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liwI'd like to upload a new system-cleaner to fix #271234 and #271390, but they change the UI (command line and GTK both); is the doc team mentioning system-cleaner anywhere and would a new upload be problematic for you?10:36
mdkeliw: no, I don't think so. it's not installed by default. Being in universe it is unlikely to have translations either, afaik, but you shoudl notify both lists anyway as a matter of protocol20:02
liwmdke, thanks20:08
littleHey there, anybody active in here?20:23
perlluverI am active20:24
littleAre you part of the documentation team?20:25
perlluverI am not sure, I have done some editing, so I think maybe20:25
littleAh, I was looking to speak to someone who's in charge of it, or in some way part of the decision-making process.20:26
perlluverah ok, not me, sorry20:26
littleAh well, at least you're active. (:20:26
littleThe web pages are kind of a jumble of information, and it's tough to tell what's needed most - documentation that's part of the operating systems or wiki documentation. I'm open for either.20:28
perlluverboth the same, they are both equally importnat20:29
littleI guess I'll just go onto the wikis and see what needs to be written up, then.20:30
perlluverhang on20:30
perlluverthere is a list20:30
perlluverthere you go20:31
littleThanks! Looking...20:31
littleThat looks like a great starting place, thanks!20:35
perlluveryour welcome20:35
perlluverhave fun20:35
littleWill do. I write HOWTO guides and I'm out of material to write right now, so I'm looking for something to do. (:20:36
perlluverindeed, I have enjoyed it, hope you do too20:36
littleI guess I'm off to change a few things - hopefully for the better. Good luck to you, too! (:20:37
omegamormegilIs there a help document anywhere that a newbie could read to learn best practice type of stuff?  I'm thinking of things like what to do with a feature request (use brainstorm or report a bug on launchpad), and how to avoid stepping on people's toes.  I know there's lots of information like this scattered around, but perhaps there should be a wiki page providing links to all of it?22:15
charlie-tcaThere is a wiki for developers at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Home and a wiki for users at22:23
charlie-tcaPerhaps a search on one of them would give you answers? I think you could use either brainstorm or bug, your choice22:24
omegamormegilThanks for the response, but I'm not seeking answers for myself.  I was just thinking that a page on the wiki that consolidated this kind of information for new users could be useful.  I remember when I first started using Ubuntu that I didn't understand how anything worked, and I didn't really know what launchpad was for, and I didn't know if I should be editing the wiki, etc.  I'm talking about a primer.  Along the lin22:49
omegamormegiles of the Glossary at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Glossary, but more readable.  I don't expect people to sit down and read the glossary.22:49
omegamormegilI was thinking of considering working on something like this, but I didn't know if it already existed, and I wasn't sure if I should just jump in and start typing.22:50
mdkeomegamormegil: help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions?22:55
mdkeomegamormegil: or, if you are talking about contributing to Ubuntu, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributingToUbuntu22:56
* mdke goes to bed22:58

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