dr_willisThat sounds bad.00:01
dr_willisYou may want to boot a live cd and manually fsck the disks.00:01
o0Chris0ok3b wont burn encrypted dvd's?00:06
Search4Lancerinternal and external, dr_willis?00:07
dr_willisall of thrm00:07
* Search4Lancer commences downloading00:09
* Search4Lancer wonders where the heck XP's disk checker ran off to00:12
dr_willispowering off/unplugging  linux drives while they are being used.. is bad.00:12
Search4Lanceroh yum, XP defragger doesn't even see the one partition on the external00:14
Search4Lancerwell, XP in general00:14
Search4Lancereep... tried to mount what I believe to be it, and it asked me if I wanted to format it as it hadn't been... humm... might've really done a number this time00:18
leumasgenii: d prob stil persists,00:40
geniileumas: What was the error message again?00:41
geniiSomething about Inuser or so00:41
leumaschown cudnt find \home\luemas\.kde00:42
leumasgenii: pls giv me d command line again00:42
geniileumas:   sudo chown -hR leumas:leumas /home/leumas/.kde00:43
geniileumas: if on kde4 then instead: sudo chown -hR leumas:leumas /home/leumas/.kde400:43
leumasgenii: i'm still on 300:44
geniileumas: Then the first one00:44
PiciWhy not just do all of /home/$USER ?00:44
leumasgenii: this is d new error:chown: `leumas:leumas': invalid group00:45
geniiPici: Because his original error signalled something in the .kde directory specifically00:45
geniileumas: Hmm. Please pastebin result of command:  groups00:46
geniiNormally the group you are in is the same as your username00:46
leumasgenii: root00:47
geniileumas: Did you do something strange like enable root account and then start loggin in with it? Or maybe booted up right now to single user mode? (recovery kernel)00:48
leumasgenii: nope,rite now i'm lookin " user mngmnt n i can d leumas user n group00:49
geniileumas: What is result of command:   whoami00:49
leumasgenii: root00:50
geniiThats no good00:50
geniiIn fact horible00:50
leumasgenii: how do i rectify dat00:51
geniiYou should not even be able to login as root, normally.00:51
geniiLet alone run kde as root00:51
PiciPerhaps open a new konsole and try? Maybe you got into sudo -i or something?00:52
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leumasPici: weneva sudo -i i hav 2 put in my psswrd00:53
Picileumas: no. Open a new terminal and just type whoami00:53
geniiPici: My suspicion is it will be the same result00:54
Search4Lancersilly question: does extracting the .iso straight to the CD have the same effect as burning the CD from the .iso?00:54
Picigenii: Mine too, but I'm reaching.00:54
leumasPici: did jst dat n got leumas00:54
ninixI have a problem: my kwin isn't starting at kde startup, any hint ?00:54
Picileumas: now do groups in that same window00:54
BluesKajSearch4Lancer, usually yes , k3b will open if it's the default burner app00:55
geniiAFK getting Advil00:55
leumasluemas adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev scanner lpadmin admin netdev powerdev00:55
Search4LancerBluesKaj, I'm trying to burn a live CD in Windows to fix my linux :-)00:55
geniiso it is luemas and not leumas ?    (u and e reversed)00:56
grendal_primehey is there a way to put in  a list of things that should be done when a package is uninstalled?00:56
BluesKajSearch4Lancer, that shouldn't be a problem ...using the windows burner app ?00:56
leumasgenii: ok got it00:56
grendal_primesorry wrong window00:56
geniigrendal_prime: Ys, in the packagename.postinst        scripts00:57
BluesKajSearch4Lancer, copy and paste the ISO to the cdrom in my computer and a windows box will open after the file transfers , choose "burn data to cd" in the opotion box usually on the left00:58
geniigrendal_prime: Sorry, packagename.postrm00:59
geniiAlso packagename.prerm00:59
Search4LancerBluesKaj: I believe that would just burn the iso file itself to the CD, not burn the CD from the iso00:59
BluesKajthe Iso file should work work01:00
BluesKajerr err :)01:00
geniileumas: Was the username the only one you made so far in kubuntu?01:00
leumasgenii: yes01:00
geniileumas: If so you can also use this way:    sudo chown -hR 1000:1000 /home/leumas      (or luemas, depending on if correct u or e is first)01:01
leumasgenii: ok01:01
geniiBecause the first username made gets user id of 1000 and group id of 1000 also, whatever the name happens to be01:02
leumasgenii: i fink d prob is sovled.tanx a lot01:03
geniileumas: Glad to help01:03
leumasgenii: the luemas actually is samuel spelt backwards01:04
leumasgenii: guessd i misplacd d u and e01:05
geniileumas: I'd guess that was the cause of some of the confusion then :)01:05
leumasgenii: yes01:05
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Ramblurris there a right (tm) way to upgrade to the lastest nvidia drivers?01:31
geniiRamblurr: Maybe look here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia01:32
phoenixzwith CTRL-F1 - CTRL-F4 I can switch between the various desktops that I have, but I have 6 desktops and I want CTRL-F5 and CTRL-F6 also to go to these desktops.. How can I configure this?01:35
geniiphoenixz: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47385901:36
=== gabriel is now known as gabspeck
* genii hands Pici a coffee01:36
phoenixzgenii: looks like thats is for text consoles, not for KDE graphical desktops.. :)01:37
Ramblurrgenii: the driver i want is available in intrepid, but i'm using hardy :\01:40
NPrestaRamblurr, sounds like you're going to have to install the driver from nvidia.com if you want a version not available...01:42
o0Chris0ois there anyway to do a network install of kde301:47
geniiphoenixz: When I have 6 desktops in my pager ctrl-f1 thru ctrl-f6 work fine to switch between them. Perhaps you are in Compiz?01:48
compilerwriterHow would one go about figuring out which packages one has broken?01:50
ahmoshi i get this error on screen after trying to open some games ( can't display this video mode change your computer input to 1440*900@60hz)01:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about package01:50
bopfermanI broke my Amarok.  I accidently canceled an import of music them closed the program.  Now it does not start.  I removed/reinstalled the package and still nothing.  I deleted the ~/.kde/app/amarok and still nothing.   Any idea how to fix this one?01:50
geniio0Chris0o: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot   and use an Kubuntu disc instead of the regular Ubuntu one01:50
ahmosany help!01:52
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:52
geniibopferman: Also remove ~/.kde/share/config/amarokrc01:52
genii!ar | k101:54
ubottuk1: La comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe01:54
geniiahmos: These are linux games or windows games you installed into WINE ?01:55
WalzmynI'm on 8.04 running KDE3 - something i've installed or upgraded asked if I wanted to change windows manager to kwin4 - should I?01:57
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o0Chris0ogenii: do I have to use a disc? trying to refrain from that, no more cd's left :(01:59
geniio0Chris0o: See then also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/NetbootInstallFromInternet02:01
geniio0Chris0o: Once you have a base Ubuntu system you can install kde desktop with install of package kubuntu-desktop02:02
compilerwriterwhere in blazes do we keep the xlibs?02:17
Agent_bob!info xlibs-dev02:17
ubottuPackage xlibs-dev does not exist in hardy02:18
Agent_bob!find xlibs02:18
ubottuFound: xlibs-static-dev, xlibs-data02:18
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geniiI think also libx11-dev might be applicable02:20
Agent_bobxlibs-dev  This package smooths upgrades from Debian 3.0 by depending on libice-dev, libsm-dev, libx11-dev, libxext-dev, libxi-dev, libxmu-dev, libxmuu-dev, libxpm-dev, libxrandr-dev, libxt-dev, libxtrap-dev, libxtst-dev, libxv-dev, x-dev, and xlibs-static-dev.  This transitional package is only depended upon by packages that haven't yet corrected their dependencies to reflect the new library arrangement.02:21
Agent_bobdoes dapper have known issues with "real media" ?    konq shows that it should be playing but no sound comming out... ?02:31
Daisuke_Idorealmedia isn't.02:36
Daisuke_Idoi think you need the w32codecs package02:36
o0Chris0ogenii: so once I have install ubuntu, I can install kubuntu-desktop, how would I remove ubuntu?02:36
genii!purekde | o0Chris0o02:37
ubottuo0Chris0o: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »02:37
_2!puregnome | o0Chris0o also notice02:37
ubottuo0Chris0o also notice: If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome »02:37
_2genii you did explain that having both is normal too02:38
* genii hands _2 a coffee02:38
genii_2: No, I didn't explain that aspect02:38
* _2 splashes the coffee on himself.... "thanks, that'll wake me up!"02:39
=== sean is now known as Guest50634
_2o0Chris0o just passing information,   it's not uncommon to have multiple desktop environments installed in linux.  i think i have 9 of them on this box...02:40
Guest50634where do you enable more?02:41
_2you simply install them.02:42
o0Chris0oI see02:42
o0Chris0oI consider that messy :D02:42
Guest50634actually it makes things a little more organized I think02:43
Ahmuckhi, intrepid ?02:43
_2Ahmuck #ubuntu+102:43
geniiGuest50634: apt-cache search wm|grep "window manager"|more                    will show you a lot of them in standard repositories that are available to install02:44
_2genii shame on you.    "more"    !02:44
Guest50634thanks for the tip02:44
_2apt-cache search wm|grep "window manager"|less02:44
