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didrocksI am working on gthumb now06:13
pittipochu: so you figured out the usb mount problem?07:31
seb128hello there08:37
seb128mvo: can you do http://download.gnome.org/sources/vte/0.17/vte-0.17.4.tar.gz?08:37
mvoseb128: sure08:48
seb128mvo: danke08:48
mvoseb128: vte is building, will take a while, it build itself how many times? 4? 17?09:06
seb128mvo: you like the multiple python builds too apparently ;-)09:06
mvoI love them09:06
* mvo makes more tea09:07
* seb128 restarts session to try the gnome-session update09:07
mvoAmpelbein: did you had a chance to play with the compiz 0.7.8 packages in the ppa ?09:08
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didrocksseb128: I can do some tasks for updating packages this evening if needed :)09:18
seb128hey didrocks09:21
didrockshi seb12809:21
seb128didrocks: want to give a try to http://download.gnome.org/sources/gnome-system-tools/2.22/gnome-system-tools-2.22.1.tar.gz ?09:22
didrocksseb128: with pleasure09:24
seb128it's your then ;-)09:24
seb128lool: hey, I know you are busy but do you think you would have time to do some of the stable GNOME updates in debian?09:31
seb128(I really need to reinstall my debian)09:32
loolseb128: Does it need to be today?09:33
seb128lool: I would like to have pango 1.22 today but it doesn't "need to" no ;-) (the other ones no hurry)09:33
loolI'll do pango09:34
* seb128 hugs lool09:34
loolThe tarball list is impressive09:34
loolIt's the third time in two days I open the ftp-release-list box and think "whoa"09:34
seb128yeah, vuntz made some efforts to roll tarball for everything09:34
seb128lool: hum, don't bother about pango, they bumped the cairo requirement to the current unstable one and neither debian or ubuntu has it yet09:35
loolI hope we get libcairo2-dev >= 1.7.6709:36
seb128I'll ping slomo about it when he's online09:36
loolI was having the same idea09:36
loolI mailed dajobe to get 1.7.4 when slomo was on holidays, but I'm reluctant to ping him again09:37
loolAnyway, no new symbol so it should really be trivial09:37
seb128brb trying updates09:38
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loolseb128: I've committed pango; it should be just that; I'll build / test / upload when we get cairo09:41
seb128lool: ok thanks09:41
pochupitti: yeah, it seems to be due to not having a consolekit session, which is due to consolekit crashing every now and then09:44
pochugood morning btw :)09:45
seb128hey pochu09:46
seb128pochu: want to do some easy updates for debian that we can sync later? ;-)09:47
pochuseb128: which ones?09:48
seb128pochu: gnome-common, libgnomeprint, libgnomeprintui, librsvg, xdg-user-dirs-gtk09:49
seb128pochu: the lib* are stable updates in the same serie debian has, xdg-user-dirs-gtk is a translations update version and gnome-common had only one change this cycle which is a bug fix09:50
pittipochu: good morning :)09:52
seb128pitti: any reason we should not update to the current upstream consolekit version btw? it would make easier to forward them all those crasher bugs, it's likely they will reply "try using a recent version" if we do send the current launchpad buglist10:01
pochuseb128: I'm not very comfortable asking for sponsorship without testing... and I don't have my printer configured in Debian10:03
pochulibgnomeprint is about print dialogs, isn't it? :)10:04
seb128pochu: those have no code change, they are translation updates10:04
seb128pochu: and right, for applications still using that and not gtkprint10:04
seb128pochu: try printing to a file that's enough10:04
pochugood morning slomo :)10:06
seb128hey slomo10:07
seb128slomo: can you do the cairo update to 1.7.6 in debian? ;-)10:07
pochuseb128: I can look at those later, have to go to the uni now10:08
seb128pochu: ok, see you later10:09
slomoseb128: i'll look at it late10:16
seb128slomo: thanks10:16
seb128it's required for the pango update10:16
slomook :)10:17
pittiseb128: not that I can see (barring FF, etc.); just so far we didn't have an explicit reason to do the upgrade10:18
seb128pitti: ok10:18
seb128pitti: btw if you want to do some desktop sponsoring feel free, there is still some listed on dholbach's sponsoring lists ;-)10:20
pittiseb128: sure :)10:21
* seb128 hugs pitti10:22
pittiseb128: I'll do that and look into the new consolekit; conf plage struck me, so that's some good light work which doesn't need too much brain :)10:22
seb128oh, you should take some rest rather then10:22
james_wseb128: I was thinking the same thing about consolekit10:22
james_wseb128, pitti: I don't think anything in the new upstream will fix any of these crashers (we've got the important fixes back-ported), but being able to forward them would be good.10:23
seb128pitti: I know the mandriva packager was asking about some hal patch when he upgraded to the new consolekit, the upstream list should have mails about that10:25
Ampelbeinmvo: as i already said yesterday, your compiz-version segfaults as soon as i start it.10:32
Ampelbeinmvo: http://pastebin.com/d44336fef10:34
mvoAmpelbein: oh, I must have missed that10:34
Ampelbeindo you want me to provide s stacktrace?10:35
pittiseb128: doing transmission10:35
seb128pitti: thanks10:35
mvo(sponsoring) i take libwnck and vino and gnome-menus  if noone is faster10:43
seb128mvo: thanks10:45
pittiseb128, mvo: grabbing libgnomeprintui (transmission done)10:53
seb128pitti: thanks10:54
seb128I'm sponsoring ted's updates10:55
mvois there more pending that is not in the queue yet?11:00
pittiseb128, mvo: doing g-v-m and bluez-gnome11:00
seb128mvo: I don't think so11:01
seb128mvo, pitti: thanks for your help on the sponsoring11:01
pittiseb128: you're welcome; just keeping status here for coordination11:01
mvoI do the libgphoto iphone update11:02
mvoseb128: np11:02
Ampelbeinseb128: i have trouble doing the epiphany-browser update, bug 273342 , the resulting package won't compile: http://pastebin.com/d3e68ffab11:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273342 in epiphany-browser "Please update to 2.24.0" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27334211:15
