SchuenemannI see...00:00
dr_willisYou could resize your windows 95 partition and put the swap on the other hd. also.  to simpilify things00:00
SchuenemannI avoided that because the other hd is a bit old and slower00:01
dr_willisfor swap it proberly wont matter much00:01
dr_willisi tend to put a small swap partiion on every hard drive i put in a system00:02
dr_willisJust in case. :)00:02
Schuenemannok, but can I reorder the partitions or not?00:02
SchuenemannI'm not formatting everything right now (I just did that)00:03
dr_willisyou mean move  the location of a partition, totally ahead of a different partition? Hmm....00:03
SchuenemannI tried this: http://phlogma.com/linux/?p=400:03
Schuenemannnot much success, though00:03
dr_willisbrb - wife is yelling00:05
* Danu is back.00:13
n00b`1i cant kde4 work on my ubuntu 8.0400:37
n00b`1the problem is with screen resolution that wont get settled at 1024x76800:38
ubottuKDE 4.1.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde400:38
n00b`1and the place where i change system settings crash when i try to change the screen resolution00:38
dr_willisreally screen res shouldnt depend on the desktop either. :) if kde3, or any other desktops work . kde4 should also.00:38
n00b`1dr_willis,  i never tried kde before i used gnome always00:39
n00b`1but now i think gnome is becoming too simple for me i want something glossy00:39
n00b`1i tried kde on opensuse too but it didnt work there aswell00:39
n00b`1so how do i find out whats wrong and how do i report it?00:40
dr_willisnot sure what you are doing exactly. and the exact problem. You are saying that gnome works properly - but kde4 dosent?00:40
n00b`1dr_willis,  yes00:40
n00b`1dr_willis,  gnome works like a charm no matter what i do it never gets broken00:40
dr_williskde4 shouldent be affecting the system res at all.00:40
n00b`1dr_willis,  then what could be wrong?00:41
dr_williskde4 however is still very much a work in progress00:41
n00b`1dr_willis,  when it will be stable? in next decade?00:41
dr_willisI would say do what the !kde4 factoid says and ask in #kubuntu-kde4 for starters.00:41
dr_willisI just play with kde4 every so often.. i tend to use kde300:42
n00b`1kde3 is no good for nothing seriously00:42
dr_willisand the differances btweeen kde3 and kde4 are - vast.00:42
dr_willisI find no real problems wth kde300:42
dr_willisits all a matter of personal oponion. I get more work done with kde3 then i do with gnome00:42
n00b`1dr_willis,  the applications are nice though like akregator kmail and kopete00:42
n00b`1they are the nicest applications00:42
dr_willisI dont use those at all.00:43
n00b`1but the over all desktop is difficult to use00:43
n00b`1me neither i like to do all my work on the web00:43
dr_willisi dont find it difficult.  ya click on icons.. i perfer the konqueror file manager over others.00:43
n00b`1dr_willis,  yeah konq is better too00:43
n00b`1dr_willis,  the new filemanager dolphin is not that good though00:44
dr_willisI do not like the new dolphin very much at all. and some things in the gnome filemanager are just  annoying to do. vs how konq does it.00:44
n00b`1it looks a bit gnomeish00:44
dr_willisI have gotten where i perfer the rox-filer file manager00:44
n00b`1dr_willis,  roxfiler never heard of it00:45
n00b`1i am heading to kde4 chatroom lets see what they tell00:45
n00b`1i guess they will just tell me that i am a noob and i should get lost00:45
chris______do you guys still regard midnight commander as a nice tool or are there better ones?00:47
marcus__MC is one of the best, in my opinion.01:01
chris______good to hear. somebody gave me the tip like 4 yrs ago but i never did much with linux01:03
* chalcedony waves to Politics 01:16
PoliticsHello hello.01:16
chalcedonypeople seem to be asleep in here.. try pasting your question, Politics ?01:16
PoliticsSo I encountered a bug with ndiswrapper+knetworkmanager last night that froze my connection at configuration (28%), and so decided to give kwlan a try01:17
PoliticsAdept removed knetworkmanager as it was in conflict, but kwlan was painfully slow and impossible to work with01:17
PoliticsSo I attempted to switch back, but knetworkmanager failed to install and kwlan was removed01:17
PoliticsNow I have no connection, and can't even ping
PoliticsNow I need a way to recover my connection, so I can at-least apt-get my way out of this01:18
chalcedonysounds yucchy01:18
chalcedonyeh yeah01:18
chalcedonyand its wireless? you can't change that even temporarily?01:19
PoliticsI have both a wired and wireless connection01:19
Politicsboth eth1 and wlan0 devices exist01:19
PoliticsHowever, they don't work01:19
Politicsit seems01:19
favrotry   sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart01:20
chalcedonyfavro: nice to see you01:21
chalcedonyPolitics: :)01:21
=== ronnie_ is now known as Intrepid_Ron
PoliticsIt gave me two errors: Both saying it couldn't read /etc/network/interfaces01:22
Intrepid_Ronhey all  < =) just trying out alpha6, will let ya know if i find new amazing packages hehe01:22
favrowhat's in /etc/network interfaces then?01:22
PoliticsWhat's the command to read a file?01:23
PoliticsI can't remember01:23
favrocat /etc/network/interfaces01:24
PoliticsI commented out a bunch of stuff a week ago, at the advice of a topic I read while trying to set up the driver for the wlan0 device01:25
PoliticsMaybe I should undo the //'s?01:25
favroI'd get it back to default if I could then start again01:26
PoliticsIt's gedit /etc/network/interfaces still, right? Or does KDE use a different editor?01:26
favrouse kate01:27
favroI like kate :)01:27
favrokdesu kate /etc/network/interfaces01:28
Politicsk, restarting...01:29
XVampireXDo I get 64bit support here too?01:30
chalcedonyindeed :)01:30
chalcedonyXVampireX: is it kubuntu ?01:30
chalcedonythen here is good01:30
XVampireXKubuntu 8.04 KDE4 remix01:30
XVampireXAnyway, I don't get sound, if I unmute mic I can hear myself but there's no sound coming from either juk or flash or anything01:31
favrotry in #kubuntu-kde4 XVampireX01:31
XVampireXprobably somehow installed the codecs poorly01:31
favrothey know about kde401:31
digistyl3hi everyone, after a sudden powers shortage, kubuntu won't boot in my main pc01:32
digistyl3i tried knoppix too01:32
digistyl3it freezes at "Starting udev hot-plug hardware detection"01:32
PoliticsPinged successfully01:32
chalcedonyPolitics: kewl!01:32
chalcedonycongratulations :)01:32
Politicsthank you VERY much01:33
digistyl3does that mean my mobo is dead?01:33
favrodigistyl3: does a live cd boot?01:33
digistyl3knoppix freezes at the event i wrote a few lines before01:33
favrodoes the bios screen come up?01:33
jason|caive a disk in the cdrom drive -- from working on a virtualbox machine - it was showing on the desktop - (kde) its not now -- nor in dolphin -- how do i get it to eject?01:33
favroknoppix is on a hard drive is it?01:34
digistyl3it's on live cd01:34
favrodigistyl3: ^^01:34
digistyl3kubuntu was on hard rive01:34
favrodigistyl3: how far into boot does the hard drive go? - do you get to see grub?01:35
digistyl3favro: yes01:35
digistyl3favro: i removed the hard drive now01:36
digistyl3and tried to boot knoppix01:36
digistyl3but it freezes at starting udev01:36
favrodigistyl3: that might be the sort of thing the good folk in #hardware will know about01:37
favroor is it ##hardware...01:37
digistyl3favro: thanks01:38
favronp - I wasn't much help :)01:38
anom01yis 440 MB ram ok to use for kubuntu ?01:42
anom01yI find it gets really slow when using firefox (3 or 4 tabs open), and kopete at the same time just wondering if its a lack of memory problem ?01:43
anom01yits a p4 2.8 ghz CPU01:43
mnIs there any way to make my system quit making backup files that are filename~?01:53
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azizmn: in Kate: Settings > Configure Kate... > Open/Save01:58
mnaziz:  thnx!01:59
max__can someone tell me how to enter in server italian of kubuntu? thanks01:59
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)02:00
KDE_USRhow do i get a cd-rom to remount -- or eject?02:15
mnKDE_USR: sudo mount cdrom0 ?02:16
mnjust a guess02:16
mnHow do I create shortcuts on my desktop?02:17
azizKDE_USR: $ eject02:17
KDE_USRmn says -- cant find cdrom0 in fstab or mtab02:18
KDE_USRaziz: says command not found02:18
mnis there a cd in the drive?02:19
KDE_USRyes -- i was using it to build a virtual box VM -- the session failed -- the disk disapeared off the desktop and i cant get it out02:19
azizKDE_USR: sudo apt-get install eject02:20
KDE_USRsays its the newest version02:20
aziz$ /usr/bin/eject02:22
digistyl3i set hdparm -B 255 on my dell studio 15, is 39-40C a safe temperature for my hdd?02:25
KDE_USRaziz    no response02:26
azizKDE_USR: does it return to the console?02:26
KDE_USRyes - -no error message02:26
azizhm, there might be a process still blocking it... don't know why it doesn't react02:27
MakuseruHow can I change the user agent in Firefox or Konqueror? I was tryign to apply for something, but it said I needed Internet Explorer and Windows, and the User Agent Switcher plugin in Firefox dosnt work anymore.02:27
KDE_USRok -- thanks guys02:28
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mnhow can i find out what version my KDE is?02:55
mtoroyarzomn: kdesktop --version02:58
mnmtoroyarzo: It says 3.5.9, but I know I have 4.1.* installed.03:00
favromn: don't you have to choose kde4 as the session at login?03:03
mnit defaults03:05
favromn: dpkg -l | grep kde4 should check if it is installed03:07
mnshows all KDE packages and then -KDE4 after them so I guess I have it03:08
Dragnslcrmn- check what you have selected on the login screen03:08
favroseems it's not defaulting tho...03:08
mnDragnslcr:last session03:09
mnOops, I think I may have mispoken.  All of the things on the list have -KDE4 after them03:12
mnthe first line: "ii  ark-kde4                                   4:4.1.1-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa3                         archive utility for KDE 4"03:12
Dragnslcrmn- well, the first problem is that kdesktop is a KDE3 program, since it shows 3.5.10 for me03:15
mnso sudo apt-get remove kdesktop?03:15
DragnslcrI wouldn't bother03:16
DragnslcrIt isn't hurting anything, but "kdesktop --version" won't tell you what version of KDE is currently running03:16
DragnslcrI just checked KMenu -> Help -> Help -> About, and it gives me 4.1.103:17
mnWell, I think I will uninstall it because it's taking up disk space03:17
DragnslcrHelp -> About in any KDE app (Konqueror, Kopete, Konversation, etc.) should work03:17
DragnslcrOkay, Konversation still says 303:17
DragnslcrWhat items are in the context menu if you right-click on the desktop?03:19
mnrun command add widgets add panel desktop settings lock widgets lock screen leave03:20
mnI know I have 4.1.*03:20
mnbut I want to know if I have 4.1.2 and if not how to get it03:21
favrothe first line: "ii  ark-kde4                                   4:4.1.1-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa3  - says it is 4.1.103:21
mnah, unobservant me.  How can I upgrade it?03:22
favroask in #kubuntu-kde4 ?03:23
DragnslcrI don't think 4.1.2 is available03:28
DragnslcrAt least I haven't seen anything about it03:28
DragnslcrYeah, nothing on the KDE or Kubuntu sites about 4.1.2 being released03:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kismet03:30
favro!info kismet03:32
ubottukismet (source: kismet): Wireless 802.11b monitoring tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 2007-10-R1-2build1 (hardy), package size 946 kB, installed size 2480 kB03:32
WalzmynKubuntu / Ubuntu has been much slicker than any other distro i've used - but why dosen't it detect a windows partition at install and make a grub entry for it?03:34
favroWalzmyn: it normally does...03:37
Walzmynfavro, hasn't for me twice03:37
favroWalzmyn: is it vista that it is missing03:38
Walzmynnope, XP03:38
favroWalzmyn: I can paste the entry you need if it helps03:38
Walzmynit would, i'm trying to google it03:38
favroWalzmyn: kdesu kate /boot/grub/menu/lst while I paste it :)03:39
Walzmynfavro, already there03:39
favroWalzmyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/48771/03:40
Walzmynfavro,  thankyouverymuch03:41
=== chris______ is now known as sumo_su
favronp :)03:41
mnWhy did it take so long to show what was on this CD?  It took like 5 minutes.   (It's an old Xubuntu by the way)03:42
Walzmynwhat CD?03:44
Walzmynare you running on the live CD or one you just put in your drive?03:44
mnOh sorry03:54
mnI just put the cd in, im not running it03:54
mnIm on Kubuntu from HDD, I was just checking to see what this CD had on it03:55
Walzmynfavro, that menu entry is not working03:57
Walzmyninvalid device03:57
favroWalzmyn: sorry - I should have pointed out you need to change it to suit your setup03:58
WalzmynI did03:58
favroWalzmyn: where's the xp install?03:58
WalzmynI thought03:58
Walzmynsecond partition03:58
favroon the first hard drive?03:58
Walzmynchanged it to hd0, 103:59
Walzmynonly HDD03:59
favro(hd0,1) then03:59
favroWalzmyn: sudo fdisk -l   to check please04:00
Walzmyni just fired up gparted04:00
Walzmynthis thing did weird04:01
favrok that'll do04:01
Walzmyni've got 2 primary partitions - swap is one and everything else is logical04:01
Walzmynwhy'd it do that?04:01
Walzmyndamn  i hate windows04:01
favronothing wrong with that04:01
Walzmynno reason for it, 4 partitions, just use primary04:01
Walzmynthis is calling windows sda504:02
favroso   (sd0,4)04:02
Walzmynsorry, got distracted, my team just lost it's football game04:03
Walzmynaight, gonna reboot. Thanks favro04:04
favronp :)04:04
Kovert? is there a application like amarok for video? I want to be able to see like shoutcast has live streems Video programming04:12
Walzmynno love04:12
=== lissy is now known as lissy_
Kovertand if not why dont one of you make one :-)04:13
Walzmynis there anywya to kick in whatever is supposed to auto-detect winders at install and make it do it now?04:14
vinnie3hello.. im using the new kubuntu with kde4. Can someone please tell me how to change the clock to AM/PM mode instead of the 24 hour mode?04:15
WalzmynWinders == windows XP04:15
KovertWalzmyn: what yah trying to so04:15
ubottuKDE 4.1.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde404:15
Walzmynvinnie3,try #kubuntu-kde404:16
WalzmynKovert, i've installed dual boot, or at least I'm trying to, but i can't get winders to boot up now. It was not auto detected when i installed04:16
Kovertah !grub04:16
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:17
Walzmyni havent' lost it, it's just the windows enry i've put in isn't working04:17
Kovertread the docs04:17
asobihow do you pause upload in filezilla?04:18
Kovertdidn't know that had a linux filezilla04:19
mnWhat command can I use to see what version I got?04:22
Kovert,m you have a gui?04:22
DrDigitalI was wondering if theirs a way i can lock my network cards so it quits changing04:25
DrDigitalI use dhcp for ip/subnet/gateway04:25
DrDigitaland on windows you can do this, i want a static ip for my dns04:25
Kovertuse a dhcp reservation04:25
DrDigitalthe one my dhcp server currently is serving and i cant change that is invalid04:25
DrDigitaland im new to ubuntu, i just installed it last night04:26
DrDigitalbut i have some linux knowledge, i own a dedicated server and im on a mac right now04:26
Kovertyou want a static or a dhcp addy?04:27
hackerhi all04:27
DrDigitali want a dhcp ip, and a static dns04:27
DrDigitalmy ips are all real ips04:27
DragnslcrDrDigital- do you control the DHCP server?04:27
Kovertso you can set static with ifconfig04:28
DrDigitalno my modem does and i have no way to fix that04:28
DrDigitalmodem, to a 24 port switch04:28
DrDigitalmodem gives me 20 dhcp ips04:29
DragnslcrCan't remember if it's the same in KDE3, but if you right-click the network icon in the systray and go to the settings, there should be a tab to specify addresses for DNS servers04:29
DrDigitaland the dns is messed up, i can access ips fine but no nameservers04:29
Walzmynthis is pissing me off. I wonder if installing Kubuntu screwed up the winders install?04:29
DrDigitali have04:29
Kovertmodems dont give IP's04:29
DrDigitaland it keeps deleting and going back04:29
Kovertrouters do04:30
DrDigitalokay, well i have no router04:30
DrDigitalits a cable modem to a switch04:30
Kovertyour router is in your I guess cable modem04:30
DrDigitaland all my systems have real ips04:30
favrowhat's in /etc/resolv.conf?04:30
DrDigitalokay, well i have no way to modify the dns its giving out04:30
jonathan_help, i speak espanish04:30
DragnslcrKovert- most cable and DSL modems also serve as routers04:30
Kovertty favro04:31
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:31
Dragnslcr!es | jonathan_04:31
ubottujonathan_: please see above04:31
KovertDragnslcr: yeah but yu can shut them off :-)04:31
DrDigitalfavro,  the bad dns04:31
DrDigitalall my other systems i have and and everything is all good04:32
favroDrDigital: you can edit that and restart networking04:32
