raulhCharili`` if it starts going faster you should replace it to avoid a short cuircuit00:00
raulhand buy a new heatsink00:00
charlie``daklan: yes, and I even bought a notebook cooler which its sitting on now00:00
raulhcharlie`` it might be the fan imo i think it shorted00:00
daklancharlie``: also, have you checked whether your processor throttles its speed properly?00:00
raulhhi el3allali00:00
raulhdid it work?00:00
daklancharlie``: what model is it?00:00
xompThexLeopard, it doesn't work even when specifying the path :(00:00
el3allaliraulh: thanks for your help, thanks for other too00:00
charlie``daklan: its a Thinkpad t43p00:01
ThexLeopardis the computer youre trying to connect to switched on?00:01
raulhi had the same prob00:01
Max-Petherealpanda: searched on the internet, it says the remote is fully supported (true), but mine is not always working00:01
daklancharlie``: some laptops have acpi issues. especially lenovo/ibm00:01
raulhand the low resolutions are annnnoooying lol00:01
saxofonerHow do I test midi out?  midi in works00:01
xompThexLeopard, I've tried both smb://computername/share and smb://ip.address/share with no luck. Yes the pc is turned on lol00:01
charlie``daklan: should I just disable acpi?00:01
el3allaliraulh: it's fine now, it started with 480/340 , but i could set it to 1024 now00:01
kelderhow to automount a (windows) ntfs drive - editing /etc/fstab or is there a more user friendly way?00:01
daklancharlie``: ah, have you tried google for info about your laptop and acpi?00:01
ThexLeopardis your network definitely working?00:01
raulhel3allali: glad tyo ehar that mine goes to 2032 :O00:01
D3RGPS31Anyone ever experiance problems with LAMP using htaccess files?00:02
etherealpandaMax-P: I'm not seeing anyone complaining about the driver not working properly. Have you checked your dmesg for errors? Does it work after a restart?00:02
raulhbleh, hear*00:02
daklancharlie``: you can disable it temporarily by setting acpi=off at boot time00:02
xompThexLeopard, yes, I was able to do this in windows prior to installing ubuntu on  my moms laptop.00:02
Scoomai have an interesting problem: My video/keyboard/mouse are locked up (8.04, all patches). I have lots of this in dmesg (I can ssh to it) : [68434.769838] [fglrx:drm_free] *ERROR* [driver] Excess frees: 2147383608 frees, -2147483558 allocs00:02
daklancharlie``: see if that makes a difference00:02
N0_Named_Guyhello people :D00:02
raulhD3RGPS31: is it the server that wont recognize it00:02
raulhD3RGPS31: or the browser?00:02
ThexLeopardwhat firewall you got on the windows computer?00:02
D3RGPS31D3RGPS31: server00:02
raulhD3RGPS31: it might be that the server dosn't use .htaccess files00:02
charlie``daklan: I googled the problem not with my laptop though, I think I just seen a page that looks promising, thanks00:02
urioli am from spain00:02
el3allaliraulh: yes it's possible to get higher, but it's fine, whene i'm working with many apps, i can set higher def00:03
xompThexLeopard, I took my moms files from her XP laptop and backed them up on my PC, now that she has ubuntu I'm trying to pull her backups off my XP machine and it ain't working. I have no firewall on the PC.00:03
raulhel3allali well glad it's working for you, cheers mate.00:03
ThexLeopardare you running windows on the pc youre trying to take the files off?00:03
D3RGPS31Raulh: what else would apache2 use? where can i find out?00:03
Max-Petherealpanda I will try to restart again, looks to happen in the same time the touchpad stop working correctly00:03
urioli'd just installed this operating system this evening on my computer00:03
xompThexLeopard, no, I'm trying to access the windows share from an ubuntu laptop.00:03
uriolnow it's 1:03 am00:03
raulhD3RGPS31: php files?00:03
raulhon the home screen00:03
csilkwhat would a decent swapfile size be for a laptop woth 512 ram?00:03
ThexLeopardwhich OS are the files on00:04
el3allaliraulh: but now i have to save the configuration genarated by nvidia utility on the xorg.con, how can it edit it using bash ?00:04
raulhon the home page*00:04
xompThexLeopard, Windows XP00:04
Funoosthhow do you create a new folder00:04
urioli find this operating system very good00:04
etherealpandaMax-P: yeah, restarting to fix it is a bad solution, but it should help narrow down the problem00:04
daklancsilk: depends on how you use your laptop. you can probably set it at 1gb for now00:04
el3allaliraulh: i'm new to linux, i still don't know lot of commands00:04
SchuenemannFunoost, mkdir dir_name00:04
uriolgnu-ubuntu 8.0400:04
raulhel3allali: now i'm lost there haha.00:04
ThexLeopardand windows is running on the computer youre trying to access?00:04
daklancsilk: usually a good estimate would be twice the size of your ram00:04
xompThexLeopard, yeah00:04
D3RGPS31Raulh: have any links to help me set it for htaccess D=00:04
ThexLeopardand theres no firewall on the windows computer?00:05
daklanbut anything bigger than 2gb is overkill on a laptop00:05
csilkdaklan, mainly software developement, nothing mroe instense than compiling really00:05
raulhill see wat i can dig up00:05
xompThexLeopard, no firewall at all, even the windows firewall is disabled.00:05
Max-Petherealpanda I dont know if there is a link with my problem, but looks my touchpad is not in the xorg.conf :S00:05
Funoosthow do you copy files00:05
D3RGPS31\o/ life is good!00:05
Funoostits cp isnt it00:05
SchuenemannFunoost, yes00:05
ThexLeopardare your permissions set correctly?00:05
daklancsilk: your activities are more RAM-intensive. swapping won't occur that often. i suggest 1gb00:05
raulhD3RGPS31:, can you show me your htaccess file's code?00:05
csilkdaklan,  thanks00:05
xompThexLeopard, yeah, they're the same permissions I had prior to installing ubuntu, just read access no write on that share.00:05
raulhdaklan good swap space is always below what your real ram is00:05
raulhusualy 620 is just fine00:06
etherealpandaMax-P: That doesn't cut out randomly does it? Have you seen this link? http://aldeby.org/blog/index.php/howto-ubuntu-linux-on-hp-pavilion-dv2000-dv6000-dv9000-series-laptops00:06
o0Chris0oI am having problems setting up my logitech USB headset to use teamspeak, been at it for the past 2 hours, I have  game/clan meeting less than an hour....I appreciate the help :D00:06
D3RGPS31RaulH: yes00:06
ThexLeopardok, you can either try restarting and trying again, or hosting a windows share on the ubuntu computer and trying to go the other way00:06
el3allaliraulh: well, the xorg.conf still contain wrong settings, i used nvidia xserver utility to set resolution, but i have to save that on xorg.conf, this way it will start with a good resolution by default00:06
etherealpandaMax-P, It's got a section on how to configure the touchpad00:06
ThexLeopardcopying the files on the windows computer to the ubuntu computer00:06
daklanraulh: depending on your computer's purpose, swap space can be equal or greater than your available ram00:06
Funoostdo you just do cp * [directory]?00:06
ryan_Can you make a copy of all your installed programs, burn the entire ubunutu OS to a disk, and Install that customized version on another PC.  I love my Ubuntu setup, but do not want to reinstall of my programs on my work computer.00:06
raulhyeah but swap is rarely used00:06
xompThexLeopard, I tried creating a share in ubuntu prior, but got an error that I've no permissions to do so :/00:07
superrocasorry con someone help me?00:07
Funoostif i wanna copy everything00:07
raulhatleast for me it rarely gets used..00:07
daklanraulh: for example, dbase servers usually need more swap space than most desktops00:07
ThexLeopardyeah i got that rofl00:07
ThexLeopardhang on00:07
el3allaliraulh: nvidia xserver doesn't have permission to write on xorg.conf00:07
xomplol ok00:07
jribFunoost: * won't match things that start with a '.'.  So you will miss those00:07
ThexLeopardxomp: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently00:07
raulhhey d3rgps3100:07
raulhcheck that article out00:07
jribFunoost: you also need -a00:07
D3RGPS31RaulH: k00:07
xompdanke herr ThexLeopard :)00:07
ThexLeopardno problem00:07
daklanraulh: in general, any activity that requires frequent access to massive amounts of data need large swap spaces if your RAM is smaller than your data size00:08
el3allalihow can it edit a file using bash ?00:08
superrocai have a virus in my parttion of windows and i cant do anything there, so can i clean the virus from ubuntu00:08
raulhwell thats also true00:08
raulhbut then again i got 8gigs of ram00:08
raulhso meh.. :|00:08
Funoostjrib how do i copy directories as well00:08
Schuenemannsuperroca, try clamav00:08
D3RGPS31RaulH: didn't help D=00:08
raulhaww d3rgps3100:08
el3allalii have the same as superroca00:08
raulhpm me00:08
daklanraulh: what processor do you have?00:08
raulhughh a amd x64 dual core00:08
etherealpandaCan anyone tell me what their permissions on the folder /var/lib/samba/usershares? I'm having problems and want to make sure it's set correctly before I change what ubuntu setup by default.00:08
superrocaok thank you00:09
superrocai try it00:09
* daklan shrugs00:09
* raulh :\00:09
raulhi gotta redownload urban terror!00:09
roukouni am trying to compile a c script using gcc ang i am getting errors like the following: <<<Desktop/name_of_the_script.c: In function ‘build_ethernet’:00:09
roukounDesktop/name_of_the_script.c:155: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function ‘memcpy’>>>00:09
Funoosthow do i copy all files in a directory INCLUding directories00:09
raulhdamn archive manager!00:09
raulhhow do i copy all files in a directory INCLUding directories00:09
raulhand paste the main folder00:09
Funoosti need sudo access00:10
SchuenemannFunoost, you need -rf00:10
raulhsudo mv (path)m, (path)00:10
kitcheFunoost: well cp -r <directory>/* if you just want to move the stuff under the thing00:10
Funoostthanks thats what i was looking for00:10
ScoomaGPU Lockup. any thoughts?00:10
raulhor that00:10
saxofonerAnybody familiar with a way to test MIDI output?00:10
el3allalican i install ubuntu on an external HDD and use it on may PCs ?00:10
jribFunoost: that's what the -a is for00:11
rblsthow can i get my microphone to work in Hardy with 82801H HD sound card?00:11
kitcheel3allali: well you can if the PCs have USB boot00:11
raulhbecause ubuntu sets up based on the drivers the motehrboard is using00:11
purplebackhow can i find out what my network card is?00:11
kitcheraulh: umm your talking about Windows there00:11
raulhubuntu won't do it00:11
Schuenemannel3allali, yes, but why don't you install in your main hd?00:11
raulhyou'll need to install the kernel00:11
daklanraulh: of course it would00:11
purplebackhow can i find out what my network card is? :D00:11
raulhit dosn't work on newer versions00:11
chuy_maxhey guys, is there an ntfsundelete equivalent for fat32?00:11
raulhyou'll need a rescue disk -_-00:11
=== uffo_ is now known as tangirehv
Schuenemannpurpleback, try sudo lshw00:12
kitcheraulh: the default kernel on Ubuntu supports pretty much all hardware the kernel can00:12
uffois there somewhere i can get VLC 0.9.2 extract and run version for ubuntu 8.04. do not tell to use some sudo things because i know now that portable software works on ubuntu, just tested filezilla and Blender00:12
daklanraulh: how do you think live cd's work?00:12
raulhthey load everything to ram00:12
Schuenemannraulh, you're totally wrong00:12
daklanraulh: and so, what difference does it make if it's a CD or an external HD?00:12
=== mark__ is now known as DMark
demismwhat app do you guys use for iPod management?00:12
raulhlive CD's00:12
raulhand actual operating systems00:12
raulhare diffrent00:12
* daklan shrugs00:12
kitchedemism: I used to use gtkpod but not sure if it works on newer ipods00:12
el3allalikitche: Schuenemann : yes i have USB, because i use it at home & school, it will be nice to work on the same OS 'here' & 'there' :-)00:12
raulhwindows 95 ftw00:13
* raulh shrugs00:13
Schuenemannel3allali, it's not USB only, it's USB boot from setup. Some motherboards (older ones) don't have that00:13
DecocdeHi, Im looking for a program that can manage virtual disk drives and create Iso's. I know there is a command to mount Iso's as virtual drives, but that is in-convenient for how often I would be using it and I don't know how to make Iso's. I've already tried google, any help would be awsome00:13
daklanel3allali: as long as the mobo supports boot off usb, it will be alright00:13
raulhel3allali: if your computer can read usb's as a boot00:13
raulhthen you should be able to00:13
raulhthats what they mean00:13
daklanel3allali: some mobos don't support USB device booting00:13
raulhcheck your bios00:13
roukouni am trying to compile a c script using gcc ang i am getting errors like the following: <<<Desktop/name_of_the_script.c: In function ‘build_ethernet’:00:13
roukounDesktop/name_of_the_script.c:155: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function ‘memcpy’>>>00:13
el3allaliSchuenemann: yes i'm sure USB BOOT :-)00:14
D3RGPS31Decocde: acetone =D00:14
uffois there somewhere i can get VLC 0.9.2 extract and run version for ubuntu 8.04. do not tell to use some sudo things because i know now that portable software works on ubuntu, just tested filezilla and Blender - so portable software works on linux and there is no argue against it00:14
Schuenemannel3allali, well, then there's no problem00:14
DecocdeD3RGPS31: thanks, ill look into that00:14
kitcheel3allali: you just might need to tell ubuntu installer to install the MBR in the right spot00:14
daklanroukoun: you'll have to show someone that particular piece of code. your source code's syntax might be incorrect00:14
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:14
D3RGPS31under LAMP, my virtualhosts arn't responding to .htaccess files, any suggestions? <.<00:14
Max-PThat's very strange :S00:15
SchuenemannD3RGPS31, perhaps a PHP/apache channel would help better00:15
kitcheuffo: if you say so but sudo has nothing to do with what you want00:15
Max-Pnow it works00:15
el3allaliSchuenemann: but about installation, i just plug my HD and process as usual (choose my extern HD)?00:15
D3RGPS31D3RGPS31: maybe! know the channel for one?00:15
rblsthow can i get my microphone to work in Hardy with 82801H HD sound card?00:15
histoWhat should the permissions be on /tmp I think I borked it.00:15
histoIf I do ls -l it shows it highlighted in green00:16
uffokitche: portable vlc 0.9.2 for ubuntu00:16
Schuenemannel3allali, yes, and see where it says which MBR will be used00:16
uriolhow i open a bin archive on ubuntu ?00:16
urioli am trying to install google earth00:16
kitcheuffo: yes and there is no such thing00:16
daklanhisto: it's usually 77700:16
el3allalikitche:  witch option do i have to choos00:16
roukoundaklan: the code is ok for sure... i think that the problem is on the gcc or some missing arguments00:16
histodaklan: hrm.. why is it highlight green?00:16
uffokitche: it is, filezilla and Blender is right on my desktop and usable00:17
Schuenemannuriol, you can use apt for that00:17
awellI'm new at Ubuntu. I was working on installing Apache server. I have some files in the www folder that I want to delete. How can I do this?00:17
kitcheuffo: yes they have portable apps vlc doesn't have the option00:17
el3allaliSchuenemann: witch option do i have to choose ?00:17
uffokitche: this is example that portable works00:17
daklanroukoun: gnu libs and windows libs have some sort of incompatibility. is your source code written originally for MS?00:17
kitcheuffo: and your point being?00:17
uffokitche: this is future for all software and it wont damage main system libraries too00:18
Schuenemannel3allali, it's like a normal installation. When it asks for confirmation, it says everything that will be done. You just pay attention to see if it will choose the external HD mbr00:18
kitcheuffo: if you want portable vlc then use this http://portableapps.free.fr/exe/VLC_TV_Portable_0.8.6f_Fr.exe00:18
uffokitche: it is windows thing00:18
kitcheuffo: ok your telling somone that already knows all of this so what's your point?00:18
daklanhisto: it means "restricted deletion"00:18
roukoundaklan; the code is written for unix OSes00:18
kitcheuffo: well what do you think portable blender and filezilla is00:18
histodaklan: IS that something I need to fix?00:18
daklanroukoun: hmm, ansi code?00:18
uffokitche: i need portable vlc 0.9.2 with all libs inside00:18
el3allaliSchuenemann: thanks ,i'll try later00:18
daklanhisto: chmod +t /tmp00:18
kitcheuffo: no such thing for linux00:18
o0Chris0ohow come when I start a download the original name of the file shows up on the desktop along with anotehr file with a .part00:19
kitcheuffo: unless you actually compile it yourself00:19
hale3rdmy sound doesn't work in vlc/totem.  not sure what to do...00:19
el3allaliThanks for all who helped me , have a good time00:19
daklanhisto: it SHOULD be set with +t already, so you shouldn't touch it if it is already00:19
histodaklan: I just added the t but its highlighted green and that is normal?00:19
uffokitche: currently blender works this way i extract and run it do not argue against that, portable is future00:19
roukoundaklan: no00:19
Schuenemanno0Chris0o, probably it did not end yet00:19
jribo0Chris0o: that's how downloads work.  the .part goes away when it is complete00:19
PoliticsIs anyone here familiar with a bug in knetworkmanager using ndiswrapper that freezes an attempted connection at configuration (at about 28%)?00:20
kitcheuffo: sigh guess you didn't read what I said00:20
o0Chris0oahhh ok, I don't remember that happening before lol00:20
=== nom is now known as n00b
daklanroukoun: gnu libs adhere to ansi code more strictly, and will spew out warnings/errors about non-ansi code00:20
=== n00b is now known as n00b`
histodaklan: So its okay that its green?00:20
=== n00b` is now known as n00b`1
kitcheuffo: but you are about | | this close having being ignored by me sicne your just saying the same stuff instead of reading what I m telling you00:20
n00b`1hi guys00:20
daklanhisto: ls -la / | grep tmp00:20
n00b`1I can not get KDE4 working on my ubuntu 8.0400:21
histodaklan: drwxrwxrwt   2 root root  4096 2008-09-20 19:19 tmp00:21
daklanhisto: that looks fine00:21
physically_fitmy tmp is green00:21
histookay just never noticed before.00:21
uffokitche: whatever but now i know ubuntu is same good like windows and is able to run portable software like windows - extract and run.00:22
roukoundaklan: can i pm me you?00:22
daklanhisto: "man ls" will tell you what the colors mean00:22
rblsthow can i get my microphone to work in Hardy with 82801H HD sound card?00:22
daklanroukoun: sure00:22
etherealpandaMax-P, Did the remote start working again? (I had to reboot)00:22
penis there anyway to change the size of the thumbnails for image in nautilus?00:22
uffois there somewhere i can get VLC 0.9.2 extract and run version for ubuntu 8.04. do not tell to use some sudo things because i know now that portable software works on ubuntu, just tested filezilla and Blender - so portable software works on linux and there is no argue against00:22
kitcheuffo: linux has always been like that you just compile the program in a chroot00:22
penthe thumbnails are always 150% larger than other file icons00:23
GarethAdamshi guys00:23
uffokitche: but how filezilla can work then ?00:23
uffokitche: i did not compiled it00:23
histoOkay its official tightvncserver with tightvnc-java does not work.00:23
GarethAdamsI've got a home machine running an Ubuntu server install which I want to turn into a media centre using XBMC. now I don't have a clue what graphics card is in the machine or what it can do - is there an easy way to find out?00:23
kitcheuffo: no the person did00:23
daklanGarethAdams: lspci00:24
SchuenemannI'm getting this error when I run fdisk -l: Logical partitions are not in disk order. How do I fix this?00:24
jribuffo: someone else did of course... :)  You're looking for static compilation00:24
=== Zorro is now known as Guest37801
uffokitche: but software should be compiled statically like on windows if this works00:24
mypupanyone know what dell wlan minicards work with hardy?00:24
uffokitche: it is good and easy00:24
HymnToLifeSchuenemann: it is ot an error00:25
jribuffo: why... so you have hundreds of copies of the same library?00:25
GarethAdamsdaklan: ta00:25
HymnToLifeit means your partitions are not "ordered" on the disk00:25
kitcheuffo: yeah ok if you say so I know how much it actually makes a mess of a system00:25
uffokitche: yes i dont care, altleast system libraries is untouched00:25
raulhwww.urbanterror.net <== well recommended working ubuntu game!00:25
SchuenemannHymnToLife, but cfdisk can't even display them. It says they are overlapped.00:25
HymnToLifelike for example, sda6 is physically placed before sda5 on the disk00:25
uffokitche: and it is hell easy to use00:25
HymnToLifeif they are overlapped, it is indeed an error00:26
Gun_SmokeI have set gconf-editor setting desktop icons of trash, home, computer... However I can't seem to figure out how to have those icons use the icon theme I have installed.. Ideas?00:26
HymnToLifebut it's not the same thing as "nt in logical order"00:26
kitcheuffo: umm system libraries aren't touched anyways glibc is never touched by a program00:26
Guest37801hallllllllllllllloooo... ono wong indonesiane ra yo.. kok podo inggrisan kabeh...00:26
o0Chris0ohow come when I start a download the original name of the file shows up on the desktop along with anotehr file with a .part00:26
uffokitche: and then i can use software on offline computer too where is no internet00:26
SchuenemannHymnToLife, how do I fix that?00:26
o0Chris0oI am having problems setting up my logitech USB headset to use teamspeak, been at it for the past 2 hours, I have  game/clan meeting less than an hour....I appreciate the help :D00:26
SchuenemannHymnToLife, cfdisk shows this error:  Fatal error: Invalid logical partition 7: increased logical partitions overlapped00:26
dr_williso0Chris0o,  when its done dowenloading the .part file gets moved to the proper filename. i belive00:26
uffokitche: vlc install destroyed all ubuntu thanks to pango00:26
o0Chris0oyes I know dr, I scrolled up accidently :D00:27
HymnToLifeSchuenemann: you could try gparted00:27
o0Chris0oI already had that answered00:27
HymnToLifebut you might have to delete and recreate them00:27
dr_williso0Chris0o,  :)00:27
kitcheuffo: pango is not a system library next time install a ubuntu made package00:27
SchuenemannHymnToLife, I tried qtparted. It is a bit crazy, the free space of a partition is shown in a different one00:27
o0Chris0odr_willis: just having headset issues with teamspeak, can't seem to get it to work00:28
n00b`1I hate xchat too00:28
Guest37801yoyoyoyoyoy... ono uwong cowok.. mbilnya mersi ijo... bertemu cewek matere yang sontoloyo00:28
SchuenemannI really messed something up00:28
uffokitche: thanks to explain, now i know that to search only static software00:28
uffokitche: now i just must find vlc 0.9.2 static build00:28
kitcheuffo: good luck with that only web browsers are the only thing that is really static build but anyways #ubuntu-offtopic to discuss this00:29
modpauperHey there.  Let's say I need to recompile mutt to use openssl instead of gnutls, but I want synaptic to continue to track the install so I can get automatic updates.  How do I do that?00:29
HerrBrandI ave an question about vsftpd00:32
SchuenemannHymnToLife, you mean I'll have to delete them all?00:33
HerrBrandi instald vsftpd and made a pam file database en conf file00:33
HerrBrandi get no errors00:33
HymnToLifeSchuenemann: no, only the ones that overlap00:33
HerrBrandbut when i try to login it say login fail 53000:33
HerrBrandhow is that posible?00:33
SchuenemannHymnToLife, how can I know which ones? This thing is messed up00:33
uffokitche: atleast i have hope that more and more people will build more static software like blender and filezilla. it is future if computer is offline and software is usable in different ubuntu versions in future too. look how much windows software can be carried out to other computers, even military needs this type system.00:33
n00b`1i read canonical will be selling licenses to play dVd on my computer00:33
HymnToLifeHerrBrand: did you enable non-anonymous logins? they're disabled by default00:33
IndyGunFreakn00b`1: why would you pay for it?00:34
n00b`1will that affect me in any way? I already use VLC00:34
n00b`1IndyGunFreak,  I wont but why they are doing this?00:34
HerrBrandi put al the anon_ options on NO00:34
HymnToLifen00b`1: using VLC to play DVDs might me illegal in some countries00:34
=== bfig_ is now known as bfig
IndyGunFreakn00b`1: because libdvdcss involves some questionable legality...00:34
n00b`1HymnToLife,  not in my country though :)00:35
FlannelJeyBee: /join #ubuntu-de00:35
n00b`1HymnToLife,  infact nothing is illegal or legal in my country you can even blow up a five star hotel and never get caught00:35
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:35
n00b`1Pici,  thank you00:36
Odd-rationalelibdvdcss2 will still be in medibuntu repo... no?00:36
Schuenemannn00b`1, which country is that? the island of lost?00:36
n00b`1Schuenemann,  pakistan00:36
histoHopefully someone can confirm I reported the bug i'm experiencing. Bug #27261800:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272618 in tightvnc-java "tightvncserver crashes when using tightvnc-java" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27261800:36
HymnToLifeOdd-rationale: most likely yes, Medibuntu is not an official repo00:37
HymnToLife(and therefore really shouldn't be used, but it's your choice)00:37
o0Chris0oanyone familiar with using headsets with ubuntu using teamspeak? if so I majorly need some help00:38
ltgg0524is this a good channel to get some newbie help with wireless? if not, suggestions please.00:39
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:39
dr_willisa read there is always good ltgg0.   and  i SUCK at wireless.. :) so dont ask me much more then what that guide says00:39
ltgg0524thanks for the link ubottu ... will try there next00:41
Odd-rationale!thanks | ltgg052400:41
ubottultgg0524: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)00:41
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vgambitright now, every time I open a file, that file opens in a new instance of the program00:45
vgambitsay I start playing an mp3, and open another one00:45
vgambitthe new one will open in a new instance of vlc while the old one plays; is there any way to have it open in the old instance?00:45
FAJALOU1hi i am looking for some help:  i have a d-link pci notebook wifi card, and an encrypted network.  Last night i was working on this and i was able to connect, but now it is having many trouble connecting to it, and I can only connect to the city's wifi network.  Can anyone help me out00:48
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JuzzyDIs there a way to restart pulse without restarting my whole session?00:49
JuzzyDIt seems something to do with youtube doesn't like it, and any time I attempt to listen to mp3 or watch an avi after you tube results in it just not playing00:50
JuzzyDno error messages, no nothing.00:50
psynophileHello, while at the console, not GUI, I type my username and password, then my system asks me for the password again. After I type it again, it logs me in, what's up with that?00:50
FlynsarmyIn my update manager i have virtualbox-ose-modules-generic and k3b that are both greyed out and always there even after i update. why? how do i actually update them?00:52
IntuitiveNipplepsynophile: sticky key affects the first password entry maybe?00:53
EvilDaemonFlynsarmy Maybe it's virtualbox-ose-modules-`uname -r` manually in the terminal?00:54
psynophileIntuitiveNipple: huh, what's "sticky key"?00:54
psynophileoh, duh, sorry, you mean a sticky key00:54
psynophilewouldn't that kick me back to "Username:" because the password would be wrong?00:55
IntuitiveNipplepsynophile: sometimes a key will remain pressed and fire a second time. If you type your password fast, and especially if you have a mix of lower-case and CaPiTaLs, that can affect it00:55
FlynsarmyEvilDaemon, 2.6.24-19-generic00:55
IntuitiveNipplepsynophile: usually it gives three attempts on password, doesn't it?00:55
psynophileIntuitiveNipple: Oh, I see what you're saying. No, it's asking for the password twice, it doesn't go back to the username:00:56
JuzzyDNo one can help with pulse?00:56
psynophileIntuitiveNipple: Like this: username:<type my username>, password: <type my password>, password: <type my password>00:56
IntuitiveNipplepsynophile: I see what you mean... on a console itself00:56
psynophileIntuitiveNipple: yea, on a virtual console00:57
psynophileIntuitiveNipple: I'm just worried it's a trojan or rootkit trying to get my password00:57
IntuitiveNipplepsynophile: Hmmm, is the second password question definitely a repeat of the first? Could it be something else? Have you added addtional PAM modules for authentication?00:58
IntuitiveNipplepsynophile: check  /var/log/auth.log for clues00:58
psynophileIntuitiveNipple: this started happening almost immediately after i did this: 1) Installed the system 2) updated 3) let it sit for a weekend00:59
IntuitiveNipplepsynophile: Does it happen when the system is first started and you get the GUI prompt?00:59
matt____1I have a LAMP ubuntu server setup, I'm wondering...is it possible to "integrate" html OR php with sql/mysql? I'm wanting to create a page to simplfy quering and such. I'm in no hurry..but is that something that'd help me? Perhaps a "php installable", something along the lines of wordpress or joomla..but instead a customizable query page?01:00
AnusienNone of my media applications (mythfrontend, amarok, mplayer) are playing any sound.  The error amarok gives is  "xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers".  I think it might be related to how flash sometimes steals the audio driver, but I've closed firefox and nothing.  Also did a `sudo alsa reload` and still no sound.  Any other solutions?01:01
psynophileIntuitiveNipple: nope, GUI logs in fine. This only happens at a virtual console01:02
psynophileIntuitiveNipple: auth.log looks fine to me01:02
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JuzzyDIs that the problem Anusien.01:02
* dtrask-away is back.01:02
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JuzzyDIve been trying to work out for ages why I have to reboot after watching youtube01:02
matt____1I have a LAMP ubuntu server setup, I'm wondering...is it possible to "integrate" html OR php with sql/mysql? I'm wanting to create a page to simplfy quering and such. I'm in no hurry..but is that something that'd help me? Perhaps a "php installable", something along the lines of wordpress or joomla..but instead a customizable query page?01:02
JuzzyDI cant get pulseaudio to restart either, it's driving me bonkers01:02
AnusienJuzzyD: that's what I've been told/read on some of the forums, but there doesn't seem to be a fix01:03
linxehmatt____1: err, what do you mean ?01:04
IntuitiveNipplematt____: You could build a simple page around this: http://uk.php.net/function.mysql-query01:04
psynophileJuzzyD: because Adobe won't release a stable version of flash for linux...01:04
jihedaminesome podcast feeds can not be read with rhythmbox in hardy. in older rhythmbox versions the problem didn't exist. how to fix please ?01:04
liza0are there any media server software for linux ?01:05
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matt____1linxeh: I have a small contacts DB that i want to be able to search over html. I want to create a small website that I can type things into, and thuse query the server.I think that this is what PHP is for, no? But I don't know php.01:05
IntuitiveNipplepsynophile: If you fail a log-in the auth.log will show something like: "Sep 21 00:56:12 hephaestion login[7022]: FAILED LOGIN (1) on 'tty1' FOR `tj', Authentication failure"01:05
PoliticsBy err of Adept, I now have no running network managers, and can't even ping my router using bash01:05
PoliticsWhat the hell am I supposed to do?01:05
Damion1890 /msg ubottu etiquette01:06
Anusienpsynophile: so is there an answer to this problem besides reboot?01:06
psynophilematt____1: Joomla's customized db queries would be called modules, you'd have to code that yourself, if the db is totally customized. Otherwise there are some form/sql integration modules on joomla's website that might work01:06
IntuitiveNippleAnusien: is the system using pulse-audio? maybe you need to restart the pa session server?01:07
matt____1psynophile: You mean joomla may do it? I'll take a look. So would I perhaps..with enough configuration, be able to open the joomla page, type someone's last name into a box, and hit query? Then it'd bring up the info for them?01:07
thethirdmooseis there a way to change the beige default color of all the windows? Not the titlebars, the windows themselves01:08
matt____1psynophile: A form! That's essentially what I want...i think.01:08
PoliticsDamion1890: Fine. I'm sorry for using an explicitive.01:08
psynophilematt____1: Yea, that's, unfortunately what you have to do. Now, drupal has a forms api that may be easier for you to work with, so you may want to look at that..01:08
matt____1psynophile: Hmm...perhaps...01:09
PoliticsBut I've been dealing with issue after issue since I installed ubuntu a week ago, and now this is making me think I need to do a fresh reinstall, which would pretty much make me snap.01:09
psynophilematt____1: It's kind of disappointing. I mean, Joomla can do ALL OF THIS STUFF, but you can't make a simple form to query a database? WTF? You know?01:09
AnusienIntuitiveNipple: I have no idea, how can I check?01:09
psynophilematt___1: I mean if I wanted to code it myself, I'd just write the whole frickin thing myself...01:09
PoliticsRight now, Vista is looking like a gleaming example of excellent software compared to Ubuntu, in my eyes01:10
IntuitiveNippleAnusien: "ps -ef | grep pulse" - you should see two pulse processes01:10
matt____1Pyth_: I guess. Hmm...but then again..not really what I want...I have a contacts database...and I hope to be able to use it over ssh. I've been doing the selet * from ~~~~~ crap that takes forever to type out. I need a simpler cli solution I think.01:10
thethirdmooseis there a way to change the beige default color of all the windows? Not the titlebars, the windows themselves01:10
psynophilematt___1: IMO, it's just a simple db, It's easier to just code it by hand or use a framework like ruby on rais or django or cake01:10
chalcedonyPolitics: Ubuntu *is* different and takes some time to get used to, have you had it long?01:11
matt____1psynophile: So do you have any cli suggestions?/01:11
IntuitiveNipplematt____: I think this is what you need: http://myclient.polarlava.com/01:11
PoliticsI'm used to the layout and basics01:11
AnusienIntuitiveNipple: Nope, no processes there01:11
Politicsbut, chalcedony, my problem is with the torrent of issues I've had to deal with.01:11
IntuitiveNippleAnusien: Is it a Hardy system?01:12
chalcedonyPolitics: i just got here, and i'm sorry to hear that.. my upgrade to Hardy would have made me leave01:12
thethirdmooseis there a way to change the beige default color of all the windows? Not the titlebars, the windows themselves01:12
AnusienIntuitiveNipple: I think so.  Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (with the Mythbuntu packages as well)01:12
PoliticsNow I need a way to recover my connection after Adept failed to reinstall knetworkmanager from kwlan, yet managed to removed kwlan01:12
matt____1IntuitiveNipple: Perhaps...but doesn't really solve my cli over ssh issue. I guess what I really need to do is somehow create a query I can use over ssh, instead of "select all from ***~~~;", I can just type "lastname "name" or something like that.01:12
PoliticsI can't even ping
kelderi wish it was as easy to ignore someone in xchat as it was in xchat-gnome - how do i ignore someone?01:13
