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lifeless!sched syd09:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sched syd09:58
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases09:58
dholbach@schedule sydney10:00
ubottuSchedule for Australia/Sydney: 25 Sep 03:00: QA Team | 25 Sep 08:00: Platform Team | 25 Sep 22:00: Ubuntu Mobile Team | 25 Sep 23:00: Desktop Team | 26 Sep 00:00: Ubuntu Java | 27 Sep 01:00: Ubuntu Release10:00
lifelessdholbach: thanks:P10:03
lifelesswhy does software suck so much10:03
lifelessalso, why isn't the asia community membership panel in the schedule10:03
dholbachlifeless: my thoughts exactly... how can we be part of a revolution if we have to resort to hammers and screwdrivers every time10:04
lifelessubottu: this is a meeting channel, folk asking about schedule don't want the definition. And don't talk back to me now?!10:05
lifeless19:04 <ubottu> Your edit request has been forwarded to #ubuntu-ops.  Thank you for your attention to detail10:05
lifelessok, that made me laugh10:05
lifelessand apparently flannel wants to tell me 'about love' :P10:10
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aamachuelky: persia: lifeless: Hi11:54
aamachuTheMuso: Hi11:54
aamachuzakame, belutz?11:55
TheMusoAmpelbein: Hi.11:55
TheMusoaamachu: hi11:55
aamachuso are you there elky?11:57
aamachupersia might join us later11:57
aamachunizarus: didrocks: ara: Hi11:58
elkyi am here, yes11:58
aamachuso we are four :-)11:58
araaamachu: hellow!11:58
nizarushi aamachu11:58
* heno waves11:59
aamachuand three participants appear to be here already11:59
aamachuLets start.. elky, TheMuso, lifeless11:59
nizarusaamachu, the three we are from the EMEA region12:00
aamachuWelcome every one for today's meet.12:00
aamachunizarus: noticed that from wiki12:00
didrocksaamachu: hi12:00
aamachuAmir Eldor: there?12:00
aamachuVid_A  ?12:00
aamachuReference: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/AsiaOceania12:01
elkyaamachu, i cant raise vid anywhere12:01
aamachuelky: ok.12:02
aamachunizarus: Please go ahead, sharing with us your contributions for Ubuntu12:02
nizarusthx aamachu12:02
nizarusI'm Nizar from Tunisia12:02
nizarusLinux user since 2000, and ubuntu user since edgy eft (June 2006)12:02
nizarusMy main activities are in the Tunisian Loco Team12:02
nizarusI was one of first members of the non approved ubuntu-tn team (team created on February 2007 I joined it on June 2007)12:03
nizarusand I actively participated to mount the ubuntu Tunisian local community by organising irc meetings and with the participation to the Tunisia Software Freedom Day 2007.12:03
nizarusI was one of the most active members in the preparation of the approval process of our Tunisian Team and we got the approval in July 22 (we are the first approved arabic loco team and second in Africa)12:03
nizarusActually I'm the Loco Team Contact and owner of ubuntu-tn and ubuntu-tn-users teams in LP12:03
nizarusIn the Ubuntu-tn Management Committee i'm the coordinator of the International Relationships Group (as i'm the loco team contact). I'm also the assistant in the Secretary Group and Redaction Group.12:03
nizarusI try to be present as more as possible in ubuntu-tn irc channel, to assist or help Tunisian users12:04
nizarusI'm also a member of the official Ubuntu Arabic Translators team with a mission to translate main ubuntu package into Arabic language12:04
nizarusI also have activities in LP especially on translations (Arabic and French), answers and some times reporting bugs.12:04
nizarus(today i have some internet connection trubls hope that it dont disconnect during this meeting : ))12:04
nizarusand Excuse my English level as it's my third language after Arabic (mother tongue) and French :)12:05
aamachunizarus: International Relatioship Team?12:05
aamachuI can see the link, but unable to get its objectives :-)12:05
nizarusaamachu, we divided our activites in the u-tn team12:06
nizarusin many groups12:06
nizarusthe International Relatioship Team is to keep contact12:06
aamachunizarus: I would like to know about the role of Internatiol relationships team12:06
