tapan_chughhow to add this line in upstart 'S0:345:respawn:/usr/sbin/vgetty ttyS0'15:00
tholme_add event.d/ttyS0 with:15:01
tholme_start on stopped rc315:02
tapan_chughwith what15:02
tholme_start on stopped rc415:02
tholme_start on stopped rc515:02
tholme_stop on runlevel 015:02
tholme_stop on runlevel 115:02
tholme_stop on runlevel 615:02
tholme_exec /usr/sbin/vgetty ttyS015:02
tapan_chughnow do i have to type init q15:03
tapan_chughwhat do i do now15:05
tapan_chughsome body help me15:06

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