seb128Ampelbein: I guess that's an issue in the autoreconf patch11:16
slomoseb128: anything else than cairo? :)11:16
Ampelbeini did the following: export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches, quilt push -a 99_autoreconf.patch, executed the 4 commands in the patch comment, quilt refresh, quilt pop -a11:17
seb128slomo: what I listed to pochu before11:17
Ampelbeinquilt push -f 99_autoreconf.patch i meant11:17
seb128slomo: gnome-common librsvg libgnomeprint libgnomeprintui xdg-user-dirs-gtk11:17
slomoah ok11:18
seb128Ampelbein: I'll have a look in a bit, not sure what is the issue without looking into the details11:18
seb128slomo: those are stable updates and should be fine for debian unstable11:18
Ampelbeini uploaded dsc and diff.gz to the bug11:18
seb128slomo: I think pochu started on libgnomeprint*11:18
seb128Ampelbein: http://download.gnome.org/sources/alacarte/0.11/alacarte-0.11.6.tar.gz is for you since you added a patch which doesn't apply to the new version ;-)11:19
slomoseb128: did you or someone else start packaging of gobject-introspection?11:19
seb128slomo: I didn't and I didn't read about somebody else doing it either11:19
seb128didrocks: want an another update to do? ;-)11:21
didrocksseb128: if possible :)11:21
didrocksseb128: I finally found the time to prepare a well-configured pbuilder (damned proxy) at my company11:22
seb128didrocks: http://download.gnome.org/sources/gconf-editor/2.24/gconf-editor-2.24.0.tar.gz11:22
didrocksseb128: will work on both of them asap :)11:23
seb128mvo: http://download.gnome.org/sources/gnome-control-center/2.24/gnome-control-center-2.24.0.tar.gz is yours ;-)11:24
pittiseb128, mvo: looking at the 4 sync sponsoring bugs now11:25
seb128looking at the xchat-gnome sponsoring11:26
seb128hey Scott11:27
seb128slomo: oh, did you already upload the cairo update?11:27
slomonope, not yet11:27
seb128slomo: maybe you could look at using clean-la, http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=49129211:28
ubottuDebian bug 491292 in libcairo2-dev "libcairo2-dev: libcairo.la shouldn't export dependency_libs" [Important,Open]11:28
slomoseb128: it doesn't build here11:28
slomosomething with the xcb backend11:30
Ampelbeinseb128: xchat-gnome, bug 273328 done11:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273328 in xchat-gnome "Please update to 0.24.0" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27332811:32
seb128Ampelbein: I just uploaded ;-)11:32
Ampelbeinseb128: alacarte, bug 273513 don11:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273513 in alacarte "Please update to 0.11.6" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27351311:32
seb128Ampelbein: how did you update the .glade?11:32
Ampelbeinthe glade was moved to data/ subdir11:32
seb128ah, I though that was conflicting11:33
seb128usually .glade changes are no fun to update11:33
seb128Ampelbein: want other updates to do? ;-)11:33
seb128Ampelbein: alacarte uploaded, could you subscribe the sponsor team to your bugs though, that makes easier to track what needs to be sponsored and to split work between uploaders11:39
Ampelbeinoh, forgot that.11:39
seb128Ampelbein: looking at your gnome-media update12:05
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seb128Ampelbein: still around?12:52
seb128Ampelbein: the epiphany-browser, use the hardy libtool to do the autoreconf patch12:52
seb128the configure is not libtool 2 friendly and breaks, I don't know how to fix it and doesn't want to spend time investigating that, I dpkg -i libtool 1.5 for such updates12:53
seb128I blame Keybuk for updating the libtool version in ubuntu too early ;-)12:54
Keybuk"too early" ? :)12:57
KeybukKeybuk's 3rd rule of computing: if you don't break it, nobody will fix it12:57
seb128Keybuk: right, but I don't think fixing buggy upstream configure is the best use of our limited manpower12:58
seb128for one I don't know enough about libtool to fix those without spending efforts on the issue and I have other priorities so I keep downgrade libtool to the hardy version12:59
emberseb128: i can take gnome-backgrounds and gconf-editor if nobody is working on it13:01
seb128gconf-editor is already assigned, you can do the other update13:01
Keybukwhat does epiphany do that's strange?13:02
Keybukdo you have a build log?13:02
seb128Keybuk: they use that13:02
seb128if /bin/sh ../libtool --mode=compile ${CC} $PYTHON_CFLAGS -c testpython.c >/dev/null 2>&1 && \13:02
seb128/bin/sh ../libtool --mode=link ${CC} -o testpython.la -rpath `pwd` -module -avoid-version $PYTHON_LIB_LOC testpython.lo $PYTHON_LIBS $PYTHON_EXTRA_LIBS >/dev/null 2>&1 && \13:02
seb128grep 'dlname.*testpython' testpython.la >/dev/null 2>&1; then13:02
seb128Keybuk: in their configure.ac13:02
Keybukah, they call libtool in configure.ac ?13:03
seb128Keybuk: yes13:03
KeybukAC_TRY_COMPILE I gues13:04
seb128Keybuk: is that something which will work on libtool1 too?13:06
Keybukit's the autoconf way of doing test compiles13:06
Ampelbeinseb128: sorry, was away shortly13:09
seb128that's alright13:09
seb128Ampelbein: so either you downgrade libtool and do the autoreconf patch using the hardy version or you try to fix the configure.ac13:10
Keybukit occurs to me that that libtool snippet will also utterly break on cross-compiles13:10
Keybuksince it will use the wrong libtool and wrong compiler ;)13:10
seb128Keybuk: I don't doubt that, it's just not obvious to me how to change it to a correct AC_TRY_COMPILE use and I've no special interest in trying to figure that either13:11
Ampelbeini will try the downgraded version13:12
seb128I still have around 30 tarballs on my update list and I want to get those updated today ;-)13:12
Keybukseb128: it looks like it just tries to see whether testpython.c compiles and links?13:12
seb128Keybuk: http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/epiphany/trunk/configure.ac?revision=8420&view=markup13:12
Keybukseb128: if there's a bug, assign it to me :)13:13
