Prettoany help on how to make a DSL connection on networkmanager?01:03
bsniderPretto, mgiht want to use the dsl tab01:05
Prettobsnider, the problem is that i have to send a command to enable the radion in my modem, an AT command, and i cant see where i  can do that on NM01:06
bsnideryeah, who knows01:06
bsniderthat's absurd01:07
Prettoi am having to use gnome-ppp to be  able to make a connection :D01:08
bsniderwhy do you have to go through a procedure like that?01:10
Prettobsnider, if I don't make that procedure, I will not have a connection01:11
keanuI just replaced my broadcom wifi card in my dell inspiron 1525 laptop with an intel 4965agn card.  I'm noticing now that the "wifi is on" led has started flashing, as if it's a network activity led.  any way to get it to stay solid?01:11
bsnidermaybe you should get a new modem?01:11
Prettobsnider, hehehhe.. a new modem just because I can't use it on NM?01:12
bsniderno, because you have to input some kind of command to get it to work01:12
Prettobsnider, but it is working good with gnome-ppp01:13
bsnideri wouldn't accept a modem in that shape01:14
Prettobsnider, it's a good modem01:15
Prettosony ericsson md30001:15
bsniderok, nm01:15
punkrockguy318is nvidia-177 broken in the new kernel right now?01:15
bsnidernot at all. it works great01:16
punkrockguy318my x server crashed when i rebooted after the kernel upgrade and i went back to nv... the restircted drivers manager won't let me use the nvidia driver for some reason01:17
bsniderto hell with the restricted driver manager01:17
bsnideryou don't need thatt hing01:17
punkrockguy318i know01:17
punkrockguy318but my config file is good and everything01:17
bsniderreinstall nvidia-glx-17701:17
punkrockguy318yeah i just did that i'm gonna try to restart x01:17
punkrockguy318i had to reinstall nvidia-glx-177-kernel-source that was the key one to reinstall01:21
bsniderwell, obla-di obla-da01:22
punkrockguy318yup no worries now01:22
punkrockguy318the new module building system is really nice01:22
CarlFK.27.4 broke nvidia - guessing we have to wait for a new binary?02:07
bsniderCarlFK, no it didn't02:29
remuhey guys, does anyone in here use an hp dv4t, or dv5t, or a dv7t?02:44
Ahmuckhi.  i'm trying out intrepid (kubuntu) and yakuake, but cannot find anywhere how to change the keyboard shortcut so that it'll drop down with F6 rather than F1202:44
Ahmucki've noticed "profiles" for the window, where before it was "global shortcuts"02:45
milos_how to change graphic driver from console if i can't login to gui? what is the best way? Editing xorg.conf?02:50
danbh_intrepidmilos_: AFAIK, you can still put commands into xorg.conf, but its a bug if it doesnt work.  You should always be able to login via gui at this point... So maybe you should file a bug?02:51
Ahmuckmilos_: use the grub boot menu and boot to safe graphics mode and change02:52
alksjdafat home, intrepid daily (with all updates installed) worked great with both wired & wireless internet (wpa didnt work but 128bit wep hex key worked fine).  now when i boot up the machines.... wired internet doesnt work, and no wireless networks are detected.... what should i do?02:54
danbh_intrepidalksjdaf: is this after the latest kernel update?02:54
alksjdafwhen i boot up machines at work i mean02:54
alksjdafdanbh_intrepid, i last ran updates on friday the 19th02:55
danbh_intrepidheh, its been broken since then?02:55
milos_danbh_intrepid, Ahmuck: I had a problem when i was upgrading one pc from hardy to intrepid. It downloaded and installed everything except ati driver(it wasn't on my mirror) so i was in shell and i couldn't edit xorg.conf so easy because it was almost empty.02:56
alksjdafdanbh_intrepid, i dont think so;  they worked fine @ home02:56
danbh_intrepidalksjdaf: well, just so you know, I have no idea.  I was just curious if this was stemming from the latest kernel update02:57
alksjdafi think i should just not install any updates until its finally released02:57
alksjdafi had to go with this version to suport my hardware02:57
milos_because of this, I thought if there is some wizard to ask my to choose vesa and then after fixing it to go back to ati.02:58
bsnidermilos_, the trouble is none of the ati drivers work very well with the new xorg yet02:59
bsnideryou'd be lucky if you got  abasic gui out of it02:59
milos_yes, the problem was with mirror like I said02:59
danbh_intrepidalksjdaf: well, I'm in a similar position03:00
alksjdafdanbh_intrepid, same strategy?  no upgrades?03:00
danbh_intrepidalksjdaf: strange enough, this release is supposed to support my wifi card, but it is quite bad at it atm.  I have to use wicd03:00
bsnidermilos_, once you have the ati driver installed xorg will choose it automatically as the best option. you won't need to edit anything03:01
danbh_intrepidalksjdaf: nah, Im upgrading asap.  Hehe, Im hoping that release that special fix.  But for me, and my situation, the -2 kernel works fine for me.  So, if an upgrade goes awry on networking, I can just boot into the -2 kernel.03:01
alksjdafdanbh_intrepid, wicd?  i have a rtl-8185l chipset03:01
alksjdafdanbh_intrepid, are all old kernels maintained in the boot.lst or thwaver03:02
danbh_intrepidalksjdaf: wicd is a network-manager replacement.  Its not in the repos though, but there is a deb, and it seems to be ubuntu oriented03:02
danbh_intrepidalksjdaf: for me, yes03:02
milos_bsnider, yes but I didn't know that ati driver wasn't installed. I found out accidentally.03:03
bsnideralright well just install it and you'll be fine03:03
taggieokay folks, when I boot from an alpha6 cd, i have no video issues whatsoever. but my hardy->ibex-current upgraded system has glx problems and doesn't run 3d properly. i have basically a blank xorg.conf, same as when booting from cd.03:28
taggieanybody know how i completely reset my xorg install to work like the boot cd?03:28
danbh_intrepidalksjdaf: well, I just upgraded, and that was a lesson in phail.  I think Im going with your method.  Wait till at least the beta03:31
alksjdafwhat happened after u upgraded03:33
danbh_intrepidx failed to load03:35
danbh_intrepidI think the same problem you had.  But Im using nvidia drivers...03:36
alksjdafanything worked for wireless/wired stuff?03:57
danbh_intrepidI dunno. I just dropped back to the previous kernel.  I'm kinda sick of alpha testing atm.03:59
tj83anyone have any feedback on the rtl8187b wifi chipset in 8.10? it works to a degree for me.. slow speeds, dropped connections, and very short range.04:49
=== TuTUXG1 is now known as TuTUXG
TuTUXGy so quiet05:14
danbh_intrepidits late?05:15
ubottuA schedule of Intrepid Ibex (8.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule05:16
TuTUXGwith the new 27-4 kernel, my xserver freezes05:16
danbh_intrepidI and alksjdaf are experiencing similar issues05:18
TuTUXGhow do u guys fix it?05:18
danbh_intrepidwait for beta05:18
DanaGGrr: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/26131805:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 261318 in xorg "Regression: new Toshiba Laptop Support (tlsup) driver breaks Toshiba hotkeys; input device does not support 'kbd' input handler" [Undecided,New]05:18
danbh_intrepidDanaG: have you ever tried gnome-do?  The question is offtopic, but it might reduce your need for hotkeys05:20
DanaGEeh, not the same -- can't do rfkill that way, and can't do the brightness thingy as well that way.05:20