nizaruswith other locos and the CCuncil12:07
nizarusthe mission is to keep contact with loco cuncil and other loco teams12:07
aamachunizarus: how close are you and Rafik in Tunisia? ;-)12:08
nizarusfor example we are in contact to get material ressources given by canonical (loco pack and event packs...)12:08
nizaruswe study in the same town12:08
aamachuthats coool :-)12:09
nizarusRafik he's one of the most active in our team :)12:09
nizarusand he was recently approved as u-member12:10
aamachuelky: TheMuso: lifeless: questions for nizarus?12:10
aamachuelky: there?12:11
aamachuTheMuso: there?12:12
aamachulifeless: asking you too..12:13
TheMusoaamachu: Yes I am here, just having another quick read trying to think of a question, and not having much luck. :)12:13
elkylooks good to me too12:13
aamachuTheMuso: ;-) Hmm... so what are you concluding?12:13
TheMusoaamachu: I think I'm satisfied.12:14
TheMusonizarus: +1 from me. You are doing some wonderful work, keep it up.12:14
nizarusthanks all12:14
aamachunizarus: great job! I need one feedback from you on Arabic translation12:14
nizaruswe are working on aamachu12:15
aamachuhow do you differentiate Arabic in Tunisia and Middle East12:15
aamachuare translators from Tunisia mingling with translators from Middle East?12:15
nizaruswe just need an action plan to be approved by all intervenant12:15
aamachuhey, just to know how you people manage.. for an information..12:16
nizarusaamachu, there is a great project for arabic translation12:16
nizarusther are working to unify arabic transaltion12:16
aamachuother than that, you are doing great job.. Keep it up :-)12:17
aamachu+1 from me too...12:17
lifelesscan you guys take this bit offline perhaps ?12:17
nizarusand it's our reference in arbic countris in africa and middle east12:17
nizarusthx aamachu12:17
aamachunizarus: Welcome!12:17
aamachulifeless: :-) its done12:18
aamachudidrocks: its your time now. Please go ahead..12:18
nizarus\o/ victory :D12:18
didrockshi :)12:18
didrocksI am Didier Roche from France.12:18
didrocksI started using Linux with Red Hat 6 in 1999 and ubuntu since the warty release (12:18
didrocksI am involved in french ubuntu-fr loco team as a member of the administration team and part of the chair (as the secretary) of ubuntu-fr french association.12:18
didrocks(oupsss, sorry for the paste and copy)12:19
didrocksI am also the author of Simple Comme Ubuntu, free book (under CC:By-Sa licence)12:19
didrocksThis book is always updated with the last version of Ubuntu. A version to be integrated with Dell PC is in preparation.12:19
didrockscontribute to french documentation and wrote some wiki pages12:19
didrocksI also went in Africa for 1 month with a non-governemental organisation, Africedu : (project 2006: Lome, capital city of Togo), shipping in a school 60 computers set up with Ubuntu 5.10 (and upgraded there to 6.06 from on old hard drive!). We made some training there.12:20
didrocksMy main goal now is to promote Ubuntu in France, and particularly in Paris with Ubuntu Party. This is why I am one of the main organizers of Ubuntu events in Paris (like "Ubuntu Gutsy" and recently "Ubuntu Hardy"). In November 2007, 3rd & 4th: Gutsy Party was and amazed party with more than 3 000 visitors in two days.12:20
didrocksFinally, I try to represent the French community at big events (like RMLL, Linux Solution, FĂȘte de l'humanitĂ©, http://paris-libre.org/) or smaller one (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braderie_de_Lille and LibreAcces, festival of free music in Paris where people can download the music from Ubuntu workstation)12:21
didrocksI am also a mentee in the MOTU mentorship process and begin to package in Ubuntu (see DidierRoche/MOTU/bugsaction)12:21
didrocksGave with huats also a talk in the last UbuntuDeveloperWeek#The%20Timetable about patching packages.12:21
lifelessdo you know ddaa?12:21
didrocksI think that's it :)12:21
didrockslifeless: hum, no, sorry, who is he?12:21
lifelessDavid Allouche, he was canonicals first french employee :P12:21