genii_2: My sh syntax is inelegant, I know02:45
_2syntax is fine.   i just despise using "more" when "less" is the default pager and miles ahead of the antiquated "more"      i.e.   less is more than more, because more is less than less...02:46
Guest50634I've read that 5 times and it still doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but I see what you're getting at/02:47
_2and we'll not even discuss "most"   :)02:47
_2Guest50634 the more is less... thing ?02:47
Guest50634yea? what about it?02:48
* genii tries to shake his old bad habits02:48
_2Guest50634 "I've read that 5 times..."   <_2> Guest50634 the more is less... thing ?02:48
_2k.   "command more" is less than "command less"    and "command less" is more than "command more"    ^02:50
* genii twitches02:50
Guest50634that makes more sense.02:50
Guest50634hey question.02:51
Guest50634the proprietary drivers window won't rid itself of my tray. Keeps popping up telling me to install custom ATI drivers. How do I rid myself of it?02:51
* _2 hopes "right click it and tell it to close" 02:53
Guest50634just makes the window pop up. tell it to close, and it just foes back to the tray.02:53
_2hmmm that's very un-kde-ish ...02:54
Guest50634yea, I know. I'm thinking restart?02:55
_2Guest50634 looked in kcontrol ?     system services02:55
Jucato(because it's not really kde-ish)02:55
Guest50634looking now.02:56
_2Jucato you been lurking here today ?     i've not seen you in a 'coons age02:56
Jucatococoon's age? racoon's age? tycoon's age?02:57
Jucatoyeah just lurking. studying actually. just saw the comment and had to clarify :)02:57
Guest50634any idea what the service name might be? I don't see anything obvious.02:58
_2Jucato so what's the short answer on how to "rid the tray of that icon" ?02:58
Jucatothat I don't know. but I think the name of the app is jockey-kde02:58
_2Guest50634                                 ^02:58
Jucatoall I know is that it's not from KDE :)02:58
skinnymg1-irssihello everybody02:59
Guest50634yea, that isnt listed.02:59
geniiMaybe see if there's something staring it up in ~/.kde/Autostart02:59
_2genii i kinda like that typo.      now staring in ~/.kde/Autostart ...     :)03:00
Guest50634one sec.03:01
geniiI have a killer headache and not watching my typing as closely as usual. Hopefully the Advils, beer, Neo-Citran and cough syrup will put a dent in it03:01
_2in your typing ?     it probably will....  ;/03:02
Guest50634seems to already have. There's nothing there.03:02
Guest50634in the /.kde/Autostart i mean.03:02
Guest50634I'll brb.03:02
_2Guest50634 grep -HiRe jockey ~/.kde03:03
Guest50634what was the intended outcome of that?03:06
_2find a configuration file that is starting the app03:06
_2if it said nothing then i missed.03:07
Guest50634it came back with a load of stuff.03:07
_2can you pastebin it ?03:07
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)03:07
Guest50634one sec. I'm managing a whole bunch of other stuff here too.03:09
Guest50634here it is.03:11
Guest50634sorry about the format.03:12
Guest50634I may have found it.03:13
=== root is now known as Search4Lancer
Guest50634I was still looking at System Services, and I found atieventsId. the drivers for my card, it was enabled at boot under that menu, so I disabled it. Fixed?03:14
Search4Lancerdon't remember who was helping me with my problems earlier, but I've gotten as far as being able to boot into Xubuntu from recovery mode - still can't fire up KDE, trying startkde from the command line gave a million failures to start x03:15
_2Guest50634 /usr/share/applications/jockey-kde.desktop  <<< daz it.03:15
Guest50634thats the location?03:16
Search4Lancerwould a live CD help me at all at this point? any way to reinstall just the core Kubuntu files without wiping?03:16
_2that's what is starting the app Guest5063403:16
try4ceCan I adjust the mouse sensitivity?03:16
try4ceIt feels a bit off... a hair too fast, maybe.03:16
Guest50634so do I edit? delete? _2?03:17
_2Guest50634 jucato would know.03:17
Guest50634Jucato? Yoy still here?03:18
sumo_sui have a very silly questions: what do the colours of nicknames in the main chat window of Konversation mean?03:19
Search4Lancerabsolutely nothing sumo_su03:19
Search4Lancerthey are random03:19
Search4Lancerto help differentiate between people03:20
sumo_suSearch4Lancer: argh ok... and i was trying to read a pattern:) thanks:)03:20
pbusoh,i see too03:21
Raylzare there any official system requirements for kde 4.1?03:25
geniiRaylz: Perhaps ask them in #kubuntu-kde403:26
Hydrant2hey all... I'm trying to install kubuntu on a new system but the screen goes blank before I get to the install03:27
sumo_sucan you select a language?03:27
Search4Lancerhmm... here's a thought: why isn't the kde package installed? normal? bad?03:28
Raylzgenii: always forget that theres a kde4 channel xD sry03:28
MattPHi Everyone03:47
MattPDoes anyone know whats happened to planetkde?03:47
Hydrant2sumo_su: yah I can, I'm trying the alternate CD now03:48
geniiMattP: http://planetkde.org/ works fine here. New entry, maybe server was inaccessible for you while it was being updated03:49
JucatoMattP: try using www.planetkde.org if planetkde.org doesn't work for you yet03:50
Jucato(DNS cache)03:50
MattPstrange, i am being redirected to http://developer.kde.org/03:51
sumo_suHydrant2: so its working now?03:51
Hydrant2sumo_su: downloading alternate03:52
Jucato<Jucato> MattP: try using www.planetkde.org if planetkde.org doesn't work for you yet03:54
sumo_suHydrant2: what kind of computer are you on? small laptop or normal desktop?03:54
Hydrant2has dual-head video card in it, nvidia03:54
MattPthank you jucato, but it is not working for me :-(03:55
Hydrant2it's entirely possible that it's using the wrong video card03:55
JucatoMattP: did you put the www in the URL?03:55
MattPyes I did my friend03:55
JucatoMattP: what browser are you using?03:55
sumo_suHydrant2: hm yea... if so thats way over my head:)03:56
Hydrant2I could disable it in the bios03:56
Hydrant2let's see how the alternate does03:56
JucatoMattP: not sure if this works in konqueror like in firefox, but you could try it: type in "www.planetkde.org" and press Enter but immediately press Esc so the page doesn't load. then Press Ctrl and click on the Reload button03:57
geniiIP of planetkde.org is
MattPI have cleared my history, and my cache, and have tried as you suggest to use the IP, and I am trying to stop the page from loading04:01
MattPbut allas, it keeps redirecting to htt://developer.kde.org04:01
MattPI am in New zealand04:01
Jucatoweird.. might be your ISP's DNS cache still serving the wrong pages or something...04:03
MattPi think that it maybe,  I though that i could RRS to read the latest, however my feed only goes upto friday 19:3304:05
MattPdid you say that they have recently upgraded the planet?04:05
MattPis there an IRC channel that I should report this to?  to see if other people in New Zealand are having problems with the planet?04:09
Jucatoyes they did and everything should be working now. I don't think there's a channel to report to04:12
MattPJucato, my friend, tell me please if I am missing anthing interesting on the planet?04:13
JucatoMattP: the right sidebar at http://dot.kde.org/ shows some of the latest feeds04:15
mneptokMattP: what does nslookup tell you for that domain name?04:16
MattPServer: Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name:   planetkde.org Address:
MattPthis is the correct ip address for planetkde, as you had above04:20
MattPanyone else from New Zealand?04:21
GWillakerswish I were!04:28
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jason__hi all04:33
Guest50634Jucato, you still alive?04:35
MattPyes New Zealand is an excellent country, if only planetkde was working here!04:37
epBacking up ~ kb3 told me i had a couple of files bigger than 2 gigs.  Well my porn ain't that good.  What utility (or bash command) might be good to  use to search subdirs for all files and find these big ones?04:48
epI want to search hidden files too, of course04:49
LeeJunFan_say I add myself to a group in a konsole, and I want to operate on a file that group has permission to do. Is there any way I can get it to recognize I'm part of that group now w/o logging out/in?04:50
NickPrestaep, perhaps `du -k | sort -nr`04:51
Hydrant2arrgh... my Kubuntu is still blank04:52
LeeJunFan_ep: find . -maxdepth 1 | du -sk {}\ ; | sort -nr04:54
LeeJunFan_will tell you the size of every dir/file in your current dir - including hidden.04:54
epokay thanks04:54
LeeJunFan_sry, that's not right.04:55
LeeJunFan_just a sec.04:55
LeeJunFan_find . -maxdepth 1 -exec du -sk {} \; | sort -nr04:55
LeeJunFan_ep: ^^04:56
epgot it  that does sub directories?04:56
LeeJunFan_well, it'll tell you how much a dir holds, including all it's subs.04:56
LeeJunFan_So when you identify the large one you can cd into it and then run that command again.04:57
Hydrant2oh great... nvidia 9600gt isn't supported04:58
epLeeJunFan_: bash: syntax error near unexpected token `|'04:58
NickPrestaep, does 'du -k | sort -nr' not do what you want?04:59
epNickPresta:  no  it gives me lines such as05:01
ep4       ./.mozilla/firefox/lami9fou.default/extensions05:01
Hydrant2are there debs for the latest nvidia drivers ?05:01
NickPrestaep, yeah, which is the size of the files. You want the ones at the top...05:02
epthe top was truncated :)  I did  this in konsole.  Lots of files05:03
Agent_bobep so scroll up05:04
NickPrestaep, you can `less` the results, if you want05:04
=== bloodoby is now known as bloodboy