danbh_intrepidmmmm, yeah, thats a show stopper05:21
crimsunTuTUXG_: which X driver?05:21
TuTUXG_danbh_intrepid: sorry, disconnected05:22
TuTUXG_crimsun. nvidia 17705:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 217504 in linux "acpi_fakekey stopped working for certain keycodes" [High,In progress]05:22
crimsunTuTUXG_: 177.76?  seems to work okay here.05:22
crimsungranted 177.76 /is/ beta05:22
TuTUXG_crimsun: which card?05:22
TuTUXG_crimsun: i tried nv driver, didn't work either05:23
crimsunTuTUXG_: GeForce 7150M (rev a2)05:23
TuTUXG_and even 27-3 stop working with the nvidia driver05:24
TuTUXG_mine is qudra fx 570m on thinkpad t61p05:24
crimsunTuTUXG_: do either 71 or 96 work more reliably?05:26
TuTUXG_maybe, didn't try05:26
TuTUXG_is there a way to build the driver from the binary but not using intrepid's pkg?05:27
TuTUXG_used to do that with hardy and always works05:28
crimsuneh?  I simply use dkms + nvidia-$version-kernel-source05:28
crd1baren't 71 and 96 still broken?05:28
TuTUXG_crimsun: what that do?05:29
DanaGhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/267682 -- another report about acpi_fakekey.05:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 267682 in linux "Hotkeys no longer working in Intrepid on Thinkpads" [Critical,Triaged]05:29
crimsuncrd1b: I never used either; I went directly to 17705:29
crimsunTuTUXG_: dkms does the "build magic"05:29
crd1bwith the last update on 96 in August, I'd say it's not fixed05:30
crd1bthe older nvidia drivers haven't been updated for X server 1.5 (just like fglrx)05:30
TuTUXG_crimsun: so u dont need to install the nvidia-glx-* pkgs?05:31
DanaGstupid nv 2D driver... inverts red channel and inverts green channel (of xv)... and won't resume from suspend.05:31
TuTUXG_crimsun: nvm, reinstalling...05:33
crimsunTuTUXG_: yes, you do05:35
crimsunwell, at least you can use nv.  I can't.05:35
TuTUXG_crimsun: not anymore, i broke xsere05:36
crimsunwhy did you break xsere?05:36
TuTUXG_crimsun: i broke xserver when try to uninstall nvidia pkgs05:37
TuTUXG_long story05:37
DanaGPulseAudio 0.9.12 seems like some steps forward and some steps back... channel remixing takes more CPU when active than it used to, but no longer eats 100% CPU for paused streams.05:38
DanaGI also seem to get lots of dropouts on this computer, when using my cardbus Audigy2.05:39
DanaGPerhaps the cardbus controller just sucks.05:39
crimsunare you using the default resampler?  if so, try speex-float-0 or speex-float-105:40
crimsunand the glitch-free isn't perfect by any stretch even by Lennart's own admittance05:41
DanaGOh yeah, this system (an older spare laptop) also can't do hpet.  When I force-enable hpet, I get less dropouts... but instead hard-locks.05:41
DanaGresample-method = speex-float-005:41
DanaGdisable-lfe-remixing = yes05:41
DanaGI also have default-sample-channels set to 6 so it'll use surround channels on my Audigy2.  I'll test whether changing that back to two channels fixes dropouts on the Audigy2.05:42
DanaGOh, definitely fewer dropouts.05:43
DanaGThere still are a few dropouts, though.05:43
DanaGI'll also test a USB headset thingy, and the onboard (48KHz-only :(  ) sound card.05:43
DanaGOdd... yanking the sound card seems to have killed PulseAudio.05:44
TuTUXG_crimsun: do i need to do that dkms thing every time kernal update?05:44
* DanaG curses Toshiba for this keyboard layout. Bottom row: Ctrl. Fn. Alt. Tilde. Space. Ins. Del. Alt.05:45
DanaGIs it possible to build toshiba_acpi out-of-tree?05:46
crimsunTuTUXG_: for every abi bump, yes05:47
DanaGThe tlsup driver doesn't report itself as supporting the 'kbd' handler, so Xorg can't use it.05:47
TuTUXG_crimsun: what's abi bump? like 27-3 to 27-4?05:48
DanaGEven with 2 channels and same sample rate as source, the Audigy2 drops out more than the onboard that is NOT same sample rate.05:49
crimsunTuTUXG_: yes05:50
DanaGHmm, lots of "requesting to rewind" going on due to underruns.05:53
mosheis gvfs still a problem causing crashes at this time? I tried intrepid and was unable to keep the system stable because of constant gvfs errors05:54
DanaGD: module-alsa-sink.c: Limited to 1764 bytes.05:54
DanaGD: module-alsa-sink.c: before: 44105:54
DanaGD: module-alsa-sink.c: after: 44105:54
DanaGhmm...... what do 'before' and 'after' indicate?  Should they be the same?05:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 268891 in pulseaudio "[PPA 0.9.12 regression], Wakeup from ALSA!, Underruns > rewinds" [Undecided,New]05:55
judgenHow come changing the modelines in the xorg does not work anymore?05:57
judgenim locked at 800x600 now...05:57
judgenin hardy i was able to use 1920x165005:58
DanaG1920x1650?  What kind of oddball resolution is that?  I'd assume that's a typo...05:58
DanaGOdd.. QuodLibet itself is using 13% CPU.06:00
judgenDanaG:  1920x105006:00
DanaG1080 is the 16:9, 1200 is the 16:10.06:01
judgendoes not matter..... my xorg.conf does not work with intrepid...06:01
judgenive been using the same conf for a long time =)06:01
judgenWich i find odd..06:02
DanaGI: protocol-native.c: Requested tlength=199.55 ms, minreq=9.98 ms06:02
DanaGD: protocol-native.c: Traditional mode enabled, modifying sink usec only for compat with minreq.06:02
judgenIf you see anything that does not fit with intrepid or so let me know...06:06
DanaGcrimsun: some confusing output in the pulseaudio -vv:06:07
DanaGThat's just when it starts.... now, can you tell, did it get high-priority, or not?06:08
DanaGIt seems to contradict itself.06:08
crimsunyes, it did06:09
DanaGOh yeah, let me fix my question:06:09
DanaGI meant realtime, not priority.06:09
crimsunit should have, but you can verify that by inspecting the process.06:10
redvamp128I figured this would be the better place to ask this question- What PCI not PCI Express Video Card would you recommend for Ubuntu 8.04. Right now I am on Intel Onboard I believe it is 810 series. ?? Any recomendations? Ati or NVidia?06:18
redvamp128And would ask this here so that -- With newer release 8.10 one that would be more compatible with it.06:19
DanaGOh, inspect it with schedtool.06:20
DanaGAah.  or perhaps even ps can do it, but I don't remember / know how.06:21
* DanaG wonders if the following character is legal in a hostname: ²06:21
DanaGThat's a 'squared'.06:21
DanaGPID 28422: PRIO   0, POLICY N: SCHED_NORMAL  , NICE -1106:23
DanaGSo, it's not getting realtime.06:25
cypherdelichttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/271367 - Any Solutions?06:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 271367 in linux "Intrepid and Kernel 2.6.27: MSI Digivox mini II (V3.0) false-detected as Keyboard [Afatech DVB-T 2]" [Undecided,New]06:38
DanaGOh wow, I just found something hilarious... try playing a 6-channel stream (with default-sample-channels set to 6) on a 2-channel device, and have pavucontrol open.06:42
DanaGIt'll take snippets of audio and repeat them, while lagging the keyboard and mouse quite severely, too.06:42
* DanaG wonders if a thin-client would be workable as a PulseAudio server.07:18
JDahldoes anyone know the status of openchange/openmapi in Intrepid?  Is it possible to connect to Exchange 2003 servers from Evolution yet?07:25
vega_do old kernels get automatically removed nowadays?07:39
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