josephi have kde setup with multiple virtual desktops via the pager applet.  however, whenever i load an url from xchat, it always brings the firefox window over to this desktop.  how do i get it to load urls without leaving its own desktop?04:32
favrokdesu kate /etc/resolv.conf04:33
favrosudo /etc/init.d/networking restart04:33
Kovertthinks you should install esxi and pfsence04:33
DrDigitalalright, i edited it04:33
DrDigitalso the system cant change that on its own again?04:34
Kovertand don tyou a stupid cable / router /modem /diskwasher04:34
favrojoseph: seems you have firefox setup to open links in a new window04:34
favroDrDigital: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart04:34
DrDigitalyeah i done that already... just waiting04:35
DrDigitaland resolv.conf is the same again04:36
DrDigitalbad dns's are back04:36
KovertDrDigital: are you using dhcp ? change it to static04:36
josephfavro: in a new tab, not window04:37
favroDrDigital: in /etc/network/interfaces what is the nameserver?04:37
KovertDrDigital: what are these bad dns servers?04:37
favrojoseph: you might need to ask in firefox chat then - that's all I know about that04:37
DrDigitalif i switch my ip to static it changes, windows allows you to do the top part in dhcp and assign a static dns, so does my mac... ubuntu cant do this?04:38
josephfavro: ok04:38
DrDigitalKovert, invalid ips04:38
KovertDrDigital: I belive that practice is technically illegal04:39
DrDigitalive got like 15 computers here that all work perfectly fine doing what i been doing, just this one is different and i cant seem to figure out how to make it perform like the others04:39
KovertDrDigital: any other linux?04:39
DrDigitalso both Mac OS X and Windows XP and Vista break laws?04:40
KovertDrDigital: yes04:40
DrDigitalno, just the one system is04:40
favroDrDigital: in /etc/network/interfaces what is the nameserver? - youi may have to change two files04:40
Kovertthe issue is what it is resolvong to?04:40
DrDigitali dont see a name server04:41
DrDigitala dns of isnt a valid dns now is it?04:41
favroDrDigital: I would add one and rechange resolv.conf and restart networking04:42
favroDrDigital: I wouldn't think that was valid04:42
favroDrDigital: my nameserver in interfaces is the nameserver in resolv.conf04:43
KovertDrDigital: what do your lines look like "04:43
Kovert# The primary network interface04:43
Kovertauto eth004:43
Kovert#iface eth0 inet dhcp04:43
DrDigitalsays it cant load the interfaces file04:43
mnwhy do I get this error when trying to update?04:43
mnFailed to fetch cdrom:[Kubuntu-KDE4 8.04.1 _Hardy Heron_ - Release i386 (20080702)]/dists/hardy/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs04:43
DrDigitalauto lo04:43
mnFailed to fetch cdrom:[Kubuntu-KDE4 8.04.1 _Hardy Heron_ - Release i386 (20080702)]/dists/hardy/restricted/binary-i386/Packages.gz  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs04:43
mnSome index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.04:43
DrDigitalxface lo inet loopback04:43
DrDigitaliface eth0 inet dhcp04:44
DrDigitalauto eth004:44
DrDigitalifac eth1 inet dhcp04:44
DrDigitalauto eth104:44
Kovertis there  a # infount of either04:44
DrDigitalthat be commented out04:44
DrDigitalthe system actually has 4 nics04:44
Kovertput that infrount of iface eth0 inet dhcp04:44
Kovertmn: look at the packages your selecting you have the cd rom selected04:45
DrDigitaland where should i put a nameserver at04:45
DrDigitali need to give that system an internal ip as an alias04:45
DrDigitalso i can ssh in and not have to keep walking back and forth04:45
KovertI would try what I said first04:45
mnKovert:  so it's trying to download a .iso or a .img from the repos?04:46
DrDigitali done it04:46
Kovertmn: no it is trying to find a cd rom thats isnt incerted04:46
DrDigitaljust waiting on it now04:46
mnKovert: restarting will fix it?04:47
Kovertno that was for drd04:47
Kovertmn: you knwo how to edit the repos?04:47
mnThe sources?04:48
Kovertmn comment out the cd rom04:48
Kovertthen open a console windows04:48
Kovertsudo apt-get update04:48
DrDigitalresolve changed the entire look of it04:49
DrDigitalbut the ips i assigned are sticking04:49
Kovertstill stupid DNS?04:50
mnKovert: done04:50
Kovertmn: apt-get done?04:50
Kovertsudo apt-get update04:51
mnI mean I have edited the sources04:51
DrDigitalno it seems to be fixed for now04:51
DrDigitalso it was just a #04:51
Kovertyes you had confilicting settings04:51
DrDigitalwell the system has several nics, i dont get why only 2 are working, 3 are the same card04:51
DrDigitalim using this system to test out network devices04:52
DrDigitalall the other nics neet static local ips04:52
Kovertso assign them?04:53
mnKovert: Ok i finished apt-get updating04:53
DrDigitalthe plan is to eventually make it a router/load balancer and ip-pbx system04:53
DrDigitalwell thanks for the help04:53
Kovertmn did that work04:53
Kovertdrdigital asterisx?04:53
DrDigitalyeah, a buddy owns a sip provider04:54
DrDigitalhes going to help me do it all04:54
mnWell, it looks like it did but I was using update-manager when i got that error and it says Fetched 1B in 1min4s on apt-get04:54
Kovertmn: sudo apt-get upgrade04:54
Kovertlet me know how it ends04:54
mnnothing new to install or anything04:54
DrDigitali only installed kubuntu to play with ktorrent04:55
DrDigitalfor rss feeds on tv shows04:55
DrDigitalmy tivo cant keep up with the woman04:55
vinnie3mn: ok... heres how i got it. <System Settings> <Regeonal & Language> <Time & Date> pH:MM:SS AMPM04:55
Kovertcoud have used azureus04:55
favrortorrent is the lightest04:55
vinnie3mn: then had to reboot for changes to take effect04:55
DrDigitaland a friend told me about ktorrent04:56
mnvinnie3: mk ok, looks like they would have made that easier to do.  It's easy in GNOME.04:56
vinnie3thanx for help... gotta go for now... cyalll later04:56
mnKovert:  So what now?04:56
DrDigitalwell its a 2.60ghz with 2 gigs of ram, i dont think i need to worry about lightest and what not  once i figure stuff out more ill put a core 2 duo with like 4 gigs of ram together04:56
mnand np04:57
DrDigitalhow do i open port 22 up04:57
DrDigitalso i can ssh in remotelty04:57
Kovertmn: sudo apt-get upgrade04:57
Kovertdid you do that or just update?04:58
Kovertso then your working04:58
Kovertmn: any errors?04:58
mnim using update-manager now to see with it04:59
Kovertmn: you can go home now04:59
mnlol k04:59
mnDrDigital:  Put your default gateway into a web browser.  That should take you to your router's web page.  then you should be able to find where you can open ports and such04:59
DrDigitali did05:01
DrDigital'sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -d 0/0 -s 0/0 --dport 22 -j ACCEPT'05:01
DrDigitaldidnt seem towork05:01
DrDigitalmn... um the system has a real ip address05:02
DrDigitalc-76-127-65-157:~ mmurphy$ ssh matthew@
DrDigitalssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused05:02
DrDigitalc-76-127-65-157:~ mmurphy$05:02
mnDrDigital you have wireless?05:02
DrDigitalthis system is
DrDigitalnope, gigabit05:02
mnwell, what I was saying was for a router05:03
DrDigitalim reading this05:03
DrDigitali have no router05:03
mnoh ok05:03
DrDigitalcable modem connects to switch, cable modem does not have a web interface05:04
DrDigitalit gives out real dhcp ips05:04
DrDigitalbut nothings static, thats why side by side i have a and a ip address05:05
DrDigitali just need to make the ssh server listen to port 22 i guess05:05
DrDigitali have to install a ssh server i guess05:06
DrDigitalokay, old dns is back05:06
DrDigitalwhen doing apt-get i get all these 403s05:08
DrDigitalwhich i know is because of the dns05:08
DrDigitalits fixed again and now ssh-server is installing05:08
DrDigitalsee, no matter how much i fix it, 10-20 minutes later everything i did goes away05:09
DrDigitali dont mean to be a pain in the ass, ill just live with this for now05:11
DrDigitali deal with repeative questions in #joomla so much that i made www.joomlamafia.com because i got tired of answering the same question 20 times a day05:12
surgyi forgot the defualt location of sources.list05:21
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories05:21
jdnewmilkernel problems with gutsy on an Athlon system (ASUS A7S333)... 2.6.22-14-generic freezes immediately after grub shows "(boot)"... I have to manually select 2.6.20-16-generic to get my system to do anything... have tried "noapic nolapic" boot options but seem to be unable to follow the current kernel ... can anyone suggest how to debug this?05:35
=== elvin is now known as lehmanStock
yao_ziyuanwhen installing adept 3.0,06:28
yao_ziyuanapt-get says "adept is kept back"06:28
yao_ziyuanalthough i used "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"06:28
yao_ziyuanhow do i upgrade this adept package now?06:28
owneris it possible to change a flash drive to an HDD style write? like you can do to an iPod?06:29
_2yao_ziyuan maybe specify the version ?    apt-get install adept-3.0      example...06:30
yao_ziyuanlet me see06:30
jdnewmilyao_ziyuan: don't worry about it... you may need to upgrade some other packages that aren't ready yet.06:30
_2that too    and if so apt will tell about it.06:31
SkEmOhow do i format my flash drive? its password protected and the application refuses to run on wine06:31
_2SkEmO mkfs.<type> /dev/sda?        example06:32
_2SkEmO kdesudo qtparted     if you want a gui06:32
SkEmOuhm, kk06:32
SkEmOlemme try06:33
ownerI recommend gparted06:33
ownerit gives a little bit more graphical options06:33
_2owner gtk tho06:33
ownerI can be run on KDE06:33
ownerI just installed it06:33
_2owner not the point.    requires gtk and several megs of dependancies if he doesnt have it already06:34
ownerok then06:34
owneryou could always put it on a liveCD in that case but I see where you're coming from06:34
=== owner is now known as kr0n05931
yao_ziyuanjdnewmil: yeah i found out, it's adept-notifier06:36
yao_ziyuanadept is 3.0 but adept-notifier, adept-updater is still 2.106:37
yao_ziyuanthey can't work together06:37
_2there ya go then.06:37
yao_ziyuannow i can run adept 3.0, but there is no updater/notifier06:37
_2and the ole'  if it aint broke, don't fix it!   phrase comes to mind.06:38
cheburekwhat was the settings manager in kubuntu?07:03
_2cheburek kcontrol07:04
_2silent ?07:04
_2i differ to beg.07:05
cheburekbeg to differ 1st07:05
_2quiet != silent07:05
CoJaBo-EeeAre there things/settings that can be done to extend battery life?07:05
_2CoJaBo-Eee i'm sure.  but that's probably a question for google.com/linux07:06
_2i wish i knew some magic "run this command"  that would do that. but it's not that simeple07:07
CoJaBo-EeeI don't see any power-type settings in system settings,  just wondering if I missed them or something.07:07
_2simeple    o.O07:07
cheburekwhere is the theme manager?07:09
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy07:09
CoJaBo-Eeecojabo@CoJaBo-Eee:~$ make battery last longer07:09
CoJaBo-Eeemake: *** No rule to make target `battery'.  Stop.07:09
cheburekyeah, but in kubuntu07:09
CoJaBo-EeeAre there any power-releated options in controls, if not where is a good place to start looking?07:11
cheburekI can't find a true redmond theme for kubuntu, not XP07:13
chebureknot xp-redmond*07:13
cheburek_2, where is the theme manager in kubuntu ?07:14
cheburekI found it07:14
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes07:14
CoJaBo-EeeTho even if I get this laptop to run for many hours, my UPS is still going to die eventually no matter what I do lol07:14
cheburekis this a bug? I changed to redmond theme and now there is no panel!07:15
cheburekoh, there is07:16
_2no it's pebcak   ;/07:16
cheburekredmond theme in xubuntu was more similar to redmons :(07:17
cheburekisn't there a better redmond theme than the default one?07:17
=== _2 is now known as Agent_bob
surgywhy do i keep getting this error from firefox http://pastebin.com/m70c2880f. seams like im getting it at every third site i try or so07:52
CoJaBo-Eeesurgy: Server error, the site is overlooaded.07:53
surgyok so it should be fixed in an hour or so?07:53
surgyi mean i got it from the wineappdb07:53
Agent_bobwhat are you doing  running ff in wine ?07:53
CoJaBo-EeeAgent_bob: Wine site is down.07:54
CoJaBo-Eeesurgy: Ususaly they don't last long, either it is fixed or the number of users overloading it goes down.07:55
surgythank you07:55
Agent_bobCoJaBo-Eee but   /home/winehq/opt/appdb/include/query.php  ?07:55
CoJaBo-Eeesurgy: If you get a server error like that don;t keep reloading tho07:55
CoJaBo-EeeAgent_bob: It is generally consideered a bad thing for servers to give out paths like that, but many are misconfigured like that :/07:56
CoJaBo-EeeIt even gives out the database username lol07:56
Agent_bobCoJaBo-Eee yeah  made me thing he was doing something in wine on the local system07:57
CoJaBo-EeeYeah, its coming from the remote server, but it is a security issue to give out path and usernames like that lol07:57
CoJaBo-EeeBecause of that, everyone visiting the site now knows the DB user and where files are stored.07:58
Agent_bobsecurity through obsceurity is false now07:59
Agent_bobwas only tenative at best tho07:59
CoJaBo-EeeEvery bit helps, especially on webservers.07:59
CoJaBo-EeeProduction servers usually have errors set to log instead, that way if someone is trying to hack it, they can't see where they are triggering errors. In this case, anyone can trigger it because its an overload error.08:00
CoJaBo-EeeDatabase errors are the worst, because they give out alarming amounts of data.08:01
Agent_bobshould be ran with 2>>/var/log/server/database.oops08:02
=== mil is now known as mil_
=== mil_ is now known as mil__
Stofferhow do I edit Grub to change the default boot partition?08:09
Agent_bobStoffer kdesudo kate /boot/grub/menu.lst08:14
knichow come in kde4 there is no media:/ ioslave?08:17
devo  i think someone is hack'n my computer rite now08:21
Agent_bobdevo ps -A x08:21
devo  and the rason is cuz when i try to use Ktorrent it say's this "Someone has clogged the tubes!"08:21
devo  how can i get rid of the hacker in my computer???08:22
Agent_bobdevo and cat /var/log/auth*08:22
PoliticsAnyone know if there's something I can do about how slow kwlan's GUI is?08:22
Agent_bobfirst make sure there is one...  then clicp their wings.  but save there info to use later :)))08:23
devo i don't know what u r try'n to tell me srry i'm new with commands i don't know linux that well have been use'n it for about a month & i still don't know the damn command line's & what not's srry08:23
devo  so what u r try'n to tell me???08:24
StofferAgent_bob, I changed "default 0" to "default X_sequence"  - what exactly does that do?  All I noticed is that there's no countdown to the default partition anymore08:24
Agent_bobdevo you can    sudo ifdown <iface>      to cut off a connection, if needed.   you can use guarddog/firestarter and iptables to block specific ip's08:25
devo but i don't know how to use though's programs in linux i know very little about linux but still learn'n to this every day lol08:25
Agent_bobStoffer sorry can you hold that Q please, or let someone else answer it.   i'll be back in a few.08:26
Agent_bobshoot.  i don't have grub on this box either.08:29
Agent_bobwho was asking about menu.lst ?08:29
Agent_bobStoffer ok repete what you last said08:30
Agent_bobyou changed ????08:30
StofferI just followed a document on kubuntu.org and was wondering what setting the default to x_sequence in grub.lst would do08:30
Stofferall the doc says is to change it08:30
Agent_bobStoffer ok x_sequence needs inturpreted   it's numeric08:30
ilkinPeople, do you know why Kubuntu shows images so bad?08:31
Agent_bobStoffer i.e.  the first listing is 0  the next one is 1 the next is 2 ...08:31
Stofferyeah, i have like 10 in the boot list08:31
Stoffera million ubuntu's and 1 xp at the end08:31
Agent_bobStoffer what i normally did was move the one that you want to default to to the top of the file.08:31
Agent_bobStoffer way up top.08:32
Stofferah ok08:32
Agent_bobStoffer and leave the default=0 so it will kick off the first one.08:32
Stofferso having "default x_sequence" chooses nothing?08:32
Agent_bobStoffer right08:33
Stofferok, i'll go back and change it later08:33
Agent_bobStoffer in fact that would generate an erro.08:33
Agent_boberror   ^08:33
Agent_bobbecause "default " is looking for a numeric value.    and the author of that doc used x as a numeric indicator08:34
Stofferwell then I totally misunderstood08:34
Stoffernot very clear instructions if you ask me08:35
Stofferin either case now I know what to do, thanks08:35
Stoffergotta crash though08:35
Stofferhave a good one08:35
Agent_bobStoffer k luck to your pinguin08:35
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=== mil is now known as slime
Agent_bobyeah that doc is very poorly writen.08:38
=== slime is now known as miong
Agent_bobit's got gruff all in it.08:38
Agent_bobuncomment "hiddenmenu" to unhide the menu  ?08:38
Agent_bobalso the habitual use of  "X_.*"  to indicate a number is confusing at best.08:40
Agent_bob timeout X_seconds08:40
Agent_bob default X_sequence08:40
miksuPäiviä !08:40
