mneptokthis looks like the work of the wiggler.01:35
jdongis "the wiggler" some new slang you kids thought up?01:38
PiciIs that someone who has a wii? 01:40
PiciOr is that "the waggler"?01:40
mneptok"you kids?"01:40
mneptoki am, no exaggeration, old enough to be your father, you know. all that's missing is the black suit and the fanatical devotion to the Emperor.01:40
Mez!link 11851601:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about link 11851601:58
mneptok!zelda 8848820902:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about zelda 8848820902:00
Mezmeh, was meant for another bot02:02
PiciSorry Mario, the bot is in another castle?02:06
mneptokThe Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Spastic Colons02:07
mneptok(great game, if you have enough plastic sheeting)02:08
PiciI don't believe I've played that one.02:08
mneptokif you want easier victory, start the baked bean regimen now.02:09
jdongPici: I think I played that once when we were playing for money and I was losing.02:14
jdongoops (the above is not to be used as a confession in a court of law)02:14
elky_workmneptok: correction, you're old enough to be that weird uncle everyone avoids at family events.02:17
Myrttiah - so funny05:53
Myrttideath by snoo snoo.06:01
Myrttihttp://ihasahotdog.com/2008/09/22/cute-puppy-pictures-stick-iz-purfect-day/ <--07:04
jussi01Anything interesting happen in the ~2 hours I was disconnected?07:32
elky_workMyrtti: gee, this sounds awful familiar... http://punditkitchen.com/2008/09/13/political-pictures-police-help-repressed/07:34
Myrttielky_work: lol07:36
elky_workhttp://punditkitchen.com/2008/09/09/political-pictures-rnc-oppression-musical/ too07:37
MyrttiI did updates on intrepid and my mouse became unresponsive for 10 minutesx07:46
Myrttipleia2, elky_work ping08:06
elky_workMyrtti: pong?08:06
Myrttiwhat do you think of the nick slamFIST on -women?08:06
Myrttisomeone just asked me if it's a nickname we'd like to have there08:07
elky_worki'm not in there from here.08:07
MyrttiMy answer was "as long as (s)he hasn't done anything wrong on the channel, I wouldn't jump into conclusions"08:07
Myrttihe hasn't done *anything* yet08:07
elky_workthat's fair to me too. they could be into boxing for all i know08:07
Myrttihas been asking about Photoshop CS3 with Wine on other channels, but nothing on -women08:08
elky_worki'd ask if and when they speak in -women.08:08
FlannelMyrtti: alpha software!09:04
MyrttiI hate this I hate this I hate this I hate this I hate this I HATE THIS09:05
Tm_TFYI once again some school shooting in Finland it seems09:36
ubottuIn #ubuntu-meeting, lifeless said: ubottu: this is a meeting channel, folk asking about schedule don't want the definition. And don't talk back to me now?!10:05
* Flannel can't think of a witty retort to send him in factoid form.10:09
jussi01Flannel: you could have just done: !amaranth > lifeless10:16
FlannelTrue, true.10:16
=== Nafallo_ is now known as Nafallo
* Pici sighs13:51
ikoniaseems messy at the moment13:52
PiciCleanup in aisle #u13:52
ikoniaplease please13:52
popey16:08:02 [freenode] -!- Eeyore-Jr [n=supybot@]16:08
popeydoes that belong to anyone here?16:08
jussi01not that I know of16:11
ubottuNo matches found for!*@* in #ubuntu-ops16:12
ikoniathats not the right format16:12
ikoniaboot them16:14
ikoniatwo guys usiung the same ip address in #ubuntu and ubuntu+1 both running bots16:14
ikoniaEeyore-Jr abnd Ahmuck16:15
popeyit joined -uk too16:17
ikoniagone in +116:17
ikonianow kubuntu16:18
stdinare you sure they are actually bots?16:19
ikoniadidn't respond to pm#s16:19
Seeker`"supybot" tends to imply that16:19
stdinSeeker`: not always16:20
ikoniathey are joining channels so they should be "active" to respond to pm's16:20
Seeker`stdin: "tends to imply" not "definately means"16:20
Tm_Twell, only remove ... (;)16:20
Picictcp version replies as Konversation for Eeyore-Jr16:20
ikoniaI band forwarded here to explain if they are bots16:20
ikoniaone of them has logged off now that he's been kicked from all channels16:21
ikoniathe other is now in non-ubuntu channels16:21
ikoniaif they are active enough to login/out, change channels then they should be able to respond to pm in some way16:21
stdinmaybe you/we should ask Eeyore if it's their bot?16:22
Tm_TPici: ctcp version is very inaccurate16:23
ikoniastdin: pm sent - he's away though16:23
PiciTm_T: I know it can be manipulated16:23
Tm_TPici: for example, try me...16:23
ikoniaTm_T hyperion ?16:24
Seeker`ikonia: what command did you type?16:24
Tm_Tikonia: erp...16:24
ikonia /version16:25
Seeker`/ctcp Tm_T version16:25
Tm_T /version tells server version typically16:25
ikoniayes, just twigged that16:25
ikoniaTm_T: thats a better response16:25
ikoniawell, they have both logged off now16:26
Seeker`Eeyore is back in -uk16:26
ikoniastill not responding to a pm16:27
popeyhe is being talked to and responding16:27
ikoniaso it would seem16:28
ikoniait may sound nuts - but I'm still not convined due to the way there was a.) 2 of them b.) joining channels as they where kicked from others16:31
Seeker`the responses are almost certainly human, imo16:32
ikoniaI don't doubt that16:32
ikoniabut they both logged out and back in 16:32
ikoniaI'm wondering if now both went and one's come back he's at the console16:32
Seeker`looks like he wont be visiting -uk again any time soon16:34
stdinimo, using "because america is free" is a poor excuse in -uk ;)16:34
Seeker`"because america is free" is a poor excuse anywhere16:35