paul928vega_: when I upgraded fromfrom 8.04 to 8.10, yes07:43
paul928the old kernels were auto-removed07:43
vega_i mean now when in intrepid07:44
RAOFvega_: I believe that is the case, yes07:44
vega_i now have: linux-image-2.6.27-2-generic linux-image-2.6.27-3-generic linux-image-2.6.27-4-generic07:44
vega_how many does it keep?07:44
RAOFHm.  Maybe it _doesn't_ yet auto remove? :)07:45
darthanubisas many as you let it?07:45
=== alksjdaf is now known as arooni
arooniso everything on intrepid daily is working now..... i think its a good move to NOT update ANYTHING until intrepid is released.  that's my plan anyway as i needed intrepid for hardware support, but we use it at work and i need to ensure we have 99.99% uptime & stability (dev boxes)07:49
aroonimake sese?07:49
aroonisound reasonable ?  ;p07:49
arooniintrepid is still in alpha isnt it?07:50
aroonido ubuntu intrepid devs know about problem with saving wep 128bit keys (it asks every time on login) and that wpa doesnt work at all?  RTL-8185L chipset07:53
elmargolIs wireless working for you on kubuntu intrepid?07:57
cypherdelichttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/271367 - Any Solutions?08:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 271367 in linux "Intrepid and Kernel 2.6.27: MSI Digivox mini II (V3.0) false-detected as Keyboard [Afatech DVB-T 2]" [Undecided,New]08:16
persiaI'm having trouble getting my bluetooth keyboard working under intrepid.  I've followed http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227057 and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup as possible guides, but neither seems to work.08:45
persiaI can get hcitool to show the connection, but actual input fails.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might need doing?  Is this a side effect of Xinput2 hotplug?08:45
RAOFHm.  I _used_ to go to System->Preferences->Bluetooth and select the 'mouse' service (and I believe that there was a keyboard service too), but that doesn't appear to be there.08:47
RAOFI've never touched hcitool or any of that commandline stuff, and the bluetooth mouse worked last time I used it (which was some time ago, admittedly).08:48
persiaIndeed.  There's a bug about that, but the suggested fix requires an FFe.  I was hoping to get it working before I applied the fix, and then verify that it fixed it.08:48
persiaI guess I'll try the upgrade, and see if that helps.08:48
persiaThere is an "input service", which might be a merged "mouse" and "keyboard".08:49
persiaAnd my keyboard shows as connected to the input service: it's just that pressing keys on my keyboard doesn't actually translate to keysyms.08:49
* persia fiddles with conffiles harder, and reboots several times08:53
darthanubisdbus-daemon is tunning. why?09:01
dbgltmy system is zorked09:01
dbgltWhen I try to run dpkg --configure -a, I get\dpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0200' near line 1: newline in field name `#padding'09:02
Reed_Solomonhe can tunne! stop him mr book09:07
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literalgah, 164 updates all of a sudden10:10
literalah, gnome 2.24 released10:10
yao_ziyuanshow desktop: http://infowire.googlegroups.com/web/intrepid-kde4.png?gda=kO8B70MAAAC5ARj7-9s3lvdQqjFlZh8Oo_BlTYlptYV52W7DTpxUfRxbjvvlhCL2FUQjjqjwipQytiJ-HdGYYcPi_09pl8N7FWLveOaWjzbYnpnkpmxcWg&gsc=Bhj7NAsAAACb85H5ey_CTuv6l4GmAlUs10:19
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mifritscherwhere is the standby button now?10:31
mifritscherI have only hibernation, restart and shut down10:31
mifritscherbtw, only restart works10:31
mifritscherhibernation does try to go, but cancels10:31
mifritschersht down does nothing10:32
mifritscherwhat can I do?10:32
mifritscherits a x61 thinkpad10:33
mifritscher-echo disk >/sys/power/state works10:41
mifritscher-besides of the x-server crash during waking up10:42
mifritscher-so, what can I do?10:46
zafleanyone  have  huge issues with  tonights big update?11:01
zaflehey all11:07
mvozafle: what issues in particular?11:16
Turmsubottu: bug 27289611:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272896 in linux "intrepid - after upgrade to kernel 2.6.27 i cannot upgrade nor i can navigate internet" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27289611:26
tj83anyone have any feedback on the rtl8187b wifi chipset in 8.10? it works to a degree for me.. slow speeds, dropped connections, and very short range.12:21
rskithat's the ralink chip?12:21
tj83realtek rski12:22
rskithen i have no idea12:22
tj83thanks anyways12:22
cypherdelichttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/271367 - Any Solutions?12:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 271367 in linux "Intrepid and Kernel 2.6.27: MSI Digivox mini II (V3.0) [Afatech DVB-T 2] not detected" [Undecided,New]12:22
dbglthi. Just did an upgrade, and my nvidia driver has gone missing12:34
dbgltI tried: sudo /etc/init.d/dkms_autoinstaller start12:34
dbgltbut I still can't find an nvidia model12:34
kn1ttlhello. how can i find out if a given module is used? lsmod|grep?12:36
dbgltkn1ttl: yes12:37
kn1ttlok, very good. i was just looking if e1000e was loaded12:37
dbglt_updated with a dist-upgrade, now my system can't find the nvidia module12:46
dbglt_any ideas? :\12:46
ikoniadbglt_: is the nvidia module on your system ?12:52
ikoniadbglt_: how did you install the nvidia drivers ?12:52
ikoniadbglt_: is there a nvidia package available ?12:53
GoddamnDevildbglt: old nvidia-glx packages dont carry over upgrade12:56
GoddamnDevilhave to install manually again... use the hardware-drivers12:57
kn1ttlwhy did they drop nvidia-glx?13:01
mickepan aptitude search nvidia gives me a lot of hits for nvidia-glx*13:04
zafletodays upgrade  busted my nvidia  aswell. several restarts and pushing buttons  got it back13:04
GoddamnDevilmickep: meant to say, those *new *legacy are dropped from the end, rplaced by actual driver versions13:06
Varkahello, does intrepid have full support for montevino centrino 2 chipsets?14:13
DanaGgrr, stupid nvidia.... gets a permanently blank screen on resume from suspend.14:18
DanaGPermanently, as in, can't just restart X to fix it; I have to actually reboot.14:18
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Varkahello, does intrepid have full support for montevino centrino 2 chipsets?14:41
Omar87IS Intrepid Ibex going to include OOo 3.0??14:47
VarkaOmar87, dont think so http://packages.ubuntu.com/de/intrepid/openoffice.org-base14:49
Omar87Sorry, I don't understand the language.. -_-14:51
Pici!info openoffice.org-base14:52
ubottuopenoffice.org-base (source: openoffice.org): OpenOffice.org office suite - database. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.4.1-9ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 1788 kB, installed size 7532 kB14:52
kn1ttlif lsmod|grep e1000e doesn't print a line, then i'm lucky and don't have this driver loaded, ain't i?14:52
kn1ttli really don't want to trash my network card, it's brand new14:52
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nspyreveryone running intrepid ok?14:56
IdleOnenspyr: running ok here besides a glxinfo error ( known bug )14:57
IdleOneand gnome-do does not seem to want to start nautilus14:57
khamerAnyone know how to use the Network-Manager Routes panel?14:58
nspyrok i may as well help bugtest at least14:58
