mryanbrownHello, I just did a clean install + latest updates + restricted ati driver install of ubuntu 8.04.1 and installed mythbuntu both backend, frontend, and desktop00:45
mryanbrownI'm trying to get firewire enabled to capture from my Scientific-Atlanta 8300HDC00:45
mryanbrownDo I need to have the MySQL setup for the backend inorder to use the frontend viewing capabilities?00:46
Shadow__Xyou need mysql setup to use mythtv00:56
Xklark_How do I reset the mysql password used by mythtv in mythubuntu?00:57
Xklark_I just set it up, and its not connecting becuase i mistyped the pass in setup00:57
squish102isnt there a file called mysql.txt or something?00:57
Xklark_is that for the actual mysql server? or what mythtv uses to connect to it00:58
squish102in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt00:58
squish102what mythtv uses to connect, afaik00:59
Shadow__XXklark_, goto etc/mythtv00:59
Shadow__Xand the pass is there00:59
Shadow__Xah squish10200:59
Shadow__Xdamn you00:59
squish102im wide awake today ;)00:59
Shadow__Xyeah ya got me00:59
Xklark_oh i found it, thank you squish102 and Shadow__X01:00
Xklark_tvserv@tvserv:/etc/mythtv$ mysql -h localhost -u mythtv -p mythconverg01:01
Xklark_Enter password:01:01
Xklark_ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'mythtv'@'localhost' (using password: YES)01:01
Xklark_not working :(01:01
Xklark_im using the pass in the mysql.txt01:01
Xklark_brb a few minutes01:01
mryanbrownwhats the best way to setup mysql for mythtv, i see it presents a preferred username/database/pass but that isnt whats created during the mysql install01:02
mryanbrowndo i add the user?01:02
bobbob1016If I want something to run at startup, I just have to add it to my /etc/rc.local, right?01:07
hadsDepends how you want to run it and what you want to run.01:09
hadsThere's several ways.01:10
bobbob1016I was thinking I'd want them to run at boot, but now that I think about it I'd want them to run only during either idle time, or between certain hours.01:11
hadsWell you may be able to achieve that with cron and nice01:11
bobbob1016I've heard of cron, what is nice?  How would I do that?  I've heard about it, but is there a good tutorial?01:12
hadsThis is what Firefox redirected me to when I typed 'linux nice' into the address bar.01:13
bobbob1016hads, Never thought to use the address bar for that.  Thanks01:14
c3rb3rus5so does anyone know how to get a firewire stb sommunicating with mythbuntu again?01:15
hadsNot I01:15
c3rb3rus5stopped working quite a while ago, just never got a chance to troubleshoot.01:15
hadsFirewire isn't used much outside the US01:15
c3rb3rus5i wouldn't use it if my tuner card would work correctly01:16
hadsYou might try your luck in #mythtv-users01:16
c3rb3rus5it has this pattern of working for me for a long time. then dying for along time01:16
mryanbrownchilli cheese fries to the rescue01:22
mryanbrownSo Should I setup mythtv to use my actual sql root login? or create a user in mysql for mythtv witht he specified pass/user and table?01:31
Xklark_i have the same question mryanbrown01:35
mryanbrowni think im just gonna make the mythtv user01:40
Xklark_but the database doesnt exist01:40
Xklark_ERROR 1049 (42000): Unknown database 'mythconverg'01:40
mryanbrowncan create it01:40
Xklark_sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database01:42
Xklark_do that01:42
c3rb3rus5ok.... so firewire was working for about 1 second... then it crapped out again01:43
c3rb3rus5so its not 5c encryption01:44
Shadow__Xdo firewire tester01:55
c3rb3rus5doesnt seem to be on in the version i have... .2101:57
c3rb3rus5mythprime is what i was using01:57
c3rb3rus5ok so here is my seemingly reproducible sequence02:03
c3rb3rus5mythprime does not prime successfully02:03
c3rb3rus5so i pull the plug onthe stb02:04
c3rb3rus5wait a min02:04
c3rb3rus5plug it back in02:04
c3rb3rus5when it reboots, i run mythprime... the first p2p prime fails, the subsequent broadcast prime succeeds then all p2p primes are successful02:04
c3rb3rus5no matter what channel i'm on02:05
c3rb3rus5known working ones02:05
c3rb3rus5so i go into front end02:05
