux/unbuntu, but I'm still running windows. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm pretty new at this, but I would like if someone could explain some stuff for me?! thanks!07:08
dunasAperson: What do you want to know?07:08
ApersonWhere should I start off? I'm taking an operating systems class now in school, but I want to do some stuff at-home07:08
ApersonLooking to get linux installed as a start and then getting my programs to work on the OS.07:09
waanAperson, ubuntu.com has all the info you'll need to get going with ubuntu07:09
dunasWell, Ubuntu is definitely a good place to start. Have you checked the website?07:09
ApersonI'm doing that now07:09
FlannelAperson: Best way to get questions answered is to ask them.  https://help.ubuntu.com/ has a good rundown, for how to install: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation  first four steps on that page07:09
mesh_Anyone know offhand the path for azureus/azureus plugins???07:09
waanAperson, you just need to download ubuntu, burn it to cd and pop it in07:09
ganesh can any one help me with gnome session problem?07:10
ApersonCool cool, i've heard about using Whine to play games, it is easy to do?07:10
ApersonTheoretically I can get most of my 'main' programs/games to run on the OS?07:10
dunasWell, first, it's 'wine'- and it depends on the game.07:10
ApersonOh, sorry.07:10
dstrbdfrkcan someone tall me how to install a pidgin screenlet07:10
dstrbdfrkor rather how to extrct the screenlet file to this location b/c i cant find it07:10
dstrbdfrk ~/.screenlets/Pidgin/themes07:10
FlannelAperson: Like what?07:11
dunasIt's alright, no harm. A good place to get info on wine is http://www.winehq.org/07:11
ApersonI'm going to assume WoW runs on Linus, but what about STEAM games?07:11
dunasI've been running Counter-Strike Source and Team Fortress 2 just fine through wine.07:11
ApersonOh cool, I play CS1.607:11
dunasShould work.07:11
mrynit_for some reason my wifi is no longer working in 8.04. I put in my 8.04 install CD and wifi works fine with it07:12
ApersonThanks for the links. I feel rather lazy, but I wasn't sure if I should start with unbuntu and wanted to make sure I was reading the RIGHT stuff.07:12
dunasAperson: The best advice I can actually give you if you're going to start using linux is twofold. First, don't be afraid to ask questions, and second, be ready to learn- it's not Windows. :)07:12
dunasAnd just as a general rule for anything, but especially this: Google is your best friend.07:13
ApersonYea definitely.07:14
ApersonI looked around and it seems unbuntu would be a good start, just wanted a little confirmation :)07:14
FlannelAperson: check help.ubuntu.com/community/ before googling though.07:14
hotmonkeyluvcan I have an ati and an nVidia card on the same system? (and have them both work)07:14
Geekthrasdear anyone who remembers the por-blom I have: I can't fsck, because the grub shell is extremely limited, but I can chkdsk07:14
ApersonI'm running windows now, should I bother installing two OS' or should I just del windows and install a fresh copy of linux?07:15
FlannelAperson: dualbooting works fine.07:15
Flannel!dualboot | Aperson07:15
ubottuAperson: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:15
GeekthrasAperson: keey windows running, in case what happened to me happens to you07:16
ganeshcan any one help me with gnome session problem?07:16
dunasWhat a thrill to see X autodetect properly with my laptop, it's been giving me a few problems with the desktop.07:16
droopsta915surfing the net, how good does clear private work?07:16
ProphetuFlannel may i ask you something ?07:17
FlannelProphetu: sure07:17
ProphetuFlannel : how i solve this ? dpkg: error processing hal (--configure): subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 107:18
Mr_Fixithey. i grabed avant from the repos but how do i run it??07:20
FlannelProphetu: What are you doing when it happens?07:21
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GeekthrasUgh chkdsk has stopped at 82%07:23
droopsta915how good does clear private work? anyone know?07:23
abngalhi everyone07:24
ProphetuFlannel : i execute apt-get upgrade07:24
abngalis there any "device manager" in ubuntu?07:24
abngalsystem - preferences - appearance - style - *set* to extra does not work in my ubuntu laptop now07:25
Mr_Fixitabngal,  system monitor07:25
Geekthraswelp time to reboot07:25
abngalafter installation of ubuntu 8.04, it was working. I was installing packages and fiddling with settings when it became disabled and never came back07:25
ykphuahabngal: anything in particular that doesn't work for you?07:25
Geekthrasif /ubuntu/disks is where all my stuff is kept then it's all gone07:26
abngalmr_fixit: where do I exactly see the device manager on the system monitor?07:26
JWI have my "Apperance/Visual Effects" settings set to Extra, but how can I customize the Visual Effects?07:26
abngalykphuah: my desktop effects does not work now07:26
Mr_Fixitit's the processes tab abngal07:27
Mr_Fixitbut be careful cuz you have to know what you are killing07:27
Mr_Fixitanyone know about how to get Avant running?07:28
abngalmr_fixit: I don't see all devices in my laptop and some devices present seem to have no link to the drivers it is using07:28
GeekthrasWith wubi, where does it keep all your files?07:28
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ykphuahJW: you need this -> sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager07:29
ykphuahjw: that gives you more control over compiz07:29
Mr_Fixitsorry abngal that's outta my grasp..07:29
abngalJW: system-administration-synaptics package manager, search for compiz07:30
kevin_Can someone help me with my synaptics mouse settings in xorg.conf .. this has been a long-time problem07:30
abngalbe careful, maybe that made me loose my extra effects07:30
ganeshhow to uninstall a package using command line?07:30
FlannelProphetu: Is this your situation? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/25432007:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 254320 in hal "package hal 0.5.11~rc2-1ubuntu8.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New]07:30
maxtor211anyone have a ubuntu start-here logo they can send me07:30
JWwth? I have a file.sh but when I "su ./file.sh" it tells me "Unknown  id"?07:30
abngalmr_fixit: okay :)07:31
maxtor211i deleted mine :(07:31
maxtor211i deleted mine :(07:31
FlannelJW: use sudo, not su.07:31
ykphuahJW: use sudo07:31
RynolErm... When someone gets the chance, I've been trying to look up help on the freezing problem but haven't gotten a lot of luck. I installed Hardy off of a LiveCD if that helps... I'm admittedly not at all familiar with much of this. >.>07:31
ykphuahJW: su expects a username.07:31
kevin_Can someone help me with my synaptics mouse settings in xorg.conf .. this has been a long-time problem07:31
maxtor211anyone have a ubuntu start-here logo they can send me07:31
JWNow it says "Command not found"07:31
steven_How can I get the new VLC media player?07:32
falloreSomeone want to recommend a good bittorrent client that is allowed by waffles.fm preferably?07:32
koshar1steven sudo apt-get install vlc07:32
steven_koshar1: that doesn't have new 0.9 release. It has the 0.807:32
koshar1steven_ what about the backports?07:33
maxtor211hey koshar1 can you send it to me again dude07:33
JWHow do I install a "sh" file07:33
koshar1maxtor211 i have a logo waiting for you07:33
maxtor211it didnt go through for some reason07:33
steven_Not sure. But would a backport have a more recent version of the package? Sounds like it would have an earlier version.07:33
maxtor211Yeah for some odd reason it wouldn't let me download it07:33
ykphuahJW: what package is that?07:33
maxtor211Thanks koshar I appreciate it07:33
rebel_kidquick, stupid question, what port is cups on?07:34
JWWhen I type in the command "./file.sh" it tells me "bad interpreter: Text file busy"07:34
maxtor211weird koshar its not working07:34
maxtor211thats super weird07:34
koshar1JW  a sh file is a script07:35
ykphuahJW: what is the package that you are trying to install?07:35
P1rohi, i got a intel video, and widescreen laptop resolution (1820x800), but my laptop only getting 1024x768, anyone have got anything like that ?07:35
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows07:35
igoshi all07:35
JWykphuah, crossover07:35
koshar1P1ro i would be looking at xorg and an edid07:35
maxtor211Super weird koshar07:36
ykphuahJW: is that for MAC only?07:36
dunasArgh, can't remember where the blacklisted module list is07:36
dunasNeed to check and see if a specific driver is there07:36
RynolErgh. Figures with such a huge room.07:36
jvargashow can i flush ubuntu's dns cache if I do not have nscd?07:36
jvargasi can perform a "dig myhost" and it says the correct IP, but a "ping myhost" uses old IP.07:37
ykphuahJW: have you searched for the software using synaptics? installing a package using .sh file is the last resort.07:37
ykphuahJW: I think you can try WINE first... look for that in the synaptics.07:38
P1rokoshar1, where its locate te xorg.conf ?07:39
koshar1P1ro /etc/X1107:39
koshar1P1ro if sometimes xorg dont get an edid it will criple the output to protect the screen07:40
SarutoHow can I open a port beyond 1024 for a non root application?07:40
P1rokoshar1, well i just install ubuntu07:41
P1roand my screen es weird07:41
koshar1P1ro ok, , or you may need to install other video drivers , ie intel ones.07:41
ProphetuFlannel : yes , looks like that07:41
* Rynol reiterates. Recent Hardy install. Menubar locks up. Sound dies. Usually associated with just after closing some programs and opening new ones. What's with that?07:42
P1rokoshar1, i have loaded the intel module07:42
ganeshcan any one help me with uninstalling wine and other packages installed on wine completely?07:42
P1rokoshar1, lastest version of ubuntu too07:42
Flannelganesh: sudo apt-get remove --purge wine && rm -r ~/.wine07:42
Flannelganesh: (basically, remove the package, and delete your ~/.wine folder)07:43
FlannelProphetu: Did that bugreport have a workaround?  Otherwise, unfortunately it seems you'll just have to wait for a fix07:44
P1rowell i dont see anything weird on xorg.conf07:44
ProphetuFlannel : look here , i paste all the error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/47089/07:44
ganesh Flannel:ya i did it.. still i can see wine on application07:45
Flannelganesh: Right, You'll ahve to manually edit your menus and remove those07:45
davetarmacanyone here know a good web development environment for 8.04 using GNOME? I've tried Aptana/Eclipse and other derivitives but  keep getting Java errors (at least, they look like Java errors). Ideally I'd like one that plays nicely in GNOME and supports PHP07:46
ganeshFlannel:how do i do that?07:46
dunasArgh, Ubuntu won't play nice with this laptop...07:46
Flannelganesh: There's an "edit menu" (or something like it) entry somewhere in the menus07:46
koshar1P1ro precisely what chipset is it?07:47
Silen7connect irc.freenode.net 666707:47
dunasI forgot the command to see loaded modules and the command to see internet devices07:47
LurkersAganesh: right click on 'Applications', and select "Edit Menu"07:47
dunasCan someone lend me a hand?07:47
ykphuahganesh: I think all applications that you install using wine goes into ~/.wine07:47
ykphuahganesh: if you want to remove everything, just remove that directory.07:47
RynolI request help in resolving a menubar lockup bug. Is anyone willing... to help...07:47
LurkersARynol: Can you be a little more descriptive? People are more likely to respond if there is some idea of why the problem is occuring07:48
RynolOkay, okay. I just figured I needed someone's attention before I could go into details, lest it be seen as spammy.07:49
RynolAnyway, basically... after running for an hour or so, more if I don't close or open new programs that often, either...07:50
RynolA) the sound dies completely.07:50
LurkersARynol: Sound can be fixed by typing 'sudo alsa force-reload' into a terminal07:50
LurkersARynol: Something to do with flash I believe07:50
ykphuahRynol: nobody will give you attention unless you give more details. :)07:50
RynolB - and more often) the top menubar completely locks, as does any keycombo or similar to trigger the things accessible from it - like how I can tap power lightly to open the shutdown.07:50
RynolHuge channels intimidate me.07:51
RynolI'm used to 20 people tops.07:51
RynolBut thanks for the sound, I'll try that next time it happens.07:51
ykphuahRynol: my sound locks too when I go to youtube using firefox, I have to quit my firefox to get sound back.07:51
falstaffI want to use yahoo instant messenger ... can I do it using wine??07:51
LurkersARynol: Is it a laptop? If so, it could be trying to hibernate or something, causing the bar to lockup07:51
RynolLaptop, but...07:51
Rynol...It happens usually after closing a program.07:52
RynolNot after being left alone.07:52
ykphuahfalstaff: pidgin not serving your needs?07:52
RynolSo I doubt it's hibernation attempt.07:52
LurkersAykphuah: Rynol: Sound issue is linked to the flash player, typing 'sudo alsa force-reload' into a terminal fixes it07:52
ykphuahLurkersA: will that take sound away from my firefox?07:52
RynolWhat about the bar?07:52
ykphuahLurkersA: i mean, from flash content inside my firefox?07:53
falstaffykphuah, pidgin is good but I like the sound yahoo messenger a little better.07:53
ganeshLurkersA:ykphuah:Flannel: can you help me with gnome login problem? problem is i can hear login sound but it return back to login window..i am in failsafe now07:53
ykphuahfalstaff: well, I guess you can try installing it with wine.07:53
unimatrix9any one that has the eeebox pc? ( not the notebook but the desktop )07:53
ykphuahfalstaff: I assume you have installed wine? just download the installer, and then run "wine <installer>.exe"07:53
jussi01there is a yahoo messenger for linux iirc07:54
ykphuahthe yahoo messenger for linux is very outdated.07:54
falstaffykphuah, thank you I figured it would be that simple.07:54
unimatrix9cant pidgin do yahoo messenger?07:55
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, and IRC. See also !Kopete07:55
ykphuahganesh: try logging in using the terminal, ctrl-alt-f7, then login from there.07:55
unimatrix9any one that has the eeebox pc? ( not the notebook but the desktop )07:55
abngalhi again everyone. Is there a way to disable password prompt for admin tasks?07:56
unimatrix9run as root? but thats not wise07:56
oobeykphuah, wouldnt that be ctrl alt f107:56
ykphuahoobe: lol, I don't remember, I thought its f7? :)07:56
ganeshykphuah: ya even i can login through failsafe..what after that?07:57
abngalunimatrix: no other way?07:57
oobef7 is x07:57
unimatrix9dont think so..07:57
ykphuahganesh: the point of trying to login using a normal boot is to see whether you get any error message.07:57
abngalwe just want to try ubuntu for now. we don't need any form of security07:58
ganeshykphuah:ya i ll be back..07:58
oobe!compiz | hardcore07:58
ubottuhardcore: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion07:58
ykphuahabngal: lookup "NOPASSWD" in sudoers man page.07:58
ykphuahabngal: or NOPASS07:58
unimatrix9ah, linux you can alway's change things07:59
LurkersAykphuah: (i mean, from flash content inside my firefox?) Yes07:59
Ectomorphhelp ! I'm getting user is not in the sudoers file :(07:59
LurkersARynol: Not sure about the bar sorry07:59
favroEctomorph: what is the command you're running?08:00
ykphuahLurkersA: so once I do the reload thing, my flash-in-firefox will have no more sound? lol I will rather keep the sound in firefox than those in the system.08:00
