kirklandrtg: hey00:02
kirklandrtg: mhalcrow has a mostly working patchset in his git tree with filename crypto00:02
kirklandrtg: not ready to be pushed yet, but he says it's 75% of the way there00:03
kirklandrtg: i thought you might be interested in that00:03
rtgkirkland: cool, I think its a much needed feature.00:43
kirklandrtg: agreed00:44
smb_tpCarlFK, kernel is at the usual place. Forgot to change the naming so no smb extension this time (should remove it as soon as we are done)03:14
CarlFK[   10.998469] Timer List Version: v0.304:37
CarlFK[   11.015142]  next_event:     9223372036854775807 nsecs04:37
CarlFKaccording to my math, that is just under 300 years04:37
sysdocHey guys, I'm looking to try the 2.6.27 kernel to see if it calms the heating problems that I'm getting now. Is there a way to install it from a repo?04:57
CarlFKyeah.. just a sec05:00
CarlFKsysdoc: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-image-2.6.27-4-generic_2.6.27-4.5_i386.deb05:03
CarlFKor whatever arch you need - same dir05:03
sysdocCarlFK: thanks bro05:04
CarlFKyou're welcome 05:07
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Q-FUNKwhat is the correct way for getting vcons output on Intrepid?  I notice the change to uvesafb, but no clear instructions on getting it to work.10:32
amitklaga: do you not use git-format-patch to generate your patches? I don't see the patch ordering.11:55
amitklaga: also for future reference, please create a .gitconfig file in your home dir with your name/email id so that Author field is filled out correctly.11:59
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Celtiorehi from france13:00
Celtiorei have a request :p13:00
Celtioreis it possible to include by default the sd8686 marvel in the -generic package kernel ?13:01
lagaamitk: i figured the signed-off-by was sufficient :)13:03
lagaamitk: i did use git-format-patch.13:03
amitkCeltiore: does the libertas driver not work for you?13:03
lagai didnt find the option to enumerate the mails in git-email-send13:04
amitklaga: git-format-patch -n -s -o /tmp origin13:04
Celtiorei have an aigo mid p886013:04
Celtioreand the orignal Aigo midinux use marvel13:04
Celtiorebut i'm not an expert :p13:05
lagaamitk: thanks. do you want me to resubmit then?13:05
lagaamitk: cut me some slack, though. last time i emailed them manually via thunderbird ;)13:05
amitklaga: I had to reorder the patches to have them apply, due to the email arriving in a different order than the one in which it was sent. I am reviewing them now.13:05
amitklaga: I said "for future reference" :) thanks though.13:06
amitkCeltiore: marvell does not allow us to ship firmware, so the driver is useless as is. Try the libertas driver13:06
Celtioreok amitk thanks you13:07
CarlFKsmb_tp: "pause seems to happen after the watchdog" - I waited about 10 seconds, hit the shift key, got the timer dump 13:13
smb_tpCarlFK, Try to let it time out. That should not take longer as the previous times (~160s IIRC)13:15
CarlFKtrying 13:15
smb_tpCarlFK, After hitting the key, the list looks ok to me. Maybe the same happens if the normal timeout occurs, but at least it won't be years...13:17
CarlFKsmb_tp: timeout posted13:51
smb_tpCarlFK, ok. Thanks. I'll look into that13:51
tjaaltonheh, so it wasn't the vista upgrade which broke my e1000e ;)14:50
rtgtjaalton: did you lose one as well?14:50
tjaaltonrtg: yep, the mobo on my X61 got replaced a while ago14:51
rtgtjaalton: it happened to Chris Jones as well.14:51
rtgLot of Thinkpad users out there that could get screwed.14:52
tjaaltonyeah, blacklisting it for now sounds fine14:52
tjaaltonit has worked for me since it was replaced, though14:52
tjaalton1,5 weeks14:52
rtgtjaalton: I'll give it a couple of hours to see if I get any objections on the mailing list.14:53
tjaaltonrtg: cool14:57
tjaaltonmine was replaced on-site. glad that they didn't ask too many questions ;)14:58
Q-FUNKwhat is the correct way for getting vcons output on Intrepid?  I notice the change from vesafb to uvesafb, but no clear instructions on getting it to work.15:04
Q-FUNKright now, using uvesafb produces distorted screen output, but works with usplash, while lxfb produces a usable vcons, but distorted output with usplash.15:05
munckfishrtg: would you prefer I submit changes for intrepid-ports in smaller chunks so the feedback loop is quicker? Or do you want one big lump?15:21
rtgmunckfish: small pieces15:22
munckfishrtg: I'm really concerned not to leave it too long before submitting something to you in case it's not right15:22
munckfishrtg: ok great. Well just now I have two patches which fix the build which I can submit.15:22
munckfishrtg: do you want a pull request?15:23
rtgmunckfish: send it on the kernel team mailing list please.15:23
munckfishafter this logically I will move on to specific changes for PS315:23
munckfishrtg: ok will do15:23
