cjwatsonWarning: The partition table looks like it was made00:00
cjwatson  for C/H/S=*/240/63 (instead of 3649/255/63).00:00
cjwatsonwonder what that means ...00:00
cjwatsonperhaps you dded the contents of this disk over from some other different disk?00:01
CarlFKI just got the box.  no clue it's history other than it boots into XP00:02
cjwatsonthe above would be my guess00:02
cjwatsonfalls under "weird corner case" but I guess we have to deal with it :-/00:02
CarlFKI was wondering if you cared :)00:03
CarlFKI was expecting ´╗┐"weird corner case" so get lost00:03
cjwatsonI care about any case where we can't read the disk at all, but I can't promise dealing with it quickly - I suspect a real fix would have to involve teaching Linux to understand the broken partition table00:04
CarlFKwhat package is ot in?00:14
CarlFKbox only has 128mb, so normal live cd probably wont work00:14
CarlFKwhoops - od, not ot00:15
CarlFKhttp://dpaste.com/79884/ ~# od -tx1 -Ax -N512 /dev/sda00:16
CarlFKwant that posted to lp?00:16
cjwatsonthe kernel? "linux"00:17
CarlFKroot@dhcp243:~# uname -a00:18
CarlFKLinux dhcp243 2.6.27-3-generic #1 SMP Wed Sep 10 16:02:00 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux00:18
CarlFKi booted the beta clonezilla cd00:18
cjwatsonyes please00:18
cjwatson(posted to lp)00:18
CarlFKwhat package?00:19
cjwatson00:17 <cjwatson> the kernel? "linux"00:19
* cjwatson tries to remember where partition table parsing lives in the kernel00:20
cjwatsonah, fs/partitions/00:21
cjwatsonhmm, actually, no, not linux00:21
cjwatsonthat message is just a warning from the kernel and shouldn't affect parted's ability to read it, I think00:21
cjwatsonCarlFK: file it on parted instead, please00:21
CarlFKwill do00:22
CarlFKin the alt-installer/´╗┐BusyBox - what will tell me my IP?00:26
CarlFKifconfig isn't there00:26
cjwatsonip addr show00:27
CarlFKcjwatson:  #273379 - anything else you want me to add?01:06
cjwatsonno, that should be fine, thanks01:06
cjwatsonshould be enough to reproduce ab nihilo01:07
CarlFKthat box isn't going to be used anytime soon - want me to leave it to test a fix, or wipe the table and test normal conditions01:09
cjwatsonup to you, I don't mind01:09
CarlFKwipe we go - see how things go with its older nvida card01:10
stweston_hello? I'm trying to find a way to mount a CD-ROM drive on the Ubuntu Server installer. would anyone help?01:26
stweston_can anyone help? please?01:28
stwestonHow do I mount a CD-ROM drive in Ubuntu Server?01:31
CarlFKcjwatson: i was wrong about "no way to create partitions" and "allows me to install to the raw sda" - if I select sda, it warns me that I am going to loose all data01:52
CarlFKwhich I will add to the lp report... duh.01:52
stwestonhello. I need help02:32
stwestonI'm trying to mount my CD-ROM drive for Ubuntu Server, but it won't. It says I may need a driver floppy.02:33
stwestonhow do I mount my CD-R drive for the installer?02:33
TheMusostweston: How are you trying to install ubuntu-server, and what hardware are you using, and now is the CD drive connected?02:36
stwestonthe cd drive is connected, I'm using an old computer my dad put together. the CD drive is a CSA CDR-1300A, I believe.02:36
stwestonthere's only the alternate install option.02:37
TheMusostweston: Yes, but how is the CD drive connected?02:38
stwestonwhat do you mean?02:38
TheMusostweston: Is the drive connected via IDE or SCSI?02:39
stwestonsorry. didn't understand.02:39
TheMusoOk. Can you boot from tehCD?02:39
stwestonshall I?02:39
stwestonok. I'll do that right away.02:39
stwestonbooting up02:40
stwestonI'll get to the error page, if you'd like... or shall I explain along the way?02:40
stwestonokay... I'll just select my keyboard layout, first.02:41
TheMusoYep, just follow the install until you get to where it errors out.02:41
stwestonI'm there, now.02:42
stweston(I know. it was fast)02:42
stwestonfirst, it says "no common cd drive was detected"...02:42
stwestonit continues to say that I may need to install the driver from a driver floppy02:42
TheMusostweston: Oh what version of Ubuntu are you trying to install?02:42
TheMusoAh ok.02:43
stwestonthe options are: "Load cd-rom drivers from a driver floppy?" Yes (or) No02:43
TheMusostweston: Press ALT + F2 and enter to get to a prompt, and I'll get you to check for a couple of things.02:44
stwestonall right.02:44
stwestonalt-f2 pressed.02:44