didrockshum, ok, by name (Nicolas Barcet spoke about him)12:22
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didrocksbut not personnaly12:22
lifelessjust asking :)12:23
didrockslifeless: np ;)12:23
aamachudidrocks: rocks really :-)12:24
lifelessanyhow, questions for didrocks ?12:24
didrocksaamachu: hehe, thanks (the rocks is only a derived of "Roche", not for "rocking" :))12:24
nijabayes, didrocks is a really cool contributor, whom rocks has his last name suggests!12:25
aamachuelky: TheMuso: questions?12:25
didrocksthx nijaba :)12:25
TheMusoaamachu: Not from me./12:25
aamachuelky: there?12:26
elkyyep. +112:26
aamachudidrocks: +1 from me too..12:27
TheMuso+1 from me also.12:27
didrocksthanks to all \o/12:27
nizaruscongratulations didrocks12:27
didrocksnizarus: as for you nizarus :)12:27
aamachudidrocks: all the best and keep rocking :-)12:27
didrocksaamachu: for sure, will try ^^12:27
* nijaba applauses12:28
nizarusdidrocks, ;)12:28
aracongrats didrocks!12:28
* didrocks hugs everyone (yes, now that I am in the hugging word) :)12:28
aamachudidrocks: The wiki portrays you work clean :-)12:29
aamachuara: its your time now12:29
araok, thanks aamachu12:29
ara I am Ara, from Spain.12:29
araI have been using Linux since 1998, Ubuntu since Feisty.12:29
araI am part of the Canonical QA Team, focused on the Desktop tests automation (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/Desktop)12:30
araI have started the Ubuntu Desktop Testing project, http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-desktop-testing, which aims to create a nice framework to run & write desktop tests for Ubuntu12:30
arabased in LDTP, an automation framework based on the AT-SPI layer. For that reason, I keep an active communication with the upstream team of LDTP12:30
araAlso, as part of this effort, I participated in the Ubuntu Developer Week with a testing automation session: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek12:30
araI maintaing a blog about Ubuntu testing: http://ubuntutesting.wordpress.com/, that is on planet LDTP and planet.ubuntu-women.org12:30
araOne of my main goals is to get new people to the testing community12:31
araFor that, I try to keep the documentation in the wiki up to date to help people getting involved in Ubuntu testing automation: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation/Desktop/HowToUseTestingLibrary12:31
araAlso, we are starting to organize ubuntu testing days12:31
araYesterday we organize our first Testing day, but we are planning to organize one for every development release12:31
araalso, i am daily in #ubuntu-qa and #ubuntu-testing, for support and coordinating testing efforts12:32
araI think that's it for me :-)12:33
aamachuara: How frequent are you planning to have the UbuntuTestingDay?12:33
aamachuevery Deelopment Release?12:33
araaamachu: we want to have it for every development release, yes12:34
araaamachu: first was for alpha6, next one will be for beta release12:34
heno(so every milestone in fact)12:34
araheno: yep12:34
elkyis this an extention of the isotesting stuff?12:35
aamachuara: ok12:35
araelky: what exactly?12:35
arait is like hugdays for the bugsquad activity. this would be "our" hugday in the iso testing world :-)12:36
elkyara, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO12:37
arayes, see above12:37
lifelessara: did I meet you in prague perhaps ?12:37
aralifeless: I was there :-) so yes, maybe :-)12:37
TheMusoI met ara at the London office in July.12:38
araTheMuso: yes, in the kitchen in fact :-)12:38
lifelessanyhow, +112:38
TheMusoara: Yes.12:39
TheMuso+1 also.12:39
lifelessthough its kindof on the should-be-motu line for me, its a clear contribution12:39
aamachuara: awaiting for info on next session at #ubuntu-classroom12:39
elkyagreed, +112:39
aamachu+1 from me too12:39
aamachuWelcome ara!12:39
arathanks all :-)12:39
didrockscongrats ara :-)12:40
aamachuso let me call other two, svaksha & amireldor?12:41
aamachuand appears Asia Oceania Board meeting facilitates EMEA more ;-)12:41
nizarus_thx aamachu for your wonderful job12:41
aamachuelky: TheMuso: lifeless: anything else to share?12:41