c3rb3rus5and try to watch live tv02:05
c3rb3rus5see about a second clip then the vid freezes, and i hear hard disk activity02:05
c3rb3rus5i exit front end and now all priming fails02:06
c3rb3rus5rinse and repeat02:06
dthackerHi.  I let my data direct membership expire and I'm having problems with mythfilldatabase.   When I run mythfilldatabase -v it tells me it's missing an argument.  What can I do to diagnose?02:50
dthackerbtw, yes I renewed the membership and it shows active.02:50
Shadow__Xmythfilldatabase --refresh-all02:52
Xklark_Hi, I just installed mythbuntu, and configured everything (i think), but when I run the front end on the local comp, it is unable to connect to the backend03:08
Xklark_i started up the backend and the mysql database, but its still not working03:08
Xklark_where is the mythtv frontend so I can see if the configurations are correct?03:08
squish102Xklark_ did u set up the backend to accept external mysql connections?03:11
squish102in the mychcontrol app, towards the bottom. if i remember correctly03:12
Xklark_ill chick03:15
Xklark_whick setup squish102?03:18
squish102oh.. um try the03:19
squish102mythbuntu control center03:20
squish102under system services03:20
squish102mysql service, it mentions something there03:20
Xklark_couldn't find anything in there03:28
Xklark_i'm probably going to end up reinstalling the entire thing following the doc03:35
Xklark_i probably messed up somewere within the setup03:35
squish102Xklark_  im looking at it i think03:42
squish102in  mythbuntu control center -> system services -> enable mysql service03:43
Xklark_yea that was enabled03:44
squish102it says 'If you will be using a remote frontend ot backend, you will need to enable'03:44
squish102oh ok, what about firewall on backend?03:45
Xklark_squish102 its on the same server - the front and back03:46
Xklark_im just going to reinstall03:46
Xklark_my computer is messed up though, it keeps ejecting the cd drive when i boot03:46
Xklark_i have no idea why, but it ejects sometimes - i think it has a mind of its own03:46
Xklark_it goes in, out, in, out multiple times <_<03:46
squish102oh ok if it is the same machine... btw are u sure the backend is running?03:49
tgm4883_laptopmikal, ping03:56
Xklark_squish102, i gave up on that effort, im just going to reinstall tommorow following the installation manual03:58
Xklark_thats how it happens for me - do it once and mess up, then have to do it again with the manul03:58
squish102been there, done that03:59
Xklark_thanks for all the help squish102, I really appreciate it04:00
Xklark_i'm going to head off to bed now04:00
mikaltgm4883_laptop: pong04:03
mikalSorry I've been real busy recently04:03
tgm4883_laptopmikal, yea I figured you had.  Still going though all your email?04:03
mikalYeah, I am three behind at the moment I think04:04
tgm4883_laptop3 days?04:04
mikalI'm trying to nail down the crazy characters in show titles bug at the moment04:04
mikalThree emails04:04
tgm4883_laptopdid you get a chance to look at that patch I submitted?04:04
tgm4883_laptopit was from a week or so ago04:05
tgm4883_laptopalso, I think I figured out why people were getting that error about no video dir04:06
tgm4883_laptopI think it was people installing mythnettv and trying to use it on systems without a backend04:08
tgm4883_laptopthats just a guess though04:08
TazgodXanyone here have an iphone and use one of those remotes for mythtv?04:08
tgm4883_laptopi've semi fixed that, as now you can't set the cron job if you don't have a backend installed04:09
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TazgodXtake that as a no04:13
tgm4883_laptopTazgodX, IIRC, superm1 tried it04:13
tgm4883_laptopit doesn't work so well04:13
superm1i didn't do anything04:13
superm1er wait what's this about?04:13
superm1oh iphone as a remote04:14
superm1yeah i tried it, but the app is pretty flaky04:14
mryanbrownanyone know what this is? http://pastebin.com/m5a2d38ea04:14
mryanbrownic ant get it to view firewire cablebox04:14
TazgodXwhich one did you tyr?04:17
TazgodXthere are 204:17
TazgodXi was wondering if one was better than the other04:18
superm1i tried both04:20