Keybukwhich reminds me, was there ever a bug for the cairo patch?13:17
Keybukor was it freetype?13:17
seb128Keybuk: bug #273554 is yours13:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273554 in epiphany-browser "doesn't build using libtool2 due to incorrect libtool use in configure" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27355413:20
seb128Keybuk: it has been fixed by updating the default fontconfig configuration, upstream didn't activate the lcdfilter code by default in cairo to maintain look compatibility on upgrade13:21
Keybukthanks!  I've got my assigned bugs list sane, so it's actually *useful* for me as a TODO list once again13:21
Keybukseb128: aha! that's good then13:21
seb128thanks to you ;-)13:21
KeybukI'd noted the fonts changed, and wondered if someone else fixed it while I've been in Portland13:21
Keybukwas fixed on Thursday or so?13:22
seb128Keybuk: yes, Thu, 18 Sep 2008 16:50:12 -0000 (18:50 CEST)13:23
seb128 fontconfig (2.6.0-1ubuntu4) intrepid; urgency=low13:23
Keybukok, great13:25
Keybuksorry I couldn't help quicker :-/13:25
seb128that's alright, there was no hurry13:26
mvoseb128: it looks like we need to update the codec scanning code in g-a-i or in the extrator (I'm not sure yet which way is the best). at least ugly does no longer have the plugins-info .supported file that we use for the codec installer13:31
mvo(just fyi, nnot as a action item)13:31
seb128mvo: right, I mentionned that some days ago, we are in the middle of the debian changes and somebody needs to look at that before intrepid and figure what we want to do13:32
seb128mvo: either we roll back to the previous system or go for the new one13:32
mvoyes, that is the reply to that13:32
seb128ah ok, thanks for looking into it13:32
seb128any opinion on rollback or going forward?13:32
seb128I think the easier for intrepid is probably to just make the plugins build the informations files again13:33
Ampelbeinseb128: now i used the 1.5 libtool but there seems to be a problem with the ppa-buildmachines: http://pastebin.com/db957b0b13:33
mvoI'm not decided yet, I was thinking about just adding a bit of extra code to the thing that builds the codec information file for g-a-i and make it understand the new system13:33
seb128mvo: would work for me too13:34
mvobut I'm not really sure yet (it looks reasonable easy)13:34
seb128Ampelbein: do you have the librarian url for this one?13:34
mvofor intrepid+1 we need update fully anyway I think13:34
seb128Ampelbein: when did you get the issue?13:34
Ampelbeini used -0ubuntu3 as version because launchpad otherwise rejects my upload.13:35
seb128Ampelbein: right you can't use already published versions13:35
Ampelbeinthe build doesn't even seem to start13:36
Keybukseb128: I have a really quick hack fix for the epiphany bug :p13:36
seb128Ampelbein: right, it's a buildd issue, will ping the soyuz guys about that now13:37
Keybukseb128: put LT_OUTPUT before the call to libtool13:37
Keybukif you want to be compatible13:37
Keybukm4_ifdef([LT_OUTPUT], [LT_OUTPUT])13:37
seb128Keybuk: let me try that13:38
Keybukit's not even a hack really, it's *documented* as being for exactly this situation13:38
seb128Keybuk: indeed that fixes it, thank you13:42
seb128Ampelbein: can you retry the build?13:45
seb128Ampelbein: on the launchpad build page you should have a retry button13:45
Ampelbeinseb128: now retrying the build.13:45
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seb128mvo: can you look at bug #273414?13:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273414 in gnome-control-center "gnome proxy settings system wide button has misleading function" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27341413:59
Ampelbeinseb128: epiphany-browser now built correctly, i uploaded to bug 27334214:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273342 in epiphany-browser "Please update to 2.24.0" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27334214:00
seb128Ampelbein: good thanks14:05
seb128Ampelbein: why the debhelper requirement change?14:10
mvoseb128: I think I fixed that this morning14:15
Keybukseb128: LT_OUTPUT will fix any occurence of libtool being used in configure.ac14:15
Keybukthough if it's using it to get config output, just replace it with the variable itself14:16
seb128mvo: I read your upload change but I was not sure, feel free to close it then ;-) btw did you see my ping about the new g-c-c tarball? ;-)14:16
seb128Keybuk: but that's the right fix or should libtool not be called in the configure.ac?14:16
Keybukseb128: in this case, what they're doing is ... well14:17
mvoseb128: no, I haven't, I will check it out once I finished the codec change stuff14:17
Keybukthere may be a better fix, but it may not have exactly the effect they're testing for14:17
seb128mvo: ok thanks14:17
Keybukit's hard to tell from the context whether they're testing a compile, or testing that the compile acetually works in a particular way with libtool14:17
Keybukthey use specific libtool options in the test, after all14:17
Keybukthat may be accidental, but I wouldn't want to replace it with something else, in case I take out the very thing they're testing14:18
Keybukso LT_OUTPUT seems a better solution for that14:18
Keybuksomething just compiling and linking something as usual should use AC_TRY_COMPILE/AC_TRY_LINK etc.14:18
seb128ok, makes sense14:19
emberseb128: backgrounds done, is there any free update to do?14:21
emberokidoki i will take a look at gthumb14:23
didrocksseb128: gnome-system-tools ready (bugs #273579)14:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273579 in gnome-system-tools "Please sponsor gnome-system-tools 0.22.1 into intrepid" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27357914:50
seb128didrocks: thanks14:50
mvoslomo: I'm just comparing the output of the old gst-inspect and the new packages/output. is the removal of the dynamic_range for the deocer-audio/x-lpcm ok and expected (plugins-ugly)?14:54