Juje007Where can I find the file for all info for users and groups for ldap?01:13
PoliticsYet ifconfig shows an eth1 connection01:13
IntuitiveNippleAnusien: try restarting it: /usr/bin/pulseaudio --log-target=syslog&01:14
FAJhi, i am having problems with my d-link card, it's an atheros chipset, but isn't seemingly working with madwifi, or ndiswrapper, any thoughts?01:14
chalcedonyPolitics: you're using Kubuntu ?01:14
PoliticsAlso, chalcedony: You wouldn't happen to be the chalcedony I know?01:14
PoliticsSwitched over to KDE recently01:14
chalcedonyPolitics: maybe :) is yours female ?01:14
chalcedonyand Politics there is also a #kubuntu (which may or may not have helpful wide-awake people, but if it does they are usually helpful01:15
IntuitiveNipplematt____: you could use mysql query browser over an SSH X-forwarding session (ssh -X user@host /usr/bin/mysql-query-browser)01:15
matt____1IntuitiveNipple: psynophile Is bash compatible with mysql..or just sql language in general?01:15
billsteithethirdmoose: System->Preferences->Appearance->Theme->Customize...->Colors->Windows->Background (click color box)01:15
psynophilehe could just do 'mysql -e <command>'01:15
PoliticsAye, I'll give that a try.01:15
Juje007how can I give PHP more memory?01:15
AnusienIntuitiveNipple: no such file or directory as /usr/bin/pulseaudio.  And I'll point out that sound used to work, so it's not a case of something being terribly screwed up from the start01:15
FAJhi, i am having problems with my d-link card, it's an atheros chipset, but isn't seemingly working with madwifi, or ndiswrapper, any thoughts?01:16
thethirdmoosethanks, billstei01:16
matt____1phxheat: mysql -e?01:16
IntuitiveNippleAnusien: okay. I thought it might have crashed without you knowing. That would restart it. I thought Hardy had pulseaudio as default though01:16
psynophilematt___1: if you're on the command line, you could just do this: mysql -e 'select * from lastname where lastname=$1'01:16
Gun_SmokeI have added the home/computer/trash to the desktop but I can't get the icon theme to change.. Other folders I add to the desktop will follow the selected theme except for these three.  How do I change them?01:16
psynophileor something like that01:17
matt____1psynophile: from a terminal..or do I have to logon to mysql first?01:17
psynophilematt___1: nope01:17
psynophilematt___1: if there's a password, which you should have01:17
matt____1psynophile: So I COULD potentially write a bash file using that? So I could write variables, just as push 1 for query by last name, 2 for first name, etc?01:18
psynophilematt___1: you could write a simple bash...01:18
psynophilematt___1: there you go, yea01:18
matt____1psynophile: THANK YOU. So what is the "languge"? Simple sql plus the -e?01:18
Juje007how can I give the application PHP more memory on my server?01:19
matt____1psynophile: What exactly does the -e do?01:19
psynophilematt___1: you may have to store your mysql username and password in the script, which sucks, but if you gotta do it, you gotta do it01:19
neutrinnEnter text here...hy everybody01:19
psynophilematt___1: yea, it's just mysql -u <username> -p <password> <dbname> -e <sql command>01:19
IntuitiveNipplematt____: if connecting to a remote system you'll also need -h <hostname>01:20
matt____1psynophile: No..I think I could probably incorporate variabless...echo and read...and then get it to insert the password each time after typing it.01:20
psynophilematt___1: if your database name is 'employees', it'd be like this: mysql -u yourusername -p yourpassword employees -e 'select * from tablename where lastname=$1'01:20
neutrinnI just downloaded the Fotoxx tar.gz package but I can not install the sowftware from the Desktop01:20
Macro_Zzzbrb, reboot01:21
neutrinnsomebody can help01:21
psynophilematt___1: or something like that, adjust it to fit your environment01:21
matt____1$1 is the variable that I've just "read" after an echo, right?01:21
matt____1psynophile: Oh shoot. It's been so long since I've bashed something like that...I'll have to relearn the variables.01:21
psynophilematt___1: $1 $2 $3 are the sequential variables01:21
* ElijahDuBarryVT I'll be back!01:22
unoppsynophile, matt____, are you writing a shell script? because if you are positional parameters are not expanded in single quotes01:22
AnusienIntuitiveNipple: Anyway, if I suspect one application is hogging ALSA, how do I stop it?01:22
psynophilematt__1: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO.html01:22
matt____1psynophile: but I could use $last, etc? right?01:22
IntuitiveNipplematt____: if you can set up a VPN tunnel (openssh for example) between the systems, you can use 'mysql'  directly with -h without needing to use ssh client.01:22
zonteensHello all01:22
IntuitiveNippleAnusien: hogging alsa? what do you mean?01:23
zonteensi'm new be for Ubuntu!01:23
psynophileunop: I'm just trying to give him the general idea, hopefully he can take it from there...01:23
matt____1IntuitiveNipple: but that'll defeat the purpose.01:23
unopmatt____, $last wouldn't be a valid bash variable - but you could declare it yourself01:23
AnusienIntuitiveNipple: I remember an old issue (and saw reference to it on a help page for what I'm looking at) that this issue seems eerily familiar to one where something is hogging alsa01:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 68187 in amarok ""xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers." error" [Medium,Confirmed]01:23
ZoneOUTCan anyone help me with setting up and installing a wifi card.01:23
IntuitiveNipplematt____: whichever method you use, you've got to connect to the remote server. Trying to keep the client-side as simple as possible would be my goal, since that increases flexibility.01:24
unopmatt____, $1 is the first argument passed to the script01:24
ZoneOUTI've gotten as far as I have an exe I need to get the inf file out of but I can't get cabextract to install.01:24
IntuitiveNippleAnusien: You mean where the dmixer back-end isn't in use and one application has exclusive use of the sound device?01:24
matt____1phxheat: I remember a bash tutorial...something about an echo "what is your name", and then read &variable..the echo Hello &variable..wish I could find it....01:24
psynophileZoneOUT: try unzipping it01:24
psynophileZoneOUT: unzip filename.exe01:25
psynophileZoneOUT: Sometimes they're cabs, sometimes they're zips01:25
matt____1psynophile: found it! Now All I need is several hours! Thanks!01:25
Jack_Sparrowmatt____1 see abs-guide in our repos..   sudo apt-get install abs-guide01:25
AnusienIntuitiveNipple: I guess01:25
psynophilematt___1: sure thing01:25
ZoneOUTI can't get the zipper to install either.01:25
Jack_Sparrow!info abs-guide01:25
ubottuabs-guide (source: abs-guide): The Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.1-1 (hardy), package size 1074 kB, installed size 4332 kB01:26
psynophileZoneOUT: unzip should be there by default01:26
AnusienIntuitiveNipple: I remember gaim used to cause a similar issue01:26
unopmatt____, you usually use read to get the contents of a file.   i.e.  read variable < file01:26
BeBoohello, everyone. i am having some issues with installing and using an nvidia driver. I downloaded it off their site as well as tried the nvdia-glx-new from apt. After enabling it in xorg.conf, gdm starts and reports it's in low grpahics mode or something along those lines01:26
BeBoocan anyone assit?01:26
BeBooassist even01:26
KoN8392hello all01:26
psynophileZoneOUT: do this: du -hs filename.exe01:26
psynophileZoneOUT: if it's really small, it might not have downloaded correctly01:27
ZoneOUTall I have is a archive manager..01:27
psynophileZoneOUT: You need to do this with the command line, can you do that?01:27
KoN8392whats a simple/quick photo viewing app for ubuntu? Gimp is too slow for quickly viewing files...01:27
psynophileZoneOUT: Applications->Accessories->Terminal01:27
ScuniziKoN8392: double click the photo to display in the default viewer..(not gimp)01:28
_Zeus_!eog | KoN839201:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eog01:28
_Zeus_KoN8392: use image viewer01:28
FAJ!info eog01:28
ubottueog (source: eog): Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program. In component main, is optional. Version 2.22.3-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 1129 kB, installed size 5956 kB01:28
AnusienIntuitiveNipple: Anyway, do you think that could be the problem (seems similar, since non-amarok programs just silently don't play audio) and how would it get fixed?01:28
_Zeus_there we go01:28
yofayceI Need Help with Beryl :(01:28
_Zeus_!compiz | yofayce01:28
ubottuyofayce: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:28
jason|cai have a cdrom in the drive but it does not show as mounted, no can i get it to eject what do i do?01:28
ScuniziKoN8392: eog or eye of gnome is "image viewer"01:28
Jack_Sparrowyofayce we dont use beryl01:28
yofayce:O ok01:29
austindoes anyone know how to install vmware on unbuntu 8.1001:29
ZoneOUT<-- results01:29
psynophileZoneOUT: Well, that looks fine01:30
KoN8392cool thanks Scunizi01:30
psynophileZoneOUT: do you have the terminal up?01:30
ScuniziKoN8392: np01:30
psynophileZoneOUT: Where is the file, did you save it to your desktop?01:30
austincan anyone help me/01:30
ZoneOUTyes and I did the command at the desktop01:31
Anusienaustin: Not if you don't ask a question01:31
psynophileZoneOUT: what does it say when you type the command 'pwd'?01:31
matt____psynophile: http://pastebin.com/m13d28e4a01:31
belkinhelp2i have an irritating problem01:31
jason|caive got a cdrom in the drive -- that i was using to build a VM in virtual box -- i need to eject it -- its not mounted -- does not show on my desktop (KDE) nor in dolphin - -but i know its in there - -how do i get it out?01:31
grim76Austin there are several sites that are listed from google that have what you need.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77993401:31
belkinhelp2i just swapped hard drives01:31
matt____psynophile: I was thinking that would work :(. Do you see anything weird about it?01:31
austinanusien, do you know how to install vmware on ubuntu 8.1001:31
belkinhelp2into a new system01:31
Anusienaustin: ah, missed that01:32
psynophileZoneOUT: good01:32
belkinhelp2how can i get ubuntu to KEEP the monitor settings?01:32
Piciaustin: Ibex help is in #ubuntu+101:32
psynophileZoneOUT: type 'unzip filename.exe'01:32
belkinhelp2it always reverts back to PnP01:32
austingrim76, do you know how to install vmware fusion on ubuntu 8.1001:32
psynophileZoneOUT: change "filename.exe" to whatever your file is that you downloaded01:32
grim76austin: Never installed fusion.01:32
Piciaustin: 8.10 help is still in #ubuntu+101:32
belkinhelp2also, the graphic card driver always reverts back to a generic VESA driver01:33
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: Put whatever specific settings you want in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:33
belkinhelp2how to i stop that as well01:33
grim76austin: there are free versions of vmware that will install just fine if you follow the site that I linked to you.01:33
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....going to take a look....brb01:33
ZoneOUTcan I post my results without gettting kickec01:33
unopmatt____, variables are used as $variable not &variable - and you need to put variables in double-quotes for them to be expanded01:33
Jordan_U!paste | ZoneOUT01:33
grim76ZoneOUT: use pastbin01:33
ubottuZoneOUT: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:33
J-nuse pastebin01:33
psynophileZoneOUT: does it say a lot of files were extracted?01:34
IntuitiveNipplematt____: http://pastebin.com/d349872b01:34
matt____unop: What? Did I really put &? That's stupid!01:34
AnusienIntuitiveNipple: Anyway, do you think that could be the problem (seems similar, since non-amarok programs just silently don't play audio) and how would it get fixed?01:34
matt____IntuitiveNipple: what do the -s and -p do?01:35
IntuitiveNippleAnusien: I don't know, sound applications are generally well-behaved around me  :)01:35
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....a bit over my head01:35
IntuitiveNipplematt____: -p "..." is a text prompt   -s is silent (don't echo - for passwords)01:35
belkinhelp2how do I use the GUI to make the setting change01:36
matt____IntuitiveNipple: ahh..nice.01:36
belkinhelp2also...i have 4 config files01:36
psynophileZoneOUT: Guess it's not a zip.01:36
belkinhelp2and 4 configsav files01:36
IntuitiveNipplematt____: notice the mysql query is in double-quotes01:36
psynophileZoneOUT: and you already said that cabextract didn't work?01:36
IntuitiveNipplematt____: that ensure the BASH variable $LN is converted by the shell rather than passed literally01:36
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....confi.failsafe i mean01:36
ZoneOUTpsynophile: so how do I get the inf out of it? No I can't get cabextract to install...01:36
austindoes anyone here know how to install vmware on ubuntu 8.1001:36
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:37
psynophileZoneOUT: You can't get it to INSTALL or you can't get it to EXTRACT THE EXE?01:37
ZoneOUTIf I send the file to you can you just send me the inf01:37
ZoneOUTI can't get it to install01:37
psynophileZoneOUT: sudo apt-get -y install cabextract01:37
matt____IntuitiveNipple: Hmm...the command just goes back to the terminall..perhaps I should make it clear that I want to show the data in the prompt?01:37
Scuniziaustin: that's a question for #ubuntu+1  but for gp.. it should be the same as for 8.04 if you are using the 2.xx beta version.. for 1.x.x you probably won't be able to.01:37
unopmatt____, i would also put $password in double quotes, to protect against the shell expanding and acting on the variable.  mysql -u root -p "$password"01:37
psynophileZoneOUT: but i didn't even have to do that, it was installed by default01:37
DasEiaustin: free vmware ?01:38
matt____unop: I'm having troubles understanding the double quotes...perhaps a pastebin my friend?01:38
ZoneOUTdpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:38
matt____unop: http://pastebin.com/d349872b01:38
_Zeus_ZoneOUT: run that command01:38
psynophileZoneOUT: sudo dpkg --configure -a01:38
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: Is the problem just that you aren't getting the correct driver / screen resolution? What is this about two drives?01:39
ZoneOUTthen I get another error...01:39
IntuitiveNipplematt____: read this: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/quoting.html01:39
unopmatt____, http://pastebin.com/d61494ffd01:39
Bajoranqustion, dvd drive suddenly stops existing, it dosen't seem to be able to boot with anything in the drive, and sudo mount /media/cdrom0/ -o unhide reports that it cannot find anything in ftab01:39
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....I change the settings only to find they have reverted back to VESA generic for the graphic card and PnP01:39
Bajoranor whatnot01:39
belkinhelp2for the monitor01:39
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: Where are you changing the settings?01:40
BajoranIts one of those ghosted silly simplistic pheonix laptop bioses so I can't see if the bios reads the cd drive01:40
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....screens and graphics01:40
matt____unop: Double check that for me please..im' not sure that the LN is correctly quoted..01:40
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....system.administration.screens and graphics01:40
ZoneOUTdpkg: requested operation requires superuser privilege01:40
psynophileZoneOUT: try it again with sudo01:41
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: What version of Ubuntu are you using, screens and graphics doesn't really work very well ( it's not even shown in the most recent version of Ubuntu )01:41
ZoneOUTI figured that out ;)01:41
cok_yasa_kamilj #ubuntu-tr01:41
ZoneOUTso sudo is like su01:41
unopmatt____, $LN is correctly quoted there, with single quotes - but that's then enclosed in double-quotes - as part of the bigger expression.01:41
cok_yasa_kamilsorry :(01:41
cok_yasa_kamilhow can join a channel?01:42
unopcok_yasa_kamil, /j #ubuntu-tr01:42
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....Gutsy Gibbon01:42
ZoneOUTthanks psynophile..01:42
matt____unop: I don't see the starting quotes for it..?01:42
IndyGunFreakcok_yasa_kamil: /join #channel name01:42
psynophilesu logs you in as root, sudo runs a single command with elevated privileges01:42
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....7.10 i think01:42
cok_yasa_kamilthanks :)01:42
unopmatt____, note how this entire expression is quoted.   "select * from Contacts.Contacts where Last = '$LN'"01:42
psynophileZoneOUT: wait, so what's up? Is anything working?01:42
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: Any reason you aren't using 8.04? It may solve your problem01:43
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:43
Bajoranwhats a good mounting GUI-based utility for ubtuntu?01:43
unopBajoran, nautilus itself01:43
_Zeus_Bajoran: it should do it automatically?01:43
mnWhat is the default password for "su"?01:43
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....good question01:43
unop!root | mn01:43
ubottumn: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:43
psynophileZoneOUT: the instructions that you're reading probably aren't clear, so let me tell you what you're doing. You're trying different compression programs on an exe to see which one extracts it. It's also possible that this exe isn't an archive or is some obscure type that you can't find. You're doing this to get the inf file out so that you can install the ndis drivers01:43
ZoneOUThttp://paste.ubuntu.com/48746/ should I do anything about this01:43
matt____unop: ohh...right. But I'm not sure this is running correctly..when I run...it doesn't actually show the data..01:44
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....i only have this problem because i swapped hard drives01:44
Scunizisort of off topic.. but how would I reattach a tab that I've detached in xchat?01:44
_Zeus_ZoneOUT: run sudo apt-get -f install?01:44
belkinhelp2its the same graphic card AND monitor from the old PC01:44
AnusienIntuitiveNipple: alsa reload didn't do it, but alsa force-reload killed the processes holding onto alsa01:44
psynophileZoneOUT: Just a good idea to make sure you clean up any errors that you get, so yea...do that01:44
mnwow, thnx unop01:44
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....I dont understand why its not recognizing the hardware I was using before the switch01:44
BajoranSo if a cd-drive isn't mounted automatically then its probably screwed somehow, and my ntfs partition for vista is also not mounted because my hewit-packard pheonix ghosting bios is keeping it from being read01:44
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: What do you mean? Is it the same install just on a different drive? Because that shouldn't make any difference01:44
ZoneOUTwill it effect my java01:44
woliif i move a WoW (installed with wine) to a 'Games' folder in /home, would that affect its functionality?01:45
unopmatt____, i suspect a problem with the actual mysql command - though i'm not very sure about it - I've not used mysql very much.01:45
ZoneOUTI need java installed+ right for scho01:45
ZoneOUTsorry my daughters messing with the keybaord.01:45
psynophileZoneOUT: probably...01:45
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....its the same install, on the same hard drive put into a new PC.  I am using the old graphics card and monitor though01:45
anom01yHi I have a p4 2.8ghz CPU with 440mb ram, it get really slow when I use firefox 3 or 4 tabs open, and kopete.. Im just wondering if this is a lack of Memory problem ?01:45
matt____unop: http://pastebin.com/m2530503e01:45
psynophileZoneOUT: try to do sudo apt-get -y install cabextract now01:45
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....so there is no reason for it to do this.01:45
_Zeus_anom01y: shouldn''t be01:45
mnunop: is the only difference between sudo su and sudo -i is that su preserves your directory?01:45
_Zeus_are you running other stuff?01:45
anom01yno just firefox with 3 or 4 tabs, kopete01:46
_Zeus_anom01y: can you chack out the output of top?01:46
ZoneOUTthat last paste was the results of that.01:46
_Zeus_!top | anom01y01:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about top01:46
anom01ycomputer gets very non responsive, you hit a key to type swomething and it takes 1 second to appear01:46
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....should i use the frame buffer interface in  Configuring xserver-xorg ?01:46
anom01yI don't accually have access to this computer right now01:46
_Zeus_anom01y: please come back when you do01:46
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: Did you use screens and graphics on your initial install?01:46
psynophileZoneOUT: lookin but I'm not seeing...01:47
psynophileZoneOUT: Just go to terminal and type 'cabextract'01:47
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....i changed settings around plenty of times for the past year or so01:47
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: Use the default ( in fact you can generate a default config no questions asked with "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh )01:47
unopmn, errm, i'm not sure if it preserved more environmental variables too - but you could say that i suppose - in any case, it's safer to use sudo -i01:47
psynophileZoneOUT: does it say 'no cabinet files specified...'?01:47
IntuitiveNipplematt____: pastebin the current script version01:47
matt____IntuitiveNipple: http://pastebin.com/m12ead4ee01:48
psynophileZoneOUT: or does it say 'command not found'?01:48
mcquaidis there a rep with a newer kernel version for hardy?01:48
Jordan_Umcquaid: Why do you want a newer kernel version?01:48
Bajoran/dev/sda1 /media/windows ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.utf8 0 001:48
Bajoranwould that work?01:49
Bajoranif the partition was /dev/sda101:49
unopmatt____, try fine tuning the mysql command so it works from the command line before putting it in a script.01:49
matt____unop: Good idea...01:49
psynophilemcquaid: the proposed-updates repo has 2.6.24-21-generic01:49
IntuitiveNipplematt____: there shouldn't be a space between -p and the password itself, if it is on the command line try using --password="$password" instead... the other thing is, those quotes might be causing a problem so you could try "--password=$password"01:49
Bajoranin ftap01:49
matt____unop: with no variables....right?01:49
unopmatt____, right01:49
mcquaidcause i'm using this wifi usb adapter which driver (zd1211) has known issues in 2.6.2401:50
matt____IntuitiveNipple: I seem to remember that about the password...01:50
mcquaidand it's had various fixes in 2.6.2601:50
psynophilemcquaid: enable proposed-updates, it might be in there...01:50
unopIntuitiveNipple, that wouldn't work - the mysql command would see the entire quoted expression as one option/argument01:50
matt____IntuitiveNipple: Oh snap! It worked.01:51
psynophilemcquaid: the fixes, i mean01:51
matt____unop: It did work!01:51
unopmatt____, what worked?01:51
ZoneOUTI've got a mess here..01:51
ZoneOUTyes it says command not found.'01:51
psynophileZoneOUT: okay, it's NOT installed, then01:51
matt____unop: what IntuitiveNipple told me...about the -ppassword and quotes...01:51
IntuitiveNippleunop: Yes it will. try it and see01:51
mcquaidnaw i seached updates01:51
psynophileZoneOUT: sudo apt-get -y install cabextract01:51
ZoneOUTyes I realize that.. alright then it trys to install java and the cab and I get a text document01:52
Bajoranwhats the command to switch directory in bash01:52
mcquaids/b an easier way to grab just the module src from the latest kern and compile it for 2.6.24 instead of compiling the whole kern01:52
IntuitiveNippleBash removes the "..." quotes when it processes the command-line01:52
unopmatt____, i was referring to "--password=something"01:52
ScuniziBajoran: cd01:52
IntuitiveNippleunop: Yes, that works01:52
matt____unop: it worked...01:52
unopIntuitiveNipple, well, it's not normal - but i guess if it works, it works01:52
jevonquestion: Is there a way to use a computer to phone someone's home phone01:53
IntuitiveNippleunop: It is... that's what bash does01:53
ZoneOUTsays the licence agreement then has okay do I type something to accept01:53
ZoneOUTor hit a command I've tried enter.01:53
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....ugh....how do i go back to a previous menu01:53
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....in xorg01:53
unopIntuitiveNipple, never mind.01:53
matt____unop: IntuitiveNipple Now...I just realized I hate typing in that long password..if someone ssh's into my system..mounts the db via truecrypt...I think they'll have an easy time figuring out my mysql password...so do you see any problems with putting the password in the script?01:53
user01everytime i do system quit the menus go away and nothing happens01:53
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: You can't01:53
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....i feel like such a fish01:54
IntuitiveNippleunop: bash ensures that anything wrapped in double-quotes is passed as a single command-line argument (e.g. $2)01:54
user01it is hardy heroin01:54
wolihave any of you guys tried chrome under ubuntu?01:54
unopmatt____, well, if someone else has the ability to execute your script - they have the ability to read it too - so hard-coding a password is never a good idea01:54
unopIntuitiveNipple, i said never mind - i'm not interested in how mysql processes command line options01:54
user01any ideas?01:54
nubuntuanybody know of any room that specializes in tiny linux distros, like muLinux?  i have an old compaq that has win95 on it.  on the back it says 'series 2870b'.  of course it has no cdrom, although i have an old cdrom 'backpack bantam' unit that has like a parallel port, i wonder if i could make something boot from that.  i've heard that old drives don't work well tho they have lots of...01:54
nubuntu...errors?  anybody feel like getting hands dirty, or have any suggestions what i should try to put on it?  of course it has a floppy drive, but i need help with that process too.  not like i'm asking a lot, huh?  oh, yeah, i have a pen and paper too.01:54
matt____unop: That's true...so then they COULD ssh into my system...but I don't see how anyone would read the script....is there a way?01:55
ldpNO U!01:55
ldpwrong channel01:55
unopIntuitiveNipple, though, i am aware of how bash works01:55
IntuitiveNippleunop: That isn't mysql, that is bash... which is why matt's script works01:55
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: Try this quickly, quit dpkg-reconfigure and just run "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.probably_useless_backup" then restart X, it might just work and it will use all default settings and autodetection from Xorg itself01:55
unopmatt____, do you give ssh users the ability to execute your script?01:55
Scunizinubuntu: net install...01:55
matt____unop: Only myself...01:55
Scunizi!install | nubuntu01:55
ubottunubuntu: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:55
matt____unop: I'll be the only one to use it...supposedly anyway.01:56
unopmatt____, then make sure only you have the ability to read the script then01:56
IntuitiveNipplematt____: why not keep the password locally?01:56
mn"You should never use normal sudo to start graphical applications as root. You should use gksudo to run such programs"  Why?01:56
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....how do i restart X01:56
nubuntuhave been looking at this page: http://mulinux.sunsite.dk/linux_install.html01:56
matt____IntuitiveNipple: What do you mean...keep it locally?01:56
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....just restart the machine?01:56
fezoulidtest test01:56
ib_Hey, how do I install radeon drivers? (open source)01:56
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: Log out then back in again01:56
Batatoviskkamsn nao conecta pq?01:56
xompbelkinhelp2, CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE will restart x01:56
user01when i click on Quit . . . the bottom and top menus just disappear01:56
Pici /whois Batatoviskk01:56
ubottuib_, please see my private message01:57
el3allalihey there01:57
Pici!br | Batatoviskk01:57
ubottuBatatoviskk: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt por ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:57
unopmn, because sudo runs the command elevated (using your environment) -- so any files created by the app are owned by root - which is not good if you run the app later normally but have no read access over the files created earlier under sudo01:57
user01Batatoviskk, I have the same problem01:57
nubuntuScunizi: i don't know if this old box could handle ubuntu, tho, prolly not even xubuntu .... don't know about flux01:57
Batatoviskkvaleu cara e desculpa ae01:57
DasEiib_: google ubuntu radeon, which model ?01:57
user01he said that amsn is not connecting01:57
=== FuriousGeorge is now known as Guest78381
Scunizinubuntu: maybe not.. busybox maybe.. or DSL "Damn Small Linux"01:58
DasEiib_:  which model ?01:58
nubuntuScunizi: also doesn't have eth0 port01:58
ZoneOUTpsynophile?? anyhow got it thanks...01:58
ZoneOUTnow to see if it works!! lol01:58
IntuitiveNipplematt____: try this: http://pastebin.com/d2952aca601:58
Scunizinubuntu: sounds like a real project01:58
Scunizinubuntu: you might ask on #linux01:58
user01do you think it is a nautilus issue anyone?01:59
user01maybe i should reinstall it01:59
matt____IntuitiveNipple: explain how I would use that...01:59
IntuitiveNipplematt____: on the local system you'd do "ssh user@host scriptname password"02:00
adudehow do i get firefox to stop blocking images?02:00
IntuitiveNipplematt____: password is stored in the variable $1 (the first parameter)02:00
_Zeus_adude: can you elaborate?02:00
poopuserhi how can i make link between two directories for example /sys -> /usr/src/sys?02:01
_Zeus_poopuser: sudo ln -s /sys /usr/src/sys02:01
matt____IntuitiveNipple: But listen to this= The Server and Client are are in my home...so I don't see a problem there...but I may access the server over ssh remotely...02:01
unoppoopuser, you don't want to do that02:01
unop_Zeus_, bad idea02:01
belkinhelp2U_Jordan....hey, that worked02:01
DasEipoopuser: if you really want to (uu) see: man ln02:01
_Zeus_onop: what do you mean???02:01
_Zeus_that's exactly what he wanted02:01
adudei think so02:01
belkinhelp2U_Jordan....but now my resolution is a bit higher than i had it originally set before the switch02:01
nubuntuDasEi, my friend is very happy with his 'new' computer, thanks again02:02
unop_Zeus_, poopuser, the directory /sys is special - if you want to break something bad, you've just done it with that command02:02
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: Is that a good thing or a bad thing :) ?02:02
DasEinubuntu:the win-knoppix ?02:02
belkinhelp2U_Jordan....and under system.administration.screens and graphics....the monitor is set at PnP at 60Hz....and i cant change it02:02
IntuitiveNipplematt____: well you can decide, but that is a way to not store the password anywhere but in your head.02:02
nubuntuDasEi, ya02:02
poopuserDasEi like i didn't done that before also thx zeus but ln -s dose not seems to works for me any other suggestions?02:02
_Zeus_unop: the folder doesn't even exist on my system02:02
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: Don't use screens and graphics, it's more likely to screw things up than do any good02:02
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....well no not really.  But how do i reset the sreens and graphics option02:03
nubuntugonna go search to try to find how to get at the bios on this thing02:03
unop_Zeus_, it does on mine - the kernel sysfs is mounted there02:03
matt____IntuitiveNipple: but I'm thinking along these lines...currently the ssh password is the same as the mysql password...I don't think anyone can read the batch file without ssh'ing first. Unless you see something I don't.02:03
belkinhelp2Jordan_U....perhaps its time to upgrade to Hardy Heron02:03
_Zeus_unop: no, i don02:03
_Zeus_*t have that folder02:03
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: You can change the resolution for your specific user ( won't affect login screen ) with System -> Preferences -> Resolution02:03
poopuserthx ubuntu community u are helpful as always02:04
user01hmmm ubuntu can be installed without the gnome-desktop-enviroment?02:04
=== Gun_Smoke_ is now known as Gun_Smoke
unop_Zeus_, ok, you don't - but that doesn't mean others don't also - careful with your suggestions02:04
_Zeus_unop: I did exactly what he wanted, and if he wanted that, i think he would know to not break anything02:04
belkinhelp2Jordan_U...cool...thanks alot.02:04
simNIXIm trying to do a netinstall of Ubuntu - I tried 4 mirrors now and all fail with error package efi-modules and libnewt doesn't exist02:04
Jordan_Uuser01: Yes02:05
matt____ IntuitiveNipple Do you see something I don't?02:05
IntuitiveNipplematt____: it's good practice not to store the password in a script02:05
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: np02:05
belkinhelp2Jordan_U...so hows your alsa knowledge?02:05
IntuitiveNipplematt____: here's a looping version of the script so you type "quit" to stop it http://pastebin.com/d2dc0321402:05
belkinhelp2Jordan_U...I also have a problem with sound02:05
DasEiuser01: kubuntu-xubuntu, and several less common surfaces02:05
belkinhelp2Jordan_U...but this time it is an onboard sound, not the old card.02:06
unop_Zeus_, please, don't be indifferent to his plight after running the command - if it's bad, you should advise against it - like when people ask how to enable to root password, you don't tell them how - atleast not in here02:06
belkinhelp2Jordan_U...correct driver installed but i get alot of static and the playback is erratic02:06
_Zeus_unop: ok, ok i get the point02:06
plutounop ahh the prejudice.... ;-)02:06
belkinhelp2Jordan_U...is there a magic command line to get ubuntu to dump the driver and reinstall it?02:06
unoppluto, perhaps, it just saves all of us time and aggravation :)02:07
matt____IntuitiveNipple: After I fool around with if fi statements for hours...I'll be sure to build in a quit statement. I'm going to make it such as this: 1 for Last Name 2 For First Name 3 For Phone Number 5 for etc etc etc.02:07
Batatoviskkplease amsn help no conect02:07
Jordan_Ubelkinhelp2: I would grab a hardy liveCD and see how many problems go away with it before doing anything else02:07
ttwioHi all - cpu on 100% in idle ?02:07
_Zeus_ttwio: can you use top to find out what's doing it?02:07
daklan_shwrttwio: investigate with top02:07
=== daklan_shwr is now known as daklan
DasEibelkinhelp2: you can try alsa-firmwareloader or rebuild alsa as a whole, shure bout the driver ? alsamixer installed ?02:08
belkinhelp2DasEi....Ja habe ich02:08
Jordan_Uttwio: Is it being taken up by evolution?02:08
bender183hello fellow linux users02:08
belkinhelp2DasEi....the driver is correct and alsamixer is installed02:08
matt____IntuitiveNipple: Does bash support goto, like batch in windows does? Like... Start:~~~~~~~~~~ goto Start02:08
bender183i am currently looking for a printer .... and i dont mind paying more for a printer which wont kill me on toner, and of course works with linux02:09
bender183anyone have any suggestions?02:09
matt____bender183: I love brother printers...02:09
DasEiuser01: checking live will also make you see the (correct)driver / listest inn modules ?02:09
ttwio_Zeus_: hi the top ? I have opend the System Monitor02:09
simNIXhas anyone recently done a netinstall of Ubuntu ?02:09
daklanmatt____: bash is capable of calling functions02:09
belkinhelp2DasEi....system sounds come through loud and clear02:09
_Zeus_ttwio: sys monitor also works02:09
sagredoHello internet02:09