Agent_bobmiksu you the one with the assumed visitor ?08:41
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).08:42
Agent_bobummm isn't there a new "fw.*"   command also ?08:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ufw08:43
Agent_bob!info ufw08:43
ubottuufw (source: ufw): program for managing a netfilter firewall. In component main, is standard. Version (hardy), package size 22 kB, installed size 204 kB08:43
Agent_bobthat's it.08:43
=== ilkin is now known as DangerXxX
Agent_bobtell me, am i really so wierd for changing root's name ?08:45
favromaybe just unique Agent_bob08:47
Agent_bobgranted not using any partitions is a bit wierd, i guess.     and having the entire system "nosuid" takes some getting used too...    but why does everyone freek out when i mention changing root's name to something more descrete08:48
Agent_bobwell almost everyone.08:48
Agent_boband then adding a normal user named root with a blank password and a chrooted login....        well enough about that, you get the gist08:51
Agent_bobis it a trap ?    no it's just a naturally confining situation, which provides specific information.   not a trap!08:53
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chegeehi to all09:05
chegeeI have some questions09:07
Agent_bobthat wasn't one of them.09:07
SarasvatiHey how are you?09:08
Agent_bobtov  and you09:08
Agent_boberr good   and you ?09:08
SarasvatiBit pissed off, I am trying to get linux on my dad's pc, but it doesn't work for some reason09:09
Sarasvatimazzel tov :P09:09
Agent_bobyes. i can see that.09:09
SarasvatiPut a cd in it, and it doesn't want to boot...09:10
Agent_bobSarasvati does it come to the cd boot menu  or does it not get that far ?09:10
SarasvatiNope, it keeps on starting up as windows09:10
Agent_bobSarasvati ok that's a bios setting.   you'll have to power off   and when you power on   press the key/s to access the bios settings,  and enable it to boot from cd/dvd first.09:11
Sarasvatis= escape?09:12
chegeeI have not sound in my system, but when I write in console "asoundconf list" it gives me that "avaliable sound card: CK8S", so question: how I can to set up my sound system?09:12
Agent_bobsome keys i have seen are   left-shift  f1  f2  f8  and del    can't say i have see one that escape would access it.  but that doesn't mean that yours isn't setup that way.09:13
Agent_bob!sound | chegee perhaps this page will help you.09:13
ubottuchegee perhaps this page will help you.: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP309:13
Agent_bobthe second one    ^09:14
SarasvatiAgent_Bob: Okay I'll try that :) Let's see if it wotjs :)09:14
Agent_bobalso i noticed that if you power on with a windows vesta recovery dvd in the drive, even though you select to do nothing it resets bios to NOT boot from cd/dvd    really ticks me off,  as does everything else about M$.09:16
SarasvatiAgent_Bob: I get in some sort of menu when I push the key/s, but I can't select it to boot with ubuntu09:18
Agent_bobsounds like the micro$oft windows boot manager   rather than the bios settings.     hard to say from here.09:19
Agent_bobwhat was it called    ntldr   ?09:19
SarasvatiAgent_Bob: I am now in a menu where I can give a boot order, it is bios09:19
SarasvatiBut it doesn09:19
Sarasvatireact when I select cd09:19
Agent_bobit wont react until you save the changes and exit09:20
Agent_bobif we are using the word the same.09:20
SarasvatiAgent_bob: well, now it just says boot order: and then shows drives, but I can't select the cd in the first place09:21
Agent_bobread any on screen help    not knowing your bios i can't advise09:22
SarasvatiAgent_Bob: Okay I'll try something :)09:24
SarasvatiAgent_bob: is there a general save button in these bios's?09:25
Agent_bobdepends entirely on the bios   some use f10   some esc09:26
Agent_bobothers ...09:26
Agent_bobjust remember any changes you make,  you may have to undo them09:26
* Agent_bob waits for the "now he tells me" ...09:27
SarasvatiAgent_Bob: YEEEY! It worked! We got Linux :D Thanx a lot :D09:27
drummahow do I disable animation on panel icons click?09:27
SarasvatiAgent_bob: Well, it's installing now :)09:27
Agent_bobSarasvati welcome     >                         < this much :)09:27
SarasvatiMore welcome to my dad, I have used linux for 1 and a half year now :)09:28
Agent_bobabout 9 years here...09:28
SarasvatiThat's a long time :)09:29
Agent_bobdrumma in kcontrol > look and feel >      kde3  if kde4 see bot message   !kde409:29
SarasvatiI think it just works perfect, I only have a problem getting my wacom tablet to work on two screens at home :P09:29
SarasvatiAgent_bob: Is ubuntu that fast with emptying the pc? There was a lot on my dad's pc, including over 600 virusses09:30
patriciohi na09:30
=== patricio is now known as Guest36870
Agent_bobi really only had one reason for switching from M$   "EULA"  but that was enough reason for me.09:30
drummaAgent_bob, there's no look and feel ther09:31
Guest36870gib ma bitte login zum chat09:31
Agent_bobdrumma it is kde3 ?09:31
SarasvatiAgent_bob: What was that reason?09:31
drummaAgent_bob, yes09:32
Agent_bobSarasvati "EULA" = end user license agreement    the M$ if you click yes we own you and your house and your famiely and ....     thingy09:32
Agent_bobi actually read one.09:32
=== Guest36870 is now known as patricio_
Agent_bobdrumma its the top itom on the list in the left colomn in kcontrol09:33
SarasvatiAgent_bob: 8/, didn't know they did that...09:33
=== patricio_ is now known as Guest5414
Agent_bobSarasvati you should read an eula from micro soft some time.09:34
=== Guest5414 is now known as patricio__
patricio__was gibs09:34
drummaAgent_bob, "APeearance and themes" ?09:34
SarasvatiAgent_Bob: I just got fed up with the virusses and expensive not-working programs, a friend of mine just discoeverd Linux and put it on my laptop, and never had problems ever since09:34
Agent_bobdrumma yeah ok.09:34
patricio__kanste deutsch reden09:34
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de09:35
patricio__ich möchte ein chat09:35
Agent_bobbazhang you come in here just to quick draw me ?09:35
patricio__hi cris09:36
DrDigitalhow can i get this done, I have 2 NICs, one has a real IP, the other I want to assign a local static ip to it so that someone could login to the real ip and access the local ip09:36
Agent_bobDrDigital you setup the static ip in /etc/network/interfaces  and you set the other as the default gateway09:37
DrDigitalif i cant access myself at the system how are they going to be able to? firefox is trying to use just the 1 nic09:37
Agent_bobDrDigital you'll need to enable ipv4_forwarding in /etc/sysctl also09:38
DrDigitali have someone thats going to use VNC and show me how to replace the firmware on some devices09:38
Agent_bobDrDigital and what do you mean access it?      there will have to be something listening on it.09:38
DrDigitalvnc works09:39
DrDigitalits all web based09:39
DrDigitalam i not being clear? im a bit tired09:40
Agent_bobthe point remains.  if there is nothing listening on the interface you can't "access" it.09:40
DrDigitalthe AP has that ip09:40
Agent_bobok we are not talking the same language.    there is  #ubuntu (because your question is not kde specific)   and there is ##linux  (which is a good networking channel at times)    i'll let someone do what i can't.09:42
=== PolitikerALT is now known as PolitikerNEU
=== mp is now known as ligemeget
SarasvatiAgent_Bob: still there?09:55
Agent_bobSarasvati yeah09:57
SarasvatiHello :D09:57
SarasvatiAgent_Bob: Never mind problem solved :P09:58
SarasvatiAny is confused I think09:58
=== danish is now known as papiiiiiiiiii
Agent_bobany   did you need something ?10:00
Agent_bobooops gone.10:00
Agent_bobi'll have to look before i leap10:00
Agent_bobor look silly after i leap as has been the case....10:01
Agent_bobwell i'm off to lunch, and then to a meeting.  so i'll see you folks when.10:05
SarasvatiHello :)10:07
SarasvatiAnybody knows how to find the administrator button?10:08
favroSarasvati: there isn't a button - you give yourself admin rights from the terminal10:10
favro!sudo | sras10:10
ubottusras: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)10:10
favroSarasvati: ^^10:10
SarasvatiFAvro: where can I find the terminal?10:10
favroSarasvati: it is in the system menu under konsole10:11
SarasvatiI'm now in konsole, what do I have to type?10:12
Werdnahi! I'm interested in doing some development for kopete on my kubuntu 8.10 desktop. I'm busily checking out from SVN. What else do I need to do to get the environment set up? Is there a page with all these details?10:14
SarasvatiFavro: what do I have to type to get administrator rights in konsole?10:14
_LiNuX_hi... i have a desktop cube and i want in every part of the cube has a differend wallpaper is any way to do that?10:15
josephSarasvati: use sudo10:15
favroSarasvati: you get admin rights for an application - so   sudo applicationname10:15
joseph_LiNuX_: yes10:15
joseph_LiNuX_: i don't know. but i know you can do it.10:15
ubottuA list of common questions and answers about Ubuntu: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions - Official documentation: http://help.ubuntu.com - IRC FAQ: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage10:15
ubottucvs is the Concurrent Versions System, the dominant open-source network-transparent version control system; it helps to manage releases and to control concurrent editing of source files among multiple authors. See: https://www.cvshome.org/10:16
josephWerdna: may want to check that out too10:16
josephnot sure if kopete uses cvs, though10:16
guillesweI installed kubuntu yesterday via windows, but i dont see any partition, where is it and how do i erase it? i want to install it in a another disk10:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about uninstall10:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about delete10:17
Werdnajoseph: kopete is on the KDE svn.10:17
josephWerdna: ok :)10:17
WerdnaI'm just after a build environment setup10:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about purge10:18
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)10:18
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.10:19
guilleswebut wubi dows not open to uninstall10:19
SarasvatiFavro: what's the applicationname for getting internet to work?10:19
SarasvatiIsn't it possible to get administrator rights for everything?10:20
favroSarasvati: ther's knetworkmanager on your panel10:20
SarasvatiFavro: Where is theknetworkmanager then?10:21
guilleswehow the fuck do i uninstall kubuntu if installed via wubi?!!!10:22
guilleswesorry for the language, i am just frustrated10:22
favroSarasvati: the panel is the strip across the bottom - knetworkmanager should be an icon on the right10:22
favroguilleswe: you go to add/remove afaik10:23
SarasvatiFavro: Ah we just gto somewhere, we'll try from here then :)10:23
josephguilleswe: use a partition editor to delete the linux partitions10:23
josephpartition magic maybe10:23
guilleswejospeh, the problem is that i installed via wubi and it does not show any partitions where kubuntu is installed10:25
guillesweit just shows my three partitions with correct size, still everytime in rebbot, the black windows to choose between xp and kubuntu comes up, if i choose kubuntu it starts kubuntu as normal10:26
guilleswewhere is it then?10:26
SarasvatiFavro: how do I get an IP-address?10:26
favroSarasvati: you use dhcp to have your router assign it or set a static one10:28
josephguilleswe: you might try formatting the MBR10:28
SarasvatiFavro: we still don't have any internet....10:28
SarasvatiFavro: Ah, we have to reboot, then we'll try that first :)10:29
favroSarasvati: I edit the file myself to set static addresssarasif you made changes try in konsole   sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart10:29
guilleswejoseph, yeah it hought the MBR was the problem, that it was just the kubuntu name ther, but then how does it mangaes to open kubuntu? the files have to be somewhere10:29
josephguilleswe: you have to tell the boot loader to load your windows partition10:30
josephguilleswe: see your grub configuration10:30
favroSarasvati: try in konsole   sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart10:30
SarasvatiFavro: OK, it's doing something now, although I don't know what  yet :P10:34
guilleswejoseph i dont have a grub10:34
josephguilleswe: then check your lilo.conf10:34
guilleswein kubuntu, at this moment i am in windows10:34
guilleswei just want to get ride of the shit10:35
josephso delete the partitions10:35
guilleswei dont have any10:35
guilleswelet me show you how partition magic looks like10:35
josephif you don't have any linux partitions, then it's not installed10:35
josephwhich then makes me think you forgot to eject the linux cd out of your cdrom10:36
josephwhich would be pretty bad.10:36
SarasvatiFavro: It says it has problems with interface: no such device10:36
favroSarasvati: what are you trying to set up? - ethernet or wireless?10:37
guillesweher eis what happens, i start the computer, i get's pass the "boot from CD" coz i dont have any cd in. it gets pass where the grub usually comes up, adn then a black windows ( i am sure this window is from microsoft (MBR)) asking me if i want to use windows xp or kubuntu, whichever i choose they open perfectly10:40
guilleswewhen i check the disk for partition there are none, it seems kubuntu has been installed in c as a windows aplication, but now i want to uninstall it, but i cant.10:41
josephso go into command prompt in windows, use fdisk to delete the linux partitions10:41
josephas a windows application?10:41
josephhow'd you install it to begin with?10:41
SarasvatiFavro: wireless10:41
guilleswewell that is what the wibu does10:42
favroSarasvati: I don't use wireless but read this link10:42
guillesweit is the first time, when i downloaded the cd and burn it, a windowss came up telling me that i could install kubuntu as a windows aplication, and so i did10:42
favro!wifi | Sarasvati10:42
ubottuSarasvati: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:42
guilleswesee the pic joseph, no partitions with linux in it, my only suspect is that i think i am not sure that the used size in C is bigger than before, but i dont find anyfiles with kubuntu i it10:43
josephwell, if it's an application, use add/remove programs in the control panel10:43
guilleswei am there dont see anything with kubuntu or ubuntu in it10:44
SarasvatiFavro &Ubottu: Okay, I'll take a look at it :) First I'll take a shower though :P10:44
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josephguilleswe: weird.10:46
josephsee, this is precisely why you don't have 2 operating systems on one computer10:47
josephit's just wrong.10:47
=== Guest15076 is now known as c0r3-eX
josephman can only serve one master!10:47
josephguilleswe: sorry, man, i guess i can't help10:48
jonathan_any ideas why this in an bash script doesn't work?10:55
jonathan_ftp -u ftp://"$ftp_user":"$ftp_password"@"$ftp_host"/"$ftp_dir"/ nowPlaying.txt Cover.jpg10:55
jonathan_it just does nothing10:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lista10:56
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots10:56
joseph!it > gae10:57
ubottugae, please see my private message10:57
josephjonathan_: do you have all those variables set?10:58
josephhave you tried it without the quotes?10:59
jonathan_no, that's an idea10:59
jonathan_no changes11:02
josephwhy don't you just put in the data instead of using variables?11:03
adeninhello, what is the best way to install mplayer ?11:03
jonathan_because the data is variable11:04
patricio__bertizuligastergerdafterhingersterra instal old media11:04
jonathan_ok found out11:04
jonathan_there was a library missing11:04
adeninok, i found it; sudo apt-get install mplayer11:05
josephjonathan_: there ya go11:05
Colonel_Panicanybody alive in here?11:22
Colonel_PanicI'm having problems with Audacity11:22
ubottuAvoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience11:23
Colonel_Panicwon't record11:23
regitalhi. i have kubuntu 8.04 and i was wondering how do i change the bootsplash?11:33
regitali tried googling it, but couldnt really find anything11:33
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork11:35
PhilRodregital: ^^^11:35
regitalthanks ^^11:36
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
regitalhmm... isnt there a graphical way to do it?11:47
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HazaMorning folks. I wanted to use multiple moniters so i changed some setigns and was told to restart my xserver or something12:10
Hazanow my graphics are completely messed up and i cannot see much of the desktop12:10
HazaWhat might be the command i can use to reconfigure the graphics via a terminal?12:11
HazaIve done it before but i cannot remember what it is :(12:11
favroHaza: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg12:12
Hazafavro: Cheers mate. I will give it a try12:13
HazaWhat might be my default driver do you think?12:14
favrovesa is the safe choice12:15