superm1one of them connects more reliably04:20
TazgodXthey both suck04:20
superm1but the UI sucks04:20
superm1the other one has a slick dynamic UI, but will only connect 1/10 times04:20
TazgodXi had high hopes, but guess ill hope for an update04:21
superm1well there was an update for the one with the slick ui recently04:21
superm1i havent tried it since then04:21
superm1so maybe its gotten better04:22
TazgodXone of these days i have to finish this project again, i still havn't even connected my cable box to it04:22
TazgodXsuperm1, know which one that was?04:22
TazgodXill give it a try04:22
superm1that's the one with the neat ui04:22
TazgodXill give it a try04:22
TazgodXlet you know what i find04:22
TazgodXsuperm1, you get AT&T? last we talked you were thinking about it04:26
superm1TazgodX, na i never did04:35
TazgodXwell if you do i have found you can't use coax from the box to mythtv. you have to use S-Vid04:37
TazgodXother than that, i can't get it working04:38
wheels1how to Boot Mythbuntu off a USB flash drive?06:26
foxbuntu!google | wheels106:31
Zinnwheels1: This seems like a question that you probably could have solved by looking the first few results from a Google search.  Try to make sure to do the appropriate research before asking a question ( http://www.google.com/ )06:31
darthanubisshould mythtv users be running the ubuntu-server-kernel, since it is a LAMP package?07:41
darthanubismythtv is a server basically no?07:46
darthanubismythtv is a server basically, no?07:46
darthanubismythtv is a server, basically, no?07:46
superm1if you run a backend only sure07:47
superm1but if you are running a frontend, you need more priority to user processes07:47
superm1and pre-emptivitiy07:47
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mryanbrown2008-09-22 20:03:55.968 ChannelBase(5) Error: InitializeInputs():                          Could not get inputs for the capturecard.                         Perhaps you have forgotten to bind video                         sources to your card's inputs?08:42
mryanbrownanyone know how to fix that?08:42
hadsBind a video source to your card input.08:58
mryanbrownhow so08:58
mryanbrownive been in there 4 times08:58
mryanbrownspecifics would help08:58
hadsI just looked in the user guide for you, it's covered in section 9.509:04
mryanbrownwheres the one you read at09:07
mryanbrownthe one i have has 7 sections09:07
mryanbrownand this other ones 9.5 is about icons09:09
mryanbrownok i see09:15
mryanbrownhttp://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/m2e81c42f it seems the only real error now is ERROR: no valid capture cards are defined in the database. which is lies!09:26
dgandhiI'm thinking of setting up a mythTV system, I have a dishNetwork dual reciever (one output controlled by IR, one by UHF remote). I know you can IR blast to control the first one, how can I control the side that runs on a UHF remote?13:54
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tgm4883_laptopdgandhi, does that one box receive 2 dish network signals?17:21
john_how do i change the default movie player for mythtv?17:58
john_myplayer doesn't play my xvid files properly audio out of sync17:59
RockHoundhi all ... I am wondering why there seem to be no weekly builds anymore. Is this intentional? Or has something change which I missed?18:39
zabbadappprocess "mtd" has about 100% load, what does that mean?20:23
neb__hi, i'm running intrepid and i'm getting these warnings21:05
neb__just wondering if this is a known issue?21:05
neb__thats not acutally the full output, can paste that if needed21:07
Xklarki just freshly installed mythbuntu as a primary backend21:56
Xklarkdidnt edit anything21:56
Xklarkstill in config, but when its setting up backend on the database21:56
Xklarkits says cannot log into database21:56
Xklarkwhat did i do wrong?21:57
rhpot1991Xklark: sounds like you fed it the wrong password when it asked what the mysql root password was22:25
dgandhitgm4883_laptop: yes, two different channels on one box with two remotes, any way to control the UHF side?23:10
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