R1cochetis there a chm reader for xubuntu hardy amd64?00:17
R1cochetthe firefox addon wont work00:17
Odd-rationale!find chm00:38
ubottuFound: fetchmail, archmage, archmbox, chm2pdf, chmsee (and 14 others)00:38
R1cochetwell chmsee didnt work either but chm viewer does00:39
Ultraputzanyone know whether it is possible to style xfce's panels the way the window borders can be styled?02:59
favrohave a goggle for gtkrc-2.0 - you can set one up in your home folder to style the panel03:12
favrohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/47056/ - is my .gtkrc-2.0 file03:14
Ultraputzeep. battery failed. question: is it possible to style the borders of panels the way window borders can be styled in xfce?03:32
Odd-rationaleUltraputz: while you were gone, favro said the following: favro | have a goggle for gtkrc-2.0 - you can set one up in your home folder to style the panel03:46
Odd-rationalefavro | http://paste.ubuntu.com/47056/ - is my .gtkrc-2.0 file03:47
Ultraputzthank you!03:47
Ultraputzand it is via this mechanism that you can style the edges of the window?03:47
Ultraputzlike, widget_class "*Panel*" style "<thing>" ?03:48
Ultraputzi'm basically wanting to round the edges of the panels, as i don't use them edge-to-edge, but rather foating here and there.03:49
Odd-rationaleUltraputz: you mean like this? http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/03:51
Ultraputznot exactly, though that's also useful information03:52
Ultraputzi'm referring to the borders -- the box that tha panel is in03:52
Ultraputzthe borders of the panel object03:52
Ultraputznot the background image of the panel itself03:53
Ultraputzyou can change the borders of windows in xfce, which is separate from the interface theme (gtk)03:53
Ultraputzi was wondering if htere was a way to apply a window border style other than plain box to the panels also03:53
Odd-rationalewb, zoredache05:09
GeekthrasWell Ubuntu (Xubuntu in fact, though that should make no difference) froze up recently and upon startup dropped to a grub shell of some kind. Poking around, I found it referencing /ubuntu/disks/something, so I booted up Windows and checked this mythical C:/ubuntu/disks/whatever when - lo and behold - I found it was corrupted and unreadable. Do I basically get to reinstall ubuntu? Or is there...06:51
Geekthras...any way at all to fix this?06:51
Geekthras(reinstalling ubuntu's not a big issue for me, just the data would be nice)06:51
MyrttiGeekthras: so you're using wubi installation, correct?06:56
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mandjehi.  i lost the bars on the desktop. :(   (wubi install)  how can you get them back again?08:12
cody-somervillePress alt + f208:13
cody-somervilletype in "xfce4-panel" and hit enter08:13
mandjeyou spread magick cody-somerville  ;)08:14
* cody-somerville tries :]08:14
mandjeand i'll make sure i can find this one if it happens again..   look like its some nasty punishment after booting back from windows.  ;)08:16
cody-somervilleJust make sure to logout correctly and it'll save your session08:17
mandjeok tnx cody-somerville.08:18
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Guest603hello. i just removed ubuntu and installed xubuntu. isthere an exstensive config like gconf for ubuntu?09:55
favromost gets done through the settings manager from the menu09:58
Guest603well i cant find anything regarding power options. like what cpu frequenzy and what brightness09:59
favroI've never seen anything like that - but then I've never looked for it :)10:00
favrowhat app did you use in gnome for that ? - just gconf?10:01
Guest603yes, gcong, then edited gnome-power10:01
Guest603favro, i used to use gnome, now i did a format and installed xubuntu, so i'm triing to reset everithing up.10:02
favroyeh I got that - I just don't use any apps like that - someone who does might chime in...10:02
Guest603yes i understand. i havent googled it yet, probably i will find what i need10:03
Guest603can you tell me how to disable the dan sistem beep also? it beeps very loud and it bothers me10:03
Guest603scares me also10:03
TheSheepGuest603: there are panel plugins for managing cpu speed and screen brightness, but you can also install gnome-power-manager10:04
TheSheepGuest603: I change the beep sound with: xset b 80 1200 510:05