favrolspci | grep VGA   will tell which card it is12:15
HazaOkay. i just need to get the basic graphics working again anyhow. Like i said before the desktop is completely screwed :)12:15
favrogo with vesa12:15
favrohint - with a backup you have a file you can restore in these situations :)12:16
Hazamaybe i should check the /etc/X11 folder for a backup?12:17
favroI would12:17
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Colonel_Panicanybody in herfe?12:24
favroColonel_Panic: yep12:25
favroColonel_Panic: people drop in and out :)12:26
Colonel_PanicI can'r get any sound input12:28
Colonel_PanicI'm using an old Sound Blaster LIVE!12:28
=== u is now known as Guest63683
favrodoes the command   aplay -l   list the card?12:28
Colonel_PanicI can hear the mic soounds through the speakers, but none of the programs can record it12:28
Colonel_Panicyeah, ity's listed12:29
favrofirst check is run   alsamixer   in konsole and make sure all are turned up12:30
Colonel_Panicwhy can I not get audacity or any other programs to record sound?12:30
Colonel_PanicI can'r even use Skype12:30
favroyep - type that in konsole12:31
dickywho is this person from indonesia ?12:31
gskim bana yardımıc olabilir?12:31
Colonel_Panicwell, MIc is all the way up12:32
favro!english | gs12:32
ubottugs: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat12:32
favroColonel_Panic: is input turned up?12:32
gscan ı ask a qestion12:32
gsı am try to use azureıs program12:33
favroColonel_Panic: in alsamixer12:33
Tm_T!azureus | gs12:33
gspear 2 pear program12:33
ubottugs: azureus is a popular bittorent client written in Java, installation instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AzureusHowTo12:33
gsı can not fint search12:33
gscan u help me12:33
Colonel_Panicwhere is that? I don't even see it12:33
favrogs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AzureusHowTo12:33
favroColonel_Panic: if it's not there you can't turn it up - I'll have a quick google about your card12:35
Colonel_Panicthat's what my alsamixer looks like12:35
gsnow trying to find solutions on this web adress12:35
Colonel_Panicsee the screenshot I posted?12:38
Colonel_PanicThe opnly fader not shown in that pic is "Master" which is about 75% volume12:38
favroColonel_Panic: lots of bugs about your card12:44
Colonel_PanicWhat kinds of bugs?12:44
Colonel_Paniccan you paste a link?12:44
favroColonel_Panic: there's a skype bug with that card  - "Unfortunately, SB Live! currently has an issue when running through default (it has since the beginning of the 1.4 development). We expect to do more audio engine work soon"12:45
Colonel_Panicnice...What's a good sound card I could replace it with?12:46
favrohttp://forum.skype.com/index.php?act=Print&client=printer&f=153&t=101297 - near the top12:46
msnbotHello, I use kubuntu normally. But for test I installed ubuntu-desktop. after test I removed the ubuntu by issuing apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop. The problem is ubuntu-desktop is uninstalled, not the software packages that comes with ubuntu. Now I have lots of ubuntu software. How do I remove those?? any shortcut??12:46
Colonel_PanicI don't like the idea of buying a new sound card, but if I have to, what should I get?12:46
favro!purekde | msnbot12:46
ubottumsnbot: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »12:46
favroColonel_Panic: I wouldn't know what to recommend - check for linux and skype compatability before you buy12:47
msnbotfavro:  Thanks a lot12:49
Colonel_Panicso you're saying there's a hardware incompatiblilty that won't allow me to configure the input at all?12:50
favroColonel_Panic: I had a quick google and found that site - there may be ways to get it working - google will be your freind for that :)12:51
jtismeis sound juicer the best for ripping audio cd's12:51
msnbotfavro:  I have xubuntu as well, I want to keep xubuntu.12:51
msnbotwill it remove xubuntu too?12:51
Colonel_Panicwhat if I use OSS?12:51
favromsnbot: I've never removed a *buntu-desktop so can only offer that link12:52
Colonel_PanicIs there any anything I can do to get it working?12:52
favromsnbot: I've never removed a *buntu-desktop so can only offer that link12:52
favromsnbot: I've never removed a *buntu-desktop so can only offer that link12:52
favroColonel_Panic: I had a quick google and found that site - there may be ways to get it working - google will be your freind for that :)12:52
favrosorry msnbot :)12:52
harriethi, I have Kubuntu 8.04. I used to use Apt-cahe, but removed it as it was not needed anymore. Now I can't reload the repositories or anything, help!12:52
Colonel_Panicwhat was the URL?12:52
favrohttp://forum.skype.com/index.php?act=Print&client=printer&f=153&t=101297 - near the top12:53
max_msg nickserv register giuseppe76-- tanino111@gmail.com12:53
favroharriet: did you do   sudo apt-get clean   or something else?12:53
Colonel_PanicWell, it's not just Skype that I want to use12:53
favromax_: you need the / in front12:54
Colonel_PanicI also want to use Audacity and/or Ardour12:54
Colonel_Panicbut I can't get either of them to record12:54
favroColonel_Panic: it's got to do with the card's setup you'll need to google for it - that is all I could do to help12:55
Colonel_PanicBTW, I'm on a 64-bit system myself12:55
favromax_: and it is best to do that in the server tab - your email address is now in the logs for all to peruse...12:56
msnbotfavro: its okay.12:57
max_qui si discute anche di kubuntu o esiste un'altro canale?13:04
lokaiAre there any companies that sell VPN access to their servers?13:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kubuntu-it13:04
lokai#kubuntu-it maybe.13:04
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)13:05
favrolokai: someone in #ubuntu-server might know13:05
lokaithanks favro13:06
SarasvatiFavro: Hey Favro, it's still not working, the internet13:13
SarasvatiHello, anyone there?13:19
=== abhinav is now known as arjun_i_set_my_t
jussi01no, we are not here :P13:23
jussi01Sarasvati: just ask your question.13:24
SarasvatiI'm hearing voices... must become schizophrenic..13:24
SarasvatiI can't get internet to work on my dad's pc, just put ubuntu on it13:24
SarasvatiBut it nags me for network admins13:24
blendtuxhi everybody, the kde 8.04 with kde4 remix, wich version of kde is that, kde 4.1.1 or some older version13:24
jussi01Sarasvati: ok, how is it connected? wired or wireless?13:24
SarasvatiI just can't get it to work :(13:25
jussi01blendtux: #kubuntu-kde4thanks13:25
SarasvatiJussi01: wireless13:25
jussi01Sarasvati: usb or built in?13:25
SarasvatiBut I can't see any connection on it yet...13:25
SarasvatiThere's no icon13:25
SarasvatiIt's a card-thing, the laptop is practically antique13:26
jussi01Sarasvati: are you familiar with the terminal?13:26
SarasvatiI have used it before, but I'm still terrible when it comes to ICT :P13:27
SarasvatiBut I know how to start it up :P13:27
jussi01Sarasvati: please open a terminal13:27
jussi01then, type: lspci13:27
jussi01finally copy what it says, and pastebin it for me.13:28
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)13:28
SarasvatiNow it says a lot of things, and now?13:28
SarasvatiOw, I first have to copy that to a USB and then to this pc13:28
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=== ivailo is now known as DeXxX
DeXxXhi all13:32
jussi01hi DeXxX13:33
DeXxXwhere you from jussi0113:34
jussi01DeXxX: this is a support channel, if you want to chat, please head over to #kubuntu-offtopic13:34
SarasvatiJussi01: I pasted it13:36
jussi01Sarasvati: did you press paste?13:37
SarasvatiJussi01: Under my name13:37
jussi01I need the url13:37
jtismedoes sound juicer run under kubuntu13:38
DeXxXima li ot bg tyka13:38
jussi01jtisme: yes13:40
jtismejussi01, thanks13:40
jussi01Sarasvati: hrm, seems that card has a bug. not sure if its been fixed yet :(13:40
jussi01bug 10698713:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 106987 in linux-source-2.6.20 "netgear WG511v1 PCMCIA card: prism54pci Cannot read eeprom" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10698713:40
SarasvatiOkay, so it won't work unless I put a new card in?13:41
jussi01Sarasvati: it "might" but Id say a new card would be an easier option.13:42
=== kb is now known as Guest20684
SarasvatiOkay, then I'll tell my dad he just has to get an new card, and I will put the rest of what he needs on the pc at my home13:44
jussi01Sarasvati: just make sure you research that you get a linux compaitble one...13:44
SarasvatiJussi01: It also nags me for administrator functions, you have any idea how I can put administrator-thingey on it?13:44
SarasvatiJussi01: I will :)13:45
jussi01Sarasvati: what do you mean?13:45
jussi01(about the admin stuff?)13:45
SarasvatiWell, if I want to change something, it says I need to be an network administrator or something...13:46
SarasvatiI don't have that on my own notebook13:46
jussi01hrm, Im unsure on what you are trying to get across, can you give me a specific situation?13:47
SarasvatiSo I wondered how I could make the first user such an administrator so I can change things on that laptop if I want to13:47
SarasvatiOkay, if I go to network connections fe, it says 'click the administrator mode button to allow modifications'13:48
SarasvatiIf I click on it and give the password etc, I just get a cubicle with red sides13:48
SarasvatiIf I go back, it wants me to select the admin mode again13:49
jussi01yes, thats a security thing. you need admin mode to be able to change things.13:49
SarasvatiHow do I get admin mode automatically with the first user?13:50
SarasvatiOr is that not possible?13:50
jussi01Sarasvati: that is highly not recomended13:50
SarasvatiOkay, then I won't do it... :)13:50
SarasvatiThen I'll just take that laptop home with me and work with it further there :P13:51
jussi01ok. :)13:51
SarasvatiMaybe I can also try if someone's online then who knows how to fox my complicated problem :P13:51
SarasvatiBut that's not an easy one, I figured :(13:52
radovichhi guys. is there a way to install windows xp inside of kubuntu?13:56
radovichwhat are you doing?14:02
radovichis that swearing i see???14:02
LeeJunFanradovich: installing windows inside kubuntu requires a virtual machine, like vmware.14:03
radovichwhank you.14:03
LeeJunFanlol, good laugh to start the morning on that typo :)14:04
DexterFwhich java package do I need to have Sun java and run programs? sun-java6-bin or -jre? or both?14:04
radovichsorry 'bout that14:04
radovichany, please write in english14:04
LeeJunFanradovich: don't worry about it - it was funny.14:04
DexterFjre, alright, got it14:04
radovichLeeJunFan: will window$ be slow in vmware?14:05
DexterFany: do you speak english?14:05
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk14:05
LeeJunFanradovich: not slow, but not natively fast. It can't do accelerated graphics either, so no games or 3d software of any type really.14:05
radovichLeeJunFan: i was planning to install it just so i can exchange my mobile phone data14:06
radovichi have lg u880 and it cannot be recognized in any linux application14:06
LeeJunFanradovich: might work for that. I was able to with my motorola razr, however my palm based phone wouldn't work with vmware because it didn't support usb fully. That may be different now with vmware-server 2.0 beta.14:07
radovichDexterF: if you only want to execute apps, use jre, if you plan developing, jdk14:08
DexterFi see14:08
radovichLeeJunFan: this lg is connects with usb cable. all i need is to access my phone memory and it's memory card. i managed to get phone related stuff working on kmobiletoolf14:09
xbxbLet's say I don't want to change my fstab file and I have my home folder on a separate disc that requires manually mounting it. How could I change the startup process, so that I can get a prompt to mount the dev, before my home folder is needed (by kde, gnome, whatever)?14:11
radovichdoes anyone get this bug: in firefox, is a page has some checkboxes, if i click on them, i cannot see whether i checked it or not14:12
jussi01!bum | xbxb: this may help14:13
ubottuxbxb: this may help: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto14:13
xbxbjussi01:  thanks14:13
andre__Hi. Is there someone around who can help me getting audio cd's to work properly in kubuntu with KDE 4.1.1?14:14
andre__Currently I'm getting nowhere...14:15
andre__Or perhaps a pointer to a website where I can find some information to get started?14:15
andre__I'd like to rip some cd's I have with the audiocd kio slave, which used to work in past for me (before using Kubuntu). Surely that still works in KDE nowadays?14:16
xbxbjussi01: :) I also wonder: is it a good idea to share the same home folder between two different PCs (so that I can use the same chat logs, firefox bookmarks on both)? when each PC may have slightly different software versions (due to automatic updates)...14:16
jussi01andre__: please ask in #kubuntu-kde4 :)14:17
nomI am unable to get my screen resolution fixed in kde4 it works fine on gnome on the same ubuntu14:17
nomhere is my xorg.conf file http://paste.ubuntu.com/48887/14:17
jussi01xbxb: not sure. sorry14:18
nomi asked in kde4 but there is no one to answer atm14:18
jussi01nom, just be patient, it is a sunday14:18
jussi01you arent likely to find more help in here, so try to keep it to a channel where it relevant.14:18
andre__OK jussi01, I will move to that channel.14:19
xbxbjussi01:  thanks though14:19
rickdiscocan anyone help me with ipw2200 wireless connection issues on kubuntu intrepid alpha 6 ?14:36
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MikeyLDShi guys14:51
MikeyLDSi just installed Kubuntu 8.04 with KDE 4.1.1 ... when it rebooted there was no option to boot linux ... just booted straight to windows, any ideas?14:52
dr_willisSounds like the grub loaer dident get installed.. You did do a normal install (booted the cd, used the install icon?) and not a Wubi Install  (installed Inside windows)14:54
MikeyLDSyup, installed from the live cd14:55
dr_willisGrub = the bootloader tool that gives you a menu at boot up. as to what OS to boot.14:55
dr_willisDo you only have the 1 hard drive?  or 2 seperate (or more) hard drves)14:55
LeeJunFanmight have installed grub to a partition.14:55
LeeJunFanor that14:55
MikeyLDS1 ide and 2 sata's14:56
MikeyLDSi installed on one of the sata's with the swap disc on the same14:56
MikeyLDSalso formatted the sata to ext314:57
MikeyLDSis there a way to install the grub loader again?14:58
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto14:58
LeeJunFanMikeyLDS: follow the instructions on recovering grub after a windows install - same thing applies.14:59
MikeyLDSlol @ floppies ... not used one of those drives for years :P14:59
MikeyLDSyeah, will do14:59
dr_willisI would try setting the bios to boot the other hard drives.. Its possible grub got installed to the wrong one.14:59
dr_willisits proberly possible to put the grub loader on the linux hd, and boot that hd. and let it boot windows.. thus keeping grub totally off the windows hd.15:00
dr_willisOr do like i did once.. installed grub to every hd in the system - to be sure i got it on the one HD  i needed15:01
MikeyLDSlooks complicated in the guide though, lol15:01
dr_willisThe guide detailes several ways to do the same thing.15:02
dr_willisread through it befor starting. dont just start 'cuting/pasting commands'15:02
=== dehm^also is now known as dehm
MikeyLDSyeah will do dr_willis15:03
LeeJunFanI remember the old days when the compressed kernel image could actually fit on a mbr, just dd the kernel directly to the mbr (as long as you had your fs and controller compiled in).15:03
dr_willisHmm.. I rember them fitting on a floppy, but not the mbr. :)15:04
MikeyLDSthat went waaaaaaaaaaay over my head LeeJunFan! lol15:04
dr_willisyou could dd  the kernel to the start of a partition. I recall.15:04
Gladythey banned me15:04
dr_willisGlady,  i dont think anyone understood a word you were saying..15:05
* DuGi is away: Gone away for now.15:13
Tm_TDuGi: no15:13
=== sebastian is now known as sebastianito
sebastianitoi have a problem with my drives in /media, i have 3 different folders with the same name but they use _ and these things15:17
sebastianitohow can i change name on them?15:17
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Gladylike in sewage?16:18
dr_willisas in Needle pulling thread.16:18
Gladydigging under the house?16:18
Half-LeftJust downladed kubuntu alpha6 and put it on usb, starting kde4.1 xorg restarts all the time at random, any ideas?16:19
sebastianhi, when i try to mount my usb drive i get this message cannot mount voulume | mount_point cannot contain the flowing characters; newline, G_DIR_SEPARATOR (usually /)16:19
Gladylike in knitting?16:19
dr_willissebastian,  thats a new one. it could be the drive label has some odd characters in it. You could try to mount it manually16:21
sebastiani cant16:21
sebastiani cant16:21
dr_willisHow are you ttrying to mount  the drive?  what command/method16:21
sebastianthats when i get the messge16:21
sebastiani tried to just press the drive and mount in terminal i tried sudo mount /dev/sdb116:22
