fabrice_spHi. I've been working on Bug #272263, and I get a working package. My question is: should I change the binary name from icedove-dispmua to thunderbird-dispmua?04:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272263 in icedove-dispmua "icedove-dispmua: Package has a Depends on icedove (<= which cannot be satisfied in Intrepid" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27226304:27
fabrice_spOr because of license issue, I should wait?04:30
fabrice_spthe same happen with icedove-nostalgy04:30
gnomefreakanyone running KDE with grub splash defined in /boot/grub? it should be the firsst few lines11:43
asacnope :)11:44
armin76asac: you broke mozilla's infra12:18
asacarmin76: me?12:19
asacarmin76: how that?12:19
armin76ftp.mozilla.org doesn't work12:21
armin76and mozilla.org gives 501, although www.moz works12:21
asacarmin76: good ;)12:21
asaci succeeded in pushing back the release :-D12:21
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asacfta: could you push nss.head and nspr.dev to your PPA?12:23
asaci would love to get broader testing on whether the soname migration really doesnt cause any regressions12:23
asac(even without respinnning)12:23
armin76is 3.0.2 going to be released today?12:24
asacfta: actually i was confused again by the branches ;) ... so i ended up doing things in nspr.dev ... and nss.head12:24
asacarmin76: i think so12:25
gnomefreakasac: i finished testing linkwidgets this morning so far no problems with it. so now all 4 are done and ready12:31
* gnomefreak goes to look for another one12:31
asacok ... i posted 522th comment now ;) ... hopefull we wont reach 550 on that bug soon :)12:42
asacthose most likely are the versions that will go on \o/12:43
gnomefreakasac: are these separate tabs?12:46
asacgnomefreak: if you click on the "Know Your Rights ..." button12:46
asacit will open about_rights.png12:46
asacwhen you click on the title at the bottom it will expand to the about_rights_expanded.png12:47
gnomefreakah i see i missed the first one12:47
gnomefreakasac: good job maybe now once pushed that bug can be closed12:47
asacgnomefreak: yeah. i marked it "fix committed" ;)12:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 269656 in ubufox "AN IRRELEVANT LICENSE IS PRESENTED TO YOU FREE-OF-CHARGE ON STARTUP" [High,Fix committed]12:48
gnomefreakyay finally spreadsheat bullshit and $HOME is cleaned up and organized12:51
* gnomefreak smoke12:51
gnomefreakim gonna end up rebooting (kernel upgrade13:02
gnomefreak) and breakfast ;)13:02
asachi XioNoX13:25
XioNoXHi asac!13:25
asac[reed]: http://mozilla.com/ ... is that intentional that nothing happens ;)?13:26
XioNoXI'm at school, i have a very bad connexion outside the school13:26
asacXioNoX: how that?13:26
XioNoXI use a wifi bridge between 2 buildings with a low signal13:27
XioNoXso i have frequent deconexions13:28
XioNoXthe MAOW was cool, and very interesting :)13:30
XioNoXasac, I've discover FUEL :)13:32
asacnice ;)13:32
XioNoXWhat is new on your side ?13:33
XioNoXasac, What happend with mozilla.org ?13:35
XioNoXI can't connect to irc too13:36
asachmm ... strange13:39
asacXioNoX: new on my side? not much except the infamous EULA bug ;)13:39
XioNoXYeah, we can't miss it :D13:42
XioNoXwhere does it come from ?13:42
dholbert[reed]: ping?13:45
dholbertall mozilla.org & mozilla.com servers seem to be down :(13:50
XioNoXdholbert, I agree, even the irc server13:51
XioNoXI think reed is busy :D13:51
dholbertXioNoX: yup :-/ and bugzilla13:51
XioNoXi have to go13:51
XioNoXsee you13:51
asaccu XioNoX13:51
dholbertand people.mozilla.org, and the mail server, and hg.mozilla.org for source code...13:51
dholbertand tinderbox13:52
asacsounds more like a complete network down issue :)13:52
dholbertyeah :)13:52
asacrouter bustage ;)13:52
dholbertI came in to the office early to get some work done, but now I'm wishing I'd stayed home13:52
dholbertwish I knew which closet to open & which router to reboot :)13:52
asaci know what you mean :-D13:52
asacdholbert: so its even down from within the office? is all this co-located?13:53
* dholbert shuts down power to entire Mozilla offices & then turns it on again, to reboot everything13:53
dholbertGood point, yeah13:53
dholbertMost of the servers are elsewhere13:53
dholbertlol no way to report the problem... methods would be (a) IRC -- down.  (b) bugzilla - down.  (c) look up an IT person's phone number -- but our phonebook page is down13:54