TheMusoThen press enter and you should get something like "#"02:44
stwestonit's there already02:44
stwestonwhat should I enter in?02:45
TheMusoOk. Go to the /dev directory: "cd /dev"02:45
TheMusoWe are now going to see whether your CD drive is known. Type the following: "ls scd*"02:45
stwestonall right. I'm there.02:45
stwestonit was "ls scd*", right?02:46
stwestonokay... nothing found02:47
TheMusook try this one: "ls hd*"02:47
stwestonit says: "no such file or directory"02:47
stwestonsame error02:47
TheMusoOk so it really doesn't know about your drive.02:47
TheMusoOr more importantly, the chipset that the IDe controller is on the moterhboard. Can you possibly tell me what motherboard it is?02:48
stwestonI think it's an ASUS...02:48
TheMusoHow old is it?02:48
stwestonthat's right. I updated the BIOS with ASUS and Award - 2000, after being updated.02:48
stwestonit was originally '9802:49
stwestonis that a problem?02:49
TheMusostweston: What do you mean exactly? The machine is from 1998?02:49
stwestonno. my dad put together the machine, with parts probably dating back to 1998 or earlier.02:49
TheMusoRight, but the important bit is when the motherboard was made/bought.02:50
stwestonoh. then that would probably be 199802:50
stwestonso, what you're saying is that, since the motherboard is too old, Linux can't detect it?02:51
stwestonthe drive, I mean?02:51
TheMusostweston: Generally older hardware for Linux is not a problem, but there is a chance that linux doesn't properly identify the IDE chip, or the installer doesn't have the correct IDE driver available.02:51
TheMusostweston: How much ram, and what graphics card has the machine got?02:51
stwestonoh... I have no clue what the graphics card is, but.... I believe I have around 256 meg, if not 45002:52
stwestonI don't really know for sure, because the BIOS flashes the number too fast.02:53
stwestonin the RAM test.02:53
stwestonso, what does this mean?02:54
TheMusostweston: If you are still at the prompt, you can type the command "free" which will give you an approximation on how much ram there is.02:54
stwestonall right.02:54
stwestonwow! it really IS 450 mb!02:55
TheMusostweston: You can get the latest development release from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/02:55
stwestonthis is Intrepid... I'm using Hardy02:55
TheMusoyes, I know. At least if you try the intrepid development release and it works, then that narrows down the problem somewhat.02:56
stwestonwell, the thing is, I'm not sure if I would want to use another CD. I already used two for this 8.04 download, and my dad said I couldn't use any more for a while.02:56
stwestonI know... it stinks.02:57
TheMusoWell, when you can, give it a try. When cjwatson is around, he may some other ideas as to what you can try, but thats all I can think of atht emoment./02:58
stwestonwell, how long until he's usually around?02:59
TheMusostweston: Probably 5-6 hours.03:00
stwestonthat stinks.03:00
stwestonI have school tomorrow, too.03:00
TheMusostweston: Well I'm sorry I can't be any more help.03:01
stwestonoh, well. thanks, anyway!03:02
TheMusono problem.03:02
stwestonwhat time does he usually leave, by the way?03:02
stwestonI may be able to catch the end of when he's here.03:02
TheMusoWell our probably most likely to catch him 5 hours prior to the time it is for you now.03:03
stwestonoh. all right.03:03
stwestonthat works for me!03:03
stwestonI'll try getting that Intrepid install going.03:04
stwestonoh... but I have one final question:03:04
stwestonI'm ultimately going to make this server have the Xubuntu gui. does that matter what version I use?03:04
TheMusostweston: No.03:05
stwestonoh, good... what would happen?03:05
TheMusoHowever using the xubuntu disk might be the easiest way to go.03:05
stwestonif I use intrepid, I mean... all right...03:05
stwestonwhat I mean to say is, if I use the Intrepid server version, and the Hardy GUI, will that cause a problem with the OS?03:06
TheMusostweston: Its not possible to use the intrepid server version with the hardy gui.03:07
TheMusoon the one install.03:07
stwestonok... I don't understand by "on the one install".03:07
TheMusoWell if you install the intrepid ubuntu server, then want to use xubuntu, you can only use the gui for intrepid, and not hardy.03:07
stwestonI  see.03:08
stwestonwell, then I probably shouldn't try installing Intrepid on this server until it actually comes out, if need be.03:08