* Agent_bob normally sets the scroll back buffer for konsole to about 5000 lines.... i don't recall what the default is. something around 500 maybe ?05:05
Agent_boband an fyi in console the scroll back buffer is determined by the vidio ram avalable to the kernel    not adjustable05:07
NickPrestaAgent_bob, I think the default is only 10005:10
Agent_bobNickPresta hmmm that's low...    can even be set to "unlimited"05:10
mr---t-helo agent bob05:28
Agent_bobmr---t- shalom05:29
mr---t-peace to you05:30
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boozer_does WIFI work in kubuntu?05:33
Agent_bobdoes firefox work in windows05:34
boozer_should I wait for another version of kubuntu or go to another distro to get wifi?05:36
boozer_is there kubuntu 8.04?05:37
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:38
=== CoJaBo__ is now known as CoJaBo
boozer_oh sorry that should be in the FAQ05:40
Hydrant2anyone here have 2 screens setup ?05:42
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Kubuntero
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama05:51
Agent_bobHydrant2  ^05:51
boozer_Hydrant2 why do you need 2 monitors?05:52
Agent_bobboozer_ it's often not a case of "need" but of "want"05:52
boozer_oh so they have dual core so they want 1 screen for each processor?05:53
judgen_Anyone know why xorg crashes when i try to use the Display configurations in kde4?05:53
boozer_quad core .... 4 screnns?05:53
Agent_bobboozer_ heh humour is such a tool05:54
=== judgen_ is now known as judgen
Agent_bobjudgen bug ?05:54
judgenAgent_bob: i dont know, and i cant set the modeline anymore in Xorg... just says "unsupported mode" on the screen now...05:55
judgenworked in hardy with kde3.5 and gnome.05:55
Agent_bobjudgen #ubuntu+i for intrepid Q's   #kubuntu-kde4 for kde4 Q's05:56
=== ubuntu_ is now known as kubuntero
kubunteroAgent_bob: Your C is showing05:57
CoJaBoIs there a reason KNetworkManager takes 3-20 tries to connect to my wireless even tho it works with other ones?05:58
boozer_other what?05:58
CoJaBoIt connects the first time to any other wireless I've tried. But mine it takes up to 20 tries before it connects.05:59
boozer_is it the card ?06:00
boozer_I hear stories about wacky cards06:00
boozer_CojaBo does the card work in other OSes?06:01
Agent_bobkubuntero heh i don't C++ it    ???06:03
CoJaBoNever tried any other OS on that one.  I had what might have been the same problem on several other computers (with different wireless cards) with several linux distros (all KDE), but I just gave up after about 5 tries on them so I don't know if it would have worked..06:03
CoJaBoThe card is "RaLink".06:04
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:04
Agent_bobthought there was a specal infonode on that06:04
boozer_what do you use to see the networks CajaBo?06:04
CoJaBoI just use KNetworkManager.06:05
boozer_wait a minute my wibee started to work again06:05
boozer_I thought KNetworkManager was for OPENSUSE 11.006:06
CoJaBoI think it comes with any KDE distro.06:06
DarkriftXanyone know what would cause my to be unable to view websites or connect to pop mail servers, but be able to be on irc and down/upload torrents?06:07
CoJaBoI am using KDE 4.106:07
CoJaBoDarkriftX: Bad DNS?06:07
devohow can i rewiew a pdf file in ubuntu from downloading it???06:07
boozer_have you tried wlassistant?06:08
devo i'm new with use'n linux, srry06:08
boozer_devo open it with ghostscript06:08
jdcnycAnyone know why I have no volume after a Heron clean install? At full volume on the speakers' knob and at every programs setting and can just barely hear anything.06:09
Agent_bobDarkriftX dns issues ?    ping -c1 google.com ;ping -c1  # for a test.06:09
devo but is that in ubuntu, or do i have to install ghostscript?06:09
DarkriftXping works06:09
DarkriftXbut no http06:09
DarkriftXor pop06:09
CoJaBoDarkriftX: Hardware/software firewall?06:10
Agent_bobDarkriftX search the wiki i think there was a known issue with that.06:11
kubunterojdcnyc: KDE4?06:11
DarkriftXcant Agent_bob06:11
jdcnycI think so06:11
kubunterojdcnyc: is it only KDE sounds you can't hear?06:11
jdcnycUsing Amarok to play a cd, used V06:12
jdcnycCodine and Kaffine on a DVD06:12
boozer_DarkriftxX did you try restarting ?06:13
DarkriftXno, i wouldnt think linux would need a reboot for something like this06:14
DarkriftXi thought id ask in here first, but ill try that soon06:14
jdcnycI can almost hear KDE system alert sounds06:15
Agent_bobyes,  hi,  yes06:29
Agent_boboh maybe that's not japaneese06:29
lustin_sano, bye, no06:30
mr---t-looks more like russian to me06:33
mdleysonhello everybody06:34
mdleysonyes, just trying this kubuntu06:35
Agent_bobit's already been tried.   it's guilty06:36
MattPwhat do you think to kubuntu mdleyson?06:36
mdleysoncool...first ime06:37
MattPI think that it is a great system.  Tell me please mdleyson, are you using kde3 or kde4?06:38
harish_guys h r u doing06:39
harish_helloo jono06:40
Agent_bobh r u ? & y d u a ? o c u s ?06:44
Agent_bobshoot he already left.   and i was so looking forward to telling him that letters are not in and of them selves words execpt for i and a ....06:45
MattPmdleyson - a very good system indead!  r u coming from another system?06:47
=== Darkrift2 is now known as DarkriftX
joegeekanyone know where the error logs for knetworkmanager are kept?07:02
Agent_bob/var/log/  ?07:02
Agent_bobor /root/   ?07:03
mr---t-Agent_bob:  r u against letters as words?07:06
MattPjoegeek - what version of kubuntu are u using?07:06
joegeekMattP: 8.04.107:07
MattPi c.  r u having wireless connection problems?07:07
Agent_bobmr---t- only when other people do it.07:09
joegeekMattP:  yea,...  my problem is knetworkmanager seems to be connecting and then drops everything and reprompts me for a password,...  i keep hitting "ifconfig ath0" while its connecting, and I see it eventually get an ip,..  then it takes a crap on me and prompts me to reenter a password,...07:09
Agent_bobmr---t- idk any reason !2 shorten things ama possable.      execpt for the added unnesseccary confussionism07:10
joegeekbeen at this all day,..07:10
faileasjoegeek: sure its not the router/network card? >_>07:11
joegeekfaileas: no both my xp and vista notebooks work fine,...   and my kubuntu has connected to an unsecured network, and the current one earilier today,...07:12
mr---t-wow bob a little slow on the uptake ther07:12
faileasjoegeek: i had a particular network card that worked fine on unsecured conenctions but not encrypted ones ;p07:13
joegeekfaileas: well she did connect to this network earlier today,..07:14
Agent_bobmr---t- heh i was watching the elves gang up on the dwarves    (wesnoth)     so i'm not busy but not paying much attention to irc either.   ;/07:14
mr---t-uh yeah right07:15
joegeekfaileas: it just took about seven hours of fidgiting with every option I could think of,...  and damned me, I cant remember wtf i did,...07:16
MattPjoegeek - what encryption do you have on the wireless network?07:17
mr---t-hold on I'll try to channel your spirit from earlier07:17
joegeekMattP: wep07:17
mr---t-nope all I keep getting are old good times reruns07:19
Agent_bobnah.   "get the phone weezy!"    jeffersons07:20
MattPjoegeek, im guessing that you have the same settings as the router, shared / open - ascii / hex / passphrase?07:20
joegeekMattP: open authentication; wep passphrase,...07:22
joegeekMattP: im pretty sure its getting a dhcp lease before it takes a crap on me cuz the ip is in the same subnet as my other two notebooks,...07:26
MattPjoegeek have you tried taking using iwconfig in a command line to see if it works?07:27
joegeekMattP: I've not messed with wireless networks use`n any flavor of linux,...  its always been wired for me,..   where is a good howto or a walkthough on iwconfig?07:28
MattPjoegeek: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-troubleshoot-wireless-network-connection-in-ubuntu.html07:29
MattPI have used this walk through a couple of times07:29
joegeekMattP: tnks,...07:29
MattPjoegeek, is there another wireless router you can try to connect to?07:31
MattPjoegeek - in a terminal, type  iwlist scan07:32
joegeekMattP: I've been able to connect to a unsecured network, but its highly unreliable with an extreamly weak signal, my xp and vista notebooks wont even pick it up,..  and my xp notebook is the same make and model as my kubuntu notebook,...07:34
joegeekMattP: how do i convert my passphrase to a hex key?07:35
MattPjoegeek - urm.. try this site http://www.powerdog.com/wepkey.cgi07:39
MattPdo you admin access to the router?07:39
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
MattPjoegeek - using iwlist scan  - does it pickup your router as one of the cells?07:40
=== Evil_DuDe_ is now known as Evil_DuDe
joegeekMattP: ok,...  following the troubleshooting guide, all was fine untill "dhclient ath0",...  "No DHCPOFFERS received"07:46
MattPjoegeek - what happens if you use a static IP within the range of the DHCP lease range?07:50
joegeekMattP: and unlike befor (when KNetworkManager would crap out on me) the ip giving by dhclient is not in the same subnet,...     duno, I'll give it a shot,...07:50
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!07:50
jassim75i am new here...07:51
MattPhello jassim7507:52
MattPare you new to kubuntu too?07:52
jassim75very new even to linux07:52
mr---t-we all have to start somwhere07:53
MattPjassim75 - it is a little different to other operating systems.  r u finding your way around ok?07:53
jassim75actually i am very exicted and i am tyring to understand how it works07:56