matt____bender183: Had mine for about a year...not spent anything on toner..but not used it all that much either...02:09
daklanor subfunctions02:09
belkinhelp2DasEi....playback is erratic02:09
matt____daklan: google brother printers..excellent linux support.02:09
Jordan_Umatt____: Even if it does, why would you want to make spaghetty code if you don't have too :)02:09
bender183the last laserjet i got idled at 50 watts, and when i turned it on turned off all the electriciy in my apartment because it went up to 600 watts ....brother 2095DN or something02:09
belkinhelp2DasEi....and there is a lot of static the entire time with or without anything playing02:10
matt____Jordan_U: That's true.02:10
DasEiuser01: did you change config since the player been installed ?02:10
ttwio_Zeus_: ahh terminal and command top :)02:10
IntuitiveNipplematt____: no - most people use a case $x in ... construct02:10
bender183i did not have good luck with that printer02:10
bender183i sold it to my work02:10
bender183and its been crap02:10
_Zeus_!offtopic | matt____02:10
ubottumatt____: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:10
Bajoranqustion, dvd drive suddenly stops existing, it dosen't seem to be able to boot with anything in the drive,02:10
Bajoranis there a command for fdisk to list cd drives? d;02:10
matt____Zeit|awy: about what?02:10
_Zeus_Bajoran: check the bios?02:10
Bajoranits a pheonix bios02:10
plutobender ehhh yeah these things are like little ovens02:10
Bajoranthe most I could get out of it is the time of day02:10
sagredointernet I query thy: Why when I open new tabs in firefox does the web address stay the same for every tab (the last string entered)02:10
belkinhelp2spaghetty monster?02:11
matt____IntuitiveNipple: So what in the script makes it loop? the if fi statement?02:11
bender183pluto, i think my electiricy can take up to 400 watts02:11
Bajoranone of those silly ghosted factory-vista locked lapops zeus02:11
plutothe off button usually helps (pun)02:11
ttwio_Zeus_: this one is 100% cpu 12315 h 39  19 77092  22m 7080 R  cpu 100 % 1.1  10:46.23 operapluginwrap02:11
bender183pluto: the best part? there was a fucking energy star sticker on it02:11
IntuitiveNipplematt____: while [ ... ]; do ... done or you can use for x in y; do ... done02:11
_Zeus_ttwio: looks like opera is taking it all up02:11
kitche!language | bender18302:11
ubottubender183: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:11
user01DasEi, what player?02:12
ttwio _Zeus_: I have closed Opera ?02:12
bender183linux is about freedom02:12
bender183not censorship02:12
_Zeus_bender183: no, his request was totally valid02:12
daklanttwio: you've got an opera plugin that stalled02:12
_Zeus_ttwio: can you run the command sudo killall operapluginwrap?02:12
ttwioCan I just kill it ?02:12
daklanttwio: you can probably kill that process now02:12
DasEiuser01: any, like !mp3 or video02:12
user01DasEi, I'm trying to get the gnome shutdown function to work02:12
matt____IntuitiveNipple: I'm not all that great on IF FI statements..could you help me with the first one? I want one that echos whatever I want..then has a list...1=LastName Query...02:12
daedric_WinAmp not running02:12
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:12
bender183you ubuntu zealots have a very close attitude to debian users of 2002 who thought they were high and mighty02:12
ttwio_Zeus_:  haven ? :-D02:12
_Zeus_ttwio: huh?02:13
kitche!coc | bender18302:13
Jordan_U!offtopic | bender18302:13
ubottubender183: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/02:13
plutothere's a subtle difference between the freedom to speak your mind and spray it on your neighbour's garage door...02:13
bender183free as in freedom, censorship is not freedom.02:13
ubottubender183: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:13
Picibender183: Please leave the comments to yourself, this is a support channel.02:13
bender183i dont care02:13
_Zeus_bender183: no language02:13
bender183ill say what i wish02:13
_Zeus_*bad language02:13
_Zeus_no you won't02:13
DasEiuser01: yup, messed nicks, sry02:13
ttwio_Zeus_: have can I kill / stop the process that use 100% cpu it is the  operapluginwrap02:13
_Zeus_ttwio: use kill <pid>02:13
_Zeus_or killall <name>02:14
IntuitiveNipplematt____: I think you're going the wrong way about this, you're going to create a hideously complicated script when there are other tools out there better suited to the task.02:14
IntuitiveNippleanyhow, it's my bed time. have fun with it02:14
matt____IntuitiveNipple: such as?02:14
user01what would cause the menus to crash like this when clicking on quit . . . ?02:14
nubuntuanybody know how i might get at the bios settings on this old compaq 2870b series laptop?  only four returns on a google search, none relevant02:14
bender183sorry i didnt mean to offend all the 7 year olds in this channel02:14
_Zeus_bender183: you're asking for a ban02:14
ttwio_Zeus_: thanks :) and the top command in terminal is nice to know :)02:15
_Zeus_ttwio: quite02:15
bender183go for it, you want to show everyone that you ban people for not observing fascist rules feel free02:15
_Zeus_there we go02:15
ttwiowow peace again02:16
simNIXbedtime here - laterzzz02:16
sagredointernet I query thy: Why when I open new tabs in firefox does the web address stay the same for every tab (the last string entered)02:16
KDE_USRi know this is a dumb one - -but im havin probs -- how do i get a cdrom to either re-mount or eject?02:16
nubuntustick a paper clip in it if its stuck? :)02:17
plutoman umount :-)?02:17
Jordan_UKDE_USR: "eject" at a terminal, or #kubuntu for more KDE specific instructions02:18
KDE_USRthank you Jordan_U-- nubuntu im about to that point02:18
KDE_USReject does not work02:19
ttwioJordan_U: 100% Is it being taken up by evolution? no it was the operapluginwrap02:19
Jack_SparrowKDE_USR NOt talking about under wine right?02:20
Bajoran_Zeus_: is there a command to make fdisk list cd drives or does fdisk -l just list all avalible partitions?02:20
KDE_USRno - was using it to build a virtual box VM02:20
KDE_USRthe session failed and the disk disapeared off my desktop02:20
KDE_USRbut i cant get it out02:21
DasEi KDE_USR: proper fstab ? sudo eject ?02:21
KDE_USRthe fstab is as it installed --02:21
KDE_USRsudo eject does nothing either02:21
Bajoran_Zeus_: nvm, fdisk oonly lists fixed disks02:22
Bajoranwhats the equivelant for non fixed disks? heh02:22
_Zeus_Bajoran: /etc/mtab?02:22
colerI need help02:22
coleranyone familair with suse02:22
DasEi KDE_USR: could you paste fstab ? no drives changed since installation ? fdisk - l ? right device ?  no window open concerning disk (if active, no dismount) ?02:22
_Zeus_coler: this is ubuntu support02:22
DasEicoler: join #linux02:23
Bajoranno such directory _zeus_02:23
wersdid anyone here manage to run garena on wine?02:23
_Zeus_Bajoran: it's a file02:23
_Zeus_use less02:23
Bajoranah it is02:23
mncoler: also try #suse02:23
_Zeus_it would show mounted fses02:24
seanhAnyone know what I need to install to play an ASF video in Ubuntu? The codec is WMA version 802:24
KDE_USRdevice is not listed in fdisk -l02:24
KDE_USRlemme make sure all of virtual box is killed02:24
Bajoran_zeus_ I want to see unmounted fses02:24
_Zeus_Bajoran: um, not susre02:24
_Zeus_anyone know how to list unmounted fses?02:25
mnWhen are they going to release the first beta of II?02:25
Pici!schedule-#ubuntu+1 | mn02:25
ubottumn: A schedule of Intrepid Ibex (8.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule02:25
jrib_Zeus_: sudo fdisk -l02:25
Bajoran_zeus_ sudo fdisk -l lists all fixed drives02:26
Picimn: Further ibex questions in #ubuntu+1 please :)02:26
Need_Name1 2 3 4 5 602:26
Bajoranjrib what about non fixed drives02:26
mnPici:  thnx, srry, and k :)02:26
jribBajoran: what do you mean by that?02:26
Bajorancd drives02:26
Bajoranflash dribes02:26
DasEiBajoran: any recoqnized drive02:26
mom_what do you call across in the url browser for the text?  like when there is a %20 for a space or whatever?02:27
jribmom_: url escape codes?  No idea what your first question says02:27
mom_jrib, i think so . . . i figured out a way to hack hallmark ecards but i need to figure out how to write messages in url escape codes02:28
dergringoHi. I am trying to get cisco's anyconnect running but no luck. Says:  >> warning: Unable to process response from vpn.hsr.ch.  >> error: Connection attempt has failed due to unresolvable host entry.02:28
austincan anyone help me; i need to run vmware surver (i installed it alredy but dont know how to get it running)02:28
jribmom_: this is really offtopic, but google will help you at this point02:29
Bajorancommand to create a directory? >>02:29
=== Need_Name is now known as zo_
jribBajoran: mkdir02:29
RyanPriorBajoran: mkdir02:29
mom_jrib, ok, sorry but they are called url escape codes then?02:29
jrib!cli > Bajoran02:29
ubottuBajoran, please see my private message02:29
jribmom_: yeah02:29
=== noor is now known as NoOrdinaryRabbit
mom_jrib, thanks!02:29
RyanPriorBajoran: or, in Nautilus, ctrl+shift+n02:30
Bajoranthats nice02:30
=== zo_ is now known as Neat
=== NoOrdinaryRabbit is now known as CerealThief
Bajoranwell anyways i've verifyed what I came to do originally,02:30
Bajoranmy dvd drive is toast02:30
=== Neat is now known as meto
=== CerealThief is now known as GroovyNoor
=== meto is now known as Clas1c
Bajoranneed to turn autoconnect off xchat02:31
Pici!nickspam > Clas1c02:31
ubottuClas1c, please see my private message02:31
mnHow do I upgrade GNOME in HH?02:31
=== Clas1c is now known as asdValiz
GroovyNoorI'm wondering, is there a command that will launch the default browser in Ubuntu?02:32
GroovyNoorA joke?  What if that's not my default browser?02:32
austincan anyone help me?02:33
mnThen type the name of your default browser02:33
asdValiz1 2 3 4 5 602:33
austin_can anyone help me?02:33
mnaustin:  It's better to just ask the question.  Don't ask to ask.02:33
legendsohaican anyone teach me how to access my windows partition after i had install ubuntu on the same drive?02:33
GroovyNoormn, you are not helping02:33
asdValizt's better to just ask the ques02:34
austin_does anyone know how to install vmware on ubuntu 8.1002:34
tuxywhat are the differences between opera and firefox for ubuntu/GNU linux?02:34
kitcheGroovyNoor: actually he is since we don't know your default browser so how do we know what command to use02:34
MakuseruHow can I change the user agent in Firefox or Konqueror? I was tryign to apply for something, but it said I needed Internet Explorer and Windows, and the User Agent Switcher plugin in Firefox dosnt work anymore.02:34
jribGroovyNoor: gnome-open or xdg-open will open an appropriate program.  So for example 'gnome-open http://www.google.com' should work02:34
GroovyNoorI'm wondering, is there a command that will launch whatever happens to be my default browser at the time when I run the command?02:34
kitchetuxy: umm one is opera and the other is firefox02:34
mnGroovyNoor:  Sorry, you want a command that will start your default browser no matter what it is?  (I really wasn't trying to be facetious by the way.)02:34
GroovyNoorjrib, cheers.  Someone with an imagination!02:35
kitchetuxy: look on opera and firefox's website to know the differences between them02:35
tuxykitche: in terms of web page compatibility, which is preffered, or hopefully are the same02:35
kitchetuxy: how are we suppose to know web page compatibilty since all the websites out there are built either to standard to IE standard or Firefox standard02:36
tuxykitche: when i talk about the browsers, i don't mean difference in features, sometimes i hear that there a different supports02:36
austindoes anyone know how to install vmware fusion02:36
NickPLeeHas anybody here seen the rhapsody commercial with sara barellies in it?02:37
NickPLeeIf so, watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8cMJva6dpE02:37
kitchetuxy: well my thing still stands checkout ther webpages02:37
xaseHello, I was wondering if someone would be able to give me a clue about something.02:37
=== xase is now known as JaseX
legendsohaican anyone teach me how to access my windows folder after i had install ubuntu on the same drive?02:38
jribJaseX: you probably need to be a little less vague02:38
JaseXOf course.02:38
tuxyis there anyway that i can integrate opera mail into the ubuntu system?02:38
lyfealwayshey i am getting a weird error message i don't understand, anyone have a second to help me out?02:38
tuxylike evolution02:38
Flannel!anyone | lyfealways02:38
ubottulyfealways: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:38
JaseXIt's about intrepid ibex... I was just wondering if anyone was willing to respond is all.02:38
jrib!ntfs > legendsohai02:38
ubottulegendsohai, please see my private message02:38
jribJaseX: check the last entry in the /topic02:38
lyfealwayscuz half the time you get chased out of "help" channels for asking questions people deem below them =\02:39
JaseXThanks sir/miss, I missed it because irssi just blinded me with the user list :)02:39
jriblyfealways: not here02:39
JaseXAh... right... thanks.02:39
tuxyis there anyway that i can integrate opera mail into the ubuntu system?02:39
JaseXI couldn't remember the chat, I knew there was a special room for it.02:39
colerhave an ubuntu ?02:39
JaseXThat's why I didn't actually ask the question yet.02:40
JaseXThanks jrib.02:40
corunumhey guys, I wanted to know how difficult it would be dual boot ubuntu and windows, if I only have ubuntu on my laptop right now02:40
Mixxnot that difficult02:41
corunumI read some people had trouble.02:41
JaseXcorunum: I don't mean to sound impertinent, but have you thought about using VirtualBox as an option or another VM? or is it outside that spectrum of neeD?02:41
corunumbut I have all my windows os disks and stuff02:41
colerRandomly my computer (usually after being on for several hours) will lock up and the number and cap key will blink.  The only thing i can do is hold the power button down, as nothing else seems to work.  I do have two video cards, the on board which i disabled and an ati02:41
corunumhold on JaseX, let me look up what virtualbox means :/02:42
tuxyno opera mail integration for linux?02:42
JaseXcoler, my HP Pavilion does that if the kernel panics, or my wireless freezes up.02:42
tuxyor ubuntu02:42
colerI have an HP pavilion!02:42
aulican someone recommend a chess client with which I can play chess online (that means suggest some public servers too)?02:42
colerWhat do u do?02:42
JaseXWell what model do you have?02:43
pretenderin windows i have used cdrlabel to which reads directory's on a disk and automatically does up a front cover with all directory's listed in rows alphabetically.  What can do this in Ubuntu02:43
GroovyNoorjrib, gnome-open works perfectly for my situation.  Thanks again.02:43
corunumokay, I'm not sure what virtualbox does02:43
colerIM not sure (in a different case.  Something like "an"02:43
tuxyi suppose that a closed source software like opera does not let email integration into linux02:44
colerI can find out02:44
colerit is a desktop however02:44
JaseXcorunum: it's pretty straight forward02:44
tuxy... e-client be integrated02:44
JaseXIt runs Windows inside a virtual machine...02:44
dmsupermanI'm trying to run padevchooser (for Pulse Audio) but when I run it nothing happens. No errors are sent to the console, and no window pops up. Any ideas?02:44
JaseXLike actually install and run windows in a virtual drive/machine.02:44
JaseXAlright coler.02:44
Flanneltuxy: You can set opera as your email handler I believe.02:44
coleris there anything i can do about it02:44
corunumsorry im a noob02:45
JaseXMine is an hp pavilion dv6871US of the 6700 series02:45
tuxyFlannel: please tell me02:45
JaseXI've noticed if the fans fail it will do that as well02:45
Flanneltuxy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser#Setting%20Opera%20as%20default%20browser%20in%20GNOME02:45
coler mean the cpu fan?02:45
JaseXcorunum: head over to the forums, there's some great topics on it, if you give me a moment I can find one for you, that I especially like.02:45
JaseXYes coler.02:45
colerseems to be fine02:45
colerso nothing i can do?02:46
JaseXThe system locks up all the way right?02:46
corunumI'll hit google up again, thanks :)02:46
mom_i think im going to have to reinstall ubuntu . . . it is all whack for me right now02:46
JaseXI had issues with that and the 5100 AGN Intel wireless card02:46
colerIs it bad to reset by holding the power button down?02:46
JaseXIt isn't too bad, but it can mess with your hard drive's stability I hear.02:46
colersometimes the computer will stay on for several days, and no problem, then other times 5 minutes and the computer locks up02:47
colerit doesnt do this with suse02:47
colerI almost think its a video card issue02:48
JaseXCan you private message me your lspci output.02:48
JaseXand is this a desktop or a laptop?02:48
TheKiNGMy sound is randomly dying on me02:48
TheKiNGPlz help02:48
colerI don't think ive installed the ati cards.  Is there a way of Ubuntu atomaticaly doing this02:48
JaseXsudo apt-get install envy-gtk or envy-qt02:49
DasEicoler: !envNG02:49
JaseXdepending if you use gnome or kde coler02:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about envng02:49
djakshi guys , whenever i play 3d games i get analog out of sync error ... any ideas?02:49
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk02:49
JaseXNo prob.02:49
colerwhere do i find  !envNG02:50
djaksthere has got to be a setting for 3d games02:50
JaseXnono :p02:51
JaseXyou familiar with command line?02:51
JaseXOr do you prefer to use Synaptic?02:51
mcquaiddoes xbmc have audio normalization?02:51
colerI am somewhat familair with run in terminal02:51
Jordan_Ucoler: System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager02:51
Jordan_Ucoler: Or "sudo apt-get install envyng-gtk" in a terminal02:52
mcquaidwrong chan02:52
Roland-hey, question: how do I set nr of workspaces? I have only 2 and I need 4 or 6 for the cube02:52
JaseXYes unless you have kubuntu02:52
JaseXRolan d02:52
Faithmanu need more work spaces?02:52
JaseXRight click the pager on the bottom right, and hit preferences02:52
rexushi guy, currently my kernel is 2.6.24-19-generic how can I update it to 2.6.24-21 for example02:52
djbenderwhat jasex said02:52
JaseXcoler you have ubuntu or kubuntu?02:53
Jordan_Urexus: Why?02:53
rexusJordan_U, just want to try the new kernel02:53
DareDevilalguien sabe02:54
DareDevilsi existe algun software o alguna manera de simular un ambiente grafico conectandose a una shell de linux?02:54
rexusbecause my friend said the update is available in the update manager, but I don't see anything like kernel update here02:54
DareDevildigamos que me conecto a la shell y quiero un ambiente grafico eso se puede hacer??02:54
djbendersomeone tell him the spanish channel lol02:54
physically_fit!es | DareDevil02:55
ubottuDareDevil: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:55
djbenderty physically_fit02:55
Jordan_Urexus: The only possible difference you would see would be things not working, -19 is a proposed bugfix, not a release with new features and has not been tested enough02:55
Roland-no, this is xubuntu, cannot see preferences on the pager02:55
Jordan_Urexus: Rather -2102:55
Jordan_URoland-: You can use ccsm02:55
rexuswhat if I'm willing to take the chance?02:56
JaseXrexus... kernel-check I think is the utility... or that might be for compiling one's own kernel02:56
Roland-Jordan_U, yes I can i just cannot figure where to add more workspaces corrently it only flips 2 side, no cube02:56
Jordan_Urexus: System -> Administration -> Software Sources, enable proposed and expect no support02:56
Desktop-KyleHello All.02:57
ruthhi now to gate free phone call?02:57
JaseXRoland-:  I told you how.02:57
Jordan_URoland-: General Options, Desktop Size02:57
JaseXRight click the desktop pager on the bottom right of the screen.02:57
_panebi just followed the guide at http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/EasyInstall#administrator-installation exactly, but i still get http://pastebin.com/m199440d702:57
ZirodayJaseX: if he is trying to add more workspaces and is using compiz that will *not* wokr02:58
Jordan_UJaseX: He is using XFCE, not Gnome. I am not sure if XFCE's pager affects compiz02:58
ruthi don't know how to do it02:58
JaseXit will Ziroday it works for me...02:58
JaseXThat's how I do it.02:58
Jordan_UJaseX: Do you use XFCE ?02:58
JaseXIt's how I increase the sides of the cube/sphere everytime.02:58
WDCIn VMWare Worstation, when I go full-screen, I can't use my Cntrl or Alt keys outside of the VMachine?02:59
WDCHow can I get them back02:59
JaseXOh sorry.02:59
Ziroday!wfm > JaseX02:59
JaseXMissed that.02:59
ubottuJaseX, please see my private message02:59
JaseXMy bad.02:59
kwyjiboi have a macally ishockii usb gamepad. it was working, but i messed with the settings and now it won't detect :(02:59
JaseXI missed that part I apologize.02:59
WDCAnyone help me with my VMWare problem? I lose Control and Alt keys when I go fullscrwwn02:59
JaseXI did not mean to sound big of myself.03:00
kwyjibooh, there it goes. it just detected.03:00
ruththis is to fast for me03:00
WDCSigh. Many people go unanswered even though there are 1300 people in the roo03:01
Desktop-Kyleruth, get used to it man, get used to it.03:01
kwyjiboit's not so bad if you turn off join/part messages03:01
Desktop-KyleWDC, i'll do my best to help in here :S03:01
Flannel!repeat | WDC03:01
ubottuWDC: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:01
WDCDesktop-Kyle: Why thank you.03:01
WDCFlannel: Just find it odd no one answers a question as broad as mine was03:01
colerthank you03:02
colerI am in the process of downloading it03:02
Desktop-KyleWDC, i'm big in the IRC world, i just helped someone with pulseaudio problems and help installing banshee 1.2.1 to 8.04.103:02
FlannelWDC: If no one knows the answer, they won't answer you.  Be patient, repeat every 20-30 minutes, and sooner or later someone who knows the answer will be awake, and answer.03:02
colerdo I need to do anything, activate it or somehting03:02
Desktop-Kyleyeah, i like to give back to the community.03:02
JaseXI missed your question... please re-ask.03:02
DasEicoler:you'll install ubuntu ?03:03
chris______dude! i helped someone to play mp3's today! im officially a linux geek now:)))03:03
WDCAnyone help me with my VMWare problem? I lose Control and Alt keys when I go fullscrwwn03:03
Desktop-Kylecoler, you will not need to activate anything after the initial ubuntu install.03:03
JaseXjust hit alt+f203:03
JaseXand type envyng-gtk03:03
_panebdoes anyone use setuptools?03:03
JaseXand it should open it.03:03
Desktop-Kyledas_maze, i'm a linux geek.03:03
bobbob1016I'm trying to run a program in wine, and even though I set it to a virtual desktop, it keeps going fullscreen, and resizing my resolution.  Any ideas?03:04
Desktop-KyleWDC, sorry, can't help as i know nothing about VMWare03:04
WDCDesktop-Kyle: thanks for, responding03:04
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, you must have enabled it through the wine configuration03:04
Desktop-KyleWDC, i'm very involved in IRC, i always respond03:04
bobbob1016Desktop-Kyle, I did, and do now.03:04
admin69has anyone been able to install guild wars on wine?03:04
JaseXHmm what are you trying to do WDC and what OS is the guest...03:04
Desktop-Kyleadmin69, nope, haven't tryed as my computer is unable to run it.03:05
ruthhello to all off you guys03:05
Desktop-Kyleruth, Hey103:05
Desktop-Kyleruth, mybad .. Hey!*03:05
WDCJaseX: my question was very straightforward03:05
ruthi am to old for all this03:05
ZirodayWDC: this is an ubuntu support channel not a vmware channel03:05
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, you need to uncheck a setting in wine03:05
WDCJaseX: Desktop-Kyle; i found what the problem was. thanks for tie03:05
WDCZiroday: okay03:05
roukoundoes anyone knows how to launch a video or a track from console03:05
SimplySethany channels dedicated to bash scripting ?03:06
Zirodayroukoun: into a player in a gui?03:06
CzarAlexMy users have a public_html folder but are unable to access their files via http://localhost/~user , do I need to do something else here?03:06
bobbob1016Desktop-Kyle, Uncheck the setting in winecfg and check it where?03:06
Desktop-KyleSimplySeth, not as i know03:06
ZirodaySimplySeth: yes, #bash03:06
SimplySethZiroday: ahh thanks ..03:06
DasEiSimplySeth: #bash03:06
roukounZiroday: yes03:06
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, there's a setting in there about a virtual desktop uncheck that03:06
FlannelCzarAlex: Make sure the files (and folders) are readable by the www-data user (this usually means everyone)03:06
Zirodayroukoun: totem /path/to/media/file03:06
Zirodayroukoun: or if you have vlc installed vlc /path/to/media/file03:06
FlannelCzarAlex: Folders being "readable" also means they need to be +x03:06
bobbob1016Desktop-Kyle, I did.  Do I need to run the program in wine with any special settings or no?03:06
roukounZiroday: and for pictures?03:07
CzarAlexFlannel, Ah okay.  Let's give that a try.03:07
Zirodayroukoun: eog /path/to/picture/file03:07
JaseXcoler left?03:07
JaseXI hope the envyng-gtk thing worked03:07
roukounZiroday: thanx al lot03:07
Zirodayroukoun: have fun03:07
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, what i could reccomend is going to /home/ and enabling hidden folders cntrl and h03:08
ruthis any old guys i can chat?03:08
matt____1I remember finding a "php server app" that allowed you to remotely control bittorent, as well as wget downloads. It has a really weird name. Anyone?03:08
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, than you find the folder named .wine03:08
Zirodayruth: offtopic in #ubuntu-offtopic03:08
CzarAlexFlannel, Folders are 755 and chmod`ed +x. No results.03:08
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, delete that folder, and wine will be reset back to normal settings.03:08
ruthhow do i do that03:08
FlannelCzarAlex: And the files?  (755 implies +x)03:09
DasEiSimplySeth:you can see all rooms on a server with "/list"  typed in your messenger (no quotes)03:09
matt____1I remember finding a "php server app" that allowed you to remotely control bittorent, as well as wget downloads. It has a really weird name. Anyone?03:09
Zirodayruth: /join #ubuntu-offtopic03:09
JaseXruth type /join #ubuntu-offtopic03:09
JaseXIn your chatbar ruth.03:09
JaseXWhere you type to chat.03:09
pendoes ubuntu 8.04 support xinput-evdev with hotplug?03:09
Zirodaypen: afaik yes03:09
^Phantom^someone told me a couple of video editors for ubuntu03:09
bobbob1016Desktop-Kyle, Then how do I get it to run in a window again?03:09
^Phantom^and i lost the names <_<03:09
CzarAlexFlannel, Yes. I'm receiving The requested URL /~mahoney was not found on this server. (with mahoney as the user) as the error.03:10
Ziroday^Phantom: kino03:10
penZiroday, really? then does that mean I don't need anything in my xorg.conf?03:10
meoblast001do i have a phone number with skype?03:10
meoblast001if so how do i figure it out03:10
ezeki3ldoes anyone know if it's possible to configure samba in ubuntu that would allow root user to access entire / ?03:10
Zirodaypen: not sure sorry, never had to something like that myself. You may have more luck with google03:10
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, goto places>home03:10
dereki hate nvidia03:10
JaseXmeoblast001: you have to pay to receive  a skype number03:10
FlannelCzarAlex: I believe /home/mahony/ will also need to be o+x03:10
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, than hit control and h at the same time03:10
JaseXOther than that, it's just PCtoPC03:10
bobbob1016Desktop-Kyle, I did that, I deleted the folder03:10
Zirodaymeoblast001: you do not have a phone number with skype03:10
ruthjoin #ubuntu nofftopic03:10
penZiroday, but it's unclear most articles I found are months old03:10
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, okay than, wine has been reset03:11
JaseXThe only thing I have found that allows free calling, is iCall which is windows.03:11
penZiroday, and it's mostly archlinux not ubuntu03:11
Zirodayruth: you need the / at the front of join03:11
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, all settings are back to normal03:11
matt____1I remember finding a "php server app" that allowed you to remotely control bittorent, as well as wget downloads. It has a really weird name. Anyone?03:11
JaseXIt gives you a number with an extension03:11
CzarAlexFlannel, is that 777?03:11
^Phantom^i think one of them was cine something03:11
Flannel!repeat | matt____103:11
bobbob1016Desktop-Kyle, I just ran a program, and now it doesn't go in a window, should I recheck it to get it back into a window?03:11
ubottumatt____1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:11
FlannelCzarAlex: no, 755 will work03:11
Ziroday^Phantom: cinerella03:11
bobbob1016Desktop-Kyle, I want it in a window...03:11
CzarAlexFlannel, Hmm. It already is.03:11
derek"cannot detect settings" only runs inlow graphics mode now. So big screen lcd unstable gpu awesome03:11
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, yeah, it should be in a window now.03:11
ruththis to mach for me soory03:11
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, it's reset to DEFAULT settings.03:11
bobbob1016Desktop-Kyle, It wasn't, I tried it...03:12
^Phantom^thx :D03:12
Ziroday!nvidia > derek03:12
ubottuderek, please see my private message03:12
matt____1Flannel: 10-403:12
FlannelCzarAlex: Alright.  And /home/mahoney/public_html/ is too?03:12
JaseXtype this... /join #ubuntu-offtopic03:12
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, look through the config it should say something about that03:12
CzarAlexFlannel, Correct.03:12
roukounis there any tutorial about how to modify the xorg.0.log ?03:12
ruththank to all of you03:12
JaseXas it appears.03:12
=== bfig_ is now known as bfig
Zirodayroukoun: thats the log file, you should not need to edit that. However if you want to you can open it in any text editor.03:12
bobbob1016Desktop-Kyle, Which config?  I did, and I checked "emulate virtual desktop" and it doesn't work03:12
FlannelCzarAlex: Hmm, and `ls -l /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/ | grep userdir` outputs stuff?03:13
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, you don't want that :S03:13
CzarAlexFlannel, nothing actually.03:13
bobbob1016Desktop-Kyle, Then where in the config can I get it to go in a virtual window?  Instead of resizing my desktop each time I run a program?03:13
roukounZiroday: yes i know that but i'd like to find a tutorial to learn about its contents and how to modify it safe03:13
FlannelCzarAlex: Ah, that'd be your problem then.  Do this: sudo a2enmod userdir && sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload03:13
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, uncheck emulate virtual desktop03:14
FlannelCzarAlex: You didn't have the userdir module enabled (which is what handles the public_html stuff)03:14
Zirodayroukoun: are you sure you're meaning to refer to /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?03:14
CzarAlexFlannel, two separate commands right?03:14
FlannelCzarAlex: If you just copy that whole thing, the && will take care of it03:14
bobbob1016Desktop-Kyle, Maybe I'm not explaining myself.  I WANT a virtual desktop, so the program doesn't take the full screen.  My issue was that I couldn't get the window up.03:14
CzarAlexFlannel, wonderful03:14
roukounZiroday: /etc/X11/xorg.0.log03:15
Desktop-Kylebobbob1016, well, might wanna ask around, as i don't work with wine.03:15
JaseXroukoun: the file you refer to is just the output of X11 and it's output: i.e. whether or not its failing.03:15
HappyHaterroukoun, that's a log file03:15
CzarAlexFlannel, Perfect. Thank you very much!03:15
Flannelbobbob1016: You might have better luck with wine in #winehq03:15
Zirodayroukoun: that is a log file. It does not edit any settings. There is no point in changing it. You just read it to understand it03:15
JaseXroukoun: I believe you are looking to modify /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:15
wersfor some reason, my system monitor is opaque now. hahahaha. it's the only app that i noticed to be like that so far. hehe. i'm using a murrine theme. any idea on how to adjust it?03:15
FlannelCzarAlex: glad to help.  You might be also interested in: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions which will cover how to convert between numbers and letters and stuff03:15
CzarAlexFlannel, That`ll definately help. Thanks again.03:16
bobbob1016Desktop-Kyle, Also, deleting all of the .wine folder, deletes all the wine programs, just so you know.  If someone didn't know to do that, they might be upset.  I left the drive_c folder, since I knew this, but just so you know...03:16
matt____1I remember finding a "php server app" that allowed you to remotely control bittorent, as well as wget downloads. It has a really weird name. Anyone?03:16
Desktop-Kylethis is tough to keep uup with you guys :s03:17
Desktop-Kyleand 37 other channels03:17
Desktop-Kyleat the same time03:17
xomphey guys, is there a way to mount an .ISO file in ubuntu?03:17
matt____1xomp: yes...in terminal03:17
Flannel!iso | xomp03:17
ubottuxomp: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:17
matt____1xomp: do this:03:17
ZirodayDesktop-Kyle: then please address. It makes it easier03:17
roukounJaseX, Ziroday: actually i had a problem with my grapic card (solved!) and i should modify it but anyway... do you know any tutorial about xorg.conf?03:17
matt____1!iso | xomp03:17
Desktop-KyleZiroday, will do friend, will do :)03:17
xomplol danke :)03:18
Ziroday!xorg > roukoun03:18
ubotturoukoun, please see my private message03:18
LinuxRoxsanyone played with IRSSI?03:19
Flannel!anyone | LinuxRoxs03:20
ubottuLinuxRoxs: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:20
ZirodayLinuxRoxs: yes, they have a help channel #irssi03:20
LinuxRoxsok thanks03:20
matt____1!iso | matt____103:20
ubottumatt____1, please see my private message03:20
matt____1ubottu: I don't see your private message!03:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:20
matt____1ubottu: But you are talking to me!03:21
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:21
Desktop-Kylematt____, it's a BOT03:21
matt____1Desktop-Kyle: What's a bot?03:21
Desktop-Kylematt____, ubottu is a BOT03:22
matt____1Desktop-Kyle: Oh ;)03:22
Flannelubottu: tell matt____1 about yourself03:22
ubottumatt____1, please see my private message03:22
DasEi) matt____1:ro-bot, pm opens opens in new tab03:22
fignutsubottu: tell fignuts about yourself03:22
ubottufignuts, please see my private message03:22
DasEiand he IS intelligent, lol03:22
fignutseverybody loves a bot03:23
Xcercacan someone help me with somthing, i'm trying to get my remote to control the volume, so whats the command line for amixer to turn the volume up or down ?03:23
=== geeter is now known as crimsun_
matt____1Desktop-Kyle: I don't see another tab, I'm using teh irssi...plus I'm unregistered.03:23
overc0deubottu: tell overc0de about yourself03:23
ubottuoverc0de, please see my private message03:23
Flannelmatt____1: you can still receive messages, try ctrl-n03:23
matt____1Desktop-Kyle: And besides, I knew ubottu was a bot, I was just trying to figure out how people do such things as !iso03:23
Desktop-Kylematt____, good :P03:23
matt____1Flannel:Thank you Flannel03:23
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:24
KnomeDEhow do i install a font03:24
matt____1Flannel: That is awesome! Any more irssi tricks I don't know about?03:24
ZirodayKnomeDE: copy it to your ~/.fonts folder03:24
stgovedoes anyone know of any free video chat (server) side software, i want to run my own private ubuntu video server...03:24
KnomeDEZiroday: do i need to restart?03:24
Desktop-KyleKnomeDE, of course not.03:24
Flannelmatt____1: uh... Probably.  Try this page: http://quadpoint.org/articles/irssi03:25
JaseX_stgove: what exactly is your point of application?03:25