stwestonare there any other ideas you might have?03:10
TheMusostweston: The only other idea I have is that you try the xubuntu hardy live CD.03:10
stwestonall right.03:10
stwestonand then, if the live cd doesn't work, then the alternate? or what?03:11
TheMusoThen I would try intrepid. The live CD is more likely to have the drive needed for your motherboard. If the live CD boots to the Xubuntu desktop, you can install it from there.03:11
stwestonI see. thanks!03:11
stwestonIt's going to take about 3 hours... and growing! This is gonna be a long night...03:12
stwestonwell, I have to go. thanks a bunch, TheMuso!03:12
stwestonI need help on installing Ubuntu Server (and later Xubuntu, but that can wait)03:42
stwestoncan/would anyone help?03:43
stwestonI'm having trouble mounting the CD-ROM drive onto Ubuntu Server.03:45
stwestonit says "you may need a driver floppy". does anyone know what that means03:46
stwestoncjwatson: are you around?03:49
stwestonor is anyone?03:49
stwestonhello. can anyone help me with this problem I'm having with installing Ubuntu Server?03:51
stwestonI need help on installing Ubuntu Server. C/would anyone help?03:55
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stwestonI'm trying to install a xubuntu system, but I keep getting an "intramfs" prompt. anyone know what's wrong?06:15
sorencjwatson: The problem with the SDL frontend is that it doesn't have enough information available to choose between the good old keymap and the evdev keymap, and the sdl frontend is meant to work on Windows as well, so upstream is reluctant to add Gdk or X calls in it.07:08
sorencjwatson: Besides, I actually thought people used the VNC based frontends. Those work fine.07:08
persiaIsn't the SDL front-end the default?07:12
sorenIf you from a commandline just type "kvm", yes.07:12
sorenIf you use kvm in any of the ways we're recommending, no.07:12
persiaAh.  I don't suppose those could be aligned?07:14
sorenI don't really see how.07:14
sorenOr why :)07:15
persiaNo idea on how.  Why would be for those folk who don't read instructions, and want to use KVM.07:16
sorenUsing the SDL frontend is a perfectly valid use case, though.07:16
* persia heads off to a more appropriate forum07:17
CIA-50usb-creator: evand * r20 usb-creator/ (3 files in 2 dirs):07:41
CIA-50usb-creator: * Create a partition table before attempting to create new partitions.07:41
CIA-50usb-creator: * Require the device be formatted if a vfat partition is not present.07:41
CIA-50usb-creator: * Show a message dialog with warnings from the backend.07:41
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CIA-50usb-creator: evand * r21 usb-creator/ (debian/changelog usbcreator/backend.py): Set the boot flag when installing the bootloader (LP: #272775).08:25
CIA-50usb-creator: evand * r22 usb-creator/debian/changelog: releasing version 0.1.408:50
CIA-50ubiquity: cjwatson * r2844 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/kde_ui.py):09:37
CIA-50ubiquity: * KDE frontend:09:37
CIA-50ubiquity:  - Set layout direction when changing language (LP: #272376).09:37
ganeubiquity is throwing error when i go for password section09:38
ganebefore giving password itself , it is starting to compare09:39
ganei am thinking it may be a problem of locales09:44
ganecjwatson, can you help me what is the problem that i am getting when i run ubiquity10:41
wgrantIs it known that the newish timezone selector is almost impossible to work with?10:45
cjwatsongane: I'm not sure I even understand your problem. "It is starting to compare"?11:26
ganecjwatson, before getting the password itself from .. the ubiquity is comparing the password11:28
cjwatsongane: I need to know *precisely* what the error message is. Copy and paste if you can11:28
cjwatsonor a screenshot, or anything like that11:28
ganecjwatson just  a min11:29
ganecjwatson, i hve screen shot how to send you14:32
fokacjwatson, Hello, caught a tiny bug in debian-cd/Makefile (in ~ubuntu-cdimage/debian-cd/ubuntu since revision 1269).  Double "$$" needed in Makefile.  Patch here:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/49683/   Thanks!  :-)14:44
ganecjwatson, after partitioning it is going on .. there is no output14:51
cjwatsonfoka: oh yes, good call, thanks15:10
fokacjwatson, You're welcome.  :-)15:22
cjwatsonfoka: (committed)15:27