khamerI guess address/prefix/gateway/metric confuses me, I expected address/mask/gateway/device or similiar14:59
nspyrwhats the command to upgrade?14:59
nspyrsudo apt-get dist-upgrade?15:01
rconananyone using synergy with intrepid?15:11
GoddamnDevilnspyr: update-manager -d15:11
nspyrok thanks15:11
nspyrwill the upgrade give me any prompts or can i leave?15:13
wstsynergy is broken in intrepid15:14
GoddamnDevilthere will be atleast 1, but the upgrade should be over in few hours.. depending on the hardware15:14
nspyryes i got the "do you want to start upgrade? " window15:14
GoddamnDevilnspyr: thats not the only one..15:14
wstrconan: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/synergy/+bug/25086915:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 250869 in synergy "synergy-1.3.1-4ubuntu1 (intrepid) fails to connect" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:15
GoddamnDevilnspyr: when upgareding packages, depending whats been installed, there will be propts15:15
nspyryes i see15:15
rconanwst, thanks15:16
GoddamnDevilon my main machine, intel pentium M 1.8GHz it took an hour15:16
frank23is it just me or is intrepid in virtualbox really slower than gutsy and hardy?15:30
burnervbox 2.02?15:35
burnerit's fast fast fast here15:35
burnereven with compiz on15:35
frank23yeah 2.0215:41
frank23actually I didn't put in the guest additions yet. maybe its just that15:41
rconanam i being somehow stupid? I have /usr/include/X11/XTest.h but when the synergy configure script looks for it it can't find it16:01
ikoniarconan: depends where and how it's looking16:01
rconanit says checking for X11/extensions/Xtest.h... no (typo in above message, should have included the /extensions/)16:02
ikoniarconan: check the script to see how it's testing16:03
ikonianormally an if test statment16:04
rconanthis bit I think: http://paste.ubuntu.com/49706/16:05
rconanthat about the normal way?16:06
milos_is there a way to delete emails from Trash in Evolution. I have at least million emails and Evolution is starting to run slooooow16:16
ratpoisonhello! It has come to my attention the fglrx binaries are not compatible with current kernel. Do we have any idea if this will be true on the final release too?16:24
eeejayratpoison: who told you this lie?16:25
ratpoisonI've read it somewhere in teh interweb, that 2.6.27 and fglrx don't mix well16:26
ratpoisonit's right there on phoronix forums16:27
rconanikonia, there seems to be something fairly wrong here... downloading with apt-get source and running debuild on it gives the same error16:27
ikoniarconan: why are you asking me ?16:27
ikoniaooh the X11 stuff16:28
rconanikonia, yes16:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 266956 in fglrx-installer "fglrx fails to compile with 2.6.27-2 kernel" [Critical,Fix released]16:28
ratpoisonoh, nice new feature16:28
ratpoison"Fix released"16:28
ratpoisonit doesn't say that on launchpad16:29
fluteflutegetting "Could not get/set settings from/on resource." when attempting to use rhythmbox or totem -> anyone able to help?16:42
davismji find most of the avant applets to be broken17:03
schmidtmthe recent pulseaudio-update broke skype (ALSA lib ../../src/conf.c:2700:(snd_config_hooks_call) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_conf_pulse.so)17:10
davismjall of skype?17:10
schmidtmskype core-dumps17:10
davismji can't help you, but that sucks, cause i use the heck out of skype17:11
void^use oss skype17:11
davismjthat doesn't work on amd64 does it?17:12
void^i just used it to get around that issue, seems to work fine17:12
void^skype-static-oss in medibuntu17:12
davismji'll keep that in mind17:13
schmidtmok thx17:13
pibe86hello, how many beta's will there be before stable relase?17:31
ikoniauntil it's stable I believe17:31
rpghey guys Ubuntu sucks!!!17:31
oobethats funny tell us another one17:32
bazhangrpg, please stop17:32
ikoniaenough of that in #ubutnu17:32
=== marko_ is now known as marko-_-
pibe86ikonia, i mean, ¿can ubuntu 8.10 have 6 betas and ubuntu 9.04 9 betas?17:33
rpgcan anyone please tell me where can I get the new intrepid theme for GNOME ?17:33
ikoniapibe86 sure17:33
ikoniarpg are you going to behave ?17:33
rpgyea eya... ;)17:33
pibe86ikonia, is there a standars for beta's relase?17:33
ikoniaI'm not laughing17:33
ikoniapibe86: I believe it's just until it works17:34
ikoniaas few as possible, but if it breaks a new one is made17:34
ikoniaI've seen varying numbers across the releases17:34
ikoniaif your remember for 7.10 I think there was a last minute one17:34
rpgso ikonia do you know where can I get the new intrepid theme for GNOME ?17:34
pibe86kikc rpg "hey guys Ubuntu sucks!!!"17:34
ikoniapibe86: what ?17:34
ikoniarpg: install intrepid17:34
pibe86ikonia, thanks see you later17:35
rpgdamn it... that doesnt make me laugh... Ubuntu rules... u guys suck!!!17:35
ikoniadamn auto compelte17:35
ikoniaborked at the last second17:35
nemohm. I think I may move my main machine to Ibex17:35
nemohow's stability doing?17:36
ikoniasent a message to rpedrop17:36
ikoniarpedro even17:36
nemooh. and is Ibex using Eclipse 3.4 finally?17:36
ikonianemo: that part I have no idea about, it's stability has gone up and down though as development has progressed17:41
jandemsorry, typo17:42
aswindoes anyone knows how to upgrade kubuntu to latest alpha version17:47
ikoniaaswin: dist-upgrade17:48
ikoniait will just keep in sync with the repo's17:48
jason__i am trying to install ibex on a new system with hardware raid5 (maybe it is fakeRaid)  but when i get to partitioning it doesn't see any disks, is there anything i can do?17:48
ikoniajason__: fakeraid is a weak technology17:49
ikoniajason__: sounds like it can't see the raid stripe so can't see the disks17:49
jason__ikonia: is there a way to know?  it is built into the motherboard17:49
ikoniajason__: if it's built in - it's fakeraid17:49
jason__ikonia:  how deceptive the advertising is than17:50
ikoniajason__ what advertising?17:50
jason__it is advertised as having hardware raid support... it obviously isn't17:51
ikoniajason__: well, that is hardware raid to an extent,17:51
ikoniatake it up with the manufacturere - traiding standards, make sure you read the docs though as most of the boards will say "supportws windows"17:52
ikoniain which case you can't moan as your not using windows17:52
jason__ikonia:  point taken...17:52
aswindoes anyone knows how to upgrade kubuntu to latest alpha version17:53
ikoniaaswin: I responded to you earlier17:53
aswini'm having 8.04 and i need to upgrade to 8.1017:53
aswinalpha 617:54
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes17:54
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.17:54
aswini didnt install alpha17:55
danbh_intrepidaswin: and thats probably just as well, why do you need 8.10?17:56
zniavre!samba bug17:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about samba bug17:56
aswinwell i need to see how it works17:56
ikonianeed ?17:57
aswinnothing special17:57
danbh_intrepidaswin: well, the release date is only a month away17:57
aswinjust for my personal use17:57
aswini just dont want to wait till the release date17:58
ikoniaaswin: I strongly advise you to do so17:58
ikoniaaswin:  you will most likley need to re-install anyway and as you can't figure out how to upgrade wihtout help you may struggle to keep it up to date/usable17:58