Ectomorphi've installed svn but dont have write access to the dirs, i'm a newbie08:00
RynolAh, okay then.08:01
LurkersAykphuah: No, the command resets the sound in Ubuntu as a whole, It fixes both.08:01
ion-can someone help me get KDX(http://www.haxial.com/products/kdx/index2.html) working? The linux x86 version is a .zip and contains a .lexe file that will not load08:01
JWWhoa, how do I find my LAN IP in Ubuntu?08:03
unimatrix9open gnome terminal and type ifconfig08:04
unimatrix9hit enter08:04
dunasWhen I attempt to log out, shut down, or restart using any of the standard methods in Ubuntu 8.04, the desktop environment locks up- I can still interact with the open window, but otherwise, nothing. I then have to shut down my computer by holding in the power button.08:04
maxtor211Where can I download a new set of my Human Icons08:04
maxtor211I messed them all up08:04
maxtor211Or how do I restore them08:04
JWI am wanting my ip to be specific, how do I do this?08:04
maxtor211PayPal if solved08:05
unimatrix9or gnome art work , google08:05
maxtor211I can download the default Human icons again:?08:05
JWI get Paypal if I resolve your issue? O_008:05
favromaxtor211: sudo apt-get --reinstall install human-theme08:05
LurkersAJW: You want to set up a static IP?08:06
JWa static LAN ip08:06
ion-Is there a better program to run .lexe files than autorun?08:06
maxtor211invalid operation08:06
koshar1maxtor211 you can prollt remove and replace them in synaptic08:07
LurkersAJW, go System | Administration | Network08:07
LurkersAJW:, Unlock it by clicking the 'Unlock' button and type your password08:07
JWwhen I manually configure my wired connection and set it to static ip address I lose my connection though, I'm pretty sure I am using the right subnet's and LAN ips08:07
DIFH-icerootif i make (later) an upgrade from 8.04.1 to 8.10 have i still LTS? or is this just for 8.04?08:07
LurkersAJW, is your router configured to allow static IP?08:07
nateeeeLOL, what luck. here i am fresh as can be to the OS and not able to connect to the net and people are already talking about it08:08
karayanDIFH-iceroot, LTS is only for 8.0408:08
DIFH-icerootkarayan: thx08:08
unimatrix9 /join #ubuntu-nl08:08
MrSoundlesshey all could someone help me to set permissions on my main harddrive? it's an ntfs filesystem and I don't have permissions at all08:08
JWLurkersA, I'm thinking it should be, in Windows XP all I have to do is edit the TCP/IP setings and enter my desired static LAN IP08:08
LurkersAnateeee: Whats the problem with your internet? Any idea why you can't connect?08:09
nateeeei assume that it should be as simple as throwing all my network info into the network setup and it should work... i assume08:09
nateeeehaven't done a single thing beyond install08:09
LurkersAJW: Ok, have you specified a DNS address?08:09
JWLurkersA Yes08:09
abngalI'm getting frustrated and depressed learning ubuntu - though I won't stop. There are many settings that are hard to change. Even going through user authentication controls to disable prompt for admin password leaves me clueless. I can't even view my hardware devices and the drivers they are using. :( I guess I really have lot to learn08:09
LurkersAnateeee: Dialup, or DSL/Broadband?08:09
DIFH-icerooti have a FAKE-Raid1 System, the ubuntu installer only detects sda and sdb, not my fakeraid-arrays, what can i do to install ubuntu on a fake-raid-1 system?08:09
LurkersAJW: Other than IE, your ISP supplied Addresses?08:10
nateeeeLA: broadband08:10
JWLurkersA, My gateway's address isnt that08:11
JWLurkersA, the router's ip is set in the "DNS tab in Network settings08:11
LurkersAnateeee: When you get to your desktop, goto System | Administration | Network. Select Wired Network, and click properties08:11
nateeeeLA: and set everything up manually? ip, dns, what not?08:12
ace_suareshi there08:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kiosk08:12
LurkersAJW: That is your Gateway, not your DNS. That might be the problem.08:12
LurkersAnateeee: Yes.08:12
nateeeeLA: or should i be able to set just the dns and let the ip go automatic?08:12
JWLurkersA, wheres my DNS then? :O08:12
ace_suaresanyone knwo about a good kiosk software for ubuntu, that also limits the time they can be logged in ?08:12
DIFH-icerootace_suares: what is a kiosk software?08:13
LurkersAJW, try using the openDNS addresses that are: and in the DNS tab, and under Connections, Wired connection, enter the routers IP under 'Gateway'08:14
LurkersAnateeee: Adding your DNS should be fine for now08:14
ProphetuLurkersA : can i ask you something ?08:14
LurkersAProphetu: Go for it08:14
ace_suaresDIFH-iceroot: it's like when you wnat an internet cafe and want people to be able to do only certain things08:15
ProphetuLurkersA : can you help me pls with a problem ? here is the error i get : http://paste.ubuntu.com/47089/08:15
nateeeeOK, thank you. and i shall give that a shot. I figured that's all it was but wanted to ask before grabbing the OpenDNS addy's and texting them to myself lol :P08:15
nateeeeas i am using a dual boot setup08:16
nateeeeany ways, off i go08:16
LurkersAnateeee: Good luck08:16
iktshould I run anti-virus on my apple mac?08:16
LurkersAProphetu: Sorry mate, I am not sure what could be causing that08:16
Prophetuok :|08:17
dorrara> please i need help, i compil gtk 2.10.14 with directfb, and when i got to test the testgtk i have a crash08:17
nateeeethanks, and last thing. watching you manage multiple people's questions at the same time in this fumbled mess, GOOD JOB MAN!! keep up the good work helping us pooor sad loney noooooobs08:17
LurkersAnateeee: Thnks08:17
favroProphetu: try   sudo apt-get -f install08:18
bakarati have a laptop (dell vostro) with ubuntu 8.04.1 on and it is having problems with the wired network, when i boot it, it has bout 25% chance of actually getting an IP, subsequent dhclient commands etc do not help, i always have to reboot until he get's an IP08:18
bakarata friend of mine at work has the exact same problem08:19
bakaratanyone know what this could be?08:19
doctehI've got a load average of 5 right now, can i do a ps command that'll show me whats waiting?08:19
vikkuDo we have equivalent mechanism in Ubuntu for ACLs08:19
doctehcompared to what?08:19
vikkuthere are no setfacl, getfacl .....08:20
magnetronbakarat, i had a similar problem. someone had connected two routers to the same network.08:20
smick002how can I uninstall older kernels so they are removed from grub?08:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about recording08:20
LurkersAdocteh: Try typing 'top' in a terminal08:20
smick002I don't know hwo to find them properly08:20
ubottuUbuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications08:20
doctehLurkersA: that just shows one app using 2% of cpu08:20
hateball!info acl | vikku08:20
ubottuvikku: acl (source: acl): Access control list utilities. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.45-1 (hardy), package size 43 kB, installed size 260 kB08:20
LurkersAdocteh: Do you have the system moniter open?08:21
vikkuhateball: ubottu : ok08:21
Prophetufavro : the same thing :/08:21
doctehno its a remote computer08:22
favroProphetu: you could try   sudo dpkg --configure -a08:22
oobe!noroot > oobe08:22
ubottuoobe, please see my private message08:22
Prophetufavro : i already try this08:22
LurkersAdocteh: 'top' should be giving you all the info available08:23
Ob1Kn00bwhat have i got to do to get <code> $echo "blah blah" >> /etc/environment </code>   to work? sudo doesn't do it, so how do I set permissions in this case?08:23
davetarmacanyone here know a good web development environment for 8.04 using GNOME? I've tried Aptana/Eclipse and other derivitives but  keep getting Java errors (at least, they look like Java errors). Ideally I'd like one that plays nicely in GNOME and supports PHP08:24
DIFH-icerootOb1Kn00b: sudo or chmod08:24
favroProphetu: next i would try   sudo apt-get --reinstall install hal   maybe...08:25
re0does anyone know what the best version of linux would be for a sony vaio08:27
Prophetufavro : ok , second to try :)08:28
Prophetufavro : nothing , the same error08:29
Razerwhat do i do to get flash on 64 bit?08:29
* LGKeiz is away (I went off BNC Im either restarting or closed mIRC, bbs.)08:29
=== LGKeiz is now known as LGKeiz|OffBNC
=== LGKeiz|OffBNC is now known as LGKeiz
Ob1Kn00bRazer: Just use the firefox version08:30
RazerOb1Kn00b: I am but all I see when trying to watch a youtube video is a beige box08:31
Ob1Kn00btry installing libflashsupport08:35
Razerapparently I have flash but I still can't see anything08:36
=== LGKeiz is now known as LGKeiz|OffBNC
Ob1Kn00bDid you just install it?08:36
tylerRrichardAfter enabling compiz on my laptop i no longer have access to my virtual terminal's (tty's) by pressing ctrl+alt+F(x) i would like to restore or find another way to access them08:36
tylerRrichardaka help please08:36
halpmehi guys, i broke my gnome: i was fiddling with the dpi settings then i accidently put in "9" instead of "96" for the dpi now i can't get back to the dialogue where i can change this. i tried overriding it in xorg.conf but this has no effect. i am using restricted nvidia drivers... any idea how to manually reset the dpi?08:37
tylerRrichardyes i did08:38
tylerRrichardyes i did Ob1Kn00b08:38
=== LGKeiz|OffBNC is now known as LGKeiz
DracoZAhalpme try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xorg-conf08:39
re0what would be a good version of linux to use with a sony vaio?08:39
Ob1Kn00bTry restarting firefox. beyond that, I'll have to defer to a more experienced user.08:40
wezahi every body08:40
weza :)08:40
reenignEesreveRhow can i set umask for a particular user?08:40
BVBanyone use comcast? i need someone to help me urgently. i will pay08:43
Aayush_how can we check if laptop is running in battry or ac in shell scrip08:43
=== SoulSlayer is now known as anewbie
Speedlightya quelqu'un ?08:45
ganeshcan anyone help me with gnome login problem?08:45
Myrtti!fr | Speedlight08:45
ubottuSpeedlight: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr08:45
Aayush_ how can we check if laptop is running in battry or ac in shell script .... ?08:46
re0Does anyone here use a sony vaio for linux?08:47
Paddy_EIRE!anyone | re008:47
ubotture0: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:47
=== ganesh is now known as Guest79123
Ob1Kn00bre0: I use ubuntu with my sony vaio, works perfectly.08:49
bakarati have a laptop with ubuntu 8.04.1 on and everywhere i go i have problems with my wired network, only about 25% chance of actually connecting to it, have to reboot to retry (dhclient etc don't help)08:49
error404notfoundhow can I check to which servers my system is connected? I mean which internet servers08:49
bakarata friend of mine at work (with an entirely different laptop) has the same issue08:49
bakaratis this a known problem?08:49
x1250Aayush, cat /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/AC/state08:49
bakaraterror404notfound, netstat -t08:50
Aayush_ how can we check if laptop is running in battry or ac in shell script .... ?08:51
x1250Aayush, already told you? /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/AC/state08:51
halpmeDracoZA: thank but this does nothing. xorg-conf not installed....08:52
re00d1Kn00b what version do you use?08:53
=== magnus is now known as magnus|
error404notfoundif I have ip address of a local system in my network, how can I trace his dns name provided dns is installed08:54
bakaratalso one peculiar fact, there is no auto eth0 etc in my /etc/network/interfaces file08:55
bakaratif i add it manually, my network manager does not recognize the interface anymore08:55
saschahlerror404notfound: I use: "host ip"08:55
jngu1Hi everyone. I'm having a weird problem where applications that should show up in the system tray end up in their own windows and don't show up in the system tray at all...08:55
jngu1anyone ever see anything like that before?08:55
saschahljngu1: are you sure you _have_ a system tray?08:56
jim_pgood morning!08:57
jngu1saschahl: I can see pidgin in there08:57
newbhi goys does anyone have kooldock?08:57
Dabbuwhere can i get latest package of azureus08:57
nnullguys what happens if you dont specify allowusers/groups denyusers/groups? like if you dont modify that at all what happens? you can login as anyone on the system or?08:58
bakaratanyone know why my wired network is not working correctly in 8.04?08:58
jim_pnnull: nothing perhaps08:58
newbbakarat give more info please08:59
jim_pbakarat: what is your ethernet card?08:59
jim_pbakarat: probably a missing or not loaded module08:59
nnulljim_p, what would happen if you specified a user and that user was not a user on the system?08:59
bakaratjim_p, how can i check which network card i have? i don't know by heart :p08:59
=== Kabaka is now known as Kabaka[A]
jim_pnnull: nothing? it is like trying to login into my system using "mrpotato" as username!09:00
bakaratnewb, i have bout 25% chance to actually get an IP when i plug in a cnonection09:00
bakaratnewb, if it doesn't work, i have to reboot (done dhclient etc to death, he just won't get an IP)09:00
jim_pbakarat: do an "lspci" at the terminal09:01
nnulljim_p, ok thankyou, this is what i thought09:01
jim_pnnull: you are welcome09:01
Dabbuwhaere can i get latest deb package of azureus09:01
bakaratjim_p, Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 02)09:01
jim_pbakarat: !!! i have exactly the same thing and it is working!09:02
bakaratjim_p, a friend of mine at work with an entirely different laptop is experiencing the same thing09:02
jim_pDabbu: at getdeb.net perhaps09:02
bakaratjim_p, any idea how to debug?09:02
bakaratjim_p, cause it's driving me crazy09:02
bonespurhi..im running hardy...nautilus is not working on my system...none of the drives are opening09:02
bonespurand sometimes i am faced with a blank desktop09:03
nnulljim_p,  one more question, what if i type "ssh -p22 server.name" instead of "ssh -p22 user@server.name" what happens?09:03
saschahlnnull: your current user will be used as remote username09:04
jim_pnnull: you will be prompted for username and pass upon connection to the server09:04
nnullsaschahl, oh and if that username is not on the server system?09:04
saschahlnnull: login will fail, telling username or password are wrong09:05
nnullahh i see09:05
jim_pnnull: you wont login09:05
saschahlnnull: and there will probably a login attempt be logged in the remote system09:05
Aayush_how  can we check if XO is running in battry or ac in shell script09:06
nnullsaschahl, jim_p : once i have generated keys on the server, does all the client need to do is connect to a known username and login? or do i need to copy the rsa things across or?09:07
=== _spiderz_ is now known as spiderz
jim_pnnull: i dont know09:07
nnullahh you've only connected, never setup a server? kk09:08
saschahlnnull: you need to copy the public key to the server (the private key on the client)09:08
ogzyis there any way to run the module-assistant with yes option, when m-a prepare it waits y press to install headers and realted files09:08
saschahlnnull: then you only need to know the username and the keys will take care of the authentication09:08
nnullsaschahl, i generated the keys on the server, so they are already there, cant i just generate the same key on the client using the passphrase? or?09:09
saschahlnnull: you generate the keys on the client. and per client. and copy the public key to the server09:10