dr_williswell 'sudo mount /dev/sdb1' would work if you have a proper fstab entry. You did make a fstab entry for  sdb1 ?16:22
sebastiani just got it now when i tried this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive16:22
sebastianbut it failed16:22
sebastianno i havent16:23
dr_willissudo mkdir /media/Usbdrive16:23
dr_willissudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/Usbdrive16:24
dr_williswould be 'close' to whats needed in a general way.16:24
dr_willisIts  possible you gave the disk some weird label the system dosent like16:24
sebastianthe thing is i dont even have the drive in /media16:24
dr_williswhat filesystem is this drive?16:24
dr_willisI normally use windows to set the label for ntfs drives.     it sounds like it may some how have a / in the label name.16:25
sebastianwhat were these commands for? it just started my filesystem16:25
urvashihi everybody16:25
dr_willisthose commands MOUNT the drive16:25
dr_willisit should be appearing at /media/Usbdrive16:25
sebastianbut i need to add it in fstab, how can i do that?16:25
sebastianno it dont :(16:26
dr_willis /etc/fstab is a file you can edit.16:26
sebastiani know but how do i add a drive there?=16:26
dr_willisfor a removeable ntfs - you proberly dont want to manually mount it.16:26
sebastianso what can i do?16:26
dr_willisfstab  has a line for each mountpoint -   for ntfs. you will want to be using the ntfs-3g stuff.16:26
sebastianlike this16:27
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sebastian   /dev/sda2 /media/EXTERNDISK ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 016:27
dr_willisI would try relabeling the thing with a nice simple lable like that howto says16:27
dr_willissudo ntfslabel /dev/sda1 usbdrive16:27
sebastianits hard when i dont even have the drive in fstab , its like its gone16:27
dr_willisto be sure it has a nice simple label16:27
dr_willisfstab has Nothing to do with the automounting of removeavble media16:28
sebastianthen how can i mount my drive? theres no way to mount it right now16:28
dr_willisits normally used for mounting of perment drives. you can make entries in there if you want. but then they wont automount when you plug them in16:28
dr_willisfor a ntfs drive you would want to use the ntfs-3g tool to mount it. not the normal mount16:28
sebastianmy drive is always plugged in i use it like a normal harddrive16:28
dr_williscommand line way -->  mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/windows16:29
dr_willisfstab way --> /dev/sda1 /mnt/windows ntfs-3g defaults 0 016:29
dr_willischange the mountpoint to be whatever you want.16:30
sebastianthx :D16:30
dr_willislearning how linux mounts filesystems - is a must learn thing. :)  when getting to know the system.16:32
sebastianya i know :)16:32
sebastianbut its still not mounting :P16:33
sebastiannow its completely gone16:33
sebastiannow its completely gone16:33
dr_willistry the mount command and see whats mounted where.16:34
dr_willisif you used those commands earlier - its still mounted.16:34
sebastianwhen i try the mount command it says its not in /media16:35
dr_williswhat is it saying exactly.....16:36
dr_willistip #1 - a mountpoint MUST exist befor you mount to it16:36
sebastiansebastian@sebastian-desktop:~$ sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/windows16:36
sebastianmount: mount point /media/windows does not exist16:36
dr_willisrember when i did the 'sudo mkdir /media/######' ?16:36
dr_willis#1 mistake people make when firt learning to mount things manually :)16:36
sebastianno sorry i dont remember16:37
dr_willis<dr_willis> sudo mkdir /media/Usbdrive16:37
dr_willis<dr_willis> sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/Usbdrive16:37
dr_willistip #2 - rember  - Case is IMPORntAnT! :)16:38
sebastianmkdir: cannot create directory `/media/Usbdrive': File exists16:38
sebastiansebastian@sebastian-desktop:~$ sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/Usbdrive16:38
sebastianmount: /dev/sda1 already mounted or /media/Usbdrive busy16:38
sebastianmount: according to mtab, /dev/sda1 is already mounted on /media/Usbdrive16:38
dr_willislooks like it should be mounted to /media/Usbdrive16:39
dr_willissudo ls -l /media/Usbdrive        should show files.16:39
sebastianya but its the same as the filesystem16:39
dr_willis' same as the filesystem '  means ?16:39
sebastianthe folders16:39
sebastianits like it mounted another filesystem with the media and etc16:40
sebastianand bin16:40
dr_willissounds like /dev/sda1 is your 'root' drive. NOT the  device for your thumbdrive then16:40
dr_willissudo fdisk -l16:40
dr_williswhould show all filesystems seen by the system16:40
sebastianDevice Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System16:41
sebastian/dev/sdb1   *           1     2441943   312568672+   7  HPFS/NTFS16:41
sebastiani think it is that one16:41
dr_williswell thats sdb1  not sda1 :)16:41
dr_willisfirst hd = sda, 2nd - sdb normally16:42
sebastianits supposed to be 320gb and i dont know if this is what shows it 312568672+16:42
dr_willisthats bytes vs mb.16:42
dr_willisvs gb16:42
sebastianbecause these seems to be the same16:43
sebastianDisk /dev/sdb: 320.0 GB, 320072933376 bytes16:43
fiyawerxlooks right16:43
dr_willisalso some #'s may be the filesystem size, vs the drive size..  filesystems have some overhead.16:44
sebastianya but its under 2 different lines16:44
fiyawerxsdb is the total, sdb1 looks like its taking the full space of sdb16:44
fiyawerxsdb1 is the first partition on the drive sdb16:44
sebastianoh ok16:44
sebastianya thats right16:44
Schuenemannwhy wonder why it isn't called hdb anymore. hd = hard disk. sd = ?16:44
sebastiannow it works :D16:45
sebastian:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D16:45
Tm_Tsebastian: sd aka scsi disk, aka sata disk16:45
sebastiani dont have sata16:45
dr_willissd used to be for scsi16:45
fiyawerxhdx's are generally ide16:45
dr_willisbut now the systems are getting tweaked where all drives are 'sd'16:45
Tm_Tsebastian: sorry wrong tab filling because of your noisy behaviour16:45
sebastiandr_willis: tx a lot :D16:46
dr_willisI have systemns with hd## and sd## both still16:46
fiyawerxi think it mainly depends on the drivers for the hardware, not sure 100% tho16:46
fiyawerxand bios settings too, like my sata ports can run in ide mode or something similar16:47
fiyawerxso they get reported to the OS like that16:47
fiyawerxwhich might also mean your not getting full performance16:47
dr_willisI think they still get full performance.  Thats one of the reasons for the 'hd to sd' change  - they were trying to get away from all this 'dma not getting enabled' issues from ages past.16:48
dr_willisPlus the ide subsystem I hear had other  quirks.16:48
sebastianthx willis16:48
dr_willisPoint to rember is that Just because a drive is sda - does NOT mean it might NOT be your ide drive. :)16:49
dr_willisi accidently formated /dev/hda once because i was sure the sata drive was sda.. when in fact it was sdb :)16:49
dr_willisthis is when it pays to have backups.16:50
sebastianok bye all  and thx for the help16:50
sebastianhard to backup my 320gb drive when i dont have a bigger one :P16:50
neutronbonjour tout le monde16:56
PhilRodbonjour neutron16:56
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr16:56
neutronok désolé16:57
PhilRodpas de problème16:57
neutronmerci a+16:58
mani213how do i install a ati driver for my computer?17:00
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto17:02
draikI want to mount an image via ssh. I have the ISO on my desktop and want to mount the image on a laptop from my same network. How can this be done?17:03
draikJucato: peek-a-boo17:04
ign0ramushey draik17:04
* Jucato runs17:04
draikHey ign0ramus17:04
koen_leave #kubuntu17:04
draikign0ramus: PM17:05
ign0ramushey, got an actual question today... so i have a bunch of jpg's that I want to combine into a single pdf... can i do this?17:05
PhilRoddraik: mount it locally with the loopback interface, then use sshfs on the remote machine17:05
draikign0ramus: Yes. I don't recall how, though.17:05
draikPhilRod: How so? I'm sorry, but I do not understand how you're explaining.17:06
ign0ramusi found scanned photos of the original owner's manual for a 1941 Chevy Coupe, and I'd like to print it out for my stepdad for their anniversary17:06
PhilRoddraik: iso image on machine A, which you want to see from machine B:17:06
mani213does kubuntu already come with a graphics card driver?17:06
ign0ramusmani213: yes, it comes with many... is there a certain card you are concerned about?17:07
PhilRodon machine A, run "mount -t iso -o" darn it, I can't remember - let me see17:07
mani213well my like last week when i started my pc the images were streched17:07
draikPhilRod: sudo mount -o loop -t udf17:07
mani213so i dont know if i still need to install it or not17:07
Howitemount -t iso9660 -o loop17:07
draikSorry, forgot to mention it's a DVD17:07
Schuenemannmani213, isn't the resolution wrong for your monitor17:07
mani213no i checked every thing setting linux settings17:08
mani213and an operator last week was tellin me to install ati driver but i didnt know how17:08
PhilRoddraik: ok, then the only thing you need is sshfs - "man sshfs" should give you the information you need17:08
mani213i tried reading the web site didnt get threw my head17:08
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.17:08
draikPhilRod: Thank you much. Greatly appreciated.17:08
fiyawerxAnyone familiar with this message? phonon pops up saying audio playback hda intel  (alc883 analog) does not work failing back to hda intel ((alc883 analog)17:08
draikdr_willis: The issue is that the iso resides on my desktop. I want to mount it on my laptops from the same network.17:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about phonon17:09
Schuenemannmani213, is it ATI Radeon 9500 or newer?17:09
ign0ramusfiyawerx: is this in Amarok?17:09
dr_willismount it to somewhere, then setup a share pointing to the mountpoint17:09
dr_willisis one way17:09
fiyawerxign0ramus: was trying dragon17:09
mani213its ati radeon 720017:09
mani213and every time i i start my computer my settings go back to defult like the compiz17:10
dr_willisor setup a share that holds the .iso, then have the other box's mount the .iso locally via the loopback stuff17:10
ign0ramusfiyawerx: don't know much about these new kde4 apps... does it allow you to choose your engine?  I've never had much luck with Phonon17:10
fiyawerxign0ramus: first time ever using it, not too sure yet, will play around some17:10
mani213i would have to type in run $ lspci -nn | grep VGA17:10
Schuenemannmani213, then, you need this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver17:10
draikPhilRod: There isn't a man page for sshfs.17:10
PhilRoddraik: ah, must need a package - let me see17:10
mani213do u know whats the problem17:10
mani213when i start my computer and every time17:11
tekteendraik, you do not have it installed17:11
mani213i gata type in run compiz --replace17:11
mani213so get my settings back17:11
dr_willistheres a sshfs wiki page. and i think sshfs --help shows its ussage17:11
draikPhilRod: Thanks.17:11
draiktekteen: Which package?17:11
PhilRoddraik: the package is sshfs17:11
draikRight you are.17:11
dr_williswillis@geubuntu:~(7.958 Mb)$ sshfs -h17:11
dr_willisusage: sshfs [user@]host:[dir] mountpoint [options]17:11
draikInstalled now.17:11
dr_willissshfs billgates@msn.com:/home/billgates MoneyStash17:12
draikLOL @ dr_willis17:13
fiyawerxign0ramus: im not even sure where to change the phonon settings17:17
fiyawerxah, found it i think17:18
ign0ramusthis is pretty handy - if you have a collection of .jpgs that you want to convert into a single .pdf file, it's real simple!17:23
ign0ramusinstall imagemagick > cd to directory with jpgs > "convert *jpg newfile.pdf17:24
tekteensomeone has found imagemagik :-)17:25
gregohi everyone17:25
gregoi have small question17:25
jussi01ask! :)17:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)17:25
gregowhen i use dolphin as root, i can mount my ntfs drives by clicking on them17:26
gregois this possible to do without using root?17:26
SiDiHey everyone17:26
SiDiDoes anyone know the KDE piece of software for checking how filled is my disk ?17:26
tekteengrego, I only know of one way to do it17:27
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gregoyes tekteen?17:27
tekteenI think you need to edit fstab and make users able to mount it17:27
claydohSiDi: kdirstat17:27
tekteenI know17:27
* tekteen is not good with gui17:28
ign0ramusSiDi: alternatively, you can go to media:/ and right-click > properties17:28
SiDiOk ty17:28
gregoi have to add each drive as always or just add user?17:28
SiDiYeh yeh :P but i got baobab under gnome and its for my kde-ish friend who doesnt speak english :)17:28
SiDiand finding a french kde ubuntu user is hard :)17:28
ign0ramusSiDi: why - everyone uses gnome there?17:28
SiDiWell, #kubuntu-fr redirects on #ubuntu-fr17:29
SiDiand there we almost only use gnome17:29
SiDii'd say 90% of the channel :/17:29
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions17:29
SiDiWell i used KDE when i first tried ubuntu, was 7.10 beta, but then when i reinstalled i felt like trying gnome :p17:29
SiDiand as i didnt need to reinstall it stayed like that17:29
tekteengrego, can you pastebin your fstab17:29
claydohgrego: ido believe youcan adjust mountpoints from an applet in  system settings17:30
claydohI im intrepid, don't have hardy to check17:30
claydohbut I do remember changing things fromthere before17:31
draikdr_willis: I don't seem to have the usage just right. I put "sshfs draik@123.456.789.x:/home/draik/path/image.iso /mnt" I get 'image.iso: Not a directory'. I removed the image.iso part and then I get 'fuse: failed to open /dev/fuse: Permission denied' Any ideas?17:31
gregothis uncommented stuff is from my previous attempts ;)17:32
tekteengrego, you may want to wait for someone who knows kde better17:33
tekteenI deal mostly with the cli so I am not sure if this will work17:33
tekteenwhich one do you want to mount?17:33
tekteenwhy not just mount it an startup?17:33
gregobut the thing is17:34
gregoi dont want to mess with fstab17:34
gregoas root17:34
gregoi can mount partitions by clicking17:34
gregoon them17:34
gregoin dolhin17:34
tekteengrego, so you can mount it?17:36
tekteenwhat is the problem?17:36
draiktekteen: Would you know what I did wrong with my sshfs usage?17:36
gregoi dont know how it works17:36
gregodolp[hin detects them17:36
gregowithout fstab17:36
tekteenwhat is the problem?17:36
gregoi just cant mount them17:36
gregoas normal user17:37
gregoas root yes17:37
ign0ramusgrego: do you want the partitions mounted at startup?17:37
tekteendraik, what did you do?17:37
gregoits fine17:37
ign0ramusgrego: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions17:37
draiktekteen: I don't seem to have the usage just right. I put "sshfs draik@123.456.789.x:/home/draik/path/image.iso /mnt" I get 'image.iso: Not a directory'. I removed the image.iso part and then I get 'fuse: failed to open /dev/fuse: Permission denied' Any ideas?17:37
tekteenI see the problem17:38
tekteenthere are 2 of them17:38
tekteenthe first is you need to use sudo17:38
gregocan't I just have permissions for mounting?17:38
ign0ramusgrego: sure.  but that is dictated by fstab17:39
tekteendraik, you also need to select a dir not the iso image17:39
ign0ramusgrego: is it an NTFS partition you want mounted?17:39
gregoi know how to add partiotion in fstab17:39
tekteendraik, do you want to mount the iso on the other machine or on the local machine?17:39
draiktekteen: So then use sudo sshfs... and point it to the dir?17:39
gregobut as root i dont need it17:39
draiktekteen: I have the image on my desktop. I want to mount it on my laptop17:40
ign0ramusgrego: did you even read the link above?  It gives step by step instructions on how to achieve just that.17:40
gregoi see it now17:40
ign0ramusgrego: ro,auto,user,fmask=0111,dmask=0000       is the syntax17:40
gregothanks :)17:40
ign0ramusgrego: np17:40
tekteendraik, do you want to mount it on the desktop and then mount that folder on your laptop?17:40
mani213can i get the link that shows step by step points to installin ati driver17:41
draiktekteen: I was hoping to mount the image directly on the laptop17:41
tekteen!ati | mani21317:41
ubottumani213: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto17:41
tekteenhere is what you do17:41
tekteenyou need to make a new folder to mount to17:42
tekteennot /mnt17:42
draikOn the desktop?17:42
mani213but i have the ren 720017:42
tekteenon the laptop "sudo mkdir /mnt/desktop"17:42
tekteensudo sshfs draik@123.456.789:/home/draik/path/ /mnt/desktop17:43
ign0ramusmani213: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=377377317:43
tekteenthe path should be the FOLDER the iso is in17:43
tekteendraik: now you need to create another mount point          sudo mkdir /mnt/iso17:44
tekteennow we will mount the iso with...17:44
draiksudo mount -o loop -t udf17:45
tekteenI do not think do17:45