ZirodayKnomeDE: no, make sure the files are .ttf03:25
JaseX_matt____1: just learning to use irssi?03:25
stgoveI want to be able to have my own video server for firnds and family to be able to log to and use03:25
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:25
JaseX_It's pretty good once you get the hang of it, and handy to get help in the chatrooms when you're having issues with xorg :D03:25
KnomeDEZiroday: there is no ~/.fonts dir03:25
matt____1Flannel: Thank you Flannel03:25
Desktop-Kylestgove, i can't help there.03:25
ZirodayKnomeDE: then create one03:25
matt____1JaseX_: No, been using it for well over a year..just never took a look into it.03:26
KnomeDEZiroday: the fonts are pcf03:26
stgoveI see plenty of clietns for video, but you have to log to their servers, i  want my own server03:26
DasEistgove: only ubuntu clients ?03:26
JaseX_Very handy03:26
matt____1stgove: depending on what exactly you want to do...vlc may do it for you.03:26
JaseX_I have a slackintosh, that runs nothing but irssi and links... :D03:26
stgoveno, any clients to be able to connect to my private video server03:27
^Phantom^kino failed to import kstu_sd.mgp03:27
JaseX_Strictly because I'm a retard when it comes to xorg configs for macs.03:27
JaseX_hey btw...03:27
JaseX_is there a ppc specific ubuntu chat?03:27
matt____1JaseX_: yep..it's all I use.03:27
stgovevlc ?03:28
wildwobbyYo, http://tinylink.com/?WUM4EtkkSX03:28
wildwobbyhelp a cuz out.03:28
lessthanxrandom question, whats more secure: a straight WEP encrypted connection, or a ssh connection to an xserver over a WEP connection?03:28
JaseX_I like my guis... but i am a terminal fanboy myself03:28
* ^Phantom^ does not click link, untrusted source03:28
thiruvenkadamHello guys...I need a help03:28
matt____1lessthanx: Well...which seems to have more encryption...?03:28
thiruvenkadamI am not able to change the /etc/apt/sources.list03:29
FAJhi i am using an atheros chipset, and it is not working unless through ndiswrapper, also I have an ati mobility raedon card, that does not show up through restricted drivers.  both of these are restriced; but neither show up there, how can i get them to work?03:29
Kyle__phantom just dont visit it in google chrome :)03:29
greenmanwitch^Phantom^: link is just to myminicity03:29
stgoveis vlc server side?03:29
ZirodayKnomeDE: they should be03:29
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:29
Kyle__stgove: vlc stands for video lan client03:29
Kyle__no idea what you're talking about though03:30
^Phantom^i need to find a video editor that can edit .mpg videos....03:30
stgoveI see many clients but no server software for video chat servers03:30
matt____1JaseX_: YEP, USING the msg command, but how Do i Know I've got a pm?03:30
thiruvenkadamI am not able to change the /etc/apt/sources.list03:30
ZirodayKnomeDE: sorry, they should be .ttf where did you get them from?03:30
wildwobbyOops, I meant to do put this link: http://tinylink.com/?O63Tiw4pu603:30
lessthanxmatt____1: the ssh connection, but with the ssh connection, I am sending screen fulls of data... so someone could get more information, than just network traffic03:30
Zirodaythiruvenkadam: you have to be root. Become root by doing sudo <command>03:30
KnomeDEZiroday: internet03:30
ZirodayKnomeDE: where....03:30
JaseX_It should appear on an unused tab03:30
FAJhi i am using an atheros chipset, and it is not working unless through ndiswrapper, also I have an ati mobility raedon card, that does not show up through restricted drivers.  both of these are restriced; but neither show up there, how can i get them to work?03:30
formodeHello, is there a way to "rollback" updates released by Ubuntu?03:30
ZirodayFAJ: what card?03:30
JaseX_and it will be hilighted according to your irssi color/terminal color settings03:31
JaseX_@ matt____103:31
KnomeDEZiroday: haha, here: http://artwizaleczapka.sourceforge.net/03:31
FAJar5416 Ziroday03:31
ZirodayFAJ: thats the graphics card?03:31
JaseX_You know... I found something interesting out.03:31
JaseX_My grandmother works for sourceforge...03:31
matt____1lessthanx: But it is still over a wep isn't it?03:31
FAJ7500 mobility raedon03:31
^Phantom^i'll look there :D03:31
JaseX_as a software quality manager...03:31
JaseX_Anyone know what that position entails?03:32
FlannelJaseX_: #ubuntu-offtopic is the place for general chatting, this channel is for support, thanks.03:32
hiptobecubicif i had installed winxp via vmplayer how can i make sure the installation is removed and not just the vmplayer when i uninstall it03:32
formodeFAJ, Aw. :( Nvidia cards are far more supported.03:32
formodeHello, is there a way to "rollback" updates released by Ubuntu?03:32
JaseX_sorry Flannel03:32
FAJformode:  ya i know ;)  my desktop is nvidia, this is a hand me down laptop ;)03:32
thiruvenkadamgreat...thanks Ziroday03:32
EvilDaemonJaseX_: #defocus is another good one too.03:32
lessthanxmatt____1: yes, its still over WEP03:32
formodeFAJ, as long as it works, right?03:32
FAJ!offtopic | EvilDaemon03:32
ubottuEvilDaemon: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:32
FAJformode:  going for compiz and the such; but i am not nearly as worried about it as i am mi wifi; i really really want it to work, then gpu03:33
matt____1lessthanx: Unless I don't understand completely, the ssh method is more secure.03:33
FAJhi greenmanwitch03:33
EvilDaemonFaJ: That wasnt' an offtopic post. I was directing JaseX_ to a social channel, not wandering off topic.03:33
formodeFAJ, I don't use Wifi. :) But I hear you. Right now I'm trying to diagnose a problem I'm having with random reboots. :(03:33
FAJEvilDaemon:  sorry from here it looked like off topic... :( my bad03:34
EvilDaemonFAJ: Well, no hard feelings.03:34
JaseX_matt____1: can you answer me a question about ssh?03:34
mEck0_hi! isn't it possible to change autostart applications via System Settings in KDE4? doesn't seems so03:34
FAJZiroday: did you get the chipset number?03:34
franki^erm, i've just got GNU Solfege from the repository and i got this; http://pastebin.com/m255d0bb5 can anyone help?03:34
JaseX_Do you know of any free methods for assigning a machine a static hostname... ?03:34
formodemEck0_ I know in Gnome there is a "Preferred applications" menu.03:35
JaseX_and having it auto update the used server with information on ip changes...03:35
JaseX_I need to be able to use this laptop I am on to ssh and scp to my home desktop03:35
mEck0_formode: yeah thats right03:35
JaseX_But, I have DynIPs03:35
formodeAnyone aware of a way to Rollback updates?03:35
athleoneWhen I play FreeDroidRPG everything keeps blinking.03:35
athleoneand sometimes the whole screen will go dark03:36
lessthanxmatt____1: thanks for responding.03:36
ZirodayFAJ: yep03:36
athleoneHow come?03:36
mEck0_formode: ahh, I've found it. never mind03:36
Ziroday!ati | FAJ03:36
ubottuFAJ: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:36
formodeathleone, Do you have compiz on?03:36
FAJZiroday:  i care much more about the wifi now,,, but ty for the link i will follow that one03:36
bharanino audio in youtube03:37
Ziroday!wifi | FAJ03:37
ubottuFAJ: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:37
FAJZiroday:  i have looked there03:37
formodeFAJ, I know with my 8800gt Ubuntu just poped up with a "Install this" dialogue.03:37
ZirodayFAJ: what chipset again and what model laptop?03:37
creative2baddoes anyone know how to change the workspace in Thunar?03:37
bharaniaudio not working in youtube03:37
Zirodayformode: some cards are detected correctly03:37
Zirodaycreative2bad: ctrl alt left arrow/right arrow03:38
FAJdell inspiron5100 atheros ar541603:38
JaseX_I forgot how to close a window in irssi that isn't bein g used...03:38
athleoneformode I have extra appearance, if thats what youre talking about. why?03:38
formodeSeeking a way to rollback updates, or a list of updates that have occured in September.03:38
bharaniaudio not working in youtube03:38
ScuniziJaseX_: is it /close ?03:38
matt____1lessthanx: NP.03:38
ZirodayFAJ: please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/DellInspiron510003:39
matt____1JaseX_: YOu mean...like an app to give your ip a static domain name so that you can access it externaly with a domain name?03:39
ZirodayFAJ: and http://cs.thefoleyhouse.co.uk/blogs/karl/archive/2007/10/21/ubuntu-7-10-on-dell-inspiron-5100.aspx03:39
JaseX_No Scunizi03:39
formodeathleone, Yes. Compiz has a habit of "screwing" with games that run fullscreen. Try turning it to none, and runnning the game.03:39
JaseX_yes exactly matt____1...03:39
JaseX_I thought so too @ Scunizi03:39
case^bharani: you need lib flash something03:39
DasEi JaseX_:right-click>close03:39
formodeathleone, If that resolves the issue we can fix it easily. :)03:39
JaseX_Or a cron script matt____103:39
matt____1JaseX_: Takes a little configuration, but here:03:39
ScuniziJaseX_: /win c03:39
athleoneformode: But... but...... Extra appearance is SHINY03:39
JaseX_DasEi: how in the world does that work on irssi?03:40
matt____1JaseX_: just registar and read...I figured it out in about 20 minutes...works like a charm.03:40
matt____1JaseX_: oh, and it's free.03:40
JaseX_Thank you Scunizi I forgot the exact way to do it.03:40
formodeatheleone, I know. :) Don't worry, if it resolves your issue I'll show you how to keep it shiny. :)03:40
ScuniziJaseX_: google was my friend :)03:40
matt____1JaseX_: yep.03:40
athleoneformode Yey!03:40
JaseX_Scunizi:  well my internet is lagging and I'm still waiting for google to give me results...03:40
ScuniziJaseX_: kinda like /window balance03:40
JaseX_and there it goes03:40
FAJZiroday: ty for the fist link; but it is really really outdated (hoary03:41
ZirodayFAJ: it is also dapper, the second one is feisty I think03:41
formodeAthleone :) I agree. Though I must say, I wish there was something other then Wobbly windows.03:41
JaseX_thanks though DasEi anyways :D03:41
huitan1hello. is there somebody using scratchbox?03:41
=== chris______ is now known as sumo_su
ZirodayFAJ: have you tried ndiswrapper?03:42
FAJZiroday:  yes,,, with limited support for it...03:42
FAJi didn't want to use it until i absolutely had to03:42
TaL3iHello. some1 know what cause a error in dmesg like : phy0: not handling 0x02 type control frame?03:42
formodeHaving random restart troubles, quite bad actually. Anyone care to assist? I am "Fairly" sure it's linux related.03:42
ZirodayFAJ: hmm, are you sure you have a atheros card and not a broadcom one?03:42
matt____1JaseX_: That do for you?03:42
athleoneDamnit, Ubuntu keeps crashing on me03:42
ZirodayFAJ: for atheros see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Madwifi03:43
athleoneThey keep saying something about anachronistic scheduler cron and battery state or something like that.03:43
formodeathleone, How so?03:43
athleoneformode:  They keep saying something about anachronistic scheduler cron and battery state or something like that03:43
ZirodayFAJ: you probably need to compile the -ng driver03:43
JaseX_Yessir matt____103:43
JaseX_I think I found another03:44
huitan1i solve it.03:44
formodeathleone Ya.. Sorry, I dunno. :)03:44
FAJZiroday: http://paste.ubuntu.com/48772/03:44
FAJalmost sure it's atheros03:44
athleoneformode: Uhhh... I can't access FreeDroidRPG from my Applications menu. how do I move it there?03:44
BladeMcCoolold monitor died. hooked up new one. booted up ok then got no usable signal to monitor. what do i do to fix the monitor setting? i can connect to the pc via putty and get root03:44
FAJZiroday: product: AR5416 802.11abgn Wireless PCI Adapter           vendor: Atheros Communications Inc.03:44
formodeathleone, Ubuntu or Kubuntu?03:45
FAJthe ethernet is broadcom but it works fine03:45
athleoneformode: Ubuntu.03:45
TaL3iphy0: not handling 0x02 type control frame? does some 1 know what can cause this error?03:45
ZirodayFAJ: yep I see it03:45
ZirodayFAJ: try the madwifi link I gave you03:45
FAJZiroday:  trying  sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules madwifi-tools 03:46
FAJshould work...03:46
FAJi thought restricted was default installed?03:46
formodeathleone, System ->Preferences -> Main menu03:46
ZirodayFAJ: if that doesn't compile the -ng driver. And no due to legal reasons03:46
athleoneformode: done.03:47
FAJZiroday: where should it show up, now, ie after restricted-modules is installed where to check to make sure?03:47
BladeMcCoolhow do i make the new monitor stop saying "input not supported" and show me my desktop?03:47
formodeathleone, Now just add the terminal command to invoke it under the appropriate menu.03:47
TaL3iphy0: not handling 0x02 type control frame? does some 1 know what can cause this error?03:47
ZirodayFAJ: restart and see if it pops up in ifconfig -a or network manager (the little two computer icon in the top right)03:48
FAJok ty brb03:48
ZirodayFAJ: good luch03:48
athleoneFormode: It doesn't blink when Appearance is none. Whee.03:48
=== creative2bad is now known as angela
DasEi BladeMcCool: install displayconfig-gtk and run it, config monitor, backup xorg before (video driver)03:49
vexati0ndo Ubuntu (or other) devs plan on releasing a fix for nautilus accessing restricted Samba shares?03:49
vexati0nit's getting annoying having to run smb4k03:49
formodeathleone, Then we can fix it. :) "Add/Remove..." and search up "Compiz"03:49
Zirodayvexati0n: that is handled by gnome. Talk to them03:49
stgove Does anyone know of any really good (free) ubuntu server side video chat software?03:49
stgove  I want to run my own private video chat server, vlc isn't what i am looking for...03:49
lanhey everyone03:49
athleonefomode: Now what?03:50
dr_willisvexati0n,  i find that often i just have to enter the proper share names/paths and it works.. Or i use the smbfuse tools to mount the whole network.03:50
danbh_intrepidstgove: sip is not what you are looking for?03:50
formodeathleone: Click Apply, let it downoad. :)03:50
angelai'm sorry03:50
formodeathleone, wait. xD03:50
angelai'm new03:50
athleoneformode: which one? theres a lot....03:50
athleoneformode: is it compiz fusion icon?03:50
formodeathleone, Ok, see advanced desktop effects?03:50
angelahow can i delete all the files and folders inside ~/.local/share/Trash/files/* on a dialy basis?03:50
athleoneformode: yep03:50
athleoneformode wait not03:50
formodeAthleone, Check that, and click apply. Let it download.03:50
Zirodayangela: add it to cron with crontab03:50
athleoneformode I only see desktop effects.03:50
angelahow to do that?03:51
athleoneformode: is that enough?03:51
BladeMcCoolvideo drive?R i just want to edit a file somewhere so that after i reboot it goes to 1440x900 instead of whatever its being sent right now.03:51
formodeAthleone, Theres no "Advanced Desktop Effects Settings (CCSM)" aption?03:51
stgovelet me go google sip03:51
lani'm trying to install 9.04, but gparted can't see my partitions. what's funny is that the partition used to have 7.10 installed on it, and i'm running the live cd right now, and nautilus can see all the partitions03:51
FAJZiroday:  as if we'd be so lucky ;)03:51
physically_fit!crontab | angela03:51
ubottuangela: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm03:52
athleoneformode: wait, sorry, my fault, yes there is.03:52
formodeathleone, Get it. :)03:52
BladeMcCoolis there a safe-mode?03:52
athleoneformode: kay, thanks.03:52
angelathank you physically_fit03:52
ZirodayFAJ: told ya, you need to compile the -ng driver. It tells you below on that wikipage. You might wanna try out intrepid which has ath5k which should support that card03:52
athleoneformode: pardon my inexperience and all, I'm 12 and I'm new to Ubuntu.03:52
=== vic is now known as Guest17442
BladeMcCoolin windoze you would boot into safe-mode when you buy a new monitor and it would stick it in low rez and then you could pick the rsolution you wanted. i cant do anything b/c  the screen is blank after ubuntu boots now. how do i boot into low res safe mode?03:53
Flannelathleone: Don't worry about it.  We all have to start somewhere.03:53
formodeathleone, Once you get it, open it, then go under General (at the top) and uncheck "Unredirect Fulllscreen windows"03:53
FAJziroday; heck why now lol.  how can i do a terminal upgrade?  sudo upgraded?03:53
danbh_intrepidZiroday: wait till the beta of intrepid before you suggest ath5k support.  Right now, its sketchy03:53
athleoneformode: At least I'm good at programming XD03:53
athleoneformode: kay.03:53
Zirodaydanbh_intrepid: have had different mileage myself.03:53
lfaraoneHey, is it a problem if I use w.ubuntu.com for the spec for a personal compsci project?03:53
ZirodayFAJ: I strongly recommend you try compiling the -ng drivers first03:53
formodeAthleone, Age is no excuse. :) I'd be happy to help you as much as I can, but I'm not overly experienced myself, I can't even fix a stupid Reboot problem./03:53
FAJziroday; why?  jw03:54
danbh_intrepidZiroday: maybe its fine then, I dunno03:54
athleoneformode: Kay :)03:54
Flannellfaraone: come to #ubuntu-offtopic and we'll talk about it (I'm not really sure what you're asking)03:54
ZirodayFAJ: sure its your computer. Go ahead03:54
formodeAthleone, Terminal is so beautiful once you set it up right, same with Gedit. :D03:55
FAJZiroday:  i literally JUST installed ubuntu on it; i formatted the hdd on it... do you know the command from ubuntu to do a distribution upgrade?03:55
danbh_intrepidFAJ: update-manager -d03:55
ZirodayFAJ: iirc sudo update-manager -c -d03:55
athleoneformode: done.03:55
athleoneformode: and I know UNIX anywayz :P03:55
Guma_ I am thinking about installing latest ubuntu.  But I have some questions about vitualization since I have to run Windows for some things. What is the best/easiest to setup/fastes VM software that can be installed synaptic03:55
formodeathleone, Did your problem resolve?03:55
brettguma if you don't require usb support in the VM you can install virtualbox-ose03:56
brettfrom synaptic03:56
ZirodayGuma_: vmware is in the canonical partner repos and its easy to setup03:56
dinxGuma_,  depends. theres VBox, Qemu etc03:56
matt____1unop: Do you know how to make bash scripts loop?03:56
matt____1unop: if so, do you have a link to a good tutorial?03:56
FAJZiroday:  ty03:56
ZirodayGuma_: but I would go with virtualbox-ose like brett said03:56
athleoneformode: you mean I can appearance extra now?03:56
ZirodayFAJ: have fun03:56
Guma_Out of the opensource what is the best option? Easy to setup and its speed and stability03:57
FAJthank God for a live cd lol all i would have to do is reinstall hardy if worse comes to worse ;)03:57
dinxGuma_, VBox03:57
BladeMcCoolgoing to try "recovery mode" and see if it shows a picture after booting.03:57
codernatorHello - I'm looking for help on upgrading Breezy Badger ultimately to Hardy.  Since Breezy-Badger is no longer officially supported, the automatic update no longer functions.03:57
formodeAthleone, I suppose you could call it that. That pref pane allows you to customize compiz. :)03:57
Flannelcodernator: You'll upgrade breezy to dapper and then from dapper straight to hardy.03:58
Guma_Is there ubuntu for x86_64. I see that there is only version for Amd64 and x8603:58
athleoneformode: I made it extra and it doesnt work :(03:58
codernatorGuma - that's what I figured, but I'm not sure how to get the dapper upgrade started either.03:58
formodeAthleone, go to Advanced desktop settings and under General uncheck the "unredirect fullscreen windows"03:58
pxwebdev_how can I capture the results of a telnet session from the terminal to a log file.03:59
Flannelcodernator: first, you'll need to edit your sources.list and point your repos to http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ instead of archive.ubuntu.com (or whatever mirror you're using).  This will still be for breezy at the moment.03:59
FlannelGuma_: AMD64 is x86_6403:59
pxwebdev_previously i used something like "script telnet xxx.xx.xx.xxx >file.txt but I can remember the exact format03:59
athleoneformode I already did that.04:00
pxwebdev_can anyone tell me what im missing?04:00
formodeathleone, make sure it's unchecked.04:00
athleoneformode it is.04:00
Flannelcodernator: Is this an Ubuntu box? Kubuntu?  Server?04:00
pxwebdev_that was wierd04:00
formodeAthleone Still the problem?04:00
athleoneformode yes.04:00
formodeAthleone Hmmm, out of my grasp right now (Trying to get something to work xD) ask around. :) Should be a command to turn off compiz when you run a game and turn it back on when you exit04:01
unopmatt____1, http://wooledge.org:8000/BashGuide/TheBasics/  - search for conditional loops04:01
IMaverickhow could i check if package xyz is available in the repository04:01
NallepHow can I get gimp to recognize the eraser on my wacom bamboo tablet?  I have the stylus working fine with pressure and the mouse works fine, but the eraser just acts like the default stylus and I can't figure out how to get it to automagically switch to the eraser.  I have the eraser, cursor and stylus set to screen mode in the gimp device configuration. (Gimp 2.4.5 on Ubuntu 8.04)04:01
Guma_How close is next ubunto release?04:02
athleoneformode: Uhhhh. how do I ask for that? :S04:02
FloidHmm, is it me, or on any decent sized FS (80GB) will ext3 reserve like 20MB per GDT-that-gets-stored-with-superblock-backup with the resize_inode default on?04:02
BladeMcCoolhow do i install displayconfig-gtk ?04:02
FlannelIMaverick: apt-cache search [terms] to find a package name (searches name and description) if you already know the package name, apt-cache policy package04:02
athleoneformode: totally confused XD04:02
codernatorFlannel: Ubuntu standard04:02
danbh_intrepidGuma_: its all in the title, 8.1004:02
Flannelcodernator: Alright, and which kernel are you using?04:02
DasEiIMaverick:apt-cache search <name>04:02
BladeMcCoolapt-get install right?04:02
unopIMaverick, apt-cache policy xyz  #should tell you the source of a package04:02
formodeathleone: "Is there a way to have compiz turn off when I open an app, and turn it back on when I close it?"04:02
athleoneIs there a way to have compiz turn off when I open an app, and turn it back on when I close it04:02
DasEi BladeMcCool: install displayconfig-gtk and run it, config monitor, backup xorg before (video driver) sudo apt-get install displayconfig  (!who)04:02
unopmatt____1, infact you should bookmark this - http://wooledge.org:8000/BashGuide/04:02
BladeMcCoolcouldnt find package displayconfig-gtk04:03
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:03
IMaverickAlannel, DasEi, iwant to search uninstalled available packages04:03
BladeMcCoolDasei: couldnt find package displayconfig-gtk04:03
Flannelcodernator: You can find out with uname -a04:03
matt____1unop: Thanks04:03
athleone_Is there a way to have compiz turn off when I open an app, and turn it back on when I close it04:03
codernatorFlannel: is there a place I can find the kernel version  without rebooting?04:03
Guma_danbh_intrepid - I did look in the title but I do not see the release date for 8.10.04:03
DasEi BladeMcCool: looking up..04:03
matt____1unop: That's one bashguive I haven't found via google :)04:03
IMaverickFlannel, DasEi, iwant to search uninstalled available packages04:03
Flannelcodernator: version isn't important, we're just looking for the arch (stuff after the last dash)  like -386 or -686 or -k704:04
athleone_Is there a way to have compiz turn off when I open an app, and turn it back on when I close it04:04
mndanch_intrepid:  8.10 is to be release October 3004:04
FlannelIMaverick: apt-cache search blah04:04
unopmatt____1, it's a work-in-progress a contribution from the guys in #bash04:04
danbh_intrepidGuma_: 8.10 is the release date, Ill let you think about it for a sec.  If you cant get it, Ill fill you in04:04
Guma_danbh_intrepid - Thanx. That make sence. Sorry new to it04:04
KoN8392hi all04:05
danbh_intrepidGuma_: you didnt do anything wrong  : P04:05
KoN8392how do I move files around in the GUI browser with Super User power?04:05
KoN8392ie. how do I run file browser in SU mode04:05
unopKoN8392, gksudo nautilus  #but be very careful04:06
FlannelKoN8392: alt-f2, gksu nautilus, be *very* careful and close it as soon as you're done.04:06
pxwebdev_how can i capture the details of a shell telnet session to a text file?04:06
DasEi BladeMcCool:sudo apt-get install displayconfig04:06
KoN8392cool thanks!04:06
DasEi BladeMcCool:sudo apt-get install displayconfig-gtk ,sry04:06
phuzionI have two machines, both of which are secured with good passwords, but both are shared environments as well.  How safe would it be to use a shared key without a passphrase to authenticate between these two machines?04:06
unoppxwebdev_, you could use script - see the manpage on how to use it04:06
unoppxwebdev_, man script #i.e.04:06
Nallepphuzion: does anyone else have access to your machines?04:06
KoN8392what would a safer way to move files around be? im trying to install a gdesklet, but i dont have permission04:07
DasEiIMaverick:apt-cache search <name>  or <nam*>04:07
xeeHi, I have a simple question, when an application has two configuration files, one is system wide, in /etc/ and another per-user, in ~, if something is not specified in the per-user config file, should the value in the system wide one be used or what? or it depends on the application?04:07
phuzionNallep, yes, they are shared environments.04:07
phuzionNallep, some users have sudo, most do not though04:07
Flannelxee: thats generally a safe assumption, but the app could technically do whatever it wants04:07
DasEiIMaverick:could also use paketmanager (synaptic)04:07
codernatorFlannel - Still not sure if it's 386 or 686.   I know it's not K704:07
unopKoN8392, well, using nautilus under sudo is safe - just as long as you limit it's use - close the window down as soon as you're done04:07
Flannelcodernator: What kernel are you using?04:08
DasEicodernator: install n run hwinfo...04:08
Flannelcodernator: (currently) see uname -a (you can just paste that output here if you want)04:08
danbh_intrepidcodernator: that doesnt matter...04:08
Nallepphuzion: if you trust the users who do have sudo to not screw around with your other machine, then it should be fine as long as you turn off read permissions for others04:08
codernatorflannel: 38604:08
KoN8392okie dokie04:08
BladeMcCoolDaesei: cant find either package. dont worry about it i am giving up for now too tired to deal with this inane crap. when you hook up a new monitor it should jfw. peace04:09
unopxee, generally,  options passed to the program override those in user configuration files - which in turn override global configuration files04:09
RyanPriorhello, greenmanwitch. Welcome to #ubuntu!@04:09
Nallepphuzion: but if you can't trust the super users, then keep your keys passworded and use ssh-agent04:09
Flannelcodernator: alright, have you changed your sources.list to use the old-release archive?04:09
xeeok, thanks Flannel and unop04:09
phuzionNallep, I feel like I can trust them, but the thing is I need a way to have this automated.  It's for a nightly backup script04:09
codernatorflannel: yeah.  http://old-release.ubuntu.com/ubuntu breezy main restricted04:10
hardcoredo all external dvd burners work in ubuntu?04:10
phuzionWhich will be handled with cron job04:10
error404notfoundHow can I install vista themes in emerald?04:10
phuziona cron job*04:10
KoN8392argh! anyone know the trick to running gdesklets?04:10
Flannelcodernator: Alright, do this: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-standard linux-38604:10
Nallepphuzion: look into making ssh keys that can only execute one command then log out04:10
KoN8392I've moved the desklet folder to the proper directory, however I cant load the file!04:10
phuzionNallep, Like, a specific command, or just any one command?04:11
RyanPriorerror404notfound: Are you trolling?04:11
error404notfoundRyanPrior: sorry?04:11
Flannelcodernator: then reboot to grab the kernel update, after that, change your sources.list back to the archive ones, and change breezy to dapper.  Then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:12
unopKoN8392, I would refer to the gdesklets documentation04:12
Flannelcodernator: After that, you'll be on your way to dapper.  And then you can upgrade to hardy from here04:12
athleone_Is there a way to have compiz turn off when I open an app, and turn it back on when I close it04:12
Flannel!upgrade | codernator04:12
ubottucodernator: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:12
kindofabuzzerror404notfound, there are several vista like emerald themes04:12
codernatorflannel: could not resolve http://old-release.ubuntu.com04:12
RyanPriorerror404notfound: Emerald is no longer around. It's been merged back into Compiz. Windows themes do not work in Compiz - you need to get one specifically made. There are several Vista imitations if you look on deviantart, etc.04:12
error404notfoundkindofabuzz: I can't seem to find them when I search in emerald.04:12
Flannelcodernator: Sorry, old-releases04:12
Nallepphuzion: a specific command, you can setup a key to login and only execute a specified command04:13
kindofabuzzerror404notfound, http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Vista+Transformation+Pack+for+GNOME?content=6310604:13
athleonethere used to be sound when I played games. now there is none. How come?04:13
phuzionNallep, Awesome, thanks.  I'll look into it.04:13
codernatorflannel: much better :) thanks04:13
Nallepphuzion: make a script on the server to do your build and transfer files, then have the ssh key run that script04:13
codernatorflannel: 0 upgraded, installed, removed, not upgraded04:13
Guma_Does Skype 2.0 on work well on 8.04?04:13
danbh_intrepidathleone_: a start: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86773704:14
Flannelcodernator: that doesn't surprise me.  That was mostly to double check you were up to date (and those metapackages were installed)04:14
kindofabuzzerror404notfound, you have to look on the internet for themes, emerald theme manager doesn't download for you04:14
Flannelcodernator: So, you don't need to reboot (since theres no kernel change).  So go ahead and continue (changing sources to dapper, etc)04:14
Flannelcodernator: Also, one more thing.  once you get to hardy, you may want to consider using the -generic kernel (linux-generic) instead of linux-38604:14
athleonedanbh_interpid: what does that do?04:14
error404notfoundkindofabuzz: ahan... I was watching a video tutorial on youtube, and that guy had it, so I though may be emerald fetches a list from internet just like gnome-art-manager04:14
RyanPriorGuma_: There's a way to find out. :-)04:14
phuzionAlright, thanks Nallep04:15
kindofabuzzerror404notfound, nope04:15
liza0_if a server has ubuntu server installed how easy is it to install xfce on to it04:15
danbh_intrepid!tab > athleone dan<tab> will get my whole name I believe04:15
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:15
error404notfoundliza0_: apt-get install xubuntu-desktop04:15
unopliza0_, quite easy04:15
Guma_Well I am thinking between CentOS and Ubunto :) I figure I ask people first04:15
codernatorflannel: is there a good list of dapper sources?  my sources.list file currently only include the CD and the old-releases.  I tried doing this before I came onto this board and totally hosed my system, presumably because I chose my sources poorly.04:15
kindofabuzzerror404notfound, http://www.compiz-themes.org/index.php?xcontentmode=10304:15
danbh_intrepid!tab > athleone_04:15
ubottuathleone_, please see my private message04:16
error404notfoundGuma_: depends... I like deb based, so my servers run ubuntu04:16
Flannelcodernator: Generally http://cc.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/   (where cc is your country code) is a good place to start04:16
codernatorflannel: thanks for the advice on the generic kernel.  noted.04:16
RyanPriorGuma_: It should work well on both, I think. Google certainly indicated that it works well on Ubuntu.04:16
pxwebdev_unop, thanks that got me what I needed :)04:16
athleoneSooo... Theres no script for this?04:16
athleone_When I play games there is no sound anymore. How come?04:17
RyanPriorathleone_: What games? What changed?04:17
phuzionNallep, so, what you're saying is one script to make the backup files, one script to send the files off, and one script to execute the file sending?  third script executes second, which executes the first04:17
athleoneRyanPrior: I used to have sound for Wormux. Now there is no sound.04:17
phuzionAnd the third script is called in with cron04:17
athleoneRyanPrior and yes, my sound is working well for everything other than games.04:18
RyanPriorathleone: Perhaps something is blocking the audio device. Does it work if you run it with pasuspender?04:18
Nallepphuzion: well depends on what your doing, I'd just put it all in one script and execute it all at once04:18
athleoneRyanPrior: uhhh. what?04:18
phuzionAlright, I'll see what I can dig up on Google.  Thanks for the help, Nal04:18
=== FrozenFire_ is now known as FrozenFire
RyanPriorathleone: I don't know what the command is to run wormux - but if it's "wormux", then try running "pasuspender wormux" and see how that goes.04:19
turtlesI have 3x disks formatted as ext3 in a mdadm array (md0 currently unformatted I think), is there an easy way to change it to xfs?04:20
athleoneRyanPrior It works now. Do I have to do it every single time?04:21
=== PrivateVoid_ is now known as PrivateVoid
DasEihow to install dazuko properly ?04:21
RyanPriorathleone: If you usually launch from the menu, you can use Alacarte (System -> Preferences -> Main Menu) to include pasuspender in the launcher.04:22
RyanPriorathleone: In the long term, you should file a bug against wormux asking that they make it play nicely with PulseAudio.04:22
mnWhat command can I use to see what version I got?04:23
unopmn, version of ubuntu?04:23
unopturtles, not without losing data already existing on the array.04:24
unop!version | mn04:24
ubottumn: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell04:24
DasEi mn: see also : uname -r04:25
Decepticonthey said they gave me hardy heron, but when i do uname -a, i see Linux ks361773.kimsufi.com #3 SMP Wed May 28 09:09:25 CEST 2008 i686 GNU/Linux04:25
unopDasEi, that doesn't tell you the ubuntu version04:25
mnDasEi:  yep, but i didn't need to know the kernel04:25
Decepticonhow hard will it be for me to upgrade to ntrepeid ibex when it comes out given my sutioaton?04:25
athleoneryanprior: where do I use alacarte?04:25
shirish hi guys, does anybody know how to enable the partner repositories in ubuntu04:25
shirishI'm editing the /etc/apt/sources.list04:26
unopDecepticon, it shouldn't be very hard - the same upgrade method applies04:26
Decepticonunop even with my really different hardy heron04:26
shirishI just want to know the exact line for the source package04:26
DasEi mn: see also : uname -a, better see unop :D04:26
codernatorflannel: many thanks.  i am currently running apt-get dist-upgrade on all the dapper sources i saw04:26
error404notfoundcan someone explain what Point 2 under  Start Logos installation: means on http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Vista+Transformation+Pack+for+GNOME?content=6310604:27
unopDecepticon, i'm not sure what you mean by that - how different is your ubuntu?04:27
amicrawlerwhen playing a game on line my mouse will not respond04:27
Decepticonunop like i said, i have Linux ks361773.kimsufi.com #3 SMP Wed May 28 09:09:25 CEST 2008 i686 GNU/Linux04:27
DasEishirish: unkomment the two lines saying partner04:27
amicrawlerwhen holding down the w to walk04:27
amicrawlerany ideas04:27
unopDasEi, it's besides the point - better, i dunno04:27
shirishDasEi: I don't have two lines which says partner04:27
katie_hello i need help with burning music to a cd04:27
amicrawlerhappen on any on line game with ubuntu04:28
shirishDasEi: can you paste or send me the lines I need to add in /etc/apt/sources.list04:28
unopDecepticon, what does that mean to me?   if you want to know your ubuntu version. use  lsb_release -a04:28
DasEishirish:peparing pm...04:28