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stwestonAnyone know how I install ethernet ports on Win98?17:12
cjwatsonno clue17:15
cjwatsonstweston: I read the backlog of your discussion with TheMuso17:15
cjwatsonstweston: TheMuso suggested what I would have suggested, which was to compare with a desktop CD to rule out issues with d-i's construction17:16
cjwatsonstweston: the fact that the desktop CD doesn't boot either makes it practically certain that it's a kernel bug, so I'll have to direct you to #ubuntu-kernel17:16
stwestonI've tried last night, but I get a different problem.17:16
stwestonI got initramfs. I also checked the RAM, but nothing came up17:17
cjwatsonstweston: sometimes this type of problem can be cured fairly easily by just switching the relevant PCI ID over to a different driver or something, but I don't have the expertise to help with that kind of thing17:17
cjwatsonno, it wouldn't be a RAM problem17:17
cjwatsonthose tend to be a lot more random17:17
stwestonwell, the "ram" in initramfs was the guess of someone else.17:17
cjwatsonsomebody confused :)17:17
stwestonoh. ok17:18
cjwatson"you may need a driver floppy", BTW, means "help! the driver didn't work! please give me another one" (except you can't)17:18
stwestonwait - the drive or the driver?17:18
cjwatsonthe drive is likely fine17:19
stwestonaah. I see.17:19
cjwatsonwell, can't rule it out of course, but from the evidence it's a driver bug17:19
stwestonwell, I'm trying unetbootin.17:19
stwestonvia ethernet.17:19
stwestonand a wi-fi access on my mac.17:19
stwestondo you know how to install ethernet on a Win98PC?17:20
cjwatson17:12 <stweston> Anyone know how I install ethernet ports on Win98?17:20
cjwatson17:15 <cjwatson> no clue17:20
cjwatsonI purged all that from my brain a *long* time ago :)17:20
stwestonall right... I'm at #windows, anyway.17:22
stwestonwell, I'd better get back to school work... thanks, anyway!17:24
ZelutI've pulled down the netboot/ubuntu-installer/$arch/{linux,initrd.gz} but when I PXE I get kernel panic, unable to mount VFS.. any ideas?17:33
Zelutthis is for 8.04.117:33
Zelut"kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(104,1)"17:34
cjwatsonthat's cciss ...17:35
cjwatsonold syslinux being served from the PXE server perhaps?17:36
Zelutthe pxe server is a rhel5.2 machine.. ?17:37
cjwatsonat any rate it shouldn't be trying to get the root filesystem from the disk17:37
cjwatsonI don't think that's relevant; the binary actually served to the client should be in your tftp tree17:38
Zelut..which is there.  anything I should do to check/verify/update it?17:39
cjwatsonsorry, I'm not sure. The place I would start debugging this is to check that the initrd is actually being fetched from the tftp server (logs or strace), then check the command-line arguments that are being used, then compare each file to that in the netboot.tar.gz17:40
Zeluthmm.. the centos and rhel images that I have on PXE are working fine.17:41
cjwatsonoh, also check that the files work when you boot them directly in qemu or similar17:41
cjwatsonother than that this tends to be an utter pig to debug remotely and it'll be lots easier for you than for me; I can just provide general hints17:41
Zeluterg. I got it.  my pxelinux.cfg/default had ommitted the initrd=.  It just had 'append initrd.gz'.17:46
Zelutmy bad. why is it always the obvious, simple stuff? ;)17:46
cjwatsonthat'd do it!17:46
kirklandcjwatson: what's your plan (if any) for adding the Encrypted Private checkbox to the graphical installer?17:53
kirklandi'm not pushing either way, but i've been getting that question a lot from users17:54
cjwatsonthe problem I ran into last time I looked at it was how to fit all the stuff into the UI17:54
cjwatsonanother page is a lot of work, so I'd prefer to have it on the user-setup page17:54
kirklandcjwatson: you want more than a one liner and a checkbox, i suppose?17:54
cjwatsonbut that makes it hard to fit in the advice17:54
cjwatsonneed password as well ...17:54
kirklandcjwatson: what about a simple one liner "[  ]  Do you want to setup an encrypted private directory?", and if only if checked, throw up the blob about selecting a passphrase, recording it etc. on the next screen?17:56
cjwatson=> another page => lot of work17:56
kirklandcjwatson: the simple one-liner on the same screen as the user's full name, password, etc.17:56
* evand suspects we're approaching an advanced button on the user setup page.17:56