Guest603TheSheep, the only panel plugin i found preinstalled was cpu governor, but it just lets me choose what to use, not what to do when ac is connected or on battery10:05
TheSheepGuest603: just put it as a command in autostarted applications10:05
TheSheepGuest603: for that you need power manager10:05
Guest603TheSheep, does it disable it completely?10:05
TheSheepGuest603: put zeroes there to disable it completely10:05
Guest603xset b 0 0 0?10:06
Guest603k ,i will try10:06
Guest603what do those numbers mean?10:06
Guest603and how do i change the autostarted? it used to be sessions...10:07
favrothat's in the settings manager from applications menu10:09
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TheSheepGuest603: The first number is for volume, the second pitch and the third duration of the beep.10:10
Guest603sessions and startup? i dont see anything usefull there...10:10
TheSheepGuest603: "autostarted applications"10:10
TheSheepGuest603: in "settings amanager"10:10
TheSheepGuest603: the very first icon from top left10:11
Guest603oh my god10:11
Guest603you are right...sorry, i dont know why my brain just didnt read that10:11
TheSheepit takes a while to get rid of old habits10:11
Guest603yes i know...10:12
Guest603ok, next thing10:12
Guest603if i enable composite when i move a window i get smooth movements10:12
Guest603same thing when scrolling a webpage10:12
Guest603if i disable it i get something like a slow refresh or something10:12
TheSheepwell, composing is one technique of 2d hardware acceleration10:13
Guest603usually it should be the opposite on problem cards...but mind i installed the latest ati drivers from the site so that the restricted drivers shows in use green, but enable unchecked. do i need to check it?10:13
Guest603under ubuntu without effects i never experienced it10:13
TheSheepno idea, never had ATI10:14
Guest603if i check enalbe it installs the fglrx package, should i do that?10:14
TheSheepit shouldn't hurt10:14
Guest603ok, i will do that later10:14
TheSheepit will provide 3d acceleration10:14
Guest603but i already have fglrx...or atleast i think because i installed the drivers from the ati page...10:15
Guest603i will do that anyway...later though10:15
Guest603let me think of other things10:15
TheSheepugh, then there may be breakage10:15
Guest603ah yes, i cant remember what to install for the dvd, mp3, wmv bla bla bla10:15
Guest603i am doing ubuntu-restricted now, anything else?10:16
Guest603something of adding medibuntu...but i cant remember10:16
TheSheepit's best to avoid installing from 3rd party sources, the packages from repository often have many ubuntu-specific bugs fixed10:16
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org10:16
TheSheepGuest603: you want libdvdcss2 and w32codecs10:17
Guest603do i need medibuntu for ubuntu-restricted-extras? i dont think so, because it is downloading now...10:17
Guest603so once i install ubuntu-restricted and libdvdcss and w32codecs i'm set?10:17
TheSheepGuest603: I think so10:18
Guest603i will do that10:18
TheSheepGuest603: not sure whether java is included in ubuntu-restricted10:18
Guest603TheSheep, it is, it is downloading now10:19
Guest603jsut another thing i jsut saw. to add medibuntu to the list i do sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/hardy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list. is that final medibuntu.list correct?10:19
Guest603shouldnt it be sources?10:20
TheSheepno, the directory is sources, the file extension is .list10:20
Guest603so i will add that10:20
Guest603can i do it while i'm installing ubuntu-restricted?10:20
Guest603or should i finish that and then do it?10:21
TheSheepit dowanloads that firle and puts it in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/10:21
TheSheepyou can dowload that file now, but to run update you need to wait until it finishes10:21
Guest603oh, btw, i really appreciate you peoples help10:21
Guest603so are there any big differences between ubuntu and xubuntu, apart from missing gnome, that i should know of?10:22
Guest603like something that might prevent me from doing what i used to do with ubuntu?10:23
TheSheepGuest603: thunar can't browse samba shares natively10:23
TheSheep(thunar is the file manager)10:23
Guest603yes yes10:23
Guest603that was the answer i was looking for. anything else?10:23