jassim75Mttp- what are you guys discussing??07:57
MattPjassim75, joegeek is having difficulty connecting to a wireless network07:58
MattPwe are trying to work out why07:58
MattPjassim75, may I ask which version of Kubuntu you are using?07:58
jassim75Mattp- I am using ubuntu 8.0408:00
MattPjassim75 - a very good version.  How are you finding it?08:01
ngirardHi all. I'm using freenx to connect remotely to my Kubuntu box. Each time I close a window by clicking the "close" button, I get disconnected. How can I avoid this ?08:01
Agent_bobdon't click the close button ?      sorry couldn't resist.08:02
jassim75so far its ok... i am trying to fugure out how things are installed and configured.08:02
ngirardAgent_bob: ah ah ah. Excellent08:02
MattPjoegeek, how r u getting on with the static IP address08:02
Agent_bob!packages | jassim7508:02
ubottujassim75: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", the "apt:/" URL in KDE, or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!08:02
jassim75Mattp- I have been using Windows forever!!! i bored  ineed something new and safe.08:03
MattPjassim75, yes, this was the most difficult aspect for me to get over08:03
jassim75Mattp- Thanks08:03
MattPok, the basic concept is that you do not need CD-ROM's to install stuff, and you cant go to a website like download.com08:03
MattPto install stuff08:03
Agent_bobjassim75 and one word to the wise.   forget everything you think you know about computers. and start with a blank slate,  it's much easier to learn linux if you aren't constantly fighting preconceeved false notions.08:04
joegeekMattP: ifconfig gives me what i wanna see,..  but i cant ping anything,...08:05
MattPALL software is kept in a 'reposity', you access this by using a package manager08:06
jassim75Agent_bob- i am tryign to start fresh.08:06
MattPin the 'start' button go into 'system' 'package manager'08:07
MattPok, so joegeek, are you saying that you have a static IP address and you are now connecting to the wireless router08:07
joegeekMattP: i dont know if im connected or not,..  how can i tell?08:08
MattPwhat make of router is it?08:08
ubottuhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.08:10
MattPok in konqueror try
joegeekjassim75: btw,..  welcome,..  as much frustration as I've had with linux over the years,...  I still love it,...08:11
CoderCRHello all08:12
MattPit is freedom08:12
Agent_bobMattP testing apache ?08:12
joegeekMattP: its p/w protected and the owner (family member) of the router is asleep,...08:12
CoderCRHow do I find out what version of Kubuntu I am currently running?08:12
Agent_bobCoderCR lsb_release -a08:12
CoderCRI guess I do have the latest08:13
CoderCRso the question is how do I upgrade to kde4?08:13
ubottuKDE 4.1.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde408:13
MattPI understand that you would not be able to access the router, but I was interested to know if the router password access screen was being displayed08:13
MattPcodercr, what version of kubuntu are you using?08:14
joegeekMattP: i've tried the usual linksys username/password combos, as i have two at my house, 1800 miles away,..  I'm visting relatives,..08:14
MattPok, but you are able to see this screen, yes?08:14
jassim75guys- i am trying to get my work email runs on Evolution Mail. i have a certificate file which i used to double click under windows. how ???can i apply this certificate for ubuntu08:14
joegeekMattP: im sorry, yes, I get prompted with a dialog box for username and password,..08:15
MattPok, so that is saying that you are connecting to the wireless network08:15
jassim75ohh sorry guys.. lets finishe Joegeek problem first..08:16
Agent_bobjassim75 evolution is actually a gnome/gtk app  maybe ask in #ubuntu in place of #kubuntu08:16
MattPbut you are not able to acess the internet08:16
MattPjassim75, have you got kmail installed on your computer?08:16
jassim75ok . thanks08:16
MattPthis is the Kubuntu email client08:17
joegeekMattP: excuse me,.. sorry again,..  no I did that on my vista machine,...  no, no such luck on my kubuntu machine,...08:17
CoderCRIt did an upgrade from 7.10 a long time ago08:17
joegeekMattP: dude, im getting burned out,...  i really apreciate the help,..  been at this all day (18 hours (on and off, though mostly on)),...  you've already taken me quite a bit futher than I had gotten myself,...   I'm gonna retire for the night,... and look at this with a pair of fresh eyes in a few hours,...  thanks again MattP,...08:20
MattPok joegeek, my good friend, you have tried to set a static IP address on the kunbuntu machine and it is still not connecting?08:20
joegeekMattP: yep,..08:20
MattPok my friend - best of luck with your troubles,  Maybe I will see you in here again tommorrow without your cable ties!08:21
joegeekMattP: i take that to mean its a wireless and not a dhcp problem,...08:21
joegeekgood night all,..08:22
MattPHi jassim75 are you still here?08:22
CoderCROK.. I installed KDE408:22
CoderCRI removed KDE308:22
CoderCRand now I do not have a desktop nor does some stuff want to work like system:/ trash:/ etc08:23
MattPCoderCR, I hope that you enjoy KDE4 as much as I do!08:23
Agent_bob!kde4 > CoderCR08:23
ubottuCoderCR, please see my private message08:23
jassim75Mattp- i am here08:23
MattPbut I see that you are having a disapointment at first?no?08:24
MattPjassim75, Kmail is the default email client on Kubuntu08:24
jassim75i went to the ubuntu chat,,,08:25
MattPdo you know if this is installed, or would you like some help installing it?08:25
jassim75actually i am confused...08:25
jassim75i have installed ubuntu.. and i see here people talking about kubuntu!!08:26
MattPjassim75, please tell me of your bamboozelment08:26
MattPjassim75, I see your confusion. let me explain08:26
MattPwhen you start your computer, does it say ubuntu or kubuntu ?08:27
jassim75its says ubuntu.08:27
Agent_bobjassim75 ubuntu is the distrobution of linux that you now have. and the default desktop environment for ubuntu is "gnome" but there are specaial installation disks that have "different defaults" amongst them is "kubuntu" which has "kde" as it's default desktop env.08:28
ubottuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE08:28
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels08:28
Agent_bobit is possable to have both kde and gnome installed   as many of us do have.   i have about 9 desktop environments in this ubuntu system.08:29
jassim75ok i will try this out now...08:30
MattPjassim75, this is a new concept for someone coming from windows, and it can be a bit confusing08:30
=== Alex135_ is now known as Alex135
MattPyou see with windows xp, you can change the menu to look fancy or you can have the classic look08:31
Agent_bobyou can use any of the applications from other desktops inside any desktop,   it's just that most are designed and compiled with a specific target DE = desktop environment08:31
jassim75Mattp- you are right .. i am gettign confused... but its kind of cool... it keeps my mind busy.08:31
MattPand that is about it with windows.  with Linux you have completly change every aspect of your system08:32
jassim75i will more that happy not to go bakc to windows...08:33
MattPin this channel, we use kubuntu which uses 'kde', ubuntu uses 'gnome'08:33
jassim75ok.. i have done this "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop"and just finished ... what next?08:34
MattPjassim75, lol my good friend, you have installed xubuntu, this is good, but is not what we using in this channel08:36
jassim75ok... i am confused...08:37
Agent_bobjassim75 to switch DE's you normall want to log out and click the options button at the login screen    select session and login08:37
Agent_bobjassim75 i think you failed to notice i mentioned several DE's  ^ up there.08:37
Agent_bob!kubuntu > jassim7508:38
ubottujassim75, please see my private message08:38
Agent_bob!xubuntu > jassim7508:38
MattPAgent_bob, do you know which package installs kde4?08:38
Agent_bobMattP i know the infonode08:38
ubottuKDE 4.1.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde408:39
Agent_bobMattP i'm still running dapper drake here.  but i do try to kinda keep up with the infonodes the bot uses.08:39
Agent_bob!attitude | just an fyi about the help you find here in #kubuntu.08:41
ubottujust an fyi about the help you find here in #kubuntu.: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines08:41
MattPAgent_bob, I think that you are very wise, it is my sugestion for jassim75 is to install kde4, which I am using intredip 8.1008:41
MattPjassim75, when you login to your computer and use xubuntu, please bear in mind that xubuntu is aimed at older hardware08:42
Agent_bobMattP intrepid is still beta      please don't advise beginners to use beta software.    "and that's not an accusation, just a request for future referance"08:43
CoderCRWell I am on KDE408:43
CoderCRany recommendations for window themes? Oxygen kinda blows.08:43
MattPagent_bob, my good friend, I would never recommend to a beginner to use intrepid, the experince my not be good! however I do not know the apt-get install for kde4 which is what I wanted for our friend jassim7508:44
jassim75so guys.. for me as a begginner.. which easier for a start ..kubuntu or ubuntu??08:45
MattPCoderCR, I use elegance, but if you do not like this, you can always use get hot new stuff08:45
CoderCRyeah.. I will check it out..08:45
CoderCRKDE4 is sweet08:46
CoderCRreally nice new toolbar and desktop08:46
MattPCoderCR, sweet is KDE408:47
MattPjassim75, it is a matter of opinion, for me I perfer kubuntu08:47