bonespurhi..is there a better alternative to nautilus for ubuntu? Im facing too many problems with it...09:10
nnullahh thats confusing lol09:10
nnullso i dont need to generate any keys on the server09:11
nnulljust on client then copy them over...09:11
saschahlnnull: the client is the one that needs to authenticate. so it creates an identity (the keys). by allowing certain public keys on the server, you control who can log in.09:11
saschahlthe server won't see any private key09:11
saschahlthat way, if the server gets compromised, your keys are still safe09:12
nnullahh i see09:12
nnullsaschahl, where are the keys stored? asin where can i add and delete keys09:13
CavalrySince a few days ago I have not been able to use my numpad on my keyboard (even with numlock on/off) Any ideas?09:13
saschahlnnull: keys are stored in .ssh/ Copy the _pub key to the server and add it to the .ssh/authorized_keys file of the user09:14
sfer3The alsa-project.org website seems to be down? Can anyone help me with this one?09:14
erpoI need a program to keep track of the tasks I need to accomplish. For each task, I want to be able to keep a log of what has been accomplished and I want to be able to set reminders so that my computer will remind me when I need to take action in response to upcoming events relevant to that task. Suggestions?09:14
sfer3Wait, nvm09:15
sfer3Read it wrong ;)09:15
nnullsaschahl, ok sweet last question question i hope, ive generated keys on the server and it said WARNING added something to hosts file or something, do i need to delete my Known_Hosts file or>09:16
sinanCan anyone recommend an Emacs with gtk ?09:16
nnullwhen i say ive generated keys on the server, i did this before by mistake.09:16
aldaekcant get teamspeak to capture from right device.09:16
aldaekwhat is the device for mic plugged into alsa?09:17
baboi just received 20 or so spam messages to my inbox in gmail. that's a bit strange no ? Did that happen to anyone else ?09:17
aldaeknope, unless it went direct to spam folder.09:18
saschahlnnull: no, the known_hosts file has nothing to do with the keys. you don't need to change that09:18
jigphello how to install skype in ubuntu 8 desktop?09:19
sfer3Isn't it in synaptic?09:19
jim_pjigp: you need to dl it from its site as a .deb file09:19
nnullsaschahl, ok im just worried because im quite sure the system added it self to a list of connectable clients :s09:19
sfer3Wait, not in synaptic, I was just imagining that ;)09:19
babohow do 20 spam messages beat the gmail filter all of a sudden ?09:19
jigpjim_p: skype.com dude?09:19
baboi think i might have given my email to someone who used it maliciously ...09:20
jim_pjigp: http://www.skype.com/intl/en/download/skype/linux/choose/09:20
nnullbabo, pick up the phone and dial F B I09:20
sfer3And then click Ubuntu 7.04+09:20
babonnull: intelligent answers only pls09:20
sfer3And then once downloaded, it should be pretty self explanatory.09:20
jim_pjigp: i THINK canonical placed it on some repo, but i am not sure09:21
LurkersAbabo: What do you mean?09:21
Paddy_EIREbabo: intelligent answer... this is #ubuntu ask elsewhere.. :)09:21
baboLurkersA, how would they beat the filter on Goolge ?09:21
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic09:21
newbhello how to remove konqueror?09:22
baboPaddy_EIRE, i run a postfix mail forwarder on an ubuntu server ...09:22
jigpjim_p : no package in ubuntu09:22
Paddy_EIRE!kubuntu | newb09:22
ubottunewb: Kubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE09:22
Paddy_EIREbabo: still the same answer09:22
jim_pjigp: :| its the very first package on the page i gave you!09:23
LurkersAbabo: By having in the headers details which match some of your contacts or something that google trusts09:23
aldaekHow can I get teamspeak to get sound from alsa?09:25
sfer3Hi again everyone09:25
sfer3I'm having some issues with alsa - have tried some things but so far they haven't worked.09:25
st3phwhat prob u got with alsa? sfer3 ?09:25
sfer3sound was working fine, then it just went. When I type alsamixer from terminal, it displays this message: alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory09:26
sfer3I've done some searching, but so far nothing I've found has worked.09:26
st3phu used usb headset sfer3 ?09:26
sfer3I've tried a few things, but they haven't worked.09:28
st3phwait i try to find some cmds09:28
sfer3I updated some things and then when it started it just wouldn't work anymore - when I click on the speaker icon in the panel it just pops up with "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found"09:28
martin_what's this?09:29
LurkersAsfer3: type 'sudo alsa force-reload'09:29
sfer3Tried doing that before09:29
sfer3lsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/hayden/.gvfs09:30
sfer3      Output information may be incomplete.09:30
sfer3lsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/hayden/.gvfs09:30
sfer3      Output information may be incomplete.09:30
sfer3Unloading ALSA sound driver modules: (none loaded).09:30
sfer3Loading ALSA sound driver modules: (none to reload).09:30
sfer3Just says there's none to reload....09:30
Myrtti!paste | sfer309:30
ubottusfer3: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)09:30
LurkersAsfer3: odd09:30
=== nostferka is now known as nostferka^
sfer3As I said, it was only after I did some things to install virtualbox...09:30
=== avis- is now known as avis
st3phhmm, u tried a reboot?09:31
sfer3Yeah, just came back from that09:31
Myrttisfer3: and this is hardy?09:31
st3phi had same error09:32
sfer3Hang on, I'll be back in about 5 minutes... sorry about this...09:32
ivorBoazHi, I want to install Ubuntu over my fedora core OS.  Any way to do this without losing my data, i.e., installing over the top of FC without having to re-format the disk?09:35
MrMisthey all :)09:35
jigphello how to install yahoo messenger with voice / chat conference ?09:36
marlunCan I copy a file to multiple locations? like cp file loc1 loc2 loc3? This doesn't work.09:36
MrMistI've got a few entries in fstab, and a few partitions on my disk, and they all show up on my desktop. I don't want them to. How do I disable this ?09:36
MrMistjigp: Tried pidgin?09:37
=== k88 is now known as Guest27579
fatjedican anyone help me with ventrilo?09:37
jigpMrMist : there is no voice conference.but there is chat conference09:37
ZirodayMrMist: pidgin does not and will never do voice or video09:37
jigpMrMist : pidgin cannot mass msg also :(09:37
MrMistZiroday: How about plugins ?09:38
Zirodayjigp: there is the official yahoo messenger software for linux, and I think that supports video and chat09:38
error404notfoundhost command doesn't give the hostname of a local ip system...09:38
ivorBoazmarlun: no, cp does not do multiple copies.  you would need to do this in a script.09:38
Zirodayjigp: however it will be difficult to install http://messenger.yahoo.com/download/09:38
MrMisterror404notfound: nslookup IP09:39
Zirodayjigp: wait thats the wrong link09:39
marlunivorBoaz: ok, thanks :)09:40
fatjedican anyone help me with ventrilo?09:40
=== marko_ is now known as marko-_-
error404notfoundMrMist: thanks... host works as well, that system was down I guess :D09:40
Zirodayjigp: take a look at kopete and gyachi09:40
fatjedican anyone help me with ventrilo?09:41
Jordan_UAre there .debs available for vlc 9.2 ?09:42
ivorBoazno takers on my install question?09:42
Jordan_U!home | ivorBoaz09:43
ubottuivorBoaz: Your home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home folder to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome09:43
fatjediventrilo anyone?09:43
sfer3So can anyone help me with my alsa problem?09:43
LurkersAJordan_U: Try getdeb.net09:44
Jordan_ULurkersA: Nope09:44
Ziroday!repeat > fatjedi09:45
ubottufatjedi, please see my private message09:45
Zirodayfatjedi: also please tell us your issue09:45
fatjediI have ventrilo installed on my windows partition and i can run it, but my microphone on my laptop does not work. It works in ubuntu, but not in ventrilo. I think it has something to do with wine.09:46
fatjediI have it on the pulse audio config at the momeny09:47
sfer3Can anyone help me with my alsa problem? I've explained it here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/47107/09:47
=== trebs is now known as [Mick]
[Mick]Is it a bug that the xchat icon doesn't show up properly under Applications?09:49
fatjediCan someone help with setting up my biometric scanner?09:49
[Mick]i think i'll remove this and install the normal xchat09:50
mark__I am trying to install vlc 0.9.2 on ubuntu I can get through the installation with no problems but when I try to run it I get this error vlc: error while loading shared libraries: libvlccore.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory does anyone know how I can fix this?09:50
nnull[Mick], good idea :P09:50
fatjediwhat program should i use for my web cam on my laptop?09:51
sfer3What do you want to do with it?09:52
fatjedivideo chat09:52
sfer3Cheese worked pretty well with mine (not much else would), but that's quite basic. For videochat, I'm not too sure...09:52
palluhello all of you09:52
fatjediwould cheese for video capture, or picture taking?09:52
palluhow can i install the newest gtk-gnutella program?09:52
fatjediwould chees be for*09:53
fatjedithanks sfer3, im installing cheese now09:54
=== david is now known as Guest603
zetheroohow do i get CPU frequency scaling to work ?09:54
sfer3Cheese is just for picture taking. :D09:55
sfer3Pretty basic09:55
sfer3But it worked out to be the only thing that worked with my webcam...09:55
Guest603how do i get the gconf editor?09:55
Guest603how do i get the gconf editor?09:56
goldmetalhow to list jobs?  fg? bg? jobs?  i used & symbol09:56
LurkersAGuest603: What for specifically?09:56
nnullGuest603, alt + f2 > gconf-editor09:56
Guest603nnull, thsnkd09:56
sfer3Is it in Applications > System Tools > Configuration Editor also?09:56
dirjenpajakhelp me please09:56
nnulli believe so09:57
LurkersA!ask dirjenpajak09:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask dirjenpajak09:57
dirjenpajakhow add 2 gateway09:57
LurkersAAsk a question dirjenpajak09:57
dirjenpajakhow to add 2 gateway09:57
LurkersAdirjenpajak: to your network?09:57
LurkersAdirjenpajak: System | Administration | Network09:57
Guest603is htere something similiar to gconf-editor but for xubuntu?09:57
dirjenpajaki use ubuntu09:58
dirjenpajaki need 2 gateway09:58
LurkersAdirjenpajak: Yes, click those items individually :D. then unlock it, and select properties09:58
dirjenpajak1>> X.x.x25109:58
fatjedidoes anyone know what program i should install for my biometric scanner (fingerprint scanner)?09:59
=== Guest27579 is now known as k88
zetheroohow to enable cpu frequency scaling?09:59
=== k88 is now known as vinilios
LurkersAdirjenpajak: If you click 'System', Then 'Administration', then open the item marked 'Network', you can enter them there10:00
Virus_3000tyjo... jak se pripojim na xchat.cz???10:00
Virus_3000vi nekdo?10:00
bakarati have an odd issue with my sound, when i boot up my laptop and my headphones are already plugged in, they don't register10:00
bakarati have to unplug & replug10:00
dirjenpajakit just can be 1 gateway10:00
zetheroomy laptop drains the battery so fast in Ubuntu10:01
bakaratalso, if my sound is muted, i put my headhpones in and turn up the sound, it will play from both the built in boxes and the headphones10:01
Guest603zetheroo, in gconf-editor there is a gnome-power and there you can set what cpu mode to use if on ac or battery10:01
zetherooplease help10:01
bakarathave to replug headphones to keep boxes from playing10:01
sfer3dirjenpajak: You don't need multiple gateways, do you mean DNS?10:01
dirjenpajaki need 2 gateway10:01
zetherooGuest603: my CPU is running at top speeds non-stop.... how do i make it drop when on battery ?10:01
dirjenpajakone for intranet connection and other for intranet10:01
sfer3Oh okay10:02
sfer3Are you using separate network cards?10:02
sfer3This isn't really my department...10:02
Guest603zetheroo, open gconf-editor10:02
LurkersAdirjenpajak: follow my instructions to get to the options. click 'System', Then 'Administration', then open the item marked 'Network', you can enter them there10:02
socketErrwhere can i download a trail version of landscape?10:02
zetherooGuest603: yes ...10:02
Guest603zetheroo, then look for gnome-power-something...i dont have it in front of me10:02
dirjenpajaki just can enter one10:02
dirjenpajakin gateway address10:02
zetherooGuest603: I have gnome-power-manager10:03
dirjenpajakhow i write..?10:03
LurkersAdirjenpajak: yes. In 'Network', select "Wired Connection" and click properties10:03
LurkersAdirjenpajak: You can enter them there10:03
stapelHow can I install dhcp3-server when I have no internet connection. Can I do this from the install cd? I also need to do this from the cli.10:03
dirjenpajakit just one gateway10:04
LurkersAdirjenpajak: Yes, you need to set up a seperate connection for the other one10:04
Guest603zetheroo, thats is. look there, there will be an option so that you can set powersaver for battery and performance for ac10:04
lucconsI've a problem with pidgin, this program crashes after I run it10:04
zetherooGuest603: in cpufreq i see the settings are like what I put in with Ubuntu Tweak ... but the panel applet is still sho‌wing the cpu at max speed10:04
ghalebhello, I want to read my cpu temperature , any ideas ?10:04
dirjenpajakin windows there is add buton to enter 2 / more gateway10:04
sfer3Don't you need multiple network cards for that?10:05
dirjenpajaki have one card10:05
dirjenpajakin win it can do10:05
sfer3I'm not too sure, networking isn't really my forte10:05
sushanthi am not able to use any pendrive on my ubuntu10:05
LurkersAdirjenpajak: Click into the 'DNS' Tab, then click 'Add', and enter each one individually10:06
dirjenpajakyes, DNS can added but gateway not.....10:06
dirjenpajakin win i can add gateway too10:06
aj_sushanth: use the mount command10:06
pretenderi know this is a ubuntu irc but im desperate  anyone got any ideas how i can fix this problem  http://www.linuxmint.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1686110:07
LurkersAdirjenpajak: I'm not sure I can help you then, sorry10:07
sushanthaj_: not working10:07
* dirjenpajak I am sorry my english not good10:08
Guest603zetheroo, there is an option to let the panel plugin choose the settings for that stuff10:08
* dirjenpajak i am indoensian10:08
Guest603zetheroo, try to find it and enable it, then choose preferences on the battery icon10:08
sfer3That's alright dirjenpajak10:08
mark__I am trying to install vlc 0.9.2 on ubuntu I can get through the installation with no problems but when I try to run it I get this error vlc: error while loading shared libraries: libvlccore.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory does anyone know how I can fix this?10:09
dirjenpajaknow  i can open intranet and internet site10:09
dirjenpajakbut i can't chat with intranet server10:09
sfer3Can you give us some more details of your setup?10:10
Guest603mark__, install the package needed, maybe the dev10:10
LurkersAdirjenpajak: Try adding it under the 'Hosts' Tab10:10
prodigelHi all. Anybody used webdav in linux? I saw that gnome can connect to webdav locations from places -> connect to server, but I don't succeed connecting. any help appreciated10:10
SivamHi,  Please let me know how to assign the usage of windows key in Linux , and also assign keyboard shortcut to some other functionalities10:10
sfer3It's in Keyboard Shortcuts in...10:10
dirjenpajakdirjenpajak@dirjenpajak-desktop:~$ sudo netstat -r10:11