TheSheepthere is no default music player, totem is used instead10:23
TheSheepyou can install a music player of choice though10:24
Guest603so when i click on an mp3 i get totem...correct?10:24
TheSheepopenoffice is not installed by default, there is abiword and gnumeric instead, they are much simpler and can't open powerpoint presentations10:24
TheSheepGuest603: yes10:24
Guest603totem isnt bad...and i noticed abiword, can it handle docx files?10:25
TheSheepand it... simplifies the .doc files it loads10:25
TheSheepbut you can install openoffice10:25
TheSheepremoves some formatting it cannot handle10:26
Guest603openoffice natively doesnt do that?10:26
TheSheepif it does, it's to a much smaller degree, because openoffice can handle much more10:26
Guest603ok, then i will get openoffice10:27
Guest603another thing i just thought about10:27
Guest603keyboard shortcuts like launching a terminal with the play button, can i do that?10:27
Guest603terminal or some other app10:27
TheSheepyes, in settings manager->keyboard10:27
Guest603i will look now10:27
TheSheepbut you have to make sure your eyboard type is selected properly, default keyboard type doesn't have multimedia keys10:28
Guest603that would be keyboard map? like default or emacs?10:28
TheSheepno, the last tab, 'layout'10:29
Guest603use x config is selected10:29
TheSheepand what does it say in the grayed out area?10:29
Guest603generic 10510:29
Guest603us layout10:29
TheSheepyou might need to change it10:30
TheSheepif your multimedia eys don't work10:30
Guest603i will add a shortcut and try the multimedia keys10:30
Guest603if it doesnt work i will try another layout10:30
Guest603and what is the terminal called? for theese kind of problems i would open the menu editor and look at it, but in xfce i cant do taht for applications...10:31
TheSheepgotta run10:34
Guest603i add the shortcut, then it asks me to push the desired shortcut. i press the multimedia and it closes the window, but it doesnt set the key10:34
Guest603ok, thanks again for your help10:35
R1cocheteverytime i "switch user" im auto logged back in after 5min. can i fix this?11:07
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Shark3quelqu'un sait il comment regle t'on un "dpkg: impossible de creer  /var/lib/dpkg/updates/tmp.i aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type" ???11:38
Shark3does anybody knows how resolve this error "dpkg: impossible to create  /var/lib/dpkg/updates/tmp.i no file or directory " ???11:40
favroare you using sudo with the command?11:41
Shark3sudo apt get install ....11:45
favrodo you have a /var/lib/dpkg/updates folder/ - if noy make one - mines empty11:48
Shark3yes i have one11:49
Shark3its blue when i type ls /var/lib/dpkg11:49
Shark3and inside there is the fuckin' tmp.i11:49
Shark3but i cant "touch" it, "mv" it no more11:49
favrowho owns it?11:50
Shark3how can i know ?11:50
favrols -l /var/lib/dpkg11:50
R1cochetalso when i log out from one account im auto logged into previous account11:51
favrols -l /var/lib/dpkg/updates oops11:51
Shark3whow !!!!11:52
Shark3what the fuck11:52
favroso sudo mv -v tmp.i tmp.i.bak should work?11:52
Shark3look at this11:52
favroyou have to watch the language in here11:52
Shark3$ ls -l /var/lib/dpkg/updates11:52
Shark3-??????? ??? ??? ? ? ?            ? tmp.i11:53
favroit's not root that owns that...11:53
Shark3who owns this file sos ?11:54
favrotry to remove the updates folder recursively - sudo rm -rfv /var/lib/dpkg/updates11:54
TheSheepShark3: what did you do just before this happened?11:55
Shark3TheSheep, I've just installed some packets11:55
Shark3i cant delete this directory because it's not empty11:56
favrothe -rfv bit should cover that11:56
Shark3i use -rfv11:57
Shark3help me!!!11:58
Shark3i go crazy11:59
TheSheepShark3: try booting your system in recovery mode and running chkdsk12:01
Shark3how can i do that ?12:01
Shark3( run in recovery mode ? )12:01
TheSheeppress esc when it's booting, select recovery mode, when it boots type  'fsck /dev/hda1' or 'fsck /dev/sda1', depending which disk is your /12:02
Shark3should i use other options ?12:03
Shark3-p ?12:03
Shark3what do i chose ?12:04
Shark3resume, dpkg, rppt xfix?12:04
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RickZillaxubuntu should install on a Pentium 3 running at 667 MHz and 256k of RAM, shouldn't it?16:08