jassim75Mattp- i will try kubuntu out:)08:48
Agent_bobjassim75 easier isn't really a practical querry there.   both are about equally polished,   it's more a matter of  "do you like to right click and configure things, or do you prefer to have someone else configure most things and just ues a theme to change the general appearance?"   kde -vs- gnome in a nut shell.08:49
CoderCRwhich elegance?08:50
Agent_boband that is over simplified ^08:50
MattPjassim75, please do so, for me, KDE has some cool features, phonon, plasma, nepomuk to name a few08:50
MattPthese will change the way we use our computers - it really is exciting08:50
Agent_bob"Q. what do linux users do?"08:51
Agent_bob"A. they install software."08:51
CoderCRGnome is a simple fast desktop08:51
jassim75ok i will try it out... an dwill decide myself ....08:51
CoderCRkde is more complex but less customizations.08:51
Agent_bobheh.   in many cases that's to true to be funny but to funny to be sad.08:51
CoderCRLinux is good :)08:51
Reed_Solomonless customizations wat?08:51
MattPCoderCR, elegance - Destop settings | desktop theme08:51
Agent_bob<CoderCR> kde is more complex but less customizations. <<< what ?08:52
CoderCRMattp: which version of elegance though. like 20 came up08:52
Veliourasi would like to convert a pdf file to a txt or csv format08:53
MattPCoderCR - downloads - 4052 - if that helps?08:53
Reed_SolomonVeliouras, does openoffice do that?08:54
Veliourasreed_solomon i don't think so08:54
Reed_Solomonokular exports as plain text08:55
Reed_Solomontheres also always the pdf2txt commandline program08:55
Reed_Solomonor pdftohtml as well08:55
CoderCRMattP: guess not.. lol.. brb.08:55
Veliourasok thanks08:56
MattPjassim75, how are you getting on?08:56
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
jassim75Mattp- i ahve completed downloading kubuntu... i will burn it to install .09:15
DarkSmokehey guys09:21
DarkSmokewhy is linux not chaniling my sound on 5 speakers?09:21
DarkSmokeonly 2 are working :s09:21
DarkSmokeon windows all 5 work09:21
DarkSmokeand the subwoofer09:21
Agent_bob!sound | been here ?09:22
ubottubeen here ?: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP309:22
DarkSmokethe sound system is enabled09:22
DarkSmokemy problem is the sound is working on 2 speakers only09:22
DarkSmokethe 3 no sound09:22
DarkSmokeand neither the subwoofer is working09:22
Agent_bobthe troubleshooting page was the intent09:23
DarkSmokei setted 6channel in kmixer but no luck09:23
Agent_bobDarkSmoke and "no, i don't know much about sound personally".09:23
Agent_bobDarkSmoke i do know that there is an #alsa channel here on freenode if all else fails.09:24
DarkSmokeok thanks09:26
ActionParsnip1hi Agent_bob09:35
ActionParsnip1pretty quiet in here09:37
Agent_bobi guess i have that affect on this channel09:37
Agent_bobnot like intelikey, he seemed to draw chatter out of nothing.09:38
ActionParsnip1maybe kubuntu just works09:38
Agent_boblol   maybe.09:38
=== spongebob is now known as Guest36117
Agent_bobActionParsnip1 when i got all the wrinkels ironed out of *buntu dapper   i installed debian etch...   but there is/was little more to do there...09:40
ActionParsnip1you seen nubuntu?09:47
Agent_bobyou ?09:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nubuntu09:48
ActionParsnip1its a security based buntu09:48
Agent_bobk.   i'll keep that in mind.    although my idea of security is quite different.   "never have anything on a computer that you wouldn't want the whole world looking at"  < agent bob's security protocal09:49
ActionParsnip1mines, only use official released stuff and only accept what i know or can ask.com or google.com09:54
unikcan someone tell me, what is the short key for reanaming files :)09:59
ActionParsnip1unik: or in konsole its mv oldname newname10:04
Agent_bobheh   ln oldname newname && rm oldname10:05
ActionParsnip1Agent_bob: oh god that is bad10:05
Agent_bobyeah it's convoluted, but it is in essence what mv does.10:09
=== aziz_ is now known as aziz
DarkSmokesomebody knows how to make sound go into 6channels on linux?10:14
DarkSmokeim getting dispaired10:14
yao_ziyuanshow desktop: http://infowire.googlegroups.com/web/intrepid-kde4.png?gda=kO8B70MAAAC5ARj7-9s3lvdQqjFlZh8Oo_BlTYlptYV52W7DTpxUfRxbjvvlhCL2FUQjjqjwipQytiJ-HdGYYcPi_09pl8N7FWLveOaWjzbYnpnkpmxcWg&gsc=Bhj7NAsAAACb85H5ey_CTuv6l4GmAlUs10:18
jussi01yao_ziyuan: please dont post things simultaneously to multiple support channels that belong in #kubntu-offtopic. thanks! :)10:20
DarkSmokeActionParsnip1: no luck :(10:21
ActionParsnip1DarkSmoke: what soundcard do you have?10:22
DarkSmokeRealtek HD Audio10:23
Agent_bob!intelhda > Agent_bob10:24
ubottuAgent_bob, please see my private message10:24
Agent_bobnot sure it will help you but there is an infonode on that.10:24
DarkSmoke!intelhda > DarkSmoke10:25
ubottuDarkSmoke, please see my private message10:25
ActionParsnip1DarkSmoke: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-help/100864-realtek-hd-audio-alc888.html10:26
DarkSmokewhat ActionParsnip1? i should install the drivers from the realtek website?10:30
ActionParsnip1DarkSmoke: looks that way, grab build-essential and get compiling10:31
DarkSmokeis it like a propriety driver like for nvidia?10:31
ActionParsnip1DarkSmoke: its made by realtek but you are compiling source,so its open source10:32
DarkSmokeso its different from the built-in kernel one?10:32
ActionParsnip1DarkSmoke: i couldnt tell you, i have no idea10:32
ActionParsnip1DarkSmoke: i use 2.1 and its fine out of the box10:33
DarkSmokeActionParsnip1: if its the same like the built-in one it won't fix anything10:35
DarkSmokecause my sound is working, its just acting like a 2.1 instead of 5.110:35
ActionParsnip1DarkSmoke: its worth a try, you can always roll back10:36
sigma_zaif i have 2 xscreens how can i get one to start kde and the other to start xfce?10:39
ActionParsnip1!xinerama  | sigma_za10:44
ubottusigma_za: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead10:44
sigma_zai still want two displays but one must open kde on boot and the other xfce10:46
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama10:47
ActionParsnip1sigma_za: http://lists.apple.com/archives/x11-users/2004/Feb/msg00041.html10:47
ActionParsnip1sigma_za: looks like you need to pass startx some args10:47
sigma_zawhat arguments should i pass startx?10:54
ActionParsnip1sigma_za: no idea, ive never done a dual head system, the post may help or man startx10:54
sigma_zaso its a dual head i need to setup?10:56
ActionParsnip1sigma_za: well yeah id get that first10:56
igciao a tutti!10:56
Tm_Tig: frutti di mare! pepperoni!10:57
Tm_Tig: you really should use english here (;)10:58
Agent_bobdual head == two monitor system       multi-head == many monitors on one system       even using xinerama it's still technecally dual/multi-head10:58
DawnLighthello. i have sound working in an ltsp client when i log in to it as root in cl. now i'd like to know how to make the user's programs/desktop to make sound. and i'd like the user's mixer application to control the thin client's card. currently it detects no card. the user is in the fuse and the audio groups. this is kubuntu hardy11:09
ActionParsnip1DawnLight: wow ive never done anything like that11:18
ericguastasalve a tutti11:19
duffydhi any sony vaio sr series users here?11:52
Tm_Twhy asking?11:53
=== atcc is now known as eyzee
eyzeehello guys!!11:55
eyzeedoes any one knows how to install xp os with ubuntu as primary os?11:55
duffydTm_T: cos I'd like to know what the kubuntu support is like on that series12:00
duffydTm_T: basically I'm wanting to buy the following lappy and was wanting to confirm the support: http://www.sony.co.nz/vaio/product/vaio-by-price/notebook-panel-pc/vgnfw15gb.jsp12:00
duffydTm_T: I mean I've found this site: http://vaioubuntu.wordpress.com which is helpful but not specifically targetting the sr series12:04
faileaseyzee: its got kubuntu now? reparition, install xp on the new partition, fix grub12:09
eyzeefaileas: nope my os is ubuntu12:11
faileaseyzee: see above12:11
eyzeefaileas: sorry, what do yah mean by that?12:12
faileaseyzee: you'll overwrite your grub when you install xp12:13
palai'm using kubuntu with kde4 -  how can i make that a certain application be visible on only one desktop?12:22
waylandbillhello. tried changing cups configuration to Listen *:631, but when I try to access the cups server on any interface but the loopback I get 403 Forbidden. Anyone know how to fix this?12:28
obsrvwhy warnings are being treated as errors? while compileing quetoo?12:29
obsrvhow to make normal compilation?12:29
waylandbillduh.. answered my own question. need to actually give Allow permission to the server to @LOCAL. :)12:31
nighty_is there a way to setup freeNX server on kubuntu for more than 2 session like it is in the freedition from nomachine?12:35
moesI have just installed dsl ..Now I want to have the network icon to dock in the panel..Have not been able to find where to accomplish this.13:14
emilsedghmoes: install knemo13:20
=== mitch_ is now known as Guest48424
cosmofieldHow can I change user and group settings in Kcontrol?13:33
AzizLighthi everybody13:39
AzizLightcan I download kubuntu 8.04 via torrent?13:39
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P13:40
jussi01hang on13:40
AzizLightI didnt find a link on the kubuntu website13:40
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/8.04/kubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso.torrent13:40
jussi01there is the alternate cd torrent13:40