draikLuckily I have created this as an alias.17:45
tekteenone sec17:45
tekteensudo mount -o loop /mnt/desktop/SOMETHING.iso /mnt/iso17:45
tekteenuse that ^17:46
draikSkip the '-t udf'?17:46
tekteenfor now17:46
tekteenlets see if you get an error first17:46
tekteendraik, did it work?17:47
draikSorry, sis came to me with a Vista question. Let me try it now.17:48
draikOk. Awkward17:51
tekteendraik, try ls /mnt/iso17:51
tekteenis anything there?17:51
draikI can use CLI to get to /mnt/desktop, but when I go to the actual folder of /mnt, only the folder 'iso' exists.17:51
draikNope, nothing in /mnt/iso17:52
tekteentry /mnt/desktop17:52
draikGot it17:52
draikYay me17:52
draikThank you tekteen17:52
tekteeneverything working?17:53
Kevin__hey out there... I've got a headless server running 8.04 and am looking to tunnel an X session to my Macbook Pro. I can make the necessary connections and start individual applications, but starting KDE doesn't work.17:53
draikI would have used all caps, but then I would be hit with !caps17:53
Kevin__Of course my goal is to get KDE working17:53
dr_willisdraik,  you need to do it as 2 steps17:53
* dr_willis was away :)17:53
draiktekteen: It's all working now.17:53
draikI gots me a movie!17:54
dr_willisI recall some samba guides/docs on  taking .iso files and making them auto-mount/share as needed also17:54
draikBTW, it was Foxfire that I was wanting to watch.17:54
tekteenis it a dvd movie?17:54
tekteenyou did not need to mount it17:54
tekteenyou can open it up in vlc as an iso17:55
draikIt's one of Angelina Jolie's first movies. I'm not sure if it was post or pre Hackers.17:55
dr_willisYep. vlc/mplayer can play .iso files :)17:55
draikI prefer Kaffeine17:55
tekteenI believe it can to :-)17:55
dr_willisdraik,  you have just shown you are crazy... :)17:55
dr_willisheh heh17:55
iko_hi to all17:55
dr_willisIm so used to mplayer. i cant stand to use anything else.17:55
tekteenhi iko_17:55
iko_excuse me for the bad english17:56
iko_i'm italian17:56
draikdr_willis: That's me with kaffeine. Explain, though, how I'm crazy for using kaffeine17:56
tekteendr_willis, the most important thing is that it has keyboard shortcuts17:56
dr_willisYep.. keyboard shortcuts in mplayer. I tend to use geexbox for my video needs.17:56
dr_willisI just cant stand how kaffine works..   then again - im not always using kde, or X or even linux . so mplayer works for me in whatever situation im in console/framebuffer/ even windows.17:57
tekteendr_willis, people think I am nuts when I start movies and music and browse the internet without picking up the mouse17:57
dr_willisI start a movie.. then about 4 days i manage to finish watching it all..due to the wife constantly interrupting me17:58
tekteenI never got the framebuffer working well17:58
draiktekteen: and then there are people like me that envy you17:58
tekteendraik: huh?17:58
draikYou do it all without picking up a mouse17:58
tekteenI just hate using the mouse. I am used to the cli17:59
draikThen again, I might be able to as well since I used Katapult to launch the apps and then keyboard shortcut my way through playing media. The browser thing, only to launch.17:59
draikI wish I was more CLI-oriented17:59
mikzwho knows any development tool such as visual studio for developing web pages and applications using c#?18:00
tekteenmikz, you mean an ide?18:00
tekteenlike eclipse18:00
tekteenI use kwrite for programming18:00
tekteenbut that is a texteditor with hilighting18:01
iko_excuse me i must go... goodbye :)18:01
mikzdoes that suppor c# language?18:01
tekteenboth do18:01
tekteendraik, all you need is practice18:02
mani213i tried followiong steps on the ubuntu site to install ati driver18:02
mani213that doesnt work18:02
mikzok thanks tekteen18:02
mani213so my images are streched on my monitor18:02
mani213what should i do18:02
tekteenmani213, have you tried jockey?18:02
dr_willisafter installing the video drivers. some tmes i have to set the proper res.18:02
mani213whats jokcey18:02
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mani213how do i check now if i have the ati driver inatsllaed cause i followed the steps18:03
mani213still doesnt work but i wana check is i installed the ati driver18:03
tekteentype alt+f2 and type this kdesu jockey-kde18:03
tekteentype alt+f2 and type this: kdesu jockey-kde18:03
mani213okay and what am i looking for?18:04
mani213i see two device drivers18:04
tekteendoes it say there are drivers you can install?18:04
mani213atheros hardware and wireless lan card18:04
tekteennone of them video?18:04
mani213so shuld i go18:05
tekteenI just wanted to check18:05
mani213ati.com and download driver?18:05
draiktekteen: How do I unmount the /mnt/desktop from my desktop? sudo umount /mnt/desktop?18:05
tekteenif you unmount desktop18:06
tekteenI do not know what will happen to iso18:06
tekteenalso that is the command to unmount it18:06
draikIMO, nothing. The image is mounted at /mnt/iso18:06
mani213what do i do though?18:06
tekteenmani213: I have no idea18:07
mani213how did u install your grapgics driver18:07
mani213you should knowabit18:07
tekteenmani213: jockey :-P18:07
mani213it was already installed?18:07
tekteenjockey installed it for me18:08
tekteenit was one of the options for me18:08
mani213theres no way i can tell it to install it for me?18:08
tekteenit does not seem to know your card18:08
draiktekteen: ?18:08
mani213i have a ati 720018:08
tekteenthe iso is on the other computer right?18:08
mani213can i download manually from ati site18:08
tekteendraik: so if you unmount /mnt/desktop18:09
draikWon't let you18:09
draik"Device is busy"18:09
draikWorth a shot18:09
tekteenyou need to first unmount iso18:09
dr_willisuse mount command to see exactly whats mounted where18:09
Pollywogwhat is the ext3 equivalent of the ext2 chattr command?18:11
mani213i dont understand this18:14
mani213if i dontload ati driver from site18:15
mani213how do i install it18:15
tekteenmani213: ati = HELL18:15
Walzmynmani213, usually sites give you instructions where you download the drivers18:15
Walzmyndon't know about ati, never been there18:15
mani213i just want my images not to be stretched18:16
tekteenmani213: I have only successfully installed the ati drivers once. It took me about a week. And I do not know what finally made it work18:16
tekteenI am now a nvidia only house18:17
mani213i went on ati18:18
mani213and they dont even have my driver to install18:18
Walzmynwhere'd you get the driver you said you downloaded?18:18
mani213how do i reset the settings then18:18
mani213for the grpahics18:18
mani213cause i need to fix this18:18
draiktekteen: Thanks for teaching me to properly use sshfs and mount the image from the designated location.18:19
tekteendraik: stop saying thanks :-P18:19
mani213what dooo i doooo18:20
draiktekteen: You solved my inquiry in a shorter time span than my google searches.18:20
tekteenmani213, obviously no one here knows18:20
tekteenwhy not ask in #ubuntu18:20
mani213i got this file ati.run18:20
mani213how do i run it18:20
mani213and open it18:20
mani213konsole then sudo ati.run??18:20
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:20
dr_willischmod +x whatever.run18:21
dr_willissudo ./whatever.run18:21
dr_willisis the normal way18:21
tekteenmani213, no matter how many times you ask no one here is going to know the answer to your problem18:21
tekteentry #ubuntu18:21
tekteenpeople there may know18:21
mani213yo your commands to open files in console18:22
mani213doesnt work18:22
mani213the files on my desktop18:22
tekteenthen cd to your desktop18:23
dr_willisYou must be in the current directory, or give the full path to the file18:23
tekteenhow is he supposed to know where it is?18:23
dr_willisDesktop is /home/username/Desktop18:23
dr_willisCase Is Imporntant18:23
mani213so if its on my desktop18:23
dr_williscd Desktop18:23
mani213then what do i type im a noob to this18:23
tekteencd ~/Desktop18:24
mani213 sudo ./whatever.run cd~/desktop???18:24
tekteensudo ~/Desktop/whatever.run18:24
tekteenI do not know what the program will do18:25
tekteenyou are giving it access to your whole machine18:25
dr_willishopefully install the ati drivers.. but im doubtfull it will work18:25
dr_williscd ~/Desktop18:25
dr_willissudo ./whatever.run18:25
dr_willisooops.. ya gotta chmod +x it first18:25
mani213im lost18:26
mani213i tried sudo ~/Desktop/whatever.run18:26
mani213it doesnt work18:26
dr_williscd ~/Desktop18:26
dr_willischmod +x whatever.run18:26
dr_willissudo ./whatever.run18:26
Gladylater trying onething.run18:26
dr_willisOf course replace whatever.run with the proper filename18:26
mani213the directory is /home/mani213/desktop18:27
mani213i tried the way u told me doesnt work18:27
dr_willisCase Is Imporntant18:27
dr_willisUpperCase Letters ane names are NOT the same as LowerCase FileNames18:28
dr_willisDesktop is different from desktop18:28
dr_willisNote i used 'Desktop'18:28
mani213i remmeeber a guy before told me a command with sp in it?18:29
mani213and it worked and opened the file18:29
mani213it was a command to open a.run file on my desktop18:29
dr_willisyou run a .run file18:29
dr_willisyou make it executable, then run it as root.18:30
dr_willisI know of no 'sp' type commands18:30
mani213man so the fiels on my desktop18:30
dr_williscd ~/Desktop   , chmod +x whatever.run  , sudo ./whatever.run18:30
mani213its called ati.run18:30
dr_willisuse ati.run instead of whatever.run then18:30
dr_willisand thats 3 seperate commands.18:30
mani213it just says file not found18:31
dr_willisthen you either did a typo or are ion the wrong directory18:31
mani213its basicly on my desktop18:32
mani213were the wall paper is18:32
dr_willistry 'ls -l /home/YOURUSERNAME/Desktop/*.run'18:32
dr_willissee if it sees the file18:32
dr_willisusing your proper username of course18:33
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=== arjun_i_se_my_ta is now known as arjun_i_set_my_t
Gladyok I understand18:33
mani213mani213@mani213-desktop:~$ ls -l /home/mani213/Desktop/*.run18:34
mani213-rw-r--r-- 1 mani213 mani213 53989404 2008-09-11 01:15 /home/mani213/Desktop/ati.run18:34
mani213thats what it says18:34
dr_willisits there then18:34
mani213what exact command should i type/18:34
dr_willisthen you either did a typo or are ion the wrong directory18:34
mani213so how would u type this exact18:35
dr_willisyou can give the full path to the file. and if you hiot the TAB key - it will auto-complete the filenames18:35
mani213without typos18:35
dr_willischmod +x /home/USERNAME/Desktop/ati.run18:35
dr_willissudo /home/USERNAME/Desktop/ati.run18:35
dr_williswhen in doubt hit TAB to make it fill in the proper names18:35
buRn[bRe]kde3 fail to load, i can only use root command terminal, how to remore kde3 from hard drive, and sudo apt-get install kde3?18:36
dr_willisbuRn[bRe],  remove/reinstalling proberly wont help. clarify what 'failed to load' if X is the problem. then you need to fix X, not KDE.18:37
dr_willisand the kde3 package name is not kde3 i belive its somtnintg else.  I tend to install 'kubuntu-desktop' package18:37
mani213ok ok18:37
mani213it works18:37
buRn[bRe]the problem is that my brother istall compiz fusion [to set up cube or somenthing] after that kde wont load18:37
mani213it says z server unable to detect18:37
dr_willisYou could disable compiz fusion18:37
dr_willisbut i rarely use compiz, so i dont recall how to do it from the shell.18:38
kaminixDo I want to avoid 64 bit computers if I intend to run Linux (and Windows...) on them? I've heard problems with Skype, Matlab (I think) and some other properitary applications.18:39
Tm_Tkaminix: should be past18:39
dr_willismani213,  if its a gui app. you proverly want to use 'kdesudo /path/to/that/thing' instead of sudo18:39
tekteenkaminix, you can install 32bit software on 64 bit computers18:39
dr_willisHow do you avoide 64bit cpmputers? :) unless ya want to stick with low low low end things.18:39
dr_willisI always use 32bit linux disrtos on my 64bit machines.18:40
kaminixTm_T, tekteen: No problems with 64 bit then? I'm out to buy a new computer now you see. Will everything work on 32-bit compability mode?18:40
dr_willis32bit os has worked on 64bit hardware for ages...18:41
Tm_Tkaminix: if not, you can always install 32bit version of Ubuntu18:41
Tm_Tkaminix: but should work just fine18:41
kaminixTm_T: And it will work without any problems at all?18:41
dr_willis64bit os's are getting where you only have a few issues with them.18:41
kaminixOkay, thanks.18:41
Tm_Tkaminix: 64bit hardware is full 32bit compatible18:42
Walzmyni've been running 64-bit kubuntu for months now with no problems18:42
kaminixOkay, thanks. :)18:42
kaminixWalzmyn: Have you tried Skype and/or Matlab on it?18:42
Walzmynwell, no problems with it, windows is giving me fits18:42
geeki'm trying to compile krecipies- i'm having a wee bit of dependancy hell, and am wondering how i use apt-get build-dep to ease things when i have source but not a source package18:42
Walzmynkaminix, skype works like a charm, daughter talks to her grandmother all the time.18:43
buRn[bRe]i use skype on linux18:43
Walzmynkaminix, video too18:43
buRn[bRe]but sometime icon on system tray i lost but skype i working18:43
Tm_T...and that has nothing to do with 64bit hardware I believe18:44
kaminixNice Walzmyn. :) Question 2, is nVidia a good video card choice?18:44
Walzmynkaminix, i'm having no problems18:44
kaminixHave you tried running KDE 4 with it?18:45
buRn[bRe]i use nVidia on my comp and [windows] games works perfectly18:45
Tm_Tit's good if you don't hate having issues because of closed drivers18:45
Walzmynkubuntu found the card and offered me the propirtary dirver to download real easy18:45
Walzmynkaminix, only in a virtualbox18:45
kaminixTm_T: I just want best possible performance in the cheapest way possible :p18:46
Tm_Tkaminix: then random crashes are ok I guess (;)18:46
kaminixlol :p18:46
kaminixPreferebly not :p18:46
Tm_Tyou cant avoid them with closed drivers I afraid18:46
Walzmynkaminix, are you looking at a particluar brand?18:46
ubuntu_got a new emachine from wallie mart. Couldn't pass on the price. It has vista, but am getting ready to replace with kubuntu. has anyone heard of issues removing vista completely?18:47
Gladykeep vista18:47
kaminixWalzmyn: Computer brand? Not really. Looking at this computer (page in Swedish, look under 'Innehåll')  http://www.komplett.se/k/ki.aspx?sku=32320018:47
Gladyall the time18:47
Walzmynubuntu_, did it come with restore disks?18:47
WaltzingAlongubuntu_: no. as you noticed, your computer came with it18:47
Tm_TGlady: why keep?18:47
ubuntu_it came with the vista operating system disk.18:48
Gladyit is the key18:48
Tm_TGlady: key?18:48
geekubuntu_: as long as your hardware supports ubuntu, you shouldn't have any issues. i'd suggest a little homework, and you'll be fine18:48
Gladyto happiness in virtual world18:48
Tm_TGlady: it is not18:48
Walzmynkaminix, was just going to say that you might try googling 64bit linux and that brand and see who has gone before you18:48
arjun_i_set_my_thi all18:48
ubuntu_I can reinstall it if need be, but don't need it and haven't even booted into vista a single time.18:48
arjun_i_set_my_ti have just updated from gusty to hardy18:48
WalzmynThis box had vista on it. I was never more happy than when i kicked that crap to the curb and put Kubuntu on18:48
dr_willisi would be suprised a low end box came with a full vista revovery disk...18:49
buRn[bRe]can i bind keys like presing the windows start button on my keybord to open me the k-menu?18:49
dr_willisThe companies like to ding you for an extra $20 for disks it seems18:49
WaltzingAlongbuRn[bRe]: yes18:49
WalzmynbuRn[bRe], look up xbindkeys18:49
ubuntu_turned on the new system and tossed the livecd in. I've been using kubuntu for 6 years. I don't prefer windows.18:49
arjun_i_set_my_ti don't have proper sound it is very less as compaired to what i am used to of in Windows that i used 2 days ago18:49
=== geek is now known as faileas
arjun_i_set_my_tcan any one please help me18:50
Walzmynarjun_i_set_my_t, do you mean the volumn is low?18:50
kaminixThe graphics card is 'XFX GeForce....', will there be problems with XFX cards or doesn't it matter as long as it's nVidia?18:50
Walzmynarjun_i_set_my_t, run "kmix"18:51
dr_williskaminix,  a lot depends on the exact chipset of the card18:51
dr_willisXFX is proberly some company name.18:51
dr_willisI Got an 8800gtsXXX :)18:51
kaminixGeForce 9500GT 550M 256MB GDDR3, PCI-Express 2.0......18:51
kaminixXFX is the card maker18:51
Walzmynkaminix, nvidia will provide a driver for all it's chipsets - for good or bad18:52
ubuntu_320 GB drive and guided resize suggests 69 for vista, 69 for kubuntu. I wonder what is up with the rest of the space?18:52
faileasubuntu_: probably a big common storage partition?18:52
ubuntu_holy crow. It is unpartitioned space.18:53
arjun_i_set_my_tWalzmyn:in kmix all are at max level18:53
ubuntu_they only installed vista to half of the drive. I wonder why that is.18:53
Tm_Tto leave room for Ubuntu18:54
Gladywork for the other part18:54
Walzmynarjun_i_set_my_t, I dn't know then. usually kmix gets set low on a new install18:54