dirjenpajak[sudo] password for dirjenpajak:10:11
dirjenpajakSorry, try again.10:11
dirjenpajak[sudo] password for dirjenpajak:10:11
dirjenpajakKernel IP routing table10:11
dirjenpajakDestination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags   MSS Window  irtt Iface10:11
dirjenpajak10.10.9.0       *        U         0 0          0 eth010:11
dirjenpajaklink-local      *          U         0 0          0 eth010:11
dirjenpajakdefault         UG        0 0          0 eth010:11
sfer3System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts10:11
Sivamsfer3: I am unable to assign shortcuts to launch another application ( for eg: gnome-terminal )10:12
Sivamwhen I press the given shortcut for terminal it launches xterm10:12
sfer3!paste | dirjenpajak10:12
Sivaminstead of gnome-terminal10:12
sfer3Can't you?10:12
ZirodaySivam: change your preferred application in System > Preferences > Preferred Applicatinos10:12
dirjenpajakdirjenpajak@dirjenpajak-desktop:~$ sudo netstat -r10:12
dirjenpajak[sudo] password for dirjenpajak:10:13
dirjenpajakSorry, try again.10:13
dirjenpajak[sudo] password for dirjenpajak:10:13
dirjenpajakKernel IP routing table10:13
dirjenpajakDestination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags   MSS Window  irtt Iface10:13
dirjenpajak10.10.9.0       *        U         0 0          0 eth010:13
dirjenpajaklink-local      *          U         0 0          0 eth010:13
dirjenpajakdefault         UG        0 0          0 eth010:13
sfer3!paste | dirjenpajak10:13
ubottudirjenpajak: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)10:13
dirjenpajakDestination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags   MSS Window  irtt Iface10:13
dirjenpajak10.10.9.0       *        U         0 0          0 eth010:13
dirjenpajaklink-local      *          U         0 0          0 eth010:13
dirjenpajakdefault         UG        0 0          0 eth010:13
voxdirjenpajak: dont paste in channel, use a pastebin10:13
dirjenpajaki can here the sound10:17
dirjenpajaki can't here the sound10:17
dirjenpajaki can't hear the sound10:17
LurkersAdirjenpajak: type 'sudo alsa force-reload'10:17
LurkersAdirjenpajak: your sound should fix itself.10:19
Paddy_EIREdirjenpajak: quit flooding the channel or you will be kick/banned10:19
jackyz3hi guys please could somebody help me with ubuntu and spamassasin im pretty new and would appreciate some help very much10:23
LurkersA!ask | jackyz310:23
ubottujackyz3: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)10:23
jackyz3im looking for a gui interface for spamassain10:23
jackyz3oops i mean spam assasin10:23
=== _Keith is now known as LGKeiz
LurkersAjackyz3: That is only a terminal interface isn't it?10:24
LurkersAjackyz3: or try 'sudo apt-get install spamc', that looks promising10:25
jackyz3lurkersA: Im looking for a web or gui interface10:25
MessWithTheBest-how can i do a WHOIS in ubuntu?10:28
jackyz3thanks lurkersa10:28
|ns|nR8please explain MessWithTheBest-10:28
LurkersAMessWithTheBest-: type 'man whois', it will give you a good grounding in how to use it10:29
MessWithTheBest-|ns|nR8: i.e to look for info about an IP10:29
MessWithTheBest-LurkersA: thnx10:29
LurkersAMessWithTheBest-:  the general form is 'whois xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'10:30
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:30
LurkersAIt's quiet.....10:37
diobrandotoo quiet...10:38
hischildHow would i take a screenshot of an open menu? Print screen doesn't work when the menu is open.10:38
lunat1quefreaky quiet10:38
zorglu_q. i would like to get vlc 0.9.2 on 8.04. vlc teams doesnt support 8.04 only 8.10. is there a chance to get it backported to 8.04 ?10:38
lunat1quei tought my internet was broke10:38
tolecnallunat1que: people are trying to sleep10:38
LurkersAhischild: Applications | Take Screenshot10:38
hischildlunat1que, silence has been broken :p10:39
LurkersAI was starting to enjoy it too :D10:39
hischildLurkersA, and how would i use that to take a screenshot of an open menu? as soon as i click in there the menu vanishes.10:39
diobrandohischild: scrot -c 510:39
koshar1is the new vlt done with quicktime?10:39
diobrandowill give you 5 seconds10:39
hischilddiobrando, thank you10:40
LurkersAhischild: the little window that opens up, turn up the delay value, click 'take screenshot', then open your menu and wait10:40
hischildLurkersA, ah ok.10:40
MessWithTheBest-i have problems with video codecs i think. When i play a video in Totem it looks red with blue!!!! I can't see the original colors10:43
LurkersAMessWithTheBest-: Try using vlc, and see if that fixes it10:44
ActionParsnip!codecs | MessWithTheBest-10:44
ubottuMessWithTheBest-: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:44
MessWithTheBest-LurkersA: yeah it fixes it. But if i run totem first, i get the same result with VLC. I have to reboot again so VLC can play the video correctly.10:45
sixfortyApproximate UTC time, pls?10:45
LurkersAMessWithTheBest-: I'm not sure why that happens, but  have heard that complaint before10:45
MessWithTheBest-that's awful, cuz I have to reboot always. Sometimes i accidentally run Totem cuz it's default movie player. THAT'S REALLY AWFUL10:47
MessWithTheBest-plz i want a solution for this problem. it drives me crazy10:47
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: then change your default player10:47
LurkersAMessWithTheBest-: Change the default player under System | Preferences | Prefered Applications10:47
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: does it perform the same with mplayer?10:48
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: it's ok with Mplayer10:48
MessWithTheBest-only when i run Totem for the first time, it damages the codecs10:49
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: is there a hidden folder in ~? relating to totem?10:49
ActionParsnipnot ~?10:49
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: no10:50
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: so there's no ~/.totem folder10:51
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: i found folders for: vlc. mplayer and gstreamer10:51
ActionParsnipor similar10:51
MessWithTheBest-no i looked all of the folders.10:51
MessWithTheBest-nothing looks relate to Totem10:52
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: i didn't find any folder relates to Totem10:53
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: cd ~/; find -name totem10:53
=== izibi__ is now known as izibi
MessWithTheBest-i found: ./.config/totem10:54
MessWithTheBest-and ./.gconf/apps/totem10:54
BrucevdkHey. A fresh installation of 8.04 here. When I drag top-down on the right side of my touchpad it scrolls horizontally (left to right) not top-down. Anybody familiar with this problem and how to fix it? Here's the section from the xorg.conf: http://pastebin.com/d509c765210:55
=== malcolm_ is now known as mabc
mabci need some help10:55
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: what's next?10:55
=== mabc is now known as mabc99
=== mabc99 is now known as mabc
mabcis anyone there ?10:56
LurkersA!ask | mabc10:56
ubottumabc: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)10:56
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: did anything display?10:57
BrucevdkI'm going to load a new xorg.conf, might not be back.10:57
mabcwhy wont my nick change ?10:57
adamk It did change.  From mabc to mabc99 and then back to mabc.10:58
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: yeah i told you. if found: ~/.config/totem  AND ~/.gconf/apps/totem10:58
adamkAnd this channel is for Ubuntu support, please keep the conversation on topic.10:58
zetherooI am very unhappy with how ubuntu eats up my battery life10:58
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: id rename both those folders then rerun totem, if its the same, rename back10:58
zetherooWindows has this down.. but Ltinux is not there ye10:59
sfer3Sure the battery is good?10:59
xnvzetheroo: Ubuntu != Linux10:59
sfer3Sure all power saving options are enabled?10:59
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: what do you mean by "id rename"?10:59
zetherooxnv: yes .. and/11:00
giggseyI'm trying to boot the ubuntu livecd, and it said that the sd module is something, and now it's i/o erroring when trying to access my sata drive11:00
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: rename both those folders11:00
ActionParsnipid == i'd11:00
xnvzetheroo: So you're wrong to make such conclusions based on the information you've offered.11:00
zetherooxnv: what was I wrong about?11:01
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: oky. Should i rename the "Totem" folders or the outer folders??11:01
xnvzetheroo: First of all, your approach. If you want help making your battery last longer, ask. This isn't a complaint channel.11:01
zetherooxnv: I just said that Windows has power management down much better than Linux11:01
zetherooxnv: I did ask before .. you don't have to be so sensitive11:02
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: just the totem folders, just the ones it found11:02
xnvzetheroo: Ubuntu != Linux. A bad experience with Ubuntu does not mean the Linux kernel is worse than Windows at power management.11:02
Chousukeit's not just the kernel that affects battery life.11:04
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: once renamed, run totem11:04
Chousukemany applications may have an adverse effect.11:04
giggseyI'm getting "Driver sd needs updating please use bus_type methods" when trying to boot the livecd, and then it's going into busybox. How can I get the livecd booted?11:04
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: It WORKS!11:04
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: renamingthose folders will strip your config back to factoy defaults11:04
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: those folders hold the configs for apps on a per user basis11:05
zetherooxnv: well I hear a lot of different stuff from a lot of people all professing to be mouthpieces for Linux11:05
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: renaming them to different to expected makes the system give you stock settings11:05
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: you must have played too much and set it wrong11:05
Chousukezetheroo: besides, windows level power management is not something Linux should strive for11:05
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: you can do it with almost any app11:05
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: yeah maybe!11:05
Chousukezetheroo: if there's something to emulate, it's OS X.11:05
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: cool trick11:06
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: thnx man11:06
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: now it works, you can delete the folders you renamed (new names as their will be new folders of the original name)11:06
zetherooChousuke: I just know that Windows Vista gives almost double the battery life that Ubuntu gives11:06
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: np man11:06
danielehi all11:06
Chousukezetheroo: then something is wrong with your configuration11:06
Chousukezetheroo: power management on Linux is very configurable; something is wrong with your system if the difference is that huge.11:07
zetherooChousuke: thats what I have been told... and then I had people helping me configure it .. but its still not happening11:07
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: remember, always rename so you can roll back11:07
xnvzetheroo: This is a support channel. If you want help improving battery life, ask. Otherwise...11:07
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!11:07
danielei've aproblem... I've upgraded fron feisty to hardy and i've lost the trash-bin from the desktop...11:07
diobrandoYeah, my laptop is about equal for battery life with xp vs debian etch11:07
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: ok :)11:07
Chousukezetheroo: might just be that you have badly supported hardware11:08
danieleit also doesn't open me the computer folder anymore11:08
zetherooxnv: shhhh... its ok.. I am talking with someone else now .... ;-)11:08
* shandoo off11:08
zetherooChousuke: how do i know?11:08
xnvzetheroo: In the wrong channel.11:08
Chousukezetheroo: well, you'll need to check hardware compatibility lists I suppose.11:09
zetherooxnv: are you in a position of authority here? ... I am not leaving because your feeling hurt ...11:09
Chousukeif you have an nvidia or ati graphics card it's likely not very good for power consumption, for example.11:09
zetherooChousuke: hmmm.. any idea where those would be?11:09
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection11:10
zetherooChousuke: I have an ATI card11:10
danielehow can i do to reset the gnome configurations... I also tryed to move .gnome  .gnome2 and .nautilus but it didn't change at all11:10
xnvzetheroo: I'm not asking you to leave. I just don't want to be trolled with your opinions about Windows vs. Linux. Explaining your experience so that Chousuke and others can help you is just fine.11:10
zetherooChousuke: still though ... Windows gives me 2 hours of battery life and Ubuntu gives about 45-55 min!!!11:10
Chousukezetheroo: that might just be teh problem11:10
Chousukeheh, from ~nothing to ~nothing :)11:11
zetherooxnv: there are things that Windows has better than Linux and vica-versa ... its just natural ... you can't have it all ... ha11:11
ActionParsnipdaniele: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=5530211:11
WidgitHi All - I got a problem - I cant mount my raid 5 drive. dmesg | tail errors in itEXT2-fs error (device sda1): ext2_check_descriptors: Block bitmap for group 912 not in group (block 231211008). sda is a drive in the raid it comes up 3 time and also has this ... EXT2-fs: group descriptors corrupted!11:12
Chousukezetheroo: I can't say for sure, but I would put the blame on the ati drivers11:12
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: I think i have a problem with my graphics card driver. I have nvidia GT8500 512 VRAM. When i run Avant Window Navigator and enable the Normal Visual effects, the windows become like heavy. I'm not sure if the problem is from the driver. When i choose None Visual Effects, everything becomes ok.11:12
ActionParsnipdaniele: http://linuxfud.wordpress.com/2007/02/14/how-to-reset-ubuntugnome-settings-to-defaults-without-re-installing/ but dont rm11:12
xnvzetheroo: Again, this is not the place for debating Linux vs. Windows. Please stop.11:12
zetherooxnv: but I have been using Ubuntu for 3 years and am happy with it ....mostly11:12
Chousukezetheroo: I'm doubtful whether they're optimised for power consumption11:12
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: maybe you need a different driver. I dont use ghastly effects so ive no idea11:12
diobrandodaniele: .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity11:12
adamkMessWithTheBest-, "become like heavy" ?11:13
Chousukezetheroo: but I can't say much more :/11:13
Chousukehave to go now anyway11:13
LurkersAzetheroo: http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm read11:13
zetherooChousuke: so .. if I reverted to the VESA drivers would I get better bat life?11:13
MessWithTheBest-adamk: when i minimize then i maximize a window, it returns slowly. I don't know how to describe that actually!!11:15
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: set the animation speed higher11:15