AzizLightthere isn't a live cd torrent? :S13:41
jussi01you will find the torrents at: http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/8.04/13:41
AzizLightjussi01: cool thank a lot13:42
jussi01no probs13:42
AzizLightit's weird how come the alternate cd is bigger than the live cd?13:43
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jani_anyone know how to join quakenet server14:05
ghostcubeconnect to irc.quakenet.org ?14:06
Tm_Tjani_: yes, depends on what client you use14:06
Tm_T!fi | jani_14:06
ubottujani_: Suomenkielinen keskustelu (K)Ubuntusta kanavilla #ubuntu-fi ja #kubuntu-fi14:06
jani_joo kiitos14:06
jani_than you14:06
Tm_Tnp son14:07
OuZohi, i have a hp dv 9500 series laptop. the synaptics touch pad's side scrollers stoped working. how can i renable them? thanks14:17
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payomekealguien podria indicarme un poco como va esto?14:21
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt por ajuda em português. Obrigado.14:22
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.14:22
* Tm_T doesn't know14:22
emersonI think firestart is blocking my inbound traffic so what do I do ?14:26
payomekeremove it14:34
emersonpayomeke: that's not the case I wanna keep it.14:35
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DarkSmokeconfigure: error: No linkable libasound was found14:41
DarkSmokehow am i gonna solve this error14:41
robhello everybody14:56
robI am using kubuntu 8.04. My taskbar at the bottom of the screen is either shrunk or hidden. How can I used the konsole to bring up system settings to adjust the taskbar back to normal14:58
robanybody got any ideas?15:00
nor_rob: kcontrol15:00
robi'll give it a try15:01
robthank you very much...... it worked15:05
robi appreciate it nor_15:05
robsee ya'll later15:06
paolociao a tutti15:10
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apferola a todos15:50
apfertão todos bem ou nem por isso?15:50
=== javier_ is now known as mike
ghostcube!es | apfer :)15:50
ubottuapfer :): En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.15:50
apfernão sou espanhol15:51
=== mike is now known as jpmc
apferghostcube és mesmo burro.. fogo15:51
Tm_Tapfer: english please15:51
apferI am not spanish15:51
apferI am portuguese15:52
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt por ajuda em português. Obrigado.15:52
ghostcubesorry havent seen the pt15:52
apferbut I don need help15:52
bergheimIn kde kcontrol, default applications, I've entered "firefox %s" in web browser -> in the following browser. However when I click a link, I get "firefox is already running, but is not responding. to open a new window, you must first close the existing firefox process, or restart your system". I've looked at firefox --help, but I don't see any arguments to use. How do I fix this?15:55
apfernão +percebnio15:56
apfer*não percebi15:56
apferrepeat please but in portuguese15:56
Tm_Tapfer: sorry son, this is english (international) channel15:56
apferbut why english and not frensh or "espranto"?15:57
Tm_Tbecause english is more widespread as "international language"15:57
Tm_Tapfer: tai voisimmehan me kaikki puhua selkeää suomea eikä muuta hölmöä15:58
apferbut portuguese people discovered america15:58
apferthe continet15:58
bergheimpft, norwegians did!15:58
bergheimcrazy vikings15:58
Tm_Tsorry guys, but americans did15:58
faileasthe native americans did before they did ;p15:58
Tm_Tye, and that's offtopic and who cares about america anyway15:59
Tm_Tapfer: now, you have been instructed, behave, or leave, thanks (;)16:00
apferinstructed is like.. learn and be smarter than I am now?16:00
Tm_Tapfer: I told how the things goes16:01
apferok, dude16:01
noaXessis there any plan for interprid release?16:02
noaXessintrepid ^ :)16:03
noaXesswill it be released with kde 4.2?16:03
apferpoor guy16:05
apferenglish please16:10
apfertalk people16:10
apferor I talk in portuguese16:10
Tm_T!intrepid | noaXess16:11
ubottunoaXess: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!16:11
noaXessTm_T: any idea, if there will be a direct upgrade from hardy ti intrepid?16:13
Tm_TnoaXess: same way than always16:14
Tm_Tmeans, yes16:14
=== apfer is now known as apfer__
=== apfer__ is now known as apfer
Tm_Tthough it will be a much trickier16:14
Tm_Tand I might be wrong once again16:14
noaXessand if i now have allready kde4.1.1 installed (.kde4) than it will be upgraded or what ever.. we hope ;)16:14
RickZillaJust wondering, what would be the main reason I need kubuntu instead of ubuntu?  Couldn't find that answer in the FAQ's16:22
ghostcubeu want the better de ?16:23
Tm_TRickZilla: have KDE as default16:23
=== atcc is now known as eyzee
RickZillaok...I'm fairly new to linux16:23
RickZillaIs there a reason for KDE over Gnome, or is that like a Mac vs. PC thing?16:24
JuJuBeeI know there is a tar trick to copy a a folder from one location to another while preserving file permissions/ownership16:24
Tm_TRickZilla: it's more like simplicity vs options16:24
eyzeehi!! any one pls tell me how to install win Xp OS with ubuntu as a default os16:24
stdinJuJuBee: cp -a16:24
JuJuBeeRickZilla : A MAC *IS* a PC.  PC = Personal Computer16:25
JuJuBeestdin : forgot that one...  Thanks16:25
rodrigoque es esto16:25
stdin!dualboot | eyzee16:25
ubottueyzee: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot16:25
JuJuBeeRickZilla : but NO, it is personal preference16:25
RickZillaOk...Mac vs. Microsoft16:26
Tm_TRickZilla: nah, nothing like that, really16:26
rodrigoi linux16:26
RickZillaI understand what you mean, though16:26
eyzeeubottu: ok16:26
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)16:26
rodrigobay i not comprend16:26
RickZillaI ran ubuntu pretty successfully last night...just wanted to look at all my options before I settled on on distro16:26
Tm_TRickZilla: it's more like "convertible or muscle car" or "pink vs blue" or so, matter of bit different approaches to same thing16:26
Tm_TRickZilla: Kubuntu is Ubuntu16:26
rodrigoyes i kubuntu16:27
Tm_Trodrigo: habla espanol?16:27
Tm_T!es | rodrigo16:27
ubotturodrigo: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.16:27
rodrigoyo hablo español16:27
Tm_Tno, sorry (;)16:28
rodrigook gracias16:28
RickZilla:-) Thanks for the clarification, I do appreciate the answers to the questions that probably get asked 100's of times a day16:28
rodrigothank you16:28
Tm_TRickZilla: yeh, Kubuntu is Ubuntu with bit different default applications16:28
Tm_Tbut both are eventually same16:29
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=== tjbryner_ is now known as tjbryner
JuJuBeeRickZilla : install KDE also and play with both and decide... Have a look at http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/kde16:31
mdrWish to install 8.04.1   Will the desktop CD give me the option of repartioning my HD,  or do I need the alternate install CD?  Is there a noob install page which gives a checklist etc?16:37
o0Chris0ohow do I isntall the latest pidgwin? the one thats not listed in the repository?16:43
=== AlBanoS_Se_ApoGn is now known as _LiNuX_
novacrasheris there any programs for linux that allow you to watch and record tv thru your internet?16:47
novacrasherso I am new to this program and I don't know if I just type questions and stuff here or if I am supposed to join another group or something. any advice?16:50
mdr Im downloading the install CD from http://www.kubuntu.org/  I hope this lets me repartition my HD.  How do I get the md5 sum?  Will the install check that?16:51
noaXessi have a skype tool to send sms over command line.. send_sms.py number text16:52
noaXessnow, the text is in a file, how can i output the file for using the above command.. wiht echo, cat?16:53
pipetuxaquien me puede mandar el canal para español?16:54
noaXess#kubuntu-es | pipetux16:54
stdinnoaXess: send_sms.py number $(cat filename.txt)16:56
noaXessstdin: thanks.. this works from command line.. but not from the script hooks in kaddressbook :(16:58
noaXess- /home/me/apps/send_sms.py '%N' $(cat %F)16:59
noaXess% F should be the temp file that kaddressbook create with the sms text16:59
stdinnoaXess: probably because kaddressbook runs the command without a shell, for security16:59
noaXessif i do send_sms.py %N %F it sends the tmp filename.. /tmp/kde-me/kaddressbookErdet.tmp17:00
noaXessas text :)17:00
mdrI am dowloading the (stable KDE 3) iso from http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download   How the heck to a check the iso?  The site doesn't give me the oppurtinity to download a md5 sum file.17:00
geniio0Chris0o: http://www.getdeb.net/release.php?id=3140 has 2.5.1 debs of it (Pidgen)17:01
o0Chris0ofollowing this right now http://jhcore.com/2007/06/04/install-pidgin-in-ubuntu/17:02
o0Chris0oty tho :D17:02
stdinmdr: http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/hardy/MD5SUMS17:02
o0Chris0ogetdb good link to have I am taking17:04
novacrasherwell I have given up on the tv thing but does anyone know how to use gmail to check a hotmail account?17:05
o0Chris0ohmm use gmail to check hotmail? I dont' think that is possible o.017:05
novacrasherwell that sucks. why not?17:06
Tm_Tbecause you talk about web services that are both from totally different company and totally different way done17:07
stdinnoaXess: I could probably modify the script to make it work...17:07
novacrasheryea true but there should still be a way. the old outlook express for windows used to be able to do it.17:07
novacrasherthanks stdin. I will dig around. maybe someone has already written a script to do just that.17:08