SuperQSo if I install Ubuntu with the alternate installer, do my choices (partman mostly) to all the settings get saved anywhere?04:28
shirishDasEi: thanx04:29
athleoneryanprior: where do I use alacarte?04:29
Decepticonunop, it just seemd to me the packaged ubuntu hardy heron they gave me (as lsb_release -a confirms) is a bit different from the hardy heron i would get from a iso04:29
hardcoredo all external dvd burners work in ubuntu?04:29
amicrawlerany body have any ideas04:29
amicrawlerwhen playing a game on line my mouse will not respond04:29
SuperQhardcore: "all" is a strong word, but most04:29
amicrawlerhappen on any on line game with ubuntu04:29
amicrawlerany body have any ideas04:29
SuperQhardcore: there are some buggy devices, but I've found that most work fine these days04:29
unopDecepticon, how is it different exactly?04:29
sloopyamicrawler, use a usb inet connection?04:30
katie_can anyone tell me how to burn music from limewire to a cd?04:30
amicrawlersloop what do you mean by that04:30
hardcorewhich ones preferred?04:30
amicrawleri have usb yes04:30
sloopydo you use a cablemodem plugged into a usb port, a usb to enet adaptor, etc04:31
RyanPriorathleone: I don't understand the question. What are you asking?04:31
amicrawlereth0 by all means04:31
Decepticonunop i cant install prevu because of grsec and smething to do with chroot and mounting procfs04:31
athleoneRyanprior: you told me to use alacarte.04:31
kavonQuick question: if I update my ubuntu server via command line, will it inform me that I need to reboot for the changes to take place or do I just have to assume?04:31
DasEikatie_:use kr3b or nero or...04:31
Decepticonunop that seems significantly different from straight up iso hardy heron04:31
RyanPriorathleone: Yes. If you usually launch your game from the menu, you should use alacarte to edit the launcher.04:31
sloopywhat is eth0? onboard ethernet port?04:32
smokewonHey there, im about to install Ubuntu 8.04 using the live CD, ive already got slackware and windows xp installed, im planning to install Ubuntu over the slackware partition, though the other day when i tried to resize my partitions using the Ubuntu live cd, i extended the windows partition slightly and after rebooting i was then unable to boot windows(using lilo that is), is there someway to safely resize a windows xp partition without m04:32
athleoneryanprior how?04:32
sloopymouse is usb?04:32
unopDecepticon, ok, who gives you this setup? an ISP or hosting service?04:32
Decepticonunop a hosting service04:32
katie_DasEi: how do i do that im not that familar with Ubuntu04:33
Decepticoni am wondering about the difficultiy ill encounter if i upgrade to ibex from this version of hardy..04:33
smokewonoh and does the live cd give you the option of creating a USB boot disk?04:33
Decepticonand knowing linux i know its goign to be totally batshit impossible04:33
hardcorewhich external dvd burners are most preferred?04:34
hardcoredon't wanna buy a bad one04:34
sloopytry different usb port for mouse? i have seen this issue with inet connection that goes through usb04:34
unopDecepticon, it sounds to be like you are using a virtual server - if that's the case, you won't be able to upgrade the kernel and other packages/modules that depend on the kernel version - so i guess that elemitates the possibility of upgrading to ubuntu+104:34
DasEikatie_:nero (free triel, works with win-key) is at nero HP, or terminal : sudo apt-get install k3b04:34
Decepticonunop im not on a vps04:34
hardcorei don't have a mouse, my laptop has a direction stick04:34
Nallepphuzion: look into the command option for your authorized_keys file (read man authorized_keys)04:34
unopDecepticon, but you really should be talking to your service provider about upgrades, etc04:34
Decepticonhm ok04:35
hardcorewhich external dvd burners are most recommended? don't wanna buy a bad one04:35
RyanPriorathleone: System -> Preferences -> Main Menu04:35
unopDecepticon, if you are not on a VPS - the chroot thing wouldn't make sense04:35
KoN8392What "type" of theme do I need to download to change the basic window borders/colors etc? I dont want to run emeryl or compiz because this laptop is so old!04:35
RyanPriorKoN8392: check out gnome-look.org04:35
katie_DasEi: after i load k3b i can use it to burn the music04:35
vgambitis there any way to make it so that if I open 4 mp3 files one after the other, each newly opened file will be opened in the previous instance of the media player?04:35
hardcorei tried out gOS today, compiz wasn't on it so it sucked04:35
KoN8392RyanPrior: I am there. However i cant figure out what type of theme to grab04:36
DasEikatie_:yup, install it and run from the apps menu04:36
vgambitbecause right now, if I open 4 files, they'll have 4 different instances of the same media player running at the same time, and I'll then have to manually close the other programs04:36
DarknessssenkraDhi anyone :P04:36
katie_DasEi: ok ill see if that works04:36
hardcorewhich external dvd burners are most recommended? don't wanna buy a bad one04:36
DarknessssenkraDhave anybody manage to install Spore under Hardy ?04:36
RyanPriorDarknessssenkraD: why such a long name? It takes up our screen space. :-(04:36
Decepticonunop a dude asked me if "do you run a hardened kernel that would not permit chroots or mounting of procfs?" and he said to do 'uname -a' and said 'yeah you are running a grsec kernel'04:36
Decepticonthis was when i was trying to install prevu, and it farted on me04:37
ubottuhardcore, please see my private message04:37
DarknessssenkraDRyanPrior: sorry :P04:37
hardcorehow do i do that?04:37
RyanPriorDarknessssenkraD: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=818504:37
nevagonnagiveuupInstead of forking ubuntu, and creating two competing distros, why didn't Canonical just combine efforts on debian? Canonical would have been a great commerical backbone to Debian, perhaps creating an "Easy" version of Debian.04:37
DasEihardcore: most big brands samsung, lg, toshiba... work without problems , or google for ubuntu harwaredatabase04:38
nevagonnagiveuupas well as a standard debian04:38
unopDecepticon, hmm - that's possible - but i can't really comment, only your provider can tell you exactly if it's possible to upgrade and if so, how you go about it04:38
hardcorewhat about the cheap ones?04:38
RyanPriorgreenmanwitch is a bot that says hello every few minutes.04:38
Decepticonhm ok04:38
DarknessssenkraDRyanPrior: I have seen that... I was asking if someone could do it... from here04:38
DasEihardcore: #hardware04:38
smokewonbasically, how safe is it to resize(extend in my case) a windows partition that is at the end of the harddrive(ie. linux parition is hda1, swap is hda2, windows is hda3) without rendering windows xp unbootable?04:38
DarknessssenkraDmaybe :P04:38
katie_DasEi: it says i need to convert the files04:39
nevagonnagiveuupforking debian*04:39
amicrawlersloop no change04:39
Zirodayc3w_girls: english only please04:39
amicrawlereven mouse in its own port04:39
amicrawlerhappen on any opengl game04:39
DasEismokewon:97,34 % good, defrag win-drive before and save valuable data04:39
amicrawlerlike quake4  etc:04:39
Zirodaynevagonnagiveuup: discuss it in #ubuntu-offtopic04:40
smokewonah ok, thanks, ill do that now04:40
RyanPrior!offtopic | nevagonnagiveuup04:40
ubottunevagonnagiveuup: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:40
DasEikatie_:kinda files ? wma ? mp3 ?04:40
hardcoreis it a good idea to install alpha?04:40
RyanPriorhardcore: No. It is a bad idea.04:40
Flannelhardcore: No.  Its alpha software.04:40
Zirodayhardcore: see #ubuntu-104:40
smokewonofc, the defrag, i dont believe i had defraged before resizing last time, so that might of made some sort of problem, although because im actually extending the partition, would i still need to defrag?04:40
hardcorewhat about beta?04:40
RyanPriorhardcore: It's not a good idea to install until final release.04:41
* DarknessssenkraD is sad04:41
RyanPrior!anyone | DarknessssenkraD04:41
ubottuDarknessssenkraD: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:41
hardcoreoh ok wasn't sure. 8.4 beta seemed to work just fine04:41
katie_DasEi: they are mp3 and it says i need to convert them to waves04:41
hardcoreseemed like i installed updates every day though, in beta04:41
DasEismokewon:i would always do so, as it also corrects bad fileinformationns04:42
smokewonah true, ok ill try that now, thx for advice DasEi04:42
Zirodayhardcore: intrepid talk in #ubuntu+1 please04:42
RyanPriorhardcore: That's how betas work - stuff breaks, and is fixed, frequently. Unless you're willing to deal with constant breakage, alphas and betas are not for you - and thus, it is a bad idea to install one.04:42
DasEikatie_:thats strange, tried to burn em as datafiles ?04:42
DarknessssenkraDmmm nevermind04:42
=== richard is now known as Guest64153
katie_DasEi: i cant even add them to be burned it comes up with that i need to convert them04:43
hardcorei didn't say anything about intreped, i just said alpha and beta, didn't refer to a specific one04:43
Zirodayhardcore: this is a support channel. Unless you have an issue please go to #ubuntu-offtopic to chat04:43
greenmanwitchRyanPrior: how dare you call me a bot :P04:44
katie_DasEi: any ideas on what i should do?04:45
DasEikatie_:hmm, I can burn mp3, converting is always a downgrade, try : sudo apt.get install ubuntu-restricted-extras,  maybe a codec issue04:45
case^compiz is all installed and working - what are the shortcuts please04:46
DasEik3b doesn't burn mp3 ?04:46
richard_Anyone know where I can get sound (files) I assume *.wav for gnome for various interactions?04:47
Zirodaycase^: for what?04:47
case^to show the cube04:47
Zirodayrichard_: you mean sorta like a sound theme?04:47
Zirodaycase^: ctrl + alt + left click04:47
katie_DasEi: im checking if its a codec issue04:47
Zirodayrichard_: one sec04:48
Zirodayrichard_: check out this ppa https://launchpad.net/~kwwii/+archive, inside is a package called ubuntu-sounds which has sounds for many events04:48
richard_thankyou. . . . .04:48
Zirodayrichard_: have fun04:48
DasEikatie_:nero for shure does the job, but k3b - I'm not 100% shure, but never had that (but running no blacklabel either)04:49
katie_DasEi: where do i get nero again?04:50
katie_is nero free?04:51
Zirodaykatie_: are you trying to burn audio files to a cd?04:51
katie_Ziroday: yes04:51
DasEikatie_:nero-homepage, easy installable deb  (nero HP)04:51
lessthanxwhats the best website creator/editor for linux?04:51
DasEiZiroday: yes, katie mp3>disk04:51
Flannel!html| lessthanx04:52
ubottulessthanx: html is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/04:52
Zirodaykatie_: you need to use a program called brasero. You can find it in the main menu under Applications > Sound and Video > Brasero Disc Burner04:52
DasEik3b doesn't burn mp3 ?, Ziroday ?04:52
ZirodayDasEi: yes04:52
katie_Ziroday: i tried that and it wont read the mp3 files either04:52
case^thanks Ziroday: any idea how I get 2 more desktops/workspaces?04:52
Zirodaykatie_: have you installed the mp3 codecs?04:52
DasEik3b does it or not , Ziroday ?04:53
lessthanxFlannel: thanks for the list04:53
Zirodaycase^: yes, have you installed the advanced desktop effects settings manager?04:53
katie_Ziroday: i dont know04:53
ZirodayDasEi: yes it does04:53
case^Ziroday: yes04:53
Zirodaykatie_: one minute please04:53
brolly81i have nvidia card, on windows i have  the option of resizing vertically or horizontal so that my desktop fits in my screen. how do i do that without changing the resolution?04:53
brolly81i have nvidia card, on windows i have  the option of resizing vertically or horizontal so that my desktop fits in my screen. how do i do that without changing the resolution?04:53
DasEikatie_:+++installed restricted-extras, Ziroday04:53
kwliiI just followed the installation instructions at http://www.pcreview.co.uk/articles/Windows/Run_Linux_in_Windows/ however I get an unrecoverable processor error when trying to install ubuntu, I then uninstalled everything and tried reinstalling, I get the same thing.  Is it a bad iso file?04:53
case^kwlii: have you checked it?04:54
Zirodaycase^: then you need to go to General Options >  Desktop Size and increase the amount under Horizontal Virtual Size04:54
katie_im so lost04:54
Strangelet When I close my Latitud D400's screen, a screensaver is supposed to appear. Instead, garbled, colorful static replaces it. My mouse cursor still looks normal. This can be fixed quickly by switching to a virtual console and back. How may I fix this problem?04:54
=== lms is now known as last
Zirodaykatie_: please hold on04:54
kwliiwell, I did a DVD burn and it validated ok04:54
=== last is now known as mek1
KoN8392what directory do I add new icon themes to?04:55
kwliiis there a check 'command' or 'program'?04:55
mon^rchfor a friend I need the Best looking mac type dock in a .deb... can anyone help?04:55
SaintYossarianHi all.  Just installed Ubuntu and am trying to get the Visual Effects going, but I just get a dialogue that says "not enabled"04:55
kwliiI just downloaded the 'alternate' iso, I was going to try that04:55
=== mek1 is now known as pera
case^Ziroday: thanks dude04:55
Zirodaykatie_: please install the gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 package with sudo apt-get install  gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp304:55
Zirodaycase^: have fun04:55
=== pera is now known as djura
katie_it just started working04:56
IntoxicKatHi men04:56
Zirodaykatie_: great to hear04:56
vaportrail123i have a portable nfts hard drive and ubuntu says i cant use it for some reason. any ideas?04:56
macvrhi guys... how do i play kvcd movies?[.bin/.cue files]... i tired in vlc player but the audio is broken... track 1 dosent play!04:56
IntoxicKatAnybody can help me?04:56
kwliiis there a difference in the LiveCD download and the alternate that would give me concern?04:56
=== djura is now known as lms
katie_thanks everyone:)04:56
ZirodaySaintYossarian: what graphics card and have you installed drivers for them?04:56
victorguerreirofalar em PT04:56
brolly81there is no general option tab desktop size04:56
Ziroday!anyone > IntoxicKat04:57
ubottuIntoxicKat, please see my private message04:57
mon^rchfor a friend I need the Best looking mac type dock in a .deb... can anyone help?04:57
Yekyaa[Ubuntu]i think i need to restart04:57
Yekyaa[Ubuntu]Amarok crashed and refuses to run now04:57
Zirodaybrolly81: excuse me?04:57
SaintYossarianATI Radeon 4850, and yes, I installed the latest driver from ATI site04:57
physically_fit!pt | victorguerreiro04:57
ubottuvictorguerreiro: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt por ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:57
brolly81ziroday i have nvidia card, on windows i have  the option of resizing vertically or horizontal so that my desktop fits in my screen. how do i do that without changing the resolution?04:57
Zirodaymon^rch: you want to install avant-window-navigator. It is already in the repositores04:57
Zirodaybrolly81: not sure sorry04:57
Zirodaybrolly81: try install nvidia-settings program and see if that fixes it for you04:58
mon^rchty Ziroday04:58
brolly81i have nvidia card, on windows i have  the option of resizing vertically or horizontal so that my desktop fits in my screen. how do i do that without changing the resolution?04:58
Zirodaymon^rch: have fun04:58
Yekyaa[Ubuntu]no idea brolly8104:58
Zirodaybrolly81: please read what I mentioned above04:58
macvr hi guys... how do i play kvcd movies?[.bin/.cue files]... i tired in vlc player but the audio is broken.....04:58
scahi everybody04:59
scacan someone help me out, i have a sound problem04:59
Zirodaysca: what is your issue04:59
SaintYossarianZiroday, did you get my config?04:59
scaok i have sound04:59
IntoxicKatI have a big problem. So, the problem is my grub. I has Windows XP and Ubuntu Hardy y now that installed Windows Vista but before remove Windows XP, the grub is unvailable, bad, isn't work.04:59
scabut i can't playback 2 audio aplications at a time04:59
ZirodaySaintYossarian: sorry didn't see ot05:00
ZirodaySaintYossarian: what is your issue again?05:00
Ziroday!grub | IntoxicKat05:00
ubottuIntoxicKat: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:00
Zirodaysca: do you have the package libflashsupport installed?05:00
scai don't know really05:00
SaintYossarianATI 4850 Radeon, and yes, I have the latest driver from ATI site.  Cannot get the Desktop effects to enable05:00
scaim newbie :(05:00
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:01
ZirodaySaintYossarian: you installed the drivers from the ati site?05:01
scayes i have it05:01
SaintYossarianZiroday: Yes.05:01
IntoxicKatubottu: You talk about  to Windows XP or Windows Vista??05:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:01
=== freqk is now known as freqk|away
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:01
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)05:02
ubottuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.05:02
ZirodaySaintYossarian: open a terminal and type in compiz --replace05:02
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!05:02
Picinevagonnagiveuup: Please stop.05:02
macvr hi guys... how do i play kvcd movies?[.bin/.cue files]... i tired in vlc player but the audio is broken... track 1 dosent play!05:02
DasEikatie_:got it going now ?05:02
ZirodaySaintYossarian: are effects enabled now?05:03
SaintYossarianZiroday:  Got the following: XgL: not present, no whitelisted driver found, aborting & using fallback05:03
DasEimacvr: shure medium is right ?05:03
SaintYossarianZiroday: No05:03
macvrthink so...05:04
ZirodaySaintYossarian: hmm, one minute please05:04
IntoxicKatAnybody talk spanish?05:04
=== lms is now known as lstricevic
macvrhow do i check?05:04
physically_fit!es | IntoxicKat05:04
ubottuIntoxicKat: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:04
DasEimacvr: other machine /player05:04
IntoxicKatI know that there is a #ubuntu-es, but i want am here. :D05:04
macvri dont know how else to play it05:05
Flannel!english | IntoxicKat05:05
ubottuIntoxicKat: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat05:05
brolly81ziroday im having no luck finding this nvida-setting program for ubuntu, can you point in the right direction as to where i can locate it05:05
DasEimacvr: kvcd means a cd containing movie, >svcd right ?05:05
Zirodaybrolly81: sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings05:06
macvrs... it has .bin/.cue files05:06
tjayI'm having a VERY hard time getting my Webcam to work in "Cheese". I have a Sony Vaio laptop, Ubuntu 8.0405:06
kwliiAnyone here help with ubuntu installation issue.  I get a red X window saying unrecoverable processor error virtual machine will reset now05:06
ZirodaySaintYossarian: since your drivers for that card aren't yet in the hardy repos you might want to use envy05:07
ZirodaySaintYossarian: but just double checking something05:07
tjayAnyone know what a good "Chat" program (that works on the Yahoo Network) is for Ubuntu? that also supports Webcams?05:07
zenwryly`Is it bad practice to make directories with group root writable by the group?  I put my user account in the root group/05:08
=== zenwryly` is now known as zenwryly
macvrDasEi> oops.. not in cd... i'v downloaded the files05:08
mntjay: pidgin probably does05:08
SaintYossarianZiroday:: Thank you, I'll wait patiently :)05:08
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, and IRC. See also !Kopete05:08
Flannelzenwryly: Don't put yourself in the root group.05:08
Flannelzenwryly: use sudo instead.05:08
ZirodaySaintYossarian: yes you need to use envyng to install the drivers. However first you need to remove the drivers you installed from ati05:09
zenwrylyFlannel: why?05:09
zenwrylyFlannel: I mean I use sudo for many things05:09
zenwrylyFlannel: but I'd like to understand why being in the root group is bad?05:09
ZirodaySaintYossarian: you can get envyng by doing sudo apt-get install envyng-gtk && envyng -g05:09
Flannelzenwryly: Because giving yourself root group access is potentially as bad as running as root half the time.05:09
DasEimacvr: isee, vlc should do it,  seee why a test (without burning) is har..don't now... totem has a codec loader, but vlc usually does it, another option is mplayer with ubuntu-restricted-extras, but I#m not shure05:10
=== lstricevic is now known as strika
SaintYossarianZiroday: Thank you so much.  I will come crying back later if I fail.  Thanks!05:10
ZirodaySaintYossarian: good luck05:10
=== strika is now known as lastri
macvrK...i'll test it out in another system...05:10
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:10
SaintYossarianZiroday: Thank you.  Seriously.  I really appreciate it.05:10
zenwrylyFlannel: hmm, yeah I guess I can see that.  Thanks!  :)05:10
creeed!nvidia drivers05:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nvidia drivers05:11
creeed!nvidia driver05:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nvidia driver05:11
tjayPidgin doesn't support Webcams . . . any other ideas?05:11
Flannelzenwryly: That's the root users group (just like you have a group for your own user)05:11
Strangelet When I close my Latitud D400's screen, a screensaver is supposed to appear. Instead, garbled, colorful static replaces it. My mouse cursor still looks normal. This can be fixed quickly by switching to a virtual console and back. How may I fix this problem?05:11
zenwrylyFlannel: yeah, I understood that05:12
genericthe are nivida driver in the repsitories05:12
physically_fit!kopete | tjay05:12
ubottutjay: Instant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin05:12
brolly81i installed the software and it doest not have the option of resizing my desktop, just my resolution05:17
snakeacidhi all05:18
Gun_Smokebrolly81, I don't understand05:18
Picibrolly81: I'm not sure what you mean05:18
rraj_behello   i am getting this erro when evr i am connecting usb. . .Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied. any idea plz05:18
SaintYossarianZiroday: Thank you so much.  Worked like a charm, I'm drooling over the toys now.  :)  You rock!05:18
rraj_beany help plz05:19
rraj_bei am unable to connect any usb devices. :(05:19
brolly81some of my desktop are outside the monitors edge, i just want to shrink it vertically and horizontal05:19
brolly81i dont want to change my resolution thought05:19
Jordan_Ubrolly81: Is this a CRT or a flat pannel display?05:20
albech_hi guys.. i have been looking for some documentation for setting up a toolchain for cross compilation.. anyone know where to find this for ubuntu?05:20
brolly81flat 42 in lcd05:20
brolly81samsung if that helps05:20
rraj_bei am getting this erro when evr i am connecting usb. . .Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied. any help plz brolly8105:20
snakeacidwhen i try to strt or install eclipse i get message vwersion .4.2 of the jvm is not suitable need versioon1.5 or greater what i need to install now05:21
fyrstormhow do I install a i386.deb on a 64bit system05:21
akiohow would i go about getting a recent version of cheese?05:21
Jordan_Ubrolly81: What does the documentation that came with the hardware say the native resolution is?05:21
Jordan_Uakio: Getdeb.net05:21
ianqfor some reason my ubuntu doesn't display movies anymore- most codecs are shot. can someone help me out/05:21
akioi have 8.10 on a laptop but the v4l driver doesn't like it05:21
akioJordan_U: ty05:22
Jordan_Uakio: np05:22
Pie-rateraulh: edit->preferences?05:28
raulhthat works 205:28
raulhi couldnt find it05:28
IMaverickubottu, DasEi, I installed apache2 but firefox shows "The requested URL could not be retrieved" when i browse http://localhost what has gone wrong..?05:28
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:28
con-man!ubottu flood05:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubottu flood05:28
con-man!ubottu netsplit05:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubottu netsplit05:28
Zirodaycon-man: its !netsplit05:28
Pie-ratetry just05:28
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:28
Jordan_Ubrolly81: If you use System -> Preferences -> Resolution and set it to 1280x768 I am willing to bet that it will be using the full resolution of your monitor05:28
DasEiraulh:same as windows05:28
con-man!ubottu abuse|ubottu05:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubottu abuse05:28
Zirodaycon-man: you don't need ubuntu in front05:28
ubottuubottu: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:28
Pie-rateDasEi: anyway, can you help?05:28
Flannelcon-man: please stop05:29
brolly81jordan_U i cant change it to 1280*76805:29
error404notfoundi have messed my compiz config, now when i login, soon after its complete, all windows got white, some get gray and white strips, the panels become black, in short everything is a mess, how to i delete these settings? i have tried changing .compiz name, but still happens..05:29
Jordan_Ubrolly81: That isn't an option in System -> Preferences -> Resolution ?05:29
DasEiPie-rate: laptop ? often probs round hibernation and so on, ever watched boot-up for acpi - messages ?05:30
Pie-rateDasEi: not a laptop. desktop.05:30
mndebora_nota:  Esta ud. buscando ayuda en espanol?05:30
DasEiPie-rate:comment quiet from menu.lst, see error / warning messages at bootup, and also see bios for powermanagement05:31
brolly81jordan_u its an option but it wont adjust to that resolution05:31
tjayMy webcam is not listed in 'lspci' . . . how do I fix this???  I'm using a FRESH install of 8.0405:31
Jordan_Ubrolly81: What happens when you try? Nothing?05:31
Pie-rateDasEi: when i suspend, the dvd drive makes a single clicking noise, the screen goes black but doesn't say "no input," and it just sits there, doesn't matter what keys or buttons i press.05:31
IMaverickDasEi, I installed apache2 but firefox shows "The requested URL could not be retrieved" when i browse http://localhost what has gone wrong..?05:31
HappyHatererror404notfound, disable the effects and see if that helps system > prefs > appearance05:32
Pie-rateDasEi: could it be a video driver problem? i'm using the proprietary nvidia drivers, and i heard a long time in the past that they caused issues with suspend/resume05:32
tjayMy webcam is not listed in 'lspci' . . . how do I fix this???  I'm using a FRESH install of 8.0405:33
brolly81jordan_u nothing happens it stays the same and then a screen pops up and ask to keep current settings or use previous. i obviously ask to keep current 1280*468 as i curse at nasty words that would make the devil blush and nothing happens.05:33
danbh_intrepidtjay: is your webcam a pci card?05:33
tjaydangh_intrepid: No, it's an internal on my Sony Vaio Laptop. The camera model is, VGP-VCC605:34
DasEiPie-rate:my ability for fortune-telling is less good, but I can give you advice where to look, see also /var/log > syslog,xorg.0.log05:35
danbh_intrepidtjay: ah, then you are probably correct that it connects via pci05:35
octoberdanI have two ubuntu machines, pc1 and pc2, they both have onboard nics (eth0, in both cases). In addition, pc2 has a wireless nic (eth1) connected to the internet. I have a cat5 ethernet cable. Without an intermediary device (hub, switch, router, etc.), is it possible to shared pc2s internet connection with pc1?05:36
IMaverickI installed apache2 but firefox shows "The requested URL could not be retrieved" when i browse http://localhost what has gone wrong..?05:36
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tjaydangh_intrepid: Why doesn't it show up?  How do I make it work?05:38
brolly81anyone know how to shrink desktop, without changing resolution, so my ubuntu can fit within my pc screen?05:38
brolly81anyone know how to shrink desktop, without changing resolution, so my ubuntu can fit within my pc screen?05:39
_2brolly81 ctrl+alt+minus05:39
danbh_intrepidtjay: try lspcmcia05:39
IMaverickI installed apache2 but firefox shows "The requested URL could not be retrieved" when i browse http://localhost what has gone wrong..?05:39
HappyHaterbrolly81, what kind of monitor?05:39
brolly81samsung lcd 42 in, pimp screen05:40
octoberdanOr, more importantly, how?05:40
brolly81no i a serious note 42 in lcd05:40
hyphenatedoctoberdan: if your net connection is via wireless, and you have a crossover cat5 cable..maybe05:40
brolly81!fix my shat05:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fix my shat05:41
octoberdanhyphenated: Maybe?05:41
mr_bmhHello all05:41
mtcagehow straight forward is the process of moving a win xp partition to the left(also being the xp partition itself is the second 3rd partition(left to the swap partition))? ive tried this before but windows did not boot afterwards05:41
HappyHaterbrolly81, run gksu displayconfig-gtk and see if you can choose your monitor, or one similar05:42
mtcageright to the swap partition i mean sorry05:42
hyphenatedoctoberdan: yup. it'd be easier with a router tho05:42
mr_bmhI would like to ask how I can mount my disk with the id f W95 ext'd (LBA)?05:42
octoberdanhyphenated: Definitely, but why only "maybe"?05:42
octoberdanhyphenated: In a philosophical sense?05:42
* octoberdan expects the response to be "maybe"05:43
_2crossover cat 5  == linux router...05:43
DasEimr_bmh:partiton ? drive? output from fdisk - l  ?05:43
octoberdanMakes sense05:44
octoberdanMore useful would be for me to get xorg working...05:45
hyphenatedoctoberdan: haha well, if the wireless actually works, and the crossover cable is long enough, and we get all the right IP assignments, and run a special command for forwarding IP..05:45
DasEi!ot> greenmanwitch05:45
octoberdanhyphenated: I'd have to setup static routes, right?05:46
hyphenatedoctoberdan: of course05:46
physically_fitgreenmanwitch says hello every 4 minutes05:47
octoberdanSeems fairly straightforward, but in the end it never is...05:47
hyphenatedoctoberdan: or run a dhcp server on pc2.. but that's a bit of a waste :-)05:47
Gun_Smokeoctoberdan, do you have a crossover?05:47
octoberdanand this is asuming I have crossover cable. I /hate/ making my own cable. It takes me an absurd amount of time just for one rj4505:47
Flannelphysically_fit: thanks for the headsup, I didn't notice.05:48
v4vijayakumarHi, how to set gnome as my default GUI in ubuntu?05:48
octoberdanI'm going to go check the closet05:48
Gun_Smokeoctoberdan, If you have a crossover this will take a few seconds at best using firestarter.05:48
hyphenatedoctoberdan: ya i hate crimping cables too.05:48
Romsteroctoberdan, newer switches and lan cards auto detect if they need to crossover for you.05:49
Romsterit's not likely you need to even worry if it's a cross over cable or not these days.05:50
Romsterunless you got accent hardware.05:50
DasEiRomster: lan cards with auto sensing ? switches, for shure05:50
Romsteractually good point on the lan cards bit.05:51
Romstermight just be the switches.05:51
Romsteri'll need to double check that.05:51
DasEithey are05:51
DasEisure ? lol05:51
brolly81happyhater i tried moving the screen to the right on my option from the samsung menu, how do i move my desktop towards the right from ubuntu or anyone if they know?05:51
Romster'shure' is a microphone company05:51
hyphenatedpersonally, I'd rather just buy a router and forget about making a messy little network of just 2 PCs :-)05:52
DasEioctoberdan :but what Romster said, just get a switch, its about 10 Euro, and never care 'bout patch/cross again05:52
_2brolly81 xrandr   but i don't know the specifics05:52
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jdnewmilkernel problems with gutsy on an Athlon system (ASUS A7S333)... 2.6.22-14-generic freezes immediately after grub shows "(boot)"... I have to manually select 2.6.20-16-generic to get my system to do anything... have tried "noapic nolapic" boot options but seem to be unable to follow the current kernel ... can anyone suggest how to debug this?05:53
penanyone know why I type man write it doesn't come out manual for write function for c language?05:53
DasEiRomster. for shure, sure05:53
Gun_Smokehyphenated, It takes like 2 minutes to do with firestarter.05:53
jdnewmilpen : you need to specify the documentation section05:53
_2pen #C++05:53
Flannelpen: install manpages-dev05:53
RomsterDasEi, yeah less headaches that way with less to worry about.05:53
penFlannel, ok05:53
octoberdanOkay, I'm back05:54
penFlannel, thx05:55
Gun_Smokeoctoberdan, have one?05:55
octoberdanRomster: I remember working with some CISCO routers that had that feature back in highschool05:55
IMaverickFlannel, I installed apache2 but firefox shows "The requested URL could not be retrieved" when i browse http://localhost what has gone wrong..?05:55
mr_bmhsorry ,05:55
octoberdanRomster: Pretty awesome stuff05:55
mr_bmhAnybody help me how can I mount the W95 ext'd (LBA) disk05:56
DasEimr_bmh:partiton ? drive? output from fdisk - l  ?05:56
mr_bmhplease waite05:56
brolly81anyone know how to move the desktop to the right or left, up, down. so my ubuntu 8.04lts can fit on my screen for god sakes05:57
octoberdanhmm, I think I only have straightthrough... :-/05:57
octoberdanIt's been a long while05:57
mr_bmh   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System05:57
mr_bmh/dev/sda1   *           1         892     7164958+  12  Compaq diagnostics05:57
mr_bmh/dev/sda2            3443        3455      104422+  83  Linux05:57
mr_bmh/dev/sda3             893        3442    20482875   83  Linux05:57
mr_bmh/dev/sda4            3456       14593    89465985    f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)05:57
FloodBot3mr_bmh: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:57
mr_bmh/dev/sda5            7582       14593    56323858+   7  HPFS/NTFS05:57
_2mr_bmh sudo mount -o umask=0 /dev/sda4 /mnt05:57
DasEi!paste > mr_bmh05:57
ubottumr_bmh, please see my private message05:57
octoberdanDasEi: I need an immediate solution. No place is open this time of night.05:57
FlannelIMaverick: No idea.  That should work.  Verify apache is running (ps aux | grep apache) you should see more than just your grep (we don't need to see it pasted or anything)05:57
mr_bmhokie thanks05:57
brolly81anyone know how to move the desktop to the right or left, up, down. so my ubuntu 8.04lts can fit on my screen05:58
Bilangehmm, the "don't use enter as punctuation" part of the sentence is quite confusing, to tell the truth05:58
DasEimr_bmh:open a terminal ...05:58
PiciDasEi: The bots do that, no need to send !paste > to the users.05:58
Romsteroctoberdan, yeah i got sick of cross over cables. i'm glad they added that feature.05:58
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Gun_Smokeoctoberdan, http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php05:59
hyphenatedoctoberdan: it must be an internet connection? you can't just copy between them with a USB disk or something?05:59
octoberdanI hope that doesn't rely on images... I only have links2 here05:59
mr_bmhI got this msg05:59
mr_bmhmount: you must specify the filesystem type05:59
mr_bmhWhat the type of system I need to choiced05:59
_2mr_bmh looks like it's not formated05:59
DasEimr_bmh:don' want to automount ? just the cmd ?05:59
brolly81anyone know how to move the desktop to the right or left, up, down. so my ubuntu 8.04lts can fit on my screen for god sakes05:59
octoberdanhyphenated: I want to give pc1 connection to the internet, but from this room I can only get access via wireless. Only pc2 has a wireless card06:00
RomsterBilange, it's short sentances06:00
hyphenatedoctoberdan: better get crimping then :-)06:00
mr_bmh@ DasEi: What do you mean for automount?06:00
octoberdanbrolly81: That's monitor territory. There should be buttons on your monitor for that06:00
Romsterwhich is very anoying.06:00
_2mr_bmh oh i bet your post got cut off.   try sda5 in sted of sda406:00
octoberdanbrolly81: Or an "auto-adjust" option06:00
mr_bmhI have try this command06:01
mr_bmhroot@bmh-laptop:/home/bmh# sudo mount -o umask=0 /dev/sda4 /media/WinXP06:01
mr_bmhmount: you must specify the filesystem type06:01
riegersnWill the minimal ubuntu iso let me select packages for initial install?06:01