arjun_i_set_my_tWalzmyn:ok thanks any way18:54
Walzmynubuntu_, if you give it half... it'll try to take over everythying18:54
ubuntu_I'll still blow away vista. I need all for myself.18:54
arjun_i_set_my_tcan any one here tell me how to increase volume it is audible but  low18:55
Gladyu should share vista18:55
ubuntu_Glady: why's that?18:56
Gladythe first circle18:56
Gladythe most important18:57
ubuntu_important for... tech support? I don't think I need to call them anytime soon. :)18:57
=== ubuntu_ is now known as waylandbill
Gladywell if u have good autonomy18:58
Gladyit is good18:58
Gladybut you need tech support all the time in virtual box18:58
Gladybut the first cercle18:59
Gladyu cant go without it18:59
waylandbillpretty quick for a low end computer. I'm pretty happy on the purchase. Especially since kubuntu recognizes all the hardware.19:01
arjun_i_set_my_tcan any one here please tell me how to increase volume it is audible but  low19:02
PhilRodarjun_i_set_my_t: run kmix19:02
arjun_i_set_my_ti increased volume from it to max level19:02
waylandbillof course vista is probably the cause for low end computers having better hardware.19:03
arjun_i_set_my_tmy system never gives proper volume with linux19:03
arjun_i_set_my_tlast time i installes PCLINUXOS and there was no volume at all19:03
GladyOS are jaelous from each others19:03
Gladyand it makes conflicts19:04
dr_williswaylandbill,  i find that its just progress... if vista wasent here - we would still be gettting faster pcs :) and actually gaining some use of the  speed increases19:04
waylandbilldr_willis: that is possible. although as like automobile manufacturers, they tend to resist until consumers demand more.19:05
dr_willisautomobile manufacturers - sell whatever slick eyecandy they can to consumers19:05
* dr_willis works for Chrysler19:06
dr_willisThey also make most of thir $$ on the mark4ed up extras in the vehicles19:06
alx54hi everybody! errmm can anybody help me plz? I dont know how to install divx webplayer =(19:07
waylandbillwon't know if vista home premier is any good. it's now gone. :)19:07
alx54what kind of channel should i ask this question?19:07
dr_willisIve could understand why MS had the dozen variants of vista anyway. all about marketing19:07
rick_I have a USB turntable. I can record from the turntable with Audacity, but I can't hear the sound from the TT. Any way to get the TT audio through my soundcard and speakers?19:08
dr_willis 'making $$ on extras that people dont need' i guess19:08
waylandbillalx54: if you are using kaffiene, it should attempt to download the necessary codec.. in this case XviD19:08
dr_willisI just install the w32codec pack and it grabs all them I belive19:08
dr_willisits amazing how much easier it is to get all these videos playing under linux, then windows. :)19:09
waylandbillbetter packaging. you can get most codecs in a few packages.19:09
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:09
dr_willistheres also the kubuntu-restricted-extras package - you may wish to install.19:10
dr_willisit grabs a lotof the stuff also19:10
dr_willisSo there.. thats on topic! :P19:10
rick_I'm using my USB TT on kubuntu 8.0419:13
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DarkriftXare there any apps i can install with apt that will let me convert video? (mp4 to xvid)19:20
DarkriftXand wont require taking a class to use it19:20
dr_willisor did i spell tha tright19:21
dr_willis!find avid19:21
ubottuFound: avida-base, avida-qt-viewer, avida-viewer, sword-comm-tdavid, avidemux (and 3 others)19:21
dr_willisHmm.. isent xvid just like a mp4 variant.. or am i getting confused again19:21
faileasdr_willis: xvid is open source divx which is based off MS AVI19:22
DarkriftXyou might be right19:22
* SkEmO goes to his date :O, wish me luck! o/19:22
DarkriftXi dl'd a tv series and one of them is mp4, but im not sure if my dvd player will read those, so i was going to convert instead of risking a dvd19:23
dr_willisXvid (formerly "XviD") is a video codec library following the MPEG-4 standard.19:23
DarkriftXso i dont have to do anything :)19:23
dr_willisand divx is just mpeg-4 that is tweaked a littel if i recall.19:23
alx54waylandbill sorry i didnt respond.. i am still struggling =) i have kaffeine and mozilla firefox installed, and the plugin of course19:23
alx54i also restarted firefox, still doesnt work19:24
dr_willisI seem to recall reading about all this divx/xvid/mp4 stuff once befor.. and  they are all so closely related.. its annoying the companies confuse the consumers19:24
dr_willishttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xvid   read all about it! :)19:24
faileasgod i hate needing to compile things19:26
=== bog_ is now known as bog
* faileas needs to go back to doing all this on a VM. so much neater19:27
=== bog is now known as Guest29099
alx54yeh my main probem is that i dont know what kind of problem i have.. wheter its kde related, ubuntu, firefox .0o0o019:27
DarkriftXok, ive done it before, but forget how... i have a bunch of files i want to remove a word from the name, whats the easiest way to do that?19:28
dr_willisascii text?19:28
DarkriftXjust plain filenames19:28
dr_willisthe file NAME changing, or the contents of the file?19:28
DarkriftXit was something liek ls|grep removetext| something else here19:29
DarkriftXname changing19:29
dr_willisi tend to use 'qmv' to change large # of filenames19:29
ign0ramus|afknflDarkriftX: man rename19:29
DarkriftXoh, didnt know there was a rename lol19:29
DarkriftXthought it was just mv19:29
dr_willis it basicially puts the name in a list in a text editor, you then change with the editor tools (search/replace)  then when ya exit. it does the renaming19:29
dr_willisrename is handy :)19:29
dr_willisbut often what i want to change.. is a bit hard to do with rename19:30
ign0ramus|afknflDarkriftX: you can use mv or cp, but rename is the tool for this job19:30
dr_willis!find qmv19:30
ubottuFile qmv found in Use, of, uninitialized, value, in (and 32 others)19:30
dr_willisrenameutils - Programs to make file renaming easier19:30
dr_willisare we talking about 10 files? or 100000 files? :)19:31
DarkriftXrename is fooking awesome19:31
DarkriftX16 files19:31
DarkriftXrename 's/S04//' *.*19:31
DarkriftXdid just what i needed19:31
dr_willisremoveing the Season04 from video files?19:31
dr_williswatch out for spaces in the filenames19:31
DarkriftXmy dvd player only shows first 8 chars in filename19:32
dr_willisI also tend to use the 'bulk rename utility' (in wine, yes its a windows app)19:32
DarkriftXand that would have made the ep # unreadable19:32
dr_willisI dont even have a dvd player that can play video files.19:32
rick_I need some help with a USB turntable on Kubuntu.19:32
dr_willisWife is watching her videos on the Wii with via the 'ORB' service.19:32
rick_oops. Last post was meant for #ubuntu19:33
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alx54aaah this is so embarrassing... i am trying to convince my flatmates that kubuntu is neat, but i cant find out how to play divx videos online =(19:39
faileasmine seems to handle it...19:40
tekteenor konqueror?19:40
alx54both dont work19:40
faileaslets see, added medibuntu, and probably win32 codecs19:40
tekteenthe issue is you do not have a plugin19:41
tekteenyou can get the vlc or mplayer plugin19:41
tekteendoes kaffiene have one?19:41
DarkriftXvlc plays anything19:41
DarkriftXit can probably turn an exe into a video somehow19:41
alx54its online19:41
DarkriftXthen its not kubuntu that is your problem, its your browser19:41
tekteensudo apt-get install mozilla-plugin-vlc19:41
tekteenalx54 ^19:42
DarkriftXdont think ive ever seen streaming xvid19:42
alx54i tried the kaffeine plugin but doesnt work... i ll try the vlc---19:43
alx54is it actually called streaming if i watch a movie online like google video ?19:43
_2vlc be's da bomb!19:43
wishieis there a way i can start the KMilo service from a cmd line ?19:44
DarkriftXif you dont dl the video, its most likely streaming19:44
DarkriftXif you dl it but watch it in browser, then you are just using browser as a video player19:44
alx54do i have to restart or is it enough to just restart browser19:45
DarkriftXjust browser19:45
DarkriftXnot much requires OS restart in linux19:46
DarkriftXOS upgrades and some driver changes (most dont)19:46
sebastian_how do i minimize a fullscreen program like in windows with the win-key?19:46
DarkriftXcreate a keyboard shortcut or find out if there already is one19:47
DarkriftXi had to manually set win+r to open the run dialog19:47
DarkriftXand win+e to open konq19:47
sebastian_ya but usally its already set19:48
_2DarkriftX and even the modules that "require" reboot, don't actually require it, it just simplifies the process...19:48
sebastian_the default button19:48
dr_willisi just alt-tab to the other apps...19:48
_2sebastian_ usally ?  where ?19:48
dr_willisof course it may depend on the fullscreen app19:48
sebastian_but in keyboard prefences i dont see so much options:P19:49
sebastian_in layout options i cant find it19:49
dr_willisive never noticed the win key under windows - minimizing full screen apps..    ive seen it pop up the desktop..but thats still not the same as minimizing the app19:50
sebastian_i know but it works :P19:50
dr_willisits not doing what you are saying its doing however...19:50
sebastian_i mean when the start screen opens it minimizes it19:51
tekteenthe win key under windows does what alt+f1 does on kde19:51
sebastian_ok thx :D19:51
lacyquick question whats the biggest diffrents between ubuntu and kbuntu?19:51
tekteenthe user interface19:51
tekteenand programs19:51
tekteenkubuntu uses kde while ubuntu uses gnome19:52
tekteenI am betting there are many sites that compare them19:52
lacyso it doesn't make a diffrents  for speed wise ?19:52
dr_willisthat  pretty much IS the differeance. :) KDE or gnome.19:52
dr_willisYou can easially install both desktops. and try them both out on the same machine19:52
tekteenlacy, look it up on google19:53
tekteenkde vs gnome19:53
lacyso is there a ubuntu  that seems to be much faster19:53
tekteeneveryone has an opinion ;-)19:53
dr_willisI dont notice much speed differance in the day to day desktop operations of kde vs gnome19:53
dr_willisa window can only open so fast.. :)19:54
lacywell do they make like a fluxbuntu?19:54
dr_willisThere is a fluxbuntu,19:54
dr_willisyou could install fluxbox on your own desktop19:54
dr_willisYouc an have a DOZEN + widnow managers/dekstops oin the same machine19:55
_2lacy short answer is   *buntu = *buntu = *buntu    only the defaults are different.19:55
dr_willisI tend to use jwm+rox-filer for my personal desktop19:55
tekteenXUBUNTU RULES19:55
lacy so how many diffrent window mangers do they have ?19:55
tekteenI like icewm as the window manager19:55
dr_willisXXXbuntu! with err.. adult themes19:55
dr_willislacy,  fire up the package manager and look. theres at least a dozen in there19:55
* tekteen hugs dr_willis19:56
_2i have pretty much setteled on blackbox as my de when i use one.19:56
lacy ok looking up now19:56
dr_willislacy,  check out http://xwinman.org/19:56
_2<lacy>  so how many diffrent window mangers do they have ?   <<< i can name at least a dozen of the top of my head...19:57
lacyhow do i check out the other ubuntu under k-packages19:57
dr_willisnot all are  just install and 'go' :) you may need to read some docs/tweak some to get them useable19:57
dr_williswith most - you install them . and the login screen/sessions menu will have an entry for them19:57
lacy type windows -manager ?19:57
dr_willislacy, use the search field and enter windowmanager  perhaps. Or look at the catagories19:58
lacy thanks19:58
=== oilinki3 is now known as oilinki
dr_willisThen ya got the KDE4 stuff thats being worked on, so the big 4 would be kde3, kde4, gnome, and xfce19:59
dr_willisthen theres  just the 'window managers'  which are  not full desktops19:59
_2and the little 4 would be twm fvwm fluxbox blackbox    and there are at least 6 more.20:00
dr_willis*box :)20:00
_2tekteen i put that in the mid size class  but i could be wrong20:00
dr_willisthen ya got the weird ones... :)20:00
tekteenwhat about mwm20:00
dr_willis question then gets to be how do you actually measure/benchmark the things20:01
dr_willis!info mwn20:01
ubottuPackage mwn does not exist in hardy20:01
dr_willisI tend to use jwm20:01
dr_willis!info jwm20:01
ubottujwm (source: jwm): Very small lightweight pure X11 window manager with tray and menus. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.1-1.1 (hardy), package size 93 kB, installed size 284 kB20:01
_2tekteen heh dr_willis covered that with the "wierd ones"20:01
dr_willisinstalled size of 284k - is rather tiny.20:01
dr_willis!info fluxbox20:01
ubottufluxbox (source: fluxbox): Highly configurable and low resource X11 Window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.0-3 (hardy), package size 938 kB, installed size 3756 kB20:01
_2dr_willis yes i did forget jwm   it goes in the list of minimalest20:01
dr_willisof course installed size is only one indication  of size20:02
dr_willishow about wmx. is that even in the repos20:02
dr_willis!info wmx20:02
ubottuPackage wmx does not exist in hardy20:02
dr_willisGuess not. :)20:02
_2!info twm20:02
ubottutwm (source: twm): Tab window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.0.3-3 (hardy), package size 107 kB, installed size 380 kB20:03
dr_willisi also like sawfish. but its slightly-weird20:03
DarkriftXare there lots of steps to install something from svn?20:06
tekteendarkriftX yes20:07
tekteenDarkriftX: yes, it takes alot of steps20:09
DarkriftXdamn, wine-doors seems completely unusable... they broke everything make it ready for 0.1.3 but never released 0.1.320:09
DarkriftXso old version dont work at all20:09
_2whendarz ?     oh   wine doors.    sorry.20:10
dopeso i have 1 minor problem20:15
dopewhen i click a window it'll only come to the top if i click the title bar20:15
_2wait a few years and it will come of age20:15
dopehow do i make it to when i just click the window it comes to the top20:16
_2"sloppy focus"20:16
_2un-tic it.20:16
_2iirc you can right click the desktop and configure to get there.20:17
sushiXhow to access windows folder from a ubuntu machine20:19
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE20:19
sushiXstored on a remote machine20:23
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209820:23
andriijashow do i restart kde without rebooting the computer VIA ssh?20:23
DarkriftXyou could kill it20:24
DarkriftXor change runlevel i think20:24
_2sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart20:24
DarkriftXor that20:24
_2changing the runlevel will not help20:24
_2unless you have altered the defaults   in which case it's your system and you should know20:25
andriijas_2: ?dm or kdm?20:27
_2andriijas kdm is specific ?dm is generic.20:27
LeeJunFanIs there a way to search packages w/ versions? something like apt-cache search or apt-cache madison, but I want to search a pattern which madison doesn't seem to do.20:28
fabiohi all20:28
_2andriijas i try to not assume that you use kdm   you may have installed gnome/gdm first   or xfce4/xdm    so  ?dm   works for all of them.20:28
fabiowhat should i use to get my usb kbd working?20:28
_2LeeJunFan not the best but something like apt-cache madison .* | grep patern20:29
LeeJunFan_2: I must be missing something. I tried that and madison returned blank.20:30
LeeJunFan_2: yeah, that's the problem, madison doesn't regex, at least not with escaping \ or quoting or strong quoting :)20:31
_2LeeJunFan i see that.   well do you want a dirty hack you can put in a script ?20:33
_2for q in `apt-cache search '.*' | cut -d' ' -f1` ;do apt-cache madison $q ;done | grep $*   ## drop that in a script and call it with the patern you want to grep for.   "./script.sh blah1.0"    example.20:34
LeeJunFanI was going to do that, but I think I found a cleaner approach with apt-show-versions20:36
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash20:36
_2hmm dapper doesn't seem to have that20:36
DreadKnighti have issues with flash... sometimes not displayinh anything...20:36
LeeJunFan_2: okay, well - going to have to use pipes, apt-cache-showversions shows the versions just fine - it just won't search based on them.20:38
_2LeeJunFan i guess that was writen after 6.620:40
radovichi messed up: installed pcbsd and now i cannot enter my ubuntu. is there a way to make a grub or change bsd's loader so it will load my ubuntu???20:40
_2radovich both20:41
_2!grub | radovich20:41
ubotturadovich: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto20:41
_2that's well documented ^ as well as the other approach.20:41
radovichthe problem is i have a laptop with no usb boot support and i do not have a floppy20:42
_2that's not a problem.  cd/dvd boot20:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about supergrub20:42
_2silly bot20:42
radovichthanx alot20:43
_2super grub cd   ^20:43
_2or any linux install cd  for that matter20:43
radovichcan i use my kubuntu cd to recover grub?20:44