cody-somervilleRickZilla, no, it won't run on 256k of RAM16:22
cody-somervilleRickZilla, I'm not sure of many things that would :P16:23
dickused to gnome here. In Nautilus > preference one can assign what appllication opens what files.. i don't see the corresponding in thunar. Can somoene please tell me how that is done in xfce, please?16:23
cody-somervilleApplications > Settings > Settings Manager, Preferred Applications16:24
B3ny0-yes it will16:24
dickthx, cody-somerville16:24
cody-somervilleB3ny0-, hmm?16:24
B3ny0-he's probably typed it wrong, 256k RAM isn't even possible for his computer specs :)16:25
dickcody-somerville, its not there. bear in mind that i am in xubuntu 7.1016:25
cody-somervilleB3ny0-, Indeed :]16:26
cody-somervilledick, http://cody.zapto.org/screenshots/preferred-applications.png16:27
dickcody-somerville, ok, i found preferred applications but it only assigns which app will browse and email. I need to assign an application to play cd's and dvd's16:28
cody-somervilleYou'll want to look at the volume manager16:28
dicklets see16:29
dickwhere is volume manager - sorry16:31
dickand why would volume manager be the place to assing whether totem or vlc plays audio or avi?16:31
cody-somerville"Removable drives and media" is the option you want to click16:32
dickand where is that?16:32
cody-somervilleTake a look at the same screenshot :P16:33
RickZillaYikes...sorry, how about 256M RAM?  :-)16:33
cody-somervilleYes, it'll run :)16:34
RickZillaSo with that in mind...is Ubuntu even possible?  Or should I just stick wtih xubuntu?16:36
dickcody-somerville, yea, like i said unfortunately your settings manager and mine don't look the same. i'm running xubuntu 7.10 which is why Does this mean i cannot assing applications to play audio or movie files? What is happening here is that i cannot play dvd??16:37
cody-somervilleRickZilla, Your call :)16:38
cody-somervilleRickZilla, I have a high tolerance for slow computers :P16:38
dickhehe :p16:38
dickalso i installed rhythmbox which i see in applications menu but it won't load when i click on it16:40
cody-somervilleTry starting it from the command line16:42
cody-somervilleshould give an error16:42
dickcody-somerville, like totem /media/cdrom ?16:44
dickhow do i start it from command line?16:44
dickor do you mean start rhythmbox from command line?16:44
cody-somervillejust type "rhythmbox" at the command line.16:44
dickdick@ubuntu:~$ rhythmbox16:48
dickError re-scanning registry , child terminated by signal16:48
dickRun 'rhythmbox --help' to see a full list of available co16:48
dickso, and in the meantime; xubuntu 7.10 didn't come with the capacity to assign applications to media files?16:51
dickby the way reason i'm on xubuntu 7.10 is coz i've installed the ppc on an iBook G3 500 mhz16:51
dickcody-somerville, give up?16:56
RickZillaRecommend gibbon or drake for download?16:58
cody-somervilledick, no just working :P16:58
dickk :D16:59
slow-motiondoes someone knows, how can i put a marker on bad blocks, so that they wont be used anymore?17:00
zoredacheit is non-free, but I know spinrite will do it17:01
slow-motionhave you an apt source?17:03
slow-motionaptitude dont find spinrite17:04
zoredacheslow-motion: it isn't a linux package...  it boots its own OS and runs a complete scan of the hd http://www.grc.com/sr/spinrite.htm17:05
slow-motionand it dont harm my data?17:05
slow-motioni think i'm at a point where an atheist begins to pray that his computer starts17:06
zoredacheI have used it many many times. without loosing anything that wasn't already lost because of a failing drive17:06
slow-motioni gave it a try17:06
zoredachedon't you have a backup of your data?17:07
* slow-motion starts to whistle17:07
slow-motioni was thinking about it17:08
dicksay: does 7.10 come with a torrent downloader? and if not, which do you recommend i install?17:08
cody-somervilledick, we're working developing version 8.1017:08
RickZillaWill I be able to use the Livecd version of xubuntu on a Pentium 3 running at 667MHz and 256M RAM?17:08
cody-somerville7.10 is a faint memory :P17:08
dicki don't see a torrent downloader in network and presume this does not come with xubuntu 7.10 by default17:08
cody-somervilleRickZilla, yes17:08
slow-motioni have to buy spinrite?17:08
zoredachenot-preinstalled...  Do you want a gui or a command line?  I like running bittornado in the background17:09