davmor2guys there's a weird ass memory leak in Ubuntu that only occurs when both pidgin and FF3 are open.  Individually there is no effect.15:09
seb128that would be weird15:09
seb128tedg: hey15:09
seb128Ampelbein: epiphany-browser uploaded, want to do an another update? ;-)15:10
davmor2seb128: I Noticed it in hardy but I've just been checking it on intrepid same thing15:10
seb128davmor2: what do you call memory leak?15:10
tedgseb128: Yes.15:11
seb128tedg: I've sponsored your fusa update15:12
davmor2seb128: In 20 minutes it's gone from 365meg used to 373.3 and climbing.  On hardy over 2 hours it's gone from 383 to 788.2mb used15:12
seb128davmor2: what process?15:12
tedgseb128: Great!15:12
seb128tedg: gnome-power-manager 03-system-policy.patch has a gpm-main.c.orig copy which should not be there15:13
davmor2seb128: sorry? how do you mean process?15:13
seb128davmor2: is that firefox which is eating those 788megas?15:13
tedgseb128: Ah, oops.  I'll fix it.15:13
seb128tedg: thanks15:13
seb128tedg: and about the gnome-power-manager number of changes, those have been commited before the freeze start so nothing to say ;-)15:14
seb128tedg: they didn't roll a .92 tarball apparently or those change will have been in this one15:15
davmor2seb128: no the 2 combined ff3 or pidgin on it's own makes it flux between 383 and 390-ish but doesn't move up from that however the minute you open both it starts to climb15:15
tedgseb128: Ah, okay.  I thought "released" not committed.15:15
seb128davmor2: what start to climb? what number are you looking at?15:16
seb128davmor2: I think many of the ubuntu user use pidgin and firefox so it's likely something you are using, do you have so plugin doing integration between those in some way which is not in the standard installation?15:16
davmor2seb128: either top or system monitor total memory used niether FF3 or Pidgin show up in the top ten on top at any point.15:17
seb128davmor2: use top, sort by memory usage and look what is using it then?15:18
seb128davmor2: and there is a chance you don't understand linux memory usage, having almost all the available memory used is not a bad thing, when you start swaping that's not good though15:19
davmor2seb128: that kicks in about hours 6-8 of usage and my system grinds to a halt15:20
seb128ok, so back to my previous question15:20
seb128what do you use which is not in the standard installation15:21
davmor2I'll run top on the virgin test system and see which shows up15:21
seb128any plugin which does integration between those software?15:21
seb128and try to top and see what processus use the ressources15:21
davmor2seb128: I'm on 64bit I have a default pidgin and FF3 with flash I don't have any other plugins enabled15:22
seb128weird that nobody else has the issue then15:22
seb128I doubt you are the only user running firefox and pidgin ;-)15:22
seb128any try to see what processus use the ressources and to valgrind it15:23
davmor2seb128: I'm sure I confirmed on a bug but can't find it at all now so opened a new one.  I tried valgrind but it cripples pidgin and isn't too kind to FF3 either but if top fails on intrepid system I'll valgrind that15:24
didrocksseb128: gconf-edito also finished (bug #273598)15:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273598 in gconf-editor "Please sponsor gconf-editor 2.24.0 to intrepid" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27359815:30
seb128didrocks: thanks15:31
didrocksseb128: if you want, I can do some more this evening :)15:31
didrocks(I am away for a couple of hours)15:31
didrocksjust hl me, I will backlog15:31
seb128didrocks: ok, ping me when you want to do an update and I'll look if there is still something on the list ;-)15:31
seb128see you later15:31
huatsseb128: don't give to much stuffs to didrocks15:31
didrocksseb128: no pb! See you latter :)15:31
huatshe has lots to do already with ubuntu-fr :)15:31
didrockshuats: :p15:32
huatslut btw seb12815:32
seb128'lu huats15:32
seb128huats: how are the anjuta updates going? ;-)15:32
didrockshuats gives me his work for ubuntu-fr, what a shame :)15:32
* huats start to wonder that tomorrow at paris capitale du libre, the ubuntu-fr stand will be on gnome update mode :)15:33
huats(didrocks and I will be keeping the stand :))15:33
seb128huats: tomorrow intrepid should be on the "GNOME 2.24 is available" mode ;-)15:33
huatsit will be15:34
huatsseb128: tomorrow you'll have anjuta btw :)15:36
seb128good ;-)15:36
huats(I have been able to work on it in the train... but not finished yet, because no internet connection...)15:37
davmor2seb128: Right I've been watching top on this updated intrepid virgin test system. I have irc open on pidgin (1 channel #ubtuntu-testing and 1 chat with myself) and FF3 on a wiki page memory used has risen by 2 meg and FF3 and pidgin have both leaped to 2 place behind Xorg which stays at the top.  Memory used continues to rise15:39
seb128davmor2: how much are using firefox and pidgin and how are their usage moving?15:40
seb128huats: you need to update gdl and gnome-build too right?15:42
huatsseb128: sure15:42
huatsseb128: gdl is done15:42
huatsand gnome-build too15:42
huatsI just need to check a few stuffs15:42
huatsbut they are done15:42
seb128you can open sponsoring requests if you want15:42
seb128I will look at the updates15:42
huatslet me check the few details I want15:43
huatsand I open the requests :)15:43
huats(if it is ok for you of course)15:43
davmor2seb128: Pass neither shows up for more than a split second I got it on full screen and it neither show up in the list.  Is there a way to run top so it only display FF and/or Pidgin?15:43
seb128huats: sure, no hurry15:44
seb128davmor2: use gnome-system-monitor and sort by memory usage?15:44
seb128huats: just let me know when you open the bugs if you want me to have a look at those ;-)15:46
davmor2seb128: FF 36.7 and top pidgin 12.3 4th15:47
huatsseb128: of course :)15:47
seb128davmor2: and how those move when the usage change?15:47
huatsseb128: asyou might have understand I'd rather try by myself... so that I learn more :)15:47
huatsbut your look at the packages will be more than welcomed :)15:48