TheMusoNot from me.12:42
aamachunizarus: Welcome :-)12:42
lifelessall good12:42
aamachuok fine then..12:43
didrocksthanks to all for having facilitated the EMEA board :)12:43
arayes, thank you!12:43
aamachuthank you every one participating...12:43
aamachuara: didrocks: nizarus: Welcoming all of you yet again!12:43
aamachuLets keep rocking..12:44
nizarus_don't worry aamachu :)12:44
didrocksaamachu: :)12:44
aamachuOur next meeting on 01 Oct 2008, 11.00 AM UTC12:44
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aamachuelky: lifeless: TheMuso: Bye12:44
arabye, bye12:48
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Keybukmdz: ?15:01
Keybukno TB today, mdz cannot make it15:08
* ogra wonders why TB still doesnt show up on the fridge cal ...15:19
ograi mailed them weeks ago and they agreed to put it up15:19
kirklandhowdy ya'll15:59
zul jambo bwana15:59
mathiazall right folks16:00
mathiazthanks for being around a see yall next week, same time, same place16:01
zulkwahari bwana16:01
MootBotMeeting started at 10:02. The chair is mathiaz.16:02
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]16:02
* nealmcb cheers for mootbot16:02
mathiazToday's agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting16:02
mathiazLast week minutes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Server/2008091616:02
mathiaz[TOPIC] Ubuntu vm builder16:03
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu vm builder16:03
mathiazsoren: how is it going ?16:03
sorenGood, thank you.16:03
mathiazsoren: awesome - ready for the next phase ?16:03
sorenErr... I honestly don't remember what changed since last week.16:03
mathiazsoren: have you written a blog post ?16:03
sorenYeah. I've finally posted the blog thing, so with a bit of luck, the bug reports should start trickling in now.16:04
mathiaznijaba: what about the tutorial ?16:05
mathiazsommer: have you looked at the virtualization section update ?16:05
sommermathiaz: should be pretty much good to go16:05
sommermathiaz: after soren's blog, it needs something about xen though16:06
sommerat least a wink and a nod :)16:06
mathiazsommer: excellent.16:06
nijabamathiaz: I have not have time to move a lot on it while at VMworld, but I have worked a bit on VMbuilder so that missing functions that I need are now there16:06
mathiaznijaba: great - so you consider it feature equivalent to ubuntu-vm-builder ?16:07
mathiazsoren: ^^ ?16:07
nijabamathiaz: I need to do a final check, but yes, I beleive it will be16:07
mathiaz[ACTION] sommer to update the virtulization section with a reference to xen in vm-builder16:08
MootBotACTION received:  sommer to update the virtulization section with a reference to xen in vm-builder16:08
sorenmathiaz: It still neeeds a few things, but it will be really soon.16:09
nijabamathiaz: Soren was also talking about providing a wrapper to uvb to call the new one seemlessly16:09
mathiazok - anything else to add on vm-builder ?16:10
mathiaznope - let's move on16:11
mathiaz[TOPIC] Review ServerGuide for Intrepid16:11
MootBotNew Topic:  Review ServerGuide for Intrepid16:11
mathiazkirkland: reviewed the RAID section ?16:11
kirklandmathiaz: return true;16:11
mathiazKoon: what about tomcat ?16:11
mathiazsommer: and I still haven't looked at the ldap section16:11
Koonsection drafted, reviewed and uploaded by sommer16:12
mathiaz[ACTION] mathiaz to review the ldap section of the server guide16:12
MootBotACTION received:  mathiaz to review the ldap section of the server guide16:12
* soren apologises for keeping people waiting. I had a knock on the door :(16:12
mathiazsommer: anything else on the documentation front ?16:12
sommerI think things are pretty much good to go16:12
sommerhad a question about the automatic security updates?16:12
sommerdoes that use cron, unattended-upgrades?16:13
mathiazsommer: I think it installs unattended-upgrade16:13
sommermathiaz: I didn't see it during my testing16:14
mathiazsommer: not sure though.16:14
nijabasommer: yes it does16:14
mathiazsommer: you could ask the installer team about it16:14
mathiazsommer: or look at the code16:14