danbh_intrepidaswin: here is some info you should read too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle17:58
ikoniakeep in mind it may break randomly17:58
Hamraanyone here had any success installing virtualbox-ose in intrepid? aptitude is giving a 404 not found17:59
ikoniaHamra: that a http error17:59
ikoniaprobably down at the source end18:00
Hamrai know18:00
Hamramaybe i should check the packages website and see if the file actually is there18:00
nemoStill Eclipse 3.2.2 :(18:00
ikoniaHamra: good call18:00
nemoI guess I'll have to search for 3.3 or 3.4 in repo18:01
sysdocI just installed Intrepid and on the 1 st boot my keyboard and mouse are not working. HP 7168cl laptop... Any ideas?18:05
sysdoclol, been there18:06
ikoniaok - so whats teh relevence of "1st boot"18:07
Hamraaptitude is trying to down the file virtualbox-ose_2.0.2-dfsg-0ubuntu1_i386.deb but the archives contain virtualbox-ose_2.0.2-dfsg-0ubuntu3_i386.deb :S18:07
sysdoc1 boot after the install, and subsequent boot attempts18:07
ikoniaHamra apt-update18:07
ikoniasysdoc ok so the question is "my keyboard doesn't work under intrepid"18:07
Hamrai do it daily18:07
ikoniathe ammount of boots doesn't matter18:07
Hamrai did it 10 minutes ago, actually18:08
ikoniasysdoc: try a usb keyboard18:08
sysdocI tried to run dpkg and it tried to connect to us.archive.ubuntu and the connection failed18:08
Hamraand no errors are being reported by the update process18:09
ikoniasysdoc: how are you running dpkg without a keyuboard18:09
sysdocrecover broken install18:09
Hamracan anyone just try apt-get install virtualbox-ose? and see if the download starts?18:09
sysdocfrom the CD18:09
ikoniasysdoc: so your running off the livecd - not your install18:09
BauldrickHamra: yes it does18:10
sysdocAlternative CD, to try and fix the install, correct18:10
ikoniasysdoc: so why are you doing "dpkg"18:10
ikoniasysdoc: was the install a failure ?18:11
Hamrai'll see what other probs might be happening18:11
ikoniasysdoc: was there any problems ?18:11
ikoniaHamra: are you using a mirror thats round robin ?18:11
sysdocDid not appear to fail at all, booted right up to the login screen with no keyboard18:11
ikoniasysdoc: so why do you think it's broken, or there is anything to "repair"18:11
ikoniasysdoc: what are you planning to repair if you have no reason to believe it's broekn18:12
sysdocI thought it was broken because there is no mouse or keyboard, logical assumption I would assume18:12
ikoniawhy would that be logical18:12
ikoniayou got nothing to suggest a broken install18:13
ikoniaso you have no idea what to fix18:13
sysdocBecause it doesn't work?? lol18:13
ikonianot supported / not configured / conflict /18:13
ikoniathere are tons of debugging you can do to get more information18:13
fluteflutegetting "Could not get/set settings from/on resource." when attempting to use rhythmbox or totem -> anyone able to help?18:13
ikoniawhats the point of using a beta software if you can't deal with basic debugging18:13
Hamrai'm using the main server18:14
ikoniaHamra: ahhh that is round robin, I wonder if one of the repo's hasn't updated the mirror18:14
* DanaG uses mirrors.kernel.org and archive.ubuntu.com18:14
sysdocikonia, appearently you not interested in helping out, so just drop it18:15
DanaGOh yeah, there's also an eu.mirrors.kernel.org for people in Europe and thereabouts.18:15
ikoniasysdoc: I am - but this is beta software and you've got no idea how to debug it at a basic level18:15
ikoniasysdoc: eg: your trying to update from the internet - but have you setup the network to connect to the internet yet ?18:16
=== acuster is now known as avc_gone
=== aswin is now known as aswin__
Hamrai changed it to uk server, i'll see if it will work, doing aptitude update18:18
ikoniaHamra: long shot but worth trying18:19
BauldrickHamra: gb.archive.ubuntu.com  what I have18:21
Hamrathat is what aptitude is using now18:21
Hamraafter changing the server that is18:22
DanaGkernel.org tends to be very high-bandwidth, though sometimes it has high initial connection latency.18:23
ikoniaHamra: any joy ?18:23
ikoniaDanaG: ????18:23
Hamrastill updating, not the fastest connection :P18:24
ikoniagenuinly curious18:24
Hamrasomething was not right. update hasn't finished yet, but update notifier is already in the satus bar saying there is TONS of packages to be updates18:31
DanaGPerhaps the mirror is in the middle of a sync?18:32
DanaGIt does help to have multiple mirrors, sometimes.18:32
ikoniaHamra thats fine18:33
ikoniaHamra: it should start to list them as they come through18:33
ikoniamore so on a slow mirror18:33
ikoniaI've seen that a few times18:33
Hamrai have no idea what aptitude was using when it was set to use the main server. i was getting almost daily updates, but seeing the number of packages when opening update notifier in read-only mode is scary!18:35
Hamraopenoffice, main kde packages, tons of libs, python, and i was wondering why i haven't seen the new jockey-kde, now i can have it as well18:37
Hamraholy crap! 150 MiB of updates!18:45
PiciThats not that bad18:45
rconanPici, that depends on your connection18:45
Hamraand virtualbox installs fine :D18:45
rconani get a max of 60kB/s down my line18:46
Hamrarconan, exactly18:46
Picirconan: I mean, thats not that many.  I was away for a weekend and had that many when I came back18:46
Hamra128 kbps here18:46
rconanouch that's slow18:46
rconanhave you considered "borrowing" nearby wireless? </joke>18:47
nemoWhy is it, all the apps I care about, are consistently not upgraded in ubuntu? :(18:47
Hamrabyez, once the download starts, lags will kill konversation :P18:47
nemoWith rest of world on Eclipse 3.4 - why on earth is Ibex "alpha" still on 3.2?18:47
nemothen there's wine, where if your average user decides to try playing, oh, Spore, it won't work since that requires Wine 1.1.5 not 1.018:47
rconannemo, there is a perfectly good wine repository... its development is too fast to include the latest version in ubuntu18:48
nemoby contrast, things I don't care about, like compiz or latest gnome, they have no problem slapping in with hardly any testing, barely out of beta18:48
nemoor Firefox, which went into hardy final while still in beta18:48
rconannemo, i'm with you on eclipse but from what i hear they changed the build system making it fairly difficult18:48
Lynourenemo: Best to get involved in the next release early, then :)18:48
Lynourenemo: that way you can help with packaging Eclipse18:49
nemoLynoure: well. I'm not exactly a fan of the eclipse packaging either18:49
rconannemo, eclipse being a java app you could easily install the version from the eclipse website and be right up to date18:49
nemofor some stupid reason the 3.2.2 package continually puts JVMs that eclipse doesn't actually function with at top of list in config in /etc/eclipse18:49
nemorconan: yeah. that's what I'm resorting to. I'm just sad 'cause I kinda wish the distro could handle this18:49
Lynourenemo: Then even more so... Sounds like you would have the skills to help, to help18:50
cbr_hello, i think i'm experiencing graphics problems in intrepid18:50
Lynoures/, to/, so/18:50
cbr_the picture of virtual machines tends to freeze18:50
cbr_so does adobe flash18:50
nemoLynoure: well. I 'spose. I've done packaging for Gentoo and Redhat (both of which have no trouble staying up to date on Eclipse btw)18:51
cbr_and kde4's desktop has random memory scattered over it sometimes18:51