munckfishrtg: one other question - in my prev tree I did "Start new release" commit, I presume I should leave that out?15:24
rtgmunckfish: yeah, leave some of that boilerplate stuff up to me or Ben15:25
munckfishrtg: ok15:25
=== amitk changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: "Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | Kernel Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam | Latest news: Moved to 2.6.27 kernel for Intrepid/8.10. | Kernel git trees: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git | Latest bullgard4 kernel upload: 2.6.27-"
=== amitk changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: "Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | Kernel Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam | Latest news: Moved to 2.6.27 kernel for Intrepid/8.10. | Kernel git trees: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git | Latest kernel upload: 2.6.27-4.5 based on 2.6.27-rc7"
munckfishI presume the kernel team meeting is still at the original time? As it's 1500 UTC Tuesday 23 Sep 2008 and the server team are meeting in ubuntu-meeting right now.16:09
munckfishpgraner: was your request to move the team meeting not accepted?16:19
pgranermunckfish: No one replied. I had meant to email something out, unfortunately I've been on travel for the last 2 weeks.16:20
munckfishok thx16:20
munckfishkernel team meeting time?17:04
smb_tpmunckfish, No, sorry. Meeting will be shifted in time and place. There will be an announcement shortly.17:14
munckfishsmb_tp: ok thx. I'll look out for it17:15
munckfishrtg: I want to cherry pick a patch from ahead of into ports. How should I do that? I want to be able to update the commit message to reference the LP bug it fixes.17:32
munckfishDo you know of any example in our current trees I can look at to see how this is done?17:32
munckfish(thx for the 1st pull btw)17:33
IntuitiveNipplemunckfish: use git-cheery-pick -e <commit> so you can edit the commit message17:34
rtgI'm always cheery when I'm picking things.17:35
IntuitiveNipplemunckfish: you might want to use -x too, of course17:35
IntuitiveNipplelol typos!17:35
munckfishIntuitiveNipple: thx. So I just add our "UBUNTU: SAUCE: xxxxxxx" stuff above the original message?17:35
IntuitiveNipple(it's my way of ensuring people don't copy/paste my crap typing!)17:35
munckfishI wasn't meaning so much how technically as how kernel team procedure-wise17:36
rtgmunckfish: git-fetch <URL> master; git-checrry-pick -e <SHA1>17:36
rtgcherry even17:37
munckfishyep that bit I know already17:37
munckfishI just want to get the log message in the right format17:37
munckfishso you don't tell me to do it again ;)17:37
stwestonI'm having trouble loading/mounting my CD-ROM drive under Ubuntu 8.04. both Server and Xubuntu, but with different problems.18:23
stwestonerm... different error messages.18:24
stwestonAs I said before: having trouble mounting CD-R drive w/ Ubuntu 8.04, both Server & Xubuntu. anyone know a solution?18:25
stwestonis this a problem with my boot process?18:26
stwestonWhat does "initramfs" mean and how can I prevent/fix it?19:13
stwestonwait - nevermind.19:13
amitk^ self help if the best help19:23
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jdongare we sure blacklisting e1000e actually works?19:57
jdongwith regards to bug 26355519:57
jdongbased on this slashdot comment: http://linux.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=972935&cid=25119553 it would seem like the issue is independent of whether or not the NIC drivers are loaded, unless that part of the BIOS image isn't revealed with the driver unloaded19:58
rtgjdong: it appears that corruption happens as the result of unrelated kernel oops, so not having the driver loaded means that those resources are not mapped into CPU space.20:00
jdongrtg: ok so those resources are only mapped into CPU space when the e1000e module is present?20:01
rtgjdong: correct. In particular the non-volatile RAM (which I think is nuts anyway)20:01
jdongrtg: agreed on your sanity assessment :). Thanks for the clarification20:02
jdongrtg: now what I (really don't want to) know is.... how many other devices on the average system utilize similar mapped nonvolatile areas?20:02
rtgjdong: to the best of my knowledge, its one of a kind.20:03
jdongwell that's good20:03
Q-FUNKhi! anyone with info on how to get vcons to work on intrepid?  uvesafb produces distorted output on vcons but works with usplash, while lxfb produces a good vcons but distorted output with usplash.21:48
chrisccoulsonhi, does anyone know the significance of this kernel message: "Aperture beyond 4GB. Ignoring"22:09
chrisccoulsonsomeone has reported a bug because they are seeing it in intrepid22:09
chrisccoulsonthey havent reported any other ill effects though22:10
IntuitiveNippleIt's a PCI IOMEM report, I think22:11
chrisccoulsonah, ok. thanks!22:12

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