sommermathiaz: where is the code?16:15
mathiazkirkland: do you remember the name of the component in d-i ?16:15
nijabasommer: all of it is in the cron it install, IIRC16:15
sommercause I'm pretty sure I selected automatic security updates, and didn't see unattended-upgrades installed16:15
mathiazkirkland: it's the same one that deals with landscape-client16:15
sommernijaba: ah, I might be looking in the wrong place then16:16
nijabasommer: then that sounds like a non working feature16:16
nijababecause I believe u-a should be installed as a result16:16
sommernijaba: that's cool, I'll update the installation section to that affect16:17
mathiazsommer: I can't find it anymore16:17
sommermathiaz: no problem I can do some digging later16:17
mathiazsommer: I'd go to #ubuntu-installer and ask about it there16:17
kirklandmathiaz: pkgsel16:18
sommermathiaz: will do16:18
mathiazsommer: ^^ pkgsel16:19
mathiazkirkland: do you have branch url somewhere ?16:19
kirklandmathiaz: ??? apt-get source pkgsel16:19
kirklandmathiaz: bzr get http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/pkgsel/ubuntu16:19
mathiazkirkland: ah right - I'm always looking at the bzr branch :D16:20
mathiazsommer: anyway - there is good chance you'll find the code above ^^16:20
mathiazsommer: anything else for the documentation ?16:20
sommermathiaz: I think that's it16:21
kirklandsommer: if you do find a bug, file it against pkgsel and subscribe me16:21
sommerkirkland: okay16:21
mathiaz[ACTION] sommer to look into the security updates part of the installer to figure out what it does exactly and document it16:22
MootBotACTION received:  sommer to look into the security updates part of the installer to figure out what it does exactly and document it16:22
mathiazlet's move on16:22
mathiaz[TOPIC] nagios3 in main16:22
MootBotNew Topic:  nagios3 in main16:22
mathiazKoon: ^ ?16:22
Koonmathiaz: no good so far, had trouble getting a hold on archive admins. nijaba resent a mail recently16:23
KoonMIR/archive-fixing work is less priority than Ffe processing at that point16:23
Koonif nobody moves on the email, i'll ping them tomorrow16:24
mathiazKoon: have you checked if nagios3 was seeded somewhere ?16:24
Koonmathiaz: it's not. nagios2 is still in server-ship16:24
mathiazKoon: right - so we need to fix that.16:24
Koonmathiaz: in which order ?16:25
mathiazKoon: IIRC we came to the conclusion that we wouldn't need a MIR for nagios3.16:25
Koonso we can just fix the seed ?16:25
mathiazKoon: well - that step 5 according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionProcess16:25
mathiazKoon: step 6 is when the archive admin actually does the move from universe to main16:26
Koonmathiaz: ok, so someone with powerz[tm] needs to fix the seed to do s/nagios2/nagios316:26
mathiazKoon: ok - I can do that16:27
Koon(there still is the problem with hardy but that's outside the scope of this agenda item)16:27
mathiazKoon: I think we should still file a bug explaining why nagios3 doesn't need a MIR16:27
* mathiaz nods16:27
Koonmathiaz: i can do that16:27
mathiazKoon: and point to the MIR for nagios216:27
mathiazKoon: great - once done ping pitti or doko so that can approve the bug16:28
mathiazKoon: so that the archive admin can process the bug quickly16:28
mathiazKoon: once you've filed the bug I'll update the seed.16:29
mathiaz[ACTION] Koon to file a bug explaining the state of nagios3, subscribe ubuntu-mir to it and get approved16:29
MootBotACTION received:  Koon to file a bug explaining the state of nagios3, subscribe ubuntu-mir to it and get approved16:29
mathiaz[ACTION] mathiaz to update the server-ship to use nagios3 instead of nagios216:29
MootBotACTION received:  mathiaz to update the server-ship to use nagios3 instead of nagios216:29
mathiazAnything else from last week meeting ?16:30
mathiaz[TOPIC] Beta Freeze16:32
MootBotNew Topic:  Beta Freeze16:32
mathiazAs you may know we're preparing for the Beta release of intrepid16:32
mathiazthat is schedule for Thursday next week16:32
mathiazso we'll enter Beta Freeze this thursday16:32
mathiazThat means iso testing will be more than welcomed16:33
