nubae1ogra: morning... have u heard of educamp? It's in Berlin second week of October08:15
nubaewelcome Lns18:38
Lnsnubae: haha, hello18:39
nubaeboy has it been quiet on irc today...18:39
nubaebtw... the new ltsp manual is up on launchpad with some of your stuff in it :-)18:39
Lnsnubae: url me!18:43
Lnsit's been quiet all around for me this week so far..its eerie18:43
nubaeyou can bazaar it down or grab it directley I believe18:44
nubaeyeah... eerie indeed18:45
* Lns hasn't used bazaar before18:45
nubaejust do bzr branch lp:~ltsp-docwriters/ltsp/ltsp-docs-trunk18:45
nubaeinstall bzr first I guess18:45
Lnsoh ok18:46
nubaelet me know if u find any errors/fixes...18:46
Lnsnubae: np..on the phone18:54
Lnsnubae: thank you for including my docs, too =) i'll probably update the docs for the user/group section to use default Gnome users/groups admin after https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-system-tools/+bug/259163 is fixed18:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 259163 in gnome-system-tools "users-admin does not sort when Name/Login/Homedir field clicked" [Undecided,New]18:55
GJMy computer lab is running Edubuntu 8.04. I have 19 thin clients that boot OK, but three of them the monitor shuts off just before the login screen appears. What might cause that?19:10
LnsGJ: sounds like they're not getting the right sync vars from X19:17
LnsGJ: might want to look at passing some X variables through lts.conf for those monitors based on the TCs' MAC addresses19:17
GJI looked for lts.conf but couldn't find it. Where is it located?19:18
GJI should say I found it (in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc), but when I checked what was in it, I saw that it shoud be in /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/.19:24
LnsGJ: it's located at /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf - if it's not there, you can create it19:37
LnsGJ: http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/edubuntu/handbook/C/customizing-thin-client.html (although the location in that link is out of date)19:39
GJThat's the very page I was looking at. I found it confusing.19:40
GJAnd I'm not sure what to put in the file to get the video adapter to quit shutting off the monitor.19:41
LnsGJ: looks like lts.conf vars "  X_HORZSYNC" and " X_VERTREFRESH" might be of help, if the sync is the issue - you'll want to verify by adding a root PW in the chroot (if you haven't already), log in on TTY1 on the thinclient, and looking at the xorg logs to see why it's failing.19:42
GJI remember reading about that root PW in chroot somewhere. Now I don't remember where I saw it. However, I can't see anything on the monitor after Edubuntu boots so how would I log on TTY1?19:45
LnsGJ: CTRL+ALT+F119:46
DeanrCan anyone help me with my Ubuntu's slow WAN issue20:07
LnsHas anyone had the issue of users crashing in OpenOffice.org and not being able to re-launch, with no OOffice processes running and removing their ~/.openoffice2.org config dirs?21:21
GJI set a password for root in chroot. Then at the client I press Ctrl-Alt-F1 to bring up TTY1. Using root as the ltsp login and using the password I set, the result is Login Incorrect. What am I doing wrong?21:27
LnsGJ: did you ltsp-update-image and reboot TC(s) ?21:28
GJI didn't know I had to do that!21:28
LnsGJ: I would recommend studying http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/edubuntu/handbook/C/server.html21:30
LnsGJ: Particularly http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/edubuntu/handbook/C/customizing-thin-client.html21:31
GJI did ltsp-update-image and rebooted TC. Now I get the message "Your account has expired; please contact your system administrator"21:59
LnsGJ: blargh..i forget how to get past this...i know there's a way though.22:01
GJAh! Found it. One of the FAQs says to unlock the account with passwd -u. I'll try that.22:02
GJI suppose I have to do ltsp-update-image again even though the FAQ doesn't say so.22:10
GJYep! Unlocking the root account in chroot and then doing ltsp-update-image worked.22:19
GJNow that I can get in as root@ltsp, I'd like to look for what you mentioned earlier. Too bad, the school experienced a power failure between your earlier comments and the present, because the power failure resulted in the loss of your comments. How did you say I could discover what is making my monitor go to sleep?22:22

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