nemoLynoure: just a question of time commitment - don't want to commit to something then leave people hanging18:51
rconannemo, gentoo was fairly behind a while back18:51
nemorconan: well. they have the 3.4 package available as ~ARCH18:51
rconanthey just solved their problems with the build system in the last couple of years18:51
nemorconan: and at least they didn't screw around with the JVMs :)18:51
rconannemo, they have less issues with binary distribution and licensing too18:52
rconannemo, did you note that for a while to install eclipse you had to download something from sun.com for which you had to register18:52
nemorconan: they have a lot fewer people maintaining the repo though18:52
nemorconan: yep18:52
Lynoureof users18:52
Lynourenemo: I'm just hoping complain/help ratio would go down in FLOSS, it has grown alot with the growth of the number of users18:53
nemoI appreciate that argument, but it isn't like there aren't already existing Eclipse 3.3 and 3.4 packages.18:54
nemoI'm wondering if it is some inappropriate dev conservatism18:54
nemoall they need to do is update the packages18:55
rconannemo, if you want it in the repos, get involved18:55
rconannemo, you said yourself you packaged it for other distros, help out!18:55
nemo13:51 < nemo> Lynoure: just a question of time commitment - don't want to commit to something then leave people hanging18:55
rconannemo, i'll be grateful18:55
rconannemo, ah didn't see that18:55
Lynourenemo: I was trying to avoid saying this: it's always safer to commit to nothing and complain. You can commit to very little and still help. Even promise nothing and just pop out a package18:56
nemoLynoure: I'm pretty sure existing packages already exist for Eclipse 3.418:57
nemoseems unlikely much would need to be changed18:57
Lynourenemo: better still18:57
* nemo looks18:57
LynoureSounds like an excellent starting place for some low-commitment helping, if they exist18:58
nemoI'll be damned19:00
nemono upstream Debian, none on Eclipse website19:00
nemowell. n/m - isn't just some misplaced conservatism on Ubuntu's part...19:00
rconannemo there is a bug on launchpad on it19:01
rconanand an eclipse team apparently19:01
nemoheh. the launchpad bug started with Feisty :(19:02
nemothat bodes poorly19:02
nemoThe bug is not being closed as work will continue on fixing it for the next release, Hardy Heron (8.04).19:02
rconannemo, seems somewhat out of date yes19:03
nemosomeone says java 1.6 in the bug which is misleading. eclipse 3.4 only requires java 1.5 (19:04
nemowell, they say 6 in bug - stupid java and their changing numbering scheme)19:05
nemoah. someone corrects that19:05
nemowhat is a "PPA" ?19:06
Pici!ppa | nemo19:07
ubottunemo: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.19:07
nemolooks like that one is partially functional19:08
nemoI suppose I should start by trying to use it and seeing what works19:09
bsniderepiphany has a bit of an el problemo importing bookmarks from fireforks19:13
bsnidergnome 2.24 is scheduled to be released tomorrow19:13
nemobsnider: oh. is epiphany in Ibex on webkit now?19:13
bsniderit can be19:14
bsnideryou can use either one19:14
bsniderit is blazingly fast though, i'm telling ya. if you want to browse the web, and i mean REALLY browse it...19:15
bsniderbrowse it as no one has ever browsed it before...19:15
inspyrei just upgraded but i have no nvidia video19:19
inspyreand the screen gets mangled19:19
inspyreanyone know what to do?19:19
PolitikerNEUwhere can you change the rendering engine of epiphany?19:20
PolitikerNEUtry it with envyng -t (in package envyng-core)19:20
bsniderPolitikerNEU, remove the epiphany-gecko package and install the epiphany-webkit package19:21
inspyreok thanks19:21
bsnidersimple as that19:21
DanaGLast time I tried epiphany-webkit, things like tabs and new windows.... seemed to be unimplemented.19:22
PolitikerNEUoh - I thought I could simply change a setting19:22
inspyreenvy says xserver core is not going to be installed19:22
PolitikerNEUthe install this xserver-xorg-core or however it is called19:23
bsniderDanaG, there's a new upstream version today. those issues may be resolved19:23
bsnidernot while they're winning19:24
DanaGHmm, I'll give it a try.  The previous time was perhaps 1 month ago.19:24
sitowhat are the packaged of nvidia in intrepid?19:24
bsniderwhoops, that msg was intended for something else19:24
DanaG"not while they're winning" -- my reaction: "¿?¿?¿?¿?"19:24
DanaGBest expression of puzzlement ever.19:24
bsniderDanaG,  that msg was intended for something else19:25
DanaGYeah, I got that. =þ19:25
bsniderin other words, the card won't deal kurt warner while they're winning. not that it matters in this channel19:26
PolitikerNEUaptitude wants to remove my extensions if I remove epiphany-gecko19:26
sitoanybody have a nvidia in your intrepid ibex¿19:26
PolitikerNEUso I think I'll stay with gecko19:26
PolitikerNEUBut I have used envyng -t without problems19:26
bsnidertabs work, but "open in new window" doesn't19:26
bsnideranad the right-click doesn't have "open in new tab"19:26
DanaGHow about middle button to open in new tab?19:27
bsnidermiddle click open the link in the same tab19:27
inspyrewhats envyng -t19:28
bsniderbut in defense of epiphany, it does everything 1k times faster than fireforks19:28
chakiewhee, the updates today made my sound work :)19:28
PolitikerNEUenvyng -t is the text version of the envy graphics driver installer19:29
inspyreits recommended?19:29
PolitikerNEUThe problem is that both konqueror and epiphany crash too often IMHO19:29
bsniderdo they crash?19:29
PolitikerNEUI don't know if it is recommended (I don't thinks so) - but it works19:29
PolitikerNEUthey crash19:30
sitoi have problems with nvidia in intrepid, what are the packets for intrepid?19:30
bsniderwell maybe the google browser will solve all issues19:31
bsnider"google browser to make life worth living"19:31
omegamormegilMy system refuses to remember my WPA password for my wireless network.  Is this a known issue?19:31
bsnideromegamormegil, yes it is19:31
omegamormegilI didn't see a bug report on launchpad.19:31
DanaGThat forgetting WPA is a royal pain.19:31
DanaGI ended up making that network a "System Setting" profile.19:32
omegamormegilGood to know bsnider.19:32
bsnidernetwork-manger forgetting stuff is something that everybody has complained about19:32
bsnideri'm sure it will be fixed by the beta release in a couple of weeks19:32
belisarivshi all19:32
bsnideri think they're queuing all network-manager updates for one big update19:33
bsniderrather than doing a thousand little ones19:33
belisarivshow can I set default editor in mc?19:33
omegamormegilI also have an issue when I launch apps - my display jumps around.  For example, I see three herons from my background, somewhat transparent.  Is that another known issue?19:33
omegamormegilanother known issue, I mean.  Obviously, it's unrelated.19:33
belisarivswhen I press F4, it opens file in vim, how to set mcedit as default?19:34
bsnidersounds to me like a graphics problem. there are lots of graphics problems right now19:34
bsniderif you don't have a graphics issue, there's something wrong with you19:34
PolitikerNEUI don't have graphic issues :-)19:35
* DanaG wonders when nvidia will fix the 96 drivers...19:35
