boredandbloggingif anyone is interested in supporting http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/13577/05:08
boredandbloggingwould appreciate it05:08
shahriar086hey :)17:49
AliTabuger7how are you shahriar?17:49
shahriar086doing so so (till now)17:49
AliTabuger7I just got a really good rough cut of the SU homepage working: http://spreadubuntu.houbsi.org/17:49
AliTabuger7what do you mean till now?17:49
AliTabuger7better now or worse now?17:49
shahriar086does not matter :)17:50
AliTabuger7ok. maybe that homepage will make you feel better :D17:50
shahriar086wow its up :D17:50
AliTabuger7I did all of that without FTP access in like an hour. imagine what'll happen when they give me FTP and a month17:51
shahriar086yes I can immagine :)17:51
AliTabuger7again, it's all a rough cut right now. the icons, and background colors will be refined later17:51
shahriar086yes I understand17:52
shahriar086its just a preview17:52
AliTabuger7Actually, that would be a really easy way for you to help. If you use ubuntu, sort through the /usr/share/icons and see if you can find a bunch of icons that would fit the placeholders17:52
shahriar086what was in the sketch is now in real term form :)17:52
AliTabuger7the "we recommend" etc is not functional yet17:53
AliTabuger7neither are any of the links17:53
shahriar086yes checked already :P17:53
shahriar086looks good and sure it will be lot better :)17:54
AliTabuger7i'm not happy with the "share" icon, but it is a gnome one so i think it's more relevent than a lot of them.17:54
AliTabuger7You could also help me find an icon for posters, brochurs, videos, tshirts, stickers, and site buttons17:54
shahriar086well is there any reason to use gnome or kde ?17:56
shahriar086the idea is to support ubuntu (that also includes kubuntu xubuntu & others right?)17:56
AliTabuger7gnome/tango/human are all gnu so they won't sue us (human wouldn't anyway probably)17:56
shahriar086ohh that's a point17:57
AliTabuger7well its an U buntu site17:57
AliTabuger7although other gnu icons would work too17:57
AliTabuger7the current theme is brown and orange and stuff17:57
shahriar086ok I will look into it17:57
AliTabuger7so Human icons are actually designed to fit the color scheme17:57
shahriar086humm I was thinking of green :P17:57
shahriar086no problem any color will work :)17:57
AliTabuger7I still have yet to use green in a site i've made17:58
AliTabuger7people always say i need green, which makes sense on a color wheel, but i never like it17:58
shahriar086I imagined get (download) Icon to be green.17:58
shahriar086it does not matter actually which color we use17:59
shahriar086but to me all ubuntu sites are boring (in terms of color schime, same color )17:59
AliTabuger7yeah, usually sites stick to 2 colors not including black and white17:59
AliTabuger7sometime just 117:59
shahriar086yes makes it less annoying to the eyes18:00
AliTabuger7i actually really have to get going to class now18:00
AliTabuger7bb in a couple hours18:00
shahriar086I mean I would not like a colorful site with colors bumping everywher18:00
shahriar086ok have a nice day18:00
AliTabuger7thanks ttyl18:03
AliTabuger7i'm back now19:48
shahriar086welcome back :)19:49
shahriar086hey welcome back :)19:51
AliTabuger7anything go on while i was gone?19:53
shahriar086nothing new19:53
AliTabuger7I kind of expect the activity to pick up as people get excited about finally seeing something done. so far most of the work has been backend stuff, i think.19:54
shahriar086yes it sure helps to see work in progress :)19:55
shahriar086hi hubuntu19:59
shahriar086did you see the homepage? (though not fully functional)20:00
hubuntuhi shahriar086 20:00
hubuntuI saw it yesterday20:00
shahriar086ok :)20:00
shahriar086Yes. will be nicer :)20:00
hubuntuthat was really a nice surprise :)20:00
shahriar086:) Yes20:01
AliTabuger7Did you see it recently hubuntu? I added a newer homepage section, not just the links at the left.20:01
hubuntuI saw it right now20:02
AliTabuger7I'm not happy with the way the boxes at the right are themed. I also am displeased with something about the way the icons at the left look but haven't figured it out yet. I also know that I have to find some good Human icons for the hotlinks below the homepage20:03
AliTabuger7anything you noticed?20:04