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: how to do that?11:15
adamkMessWithTheBest-, That's often a problem with certain drivers.  There have been a number of complaints about nvidia driver performance for geforce 8/9 series cards.11:16
adamkMessWithTheBest-, You may want to check out this thread: http://nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=11591611:16
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: its in the settings. i dont use it so you'll have to sniff around11:16
=== ktulu is now known as Guest13603
MessWithTheBest-i use nvidia-glx-new driver11:18
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: have you tried the proper nvidia one from www.nvidia.com11:18
ActionParsnipor the envyng-gtk one?11:19
abngalhi guys. i had perviously used wobbly effect of compiz after installation. however, after some time, the some effects disappeared like the wobbly effect. Other effects are working fine. I cannot however enable additional plugin in compiz. any one has an idea11:19
=== mijinl is now known as kaca
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: i downloaded it, but i couldn't install it. No i didn't try envyng-gtk11:19
ActionParsnip!compiz | abngal11:19
ubottuabngal: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion11:19
nevoeirohello. just connected an epson stylus d92 via usb. ubuntu detects it but when i try to print something, the page comes out blank... already checked ink levels and it's ok. can someone help?11:22
giggseyI'm trying to use wicd to connect to my wifi (it detects the drivers using ndiswrapper, and detects wireless networks, but it won't connect. At the end of dmesg, it says ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready. How can I make it ready?11:22
ActionParsnipnevoeiro: it needs installing as a d6811:23
Nata-Ohwho can explain www.getdeb.net?11:24
nevoeirook. let me check...11:24
Renegade_Me got a qestion. I connect&configure my Epson C43SX and it works propertly, but i can't find where i can see how mutch paint left in printer... Try to search in google, but don't find enything.11:24
ehtomNata-Oh: it just looks like a custom repository11:25
ActionParsnipNata-Oh: its a place to download .debs11:25
nevoeiroactionparsnip: it worked!!11:25
ActionParsnipnevoeiro: sweet11:25
ActionParsnipnevoeiro: np man11:26
MessWithTheBest-what's the meaning of "laggy"?? I'm reading a thread about nvidia drivers and it mentions a problem says: Compiz Fusion very choppy, laggy minimize/maximize.11:26
noogai've got a computer, outside the office, that runs ubuntu and it connects to the internet using ppp and gsm modem. The problem is a pptp tunnel that i've set up to connect that computer to  our office VPN. When the tunnel goes down it also "damages" ppp internet connection. It looks as if ip-down for the tunnel cleans resolv.conf11:26
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: lag is a network term meaning slow performance, it can also be used when other stuff is slow11:26
noogais there a way to avoid damaging the internet connection when the tunnel goes down?11:26
MessWithTheBest-ActionParsnip: yeah, that what's happening with me11:27
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: try using the envy driver, you will have to revert to "nv" driver if you do a kernel update and you will need to rerun envy once the new kernel has booted11:28
ActionParsnipMessWithTheBest-: and each time after that11:28
ActionParsnip!envyng | MessWithTheBest-11:28
ubottuMessWithTheBest-: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk11:28
Nata-OhHow can I add getdeb.net in to my repo?11:29
ActionParsnipnooga: no idea man, try in #kubuntu11:29
testnickserv bbbb11:30
testok i need some help11:30
testwith irc11:30
ushimitsudokiNata-Oh: Try here maybe: http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/08/05/howto-access-getdebnet-packages-through-apt-getsynaptic/ Note that it indicated this is an unstable thing to be doing11:31
A_Fowlhey... I need some help with installing a usb modem on a hardy heron...11:31
ehtomits pretty difficult to screw up in any serious way the nvidia drivers installation, I wouldn't worry about it too much11:31
testjoin #<irc.everywherechat.com11:31
ActionParsnip!ask | test11:31
ubottutest: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)11:31
ActionParsniptest use /join11:32
ActionParsniptest: and you need to connct to a server first11:32
ddoomanyone suggest a VM app that works on ubuntu server with no gui?11:34
Zirodayddoom: qemu11:34
ehtomdepends what you're trying to do11:35
ehtomvmware server11:35
ehtomvmware esx11:35
Ziroday!enter > ehtom11:35
ubottuehtom, please see my private message11:35
ehtombleh... that sort of attitude is why the quality of help here is so low at times11:36
A_FowlI'm trying to install a usb modem [one of those anywhere internet connection ones for laptops] on a hardy heron. I've configured the wvdial.conf file but I still can't seem to surf the net. what do i do?11:37
ehtomddoom: what are you trying to do with virtualization?11:37
ActionParsnipA_Fowl: does the modem spring to life when you dial?11:37
=== jetti_ is now known as Jetti_
ddoominstall a program that will let me stream video/music/pics to xbox 360. but the the 64bit version is a bit iffy.11:39
ehtomddoom: a linux program?11:40
ehtomyou should be able to run 32 bit binaries on a 64 bit host11:40
ddoomI know I've tried running it, with little success11:41
ikoniaddoom: what are you trying to run, and how ?11:43
fakoffHi everybody. I've been trying to download my hotmail throw evolution (already configured xinetd) but I get a prompt that says "hotmail requires pay to webDAV access"11:43
ddoomikonia: twonky media server in a 32bit vm guest os11:43
ikoniafakoff: thats correct11:44
ikoniaddoom: and what's the issue ?11:44
fakoffanyone uses a mail client to access a hotmail account?11:44
ddoomikonia: I don't know you tell me11:44
ikoniafakoff: you need to pay for that functionality11:44
fakoffsure? shit!11:44
ikoniaddoom: if your running a 32bit guest, it's just a 32bit OS, so any 32bit application should work11:44
ikoniafakoff: drop that language please11:44
ehtomddoom: for something like that you should probably try kvm or vmware server11:44
rage__Anyone had any success getting 5.1 digital out on an AD1988B sound card?11:45
ehtomddoom: something like xen would be better but its a fantastic pain to set up correctly11:45
ddoomikonia: yep11:45
ikoniaddoom: does this application require direct hardware access ?11:45
ddoomehtom: I've never heard of xen or kvm11:46
ehtomddoom: vmware server?11:46
ddoomikonia: not sure11:47
ikoniaddoom: is there a reason you want to run this in a vm ?11:47
ickmundHaving some troubles setting up a FakeRaid of 2x1TB under 8.0.4. First run works fine, ie running dmraid and partition the raid. I then reboot, install dmraid again and something goes bad with dmraid. Can't figure out what the problem is.11:48
ickmundhttp://paste.linuxassist.net/10904 << anyone see something that makes sense to them? :P11:48
ikoniaickmund: fakeraid is a terrible technology11:48
ikoniaickmund: it's support is quite poor11:48
zetheroois there a good app for playing online radio channels ... I thought I recalled there being one that worked like a media centre with radio channels in it ...11:50
ickmundikonia: I realise that, but besides getting me some new hardware I don't seem to have much of an option as the drives seem too big for my bios. The nvidia raid-utility recognizes them for what they are thou.11:50
ddoomikonia: i'm running ubuntu server 8.04 amd64, the 32bit program doesn't work properly on it11:50
physically_fitfakoff,  http://ubuntuswitch.blogspot.com/2007/09/ubuntu-how-to-get-yahoohotmail-emails.html http://webmail.mozdev.org/installation.html11:51
ikoniaickmund: have you considered linux software raid11:51
ushimitsudokizetheroo: I use Rythmbox or Exaile to listen to online radio streams. Is that what you are after?11:51
ikoniaddoom: what actual program is it ?11:51
fakoffikonia: thank you11:51
ddoomikonia: http://www.twonkyvision.de/11:51
zetherooushimitsudoki: yeah something liek that ... except that exaile does not have any channels and one must add them manually ... I thought there was one which had a bunch built in11:51
fakoffphysically_fit: thank you very much, I'm going to read it11:52
ikoniaddoom: you could run that within a 32bit chroot environment ?11:52
physically_fitfakoff, it works11:52
ickmundikonia: I did at first, but thought that I needed the disks to be recognized in bios for it. If I do use the nvidia raid-array and try to install on sda/sdb grub gives me errors11:52
ikoniaickmund: software raid should work fine11:53
ikoniaickmund: what matters is that the OS see them correctly11:53
ickmundikonia: I will give it a shot then, thanks11:53
ikoniaickmund: the bios only matters for terrible technologies like fakeraid11:53
neggeSomething is making my computer slow. Htop says the CPU is at 100% all the time, but if I sort the processes to see which one uses the most CPU power there is nothing that uses that much. Max is about 2-3%. How do I know which process eats up all the resources?11:55
neggeI'm gonna reboot now 'cause it seems impossible to get it away...11:56
pearlypuffhi everyone...newbie here :)11:57
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
idefixwhat is the alternative command for top or how do you scroll it?12:02
PryMaLidentify N0tyoarz10112:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about top12:04
fakoffphysically_fit, It says the same that Evolution. I'd read about that the webDAV access to hotmail was disabled on new accounts, but mine it's since 2004. Do you actually use it?12:05
=== EagleSn is now known as EagleScreen
physically_fityes fakoff, i use it. i configured thunderbird a couple of days ago to retrieve emails from hotmail.12:10
fakoffphysically_fit, wow, how old is your account?12:10
pearlypuffcan someone help me with installation of non linux programs downloaded from the net?12:11
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.12:12
ActionParsnip!amarok > ActionParsnip12:12
ubottuActionParsnip, please see my private message12:12
physically_fitfakoff,  i don't remember very well, probably the same as yours, between 2003-2005. i have 2 hotmail accounts and i'm able to read and send email thanks to the webmail addon.12:12
idefixabout top, because some programs seem to run non-graphically.. they run but they have no window12:13
ActionParsnip!mp3 > ActionParsnip12:13
ubottuActionParsnip, please see my private message12:13
bakaratnot entirely the correct channel, but anyone here an expert on utf8/16/32 encodings?12:13
pearlypuffthank you12:13
fropgot a question...12:13
pearlypuffsorry very new...12:13
frop...installing latest ubuntu...and i got a selection for kernel...12:13
frop...there's a place to know the difference between those kernels?12:14
TheInfinityhello ... does anybody know a windows + linux app where i can select which OS boots when i restart?12:14
caveymasoni cant get desktop effects working? i think i need to install i restricted driver but there is not an option for me to do so?12:15
fakoffphysically_fit, ok thanks a lot. I've seen on the add-on setting that it access new accounts too (I guess via DeltaSync) so I'm going to check every option12:15
bakaratTheInfinity, hmm not sure what you mean, but you have a dual boot system and you want to select which OS boots by default?12:15
TheInfinitybakarat: no i want to have a dialogue "reboot to linux" and "reboot to windows"12:16
bakaratTheInfinity, o12:16
opt1khi all12:16
giggseyHow can I get wicd to appear in the notification area?12:16
TheInfinityi have remote dual boot pcs and its stupid work to edit all menu.list all the time, especially with windows12:17
onxTheInfinity, suse can do that. maybe have a look at their docs for grub?12:18
rmTheInfinity, try "man grub-reboot", for the Ubuntu part of equation (if you use grub)12:18
caveymasoni installed ubuntu on a usb hd and it has messed up my original xp instal on ma internal hd and i am unable to boot into it? any way of fixing it?12:18
TheInfinityrm: the linux part is no prob at all, thats made with a simple bashscript12:19
TheInfinitymy main prob is windows ...12:19
rmthere are windows drivers to read-write ext2/312:20
rmyou can make a bat file which will copy proper menu.lst into its place12:20
onxor you could format /boot in fat32 ;O12:21
TheInfinityrm: yea, this means logging in as admin, mounting ext2, editing menu.lst, unmounting ext2, reboot12:21
TheInfinitymeans takes via vnc some time just to reboot12:21
rmwell, the admin part is unskippable, or do you see a regular user change the boot method12:21
TheInfinityrm: thats why i ask for eg an alternative bootloader or something like that to have just a single click12:22
rmand the "editing" bit can be avoided by having two copies of menu.lst with "windows-default" and "ubuntu-default", and simple bat files12:22
onxanyone familiar with setting up multitouch on elantech pads (yes it's an eee)?12:23
onxubuntu seems to handle /some/ by itself (without using the synaptics driver), but i can't figure out where that's configured12:27
rage__Anyone had any success getting 5.1 digital out on an AD1988B sound card?12:27
onx*some multitouch12:27
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darren__hi could some one pleae help its driving me nots i got a wirless usb for linux and it has the driver on a cd with instructions, but i dont really understand them is there some one that could please guide me12:32
dns53wireless is a hard thing, broadcomm is actively hostile to linux12:34
carandraugdarren__: if it has instructions for linux like you say, you can tell us the steps you have problems with and we'll help12:35
=== unix82 is now known as Illumiaty
darren__carandraug, sorry all of them can i chat in the wisper12:36
carandraugdarren__: but have you tried check if it works without doing anything? Or you just assumed that you should follow the instructions?12:37
davetarmacCan anyone recommend a good FTP client for 8.04? Filezilla is at my last nerve as it keeps disconnecting from the server12:37
=== sumedh is now known as Illuminati
opt1kdavetarmac: http://linuxreviews.org/software/ftp-clients/12:38
carandraugdarren__: wisper?12:38
davetarmacopt1k: cheers12:38
tom_how do you connect to a network without using knetworkmanager12:38
=== idefix is now known as Guest38588
linthi, does anyone else in here use last exit?12:38
opt1kdavetarmac: np12:38
gluonmanCan anyone tell me how I can create an archive of type .7z or .rar in Ubuntu?12:39
darren__carandraug, i have tryed but it does not work i have also tryed donloading an old driver from aircrack, with that driver it does not show signal but connects then i tryed ndiswrapper driver which shows signal but only connects to an open ap but not my wep router, so now im thinking of installing the driver that comes with it12:39
dns53gluonman you need to install 7zip and unrar or unrar-nonfree12:39
gluonmandns53, are those in the repos?12:39
carandrauggluonman: yes they are12:40
dns53yes, unrar-nonfree is not open source, unrar is12:40
gluonmancarandraug, dns53, thank you.12:40
delaneysany easy way to share files between two ubuntu systems on a lan...????12:40
carandraugdarren__: ok, so tell us the steps in the instruction you're having problems with12:41
darren__carandraug, basic from step 1 it says 1. Build up the drivers from the source code  ./makedrv12:41
darren__carandraug, i have extracted the tar to my home folder than it says that12:42
