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Kanodid somebody see that kernel 2.6.26 and newer only detect 32 gb from the hds which was fully seen with 2.6.24?13:14
Kanothere i have put some logs13:14
Kanolooks like it detects HPA with 2.6.2713:26
Kanowhich is unlocked by default with 2.6.2413:27
Kanobecause hpa unlock for 2.6.24 and hpa detected for 2.6.2713:27
dodybagaimana cara intalasi gyachi13:33
dodyada yang bisa bantu13:34
Kanostatic int ata_ignore_hpa = 117:18
Kanowas in 2.6.24 -> drivers/ata/libata-core.c17:19
Kanodid  you read this *g*17:23
Kano* libata: Default to hpa being overridden17:26
C10uDhello there17:58
C10uDi'm using intrepid, latest updates and i get this error once a while in syslog17:58
C10uDerror that slows down the system17:59
Kanoi saw those too here, just only the EH compete ones18:01
Kanois it nforce2?18:01
C10uDnope, it's via18:03
C10uDquite an old motherboard though18:03
C10uDi've found something on the internet, but not recent stuff due to kernel upgrades18:03
C10uDi re-must try previous kernel btw, even if i think it worked flawlessy if the kernel is the problem18:04
C10uDseems  2.6.27-2-generic isn't having this problem18:20
C10uDi'll try -3 again hoping that was just a temp error18:22
C10uDok, this is definitely a regression (?)18:28
C10uDshould i file a bug on launchpad?18:28
C10uDwhat do you think i should include apart from syslog? :p18:28
lagaa good description of your problem18:29
lagathe good and the bad kernel versions18:29
C10uDjust in case someone wants to play with it18:43
C10uDswitch back to -2 kernel18:43

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