seb128huats: oh, I was not suggesting doing the updates myself, I just want to look at your work since you say they are ready but you need to verify some details15:48
huatsseb128: I know :)15:48
davmor2seb128: moved to a different page on firefox leaped to 38.5 and settled back to 36.6, Pidgin's doesn't change15:50
seb128well, try to figure which processus usage change in this list15:50
seb128take a screenshot now and look the different in an hour15:51
davmor2seb128: will do thanks for the help15:54
seb128you're welcome15:54
seb128gicmo: hey hey15:54
gicmoseb128: hey15:54
gicmoseb128: the party was good, I was drunk at the end15:54
gicmoseb128: but today she is sick (not so great)15:54
seb128see, partying is not always easy ;-)15:55
gicmoso true15:55
seb128gicmo: have you seen alex understood the trash crashing issue15:57
gicmoseb128: ah, nope15:57
seb128gicmo: read the current comment on http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54756815:58
ubottuGnome bug 547568 in trash backend "gvfsd-trash crashed with SIGSEGV in g_main_context_dispatch()" [Critical,Unconfirmed]15:58
gicmooh, I didnt know we were linking that thing statically15:58
gicmoI guess it helps that he actually wrote that code ;-)15:59
seb128yes ;-)15:59
gicmobut mclasen and I were partly right as well16:00
gicmoTOLD YOU!16:00
gicmoI know it was that mainloop integration16:01
gicmoI told you it was that piece16:01
gicmoI just missed that statically linking piece16:01
gicmogood to see that he figured it out16:01
seb128<gicmo>hmm might it be that its _g_dbus_connection_integrate_with_main () being called from the thread oder something16:01
seb128that was the other day16:01
seb128you were close ;-)16:02
seb128gicmo: anyway good to have alex back and having time to look at those issues16:03
tedgseb128: GPM patch is now fixed.  Sorry about that.16:04
seb128tedg: that's alright, where is the diff.gz? did you use a new revision to workaround ppa not allowing to upload the same version again?16:05
gicmoseb128: totally!16:05
tedgseb128: Yes.  I did use a new version.  I wish you could "really delete" in a PPA :(16:06
Ampelbeinseb128: back again, ready to do another update16:11
seb128Ampelbein: btw did you reply to the "why did you update the debhelper requirement"?16:12
Ampelbeinseb128: dh_icons required a update of the debhelper, this was a lintian warning i think.16:14
seb128Ampelbein: ok, I was just wondering since you didn't mention why in the changelog16:14
Ampelbeinok, i will add a description next time on why i changed it.16:14
seb128Ampelbein: I've uploaded it now so that's for next one ;-)16:17
seb128Ampelbein: http://download.gnome.org/sources/epiphany-extensions/2.24/epiphany-extensions-2.24.0.tar.gz if you didn't do it yet, it's required to match the epiphany-browser abi version16:17
Ampelbeinwill work on it now16:18
emberseb128: tomboy and gthumb done16:18
seb128ember: ok16:18
seb128ember: you can http://download.gnome.org/sources/gnome-devel-docs/2.24/gnome-devel-docs-2.24.0.tar.gz16:20
seb128if you want to do this one16:20
emberokidoki, i will do devel-docs and gnome-doc-utils16:20
seb128ember: wait for gnome-doc-utils, that might be something to do in debian and sync, I'll ping slomo about it16:21
emberif he doesn't add the translations template in rules we have to merge it16:23
seb128right, but that's a small change and might be fine for debian too16:27
emberdevel-docs done16:38
Ampelbeinseb128: bug 273621 done.16:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273621 in epiphany-extensions "Please sponsor version 2.24.0 into intrepid" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27362116:44
Ampelbeinhave to leave again, be back in 2 hours16:44
emberseb128: about tpython-evolutio, python-gnome2-devel should replace it or conflict?16:45
seb128Ampelbein: ok16:46
emberits python-gnome2-desktop and not devel16:46
seb128ember: when did they add it there?16:46
emberi'm looking at bug #26177616:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261776 in hamster-applet "hamster-applet crashed with TypeError in get_pos()" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26177616:47
emberand bug #27350316:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273503 in conduit "Replace dependency on python-evolution with python-gnome2-desktop?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27350316:48
salty-horsempt, ping17:08
salty-horsedidrocks, here?17:09
salty-horsepitti, here?17:10
pittihi salty-horse17:10
salty-horsehi pitti. do you have a bit of time to help me debug this annoying bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/+bug/27247417:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 272474 in jockey "jockey silently fails to enable nvidia driver" [Undecided,New]17:10
pittisalty-horse: yes, can do, but not right now; are you ok with half an hour or so?17:11
salty-horseI'm using the failsafe one for now :) (just deleted xorg.conf and it magically worked)17:12
pittisalty-horse: I asked for more info in the bug report17:19
salty-horsejust a sec17:20
didrockssalty-horse: yes?17:21
salty-horsehi didrocks. do you have any trouble launching the help menus in sgt-puzzles? I Do. I noticed your recent response to this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sgt-puzzles/+bug/154307 -- how recent is it? :)17:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 154307 in sgt-puzzles "Help fails to launch successfully" [Undecided,Fix released]17:22
didrockssalty-horse: I had no issue on intrepid (I created all descriptions for desktop files in launching the help for each game)17:23
salty-horsedidrocks, choosing "help" launches the gnome help app and gives me the error: "Could Not Read File - The file ‘/usr/share/sgt-puzzles/help/galaxies.html’ could not be read.  This file might be missing, or you might not have permissions to read it." -- the file is accessible to my user with proper read permissions. did you test this on the latest version you released?17:27