dns53delaneys right click a folder to give sharing options12:42
dns53hey sat_e_llite, ask away12:42
delaneysdns53: i must be dumb:P12:42
morningwalkerGUYS... on system monitor it reads that ubuntu is eating an astounding amount of 765mb of RAM!!!12:42
sat_e_lliteabout this thread I posted at the forums: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=918591  anyone got ideas?12:43
carandraugdarren__: Jesus! They're already asking you to compile drivers? I have no experience whatsoever with that. Ask arund that your wireless card comes with drivers for Linux but asks you to compile them and you don't know how. Sorry but I can't help you on that12:43
carandraug!compile > darren__12:44
ubottudarren__, please see my private message12:44
darren__carandraug, ok thannks for trying i will take a look at the link12:44
arun_hey walker.. my ubuntu has also become slow12:44
arun_its eating about 500 MB here12:45
rage__I wish my ubuntu liked all my audio channels.12:45
carandraugdarren__: the link ubottu gives shows the standard method to compile stuff. I would help you go through the instructions but right now, I don't have that time. Sorry12:45
DIFH-icerootthere is a difference betwen "eating" all the ram and using cache/buffer12:45
dns53sat_e_llite there have been lots of reports of problems with wubi installs, defrag your whole drive it seems to work12:46
darren__carandraug, no probs thanks for the link sure i will work it out12:46
sat_e_llitei defragged the ubuntu folder, have no time to defrag the whole drive12:46
arun_Hey my system has become so slow.. its not like this before12:47
=== favafro is now known as favro
arun_3 GB RAM my machine has12:47
dns53arun_ type dmesg in a terminal and see if anything comes up, also run top to see the programs running12:47
opt1ksat_e_llite: why would you defrag a system that's running linux in the first place?12:47
sat_e_lliteumm it's a wubi installation12:48
opt1koh.. i c12:48
=== biabia is now known as [biabia]
sat_e_llitecan the ubuntu .iso fit in a normal CD, my drive can't burn DVDs12:48
nicheI defrag my ext3 harddrive twice a day12:49
opt1ksat_e_llite: sure it can, it is meant for CD12:49
opt1k*to be on cd12:49
arun_hey dns53 for top its showing XOrg... its taking about 90 %12:49
dns53sat_e_llite well you could try an installation to a partition and you will not have this problem, i'd get defrag running overnight or while you are at work and it should work better12:49
arun_And dmesg a lot of messages have come !12:50
sat_e_llitecan i use this solution?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43859112:50
arun_In those some error messages also !12:50
sat_e_lliteinvolves transfering the wubi install to a dedicated partition12:50
mEDEchey all. I installed a minimal CLI-only ubuntu system on an old computer, though i would like usb CDROMs/Harddrives to mount automatically. Which package should I install for this to happen?12:50
nicheMy Ubuntu crashes out of no where sometimes saying something about ntp server... I can type in the black area but haven't found a way to get out... Anyone know what's going on here???12:50
arun_Hey dns anything to do with my system !!12:51
sat_e_llitelike DOS?12:51
nicheyeah, like DOS12:51
sat_e_lliteis 512MB of RAM adequate for Ubuntu? wow i need to add RAM.12:51
mEDEcsat_e_llite, 512 mb is enough12:52
nicheyeah it's adequate you silly goose12:52
malutaWhen I create a new partition with cfdisk I can't format it because mkfs didn't recognize my new device create (it not appear on /dev). Somebody know how to fix it?12:52
erUSUL!cn | test12:52
ubottutest: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk12:52
datacrusherhow do i install a webcam on ubuntu? it must have the suppliers driver, or theres an alternative way?12:52
sat_e_llitei defrag the ubuntu folder, the said problem presists but it is faster12:52
mEDEcI installed a minimal CLI-only ubuntu system on an old computer, though i would like usb CDROMs/Harddrives to mount automatically. Which package should I install for this to happen?12:53
nichedatacrusher, Ubuntu is magical. It should automatically work when you plug it in.12:53
=== Illuminati is now known as unix82
sat_e_llitewhat is compiz?12:53
sat_e_lliteis it that animations when you minimize and maximize windows?12:53
nichesat_e_llite, it allows ubuntu to have tons of graphical options...12:54
adamksat_e_llite, http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/12:54
hateball!compiz | sat_e_llite12:54
ubottusat_e_llite: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion12:54
FusedI'm having a problem playing DVDs. It's saying that the stream is scrambled/encrypted. What lib or plugin would I need to fix this problem?12:54
sat_e_llitedid you read Help?12:55
opt1ki sync'd thunderbird with my gmail account and i'd like to know why does the thunderbird download my sent mail too and puts it in my inbox?12:55
sat_e_lliteyou can use gmail with Thunderbird?12:55
nichesat_e_llite,  yeeeeesss12:56
Skittsat_e_llite: of course12:56
niche!parcellite | sat_e_llite12:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about parcellite12:56
sat_e_llitesorry if i tell a lot of questions.... :-(12:56
hyphenatedopt1k: i heard once that gmail presents it all that way, and any IMAP/POP client would receive it the same way, including thunderbird12:57
davidguestcan someone help me setup an irc server on unbunt 6.0612:57
JubeiI have ran the latest iso of ubuntu and booted in live mode, I am trying to print to a usb printer but to no avail. any ideas why? ubuntu 64bit iso | 32bit vmware player | 64bit Vista (could that be the problem?) Vmware sees the printer though and ubuntu recognizes it properly. Just gives an error message from cups "There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'client-error-document-format-not-supported'12:57
ZirodayJubei: what printer12:57
Fusedlibmpeg2 is what it's attempting to use to play the videos. What would be used in it's place? Anyone?12:57
opt1khyphenated: heh =( so there's no way around it?12:58
JubeiZiroday: CANON Laser printer LBP 300012:58
ZirodayFused: use vlc player12:58
FusedAlready tried.12:58
KelderkeukenJubei: pdf is proprietary, probably wont work in live cd12:58
hyphenatedopt1k: might want to search more about it, it's just something I heard once12:58
JubeiKelderkeuken: I am trying just to print a test page12:58
JubeiKelderkeuken: that test page is stored as pdf and will not work from live cd?12:58
KelderkeukenJubei: was just a guess, because it says format not supported12:59
FusedZiroday: The only reason I'm not using VLC is because the video is scrambled in it, too.12:59
davidguestcan anyone help with an irc server please12:59
jribJubei: pdf is an open standard now12:59
sat_e_llitehey, what does a swap partition do?12:59
FusedZiroday: Also, the buffer keeps making the audio skip.12:59
JubeiKelderkeuken: if I install ubuntu u think there might be a chance? hmm.. ok I will try it12:59
davidguestcan someone help setup an irc server i have a few prolbmens12:59
niche!glipper | sat_e_llite12:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about glipper12:59
niche!gnome-do | sat_e_llite12:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnome-do12:59
jribdavidguest: just tell the channel your problems12:59
ZirodayFused: what format?13:00
KelderkeukenJubei: no promises, but perhaps then you can make it work, hard fix things on the live cd13:00
zoed!info | gnome-do13:00
ubottugnome-do: Retrieve information on a package: !info <package>13:00
nichesat_e_llite, swap partition is a section of your hard drive dedicated to reading and writing information to make your machine run more efficient13:00
FusedZiroday: It tried to use the mpeg2 software, but I'm not sure what format the disk is. It's a DVD.13:00
zoed!info gnome-do13:00
ubottugnome-do (source: gnome-do): Quickly perform actions on your desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 67 kB, installed size 264 kB13:00
FusedZiroday: That's as much as I can tell you right now, because it won't open it long enough to show any file information.13:01
oobeJubei, check on openprinting.org to see if you printer is supported13:01
sat_e_llitedo i need to create one if i install ubuntu onto a partition?13:01
ZirodayFused: hmm, have you got all the dvd codecs installed?13:01
niche!info | glipper13:01
ubottuglipper: Retrieve information on a package: !info <package>13:01
davidguestplease can someone help me with a irc server setup13:01
Jubeioobe: but the system sees the printer properly, its name and all. it still might not be supported?13:01
jribdavidguest: did you see what I said?13:01
delaneyshow do i share a printer between two ubuntu computers on a network13:01
InHisNameI have problems loading a page into my firefox in ubuntu. Probalby a java thing. I have most loaded right I think.  http://pastebin.com/m38215f53  around line 101 is error   applet not iniitialized.   How do I fix this website to have its applet be initialized.?  http://cbtdirect.skillport.com/skillportfe/login/login.cfm   In the pastebin is copy of all the terminal error and process messages while loading the page.  Also included13:02
niche!info glipper13:02
ubottuglipper (source: glipper): Clipboard manager for the GNOME panel. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 66 kB, installed size 628 kB13:02
oobeJubei, it see's the printer cause it get the device id from the usb that does not mean you have the drivers installed and  cups configured correctly13:02
niche!glipper | sat_e_llite13:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about glipper13:02
Jubeioobe: fair enough. I will try to install ubuntu and go from there. thank you!13:02
sat_e_llite!info grub13:02
muruganwhat happened to my system its damn slow !13:03
ubottugrub (source: grub): GRand Unified Bootloader. In component main, is optional. Version 0.97-29ubuntu21 (hardy), package size 376 kB, installed size 832 kB13:03
legend2440Jubei: read post #5   http://ge.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=73557713:03
davidguesti am usig ircd-hybrid i can browse it locally but not through my domain  its says port 6777 is closed13:03
FusedZiroday: I have all of the DVD codecs that I could find installed.13:03
oobeJubei, good luck and have fun13:03
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto13:03
niche!info |parcellite13:03
ubottuparcellite: Retrieve information on a package: !info <package>13:03
jribdavidguest: pastebin the output of 'sudo iptables -L'13:03
leleobhzsomeone know a way to make (k)ubuntu mounts all disk partitions on boot?13:03
niche!info | parcellite13:03
sat_e_llite!info |x8613:04
ubottux86: Retrieve information on a package: !info <package>13:04
Dabbuhey anybody here can tell me why i should not use ubuntu13:04
Jubeilegend2440: thanks!!!13:04
sat_e_llitei dont see why13:04
davidguesthere is the past pin its a www.fasthosts.co.uk dediccated server13:04
zoedDabbu: of course you _should_ use ubuntu!13:04
sat_e_llitesupport open source software13:04
niche!skype | sat_e_llite13:04
ubottusat_e_llite: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto13:04
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, and IRC. See also !Kopete13:04
opt1khyphenated: kk, i'm on it =)13:04
ZirodayFused: hmm, I really don't know. Tried mplayer or rip the dvds to your harddrive and see if the issue is there13:04
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion13:04
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde413:04
Dabbu zoed:that was not my question13:05
hyphenatedsat_e_llite: you can do the same thing in a private chat to ubottu without the rest of us seeing it :-)13:05
jribdavidguest: look at your iptables rules...13:05
KelderkeukenDabbu: because it requires common sense13:05
davidguestsorry i new at unbuntu and liniux can u exapline please jrib13:05
davidguestlong time windows administrator13:06
zoed!hi | garymo13:06
ubottugarymo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!13:06
onxDabbu, you should't use it if you want to play windows games. it's good for pretty much everything else13:06
ddoomanyone know of a way other than twonky to stream video to xbox36013:06
DabbuKelderkeuken: you are somehow near to my answer13:06
davidguesti no someon said their was a firewall up but i dont no hw to open the ports jrib13:06
ushimitsudokiDabbu: If you are unable to accept an OS that is not an exact clone of Windows, and therefore prefix or postfix every comment about Ubuntu with something like "...but in windows ..." then save yourself and others a lot of frustration and do NOT use Ubuntu.13:06
jribdavidguest: line 22 drops everything.  That means the three ircd rules you have after line 22 never have any effect13:06
ushimitsudokiDabbu: Otherwise, give it a couple of weeks tryout and see if it works for you.13:07
garymohow can I translate the my favorites web pages from other user section to this?13:07
davidguestjrib how do i solve this13:07
jribdavidguest: how are you setting your iptables rules?13:07
onxushimitsudoki, but in windows my multitouch-pad works properly ;p13:07
ushimitsudokionx: why i oughta...!13:07
zoedDabbu: you can use the live cd to test ubuntu without making any changes to your computer13:07
davidguesti dont no that was all setup by www.fasthosts.co.uk so i persume buy default install jrib13:07
Dabbuushimitsudoki:i am using ubuntu for more than a year and no other OS,but one of my friend is here in this channel who don;t dare to try ubuntu13:08
jribdavidguest: ask them then13:08
davidguesti used sudo apt-get install ircd-hybrd install13:08
arun_How come he is in this channel !13:08
sat_e_llitedoes the ubuntu iso came with a partition tool?13:08
Dabbuthis answer was for him13:08
KelderkeukenDabbu: yeah it takes a lot of guts to install software on a computer ^^13:08
jribdavidguest: you need to make the rule on line 22 the last rule wherever you are setting these rules13:09
zoedsat_e_llite: you have one available on the live cd: System->Administration->Partition Editor13:09
Johnclhey all I was wondering if anyone here is running ubuntu on a macbook? Im having trouble with the sound.13:09
davidguesti love ubuntu deskop best move from windows though i do miss visual studio .net is their a comparable one for mono at all13:10
DabbuF* the game....computers are not 4 game,if we want to play game better use playstation13:10
garymo how can I translate the my favorites web pages from other user section to this?13:10
sat_e_llitecan it create partitions?13:10
aijiuwenzhong guo?13:10
ushimitsudokidavidguest: I like Netbeans and Eclipse as IDEs, but I can't speak to mono directly13:10
aijiuwenkyo, are you Chinese>?13:10
Dabbuthe more you use ubuntu the more you will love it13:10
zoedsat_e_llite: yes, but only use it from the live cd when changing your current hard disk, because otherwise you could have data loss!13:11
geirhasat_e_llite: Yes, the ubuntu CD comes with gparted, which can create, delete, resize and move partitions.13:11
ushimitsudoki!cn | kyo13:11
ubottukyo: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk13:11
zoedsat_e_llite: and think carefully before deleting or changing partitions.13:11
dns53garymo bookmarks > organize/manage > export to a file, then import the file13:11
davidguesti just miss the .net contorols easyto put up a datagrid and all13:11
hyphenateddavidguest: no not really, because most open-source developers don't like "one specific way" of development, and use a mash-up of tools instead13:11
davidguestany dev enviroments like it for mono13:11