omegamormegilIf I don't see it on lauchpad, should I report it?  I'm not sure if it's helpful since we're still in alpha, and a lot of the issues are obvious.19:35
PolitikerNEUHmm ... I never had this issue, so report it19:36
bsniderDanaG, the answer is never19:37
bsnideryou'll have nouveau stuff on your system before that happens19:37
belisarivsany ideas?19:39
DanaGFor me, nouveau isn't an option.... too CPU-intensive.19:39
sito_what are the packageds of nvidia in intrepid?19:39
Picibelisarivs: is $EDITOR set to vim?19:40
belisarivsecho $EDITOR returns nothing19:41
Bauldricksito_: nvidia-glx-173 nvidia-glx-177 but not 96 :(19:42
sito_thank you Bauldrick :D19:42
DanaGThank goodness this is not my primary laptop.19:42
sito_only this packages?19:42
sito_are you sure?19:42
DanaGMy current primary one is 177-compatible, and next time I'm getting ATI.19:42
bsniderDanaG, oh, that's a good idea19:50
bsniderati is perpetually a piece of crap19:52
DanaGWell, nvidia has been crap for me, in both Windows and Linux.19:52
DanaGEven if ATI is crap... it'll be open-source crap.19:52
bsniderDanaG, so for you, it's an ideological issue, more than performance19:58
punkrockguy318what happened to touchpad preferences ?19:58
sysdocsystem>prefs>mouse 3rd tab19:59
PolitikerNEUDoes anybody know how to get OOo 3.0 for intrepid (as a package repository, if possible)19:59
punkrockguy318sysdoc: it's not there it's missing20:00
sysdocSorry, that is where it is for my install20:00
punkrockguy318i only have general and accessibility20:01
punkrockguy318i just updated and it updated some stuff i'll try restarting x if not i'll just wipe my gome config20:03
wstPolitikerNEU: https://launchpad.net/~openoffice-pkgs/+archive20:03
wstbut they are not the newest version20:04
PolitikerNEUthanks - will they be updated?20:04
bsniderPolitikerNEU, no20:05
bsniderno time20:05
star_can any body help me about how to dial after pairing mobile for net connection via bluetooth ??20:05
bsniderthey'd not only have to be updated, but maintained in case they break everything20:05
bsniderthey'll probably be in someome's ppa or on getdeb/net20:06
bsniderif anybody cares enough, that is20:06
wstPolitikerNEU: there is also a package on the official download site20:06
wstthat is rc220:06
PolitikerNEUyeah, but I like package repositories more20:07
star_can any body help me about how to dial after pairing mobile for net connection via bluetooth ??20:10
td123forgot that I got banned at #ubuntu :P too lazy to make a new username (that lazy)20:13
td123anyways, I'm trying to see if ruckus works with wine 1.1.5 *fingers crossed* running this on alpha620:15
td123of course it is on a vm so it takes a little longer20:15
DanaGI've had plenty of issues with nvidia, myself.  Both in Windows and in Linux.20:19
td123I like how I have to download 100+MB of updates each day for alpha6 :/20:21
td123I know I don't have to but there is a reason why they have updates in the first place :20:22
SwedeMikethey've been busy, I did dist-upgrade 2-3 days ago, and now there were 273M of updates20:23
SwedeMikeFetched 273MB in 43s (6219kB/s)20:24
SwedeMikewell, at least the repos are quick20:24
Maikudoes vinagre in intrepid not render the local cursor or is it just me?20:25
sysdocWow, the new kernel in Intrepid is outstanding for the HP laptop that I'm running. May actually be running cooler than XP!!20:26
td123SwedeMike: are you on a university connection?20:28
SwedeMiketd123: nope, but I work for an ISP :P20:28
SwedeMikethe best part is that speed is using IPv620:28
td123SwedeMike: I heard sweden had really good internet connections :) how much do you pay20:29
SwedeMikewell, since I work for the ISP I don't pay anything.20:29
td123SwedeMike: nice, how much would your connection typically cost though :P20:29
SwedeMikebut generally a 100/10 LAN connection will set you back around USD50 or so per month20:29
td123wow, I pay the same for about 5mb in the us :( although I'm on a university connection so I have a +30mb dl/ul but I don't know the exact number lol20:31
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
td123well I have learned that using a vm takes *GREAT* patience, I can't emphasize great enough20:38
td123and I have a fair processor :/ core 2 duo t550020:41
jayde_drag0nhey there was just a big update that came thru, and now my videos don't want to play and sound is gone (no music no system sounds etc)20:43
_Zeus_you running intrepid?20:45
_Zeus_what was the update?20:45
jayde_drag0num 256 packages20:45
_Zeus_have you restarted X?20:45
jayde_drag0nis X a specific application.. or do you meen reboot.. if the second then yes.. it required a rebbot20:46
_Zeus_oh, so you rebooted20:46
_Zeus_so you had a new kernel20:46
td123jayde_drag0n: use the last good configuration20:46
td123option in grub20:46
_Zeus_td123: how does it know if it's  "good"20:46
_Zeus_i mean, if it boots, isn't that a good configuration?20:46
jayde_drag0nyes.. i saw a lot of the words gnome-panel.. and nautilous.. i believe i saw some seahorse and pulseaudio in there as well20:46
td123jayde_drag0n: well maybe you can isolate the update then?20:47
jayde_drag0nwon't it consider "THIS" as the last known good configuration when i reboot to try that?20:47
_Zeus_brb gonna boot to 2.6.27-420:47
td123jayde_drag0n: there should be an option to boot the -3 kernel in the grub options....20:47
td123use that one20:47
jayde_drag0nokee dokee brb20:48
_Zeus_I couldn't see a think when i booted to -4, it was all red and blue lines20:50
_Zeus_but when x started, it's fine20:50
bernrdohey guys - just downloaded 8.4 Alpha 6 trying to install it on my ThinkPad T400 with Intel X4500MHD ... X Crashes at startup with a black screen. How do I keep the installer to try loading X and just give me a shell?20:51
_Zeus_bernrdo: do you mean 8.10 alpha 6?20:51
bernrdoyah, sorry!20:51
_Zeus_bernrdo: i think you need an alternate install cd20:51
bernrdothe alternate CD allows me to go directly to the shell or does it actually have a workign driver?20:52
_Zeus_bernrdo: it has a text based install20:52
bernrdook. cool. thanks20:52
bernrdoany known links/tutorials on how to get the X4500MHD working in 8.10?20:53
davismjis that a hard drive?20:53
bernrdoI googled and found several bug reports but no actual tutorials20:53
bernrdonope, Video card .. Intel X4500MHD20:53
davismjnever heard of it20:53
davismjis it supposed to be competitive with the nvidia/ati 3d cards?20:53
jayde_drag0ntd123: no there was no resolution20:54
davismjthis probably won't help and i'm sure you've tried it but20:54
davismjhave you tried envy?20:54
jayde_drag0ntd123: whetever got broken , remains so20:54
td123yay, ruckus installs without visible errors with wine 1.1.5 !!!!!!!!!!:P20:54
bernrdoit's supposed to be a lot better than Intel's old integrated graphics, but not on the same level as Nvidia/ATI. Which is fine with me. It does full 1080p HD but still low power for good battery life20:54
davismjahh its a mobile20:55
davismjnot bad20:55
davismjyou know if you're on linux anyway...20:55
davismjyou're probably not playing much in the way of games20:55
davismjalthough i get some nice fps with compiz-fusion addons20:55
bernrdowell. downloading alternate cd now ... thx for the hint20:55
_Zeus_i play games...20:56
_Zeus_i boot to windows for that20:56
MaikuI use wine :P20:56
jayde_drag0n_Zeus_: hey i rebooted to -3 from grub like td123 said.. but i still have no sound and my videos are wonky20:57