stdinbut especially in a local specific non US channel16:35
ikoniawell, it wasn't a great response to a civil question16:35
ikoniahe's taking the michael now, he's in #kubuntu-kde416:38
Seeker`what is he saying in there?16:39
ikoniasame as the other channels16:40
ikoniajust idling16:40
jussi01asking a legit question...16:40
ikoniaoh wait  he has a "question" now16:40
Seeker`how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?16:40
jussi01for the record, IMHO we really dont need to follow "suspects" (ie. this bot guy) everywhere - all these places have ops, who, beleive it or not, are actually able to do their job. :)16:54
ikoniaconcur - but you don't know who's active/not active16:55
ikoniaeg: this guy was swapping channels like mad - in what looked like an attempt to find one with no-one active to watch him16:55
ikonia(in my opinion)16:55
ikoniathe other channels I was in already 16:55
* Pici gives up17:08
ikoniaPici: what's up ?17:08
Piciikonia: Just trying to get people to speak english in #U17:09
ikoniayes, it still seems to be going on 17:09
ikoniabig influx of non-english speakers today (more than normal)17:10
SWATompaul: .ie would so rock20:46
ompaulSWAT, it could and Mark could hire U2 for the friday night gig ;-) hehehe20:47
mneptokThe Pogues would be more fun. i've never caught a tooth spat from a stage.20:49
SWATmneptok: are you going to attend the next uds?20:49
SWATnote: I would have nothing against a uds in .nl, except for the fact that I've been there already20:50
mneptokSWAT: in Mt View? no.20:54
Seeker`where is the next UDS?20:56
mneptokMt View20:58
SWATsee previous statement20:58
SWATmneptok: I'm mising you already20:58
ompaulmneptok, now there is a thought already21:00
ompaulthin lizzy reformed 21:00
ompaulwe could manage that :)21:00
mneptokPhil Lynott will need some strong encouragement. like voodoo.21:01
ompaulmneptok, they have a setup that works21:01
ompaulthe bass player from evensense21:01
ompaulor whatever it is called21:01
ompauljohn sykes guitars and vocals21:02
ompauland scott gorham21:02
ompaulwith some $drummer21:02
ompaulall fun21:02
elkymneptok, having a lan party? :├×22:17
jdonghave you guys had any fun with people getting hysterical over intel gigabit bricking yet?22:18
jdong"bricking", I should say.22:18
jdongjust in case ubuntu+1 acts up over it, feel free to link to / steal from this forums sticky I posted on the topic: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5841972#post584197222:19
elkysuggest a factoid22:21
jdong!intelbrick is Concerned about Intrepid breaking Intel e1000e gigabit adaptors? See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5843083 for a more realistic assessment.22:24
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, jdong said: !intelbrick is Concerned about Intrepid breaking Intel e1000e gigabit adaptors? See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5843083 for a more realistic assessment.22:24
jdongahhhhhh bot assault!22:24
jdongsomething like that; I am too hungry to be eloquent :)22:24
elky!intelbrick is Concerned about Intrepid breaking Intel e1000e gigabit adaptors? See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5843083 for a more realistic assessment.22:25
ubottuI'll remember that, elky22:25
elkyubot5 is still alive, it seems22:26
PriceChild!no intelbrick is <reply> Concerned about Intrepid breaking Intel e1000e gigabit adaptors? See  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5843083 for a more realistic assessment.22:27
ubottuI'll remember that PriceChild22:27
Seeker`eww, why does it ask me to log in to view that thread22:34
PriceChildhmmm... that's to the staff forum22:40
PriceChild!no intelbrick is <reply> Concerned about Intrepid breaking Intel e1000e gigabit adaptors? See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5841972#post5841972 for a more realistic assessment.22:40
ubottuI'll remember that PriceChild22:40
PriceChildSeeker`: try that22:40
Seeker`PriceChild: much better22:47
WastePotatoAnyone seen ompaul?23:02
WastePotatoAnyone even here?23:03
WastePotatoI'll be back in five, then.23:03
Seeker`PriceChild: Apparently Wastpotato was banned from -ot, and was told by ompaul that it would end 3-4 days ago23:10
ubottuIn #ubuntu, ActionParsnip said: !winedoors is ´╗┐Winedoors is a third-party tool that installs and configures Wine, as well as many Windows programs. Makes light use of native overrides and other workarounds to Wine's built-in implementations23:49
ubottuIn ubottu, unop said: kill-9 is Forcefully killing a process (sending SIGKILL) via kill -9, killall -9, etc must be used with caution and only when absolutely necessary. You potentially risk corruption of data by killing a process. Read this to understand more on why - http://partmaps.org/era/unix/award.html#uuk9letter23:52
jdongnot a very good link23:56
jdongit's humorous but not factually accurate.23:56
jdongusually you want to give SIGINT, SIGTERM, then SIGKILL23:56
Seeker`SIGSEGV works quite well :P23:58
jdonghaha that's just mean :D23:58
Seeker`I was having problems killing a prcoess23:58
Seeker`KILL and TERM iddn't work23:59
jdongI've seen some humorous "denial of service" attacks based around that too23:59
Seeker`SEGV did23:59
jdongwhere you basically SEGV the biggest processes you can find and wait for apport and friends to backtrace it23:59
jdonghilarity ensues23:59
jdonglarge games come to mind23:59

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