didrockssalty-horse: on galaxies game?17:28
salty-horsedidrocks, I get the error on all of them. this is an example17:28
didrocksok, one second, I launch my VM17:29
slomomvo: yes17:36
didrockssalty-horse: yes, I confirm your issue now17:36
salty-horsedidrocks, should I file a new bug?17:36
didrocksseb128: back on the field :)17:36
didrockssalty-horse: reopen it17:37
seb128didrocks: the gconf-editor update, lintian complains about your email not being valid, could you fix it?17:37
didrocksseb128: hum, possible I was on my company computer. I didn't check17:38
didrockswill do it now17:38
salty-horsepitti, replied with the results17:40
salty-horsepitti, can you update jockey's README with info on jockey-backend's -l flag? it has jockey-backend --debug -- what's the difference?17:42
salty-horsepitti, I'm not using the latest version released yesterday.... will re-test17:45
didrocksseb128: done on bug #273598 for gconf-editor. I think I will have to look at my DEBEMAIL profile on my company computer17:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273598 in gconf-editor "Please sponsor gconf-editor 2.24.0 to intrepid" [Wishlist,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27359817:47
seb128didrocks: ok17:47
didrocksseb128: I take a look at gnome-system-tools for this17:48
pittisalty-horse: oh, silly me; of course you need --debug -l /tmp/jockey-debug.log17:49
davmor2seb128: Both ff and pidgin have risen slightly 7meg in total but overall memory used is up 20meg and is still increasing on the intrepid machine hardy machine switched itself off not seen that before :(17:57
seb128do you use a custom theme?17:58
didrocksseb128: bug #273579 ready17:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273579 in gnome-system-tools "Please sponsor gnome-system-tools 0.22.1 into intrepid" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27357917:59
seb128didrocks: ok17:59
didrocksready for other pending stuff if needed :)17:59
davmor2seb128: no I keep the test machine as close to virgin Ubuntu as possible17:59
seb128doesn't really makes sense to me, trying using valgrind17:59
davmor2I use valgrind tomorrow on the intrepid machine rather than the one I use18:00
davmor2seb128: It is just a case of running the stuff from this page isn't it? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valgrind18:03
davmor2seb128: No Probs I'll run it first thing tomorrow then :)18:04
seb128let we know if you figure anything useful18:04
davmor2seb128: I might be posting my log files to my server so any one who can read it can :)18:05
seb128mpt: all your gnome-session alignement and inconsistency issues are icons ones, could you see if there is some icons which could be used in those dialogs?18:29
mptseb128, sure, how would I find out?18:30
mptAh, andreasn would know18:30
mptandreasn, we have logout and shutdown dialogs missing icons18:30
mptor with wrongly-sized icons18:30
andreasnit looks ok upstream, so I think it's the lack of coverage in human-icon-theme that is to blame18:30
seb128and suspend too18:31
seb128andreasn: right, that's what I was saying18:31
seb128the dialogs are just fine when using clearlooks18:31
andreasnvuntz posted a suspend icon in the bug report, there is also one in power-manager18:31
mptand JFTR, I think these bugs are more important than "Low"18:31
seb128mpt: right, that's why I'm pinging you or whoever here has contacts to get icons drawed and picked for those18:32
seb128I'm fine looking a code bugs but I'm not an artist18:32
andreasnthe icons used in the previous dialog wasn't that good either, since they all looked like this ( | )18:32
mptok, I'll move them to h-i-t18:32
seb128mpt: thanks18:32
mptyeah, the previous dialog was no fun for the colorblind18:32
seb128mpt: I can raise the topic during the next desktop team meeting if you want18:33
andreasnif I've been told correctly, Iconfactory never provided any sources of any kind for their icons, so any bigger sizes will have to be drawn from skratch18:33
andreasnwhat kind of deal is that btw? :/18:34
mptBinary-only icons? meh18:35
mptGraphical binary blobs! :-P18:35
andreasnkind of18:35
mptBut I bet if they had provided source they would have been Illustrator or something similarly not-very-useful18:35
andreasnI would guess so as well18:35
mptThat leaves bug 269478, which seems like it might be a Metacity bug, but I don't remember Metacity every doing that before18:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269478 in gnome-session "Choosing "Log Out"/"Shut Down" a second time hides the window" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26947818:36
mptever, rather18:36
seb128mpt: compiz does the same18:38
didrocksseb128: hum, swfdec-gnome requires swfdec library >=0.8 and we only have 0.7 for intrepid18:40
andreasnhm, I wonder if this missing reload icon affects every other app that have a reload icon bigger than 24x24 as well18:41
seb128didrocks: an another update for you to do then ;-)18:41
didrocksseb128: yes, for sure :)18:41
seb128andreasn: is there any application doing that?18:41
didrocksbut may i ask a FFe first?18:41
seb128didrocks: no need for that, I can grant desktop exception and I do grant one for this update18:41
didrocksseb128: ok :)18:42
seb128didrocks: swfdec-gnome is a GNOME tarball and has an exception so depends can be excepted too there ;-)18:42
didrocksseb128: ok, didn't know there was some kind of "heritage" for dependencies :)18:42
emberseb128: mind if i take a look at gnome-main-menu 0.9.11 ?18:43
seb128didrocks: there is none but in this case I think the upgrade is a good idea so I grant the exception18:43
didrocksseb128: understood :-)18:43
seb128ember: looks like a good idea, it'll require a freeze exception though since that's not a GNOME package and in universe18:44
seb128didrocks: good update then ;-)18:44
seb128I'm away for dinner now, bbl18:44
emberi will have a look18:46
andreasnseb128: you never know with applications, they do all kind crazy things, so my answer would be "yes, probably" :)18:46