hyphenateddavidguest: but specifically for mono, there might be a few13:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bm13:12
davidguestwould be an intresting open source project to start13:12
hyphenateddavidguest: but what IDE would you write it in?? ;-)13:12
garymohow I arrive to bookmarks13:12
davidguestfair pint lol13:12
davidguestfair point i meen13:12
ushimitsudokigarymo: what do you mean? Bookmarks for Places and similar are in ~/.gtk-bookmarks13:13
dns53garymo there should be an export menu entry13:13
hyphenatedfair pint would be good right about now too ;-)13:13
onxi'd like a fair pint now13:13
ubottuLove is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.13:13
Seveazonx, I'm with you on that :)13:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu.13:16
Mustafa_Kayahi all13:16
Mustafa_Kayai have a problem13:16
zoed!hi | Mustafa_Kaja13:16
ubottuMustafa_Kaja: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!13:16
Mustafa_Kayawho can help me?13:16
sat_e_llitehelp with wat13:16
Mustafa_Kayai wanna use undiswrapper13:16
Mustafa_Kayato install my windows driver into ubuntu13:17
Mustafa_Kayaand it asks me to show a inf file13:17
Mustafa_Kayawhich one should i show?13:17
FusedZiroday: Thanks for the help, but I finally figured out what was wrong.13:17
ZirodayFused: what was it?13:17
Fusedlibcss was missing.13:18
Mustafa_Kayahow can i find the inf file for intel 2200bg?13:18
ZirodayFused: asked you if you had all the libraries installed :)13:18
Mustafa_Kayais there anyone out there?13:18
ZirodayMustafa_Kaya: from the intel website or the driver cd that came with the card13:18
KelderkeukenMustafa_Kaya: so you are trying to wrap a driver you don't have?13:19
FusedZiroday: libdvdcss never came up in the package manager, so I didn't know where it was.13:19
ikoniayou don't need ndis for intel cards13:19
Mustafa_Kayai couldnt find it on intel site13:19
FusedZiroday: Had to search around a bit.13:19
Mustafa_Kayanormally my computer works on windows13:19
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: intel have native drivers for linux, they are already in the kernel13:19
Mustafa_Kayaso i have it if i can write now :D13:19
ZirodayFused: you can just install ubuntu-restriced-extras iirc that installs libdvdcss213:19
Rimencan some1 tell me where can I learn how to use and redecorate fluxbox13:19
Mustafa_Kayawell im a complete beginner13:19
Mustafa_Kayai dont know anything13:19
FusedZiroday: I already had that installed, and it still wouldn't work.13:19
ikoniaRimen: fluxbox.org13:20
Mustafa_Kayaif you could help me that would be great13:20
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: what do you want help with exactly ?13:20
ZirodayFused: hmm, thats odd thanks13:20
Mustafa_Kayai need to install a driver as far as i understand13:20
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: what card do you have13:20
Mustafa_Kayasince i cant connect to the net on linux13:20
Mustafa_Kayaintel 2200bg13:20
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: you don't need to install a driver13:21
FusedZiroday: No problem. Thanks again, bye.13:21
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: ubuntu should be aware of that card already13:21
delaneyshow do i share a printer between two ubuntu computers on a network13:21
Mustafa_Kayaso why cant i connect??13:21
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: thats a different question13:21
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: what are you trying to connect to ?13:21
Kelderkeukenthe net lol13:21
Kelderkeukenwireless card13:21
Mustafa_Kayawireless net13:22
ikoniaKelderkeuken: thats not funny, I'm trying to get information13:22
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: what device are you trying to connect to, is it encypted/not encypted13:22
Kelderkeukenikonia: sorry, he already said tho13:22
ikoniaKelderkeuken: no he didn't say13:22
Mustafa_Kayawe got a password13:22
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: ok - what type of encyption13:22
dinesh_hi i am new to ubuntu can anyone please help me how to begin with learning13:22
ikoniadinesh_: what would you like to learn13:22
Mustafa_Kayai think it must be WEP13:22
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: you need to "know" what encyption it is - don't guess13:22
Mustafa_Kayahow can i know?13:23
Mustafa_Kayaon windows i only write a password13:23
Mustafa_Kayait doesnt ask me professional details about networking:P13:23
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: look in the router config or in the window config for teh encyuption level13:23
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: it's not professional level to know what encyption method you setup on your router13:23
Mustafa_Kayahow an i look in my router config?13:24
Mustafa_Kayawith "run"?13:24
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: depends on your router make, consult the documention13:24
ikoniaMustafa_Kaya: most routers use a web interface13:24
dinesh_ikonia: i want to know how to begin ubuntu like installing programs and how to use ubuntu till now i am using window but i am shifting to linux so plz hwlp me with some good books and websites13:24
ikoniadinesh_:  http://start.ubuntu.com/8.04/13:24
Rimenis there any way that I can download themes for fluxbox form themes.freshmeat.net... note: I would like to download most of matrix themes for fluxbox, or gnome13:25
ikoniadinesh_: thats all you need to get you going13:25
ikoniaRimen: fluxbox theming is documented on fluxbox.org13:25
Mustafa_Kayaok i will13:25
g0tchahey guys, im testing apache and when i tried to create a dir in /var/www/ it gave me this msg: mkdir: cannot create directory `test': No space left on device13:26
g0tchahow can i check how much space is left using the terminal?13:26
ikoniag0tcha: df -h13:26
g0tchaFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on13:27
ikoniag0tcha: we don't need to see that13:27
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)13:27
Rimenbut I cant find how to install tar.gz. themes for fluxbox13:27
g0tcha/dev/sda1              18G   17G     0 100% /13:27
ikoniaRimen: as I said, it's documented on fluxbox.org13:27
g0tchait was a wrong paste.. let me use the url13:27
kosharig0tcha i think we can seeits full13:28
Rimenyea man, thats the place where I cant find it13:28
ikoniag0tcha: what is wrong with that13:28
ikoniag0tcha: it's %100 in use13:28
TiredWolfg0tcha: congratulations, your drive is full. "rm" is the command to delete files.13:28
dinesh_ikonia :i tried  to connect to wireless network  but unable to connect i tried everything but not successful i am able to connect it to wired network but not wireless plz help me how to do it?13:28
ikoniaRimen: look in the docs, you've looked for less than 2 minutes13:28
TiredWolfg0tcha: "sudo apt-get clean" might also help13:28
g0tchathats wierd.. i dont remember putting that much data in it13:29
g0tchais there a way to have a list of files by filesize?13:29
zoedg0tcha: du13:29
ikoniag0tcha: du -h13:29
juan-intrepidhow do i hold all open office packages?13:30
zomakI'm using latest stable version with KDE4.1 with it. the problem is xv is not working correctly with my radeon mobility 9600 driver. All i get is blue screen in video13:30
zomakany idea how to solve it13:30
ikoniadinesh_: yes ?13:30
dinesh_ikonia :i tried  to connect to wireless network but unable to connect i tried everything but not successful i am able to connect it to wired network but not wireless plz help me how to do it?13:31
juan-intrepidzomak: not sure if its alive but #kubuntu-kde4 is more likely to help if its a kde4 problem13:31
ikoniadinesh_: what wirless card do you have ?13:31
zomakjuan-intrepid: this seems to be more like generic ubuntu issue with xv and fglrx with it13:31
ikoniazomak: if it's an ati driver issue.....your in for a tough wait13:31
zomakikonia: aye13:32
dinesh_ikonia: plz tell me how to find which wireless card i am using13:32
AssargadonIs it possible somehow to execute some script on my system shutdown?13:32
ikoniadinesh_: lspci - but you should know the spec of the machines you've purchased13:32
ehtomwho here believes in god?13:33
AssargadonI know it's possible to "attach" some script for startup13:33
Assargadonbut how attach it for shutdown?13:33
ikoniaehtom: not appropriate for this channel13:33
KelderkeukenAssargadon: add it to /etc/rc.shutdown13:33
AssargadonKelderkeuken: thanks13:34
malcolm_anyone there ?13:34
Zirodaymalcolm_: only 1271 people13:35
malcolm_password is lehman brothers13:35
malcolm_pit no one is here13:35
Zirodaymalcolm_: what is your issue?13:35
legend2440zomak: try mplayer with the gl  video driver13:36
dinesh_ikonia:ikonia :intel(R) PRO/ 100 ve network connection13:36
sat_e_llite!hello |malcolm_13:36
ubottumalcolm_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!13:36
ikoniadinesh_: are you using encyption13:36
dinesh_ikonia: no13:37
marshallim running ubuntu hardy on my laptop and my desktop, ive got them connected by an ethernet cable and id like to transfer about 15 gigs of files from my laptop, what is the fastest transfer method and how do i set it up?13:37
fr500marshall: sftp works fine for me13:37
ikoniadinesh_: thats a good start, what happens when you try to connect13:37
=== MOAR-f00li5h is now known as f00li5h
KDB9000I am trying to connect to an ssh server using the gnome server connect (need to move files around), but my ssh server has public and private keys (which I have). How do I use the gnome connect to server over ssh with keys?13:38
marshallfr500: what ip would make ubuntu look for the computer connected by ethernet?13:38
dinesh_ikonia: on the upper right hand side where we got the icon for network connection it does not have option for wireless13:38
fr500marshall: the ip address configured on the other machine of course13:38
=== art_luffy is now known as nane
dinesh_ikonia : i am having vista as the other os and i had also tried ndiswrapper but unable to sort out the problem13:39
marshallfr500: i dont want to transfer it over the internet, the computers are connected right now by an ethernet cord13:39
fr500so? whats the difference, tcp /ip is tcp/ip13:40
KDB9000dinesh_, what kind of network card do you have?13:40
fr500you just need to configure both computers on a common subnet13:40
ikoniadinesh_: you don't need ndis wrapper13:40
dinesh_ikonia: ok13:41
matt_is it normal for your computer to run slow and suggish after you install NVIDIA drivers (hardy-64)13:41
dinesh_ikonia: then how to do it?13:41
dinesh_KDB9000:my network card is intel(R) PRO/ 100 ve network connection13:42
ikoniadinesh_: your Mustafa_Kaya13:42
ikoniadinesh_: you where in here earlier13:42
dinesh_ikonia:i didnot gettting what u r asking13:42
dinesh_KDB9000: intel(R) PRO/ 100 ve network connection13:43
g0tchacan the contents of this dir b deleted 888M./usr/share ?13:43
KDB9000dinesh_, i got it, i was doing some searches. what does iwconfig show?13:44
dinesh_KDB9000: actually right now i am using window so cannot tell u what iwconfig is showing ?13:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about linux.13:45
KRFg0tcha, no!13:45
KDB9000dinesh_, to troubleshoot the problem, you are going to need the ubuntu side up.13:45
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=== Seeker`_ is now known as Seeker`
HelpPleasewhy did so many people leave?13:46
TiredWolfsee above13:46
HelpPleasehaha :D13:46
IndyGunFreakHelpPlease: a lot of people got frustrated i guess. :)13:47
dinesh_KDB9000: i am having access to wireless network thats why i am using windows else i had tried on ubuntu side13:47
nandemonaiI have an interesting 'problem' with compiz and duel monitors. I have both screens running as separate X screens via nvidia-settings. Everything seems to work fine except rendering menus which are a little sluggish.. thing is, it's only on the primary display that they are sluggish. All other effects run fine on both screens. Any ideas?13:47
Xyc0I am getting SegFaults on gdmsetup, did something go wrong during install?13:47
thiebaudei thought i seen alan pope leave13:47
HelpPleaseDoes Ubuntu have a built in feature that limits trafic usage?13:47
g0tchathats my size problem13:47
TiredWolfHelpPlease: network traffic you mean? no, but there are traffic shapers available in the repositories13:47
HelpPleaseTiredWolf: Can you name one? :D13:48
KDB9000dinesh_, either you need two computers or you need to hard wire your ubuntu system in so we can run some test. the problem can't be solved if you can try the solutions13:48
TiredWolfHelpPlease: wondershaper, but that's just the first that occurs to me. try instead "apt-cache search traffic shap"13:48
ogzyi was trying to set my icon theme via python-gconf but set_string("/desktop/gnome/interface/icon_theme","iconthemenae") didnt worked, any idea?13:48
Xyc0HelpPlease: Try http://www.ipcop.org/13:48
Zirodayogzy: why are you trying to set it by that method?13:49
xtrememertxcan anobyd help me plz13:49
ogzyZiroday, i am writing my own gui that will  customize the desktop13:49
KDB9000dinesh_, it is a wireless card, right?13:50
dns53xtrememertx you do not need permission to ask a question here, ask it13:50
TiredWolf!ask | xtrememertx13:50
ubottuxtrememertx: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)13:50
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Xyc0So... segfaults from gdmsetup, is this an isolated incident?13:50
dinesh_KDB9000: yes13:50
KDB9000dinesh_, internal or an external?13:50
roxahrisI just tried to reinstall Ubuntu13:51
eugmandoes anyone know where rtorrent will normally save the files from a torrent?13:51
dinesh_KDB9000: wi fi network13:51
roxahrisIt got to 50%, gave me a warning, and stopped13:51
Zirodayroxahris: and the warning was?13:51
TiredWolfeugman: i don't use it, but if you don't find them easily, they might be in a hidden $HOME/.rtorrent directory13:51
roxahrisI forgot13:51
roxahrisit was something about... block sizes?13:51
roxahrisit mentioned 4096 bytes13:52
Zirodayroxahris: thats really really unhelpful13:52
KDB9000dinesh_, yes, i know that, but is it an internal card or an external system13:52
xtrememertxI have an integrated  810 chipset and i'm using  i810 driver and dri is enabled .... i'm getting very low fps in glxgears .. and i'm not even able to watch youtube  and play small  2d games13:52
eugmanTiredWolf: I'll take a look. How can I search from the command line if I wnated to?13:52
nandemonaieugman, from memory either the dir the torrent file is located or the dir it's invoked from.13:52
roxahrisBut I have no idea why oit didn't work13:52
dinesh_KDB9000: its internal13:52
TiredWolfeugman: "ls $HOME/.rtorrent" if it exists, or "find $HOME | grep torrent" to search13:52
g0tchais it possible to delete all the *.log.2 and so on from /var/log ?13:53
TiredWolfg0tcha: yes13:53
Zirodayroxahris: well run the install again, make sure the cd was burnt correctly and the md5 sum matches up and record the error on a piece of paper13:53
ActionParsnipyo yo yo13:53
roxahrisMD5 went fine13:53
ogzyZiroday, you read my answer to your wuestion?13:53
ogzyZiroday, you read my answer to your question?13:53
xtrememertxI have an integrated  810 chipset and i'm using  i810 driver and dri is enabled .... i'm getting very low fps in glxgears .. and i'm not even able to watch youtube  and play small  2d games13:54
xtrememertxI  posted on the forums but dint get much help13:54
ActionParsnipxtrememertx: can we see your xorg.conf please13:54
ActionParsnip!paste | xtrememertx13:54
ubottuxtrememertx: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)13:54