asacmaybe the whistler truck finally made it to your place :-P13:54
dholbertdarn those microsofties and their rogue laundry trucks!13:54
dholbertoh well.  Maybe I'll install intrepid on my laptop instead of working, then. :)13:55
asacat least you still have general internet13:55
asacthat helps in getting distraction13:55
dholbertYeah, totally13:55
dholbertthough, if I had no internet here but Mozilla stuff was up elsewhere13:56
dholbertI could at least go home and get stuff done there :)13:56
asac@time los_angeles13:56
ubottuCurrent time in America/Los_Angeles: September 23 2008, 05:56:52 - Next meeting: QA Team in 1 day13:56
dholbertooh, snazzy13:57
asachmm ... 1 hour to go until release team notices that something is wrong ;)13:57
dholbertwhich release team?13:57
dholbertfrom nightlies failing, you mean?13:57
dholbertor from when joduinn wakes up? :)13:58
asacdholbert: no ... today there was a release from what i heard ;)13:58
dholbertAh, righto13:58
gnomefreakdo we not have a meeting date and time for next one?14:11
gnomefreakfoxmarks isnt gonna happen for a while most likely during next dev cycle14:15
asacgnomefreak: we dont? i thougth we have meetings scheduled for at least the rest of the year14:16
gnomefreakasac: i was reading the topic14:16
gnomefreakit says TBA14:16
asacyeah. i think we scheduled them already14:17
asacvolans can probably tell more14:17
asac(when he is back)14:17
gnomefreakim cc'ing the foxmarks emails to mailing list.14:18
asacgnomefreak: good14:18
gnomefreakson of a bitch i did email him already about this.14:23
gnomefreakasac: any reason we dont accept Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license for extensions?14:25
gnomefreakand what is DFSG?14:26
asacgnomefreak: not sure14:29
asacwhere is that license?14:29
asacDFSG - Debian Free Software Guidlines --> which define tests to check for freeness of a license14:29
asacgnomefreak: i think http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/ should be fine14:30
gnomefreakasac: i dont have a link for it14:32
gnomefreakasac: ill read it but either way there is no license in foxmarks no matter how much i wish it was there14:32
asaci am preparing for lunchy now ;)14:34
asacseems we have that issue too here :/14:36
asac"The Intel e1000e driver on openSUSE 11.1 Beta 1 and SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Beta 1 might have a serious issue with the potential to damage the network card in a way that it cannot be used any longer."14:36
gnomefreakwho thinks this email looks like spam? mx167-86-voicenet.voicenet.com ([]14:47
gnomefreakit had subject "how to block websites in firefox"14:47
gnomefreakwere not packaging themes for FF3 are we?15:06
* gnomefreak likes Chomifox15:06
asacgnomefreak: i dont see an urgent need for packaged themese, but I i dont think there is anything against doing that15:11
gnomefreaki agree its not urgent but i think we should concider it for intrepid+1 (something that starts with a j)15:12
gnomefreakthis is interesting http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/07/13/please-insert-25-cents-to-login/15:18
gnomefreakbrb im gonna see what it does15:19
asacbug 27230515:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272305 in network-manager "NM 0.7: applet does not react if "Auto GSM network connection" is selected too fast" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27230515:34
* gnomefreak goes to lay down i slept less than 2 hours last night. 15:35
asacgnomefreak: get some rest15:35
asaccu later15:35
gnomefreakim gonna try ill see you when i get up15:36
asac[reed]: help :( ... i cannot verify the final advisories and the bugs we have fixed :(15:45
asac[reed]: bz is up again. thanks a bunch15:49
dholbertwoot, bugzilla is indeed back up15:52
dholbertthough mozilla irc still seems to be down...15:53
asacdholbert: err ... i am online on mozilla irc15:55
dholbertasac: rly? xchat thinks it's been retrying & timing out repeatedly for a while15:55
dholbertmaybe it's got the wrong IP cached15:55
dholbertasac: what IP do you get when you ping irc.mozilla.org ?16:05
dholbertasac: I get , which I can't traceroute to :(16:05
asacdholbert: ... so the same16:07
asacbut i am definitly connected and there is "noise" in the channel16:07