andreasnmpt: I noticed you're going to the UI hackfest thing in Boston. Do you know where to stay and stuff?18:46
mptandreasn, yes, I have a hotel booked18:46
salty-horsempt, have you seen my comments about the shutdown menu the other day?18:47
mptsalty-horse, no18:47
salty-horsempt: "I'm using intrepid and noticed the new separate shutdown/logout menus. they have the buttons in a vertical list, and the buttons is very wide. each button also has a different height, and the differences in icon sizes for "restart" and "shutdown" make for an unpleasant and unpolished look."18:47
andreasnmpt: in the sense "I'm going there too, and don't know where to stay"... it's not that I'm concerned that you don't have anywhere to stay, if I made that impression18:48
mptandreasn, ah. :-) Well I'm sorry I don't know any more than you do about that.18:48
andreasnI just thought it would be a good idea to know where other people are staying18:49
mptsalty-horse, I guess the different height is a symptom of the different icon size.18:49
mptWhich are the bugs I've reported.18:49
andreasnthe MIT hotel was pretty ok though18:49
salty-horsempt, can you link me please?18:50
mptsalty-horse, bug 269500, bug 269502, bug 26950418:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269500 in human-icon-theme ""Log Out" and "Switch User" are misaligned" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26950018:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269502 in human-icon-theme ""Restart" is misaligned with other options in "Shut Down" dialog" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26950218:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269504 in human-icon-theme ""Suspend" icon is black rectangle in "Shut Down" dialog" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26950418:50
mptandreasn, you could turn the attendance list on live.gnome.org into a table with a column for "Where you're staying"18:51
andreasngood idea18:51
emberseb128: i have a question libslab0 libslab.so.0.1.0 on .10 and libslab.so.0.1.1 which got some symbols removed19:02
emberin this case i dump bump shlibs but use the .shlibs file instead right?19:02
didrocksseb128: the package is in debian new (http://ftp-master.debian.org/new/swfdec0.8_0.8.0-1.html). Do I have to make a sync request or repackage it with -0? FYI the source package's name is swfdec0.8 (there is one dedicated source package by version)19:19
didrocksI will have my dinner now, awat for some times19:20
=== njpatel is now known as njpatel_away
geserseb128: does file-browser-applet fall into your responsibility to grant a FFe or is ~motu-release responsible for it? bug 27162919:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 271629 in file-browser-applet "Please sync  file-browser-applet (0.5.9-1) from Debian unstable (main)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27162919:27
seb128geser: I'm not sure what is my responsability to grant or not since that's something MOTU decided, but as I understand it I can grant desktop expections or that one is a switch to gio and worth having so I grant it ;-)19:37
seb128ember: what symbols have been removed? they should change the soname if they remove symbols19:40
seb128didrocks: wait for debian NEW I would say19:40
emberseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/49786/19:42
seb128ember: that seems to be a case for soname change but since they didn't and there is no rdepends don't bother and update the shlibs I would say19:43
emberseb128: the debian/rules one, or add a .shlibs file?19:44
seb128let me have a look to the source19:45
seb128usually packages set the shlibs somewhere19:45
seb128either by having a .shlibs or in the rules19:45
seb128dunno what this one is doing19:45
emberthis one uses DEB_DH_MAKESHLIBS_ARGS_libslab0 += -V"libslab0 (>= 0.9.10)"19:45
seb128ok so update that version19:45
emberok, thanks for the tip19:45
seb128those are different way to do the same thing19:45
seb128you're welcome19:45
didrocksseb128: ok, the patch is ready. Will watch at debian NEW and ask for sync as soon as it is released19:50
seb128didrocks: thanks19:50
geserseb128: just to be sure: bug 273566 and bug 273629 don't need a special FFe granted as they fall into the general gnome FFe, right?19:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273566 in gnome-backgrounds "Please sponsor gnome-backgrounds 2.24.0 (universe) into Intrepid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27356619:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 273629 in gnome-devel-docs "Please sponsor gnome-devel-docs 2.24.0 (universe) into Intrepid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27362919:54
seb128geser: correct19:54
emberwhy gnome-main-menu isn't considered GNOME and needs FFe seb128 ?20:06
seb128ember: because GNOME is the GNOME desktop set, which are tarball which respect the GNOME freeze, roll regular tarballs, etc and get an exception in ubuntu because they respect the GNOME freezes, which is not the case of this one20:09
emberah ok, and it isn't part of the gnome official modules20:09
emberaccording to releng20:10
embergotcha, thanks20:10
mvoAmpelbein: if have a bit of time, could you update compiz from the PPA and check if the segfault is now fixed?20:25
seb128mvo: speaking about that I get a lot of compiz crashes after session restart on intrepid, is that a known issue?20:31
mvoseb128: not to me, what kind of crashes? I wonder if the new version helps20:33
seb128mvo: dunno20:35
seb128"Cannot access memory at address 0xb8091658" is what I get after attach gdb to the coredump in the .crash20:35
seb128mvo: it crashes after almost every session restart20:36
mvothere is a 0.7.8 in the ~compiz PPA (deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/compiz/ubuntu intrepid main) if you feel like testing :)20:36
mvoI can try that, just logout/login?20:36
seb128mvo: I get it several time a day after login20:37
seb128but I restart a lot nowadays when testing the GNOME updates20:37
seb128so maybe it's not every time but every few times20:37