hubuntuI am looking at the menues at the right and it might be an idea to not have them20:04
hubuntuI mean, I have some resolution problems in ubuntu.ec regarding the right panel in drupal20:04
AliTabuger7the "create content" ones?20:04
hubuntuno, the We recommend20:05
AliTabuger7Ah. Yes that is certainly an option. Right now they don't really look anything like what I had hoped20:05
hubuntuit depends on how "static" it is related to the middle20:05
shahriar086humm hubuntu if it gets broken then not needed, but the idea is just perfect, easy access to toprated (or sponsored if any) material20:06
AliTabuger7The biggest difference is that there shouldn't be really much of any text in there, just thumbnails20:06
hubuntuthe idea is great, yes20:06
hubuntuwe can just make a fixed position for it anyway20:06
AliTabuger7A few things I'm thinking specifically about the right panel: It should be higher up. This is a restriction because i have two titles, I need to merge the "home" and the about.  I need to theme them better, with less bold colors and roudned corners.   I need icons in it to make it look like it is supposed to.   It could actually be narrower - it might be a little too wide and taking up too much space20:08
hubuntuit seems though you know your way around theming drupal which is perfect :)20:09
AliTabuger7I will be needing some kind of way to edit files eventually, but I can do a lot without it. The left thing is just a block, and the homepage is just a node with some fancy html/css20:10
AliTabuger7For example, I had to host the icons on my site because I couldn't upload them to the houbsi theme directory. I will also need to be able to edit the node.tpl.php to theme the materials20:11
AliTabuger7I have one concern about future progress. What is the plan on how we are going to get thumbnails?20:12
shahriar086that means technically? AliTabuger7 ?20:14
AliTabuger7Well in order to be able to display those small images, we need the website to be able to automatically convert the files uploaded into small 100x100px pngs. This may be extremely difficult with documents, pdf's, svg's, etc since they aren't image files.20:15
AliTabuger7that's probably more of a question for hubuntu or flannel20:17
shahriar086humm for documents & pdfs can we ask contributors to make a coverpage and give image of them?20:17
shahriar086like book stores show book coverpage, and when we click the image of coverpage shows few pages of the book or the description20:18
shahriar086I am not sure whether that is the right method20:18
AliTabuger7Thats the only thing that I could think of. I'd imagine that that way would either get annoying or a lot of people will not put up a cover image.20:18
shahriar086Yes that will happen20:19
AliTabuger7well flannel is already doing some really fancy stuff with the backend, and its a linux server, and well all know theres nothing linux can't do. so there must be some automated way to snag that image.20:19
hubuntuAliTabuger7, I will give you access to a FTP site20:20
shahriar086I think its tough lets see what the experts do20:20
hubuntudo you have ftp access to houbsi?20:20
AliTabuger7No. I did all that theming through drupal's interface, which I do have admin access to.20:21
hubuntulet me do some magic here then20:21
AliTabuger7Now before I go changing too many things like adding the views module. I'd like to understand how exctly this bazaar/database backend flannel is working on interacts with drupal.20:39
hubuntuok... I will give you access to a Drupal 5 and 6 installation in my server20:39
hubuntuthat way we have full access and control20:39
hubuntuplease use sftp when accessing the site20:39
AliTabuger7ok. is nautilus ok for that?20:40
hubuntuthat way we don't have to wait for pep, since he's very busy at the time20:40
* shahriar086 thought magic is supposed to work like abracadabra and puff :P20:40
hubuntuyeah, nautilus is great for that20:40
hubuntuI'm just installing drupal 5 and 620:40
AliTabuger7I see20:40
hubuntuand will give ytou access when I'm done20:40
hubuntumind that it is my own server and it host other servers, so please be careful :)20:41
AliTabuger7I actually set up a really pathetic install to test out that theme i read about in the mailing list20:41