dholbertk, thanks.  Interesting16:07
asacfta: tbird 3.0 + enigmail ?17:37
asacfta: we dont have an engimail for 3.0 yet right?17:38
fta2i remember gnomefreak had issues with it months ago, i don't know if it's still there17:39
XioNoXasac, what happened to the mozilla serveurs ?17:50
asacXioNoX: apparently power outage at colo17:50
asacbut thats just a 3rd hand info ;)17:50
XioNoXasac, so how it is going for intrepid ?17:52
asacXioNoX: i lack behind in all areas :)17:54
XioNoXcan you add a little feature in nm-apelet before intrepid is released ? :D17:55
sebnerasac: now the flash fix made it into the archive, right? :)17:55
asacXioNoX: which feature do you want?17:57
asacsebner: which flash fix?17:57
XioNoXadd a refresh button in the wireless network list17:58
sebnerasac: pulseaudio ;)17:59
XioNoXso what could I do now, witch is not too time consuming ?17:59
asacsebner: yeah \o/18:09
asacXioNoX: hmm18:09
asacXioNoX: you could special case a bunch of plugin names in ubufox depending on the filename18:10
asacXioNoX: e.g. libgnash*so should show up as Gnash SWF Player18:11
sebnerasac: \o'/18:11
asacXioNoX: e.g. libswfdec*.so should show up as Swfdec SWF Player18:11
asacand libflashsupport or npviewer.flash... should show up as Adobe Flash SWF Player18:11
asacXioNoX: be sure that you start with current main HEAD18:12
asacXioNoX: that should be quite a simple task i hope ;)18:13
XioNoXI think too18:13
asacXioNoX: also, we still want to add a menu entry that will start the plugin finder wizard for the mime-type in the alternative wizard18:14
XioNoXasac, this one : https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/ubufox/main ?18:15
asacyeah or simply lp:ubufox18:15
XioNoXasac, I don't see anything on intrepid when I go to a webpage with flash content18:23
asacsure that correct ubufox isi installed├č18:25
asacXioNoX: if you dont have flash installed it wont work afaicr18:26
asac"dont have any flash installed" i mean18:26
XioNoXasac, 0.6~b1 ?18:29
asacXioNoX: yeah18:33
asaci think so18:33
asacXioNoX: any other extension installed?18:33
asacXioNoX: maybe a special site .. works here on youtbue at leat18:34
XioNoXnot for me18:35
asacXioNoX: is the "manauge content plugins" menu entry visible in tools menu?18:36
XioNoXeven on youtube18:36
asacXioNoX: then you havent installed it properly18:36
asacthe menu will always appear beacuse its a simple mechanism18:36
asacXioNoX: rev 115 is the branch revision18:36
XioNoXi install updates of the week and I check18:37
fabrice_sp_Hi. Any opinion about Bug #272263, and my proposal to rename binary package to thunderbird-dispmua (apart from correcting dependency from icedove to thunderbird)?19:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272263 in icedove-dispmua "icedove-dispmua: Package has a Depends on icedove (<= which cannot be satisfied in Intrepid" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27226319:06
XioNoXasac, how can I check the branch revision ?19:39
XioNoXof ubufox, because even with updates I got nothing19:40
XioNoXI'm upgrading my main/production ubuntu to Intrepid19:40
XioNoXI home it is stable enough19:40
asacXioNoX: bzr log |head19:42
XioNoXasac, I'm using the deb version of ubufox19:45
asacXioNoX: dont know. the menu should show up. maybe you have still an old ubufox in your profile or something :/20:04
asacanyone else here has ubufox installed and could verfiy that the TOols -> Manage Content Plugins menu entry exists?20:05
ftaasac, i see you took care about nss, thanks, i totally forgot about it20:21
asacfta: well. i had this soname thing on my plate20:22
ftaasac, btw, what happened with the symbols files? the diff looks huge20:22
asacfta: would be nice if you oculd test it20:22
asacfta: yeah. i bumped all versions to current package versoin20:22
asacto reflect that the soname changed20:22
ftahm, i see. ok20:22
asacfta: also in nss.head there was some cruft for the libs that were copied to /usr/lib20:22
asacfta: like freebl.so and so on20:23
asacfta: i should have committed in multiple steps to make those diffs more readable ... i agree20:23
ftaupstream changes a few things in nss yesterday, kind of reorg20:23
asacfta: in HEAD?20:23
ftagot that from my bonsai feed20:24
asacnspr is also transitioned on .dev branch20:24
asacwe have to think about nspr.head ... not sure if that was supposed to be still active20:24