radovichplease tell me how, i need it very much, and very fast20:45
radovichi need some work to get done for tomorrow morning20:45
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto20:45
jussi01it tells you there...20:45
radovichthank you very much for this one!20:47
_2radovich you used it to install grub the first time...   ergo it can recover it.    short answer is you boot the cd, mount the root fs of the install and issue   sudo grub-install -m /mountpoint/of/the/root/fs /dev/device_node         mountpoint might be /mnt  and device_node might be /dev/sda20:47
radovichi will reboot now and recover my lovely kubuntu box! see you in a jiffey20:48
=== Guest78381 is now known as FuriousGeorge1
radovichby the way: kubuntu is the greatest linux i have ever ever used.20:48
_2it's not too bad.   ;/20:48
radovichjussi01, _2 than you guys very much. you are good people!20:48
_2good and people in one breath ?      isn't that a contradiction20:49
radovichyes, but i make an exception 4 u20:50
RichardBHhi, im trying to use the dd command but I keep getting the error dd: unrecognized operand 'size'='512'20:52
_2RichardBH bs=51220:53
_2RichardBH by the way.  512 is the default and specifying it is redundant20:53
RichardBH_2: thanks - id just tried that and got it to work20:54
RichardBHthats useful to know though20:54
_2also of note.  if writing to hdd a block size of 4096 is normally 4x faster.20:56
_2i.e. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs=4096   #example only.20:56
kottlettanybody got intrepid with an atheros and WPA running?20:57
_2on a final note to that   cat /dev/zero > /dev/hda  # is equal in affect and speed.20:58
Bauldrickkottlett: yes20:58
kottlettBauldrick: nice... did it "just" work, or did you need to configure / install something extra?20:59
Bauldricklast i heard network-manager-kde was broke, use gnome or as I do wicd20:59
* _2 wonders if "stove down" is the opposite of "stove up" ???21:01
=== mike is now known as Guest86661
kottlettBauldrick: hm... there is no wicd package...21:02
_2not in hardly either21:03
Bauldrickkottlett: http://wicd.sourceforge.net/21:03
Bauldrickkottlett: try network-manager-gnome instead if *-kde is still broke21:04
_2hey! anyone have a good google script ?    or know of one ?21:04
alx54thanks guys =) cya21:05
kottlettBauldrick: well network-manager-kde at least got eth0 up :) I'll give wicd a try... thx21:05
_2you know,  like a google bot for irc,  only i'm just looking to inhance the console with a google command...     ?21:07
_2enhance ?21:07
_2N-hance    ;/21:08
calvinhola compañeros21:08
_2hense my question.21:08
_2!es | calvin21:09
ubottucalvin: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.21:09
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto21:09
_2although latin americian es is probably not the same as spainish es ...21:10
kottlett_Bauldrick: thx... wicd did the job :)21:11
Bauldrickkottlett_: np21:11
dopei cannot seem to get the vncserver working on here21:15
dopecan't connect from tight vnc on a windows machine21:16
erickraudai need rdestop in my linux21:17
cuznt * Unmarried women are not allowed to buy edible panties in South Carolina.21:18
dr_willisdope try connecting locally with  vncclient localhost:0 or whatever port perhaps21:19
dopedr_willis: i got it thanks21:21
dopeall i'm getting is a grey screen with 3 checkboxes on it21:22
dopeand there's a console window21:23
dopedoesn't look like the desktop on my linux machine21:23
dr_willisthats becuase its proberly not21:26
dr_willisvncserver does not share the 'currently seen desktop'21:26
dr_willisit spawns its own desktop.21:26
dr_willisif you want to share the 'current desktop' you need to use the kde or gnome desktop shareing feature/tool (which i never use)21:27
dr_willisbut hes gone... so phhht. :)21:27
_2dr_willis "proberly"   what locale is that ?     i'm familear with "prolly"  and  "probobably"   but not  "proberly"   ?21:28
=== cuznt is now known as cuzbuntu
* dr_willis hits _2 with a dictionairtary21:30
dr_willisso lookit here boy!21:30
dr_willisand stay off my lawn!21:31
dr_willisdarn kids and their fancy walk-pods!21:31
_2heh.  and don't make me get up and come over there!       you forgot that one.  :)21:32
dr_willis'dont make me stop this car!'21:32
_2that'll work   :)21:32
dr_willis'just because i walk with a cane, dosent mean i cant kick your backside' :)21:33
cuzbuntuare we there yet?21:33
dr_willisnow back to fighting with this other pc21:33
cuzbuntui got to go to the bathrooooooooooom.21:33
_2cuzbuntu must be an american,   how'd he get in here...21:34
dr_willis'you can just hold it young man!' 'that will teach you to get thirsty!'21:34
* cuzbuntu crosses his legs and dances............ HURRY!21:35
cuzbuntu* In Vermont, it's illegal to pick your nose and stick the pickings under a table.21:36
_2why do the yanks always talk about bodily excreesions  ?21:37
* cuzbuntu a yank?21:38
dr_willis_2,  same reason the brits are always talking abouyt the 'loo' ?21:38
_2probably so.   i never understood that one either.21:39
dr_willisPotty Humor is universiale21:39
_2ah so it comes from a universitable21:40
* _2 hands the "dictionairtary" back to dr_willis 21:41
dr_willisYou can bankanate on it21:42
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.21:42
dr_williswow  - we havent had a grub question all day have we?21:42
radovichi did it!21:50
radovichi recovered my kubuntu!21:50
radovichthank you!21:52
jussi01!yay | radovich21:53
ubotturadovich: Glad you made it! :-)21:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about joy21:54
radovichjussi01: thank you very much.21:54
radovichlast time this happened, i reinstalled. now i am lesser noob than i was before. the Force is strong in you jussi0121:55
radovichbtw... in kde4 i was fidgetting with the panel, and now it is gone. how do i get it back?21:56
radovichi was moving it left and right...21:59
Gladyup and down21:59
radovichand now it is GONE21:59
radovichsorry for yelling :)21:59
radovichfront to back...22:00
Gladyit is the pain of the loss22:00
* dr_willis weeps22:00
* coreymon77 remembers kde 3, when all you had to do was rerun kicker whenever the pannel disappeared22:01
Gladymy endless test.......22:01
radovichkde4 is bloated. pretty, but bloated22:01
dr_williskde4 is still very much a 'work in progress'22:01
unixhey what is ht best chat roon for Red hat linux ?22:02
radovichwip that pcbsd guys decided to put on. and they have no support, whatsoever how to put kde3 on it. i mean in fibonacci22:02
Gladyyou know that cortisol has that effect ?22:02
radovichunix: try googling. there should bee #redhat22:02
radovichnoooo, i do not do drugs :)22:03
radovichwell... i am off tu pursuit a kde3 install howto for bsd22:04
giuvitaciao a tutti22:08
giuvitaubuntu non mi fa usare il microfono incorporato al computer portatile22:09
giuvitaqualcuno puo aiutarmi?22:09
ign0ramus|afknfl!it | giuvita22:12
ubottugiuvita: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)22:12
sourcemakercrypto luks does not accept my password? do I really lost my password or are ther know problems after kernel upgrade?22:21
josephwhenever i load an url from xchat, it always brings firefox into focus.  is there a way to get around that?22:21
Gladyu dont like firefox?22:23
josephno, i love firefox22:23
josephi just want it to stay on its own virtual desktop22:23
Gladythen dont complain22:23
dr_willishe wants to load a url, but not look it.. :)22:23
josephdr_willis: i just want it to load in the virtual desktop it's already in, not jump to this desktop22:24
Gladyu cant escape it22:24
szakulecI have adept updater open, and gtk-qt-engine says it could be upgraded, but it wants to bring in 10 new gnome libraries which it previously didn't need- is there anyway I can get the upgrade without the extra libraries installing?22:24
Gladyit is ur destiny22:24
dr_willisive neer noticed that problem.. but i rarely have firefox on a different desktop22:24
josephGlady: if you don't have a solution, then you're not helping. and i'm not laughing.22:24
Gladyoh sorry I try to help from the  bottom of my heart22:25
josephit didn't seem to behave that before i started using hardy22:26
Gladywhy u dont simply turn off ur pc and take a long walk?22:28
josephGlady: the bottom line is this - if you have nothing to say to help, just be silent.22:29
Gladygood luck anyway22:29
dr_willisi wonder if xchat is calling firefox to handle the URL in a different way, with a differnt option22:30
Gladymore professional?22:30
Gladyor more freindlyuser?22:30
Gladyu have so many oprtions22:31
Gladyjust check teh right boxes22:31
josephdr_willis: well, i think url handling is done by settings in kcontrol22:32
redDEADhow do i access kcontrol in kde4, in ubuntu?22:32
josephre doc22:32
josephredDEAD: well, from the kmenu22:33
dr_willisUsing kde4 on the other machine.. its loading the web sites in Konqueror...22:34
dr_willissilly things22:34
redDEADjoseph, i dont see kmenu in apt22:34
josephit's the start menu22:35
josephit's a blue box with a k in it22:35
Gladythis is the good one22:35
doc_willisI cant even figure out how to make xchat load urls in firefox under kde4. doh22:35
redDEADjoseph, im not retarded, im running ubuntu. I want to find the equivalent to kcontrol in kde4. I want to change the look of my kde application in gnome to look more gtkish.22:37
josephyou're in the wrong channel, then man22:38
josephthis is for kubuntu22:38
josephredDEAD: i suggest #ubuntu22:38
redDEADhow do i access kcontrol without kmenu then? that should be in the relam of answerable for a kubuntu user.22:39
josephredDEAD: alt+f2 should bring up a run dialog where you can type it.22:40
josephredDEAD: you may consider running it from a terminal program, like konsole or gnome-terminal22:40
redDEADjoseph, please stop trying to help me. allow someone how knows a little more22:41
ign0ramus|afknflredDEAD: if you're running ubuntu+kde, then you are running 'kubuntu'.. also, if you're having problems with kde4, you should see #kubuntu-kde422:41
josephredDEAD: you can use /ignore then.  you claim not to be retarded, but that remains to be seen.22:41
ign0ramus|afknflwow. what a douche.22:42
=== ign0ramus|afknfl is now known as ign0ramus
dr_willisredDEAD,  i normally add that kde-settings applet/menu to the kicker.   this is  kde3 only however22:42
josephin all fairness, i was sort of douchey too22:42
dr_willisOh well22:42
ign0ramusdr_willis: he left22:42
* dr_willis was kind and polite22:42
ign0ramusas per usual :)22:42
* dr_willis goes chaseing after them!22:43
josephi'm going to wait until kde4 is more stable22:43
dr_willisI still cant see where under kde4 to make xchat load urls in firefox.22:43
ign0ramusdr_willis: are you really a doctor, or do you just play one on irc?22:43
* dr_willis is a Dr of Love22:43
josephdr_willis: maybe through the url catcher config in xchat?22:43
ign0ramusi will take your word on that one :)22:43
dr_willisjoseph,  theres the 'default' that is not even defined in there.22:43
josephthe default is opera, iirc22:44
dr_willisjoseph,  i cant figure out the rught syntax to add an enetyr for firefox either.22:44
* joseph nods22:44
dr_willisOpera one looked like it was commented out22:44
ign0ramusdoes anyone use irssi?22:44
dr_willis!opera -remote 'openURL(%s)'22:44
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:44
dr_willisWait a sec.. is that ! needed.. hmmm22:44
dr_willisperhaps i need !firefox %s22:44
josephthat's what i'd try22:45
dr_willisI allready shut down the other box..  :) i will mess withit some day...22:45
xbxbWhen I log out, which user will then own the processes that I started? Or will they be killed?22:45
dr_willisThey would die.. unless you used nohup , or some other way toi keep them alive22:46
josephyou know, it's for these little annoying things i'm glad i abandoned kde4 and stuck with the stable hardy22:46
=== user_ is now known as ign0ramus2
Gladythe url link22:47
azizis there a im client with support for MSN Multimedia?22:48
Gladyu want it to stay as a jesus place22:48
Gladylost in translation22:49
Gladynot able to read url22:49
Gladydamn web22:49
mpQuestion: How can I upgrade to Intrepid Alpha in Kubuntu? I know in Ubuntu you do 'update-manager -d', but what is the KDE equivalent?22:50
Gladygot it22:50
Gladywas an update problem22:51
mpign0ramus yah but I don't want to burn a cd just to upgrade!22:53
dr_willismp i would check the #ubuntu+1 channel22:55
=== luis__ is now known as tigremx
=== cleber is now known as clebinhopt
ign0ramusmp: generally, you would use apt-get dist-upgrade, but an Alpha version won't be in the repos.  other than downloading a nightly build, i don't know of another way22:58
ign0ramusmp: i do admire your bravery in trying out an Alpha with buggy kde, though22:59
=== monotoko is now known as Dr_Linux
mphell I've formatted my computer three times in the past two weeks already - so bring it on!23:00
avihaybdid they make a full switch to KDE 4?23:00
ign0ramusdr_willis: oh, i shrunk my Windows partition and grew my Kubuntu partition last night- worked exactly as you said23:00
ign0ramusavihayb: Intrepid is KDE4 only23:00
dr_willisweee :)23:00
ign0ramusdr_willis: I didn't think it was going to take 6 hours though!23:01
avihaybI mean kde4 is just not there yet23:01
ign0ramusavihayb: i agree... i downloaded an early version of KDE4.0, and went *running* back to 3.5.923:01
mppeople in #amarok talk about how 4 is faster than 3.523:02
ign0ramusmp: maybe because it's missing half of its components? ;)23:02
ign0ramusi kid...23:02
network_BRAZILL ?23:03
network_from brazil ?23:03
ign0ramus!br | network_23:03
network_alguem do brasil ?23:03
avihaybwell, I'm running the current version on ma laptop, and with all the pretty and shiny and whatnot, it still won't shut down my screen and let me hibernate, and the control applet is still lacking23:03
ign0ramuswhat the heck, ubottu?23:03
avihaybOMG, they killed ubottu23:04
ign0ramusyou bastards!23:04
avihayb:-> thanks, I was afraid no one will pick that up...23:05
ign0ramusnothing is obscure on #kubuntu23:05
=== Ardarandir1 is now known as Ardarandir
ign0ramusi've never seen ubottu leave before23:07
ign0ramusit can be stressful though, dishing out nuggets of information day in and day out.  a bot needs time to itself, you know?23:08
network_all fool23:09
GladyI m a bot now23:09
ign0ramusavihayb: ubottu is not even on the server any more :O23:10
network_help intall msn in Kubunto kde please23:10
ign0ramusnetwork_: use Kopete23:10
avihaybI was trying to see if glady will answer23:10
network_kopete is a browser ?23:10
ign0ramusavihayb: he will eventually, but it will be irrelevant23:10
ign0ramusnetwork_: no, IM client23:11
ign0ramusyou're welcome23:11
GladyI think is my jerusalem now23:11
ign0ramusavihayb: see?23:11
GladyI have problems with the globe23:11
Gladyall over the world23:12
Gladyand so many lies23:12
avihaybign0ramus: man, you're like psychic23:12
ign0ramusavihayb: I've dealt with Canadians before ;)23:12
Gladywe are all psychic here now23:13
Gladybot doesnt answe23:14
Gladyglady is crashing23:14
GladyI want jezabel23:15
GladyI stop kiding23:26
Gladyu dont deserve to be talked with seriously23:26
xbxbno one using kde does23:28
Gladyscottish maybe now23:31
Gladywho knows23:31
Gladyjesus christ23:31
xbxbjesus sucks23:34
telekinesisjesus is dead23:34
xbxbplus he never lived23:34
telekinesishe lived...23:35
xbxbwhatever you say23:35
telekinesishe was a average person23:35
telekinesislike you and I23:35
xbxbhow do you know he lived? are you around 2008 years old?23:35
telekinesisno I read books23:35
xbxbmaybe you read the wrong books23:36
telekinesismaybe you are 18 years old?23:36
xbxbmaybe you just stop reading scifi literature and more rely on scientific books23:36
Gladyhell on earth23:38
Gladyu are hell on earth23:38
Gladybye later freinds23:38
xbxbthere's no hell23:38
Gladyhell exist23:38
xbxbin your mind23:38
Gladythe prrof is I live it23:39
GladyI m living hell right now23:39
Gladyso it proves hell exits23:39
xbxbthat's not proof, that's delusional thinking23:39
Gladyyou are delusional23:39
GladyI m little bit mad23:40
xbxbI'm not23:40
Gladyso I will go23:40
xbxbI won't23:40
xbxbgood bye, Glady23:40
Gladylater then23:40
xbxbI hope not23:40
GladyI hope not...I hope not23:41
Gladyu are arrogant23:41
Gladybut as I m angry23:42
GladyI will go23:42
xbxbjust go23:42
Nigskkii have a pressing issue23:52
Nigskkiqt has been making for like, half an hour23:52
Nigskkipretty self explanitory...23:53
tekteen"has been making" ???23:53
Nigskkishouldve said compiling23:54
Nigskkibut yeah23:54
tekteennow I get it23:55
tekteendo you have a slow machine?23:55
tekteencpu speed?23:55
Nigskki2gig ram, duo core 1.7 ghz23:55
tekteenwhat is it doing now23:55
tekteenI do not know much about it23:55
tekteenbut you need to give more info23:56
Nigskkican a makefile loop?23:56
Nigskkiwell its doing stuff23:56
tekteennot as far as I know23:56
tekteenit can't loop23:56
Nigskkiso its probably just randomly taking a long time23:56
Nigskkinever mind then23:56

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