dickzoredache, gui please17:09
zoredacheslow-motion: yeah... I said it wasn't free... :|17:09
zoredachedick: azuerisus (sp)17:09
dickazureus is too heavy... i'm on an iBook G3 500mhz17:10
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P17:10
dickdid transmission exist in 7.10?17:11
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dickthx guys17:13
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slow-motionso i be gone for a while17:18
slow-motionif we dont meet again, my computer is gone17:19
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frenzy42how do you change system sounds in xubuntu17:59
vinnlWhat do you mean by system sounds?18:00
frenzy42like enable different sounds for different actions and take away that system beep18:01
vinnlfrenzy42, you can Google on how to disable the system beep... I don't know about different sounds18:01
vinnlPerhaps that's some accesibility setting18:01
TheSheepthere are no "sounds for different actions"18:01
TheSheepxubuntu doesn't have sounds18:02
TheSheepxfce doesn't have sounds18:02
vinnlTheSheep, isn't there some GTK setting to make a sound when browsing menus or something? That sounds like something it could have :P18:02
frenzy42i see18:02
zoredachexfce is light-weight for a reason...  Playing sounds each time I do something would waste cpu time18:02
frenzy42well then good!18:03
TheSheepfrenzy42: you can disbale or change the system bell with xset b command18:03
TheSheepfrenzy42: like on the bottom of this page: http://www.linux.org/lessons/beginner/l19/lesson19k.html18:03
TheSheepfrenzy42: you can put it in autostarted applications in your settings manager18:03
frenzy42in command do i just type xset b off or terminal xset b off18:05
TheSheepfrenzy42: I don't understand18:06
frenzy42when i set a auto started app18:09
frenzy42it asks me for a name, description and a command18:09
TheSheepxset b off18:10
TheSheepthe latter makes totally no sense18:10
WooUh... Where is the restore button from the trash?18:22
vinnlWoo, right-click18:23
WooAnd then?18:24
vinnlRestore, I believe18:24
vinnlOpen with Nautilus? :P18:25
WooWhat is Nautilus?18:25
vinnlWoo, it's the GNOME file manager (like Thunar is Xfce's) - it's in your screenshot18:26
vinnlWoo, are you sure that's a screenshot of Thunar?18:26
WooNow I am taken to the contents of the folder18:26
Woothat is a screenshot from when I right click my folders in trash18:27
vinnlWoo, can you show a screenshot of the whole screen?18:27
vinnlWoo, here's mine: http://bildr.no/view/25517518:28
vinnlWoo, ah, you're using Ubuntu18:29
vinnlI'd ask the question in #ubuntu18:29
Woo#ubuntu is too crowded :)18:29
vinnlYeah but people use Xubuntu in here :P18:30
Wooi have yet to find a problem that xubuntu can't solve in ubuntu18:30
vinnlWoo, at least Xubuntu can restore :P18:30
vinnlThough I'm sure Ubuntu can too, somewhere18:30
Wooxubuntu didn't work as i would like it to when i tried it in the first place18:33
Woocan't remember what18:33
vinnlHehe, perhaps you ought to give it another try ;-)18:34
Woonah, i'm really tired of this [shit]18:35
vinnlTired as in been spending your whole day in it and needing some sleep, or tired as in not being used to it and going back to Windows or whatever?18:36
cody-somervilleNautlius doesn't have restore from trash feature18:36
Woothat's really amazing :D18:36
Woowe're in 200818:36
Woonow i don't know what to do18:37
vinnlcody-somerville, doesn't it? 0.o18:37
cody-somervilleI'm pretty sure it doesn't.18:37
vinnlOh, that's right, now I remember18:37
vinnlNautilus had a very backwards trash implementation18:37
Woobecause i don't have enough space to move the 24gb files from the trash to either drive18:37
vinnlI daresay restore is more important than Samba-sharing :P18:38
Woothing is, because my disk somehow did not mount last night when i was happy to go to sleep thinking everything finally worked, it assigned /storage to the system drive18:38
Woothen all of a sudden my torrent client recognized that18:38
Wooand started downloading like 10-15gb over the night18:39
Wooi just mounted the /storage disk back on, and did a force recheck18:40
Wooi noticed i only had 4gb available to the system drive now, and dismounted to delete everything in /storage downloaded over the night18:40