asaci think with both we should be 100% upstream compatible again20:25
asaci have to resurrect my fedora though to test if our binaries really run on their system20:25
asacbut that can take at least a week20:26
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ftaasac, now that ff3.0 is out, can i update & push 3.1 to intrepid ?20:29
ftai mean, to universe20:29
asac3.0 isnt out yet :)20:29
asacor is it?20:29
ftait's not ? i saw your changelog closing it !?20:30
asacbut not yet officially20:30
asaci am waiting for them to pull the trigger ;)20:30
ftanot pushed yet or waiting in a queue ?20:30
asacfta: upstream hasnt announed it ... we cannot go ahead until they publish their security advisories20:31
ftaoh, i saw xul, not ff20:31
asacfta: i uploaded xul ... figuring that that wont cause less confusion20:32
asacerr would20:32
ftai was just waiting for a closed changelog to re-sync 1.9.1/3.120:32
asacfta: i think ffox 3.0.2 is closed20:32
asacfta: you can merge up20:32
asaci will try to file a bug for 3.1 and subscribe motu-release too ... explaining the idea of 1.9.120:33
asacfta: but later ... have to do something for 2 hours now ;)20:33
ftaok, i still have to resync all my branches then merge, take your time20:34
ftaasac, i will then comment on the bug to explain the changes i made, and why i made them20:36
mdkeasac: I don't suppose you've had any luck looking at ubuntu-docs yet? if you have any questions on how the package is laid out, please give me a shout!21:01
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fta_asac, jcastro: just spent some time reading brainstorm, it seems to me that half of the ideas (if not more) are in fact wish bugs that should go upstream. i don't see what ubuntu could do for those except dragging developers to work into this.. and i'm afraid devs are not that many in our community, and the ones that are *and* that are willing to help have already their hands full.22:13
fta_Am i wrong?22:13
jcastrofta_: what I try to do is to encourage people to tag them22:14
jcastroso like "amarok" or whatever22:14
jcastroand then point it out to upstreams if they want to follow along22:14
fta_13178 ideas, 62636 comments, 1240670 votes seems a lot22:17
asacjcastro: why was http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/525/ closed?22:40
asac(i see the comment, but dont understand why it should be closed because of that)22:41
jcastroshould I reopen it?22:41
jcastroI don't mind one way or the other22:42
asacjcastro: just want to understand if there is a rule or something22:44
asacjcastro: i think suggestions about default apps are valid ... even if we disagree now22:44
jcastronot really it's just one big pile22:44
jcastrofair enough22:44
asac@time los_angeles22:51
ubottuCurrent time in America/Los_Angeles: September 23 2008, 14:51:55 - Next meeting: QA Team in 19 hours 8 minutes22:51
fta_should we do something for http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/280/ or stick to upstream choices ?23:27
asacfta_: that surely has a mozilla bug with excessive coverage23:28
asacat least i remember that upstream discussed this for 3.0 and planned to revisit it for 3.123:29
asacfta_: you showed me this 3D thing once ... what was that?23:29
fta_which 3D thing ?23:30
fta_a screenshot with 2 windows ?23:30
=== fta_ is now known as fta
asacit was an animated gif23:30
ftathat's the new -moz-transform css tag23:31
fta<iframe style="width:500px; height:500px; -moz-transform:translate(100px, 50px) rotate(30deg) skew(20deg);" src="http://google.com"></iframe>23:31
fta<iframe style="width:500px; height:500px; -moz-transform:translate(50px, 80px) rotate(-50deg) skew(-20deg); -moz-opacity:.70;" src="http://wikipedia.org"></iframe>23:31
asacyeah thats definitly awesome :)23:33
asacbut too slow23:33
ftabut it's not 3D, just distorted 2D :)23:34
asactoo bad23:34
ftathere's a 3D patch iirc, vlad has/had a branch23:35
asacfta: thats what i thought when you showed it to me23:35
ftalast changeWed, 28 May 2008 14:25:15 -070023:35
fta-+    the right to distribute your modified versions.  $23:38
fta++    the right to distribute your modified versions.$23:38
ftamerging, fixing diverged, got trailing spaces23:40
ftamozilla usually rejects patches for that ;)23:40
ftaasac, did you have time for the ff3.1 bug?23:42

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