noaXessstdin: i'm on it :)17:09
stdinnoaXess: done: http://pastebin.com/f2c9268d317:11
stdinjust add -f to the command to read from a file17:11
novacrasherstdin: is this the code for checking hotmail with gmail?17:12
geniinovacrasher: MythWeb is soon supposed to have support for streaming TV embedded within Flash. But I'm not sure this is what you were asking about17:13
stdinnovacrasher: no, for sms with skype. if hotmail has the ability to forward emails then you can just set hotmail to forward to your gmail account17:13
* genii hands stdin a coffee17:14
novacrasherthanks genil I will look into that17:15
stdinnoaXess: so " /home/me/apps/send_sms.py -f '%N' '%F' " should be the command17:15
stdinand I'll send a patch to the original author17:15
o0Chris0o_how do I download libpurple0  from http://www.getdeb.net/release/3140 whenever I click to download it, it opens in kate17:19
stdino0Chris0o_: right-click -> save as17:20
o0Chris0o_ahh save link ass17:21
o0Chris0o_by any chance how would I install a deb from command line pidgin for example17:22
stdinyou can use gdebi-kde or "sudo dpkg -i filename.deb", but gdebi will install the dependencies17:23
benbreadHey i'm connecting to internet through VPN with proxy but putting the proxy info into kubuntu system settings doesn't seem to be working (e.g adept can't download headers, ping doesn't work) - is there any better way i can see what is going on? thanks :)17:24
benbreadNo i take it back it's just adept, maybe it's blocked17:27
o0Chris0o_stdin: so I install gdebi-kde? or17:30
stdino0Chris0o_: it should be pre-installed17:31
o0Chris0o_ahh its a command line command17:31
stdinyou can start it from the command line, but it's a GUI17:32
stdinit *should* be associated with .deb files, but some servers say it's actually a text file (so kate opens it)17:33
o0Chris0o_hmm I tried it, but I get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/49738/17:33
stdino0Chris0o_: look at the window that opens17:34
o0Chris0o_its ablank window says error17:34
stdinyou should run "gdebi-kde /path/to/file.deb"17:34
o0Chris0o_oh wait wrong folder17:34
o0Chris0o_hmm says package file doesn't exist17:36
stdinwhere did you save it?17:36
o0Chris0o_my desktop17:36
o0Chris0o_I'm in my ~/Desktop folder17:37
stdinand "ls" shows it?17:37
o0Chris0o_weird, no it doesnt....it just lists the libpurple017:37
stdinins't that what you're trying to install?17:38
o0Chris0o_well I downloaded 3 files from getdeb, to install the latest pidgin17:39
o0Chris0o_libpurple0 was one of them17:39
stdino0Chris0o_: I guess you need to make sure they are all downloaded to the same place and install them17:40
o0Chris0o_they are thats the thing lol17:41
stdinthen "ls" would show them17:41
o0Chris0o_I understand that, but I see them right on my desktop17:42
aswinhi how do i upgrade my kubuntu  to interpidA617:44
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:45
gatita#kubuntu español17:45
aswindoes anyone knows how to upgrade kubuntu to latest alpha version17:46
stdin!intrepid | aswin17:46
ubottuaswin: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!17:46
aswinyes interpid17:46
stdinask in #ubuntu+117:47
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o0Chris0o_hmm ok I installed pigwin, but its not listed under "internet"17:52
o0Chris0o_any ideas17:58
=== patrick_ is now known as patrick__
o0Chris0o_pidgin I meant :D18:10
noaXessstdin: only shotr.. about send_sms.py.. try: IndentationError: expected an indented block18:11
noaXessi'm away no.. can you post it here and private so i see it later18:11
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=== aswin is now known as aswin__
abhinavhi can any one help me with sound on my system18:26
abhinavi have very less volume which is not at all audible on speakers and little audible on headphone18:27
rickestabhinav: run alsamixer in a console18:29
abhinavrickest: sorry , i got some problem so wasn't able to reply18:37
abhinavi tried alsamixer18:38
=== luis_lopez_away is now known as luis_lopez
abhinavitried some process given on  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto18:40
abhinavlittle bit of volume that i was gettinsg also stopped coming18:40
abhinavany idea18:41
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fraktalekwhat is the name of the application in Kubuntu that performs distr. upgrades?19:12
fraktalekneed to upgrade from Feisty to Hardy19:12
Pici!upgrade | fraktalek19:13
ubottufraktalek: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes19:13
sven__I found an intrepid kubuntu bug for the "resize and rotate display" control pannel, this a good place to ask?19:15
fraktalekPici ??19:16
Picifraktalek: Did you read the link ubottu gave you?19:16
fraktalekPici: yes19:17
fraktalekPici: I already tried to do something along those lines19:17
fraktalekbut the system doesn't have update-manager19:17
ubottudpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.19:17
Picifraktalek: What version are you running?19:17
compilerwriter!dpkg fix19:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dpkg fix19:17
fraktalekno, sorry19:17
Pici!aptfix | compilerwriter19:18
ubottucompilerwriter: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »19:18
compilerwriterThanks pici19:18
Picifraktalek: You'll need to upgrade to 7.10 and then to 8.04.19:19
Picifraktalek: start with this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades#Network%20upgrade%20for%20Kubuntu%20desktops%20(recommended)19:19
fraktalekPici: yeah, I haven't noticed that at first, thanks19:20
seanAnyone here?19:21
=== sean is now known as Guest22335
Guest22335any good wireless management program for kubuntu?19:22
sitoanybody is runing intrepid ibex with nvidia controler?19:22
Guest22335like a profile manager?19:22
Picisito: Please join #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid/8.10 support/discussion.19:23
JuJuBeeGuest22335 : I use knetworkmanager19:26
JuJuBeeManages WiFi and Wired.19:27
Guest22335thanks for your help19:27
JuJuBeenp  we were all new once...19:28
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FaahlI'm having a problem with kicker.  When I close something it'll stay in kicker.  It'll only get cleared from kicker when I open something new.19:32
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=== sean is now known as Guest73773
o0Chris0o_I just instaleld the latest pidgwin 2.5.1 using gdebi-kde I got it from the getdeb website, I can't access pidgwin from the "internet" menu, any ideas?19:57
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.19:57
novacrasherdoes anyone know of a good program to use to make your windows maximize,minmize, and close all cool?19:57
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion19:57
=== pasquale is now known as pasquale_
novacrasherwell I tried compiz but it gave me some issues. Sometimes when I booted it would not load correctly and I would have no access to any of my menus or keyboard19:58
o0Chris0o_there is emerald, kwin not sure of any others19:58
novacrasherwell maybe I will try compiz again. Thanks!!!19:59
xjohnthomasxquestion: how does one install a precompiled executable in ubuntu? when i'm in the folder, and i ./program, the program works. how do i make it more easily accessible and executable to the whole system, without that manual command?20:01
DeanrCan anyone help my with Ubuntu's SLOW wan issue?20:03
jussi01xjohnthomasx: you add the executable to your path20:03
jussi01xjohnthomasx: like add it into /usr/bin/ and then its accessable anywhere.20:04
DeanrI got a max of 1MB over my network20:04
DeanrIt's driving me crazy20:05
JuJuBeeI am using FF 3 on linux.  ALso using foxmarks to sync bookmarks.  I just started ff and my bookmarks are gone.  in ~/.mozilla/firefox/jt88v47q.default there is bookmarks.html and bookmarks.bak but they wont load.  ?  Any Ideas?  I also tried to impor tthe html file, no luck20:08
DeanrI had a similar issue.  Let me recheck my solution20:09
=== filip_ is now known as phu
=== phu is now known as Pechu
DeanrI think what i did was opened my bookmark backup file, and saved it as an html file.  at that point i was able to import it20:10
JuJuBeeBut my bookmarks.html file looks fine and I can view it in ff.20:12
JuJuBeediff shows no difference between files20:12
JuJuBeeI cant even bookmark a new page.  When I try to organize bookmarks it shows empty and I cannot import either.20:14
littleWhat are the properties of your current bookmark file?20:15
JuJuBeeI own and group20:16
JuJuBee* I'm20:16
littleWhat happens if you move the bookmark file out of the directory and try to bookmark a page?20:16
JuJuBeeNothing ... cant bookmark20:18
JuJuBeevery strange behavior...20:19
JuJuBeeOh well, time for me to go...  I will work on it tomorrow...  Thanks anyway...20:19
littleGood luck!20:19
mariahallo leute habe probleme mit compiz kann mich jemanden helfen?20:23
genii!de | maria20:24
ubottumaria: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de20:24
mariaok danke20:25
o0Chris0o_how do I install the latest drivers for nvidia?20:29
zabbadappprocess "mtd" has about 100% load, what does that mean?20:34
asteroid_is Kunbuntu-8.04 LTS ?20:39
=== filip_ is now known as filip__
geniiasteroid_: The short answer is No20:41
avihaybasteroid_:  according to http://mirror.isoc.org.il/pub/ubuntu-releases/, ubuntu 8.04.1 is LTS20:42
asteroid_yes or no20:42
* asteroid_ take a coin, launch it 20:43
asteroid_thx folks, see you20:43
avihaybI was getting to the kubuntu ubuntu part...20:44
=== geeky is now known as geeky_
=== geeky_ is now known as geeky