Wooi mounted it back on, and all the folders were gone18:41
Wooso now there isn't enough space to move the data back on either drive18:41
WooI miss how disks are mounted in Windows18:43
vinnlWhich is...?18:43
Woooh hey... can i install the window managment system xubuntu have, log off gnome and on the xubuntu thing to restore my stuff?18:44
vinnlWoo, I don't think so18:44
vinnlI'm not sure how Nautilus stores stuff to trash, but I believe it's different from Thunar's method18:44
Woowhat is the best distro for me anyyway? desktop edition, will run as server only (desktop is easier to config), easy to share in windows and auto update18:53
vinnlWhat do you mean by desktop edition?18:54
vinnlUntil it sounds like Ubuntu is a good fit :P18:54
WooUbuntu: stops streaming after 1-2 secs often, awful configuration for windows share, lets me have one connection only to share files (ie marking a folder causes the transfer to crash), auto update doesn't work properly, add/remove doesn't work properly (crashes often), doesn't start partitioning easily...18:55
vinnlPerhaps Debian is better for you18:57
WooI said user friendly :P18:57
Wooand desktop edition18:57
vinnlDebian is quite easy to use, isn't it?18:57
vinnlOr perhaps Fedora?18:57
vinnlNote: I've only used Ubuntu and Xubuntu18:57
WooJust look at the introduction site for Debian18:57
Wooit's not indended for average joe18:58
Wooalso ubuntu didn't want to mount my external drive today... yay18:59
vinnlWell, I suppose you could give Fedora a try then18:59
WooNo, I have Ubuntu installed now. I find it best not to have further downtime :)19:00
WooAnd I have confidence my problems will be fixed within 10 years in open source spirit :P19:00
WooAlthough I haven't found anyone with the same problems as me19:01
vinnlYeah it's odd indeed19:02
vinnlYou might want to report problems at bugs.ubuntu.com and see if they can help you there19:02
WooSounds like too much typing :P19:02
vinnlIt might help other people ^.^19:03
WooI was going to submit a bug for Pidgin19:04
vinnlGreat :)19:04
Woobut there were so many clicks, a long submission and too much hassle19:04
WooI did in the end, and it would seem no one wanted what I wanted19:04
WooI want to select where I store the chatlogs19:04
vinnl*sigh* :P19:05
vinnlIsn't that possible?19:05
WooI don't think so, might be a year ago since I tried19:05
WooCan you check?19:05
WooAlso a *buntu bug, my friends laptop died after he rebooted from Kubuntu :D19:06
WooIt killed his GPU somehow19:06
vinnlYou sure it wasn't just at the end of its lifetime? :)19:07
vinnlWoo, nope, I don't see that option19:09
vinnlYou could try a link from Pidgin's log folder to wherever you want them :P19:10
WooIt was under a year old, and worked fine before that19:15
WooI want it since I keep my logs for years, I don't keep my OS installations for years19:16
WooAnyway, I'll go play some COD4 now19:17
WooOh yeah, HAHA, look who can't :P19:17
Woowith good FPS, good support etc19:17
B3ny0-I find it pretty hard to believe that kubuntu killed the gpu19:19
B3ny0-probably a manufacturing fault19:19
B3ny0-was it perhaps an nvidia chipset? they had lots of problems with their mobile gpus, especially 8 and 9-series of geforce19:19
zoredacheis there a way to prevent an application fo taking the focus?  (pidgin)21:58
DFlameyou could try enabling "hide new conversation windows" in pidgin interface settings. try changing it to always22:01
zoredacheDFlame: that is a better... still not perfect though...22:04
DFlamebest i can do for now22:04
DFlametry applications > settings manager > Window Manager...22:05
DFlameuncheck "automatically give focus to newly created windows"22:05
zoredacheI like that behavior.... I think I found what I need though22:08
DFlamegood stuff22:08
zoredachethe coversation windows hiding when combined with the libnotify pidgin plugin may give me the behavior I want22:09
Ben_Cswhere's a gobject-2.0    ?22:37
zoredache!info gobj222:39
ubottuPackage gobj2 does not exist in hardy22:39
zoredache!info gob222:40
ubottugob2 (source: gob2): GTK+ Object Builder. In component main, is extra. Version 2.0.15-1 (hardy), package size 105 kB, installed size 284 kB22:40
TheSheepBen_Cs: in glib, I think22:45
TheSheepBen_Cs: http://library.gnome.org/devel/gobject/stable/22:46

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