cjwatsonMUCH easier to put it all on the one page17:56
cjwatsonI mean, we could avoid the advice (maybe a help button, dunno) and reduce the UI that way17:57
cjwatsonI'm just worried about causing problems for the small-screen types17:57
davmor2Evand: that's on the last page that would make this a "Really Advanced Button"18:06
cjwatsonI think that's too disconnected from user creation18:07
cjwatsonI'd prefer to have it on the user page if at all possible18:07
evandindeed, though fitting it will as you say be quite tricky.18:11
kirklandcjwatson: a lot of the text could be eliminated if we only supported generated passphrases in the installer18:13
cjwatsonthat is true18:13
kirklandcjwatson: we would just need to impress upon the user the importance of WRITING THIS PASSPHRASE DOWN18:13
kirklandcjwatson: that's 128 bits of random data, guaranteed to be better than anything the user chooses18:14
kirklandcjwatson: though completely un-rememberable18:14
stwestonanyone know what "initramfs" means?18:17
stwestonI'm trying to install xubuntu, but it's not working. any option continues on to load the linux kernel and gets to a command prompt starting w/ "initramfs"18:17
stwestonI think it might mean "initial RAM file system", but I'm not sure.18:18
stwestonand if it does, what does that mean?18:18
superm1cjwatson, i see that you added a branch to bug 195608.  is this going to be making it into intrepid then?18:20
cjwatsonstweston: it means that. However this is of no value to you in debugging your problem. The problem there is the same root cause as the one you have with the alternate CD18:20
cjwatsonsuperm1: I'm not sure yet; I'm still having problems with it18:20
superm1cjwatson, ah okay18:21
stwestoncjwatson: what is that supposed to mean?18:21
cjwatsonstweston: so you know when I said that you'd need to ask #ubuntu-kernel because it was a problem with the kernel's driver for your CD drive? :-)18:22
stwestondoes this mean my CD drive is wrong? oh, yeah...18:22
cjwatsonstweston: assuming that this is the same machine on which you had the other problem18:22
stwestonoh. ys18:22
stwestonok. I'll go there, then..18:22
cjwatsonsuperm1: specifically it gets hard to figure out what to do with LVM and my brain exploded a little bit18:24
superm1cjwatson, perhaps add LVM as a case to exclude for now?18:26
cjwatsongive me a chance to figure it out :)18:26
xivulonevand I was wondering why usb-creator is not affected by 24310519:07
xivulonhaven't gone through the code yet, but doesn't the usb-creator copy the files from the ISO to a directory on the USB? and isn't that directory bindmounted (230716)?19:10
evandbecause it's not bindmounted19:11
evandit writes the contents of the ISO or image to the device19:12
evanderr poor wording on my part19:12
xivuloncould we use the same boot mechanism in casper to address 207137?19:13
cjwatsonwould be extremely slow and take lots of memory.19:14
cjwatson(think about it, you'd have to copy a live CD equivalent into memory)19:15
xivuloncjwatson I do not understand why loading the files from a USB (fat32 formatted) is any different then loading them from a fat32/ntfs partition on hard disk19:16
cjwatsonthe USB stick is mounted directly on /cdrom; no bind mount is involved19:18
xivulonI see so if usb-creator had to extract the files inside of a directory, then we would be in the same situation19:19
cjwatsonI expect so19:19
xivulonalthough that would have the advantage of not requiring formatting the usb...19:20
xivulongiven a supported fs to begin with19:20
cjwatsonI don't believe you have to format the device right now19:21
cjwatsonit'll accept one that's already formatted19:21
cjwatsonanyway, got to go19:21
xivulonthanks for the clarification19:21
stwestonmy Xubuntu CD won't install19:46
stwestonwon't even start.19:46
stwestonI think it's the drive, but I need confirmation.19:48
stwestonyeah. Ubuntu Server does the same.19:48
stwestonany suggestions on how to install xubuntu by using alternate boot options commands?21:02
stwestonI keep getting initramfs+busybox prompts21:03
stwestonAny suggestions on how to install xubuntu by using alternate boot options commands? I keep getting initramfs+busybox prompts no matter what21:24
stwestonhelp! I need to get xubuntu installed, but I keep getting initramfs prompts!22:42
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