sakowhat package do i need so i can use the VNC option in TS Client??06:01
octoberdanhyphenated: Well, if the NIC auto corrects...06:01
_2mr_bmh   try sda5 in sted of sda406:01
DasEimr_bmh:you can either mount it manually or have it ready after each startup, as your linux system06:01
BilangeRomster: yeah, i have understood that, but i thought this might be confusing for people causing the bot to react06:01
mr_bmhI would like to mount it for manual06:01
brolly81octoberdan i did that but it only goes so far, i need to move it a little bit more.06:01
hyphenatedoctoberdan: yeah, try your luck on that too06:01
Gun_Smokebrolly81, http://www.linuxmanpages.com/man5/xorg.conf.5x.php06:01
MiladKhajaviHelp. How can I merge multiple rar file into onfile?06:01
Romsterdon't know i saw it and thought it was a good explanation. i'm a moderator in winehq i may borrow that sentance :)06:02
DasEimr_bmh:k, first create dir : sudo mkdir /mnt/win9506:02
Romsterbetter not get too off topic.06:02
mr_bmhI had created the folder /media/WinXP06:02
Romsterdirectory why must everyone say folder.06:03
mr_bmhdirectory, sorry Sir06:03
BilangeRomster: i thought this meant "beware to not press enter when you intended to use the other keys around Enter!"06:03
Romstermr_bmh, what file system type is /dev/sda4 ?06:03
riegersnWill the minimal ubuntu iso let me select packages for initial install?06:03
jimmygoonI have /dev/sdb1 /media/disk listed in my /etc/fstab but it somehow isn't mounted.... and it won't mount until I dblclick in gnome06:03
DasEimr_bmh:k, then : sudo mount -t vfat  /dev/sda4  /media/Winxp   (!who)06:03
mr_bmhf W95 ext'd (LBA)06:03
MiladKhajaviHelp. How can I merge multiple rar file into onfile?06:03
mr_bmhThe vfat could not use06:04
_2Romster same reason they say "file" in place of inode06:04
octoberdanThere is one alternative... get video working on this laptop so I can use X06:04
mr_bmhI had try many time with the vfat06:04
Romster_2, yeah true.06:04
mtcagehi there, does anyone know of any great guides for creating a home backup server?06:04
Gun_SmokeMiladKhajavi, unrar06:04
riegersnMiladKhajavi, you could always unrar then rar back up ;)06:04
DasEimr_bmh:xp is ntfs ...06:04
Pici!rar | mtcage06:04
ubottumtcage: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free06:04
FAJALOUhi how can i export a gtk theme?06:04
Picimtcage: sorry, wrong person06:04
Pici!rar > MiladKhajavi06:04
Romstermr_bmh, use ntfs-3g06:04
ubottuMiladKhajavi, please see my private message06:04
PiciFAJALOU: Export?06:04
octoberdanIt may be a hardware issue, I'm not sure. I broke the monitor so I had to plug it into an external lcd. However, when I startx, everything gets distorted and disorientated06:05
FAJALOUPici: i want to take my current theme and put it on another computer06:05
Gun_SmokeMiladKhajavi, unrar e filename.rar06:05
mtcageyes that is infact a tool to compress files, but i mean a guide for general set up of a home backup server06:05
mr_bmh@Romster: This partition had invisible by manuafacture06:05
MiladKhajaviGun_Smoke: my issue is that I have multiple rar file (part1.rarm part2m ... )06:05
PiciFAJALOU: Look in /usr/share/themes/   or ~/.themes/06:05
mr_bmhIn this partition it save my recovery Window XP06:06
DasEimr_bmh:k, then : sudo mount -t ntfs  /dev/sda4  /media/Winxp   (!who)06:06
Gun_SmokeMiladKhajavi, that's what the e does..06:06
riegersnWill the minimal ubuntu iso let me select packages for initial install? anyone?06:06
octoberdanI've purged xserver-xorg and reinstalled, but still the same issue when I try to start x. It happens right away, even before the window manager loads, when it's just a backdrop and an x06:06
Piciriegersn: No.06:06
mr_bmhOkie please wait06:06
brolly81octoberdan your the man, i had to hit autoadjust. It did not allow me to do it manually. thanks bro06:06
mr_bmhtry again06:06
FAJALOUPici:  thanks did it while you were typing :P  thats what i thought.06:06
Romsterrar x foo.rar06:06
octoberdanbrolly81: No problem :-)06:06
Romsterx to rextract.06:06
Romsterextract keeping directory structure.06:06
DasEi!who > mr_bmh06:06
riegersnPici, is there a way to do this?06:06
octoberdanbrolly81: Auto adjust is wonderful06:06
mr_bmhroot@bmh-laptop:/home/bmh# sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda4 /media/WinXP06:07
mr_bmhmount: unknown filesystem type 'ntf'06:07
Piciriegersn: No, none of the installs (except the Server install, and thats just some of the tasksel packages) let you pick which packages you want to install during install.06:07
FlannelPici: alternate CD with expert mode will.06:07
_2mr_bmh i told you already it's probably not sda4   try sda506:07
danbh_intrepid!xconfig > octoberdan       here is the reconfig command06:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:07
mr_bmhThis partition is invisible by manuafacture, there stored my WinXP recovery06:07
DasEimr_bmh:k, then : sudo mount -t ntfs  /dev/sda4  /media/Winxp  , ntfs, not ntf ?06:07
PiciFlannel: Minimal though?06:07
danbh_intrepid!xconfig > octoberdan06:08
ubottuoctoberdan, please see my private message06:08
Romstermr_bmh, sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda4 /media/WinXP06:08
FlannelPici: minimal and alternate are the same installer, so sure.06:08
Romstermr_bmh,  it is indeed a NTFS FS06:08
Piciriegersn: I stand corrected, see Flannel's responses.06:08
Romsterif you don't have ntfs-3g installed install it first.06:08
_2Romster sda5 not sda4  i'm guessing06:08
mr_bmhroot@bmh-laptop:/home/bmh# sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda4 /media/WinXP06:08
mr_bmhNTFS signature is missing.06:08
mr_bmhFailed to mount '/dev/sda4': Invalid argument06:08
mr_bmhThe device '/dev/sda4' doesn't have a valid NTFS.06:08
mr_bmhMaybe you selected the wrong device? Or the whole disk instead of a06:08
FloodBot3mr_bmh: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:08
mr_bmhpartition (e.g. /dev/hda, not /dev/hda1)? Or the other way around?06:08
Flannelmr_bmh: Please stop pasting.  You've been told before.06:08
MacrosoftRomster: he could just use mount -t ntfs-3g06:08
Romstermr_bmh, for goodness sake use a  pastebin for more than 2 lines06:09
DasEiRomster: man mount ???,   mr_bmh06:09
riegersnFlannel, Pici, thanks06:09
gluonmanI tried to ask this question in #vbox, but almost no one ever talks on that channel (at least when I'm there). So I'll ask again here: I install virtualbox and I'm having trouble install Windows XP on my .vdi. The installation will begin, but halfway through Vbox will restart the installation from a prior point. It cannot finish installing, it always restarts to the same point every time. What's wrong?06:09
mr_bmhSir I had read the man mount also06:09
_2                  sda506:09
mr_bmhI did not understand why this partition could not mount06:09
Flannelriegersn: You just needto activate expert mode.  Which I think on the modern ones means hand typing "expert" as an option (but I don't know for sure)06:09
CKeyguys do you know any web site that is something like a begginer's guide to ubuntu ?06:10
FlannelCKey: https://help.ubuntu.com/06:10
_2     mr_bmb is attempting to mount the extended partition not a logical drive within the partition06:10
DasEimr_bmh:run gparted to check correct-fs-type06:10
octoberdanI have a Samsung SyncMaster730B (LCD monitor) hooked up to my Dell Inspiron 8200. I've tried reconfiguring xorg, but without luck. The display is still all crazy. I have no way of confirming that the video would work on another monitor or on the laptop itself.06:10
RomsterMacrosoft, DasEi ah true ntfs-3g does have a helper script /usr/bin/ntfs-3g.probe06:10
ryan_How can you tell if you have a CD burner?06:10
Macrosoftmr_bmh: use sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/<wherever>06:10
Romsterit would be mount -t ntfs-3g ...06:11
octoberdandmesg shows no errors.  xstart shows that there is a problem with my touchpad, which I've known about.06:11
DasEiryan_:lspci & hwinfo06:11
mr_bmh@Macrosoft:  I had done as you told but got the same result like ntfs06:11
octoberdandanbh_intrepid: Thank you, but the command didn't help06:11
riegersnFlannel, thanks I have the minimal iso, i'll check it out ;)06:11
DasEimr_bmh:run gparted to check correct-fs-type06:11
_2mr_bmh you can NOT mount a partition,  you can only mount file systems     <mr_bmh> /dev/sda4            3456       14593    89465985    f  W95 Ext'd  <<<< that is never going to mount.06:11
goldmetaloctoberdan, did the ubottu scold you?06:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xyz06:12
bullgard4'man rpcinfo' writes: "rpcinfo makes an RPC call to an RPC server and reports what it finds." Isn't this wrong to say 'an remote procedure call call'?06:12
octoberdangoldmetal: What did I do wrong?06:12
_2ryan_  lshw -C cdrom06:12
gluonmanCan anyone help me understand why my installation of Windows XP on my VIrtualBox (host == Ubuntu 8.04) can never seem to finish? Without fail the installation will restart at the same spot.06:12
goldmetaloctoberdan, never mind06:12
DasEi_2:  thats not right06:12
octoberdangluonman: Which spot?06:12
Flannelbullgard4: yes, those should be "a"  But, that's not necessarily because the R stands for "remote"06:12
_2ryan_ not sure about the class "cdrom"  may be wrong.06:13
octoberdanso reconfiguring didn't work, what's the next step?06:13
_2DasEi which ?06:13
chalcedonydoes anyone know how to make an icon you created, appear in the Applications submenu, like where the xchat and pigeon icons are?06:13
gluonmanoctoberdan, after the Windows Installing section is complete. I will state my language/region, my name and organization, my time zone, and then an install bar will complete, and then it restarts.06:13
Flannelbullgard4: oh, and yes, that's redundant on call as well06:13
octoberdanHow would I confirm there isn't a problem with my video card? My video card was working with X as of right before I killed the monitor. I have no idea if it was also damaged, but I doubt it.06:13
DasEi_2: u can mount /dev/sda406:13
ryan__2 yeah its wrong06:14
bullgard4Flannel: Thank you for commenting.06:14
_2DasEi an extended partition ?06:14
octoberdangluonman: May be it finished?06:14
_2ryan_   lshw | less      and scroll down...06:14
gluonmanoctoberdan, nope.06:14
DasEi_2: why not ? is same like fstab06:14
octoberdangluonman: At that point I believe stuff has been installed, enough to be bootable06:14
gluonmanoctoberdan, if I start the .vdi, it takes me to the installation.06:14
_2DasEi because extended partitions don't have file systems   you don't format them.06:15
gluonmanoctoberdan, I'll try again, but so far I haven't gotten past the installation.06:15
octoberdangluonman: I'm not sure how it works, I'm only going off what I know about Windows... sorry.06:15
DasEimr_bmh:what is gparted showing about sda4 ?06:15
_2DasEi you make logical drives within the extended partition and format them....06:15
dfgask i got someone here that has a 800mhz computer with 768megs of ram, they just look at web pages and read email, im, and maybe burn a cd or 2. do i need logging services and schedule services06:15
gluonmanoctoberdan, alright.06:15
ryan_[#ubuntu] Hit Ctrl-K to paste, Ctrl-C to abort?06:16
ryan_[#ubuntu] Hit Ctrl-K to paste, Ctrl-C to abort?06:16
_2DasEi if i need to learn something here, i'll gladly listen.06:16
ryan_description: DVD reader product: DVD-ROM GDR8164B vendor: HL-DT-ST physical id: 0.0.0 bus info: scsi@0:0.0.0 logical name: /dev/cdrom logical name: /dev/dvd logical name: /dev/scd0 logical name: /dev/sr0 version: 0D08 capabilities: removable audio dvd configuration: ansiversion=5 status=open06:16
ryan_that is the output.06:17
octoberdanWhat should I do next in debugging X, any suggestions? I've tried reconfiguring xserver. Dell Inspiron 8200 with an external LCD screen.06:17
subhanhow to install py2exe in linux06:17
jimmygoonto exe? that doesn't make much sense?06:17
subhanhow to install py2exe in ubuntu06:17
octoberdanMy access to the web is limited06:17
ryan_what does that output mean.  Is there a burner06:17
DasEi_2: so do I, still gotta learn, but mr_bmh left in the middle the second time, now06:17
_2ryan_  i'd assume no write capability there.06:17
Romstersubhan, that would make more sense if you ran it in wine. but seems pointless unless your exporting it for windows users.06:17
mr_bmhI am here06:18
mr_bmhDo you have any instruction for me06:18
ryan__2 that's what I thought06:18
_2DasEi have him try sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt06:18
DasEimr_bmh:right, looked under bm... so .. gparted06:18
_2DasEi no  sda506:19
_2DasEi have him pastebin the output of   cat /proc/partitions06:19
DasEi /dev/sda4            3456       14593    89465985    f  W95 Ext'd (LBA),  _206:19
_2ext'd   no file system there mate.06:20
DasEi_2:and i can mount all my partis, manually and via fstab (lots of them)06:20
DasEimr_bmh:what shows gparte about sda4 ?06:21
_2DasEi i give up.   you fellows beet your head against the wall all you want.    just leave me out of it.06:21
mr_bmhplease wait06:21
mr_bmhI install the gparted first06:21
octoberdanGah! No!!! Firestarter is X based :-(06:22
subhani wanted to create some exe files06:22
subhanhow to use py2exe06:22
subhanwitout using wine06:22
DasEioctoberdan: looking for a cmd-firewall ?06:22
subhanmenaing how to install py2exe06:22
_2i will state one more time, for the record, no one ever mounts a partition.   only file systems can be mounted.06:23
octoberdanDasEi: Looking to share internet connection with another computer by way of cat5, people suggested bringing firestarter06:23
subhanpy2exe is a python module for creating exe file06:23
Picisubhan: I don't believe that there is a py2exe for linux at all.06:23
Picisubhan: Seeing as how Linux doesnt use exe files.06:24
octoberdanDasEi: What I'm definitely looking for is a way to get X working06:24
Picisubhan: see also http://wiki.python.org/moin/Py2Exe06:24
octoberdanPici: Why wouldn't there be?06:24
_2octoberdan it would be cross platform for one thing06:24
jimmygoon_subhan, linux doesn't run on exe's06:25
Floidoctoberdan: When all else fails, use the VESA driver?06:25
_2i know that "can" be done,   but why.06:25
octoberdan_2: No, it would just mean that a program is outputing an exe file06:25
octoberdanOh, I misread what he wrote I think06:25
goldmetalwhich is a good sftp client? nice w/ gui interface?06:25
ussergoldmetal, gftp06:25
_2octoberdan it's ok.  happens a lot in here.06:25
octoberdanWait, no, I didn't, I stick by my statements06:26
goldmetalthx usser06:26
ussergoldmetal, also check out sshfs06:26
octoberdan_2: Why? He's developing for a win32 system?06:26
octoberdanI've needed to06:26
goldmetalusser, i am familiar with sshfs thx06:26
mr_bmhThanks all, it is very strange that in gparted show my sda4 is sda106:26
octoberdanalthough that was an app creating executables from perl scripts...06:26
mr_bmhI have done it06:26
mr_bmhthanks alot06:26
danbh_intrepidoctoberdan: if you look at the link, it just wont work.  The solution is to buy a copy of windows06:26
_2octoberdan and developing for windows withing linux is not cross platform ???06:26
octoberdandanbh_intrepid: It would take me quite some time switching between terminals typing it into links2...06:27
octoberdan_2: It's working accross platforms. Big difference.06:27
octoberdanWell, I guess...06:28
DasEioctoberdan:did yourx-server ever ran ?06:28
octoberdanIt would require that his code be closs platform. The exe would not be.06:28
octoberdanDasEi: Nope. Someone suggested I use different drivers06:28
octoberdanFloid: How would I go about that?06:29
DasEioctoberdan:which graphic-card ?06:29
Floidoctoberdan: /etc/x11/xorg.conf , change the device to 'vesa'.06:29
octoberdanDasEi: The adapter the Dell Inspiron 82000 has06:30
DarkMage2303afk 360 days06:30
=== linux__ is now known as DareDevil
DasEioctoberdan:so onboard, see, I'd suggest back up old xorg, install displayconfig-gtk, choose vesa to ge t started06:31
robelliott2125Morning all!  Does anyone know how to backup the settings from Konversation???06:32
octoberdanDasEi: -gtk?06:32
octoberdanDasEi: I have no X06:32
DasEioctoberdan:you can boot to terminal ...06:33
ruthdoes anyone know how to clome fron ome disc to another i would appreciate some hlelp on this subject06:33
usserrobelliott2125, backup ~/.Konversation or ~/.konversation06:33
usserruth, harddrives or cds/dvds?06:33
octoberdanDasEi: But I need X to run that program06:33
DasEiruth : see !cloning and man dd06:33
robelliott2125usser, can I not backup the folder for it?06:34
zonteensi'm can't  to use wire shark capture my interface06:34
usserrobelliott2125, ~/.konversation is the the folder06:34
talasshould i use synaptic to install new packages?  what about the "Add/Remove Applications" option?  sorry, brand new to ubuntu here06:34
robelliott2125Oh!  lol06:34
DasEioctoberdan:nope, it starts up next time you restart06:34
octoberdanWhere would I shove the Driver  "vesa" in my config?06:34
robelliott2125talas, either or dude.  But most recommend either terminal or Synaptic06:34
jdnewmilanyone have recommendations what to do if the default gutsy kernel won't boot? I am tired of manually selecting an old kernel, but am leery of upgrading to hardy until things are working reasonably well...06:34
talasok, thanks06:35
talasand synaptic will not resolve dependencies for me, it seems06:35
_2talas synaptic.06:35
octoberdanDasEi: It's gtk based, gtk needs xserver running.06:35
octoberdanDasEi: I just tried to make sure06:35
DasEijdnewmil:I think hardy is stable...06:36
zonteensi have problem06:36
DasEioctoberdanyou tried already ?06:36
DasEioctoberdan: you tried already ?06:36
octoberdanDasEi: displayconfig-gtk? Yes, it needs X running06:36
debCarlosjdnewmil: Hardy is pretty cool, i use/like it :)06:36
bullgard4man rpcinfo writes: "SEE ALSO _RPC Programming Guide_." Where can I find it? 'apropos RPC Programming Guide' does not list it.06:37
zonteenswho ? had knowledge aboute "wireshark"06:37
ruthhard drive to another hard drive06:37
octoberdanDasEi: Do you know if there is an ncurses based alternative or something?06:37
debCarlosOh man, this filters package is pretty cool :P06:37
DasEioctoberdan: edit xorg.conf (backup before) manually , then...06:38
octoberdanVESA drivers work!06:38
octoberdanDasEi: Just tried that, worked :-)06:39
_2ruth if size is == then you can use dd    if not you need something that can handle size differances without breaking filesystems.06:39
octoberdanThank you all for the support!06:39
octoberdanFloid: And for suggesting using vese  :-)06:40
debCarlosJust discoverred it on Planet Ubuntu, he converrrrts any english text t' some english varrrriaton, like pirate-talk and gerrrrrman-talk, prrrrretty funny :)06:40
DasEi sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg  , (backup before!) also a possibility06:40
DasEioctoberdan: ncurse, wrong man, sry06:41
_2ruth what i normally do is is boot a live cd and mount both "disks"  /mnt1 and /mnt2    use tar and copy what is on wone to the other.06:41
_2wone ?  !06:41
* _2 counts wone 2wo thr33 ....06:42
n838901how do i configure sftp to jail users to their home directories when they connect?06:43
ruthi have an acronis disc but it works om microsoft but on ubuntu system06:44
=== bizkit_ is now known as bizkit
octoberdanDasEi: Does the configuration process ask which driver you want to use?06:46
DasEioctoberdan: yes and about framebuffers and so on, but I tell you again to backup an anyhow working xorg.conf, also you could...06:47
=== jason_ is now known as DBO
visofi want to install additional fonts , what is the name of the package ?06:47
DasEioctoberdan: use a live cd to copy an xorg to see what it uses06:47
_2!fonts > visof06:48
ubottuvisof, please see my private message06:48
Gun_Smoken838901, isn't sftp just a client?  And wouldn't the jail config need to be done on the server?06:48
n838901gunsmoke: sorry for the confusion. sftp-server is what i am referring too06:49
n838901sftp-server puts them in the '/' of the system rather than their home directory06:50
Gun_Smokewell looking briefly over the man page,06:50
_2scponly - Restricts the commands available to scp- and sftp-users06:51
mechaanyone know how i can setup the synergy client on my ubuntu 8.? box to wake from mouse input from my synergy host?06:51
Flanneln838901: What on earth is sftp-server?06:51
Flanneln838901: Why not just use openssh-server?06:51
_2maybe he's refering to   vsftpd - The Very Secure FTP Daemon ?06:51
Gun_Smoken838901, it seems that sftp does not call directly to sftp-server instead to sshd, so I'd look there..06:51
n838901Flannel: sftp-server is a subsystem of openssh06:52
=== Starnestommy is now known as sheep
n838901basically, i want to stop sftp logins from being placed into the '/' directory06:52
Gun_Smokesftp-server is not06:52
Gun_Smoke     intended to be called directly, but from sshd(8)06:52
n838901they need to be logged into their home directory06:52
jim_phi there!06:52
Gun_Smokegerrr.. that isn't what I wanted..06:53
n838901i have checked all the man pages06:53
mn_join ##physics06:53
Gun_Smoken838901, I use vsftp, and it's pretty straight forward.06:53
n838901i came from Slackware to Ubuntu Server, so be nice :P06:54
mkartic_mecan someone tell me how i can find if a process is hung or its actually executing?06:54
SuperQSo if I install Ubuntu with the alternate installer, do my choices (partman mostly) to all the settings get saved anywhere?06:54
n838901i may need to look into vsftp06:54
DasEi mkartic_me:might watch it with top06:54
Gun_Smoken838901, https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html06:55
SuperQmkartic_me: you can use strace -pPIDNUM06:55
SuperQmkartic_me: although, you may not be able to understand the output06:55
DasEiSuperQ:shure, gets a new partition table06:55
mkartic_mesuperQ, thanks! am sure i can google for more details :)06:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about synergy06:56
n838901Gun_Smoke: do I need to uninstall proftpd since i plan to use vsftp?06:57
Gun_Smoken838901, no.06:57
BeBooHi everyone. I downloaded the nvidia drivers and found a tutorial on how to get tv working with the S-Video port and it works great except the video on the tv is in black and white. Can anyone assist?06:57
_2Gun_Smoke i think it will auto remove it tho06:58
Gun_SmokeI don't know when I installed.. It was to a fresh 8.04 server.. didn't have an issue.06:59
jim_pBeBoo: if you have set its out put to PAL, change it to NTSC and vice versa and you will get colors07:00
DabbuI have a USB modem and it is well detected....how should i proceed to connect to ninternet.It is a Dial up07:01
_2yeah i don't think he'll have an issue with it Gun_Smoke, but i was testing with them all and iirc, installing proftpd or vsftpd removes other *ftpd's07:01
BeBoojim_p: I an using NTSC-M, i also tried NTSC-J, both give the same result. I tried a few PAL options and my TV flickers but the image is still B&W07:01
Gun_SmokeGood :D07:01
jim_pDabbu: if you are on gnome, double click the network icon on the tray anda window will pop up. Select ppp connection from there and i suppose you know the rest07:02
cheburekwhat was the settings manager in kubuntu?07:02
Gun_Smokedunno.. ask them..07:03
Gun_Smokekmaybe ksetting kmanager..07:03
Dabbu jim_p: it is not showing there07:03
jim_pBeBoo: unfortunately i dont know in that detail, and the only person i can ask is now sleeping. sorry07:03
_2i asked eariler in "an other channel"  why using   su - username     asks for a password on accounts that have had   passwd -d username   ran on them.   anyone here have dias ?07:03
brandonmpacecheburek: try in the channel #kubuntu07:03
_2cheburek kcontrol07:04
cheburekit is silent there07:04
dodyada yang ngertibahasa indonesia?07:04
jim_pDabbu: does not show ppp connection?? what connections does it have?07:04
Flannel!id | dody07:04
ubottudody: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia07:04
brandonmpacecheburek: k had to check07:04
BeBoojim_p: no problem. Thanks for trying. I'll see if anyone else has any ideas and i'll keep looking07:04
Dabbu  jim_p: its ppp07:04
dodycaranya gimana?07:04
jim_pDabbu: so you do have ppp! click on it and select Preferences from the button on the side07:05
CorbinFoxi just installed 8.04, and it seems that i can only have one audio source at a time.  i have amarok running and youtube wont play audio, i have youtube going and amarok crashes/freezes.  whats up?07:05
jim_pCorbinFox: set all your audio outputs to alsa in gnome-sound-properties07:06
* CorbinFox goes to do that07:06
FloidCorbin:  Welcome to the confusion of PulseAudio.07:06
nxmehtarandom question about partitions (for a default ubuntu install) - why is it that the swap partition is sitting inside of an extended partition?  can you make the swap partition one of the 4 primary partitions?  or does it have to be extended...07:06
ajiHI Am usind DELL Inspiron 1420 with ubuntu 10.4. Can any buddy help me to install my WEBCAM07:06
Dabbujim_p: leavce that..suppose i am connected using wvdial and my connection get desconnected every10-20 sec or more and it get reconnected again..what will be the reason07:07
jim_pDabbu: i think that the user must me a member of a paricular group in order to activate dial up07:07
FloidHoly ___, he's from the future!07:07
jetscreamernxmehta: primary is fine07:07
FloidAnd webcams still don't work in the future. o_o07:07
n838901Gun_Smoke: no dice..  still logs user into the '/' directory07:08
nxmehtajetscreamer: is there some reason that ubuntu sets it up to not be primary?  what's the motivation07:08
Daft_Punkhello room07:08
_2nobody eeh ?07:08
Daft_Punknobody wat07:08
CorbinFoxwill i need to restart to get the sound running?07:09
mechaanyone help me with synergy please?07:09
_2Daft_Punk  repete;   i asked eariler in "an other channel"  why using   su - username     asks for a password on accounts that have had   passwd -d username   ran on them.   anyone here have dias ?07:09
Gun_Smoken838901, have a look at /etc/vsftpd.conf07:09
TiMiDoCorbinFox, not erally07:09
TiMiDo*not really07:09
n838901i did07:09
FloidCorbin: Should just be the individual programs, a logout/login will make sure.07:09
CorbinFoxbecause when i ran the little test button in the sound settings, it said that it was still being used by another application07:09
TiMiDojust restart you're X and that's it07:09
Timberwolf5578What can I use for Yahoo Messenger for Linux???07:09
Daft_Punkbecause SU is superuser (root) and needs password permission because you are not logged in AS root07:09
TiMiDoCorbinFox, just restart X and you're done07:10
CorbinFoxtimido: thanks :D will do in a bit07:10
TiMiDolog out. and logged in07:10
FloidUnless he does have something wedging the device open, of course. :)07:10
jdnewmilDasEi : I am not worried about whether Hardy is stable... every time I upgrade I have to spend hours cleaning up the mess, and one thing they always say is update all packages before a version upgrade.  I would not like to have to keep using my old kernel under Hardy, so I would like to figure out what the problem is before upgrading.07:10
TiMiDoCorbinFox, don't forget to do adduser User audio07:10
Daft_Punkquestion: what species of bear is best?07:10
_2Daft_Punk   su is "switch users"     su - username     .07:10
TiMiDosu - user name?07:11
CorbinFoxtimido: which is?07:11
TiMiDoi believed is sudo07:11
Floidjdnewmil: What is the issue?07:11
ajiHI Am usind DELL Inspiron 1420 with ubuntu 10.4. Can any buddy help me to install my WEBCAM07:11
scahi everybody07:11
cheburekubuntuforums.org down?07:11
scacan someone help out07:11
swimbdown for me too07:11
Daft_Punk_2, sorry i was thinking of suse07:11
Piciaji: Please clarify the version of Ubuntu you are using 10.4 does not exist.07:11
TiMiDoAJC_Z0, depends if you're webcam is. Compatible with linux07:11
TiMiDoaji du uname -r07:12
scai can't hear multiple audio aplications just one07:12
_2Daft_Punk no problem.07:12
Daft_Punksca, use pulseaudio drivers (dont always work on multiple apps)07:12
ajiaji -r07:12
jdnewmilanyone have recommendations what to do if the default gutsy kernel won't boot? I am tired of manually selecting an old kernel, but am leery of upgrading to hardy until things are working reasonably well...07:12
Pie-ratedoes kubuntu-desktop install KDE 3.5 or 4?07:13
FloidDefine "won't boot."07:13
Gun_Smoke    If set to YES, local users will be (by default) placed in a chroot() jail in their home directory after login. Warning: This option has security implications, especially if the users have upload permission, or shell access. Only enable if you know what you are doing. Note that these security implications are not vsftpd specific. They apply to all FTP daemons which offer to put local users in chroot() jails.07:13
Gun_Smoke    Default: NO07:13
FloidHow far does it get?07:13
_2aji no.    uname -r        uname -a        uname --help ....07:13
scano alsa?07:13
FloidAnd what are the chances that you're booting from a CD?07:13
TiMiDoPie-rate, 3.5 at the moment07:13
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell07:13
aji:)) 10.0407:13
jdnewmilFloid: grub tries to load the kernel and it freezes ... last thing printed is (boot)07:13
Pie-rateTiMiDo: can i get 4?07:13
Piciaji: 10.04 does not exist.07:13
TiMiDotry and see if there's any backports.07:13
Timberwolf5578Can someone please tell me the name of the messenger program that can handle yahoo. msn, etc???07:13
Daft_Punksca, pulseaudio works best for multiple apps, for isntance it works on VM (windows) and linux at the same time but some things like amarok and youtube wont work together07:13
aji7.04 :)07:13
FloidOh, if you can pick an old kernel I guess you're not on CD.  Hmm.07:13
PiciTimberwolf5578: pidgin07:14
Daft_PunkTimberwolf5578, pidgin07:14
unop_2, su does the checking against the passwd database only after it has gather credentials and command etc from you - and it is programmed to ask for a password none-theless07:14
CorbinFoxtimido: do what?  add what?07:14
Pie-rateTiMiDo: "Kubuntu is available both with KDE 3.5 and KDE 4." -wikipedia07:14
FloidActually, I also read "Gutsy" as "Hardy," so ignore me.07:14
jim_p_busysorry, i just had a mini blackout07:14
TiMiDoCorbinFox, you're self to the audio group adduser USERNAME audio07:14
Quartermaster1can someone tell me the proper way to burn an Ubuntu cd iso with nero. My way errors out before installation.07:15
IntoxicKatGood night! See you!07:15
Kalamansihello how to convert mpeg / 3gp movies to avi?(ubuntu 8.04 kde desktop)07:15
TiMiDoQuartermaster1, k3b07:15
CorbinFoxquartermaster1: must it be nero? try brasero07:15
vaportrail123can some one help me mount a nfts drive07:15
ajiPici: 7.0407:15
jim_p_busyKalamansi: you can use avidemux07:15
_2unop so it's a bug then ?     err i mean a "feature"      cause you can NOT use su to switch to a passwordless account. except as "$UID=0"07:15
Quartermaster1ok never heard of it07:15
TiMiDovaportrail123, sudo mount -t vfat /device /mount point07:15
jdnewmilFloid: why, because no-one talks about gutsy anymore?07:15
FloidQuartermaster:  They make cdrecord and someone's made a nice GUI for Windows.07:15
unopKalamansi, have a look at ffmpeg or mencoder07:15
Piciaji: Ask your question again to everyone with the correct version.07:15
vaportrail123well this is what happens when i try07:15
=== nosbig_ is now known as nosbig
jim_p_busyvaportrail123: what is tha problem with mounting?07:15
vaportrail123wheres pastbin07:16
Quartermaster1dose it come with fedora or debian?07:16
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:16
Floidjdnewmil:  Well, I pretty much skipped it so no obvious things come to mind.07:16
TiMiDoQuartermaster1, ??07:16
jim_p_busyQuartermaster1: you do have the .iso file? then you can right click it and select burn on disk07:16
Floidjdnewmil:  But does the Hardy livecd work okay on that hardware?07:17
jdnewmilFloid: ah.  Well, maybe I need to find a #grub channel...07:17
unop_2, the same goes for sudo - if you 'disable' an account, there is no way to become that user unless you are root first07:17
vaportrail123im trying to mount a usb hardrive and its giving me an error07:17
BeBooubuntu forums are down =[07:17
Cheekyi have a old p2 266 MHz prorcess its a dimension xps d266; i wanted to install the ubuntu server and run APACHE and MySQL would it run ; btw i beleive it cam with 128 ram ?07:17
jim_p_busyvaportrail123: what error?07:17
vaportrail123 lemme screen shot it07:17
Timberwolf5578I downloaded gnome 2 themes and GTK 2 metacity themes from the Package Manager.  What's the difference between the two?07:17
jim_p_busyCheeky: i think enything without a guy will run07:17
_2unop no i'm not talking about a disabled account.  i'm talking passwordless      login without a password07:17
Pie-rateTiMiDo: 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-kde4-desktop', for future reference07:17
Daft_Punkwhere can i go for support on tint207:17
Cheekyjim_p_busy: a gui ..or guy >?07:18
jim_p_busyTimberwolf5578: metacity is the window border and the title, gtk is the rest that is inside that window07:18
jdnewmilFloid: I dunno... I will check.  bbl07:18
Kalamansiunop : is there a GUI video converter?07:18
vaportrail123it says the folloiwing07:18
Timberwolf5578ok thanks07:18
_2unop i can login and not be prompted for a password    but to try to switch to that account from another user account, always prompts and then fails!07:18
jim_p_busyCheeky: yea i meant gui lmao07:18
unopKalamansi, there are front-ends to ffmpeg, sure - but ask me to name one and i can't :)07:18
Timberwolf5578I only got like 4 more themes total.  Does that sound right?07:18
Daft_Punka gui guy07:19
jim_p_busyKalamansi: i told you... avidemux07:19
ajiHI Am usind DELL Inspiron 1420 with ubuntu 7.04(Floid: i am back to present ). Can any buddy help me to install my WEBCAM :)07:19
Cheekyso it should run for those purposes ..i justy want to suimulate a server .and use it to study SQL07:19
jim_p_busyaji: sure. pm me07:19
=== boshhead_ is now known as boshhead
ZorbaTHutweird issue: I've got an ubuntu VM inside VMware. When I change the ethernet card's mac address, Ubuntu loses it entirely - it stops showing up in ifconfig. Is there some standard way I can say "hey, dude, go look for an ethernet card, you should have one", or is there something weirder going on?07:20
jim_p_busyCheeky: yes. do your jobs demand high cpu power?07:20
FAJi i am using intrepid ibex;  because of the ath5k support, but it seems not to be working; even though it says it connects. i asked there, to no avail... so am asking here07:20
nevagonnagiveuupany know a good Kanji recognition ( Chinese Character OCR software ) for linux?07:20
unop_2, on most unices - deleting the password from an account is as good as disabling the account, because most systems are set to not allow a user to log on with a blank password (for obvious security reasons) - and it he can't log on, it makes no sense for the system to be usable anyhow - which probably explains why su (and perhaps sudo too) behave like this for you07:20
Daft_Punkbuy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, melt, upgrade it07:21
jim_p_busyZorbaTHut: why change the mac address?07:21
unop_2, why don't you just set a password and use sudo instead - it can be configured not to prompt for a password - if dealing with passwords is such an issue for you07:21
Cheekyjim_p_busy: well iam just learning SQL right now .. and MYSQL and soon ill start to make a project of som sort after i learn .. mind you i got this machie buy driving around the university dumpster07:21
ZorbaTHutjim, because I'm making a series of VMs based off the same preconfigured instance, and identical mac addresses = bad07:22
_2unop why don't i just use all default settings....       i thought it would be obvious, i don't like default.07:22
unop_2, this is far from default07:22
Daft_Punkcan you install solaris (sun OS) on virtualbox?07:22