_Zeus_cod4 doesn't like wine20:57
_Zeus_jayde_drag0n: then it wasn't the kernel update20:57
* Maiku has to be a little choosier20:57
td123Maiku: I have issues with wine and counter strike (original) :( I have to keep xp for that20:57
jayde_drag0n_Zeus_: then what could it have been.. because before i proceeded with the update i was watching movies just fine20:58
jayde_drag0n_Zeus_: literally like 20 minutes ago20:58
_Zeus_jayde_drag0n: it was something other than the new kernel20:58
_Zeus_i have no idea what20:58
_Zeus_sorry, but that's why it's called alpha software20:58
jayde_drag0n_Zeus_: how do i roll back ALL of the updates then?20:59
td123jayde_drag0n: well the update for sure, try isolating the update and reporting it in.20:59
_Zeus_jayde_drag0n: you can't20:59
td123jayde_drag0n: I don't think you can roll back...20:59
_Zeus_if you knew what package it was, you might be able to20:59
jayde_drag0n_Zeus_: so i have to reinstall my OS then.. because i cannot live without sound and video20:59
_Zeus_jayde_drag0n: you could just wait a day20:59
_Zeus_usually the next update will fix it21:00
td123jayde_drag0n: just reinstall and don't update anything, maybe one update at a time to see if you can isolate the problem21:00
_Zeus_i'd wait21:00
_Zeus_but i don't depend on sound and video that heavile21:00
jayde_drag0nthats my only option.. my computer is how i watch tv, how i listen to music. plus i have schoolwork that requires videos.. it is my everything21:01
lore20with intrepid i cannot setup pdf printer with the gnome cups client21:01
_Zeus_jayde_drag0n: you shouldn't have used alpha ubuntu then.  sorry to tell you21:02
lore20is it a bug? or they'll remove this feature on ubuntu 8.10 ?21:02
_Zeus_umm, doesn't it come by default?21:03
lore20_Zeus, no21:03
lore20on ubuntu hardy I had to add it as a common printer21:04
_Zeus_lore20: i have it by default21:04
_Zeus_just press print to file, select pdf, and you're done?21:04
lore20no, i'm talking about a virtual cups printer21:04
lore20I had to install cups-pdf.. now it works21:08
DanaGWow: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/26355521:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 263555 in linux "[intrepid] 2.6.27 e1000e driver places Intel ICH8 and ICH9 gigE chipsets at risk" [Unknown,In progress]21:21
vengeri don't think the warning is enough21:21
vengersome people won't be aware that they require the e1000e driver -- any this bug redefines "may break your system"21:22
DanaGThey should move the module out of its normal location, and make it so you have to manually modpost it to load it.21:23
_Zeus_what do you mean>21:23
_Zeus_how can you get more than "may break your system"?21:23
DanaGOne comment said that it was still loading despite being blacklisted.21:23
DanaGMost alphas assume possible data loss... but this is about risk of permanent hardware damage.21:24
vengerit renders hardware useless, you know as well as i do that normal use software and drivers usually break things on a software level21:24
_Zeus_from what i've heard, the warning about "may break" is to be taken LITERALLY21:24
_Zeus_i was told that "at least you will still have both parts of you computer"...21:24
vengerwell it is now for sure21:24
_Zeus_they have a warning21:26
DanaGWhy even need to write to nvram?  They should just temporarily remove the nvram-writing feature entirely.21:27
_Zeus_there is talk of that21:28
DanaGMy current laptop has an Intel Pro/1000 PT (82655, I think) NIC.  That uses the older driver.21:29
DanaGWait, why is 82567 newer than 82655?21:30
DanaGLovely numbering there, Intel.  =þ21:30
vengerthe numbering isn't always incremental for any hardware21:30
FishsceneHello everyone.21:31
FishsceneI was wondering if anyone knew about the new "Guest" login and how it functions.21:31
FishsceneIs there some way of setting it up for "Kiosk-mode"?21:32
_Zeus_can you elaborate?21:34
FishsceneMy organization is looking into setting up a public kiosk. I'd like to install Ubuntu on the machine for several reasons. However, I haven't really found anything built into Ubuntu for Kiosk tasks.21:35
bsniderwhat would be a kiosk task?21:36
FishsceneNot storing any information- if someone walks away, it flushes all information after a certain amount of time, etc..21:37
_Zeus_i think the guest user does that already21:38
FishsceneI'm not sure if the guest account auto-flushes information. From what I've read, it seems to be more of a safe way to share your computer with another person. It seems to me that this can be extended into a sort of kiosk-mode. I'm just wondering if I'm way off base or if something like what I'm looking for is a planned use of the guest account.21:41
bsnideryou could set up a cron job that flushes the /tmp directory every x number of minutes21:42
_Zeus_bsnider: i don't think that will work21:42
_Zeus_is that where everything is stored for the guest user?21:42
bsnider_Zeus_, you wanna take this outside?21:42
_Zeus_bsnider: no...21:42
_Zeus_you don't have to get all hostile just cause i said i didn't think something will work21:43
_Zeus_if i'm wrong tell me21:43
_Zeus_if i'm right, tell me21:43
bsnideri was making a joke, hombre21:43
EsquiloHello everyone21:51
EsquiloI would like to know if the Flash support is really better in Intrepid.21:51
bsniderEsquilo, wait, who in the world said that?21:53
EsquiloI saw it in a blog ¬¬21:53
bsniderbecause it's bogus21:54
FishsceneI'm not sure how a package would work better in Intrepid than in Hardy...21:54
bsniderit has the potential to be better, since flash 10 has native pulseaudio support21:54
bsniderbut flash also has the disturbing tendency to crash fireforks right now21:55
Esquilotake a look: http://www.google.com.br/search?hl=pt-BR&client=firefox-a&rls=com.ubuntu:pt-BR:unofficial&hs=d4E&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=better+flash+support+in+intrepid&spell=121:55
EsquiloI'll see what I have said21:55
EsquiloI have problems when I upload movies to Vimeo with Firefox in Ubuntu...21:56
Esquilobecause it uses flash21:56
bsniderepiphany has decent flash support21:57
Fishscenehmm... "Another of the areas getting special attention for the release of Intrepid Ibex is better integration of Flash. The intention is to make the Flash player easier to install and use. As much as possible Intrepid will incorporate Free Flash and the long term goal is to ship a free Flash alternative by default."21:57
DanaGIsn't there some sort of "log out when idle" thing?22:05
FishsceneI'm not sure.. but for a kiosk, it's important for it to log back in as well.22:05
DanaGYou could have a passwordless temp user, and have something watch for session end, and flush info.22:05
EsquiloI gotta go... bye guys!22:06
orangepeelbeefanyone use nxclient ?  after the upgrade to intrepid  when i connect i get a window that doesn't update and you can't interact with23:35
orangepeelbeefnevermind, i just tested it after i got the updates today and it's working fine now23:37
sysdocDoes anyone know if all the dirs and filed in the .evolution directory are supposed to be owned by the user? Or is there a mix of user and root?23:56
void^all files in a user's home directory are normally owned by the user23:57
sysdocThat is what I thought, thanks23:57

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