mvoseb128: and you get a crashfile then, I will watch out for that20:38
seb128mvo: yes, and the update-manager icon, etc20:39
seb128mvo: is the new version something likely to go to intrepid?20:41
mvoseb128: if I get positive feedback I want to file a freeze exception for it20:42
seb128mvo: ok, I'll give it a try then20:42
mvowe have a git version right now, the new version brings mostly improvements in the form of bugfixes20:42
seb128mvo: you should just file an exception now, we are still not in beta freeze so better to land it now20:43
mvoright, the final release of 0.7.8 was just today20:45
mvo(of the -fusion stuff at least)20:45
mvoso when I get positive feedback on the current PPA I will file it20:45
seb128mvo: I'll give a try and tell you about it tomorrow20:46
mvothanks seb12820:46
seb128you're welcome20:46
seb128mvo: how is going the gnome-control-center update btw ? ;-)20:46
mvoseb128: too many conflicts, that distro patching drives me nuts20:47
mvoseb128: I probably do it first thing tomorrow morning, conflicts in the randr capplet and the keyboard capplet20:49
seb128mvo: sorry about that20:49
mvothe keyboard stuff is my patch afterall, so no need to be sorry :)20:49
mvoI take the gconf-editor sponsoring i20:53
Ampelbeinmvo: just got back, will try compiz in a minute20:54
seb128mvo: ups, sorry, I sponsored this one before dinner, I though there changelog has a close on the bug20:55
seb128mvo: I changed it to fix commited I think20:55
mvoseb128: gconf-editor?  then I close it20:55
mvoseems to be not in the archive then or something20:56
seb128looking why20:56
* mvo goes for tomboy next20:56
seb128" gconf-editor (2.24.0-0ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low"20:56
mvoheh :)20:56
seb128gra, I always forget to look at the target20:56
seb128didrocks: you screwed gconf-editor ;-)20:56
seb128didrocks: it's an intrepid update and not an hardy one ;-)20:57
* mvo is impressed that tomboy has a 5mb source tarball20:57
seb128mvo: that's gtk# for you I guess ;-)20:58
* seb128 runs20:58
mvoheh :)20:59
* Nafallo builds a new netspeed21:05
seb128Nafallo: http://download.gnome.org/sources/gnome-nettool/2.22/gnome-nettool-2.22.1.tar.gz is yours too thanks ;-)21:05
seb128Nafallo: people on this chan get assigned updates today and you just won this one ;-)21:06
Nafallofor hardy? :-P21:06
seb128no, intrepid21:06
NafalloI'm not building stuff I can't test :-)21:06
seb128that one build on hardy just fine21:06
* Nafallo ponders if he have access to the porter boxes21:07
Nafallodon't think I have :-P21:07
* mvo hugs seb'crack-the-whip'12821:07
Nafallograb and upload to main, where I have no rights to upload? ;-)21:07
seb128really it builds fine on hardy, it's still a 2.22.n which means they rolled it for translations updates21:07
Nafalloseems crackful. I rather stay away :-P21:07
seb128alright as you want21:08
Nafallosure, but I have no build environment set up :-)21:08
Nafalloat all21:08
seb128you mean you are running some non ubuntu os on your box? ;-)21:08
Nafallolol. no. that means it's used to give you build-machines back after we moved them across buildings :-P21:09
Nafallo♥ minicom21:09
* seb128 hands Nafallo a ppa21:09
Ampelbeinmvo: compiz works fine with the new version21:09
mvoAmpelbein: excellent, thank a lot for the test!21:09
Nafalloseb128: gah! I've been poking the PPAs all day :-P21:09
Nafalloseb128: will hopefully start to come back tomorrow.21:10
seb128Nafallo: and you do you know if they still work now? ;-)21:10
Nafallothey dont21:10
seb128you got to try some update ;-)21:10
seb128bah ;-)21:10
NafalloI did gajim alpha during weekend. it's in my ppa for testing :-)21:10
Nafalloit's AWESOME!21:10
seb128who cares about gajim21:11
mvoember: thanks for the gthumb update! do you happen to know if the 06-add-keybinding patch got sent upstream?21:11
Nafalloseb128: hopefully the maintainer, you troll :-)21:11
mvoga...? gaim, gamin, garmin,gajim, ... how many more?21:11
seb128Nafallo: right ;-)21:11
seb128mvo: none of those are really good don't worry21:12
mvoheh :)21:12
seb128there is a reason why gaim has been renamed pidgin ;-)21:12
seb128that doesn't mean it suck less now though :-p21:12
seb128joke aside pidgin works fine usually ;-)21:12
Nafallomvo: oh! next time we sit 3m from each other... let's say hello? :-D21:13
* mvo likes pidgin21:13
* mvo hides from Nafallo21:13
Nafalloseb128: seriously. when I've bought my 2x2GB memory for this laptop I need to reinstall anyway. might as well go ibex on it :-)21:14
seb128good choice ;-)21:14
Nafallojust need to remember to grab an iso when I'm in the DC :-)21:15
* pochu waves21:26
pochuhey Nafallo21:26
pochuseb128: so, what updates are still remaining? I've seen libgnomeprint has already been done, right?21:27
Nafallohi pochu21:27
seb128pochu: hey, all those I've listed this morning are still to do for debian21:28
seb128pochu: so we can do sync those21:28
pochuso, gnome-common, libgnomeprint, libgnomeprintui, librsvg, xdg-user-dirs-gtk21:29
seb128pochu: right21:30
Nafallonetspeed (0.14-1ubuntu2~nflo1) hardy; urgency=low21:47
Nafallo  * Add debian/patches/ignore_wmaster0.patch:21:47
Nafallo    + ignore the wmaster0 device to not use it with the automatic detection.21:47
Nafalloseb128: worthy of inclusion?21:48
Nafalloif it works that is.21:48
NafalloI'll probably know tomorrow21:48
seb128Nafallo: similar to http://packages.qa.debian.org/n/netspeed/news/20080629T193248Z.html?22:22
seb128Nafallo: which is in intrepid already22:23
Nafalloseb128: yes. thanks :-)22:26
seb128see you should be using intrepid ;-)22:27
Nafallosure. except I had to re-install my Eee after a dist-upgrade.22:27
Nafalloit's back on hardy now22:27
Nafallobut yea. payment time soon22:28
Nafalloand beta22:28
pochuseb128: I've started libgnomeprint{,ui}. I still need to build them in a Debian environment (they build fine in Ubuntu) and test them, but I'll do that and request sponsorship tomorrow22:51
pochugood night everyone22:51
=== fta_ is now known as fta

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