vaportrail123$logfile indicates unclean shutdown (0,1) failed to mount '/dev/sdb1': operation not supported mount is denied because NTFS is marked to be in use. choose one action: choice 1: if you have window then disconnect the external devices by   clicking on the 'safely remove hardware' icon in the windows    takebar then shutdown windows cleanly. choice 2: if you don't have windows then you can use the 'force' option for  your own responsi07:22
jim_p_busyCheeky: then i think you should be fine. you need to get good at command line though07:22
ZorbaTHutso I make a copy, and tell vmware to generate new unique info for the VM, and it makes a new mac address. for some reason this is the first time this process has ever failed :)07:22
vaportrail123christ... i just typed that all out...07:23
PiciDaft_Punk: Try asking in #vbox, its not really an Ubuntu support issue :)07:23
unop_2, and if there are conveniences offered - take them, instead of making life difficult for yourself07:23
vaportrail123but yeah, every time i try to use the drive it gives me that07:23
_2unop i'm not the only one that has done    passwd -d username07:23
vaportrail123i tried the command in terminal, but it didnt work07:23
jim_p_busyvaportrail123: the drive was not "safely removed" on a windows pc. put it on a win pc and safely remove it07:23
Cheekyjim_p_busy: yeah man .. i have been doing it for the lkast week ever since i swicthed to ubuntu07:23
vaportrail123i did07:23
vaportrail123i even format07:23
unop_2, yes indeed, and you aren't the only one to run into trouble after that - sudo to the rescue07:23
vaportrail123*even formatted it07:23
Kalamansijim_p_busy : after downloading and double click the .deb i get error "Error Dependency is not suitable :avidemux"07:23
FAJi i am using intrepid ibex;  because of the ath5k support, but it seems not to be working; even though it says it connects. i asked there, to no avail... so am asking here07:23
_2unop and again,   why don't i just use all defaults...      ;/07:24
Kalamansijim_p_busy : after downloading and double click the .deb i get error "Error Dependency is not suitable :avidemux"07:24
vaportrail123any ideas?07:24
_2unop thanks for the time of day though.07:24
jim_p_busyyou need to dl it only from the repo. this is the only way for the dependency stuff to be cheked07:24
jim_p_busyKalamansi:  you need to dl it only from the repo. this is the only way for the dependency stuff to be cheked07:24
vaportrail123i tried to formatt it to something other than ntfs but it wouldnt let me on my pc07:25
Quartermaster1sorry I didn't get back to you guys , I was and still am trying to burn the iso07:25
Cheekyjim_p_busy: should i run .. server verision of ubuntyu ?07:25
usserZorbaTHut, i know virtualbox allows you to change the mac address of your guest os surely vmware should have something similar so u wont have to "physically" do it on your guest OS07:25
Kalamansijim_p_how to dl it from the repo?07:25
ZorbaTHutusser, no, it does. when I use that functionality, eth0 goes away07:25
unopvaportrail123, the ntfsfix utility from the ntfsprogs package could help you07:25
ZorbaTHutI'm doing the right thing on vmware, ubuntu is just losing track of the ethernet card07:25
jim_p_busyCheeky: server only07:25
vaportrail123how do i use that?07:25
Daft_PunkPici, i did ask in vbox but no one answer so can I ask in here07:25
_2unop heh one final note, my ssystem is so non-default that sudo is totally useless.  whole system is "nosuid"    (and yes i tested to see if that was why su was acting that way, it's not.)07:26
PiciDaft_Punk: Its not really on topic for this channel.07:26
usserZorbaTHut, oh i see. dont know then sorry07:26
Daft_PunkPici, it sort of is related07:26
unop_2, ahh, you're agentBob from #debian earlier on??07:26
_2unop i'm Agent_bob from here too.07:27
Cheekyjim_p_busy: ok .. any suggestions .. for a quick live cd .. to try and see if my hardware is compaitble07:27
jetscreamernxmehta: i think that's just how the autopartioner is set up... me i always use manual. (not real familiar with it)07:27
=== _2 is now known as Agent_bob
unop_2, why do we even bother?07:27
Agent_bobunop idk.07:27
jim_p_busyCheeky: its old so i dont think it wont be compatible07:27
Agent_bobunop i just asked why,  and you did answer.   thank you.07:28
jim_p_busyCheeky: you can try puppy linux though07:29
Cheekyjim_p_busy: whch puppy verison ?07:30
jim_p_busyhow do i display stuff about the medibuntu repo?07:30
jim_p_busyCheeky: the latest one07:30
krishhey how to connect the digital camer in ubuntu07:31
fgdgfdhey! how do i change the ubuntu exit dialog icons? what are the icon names?07:31
jim_p_busykrish: to get the photos?07:31
Cheekyjim_p_busy: ok man thnx07:31
krishto upload photos from the camera07:31
ceil420krish, wish i knew :x it's apparently not plug'n'play in Debian like my mp3 player is07:32
bmocfairly simple for some of you probably. I went about installing ubuntu on my ntfs drive, with the standard "30 gig setup". (instead of making new partitions for it). Is there a way to enlarge the 30 gig's of space its sitting on, without starting over? its on a 320gig drive.07:33
Agent_bob!medibuntu > jim_p_busy07:33
ubottujim_p_busy, please see my private message07:33
Agent_bobbmoc you could make a larger file and migrate to it i guess....   there might even be a way to grow the fs-file....07:35
Agent_bobthe scba of the filesystem in a file is something i haven't actually played with.07:36
bmocAgent_bob, was a huge mistake on my part... I shoulda just wiped windows off... i dont care to start over, but i havn't booted into it in over 3 months. been trying to just save/work off the big drives space(/host/) but i'd love to be able to work "better" out of my home directory07:37
bmocthanks though.07:37
Agent_bobbmoc you do know that linux by nature can mount other file systems within it's own ?     i.e.  make another large file/filesystem  and mount it on /home07:38
Razerbladerwhat virtual os is the big one?07:38
kindofabuzzBig Virtual OS07:39
Razerbladerkindofabuzz: vmware, or virtualbox?07:40
bmochmm, no I did not... ive basically got 2 drives... one 40gig ntfs with windows, one 320gig ntfs with ubuntu installed on it(yeh, silly me).07:40
vampirefrogany ATI users here?07:40
vampirefrogI need help testing an app I'm making :)07:40
Agent_bobvampirefrog not that i'd admit it.07:40
amanui have used aptoncd to get softwares installed in my system with out having net connection07:40
bmocis there any way to work mounting some space(maybe removing windows ;p and using the 40 gig) simply as my /home/ without having to start over?07:41
jim_p_busyvampirefrog: me!!!!07:41
vampirefrogAgent_bob: if u run "aticonfig -odgt" in a terminal, what do u get?07:41
fgdgfdhello, the logout/restart/shutdown/etc dialog.. how do i change those icons? whats their names? thanks07:41
vampirefrogjim_p_busy: u try that too, aticonfig -odgt or aticonfig --odgt07:41
amanunow its get stored as .iso file currently i have no disk to write how acn i use that softwares07:41
amanunow its get stored as .iso file currently i have no disk to write how can i use that softwares07:42
jim_p_busyfgdgfd: search in /usr/share/icons07:42
amanuany one07:42
jim_p_busyvampirefrog: i dont trust atis stuff, thank you07:42
Agent_bobbmoc no.   and that because you started with a filesystem inside a file located in a forgien filesystem...07:42
vampirefrogjim_p_busy: it's supposed to display gpu temperature but ok07:42
ZorbaTHutokay, any idea how to fix aptitude segfaulting? :P07:42
jim_p_busyvampirefrog: ati tool made a mess of my brilliant xorg file07:42
fgdgfdjim_p_busy, lol like searching the local drive :)07:43
ZorbaTHutsudo aptitude install git-core --> segfault07:43
vampirefrogjim_p_busy: then how about u just run aticonfig --help and pastebin the output07:43
amanuan ideas07:43
Agent_bobbmoc if you see the concept, it's like a box in a box in a box...07:43
amanui have used aptoncd to get softwares installed in my system with out having net connection07:43
Agent_bobbmoc if you destroy the outer box all is lost.07:43
TenebrysHey... I've got a problem that's kinda lingering after I removed my grub partition.07:43
TenebrysAfter I removed my ubuntu partition I mean.07:44
CKeycan i ask you something ?07:44
bmocAgent_bob, last question, if I could resize the 320gig partition, to say, 2 160gig partitions, could I mount the extra one as /home/?07:44
Agent_bobbmoc yes.07:44
Agent_bobbmoc very simple and effecient07:44
TenebrysIt goes like this.07:44
bmocAgent_bob, ty much. ;)07:44
amanucan we open .iso files to get contents in it07:45
Agent_bobbmoc welcome07:45
linuxhelp-Suppormorning from europe to ALL07:45
Agent_bobbmoc one final note07:45
unopZorbaTHut, does apt-get function fine?07:45
jdnewmilamanu: read man page on mount... search for "loop" option07:45
TenebrysEver since I installed Vista on top of my derelict (refusing to boot) Ubuntu partition, my grub bootloader is apparetnly still kinda around, but nonfunctional.07:45
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.07:45
unopamanu, ^^07:45
jim_p_busyvampirefrog: i wont ruin my xorg.conf again07:45
bmocAgent_bob, yes?07:45
amanui dont wanna write .iso file to disk in yust wanna open it and use its data07:45
TenebrysIf I reboot my system I get an "Error 17" error, unless I have a Vista CD in the drive that I can use to manually boot into Vista.07:46
amanujdnewmil:for that what can i type in terminal07:46
unopamanu, see what ubottu just said07:46
linuxhelp-Supporeverybody should use a seperated partition for /home07:46
vampirefrogjim_p_busy: as u wish. the --help line just displays usage anyway07:46
Agent_bobbmoc if you can resize the ntfs partition and make sufficient free space to contain all your linux system you can then migrate it to the new partition (takes a little work but imo worth it)   and then windows is free to remain or be removed at your discression.07:46
TenebrysI'm -guessing- that grub is still in the boot sector and has to be dug out somehow, just not sure where to poke or what program to use.07:46
brandonmpaceTenebrys: so you don´t have ubuntu, just vesta?07:46
CKeymy problem... in windows i install the drivers of my graphics card so i can change the resolution to 1280x.... but in ubuntu i can only select to 1024x768.. what can i do ?07:46
unoplinuxhelp-Suppor, we don't live in stalinish russia :) everyone has a choice07:46
BrainyiscoolAnyone have any idea why GParted is flaky?  I have 2 HD's, one IDE that I boot from and one SATA that is currently not used.  When i went to Gparted to partition the SATA drive, I noticed it did not detect the any of hte partitions on hte IDE drive07:46
=== Veyron is now known as Golgo
TenebrysI have Vista and XP (vista as a kind of tryout thing.)  The Ubuntu partition had stopped working.07:47
BrainyiscoolI can boot into both Windows and Linus on the drive (Dual boot), so i know it is partitioned07:47
vampirefrogin soviet russia, the partition uses YOU as home07:47
TenebrysSo I erased it.07:47
bmocAgent_bob, that sounds like a plan. going to read up alittle so I dont bork it up. ty so much for the advice.07:47
linuxhelp-Supporsorry i can't scroll backwards to the guy who asked for home07:47
Brainyiscoolvampirefrog: I can has real help plzkthanxbai07:47
Agent_bobbmoc welcome.07:48
brandonmpaceTenebrys: do a repair install with your vista disc and that´ll fix it07:48
linuxhelp-Suppori use command line irc07:48
TenebrysRepair install... hmmmmmm.  Would that do damage to existing files and setups?07:48
Agent_boblinuxhelp-Suppor the page-up not work ?07:48
brandonmpacejust make sure it only repairs the vista bootloader07:49
BrainyiscoolAny ideas?  Should I resend my question?07:49
TenebrysAlright.  I'll at least give that a try... though it's disheartening that vista didn't get itself right on the first install cycle.07:49
linuxhelp-Suppori do not often use console-irc but at my work i must use07:49
TenebrysI'll be back soon.07:49
linuxhelp-Supporcan't setup xchat..:-(07:49
Agent_boblinuxhelp-Suppor irssi supports scroll-back-buffering accessable via page-up   as does also epic/bitchx    not sure what client you are using07:51
tenXhi guys07:51
Agent_boblinuxhelp-Suppor if xchat-text   then i simpathize with you...07:52
linuxhelp-Supporuse iirc07:52
linuxhelp-Supporwas long time ago i was at irc..sorry07:53
BrainyiscoolAnyone have any idea why GParted is flaky?  I have 2 HD's, one IDE that I boot from and one SATA that is currently not used.  When i went to Gparted to partition the SATA drive, I noticed it did not detect the any of the partitions on the IDE drive07:53
linuxhelp-Supporbut after some fresh setups of hardy i have seen ubuntu channel now i am here07:53
magnetronlinuxhelp-Suppor, welcome07:54
tenXis there any commoin workaround for sata based systems not being able to completely turn off by shutdown or similar instructions? error scanning IDE devs is the last error msg07:54
linuxhelp-SupporHello :-)07:55
magnetronhello there!07:55
linuxhelp-Supporhere in germany ubuntu pc are more popular then ever :-)07:55
RufusOMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Please someone help07:56
linuxhelp-Supporthanks to M$-Viesta07:56
Brainyiscool_Hm, accidently left and perhaps missed an answer07:56
Brainyiscool_Anyone have any idea why GParted is flaky?  I have 2 HD's, one IDE that I boot from and one SATA that is currently not used.  When i went to Gparted to partition the SATA drive, I noticed it did not detect the any of the partitions on the IDE drive07:56
magnetronlinuxhelp-Suppor, please join #ubuntu-offtopic , i want to ask you about that07:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rufus07:56
RufusI just upgraded my server from 6 to 8 and now all I get is BusyBox v1.1.3 and an (initramfs) screen. All my stuff is on this server. HELP!!!!07:56
TenebrysNo luck.  And here's the odd part.07:57
brandonmpaceRufus: can you use an ubuntu desktop live cd an copy it off?07:58
amanuhow can i mount .iso file in ubuntu07:58
RufusI might be able to, but I'd really like to fix this07:58
TenebrysI used the Vista bootloader modifier "EasyBCD" earlier to configure my system so that I could boot either Vista or XP.07:58
hateball!info gnome-mount | amanu07:58
brandonmpaceRufus: would be a good idea to do that first just in case07:58
ubottuamanu: gnome-mount (source: gnome-mount): wrapper for (un)mounting and ejecting storage devices. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8~svn20080225-0ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 69 kB, installed size 904 kB07:58
Rufuswell, that could be a little difficult, you see I have about 1tb of data on this server, and not enough HDD space anywhere else07:59
TenebrysIt didn't appear to fix the problem with grub either, even though it -did- add XP to the selector screen that I get if I boot the computer with a Vista disk in the drive and wait for the "press any key to boot from CD" timer to run out.07:59
amanuhateball:i want to mount .iso file in my desktop how can i?07:59
airtonixamanu, gnome-mount08:00
litelhi how to destroy mi swap seem to don't work, and maybe make linux crash, what should i do ?08:00
amanu gnome-mount "after that any thing /text needed"08:00
TenebrysEssentially, I can't reach the Vista bootloader by trying to boot from my hard-drive, but I can reach the Vista bootloader if I've inserted the Vista CD..08:00
Agent_bobamanu mount -o loop file.iso /some/where08:00
airtonixamanu, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Edgy#How_to_mount.2Funmount_Image_.28ISO.29_files_without_burning08:00
airtonixamanu, although its a page for edgey the commands are still the same08:01
amanuAgent_bob:ok i will try now08:01
airtonixamanu, you can discover how to use partcular commands with $ man command08:01
TenebrysIf I try to boot straight from my hard-drive, it says "grub loading... error 17" and I can't get through.08:01
airtonixamanu, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Edgy#How_to_mount.2Funmount_Image_.28ISO.29_files_without_burning08:02
airtonixamanu, follow that...three steps required08:02
TenebrysIt's done this ever since I replaced my Ubuntu partition with Windows Vista.08:02
brandonmpaceTenebrys: did you try the repair install?08:02
xyeanyone know why my mouse won't work when i'm trying install ubuntu with a dual boot? i get stuck at step 4 or wahtever trying to set the partition space08:02
airtonixamanu, or you can take the easy way out and use the gui : gnome-mount08:02
TenebrysYou mean the startup repair?08:02
TenebrysI did.  It said no problems found.08:02
brandonmpaceTenebrys: hmm08:02
TenebrysI also tried bootsect.exe.08:02
amanuairtonix  gui : gnome-mount how to get this08:03
Agent_bobTenebrys partition numbers changed ?08:03
airtonixamanu, sudo apt-get install gnome-mount08:03
amanuya im installing  sudo apt-get install gnome-mount08:03
airtonixamanu, is if not called gnome-mount you can use : apt-cache search iso | grep mount08:03
brandonmpaceTenebrys: that error usually means that it can´t find the partition that the boot files are on. (your linux partition)  which you deleted, correct?08:03
amanui installed08:03
TenebrysYeah.  But it also means that grub is still buried somewhere, and I need to go in with a scalpel and pick it out, and replace it with whatever's supposed to be there instead.08:04
amanudoes this statement mean " 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 115 not upgraded." its not installed08:04
brandonmpaceTenebrys: you need to find a way to install the vista bootloader to the mbr.  grub is in your mbr08:04
RufusI'm trying recovery mode08:04
Agent_bobTenebrys MBR08:04
airtonixamanu, for the record, you havent installed any special drivers or anything...al you have installed is a frontend gui that holds your hand when mounting / unmounting  iso images08:04
airtonixamanu, that statement means you already have gnome-mount installed08:05
amanuok then what to do?08:05
airtonixamanu, look in your application menu08:05
Rufusis there any way of undoing an upgrade from 6 to 8?08:05
Agent_bobRufus heh i wish.08:05
brandonmpaceme too08:05
RufusI'm going to kill my self if I can't get this working08:06
amanuairtonix: in applications-> where to get08:06
TenebrysSo essentially Microsoft should (hopefully) have a program for rebuilding the MBR?08:06
SkywaIkerDoes ubuntu support cluster computing ?08:07
Agent_bobRufus linux is developed on the itialian racing theory.   "what is behind you is not important"08:07
brandonmpaceRufus: if you have a smaller empty hard disk you can put that in there and install to it while also using the partitions off of the terabyte drive for the data that´s already there08:07
airtonixamanu, sorry my bad...that prog doesnt put a option in your menus08:07
amanuairtonix:i cant get what u said08:07
brandonmpaceTenebrys: yes google it.  maybe something like fixmbr i believe08:08
Agent_bobSkywaIker linux is a clustering os yes08:08
airtonixamanu, i mean : the program you just installed does not create menu entry08:08
airtonixamanu, you actually want  sudo apt-get install gmountiso08:08
airtonix!gmountiso| amanu08:08
amanuok can i try this sudo apt-get install gmountiso08:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gmountiso08:08
Rufuswhat does this mean? "ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/5f53ea6d-f1a1-42e9-837f-d6f49433095c does not exist. Dropping to a shell!"08:08
amanuya its getting installed08:08
brandonmpaceit can´t find the disk08:09
TenebrysAlright, I'll have a look.  Thanks!08:09
Rufusbut the disk is there08:09
airtonixamanu, gmountiso will be in applications -> system tools08:09
Rufusit was all working 10 minutes ago08:09
amanuyes i opened it08:09
Agent_bobRufus means the initramfs can't find a filesystem with that UUID08:09
RufusAgnent_bob: and how do I fix that?08:09
brandonmpaceRufus: for future reference, when upgrading it is always safer to back up data and do a clean install08:10
amanuhere its asking to things08:10
Agent_bobRufus rebuild the initramfs.img file ...08:10
Stofferhow do I edit gru to change my default boot partition?08:10
fenerli7 I want to use Linux (Ubuntu being my choice of distro for now) however after experimenting, I've noticed that I need NVIDIA 177.xx drivers or put up with terrible 2D performance (or use nv and have no 3D). Should I use the alpha Intrepid or Hardy and manually install the newer driver?08:10
Rufushow bob>08:10
airtonixamanu, might want to save this webpage to your home folder for future reference: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Hardy08:10
amanuwhat does mount point mean?08:10
amanuok i will08:10
Rufusit's on a raid 1 array, does that make a difference? it's a hardware raid card08:10
airtonixamanu, a mount point is where the devie will be exposed for access to you...its almost always a folder you create08:11
amanuwhat does mount point mean?08:11
fenerli7amanu: mount point is the directory you want the partition to store the contents of08:11
Agent_bobRufus well "i would," finsih the boot process, by manually mounting the root fs   and exiting the initramfs busybox shell....  you will probably boot a live cd and work on it in a chrooted environment08:11
airtonixfenerli7, 'store' is the proper description08:11
FedererRogerhow to install conky?08:11
FedererRogerno no08:11
Rufusokay agent, now in english???? Sorto of a noob here08:11
FloodBot3FedererRoger: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:11
airtonixFedererRoger, sudo apt-get install conky08:11
FedererRogerhow to instal....           wimpy08:12
brandonmpacefenerli7: just use hardy and install by           sudo apt-get install nvidia71xx08:12
Brainyiscool_Alright, i think i figured out hte root of my problem08:12
fenerli7airtonix: what?08:12
FedererRogeromg i cant rememebr the name08:12
Brainyiscool_My partition table is corrupted08:12
Agent_bobRufus where is your root file system, ?08:12
airtonixfenerli7, a mount point is not a place of storage....it is a place of access08:12
Brainyiscool_For some reason, there is an overlap08:12
Rufuson my raid array08:12
FedererRogerhow to install "launchy" !!!!08:12
Agent_bobRufus ;/    never mind.08:12
amanuis all packages installed by me from add/remove programs in ubuntu are .deb files can i get these fileass08:13
fenerli7airtonix: ah yes, good point, I was too busy trying to make it sound easy for the newbie08:13
Agent_bobyeah if you can setup a raid array you can maintain it.    sorry,  out of my forte'08:13
amanuany where and installe it on a system not having net connection08:13
BeBoojim_p_busy: just wanted to let you know i solved my issue. the horiz and vert refresh rates were off.08:13
Rufuscan anyone help me? PLEASE!!!!???????08:13
brandonmpacefenerli7: if you simply go to add/remove    the nvidia drivers are there, just search nvidia08:14
FedererRogerhow to install "launchy" !!!!08:14
amanuRufus:what do u want08:14
fenerli7brandonmpace: but the 177 drivers are not there in hardy08:14
Brainyiscool_Anyone able to help me fix the partitions?08:14
amanupls dont ask to ask a question08:14
jim_p_busyBeBoo: how?08:14
airtonixamanu, the files you download and install via apt-get/synaptics/add-remove are all cached in the /var/cache/apt/archive folder08:14
RufusI just upgraded from 6 to 8 and now my server doesn' tboot08:14
Brainyiscool_That's the output of fdisk and gpart08:14
Brainyiscool_I just don't know how to fix it08:14
fenerli7brandonmpace: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/nvidia-glx-17708:14
airtonixamanu, correction: /var/cache/apt/archives08:15
brandonmpacefenerli7: I would say to compile it yourself from nvidia´s website08:15
FedererRogerhow to install "launchy" !!!!  Help!!08:15
airtonixamanu, a programm called apt-on-cd can help you make backups of those packages...08:15
fenerli7brandonmpace: thanks, will do :)08:15
brandonmpacefenerli7: you´re welcom08:15
amanuok i found them08:15
Agent_bob     can't someone help Rufus with a broken initramfs here ?     "on a raid array"08:15
fenerli7brandonmpace: and thanks for finding my question, I thought it was lost :D08:16
airtonixamanu, FedererRoger isnt launchy a win32 app?08:16
amanucan i get these to any linux working machine and just install it?08:16
airtonixFedererRoger i think you may want to look at gnome-do08:16
BeBoojim_p_busy: i was following this howto and it said to set my horizSync to 30-60 and my vertRefresh to 47 or something. i set the horizSync to 28-33 and the vertRefresh to 42-72 and it worked!08:16
airtonixamanu, only ubuntu machines08:16
FedererRogerairtonix: whats that08:16
tenXanyone ever ran into an error iterating ide devices on ubuntu server 8.04.1 using sata drives preventing the final shutdown?08:16
fenerli7airtonix: Launchy has a Linux version now08:16
airtonixamanu, and only ubuntu machines that are the same version as yours08:16
BeBooSo, the whole time i thought it was teh cable, the tv... it was the dern rates08:17
airtonixFedererRoger, install it and find out....sudo apt-get install gnome-do08:17
BeBoonow, the tv is set to sit to the right of screen 0 (my lcd)08:17
BeBooi can't move my mouse to it though08:17
Brainyiscool_airtonix: Any idea how to fix overlapping partition tables?08:17
Cheekyairtonix: hey man i have a quetion; could you give me your suggestion?08:17
FedererRogerairtonix: nothing... cant find  i typed...  apt-get install launchy08:17
BeBoonevermind, there it goes08:18
airtonixFedererRoger, your not using sudo which is why apt-get wont work for you08:18
airtonixFedererRoger, sudo apt-cache search conky gnome-do08:18
airtonixFedererRoger, sudo apt-get install gnome-do08:18
Agent_bobairtonix sudo not needed for apt-cache08:18
fenerli7FedererRoger: if you want Launchy, download this:08:18
FedererRogeri also typed:   yum install launchy08:18
Agent_bobairtonix bad habbit to use sudo on things that don't need it.08:19
airtonixFedererRoger, yum doesnt apply on debian based systems08:19
airtonixAgent_bob,  and guess what command i would likley be using next?08:19
fenerli7FedererRoger: launchy isn't in Ubuntu repos, you have to download the package (see link above)08:19
FedererRogerairtonix: Aint Ubuntu based on REDHAT ?08:19
airtonixFedererRoger, no08:19
Rufusit's back! for some reason there are now two installs and the first (default) one didn't load08:19
Rufusthanks for your help guys08:20
RufusI really do appreciate it08:20
airtonixFedererRoger, hence it's consistent use of apt-get since warty08:20
B3z3rk3rmorning all08:20
user_does anyone remember how to make a case script?08:20
Agent_bobFedererRoger ubuntu uses debian as it's upstream source08:20
fenerli7user_: a what?08:20
FedererRogerwhat is better ?  Redhat or Ubuntu ??08:20
tenXuser_: bash?08:20
Cheekyi have p2 .. 266 with 128 ram and i want install ubuntu server .. on it .. to run php and mysql .. would it run ? and will practice.. my php and SQL .. over ssh ,,on that p2 machine .. any  possibilty it woudl work i already ran .. the puppy live cd to check if the hardware wrked08:20
fenerli7FedererRoger: matter of personal taste08:20
airtonixuser_, case as in bash scripts?08:20
user_a script to open different spplications from within the terminal?08:20
Agent_bobRufus sorry i can't do more with raid. just never messed with them.08:20
Rufusthanks anyway agent_bob08:21
B3z3rk3rFedererRoger, dont u think asking that in #ubuntu will give u bias3d responses?08:21
amanuairtonix:while im trying to copy that archives folder in my potable usb pendrive its showing me a error messa ge like this "error oprning file permission denied"08:21
Agent_bobFedererRoger slackware08:21
FedererRogerB3z3rk3r: im straight08:21
user_bash, yes08:21
Poke-SmOtis freenode basically dedicated to linux?08:21
airtonixamanu, i recommend using apt-on-cd to backup your apt-archives....it will gice you the option to have them exported as one iso file which you can then move to your usb drive08:22
FedererRogerHelp! i want to boot with Ubuntu from my USB stick... in any computer, so i can carry with me my desktop, is that possible??08:22
xyeanyone know why my mouse won't work when i'm trying install ubuntu with a dual boot? i get stuck at step 4 or wahtever trying to set the partition space08:22
tenXuser_: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/testbranch.html08:23
unopPoke-SmOt, not at all - there are channels for almost everything under the sun08:23
Daft_Punkwhen you start virtualbox there are icons for different types of OS's by the name of the VM, where are those icons located?08:23
fenerli7FedererRoger: I think the new Ubuntu has something for that, Fedora 9 also has that too08:23
xyeit keeps giving me the error Size to small when i try to just press enter08:23
xyeand i can't slide the partion spacer because the mouse won't work08:23
amanuairtonix:ok i will do the same08:23
Poke-SmOtwhen i look at channel list, almost all the channels are kernal help channels08:23
FedererRogerfenerli7: so Fedora i much superior to Ubuntu?08:23
amanuthank u08:23
xyedo you think a regular ball mouse might work?08:23
user_thank you08:23
fenerli7FedererRoger: in some aspects08:23
Flannel!install | FedererRoger08:23
ubottuFedererRoger: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate08:23
FlannelFedererRoger: That page explains how to08:24
tenXxye: do regular balls work on galz?08:24
fenerli7Flannel: that explains how to install FROM a usb stick08:24
Poke-SmOtlol do balls work on gals08:24
FedererRogerFlannel: i dont want to install Ubuntu...08:24
Poke-SmOtyes they do08:24
Poke-SmOtfedererroger i think your in the wrong channel then :P08:24
tenXPoke-SmOt: see ;) so it ll work on computers08:24
xyei want to install ubuntu so badly, i have to for my class, but I can't get past step 4 i think it is trying to install08:24
FlannelFedererRoger: you'd be installing to the USB.  OR just copy the liveCD iso to the usb stick08:24
FedererRogerFlannel: i just want to boot with Ubuntu in any hardware08:24
xyeit's epic failure for me, i'm actually depressed irl08:25
fenerli7xye: what was step 4?08:25
ompaulFedererRoger, the instructions you want are on that page08:25
xyethe partioning step08:25
tenXxye: calm down first08:25
FedererRogerokok ill read08:25
Flannelfenerli7: It also explains the installing to usb devices.08:25
FedererRogerif doesnt work, ill ask refund08:25
fenerli7xye: what's the problem?08:25
tenXxye: partitioning fails?08:25
CochiseIRLanyone ever had a problem with your applications menu in gnome not working?08:25
fenerli7Flannel:  my bad08:25
xyemy mouse won't work so I can't slide the partioner and i try using the keyboard, but everytime i try to partion it says "size to small"08:25
ompaulFedererRoger, if it does not work look at your hardware :P08:25
fenerli7xye: can't you manually calculate values?08:25
fenerli7xye: USB mouse?08:26
xyeyea I was going to try to do the manual install08:26
xyeyea it's a USB mouse08:26
xyebut i don't want to end up messing up, since im installing this along side my windows install08:26
tenXxye: on a basic text based installation you wont need a mouse08:26
* ElijahDuBarryVT I'm back!08:26
Daft_Punkwhen you start virtualbox there are icons for different types of OS's by the name of the VM, where are those icons located?08:26
CrayboffOMFG best video I have seen in a long time: http://gramatan.livejournal.com/46533.html   sorry, had to share that with you.08:26
tenXxye: do you have a system dedicated to ubuntu?08:26
B3z3rk3rxye, if you hit tab that should take u to the next input box.. eliminating the need for a mouse08:27
fenerli7xye: why do you need to slide the slider, can't you manually calcualte the values (e.g. start point, size, end point)?08:27
xyetab doesn't work I tried that.08:27
xyeNo, im pretty new to manual partitioning08:27
xyeI know i need to set a root and swap size from what I've read so far, but i'm still somewhat lost.08:27
B3z3rk3rxye, have u tried running something like gparted to partition your drives first.. then installing ?08:27
xyeNope, just using the ubuntu cd I burned08:28
tenXxye: again: calm down :) people will help you out in here if you ask politely08:28
xyeAnyone know why it might be saying Size to small? it shows 120gigs free for the ubuntu install08:28
xyei'm sorry, i'm in a huge rush but I do appologize, it's just late here=[08:29
amanuxye:what uppp08:29
tenXxye: never ran into this installing many systems08:29
amanuxye:whats uppp08:29
B3z3rk3rxye, ok, id give that a try if i were you... you can download it for free from here http://gparted.sourceforge.net/download.php08:29
fenerli7wtf? just use the ubuntu live CD mode?08:29
fenerli7gparted is on that08:29
xyeyea i thought gparted came on the live cd.08:29
B3z3rk3rxye, this will mean that u dont have to manually edit your partition08:29
xyeisn't that what i'm using?08:29
tenXB3z3rk3r: gparted wont do anything else the ubuntu installation partitioning dialogue does08:30
=== sourcode is now known as sourcode[0]
fenerli7the thing in the install is something else (not hparted)08:30
intravenousharro dere xye08:30
brandonmpaceyea but the gparted live cd is more stable and works when gparted on ubuntu doesn´t08:30
subdolusanyone know how to download an entire directory with wget, without downloading the  directories above it?08:30
fenerli7tenX: but he can't use the ubuntu install one due to a mouse problem08:30
intravenousi autojoin into this channel/server man08:30
intravenousnever been fucked to change the commands08:30
fenerli7subdolus: you mean under it? i.e. children?08:30
intravenousanyway, im goin to that other place now, peace08:30
Flannelintravenous: Please watch your language.08:30
subdolus-m seem to grab anything and everything within in the first dir08:30
tenXfenerli7: okay installing systems i stick to text based mode usually08:30
subdolusfenerli7: yeah, pretty much08:30
Daft_Punkwhen you start virtualbox there are icons for different types of OS's by the name of the VM, where are those icons located?08:30
amanui have been installing a package suddenly i try to close it but it was not responding08:31
=== dontchoke__ is now known as dontchoke
amanuhow to force quit08:31
amanua program08:31
monotonoussorry i have a quick question - new to xchat - how do i join an irc server which isnt listed in my server list?08:31
fenerli7back later08:31
xyeI guess I shall try the TXT installation.08:31
subdolusfenerli7: but I dont want it to grab the parent dirs08:31
xyeDo you think a regular ball mouse might work since my USB lazer mouse won't?08:31
ceil420monotonous, /server irc.whatever.org08:31
tenXfenerli7: generally i will never see the use in gui usage08:31
ceil420monotonous, or maybe /connect, but i think that's irssi08:31
B3z3rk3rxye, have u checked the forums for your mouse?08:31
monotonoussweet thanks ciel42008:31
JaseXDoes anyone know anything about configuring SLiM ?08:32
ceil420monotonous, you can also just add the server to your network list08:32
tenXxye: lazer = razer?08:32
user_is there a way to make ubuntu client work as a server?08:32
xyeNope, it's a mx51808:32
B3z3rk3rxye, thats a logitech right?08:32
xyeYes it is08:32
JaseXtenX: I kind of agree with you, especially having a blind friend who depends on CLI and screen readers...08:32
TiMiDouser_, what type of server though?08:32
B3z3rk3ri think thats what iv got.. havent had a prob with it ?08:33
amanucant i have like "task manager" in xp here to force quit a program which is not respondinggg?08:33
JaseXamanu: try system-monitor08:33
B3z3rk3rperhaps it isnt the mouse, but a corrupted driver of some sort?08:33
smilefafayes,of course08:33
xyestrange, im still unsure why it says ' size too small ' when it automatically gives 120gigs to the ubuntu installation?08:33
* B3z3rk3r waves at Daft_Punk 08:33
xyeim not using drivers for the mouse, it's plug n play08:33
user_the kind of server wher I can connect from another computer?08:33
airtonixamanu, you want to right click on the gnome-panel and click "add to panel"08:33
Daft_PunkB3z3rk3r, waives back08:33
subdolusif wget cant do it, what do you guys use as a download manager?08:33
tenXuser_: you will have to read up a lot. but in general you can of course let your client installation run server type of services. the client installation is just a direct user approach08:33