avihayboh, well20:45
o0Chris0o_I just instaleld the latest pidgwin 2.5.1 using gdebi-kde I got it from the getdeb website, I can't access pidgwin from the "internet" menu, any ideas?20:47
=== Janneman is now known as DramaQueen
rickesto0Chris0o_: having come from an external site, that package may not include the KDE menu stuff.  You'll have to edit your KMenu manually and add it, presumably.  first see if your app works by just running 'pidgin' (pidgwin?) from a cmdline20:53
=== DramaQueen is now known as Janneman
Machtinhi guys.. how can i resynchronize sound and picture of a movie? (the sound is played before the fitting part of the movie is)20:55
Machtinabout 0.5 to 1s i'd say20:55
o0Chris0o_rickest: alright I'll try that21:01
o0Chris0o_nope:( says its not currently installed.21:02
rickestis it pidgwin or pidgin or what?21:06
geniiIt's Pidgin    formerly known as Gaim21:06
rickestI know about that one but he's either talking about something else or he's typo'd the same thing like 3 times21:07
rickestso I was just making sure21:07
Daisuke_Idonot to mention packages from getdeb aren't supported21:07
o0Chris0o_PIDGIN, if you were reading, I corrected myself awhile back :)21:08
geniio0Chris0o_: There were 3 downloads you needed off that site. The main one, then libpurple0 and also pidgin-data      You install the libpurple0 one first, then the pidgin-data one then the main one. The first two are pre-requisites21:11
o0Chris0o_yeah I already isntalled them using gedbi-kde but when I type pidgin nothing happens21:11
rickesto0Chris0o_: good luck, I'd help some more but apparently I need to go practice up on my reading skills21:15
geniio0Chris0o_: Put all three files into some folder on the desktop like for instance one named pidgin. Then in konsole go there with: cd ~/Desktop/pidgin             then manually try install with: sudo dpkg -i libpurple0_2.5.1-1~getdeb1_i386.deb    then:  sudo dpkg -i pidgin-data_2.5.1-1~getdeb1_all.deb   and finally: sudo dpkg -i pidgin_2.5.1-1~getdeb1_i386.deb21:15
judgenAnyone tried mozilla-qt?21:16
o0Chris0o_rickest: np since I typ'd the same thing like 3 times21:20
o0Chris0o_genii: I'll try that21:20
Koordinhi, how can i show hidden files in kde4.1 ? (dolphin 1.1)21:25
o0Chris0o_Koordin: in Dolopin  go to View and click on Show hidden files21:27
o0Chris0o_ahh 4.1 not sure21:27
o0Chris0o_genii: I get this when I do the libpurple0 first http://paste.ubuntu.com/49829/21:27
geniio0Chris0o_: try first: sudo apt-get install lesstif2        and then: sudo apt-get install libmozjs0d                    and then again with the sudo dpkg -i libpurple0_2.5.1-1~getdeb1_i386.deb21:30
o0Chris0o_alright  thanks21:30
o0Chris0o_The following packages have unmet dependencies:21:31
o0Chris0o_  libpurple0: Depends: libsilc-1.1-2 but it is not going to be installed21:31
o0Chris0o_nvm I think I got it21:32
pipetuxquien me manda el español?21:33
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.21:33
o0Chris0o_genii: Thanks! it works :D21:34
o0Chris0o_genii: how do you know which file to install first?21:34
geniio0Chris0o_: You should have it now on the Kmenu...Internet list21:34
o0Chris0o_Correct, I do21:35
geniio0Chris0o_: Trial and error, I did it myself earlier21:35
o0Chris0o_I see, thanks :D21:35
Daisuke_Idogenii: if they're all in the same directory, i think dpkg -i * will do it21:36
geniiDaisuke_Ido: Probably :)21:36
nothamHas anyone installed on the ACER Aspire One?21:36
o0Chris0o_I'll remember that too when I install others21:36
nielsslotnotham: i have21:37
nothamOn my friends system, the livecd didn't see the solidstate drive; is there something special that needs to be loaded?21:38
nielsslotno idea.. i installed it on the model with a hard drive21:39
nielsslotbut this wiki page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne has almost everything you should know21:39
chrisinajarso kcachegrind tells me that i need to pass --dump-instr=yes to valgrind, but valgrind does not know that command21:43
nothamthanks niesslot21:45
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k_wolfhi there, guys ( nice job)21:48
k_wolfWell, is the edgy (kubuntu 6.10) repository working?21:49
duarteHello all!21:51
ReporterXhello all!21:54
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geniiReporterX: We saw you when you you were also named duarte21:55
ReporterXhow do i setup kde pim 4 to read offline the msgs from a imap server ?21:55
ubuntu__Hi, my Kubuntu has Crashdown. I mount hdd by live CD but director Desktop is Locked. I have any files on Destop. Please Help:-)21:56
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k_wolfubuntu__: try chmod21:57
lovreone question21:59
lovreeverything seemd to slow down, so i check cpu usage, and its constantly at 80%. Nothing is working, i dont know why this is so... ??21:59
ubuntu__<k_wolf> thx man. I going to read man :-)21:59
fzlok, I never used irc before :) but here goes..22:00
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fzli keep getting thrown off my home LAN and i used to be able to restart the connection throught the knetworkmanager menu22:01
fzlbut i upgraded it to the svn in the launchpad repo and now it doesn't seem to do that22:01
fzlit soemetimes reconnects on its own which is better but sometimes not22:02
fzlI was wondering if there was an easy way of restarting networkmanager via command line22:02
ubuntu__chmod: changing permissions of `Desktop': Operation not permitted.22:06
sadie_you're all sadomazo22:08
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* dr_willis is mazosado22:11
sadie_this operation system is terrible22:12
Tm_Tsadie_: erm?22:12
dr_willissadie_,  and we care for your misstaken oponion  why?22:12
Tm_Tdr_willis: please don't22:12
dr_willisTm_T,  :)22:12
dr_willisTm_T,  yea - i get sick of people spouting off  at times.22:13
* dr_willis goes back to cooking supper.22:13
Guest5100this channel isn't here for you to complain Tm_T22:13
sadie_dr_willis cause of VPN22:13
dr_willis'one' thing you are having issues with - makes the whole os Terrible.  - well with that logic, every OS is terrible I guess.. Time to check the porkchops.. bbl22:13
Tm_TGuest5100: erm?22:14
sadie_dr_willis anyway - it's PIZDEC nah22:14
Tm_Tsadie_: see topic22:15
Guest5100sorry Tm_t. meant to say sadie_22:15
sadie_i can't breath freely22:16
nothamHey, are you guys familiar with a problem with K4 refusing to configure more than two desktops?22:16
sadie_notham ыыыыыы? 0_o22:16
ReporterXhow do i setup kde pim 4 to read offline the msgs from a imap server ?22:18
Tm_Tsadie_: have anything to say related to topic?22:18
fzlHello nice people :) I have a problem with networkmanager22:19
sadie_Tm_T yep - i'm in trouble in trouble in trouble22:19
Tm_Tsadie_: yes?22:19
sadie_Tm_T aga - yes22:19
GladyI m in trouble too22:20
Tm_Tanyway, good night ->22:20
wantedhy all somvone no were can find an dc++ applicaton plz22:38
ubottuPeer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information22:39
Machtinhey.. how to synchronize audio and video stream of a movie?22:46
judgenwanted there is Valknut for KDE and dc_gui for gnome.22:47
dr_willisMachtin,  if they are a littel out of sync during playback. mplayer and others often have a delay setting/keys to  up/lower the delay22:49
Machtindr_willis: do you by chance know whether kaffeine has such?22:53
dr_willisI never use kaffine. check its menus/docs/help file/key settings22:53
dr_willisi know mplayer does22:54
spare_krutten_Help.  Something in Kubuntu is overwriting my resolve.conf continously.  I updated System Setting->Network (as my ISP's DNS is down) but some other program appears to overwrite it as well.22:54
Machtinokay, thanks so far :)22:54
dwidmannspare_krutten_: yeah, it's supposed to do that .. forget why exactly. You need to edit this somewhere else.22:54
dr_willisspare_krutten_,  i recall some bug ages ago that cased that... but i  havent seen it mentioned in ages. I thought it got fixed.22:54
dwidmannspare_krutten_: I do believe resolv.conf is actually auto-generated22:55
spare_krutten_I currently have to type echo nameserver >/etc/resolv.conf every minute to stay up.  was going to turn it into a cron job22:55
dr_willisspare_krutten_,  could just write protect the file. :)22:55
dr_willisbut yea. theres some bug i recall with that.22:55
spare_krutten_NetworkManager used to update it, now something else is.22:55
spare_krutten_dr_willis: thats a good idea.22:55
dwidmannspare_krutten_: and the particular "somewhere else" I had in mind looks like /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf23:00
dr_willisyou may want to check the forums - ive seen this bug befor. but dont rember the reason or the fix23:01
spare_krutten_it looks like 'prepend domain-name-servers,;' in dhclient.conf might work23:06
panserbjorn heys guys i am having a real issue with havp for some reason, i cant update or download anything via synaptic or cli. here is the error i get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/49854/23:06
snudeis ACPI needed for composite?23:29
snudehttp://rafb.net/p/hTnjdv61.html  I cant get composite enabled.23:29
snudethats my xorg.conf and log file23:30
dr_willissnude,  i dont think so23:35
snudeso why isnt this working?23:35
dr_willisNo idea.23:35
dr_willisI do know that acpi is for powersaveing and other features of the bios. Shouldent have anything to do with video23:36
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Ramblurris there a mysql embedded package in the hardy repos?23:46

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