mathiaz#ubuntu-testing is the place to hang out to follow the daily builds16:34
mathiazThe testing team will probably use a two phase approach:16:34
mathiazwith the first batch of isos produced this week used for smoke testing16:34
mathiazand then another batch of isos produced early next week16:35
nxvlmathiaz: do we have bugs milestoned for beta?16:36
mathiaznxvl: yes - but I don't find the url right now16:38
mathiaznxvl: I'll ask aroung and put the url in the minutes16:39
mathiaz[TOPIC] Open discussion16:39
MootBotNew Topic:  Open discussion16:39
mathiazsomething to add ?16:40
zulmathiaz: ill poke slangasek about that patch for samba 3.2.4 today16:40
nijabaServer survey should be up by tomorrow16:40
wstebox is completely broken in intrepid16:40
wstare there any plans to fix that?16:40
mathiazwst: have you tried to version from the ebox-dev ppa ?16:40
wstno will do that16:41
mathiaznijaba: are you in touch with the marketing team ?16:41
mathiaznijaba: is the launch plan up-to-date ?16:41
nijabamathiaz: a bit, was about to send them an announce.16:42
mathiazwst: great - foolano asked for sponsoring of ebox into universe16:42
mathiazwst: IIRC he was uploading the package to a PPA16:42
nijabamathiaz: yes, the plan is up to date, AFAIK and Canonical is issuing a press release16:42
mathiazzul: great - keep in mind that Thursday is Beta Freeze16:43
foolanomathiaz: yep, they are in our PPA. I have to run some automatic tests to see if there's any issue with the latest uploads16:43
zulmathiaz: yep16:43
mathiazzul: but it's not a big issue if 3.2.4 gets in after Beta16:43
mathiazfoolano: do you have url for the PPA ?16:43
zulmathiaz: its --><-- this close16:43
wstjust found it launchpad.net/~ebox-unstable16:44
foolanothat's it16:44
mathiazwst: foolano: great - could you report if things are working correctly ?16:45
foolanosure, i'm gonna run the tests right away16:45
mathiazAnything else to add ?16:46
wstwill try, never used ebox before actually but will see what happens16:47
sommerfoolano: I just started getting into the ebox code, but if there's anything I can do to help, feel free to ping me16:48
mathiaz[TOPIC] Agree on next meeting date and time.16:50
MootBotNew Topic:  Agree on next meeting date and time.16:50
nealmcbI finally posted minutes from the server team meeting a few weeks ago, fwiw: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Server/2008081916:50
mathiaznealmcb: great ! Did you send them to the ubuntu-server@ ml ?16:51
nealmcbnice to see mootbot back - good to have a friend :)16:51
nealmcbmathiaz: time has moved on... but if you think it would be helpful16:51
foolanosommer: thanks, I'm writing a new tutorial, more like a step-by-step guide16:51
mathiaznealmcb: true - at least it's on the wiki page.16:52
mathiaznealmcb: I may push them to the server blog though16:52
nealmcbnothing seems to still be useful for a current topic.  that sounds good16:52
nealmcbhelps to have the history anyway16:52
* mathiaz nods16:53
mathiaz[TOPIC] Agree on next meeting date and time.16:53
MootBotNew Topic:  Agree on next meeting date and time.16:53
mathiazsame time, same place, next week ?16:54
kirklandmathiaz: can i add one thing?16:54
mathiazkirkland: sure16:54
kirklandmathiaz: thought it might be worth mentioning that you posted a poll last week to ubuntu-server@ ML16:55
mathiazkirkland: right - I haven't set up a pool in LP16:55
kirklandmathiaz: no, but you asked for feedback on the ML16:55
mathiazkirkland: but send out a request for feedback for the encrypted directory step in the installer16:55
mathiazkirkland: do you want to add something in the meeting ?16:56
mathiazkirkland: we may run out of time16:56
kirklandmathiaz: oh, sorry, just "vote!"16:56
mathiazkirkland: It seems that discussion is still going on the ml16:56
kirklandthat's all16:57
mathiazgreat - so see you all next week16:58
mathiazsame time, same place16:58
mathiazthanks for coming and happy beta testing !16:58
MootBotMeeting finished at 10:59.16:59
sommerthanks mathiaz, later all17:03
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