subdolusim after something that can grab specific entire dirs08:34
FlynsarmyAny gnome-mud users here?08:34
airtonixamanu, then look for a widget called 'force quit'08:34
tenXuser_: you can install any kind of server apps if you want08:34
B3z3rk3rDaft_Punk, sup man? hows things?08:34
xyeI appreaciate the help everyone, I need to sleep. I'll try to txt installation and check back in here tomorrow. Take care!08:34
B3z3rk3rxye, good luck08:34
tenXJaseX: CLI? can you help me out on that?08:34
airtonixamanu, to use it ...click on the force-quit icon on your panel then click on the misbehaving app08:34
Daft_PunkB3z3rk3r, i am tired08:34
smilefafagood luck08:34
JaseXa screen reader?08:34
user_like, I want to be able to access my computer through the internet from another computer08:34
B3z3rk3rDaft_Punk, lol.. me too dude... way too much math HW to do still :(08:35
JaseXtenX: you need a cli screen reader?08:35
airtonixamanu, you can do the same thing via command line : sudo killall appname -908:35
Cheekycan ubuntu server version run on a p2 266 MHZ .. with 128 ram ..an using MySQL over my home network?08:35
B3z3rk3ruser_, see radmin, or VNC08:35
CochiseIRLGnome menu when clicked highlights but does not display the menu, anyone any ideas?08:35
tenXJaseX: no :) just wondering what cli stands for. could as well look it up08:35
JaseXCommand line interface08:35
FedererRogerFlannel: aint working!  i want to make the same as DAMN SMALL LINUX but with ubuntu, is that possible?08:35
user_I tried to install an ubuntu server directly but the GUI woudn't work08:35
tenXJaseX: :D lol. thats my biz. excuse me08:35
airtonixCheeky, should be able ...just dont expect to service a netowrk of 10 people accessing at the same time with awesome results08:36
amanuairtonix:i done the same08:36
brandonmpaceCheeky: I have run the ubuntu desktop on 350 Mhz so I don´t see why a CLI interface would not work08:36
tenXJaseX: simply didnt know the abbreviation08:36
ZKAT8IThas anyone installed a radeon x1160? i cant get mine working08:36
JaseXAh, @ tenX08:36
jim_p_busyFedererRoger: if you are patient enough, yes08:36
JaseXMan i'm doing two things at once...08:36
jim_p_busyFedererRoger: you need a bare minimum installation right?08:37
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:37
Cheekyairtonix: nah ,man .. iam learning SQL using MySQL .. just bought a book iam gonna learn .. so was wonering i coul .. and i woulbe using a ssh to get intothe mysql on the server right08:37
amanuairtonix: iwant t oconfigure my webcam (in built to my laptop) here i will use it ion xp but i cant find it here how can i08:37
JaseXUbuntu on this laptop updating and crud... and on the iMac upgrading from etch to lenny.08:37
tenXJaseX: not a native speaker. but i live, get up, go to sleep with 16 colors and bash08:37
airtonixCheeky, should be fine08:37
Cheekybrandonmpace: nice iam about toinstall it .. is it staright forwar set up ?08:37
=== jim_p_busy is now known as jim_p
JaseX@ tenX I hear you there, I feel more comfortable half the time with CLI programs anyways.08:37
FedererRogerjim_p_busy: yeah, but no a bare install , i want to boot the OS  from an USB stick, but i want to it with ubuntu08:38
airtonixamanu, webcams and wifi cards are two things that are not so well covered in ubuntu yet..08:38
brandonmpaceCheeky: I have not used the server but if it is anything like the desktop version yes08:38
jim_pFedererRoger: there are instructions on pendrivelinux.org for this08:38
JaseXamanu: what laptop?08:38
Cheekybrandonmpace: iam about to fin out i guess ; i got this machine .. in a dumpster lool08:38
user_any help on how I can make my ubtuntu client to run server applications?08:38
FedererRogerpendrivelinux.org  << doesnt work08:38
tenXuser_: just install them??08:39
brandonmpaceCheeky: lol I have an 8086 in my garage08:39
ompaulCheeky, it is very simple from the menu, however you have been advised elsewhere already that a complex database will cripple that box and make it really slow and unresponsive you choose the lamp options from the install menu and then install openssh-server and have fun but I am warning you a lack of speed will be frustrating08:39
JaseXamanu: try learning what your laptop has for a camera, and then see what you have to install to maybe get it to work.08:39
JaseXI know most hp Pavilion laptops built in cams work fine out of box with Cheese08:39
user_through the terminal?08:39
brandonmpaceCheeky: that would be a good learning box, the one you got08:39
JaseXand with pidgin...08:39
JaseXNot sure with your laptop though.08:39
amanuJaseX:how and from where can i learn it08:39
FAJbrandonmpace: back from last night ;)  still am having issues08:40
brandonmpaceJaseX: i wasn´t aware pidgin supported webcams... you MUST mean Amsn08:40
jim_pFedererRoger: its pendrivelinux.com , sorry08:40
JaseXamanu: my friend the ubuntuforums.org have lots of posts pertaining on how to find all this out... i'm not sure on the command as to find out a webcam.08:40
JaseXYou're right brandonmpace08:40
JaseXIt's 4 AM here.08:40
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras08:40
JaseXI apologize.08:40
brandonmpacelol no biggie08:40
brandonmpacejust makin sure08:41
brandonmpacei got excited for a sec lol08:41
airtonixJaseX, amanu since most webcams are connected to the main system via a usb bus...you could start with : lsusb...or lspci to at least determine if ubuntu can see your device08:41
tenXah hey as i appear to have joined this chan for interest two questions having bothered me some time ago i'd like to address to you ubuntu experts in here: first issue - what switch will prevent apt-get/aptitude updates from kernel or /boot/grub/menu.lst upgrades?08:41
amanuok i will check it now08:41
tenXnot safe-upgrade08:42
FedererRogerjim_p:  thanks!08:42
jim_pFedererRoger: you are welcome08:42
airtonixamanu, have a look through the ubuntu forums in the tutorials and tips section for any webcam threads that might be there08:42
FedererRogerjim_p:  thanks! i want to do DAMN SMALL LINUX but with UBUNTU... DSL sucks08:42
Cheekyompaul: iam screwed... the cd rom was deteted but wont let me install it coz the cd rom .. is slow .. how can i install it through a netwrok .. is that even possbible ?08:43
JaseXFedererRoger: I would wait for fluxbuntu 8.10 to be made then.08:43
unoptenX, if i remember right, kernel upgrades are not automatic -- and even if you install a new kernel you'll be warned08:43
JaseXand just dd that onto a thumbdrive.08:43
ompaulCheeky, got a usb port on the box and will it support booting from usb08:43
brandonmpace!webcam | amanu08:43
ubottuamanu: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras08:43
JaseXAnyways ubuntu 8.10 will support installing to a usb thumbdrive from within ubuntu itself.08:43
FedererRogerJaseX: why flubuntu?? why not use ubuntu?08:44
JaseXFluxbuntu is faster being based off the fluxbox wm rather than the gnome de08:44
Cheekyompaul: no .. the problem, is that i have a usb dvd rom .. and it didnt give the opton to book from usb cd rom ..08:44
tenXunop: my systems dont have auto updates, i simply wonder if there is some config file switch telling apt to leave out kernel updates08:44
unopJaseX, you can install fluxbox on ubuntu and switch desktops - to pretty much the same effect08:44
brandonmpace!install | Cheeky08:44
ubottuCheeky: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate08:44
Cheekyompaul: this is my machine with 128 ram thou http://www.amazon.com/Dell-Dimension-Desktop-266-MHz-Pentium/dp/B00005UJYR08:44
ompaulCheeky, well then maybe you will do what else I suggested - xen virtual box quemu on your main desktop08:44
FedererRogerJaseX: but i want Gnome and all full desktop, into my 128 GB USB stick08:45
amanuhere is output for my lspci,lsusb commands can any one find my type of web cam here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/48815/08:45
JaseXif you're going for a thumb drive usable distro, capable of running on practically ANY pc FedererRoger I'd recommend at least replacing gnome with Fluxbox or LXDE08:45
JaseX128 GB usb?08:45
JaseXYou mean 128 MB08:45
JaseXThe highest pen drive I own... is 8gb, the highest one I know of is 16 gb08:45
FedererRogerJaseX: why not Gnome? 128 gb08:45
brandonmpaceJaseX: there is a 32 GB now08:45
JaseXthere is no 128 gb usb stick08:45
=== Initial_2 is now known as Initial_M
JaseXbrandonmpace: so they released it finally?08:46
JaseXHave to grab one.08:46
unoptenX, by automatic i mean - newer kernels are not pulled in via  apt-get/aptitude upgrade - you have to explicitly install the newer kernels to get them.08:46
brandonmpacewww.newegg.com has them08:46
JaseXI'm waiting for a 32gig sdhc card to come in the mail08:46
JaseXah newegg.com = friend :D08:46
FedererRogerJaseX: the space is irrelevant, i want FULL DESKTOP , with GNOME and all the crap + UBUNTU in my USB stick08:46
JaseXFedererRoger: 128 mb is not enough.08:46
DebolazI wouldn't mind something more lean than stock ubuntu, but the problem has been intergration with other systems, like SMB shares. Only (k)ubuntu seems to support such things in a simple way.08:46
JaseXThe space is relevant sir @ FedererRoger08:46
Massiv0rCan anyone confirm me that Lineage2 (Interlude Chronicle) isn't able to run @ wine even if the server has no gameguard?08:46
FedererRogerFedererRoger: 128 GIGAbytes08:46
brandonmpaceFedererRoger: that will take at least a 4 gig, possible a 2 gig08:47
JaseXI have issues running it from a 2 gigabyte thumbdrive08:47
tenXunop: you mean choosing dist-upgrade rather to upgrade or safe-upgrade?08:47
JaseXFedererRoger:  there's no such thing as 128 Gigabyte thumbdrive. is what i'm telling you.08:47
Cheekybrandonmpace: wow .. ojk .. which on is the easies..08:47
brandonmpaceCheeky: ?08:47
Cheekyompaul: i wanan try the new box .. heeheh .. how could i do this ?08:47
FedererRogerJaseX: thats irrelevant, i have a 128 GIGAs thumb , my question is if there is any limitation to Put a FULL ubuntu desktop in it?08:48
JaseXFedererRoger: yes because you have no 128 gigabyte thumbdrive sir.08:48
ompaulCheeky, move your cd / dvd to it temporarily08:48
JaseXYou have a 128 megabyte thumbdrive.08:48
JaseXIT IS VERY Relevant my dear friend.08:48
brandonmpacefull ubuntu desktop needs 4 gigs for stability and full install08:48
Cheekyompaul: can i pm you ?08:48
FedererRogerJaseX: forget about the space, i have there 50gb of information already, and i want to install UBUNTU08:49
ompaulCheeky, go on08:49
JaseXbrandonmpace: not necessarily... if you chop out crap like openoffice and evolution and the likes.08:49
JaseXrelevant sir.08:49
unoptenX, dist-upgrade is no longer recommended so you shouldn't be using it - use do-release-upgrade instead - but if you dist-upgraded (by any means) a newer kernel is installed - which makes sense - packages in newer versions of ubuntu rely on newer versions of the kernel08:49
JaseXWhy won't you listen.08:49
JaseXYOU cannot forget about the space.08:49
Massiv0rCan anyone confirm me that Lineage2 (Interlude Chronicle) isn't able to run @ wine even if the server has no gameguard?08:49
JaseXThe space is the crucial basis.08:49
JaseXI'd be damned if you could efficiently run a xubuntu install from 128mb08:50
brandonmpaceJaseX: I think we should drop  the space issue.   FedererRoger you need 4 gigabytes of free space on the drive as long as you  have a decent amount of ram08:50
JaseXhere's your answer FedererRoger, it's impossible to do what you are trying to do. give up.08:50
FAJhi can anyone help me with my wifi?  i followed these directions:  http://madwifi.org/wiki/UserDocs/FirstTimeHowTo to get the -ng madwifi drivers.. but it doesn't show up in my iwconfig. any help please, i am desparate08:50
tenXunop: thanks for that hint as i will have to fight with myself changing long time behaviour :/08:50
JaseXFedererRoger: forget DSL, try Puppy Linux08:50
brandonmpacepuppy requires slightly more than 128 mb unless you just copy the cd files08:51
FedererRogerI Have 128 gigabytes, so its not a problem for me08:51
brandonmpaceFAJ: what is the wireless chipset?08:51
JaseXbrandonmpace: exactly, but he wants the full experience, and the iso can be modified.08:51
bazhang_!usb | FedererRoger read this08:52
ubottuFedererRoger read this: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent08:52
JaseXFedererRoger: apparently so, that's why it's telling you it won't install.08:52
brandonmpacethanks bazhang_08:52
dodyhay everybody?08:52
JaseX@ bazhang_ thanks...08:52
bazhang_FedererRoger, please read the links provided.08:52
* JaseX sighs.08:52
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amanuyes i can see that my webcam is "CMOS 1.3M PIXEL CAMERA]"08:52
dodyhow to install gyhc?08:52
JaseXI should perhaps goto bed08:53
JaseXdody:  Gyach?08:53
JaseXdody: or am I mistaken?08:53
Massiv0rCan anyone confirm me that Lineage2 (Interlude Chronicle) isn't able to run @ wine even if the server has no gameguard?08:53
FedererRogerthanks... so its confirmed, I can install FULL UBUNTU DESKTOP, into an usb stick of 128gb08:53
bazhang_FedererRoger, please stop and read the links.08:53
Massiv0rFedererRoger usbs run even faster than HD so good luck.08:53
dodyyahoo messenger for ubuntu08:53
JaseX... that's great... when they release 128gb thumb drives in 3 years or so.08:53
brandonmpace!webcam | amanu click the first link08:54
ubottuamanu click the first link: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras08:54
JaseXdody: you refer to gyach?08:54
JaseXbazhang_: is gyach in the repository whatsoever?08:54
bazhang_JaseX, gyache? not sure08:54
JaseXI know how to compile it... but... that's useless for beginners really.08:54
bazhang_!info gyache08:54
ubottuPackage gyache does not exist in hardy08:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gyachi08:54
bazhang_info gyachi08:54
FAJis there anyone here to help me?08:54
FAJbrandonmpace:  i am so sorry08:55
FedererRogeri have 2x of this http://cache.gizmodo.com/assets/resources/2007/12/Sony_64GB_Memory_Vault.jpg08:55
jeeves__does anyone know why my system dosn't get past "dist_get _mac: mac address=xxxx"?08:55
bazhang_!info gyachi08:55
ubottuPackage gyachi does not exist in hardy08:55
ompaulFedererRoger, be nice08:55
jeeves__does anyone know why my system dosn't get past "dist_get _mac: mac address=xxxx"?08:55
amanubrandonmpace: i m over that link08:55
bazhang_FedererRoger, you have gotten an answer. please cease and desist08:55
FAJbrandonmpace: its an atheros ar541608:55
dodywhat site ubuntu indonesia?08:55
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia08:55
brandonmpaceamanu: follow ALL of those directions and it will work08:55
bazhang_dody, #ubuntu-id08:56
FAJbrandonmpace: did you get that?08:56
dodyoh thank's08:56
brandonmpaceFAJ: copy08:56
FAJcopy what?08:56
JaseXHmm anyone have a tutorial on making deb packages for ubuntu?08:56
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports08:56
JaseXI'd be willing to try my hand at making a deb package for gyachi08:56
FAJbrandonmpace:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/48816/08:57
chazcoHi... anyone know the pros/cons of swapping totem-gstreamer for totem-xine (so I can play DVD images)?08:57
Agent_bobchazco i just use vlc08:58
FAJbrandonmpace: what now?08:58
chazcoI'd rather not install lots of extra applications though... totem-gstreamer works for me except for DVD08:59
bazhang_vlc works great chazco08:59
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JaseXokay maybe it isn't the brightest idea to be trying to learn to do this at 4 am eh bazhang_ ?08:59
bazhang_JaseX, :) get some sleep08:59
ompaul!away > Tizz09:00
ubottuTizz, please see my private message09:00
FedererRogeri get the error "telnet: connect to address Connection refused" when i try to connect by IP, but then i try with 'localhost', it works, help!?09:00
brandonmpaceFAJ: I´ll get right back to you09:00
ompaul!install > Cheeky09:00
ubottuCheeky, please see my private message09:00
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Tizz!gofuck ompaul09:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gofuck ompaul09:00
JaseXI would... but i'm upgrading my imac from debian etch to lenny to get it working for my mother.09:00
FAJbrandonmpace:  ok.09:00
JaseXthat and trying to figure out this terminal problem.09:00
chazcobazhang_ - It might do, but i dont want lots of extra applications around... already had to install one for DVB, not another for DVD too09:01
carmit_levii want higher program version then what the synaptic gives me what should i do?09:01
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JaseX... did the chanserv just deop you??09:01
chazcoTempted to just switch to KDE and use Kaffeine :)09:01
JaseXoh nevermind09:01
Massiv0rCan anyone confirm me that Lineage2 (Interlude Chronicle) isn't able to run @ wine even if the server has no gameguard?09:01
JaseXI missed it opping you.09:01
brandonmpaceFAJ:  go here  and follow this, as your chipset is not fully supported yet, it is being worked on. you have an ar5008 main chipset, btw   http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_checkout_and_install_madwifi_experimental_driver_for_ar500809:01
JaseXMassiv0r: I have almost gotten the game running once.09:02
edo32mbanyone able to help with setting up this Logitech USB mic...the links i seem to go to seem to all be down. -.-09:02
Massiv0rJasex: what was your problem ?09:02
JaseXBut the server i was using infact had no game guard.09:02
Massiv0rThat way it was supposed to be running09:02
JaseXI forgot to finish the updates... and ever since, my wine hasn't worked.09:02
brandonmpaceFAJ: I´m sure that 8.10 will work wonders for you as it adds a bunch of hardware support09:02
amanuhow can i find weather my system is a 32 bit or 64 bit09:02
Tenebrysokay, this is odd.09:03
JaseXwhat processor do you have?09:03
FAJbrandonmpace: i just came from 8,10; it 'works' but it doesn't actually work09:03
JaseXDo you know @ amanu?09:03
FedererRogeri get the error "telnet: connect to address Connection refused" when i try to connect by IP, but then i try with 'localhost', it works, help!?09:03
TenebrysEven the program on the Vista recovery console "bootrec.exe /fixmbr" said "the operation completed successfully" but upon bootup I still got grub error 17.09:03
JaseXFAJ 8.10 isn't finished, that's why :p09:03
Massiv0rJaseX: i could run it but it was freezing at Almost all cities (not some starting villages) everything else was working great... it was giving me some Errors "Fixme" smth @ terminal09:03
FAJJaseX:  this is true....09:03
brandonmpaceFAJ: that´s what I´m saying is that by release date it should work, but not yet lol09:03
FAJlol ok.09:03
amanudo we have any command to know type of my processor09:04
JaseXI'm having a weird issue with the kernel i'm using faj... don't feel bad.09:04
edo32mbis ubuntuforums.org down for anyone else?09:04
brandonmpaceamanu do you want weather on your panel bar?09:04
TenebrysYeah, I can't get in.09:04
Agent_bobamanu cat /proc/cpuinfo09:04
brandonmpaceme neither09:04
JaseX@amanu try this09:04
FAJbrandonmpace:  trying directions; svn isn't working; clienterror; invalid parsing arguments09:04
JaseXsudo lshw -html > your-file-name.html09:05
brandonmpaceFAJ:  sigh... computers09:05
ompaulFedererRoger, telnet works - I think you are trolling09:05
JaseXIt works wonders for me @ amanu09:05
^Jimbo^edo32mb: Yes09:05
TenebrysAre there any other ways to fix up the master boot record other than the "bootrec.exe /fixmbr" program?  I just need to get grub out of there so I can boot normally again, do whatever it was I did to it in the first place.  I had used some kind of grub boot ISO to write it in.09:05
FAJso what should i do brandonmpace ';)09:05
JaseXFAJ i've missed your problem... reinstate please?09:05
amanumodel name: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T5250  @ 1.50GHz09:05
amanuis im claet?09:05
FedererRogeri get the error "telnet: connect to address Connection refused" when i try to connect by IP, but then i try with 'localhost', it works, help!?09:05
amanusorry clear?09:06
FAJhi can anyone help me with my wifi?  i followed these directions:  http://madwifi.org/wiki/UserDocs/FirstTimeHowTo to get the -ng madwifi drivers.. but it doesn't show up in my iwconfig. any help please, i am desparate09:06
JaseXthat's 64 bit amanu09:06
edo32mb^Jimbo^, thanks09:06
JaseXamanu you can safely run 64 bit code on your system09:06
^Jimbo^edo32mb: My pleasure09:06
amanuJaseX:but yesterday night i cant install fedora 64 bit09:06
amanuwhat may be reason09:06
linuxonlinehelp_to@ALL does anyone setup a PC Farm with "Bionic"?09:06
JaseX@amanu I have the same processor. the reason might be your SATA drives.09:06
amanumy college said may be ur proceesor wont support 64 bit09:06
bazhangamanu, ubuntu or fedora09:06
brandonmpaceok don´t follow their directions FAJ  but instead download this to your home directory and compile it  http://snapshots.madwifi.org/madwifi-trunk-current.tar.gz09:06
edo32mbanyone familiar with setting up Logitech USB mic?09:07
ompaulFedererRoger, telnet to what - which port etc09:07
brandonmpaceFAJ: hopefully that works09:07
JaseXYour processor will amanu09:07
JaseXTry Ubuntu 64bit.09:07
bazhangamanu, best ask in #fedora for that09:07
TenebrysSo, yeah, I'm a little bit stuck, with a broken grub in my MBR apparently that prevents normal bootup.09:07
amanuJaseX:ok do u have same processor?09:07
FAJbrandonmpace:  sudo make sudo make install?09:07
brandonmpaceedo32mb: that should work natively with ubuntu09:07
bazhangamanu, or try what JaseX said :)09:07
JaseXWhat wifi card do you have.09:08
JaseXamanu I do have same processor.09:08
brandonmpaceFAJ: make         then make install09:08
JaseXSlightly faster version but same.09:08
amanuJaseX:may i know your harddisk?09:08
FlynsarmyAnyone here use gnome-mud 0.11?09:08
edo32mbbrandonmpace, i had problems last time I installed ubuntu, and this time i'm having the same problems -> it recognizes it, but it doesn't work in audacity and or ventrilo (wine)09:08
JaseXamanu you wish to know my harddisk type? as in make and model?09:08
FedererRogerompaul: to port 2509:08
brandonmpaceedo32mb: are you using audacity in  wine also ?09:08
FedererRogerompaul: when i type telnet 25   it rejects09:09
amanui would like to check weather w have same type of hdd09:09
FedererRogerompaul: when i type  telnet localhost 25, works perfectly09:09
edo32mbbrandonmpace, i had audacity working outside of wine last time i had ubuntu installed09:09
amanub coz i have a small problem with it09:09
brandonmpaceedo32mb:  did you try going to system> preferences> sound and setting it up there?09:09
FedererRogerompaul: no rules on iptables,   iptables --list    Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) target     prot opt source               destination           Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT) target     prot opt source               destination           Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT) target     prot opt source               destination09:09
edo32mbbrandonmpace, i had it all working, but i forgot exactly what i did O.o09:09
FedererRogerompaul: HELP!!!09:09
ompaulFedererRoger, you installed a mail server?09:09
franki^amanu, i presume you mean whether, not weather :)09:09
FedererRogerompaul: yes, it works perfectly with localhost, but not with IP09:10
FAJbrandonmpace:  after that what?09:10
JaseXamanu: I have WDC WD3200BEVT-609:10
amanufranki^:im a little bit poor in english i hope i wont repeat same09:10
FedererRogerompaul: hello?09:11
franki^amanu, don't worry, i was just trying to be helpful :)09:11
ompaulFedererRoger, thinking09:11
brandonmpaceFAJ: modprobe ath_pci09:11
amanuJaseX: ohh i cant get is urs sata hdd?09:11
brandonmpaceFAJ:  sudo that09:11
JaseXamanu: It appears to be plain ATA09:11
FAJbrandonmpace:  ok done, nothing shows up, just fyi goes to next line09:11
x2ohab irgendwie kein ton mehr in openarena seit dem pulseaudio läuft09:11
amanuJaseX:is sata different from ata?09:12
JaseX@amanu connected via SCSI09:12
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de09:12
brandonmpaceyes now try to use wifi fah09:12
ompaulFedererRoger, use a pastebin and put in the settings from "ifconfig" please09:12
brandonmpacefaj ^09:12
amanuscsi means?09:12
bazhangx2o, /join #ubuntu-de09:12
JaseXamanu that's where I become unsure09:12
amanuis urs a laptop r desktop?09:12
FAJbrandonmpace: only lo and eth0 show up in iwconifg...09:12
JaseXamanu: laptop09:12
ompaulJaseX, please don't use the @ when people use nicks it works just as well09:12
JaseXamanu: I apologize for any help I cannot provide I am very tired.09:13
JaseXamanu: HP09:13
JaseXSorry ompaul It's a bad habit.09:13
FAJshould i ndiswrapper it?09:13
JaseXI am trying to break it I promise.09:13
brandonmpaceFAJ: google how to blacklist ath5k   and also     follow their directions here starting at ¨if you´re using debian ¨ http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_checkout_and_install_madwifi_experimental_driver_for_ar500809:13
ompaulJaseX, ;-) one worth breaking :-)09:13
JaseXompaul: quite. I concur09:13
JaseXI have a question about the testing kernel.... 2.26.27... if anyone has a clue...09:15
plovshow can i show an xterm on a remote screen i am logged in to over ssh?09:16
plovslike a fancy remote control09:16
JaseXHeh, my imac is reporting that it's from 1904-01-0109:16
JaseXplovs are you tunneling x over ssh?09:17
JaseXor just pure ssh?09:17
plovsjust ssh, but i suppose it is possible to do either using DISPLAY09:17
plovsi am just missing someting09:17
plovsJaseX: bios-battery empty?09:18
JaseXplovs: well if you're doing ssh localhost for isntance, you'd automatically be connected to a terminal.09:18
FAJbrandonmpace:  it didn't create any new wifi/ath0 in ifconfig09:18
plovsyes but i want to run apps on the remote machine (mplayer)09:18
JaseXyou'd have to tunnel x over ssh09:18
JaseXor you could just use vino combined with vinagre09:19
plovsthen i get it on my laptop, not my desktop i am trying to get it to show on09:19
JaseXIt's what I use.09:19
FAJbrandonmpace:  following troubleshoot; there is nothing under ifconfig -a either09:19
brandonmpaceFAJ: hmm i´m still thinking.   I know you don´t exactly want to wait til the 30th of october lol09:19
FAJbrandonmpace:  ummm ya lol09:19
FAJi could try ndiswrapper?09:19
JaseXplovs, try vinagre... if you have vino already running on your desktop.09:19
plovsJaseX: ok  ... looking09:19
JaseXplovs: if not run vino-preferences on your desktop09:19
Massiv0rCan anyone confirm me that Lineage2 (Interlude Chronicle) isn't able to run @ wine even if the server has no gameguard?09:20
JaseXplovs: and set it up accordingly... on my laptop just to let you know, I had to set my desktop to allow connections from more than just local.09:20
brandonmpaceFAJ: yes you can09:20
JaseXplovs: meaning I unchecked allow local connections only.09:20
brandonmpaceFAJ: why not?09:20
FAJbrandonmpace:  ok,,,,09:21
plovsJaseX: ah, vino is vnc, i want to watch a movie on the remote box, will be to slow09:21
plovswhat i want is use my laptop as a remote control for my desktop where i run mplayer to show a movie09:21
JaseXwell you could always just stream the media...09:21
JaseXWell I start movies and youtube all the time on my desktop... and just minimize vinagre on my laptop...09:22
alexcamiloHello, i'm having a problem with a new install of ubuntu. i have an nvidia geforce 4 mx 440 agp and when i go to retricted drivers to select the nvidia driver it is checked but not in use.09:22
JaseXI am really lazy plovs09:22
brandonmpaceplovs: VLC can stream media over a nework,  just click file> wizard09:22
airtonixplovs, try using ssh with x forwarding to run vlc which is set to output on a second screen at the server09:22
alexcamiloi'm currently running a system update but i don't know if that will do it.09:22
JaseXalexcamilo: I had that issue with my desktop using similar card, you will have to get the legacy driver from nvidia themselfs AFAIK09:23
mistformhow do I get my bluetooth device working? it's a PCI card, but the bluetooth comes off into a USB2, which is plugged into the motherboard09:23
alexcamiloapt-get? or download& compile09:23
mistformwhat command do i used to detect it?09:23
brandonmpacealexcamilo: go to System>administration>hardwar drivers09:23
JaseXif you want a runthrough on how to do that, that is if you're comfortable with the command line... message me privately.09:23
JaseXbrandonmpace: I have a similar graphics card and I had to use the nvidia-legacy drivers.09:23
FAJbrandonmpace:  it says that it is connected through ndiswrapper; any way to test it lol09:24
JaseXHe said it was checked but not working.09:24
brandonmpaceJaseX: I have that EXACT video card right in front of me09:24
alexcamilodell optiplex?09:24
JaseXbrandonmpace: well I'll let you have this one then :D mine's a slightly different model, and all I know is enabling restricted drivers would not work for me.09:24
Massiv0rCan anyone confirm me that Lineage2 (Interlude Chronicle) isn't able to run @ wine even if the server has no gameguard?09:25
C0R3-XGuys, how to run .msi files with wine??? :/09:25
FAJbrandonmpace:  did you get that?09:25
brandonmpacealexcamilo: nope.  you do need to go and install    using add/remove the nvidia-legacy package09:25
brandonmpaceFAJ: yes09:25
alexcamiloah cool09:25
mistformMassiv0r, i was able to run lineage 2before, but I haven't run the game in at least 6 mo.09:26
JaseXAnyone want to take a crack at my kernel problem?09:26
Massiv0rMistform: which Ubuntu version you have being using?09:26
brandonmpaceFAJ: you can left click on the network manager in the top right of the screen and see if any networks show up09:26
brandonmpaceMassiv0r: are you trying to use wine?09:27
jlee 09:28
JaseXMassiv0r: I can report success in running lineage 2 in virtual box with a winxp guest09:28
JaseXbut that's to be expected.09:28
JaseXIf your computer is up to par, it should handle it.09:28
Massiv0rbrandonmpace: yes i even succesfulled installed Direct X and games like cod2 were Running Great even @ Multiplayer09:28
brandonmpaceMassiv0r: try getting the latest wine from http://www.winehq.org/09:28
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mistformMassiv0r, it was feisty last time, i tihnk09:29
C0R3-XGuys, how to run .msi files with wine?09:29
Massiv0rbrandonmpace: i did used Latest,the problem is that it was stucking at some Areas (outside) and almost all Major Cities and was Freezing before even Login,i could thought play at Starting villages but i have 77 lvl character @ x7 rates server :/09:29
brandonmpaceC0R3-X: you will need the cabextract package and there is a command for it. google wine msi09:30
rblsthow can i get my microphone input to work with an 82801H HD sound card in Hardy?09:30
Massiv0rmistform: yes i know 9.50 smth Wine was running great L2 but on 8.04 i just can't install 9.50 Version so it doesn't work properly09:31
brandonmpacerblst: set it up using system>preferences>sound09:31
JaseXman i had a spiffy idea for a macbook... but i don't know if colorware will do it.09:31
Massiv0rJasex: you mean with good fps or just running? you was able to play at an kinda olc pc?09:31
JaseXMassiv0r: I got good response.09:32
JaseXwith compiz disabled and nothing running in ubuntu Massiv0r09:32
Massiv0rJasex: what were your computer Specifications?09:32
JaseXjust virtualbox and windowsxp guest09:32
mistformMassiv0r, do you have the newest version of wine?09:32
JaseXIntel Duo Core 1.83ghz 3 gigs ram nvidia 8600 ms09:33
Massiv0rmistoform: yes i did (1.1.5)09:33
Massiv0rJasex: lol mine is like a p4 @ 2.8ghz ht,1gb ram,nviida 7600gs only09:34
Massiv0rJasex: i wouldn't even be able to open the Client09:34
mistformMassiv0r, my p4stock at2.4.09:34
rblstbrandonmpace: i cannot see any recording settings there09:34
brandonmpaceMassiv0r: that should run it if you use virtualbox with a winxp guest09:34
ZKAT8ITdoes 3d even work with ati cards? or only a select few?09:35
brandonmpacerblst: under Audio Conferencing.   Sound Capture:09:35
mistformZKAT8IT, most cards.09:35
JaseXbrandonmpace: thanks was about to type that to Massiv0r09:35
Massiv0rbrandonmpace: i would prefer running at Ubuntu so i had better results09:35
JaseXI'm becoming increasingly more and more rundown.09:35
ZKAT8ITim having trouble getting it to work with the x165009:35
brandonmpaceYour machine can handle it I promise09:35
JaseXMassiv0r: he's right.09:36
brandonmpaceZKAT8IT: is that in a laptop?09:36
Massiv0rguys the server i play has like 3k ppl online and i have to pariticipate at Sieges and Raids :/09:36
JaseXWindows XP does not run as sloppily in virtualbox as natively.09:36
ZKAT8ITif i enable the 3d, when it reboots ubuntu loads but then the screen goes black before i get t the login screen09:36
ZKAT8ITbrandonmpace: desktop09:36
JaseXMassiv0r: just try, if it doesn't work to par, you can hate me all you want.09:36
JaseXIt is a perfect option...09:36
JaseXand one worth trying.09:36
brandonmpaceZKAT8IT: If you wait until 8.10 I´m sure the final release will have better support for this09:37
Massiv0rYou are sure i will have good Results?09:37
brandonmpaceMassiv0r: as good as wine would most likely give you09:37
ZKAT8IThow long will that be?09:37
rblst<brandonmpace: ah, tricky, thanx, i'll play around with that09:37
brandonmpaceZKAT8IT: october 3009:37
Massiv0rGreat,now how can i setup a Virtual Box?09:37
JaseXLet's put it this way Massiv0r I can run perfect world, and world of warcraft just fine09:37
brandonmpacerblst: you´re welcome09:37
ZKAT8ITwill it be as simple as an apt-get update?09:37
JaseXMassiv0r: I'd recommend the version from virtualbox.org09:37
Massiv0ryour pc is uber mine is like "retarded"09:37
JaseXor you could try the repository one.09:38
Massiv0rJasex: anyway i mean i need to install Full winxp at my linux hd?09:38
brandonmpaceZKAT8IT: your update popup will tell you that there is a distro upgrade available09:38
JaseXsudo apt-get install virtualbox09:38
JaseXI think09:38
JaseXMassiv0r: yes, but in a virtual file...09:38
ZKAT8ITok, thanks brandonmpace09:38
Massiv0rcan i do that at another HD ? cause my main linux one has low size09:39
JaseXMassiv0r: you will more than likely need only to spare 12 gigs to  avirtual hard drive... probably 8 or 1009:39
brandonmpaceZKAT8IT: a fresh install is recommended though to avoid possible problems09:39
brandonmpaceMassiv0r: yes09:39
JaseXMassiv0r: I believe so, as long as that HD is accessible by linux already09:39
brandonmpaceas jasex said09:39
ZKAT8ITlol, ive already fresh installed like 5 times in the past 6 hours trying to get this driver working09:39
Massiv0rit's ntfs type with 80gb and another one with 65gb09:39
brandonmpacelol fun i know09:39
JaseXZKAT8IT: what are you having issues with?09:39
C0R3-Xguys, about that .msi installing, the code is this - "msiexec /i fileinstaller.msi" , but where i should place my .msi file to run it with this code?09:39
C0R3-Xon desktop?09:40
brandonmpaceJaseX: hardware incompatibility09:40
ZKAT8ITtrying to get an ATI Radeon x1650 working with 3d support09:40
_moro_bana_ hello, when i boot into my freshly installed debian, i get this  /bin/sh: cant access tty;job control turned off. it cant lauch the desktop. help09:40
JaseX.... ZKAT8IT envyng-gtk doesn't handle that?09:40
Massiv0rZKAT8iT i had exactly the same problem,it's hardware as they said,wait till next ubuntu release just09:40
DuKeShello everyone, i just recently installed ubuntu in a dual boot with winxp and i would like the default option for OS to be windows instead of ubuntu. How do i change that in the grub menu?09:41
ZKAT8ITmeh, guess ill wait, was hoping never needing to touch the thing again09:41
Massiv0rbut guys with Virtual Box i can have 3D Acceleration Enabled ?09:41
jim_pMassiv0r: nope09:42
JaseXdukes install startupmanager09:42
plovsC0R3-X: puth the file in your $PATH, best in the directory you are running wine from09:42
Massiv0rit can also be your Nvidia drivers by the way09:42
brandonmpaceDuKeS: sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst09:42