Zirodayogzy: no I didn't sorry, what was it13:54
ActionParsnipdinesh_: wassup?13:55
=== powertoo108 is now known as powertool08
eugmanah, no wonder I couldn't find it. No hidden directory, just a weird name.13:55
ogzyZiroday, you asked me why i am using python-gconf to set the icon theme, i said i am writing my own gui to customize the environment13:55
darren__hi can some one please help i have been trying diffrent options all week, and i think what im trying is not correct,i wont go into detail but there is some thing strange i have installed ubuntu on my desktop and my laptop computer. on my desktop it knows my plug in wifi is there but on my laptop it does not show up does any one know what it could be13:55
irctesttesting testing <ignore me>13:55
dinesh_ActionParsnip: problem with wireless in ubuntu13:55
ogzyZiroday, so do you know why i couldn't manage to set icon theme via set_string?13:56
Zirodayogzy: oh right, in that case sorry I have no idea. Maybe in #gnome or #gnome-hackers on gimp.net13:56
ActionParsnipdarren__: run lspci then lsusb and give a pastebin of both please13:56
KDB9000dinesh_, like i said, the biggest thing is you need the ubuntu system up and running so you can run the commands that are asked and provide feedback13:56
ogzyZiroday, ok will try there thanx13:56
ActionParsnipdinesh_: ok run lspci and lsusb and give a pastebin of both13:56
ActionParsnipdinesh_: it may be beneficial to use wired til you get on your feet13:57
xtrememertxactionparsnip here is my xorg.conf  http://paste.ubuntu.com/47142/13:57
darren__ActionParsnip, ok can do in about 5 mins im just finishing an install of kubuntu now to see if it makes any diffrence will you still be here13:57
ActionParsnipdarren__: should be13:58
dinesh_KDB9000:ok tell me all the commands that i need to run (all)as i am having connection to internet on windows only13:58
darren__ActionParsnip, ok wont be long13:58
ActionParsnipxtrememertx: have you tried commenting out the videoram option or the xaanopixmapcache13:58
dinesh_ActionParsnip: i have access to wireless network only13:58
ActionParsnipdinesh_: do you have physical access to your router?13:58
VVSizgood evening, gentlemen! does anybody know how to disable "screen saver" in Ubuntu's *CONSOLE*?13:59
xtrememertxi added video ram  opetion few minutes back to see if it works .. its still the same13:59
dinesh_ActionParsnip: no it is college network13:59
ActionParsnipdinesh_: hmm, you need some wired connection til you can get sorted, or download the stuff you need to cd or usb storage then transfer13:59
VVSizso far, reading man pages, it seems that 'vidcontrol' tool is the way to disable console's screen saver, but I can't seem to find that app anywhere14:00
ActionParsnipVVSiz: do you ever want them on?14:00
ActionParsnipVVSiz: you could just uninstall them14:00
dinesh_ActionParsnip: tell me what stuff to download14:01
roxahrisI'm reinstalling it14:01
VVSizActionParsnip: uninstall what? by screen saver, I mean that in TEXT mode my console goes blank14:01
ActionParsnipVVSiz: ooh i dunno but if you find out can you tell me. Im doing a gentoo install and i keep having to hit cursor to make it turn on again14:01
VVSizso, no X11 stuff in my case, I have pure text console and would like to disable the screen going blank :)14:01
KDB9000need some help with gnome connect to server over ssh. my ssh server is using public/private keys to auth.14:01
ActionParsnipdinesh_: what isthe output of lspci - one line will be your wireless device14:02
VVSizActionParsnip: the man says use vidcontrol, but I don't know in which package to find it14:02
ActionParsnip!find vidcontrol14:02
ubottuFile vidcontrol found in Use, of, uninitialized, value, in (and 32 others)14:02
ActionParsnipwell that was pretty useless14:02
dinesh_Actionparsnip:right now i am using window as i donot have access to wireless on ubuntu14:03
ActionParsnipdinesh_: boot to linux and run the command. write down what it says about your wireless device14:03
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xtrememertxI have  been trying different hings   since two weeks still no luck , even a normal  avi file is laggy14:03
ActionParsnipdinesh_: then come back14:03
Kartagisdoes ubuntu have software in which you can convert a video to ascii format?14:04
ActionParsnipxtrememertx: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=53194314:04
ActionParsnipxtrememertx: http://ph.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=87936214:04
dinesh_ActionParsnip: ok i am logging in ubuntu14:05
scampbellVVSiz: not sure under Ubuntu (because I don't have one in front of me) but I think you want   setterm -blank 014:05
ActionParsnipxtrememertx: i set up someones i810 yesterday and her xorg.conf was much simpler14:05
pvh_sa|wrkheya all... i'd like to set up automatic updates on our servers - especially for security updates14:05
g0deaterHi, is anyone here using compiz-fusion with 2 monitors and an ati card?14:05
g0tchaumm.. how can i add the 'universal' source to the source.list using terminal?14:05
ActionParsnipxtrememertx: if you see someone called st3ph (fairly regular user) as her for her xorg.conf14:06
=== ce_jomblo_18 is now known as ce_nirsa
ActionParsnipg0tcha: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.lst and uncomment what you want including14:06
dinesh_ActionParsnip: ok i logged in ubuntu the result of command has multiple lines which line u r refering to?14:06
ActionParsnipg0tcha: dont quote me on the path to sources.lst14:06
ActionParsnipdinesh_: the one about your wifi14:07
pvh_sa|wrkin order to do that, should i separate out -security updates into their own sources.list and apt-get upgrade from that sources.list ?14:07
xtrememertxthx  actionparship will she be on irc ?14:07
DarrenpaullittleActionParsnip, hi had to change my nick where would you like me to paste the results14:07
CelanorQuick question: ANyone know how to enable 32-bit packages in 64-bit versions of Ubuntu, lostthe command to do it14:07
ActionParsnipdinesh_: type what it says14:07
KDB9000dinesh_, it will most likely say "network controller" before it.14:07
ActionParsnipxtrememertx: quite a lot, yes14:07
marshallive set up shares on my desktop and whenever i try to access them on my laptop it just keeps asking for my username and password after ive entered it correctly14:08
roxahrisdon't you just put "-32" after the package name?14:08
ActionParsnipCelanor: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-7742.html14:08
xtrememertxshe has the same chipset ?14:08
VVSizscampbell: excellent, thank you!!! that worked (I hope!) :)14:08
ActionParsnipmarshall: check in /etc/samba/smb.conf and you will see the allowed users, make sure the name you want to use is in there14:09
dinesh_Actionparsnip: it does not have anything about wi fi but has about network controller14:09
KDB9000dinesh_, that is the one you are looking for14:09
scampbellVVSiz: you'll have to bury it your startups someplace of course.  It's only valid until reboot.14:10
DarrenpaullittleActionParsnip, Bus 004 Device 002: ID 0bda:8187 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.  00:1a.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) USB UHCI Controller #4 (rev 03)14:10
dinesh_KDB9000: its what i got after running the command lspci14:10
g0tchatoday ubuntu is giving me an error after another for some reason14:10
DarrenpaullittleActionParsnip, there is more but it makes no sence what so ever14:10
g0tchaim tryint oinstall php packages using the apt-get but itsgiving me this error: "E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?14:11
ActionParsnipDarrenpaullittle: thats the usb controller, not the wireless card14:11
ActionParsnipg0tcha: you got apt-get running or synaptic open?14:11
KDB9000dinesh_, you didn't send anything.14:11
VVSizscampbell: sure, will do.14:12
CelanorNot what I'm looking for, there's an actual terminal command that allows Ubuntu to use 32bit packages. Done it with SKype and a few other programs14:12
DarrenpaullittleActionParsnip, ok it does not show up only the built in14:12
bezibaercheng0tcha: close synaptic our use sudo ;)14:12
dinesh_KDB9000: Broadcom corporation BCM94311MCG wlan mini-pci(re 02)14:12
dinesh_KDB9000: now i have send u14:12
KDB9000dinesh_, you have a Broadcom wifi card then.14:12
ActionParsnipdinesh_: ok cool, now you know what you have yu can use websearches on how to install it14:12
legend2440xtrememertx: read post #6  you may have better luck with the intel driver   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=73472214:12
IndyGunFreakDarrenpaullittle: only the built in?.. do you have two wireless devices? is 1 USB and 1 internal or what?14:13
DarrenpaullittleIndyGunFreak, yes i have 1 built in and one usb externel that has a longer range14:13
sanjoei have question about vmware installation14:13
xtrememertxlegend2440: I tried using intel ... no  boost in performance14:14
sanjoecan anyone help me out here14:14
IndyGunFreakDarrenpaullittle: well if the usb external is plugged in, run lsusb to see if its identified.14:14
KDB9000dinesh_, you have a broadcom wifi card in your laptop. i am checked for how to install and make it work14:14
sanjoei have installed vmware server14:14
ActionParsnip!ask | sanjoe14:14
ubottusanjoe: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)14:14
legend2440xtrememertx: oh ok14:14
PizarroHi to everyone14:15
dinesh_KBB9000: ok tell me14:15
sanjoei have installed vmware server on my ubuntu 8.04, however when i try to running a virtual machine, it doesnt work as the vm can switch on, can anyone help me out here thanks14:15
g0tchaActionParsnip, there was synaptic open, i closed it but still giving the same error14:15
sanjoecant soory14:16
ActionParsnipg0tcha: ps -ef | grep syna14:16
PizarroI am having a hard day trying to make Ubuntu Server 8 to use my network, I can't manage to make a ping from the server to even my router!! I have checked everything, cable, cards, etc.. also the DHCP is not working, everything is ok in my LAN, I have 4 computers connected in DHCP without any problem, but I can't do it with ubuntu server, Any help please?14:16
KDB9000dinesh_, you can give this a try http://invaleed.wordpress.com/2007/11/20/install-bcm94311mcg-wlan-mini-pci-ubuntu-710/14:16
g0tchawow Jul2414:16
PizarroNo errors during the installation but the NO DHCP install14:17
sanjoehmm.... no respond..14:17
PizarroI also tried with 2 diferent network cards and the same14:17
PizarroBefore I was using CentOS in this same computer, but I formated the hard drive and Installed Ubuntu Server14:17
KDB9000dinesh_, well that is with ndiswrapper, i know alot of the guys in the forum use it for the broadcom drivers.14:17
PizarroAny help please?14:18
g0tchaActionParsnip, is there a reason why it didnt show up with ps x ?14:18
brubelsabsHi, when I do aptitude update there is a "Hash Sum mismatch" what can I do? I've the out-of-the-box sources.list and 8.04.14:18
ActionParsnipg0tcha: just checking you dont have anything running that can lock it14:18
dinesh_KDB9000: is it mean i have to try with ndiswrapper14:18
ActionParsnip!fixapt | g0tcha14:18
ubottug0tcha: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:18
bakarathow do i change the ownership of a symbolic link?14:19
maniackanyone home14:19
KDB9000dinesh_, that might be your best bet. i was able to get my broadcom to work with the b34 driver. i don't know if it will work for you.14:19
Chousukebakarat: chmod? :)14:19
livingdaylight__!hi | maniack14:19
ubottumaniack: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!14:19
maniackhave a question pleaase14:19
PizarroHow is possible that Ubuntu Server can't get the DHCP when ht eothers computers do??? During the installation everything went ok, also in lsmod etc.. everything is ok14:19
dinesh_KDB9000: ok i need to give it a try right14:19
bakaratChousuke, this by default changes the permission on the target file, not the link itself apparantly14:19
ActionParsnipPizarro: if you set /etc/network/interfaces to static ip then it wont14:20
legend2440Pizarro: perhaps someone in channel       #ubuntu-server   would know14:20
bakaratChousuke, i tried adding -h but that doesn't work14:20
livingdaylight__!ask | maniack14:20
ubottumaniack: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)14:20
PizarroActionParsnip, actually it's set in static and it doesn't14:20
Chousukebakarat: why do you want to change permissions on the link itself, anyway?14:20
maniackabout my cpu14:20
maniackwho is willing to help14:20
PizarroActionParsnip, I installed this stuff 4 times, the last one in static mode14:20
Chousukebakarat: doesn't sound very useful :(14:20
maniackpizarro can you assit please14:20
KDB9000dinesh_, alot of the docs i looked at pointed me to that site. if you want we can try b34 driver.14:20
adamk maniack  Just ASK the question.14:21
ActionParsnipPizarro: try setting a suitable ip to your network and ping14:21
bakaratChousuke, for some reason it says that the end user has no permission, even though on the directory that the link points to, he has14:21
bakaratChousuke, the link however is owned by the root, i thought that could be the problem14:21
KDB9000ActionParsnip, do you know if the b34 driver for broadcom wifi will work with the BCM94311MCG wifi card?14:21
DarrenpaullittleOk question to every one I have a built in wireless and a usb wireless on two laptops, I have done a freash install of ubuntu on both laptops, on my girlfriendsn laptop I can use wireless stright away with out doing any thing, but on mine it does not know its there, so I downlaed a driver from aircrack which lets me use the usb wireless but does not show signel strength, so I tried wicd which just shows full sugnel stre14:21
Darrenpaullittlength but does not let me connect, so then I used ndiswrapper with a windows driver that shows signel strength and lets me connect to an open connection but not wep with the right code,14:21
Darrenpaullittleis there any way I can just get this stupid thing to work be doing another fresh install of ubutu and just adding something easy,,,tryed so many things and so many hours reading but its not helping,,, could it be that my sony is not compatible with the wireless or some thing else....please help im going crazy, sorry for so much do hard to explain in a few words14:21
Chousukebakarat: if the user has read permission on the link then it shouldn't matter :/14:21
ActionParsnipKDB9000: id use ndiswrapper, broadcom is garbage14:21
brubelsabsno one knows what to do with an hash mismatch, or is my question not precise enough?14:21
livingdaylight__Pizarro, why not stick with CentOS if it works?14:21
dinesh_ok try b34 driver14:21
bakaratChousuke, hmm14:22
PizarroActionParsnip, my router is configured to give DHCP from to .....255, from to ...10 is for static, I already have a lan printer in static at working FINE, and I set ubuntu to work at AND I CANT PING MY GATEWAY14:22
KDB9000ActionParsnip, mine works with the b34 driver, couple hickups here and there14:22
Chousukebakarat: I just checked14:22
Chousukebakarat: it's not possible14:22
ActionParsnipPizarro: is it wired or wireless?14:22
bakaratChousuke, it was a mistake on my part :D14:23
Chousukebakarat: the manual page says that the permissions of a symbolic link are never used14:23
PizarroActionParsnip, my gateway (router) is at, and is WIRED, no WIFI14:23
KDB9000Pizarro, did you also set the gateway?14:23
maniackwhen want to change the password going through the bios how do i about it14:23
ActionParsnipPizarro: tried a different cable?14:23