AliTabuger7the only things i'll be chanigng or putting up there is php, css, and html, and the worst that'd do is ruin your version of the website20:41
hubuntuit's cool20:42
AliTabuger7If it makes you feel any more comfortable i'm almost 100% unfamiliar with actual scripting. The only reason I can do the php stuff is cuz they have snippets on drupal.20:43
AliTabuger7hubuntu, what were your thoughts on the thumbnail generation?20:45
AliTabuger7Actually hubuntu, you don't even really have to give me ftp access to your site. I'm more than capable of setting up a localhost here. You could just upload the current site to bzr and i could make changes there20:47
hubuntuI want to be able to see it, but I believe it is a good idea and it shouldn't be such a big deal20:47
hubuntuphp can do that kind of magic relatively easy20:47
hubuntuNo, I want an online site, really it is a lot easier and then I can sync it with bzr from my server20:47
AliTabuger7yeah but i thought they usually used imagemagick which only does image files, but I'll leave that sort of stuff up to you. I'm no good with the programming stuff.20:48
hubuntuneither am I, but there are ways20:48
AliTabuger7do you think flannel would know?20:48
hubuntuI believe he would, yeah20:51
AliTabuger7I just though cuz he's doing something with python, which of all things must be able to handle this, I believe.20:51
AliTabuger7So do you want to do the bazaar instead of ftp? You wanted to get a branch up anyway20:55
hubuntuI give you access to my server with SFTP and then I will sync the directory with bzr20:55
AliTabuger7Ok. That makes things a little easier for me. Thanks.20:56
hubuntuthen We will have  branch which is public in both senses (as a site and its code)20:56
AliTabuger7How are you going to sync the database? thats equally as important as the files in most cases20:56
hubuntuyes, I will have to make a sync every 24 hours or something20:56
hubuntuI'll find out about that20:57
AliTabuger7the database file too? thats in a very different directory i think20:57
hubuntuyes, that would be in a different directory indeed20:57
AliTabuger7how does the ubuntu drupal package do it?20:58
AliTabuger7the .deb for installing drupal i think includes a database in it. they must have a place they put the db in bazaar on launchpad20:58
hubuntuyeah, I'm using a tar file from drupal.org21:03
hubuntuI have already used the drupal apt installation in another site21:04
AliTabuger7thats what I always do. i'm just saying there must be a way to put a db in launchpad21:04
hubuntuyeah, I will figure that out21:11
hubuntuok AliTabuger7 I got both install up and running21:57
hubuntuI send you an email with login info21:57
hubuntunow you have full right to the site AliTabuger722:07
hubuntuFlannel and shahriar086: Tell me if you need access to the server and I will fix your access22:08
shahriar086hubuntu: right now I don't need it, thanks22:08
shahriar086I am not a technical person.22:09
hubuntuthe server can be seen at http://ubuntu.ec/su22:09
hubuntuJIC ;)22:09
hubuntuok I'm off22:09
shahriar086if needed I will ask for it. (though I thought I was suppsed to work in relation with you)22:09
hubuntugood night everyone22:09
shahriar086good night22:09
shahriar086I am also going off22:09
* shahriar086 is leaving goodnight & day to all22:10
hubuntushahriar086, we are to work together22:10
shahriar086yes hubuntu :)22:10
hubuntubut we need the DB structure up first22:10
shahriar086yes That what I thought22:10
hubuntuFlannel will come up with that22:10
shahriar086yes heard of it22:10
hubuntuand then W22:10
shahriar086yes... waiting for that :)22:10
hubuntuwe will work populating the DB22:11
hubuntuwhich is a huge job22:11
shahriar086Yes. we will start with old diy?22:11
shahriar086or will communicate with the locos?22:11
hubuntuwe'll have too see about that22:11
hubuntuI reckon we will rather just upload material we see lying around the Ubuntu Wiki22:11
hubuntuwe will populate the DB first, test how it works22:12
hubuntuand when we are done with that we will talk to LoCos and stuff22:12
hubuntugood night shahriar086 22:12
shahriar086ok no problem22:12
shahriar086good night to you too :)22:12
shahriar086finally leaving22:12
=== beuno_ is now known as beuno
AliTabuger7hi everybody!22:48

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