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venomehi everyone, I just installed the ubuntu-mobile packages up on my xubuntu installation, I managed to set up the hildon session to run from the login screen, but I have some minor issues ... for example, I'm not able to run the control panel .. is there a special package required for that?11:24
die2halo everyone12:30
die2is there anyone who has tried installing UM&E on a regular notebook?12:31
die2've tried to install my laptop with regular hardy, but it needs quit sometime to upload the system12:34
die2I hope using the UM&E, will increase the upload speed.12:35
die2any comment?12:35
ethana21die2: are you talking about ume-launcher?12:52
ethana21die2: I tried ume-launcher on my notebook but decided that I preferred the regular menus, so I uninstalled it12:58
* ethana21 is confused, meh13:20
ian_brasil_what is the way to launch clutter now that moblin-clutter-home is not in intrepid15:45
ian_brasil_so desktop-launcher  does not exist15:46
ian_brasil_maybe be is to add the ppa to sources.list?15:48
persiaian_brasil_: moblin-clutter-home wasn't in hardy either, as far as I see.16:01
persiaOh.  I found it.  Nevermind.16:02
persiaYeah, you'd have to add the PPA.16:02
persiaI wonder how I missed that one.16:02
persiaThere is (an updated) clutter in intrepid, so I suspect there's another way to use it effectively.16:10
ian_brasil_you are talking about libclutter-0.8-0 ?16:33
ian_brasil_i think SevenK looked at the launcher and dropped it16:33
ian_brasil_oops...even StevenK16:34
persiaI do mean libclutter, and yes, I do think that the clutter-based launcher was dropped for intrepid.16:44
persia(although I could be mistaken)16:44
ograif you try it in intrepid it would be intresting to know if it has the same issue as netbook-launcher in bug 26915016:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269150 in netbook-launcher "No text under icons with Intrepid alpha 5" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26915016:45
ian_brasili just built a live usb image using MIC and when i boot the in kvm it keeps sleeping for 5 seconds while checking device /dev/sd[abcd] for installation source20:58
ian_brasilprobably #moblin is better21:01
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